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Uren Tlirrntrnil In nn Annni mnlls Ittrr
EAST HVWVK Mns Aug 24 An attempt
was mado to kill tlm Hov David J Chambers
pastor of tho Mothodlst church on the thresh
old of his homo on Monday night I Ito I t had
boon spending tho evening at a z neighbors
house nnd vvxs opening the door of hli board
Ins hoUMO whoii a man stopped up behind him
and deilt him a blow on tho head with a stono
that made him unconscious fur two hours
Mr Cliambeirt heard his assailants foottop
and turned far enough to seo that It was
6 min who vvaa behind him Turning
probably saved his life for tho weapon
S I Itono four Inches long und weighing three
pounds Instead ot striking squarely on the
base of tho t brain struck a glancing blow and
the shoulder
t landed on hholidor
The noise of Mr hamborsn fall aroused
c the housekeeper and her cries aroused tho
neighborhood Tlioro hnd been n party
II the neighbors house and several peo
ple were on tho stroet In tho Immediate neigh
borhood rot no ono siw tho assailant running
war The motive for tho deed Is not apparent
Many think this crime 1 second chapter to
Ihe old scandal which Involved Deacon Jona
than Buck and the ounlwlo of Doacon Smal I
ler Deacon Smaller was summarily dis I
missed from tho church The church was di
vided over this matter nnd when Mr Cham
bers wa assigned to the pastorate last April
h sought to reunite tho factions and for n
tlmosoomod successful TUit as he had be
gun to smooth over tim old trouble persecu
tions of a mysterious stranger began Mr
Chambers was ordered to leavo town or his
llfo would bo forfeited
I On July D there catno in his mall an envelope
1 bearing the postmark of Fremont Neb July
1 3830 U I was unsealed and had n ono
eont stamp on It He supposed It was a circu
lar and carolescly opened It I was a threat
ening and slanderous letter ordering him to
lao town on penalty of forfeiting his lifo I
ho remained I also stated that tho house
wliero ho boarded was a house of Improper
repute and that his wife would bo classed a
an Inmate If she remained there
1 was such a scurrilous letter that he de
etroyed I and did not mention tho matter to
any ono But ho kept tho envelope bearing
the postmarks About a week ago he received I
Bother letter In the same kind ot an envelope
unsealed and again postmarked Fremont I
Nub and addr R od as before hit evidently
written In a disguised hand This letter gave
him twentyfour hours notloo to leave town
a and said
out I you dont cot out you will bo helped
ont preacher destroyed envelope and letter
hut mentioned the affair to BOIIIO intimate
r friend cautioning them notto make It public
aa ho did not wish I to arouse any feeling over
the matter und create talk In the church
On Monday evening however as ho took
his seat at tho supper table his mall was
handed him und It contained u sealed letter
postmarked Hnrmtck Mae Aug 22 and
directed In the same dlsgulocd handwriting as
those from Fremont In it was the following
Chambers if you have received I previous
letter of warning you must bo guided by It or
take the conneaucncen fII is llnnl
Mr Chambers showed the letter to rrq
I Chase with whom he hoarded and soon alter
Matted for the lost OOco to mat I some letters
He did c not go there however for lip was In
tercepted by Ia daughter of Mr Isaac hondrlrk
who invited him to spend the evening with
ome frlnuds at her house lie deferred I mail
Ing his letters until mornlns mil turned up
the walk toward Mr Kcndricks lou
The young woman noticed a man skulking In
the corn but did not give the Incident u sec
ond thought At tt1t1 > oclock Homo young
men noticed a man In tho corn and wondered
Who It could be Some time later Mr hen
drlcks guests departed and Mr Chambers
Liter eStorUUI some ladles across tho street I
returned to his boarding house and was at
Mr Kondrlek and other neighbors who heard
the housekeeper neream ran to tholr pas
tors assistance and Dr Hull of Iin tnn who Is
spending the summer in the neighborhood
was summonod Ho succeeded In restoiinir
conscloiiPiiosi after morn than two hours of
labor and says that the chances of the
wounded mans ultimate recovery tire good
but from the nature of the blow It will be some
time before ho regaIns his strength
Tho anonymous letters have furnished no
clue as to the Identity of tho writer neither is
there any suggestion auto the reason for the
attempt on the clergymans life Ho took no
part In tho distressing church row nf two
years ago for ho had no connection with tho
church until last April The llrnt words Mr
Chambers spokn after retraining conscious
ness were I dont so why 1 should have to
lifter for what other people havo done
J Mr ChnmberB foi merly lived In Irovldnnco
llr was a mill operative Ho met with an ne
eldent several years ago having been caught
In tho machinery and carried around u shaft
and has been in a feeble physical condition
ever since Hn wont with his family soon nftor
to Fall Ulver and worked In tho mills there
He held a liuensu as a local preacher and nEIl
elatodnt 1 the juarry Street Methodist Ihnr h
at Intervals but in April lust was ordained as
a regular minister and assigned to tlio church
at Last Ilarvviuh
It U Meld that Nlrrt fc Smith Huve Tot
About 0000
L A recent examination of the books of Street
Smith publishers of the Yew rnrM VcAi
P at 31 Roe street showed niimorous discrep
t ancies in thl bookkeeping by which tho com
pany had been defrauded
Tho amounts taken wore not always large
but altogether tho total sum missing Is said to
bo about 20000
Borne 7000 of this amount was traced to
Alfred J Price who has boon bookkeeper and
cashier for some tme
Testnrdar morning rOmond O Bmlth ono of
the members of tho firm wont to tho Tombs
where he held A whispered conversation with
Justice MoMnbon A warrant was granted to
Mr Hmlth and It was Intrustod to tioricraut
Lanican of tho court squad to nerve
Tho Horgeant called In tho afternoon nt tho
t oflleo of Btrcut A Hmlth where hn found 1rlcn
ht JVrlooaccompanied Cite Hnrgomit totho Tnmbp
where Mr hmith charged that on July 11rlco
misappropriated SJUO
r 1rlco put himself In tInt hands of Lawyer T
D PrIce who ahkad 1 JuHtlcn MuMihon to post
h pone tho CHUI till Aug III I This was done Mr
I binllli stated to thu liutlio 1 part of the fueti
brought out by I thin examination of tlio hooks
anti bull was llxnd nt SfiiMM Jrleo did not
have u bondsman and lit wait committed
Irice U4II oar out and wit s born In I Eng
Inn Hn ban a wHo and two children und
lives 10 1 Vost lljbtytlilrd street Acting
upon the nIloo of Ills counsel 1rlcn refused
to talk about thn taupe of bin arrest Mr
I I Hmlth wasalsn reticent at thin court room and
ii positively refused to Hay anythlnic about Ills
1 atlalrs until tho exitmlnutlon on tho ilht
V When scan Inter In the day it his olllco ho alto
refused to talk
It was roportod lift 1ilcn hnd admitted to
Mr Hmltli I that lie took thin fUil and uUo that
na was willing to muko a hottlemuut
Him AlCVhlH A a4LtCflX
Alt I mlcrnnt GhlsysAros nhbel <
Mol Her OJIurU 1lrce
S Katherlno Waldnrllflha norman girl of 17
lauded at Ellis J Inland on rtunduy from the
steamship 13 llrotngne with a gold twenty
mark piece and Ihroj marks in Mlvor vvoith
about 11 in AmorKaii money This was not
enough to pay hor faro to Minneapolis whore
file hal relative Site was detained piindlng
the arrival of money from Minneapolis Mio
displayed her cold plecu to A run 1lshbael
and his family hihichit its who had deolireil
on landing from tho IVMiulcn that they bad
altogether about tvwmtyllvn cuntf Kutlio
rlno slept In a bunk tibtivo Mrs fKIIlc
When shn wo ko ui ostorday tutu could not
nml her pretty yellow coin
Iqd prol
She saw Anron fHibuiL getting a coin Juuut
like It fichanced for AmurIra money unit
Mio neetiBrd hint of taking her twIrrnrl
piece lie dOll that he had tllcon It I t and de
oInrrd later to Col Wobor that thin rectum hi
had not told that he had money was becauo
ho fonrtrt his moth rIIluw tutu wife would
take It away from him Col eiir ordered i
on ol the Inspeaoro io tnkunflldiivltitlutho I
4 naeo and oro86uo tlon thu viullcluui
j I
WILT JiHrfm Jll 1
A Ill Inlnnil In the Ilmrnltnn ntoup
Where Only Ocr hlle Iumllr llvo
RAN riuri iro Auc HOWA comes from
Honolulu todny by steamer that fresh excite
ment has bocn caused there by the rumored
tnircliasoof thulhland 1 of Nllliati by Kncland
At prticnt tho Hawaiian Qovernmont Is I very
short of hinds and a good round sum In cash
would bo acceptable Jbo Honolulu Jlulltlin
Whether them bo any truth or not In tho
rumored proposal to purchase tho Island of
Nlllmu to become 1 station for I the llrtlKh
trannraciriu cable tho moro fact thnt Mich a
inirchaso Is possible and that the ti o nlmplo
proprietorship of an entire Wand of till croup
may bo trnncforred to any forelkti power
Hhould arrest public nttuntlon t und CKpuclnlly
that of I thn Lontliilaturn to I tutu Ira Into i ito I
connoiuencus that mIght follow such a tale It
offectnd mlrht rolo
The Islan 1 of Xllhati In I onn of the smallest
fr the Hawaiian croup and It hM long beon
remarkable for the tnct I that t only I nun white
family lives there This II 1 thu family of Mr
liii tree H Clay an American a nil lie I rntlro I
iBinnd has been owned by tlili family for
twentylive yearn hOst The family Include
Mr and Mrs Gay anti throo or four children
nnd except for f au occasional guest thoy sel
dom are any white people The Island In a
Brent sheep ranch tiniti acing about 711000
neris and with n nutlvo pgpulatlon of ics I I
than 1K all that remains of nearly lOUO na
tives who In IK1 I tiihabltod i thu Inland
Kvon In this favored upct where Mr day I
linn dono everythIng In hN power to proone
the natives from the nv Us attendant upon civ
il lat ion they urn rapidly dying out just UK u in I
01 parts 01 tho little klnifdoni the iuativo rico
is dwindling away and will I I before many Ken
eratluns probably dlnppenr mil I rely Mr
t lay and his faintly are vet welltodo iieoile
nnd thnv seem to be very happy In their auiet
Isolated home Mr tiny Ihtlovoinorof thnlHl I
ned loll to the welfare of all bin people
nnd n sort of patriarchal liCe exIsts there
Tlic white family receives tilbute t t I irom t tlio
natives who give them at stated time aeor
lain amount ot labor and such sit Itith lee ns
fish coooanutK and sweet potatoes I if course
the children have no white eomrades to play
with hit they seem to bo Jut an happy ns
children am vvhero are They mnko plaj mates
of r various animals which tanm and
nrloul nlllnl wlieh tboj tll 11111 care
for and lnshles they havn their ponies and n
number deal of entertainment of dogs which afford them a treat
HB OUT lie lint Money lo Burn > nd lie
Nrcdnt Kindle lo
ST Louis Atie 24Col Ale Rlupsky was In
eclipse yesterday but today ho beams out
again as a star of the first maBtiltude The
reformer was In Kansas City when OXclls
saloon wns burned on Monday mornIng and
os soon as ho heard that ho was I charted with
arson ho took tho first train for home arriving
here this morning Tho detectives heard of
his arrival nnd two hours later he was
marched Into the Four Courts and Into tho
presence of Chief of Detectives Desmond The
detectives first asked Blupsky how ho know
the Hlxth street building was going to burn
I seems that ho predicted tho lire In a talk
wIth I usticB James I McifTrov some time ago
Why did you tell McCaffrey that t ho was
asked this morning
Well I thought It would ho burned down
I hot a I presentiment of I just like I hnv o that
you II peo druid In an hour
hen Chief Desmond opened tho door of
his private ofllce and Invited the reporters to
come In and talk to Mupuky thnt gentleman
growled I dont want to maku no htato
ment Ive cot nothing to say to tho press I
Dont you car to make I statement about
thn charge of Itoylun Implicating you I
Saw I dont Mupsky snarled
Or the Ko It was said you wore to got
What was I to cut f > OO for 1
According to tho statement on which tho
warrant against French was Issued you woro
to got S5uo for managing tlio job
I dont know nothing about It They are
the fellows to manage jobs like that 1 It was
managing the Indies you ought come and see
mo but 1 dont know nothing uboutuinnaglng
fires Why what Is S500 to mo Ive got
money t < > burn I dont need to set no houses
al tIle to lulse manor Its nil a scheme to
down mo and you can just bet that Abo hlup
skv Is mOl nc top BeoV1
Col Slupskys face f nil tho while wore Its
usual expression of childlike innoconea and
ho seemed not a bit concerned about Out con
nection of his name with tho Incendiary Ire
The Assistant Irosccutlni Attorney rcfilfcs
to issue a warrant on tho evldeneo against
him and whun tho detectives lund pumped hlri I
until I they were tired they lot hi i in go and hn
wont down the street whistling Comrades
Raced from Mid to Mile on lice liny Queen
and Tlimed Her A herlx Out or Wulrr
NEW HAVEN Aug U4rrie steamer hay
Queen which loft bile dock at I I oclock yes
terdar morning with JH0 excursionists mIle
a safo landing this morning about 210 after
a trip to Now York and return Thin steun
boat had been chartered by a New Britain
party to maLe tho trip to Day huge and Coney
Island Them were many persons from this
city and Bridgeport on board In the crowd
Were many louchs 1hn Ftenmerhiidhcmcoly
cleared the dock hero when lighting 111 on
the officers worn powerless to piovcnt tlio
trouble Soon some women becnn lo rush
from one sldo of tl t liont lo I tun I tit itir unking I
I tip until thin paddle vvlni 01 wire alternately
raised out of thu water The engineers wro
unablnto keep up speed unit nt times thus
steamer was kept going only fast eiiouub to
hold hor headway nunlnst the tide llcloro
Nw York WIIH reached I i was decidod not to
attempt to makn liny llldgo I I anti I was dntni
mliipd to haitti nt ThirtjllrH Street rite le
Bjieitablc ci tim eat left there 101
Tho liay Junun left York at S4 > oclock
for this ell y Ihe return trlri wits n rotietlllon
of tho trip to New 1 orlc llio oillcuiH lot I
control ot tho crowd and at times wore compelled
polled to stop tho steamer t E j i llan
of the hay Otiton Has The reason tho boat
was so behindhand was that many of tho pas
sengers wr so drim and rl itous that thin
engIneer was frnld to go faster They rushed
from ana sldo of tilt bout tu tho other tutu so
overbalanced her that half this time only one
r ddlo wheel wan In thn water and iinythlritf
11110 likn aol combined with eafuty was IIIIDOS
ain SCHAEVI rrrr JY 3UK irir
TOUDE Mr Vnmjllni Mitch llcmnrtn end
VVnH IhriiKlicd It Is I tiiatd
Fred Yuenghiuig went on Tuesday nltiht to
tho roof entortitlnmuut at tho Casino with his
father the brewer
In going out of thin reserved seats In front of
the stnzo to stroll about they had to pass
young Mr Kclmcfnr eon ol tlio ituwcr of that
I IB bollovod that tlioro In I bad blood between
till two sons 01 blowers for i Yunncllnir
broadly hinted that Mi Schauforti foot woro
taking UP too much room
When this had been repealed Mr Helmefor
struuk Mr Yucimliiii Trinudx h iunv iitnd Mr 1
Yucnglliu rntnllatlni and nil Iniidx thiin
derod down thn talib In I tln t liovnk I vvhero
Yueiigllmr ii nil uitook to I I tliiasli hchuufii nnd
It IK I 111 wan knooki d 1 down nt
j Impair wire ngnln Htipnrntnd bi fire any
reid IIUIISO was dotty to nlthor Nliaofr is
yIU Hirer IHI nitieli smnllnr than Yuunllll
who U I u big fullov of twcntytbruc
lUUl iuit I 1IU f IN jin 1111
A Toting IVimnm IViioue Hurlnl stas
hlnpgccd by u htutm Allot ncy
CttMDF ni AM > Md Aug 4Mls8 Josslo Me
Cnrty was found dln on fattiido > tuft noon
last by a parly of you a I iron on ito t tnuii t toad I
leading into the wood s ut t Iiiiuh letup Hun W
Va 0 small station Ictvve I n DivU until
Thomas on tho Wont Virginia Conlial I I u Hull I
mud KhowiiK evidently btiiTerlng from jiol
don and died without muklnit HID statninenl
On Friday Ii hit bad CoIl putt an I of fuel I lug 111
nnd on hnturday mornlnc thin young man who
is said to IIIIVA been roBponsibfn for her Illnuiij
rnlltMl at her home Hn soon dlsuppr utd
Two tlieoiiesnn 10 lie rllUh of her death are
ndvaticid Ono Is that her fliniuo diovotho
girl to ttleidus oath tho other Is that thin young
man pOI > lndld the girl to tskn nindlrinn ho
bad in thn belief that t I would provniit dis
grace blntes Attorney Anvil was nntlflnd
and yesterday came from aiBoim meeting
tlm luuoral oortieo at the depot Thnconin
wax elli plueed on the train fiom wlilih hu
alighted tutU ho ordered the remain lobe
returned to t the platform and refused to
rlurlo1 Illatom alli rorlsollo per
mit HIBIII I to bo i jmoved until n rust mortem
could be hi Id Tho vouni man In I thnrnsu In I
the son ot u former dtViiclula tnttblllU
sni ITU rMtrii AH lit TO nrVKT
Wnrnrrt nfn Iroponril Aduck nn Ole 1 City
tin < l oialK 1rlnon CHMP by the Mlnrr
itt WliKrMilr t lenRUo Nnrthrn Take
2Sn hitutes unit 11 ppnr it Hir Action
ATivm Auc 21Atlantas mllllnry com
Iolle are tloeiilnc under arms tonight A
ppcchl train stands ready to rush them
through to Colo City In throe hours The
Ualton Guards and tho Home Cadets aro all
road to got under war
A rumor reached the city yesterday after
noon that tins Tennessee minors were con
templttlni an attack on tho coal mines In
Dado county In order to liberate tho Georgia
convicts conllned them
Tho Governor was not Inthn city but ho was
soon In communication with tho office here by
telegraph tint since then tho wires have been
in contaut use conveying messages to and
from the Governor to tho city oHlclUs hero
anti Iii Cole City
AilitOcn Kelt linn put himself In communi
cation with the Dalton Guards and tho t Homo
Light Infantry and has ordered them to bo
ready to march at n 1 moments notice Those
are tho only companies In the northern part of
the Mate but If nny moro soldIers should
lie nee led they could bo obtained In aery
short while
Yobtorday afternoon Mr Julius Uriwn who
If thin attorney for lie losaoc of the Hint con
ictint Cold City riCdlMid a telegiaiu from
Mr Connor thu general superintendent of tho
mines at Colo City saying that ho was In
formed that the minors of VhltoHlde I Tenn
were preparing to attack thin stockade at Cole
1110 roeaV < tho com lets
Ho iafd further that ho thought ono com
pany of soldiers would bo able to hold tho
mliiois In chock I they made an attack and
that thu presence of the military might pro
Viulit a terrible disaster Mr Drown hastened
at once to the Capitol and held a conference
with tho Governors secretaries and with 1rln
clpal Keeper Jonus of tho 1oultantlary De
Tho tolecram ho had received was repeated
to Guy Xorthcn who was In Hamilton nnd the
Govei nor ul oleo wired AdjtUen Kohl to be
In uusy reach und to put himself in communi
cation with tho military oniclnls who might
be uoodod and order them to bo ready to
march at a minutes notice
Principal Koopor George I Jones spent tho
night in lie capital awaiting Instructions
Guy Northcn wired to the bhorlft of Dnde
county to uphold the law at all tmards and to
render nil assistance possible to the olllcluls
at Colo City In case of nn attack
Tim ofllcmN at both ends of tho line Inure
taken the matter In hand and I an attack Is
made they wilt bo able to drive back thin
minors at short notice When Principal
Keeper Jones wuu asked what ho know about
tho rumored tiouble hu replied that ho had
received a letter this morning written yester
day laying that everything was quiet
This letter was written yesterday morning
but the conditIon of nlTalrs scorns to halo
chanced since then for this morning Ju
lius lirown moehod u telegram from Capt
Itecie usUn that more arms und ammuni
tion bo ont The telegram was carried at
once to the executive office by Mr Drown
himself and a ease containing twentyfour
cunn and a supply of ammunition was gent on
to Cole City
Tho guard will all be armed ns will tho
BherllTs posse The miners will find a warm
reception awaiting thor I they should attack
tho camps Tho Whltslde mine from which
comes thin report of tho contemplated attack
Is only Fix miles from the mines at Colo City
I has all alone been bollcvcd that tho plan
of thu Tennessee minors was to wlpo out the
convict 1 tislitess In Tonne < eo and then that
theynuul 1 icleio I tho conUctbConllncJ In tho
mines at Coal City
Thin Atlanta battalion was furnished with
three days rations tonight byQuartcrmaotor
General Yet who says I an attitl k tro
ally mado on Colo City wo shall show tho Ten
nessee miners thnt Georgia Is I a warm place
for them The Governor Is In clobo telegraph
ic communication with Colo City
l r rKJiiiy tip TIIK CUnTCT
Formiil ItAMolutlnn ot the Trnncvsce Prlaon
In pre Ion on the Hubjrct
NtHHMiTr Aus 21 Those aro tie resolu
tions adopted by tho State Hoard of PrIson In
spectors regarding the return of tho collets
recently removed from work by tho minors
und which wore drawn up at tho residence of
Gov Uuchanan whoso illnets prevented him
from going to tho Capitol
Jrr Mrit Hat Dili Hoard Iiai n authorIty or
rower In iMitcrtaln uny propoiltlon from the lerifv fur
the voluntary mrrMiitr of the Iruie I upon ttle terms
iiirifrtod In rId riity nor upnn Any teniu other titan
tiy a ilrclnrntl nf forfelturo for non coint italics vltu
1IB trmm by Ihol ieivcc KH tun law provMej
htcoid bal lellsHixlGU to IiAictho laws of the
Ptte malntilneit nil tie IOAPO rnriel uttt anJ en
forcea fo tiC as thI Inw AUthor7tnn and rreftttptr tie
mine rfliiAtnn nforie ami liuiiiinrli ne ttor inilttioni
lull mail by the i lose upon IIH iriutlnuiiiii In ti > per
furliiAtaii of i Its lin e are iirovlMlnnil lily 1 alit tli
lieu II wtil Her nnil nitlioutill any costlier niluill
ttntr I iou jiet ice or t irnlt I > nf flY nf IIH rlnlin s 5i
forth In sell roth tlv < Hi I ito l > ir I nrrepu Inl1 proio < iltliin
uml 1 hr u y orilM tat cnnMuU be ret 0001 to th
iii Ald ti pn < nni frmn t tilrh t iuy w eric lately 1 I reunited
at tro I ruliMt priictii At Ic iiHiuiMit <
Tlilnl rimt till llonrii by unit with tue > client of
ttif hi 1 mint n 1iit of III 1 pinlti1 lUr thu day ifliti
lui I 5TIlt appoints foMuMin ninnljcrofKiiardi for
lath < trench prUons
Thus number of guards has not yet bon de
cided upon Tills will < Lo settled at A confer
ence to ho hold here tninorro by Ji J It Vi attn
lupeilntendimt of 1rl ° ins and Col lumen 1 I
Guine manager of tins Tennessee Coal Iron
mid Its II llne j Ol11nll I Ni Ithor the I prison
Insniutorn nor olIlululH of thin company ImM
shon any tioslthn Rtutenient as to tutu niimbor
of guards that uill I I Lu I IIloylln i taking tlio
coin nts mel to tlio mines I and guard Ing them
there but thu number wi lll I I tie q cit ii birgeatid I
a nit i items f fiort lvi lll I I likely I I I accompany Ilium I
Liical lolulleol I eiiiii hit II hiS that I wit organ
lcil I 1 hi omit during t lie tnmbln u t at Ctuil Creek
is lll ld mndci pernmiiKlit and beconni I part of
th I i iii Nitlonal i luard I of E thn t MntonfJVnnohsoo
Uhey t uill I 1m l aria el and equipped by tho HIM
mind 111 promptly lespond to any cull lead
upon them by the Goxurnur
I < itnmlsslonerof auorf I < irdreturned today
from 1titt TnnneHnee He went directly to thin
10 tl
Cailtfil I and reHUiuiHl his oillelal duties Mr
Alletiian ret urnioth toConl I I reek yeslerdiiy on
nn order from I Inn I Cut no Mr 1urd 1 had
little to t say oldently I eonslderlnK that liU I
1iilillnhed I u i I ply wite nulllc nU apt Inlm W
Mniton tailed on Iov lliiehanau and held it
cotitm mien rogurd Ing II t CII reek situation I
iipU Motion tin ii that tlio I Governor had
aln > nd > seeurrd an opinion frotr Ills uttornoys
on tie subject o maitlaj I law
J lie nttornojshold that this authority wan
not Mstid In tin t ikmTiior On thn subject of
thu I eonuregiitloti of minors I In i Ueiittielty tlov I
nuclianan nnld ho Mould mien aeorrespond
nnce wIt ii tho Governor of Kentucky ami If
the I CIIHTOHOH troops will not bo allowed to
CCIo 11 bolder ho would ask tho Governor of
Ktntuek to Imvii tilt minors dispersed and
drhon liael k Into I ToiinoKxei
Tho tniup nt Ctiii Creek are bringing In
morn pilotn > rH nrd eIIUlll I I the I search for
iii otiruuiut anti ii tutnuuiunitioii Uurlnutho aflei I
noon Diiniy rnliihlol guard und mlno
lintiuilii I to I thu I couMctH Cd imo Into I eaiuo
with II I 1 Monion who it Is I pontthnly as
soitMJ mis tii hit of i I ti I I I Ilia I I ft I ours Monroo
itli 4 luIliiiij I In I lit I gun rloui Sllllll nnd nil Lo
tried h HI Booura hin i nfeoiui tilt I leanhed I
Joint Mptnn vouiier who did thn < minor
MllunbliiBinilro on lust Thurcdity ululit bo
tjrt theIr liiittlowith thoKiu > zlllnvoluiiteeiH
It s alec undur truest last night and this
iirxnnitn I doen I new prlhouors wern broucht i
in from tin I hllli I u i I I s hit thoy t are moMI I boys I
nnd do tot ICllloll i of hit tninerV I leadHr
Wi I I iMwnrdh I a tiiueiiuantad tnlnnr I at Conl 4
nlt WIIM nrrantid today ot Athens whuru
ho wa > i1 iug I oltil I its
Squlr Viilsonand Klncrvld are to art upon
tl CIO or all minors who ant tried UPOI
former 11 I Itepulillean and lilt latter a Dflmo
ell Ion Carnes begati trying thIn prUonor
ty Il Jrl
tile burning thmlii tile civil process ot t law
and wljilo no dnlav v 111 be made the evidence
for and against every pilsonor Js being care
fullY examined and recorded
Ih 1 renroulOiilSiprlnoner now In PUB
tod > and Ito dlej oaul of thtlr casos ti1l thoso
of others who may bo rnucht will occupy all
of this week mid pan of next Tho military
forces arc In complete control of the telegraph
oillio at Coal Creek ant examine all messages
0110 ni mossall
sent nnd received
Kvoinrtn Aug 4Cnpl Kollnr Anderson
panned throuali Knocvlllo laKt nlcht on Ids
way to Iumlhll for n Micallon t len It bo
came known that Andercon vas in town thu
peopln went wild to stun him Men touuhtoncll
other to shako him by tho hand
In an Inturxluw Caiit Anderson said that ho
iclloul tho trouble over at Conl Crook
Nearly a thousand minors Imvo been arrested
every one of whom Is ready to glvo uvidonco
against thin others
Over 1 > have nlradv made confessions re
vealing tho secrets Ir an oatlilioundorg intui
tion of miners naming Its loaders and whom
they can be found ton Cantos ho said has
forever Kiuelched tho rioters
The striking minors nt 1oenhontas have be
come troublesome and the Uoornnr has been
asked to hold troops in roadlnnss Many of
the miners In that region tire IlutiRarlans
MICMMIIM Aug 24 A 6r rill to tlio Com
ttirrrfnl from Coal Creek pays a mountaineer
arrived there last evening bringing Informa
tion of thodlpcmeryof 0 hospital In this moun
tains a few mlhs from Conl Creel which the
miners hate Improvised In n cave Ho pars
lie saw twentyone dead bodies tlioro and 1
largo number of wounded
wno HUOT iuricrnrA TJILOHT
CmH Dyer Tlilok Taylor IHil It Hlmarir
but It Mlslit HIITP llrrn nn AccUlrnl
1ollcoman John W Taylor returned to the
Atlantic avenue station In Brooklyn on Mon
day night buffering from a bullot would In the I
llophy part of his left arm His explanation I
a that while patrolling Ids Post i he saw four
BUsplclouslooklng men In tho neighborhood of
nnd Venn troet I Ho followed
Drooklyn avenue nnl roo 10 rllowcl
two of them who separated from their com
onions 1 to the rear of n vacant house In IJean
street He succeeded getting coo enough
to thor to bo able to tell tlio color of their
eyes und hair ant was in thin net of grabbing
hold of them when he was stunned by allow
In tho neck from a club or some otherwenpon
llecovorlng lilmsclf ho drol his revolver and
fired l four shots nt tho retreatlnc jobbers one
of whom returned tho Hie woundlnc him In
tho arm Taylor subominntly said that he
believed ono of tho fugitives was Gttoruo Hob
erh nn exconvict
Capt Djer has been Investigating Taylor
story and has found that It does not bang to
gothrii After making earelul Inquiries In the
nelcliborhofid ho could Him 110 ono who saw
the occurrence described by Taylor or heard
moro than ono shot icMcrday Ciipt Dyer
mado a report on tho case to Commlaslonor
llnyden In which ho says
I nm of the opinion that the wound In Toy
lors arm wus caused by n bullot from his own
pistol but hethdr it was done Intentionally I t
or accidentally 1 am unable to saj
Taylor has been two jnars on the force and
was sunslruck a loW weeks uieo
Hut They Vfrrc Ilullnblr nud He Vfnn Ar
rr lcU her Trjlnc lo bnuccle 1 licui
Louis Strauss a wealthy furniture denier of
St Louis was a passenger on tho Ilrcmen
steamer Havel which arrived at her pier In
Hobokon about 4 oclock yesterday afternoon
As he walked down the gangplank Customs
Inspector Thomas J Brown asked him If ho
had any dutiable goods In his possession
htrauss paid he hnd a few presents for his rel
ative As ho had not tilled out thin declara
tion blank furnished to all passengers before
teaching port Inspector Brown tout him to
tho Custom House offlco on tho pier and
searched hits baggage
Jhern was nothing In the baggage but a
largo leather porketbook hound In Htrausss
ro ° session contained a diamond ring which
btrausH aid was for his wife a small diamond
ring ho intended to wear himself n chatelaine
watch with his wiles monogram on the back
a brooch with his fathers picture which he
intended ns a prnt for his mother and n
diamond Ibo entire collection Is worth 400
Htrauss was taken to 1oltcn Headquarters
lund loekod up on a charge of smuggling Ho
was very Indlcnant Unsaid 1 he hnd no inten
tion whatever of defrauding the Oovurnmi
and It was merely nn oversight on his part that
ho Unit not tilled I I out the declaration Mrauns
will bo arraigned loforo Lnlted i Mates Com
missioner llouinino In Jcrsu City today
MR JJEWS ACcrsKi n is JllFR
He Sin She fought Iniiiliiniim for Him
nelr nud HIM tlirrnln
SUMMIT Aug 24Mr nnd Mr William
Belts of this town have had n rllll1na out and
Iktts Is under bonds pending an Investiga
tion of charges of nonsupport made against
him by his wife llctts makes charges against
his wife
Tho couple were married aboutthroe months
ago by a UlIptlst minister They went to llvo
with Mr liottss parents on the Chatham turn
like on hboit Hills On Monday Mrs llotts
complained to Ju tico Kelly that I her husband
refused to stipnort her and that he illtrrated
her Situ Iuu tIter alleged that her mothoiln
law made her dig In the garden nnd do other
fatiguing work
lietts was nirested last night When ar
raigned before Intlce I Kelly Jietts denied the
clmrKes midn 0 gal it St him lu his wlfo nnd said
bn I would suiiport liii but would never live
with her attain hit declared that about two
weeks ngo hi is wife bought A bottle of lauda
num with tlio Intention of joisonlng his
ParontH and himself Hn sajs Im discovered
t ho poison and that Ills vvlfe admitted hor In
tention to him
TJlJll4 ffrs J < > in A iJt JJtlSvXrt
Farmrr Jtrtis lci toOON Hie Iatt > ri Fu
Art Ton 11 nrh uml HB 1111 Nut Pay Tin in
KMV DnusHvvirK Aug 24 Walter nro lor
an oldfashioned and it otoi nit farmer of
Woodlirldgi n 111 t ntar bore win rested
and put In I jnll I I toduyon I a ci lulls isued by
Judge J Koainm llico 1armer lliovvstor was
mado t < soeutot ol t thu estate IIr Lyra 111 ewster
u few years ngo
After tiling his final neeount h1 received
bills amounting to J7no 1 i for IIUVHTH until Mir
rogates fees llndeclnred lICIt tho lawyers
hnd done nothlni tutu that thu bunogutua
charge were cxlioibiinnt I
poislstently lefused lo pay the bills and
was timuuvnd byallond td t stint iii o it toe from
tim ti l hid Ittx oifitl louttn t Thn 1 Ilvol8
got Judgn J In urn y lllco I to leo no II ruin roo
lulringlaimer I t 1IrI I St tur to I bhow uiuao why I
ho Hbcinld riot bo cmnmlttud for eiintomiit Ho
Ignored that too nnd tliim t was nirestid on a I
eaidns Ho xaid lnl nluht that lio would clay
in jail until ho rolled before lie vould 1 lay tho
JUarcniT Hlnir tituS Holn lId Choir
lid < csi Inner U t cimml
Margaret McKeo of 172 Inbt 122d street
eausod thin nrro > t josterday of Charles
Itotbol Ill years old ot 101 East 124th street
on a charge of luroeny
llotholz was courting Margarets sister
Charlotte and visited her almost nightly On
Monday night Margaret laid her dlamong ring
on the Cult > Itottiol was at tho liouso in
usual When ho wnl away thu rlrin was
missed but no olio suspected him I Detective I
MoCabn was iiako 1 to look for it Hn found It
with Hector Hewn nn Itiillnn of Mil lust
Hllli I I btioot HuNitid I I ho bouuhtlt from Wal I
ter llodenburg of 11 IitM Llclitytilshtli
street I lotlstut till rir said ho bought It from
Jtotholr I I lot iiitl7 ilanlns thn t theft Llmrlotto
bus broken LImo onuriigemulit
IViltcr Uirrn VIay llr
fieorcn W Green tho colored waller who
wa slashed 1 with a rnr > iriu the llolllon nt
tiJ Vett 1 rorlkth ttrnit within In both nt 2 A
M r on JuosUy Jtobnrt Dunn u Montclalr
negro toid Coioniir Ion or tho ateitult I lu an
aOl ii titort iui htntemniit u I rchterila
lIe FIII thnl KUDU Ins Jonloll fir lili atten
tion t to Mif I i Dunn I I t lionho met Mr l and Mrt
Dunn out walking II row nights ago Green
called MrJ I Dunn I by her Chrl tliln name 11 I lo
rimin This apparently lnerca > nd Dunns
jealousy ami the slashing resulted iioun
may die
57000 fur Million nnd Hiulllt
Tho California AthletIc Club otters a purso
ofC00 and 20 for OPOIIPO for George
Mddons to luux l bol Pmith to n llnlnh In Han
rnnclsco In eptember Tho wolelit must ho
llM I pounds tho men in welch at a t oclock P
Jl huilth i has uCHjited
Jack Harriottlii was managing Klddons
RCeelclln his behalf hut announced v otter
day that hit hind not nrlo1 In good rllth with
I him und that he would not iimtmgn him hid
dons says ho will miiko tho match nnd bleu
IIltlduI today
A noun lJUIrars A CAR ioimu
WZIlt CAKfttaiR JI1U7I
Ttic rnr Sloml Outside tile Iu > rrrnc Tlllc
lltll unit It unit 111 iontrnli Mrm
llndly MknttrredThe Ituhln Tented
hit inside the Tork and n Pintle ni < t
Shot Amimit the Nouuiiluu Men snhsiea
Three T > onif n 54et to unit for AamitilllnB
Monunluii Men stub Mtunt Tcatniliij
riTTsnintati Aug 24A car loaded with
steel Ingots consigned to the Carnegie firm
lit tho Thlrtvthlrd street works was blown
up with dynamite or Boruo other high ox
11109110 on a sidetrack of the Allegheny Valley
Railway Thirtyfourth street last night
It wits the llrst attempt nt destruction of
property around tho Catnegle City Mills and
caused great excitement Insulin and outside of
the works The body of the car was badly
shattered and the contents scattered In all di
rections A reserve force ot police was sum
moned and quickly surrounded thu place but
no one was captured
Shortly before 10 oclock there was n loud
report In the yard which was heard blocks
Tho patrolman nearest tho yard had seen n
cloud of whltu smoke the from ono of tho cars
when tho explosion occurred and ho quickly
reported to tho ofllcor In charge tho guard
In u few minutes policemen hud surrounded
tho yard and word had been telephoned to time
Twelfth ward to bind more men lo the scene
Henchlng tho cnr from which the guard had
scout tilt smoko rise tho police found that tho
side und end hud teen blown out and tho con
tents scattered about Between tho cars u
fuse eight feet long was found
The fact that the car wan bound for the Car
anglo mill led to tho belief Hint either the
btrlkers or tholr symimthiiera Wero responsi
ble for the work ot destruction
At tho foot of Thlrtvfourth street Is a shed
used for storage purposes It Is a great resort
for the strikers and thoy hao been congre I
gating here for some time
It was directly opposite this shed that tho
explosion occurred Officers were near at
hand but no suspicious characters wore seen
and no ono can say who used tlio dynamite
Tho shed was empty nt tho time
When tho explosion occurred tho nonunion
men many of whom haul retired and were
sleeping In their bunks became panic
stricken and made a rush for tho gates
buporlntondunt WrIgley who was seated nt
tho main gate and talking with the watchman
quickly closed the sate and locked it At tho
fiuio iiibtnnt some ono turned off the electric
light current tutu tho entire mill and yards
were In darkness
Tho nonunion men engaged In a frepforall
fight whkh lasted nearly half nn hour during
which a great many of the men were badly and
In some cases seriously injured
One of thorn had a hand smashed so badly
nsto rouuiro amputation others received In
juries ho serious as to leaulro their removal
to a hospital 3his morning the workmen
discovered the man who turned off the lights
and threw him out of tho mill yard bodily and
his clothing after him
Georgd McCluboy n workman who Is said
to bo responsible for the stampede was
promptly discharged by thn management
bubseiiucntly he tried to join the strikers
but they refused to rccotvo hIm In tholr
Among tho rumors which quickly spread
Lnimediately nftei tho explosion was ono that a
fold and daring attempt had been made by
tIle strikers to blowup theThirtjthird street
Another had It that a cannon had been
Placed nt a high tlevatiou opposite tho mill by
the strikers who had determined to bombard
tho Cnrneclo plant and drive out all tho non
union men ut oik and wreck the I gnat works
Then there was still another thnt a battery
of boilers insldo tho mill had let go and
caused great destruction of lIEu and property I
For hilly two hours theso reports were bo
log heralded ul out ito Totm avenue district I
At no time since the neat strike first was in
augurated In this city hiss excitement beon BO
Intense in tho vicinity tho mill as It wan
luht night
Uotectio Jerry Gumbort and several police
ofllciaU urn of tho opinion that It was dono
cither by the strikers 01 by sjmpathiyors
not to do vorr great damage but simply to
create excitement and way public sympathy
Tlio lenders of the Press Committee after
making an Investigation b lovo Hint 1 tho itt n
ala itt was thrown t fmrn tho Insldo of t tho mill
subEtintl itlns this view I by Eayin that titus
car was unused on tInt sldo nearest time mill
They say they will uso every effort to ferret
out the matter
Thn nonunion men blame tho strikers and
the latter 1 go further and state that It Is a
sehemiirn tin1 part of somebody directly In
ttreut ill to I ruin I tholr t causa by I turning t the
good will of tho public against thorn
Mrs Mary Hemple Molly Lyons and Julia
Morris were today sent to tho workhouso for
Ftoninp nonunion men at tholr work at the
Carniglo Lawencovllln mills
hey 1 worn at lie foot of Thirtyfourth street
when tIle men were proceeding to work this
iiianiin and thiew stones at them anti fol
lowed them iloAn tile trucks Mrs Sample
got six i 11 mttus and tlio othor two sixty days
Ilu is nm 3ir
Arcldcnllil llrndi ofi Moldier In omratrad
Jljluit MeaflUBf In HU Slather
HoMTtTrAP Aug 1Prlviuto Jnsso Gen
loucliasof Company K Sixteenth Ilugimcnt
VMS ncUJentally eliot bj n companion nt 11
o4ik Ibis I h moiningiind died I in two t lieu rut
Ho I I Svns In I his tent I when t shot Private bun it It
of the I biimo company was In the oocond tent
In in him I Smith had juut loinlod his revolver
nnd it was discharged nceldnnlalli tho bullet
itriklng I lonloiiKTiiiB I In I lie i vide pausing
Ihrougli thollvor Into huts thigh innlouglins
wns from Ornonvllln and U tho I son of a
Miltlu farmer and tho t grandson of John
icnloujliAs undo prominent in thn oil
region oting ienlotiRhiiB I illus i lust pastl iu
tutu In order to join the mllltlit hiid to secnin
thieonsiMit t I of his parents Ho I rallied thortly i
lifers i Ins duath and hent tbU measuKO to hit
loll moj her I tried to live a soldier Ills
hard to lie i
Ills body will lie sent to Greenvllln In chargo
of a oorijrnl und guard of eight nion
Claiicmtrr SO cuts < tie
GioulcgbTgn Mass Aug 21fhio < 250th
annivcrMiryot tho nbttloment of this city to
day attracted 25000 htrnngiirH
lilt loan and art exhibition nt tho I Hluli
School building ftltrnotnd much attention At
2 oclock tlm literary exeiclboa took placo In a
mammoth tent at Mag 1ort Iho lies Jiuues
U InrHuiiM oflered praver
Mayor Andrews dullvurod a brief Introdiic
tnrv ndil robs und nn original I ode Wnkn
Fnlr < Ity by James Davis was titan EIIIIC by
thn choir
Tlm lilstorlcil oration vras then delivered by
tlm lies J 1 J It Traak 1 > D 1 pubtorof thu
Memorial Church hprlnulleld Muss
Khgtita or Slntenheius
Oi FAS K Y Mug 24Tue follovvlncofllcors
were elected today at the Shale Convention of
tho Knights of MnocaLocs nearly vvury city
und town In thu State being represented
mat Commander J U McDonnell of Jniiifs
town Lieutenant Commander 1 W llrlnck
man of lirnokbn Ureit leord Keeper Joe
J solglo ot Hutlalo Great Jlnance Keeper
V KrlFch of HornelltTllle Nlueur Fails was
I ehoken fur thu next convention la August
S 0
Mrmlici of the Trtlon Ilclil IM tli anlh
Thnnarlrcs on the tatsnlc
Tho junior eight ot tIme Triton Doat Club of
Newark wore out for u practice pln on tho
Pnssalo lllver on Titosdny night when they
met with nn accident It win dark tutu tho
crew WIcS on HB return home vvhon fiat tim
Midland I rid go theh shell I stiuek a ihist butt
tomed rowbonl In it went two women umln
boy who was dolm thu t towing Tho omeii
wire badly frightened Ono of thon grasiied
the bow man of tIm Tritons around Ihn neck
Ihut upset Ito I shell anti Its eight men and thn
woman Tlio other vomnn itlirloked and
jumt ed overboard
William OltuurLa and Harry Iarmer swam
to the as Utnnco of lIlt women Oltourko got
ono of them ashoro without difficulty but tIm
woman Inrmer was tnlnu to save clung to
him In such u manner that for a few moments
It seemed ns If I f both would drown 1 lhoonr
man succeeded In netting away from her and
lllitbo aaslstnnco of Coxswain 1 It Ward
got her out ot the water In safety
A JHIKSN lE < TltfllKlt IX MOntllS IMA
Thus PolIce TU < in ht Thry Unit Him hut
Thri Hud to Let the Men Arrrnlril Uo
This man who dollghts In destroying nonens
drosses ached Morrlsnnln on Tuesday night
and the t police thought t they I hnd him but
elmnged their minds on examination In lIlt I
ttatlon His victim Is Henrietta llarilngton of
717 Kust liMth streut She vins walking along
Washington avenue near 107th street when a
man brushed against her A moment later
she glalRod nt hi r dross and found it spotted
und sploshed wllh some Iliiuld which ruined I
It Site concluded at oncit thut the dnmitue
vnstho work of Ito man who hnd brushed
against her She followed him until alit met
Polloumnn blot ii nina ci nut fomplnlnnd i to him
Tho pilsonor Inscribed hlmsnlf I t as John Levy
n laborer and said ho lived on Kallroad avu
nuo near by Nothing vsas found on him
which would indicate that ho was lie man who
had ruined tho womans dress and tin denied
emphatically thnt he lund dono fo Under tho
circumstances Miss Harrington declined lo
press thus complaint and Levy was released
Her dress was covered with red stains which
might have been mndo by Ink or acid
lie Jumps Out of n Fourth Slorj Window
tu JFaonpt UI lilriairii
Mrs Sarah Schultrwho lives In thin tenement
73 Norfolk streotwont out yesterday morning
When she returned about 1115 hho surprised a
thief In her rooms Ho hnd opened her door
with false keys As soon as ho saw her he
dashed past her cued ron down staIrs Several
men In thin house ran nfter him Hn ran
around the corner into Delnncey street and
entered lie hall of iiT JJolancey street
A policeman and a big crowd followed him
The man ran up to tho fourth story of the
tenement Ills pursuers were close behind
him Just as they were about to grab him ho
lumped from thuG window tied caught hold of
a clothes linn The rope broke and ho fell into
the yard of HHNorlolk street Ho could go no
furthnr and the policemen arrested him and
had him removed to Uouvornour Hospital
where It was found flint he was Internally In
jured Ho gave his name an I hnrlns Hoffman
He said hn was 20 vwirs old but refused to
tell t vvhnre he lived Tlio police found several
skeleton keis lu his pockets
blxternTcnrnld Xtllle UIKHI Aiki the
llonpltnl Doctor to Have Hrr
Nellie Dugan 10 rears old who lives with
her parents at 74 James street rushed Into
Gouvcrnour Hospital last night and asked the
doctors to save her life Last evening her
brother accused hor of keeping had company
She went to a drug store and bought ten cents
worth of Paris green When situ got homo she
mixed It in a glass of water and swallowed
tho titito
An hour later she told her family what she
had done Her brother hurried her oft to tho
hospital The stomach pump was used but
the doctor said her recovery was doubtful
1athnr Gallagher of St Marys Church in
Grand street was sent for At midnight tho
doctors wore working to save the girls life
Ihe Fun M or 111 Store Thee the Flo >
PiTTsnunon Ang 24 Thornton Evans was
arrested on the Mononcaholu wharf thN morn
Ing because ho wculd not stop laughing
Magistrate Grlpp presided over tie Central
Station hearing and he was much amused at
the hilarity of the prisoner
Ho wont quit laughing was thus chargo
made b > Policeman ilrcnnan and Lyons con
llrmod the charge by keeping up n roar Tho
prihonorllnally sobered down and Magistrate
Urlpji naked
Now Evans what U nil this fun about
Judge a man told me n story last night
art It wits ie funny that even tlmo 1 think of
it Then lvnns began to laugh agaiu and
when Magistrate Uilpji paid 1 will line toir
H and costs tlm t prisoner bit ivQenu Ii a ha
his replied Tlio fun Is worth more than
that Judge
Disorderly house ICulded
The police of tho Wmt Tlitrtp vtntli street station
rallied lust night the ill ord < rtr lioiifcfi nt 2iuii an < J 27O
VV fit Iblrtj nliitli St red ami took ti > n iurlioltrs
< apt < roniof li IMrlU utrect itxtlon raided 38
Hivlnift tlit art IHJ At rn Street anti atrented
trrut 3 prr onv Acillitf u 1 apt tnu Heilly of IJji i Em Lit
licth sin u I Huuni trUsted Ju llonit Yuen its iruiirle
our or 11 U nr sired
The Wenlbrr
Tilt nnmtlnl ronilltlon iverlIng lbs seCure oftt
roiinir tlnill il1 flowed Into a storm of moderate In
KMmty I nlth the t centre covering IlUnum molnic
imril tantward rain falllnz over a bill of country
from Kunms 1 nnrtbeaFtHard ever Mliiourf Netiratka
Ioua Illlnnlf VVliconiln and Mlrhtgiu Till disturb
ainu flmuU CHUM ibuweri in tho mlilillo Atlantic
title tolny
A cioml Harm of growing energy nppcArcl over
tiiiiiunituiorluvluutbciiitxiArJly ts Tot Hutu orao
run linilttlNn In Ml vicinity The leinpiraturii Las
irinl hub little nnnutro and It llkdy tu remote
htatiuunry for a day or two
In ills mly It vai Kinerallv fair blgtml ollclal
icilumu rOute 81 ° losst ill > aiirate Imniljli 18 i
Itrcriiti I wind eotueriy average volorlly a iiilln in
Ihi 1 thfrmomelfr at 1erryi pharmacy In Tie i Slit
b itlditui rocitrthuI the temuerature stirilar4f < l < in at
2111 ZKl Isi lqt
S 4 M l u c 3 10 f M
I A > l TJ nIl I t V i
Ic 78 ru vi m 70 7
IMl i iit 7V 8
Aitrietut on Ate 2i 15111
tuitulttJTff iduejon in rut lOts
Inr Matte Now hitch liirp ciii i i on unit t Ill u neri
mill thuniUfrloruu cuolr arthur I rUoj Iii itt t
trust fditbtmnt wlinU
J or MrttshtctiUislU HUoln I oln ul AIM Connect it
ktiuMtrn mid jiruUMy tliuulcr i vloin i toner kuulU
tant iliUkinKto gutlVkt l nln <
fur flulruu V c ret A tvttt it i s i Aw IT if n riue
i < mtl < at tt Htti ft miuihirnt t ftt I
Fnr iilern tvnnitcnja NT i roSy arul 1 Pelovrir
shoe are uitui 1 jirobuii1 t iun < Jrrt rias i > ltr boutb
taut slut un to H iii Ainlx
fir DI it trUt ut touui m an 1 Mirj m aiim slit ii era sitU
ptbbnhl Ut utu let Cttill t S ulluht iluntfr ut I tiiiwa
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all It it has also ttillii ill t lie item C aut r gait The
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Korky Mouiittiln mil fn Ihf i > t au irl V4lif > pi
where the ipiitpnatur cliMufi lists lirsii IUtit
bbowern have OCjIltl1 senvrall sect of th Mlikii
tppl litter except In caltf n nr york and along ant
leer the N w LnvUnJ coast Unsettled weather whIt
showers Ii ndlcitfl from th Saturn lake l regIs sot
ntw InclanJ to lbs ulf ot M xtm In the Mlaslsitppt
Valley Ibo wchtbtr ilib tJerlDfoil warmer
Olially EeclareJ Off ty Gru 4
Js1r SOlley
The Other Railroad Men Declined to
Join the Switchmen
Their lAnctrr Hull Hint While Thar Hy a
pitthlr I nltli the fiwllchme her 11a4
An ilrvniiieii ui > 4 None Ilii4 He Ir >
enlnlln Tltem hjr Any Member of Th lr
OugtiiuhiusInnsVhiry ttdvisest Grand Ms
ter urrnc > to llrrltirr the Hflrtk Off
nail After CnnftiilllnB with the Htrll
< uminlllen lor Mrreiut Hour It Wat
Perilled in Tnkc the Adlce WCC BI
Ni a lu the HuMlrralii CxmpOm 1hyhs
Iiityi Hint Mimt IfVut Allorihe 1rep
liny hr WKhdrann sty Tcnlchl Tk
Ilnnrd of rlillrnllnn lnTtnllB H B th
< IIIIKI tf the Nlrlkc Home of thv Ate
IVntlHrd Hint Ihry IVrrr Compelled
Vurk Ti om uS lo Oil ConnprutlT Itomrv
nnd IVrrn DUchnrgrit When They Es
tired n 4ninpulnl The strike Ordered Itf
u Vniinlinnus Vdte ofllie Nultehmen
llfiiVKi Aug MTlie oonfnroncn of ths
big moguls of thu vnrlous orgnnlritlorls ot
rnllroad emplotoeH has been htld and HI It
was predicted In Tint bins this morning Mr
Sweeney vax advlsod to order off the strike of
the Hwltchmen
After leaving the conference Grand Master
Sweeney and Ioral Muster Morlarty ot the
snltrliraen called together the members of the
committen that IHIB boon conducting the
strike In Mr Uwoono room In the Qenoae
The action of ito conference in detail hat
not been made public It began at about 7
oclock this evening and at ton minutes after
11 Mr Hwuuno camu out of his room with ft
peculiar expression on his face Tho other
who worn present at the meeting followed him
and hurriedly loft tho hotel but the Grand
Master stMod to toll the reporters who were
waiting for him of the result
The conclusion reached by this duly an
tliorled committee representing the switch
men tail Mr Hweeney Is to declare the
trouble ended and I have sanctioned till ac
tion We cannot light HOOO militia and a
dozen railroad corporations The trouble ends
at midnight tonight
Mr Sweeney said that ho would not leav
town for two or thrco days as ho has some
business to settle till
What ito you think about the troops leaf
Ins town I asked a reporter
Mr faweoney smiled That Is a Question
for the military and Sheriff Dock to answer1
said ho
When a reporter carried the news that ths
Btrlko wan declared off to Gen Doylos head
quarters Ito General was in bud Ho
was awakened however and Imme
diately tulegiaphcd the welcome news
to all tile military camps lie Bent
his Adjutant to Gen IorterH headquarters
with the announcement and Gen 1ortar sent
back word thnt ho saw no reason for keeping
the trooi lucre any longer but that it was too
early to provide definitely for tholr removal
Gen Do > le said
The soldlerB will bo ordered homo bo fora
tomorrow night In all likelihood but It Is yet
too soon to htato exactly when the order will
bO tech iii
A broad smllo Illuminated the Generals
features as ho talked TomorruW then will
undoubtedly wltnoi a great military exodus
from Huffnlo All day today kuch soldiers as
could cut leave of absence from amp and Bet
Into town havo boon telegraphing In anticipa
tion of this evenings event that they would be
home anon
lie homo soon got turkey and plo rnndy
am hungry was tIm message sent by one of
of the Tweiit > second Uegluiont boys here this
Gen Porter sent a formal inos aga at halt
past 11 to the commaidnis of tile various
camps telling thorn that thin strike Is declared
off und instructing them to make their metros
comfortable as possible
This probably meant that tho entry duty
will bo gro ttly lessoned a tllng which will ba
particularly appreej tied by the soldiers to
night as a heavy rain Is I fullini and the ground
IB Boakc
Grand Ma tor E Y 1 Clark of tho Conductors
Drothoihood and Cliind Muiter K Wilkinson
of the Trainmens llrotherhood arrived In the
city this moiulng mid ncnt to thn Iroqiiol
Hotel where they registered and without
taking a room left the houuc tailing the clerk
that t If I f uny one Inquire I d for them I to eaythat
their vrhnreaboiitE vwt link noun
In thin rnaniur tiuiy left tho hotel and did
not airaln mnkn their iippcaranco until 1
oclock Mr hweinuj was mu hard man to find VI
non before the conference Ito was not at hi >
hotol and hit clnrU thero said that he had
Koneaui > 1o mold tnlLIui to the reporter
who inlkht tall Itnns known at the hotel
that lie bud reeilved n despatch from Chief Ar
thur of the llntliorhood of Locomotive Engl
nei > ri > hit ilio effect that Mr Arthur oould not
nttiinl the t Fonfcriliri
Mr brgcnt VYH seon at the Brazil Haul
before the I conforeiKH
Mny not Mi Arthurs nonattendance be
fairly issumod to moan nonpartlclpatlon In
theiilatis of Mr hvOinoy for the support ol
thn Hwltchmin Imiulied thin reporter
Veui Unit Id u fair assumption respond
Mr hurceiit
Thnn one eonclublon hag been reached
that thn engineers will not participate and
this t i CM iiehihlon loads I oanother which In that
Ito Ilieiunn vvlll not partlclpato
For an Instant Mr riaigont cared quizzi
nile reasonlnc Mr Snrsent and the con
elusions renrhoil are Ixihod first upon thus
abhoiicool Ito nlncorb from the situation
which means to begin with that nil thin rail
vay oruinbatloiih will not partlclpntn and
Bocond men your statement that unless all
pnilleiiuid your man would hove no band In
tte itiTulr
flints LiIr reasonliig remarked Mr Bar
cent In a rollcctlvu wit and then rousing
iiilcUi I ho said with no h llttlo I I vnliemrncA
What K I done hot o In I rniifureiioo must bo
dnnn tills iltcrnoon for I am going to start
lion nearly this evening I want the firemens
pcBitlon now and finally to bctmdcrMmvl If
the rruniou i u upon out of t thuito roaiU hud
a grinvanco It would bo jrccntiul tit
tho luilgo of that road If rlcnmed
by hut 1 ilso nf fUfhcnt Imporlanco C
for iitlon Ihn matter vvcil d go to thn Protec
tive t Jloail I of thu i I idge If I t b i Ibis t lout ru thii I
nmtter WIlt > rnrdi ituiortnnt it vvould bo
buntti I the loird I Adtistotrutt ii the ststein
oitvvileh fn I grt men crosc If it passed
that llourd th nint et I uld bnbrouiht to ray
attention jhiin J t uetlmr sit It hue t I rot eel ise
hoard of the lonL In which Ito grievance
arose and tho ouid 1 of Adjustment ot
tim syntcm I vviuld seek In all honor
bio waa to brius the men i nJ Ut gttks

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