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L If? 10 ' THE SUN, SUNDAY, JULY 17, 1692. 1 '
I I - Jtorti. I Soon 1 itwuHfi gwfc 1 JFp0rtmaHT0 (Boot. J Jfrottoitfi. ggfo 1 JurtffmV Ctoft 1 ftffffi Z?Sfc
I For. All -Who Want or
: Hope to Own a
T ' Bicyclo.
fe " The blood Is tho Hfo." How to make
& m ' and keep It pure is tho dally endeavor of
L x thousands. Add to good blood brawn and
yt . musclo, -then we have tho perfect physical
it, xnan.vTo bo physically and montally strong:
if ip signifies enjoymont of llfo. How many turn
'I to tho patent modlclno man to regain tholr
k health which has perhaps been lmpalrod
SB by too closo attention to tho count-
r Inn: room, Bchool room, workshop, or
J; r othor walks In business and social life,
jj i They mako a mistake Tho bicycle man
K r will bonoflt thom more His remedy brings
5 Ak back tho color to faded cheeks and life Are
.? p to dull eyes. Ills proscriptions, put up In
1 Ijr ateel and rubber, make the awkward graoe
& j, tul, tho stiff man booomes ftglle,
f Sv the',jnan with stooping shouldors
f, ''fit stands erect llko a man, good
h P. Bound lungs and perfect circulation
if j? are his, while thoso with weak appetites
I keenly onjoy the sight and taste of food.
& V Bioyclo riding is big modlclno" bear this
' V " tact In mind a medicine in whloh tho tak-
I lng brings pleasure and joy. Bicycle rld-
lng is good as riding horsobaok, which is
I' T r veil to know when oats are high. "I never
,i i J was irelljr enjoyed jllfe until I possessed
i and learned to ride a btoyole,"sald a business
i $ man, and he carried that conviction Into
h his largo' establishment by providing his
t it employoos with bicyclos. They were pay-
l i lng doctors' bills constantly, so he supplied
them with the wheels, on some easy pay-
v 4 ment plan, and made them rido. Amarked
:' Improvement in their health and hap-
j plness was tho consoquonco. But evory
t - J one who would ride does not have suoh
fs r an employer. No doubt thousands who
j notice their neighbors riding their
X t'C" graoeful-looklng wheels have wished to
r$T' own a bicyclo. To meet tho wants of such
1 k pooplo who cannot spend $100 at one time
il'X. Messrs A. O. Spalding k Bros, have ln-
I i 1 ' augurated a system of oasy payments, by
W. which any one with a limited income can
f own a bicyclo, In fact, Mossrs. Spalding &
) f Bros.' proposition Is so liberal that It would
,, . seem Indeed strange if before long a single
' "V soul can be found who, If desirous, Is not tho
it t j owner of a flno machine,
r. ih At Spaldlngs' store. 211 Broadway, New
u ' I" ork (opposite tno r8t Office), some two
, , , hundred wheels have been placed for sale,
f ' comprising 100 Victors at 89 oents per
J ' ' day, and 100 Credondas at 26 cents per
day. The Victor " makes the pace." Tho
" i Crodonda is " good as gold."
11 l-
j , ' ', svLX.irA.ir.
1. Iooklac Ib the Flak of Comdlttom, wltk tk
P' t Bordot rart of(h Work Tat t Cob
V ' V e ir SmlllTU SoeSK't Baat M ta
jl Tmilr HUalii, lie Will Navar tVIa,"
V( Bsld Corbett "Will Start for tha Bat-
H 1 tla Oranad ait Sept. S.
V- 'While the Hercules of tho prize rlne Is n-
IV i dtarorlng to remova from human naze the
H T layers of fat that cushion his bones, at Bhlnne-
b. ' f' eook Bar. the Adonis of the squared circle is
Pf i also preparing himself for the groat battle of
ji fiats which will ocour on Bept 7. The prime
fe ;.' object of SulllTan and his trainer Is to wear
jHL fc. off pounds of surplus flesh.whlle Corbett Is in
HRk tent onlr in keeplne himself In a condition of
HP pt 1 health and strength. The methods of the two
ftj fighters ara almost Identical, but the objects
K aoueht are different There Is also a marked
R- A similarity In the training Quarters of the men,
H ;', The 'champion plods upon the sandy road-
K r i wars of Qood Ground, and dozes beneath the
M't ' trees that shade the sloopr old inn whloh he
l j. makes his home. Beforo him spread the placid
J ' watervofBhlnnecock Bar. In the roar are
i the eainrdanths of Great I'econle Bar, and on
the (eft the Bhlnnecock Canal ripples betwoen
H high banks of yellow sand. The salt breezes
H s s fS
111 1 (f?5
Bl N t7'
LB V lr-- s v
BB. i V x
al' ' I k
BB' I -x
sBf k """x
BMi jjv jL
V, ' coRbETT sns ron a rnonLE sKrrcn.
K1 ' r Tom the ocean continually rustle the leaves of
BH) t the mulberry trees and keep dona the tern-
BM .Mr peratureof the massho pucillst
BUplSr Corbett'sHurroundlngssri) somowhat more
BB' " aristooratlo. If e occupies an ornamental cot-
BJBl1 ' tage on the seashure at Asbury Tark. In the
BBl i. rear of the cottage lDel Lake, on which the
BB I' young riant dpes his rowing, and also within
BBJj ' a stone's throw to the right is tho sounding
BBl ! Ma. As tlit tijgllist swings Idly in his ham-
BB'"- ".
.aatalBMN dJSi MesBr8. A. G. Spalding & Bros, offer 100 Victor Safety Bioycles
jg"-4 "A VIPTflR 9AFFTY and 10 CredGnda Bicycles on the easypayment plan.
PB,itti-S. . e nttci113 aro QH new an perfect, and the offer is made
SrSSSSSSS K jJta v -W machines offered require no introduction to the public
J&P I 77S- JwJmr I feev Both are well known, both have been fully tested, both have excel
ACKSkXM w AUp'jSm. M iaiflCjLK s C-wL. "s ffr is tho most liberal in the history of Bicycle Manu-
Mr -VLj- yjOmm Ifff Sf --- ll facturing. Messrs. Spalding & Bros, accept a small payment on
Jg.fariiTi ligHg III g fe ll either of the above-mentioned machinoa, deliver the bicycle, and
VL-xv K VVvVS-JP aWkxx7 I vVvv'ay " CJC w- a modern improvements at a cost of not more
LaasWfflSte 1 &Jrv v ,aJJ: Vt&rvw than 39 cents per day is something that every one will appreciate.
PlJ??2jivls3rift?tWVn5Zai ' Jr fm TSVariaaayaaaP ft-?J-r-S" ' VyPBT''-C.H-I tthJBK-fAJSrVsSl"- 9 llatli -l?faaBPAsl
t-jrffflyiiiiwSMi Th two hundred machines are for sale on the above terms
100 Victors at 39 cents per day. -xmssn -
100 Credendas at 26 cents per day. T jt CREDENDA SAFETY"
the cost POPULAR PRICES, wl yy fnrl l
A, G. SPALDING & BROS,, 241 Broadway, Mew York,
mock on the pleasant veranda, the muffled
roar of the surf falls upon his drowsy ears like
the applause of thousands, and he half fancies
that he Is stepping into the ring to meet the
strong boy. This illusion Is usually dlssl-
Sated by the voice of his trainer requesting
Im to join In a little spin down the road for
the purpose of getting up an appetite. Then
he awakes to a realization ot the fact that time
has not been called for tho chlet evont ot his
pugtllstlo career, and patiently resumes the
routine o! his preparatory work.
The cottage which Corbott occupies Is about
a mile from Asbury Fark. It Is a neat build
ing, with a opaclous veranda running around
the front. It Is the property ot V. U. Brady,
Corbett's manager, and In addition to Brady
and Corbett there are Ililly Uelaney. who has
trained the Callfornlan for all his bnttles; Jlra
Daly, Corbott's sparring partner; Dennis Dil
lon, a Callfornlan, who assists In the training,
and a number of servants. As a place of
preparation for a physical contett Corbett's
location Is unsurpassed.
The barn In which his Indoor work Is done Is
fitted up like a gymnasium. First is the inev
itable punching bag. and the ono whloh he
uses Is unique. It Is a pear-shaped leather
bag. the stom end being attached to the sus-
fiensorr rope. Tho bag Is about twenty-four
nches long nnd three feet In circumference at
the thlskost part, near the bottom. It Is In
flated with air. The bag was 1m ented by Cor-
srABMo r-AnTNrn jim dalt.
bett, and the one now In uso was presented to
him by the (llrmplc Athletlu Club of Ban Fran
cisco, Corbett claims superiority for the bag
by reason that a mtt Imru blow Is required to
send It to the celling, and It returns
with a velocity anil lorce which makes
it nocossarr for tho punchor to keep
on tho alert nnd brace hlniFoll. There
are nnselmll bats ami balls lying around,
alsoa palrof ohis. wbllo on thu t-horci ot thn
lake Is the boat in which ho row. Arm and
leg pulleys anil n wrist-strengthening ma
chine ure fastoneil tn tho walls There are
also a ten-pound tossing ball and a cannon
ball, which Corbett tosses from one hand to
the other for tha purpose ot strengthening his
The branch of his training which gives him
the most vigorous exercise is. however, the
handball ourt..whlch adjoins the barn on the
ocean side. It is very well constructed, and
not only affords splendid exercise, but also
unlimited sport Corbett naturally docs not
indulge every day in all the features noted,
but varies thom. lie does all his In
door work in tho morning and walks
during the afternoon, which is direct
ly opposite to tho system emploved
by Sullivan, who walks in tho morning and
takes his gymnastic oxerclso In tho aftornoon.
The Callfornlan says that if he walked in tho
morning he would feel too tired to do much
work in the afternoon. Corbett has now been
training four weeks, the work being directed
toward strengthening tho arms, keeping tho
wind in good condition and maintaining a
(rood state ot health. He will not begin Ills
lard work until the 1st of August, when he
will put In four weeks of good, solid effort.
At prosont Corbett weighs 185 pounds
stripped, nnd he expects to enter the ring at
between 1K5 nnd UK) pounds, while Hulllvnt
hones to weigh in the neighborhood of 'JOj
When a Rux reporter called at the Brady Cot
tage on Wednesday morning last Corbett
r-LiYiNo imnnALL.
was gently swaying In a hammnok,
nnd when ho steppod out to welcome
the visitor triors Was prusentod to tho
em a splendid oxnmplu of physical
perfection nnd manly uraca. livery foa
ture reflected good health and high spirits,
and as a smile lit up his faoo It seemed hardly
riosstblo that so good-natiirod and lino appear
ng a specimen of tho human family could en-
i (i ffira"
" 1 'T
gage In tho fierce business of the prlro ring.
The young man's fnco is browned, his eyo
bright, amlhls llesh Is hard as a rock. Those
who saw the thin, pale-faced Corbett lost win
ter would hardly reeognlzo him now. except
for the pompadour, the cheery voice and the
hearty grasp of tli hand. He has tnken on
between twohoaud Alteon pounds of flush in
the last few months. There is one thing quite
oertain. and that is. that barring accidunt Jim
Corbett will entor the ring on Sept. 7 next In
shape tn battle for his oxlstenco.
Having resteil a sufllclont length ottlme
after the morning meal. Corhett went out to
the barn to start his morning's work. The
pullino ron MUSCLE,
throwing open of the gymnnalum door, nnd
the nnptarance ot the tall llguro of Corbett
was the Mgn il to about 'JOO persons in that
neighborhood to start for the training ground.
Small boys came in flocks, and gnzod In awe
struck wonder at tlio pugilist. Men stunlered
un to the dooi. looked Corbett oer critically,
dlscussod his chances ngalnst Hnlllvnn. and
nrgued pro and con at great Inngth. Tho gen
oral opinion was Hint Corbett vat n lino fol
low, a strong and cloxor boi-r. and they would
like to see him win. but Hulllvnn's knook-out
record usually caused them to shako tholr
heads. Included in the throng that watched
tho pugilist at work were half a dozen ladles,
who took great interest In tho proceedings.
Ono fair onlookor exprmsod the opinion that
"Corbett did not look at all ferocious." and
sho "just hoped m would defeat hnlllvnn."
Corbett's Hrst work was with tho pullors,
and for hall nn hour he inndo them Rrjueuk,
Wlillo tlniH onciiL-ea Daly came nto the gym
nasium -and stated that tho mall carrier had
arrhed. . ,
"Any lotters for me?" asked Corbett, as be
kept tlu pulleys creaking. ,
"Didn't see anr." replied Daly. . .
Corbett Insisted thut Ihoru must be some
mall matter for him. and a further sear h re
vealed four letters. He would not permit his
ourloslty to interfero with, his exercise, hut
went to the extent ol having Daly read the
postmarks. . . .... ,
-Aftora thirty-minutes' slogo with the pul
leys Corbett ceased oneintlons and took up
tho ten-pound tossing ball. Daly was not In
tho beBt ot form, ami tho quick work soon
made him as red tu the faco as a lobstor. Ho
intimated a desire to oult several times, but
Corbett mischievously kept him at it for hull
nn hour. The noxt thing on the programme
was the wrist mnohlno. which Corbett twisted
up till the hands of the spectators achod
through sjmpathr. . .
The lat feature of the morning was hand
ball, and this gne tho young m in a phnnce to
show how quickly ho enn move his 1K pounds.
HoHprnng about tho court with wonderful uo
tlity, nnd easily defeated two oppononts.
I'olarioy and Mchols. The lattor. nn export
plajer. won tho ilrst game b J1 to li, but
Corbott took tho next two by 'Jl to 12 and "Jl
tol) His work In these games was much ad
mired. It showed hlsqulcknusaoiltotlio best
advantage. His catlike movements, tnl en
with his sl7o and weight, cronted general
surprise. When ho bad vanquish! d his
opponents. Corbett censed work for the
morning and wont to his room for a
rub down Then, a singular thing was
noticed. Itwassien tbnt just whero Corbott
had left olT. the crowd took up training Small
boyt played handball nnd basoball with Cor
bott's material. Men took turns yanking the
pulleys, others tossed the big ball, twisted tho
wrist machine, while somo with a knowlougo
rNTFnETrr n i crvron'c
of boxing punched the lac. When Corbott
noticed II. he hinll" I and i-ald.
"Oh Its nil right, llmyro nil friends of
mini nnd l" .nt hem to emoj themhelves"
Vhenbobai I liBOii tlK'inugh y rubbed Cor
hett toi k ii hUgl 1'" t. and after lunch started
mitwl hi)nli f'.rl.H regular afternoon atioll.
The walk Is usually to 1 onir Branch and bank.
T a mm stirt it eilly. and gradually
quicken thei c. It until within n mire or two
fi-mn home rVvhoii the) I rtak Into a br -k run
Kl up a uniit. At night Corbott
SSe to Asbury i . and a 8 u"" oa, itho
boardwalk nr H ''iS'lS- ,I'o seldom
coos to led until in or 10 ' o'clock, argu
fngthat I f liogr t int. tlioliahlt of rotlrlng
caTllerVand the llcl t on i-opt 7 did not begin
until lato. ho mlcht lno a tondeno todrowsi-
Tne rEcuuAR ucIa PAa
nessata time whon ho desired to be wide
awake. Corbett does not believe In surf bath
ing, bb hu thinks Its elTect la weakening. He
doos all his bathing In a tub.
Llko many otlier nthletos in training, there
Is only onu thing that will cloud Corbott's
sunny temper, mid that is, delay in serving a
meal forwhlch ho In waiting with n vtoltHli
appetlto. On such occasions torbett walks
rapidly around the orunda, with his forehead
wrinkled, nnd urges Dulunoy to "jolly that
dinner alone."
Tho qui stlon naturnlly confronts thoso who
have soen bulllvan and Corbett at work. What
will tho roMiltbo And this brings to light
the lnterebtlug unlivery piouounceddllTereiice
of opinion between hullhnn and his backers,
unci Corbott nnd his sunpoiteis. That both
areconlldcnt of victory llioio is no question,
bulllvan's backeis seem to think t lint tlioy
will tiiko the iiursit with ridiculous ease
'ihey iahe their biliif on the fuct that bulllvan
is now in good health and strength, and seems
certain to train Into good condition They
hold that when tho champion is In form
no man can withstand htB rushes Sullivan
has said that he will whip Corbett in twenty
minutes, nnd that it is unnecessary for him to
train vei hard for tho meeting.
Corbett said to a hcv reporter on Wodnes.
day: "Unless Sullivan beats me in twenty
minutes. lie will never do it. bullivan'snnly
chance is to winquhkl). Unless ho hits mo
In the first few rounds vvhllo he Is fresh, how
Is ho going to do tit I certainly will not lose
my clovornoss nor strength. 1 stood olT Tetor
Jackson for sixty-one rounds whon I was not
In good condition, and in my present form I
can do hotter than that. There is ono thing I
am much pleased with: that Is tho fact that
Hulllvan Is well. I slncereb hope ho will bo In
tho ring in Krft-clubs condition, fur then It I
win no ono can sa I dofoated n sick man, and
Tnr Ei-rnnK cLtms'B nnnncnurrir.
If I lose I cannot bo chnrgnd with having low
ered my colors ton man out of lonilltlon."
V. A. Hrndy. Corbett's manager. Mild- Wo
do not claim that Corbett will knock hulllvan
off the enrth, but wo Insist wn liavoan even
chance Hero Is Corbott, '!? j ears old, a horn
athlete. In the pink ot eondltlun, and whoso
sparring Is so good that ho Ins i ever been lilt
In the fnce. In tha battle with Jackson, ad
mitted to be one of thu bst llchtors in the
world, Corbett. although in poor form, showed
great skill and staying powers. Now. who
shall cn ho has no clmuco against .Sullivan I
vMiocun naiiieuflrM-class man Hint hulllvan
lias knocked out t in thedays when ha went
around putting men to it theio wore
no Jaoksons or (.'orbit Is vi hen Hulllvan
has met a man of urn ability be has
linil gieit dllllei,lt In wlimiii.'. Jlltcbell
and hlliiln iiih ovaiuilcs. it look bul
llvan sevuntr-llvo ijjuJs to bcut hllraln.
A Rare Opportunity to
Secure and Own Your I
Bicycle on Easy I
Payments. I
It need not bo told affaln that the Victor I
" makes the p&oe," or that the Oredenda Is I
" good an fold." Every wheelman affirms I
that faot, whether riding one ot those fl
popular wheels qr soma other mako. fl
Superiority will tell. Tho best cor- fl
talnly forffw ahead, whether In bloy- I
cles or boots, and theso popular ma- I
ohlnes have won thetr deserved place at , I
tho hoad of tho prooession because of ' I
tholr excollenco over all other whc-els. I
Each is best ot Its olass. Both are- I
mado with cushion or pneumatio tires. I
Tho Vlotor Illoycles are ot tho very I
highest grade. Tho very beet matorialls I
used In tholr construction, and they aro I
turnod out from tho best equipped I
bicyclo factory in tho world. Having I
oil the latest Improvements In bloyclos, I
its componont parts are porfoctly I
nrrangod to secure all that Is moot I
desirable In a perfect machine. It would M
seem indeed not easy to find Its equal nny- I
where, and consldor that this flno piece ot I
mechanical construction can become your
property upon tho oasy payment of 3D cents I
dolly. I
The Credenda Bicycle Is not as high grade fl
a wheol as tho Victor. Thoy do not belong I
to the samo class. But the Credenda is a I
good blcyolo. The improvod 1893 model Is I
superior In ovory particular to tho I
model of 1891, from tho groundwork up. I
Every foaturo of design and construction I
Is Improvod. Look at the machine. It I
speaks for itsoltwhon seen. A careful In- I
spectlon is convincing proof that such a I
machine has nover been produced at homo 1
or abroad at anything like the prlco. I
While some pooplo can nfford to pay 39 I
cents por day, evorybody cannot. It Is to I
meot this class ot "Every bodies" that I
Messrs. A. O. Spalding A. Bros, conclude fl
to offer 100 Crodonda bicyclos on the fl
very oasy payment ot 26 cents per day. fl
Just think 1 Twenty-six cental Why, I
it's nothing I Any little saoilflco of I
some small somothlng that does you I
harm possibly will onablo you to I
own a flno bicyclo beforo you know it, and I
riding a bicyclo doos you good. Go with- I
out your cigar. Cutoff some on your cakes I
and " pizou things " at luncheon hour. I
Mako vour old hat do n liltio vvhllo longer. I
Why, tlioro aro hundreds of items you I
can dlspcnso with to help savo thoncecs- I
eary amounts for such small paynionts I
without fooling much deprivation. I
Consider a moment, thon cull at Messrs. I
Spalding's storo. 241 Broadway, quickly
enroll your name, and learn the vvholcsomo I
truth, how " thoy who walk may ride." I
Rlavln eatily whipped Kllraln. and Jaekson Mm
easily beat Hlovin. Corbett wis a irutch for I
Jackson. Milllvnn Is credited with the nsser- I
tlon that he would nover light a negro. He I
must bavo changed his views slneo tho trip he I
took after his Ilrst victory over l'addy llyan. I
At an Ilernardino, Col., Sullivan met n negro
and knocked him out in three rounds."
When asked what time he should start for
Now Orleans. Mr. Hrndy replied-
"Wo shall leave the station nt Intorlaken on
Sent. 3 in a special train Whether the journey
will he inn to in one continuous trip, or broken
by stops, has not yot been decided upon. Va
shall take sufficient food nnd water ulong to
last a week, and use every prccautiqsj to pre-
a cowtwi or th ovjiyAsrov.
vent any 111 effects as a result ot the oh am e ot
Illllr Oolaney said that anybody who tried
to whip Corbett In a hurry world run against
a anrprlso party. "Corbett Is three Inches
tnller than Hulllvan. and has a longer reach.
He Is strong ns a bull nnd quick as a eat. ha
far as Corbett's habits are enncorced, they
could not he bettor. I saw Corbett and Sulli
van sjmr in 3an Francisco, and, while there
Mi If It
'A Xm ft
JkWr Va
Hornon or TnK otmmasiuv.
was nn heavy slugging. Corbett showed nil
ability to keep bis man on the jump."
During tho oxerclso on Wodnosday. A. M
Hill nt Now Orleans, who Is a timer for th
Houthern Athletic Club, and who held lb1)
watch during the meeting between Corl tt
and Kllraln, arrived nnd cliattod with the puel
list. "Ho mar not bent hulllvan," Hill sall.
' but Iilonotboliovo tho latter can defeat lilt '
young opponent"
it cannot bs dented that Corbett leads the
champion In ono particular, that is, psnmsn-
lUTcnton or tits otiikasium.
ship. The Callfornlan was a rltrk, In the
.Nevada .Natlonvl Jiank of Han Franclsjo for
six years, and ho writes a rouid. shnioiy i
business hand, as the accomi unjlui; speci
men fllOUK
When Corbett Is not exercising he m Bn;
eri'l) engaged in playing vvith No I. a nr.eni
cn.'le. wiiich was named after tdJU lro, uie

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