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A Womao's Existence on a Small
i Farm Is Worst of All.
An Interesting Picture of Her Daily
Routine Dutios.
tAuil (tin TV'ork In Kept Up T.rtrr Dny In
Iholenr nntt There la No Heat ns the
Ymra Roll II j .V Mhurp Conlrael-Olher
ieattirea or Vna'i WorU Her Fneh.
lima, liar Ambitions, nnd liar Follies.
It was just tho kind ot n rambling old rod
farmhouse, with lialntcd gables of mossy
gray, ovorrun with riotous Vinos and hidden
In n tangle ot llluci and rosos, Unit tv painter
would huvo choson (or his canvas, a poot
rhytnod lu his bonnet, a wrltor rojolecd to do
tcrlbo In tho Opening ehnptors of hU sumroor
ii(icl, and a woman with common sonso would
ii,te soon was out ot repair, damp, nnd un
healthy. Inconvenient nnd uncomfortable.
Tlio croon paper shados ot tho seldom usod
parlor woro rollod tip nnd tied with whlto
tapes, tho ercnm-whlto curtnlns inside with
tliolr crocheted trimming looped bark, let
ting tho unfamiliar sunshine Into tho low
room, with Its odor of damp, clean sanctity
common to country pnrlors. Thero wasaiuir
carpot on the floor, striped In corgoous colors,
I alotinscln tho corner with rod calico covers
nnd husk-fllled cushion, a fow freshly Mir
pished eunu-soat chairs sot MIMy buck ugalnst
tlin wall, and sumo tlntypo fitc-slmiles ot rela
tive, coflln plates froniod In dark wood, and
a wie.ith uf woistcd flowotnon tho wall. Ho
elilothuoidiirly tablo whore tho family Blblo
anil photograph album had boon lite-long
companions, n woman sat sowing on sumo ot
those faartiilly and wonderfully ounHtructod
trousors which tho "baiofoot 1 oy" of tho
ruinl regions fastens ovor his shoulder with n
single suspender mndo like tho trousers nut
of Ids "pa's." Outstdo whore tho vino lenves
tluuw dancing shadow1! ovor hor fresh tollot
of luxurious simplicity another woman ant.
Her Inlr fell in becoming waves upon her
forohe.id, hor hatnls woro uclicato imdnpnrk
Pnj with jowoU.it bunch of fresh clovor was
nodding upon hor breast, and hor fnoo was
bright with eager Inteiest. Tho woman In
niilo woro a failed eattco dress, its illy fitting
waist shrunken out of shapeliness tilth much
washing, her hulr combed tightly away from
tho sallow faco and twisted Into a tight lit t lo
knot at tho back, hor lauro biown hands,
coarfo rod with heavy work, drawing the
thrend throuch and through tho thick work
with hurried, awkward onorer.
Tlio woman with tho clover lit hor bolt, frosh
from tho rush nnd strain of actlvo city llfo.
hud wondered why tho fuos of thoso farmers'
wives wore so dull and spiritless; why lit tliolr
po'tcoftil onvtronmour. In which tho pulso beat
uf tho mighty rush ot modorn llfo scarcoly
ttirrod the monotonous calm, whoro hurry
and restlessness were morclfully unknown, tho
country woman aged so much moro rapidly
than her city sister: why hor skin lost Its
delicacy, hor fleuru Its supplnnoss. hor hair its
lustre, and why among tho women pntlonts ot
insane asylums tho farmers' wives constituted
tho majority. Hho was finding out now.
Sho had hoard this woman's volco In tho barn
yard whon tho birds woro singing tliolr first
drowsy dawn songs, calling out to tho cows
ho mllkod. Bho had soon hor Uftlnc the palls
of foaming milk that look so plcturosquo In
paintings. Bho had tried lifting ono herself.
And know why tho stralcht back was bent, tho
wrists largo and bony. Sho hadhcard her boa y
tops walking tho wonry troadmlll ot tho
day's duties throuch tho long mornings.
Thoro wore wnshing and ironlnc, making
und mending. The woll. with Its "old
oaken bucket." was Jar from tho kltchon
elnk. Tho elstornhad boon torcotton In the
construction of tho house. Tho vcsotablcs
woro In the ground, tho eggs In tho loft, ovory
thlng In most Inconvenient placos. Thoro woro
tho children to get off to school with their
woll-llllod dinner palls, tho men in tho lots to
to provided with hearty luncheons. Did you
ever seo ono ot thuso men mow away broad
and hugo succulent douchnuts fried in lard,
beans and pie, thick country pio with soddon
crust and maplo sugar scasonlug? This one
woman must keep all tho domestlo machinery
going. Whon tho cool shadows ot tho twllicht
fell sho went again into tho stable,
whoro tho "kino" of tho poot's drenm
waited to bo mllkod. Thoro's no
placothls side that prepared for tho wlokod
o hot as ono ot tlicso stables full of thoso
into "kloe," which hnvo llttlo plcturesquo
ness outside tho i oet'a fancy. And whon tho
nillklng was dono and tho "mon folks"
emukod outsldo nnd chatted togother. tho wo
man cleared away tho supper things sho had
lolt to do tho milking, put the children to bod,
mado arrangements for tho early morning
meal, nnd then went to sloop herself too tired
to crimp hor hair, say her pravors, or think
how wretched sho was.
"llut do you always work so hard as thin?"
Queried tho woman in iho shndowof th'i vinos.
"Tretty much of Iho lime." answered tho
other, in her loud, hlch-pltchod voice. " In
tho sprint: there's tho Kprln's work, you
know, uud I have to milk moro cows, cause
the rami folks is busy nlchtb and inoruincs;
thoro's tho buttor to m.iku until tho milk cops
!to tho factory, tha house to clean, Iho sugar to
sucarou". tliosoip to make, and lots of paint
lu' ohd parorln' t. bo dono. you know wo
farmer folks do ororj thine out solves. Jlonpy
lstooscurco to pay it out for such work ns
whltcwnshtu' nnd nalntln' and rnpcrln'
lndoorK And then tho hayln comes on,
uud wo hnvo men fulks. uud I have mora
jnllMn' to do, nnd somotlmes lain tho milk tu
tho lu;liry, uud tlio berries be;:ia tocitilpo
nlf in tho lots. I don't hnvo any tu nut up fur
the v lutor unless I pick 'omuuself. Its nil
wo can do to iuy the sunr. And then th"io's
lianestln'mid tlio thrasher, ntiij atteith.it
thohoiibo tiivli'iiiinnd tlilucs to cet ll.xed for
wlnl.jr. And the i Milium do cctM) nll.out or
I'l.ilhus. Vnu seo wo don't never buy now. and
things made out of old vvenr nut soonoi. I
can't cet much t ill) u to sow lu summer, I lmvo
bo mi. oh lu do."
"And lu winter?" tntunupted tho softly
mcdulatod voice.
"ttidl. in wlntorlhoro's tho o.ullta to pleco
Ui and I'oiiifnrtiibk'h to tie. the earpet rat.'
to hurt und how. It Is un ittvlul jnh to
mako u earpet when folks wear their elothus
ui, dosij ii h wo do. And then there's tho
colorluc of 'em tu do. und the wurn lo cot
loadruiiil nil, nnd tlio knlltlnu. 1 lelMuult's
power o' vvnrk lo keep thioo buys and two
men in soeks nnd nutleus. I hain't uot a
Kill. 1 lost my only jjlrl. Khed a helped mo.
i you know. And It's only a little while any
triiy liefuie tho cows romo In ucilii. nnd I
hivellin butter ! sen to."
llul nheu do you read"
)h. J don't read much of nny'cept Hunday
allernoiiuH soinetiinos when 1 cot my work
uonu early. Tho men hdks they lead tho
Piper, ton know, t nd kind o' talk It over to
cilior when tho noluhnors cnuie, xu 1 kind
o aiup llio run ' thliiL's, and that's nil, I
uouilss tho loading must of all. You know I
vwi a teacher v lieu ho inurrled me, piotty
coo'l at bonks, tun. I thought, pud i.s 1 sup
P"M ynu tin, that tliov wn-n'l iiuyneed 111 a
fanner's wlfo work I nit round all th i time ami
Uet, In' xuold and foolish hefoiu hlio's fill, lint
1 1 'II you when u innn haiu l -ot Ills funn p.tld
foi, thoro Isn't ani thlui; but wnrk for his wife,
ion uee. tho childiau come ulnui;, und ynu
cant afford to hiro a nil. so. The nelclibnrs
omuiu nnd ilo what they can. und ihu men
llks citalnnc bent they can until ynu can't
Maud i any roncei nmi you nil up and cu to
Jtoik hofuro you uiu t-tronc. and that ninltiik
ji'o.' rare of tho babies uud tho hud muk
Lu' us inn down onn,:. You clt so you don't
miiih or earn niiieli fur untlilnc."
,.1'iit do you hnvo no rcereatlnn 't
Uli. unco In a while, of eoiirsn. There's
e.iu P it iii.t, you hen wn have to clt tip so early
tfMt tli ohoros nut n the win. Wohuvo lo
ies nil Hie cliildieu unl tnke them, 'cnuso
lliern Imin t nil) one to leave 'em with tu home,
unit tin n hurry homo tn clt dinner and pit tho
oiinri-miunntuuiiiiciiln In theeenln', until 1
Jell em siiniillMins 1 lielleu hiiudiy is the
Ii ii.Ikm d In nil the vvi -i. Wo ceiiorally u
lu llin rnlr mi" dai.luit Hint's a hard du, loo,
!"eiiiifcevtiiiivu,hinboiitii illnnei' Willi tin. ynu
Miciu.und h liuve to Mart einly ho in huiiy
dl humo in limn tn ilo t'm milUn'. And
II i'"'"...' Uinernlly u Miineviheicn tl.e
i J"rth on nucount nf the children: that
Jjt U. ho aud tlio chlldrvu w. 1 don't ulwaii.
- "
1 ' ' ' mii i r
And thrro's tho ehurch socials. Wo oo some
times to them, but 1 have to take rometnlnit.
hoannnrblscullnr eako.. Ideefarosometlinei
tell'em I supposo r I orer (It sUrted for
noaten I'll huo to poolc the victuals to ant fro
. Of course. lh the winter w Women folks
visit back.and fortn some, bnt ymi know tha
ronas Isn't always uood, and the men haro the
wood to Bit out, so they uta tho horses, ami
wo lmvo so much to do wo don't Bit started,
i no men visit more. They bo and swap lead
potatoes, or they change work: tber seo eneh
other on tho road and at tho factory; hut wo
don't Bit out as much as we'd orto. Of course,
woBoeeuch other to tho v-IUabo where wodo
purtradln'. Uutwo don't hnvo much money
to spend, so wo don't bo tn tho vlllace often."
llut what do you do," faltered tho quos
tioner, ti-to-cnlny llfo nt all if"
Oh, wo aro loo busy to think much about llfo
nnd all thoso hlchfalutln thlncs that worry
mil. T hare's the rhlldren always, and tint
llvlncthincsnroiind us tnkeop urowlnc. and
tlio fow llnwors we can rulf e. Of course, when
wo hnvo trouhlo wo think then. I did want to
f:ot away so aftor my llttlo ulrl died. I wauled
ilmtn take mo back whoro I used to live. My
folks Is all dead or moved away, but 1 wantod
logo with the horso and buggy. It wouldn't
havo cost much. You know I wns married u
June. Thorn clororsyou'voBOt In was all in
bloom alone tho road, nnd tho wild rones. 1
never. soo so many wild roses, 1 wanted to
ride throuch It nil again, justasldldthon.ypu
know, when ho hruucht mn hera nltor tho
wmidln'. Hut he thoueht It we went any
wheres we ouuht to bo to his folkses. and ho
didn't seo how wo could both tfot awnv any
wny, so I stnrrd and ho went and brouBlit his
niotherhnck with hlmtn stay here Hho was
Inmn nnd n llttlo out, ynu know, and I lmd
enntieh todo, I tell roil, the rest of tho sum
mor,"nnil then sho hurried nut to start a Urn
for suppor, only stnpplne lone enonch to real
ly much In answer to tho last question, and to
enyi " Mono) to Bpond for llttlo thlnis I llko I
Why, bless yonrbenrt. no. WpbU the thlncs
we must have nnd aro Bind It tho che oso and
butter will pay the storo bill. Of course tho
men has tn hnvothelrtobacecbutthat sabout
all the luxuries we have money for."
And whon sho was Bono the woman In tlm
vino shadows snt still thinking of n lot nt
Ihlncs. but principally nf what odd thlncs
women do for sweot charity's sake- How they
will bo from tenement fnetorv to tencrqont
fnetory, hnuulnc permission to lay a hunch ot
powers beside each poor sosmstross nweltor
Inc at starvation wnce. and never seem to
think that by eomhlnlnc tn patronise nny storo
or set of stores whoso ownors would ncreo tn
pay decent ratos'Mr reudy-msdo clothlnB they
could make It polblo for tho sewlntt women
to pick their own Mowers In the frucrnnt eoiin
tiy meadnv. How thercatherup thewtlfs
ami strays nf the city slums and pack thorn
off out Into the country for women to takernni
of who nevsr have it duv's ret or recreation,
ami nover think of lnvltlnc tlio women In re
turn to their city homes lor n breath of frosh
llfo In winter. ...
Of tho women who bo off with norvous pros
tration over BettinB tliolr sprlnc wardrobes
ready lor the summer, who havo to be taken
tothn soosldnfnr a rest after cottlnB their
pulllnc lit llhlsheil. who nto wotn out and
histerlenl ovni their hoiisekeeplnc, which
c enlists In ordniiic-lnno to polish tlm silver
nnd Mary lo havo chops Instead of steak for
breakfast, and como out Into the country to
shako nut their poiftiuif d trills in tho fncos of
t hose nthT women to whom the contrast must
be iiinddenlnr. And just then, with a clash of
dinner imlls and n hurrah, the browndesccd
bnundinc throuch tho clovor to whero tho
woninn Inlhofsdedcown enmo with tho pall
of water for supper. And ono had brought n
strlnc of rlpo red strawberries threaded on u,
crass stalk, another had a bird's ecc of
speckled blue, and tho third in his crlmy hand
enrrlod a dewy cluster of the wild Juno roses
that crow in tho liedcerows, and as tho dull
faco lirlchtenod nndsoftoned tho woman with
tho clover blossoms thoueht of some more
thlncs nnt dreamed of hitherto In hor phlloso
phy which sho Isn't coins to tell.
tiik aonss oy suM.vitn.
Costnmea that Will He Wore Wherever
Fnshlnnnlilo Women Cnajramle.
Tho soason's mode has passed boyond tho
provlnco nf conjecture into tho realm of doll
A nltoness. Its propho
V? cles aro lost In Its
tJrjff rhronlclos. Its vacarles
Sf2!$& moreed into its vorl
j&j&jfPl tlos. Wo speak no moro
iy1 of what "theyaro bo
yJC Ins to wear." but rather
W lu 'ng." Onoolthothlncs
V thnt havo boon rostorod
I to fnvor in tho rovolu
I j tlonsotDumoFushlon's
I ITi rouletto Is tho old-time
J Mf tokon of sentillty. the
lJSjA k bluck silk sown (wo
f;4 fl used to call it a dress,
""fjR. and wo must soon loam
JJPX to call it a frookk Just
fcSvJM' nt present this some
SSjy what sombro Barb has
nn air of o vlablo distinction from its rarity
nnd its cenor.il onvlronmont ot brlcht cowns.
It Is usually chosen by youthful women
of brilliant colorlnc. nnd either do
cldod blondos or brunottns. Tho woman
ot noutral beauty neods color about her,
the woman of decided color noeds only a back
Bround. Ono of tho most strlklnc of thoso
black drossos worn rocontly at an affair of Im
portance In tho social world was cut In severe
princos stylo, decorated with festoon) of
spancled tulle, caucht up nt intervals in full
ros.dtes. and had full puffed sleeves of black
velvet and a drnplnc of tho gUstoninc gauze
about tho nock.
Another old-tlmo fnvorlto. tho black volvot
dinner cown. appoars frequently now. accom
panied by its trudltionsl decoration of point
ordiichcsso laco nnd diamonds. This cown.
too. Is chosen by younc anil sllcht women
rather than by tho dowacers. ns In forraor
yonrs, and It lends to younc and pretty wear
ors n queonly charm, while oniphnslzinc
rnthortlmn asclnc youthful beauty. Homo one
has said that no woman between thlrty-flvo
and sixty-five should attompt n black velvet
cown. still It is at onco tho richest and most
elorftntly centccl of diessy tollote. The
cracoful linos ot a pretty llcuro arc
never men1 ccinspieuoiiK than in a close
Ilttlnc prlncoss of velvot, which material Ii
rnrolycutafler nny otiior I attorn than this.
Tlio dinner dross of tlio day has sleovesot
muioorltss eluborato construction, nnd tho
cown of our illustration is not an exception to
tho f.'onoral rule, for its sloevo.i of rich ducli-i-eso
Inoe extend to tho wrists nnd show tho
contour nnd wliltoness of tho nun throuch
tliolr meshes. A low-ncckod yoko and opau.
lots of tho samn luce, creamy whlto us with
ace, finish thodicBs nnd (lah with tho succes
sion of diamond Mnrs. pins, and festooned
chains which decorate this unujual costume.
A fashion that Is obtalnlna in London just
now, which has had somo favor shown It
her, consists lu the nrranBlnc of bows ot
I raid, ribbon, or cullnnn appll'iuiM upon tho
material hj that Ihoy scum wnv nil In. This is
partleul irly ll'ied on dressy house, drossos.
Ofthetwn shown, one Is a rutin. pink cloth,
with a I lick vvlv.'t phistion anil clrdle and
lurce idaei: velvet bnns us a foot trlmmlnci
tho morn olabnratoonu Is nf Nll crren 'rOpo
do chlno, with u full o!.u uud Tiish sliovo
- ' '--..-.
'puRMof wlilto ehlfrqn: around the pdeo js n
twisted puff of the chiffon, ami the ribbon dee
orations Upon thebodlcenndsklrtnre of moss
crenn volvot ribbon. The i contrast letween
tho two creens Is distinctly arllstle and tho
blendlnn of tlm soft whlto chiffon odds to tho
plcturesouo effect.
Whlto lawn blouses and wnlsls aro nt onco
cool, comfortable nnd rrlftJ5l
stylish. Ther ntnyfol- Wvff
low tho conventional lF"T
linos of tho silk or foil- r.Jl
lard shirt nnd blouso vSfilJwj3
or they may be mado r7ffliHffffijr'7'J
aecordlnc to a pretty. j ' fty ,
simple fashion of their I hu MvfcjQ.
own. One of them. Allllwi jv j
exquisitely flno nnd MniWJtjjlfr'.A
6hoor.ltiiekedlntlny. ( WliHlUMari
broadly spaced tucks. fjs?WiiPgrr)
all by hand, nnd Ihcn C&Jlr1frmr?s
cathored full about tho Jfj&raB'
neck Into a folded rib- I fffl raW-ft.
bon collar.. fastonod nt ljfflll'l J jWV
ono sldo with n rosette. Tu'lfF tfllUtl?
Tho belt, nlso folded. vl ' VA
Is ot silk, und foldod I W
ovor a Itnlntr, wlihnrosotlo nt tho fnntcntnc;
rolnt. Anntlior blouso
nr lino linen lawn
hns a round yoke of
alternate itrlps of lueo
nnd embrnlderod In
sertion, utilities!, to
show tho tint of tho
neck lienenth Tho
of tho Insertion, and
tho waist falls over so
as to concoiil entirely
tho narrow belt be
neath, bueh a soa
son ns it Is for the'.o
pretty wnists of all
soits and kinds. Tho
Kiel without a blouso
is moro to be plttoil
than tho clrl without
a ball cown. nnd tlio
belle with n collection
of blouses mnro tn be
envied thnn ono with a
collection uf beaux.
Thoro Is ono point about a cown which every
true dnnchtarnf Kvo desires most to know,
and that Is, "how it Is made In tho back."
rartly t o satisfy this hit of tho orlcmnl curios
ity Inheient In womankind, but moro becnuso
there Is hopcloss monotony in tho b'nek uud
whlto reproduction of the fronts of nny quan
tity of summor nowns. two new nnd oddar
rnncemonts for thn back of dtossy costumes
nroslven. One. Is of the popular black tnnlre,
with lnflnltcslmnlly line i.trlpos nf eolor in bluo.
creen, and apricot. Tho plain lone skirt has a
deep horn ot culouro laco. laid on ovor bluo.
Tho plain, closo bodice, nlso of bluo at the
back, is covorcd with tho laco which falls in
capo-llko fulness over tho closo sloevos ot
silk. Tho front nf tho &.
Bown hns tho oonven- sKjilA
tional Eton jacket of- Jr)
foct in lace. The other ,-aWSv
Is a singularly crueo- jsri jftA
fill gown otfnwn erepon SilTt, l&r)
with a border on tho HSt-v5
plain skirt of shot TR. S?&(
hollotroiio volvet.edced HI T K
with a dollesto trim- P. I A iO
mine of cold with xOi'J V
mother-of-ienrl Hpsn- Tjj
Bles Blosminc lu its :
pattern. The front nf II'
the bodice has a full II
Umpire holt of tho vel- ',
vet, which narrows as
it passes umlor tho J
arms and Is drawn up 7
In the middle of tho A
back under a bow of II
the velvet with uprlcht A I j
loops. 1'rom boneath Ii I (
this bow tho folds of i
cloth fall In a novel Jmm
kind of Wattouti. slop- V-jaaffB
Inc out into tlio ful- Jx&Ofr-' "
ness of tho train lu a"
a most craeetul stylo. The sleoves nro of vol
vot, aecordlnc to tlio Into fancy for lntroduclnc
volvot lavishly In tho conduction of midsum
mer gowns.
While the modos of tho day havo oxtrava-
Bant eonsequoncos-tho trained skirt with its
essentially costly petticoat, tho richness of
material and the expensive thouch Mmnlo
decorations still it is.
t aftor all. a buramor
whon small oconomles
may bo practised with
out fear uf detection,
when tho daintiest of
summer cowns may bo
small ox pen se. ami
when tlio small amount
of matcilul requirod in
a cown, und tho cus
tom ot Uhinc wnists
and oven sleoves or a
dlffcientniatoriiil from
tho rest of the drons,
ninkestho roniodnlllnc
ot last season's ward
roho easy to accoiu
pllsh. What could ho sim
pler und nweoter than
this little s u in m o r
dross of fotilaid with
crimson cherries nn a
pale fawn c run ml.
Which any clovor iromnn could maJo for her
self, and which wmild lo equally pietty In
lawn, biitiste. i.iuslln. or sephyi, Tho fklrt is
f;ored llko nil sklrti-. but i-uthureii at the top
nstand nf bolnc lit toil v Itli darts, and has six
ruffles, each verv imrmvv ubout tlm botUmi.
Bevon rows of shlrrins ul out the neck, rnd
FOvenmoToftt thu bnttnm of the waist, lit tlm
loose waist tn Its llnlnc nf eonl ponceo, nnd
reven rowi- of slilrrint; uUo draw tlio sleeves
In to fit tho wrist.
And what cown of mini Inorudo or nieltlns
satin could mako a pints wnniau I no I; piettmr
than this, of eonl nprlent-tiiitml urcandle
sprayed with mini vo-t Int 1 Indinpccn blooms
A hove I he edco nf tlio skill un llieitluu nt
point do ceno set, on ovor m.iuvnhilk. Is used
us a border. Abnvo this, tliieadud In nnd nut
nf buttonholed hilts in tlm rklrt, u noiiivn rib
bon runs. Tlu collarette of laee, fulled ovor n
lol.o nf mauve flit.. Is ernssed by bruees if
mauve riblmn Hid in lone looped Ikikh nn tho
shoulder, ami IhnwiilM rlhlnii Is till ended ill
siul nut of silts in the ;:oiIb tn cntlu-r tho
wulstln p'niiiund tlu in alone bow lu liont.
Amonc thn stnitllncote, terns of tho swnc
Bit Blrl's wnrilrobn this season are reefeis
and box coats nf whttuducK, with hue" pearl
buttons for fHsteuiiius, and vvhltu plquu buld
for dreoratlnn. And nmnnc tho pleliiiesiiun
trifles are squares of Liberty silk. In soft but
distinct shades uf pink, vellnw, or blue, which
aro tn bo thrown kerchief wire ubout Urn
shoulders, over their siimmei gnwim, on cool
evenlncs, nlTnrdlnc sbclit pinteetlnn uud a
liretty touch of volor at thn suiro time,
Hleeves urn cathored all around the arm
hnl tnniakntbeiii nppeur I.i6nd rather lluin
hich on tho shoulder. 'J ho two pilnl.ul
vitrletles are the htniicht sleeve until. 'i oil Inn
rlosc cuff lust below tho ellmw. and therclnvn
sleeve which wrinkd froin the yvrlst tu the
shhuidor on a closely flited llntnt Blnoves
Bstheroil alone tlm Inside seam tn an Inch
wide ruffln and nnllned aro used In somo ot
tho muslin and lawn drossos. which hnvo Uion
a low-ncckod llnlnc.
Thowlso mothor Is Iho ono who, whllosho
wants her bad to be sweot and Innocent, does
notptoposo that sho shall boro pooplo with
her Inffoniiousnoss. Ho ffSX
tho summer beforo sho M?
Is to como out sho Is Jf
clvenntnstoot society. rfy vVJ
nnd is pormlttodtonp- ft eJYr4
pear at a " whlto ball." KK'tVty.
whero thero aro not W'2f
only clrls of her own l j7 )
ace, but a low of tho n)'ir
older set nnd quite a A's((M
number of tho oldor lAV L,''?
younc mon. Sho will t ,' i. r Jn
wear, this protty bud, v JMMlnW
asklrtof wlilto dotted IVH'lvA
muslin trimmed with .'M.uVl
a dainty decoration of (')S!JVH
whlto ribbon: hor ' KSaKtM
bodice will ho of whlto ' IviiiVA
silk drnpod with Iho 1 I iPJjln
muslin nnd trimmed I LiiV'M
with rllibnns. nnd it f-l J 'i. llWUW
will bo cut iust low I , ZRf
oiinuch to show her IJ 1 'r aUliWlW
pretty throat nnd neck. If.Hl'i WuHtilu
This, bo It understood. SliJi rKJJsS1
Is not tlin diMiut, but - CTlSr'
thesummer npprnranon of tho bud. nnd.lt
poems rlcht and proper that she should como
out when tha sunslilno Is nt at Its brightest.
l'or woar over tho w'llto cloth cown no well
liked nt tho seasldo is n roofor jacket ot whlto
cloth Itnod throughout with prlmroso yellow
nnd litivlnc collar and rovers uf the snmo
ColoVn hue. Tho buttons used aro oxtromoly
Isrce. heavy, whlto pearl ones. With this
should ho worn whlto cloves stltchod In whlto.
or else thoso matelilni; tho yellow. Tho para
sol can bo either of whlto or yellow silk.
Noiwitlislandlnc they aro so ccnornlly Imi
tated, the llklnc for thn beautiful bluo tur
nuolos cintlnues. ou see It's thd cood luck
they brine that makos them ot so muoh value.
Ilium- TALK l'Ot.ZTICS.
The lilnd or n Man T-ry IVniilrt I.Ike for
I'reslilrtit-No Ilnlilra.
It was nnthovornnda of a countiy houso.
nnd they worn tnlklng rnllllcs. That Is to say.
tho blonde was oxprosslns opinions, tho bru
nette was acreeliic with her, nnd tho woman
vho was neither blondo nor brunotto, and who
dellchted in belnc called a Spanish blondo be
cause her cics were brown and her hnlr golden,
dldthncunlradtctlnc. Tho blondo said:
"Well, for my pait I don't euro much who Is
elected, for I think it will bo n respectablo af
fair und the family eloment will oomo into It."
Tlio brunette looked up to heavon nnd said:
And the Spanish blondo, with hor eyes flash
inc nnd her hair bocomlnc disordered naif
from un electric shock, said: "I urn sick of
bottlo politics. Kow. don't misunderstand me,
I don't menn that I object to anybody
treating nnybody else, but I do objoct to
tho brinclng in of babies and thoflauntinc
of them as if tho fato of tho nation depondod
on this sort ot molly-coddlo nrcumont. Poli
tics nro dirty enough, goodness knows, and
babies ought to be kept clc in."
"Yos." rosponded tho blondo. "hut I think
It Is ruther swcot to hear about their ounnlng
llttlo ways and to know what kind of frocks
they aro wearing and all tho funny things
they do."
"Thnl's It." added tho brunette. "It's too
cunning for nnt thing to think ot tho dear little
baby playing goo-gee with tlio Prosidontoftho
Unitod States."
Tho Spanish blondo clarod. Then sho looked
at tho brunetto and tbon at tho blonde nnd
speaking very rapidly announcod, "Oh. yos.
it Is perfoctly lovely I I suhposo you would
llko to see tho President goo-goo the Toree
bill through I I suppose you would llko to see
tho Prosldont goe-cood into not considering
tho rights ot tho laboring man. not consider
ing thevaluoof homo Industries nnd not con
sidering nnithinc that is coinc to mako tho
country better. It's bad enough in England,
whoro Stanley and two or throo other men
running for Parliamont tnko rotugo behind
their wives: but what can you expect from a
man llko Stanley? As tor his wife, sho Is the
woman who enme hero, took every thine in tho
wny of hospitality that sho could cot. and then
crttlelsed tlio peoplo who wero good to hor. I
tell you. Stanley don't begin to havo the posi
tion Unit ho used to. That Itonr Quard busi
ness Is remembered, and ho takes rcfuco bo
lilnd tho petticoats of his wlfo. who makes a
spcoch beforo the electors. Aro thoro any mon
nowadays ? I see soma donkoy out In Chicago
put asafoty pinin his buttonhole us a badge:
it's a pltv he didn't fasten his mouth with it."
After slio had said this und clicked her teeth
togetheraslf to ompliusl7o It. hho ol tho golden
locks nnd tho velvety brown ores walked In
dignantly away, and tho blonde and tho bru
netto looked nltor her. Tho blondo said, in an
odd sort ol tone:
"Katharine knows such a lot abcmtthlngs.
It quite wearies one."
And the brunetto slowly answered: "She Is
so positive, h'or my own part. I think moro
thnn just ubout the babies. 1 think the Presi
dent ought to he a young man nnd n cood
lookliu; man und n Men man. He ought to
have a mother who wolild rocelvo or him, und
he ought tn bo a bnchalor."
"llut." objected the blondo, "then tnoro
wouldn't be any babies."
Tho biunettu looked thoughtful, then smiled
nnd Mild: "Oh. of course not. but It would be
great Inn to en down tn Wnslilngton und flirt
with (ho President, and ho could flirt all
tliiouch one term, und when ho va put up for
tliesreond nnetlie futhersnnd brothers of nil
the girls would vnto for him bceauBe they
would hnpe h.i would marry into their lamily.
'J hen tlm blondo looked nt the brunette and
brlell:' announced. "Why, you lire adlplomat."
The modest brunette siild. "Yes. I think I
nin." And then thoy wont to lunch oft of
chicken, i-'ed eroain. and Iced too.
And the man who I ad listened to it nil
dropped his nowsnaper. nnd. thinking out
loud, muttered. "Thoro's u question for the
dnctnrx: Is thoie any gray matter in tho brain
of n v oiiiaii t"
w.irs ix noMizs's cot.legfs.
Htiidcnta T.lkc to Appcnr In DrnmiiCIo nnd
Musical Knlhi'lulnmenl.
Instructive, suggestive, nnd refroshinc is tho
srclal outltt women's collogesllnd In dramatlo
nnd musical organizations. Unhnmperod by
the profesdois of elocution or music, students
that huvodrumatloor musical taste combine
tn give, inn recreative wiy, froo scopa to In
dividual talent, nnd tho versatility and hich
qualityof tnlont rovealed at tlnios la remark
uble. Not only lu tho portrayal of character,
elocutionary ufloct, htngo setting, nnd costum
ing nro Ingenuity nnd keen drnmatln Instinct
discernible, hut tlm comtrucllvo fncalty Is
strikingly api arunt oftea In tho clovurncss
w ith which students adapt plays.
In Yussur's tentative duys n f rlond prosonted
tn the dramatic socloty Iho sets of scenery.
Villi (hat nucleus tho propoitles hnvo crown
until Yassur could take to the intd better
equipped than many piofessional companies.
Tlio students usually make their own cos
tumes. On special occasions, whon olaborato
coutt trainings nro lequliod. Now York cos
tutnaih ore sought. Museulino costumos nro
forbidden Hint Is. lej'ltlmrito pantaloons ii'o
eschewed; coals nnd vsU mo permissible,
but tho divided skirt murks the limit
of roallsm. Pour pluyn urn rresonteil
eiieh year in ihu gyniiinsiuin, with
since, footlights, uud movable scene
ry. The entertainments uro gcneiully
i'0'iipliiiicntary: uccnsluii'illy, liowevor, ud
luihslonsiiro urUed for tho bonellt of some
pntlloulnr cause. Men aro not admitted to
tlieso purloi mances. und tho restri'illon pro
lilbits nn nrcliestnv. Ynssnr eunflnes Itself
ehln'ly In niudern romedles, l.ess nd iptatlnn
nnd origin il work is done by tho students
lb 111 lit other eollecoh. "hho HtO'ins tn ('on
I'lier." " Iho American Cousin," mid "Thn 111
vals" have Had elever treatment, and during
tlm nsl year "Cricket nn Iho Health." "A
hemp nf laier." "Lord uundieary." nnd
" l.tuu" were p.oduct'il. In tlio t'ullogo ultiniiuu
is nuo piofoskioiuil actress.
Tlm glee idub. under tho dlroetlon nf Miss
Pel kins uf California, scored u triumph last
winter In u concert ut Shorn 'sin Now lork to
fViund a hi Imlurslilp. It gives a numner uf re.
eitubi tlirouglioiit the year often with tho
bun, n I'liip, vvhleli numbers eight clever per
fuimelK lnnllinlli'gestliBienrgunlrallnnsaro
liideieuilent ol the hclioou nf iiiusln pmper.
Theyeliel I heir own leaders, select thvlrmu
sic, iiii'ldilll tlie.nnlvef.
Uieuter nttention Is given to legllimato
druiuii at Smith's than at any eulkgein tho
eoiintiy. peiliups. It has two iliumutle socle
tlo. Phil b worn originally civ en In tho par
lors of tuu various eolttigos, but with tho
'- '
frmwlh of talent nnd interest they sought thn
own hall. Tho seniors' play nt tlio closo ot
,the year Is the crowning feature ot commence
ment wook. It Is tho only play to which
sontlomon nro admitted. The girls mako
their own costume, but mnscullno nttlro ter
minates nt tho walht line. Tho success of
JUoclrn." thodrock play.nt Hmith three years
ago attracted attention nnd proved tho profi
ciency of tho (Ireek department. The gloo club
gnvo n Thanksclvlns concert In New lork
under thn auspices of tho college, alumna-tor
tlin benefit of tho cymnnslum. In minor
plays the studonts nre their own stneo man
agers, eleetrlctnns. stage ratpenters. Ac.
The musloal nrcanl7Jtlnns ut WolloMeyhavn
n deservedly high teptitatlnn. Tho lloethovon
Boclety, consisting nf olchty membors. ban ro
eolved tho oneomlums of tho best critics. It
gives two concerts a year. Itecontly It ren
dened Httiart's onntnta. " Klnc tleno's Daugh
ter." A glen dun and n banjo club give two
concerts annually nnd enliven many of tho
roltcco festivals. Wcllesley has nn dramatic
society. Tho oldest society ntt hn college in tho
Hhakespoaro a branch of tho Ixindon Socloty.
It Is devoted to serious study ot tho plavs
of tho Immortal bard. Onco a yoar thoy
render n piny. Two years ago thoy gave in
tho open ntr "As ou l.iko It." Int year
"Love's labor's Lost." and this year "Twelfth
Mghl"wus cleverly rondere I. Thn plays are
civ on usually without clinngo of costumo nr
scenory. Tho stnBo is a bower of evergreen
trees. The Idea Is to confine nttcntlnuto the
text unci characterization, nnd sttmuMto tlio
Imagination nttor tho manner of the old Eng
lish drnmn. This yonr tho seniors gave a
Oroak pageant, an imitation ot tho Urock
flower festival.
Dramatic porfnrmnnces aro not encouraged
atllrrnMnwr. Thedinma is uiitiigonlstio to
tho (Junker spirit that underlies the Institu
tion. However, plays aro given frequently,
"no or two girls lining the Instigators, or ono
class complimenting another by a dramatio
indulgence. Much originality is displayed.
"Siegfried up to Date." from tho pen of uilryn
Slawr Blrl. renroseiitod tho fnenlty or Bods and
n dor clod much amusement. Hans Anderson's
"lalry Tains" am frequently adapted tu tho
stage, Olrls mako their own costumes and
wear (ho masculine dress complete. Tho
plays nro produced without sconory. In tho
gymnasium. Plavs with quick action nre
Bought, nnd clover det Ices bogullo thenudlonce
tn forget the absence of scenory. The plars nt
Hryn Mnwr must bo original. Muchtalent was
displayed this vcar among tho juniors. Tber
cave tho "ilatatllos dos Flours," adapted Horn
the I reneh.
Thlrty-llvn young women constltuto tho
Ilryn Muwr GUeClub. They havo given four
of hulllvan s operas.
The Idlers at the Harvard Annex glvo a
diama every throo weoks. Tliev wonr mon's
clothes, whon the piny domunds, un slmnn
puro pleasure Is their object OrlBlnnl trav
esties prevail, and nre nftener In tho club's
firogramme thnn legitimate comedy or
rRgrdv. nlen nnd bnnio clubs also huvo their
parts at all festivals.
Parisian women havo a dtinty fashion of
catching up tho centro seam of their long
skirts half a yard from tho hem nnd securing
it a fow Inchos below tho waist with a fancy
oln. thus reducing It ton very scnslblo walk
ing skirt nnd showing a bit ot laco-frlllcd pot
tlcoat besldo.
"Uptodato" babies of ndvancod mothors
aro dressed now ontlroly in flannol. Tho outer
garment is a dainty princosso robo ot tho
finest silk-warp flannol or wool, daintily brlni
stltchod or ombroidorod with silk. It is thirty
inchos long and has a high nock and
long slooves. Ilonoath this Is a second gnr
mont llko tho first, only that it has no sloevos,
and knit shirts and socks coinplcto tho dress
for wnrm dais. On cooler days an extra prin
cess pottlcont Is added. SomotlmcB this outer
dross is ot flno nnlnsuok or dimity, made lu
tho new and dainty fashion ontlroly by hand,
nnd with only tho simplest of trimming. No
cotton or llnon undergarmonts. no tightly
pinned bands or bolts aro allowed in tlio ad
vanced larctto.
Thon thoso later-day babies must not bo
rocked, so say tho physicians and nurses, nnd
tho old-tlmo cradle is replaced by a willow
baskot bed. which is covored with laco-odged
linen or lawn ruffles, and casings put nn over
pink torn boy. or blue for a girl, according to
tho ircnoh fashion. Yory pretty patterns of
morning glories or clovor aro embroidered on
these casings sometimes by mothers of leisure
and skill. Wash silks nro used In tho woik. nt
course, und only tho palest and softest nf tints.
However, tho little willow bed is pretty and
sweot when covored with plain white lnatorlal
tied with bright ribbons, und in it the baby
number threa rests quite ns poacofully usdoos
buby number ono, who is tlio recipient ot moro
frills und fussing.
Girls havo odd tancios In lingerie, ono ot
which is to havo tho ribbons of each set sug
gest tho sachet powder usod in porfumlng It
Tho ruffles, too. arn whlppod on tho edgos with
tho B.itno color. Palo groon sots aro scented
with new-mown liny or clover, pink ones with
rose petals, holiotrope. or vlolot, with tho
sweet flowors of tho samo name. And then
there nro the now nightgowns nITuctod by tho
swagger girl, of llnost whlto linen, falling
straight nnd tuckloss from tho nock, fastened
up in front In sevnro shirtlike style, nnd tied
about tho nock with four-lu-hand of soft silk.
In Tarls theyaro making boautlful girdlosof
flexible gold filigree, studdod with jewols'und
finished with gold fringe, which wind about
tho waist twico and tlo carolesely on ono
side. Threo miniatures, three old-fnshlnned
brunches, three links nt gold set with lowols.
or twoeumeos nro utilized as clasps fur gir
dles of veil ct ribbon.
Tngllbh women nro rejoicing to hear that
the Amorican woman's foot Is growing larger.
Thoy claim that tlio expansion is duo to
her taking moro of tho outdoor oxerclsofor
vthicli tho laigllsli woman bus so long boen
noted nnd that tho timo will como when the
Ainericun foot Is no moro ornamentut than tho
llngllbh pedal extro.iilty.
If you soo a llttlo stntuotto of St. Joseph on n
girl's dressing tablo you may know that sho
offois to it devout supplications in the secrecy
ot hor npartmont for a good und doslrnblo
htihband. She will toll ynu that it is a llttlo
cruro among girls jut-t now to secure tlio
statuettes, balloting that St. Josoph Is tlio
putt on saint of matrimony. Of course, the
pitrtlciilnr clrl ynu talk with will tell lou she
doesn't I ol.ovo in it hoiself. but that all tlio
other glrU do.
Minnesota rejoices la the possession of a
unique character, Sara Polltrd, who is
uno t the most Eurcossful farmers In Polk
county, whoro sho owns n half section of laud
which sho works horself with no help from
men oeept Initio haivost season. Miss 1'irt
laidlsa young woman of grace, bonuty. nnd
ninny accomplishments, who has left a pleas
ant IJtstern homo for the llfo of a fitrmor. Sho
doos hor own ploughing, seeding, nnd burrow
ing, operates her large farm with no other
counsel than hor own good judgment, nnd has
added u qtiurter section of land to her domain
with tho proceeds of a few yearn' Imluhtiy,
Sho wears when ongaged In outdoor work n
shoitskltt which falls justbelowtho l.noe. und
h.ib kueo breochus to match it.
Queen Christina of Spain upon rocelvlng
the unnotinceinnnt that tho thuimndtli baby
had bout! namod aftor hor litihband. sent the
parents a layetto. silver baby seivico, and a
hnndsomo nest ogg. vvilh thogineofulmehKuge.
"Tn tho thniisiniTth Alfuiisii. finm a Woman
whom two Alfonsos havo made happy,"
Qunon Ylctorla has, llko other womon. her
pot superstitions, ono uf which Is tho belief
flint an) thing inudo by a blind person brings
luck. Aceordltiglvlhocrndlo with all its fur
nishings fnr the latest Daltenberg baby has
bcon prepared entirely by the blind.'
Tho Poclety of Lady AitSts In Ileilln lias
under its churgo tlm only ait school In all
(le.-mnny where women can obtain ndvuii
tugos fur tho thorough study of art. Them
urn froo scholarships fnr Inlonted pupils,
und reduced feeti fnr th deserving, and at
loii'onabln terinnall tho advantages enjoyid
by the men of Iho nradenik,
Thn Association nf visiting Nurses In Chi
cago Is biippoi ted b t'm boclety Bills nf tlio
city, who organise sjvving clnssos uud nrran.to
umaleurciitiirluinments, and by proteshlon.il
men and womon. who contribute lundi, for tho
evpenses nf the wnrk. Seven trained nurses
uro ouiployoil. mid wear a uniform uf I Ii e in I
white, vvllh wliliitc'iilliiis nnd cuffs, uud n white
er 's nji the la't uriii. I ueli nnrbo hii.u dis
trict 111 which hlli goos from hnuso to hniiite
among tlin poor, ulieiidlng tn their hick, und
I cpm ting casus nt dlntless to tlin proper socle.
lies fur relief, Tho soelet y h is no fund, but is
fcupported by voluntary offerings.
Hlghor education was not qulto a dead letter
to nur unc-storsof tlm mlddlo ages and nc
cording to somo ttuthotltlca both and girls
sltsred equal advantage In being will pood
nhmi tlmruud tn knn lodge with equal Im
partiality, some Lstlu oxnielses written by
alary Out-en ul Lcolh when only 10 mars old
I urn stilt extant, uud Marguerite de Valois
writes In hor memoirs that bho owed tho el
cellonco of her Latin to tbo bodily cbattleo-
The Gas that Leavens fl
Yeast, and baking powders that produce M H
leavening gas by fermentative or putrefactive g Wm
action, destroy a portion of the most nutri- 31
tive and healthful elements of the flour. H
The Royal Baking Powder produces the ) H
leavening gas in the dough by purely mechan- J
ical means, and thus, while perfectly leavening, $ J l
preserves unimpaired those elements intended ' '
by nature, when combined in our bread, to ' ri Hj
make it literally the " staff of life." W BR
No leavening agent or baking powder, ex- ' p jJ
cept the "Royal," possesses this great quali- Wi
fication. ' f$U
ment sho hnbtlually rocolvod from hor tutors.
Huoon Isabella was, too, a Latin scholnr. and
trough hor lntluonco it bocame tho fashion
to study ancient tongues. Italian teachers
wero Importod into Spain, and the bounties of
tlio Spanish court nttended ncadomlc exam
inations and took I art In tho public oxorclo
of the gymnasium. It wns not until niter she
was a queen that Is-tbella realised tlm nocos
sity of Lntln in diplomatic, intercourse, nnd
applied herself bravely to Its acquisition.
Tho ox-Empress Kugonln Is working on her
memoirs, which will doubtless prove interest
ing to tho noxt generation. Thoy nro not to bo
published until sov oral years aftor hor donth,
and no ono Is to soo a lino ot tlio manuscript.
Strnh Hnrnhardt clvos hor friends tn under
stand thnt sho wns ono ot eighteen children,
and In consideration ot Hint fact vorr natu
rally her mother fnrgots tho particular year In
wlil-'h this gilted duughterwas born. Hhowas
educated at a nonvont. four times to be ex
pellod and four times takon back into tho fold.
Dr. Holmos wns cajoled Into adding tho
charm of Ids nresnea to tho high tension
ecstasy ot an afternoon ten recently, and whon
asked his opinion of the affair, he fluid with a
queer cood-humored twinkle In hlseyea: "It
Isclgglo.gabblo, Bobble, und clt."
A younc I'.ngllsh girl Is seolng Amorlca on ft
somewhat nnv el plan. An sho bus not enough
money to mako the grand tour, sho has adopt
ed tho Idoa ot applying for work in the
hotels of tho cities that sho visits. Sho re
mains in a place long enough to soo the sights
on hornfternoons out. and with tho wages sho
etrnsund a small sum sho bus on hand she
intends to sue most of America.
For many years Ida Lowls. the keeper ot tho
Limn Hock Light, has stood as the poorless
heroine of her sox. tho only woman honored by
receiving tho gold modal lor bravery In rescu
ing life, tsowebe shares the distinction with
two other womon. Dottlo Uurr. a student
of LaSallo Somlnnry In Auburndale. Mass.,
who rescued two of her sclioolmntos from
drowning, and Martha White, who suvod
threo sailors from dtownlng tn tho surf off tho
const ot Uray llurbor, Washington, during a
torriblo storm.
Lillian F. Smith, tho champion girl rlflo shot
of tho world, hits constructed with hor own
hands a small tulo boat weighing loss than
thirty pounds, in which shois rowing down tho
rough San Joachim Itlvur to San i-rnncisco.
She will sleep in tho boat nt night undorncan
vns awning, and row townrd her destination
during thedav. Miss Smith was presented to
(Juoon Victoria during her exhibition of
iiiurksmanshlp in London.
Mrs. Honrv Sldgwlck. tho now principal of
Newnhnm College. Is tho wife of ono of tlio
most distinguished professors In Cambridge
who was one of tho founders of tho colloge
over which his wife Is to preside. This is tho
llrst lnstanco ot a marrlod woman (not a
widow) being mado tho hoad ot a woman's
collego In Europe. Mrs. Hldgwick's mother,
voirs beforo woman's higher education had
become tho fashion in (treat llrltnin. Insisted
on hor daughters having tho samo course of
education ns their brothers: and so advanced
Is Mrs. Sldgwlck'sknnwledgo of mathematics
that, had womon been permitted to subject
t hemselv es t o tho test nf the tripos, sho might
hive procodod l'htllppa 1'awcott as lady sen
ior wrunglor.
There Is in Rostra. Long Island, a woman
stock raiser. Phebo Wlllots. who owns ono
of tlm finest hords of cattlo on tho island
and somo trotting stock of her own soloctlon
or bred under hor own supervision.
Mrs. .Tnmes Drown Potter seoms to have lost
much nf tho enthusiasm for art which for
merly Induced her to loavo the domostio for
tho professional enreer. To an Interviewer In
Loudon sho confessed that she lmd to work
bccuiiso she hud nothing else to depond upon,
und that J she were not obliged to act sho
should leave tho stagc.asthocontlnunl change
ot idll nnd tho rehearsing of now plays, and tlio
travelling long dlftanens wero very weurisomo.
Sho nlso eonfessod thnt sho considered herself
very unfortunate and unlucky professionally.
Tho Ann Arbor nnd Pennsylvania College
dontnl departments are tho only ones that nd
mlt womon to thn study uf dentistry. Tho
llrst womnn dontlst. Mmo. Hlrschfeldt, who
uitcrwiird hocamu dentist to tho family nt thn
Kmperor Willi un. graduated from tho Penn
sylvania school.
1'iwh of Australia, a most ctovornnd suc
cessful colonial comio publication, Is cdltod by
n woman. Miss Jim phy. who began as a mem
ber of the staff uud worked her vvuy up to her
prosent plnce.
Philippe. Tawcett has beon appointed to
a resilient mathematical lectureship by the
Council of Trennham Colloge, and elected to a
fellowship at I'nlvorslty Colloge. London.
Constance Jenkins of Snmervllle Hall. Ox
ford, is tlin only woman tn take llrst class
lu Cl.isslcul Moderations at Oxtord tills year,
bho rtceivod much of hor education at home.
Ono of tho most dolleatoly considerate of
practical charities is tho quiet wnrk dono by
the Homo llutol Association, at 158 St. Ann's
avenue. Needy authors, artists, teachers,
writers llnd hore ahomo In time of noed.whoio
price nro regulated by tho circumstances of
Its guests. '1 lioso who can pay a small sum
for their accnmmodationsarenllnwed todo so;
those who cannot, enjoy Its prlvllegos regard
less of sex. religious bellof. or profession. Ono
nf tlm sources nf Itfl Itmnme is the gonoroslly
of tho-o who huvo liuneflted by Its help, and
by obtaining work through lis patrons uro en
abled to repny tliolr Indebtedness with tho
generosity characteristic of pooplo of the typo
for whoso relief It la founded.
Among tho best reports sent out from tho
Minneapolis Convention by tho picked nrmy nf
repoileis thetn wore those written by MrB.
Mtignret Sullivan. While liorassnejates had
eomfortjhlo quarters on tlio platform, Mrs.
Sullivan sat In uno nf tho (nr galleries, talcing
noti-s lu imr lap. Sho Is ncknonlodgod tho
brightest newspaper woman of tho vv est, and
ono uf tho most uuussumlng and moJost
A rnanish lady has succoedod In crossing
thn Anden In u cnrrlngo. a dlstnnco of .'100
inlloh. 'J ho journey was i-omiibitod In ilovon
duis, Ihuugli ueailyu mlloof tho road hud to
bo Luilt for hor use.
rilraboth Moro, n pretty young clrl of F.dgo-wo-th.
with tlm help nf a girl frlond. has
loi'ontly built a little cnttnge for lmrself, lay
ing the foundation, do nc all the carpentering
und plastering the rooms.
Mrs. Hattio llronks of Mnlno Is conducting
an cMoiudvii fouudr) nnd locomotive building
establishment near Dunkirk, which turns out
A company has been started in Philadelphia
to lake nun of household furnaces and bent
nis, supplying tho fuel uud attending to tho
llros at u enbt no creator thnn that usually
p..ld for coal.
ttiiiinivuy lire an a lint,
Kquvrns, -Tu'y 2. Whon F.ll Urn yos of
Tiuki-tni tnwiudilp went to hoo In his com
fit Id tlm oilier day ho stuck a small maple
bush In the bund of his broiid-biimmcd Htravv
h.it. After ho hud worked a while ho heard n
loud humming lu the air. and. looking up. ho
behold it iiiiiuway swarm nt bees coining
towiitd him, He leaned on his hoe and gar.cij
ut the fugitive Insects. Intending to unto their
com so to tin- woods, but hodidn tget a cIihiico
tod-iho. When tho bois wero nearly over his
head limy spied the hush In his lint, und
ehiiugi-d their inliuls about sailing to tlm
wn ids to hunt up n hollow tree. They hettled
down n-i tlm IiumIi und mn the crown nt his
hat, and for a ninumut. (Iratos said, hit was In
it q'lundaiy, Tlm bees wero friendly, how.
ever, uud llu-y elungti) his hat, rearing that
thoy inl'-dir Imcoiiiu angry If ho moved ubout
much, Oiiives janim.-d tils hoe bundle In the
ground, t ink his hat off eurrfully and placed
ii iri the line, Then Im gut a nail keg. brushed
the Lce Into It. and canted thou to tho bouse
without getting stuoc ococ rt .
' V Imt
Blorlea of the Conduct or 'Wild Beaata) O Wil
Brought Vmirr SnbJectlOB. (('iB-v ''
JYom th Ban TtxmeUeo ChrmM vfe jfv J
Llout, Booker of tho Austrian Tolar exnodU t?J',l
Hon tells a story of a sailor who tried to tama '" i , fl
two younc white boars not much blggor than, id Iw
lapdogs, and got so fond of them that ho ovoa ha Kf
took them to bod In cold weathor. till one W Hf,
night his comrades woro awakened by loud if B(f,
shrloks and tho complaint that ono of his pota jft,
had bitten two of his toes off. An Lsqulman J iS'T
pilot In commenting, on tho acoldont, ro- : ill jgh'
marked that tho llttlo brutes can nover ba gjj fS.
trusted after they havo crown stout enough 'slilll
to blto through n man's clothes. . . -.ii-BiW
llut with that singlo oxoeptlon, speotmons ot Ji-B Tit
overy kind of carnivorous mammals havo !S C HI
been tamed sufllolontly to rocognlze tho au- Am AW
tlmrlty of tliolr msstor, and to ba domesti- ftm m
rated. If not hundlod with Impunity. Heleuouu tHV flW
Mentor, tho King ot Syria, usod to drive, a jHIlk
four-in-hand team ot tamo tigers, ana tha 'SltM
Nabob ot Oudo had a pot sho tiger that often vlS3
was taken alons on his journeys, and had -fiHP
been taught to mount nn otophanc without IfiMIJ
making use of her formidable ofaws. SrJPJr
LIoub havo froquontly boen tamod byehow , iiViu
mon. und sometimes ovon for military pur- lljuof
poses. During tho reign of tho EmpororTra- jL&SmtLVim
jnn, n Homnn (loneral on an oxnodltloa "" -.;..-v6BtP
against a rev oltod province on tho north shore) iHa 1KI1
of the Adriatic trlod tho plan of soaring thai ; 'WWfn
natives with a brigade of trained lions, bus KfTi'H
round that in warfaro tho ignoranoo of pluckr1 wBIJl
barbarians Is not always a disadvantage 'tBKII
"Thoy mistook thorn for largo dogs." says thai ;rv US 11
historian. " nnd knocked tliolr brains out." i f 0li
About UO per coot, of the wild animals used! '' f. wii
for tho beast lights of tho Circus Moxlmua1 lit 111
came from Northern Africa, and tho Algerian. fill
coast towns aro still tho favorite rendezvous ot j' wll
International pot doalors. On tho steamer" ' J7t
wharf of Algiers strangers aro bcslegod by tha 'M
native boast poddlers extolling In broken, 1 , ill
French tho morlts ot their tamo baboons. I i jfa
juokuls. monkeys, nnd younc lions. In tha t . iii
outskirts ot tho Casbah. or hill suburb, there, , ; a JM
aro rogular boast farms, whore lions and i ' ' !:
loopards by dozons ot pairs aro koptl i . v'IBf.
for brooding purposes. Tho travolllnic" WHB
agont ot tho famous Hagonbeck salo fvijl
monngorlo. in Altona. noar Hamburg, gives a1iE
an autusliig account of a-visit to ono ot VaPtl!
thoso zculogical stock farms. whero strangora fvli
need a guide to avoid an oncounter with tha rmr
sideshow pots running loose in all diroctiona JpB"
and roaring their young in all sorts of unex- , ijfrjtv
poctod places. "Don't stir that brush pile." s, .("JU1,
said tho agont's cicerone, "there's a pair ot ' ' fW
porcupines in thero and thoy might scare you VAf
It thoy start up nil of n sudden. Not too far 'fit?'
that way. either." lie interposed. Booing tho vis- lllim
ltor trying to tako a detour to tho loft; "tha Iln1
old ho-baboon makes that crib his hoadquar- - Visi
ters and might tear your coat to pleoos." and -jIiRi
so on. till thoy reaohod tlio Hon kennels, a ' fm
serlos of grottos excavated from n lodge ot jiiVi
porous Umcstono and securod in front with IHl
Bhort Iron bars. 1 3 lull
" How do you koep those younEStors from ViJIti.l
rtinnlngnwayitltogether?" Inquired the agent. Aini
stopping baok to rid himself of two baby lions t- IMUI
that had squeezed through tho burs and wero Jj.ima
tugging away nt ids trousers. Itttml
" Oh. rou couldn't drive thom away." I alral
laughed the proprietor, an old Arab, engaged f tiffl
in cleaning tho dons by moans of a long- ff
handled hoo. "Thoy play all ovor tho yard In aOtP
tho evening, but como baok of tliolr own no- JJlia?
cord as soon as tho night gotn n llttlo oool. f l'Jp
"Somo of your boarders soom to feel qulto at ' -'s
home." said tho visitor, pointing to a hugo , ' yl-,i
malo Hon that had turned ovor on his baok
and was playing with u stick and a. fragmont of lr2,l
a skull bono. ft
" Yos. thoy aro taking It easy enough." said fcl i
tho old Aral). " only on stormy nights I notlca s JtlOU
that thoy get rostloss nnd push about tho bars A ttWrnKf1
as if thoy woro trying to find a way out. His JT I'jfi1
tho tlmo whon tholr rolntions in the wilder--' v? HjA
ness aro doing most of their business." V 1 iy
Hut the most tnmablo ot all tho big cats Is ' .'6ff.
tho East Indlnn chootah. or hunting loopard. i SiKt
a croaturo which. In Its habits and appear- v-. jipv
ance. seems to forrn curious connecting link ' lift t
botwoen tho entu aoa dogs. Its logs aro longor tfjif f
than thoso of a tlgOr.lt has truo canlno teeth. ' i ,?,
thick and deop-rooted llko thoso of n hound. 'I sai !
and Its claws aro rather blunt, on account ot i! Li
being less porfectly retractable than thoso of a awn I
common cat. The doc cat. as somo naturalists '75? lOlflf
havo proposed to call thochoctnli.gotasotamo Jr a'.IxL
that It can bo trusted to pass the night !
undor its master's bed. and vvlil play for hours w'
with aggresslvo and troublesome pUppios lit'
without losing Its good humor. Hut out In tho Ij4-
fields its Hiiml-follno Instincts nro apt to reviva H If
at tbo most unexpected moments. It will fly fi l
at domestlo animals or brlstlo up with nn V '
ominous growl at sight ota running boy, and fftl
on hunting excursions it is by fnr tho safest Sjlf-J
plan to keop its eyes covered till there Is a ir (2
thanco to got n gllmpso nt lcgltlmnto game. m.v,
"I onco brought up a young cheotah with Wi,
somo greyhound pups." says an English ofll- . wllii
cor who passed sov oral years in a garrison, llvlr
town In northern Hlndostan. "Evon when, KjfS
nonrly full grown It would nlay with any dogs. thIm
somo of which did not muoh rolish its bound- su'
ing nt them, nnd was nlways sportlvo ana Siif,
frolicsome. It got much attached to rao. nnd u ft
nt onco rocognlrod Its name. Hilly, and would fiVt-T
follow mo llko a ilog, overy now and thon sit- Mn,
ting down for a fow seconds nnd thon racing: Uif
after mo again. It was very fond of being; n't
noticed, and usod to purr just llko a eat. jfu'
In tho garden It used to climb on any high ob- , BlJi
ject-tho stump of ntroe, a stack of hay and Jn
from this elovated perch look all around for J1
some moving object. As it grew up it toole Cjlfl
llrst tn attacking shoop. and aftor I had ourod f
it nf that habit It would attack donkeys and f,
get wollkltkod by thorn, and when only halt fljf;;
grow.t It flew ono dny nt a big tame nylghau (a, Sji;.
species ol antelope), nnd maulod its logs badlr ?$:
boforn it could bo ml Hod ott" ia.
Hwlft-footnd animals, with abundant factlt- (Ri
Hies for making a living of tholr own, nro apt ill
to tako Fieneh leave Tn spite of kind treat tit
ment, nit hough in moments of danger suctl hi J
renegndes will somutlmos remomber an old ;j tf
protector nnd volunteer to ronounco their . J J(,
habits ot trunncy, Tho post trader ot tha ili
1'orbln do Sun Pablo, noar Mazatlan, ralsod a A $'i
joung ocelot which hung about the house, oe i iw
rather tho ranch, for a couple of years. , il
but at Inst consul to recognlro tho au- , (lu
thorlty of its landlord. Jo unit a would Mil!
abhont hnrsolt for weoks together nnd vlsltt ltf
tlm poit only as a guest, or a privileged mem- i ' II
bor of an Inspecting committee, for sho rum- f f ri
magos the premlsos, appears and disappears rf?H
without asking anybody s loavo, and resents i- -
ovnry sttompt nt lamlllurlty on the part of her f lift
former ownor. llut ono evening sho had just Aii
entered thn store when n troop of horsemen u.;
alighted at thn gate, and a minute later. It
Uovornmont scout with a big wolf doe stopped , &l
up to tho counter, while his companions do-. Bil
posited tholr saddlebags noar tho opeai. au
door. Juanlta cast an unoasy glance at tha SAl
blockaded door, and in the noxt instank ,4'
caucht sight of tho dog. and ho of her, whoa "
tho attitude of both parties becamn so dlsa- t'
grerablr suggestive of un Impending set-to .
that tho scout rcachod for a stick to chaso tho pi
doc out. Hut Jttnnltn either mlsconstruod his (;,
motlvoorlind already mado up her mind to fl,'
secure a vantnso emund. for just wlien h III
faced about sho leaped upon tho counter and Ji(
with tho noxt jump upon tho shouldor of her j
old master, and thero procoeded.to "get hoff t.
back up." Browllng viciously and bristling up )1 I
totwloohernuturuslre. llko a cat. Ij
Old liaboons. naturally tho most surly ot Af
prisoners, will treat tholr koaporwlth n filial fl'f
affection vnrylngvvlththoqualltyof tho monu. II
and allrst-crassc.atorerean manacotodomes- i II
tlento evon such boarders us vvolvos and i. -I
reptiles- A (larninn oolnnist of ow Prey- ' i
liuic. Ilmrll. has collected a houseful 5
of htuffed birds, thnt lmvo beon doscrlbeu J
by sov oral travellers, but in tho opinion ' l
oftlmnnlitos the euiloslUns of his museum v
nro ocllpsud by thn monnijerlo of his diiugh- (J
ter, whose eullnar)' talents have cliarmoa fri
tho souls of somo of tho wildest donlzens ot , Jjj
tlio forest. Including several troo snako '
(which In Mnxico, ton. aro ofton domestlcatod. 1
for mousing purposes) und a large boa. n f;r 9RI
midatdo looljlne monster with 'tlio dlsiMi'ltlorj- (.v
of a lapiloL-, that will share tho children IT
brrakliibt ol milk and brond and nt a signal or lu
his bonefitctreis will ctul lilmsolf u.P In lior IJ
upron with a supernumorHry coll or two tym.'
uioniidlmr loot, . , . , , . .. i, I
Hut an Indljvstlon or a brief delay of tho , M &
dinner hour Is llablo to modify the aniloblo , !, ffl
dispnhltion uf such pets, and boast trainers-
who keep bous tor oxlilblilon purposes Bon-. 1 f -i
er.illy tako oaro in postpsuo their perforata I 0E
uucystUJuttvrwejiltjiBeft l

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