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K$' ' ' ' ' " ' W ' II-."- ! ' ' . ! . ... i ,
Hi war irno ns rnvtirxjcxr as buabo-
Hf& jis UKconDs.
? .
W Alt OH HitrtMi-il CoIIcb Brr nnd Ilia
Rhf Xrfoi itiuart! Ilovr Cacltiiid.. ltidln
Kvj J.niif.4llnce Itlder Gnlncd III Rroot-d
Ki S'lmrthlnr or Zlmracrmnn'n Work,
f jiL: VTondorful Inroads nro bains mn1c upon the
SsF btercle rncorcln. It vn nredletod Unit whon
Hh'i William Wladlo bronclit the onu-mlk reoont
Pr'jjfr down to 2 nilnutomnd 15 sccondn Inst full
BK$P that hlittlmo would Ktmul cood for nomo tlmo.
nfja but from present Indications tlio rbcurd will
Hunt be rodticod several seconds boforo tho end of
RjV' tlio season. Ono of the most promising rncors
EpaS on tlio path this rear Is deorgn Tnylor, tho old
Rdfcy Harvard Colleco craok. Taylor lint rnmo Into
Bk-'; prominence br wlnnlne tho Intorcollogluto
KW ohamplonshlp In lHtll. After lealn collese
Bi'. he followed the blarclo circuit nnd dovolopod
Kff; Into a wondorfullr fast man. At Pprlneflold,
WrS- , In 1801. ho dofoatod Zimmerman. Wlndle.
Bvfe Murphy, Itloh, and othors.
WvSk ljS,t Octobor Taylor oroatod a now two-mile
Rsjf, record at Sprlnen old, rldlne tho distance- In 4
E-tsuK minutes 48 4-5 soconds. At Buffalo, on Juno
Rim IB. ho started In tho flvo-mllo enfety rnco at
pljK , tho Pross Cycling Club's mootlnc. with tho
ffluJBL " lntontton of loworlne tho rocord for tho din-
1mbL' tunc. 13 minutes 57 soconds, made br C W.
JEij; Dorctaco InChlcaRO last Boptombor. Taylor
K-.'Sr Was allowed a handicap on P. J. liorlo. but
Rjw Wont back to seratcb. IIo had men
$3,., oror 700 yard ahead of htm. and thor
pS' ot a Aplondld pace. He finished the
rlvlit " ro m"08 'n 13 minutes 40 seconds, low-
BftljB rlnff the provlous rocord 17 seconds.
IrfS- A. A. Zlmmorman holds the flvo-mlle record
fe acalnsttlmo. which Is 12 ratnutus53( seconds.
Win The Kncltsh record Is 12 mlnutns WH seconds,
RfL by F. J. Osmond. Taylor has now joined the
WMM Manhattan Athletlo dub.
Rir'.'. Thomas A. Kdco Is reoocnlzed as tho lending
"SCl lone-distanco rMr In England. Hts feat In
$hk rldlnc from Land's End to John O'Oroat's. and
'$& . loworlne tho record by ton and a half hours,
gfj&i crcntcd nuuulne surprise. Ho has also ridden
KiBi 1,000 mtlos In 5 days 11 hours and 38 mlnutos.
RKK' Ho stortod out Juno 5 nt 0 o'clock in the morn-
IS;?V Ins. accompanied by J. D. Siddoleyof the An-
BjSft Hold Club. lie sot out nt a fourteen-milo-an-
& hour pace. When ho reached Exeter he was
,t&l$r nwar ahead of the record, and before
ffZr tho puce-makors had showod up. When
rfV'i. ho roached llrlstol, on his first day.
teSiy' he found that he was one hour and
JW, a half ahead of tho rocord. Ho then rested for
SVWS' thirty minutes. On tho second day ho was
Kjg!j paced by well-known racers, and wrs cradual-
Baffi' Ir loworlne MIIIh'b rocord. Toward nightfall
Bi'V I10 ro(e 'n' Scotland, and was on his wheel
R?ssS lor twenty-six hours without any rest. He sr-
C-wiSfJ rived at John O'Qroat's at U:30 o'clock In tho
fjC'iMfe mornlnc on Juno 8. nollnlshed in eoodcon-
itiiM- dltion. and lowered tho record ot Q. P. Mills br
piggJF 10 hours 37 minutes.
ii e&- Jl
K& Aftor a good rost at John O'Orout's. Edco
Utif& Started back to Land's End. He llnishcd his
SMTJ- l.UOO miles in exactly 5 days 11 hour
tYf'i and 38 mlnutos. It. Contesto of the Anflold
VJjte ClubDacod Kdco for 1IHJ ratios at one tiino.
MKmvl Edco Is a comparntivolr youne man, but an
mr-J4i entliuslastlo cycler. ,
UK Now that Arthur A. Ztmmormnn, tho Sew
MiK.U York Athletlo Club's noUd biorcllst. huswon
mwiisffi the one and flvo intle championships of the
B-as!., National Crelists' Union, his European tour
tifK' Will soon terminate. Ills viflt abroad has
IIKC'M been a ereut huccens. the only unfortunato
Wpl;' featuro boine the failure of the English cham-
t's.-J'. pion. Fred .7. Osmond, to moot tlio American
KJiSi!?' reprosontativo. I ast season Osmond won the
WmMst . twcnty-tlve-mllo N. a U. chamidonship with
HfB'IP""- ease, and was trnlnlne hnrd for this year's
JS-Xtl event, but he rofused to riilo, statins that ho
B-Syv?; was unablo to cot into condition. Zimmor-
MtH man was anxious to moet Osinoml.
jWffVi' Tho Amorican racor while abroad roduced
jfc.,l!.. the quartor-mllo record, stnndlni; start, to
pfjii 32 3-5 seconds, and tliu flylnc auartor to :;0
f,,V,' seconds. These records were madu at Horno
Uin'. Hill on Mar 111 and 24. respnclholy. nnd hnvo
! both been aoceptod by tho Itcconl Committee
Wu&M. of the Nationnl Cyollcts' Union. In addition to
yA thoso he reduced the 2,tK)0-mutro Gorman
WKXi;' record from 3 minutes 13 seconds to 3 mlnutos
IIKf'Tt 11 seconds, nt lierliu, on June 5. On tliu fol-
IhU' lowtnc day ho rodurod tho H.IHIO.motio rccoril
IKgl'' from 4 minutes 47 4-fsocondt to 4 mlnutos
Btiv 47 2-5 seconds. It IsnUonunounroil that on
IkWA Thursday last ho lowered the half-mile record
IDrvlt' ' 1 mlnuto 5 soconds at Herno Hill. Ills
w- ' fastest tlmo In competition In England for the
Mt 8110 was 2 minutes 24 2-5 soconds.
PtU'i. In the recent ride ot Frank Waller ot the
Ir4! Acuio Athletlo Club of Oakland. Cul., ho cov-
Kr PTe - miles 1,51)0 vards In twenty-four
flt'IiV ' hours. liroaklncM. A. Holbein's Kngllsh roo
1141' ordof301 miles 1,4411 yards, mudo umlor ad
Btft5' Terse circumstances. Walb-r's rldo took placo
WW.' upon tho Alameda lllcyclo Club's track, which
mfy,t'i irasnpt In tho best of condition, and Waller
Htjtl ufTerod considerably from poor paolntr. Tlio
Wltuu. porformanoo nlso was nmdo upon a Ii-ac);
iKj.W much Inforlor to Heme Hill In LiiKlttnd. Tho
Kt following is a comparison of the tinio mado by
R?, the old and now record holders:
M&Jllt n' N ". M- "-
TitiKrf 10 mllei oan4iti inmlloi o .it 27
LVt 10 mllei 1 02 jr. voinlio .... 1 cm 4I 2-.'.
nM ar uiiei , ijho 2r.mi1!,,..
jt'r - bo mllei 24720 coniiU'i , , :r.'. :.r,
Ihis. loo mllei 6 4.", no no inlirt 111111:1123
fiSr 200 rollo ,,.12.ni soonu'oi ... 12.14 16
K,Siv- aoo uiUi .10 oh r,r, aoomtiM ,. liialir.l.r,
rei-. s&outiM 210000 jrxmiiu. , 21173420
H vJi' ' S3 ull l.KfiO yard! in 24 bnur. F. WnlUr.
HW) , Ml mlli 1,440 ytrdt In 24 hours, l, A. llulbtln.
MR Aft Maorlee I)ly and Ulllr Hnlon und Two
f , Amatturl to I'lny 11 Htrange Gamr.
A mstcb at tti rw:uleil Clilnoae l.Uliorilj wi
inodt on Tbnrf day nlgbt At Murlro Pnly'i Uroidwujr
roomttbst It lively lo attract attention. Itliotjon
j rvis fotmhsDded battl. Maurice Paly and a vrr altlty urnn.
Urt&rj 4nr betOR pitted aifatnat Billy frixtnn and a lawyer
RlKV walltnown In billiard clrcln fur hi lllt ultbtbecue.
la; Daly'i partner U tliu belt known araaUMtrti lo coun-
JjJV try. llotM amateuti "IM I'lay Inxiitmiii. 1l' inntcli
tsw;1? lafilty point up. and Mill bo pla)fl on tliealteiiuon
H'7ii ot July In seitiin'a romne ut 234 Itrn'tc ay. Tne
'"jV.o aama will be played wttb rel and lnie ball unlv. u
HiiLiTr coontln atrnjie beuu malti by inaklnfr the cue ball
Bl"'3I atrtka the red. (r tu the elnile ru,tiiiti, .mt meet tbe
Hltv red af aln a a the. All other tarrmni .ir burred, o
'jI , oeb matcb ba eeer b'fore been pUed Inline roun-
BfciVf? try. InaUuboiaettieartlLlceoCurrrt'iucnt
Bli' CretadaU'e Myaleilnua Betruyer Mill be
mm pn,-
Bt 3" BurTAto. July 2. Tho rownrd of $2.010 of.
He.' fered for the arrest of Bryant I). Crnndull. tho
WKta Inturanoe swindler, will bo paid to tho mys-
IS' terioui Mrs, Bowland of Los Angeles who
EL JSP' ,,ttve th Infprmutlon that led t Crandall's
Mix capture. The Insuianco compnnlj's hnvo no
m $ iSfther knowledge ns to, who she lb. but huvo
S decldVd to send check tor the amount to the
Mi' Chlofot Polloo at ho Asgelus to be turned
&' ortrtober,
mt!k l
mmmmmtj -"y
The Bt Oetleses Will Take Hewy Behool.
boi knt Mem Good Ontu Are I.ert.
A largo number ot schoolboys who havobe
oome promlnont In school nthlotlns during tho
past year aro Just now completing their cot
lcgoentrancooxaintnntlons. Albort Good soil
Mllbank. Hobcrt Llllle. nnd W. V. Bonnls of
Cutler sohool will bo l'rlncetonlans next fall,
Donnls was tho tacklo In tho football team
last year, and his playing won the admiration
of all. particularly tho bright Murray Hill
sohoolglrls. Mlllbank is not so much an ath
lete as an nthtotlj manager. Woleott Y. Hob
bins, who goos to Yale, "itptnlneil fio football
team so woll thathU nffortt artnully won for
the school tho Intnrsrholn-dte olianiidonshlp.
nlthough tho association deprked tin institu
tion of tho morltnd pennant by voting "no
clinmplon'-hlp." llnbblns'selnssm.itm atYalo
Will bo Alfred C. Cuttlss and Emory Uawos.
"Ally," as Curtlss Ii famlllarlr callod. can
play football, but ho was not In condition
last fall. However, ho went Into training
and was soleeted to cover third baso on tho
bnsoball team, nnd ho was also the mannger,
Hawes was ono of tho emW on the foUbill
eloven. Llnxce. who will yell for Harvard next
year, was eontro rusher. Tliatchor Adams
known as " Scrutchor" Atlaini-. is to study nt
theYalo8homeld Hchool. Ho Ii 11 gr.at half
back on the football llidd, and Is iiult. a biwo
ball player. Charlos Y. Clark and Hnrrlt'in K.
Bird will "ntcrthu ColunUilaCullego hchool of
Mines. Bird Is a big hlcyllst.
Harvard sohool Is tho winner ot tho bnsehall
ehamplonshlpof tho Intnrsrhnlnstla Aisoela
tlou, and that, too. without a protest to be ile
cldod. Harvard won six gatnos and wax not
once defeated. Cutlsr scliool was second In
the rnco. with four victories and two defeats.
Dwlght and Berkeley schools woro tied for
third place, with live dofcats and but ono vic
tory each. Instead of a Tanner, as ha tumit
customary, a silver cup will go to thu victors.
Wilson and Kollogg Sohool will lose a Miry
clever athlete In Henry L. Puttorxon. S3ii of
Judge Patterson. Young I'attoMon won six
mednls in Foholastlc games liit hprlng. Ho
has just returned from Williams College,
whoro ho wont to tako tho entrance examina
tions. Patterson will ! siii'cueded a Wilson
and Keltogg's best uthlote by Arthur Peck, a
lad with many sterling qualities anu a runner
of no mean ability.
Berkeley Cadet School will mnko nulto an
ofTort next fall to piny good football. Their
team will bo thoroughly reorganized. Among
the lads who will return to schnnl to piny on
the team aro: Our ltichnrds. A. Clark, Alonzo
Aparlelo (tho tennis plnvor). I'red West (who
Is pretty surotoDlsycentro rtihhl. Harry Batch
elliT. James C (inverse. Teibly Bugcrt la
sprightly fellow, who will, undoubtedly, play a
brilliant end). Bowers (who is named for full
back), and Ed Curoy. a halt back.
Tho Harvard schoolboys nro not yet through
talking about their successes In track nth
letlcs. During the season just olosed. thoy
won tho following championships: Berkeley
games nt Twenty-second Boglmont Armory
on Feb. 27. Drlsler gamos nt Twenty-second
Regiment Armory on April II. West End games
at Twenty-second lloglmont Armory on April
23, Cutler gnoies at Manhattan Flold, Jiny'i.
and the greatest of nil tlio Interaenolnstlo
games nt Borkoley Oval. Nay 23. For win
ning tho chamiilonshlp nt tho intorscholastio
games Harvard received only a banner, whllo
the real object of competition was a sllvor
cup. This cup. however, according to tho
deed of gift, could only be won by Berkeley,
Cutler. Columbia Grammar. Dwlght. and Hal
soy sohools. In the games Berkeley was a
poor second, but the cadets reoelved the cup
just tho same. At tho next Intorscholastio
games tho cup will have been contested for
ton successive ye irs. Cutler has won it four
times nnd Berkeley three.
If Berkeley ins the cup next year, there
will be utl which will tako another year to
decide. All this tlmo tho other schools In tho
cltr will not huvo a woid to ear retrnrding tho
actions of the I. S. A. A. If another school
than theio two should win thecup.then.hr
an agreoment which has boon mado. Cutler
will get tho cud to keep for good. But there is
no reason why all the city schools should not
bo admitted ns mombors ot the association
next year with full power to send delegates to
the mooting. Then, with a largo member
ship, the association might purchase another
cup and the ola cup could still bo competed
for as a side lssuo.
n XV mm To Sick, to Hrrre Don't Think
n'd Make a Good Juror An j how.
lllUardut Billy Bxton has been kpt tons? ever ilnce
he wa lined $100 Unt Fridar fortatUnr to answer a
nramone tor Jury duty reply inf to the question nt how
he happened to strike ench a inn. Billy explnlneJ In
cheerful way that the Judce who fined Mm had ma?'
nantmnnsly remitted the tine. Tlie bUUardUt was sick
the day the summons came, and ho whs sick the day
he went to court to explain. Me went up an elevator
to Judge Van li runt's courtroom.
HecouKhed as be stepped to tho bar. Judge Van
Brunt coughed too.
I couldn't hare irot up at air to-day If there hadn't
keen an clerator In the hnildlnir. Judtre." Billy atd.
-and I couldn't stand slttinit in ronrt thrnngh a trial '
The billtardlst's coukIi Interrupted this peoi at this
Mint, and the Judge looked at liltn hard, ltwai al
dent that the bitllnrdlit was In bad stinpe. IU hud al
ways been exensed j'reTlo'isly from ury eervlce on no
count of his bad health,
"All right, sir." the Judge said after & moment or
two of thooght, "you are excused from duty und tbe
line Is remitted.'
Then the Court and the enlprit ennshed together
again. M'xton turned away with a sigh of relief.
" I wonder how the Court would have got that 51 00
If tbe line hadn't been lifted." ho said to amend. "I
was nearly broke play Irk the wrong norne I don't If
Here I'd mala a good juror even If I were wtlL My
sympathy would be with the under dog nt wy. and tbe
under dog would be tbe prisoner " Sexton went homo
and tumbled Into bed after he limped out of court
Tho Now Jersey Athletlo Club's II I a Wheel
XI the New Jersey Athletic Club games, to be held on
July 4, some speedy wheelmen are entered In the bicy
cle erents. The entries and handicaps nro as follows;
One Mile Safety, open to All Amateurs V. 11, Wolle.
N.J. A. C, scratch; L. It. Pra.ee. 80 yards; W. Teas lee.
K.C. WflO yards; O. A lloppe. Bedford C. and W. A.
A., 40 yards; I. G. Iloppe, Bedford V. and W. A. A.. CD
yards; Ilarry roller, X. J. A. C, TO yards; W. K. Iiwe,
Uarlem V ftO yards; J. W. Judge, Riverside U'., DO
yards; George W, Coflln, Orange A. C. ;u) yarls;
Harry Hawthorne, Orange A. C, 80 yards;
Charles Coggeshall, Orange A. C, 40 yards; I. II. Mr
lag ton. Greenville tt., 100 yards; O. K. Kojct. 1. r W.
and A. AM CO yards: A. E. Melger. 31. A. C. ."0 ynrdu;
N. K. TownsencL I. A. 0 . 70 yards: O. Brhiidi. M A O ,
AO yards; U. R. Thomson. M A, C, fil .irls; Harry M.
Hodge, Jrrsey City, 100 yards; ... h Atlvu Jeri-wy Jlt.
300ards; Harry .M. Ackrrmait, MniitauL '. C, HK)
yards; Walter flteres K. C, W , IT ards: II. C. I.telcr,
M. A. C, scratch; K. 1. Knap, M A ('.. ttO ynrdi.
Tftomlle Hafety. UniidicMii, open in Alt Arunteurs
W. II, Wells. N. J. A R rrairl., U R. rnlUe. ISO
yards; i. reaslee. K C, W 120 yard; iJ. A. Huppe,
Bedrord C.and W, A. W. KO vnrds: L. U. Iloppe. Ilrdford
O. and W. X W.. ino ynrd : J. M MtingsTnti, tlrin
villa V.,irJ yards; Harry rnllr S J. A. r.. iaiyrdi.:
W. It Ixiwe, Ilnrlem V llujardv; .1, V..lu.Uf, Klver
slde W no yards; Ornrge ft, t'nl.ln, OntiiKe a. U M
yards; Harry Hawthorne, Oraiig A. ('., HcijranU; t ha.
Coggealinll. Oranxe A, t'., mijards; d. V Hour. I ('.
and A. A,, 110ardv A, I'.. M'Uer. M. A '.. lu aid;
. K.Tnwnend. M. A.C.IW ;nnls. ). ItrnMiH. .M. A.
Cl., 110 ynrdi; II. K. Thnmsou M. A C, l(Ht juriln V.
Kvnna. lrenvllle .. I.V yArt; A. K Ar.nstronr,
ilreedvllin .V U.OyarlK ,1, II. I.u lrim, Crremllo
TM l.Vt yards, W . Krei( r, (ireai.vn: ft., I.l) rdi
W.MpTva. K. C.W..IOiBrU. II ( UlioeJcr. U. A. '
scrntrli: K. I). Knnp. M A C.lSOvnnls.
Oitv Mile Hnfetv, open to rritldfiitH nt (Irosinlll and
Baynnne Oily Alex. MrAttMti-r, I'ayoun-: W Krim,
Oreenvllle ft': A. il. Ann-iroriT. Uninllle V J. II,
Livingston, dreenville W.: ft. r Krltr. Crrenvllle ft'.;
Harry Futier. N. J. A. C, T. II Allulic, I'aiiirapo A. ('.;
Walter VTorden, Bnyunue i Ity
Odd a unit .Tud of Snvta,
8, t. R .Ilmmy Lnrklns Dts h Ini retired from the
ring. He has a saloon tu JenuyCity,
Nuisance, 5titllrnu wan horn in South Bontf-n. Cor
belt in t'nllfnrnlrt. Both nre of In-h part ntagf.
Jersfy, Cal Mcfarthy was not In coihI coudjtlon
when he met PUn In Iroy ThU Is no mr opinion.
In Huh knons it to be n Irtrt.
The peentli annual plenty nnd athletic games of the
emplojres rf HaoKctt, Carhnrt A Co will b't held at
Ktditewnodrar'. n Mturda;-, July 0, The prucseus ten
to tlio mutual aid rund.
An International wrestling matrh wai nrrnngrd nt
the vfW fits-ft itlfirv yestrtdii l''twten APlliti the
Wench lincn'es. at tin Is s'yledthf Demon of Knim,
and j;rnct O. KobIht or No- VitfL.tlo r'r' io it iinnn
champion of Aincrlni. ApuI1 n nccnlly arrlt'd m Huh
countr) and tbtewduwit Itc gauullotto wrestle any
man lu America.
Kd Cullen of New Or'esns ct'e!at the rJlr Ont't
o1lreiriterday nndleltn cliftllr-nuf lu ilcht any man
In Amt-rlca at H. poinnl" for tlm Urgcst purse tie
Olympic (Mull of .New Orleans or the D I A C. will
otlur The light to take n'ape Tour nrsKwuks from
signing articles. Cullen has fought nunifr'tor battles
In tho West, und he 1 razor to arrnngf a inatcli.
The following letter wa rcrelvocl at tin Jtri7iir"
offlrarasterdiitt " Hilly Murphy f Ni-w calami, w Jm
holds the Wi" i7."'' rrnilici wrlglit he t and llio
feutiiMs eight rhainpl-lliii. flra to ' Vht ilirge
DlVilL the cnlored fr.it lepra eight rhaliipl li ll.i
iMtunds for 2..Hi u Wh.lle '"' fui' he.t. and
f.iili-raeUM I'liitiHiionMhlpn: thi world. Or he wilt
I'Lht lni tufi liter illfirin.t r il'"t'niiij IsinMlAlliietlo
CIh'j lur a jiiirf nf Ti,i tiiol the cliittriplonsliip, (onr
orclx r-ks fioinIJtiiiigHiilcIr. If IHxmi il" ;n I a
rIt, II ii r pi iv t 1 'Ight .ny ti.nn In ihr nnrM ut 11H
pounds for ?,M and tho feallier-vrvlglit cliitiiiploif
ship of llin world."
Kinnk Mi'llngh csllrd at the 7uWofflfe yea
terd;.yand lft iherdiiwlMg rhutlrnget "Having wit
urhMdtts I'Ui.ii nip) .h'Quni Dttit I am uioro con
vim id than Mf-rthni Jrsndrfrat ticorgtOlu n. wlio.n
I whs m.u.'bcd to i itl i tnrr war ao. when 1 has In
Nvwtiiik, and Iloiif t lohn hclly putel t-foO Willi
Ithhird K. lox to nut a me ailiit mi) 114pouul
man In Anierlm for a ism mid. i pursof 93,(X)4l. Now,
1 111 tight Heoriio IMxntt at 114 pound, according to
vi'fi,iw' rules, foi ilu Urgvt purse the (', I A.',
will rller. five or lx wre-s lrm slriilnr artlcii s. It
must he stipulated In the articles thut both Inxon and
myself are to eigh at the ring side. If Htxon dots not
accept I am open n mei any 114-pount man In the
world upon the same term,''
More Ma e rick Itnuk Intllctmcnts.
Boston, July 2, It la unUorstootl that the
United Mates Grand Jury to-day found new
inritctmonts acfilnnt Mosers. Potter. French,
and Duna of tho Maverick Bank, und that war
rntn for their arnat vriU bo iue(l at once,
and tha three gallod udou to aealn t urnUU balL
gross's ma wax,k.
From Baa rriuieUoo o w Trk la
A toll. llm. wU-tannodmBn.Tfho8 ftre
roenll Edward Tiiynon VTctton. wolked Into
tho Police (laxrtte ofllca on Tuoadur nnd ln
trodncod himself ns J.Edwin Btono.
StoDo atorted from tho Bnn Franoiaoo Ex
aminer ofllco on Fob. 22 to walk to Now York,
nnd lmd calculated to ronch hero on Julr
thtiRfflvlmr thotrancontlnontal touraratrl
otlo (itartund nnUh-Washlneton'B Dlrthdnr
nnd Indf pnndonco Dar. Btono had a com
panion whon ho not forth on his Ions trip,
Ooorco r. Blrns, but tho lattor catno to tho
conclusion ho wan not cut out for a psdoatrlan
and flunkod whon Ilono waa roachod.
r!tono' routo whb Han l'ranclico to Oirdon.
nlons the Control l'aclllo'ii traokn. B33rallo :
0nlen to On.alm.nlonc tho Union FnaMe. 1.034
milcidi OniHlia lo CliTrncn. alone tho North
wcslmn. 4i mlioHi Chlcnco to lluffiilo. alnrjc
tho LnWo Hhoro and Jilolifcan Houthprn. r10
tnilon: lluffiilo to Now York, nlonu tho Krlo
roml. 125 tnllfiH. a total of :t.:i24 inllon. avorac
IncatrlMo lin than twonty-tlx mllosndar.
Storm ha two notnbonk fllloil with cirtlll-rntt-H
frum tluMicuntsof tlie vnrloun railroad
stations alo:ia tno r'uito. ulvlnc thohonrof
urilval nml ntlior data. Tlioo oortlllcatlon
li.io tlm official rnllronil stamp nfllxod, and
th" iiirforma,nci nppoam to ho cunmno.
Tho po.lt-htrlan was romarkablv chlppor
aftir hit lnnR tramp, and cald ho wan fpollnir
Bplnndlil. Ho i-xproH' oil a dpalro to walk .i.(KK)
mllpo ucxltist tlmo IF ho could flndnliackor.
Uol. Ilardlnc shvh tlm nioustncho an nxtra
twirl, and lntlinntol that If howai notovor
liiirilmiiMl with l)iisInoM'ascs nothing would
ijlTord him creator ploaouro than to walk a
CtxiD-inlliimiitulincalnit Stone.
stone cnvc an Intorostine nccount of his
trip. Ho wulctiod Kl- pound v lion ha etortod,
niiillnst twvntron tho, trip. Klovon pair of
Hhnos roprcsontjd tho loatnor eonnumod. nnd
$U0O his enllrooxiicnsM. Tho sroatohtnumlior
of miles covered III omi dar wrro4!iM. Oat
moal w.n hli faorlto food ami ontnioal wnter
hlHCliti-f hovoiacn. Tho chanco of drlnklnc
water bothered him conio.
When he i.lopt nut hu built idianlles. and ono
nliihtlmiikidttlththoNovadalndlnniln Utah.
Ho didn't sleep much. io Imn inoriil thrilllne
Turns ol wol e", ittiil ono tills in which a bid
Lear llciircminilplavsa Ptar part.
ytnnota liiltlniorcnn iimii a mnehlnlot by
trade. Ho wnf always a arer.t wal'or. and tho
nllnKod tranncontlnenlal tramp of Zoo Oayton.
the netrme. "onio tlniu aio. with twi compin
loin anil a d., flrnt put tho idea of the trip
Into hl head. J.lkn tho nturdr Zo ho expoota
tnrenpillme museum honora and wealth as
tho results of lili pedestrian foat.
S. V. A. ". tnhira Con'plbnle SSl.OOO or
he SIOO.O.IO '? ry tn Hlxrl llnlldlnir.
A special inoetinaof tho Now York Athlotlo
Club was held In tho jrymnaslum of tho Flftr
flfth strcol houso on Thursday night. Tho
Site Commltteo reported tho details ot tho pur
chaso of the property at Fifty-ninth gtroet and
Sixth avonue. and It transpiros that tho prlco
paid was t2iW.0O().
While the futuro club houso waa conorally
discussed. It has been decided to tako no steps
toward bulldlnc until tho Etlpulatod $100,000
has been contributed. Acting Treasuror Zell
reported that tho hnlf-mllo post had been
passed. 51.000 bolntc tho sum total of tho
Bills to date. To stimulate baokward mem
bers and mnko contribution nn object, tho
nieoticc adopted tho folio wine resolution:
HfJrrd. ThMtlir l' plpJ Itl tli. corner imne cf
the new club hor.e a II. t of n.mei nf lnemtirr. whn
hAUnrte MiluutKrily c-iiitrlbutud toWAril the axitfli.,
ot tifilKtlnir uch cmb hou.-. the Amount of the conlrl
hotlon not to be ilAtetl, anil llie II. t to blur tlie follow
lnroootton: ... .
Kt,ry meraber nf the Sew V,rk Athletic Club
whose nnme Appeam In the folio. In lUt ha. rolon
tArtlr contriliuteil towArtt ilrfriyiniC tli, expenie ot
prornllnKihl.home forlhe club In .sew ork."
Aftor some discussion tho following amend
ment to soction 10. article.! ot the constitu
tion was passod:
Kach re.l lent member .hall pay an ailral!on fee of
SIOl ami annual lne. ot SVl: i.elt non-Tevldent mem
bertliallpny.'in A'lml.i'.on fee or $ri an J annual doe,
of 12a. Aii'l enrh Junior member thnll pav an Mlml.-.ton
fee of $10 And annual ilite. of 1-'. pmvUeil that, when
e er a noii-re.hlent inemher .hall fw.-otne a re.Ment of
New York, or ol uny plnce within thirty miles tbereor,
be .ball thereupon crate to be a nnn resident member,
bnt may be lert.-il a re.lilrnt member upon the pay
inent of A further a1mls.tnii fee of tro.
Athletic member ehall bo exempt from the payment
of admission foe. but (hall pay ono half the yearly
tines or reslilont members, except that. It an athletic
member, residence he more than llr.rty mites from
Sew "tori, lie shall pay one-halt the yearly iluet of a
nonresi'lent member.
The old flBiires were $.r0 Initiation and 840
dues for rondent momhers, Wfi Initiation and
$20 dues for non-resldont members. $4 initia
tion and $12 for junior mombors. Tho formur
dlstnnco for non-resldont mombors wan sovon-ty-tlvo
miles, and the oloction to resldont
m-mliorshlpS'-'ri extra. . . ... .,
Section V.i of nrtlclo 3 of the Constitution
was amended to read:
The lutintiernf resident members aall not exceed
2.r.Oo life tnemhers 200. non-re. ident member. f00,
and athletic mernben 100; tho number of Junior mem
bers shall be within tho discretion ot tbe Hoard of Uor
einors. but -.halt not t jeered Zi'O.
Tho old limit was '2.000 for resident mem
bers nud 3UO for non-residents.
Tlie Story or s Stolen Yacht hnt "Went to
Cll1ncolent;ne nnd Itnctc.
Old snllormon nt Chlncote.icuo Island. Vlr
Clnla. woro much intorestod In a recent feat In
navigation porformod by Huiili C. Edmiston
and Vf. M. l'lorson. both of New York. Mr.
Edmlston's yacht Miib. a 20-foot sloop, was
stolon from Now York harbor last autumn by
a man who bad never sailed n boat In tho opon
sea. IIo took tho little craft outsldo. however,
nnd sallod stralcht down tho coast. Mr. Ed
miston learned of thothoft a few hours after
tho yacht dlsappoarod. and started In pursuit.
Ho reached Atlantic City only n day aftor tho
yacht bad loft thut port, and was again closo
lioblnd at Lowes. Thief nnd yacht linnlly
roached Chlncotcacuo. 2.l0 milos south of Now
York, but tho owner was at hand, and
when thiiaclitwas run nshoro hnlfa dozen
stout follows wero waltlns for tho thlof. Ho
mado a futilo effort to oscapo capture, but
was presently taken and turned oer to an
Aecomni-k county JiK-tli-o of the 1'eaco. 1 Jitor
an olllcor "tartud totake him north, but ho es
caped, with thn connivance of thoao In charco.
and Is now ll inn ntCajio Charles cltv.
Three woeks ao Air. Eilmlston and Mr.
Piitrson wont to t'liineotenano to sail tho Hab
linck to New York. Neither bad sailed outsido
before, nml old aallonuon nt Chlncoteacuo I
propheslril disaster, whllo half a dozen younc i
islanders werooacerforthoprlvllecoof salllno;
the yacht home. Ono offered to do tho thins
forSilnnda return passnen liy rail, but tho
New Yorkors wero hontution holiiR tholr own
pilots: so ItuirliiB Chincoteasuo on Thursday
inornlnc thev reached Now lork tho followlnir
Monday nlcht. They Htonnod nt Polawaro
llieakwatoraitil Atlmtlo Citi. and Rent back
pool ii I ranis to ChineoteneueaiinouncliiKthoir
nrocress. The Islnmlers rcsnrd the por
foniianee asa rrmnrknhlo feat for more lands
men, thouirh almost anv Chlncoteacuoraliovo
llfteon would elienrfuily iindurtako such a
voynuo without companionshli.
Crpnt VHirnt rtclila Aflre.
SrnMrr:TO. July 2. Flro broke out In tho
Hnccln crant. a mllo south of Antolopo, yes
tordnv. Tho llro Boomed to start In three
plaeos. and. fauuod by the liluh north wind.
r.pread rapidly. Fields of crass and crowlnir
Kr.iln and stacks of hay were swept away. Tho
Urn swept oyer a tenltory nf H.oOOaeros. and
the los will probably acitreitnte l(H).(iH). A
Held flto Is racing borween Matthews and
lleiitlers, nnd llelda of wheat and Larloyaro
lining ciinsiiinoil.
jSjiortsmatt'jj. &oo&$.
pwtsuttt's SciJi'j. portumnn 6oot
H m t I I I TSJ
S " SSI I I fl I I I I I 1 I I ITnH1SM-ij--MaaLMaiaMaaiaiiaavamriliraMltl
" Sfllllllll 1 1 11.1 Hill IIHIMSWMMBSKMggSrlWHKMMrKgWi
5 v$$0r ALL NEW GOODS.
rntcn eacil reduced to
too youths1 rorui,AH rackets n w si oo
too FRANKLIN CLUn 4 oo a fio
PECHL & SXYBEK. Maft to lao IVassnu St., IV. Y.
$5 CASH.
Th balanca may ba raid In ten tqnal Installment.,
one month ariart.
It l propose! to ortranlr a parly to go down tba
bar to rn.et A. A. ZIMMERMAN nn bis retnrn tiome
after hi. recent Tlctnrlet In Kngland. For tickets auil
further Informatfoa apply to
I. ponlthfly the blithest grade bicycle inamifaoturM.
and sell, quickly to competent Jndffe. of the best wort
manibln. You can .ay from f40 to $00 by buying till,
wheel. Bayers praise the Matchless In nlghe.t terms.
Call and see tbem before buying elsewhere.
Manafactorer'a Agent. Krmble Building.
1S-M THITr.llAI.I. ST.
1S9 Worth st.. New York-.
THOMAS nAVI.DU. 130 West STtb st , New York.-I
would Ilk. to buy a tilci cle, price 40; send card to
address above and time convenient for me to call, only
on Uonday, the 4th.
37TK "IttTXl" MUST 00.
Flayer. Henllre thut It Itrlrncl. from tlio
IntercMt of the Oumo.
Whon tho bunt hltwus first Introduced It
wna the roaulnr custom of cpectatora to hiss
bntsmen who employed that mothod of ad
vanctnc a runner. Tho majority of patrons
woro ignorant of tho Intent of tho bnttors and
reenrdod tho art as babish In tho vxtromo.
Even to-day. whon the nranks understand tlio
object of tho bunt hit. they never fall to ox
litbit their disapproval of that nortot battlni;.
Tho avorace rootor appears to have a deep
seated aversion tu seolnu a largo, robutt.
llU-pound man stop to tho plate and tap at
tlie ball like a sehoolclrl plnylns lawn tennis.
Tho rooteis seem tu feel that they have not
rccoi-od a fair return for their raonoy unless
thoplavnrs selocttho larce-t clubs thoy can 1
ilnd anil smash at tho ball llkotrco choppers. ,
In view of the fact that the rooters supply tlio
"sinews "of tho national jr.unn. It would seem
that tholr proferments aro entitled tu respect
ful attention. Tlio Xew Yorks took up tho
Hot bat anil used It qulto extensively, but
seldom did n Player attempt to bunt that tho
spectators fallod to join In tlio dUsuatod yell
ol "Jilt tho ball I" ,, ,
From tho standpoint of strntoeie ball plav-
inc buntinc is. ol courso. leuitimato and iiuito
admirable, but from tho standpoint of tho oc-
oupnntsof tho Grand stand It iHlnfnntllo and
a more waste of tlmn. Theio is noUestiort
I that tho foaturo of thn (fiirao which arouses
I tho most enthusiasm is buttinc. A lonurtrno
ovor the heads of the outflolders, especially if
men nro on baso, will oxclto spectators to tho
I pitch of fronzv. An Instancoof this wns Lyon's
I home-run hit with threo mon on basos. Jio
sucli shoiitlnu and screnmlnu has lieen hnnnl
I atthol'olo iiroundHliinianyaday. Onthoothor
hand, bunt hits, which nut the liatsmnn put nt
I first and advanco a runner, nio rocolvod witli
1 expressions of disgust. , , ,,
Tho cranks nro not alone In tholr dlsapprov
I nl of tho hunt hit. Somoof tho most proml
1 nont players aro In favor of its abolition, and
I amime them is A. C. Anson. It Is Konorally
1 ndmlttod that hunt hittinGroducosthochnncos
1 for brilliant Hcldlne too very Inrso extent. and
, tho belief is stnadllv urowlnc that. If eorr
player who went to bat did so with a deter
mination to hit tho ball as hard as ho could,
tho attractivonoss of tho iraine would bo
larcoly added to
Hnfe lllowern nt Work.
CoNCnnn. July 2. Jlurclars blow open nnd
robbod tho safo In tho Post Offlco nt Ashlnnd
Ylllaffo and tho safo in tho Concord nnd Mon-
1 trcnl llallroad station hero last nlht. , From
1 thoformorthoy took fOO'J In stamns and $550
In money, and from tho lnttor $250.
Tlie Main Guide to New Y.rk.
Replies to quettion$ atked eeerv day hv th
Quetli and citiien of the American metropotin.
Sttigeilions lo tiglittrrrn and practical Informa
tion for practical people. The tun tcillpulih$h, in
time for ure at the Gilnmhun Celebration neit Oc
tnber, a complete, unique, and practical guidebook
to thin citu. It 'rill tell rlmtors ichat the tights
are, haw to reach them, trhere to lodge and board
while here and the oott, where to do trholeiale
or retail thopping, how to amuft themelcet, and
get rett tohen irearu of tighlteeing. It icillbe at
tractively printed, pleanant to read, and the tub
ject tanttrr trill he tlirtded and arranged in a irau
to Insure the beet remits. The retail price trill be
ti rents per copy. The Sun's Guide trill also offer
unequalled and exceptional opportunities to adver
tisers. Those irio trl7i further information on
this siibjeti should address The Guide Hook De
partment of the Kno York Sun,
liortjJmnii'jJ (SooAt.
Bargains !
M0.00 METEORS, Cushion Tire, New 70 00
15000 .METKOKR, Pneumatic Tire. New 90 00
MUnilSW. CL.hlon Tire. New kB 00
BOYS' 20-Inch NONPAHIEU New, regular price
I0.00; a few dozen lettat 28 00
Hamilton GyoEe Stores
277 and 279 Lenox Ay. (Gtli). cor 1241!t.
Empire Bicycle Co,,
"'fiasx) 15 Murray St., N. Y.
H.O.AJ33 -f trriivrrn a t ..
Riiih Si. mnl ftllt Av.
Beifnlar Our
Prlco. Trict.
rnonmMlc Pufe?!. SlOaOO f 0! UO
CiiMil'tn flO-tnch ?fottei HO 00 4.ion
DutihiO'i 1S Inch Nirctl'v 7000 V.u'tO
ltuck r.wli.'C.itctier'iMl.t 7.M r.OO
bp.ildlmr'K CMcher' .Mitt 7.i0 4 00
!.. X If Bat 100 .35
Hut IHjfi, Leather. 4 00 2 00
Hat IIm(i. t fiini. 01 1.00
Hat Hbbk. OnnvHR. for H Doten Bats. 2 25 1 fo
It.icl'uil MooLtHk : .itt
a-jilrct- haul. Jlo'l nnl I.xtrn Tip l.ro jm
2 piern Hunk HnA, Ijinrt-wnoil 4.nd 2.7ft
2-ptei-e 11 ink ltM. plit H H a tut 1.7ft
Pnttif, wllti l.xtrn Tip, 3 M 2 CO
8O0 feet Linen Br-1 Line ri) .2.
UirOreftltlbrA N. K. Mull. Kiel. . 3:0 1.&0
The H.H. Kiffe Company,
4-a;t Bt8to.aw.kY.
FOR 3 WKSKLt, 35
Fino quality, riiteil lurrel, pl.tol-grln stock,
XVTarlin Repeating: Hifles.
te.t In tno world, all rallhrci. $13X0 ana upward.
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Ontrag Clothing.
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iiii;vi;i,i:h. lio.vi h, cancius, anu
hKK'FS I A I' U I'KN I. l.illVi:it 111 AN OTIIKIt llUUiUS.
ANU ltlllVI.INO Al.l.KYS
IJUll.'l' ANI Ki:fAIlti:i).
Special price, tu clubs ami I he irnile. 8entl fur catalogue.
25Wr.st 12."lh St., W. Y.
. the I'neuniatlc ' Hut the
Ai:iti.rii: i;miiion
' Tiro I. warranfil 'J enr. ncct.tents rrepted. The
U tbe blithest craile. I'ilce J7r,. BtnJ for circular.
4.1 uriKKIt ST., NKW YIIKK,
nmamsns!sssfS:in3sa2rpiBUtvaa a
Wo aro ii"" ilriiiriiiK I'KuMrri.V our 311
1 hlk'lirnl'i ' lJhrll'," llia.le Willi a true (
i tllniiinn.l traiuv. all steel lulling; all drop n
i fiTitiiii.''; riar lirnkr; l.j Inch cti.luoii urea, a
' IIMl. ThniiiuH piieiimalti' lire., fllr,. Term. 5 I
! eu.r If dr.lred. JAMI-.i C, MI'.liUIN A l.'O. B B
, l.liri Fulton .t., N II
Near Iledfnrl av llrnoklyn. N. Y. I M
BimH"iV')iy' niirTjiyTwsriiiKBiiiTriiii 1
nirvn,!', rfHIUIlN TIRK SAKI.TV Cos U0i rid
XJ Irnmieiiiiinih. tMi. lamp and hell; wuit sell lm.
incdlalelr. 2.11 e.t551liat.
Ready cash OljPfB KTQ 5 ""
1 does it. 131 U T vLiSiBw usual Prices-
PIB.OT, Cushion Tires, Ball Rearines. Tnngent Wheels, - $40.00
j evvrill'INUIilt, Cushion Tires, Ball Uearlns;s, Tangent Wheels, - - r.O.OD
1 JUPVOS (18U1), Cushion Tires, Ball Bearings, Butt-ended Spokes, - CS.SO
1 li IIUK, Pneumatic Tires. Garford Saddle, 90.00
2,081 AXP 2,Q83 SEVENTH AV., giiJ
How can you make a strictly high-grade b'.cycle
at such a low price ? This question is asked so often
that we have taken this means of giving the public a
few FACTS and FIGURES (we mean the public who
do not ride our wheels; the riders of them havo
the proof).
We have made bicycles for twelve years. OUR
EVERY EFFORT has been to make the
And our efforts have been SUCCESSFUL. With un
limited capital, we have built the
And now make MORE bicycles than any two other
Manufacturers. Last year we MADE and SOLD
25,000 BICYCLES. This year we will make and
sell over 35,000. YOU can now see how WE CAN
and DO MAKE the best and cheapest bicyc es on
Black Hawk, 30-inch tangent spokes, extended wheel base,
long head, 2-inch Bidwell Thomas Pneumatic, price $135.
Crescent, 30-inch tangent spokos, diamond frame, balls all
over, 1 3-4-inch "Perlect M, &W." Pneumatic, price $100.00;
with 1 1-4-inch cushions, $90.00.
Rob Roy, 28-inch wheels, diamond frame, balls all over,
fitted with 13-4-inch "Perfect M. & W. Pneumatic, price
$90.00 ; with cushions, $75.00.
Ladies1 Juno, 28-inch wheels, ball bearing all over, perfect
dress guards, light weight, position of handle bars and saddle
are right, very comfortable ladies' Garford saddle, 1 3-4-inch
"Perfect M. & W. Pneumatic, price $90.00; cushion, $75.00.
The Perfect MI. & W.
Pneumatic lias a,
PAIRED and REPLACED. We use only the best Eng
lish cold-drawn, seamless steel tubing and drop forg
ings in our 30, 28, and 26 inch wheels. Our 20 and
24 inch Juvenile wheels are too well known by every
boy and girl to say more than give their names:
and PET.
We always carry from 3,000 to 5,000 bicycles
If your local agent does not keep them, write us.
Catalogue free. Every wheel guaranteed one year.
We make a wheel for every sized rider, Man, Wo
man, or Child.
35 Barclay Street, New York,

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