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Hfhm 6 " THE SUN, JL'xtlDAY, JUNK 24, 18U2.
FWPAYBJL'KR 24. 1833.
Htibeerltitloa by Mll-rol-pld.
" PAILY. lsr Month BO
PAIl.V. Per Year
, HINPAV. rer Year OO
, tVKKKLY. I'er Year
Foliage to Foreign Countries added.
, TUB SUN. New York City.
M ' , J 3 r to lUtr rijnlrt arrt'ln referent. Iy nw( n all m
K.'s I1 f al lMs.er l.l rrr.
B;' F ft Thoro Is ono question dopendlnp; on tho
iK" I election of tho next President which tn
R f J Its momentous Importance and vital
Hi M t Imperativeness must Bcem to ovory
B f philosophic observer to oxecod overy
B 8, other political question that tho pco-
f g I plo oro now called upon to determine
I g i All dlfToroncos ot opinion respecting ndroln-
Hff t g J' Istratlvo reform, or sllvor colunjre, or froo
'' r ( tradoorprotcctloii.orthopcreonnlqualltlos
BC 'J I or antecedents of candidates. In short, tho
Bflv B J wholo ordinary array of electoral coutro-
BB- k vorslcn, arc. In comparison, ot Inferior, In-
BB7 deed ot almost trivial moment.
Bffr jr I W mean tho question 'whether thoso
Haf, ft . Southorn States which havo Inherited a
Bj,' k- uofrro population surpassing tho number of
ft F their whito citizens, shall, by Todoral law
Bj ' ft f and Fcdoral military force, bo subjected to
BlJ ' H 15 '', tho political domination of tho negroes, to
Bti R J negro Legislatures, negro Governors, nnd
BJp E negro Judges In their courts, or whothor
BJ '' .Y ' ' thoy shall conllnuo to bo governed by whlto
Be,! ' i ! mon as now,
Hj'' k I Now, It makes no difference who may bo
Bj' I '2 tho President whom tho Republican party
BU T lh elects flluco Mr. Blajni: is now porma-
BF,' ( nontly out of tho lino of power that party
BJ '' p 'l Is by Its naturo aud traditions under tho
Bi ' L ' ! nocesslty of enacting nnd oxtfcutlng an
saB I If
f , f! election law whoso purposo and effect will
BjJ, i i'i bo to put tho negroes In control ot sovcral
BjT 1, i ( t of tho Southern States. Thcro will bo somo
'I ' f unwillingness on tho part of a patriotic.
H.r ,'. . 1 minority among tho Republicans who will
Bf J i 1 j( revolt at tho consequonces ot such a
Br' , moasuro, but tholr opposition cannot avail,
Bj'' f Rji Tho necessity of tho situation will suppress
Bj,ff l oil such resistance A Forco bill Is tho first,
;i i and tho lnovl table result ot aswcoplogKo-
Jfi publican vlctorj' In Xovorabor,
Bj H J On tho other hand, and by tho naturo and
Bj 1 r nocesslty ot tho ldoas Involved, tho success
By- , of the Democracy Is doath to tho Forco bill
K . f project. Killed In this oloctlon. It can never
Bfjf' " I borovlvod.
B jljj f In this view of tho contest what consclen-
B-;jv tlous Democrat can hesitate about his
B'M?'" 3 duty ? Dettor voto for tho liberty and tho
m:Mr I f T?hlto government ot tho Southorn States,
Bfl? 1 ' VOn lf tl10 caDllltlato woro tll Dovll
BjlP, I n himself, rather tlian consont to tho oloctlon
B; m,f, 1 of respectable Denjauin Haiuuson with a
K'' Ik- Forco bill In his pockot!
I, ' ' Tho Dividing Une.
' J 1 Tho most ossontlal Issuo botwoon tho
f "i Democratic party and tho Republican party,
, J . tho ono issue which divides overy Domo-
., I f crat from ovory Republican, nnd m tikes
1 fe - irroconcilablo tho political faith of tho
C ' Democrat and tho political faith of tho Ro-
, ;'" publican, has uoverbcou stated with greater
jj distinctness than In tho leading paragraphs
l,,, ot tho platform adopted at Chicago :
I p W lolcmnly dtcltrs tbt tho neoiof return to
trft th funilmtntl prlnclplts of froo popular govern-
r S 1 BMnt, baieit on homo rola ana Indtrlilual liberty. wi
sf , nvr moro urnnt than now, when the tendency to
ffl rJ' etntrallie nil power at the Federal capital haibecomo
5 ; tnenaco to tho reierred rights of the Statei that
8i i itrlkei at tho ery roota of onr Government and tho
" fc Caoatitutlon at framed by the fatheri ot the republic.
jf "Wo warn the people of onrcominon country, Jeatoua
, ij for tha preiervatlon of their freo Initltutlom, that
g ft the policy of the Federal control of elections to which
Kf ' h Republican party has committed Itself Is fraught
?? 4 wlthrrarest dangers, scarcely less momentous than
ft , would result from a revolution practically eitab-
U llihlng monarchy on tho ruins of the republic. It
f, ' strU.es at the North as woll as tho South, and In-
I V ' Jurs tha colored citizen even moro than tho
J '; white. It means a horde of deputy marshals at
j irttf boiling pUra, armed with Federal power, raturn-
1 . Int'.hAards. appointed and controlled by Federal au-
thotlty, tha outrage of the electoral rights of the people
'' to tha several states, tha subjugation of tha colored
,c paople o the control of tba parly In power and tha re.
i. riving of race antagonism, now happily abated, of the
mf:'- Mmoit peril to the safety and happlnois of all; a meas.
(Mt " deliberately and Justly described by a leading Re-
W?.' publican Senator as 'the most Infamous bill that aver
'jJJ croud the threshoM of tha Senate.'
mtf' Y -rucn policy, if saocttoncd bylaw, would mean
Hi' mfi lhadmtnraof aMlfperpatoatlngollgarchyof ofllca-
I J 1, fcoldera. and the party Crst Intrusted with Its machln-
' afel? M ba dlsWjad from power only by an appeal
V k?V ,b "enr"1 "" "' "' f"f I" """t oppreaslon,
B;V aKa I taherent In all self governing communities.
t. Bj Two Feara ago this revolutionary policy waa em-
' ( flr tatlai:r-.n4ernnd by tha people at tho polls; but
( '; Bl t canteoipt of that verdict tha Republican party has
; A mr) aUHanllyflaalared In Its Uteit a'ltborltath a utterance
at Its sutcfia In the coming elections will mean tha
'. ' 5l attmenlof the Force bill and the usurpation of del-
li jaotlecontrojovar elections In all the States.
It It, " Belle vlijg that the prrstrvatlou of republican go.
f 'I,' ramentjnllie I'nlttd Stales Is drpen lent uH,n the ilc
1 Jeatof thlaiiotlcynf lgsllied force and fraud. Main
' ; rita tha aaslstgnce of all citizens who desire to see the
Constitution raalnlalued In lis Integrity Kith tho I iws
f pursuant therein which have given our country a hun
t's rf rd)er of uneaampled prosperity! and e pledge
S tha Democratic party, If It be Intrusted with po or, to
' tha defeat ( Ih4 Force MIL"
if X Reais "this rnrufully. Road It over and
tl I over again fulfil tlui mind has mastoroil thu
1' J, prlnciplo Iwhin'd tho phraseology. Then
ft you are In jioasobHlon of a fiindameiital
!f4 truth of DonuK'j-ucy, nnd you htiowwhnro
1 w 'oro tho, Deiiioci-atlii party oxistH, ami why
X ( Doiiioorms oro fltill Demociatb desplto dlf.
" K foroncoti of opliilwi coneorulug minor arti
i '' c'w of oplnltiu njid iu(btlonsjnoroly of
1 policy, oxpetlionra". r party dlsclplluo.
; . ThomukerM of'tho platfuim did well to
'i Put ot tho vory rfont tho fundamental Issue
i? Vfhtch Muds logetlior tho party orgitulza-
V: !0D- Nor'li and South, Knst and West.
S? I 4' Thy u'd will to tlcclaro without quail
I llcntlon. and 'without bringing In any
'' oth0" Question as an alleged factor In tlio
4 V ro8,ult; thuftditho dotormliiutlon of tho
unlte.1 Domocrejcy to icsUt Fcdoral ng.
f rowton. apd.tfl nialtitalu tho right of tho
W tatca on'l oltho ludlvldual cltlwn, was
,v. duo tho ovorifhefmlna dofcat ot the Re
tomm? publicans in the elections ot two years ago,
BTwp. Democratic) victory f olio wing Democratic
disaster In 1833, when tho canvass turned
upon n different and less vital question.
This Is tho call which summons to tho old
Democratic flag ovory Domocrat.
This Is the essontlat part of tho platform
on which O110vr.1t Ci,otki,and was nom
inated at Chicago yesterday morning, fairly,
Bqunrely, nnd honorably, and by tho voUs
of moro thnn two-thirds of tho Domocrntlo
David Dennett Hill.
Governor Ifiiiti has been squaroly nnd
fairly lieaton at Chicago, and squarely
and fairly ho has borno himself In tho
contest from beginning to end. To
his cuomles, malignant und slanderous
as thoy are. ho needs to moko no nn
Bwor except tho scorn nnd dcllanco
which llnd tholr expression In sllcnco. To
his friends ho Is endeared by tho qualities
which they know so well, and tho manli
ness, truth, steadiness, firmness, and faith
fulness which thoy nppreclnto so truly.
To tho Democracy of Now York It Is a
matter of Importanco that Governor HltTj
should contlnuo at tho head of tho
urmy ho has dono so much to organ
1 7.0 nnd discipline, and has led to victories
so momentous nnd fruitful. A genius In
politics, ho novcr rotrunts beforo a foo and
nover deceives a friend. Tho Now York
Democrats nro with him. In fnlluro as In
success, and ho will bo with them as long
as thoro is a political prlnciplo to defend, a
Republican antagonist to outgeneral, or
an eloctton toenrry for tho Domocracy.
The Knblo of the Fool at Phlllppl.
On tho evening preoodlng tho second and
dccjslvo battle of Phlllppl, tho outposts of
tho legion of Octavius brought to tho
headquarters of that Roman General a
frantic nnd fronzlod fugltlvo from tho eno
my's lines. On nccount of his great talka
tiveness ho was supposed to bo nn Important
enpturo nnd nblo to glvo Information about
tho condition ot things on tho other side.
Investigation, howovor, showed that ho
was moroly a demented nnd ill-starred per
son, knowing nothing. Tho Roman com
mander, amused at his subaltoiu's mistake,
said : " Fool, beforo you nro freed, tell mo
how may I win to-morrow's battle."
Tho fool lost no timo In roplying. "In
tho first place," ho said. " you must Bond
back all your trained soldiers to Rome.
Thon you must strip from off tho breasts of
your vetornnB tholr Insignia gained by loy
alty and daring. You must roduco your
beBt Gcnornls to tho ranks. You must
abandon your protected positions, and re
trofit to less dcslrnblo onos. Thon you
must. In tho places ot thoso soldiers whoso
services you havo dispensed with, sccuro as
substitutes such deserters from tho onoiny
as you can find, and. Intrusting tho light
to new hands, you shall win a victory un
exampled in tho annals of Romo!"
Tho advico of tho fool was not takon, and
a splendid victory rewarded tho arms of
Octavius. In tho carnago which followed
tho fight tho fool escaped.
Let tho Hon. William Comns WniTJfEX
keep his eyes peeled I
Retaliate on the Canadian Tories.
Wo havo only sympathy and good will for
tho Canadian Liberals, but tho timo has
como to put tho screws to tho Tory Govern
ment at Ottawa. Tho papers laid bofore'
tho Senate by Fresldont Haiuusox not only
oxposo tho fraudulent character ot tho over
tures for reciprocity madolast winter; thoy
also show that tho Dominion Ministers
wore all tho timo determined to lnjuro
Amorlcan commerco to tho utmost of their
power by severely discriminating against
Americans In tho matter of tolls on tho
Wolland Canal. As an Inducement to tho
United States to enter into negotiations In
tended to lnfluenco by-elections then pend
ing In Canada, tho throo Canadian Commis
sioners, who woro all members of tho
Dominion Cablnot, promised that tho dis
crimination just mentioned should bo re
moved. Thoy had no powor, thoy said, to
mako a formal agreomont on tho subject,
but had no doubt that tholr promlso would
bo ratified by their colleagues In tho Min
istry. Scarcely, howovor, had they returned
to Ottawa than, having gained their pur
poso of carrying tho by-cloctlons for tholr
party, thoy proceeded to roafllrm tho dis
crimination for another year, subjecting
all grain passing to Amorlcan ports through
tho Wolland Canal to a toll of twenty eonts
per ton. whllo grain shipped to Montreal
or other Canadian poits has tho benollt of
n robato of elghtoon conts, thus paying
only two cents per ton.
It Is manifest thnt this discrimination
against American citizens by meuns of a
rebate is a violation of our treaty rights.
Thero Is no mistake about tho purport of
tho treaty of 1971. Its aim is dollncd to bo
to "securo to tho cltlznus of tho United
States tho uso of tho Welland, St. Lawrence,
and other canals In tho Dominion, on terras
of oqunllty with tho Inhabitants of tho Do
minion." It is proosterous to say that tho
purposo of tho treaty Is not sot at naught
by tho robato In question. It Is to ndd In
sult to Injury to contend, as the Dominion
Government does, that thcto Is no dis
crimination botwoon Canadian and Ameri
can vcssols, bocauso tho robato Is al
lowed to tho lattor It thoy soo lit to
carry grain through to Montreal. Tho
treaty gives Canada no right to eocri
llco American ports and all tho transshipping
and transportation Interests that may bo
centred therein. It was not concluded for
tho bonollt of American producers nlono; It
was also lntond'ed to glvo to consuninrs In
tho United States, and to Americans on
giigod In railroad transportation aud In tho
oxport of products from our ports, equal
terms In passing their morchandlso through
tho Canadian canals. Tho equality of treat
ment guaranteed by tho tronty of 1871 was
absolute, not partial: othorwlso. It would
huvo formod no consideration for tho roolp-
rocal concessions mado 011 behalf of tho
Washington Govornmmitln thosamotreuty,
ami which have been faithfully kept.
In this matter of tho robato on tho Wol
land Canal, tho Tory Government of Ot
tawa lias not only been guilty of duplicity
nntl treachery, but by nullifying our treaty
right it has rendered voldablo at our
option nil tho privileges secured to Cnnn
dliiim by the samo liibtruiiiont. One of
thcho concessions vns tho light of froo
passago through tho St. Mary's Falls Canal,
and wo nro glad to gen thnt Senator Davis
President to siihpcnd this right so far ns It
relates to vessels own -d by tho subjects of
tho Ottawa Govon. -nt, nnd to levy upon
f 1 eight carried by . vessels tolls not ox
ceodliig two tlollnrx per ton, nntl also tolls
upon pa3sengors i.ut oxecodlug tlvo dollars
each. It Is, however, provided thnt such
tolls shall bo romlttod in tho case of freight
or possengors carried by Canadian vessols
toOgdensbuig aud lauded thoro, or at any
American port west of thnt plnco. This
proviso having bcou inserted, thero Is no
possiblo objection to tho bill, aud tho sooner
It Is passed tho better.
But nro wo to content oursolvcs with re
taliatory tolls on St. Mary's Fulls Canal ?
1 Bholl ttc continue to allow privileges to tho
Canadian rnclfl and Grand Trunk Rail
ways, privileges which subject our own
railways to disastrous competition? Wo
aro often told thnt In this matter of con
cessions to tho Grand Trunk nnd Canadian
Paclllo tho local Intorcsts of cortaln States
of Malno and Minnesota, for oxnmplo con
flict with thoso of tho country ns a wholo.
So much tho worso for tho local Interests.
They should not bo consldorod for n mo
ment whon tho dignity nnd wclfaro of tho
nation aro In question. Wo doubt whothor
tho representatives of thoso local lntorosU
will dnro to publicly avow thnt thoy profit
by a situation discreditable nnd hurtful to
tho community at largo.
Tho proposed Imposition of tolls on Cana
dian vessels using St. Mary's Falls Canal Is
n move In tho right dlroctlon. Hut It docs
not go far onough. It Is not nn adoquato ro
jolndor to tho discrimination mado against
American vessols In tho Wolland Canal. It
Is not by that kind of retaliation that tho
Ottawa Government can bo mado to winco,
If wo want to cut off Its flnatclal resources,
v c must put an trnl to the privilege enjoyed
by the Grand Trunk and Canadian ltcflc
liailtcayn. That Is tho blow, and tho only
blow, that will bring tho Canadian Tories
to their knees.
The Greatest Effort of BlassacUugetU.
For tho truo humor of liquor legislation
wo always look to Massachusetts. Malno
does well In that direction, but Malno Is
too severely logical to bo regarded ns
a humorist. Uudor tho constant nag
ging kept up by that illustrious old
olnophoblst. Gon. Neai, Dow, Malno sol
ders statutes with amondmonts, and do
vlses new pains nnd penalties against tho
uttorors of rum; but all this despotism
of legislation is corrected by tho open,
booming bnrrooms of Rangor nnd Blddc
ford nnd Lowlstan. It may be said that In
this Incongruity botwecn tho purposo nnd
effect of tho Maluo prohibition legislation,
thoro Is tho baslo eloniont of humor; but
to say so Is to forgot that according to
most definitions surprlso Is an element
of humor. Now, obviously, If tho Malno
liquor lnws woro enforced, thero would bo
a surprlso of tho largost dinmotcr, nnd,
consequently, a rich hnrvest of humor.
But no such surprlso has ovor yot been
found. Intrinsically, and on tho faco of tho
statuto book, tho liquor laws of Malno nro
not ridiculous. Thoy nro founded upon
principles which most persons cannot ac
cept; but tho gradations nnd progressions
ot tholr delusion aro sufllclontly rcgulnr.
Far othorwlso Is It with tho attempts at
liquor legislation mado by tho Groat and
Gonoral Court of Massachusetts. Malno
Is a prohibition Stato which seeks,
howovor vainly, to prohibit tho snlo of
strong waters. Massachusetts Is a local
option Stato, which devotes much thought
and study to dovlslng moans of an
noying persons who are unfortunate
enough to havo a license for carry
ing on tho liquor business. It Is not so
much horror of tho liquor business that In
spires tho Massachusetts legislators as It Is
tho lnnato and immitigable deslro, present
over lu tho Massachusetts bosom, to Inter
fere, with somebody olso's business. If
thoro woro no juico of tho grnpa and tho
still, tho Massachusetts Gonoral Court
would probably seek to regulate by statuto
tljo number and quality of tho meals which
a citizen should havo In a day. Tho ofllcaoy
ot legislation and tho noed for a good deal
ot It aro firm tonots of tho Massachusetts
Legislative Mind; and Denth and tho East
Wind aro perhaps tho only objocts which It
dooms deaf to statutes. Wo believe that
thoro Is as yot no posltlvo consti
tutional prohibition of thirst in tho
Stato; but various humorous attempts
at restriction of tho nssuagomont of
thirst havo been mado. Thus It Is
still Illegal In Massachusetts, wo think,
to havo a thirst after 11 P. M., an hour re
garded by tho uatlvos ot Toad Hill and
Fatnuck as of unparalleled Intempestlvlty.
A Ilttlo whllo ago tho Massachusetts
Legislature tried to make drinking odious
by compelling tho drinker to sit down nnd
inako himself nt homo, a kind of regulation
which ono can lmnglno Master FnANfois
RAnnLAis lnylpg down for tho Abboy of
Theiunicr. As soon ns tho legislators
found that this law was welcomed by per
sons with a gift for sorious Imbibition, it
was repealed. Tho mero fact that It was
InolTectual, idiotic, and unduly restrictive
of tho habits of tho citizen, was nothing.
Thoro is' a Law aud Order Society
which exists largely for tho purposo of say
ing how many times a Massachusetts
mnn may get drunk In n yoar;
nnd by Its efforts a statute lor
thnt purposo was passed, and is still in tho
bright bloom of Its freshness: nnd thoro nro
olllelals called probation ofllcors, wo bo
llovo, whoso duty It is to examine tho roc
ords nnd noses of tho gontloraon cullod for
tho cooler, and to glvo thom a rocommondn
tlon or n dlsrocommondatlon boforo tho
Pollco Judgo. Of courso, a cortaln amount
of injustice is dono undor thoso provisions.
A rounder or revolving light, for Instance
may bo brought up on sovon successlvo
days ns n soparato "drunk;" whllo on his
own Intention and on strict logal mathe
matics that week Is only a part of ono undi
vided alid lndlvlslblo whole.
Tho Massachusetts Loglslaturo which
camo to an unrogrottod end Inst wook,
passed what is ono of tho most humorous
liquor bills on rocord. This was " an net to
promote temporanoo by tho suppression of
tho liquor saloon and tho tippling shop;"
nnd it proposes to promote nnd suppress in
tho following inannor: It " prohibits tho
keeping nnd sale of liquor to bo drunk on
tho promises, in any room, building, or place
whoro tho sale of liquor Is tho oxcluslvoor
principal business carried on." In othor
words, u man who wnnts to boII liquor un
der tho provisions of this bill would havo to
koop n taxidormtst's sho p, or a ba rbor's shop,
or nboanory.ora Culture Talk Exchange, or
a Tolstoi Club, or an undertaking establish
ment, or a IIamiisox campnlgu badgo man
ufactory, or Bomo othor comrnorclnl or liter
ary or manufacturing onterpriso, In which
buying or selling or talking for literary or
philanthropic purposes should bo his voca
tion and wloldlng the spigot his avocation.
Ills liquor selling would havo to bo inci
dental. This, It scorns to us, Is about tho
funniest product of tho Massachusetts
genius. A liquor store Booms to bo tho nat
ural plnco for hooping und soiling liquor; nt
least It 6ooms bo to tho iiiiregonernte
mind. If tho pilnelples of this bill should
prevail, nntl bo applied to business goner
ally, it might boeonio unlawful lu Manna
chusotts to koop eggs oxeopt lu a hardwaro
Btoro, or to expose gingerbread save In a
drug shop, Thosnluof newspapers might
bo mado Incidental ton laundry, nnd soap
bo prohibited oxeopt In strict connection
with plo baking.
Onco odtabllsh tho position takon so
raitgnlllcoiitly by tho legislative mind of
Massachusetts that a liquor storo Is a
plnco where liquor shull not bo sold, ex
cept Incidentally nnd as a fcldo show,
and what vast changes must ensue in tho
touts ot business and tho definitions ot the
1 dktlouarica. Tho trades would bo turned
topsyturvy- And why not? Why do tho
Massachusetts legislators havo any moro
call or right to 6ay that tho koopor
ot n liquor storo shall not soil liq
uor as his exclusive or main business,
thnn to say that a lawyer shall not
practlso law as his mnln or oxcluslvo busi
ness, or that a bankor shall mnko playing
upon tho cornot his chlof occupation, aud
shall bank only by tho way ?
Thoro nro no limits to tho sweep which
tho Massachusetts gonitis might mnko
In tho dlroctlon of hampering tho frco
activity of ite citizens; nnd wo almost
regrot that Governor Russell's veto,
sustained by tho Senate although benton
lu tho IIouso, has proventod this won
dorful cssny nt suppressing and pro
moting from becoming a law. Tho Dem
ocrats In tho House, though of courso op
posed to tho bill, hold off from voting to
ovorrulo tho voto, dooming, not without a
cortaln humorous appreciation with which
wo sympathize, that It was nono of their
business to postpono a Republican funoral,
Tho Democrats In tho Sonnte took a loss
humorous view, and so with tho help of a
fow Republicans who nro a Ilttlo rusty In
their paternalism, tho bill failed. If tho Re
publicans who voted for It could find somo
manager who would tako thorn around tho
country, and exhibit thom. ho and thoy
would mako money. Why cou't thoy bo
brought to the Polo grounds ? Hundreds ot
thousands of our pooplo would flock to soo
thoso cholco Bpcclmons of tho Massachu
setts loglslatlvo mind.
Tho Cloveland Protectionists.
For historical purposes wo now plnco sldo
by sldo tho Republican declaration of 1891
concerning tho tariff nnd tho resolution re
ported at Chicago by tho Platform Com
nilttco: RtrvBttCAie. DCXOCRITIG.
"We believe that allar- "When Custom House
tlcleawhlcn cannot he pro- taxation Is levied upon nr-
..,..,.. tides of any kind produced
ducad In the lulled State,, ,n ,,,,, ,.
except luxuries, should be enco between the cost ot
admitted freo ot duty, and labor here and abroad,
.1. ...... 11 .-.-,.... i.Jwhen such dUIerenco
that on all Imports coming , . . ,,
exists, fully measures any
into competition with the poMlw, Delntl t0 labor.
products of American la- In making reducttone In
bor there should be duties taxes It Is not proposed tn
levied equal to the dlfler-jlnjure any domestic Indus
ence between wages at itrias, but rather to promote
home and abroad." Ithalr healthy gtowth."
Tho Republican plank and tho proposed
Domocratlo plunk. It will bo observed,
amount to about tho same thing. Tho prln
ciplo of protection Is recognized nnd
nlilrmed lu both. For tho Democratic
resolution recognizing nnd affirming
protection, tho Convention substituted
another resolution denouncing " Republican
protection " as n fraud and n robbery, and
declaring that tho Fodorul Govornmont has
no Constitutional powor to enforce and col
lect tariff duties " except for thu purposo of
revenuo only."
jNOVorineioBS. ooz memocrs 01 mo t-onven-tlon
voted for tho tariff plank as originally
presented by tho Commltteoon Resolutions,
with tho approval ot Mr. Cleveland's man
agers, and. It Is said, with tho approval of
Mr. Cleveland himself. Tho proposition to
substitute for tho resolution looking toward
protection a resolution denouncing protec
tion, nnd declaring for nrevonuo tariff only,
wns resisted by tho solid voto of Arkansas,
California. Connecticut. Kansas. Minnesota,
New Jorsoy, Pennsylvania, Rhodo Island,
Vermont, and Wisconsin. Tho solid vote of
every ono ot thoso States was afterward
cast for Mr. Cleveland's nomination.
Will anybody but a freo trade Mugwump
protend that tho Democrats of New Jorsoy
and Connecticut, for oxnmplo, aro no Dem
ocrats bocauso thoy rcfusod to donounco
protection and to declare for freo trado ?
In tho Empire State thoro is not a more
Iovcl headed or a moro faithful Domocrat than
Governor Flowf.h.
In tho future Cleveland Administration
will thoso Domocrnts bo moro fuvorod who
havo now been against him, or thrso who
have now been for him? This iBan intorost
lnc question: nevertheless, wo declare our
preforonce for William Collins Whitney of
Now York for Soorotnryof State, ratliorlhan
for tho Hon. IIeniiy Watteoson of Kentucky.
Tho return of Oon. GRunn It tho mnst
afflictive dispensation that has hefal.cn the New Jeisoy
Douiocrallo bosses stnre, Ac Hartford rwir.il.
Affllctlvo I Why, bless your dear old Xut
mcclnn nibs, tho presonco of tho (Trent Gnunn
Is a boon to tho New Jorsoy Democrat. Hols
color, ho is light, ho Is pound, ho Is beauty, ho
Is a dlurn nnd n nooturn In harmonious com
position and brilliant hurt and majesty of du
portrnont. Hit) whlskors woro n joy. though not.
alas, forovor. and his Philadelphia uniform
witchos tho oro und collars tho tneto nnd har
poons tho honrt Gnunn aflllctlvo? Oh no! Hols
a vision, n delight and n dosiro, nnd tho finest
sort of a figurehead for the Itopubllcnns to ot
up for Govornor. Wo know not what others
may think, but as tor us, glvo us Gnuimor give
us doath. Ho is tho Jersey Aiollo. and tho
pungent mosquito retires with alarm from
boforo thoso sorrlud capillary columns, no
torial, enrtorlal. Gubernatorial Gnunn. Long
may ho wave, and soon coaso to shave.
David Dtrm.r.T Fifxp, now neirl v 00 yonrn of
aie, isul llaatinKi-nn the. Hudson, enjoying e en belter
health than last) car. lie goes riding every day. ,vn
I'urh TlfftM.
If our estcomed and accomplished follow
American. Mr. Fikld, would now go Into poll
tics, ns ho ought to, nnd tako an ncttvo part In
this merry Presidential campaign, an he ought
to, wo foci suro that ho could, ovon at tho ago
of CO. display a measure ot liveliness and
powor far surpassing that of tho Kncllsh poll
tlclan. Gladstone, who Is 83. Valunble lndoed
to tho Amorlcan pooplo would bo Mr. Field's
largo exporloncofl. his mnturo wMom. IiIb on
thuxlnstla patriotism, his juristical learning,
hie knowledge of constitutional law, and his
familiarity with tho methods of tho Amorlcan
Govornmont. Ho hlmsoll would surely find
dnllght. as Gladstone finds it. In battling for
his principles, and ecstasy In beholding their
advancement No mnn should leave tho ser
vlco, or consldor himself old. while, his mind
nnd body are yet vivacious. And wo congratu
late Mr. Field upon his good health, and wish
him many moro happy years.
Mr. John Lawrence Sullivan may or
may not havo givon utterance to tho glorious
sentiment. "Glvo mo just ono swlpo at tho
man in tho moon, and I'll beta thousand thoro
won't bo any moon left. Myths crystnlllzo
rapidly about the croat mon of tho world. ISut
the man in tho moon had better keep out of
tho way. It ho wants to kcop his record and Ills
It wns nearly two years ngo that Tun
80.N first looked Into tho rocord of Dr. Peters
in Africa, collated a statemont of tho most
Grievous outrages ho had porpetratod upon
holpless natives, and expressed tho low that
tho very least that should bo dono would bo to
turn 1'eteeh out of Africa and koop him out,
Moro than n yoar elapsed boforo a similar
protost was utterod by any othor nowspnpor
horo or abroad, Mcanwhllo I'etehs had been
honored and fotod In Dorlln ns no other reoont
traveller has boon exoept Yon Wishmann,
Dorlln nowspaDors aro now asserting that
tho killing of Baron von IIulow and twenty
one comrades, two weokaf ngo to-day, Is tho
direct result of tho sanguinary policy of Dr.
Prterh, and It Is said that tho Emperor has
ordered an Inquiry into tho inhuman cruelties
ot this man, who. If he Is not Insane, is a
wholsalo murderer.
The history of African exploration cannot
how a parallel (or bis bloody march to Vic
toria Nynnzn, whon ho killed dofenooloss na
tives br the score Hlmnly bocauso they objoctod
to giving him cnttlo and flour without n cent
of payment: and ho know, whon ho loTt tho
const without trado goods, that ho would bo
compelled to rob and raurdor in ordor to llvo.
Within tho past fix months his ralsdoeds
havo rivalled tho bloodiest oxplolU or thnt
criminal march. It is high time ho was called
to an account.
Our compliments to tho Hon. Isaac Pubey
Gray of Indiana. Is it always bottor to bo
suro than to bo sorry?
Many persons woro Interested yester
day bocauso It was tho day for nominating tho
Domocrntlo tlckot. Let us remember that tho
world Is wIlii, In Cambridge and Now Haven
tho glory nnd (hogrlof of tho day were found
In tho fact that Dr. Eliot's basoboll nlno
pounded Dr. Dwioiit's Into the genial earth by
a score of 5 to 0. And tho hoart of Harvard Is
in tho IIionLANDs.
Hns MoTitnn Goose of Immortal memory
any friends or descendants? Thero Is a wild
rumor that Boston Intends to erect a st.ituo
to thnt o-tlmablo poet. Now a Boston Statue Is
n libel, nn Infamous libel, nnd wilt bo so hold
by tho Massachusetts Supremo Judicial Court,
It application Is mado in tho propor manner.
nr.CALiixa iivtn tmuncE.
An EfTarl tn Heeure tn Ailmlrnl Jouett the
Full I'ssr of III. Grade.
Washington, Juno 23. Mr. Herbort's com
mlttcohas retorted, with a favorable recom
mendation, tho bill passed by tho Senate for
giving to nn old retired navnl ofllcor, ltcar-Ad-mlral
Jnmos E. Jourtt. tho full pay of hjs
grado Instoad ot tho retired pay. to which
nlono he Is now entitled. If this bill should bo
pnssod it would put thnt ofllcor on tho footing
of Vlco-Adnilral llowan and Itcnr-Admlrul
Worden, who also received this exceptional
privltepo from Congress.
Tho grounds urged in tho present Inatanco
are that a Board of Admirals recommended
Jouett more than n quarter of a century ngo
tor nn advancement of thirty numbers as n re
ward of gallant conduct, and that thin promo
tion wns novor mado: and. turthor, that his
war services merit tho favor now asked. Tho
doeumonts filed to support this lov recall
somo Interesting oonts of thirty years ago.
When tho war broko out Jouett hud boen In
tho service about twenty yenrs. On the night
of Nov. 17, 18111, whllo a Lieutenant on tho
Santoe, ho distinguished hlmhelf by couduct
Ing a boat expedition which captured nnd do
Btroypil the Confederate privateor echooner
Koral acht olT Galu-tton. Cnpt. Haglo. tho
com monitor of the rnntee. mado this report of
tho afTair to tho .Navy Department:
Anion; the brave nlllcers and men. Lieu!. James E.
Jouett and Mr UlUlam I'srtrr. iruuuer. ero conspicu
ous for their coolness and loura?. They ere the nrst
to board the vessel
.J1!. "mn Pleasure tnat I would call the attention of
the Department to the gallantry of Lieut Joueit. He
was seriously nunded lu the ami and side at the com
mencement or the contest. Although millerlng from
wounds and loai of blond, ho showed great nriuness
throughout, and alter setting lire to the lersel lie was
three hours In the launch jiulllng for the snip nnd hail
tha care or twelve prUoners and six of his wounded
men. 1 can with cmindenre recommend him foru
command ot any vessel In the sen ice suitable tn his
rank, although 1 should much reeret his detachment
from this shin, as he Is a very eOUIent ulllcer.
Flag Ofllcor McKean. thon commanding tho
Oull blockndlng squadron Issued a gonorul
ordor prniaing tho exploit, nnd tho Nuvy De
partment declared that It could not uso too
high terms to express "ItBnclmiratlon of tho
daring and successful oxploltof Lieut. Jouett
and the officers nnd seamen under his com
muiifl. Tho enpturo of u sclioonor. well armed
and manned, and with overy advantage of
resistance, aftor a deipcrnto encounter, spealts
well for tho Intrepidity and hravory of tno
captors." Tho Secretary accordingly detached
LlouL Jouett from tho huntuo and orderod
him to New lork, oxplalnlntr thnt It was "tho
purpoBo of tho Department to glo hlra a com
mand wotthyof hit gallantry. ,r
A second lnmous exploit of this ofllcor was
thnt or pursuing and capturing tho Confed
S.r".,?.w,.,r vessel Kolmn during llio bnltln of
Jlobllo Bay. In August. 1HU4. This Id Admiral
rarragut s necount of tho affair:
The rebel irunboats Mnrian. (lalnes, and Selma were
ahead, and the latter particularly annoyed us with a
raking tire, which nur irons could not return. At tno
minutes after S I ordered the Metacoroet to cast nil and
iro In mirsntmt the heliua. Lieut-Commander Jouett
was after her In a moment, and In au hour'a time he
bad l;er a prlre. Mie was commanded by f. .
Xlurph), formerly or the t'nllad Statt-s navy
Ueut.-CoimnftiidrrJouett'scunductdjrllie the wholo
anuir onimnn.! in warmest commendations The
3.oriran ami Oaines succeed,-,! lu escaping under tba
lirntertlon of the guns nf l-nrt .Morgan, wntch would
bate been prjtented had the o'her jtunhn.it been aa
promct In their movement aa the Metaionet.
Our little const, rt, tho Mettcnmet. was also under
my immedlatn ejo during the whole action up tn the
moment 1 uidered her t cast on" In pursuit of the
helmn. The rnolness and promptness or LI nt. Coin
innnder Jouett throughout merit high praise; his
whole cniuluic was worthy of his reputation.
Praise of this sort from such a Bourco seems
tp justify Secretary Tracy in now declaring
that tho case of Hoar Admiral Jouett apnear-j
tnhiinn exceptional one. meriting tho favor
nblo consideration of Congress." But whether
that body UooH or doos not regard It ns jiiril
clou to confer additional reward nnd dls
tlnctlont for war services at thin late dav. a
vory creditable page of war history is rovlvod
for poruhal by tho pending bill.
A Story oftlie Old Comnoilore.
Gon. Ilutterflold U responsible for the follow
ing story of Commodore Vaudorbllt, Ho told
It ns honorary chancellor at Union College
commoncomont In delivering his address on
tha subject of "Character and Duty as theSuo
cossof Life." before tho trusteos and gradu
ates: "Chnrnctor is tho touchstouo of success:
with it thoro In no failure. Commodore Vnn
derbilt. the foundor of tho family and fortune,
n mnn of great eharnetor nnd wisdom,
was onco asked what he considered tho
secret of suceoss. Secret, secret,' he re
plied, "thore ii no seeret nbottt It: all you
havo to do Is tn attend to your business and
go nhoad. That was an evidence of char
acter, and is character always. Some ut
trlhuto tho nuccess In life of hUidi ehar.ictor
to luek. 'I nover had anv faith in luck.' says
Jir. Hpurgoon. 'oxeopt I believe good liu-k
will carry a mon ovor n ditch If ho jumps well,
find wilt put a bit of bacon in his pot if ho
looks uftor his gnidon and koops n iila.' Luck
enmos to those who look after It, and It taps
onco In a llretlmo nt moryhndy's door; it In
dustry does not opon It. away It goes.
Tireless Industry, ho cultivated as to bo
enmon sustained habit of life. Is an oWdonco
of character."
A World' Fsilr Bnlldlnz Blrnck.
Cnic.voo, Juno 2a Last night during tho so
voro storm tho fisheries building on the
World's l'nlr grounds was struck by lightning.
Tho watchman, wns temporarily stunned by
tho flnsh, which did not, howevor. do much
damngo. During tho Btorm Charlos Wolfe,
who was lying on tho, dock of a yacht, was
blown into tho Inko and drowned.
A Ilia: Uet Offered.
Tn vnn Kpitor or Tits Set .vfrr Some tima aro tho
writer wrote you saying that he would bet f 10,000
that Cleveland would ba nominated on tha flrstor sec
ond ballot. I will now wage liO.OOO that Cleveland
carries the state of New York, If you hear of anyone
who will put up. you shall have a certified check for
tha amount within twenty-four hours.
Jv3. NoMirrmWuo.
A Plaice the Police Huould Look Artrr.
T. vni Eniroa or Tna Svntir- Would you Inform a
constant reader of your valuable paer If thero Is any
law prohibiting tramps and bums of all classes from
sleeping on the benches In the park at Keeutli street
and Avenue lit i, ., nt p., for ,flpec!ab,
lady to pass through, let nlono sit down. This has been
noticed not by ma only, but by numerous others.
. ii. d. a
Da Heneolulr.
Mrs. Gladstone (at breakfa,t)Wnat hive you dono
this morning, my dear t
II O. JI.-I had a ten-mile constitutional, wrola an
cs'i)on"Iteasons for believing Homer wss burn In
onl one of his seven birthplaces," felled two oaks a
foot and a half In dlamiter, conducted a prayer meet
ing lu the churcb, an1 outlined four speeches to ba
dellercd this afternoon,
Mrs. d.-Ab. I mv dear, you oannot work now as yoa
The liunnuaya.
They left the nfllce with the Jlayor'a kle,
And. bride and bridegroom, sought Newspaper row.
Their feet ere strange to New York rath w aysi this
Tha right course taken, now they walked In bllas;
Her hand was held In his. his voice was lowi
" Where shall o print our marriage notice, love,
That all the folks at home Ibe truth may know!
The angels haw recorded it a hot s;
I with to hate the a,ers tell, dear love.
That 1 have gained an angel beta below,"
"Darling, wa'va reached the doorway of TuiScv
Exclaimed the girl, her countenanca agtowi
" We'll start In life with this good thing well dona.
We'll print ar marriage noUra In Tas Bo.
rr U ll'i la Ti 8c it taut ba so,"
voLtricAC Nun of ousr.UAr, jr.v-
No man In the Sooth takes tha defeat ot Plain nnl
tha nomination of Harrison worse than James II. Chal
mers. He made a brilliant recnr I In tha Confederate
army, reaching the rank rit llrlgadier Oenerat. went to
Congress from tha famous "shoestring" district ot
Mississippi, then flopped over to the lirpub, leans, failed
to make hts mark aa a Ilepnblican politician, and la
now against tha Administration. In a can! to a news
paerhe sajai "Tbo nomination of Harrison mer
llltliiels a triumph of mediocrity over brilliant stato.
manshlp, unequalled since William Henry Harrison was
nominated nvar tho matchless Clay, and by It the
hopesof a llepobllcan party In tho South htte been se
riously setback. If not forever annihilated. Peace to
Its ashes."
Jerry Simpson was the hero and Vrs. Motile Lctiie,
" w bo took tha scalp of Ingalls," was the heroine at tha
Convention of the People's party tn Kansas. Mrs.
lase called Jerry "tho Abraham Lincoln of tho West."
"Uentlemen." aha exclaimed, "you'll make no mis
take In sending back onr socklesa Jerry to Congress."
Hut Jerry wasn't socklesa and the knew It.
, The Thirteenth Congress district of Missouri hat fif
teen eountles, and eight candlda'es are in the field for
tho nomination of tha Democratic party.
Tho Teople's patty came viry close to electing the
tucccsior of linger (J. Mills in tho llnuaa of tho Fifty
second Congress. Tha Democratic candidate. H. I..
Antony, secured n plurality of only. IIS votes, whereat
the ordinary Democratlo majority hae bf on In excess
of 6,00a one ot the atguments used ngalust Antony
was that he shook dice with two other men tn see who
should have tho nomluatlon. and that ha used an un
fair device to win.
T.x Gov. Anthony of Kansas says the Pete's prrty
mnemenl Is "the illlost dance ot Kansas a sort of
Messiah craro that must soon die out," He Is try
anxious that this should IndeeJ be the result, for ho Is
the Itepubllcan candidate for Ccngretamnii at large,
and the prospects ot election are not brilliant.
l!x-Onv. Fletcher of Missouri aays that If tba Kcpnb
llcans would put forth the same efiort they could curry
Missouri easier than Indiana. Hut tho dllPculty In tho
past, he Bays. Is that the methods usually cmplnjed In
doubtful Stiles hate not been tried In Missouri. Ilut
ho overlooks one Important point. A hurrah campaign
in Missouri would bring three Democrats out of the
w oods tu one Republican.
It Is said that when Jerry Flmpson of Mtdiclne
I-odge. Kan., arrived at Wichita to attend tho state
Convention of the People's party he registered as from
"Maldson I.oge." Jerry has been renominated for
Congress, and ha will run against Chester I. I.ong.
When he heard of Mr. I.ong'a nomination Jerry wae
ad Iresslng the state Conentlnnot the Piople's party,
and this uni his comment: "I cm soy of Chester I.
Long that he Is ny neighbor, a gentleman, a scholar,
and a niWtily good man, I want to aay that
.Me Heme Lodgo la a small city, but has
p'enty of a'atesinen. The fret speech 1 heard lonif
make waa a few j eara ago. when he ant 1 I wns a ditch
dlgcei; this yeir It will be tl a ditch digger against tha
aristocrat, the elegant, tho beautiful Mr. Chester I.
Ing. All we want Is a fair right und free Held, and let
the devil take the hindmost." 7ne Seventh district of
Kansas, which Jsrry represents now, is the most pop.
nlous In the State. In It are thirty-set en couutlea. but
one has only 724 Inhabitants, a second K81, a third
1.077, and a lourtb 1.2Cs:
r.vFenator Charles II. Van Wyck expects to run for
Governor on the People's party ticket In Nebraska.
At the meeting ot the United Confederate Veterans'
Assnciatlon in New Orleana a resolution was adopted
cal'lnguprneachot the Southern States to contribute
.Vs) a year toward a pension for Mrs. Jefferson Davis.
That action has beeti denounced by a convention of
People's party men In tleorglaas "unjust to the over
burdened taxpayers of tba 6onth."
Representative Parrett of tho First Congrats district
ot Indiana has been defeated In an effort to tec ire a
renomlnation. A. N. Taj tor carried tha Consention
after an animated contest.
At a Convention of the People"! party at Belton,
Texas, several days after the death of U L. Polk, tha
delegatea ware Instructed to support him for President.
Gov. Pennoyer of Oregon says the Democrats would
havo carried that State at the recent election If they
had not endorted Cletelaud and abandoned frea
It It by no meant Impossible that the November elec
tions may give the Senate of the I'nlted Statea to the
Democracy. A gain will certainly be made In New
York, and tho chancat are food In Michigan, Montana,
and Wisconsin.
At a Republican ratification meeting In Rochester the
aama of the President wat not mentioned.
A two-term rule would requtre the nomination of
othermen for Sulzer In the Fourteenth, Dlnkeisplel In
the Twelfth, .lohmer In tho Tenth, and Koley In the
Sixth. Wlstlg In the Eighth Is already retired.
Men w Ith spectacles have tho advantage on the Third
avenue surface cars these days, though the wise man
will avoll tho dust by riding backward. The trenches
are big enough whero the at enue has been dug up for
the cable road to bold e brigade of Infantry.
Gray seems to he tho fashionable shade for east
side gowns, with a gray straw hat to matcn, pray
feathers on the hats, and gray ribbons, which troll
down behind. Sometimes a rose that looks too ret to
be real Is stuck In the hat to brighten np the girl's face.
Focrlh atcnue has three buildings numbered 1.
They stand where the now cry meets the Third and
Fourth avenues, and they havo a full lot apiece. It Is
doubtful If thero art three stores of the same num
bcron the same street anywhere else In town.
A saloon keeper on Second atentie haa soma big gob
lets that will hell a quart of beer. They are not steins
or beer mugs. The stem is as long as an ordluary plana
and the support is bigger than the palm ot a man's
hand. It is a restrnl sight to watch a Uerman with one
of these quart goblets filled.
The most thickly settled part of the world,
which was between Illdpe and Pitt. Rlvlngton and
Stanton streets, has lost Dart of Its population by the
pulling down of most ot the Rlvlngton strict side. It
Is a small block and It had 2,050 people before part of
the tenement houses were pulled down.
Peddlers ot soft shell crabs are opening tha summer
ont-of-door eating season to fill np their time tir.tll the
popcorn and later delicacies come. They carry tbelr
baski ts of crabs around an 1 sell half a crab on a piece
of toast for 10 cents. There is no extra charge fcr the
loan rf a plate and dash ot Worcestershire sauco.
Sonaur I'.oesch would like to have tba Tenth district
laid out so aa to put the Sleekier family in with somo
other district leader. The Stecklera are not likely tn
have any aay about It. They are watting to sea what
will happen next fall. They did not go Into the flyra.
cuse Contention movement, and tho organization now
consists mainly of tha Met klers' Association.
If the Hon. Timothy Justinian Campbell and tha
Hon. Henry Clay Miner run against each other for Con
sress next fall tha east side will have a campaign sur
passing tba Orady-Campbell campaign. Mr. Minor hat
wanted to go to Congreea for some time, and now that
lie hii hts on n theatres well established he wants to go
to Washington to tea tha biggest thow In tba I'nlted
It la reported that there will bo several changes In
tome of tba east tide district leaders when the new
districts are made. There it a desire on the part of tho
young men tobunoh tome of the old leaders, and to
cut out tome districts which the young men will have.
This feeling Is against Patrick Keenan, John Itellly, and
ex-Kxclse Commissioner Fltipatrlck, It Is hard to see
bow these changes can well be made.
If Mr. C'roker adheres uext fall to tba determlnttlon
that be expressed In an Interview after the last elec
tion, there will baa number of new Assemblymen frum
the east tide. The majority of tli'-m have already
tcrved two terms. Mr. Crokor attributed the falling orf
lu several districts last fall to the pereliuni-e of some
men In keeping on running ruroRlces that thre was a
good deal ot competition lor.
East side politics is Interesting nn account of Its un
certainty. John J. O'Brien is dead and the Kl oriel of
toineof tha other old-time east sl.te p !itlcinus have
departed, but there are enough l.-it to keep things
lively. A nomination by ilsjlf dcei not amount to
much, Ttie tlnivi Grady ran against Campbell for Con
gress Campbell had tha Tammany, County Democracy,
Irving Hall, Republican, oul cllUeu s nominations,
and ha wat defeated.
Grand street property owners aro anxious about the
East River bridge which la to have Us western terml
nustomowliere north of i, ran 1 street and the llowery,
Itinaktsabiirdlitrrence wln-har Ilia bridge entrance
l In front of a man's Horn or If the bridge goes on and
Irates lilni In Hie shadow It lll be loss to he
whole city it iho bridye results In breaking up the pro
cession of pretl) srlrla tshuh alks west on Grand
street from the llrnoklju fornts In the morning and
baok again at tl o i In -k.
A census of .t scull group that look a ride down the
My en Sunday frm n ess side tenement house
shotted nine women, six ',a'Jies that had to be carried,
tocblldrenhardlvo.,Uiinigu to wulk, and one man
The boat wascrndJi aul they all bad to stand. Tbo
women didn't seem to mind It at all, but after the man
lied held one bob; atiiut three minutes he became illr.
guated with the wh mp. " Vou don't catch tno nt any
mora of this," be ml Next Hunday I stay at home "
One ot the womi n with no color In her face nnd droop
lug sbiml.'.crs. said Iwk up there at the sky, and
see Ibe water U n t you like to ba on a boat !' ".Saw,"
he said, " want Malt down."
fiom IAS lUtrmt Ttt PrtM.
There's the lom-waisted girt,
and lh short-wulsted girl.
And the girl with lilt e or no waist at aUi
There's tha blg-walsted girl:
But the shtrt'Watsted girl
I UltHOUt-oftJ.htimotthttatU I
A Ilracrlbed by the Iter. leoruo C. ll.irt
letf. rem (As (turth fsins.
Iwnsndvlaed whllo In Ftockholm to tnfcna,
Swedish Imth. 1 wnt quite fanilll.tr with tha
Turkish nnd liunslnn. but of tho Swedish I
liad not heard: but. nun bath Isalwavin ln.
ury, 1 was uulto willing to nvall mysolf of tin
opportunity. I purchased my ticket from i
young woman In the office on tho lower lloor
of tho bath hotiso nf n cost of ono krnnei -fifty
or nbout forty cents; t passed up onu
flight of stairs nnd linnded tho ticket to an
other young woman, who ushorod mo Into a
finely furnished tnrlor.
In a few moments aiiothor fomnlo appeared,
who spoke pleasantly to me. but I eoul I not
understand a word, fiha was. hnndsome. tall,
nnd stiong: her dress wns flowered, with a red
ground: it had no slooes-less than no sleccs;
It was cut under thu arms decollotiM The en
tire fiont of hor dress was covered by n whltj
llnon apron. Hor blond hair grow thick, and a
bunch of It buddod gracefully on tho hack of
her head. Shu repeated her fonnor rouinrks
with a Etnllo. I simply answered. " llntli.
bathl" Hliu thon snld, " rarlor-vutis 1'ian
Sals';" I refilled. ".Nay. liny." Him -.aid.
" Hnrochen sle Deutsch " " l'nth," said L
bho then started to lento the nrnm and mo
tioned me to follow. " llarkls was willing."
I wns conducted fntons fine n bathroom ns I
hntl over seen. It was upholstered In maroon
Nclvet: them were mirrors, chair, sofa, hooks
for our clothes, sllpperf, Ac The bathtub
was of polished olive Wood, encircled by land
of gilt and hIIvpt. with large, hrlcht-headed
nails driven in nil around it. This lovely Ama
zon aud I gave ut our litnifiiiigo and became)
dumb, that wu might learn of each other br
1 soon hoard tho water roaring In the tult,
nnd with a .Swedish nmxumont of hor band
she motioned Whoro to hung inyclothes. When
I was partly undressed Mie picked up a silver
bell, dangled It boforo mvfai-e. and thon placed
It on tho window sill beside the tub and lelt
the room. A Ilttlo later 1 stood In tho bath: I
reached for tho bell, rang It. and tills same
omis of tho bath upbeat od. Hho laid her
hand on my shoulder nnd motioned mo to sit
down lu tho tub. 1 snt. Mie then made,
by the uso of a long towel, n kind of a limn
iiiuek. which sho placed neroH the ho.tl ot
tho tub. My next position was to lie on my
back, my head resting In tho hammock: then
this water nymuh commenced operations In
Up she took mv left leg nnd with brush nnd
sonp scrubbed It well. Then along my sldo)
underneath tho water swung hor strong arm
to and fro from throat to foot, like a mlghtf
licndulum. I'iocntly I vns turned over wltn
my face In tho hammock, to hno my othor log
oporntod upon nnd my bnek scrubbed. 1 thou
s.tt up In tho tub and was thoroughly sham
pooed, she then led me a step ortwo. and
nftoraklndlv push I found myself In a small
onelosiiro taking n refreshing showor Lath:
niter which she throw over mon largo clonk
mado of Turkl-h towelling, nnd ut onco gnvo
mo u thorough rubbing down until I was
dry. I wns then seated upon tho sofa.
and Rho sat by my eidel Sho plneod
mv clean foot In her mnsslvo lap. anil wltn
tho uld of seisso"". tile, and chnmols. put It
In perfect order. ISeforo manicuring tho other
foot she left the room, but soon returned to
soro mo with n glass of water. Tho glass wa
thin: it bad a silver holder, It was on n silver
trav. and the wntor was fresh I After my foot
worn sufllclontly onrrntod upon my llnoor
nails were cut. cleaned, nntl beautliled. and
beforo leaving tho room sho did not forget to
turn my Books, When I was partly drossof she
returned without my ringing tho boll, nnd
helpod inenn with my vest and coat Thon l
presented her with a sller coin and sho pre
sented mo with n smllo. I shall probably re
momhnrthe smllo long after sho has forgotten
tbo coin. Men nro so constant 1 1 have taken
many baths, in many countries, but tho Swed
ish is the best ot nlL
His Pickerel Contained a Bntll-r One, aal
Trust One Contained ss Gold tVattch.
JVom tie Allany Ertninff Jovraof.
Tho seono of tho following Incident was nboa
forty miles from Uloversvllle. on a beautiful
little lnko just across tho tableland nt I'Isoco
Lake. In Hamilton county. Tho lake Is not
In rue. In no place being more thnn a mile wide,
whllo It measures fro.n two to throo miles
long. Tim day was all that n flshorman could
desire, and every condition was right for good
Hailing. A party of throo wero In the boat,
namely. I- E. Everest, his frlond. Prof. Spen
cer from I! rooklyn. and the writer. They had
driven up from Unrogn. and wore more than
delighted with their luok. Thny hnd takon
nearly fifty pickerel in loss than half adny.and
tho size was good, welching from two and ono
hnlf to six pounds. The last turn uround tho
"lucky point" wns being mado boforo wo
started for homo. Everest, who was trolling
ono of tho lines, snid:
" I've got another: ho's a good, big one. from
the way he pulls."
Kvorest lot him play at one time nenrly 200
foot of lino beforo tho fish could bo turned.
Whon ho had been brought Into sight ho wns
not ns large as somo wo had already In tho
boat, but there was nn unusual motion all
about him. Soon tho lino was drawn so tightly It
Was necessary to let him play again. When
brought back It was discovered that a larger
pickerel had attempted to swallow tho ono on
tho hook, which wn now nulto exhausted.
Tho big fellow still followed, shark-like, tha
dead body of his victim, which, however. w
wero not dlspo-od to glvo up. .lustns Kverost
wan about to swing t ho llsh on his hook Into tho
bout the Professor took up tho oar, hoping to
strike nnd thus enpturo the large ono. Tho
movomentof tbo onr nttrnetod tho attention
of the llsh. and in a twinklo lie mado n pnss at
It. U'ho blndo wns nbout sovon inches wido,
but his laws grnted across tho upper nnd
lower edge, snwlng a groove In oithor sldo
with his shnrp teeth. Tho l'rofossor. by enrry
Inir tho onr forward with tho movement of tho
llsh, at the snmo timo raising It from tho
water, lnndod tho hugo follow Into tlm boat.
Ho welchod l.'!1, pounds. Tho fish on
tho hook only weighed throo pounds, but
showod signs of battle, being bitten In sovoral
places. I pon opening him wo found, ns is
often tho ease, n llsh nf smaller sire In his
stomach. This one showed signs of life nnd
was opened. Wo then discovered a pretty little
gold chatelalno watch, nnd worn surprised
that tho time ncrood with our watches and
that It was running.
Moro than pleased with our fishing expedi
tion, wo returned to tho hotel and informed
Landlord McCoy of our luek. at the siunn timo
showing the watch. In less than two minutes
all tho guests aliout tho house wero In ths
ofllce. nnd nmong tho number n pretty younir
lady from Albany, who said tho watch wns a
token of friendship which sho hnd prlred very
highly. When on tho Inko in tho enrljr pnrt of
the ilny It had fallen Into tho water, and sho
suppohod was loot. It is noodloss tosuy slid
was overjoyed at its recovery.
How Culciico Olrlft Hoard ss Car.
Vfi (As Jla'timnrt Ivn.
Thoy grasp their skirts firmly villi one
hand, while with tho other they frantically
signal a cable train, three cars gll 1 ng nlmnr
at a speed that would make tho meditative)
driver of a Who lino ear In llaltlmoreui en hM
eyes In wondor. Tho cablo train sbus and
then comns a spectaclo that would be tho lest
advertisement in the world for a hosiery fac
tory. If thu names of the manufacturer were
inscribed on each stocking, because nu h.no
nn opportunity to soo the material of n Inch it
is made as well as to read tlm name If they
were thoro. Tho sight I-a rare mie to a Hal
timorean, for the skill nnd grnce of tlm , M-.tiu-mental
City girl In llftim: her daintv tk'rt Is
unknown or disregarded by riilc.ieo women.
Horo theyiork skirts up far abot the elies
tops and scampor by w Ithout consldcrlnu" con
vontlonqlitlo. . ..,,,
That old story about tho big feet of ChlenifO
women Is not a slander. 'Ih women w ;u I
not be In keeping with tho blgn id tho place
if tholr feet wero not large, and that I- n t tlei
worst of It. tholr anUe aro- woll. the n' n 't
exactly lint, but thoy nro one, of the ninny
things which mnko n Marvlnud'T long f.ran
eurlv adjournment of tho Convent ion nolliirt
ho may return to tho land id cojrtey ana
boautlful women.
The Jap's (Ibvrene Arm l'iiued the Sirlka.
fritn It, llittiorl Ctii nn.
WlSPion Locks, Juno '21. - I'rosldent O'llnpt
of the Soymotir I'aper I'oinrany rnine up r in
New York this morning to look Into t 'i .nn-'
of thostilke. Tlm strikers wero lnt rvl-vje I
nsto tholr objection t- tho "Jap," aid Mr.
U'lliirn was Inhumed that tho woe -n m
pliijjtxlln tho llnli-hliig room ohjo.'t.d ;n ac
count of tho "-I ip" having iiIh arm t sitoc !
with obseeno picture, und the inei n'lt l.
iMUKi thu women did. On oxnn ng '
Jap's arm it was fnund .as stated, i. 1 1) ' w
given a lob In another part of tie mill, aud
tbo llulihori, went to work nt 1 oY!o''..
'I he. lleiby Hid Not Walt inr xl"xl.
;'. I, ;,(i(-i''r.ily "leal- TlJ i
Apmrosof roynlty nt a rnee meet p, thero
Is a very good story told of Prince lel- of
Ittin-i.v and Ids nnxloty to sen tho I'crby I n
fortunately uii this Important oecn n lm ar
rived nt the station totil.it ' eat 'Ii thu lait
train which would hnvo r tight 1. n thore pi
tlmef r tlio raco. Ho theref ro ' grni u-i
to the ftnwnids of tlio J ey I lull Il'ivo
nil-u'd train. Kindly p. st i.k I'ti-v '"
o.'iock. Signed, I'rliiro Abi. It ! n ':
has to say that hythuhi'tir nimed Liik uua
wus rlnciiu with Sir Hugos i 'tuiy
When 1'iKttl.eiird Tul Us.
Jrrnmla, M'-eJiiw-M fr'imj .Stir,
" I'm pretty sure." said a delegate, "that I'ly
kins Is in oariicit when ho aa his uiau will
get tho nomination."
"Iiocuuan ho offered to bet his return roll
war ticket."

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