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p UP WITH iaiiiicir TIHTIMOM
aou i or n WorM Lie to the rrToot Hint
IUal RoN unit llrr Sl Itrr l Ilinl Quar
relied nn4 Ihnt Ilxiln llHd ChnrKiit
JCnma with llurlna UrtrnrrA llrrI
l > t > lam on < hc > Hlnurf Nrnrlr U InrIII
Bocrlpllon of Ihr tVnamrln on th nnillr
ihei Nnmrron flood MtI nnd Their
t Ja > altlouth i ProbahlrTlran orthn llmllia
eflUi and Mr Borden th Autopule
He Pe rmrit nnd H tin nrnrrnl CoBrilllon
ortkr lonhldA l nr nt Crowl I Fnll
JIlTrr Thn Defrndunt < oanpo rd
FALL ItivKii Auir 25Tho interest In tho
formal hvnrltiR of llzrlo Tlorden which bccnn
this morning wns Intenslflpd to oxcltxment br t
a story which was published In todays Now
York Herd under tho lieadluc You Invd
Me Away
Y Tho story purported to be nn account of an
Interview yesterday butwcen the Ilordcn sis
tors in the presence of Matron lleacan In
which Llezto reproached Imnia fortolllng Mr
Jennlna Ilr7los counsel something that
was kllecad to have been highly projudlclal to
Iiicele Interests nnd stronsly indicative of
t all of tho prisoner li7le was said to
hkv IgnorpJ her sisters friendly paliitatlons
and 10 have declared that In npltcof tho al
levod betrayal she would never alTo In an 1
The story wat a le I wan mitten br a re
porter who did not reach hero yesterday until
614 oclock in tho afternoon Tho story Is
p alio published In a Boston newspaper this
morning over tho namo of this reporter who
went to Boston to write 1 llo feared for Ita
d plausibility BO ha wrote thn following in the
body of the story published In lioiton under
the culse of an Interview with an anonymous
folk official
Yes Mr Reagan caw and heard Ml that
V l has bon credited with Sho la very re
fl Iable and truthful She is likewise discreet
amd you nsi depend that she will say nothing
t newspaper I approached I have no
tjovbt that aha would absolutely refuse to
J talk and perhaps in Bellprotection would
d deny the story
In this war does the reporter seek to shield
himself The World cut this out of the story
I did not telegraph here before using the
story t learn if It was true Had it done so
would have found that the whola story was
ale and known here to have been such Mrs
P B agan denied todar that she heard any
uch conversation Bhe said th storr wasj
vntruo and aha did not sar this In self po
tection either
EmmA Bordon dtniec ts did
Ie stan her
liter Lizzie Lawyer Jennings says tho
tan la a le Lawyer Adam denied It When
Emma and Lizzie Borden met this morning
Emma Borden mentioned the storyand told i
her sister that tho reporter had led Ther
J declared that no such conversation ever took
pUca between them
In its desIre to get a sensation the World ac
cepted tho story without verifying and In
plausible addition trimmed I down to make it appear
Tho hearing in the case began a little after
lOt opiooli The whole of Bristol county
t1 earned t havo emptied itself into Fall Diver
jeopo thronged th streets from early
lplo thtQld elry morn
lag Country folk came into town some driv
ing and many on foot The main streets of
tho town and the lido streets leading to Pol lea
Headquarters wore filled Long beforo tho
hour for opoolng court arrived tho narrow
I apace about the Court House was choked The
women outnumbered tho men In vain tho
police tried to drive them away Thoy surged
and pushed forward into the hall of the build
lag One and all wore determined to
catch a glimpse of the prisoner The
majority of the crowd sympathized with the
accused and professed belief In her innocence
Marshal HKliard was compelled to place po
licemen along the entrances to tho building
with instructions to allow only reporters and
Witnesses enter
o Judge Dlalsdoll had opened court at 0
cclook A husband was put on probation for
f wife boating and several othor prisoners dis
posed ot on minor complaints Meanwhile
the court room became jammed As important
Witnesses entered there was a buzz among
the spectators Bridget Sullivan camo in alone
I at 900 oclock bho woro I darkgreen cloth
41135With puff sleovoB black bat trimmed
with green and black ribbon and black cloven
I bbe sat in a remote corner
8e 10 oclock Judge lilalsdell ordered I re
cess of thirty minutes District Attorney
Knowlton cam In nt 1030 oclock HardlY
had be sat dow before it was nolqad about
I that the prisoner was about to enter the room
The audience arose and pushed forward All
ey sought tha doorway through which she
would enter doorway oclock Charles J
Holmes walked through the hal and Into tin
a court room Miss Emma Uorden wan with
I him rom bahlnd them war Ira Hollls and
art Brigham The prisoner cam last loan
tnt on the arm of the ltv Mr Buck Him
wore a blue cloth dress a black velvet hat
end black gloves At her throat was I brooch
l o which was painted 1 portrait of a Madonna
blol we
n The defendant walked slowly but without
hesitation Uor bead was thrown kllghtlr
t back aid bar demeanor wis one ot dan
¼ I Aa sha stopped into the open pac below the
A etped opn
Judges bench With every eye upon her with
I the wbiaperlDin of the curious throng plainly
andible she did not flinch Almost 1 smile
was soon on her Up an the looked rapidly
about the room Hlovvlyblia snuk into a sent i
between her counsel riho bowed her hOld n
moment and cloaud her eyes Then she lifted
t a paint leaf fan and hid her faro behind It
As was atato In this mornings HUM l > r Do
Ian the medical examiner was the llrst wit
rtMscallad bY tho prosecution Ho occupied
the stand throughout the entire day save fr
t a few minutes devoted to tho IJonllftcatlou
and Intioductlon of diagrams and maps ot the
liorilen house grounds and rooms Dr Uo
lane testimony dealt chiefly with thu prohaiilu I
inannnr in which the murders vvuro iTunmittod
the details of his official actions and thin ro
evils of hil aevoral investigations anti uf thin
two autopsies
Dr Doltn was sworn at 105 oclock do
saId ln qualifying as 11 export wttnesc for
the Prosecution I ala a llloUllnl rib yshcami
a surgeon stud medlonl oXAmlnol of this 1
Ihs Jlltrlot Attorney at onro Innouncud that
Dr Dohin was an export witness 1111111
f of the teenier he said
I IrRt aw the holes on Auc1 fit T1I3
I oclock In the nionilnic f place the tlojo by
tko fact that I was In tho hoiuo about n iuor
t ferof an hourwhon tha clock Htriuk 1 f j saw
thehoily of Andrew J llordcm 11 rut It was
if Ing on a lounge on tlm north ihum < l uf I sit
opposlti tho window Tin
uog room oIJsl 11 head of
thosofa yas toward tho vvot Alilnoj Alhort
coat folded I wns on thu oiut of oIO sofa
i With an afghan and nofn cu dlnn oil
1 top 01 I Mr Itordens hai lay on
t lie Improvised pillow HH feet rested ou
J lilt floor anti bo was lvhng on bib right J side eq
ifl though nslcop Ills brad was towiiril tlm front
door I examined his wounds trjn and Inter
In tho clay reniovod his stoinneli soald It lu
an airtight Jar nnd ont It to Vrol Wood of
Boston I savy Mr llonliii i body a few
p InomontK after I saw Mr Iloiiln JH bOll Mrx
Bordon wile up stairs 1 tlm iujrtliwont I room
I ring on liar t net r tictwnen lift dirsslng fnsn
and the bod Her holy la four or live feet
anl Jvo
from the bed face iVvvnvvn rd on time floor
Kim wan drosscd In II cilIa J dross A t > ilk
handkerchief liiul been an i end jer h e41 nnd
I lay on the floor hel lt lu hej I wan old tutu
torn and nthod l > in huh coil
At till point Dliitrict Attnrnoy Knowlton In
Vrrtiptud Dr Dobint 4estimony to plicn
UoniHS helms n civil nglnner on the > 1111
lolUnntlfy n rasp II tile srdon property tool
t some diagrams of tlm I intel Mr and
I Sirs Borden wore dIcer vored Mr KoImHtos t
C th Illod that the iipMujii boilrooin In I which h
lira Bonlon was fouil tine 15 feet r > Inchon
C inc anti 14 fet 4 InrJcs wide lIt IIhl Hint
1m 1110 between flio bed nnd tlm I bureau
p1 wmJfootll I Indiofi Mnoiiking of tlm blood
spout on the IrmA jf f tho door < lending Into
4 the kitchen he fali their wero fut 1 Indict
from the hoTl of ofn on which Mr llordoti
lay Time 1lnod or 0 the wall WUHJH Inches front
tlm Illnil of tlm Ma Is testified that the dIe
A tnncH from time > ouwi to tha ones on t h < north
i A J l lido la la tout < inliM and on tho south aido
0 t C
21 feet I tnohe From the house to the bent
Is 14 101t it inches
Whon rrovHnicanitncil by lawyer Jennings
Mr hilms said that the sofa wa not In posh
I Ion whon ho mndn bM Itihlik u moasuromcnt
ml wits bruiiKht In Inter anti jilneed 1 In posl I I
lon by Ilr Dolnn so thnt the value of tho
mfl uI lit re in inte dctieiiUnl Inrttelv on t Ito aoeu
rney of Dr Uohtn In I planing m Ih I 01 sofnlntho I t
iroper plnon lmrror Jnunlni nsked this
witness I if t t he thought I u l Inn could have jumped I
over tlm I tat ckyu nil fit ace from thn pllo I of him I
1M In the JnrI1 uttuI Tim District Attorney
ibjeotid liiiluo 1 lllnlndnll l I sustained h tlm t ob
octlon and thin vvltmifs wits diiuinInui I
ITITO or Mt noniiKNa limit
Dr Dolnn resumed the stand Ho wan told
odnscrlho In detail hln experience with Mr I
Uorilenn body lie said IXIorelo
Whon I onterod thin room a shoot hid the
iiody I removed this nnd saw tlm loft side of I
t ho liMd tuineil I un All I I the wounds t wnro on
tlm loll side of thin head There woro ten
wouml In all Thin first blow I notlcml out
through tlm pose tho upper nail lower line
and down to I tho I chin Another wound 1 began
it tlm coinsrot thin left nyo and ran down to
within one Inch tit 1 tim angle nie the lower jaw
Another wound begun cm tho loioheul
nenr the hair took a plcen out of
Inn t skull cut tlm loft cyolmJl I In I half
chopped Iho loft cheek bono In half nml
Mopped a this left iincln of the mouth
Tho ten woundn were nil parallel end rinced
front 4 ti lli inchu in length 01 unit nroi <
half Incline above the lIlt ear there wnn a
crushing wound 4 Incho pcrpendlctiliir by I1 1 I
inches horl outnl tlmt cnrrleil I pnrt or Iho
skull Into the hraln 1 tlm wu nil < ruin Id Lo
seen ns I llftoi un > the sheet nnd nil but two
went through tlm skull Ono week later I t x
nmfnod the vital orgnn
From your examinations nsked the 7th
trial death Attorney 7 what do you think ciiused
deathThn cause of death wns shock from Ito
WJro there Any tnxcps of blood 7 asked the
District Attorney giving thowitnnM nn oppor
tunity to niako public for the first time thx ex
net location of tlm traces nnd spots of blood nn
tho tiody and about the room As hla ke1 tim
question rmma liordon hid her fncn In her
hands The side of tie Ilc nod tlm loll sldn
of the head wore covered with blood said Dr
Dolan The blood was not rlotlod and tim
body was lot cold The blood was Mill
oozing anti the body sonmed to hnvo thin
natural hat of life Thorn wan llttln blood on
the clothing save on the ack l of the coat nml
on the shirt bosom of the deal loan Tho
blood was dripping off the sofa to time floor as
I entered the room
District Hnw Attorney long had he been dead 1 asked the
At least thirty mlnntos
Did you at any other time find any other
blood In the room 2
Yo thoro were eightysix blood spots be
hind bin head on the wall paper above the
Bofa The highest spot wan 1 feet T Inches
from the floor The spots began at throo or
four inches from tho head and described a
semi circle on Oh the wall A Uonm wore very
WUUU IUU u UU u al
On the wall paper abovo time loungo worn
two spots close together Ono was six feet
ono and threequarters Inches fiom tho floor
I was above the head and a little to the west of
the sofa The other spot was six feet one and
onohnif Inches from the floor Above the
head both spots wore onehalf inch Ions and
onequarter inch wide 1urthor along the
wall on a picture thorn were forty spots The
highest spot was fiftyeight incline from
the floor On top ot the moulding which runs
around the room there woro live spots They
wore all directly behind the lounge which has
a strong back
On the carpet were two pools of blood On
the parlor door west of the lounge and five
feotjrom the head woro seven spots Inl
thoJarlor was a large spot between the upper
panels of this door There were three Slot
on the ceiling There was ono spot on tho last
jamb of the door leading from theslttlng room
Into the dining room This spot was on the
dining room side of the door fourteen inches
from the floor I was moro of a spatter
than a spot There wai one spot on
the door leading from tho dining
room to tho kitchen and another on the door
casing The slot on the dining room door
could nave resulted from tho swinging of tho
Instrument through tho air From thn nature
of the wounds they were made br a sharp In
strument an axe or hatchet The wounds are
clean showing a sharp cutting surface
I think the Instrument had handle be
cause the force applied In breaking tho skull
fIUAO applod skul
Would require a handle for leverage
Speaking of the skull Dr Dolun said it wee
onotwullui blow of an Inch thick at tho Place of the
blowWhat relative decree of force was required
to crush tho skull at that place with a
hatchet asked the District Attorney Lawyer
Jennings objected on the ground that Dr
Dolan was not an export Mr Knowlton said
that he had qualified as such without objec
lon Juilgn lilalsdcll ruled that the witness
should answer tho question
A person with a qUOton live pound hatchet
A perol
nnd not necessarily a robust person could
easily have caused the wounds said Dr Do
lan Lawyer Adams objected to tho answer as
not proper and not replying to tlm question
Dr Dolan repeated his answer saying An
ordinarily robust person with moderate
a forco flvopound could easily hatchet have broken the skull with
TUB MuiiDin or MHS BonnKX
After stating that Mr Borden was 70 years
old and of good physique Dr Dolnn took up
Mrs Borden murder Ho Roll Tho body
of Mrs liorclen was lying on Its face on tlm
floor four or live feet from thin wall with tim
head turnod toward tim east welt I eould not
leo any pnrt of tht fact ax tlm arms vroro
thrown around tim littnd
I could seo however that there nero
wounds I turned tho body over and found
eighteen wounds on tim bond All hut four
were on the rlcht slcio of the median line A
line drawn from thn middle of mol nape of tho
neck around tho front of tho rIght ear to I a
point an Inch back of thin right eye then to the
top of the bead and I tack to the middle of the
nape of tho neck would oncloso fourteen of
thorn Onowound was five Inches lone All the
wounds were parallel and us tlm bend lay
wltn the back port up thu wounds wore from
the loft side downward Their general direc
tion was diagonally across tlm bend Seven or
eight wont through lie skull Thu other four
wounds were on the left side of the hOld
None of f those wont through the skull On ito
left elite of the head without nny mark on tho
skull there was a lint scalp wound ono Inuli
whit and three Inches long On thus brldin of
the nosn there was a contusion anil over the
eyes full thero were two bruises macho us I by I
lul Ono wound wn found afterward I was
on the back rue lower end of It wa Immedi
ately over tho spine four inches below the
juncture of thu neck anil body I tort upwnul
and to the loft It wet 2 Inches long nndJi
Inches I deep I did nut hit I tlm t spine It vvn
inAdnbyu I sharp cutting Instrument such as
a hatchet or axo i
n Dr Dolnn nuxt took up Ito trace of blomt
in the room whore Mrs liorileii wax found
Ha said There wax 1 pool of dark elotteil
blood odor her liemt nnd breast I t looked I
AS If It hud been them sonn time Tlm cloth
ing on the chest and half way clown tho back
wns much soaked On I n pillow sham vero
pots They wore one font from thin head and
tlmlr direction was forward On thn mil
of thin hued thee went thirty or forty spots On
tlm partly open top dinwer of the bureau thero
wero four spots nnd on tlm I second drawer
there were hlx or seven spots its It linppnd
On the moulding oast of tho I north window
hero was ono spot Above that spot two feet
wan another spot on the wall paper
11 llotb thcho spots vvero six timid n half feet
from the heul and Dr Dolan raid must have
dripped from this instrument of 1 deith as It
swung through time air It could not have
ftiniit d direct from tho head as tho buituu
fctcind between tlio I ocly nnd tho Hpoti
In rour opinion how long had Mrs Hordon
I cen ifeail 1 asked tl I District J t Attorney l i
I think Ihl had been dead nt least ono or
ono nnd n half hour 1 saw her boiu threw
minutes aftnrf saw Mi llorduns nt about
11 1 4 oelucl
hid you In1 nnrlhlni In the appenr
linen or manner f hue body incon
fllstynt with lii I r holll i dead two I hours i
asked ulh Dlntrlct Utoiniy I nvvyer fen
nm gut objected nnd thu 1 Court I overruled I
nllls lUUr <
him Ho continued lo I nhiccl but
Dr Dolnn answered Hint lrF Hordon might
hnve Joll dead tvn hours flwr doscrlblni
Mrs Ilordcn the I wit n 0 < s I thentiM I h I of hl I s snucli u I
of ito I hunhlso and of llndmi tlm nxus lu I tlio t
collar lie eall
mi srmll mil AXCS
I fr1 f three avis ami n liatohot In the cci
Inr h ring to I lieu I luft I of tho I utueh rut y 111111 I
partition Thero WII 0 hiS luruu lintnlict with
It iIueW hit at mu ute hta1 lying nbiitt I olght feet
from tlm t btnlrt I i I I t looked as though it liiul
boon crnpoil clean
It I t had n cutting surfaoo of flvc > Indies I ii nil
wululmd nlmut four 1111 Mar liil Jllllliinl
look it but I eAftiulriod I It Inter I under n ul l is
look 1 two haIti on I anti Botni pnt 1 11
hnl futh
looked Ilko I I blnoilnn tlm I lionel Is 01111 tho blnUo
Jrof Wood has It now <
At this t I point I court uliourned until I I h oclock
In I tho I tiflermue in llfjin I 1 Jlorden J went toller t
room tutu In light dinner und teas In c > IIIIIII
spirits itui nil At J oclocl Dr Jiolun ri > uiiiud the
hllnlIlw snout would one of tins o blows riiuso
diatli t ntkea tIm > Dlhtrkt Attorney
inktnnlly said Dr Dolnn Ilmt Is
hero would bo no npimnmt lenctli cif 1111 be
tween I the blow anil ilfiitb u Auvof Ilioso blows
> ti Iking n per un Mindliii tim person would
die by tho tlmo hn reach oil the lion
dlar 10 heart utopu instantly with death and
II would have stoiinnd when ono of these
lows was struck Olio reusing ot the heart
to beat stop tile spurt of blood It does not
nucpflsnrllv stop llm flow but It tops tho
spurting of blood
I IVT l7rlu I llorden tn unonk to her con
lnuod Dr Dolnn up talrs In her room about
115 oclock nn time clir 1 of the murdor I asked
lien II I I Imr mother had gotton n note Slut said
Hhi had 1 niknl Jl rlo If Him hud seen It
flit > snld no 1 nskpd hour YhO brought nml
what benme of It nnd tube said she didnt
nn noLx citoisfixAMixm
Inwyor Ailain thou beiinn the orossexat
Inatlon Dr Dolan wont over lib pnut record
ni nn expert nnd hilt oxperlenco III homicide
onsno lu told how ho WAS driving MAL tho
Honlen houso when ho was told of tho mur
der Ho described 1 again how ho first saw the
liodlesof Mr nnd Mrs liordnn Ho was then
asked tlm dlstnnen between tlie bureau and
hit I boil between which tho t body of Mrr lIon
don win found I
lieu said It wet about four foot He said
that Mrs llordnn wits n woman over two foot
lirond across the shoulders Hn was asknd
how iath spacn wai nn either aide of her
bodyras Mho lay tliori Wlun he snld about a
font I nwyor Acfnms confronted him with the
attested mea < uremont of tutu drnuRhtsman
who madn tho spleen between tho bed and bn
roan 2 foot 11 Inches
Than Mr Jloulnn muol have been olevon
Inches wide to Ioiv n foot of spneo on either
aldi of hor Mid Lawyer Adnwy
Xo replied Dr Dolan Two foot Irom
four feot leaves two feet
Then tho uieasurumcnt Is wrong
1 us
AUr fomo wiarlomo sparring over tho
weight of n pint of blnoil Inwvor Adams took
1111 tho I question of tho autopsies
Did you niiiknn nport of your autopsy 7
ho naked
Iteport to wliom 1 n < ko < l Dr Dolnn
Itiwypi Adnius repented his question and
Dr Dolnn repeated ith 1 Attain mind ngnln Mr
AII1I1S riot I to get nn answer rinnlly I ho
turned to t hut ouit I tOut I nlsucl him I to ul I root
the witness to auxwcr Dr Dolnn lion t said
tliat bo mado a report to thin Dlslrict 1 Attornoy
on Aug H llo sftiteil Itiither that Attornur
mndo u partial repoit tn luJce lilnlsdoll on
llavo you not filed n full report vet with tho
court r nkril Lawyer AdAins
No ilr I Mild i the t Doctor
Why shouldnt you do It asked Mr I
Adams Thoro was no nnswor but n second
ciuoMlon brotight forth till reply that Dr
Dolan had proffered a record of thn autopsy to
Iho JustIce uf tne court but ho didnt take It
The autopsy was hell on Aug lilt UU oclock
in the ntternoon and tho partial report was
Hied on Aug IH J
Did you take minutes then naked Mr
I e q sir
What on 7
Slips of paper
Where art those shins now
I cannot tell
Titan tlm records of this great casa are
lost T asked Mr Adams
It Is not n great case and the records are
A A II 111
nOV 1OBI ItllUllCll I Aulltu
Doesnt the statute provide that you must
havo minutes of the autopsy shouted Mr
U Yes said the Doctor
U Have you got them 1
uKoDill rou destroy them r I
I dont know
Did you burn thorn 1
Doei tho statuto give you the right to Ig
nore this court I shouted Lawyer Adam
I did not ignore It said Dr Dolan
How manr autopsies did you hold 7 asked
Mr Adams
One on Aug 11
How about the ona on Aug i
It was a partial ono
Lawyer Jennings asked the Court for the re
ports of the autopsy and despite the Dis
trict Attorneys contention that he had no
right to It Judge Blalsdell handed It over
There were two separate reports one forth
autopsy of Aug 4 and one for the autopsy of
The report of the autopsy of Aug 4 was
shown to the witness who identified it and re
marked that it was a full report of a partial
autopsy Ho then described tho second au i
topsy It was hold at Oak Orove Cematery I
when Drs Uowsu and Draper assisted him
The temperature of the dead people was
next taken up Dr Dolan tostiflod that tbs
average temperature of a person Is IH de
crees Ho aid that when he examined Mr
Ilordens body Its tnmperatura was 14 Mr
Adams then asked him how fast tho tempera
ture of a body fell Immediately after death
Dr Dolan said it foil JO degrees the nrst hour
Then paid Lawyer Adams If Mr lion
dons tempornturo hart fallen from 18 ° to 114
when you aw him within the first hour after
his dnnth and if a body cools 20 ° the first
hour Mr liordcn must have been dead ono
tutu of an hour or twelve minutes and not
thlrtr minutes as you testified this morning
Dr Dolnn escaped by saying that Mr Adams
misunderstood his previous answers on which
his calculation worn based Lawyer Adams
then brought out n small manikin or doll Ho
had tlm witness arrange it in Mrs Ilordcn lay
and had him mark on It the wounds found on
Mrs Portion
In connection with this Dr Dolan testified
that the blows on Mrs Hordon wire struck by
a person standing behind lion He snld that
the wound over the loft ear an Inch nnd a
Imlf wide nnd Iwo Inches long was probnblr
Inlllctoil while Mrs liordon was standIng up
All the othois wero Inflicted ho club while
she was Iving down Speaking nf the axes
nnd tho hatchet ho found In the collar Dr I
Dilnn snld first tlmt lie hail picked tin the In
stiuments while Ills hands were bloody This
hetliinged Intel to xa that his hands worn
clean HH swore that tho same weapon killed
both people
Hx Mild thnt Mr ISonlons skull was one
sixth of nn Inch thinner than the average
hkull Ho told of bin search of Lizzies room
nnd then inid that thu fact that Mrx Jlordens
body was wnrmr then her husbands might be
explained by saying f that thin bodies cool
fastei than stout ons
Afturmurkiiig tlm wounds of Mr Bordens
head on the head of another doll Dr Dnlnn
Identified thin blocks of wood spotted with
libel which were rut from trm iloor Next he
toll of lie ullosed discovery oa drop of blooil
the MI10 of te I pin hend on n white shirt belongS
lug tn ItU liorden
lie until thnt on u dress skirt thero was also
a smirch of hluod nn the cloth altout the centre
of tho opening of f tho pocket Thesn tiro skirts
and n blotibo wnlt t me in the possession of
Irof Wood
Dr Dolan tnstiflod that Marshal Hllllnrd
Inter ient 10 tlm Portion house for Ilzzlns
shoes and stocklnns ainl that on ths xhoos
was found blood This might have gotten nn
them ns she walked nlmut lInt room with Dr
linwen on tho day of the murder
In icgard to flu two hairs found on the
hatchet bn found thnt one hair was on the
Iliule just ubvo the I cutting surface It was a
dark brown hair onotwclftli of an Inch long
with mm end broken Till other hair was n
Kluy hair throefourths of an inch long
it was caucht i n the liandlo In u I rough place
on hit UlfnCA of tlm wood lucre was blood
on tlm t u blude nml on tho I handle of the I hatcher
Whom iliil tlm t pnllnnt of Mr itordvn
stand asked Mr Adams
Behind him between thin head of the sofa
and the dining room
Was ho olosn to the sofa 7
At least ono foot uvvay ubout the middle of
tIm dlnlnirioom door
Would not blood necessarily han spat
tereil the murdnrerasked Mr AdaniK
No sir Tlm blood woulc 1 not have spurted
that > vay fald Dr Dulnn
s ould not thin blood IIMO at least spurted
on tlm hand a nil Imnd nf tho murderer 7
1 dont think them worn manr more spot
of blnoil tItan those wu found in tha room
end lir Dolnn
Didnt till lilood follow the axe 7
No sIr thu t spurting I of f blooil I i I was duo to
the overlnit nf f nn artery and did not nieces
sarlly I follow tlm t it xii
on huh not tlm I l nxii have I shown bloml 1 7
Y < hh but It i is I nl likely butt It throw It
on II fir man said Dr I Dolan I
Tinlua Hlnlhilell intent tuilhiub nt this point
Tim room wit ii growing 1 i < lnil I k Tlm prUnior
ml with bowed bead Ouen wlien UID MilO of
MIM i u lionlen h Wllt mentioned h hit 0 InugluiJ
Uiifelly hut Irmir
linlijn liliildlcll snld bat It wu late I1n1
c nirt ivnuld iilioiirn until tomoiniw Ilvi I
Hordon wvs taken to t Imr room In lion tarn lIf
Matron UeniMti lnte I u tinlhl t was nll that I
htm wns rcllni qulully
Tlm eomiirl for hloii > llonlnn oxlilbltml 1
letter lOilnnliitx Walthnm Muss I 11117 1
It wnxfroin ui t Ilbllcr Icnounas iiiiiuel Itnbln
Fly It Mnictl 1 Hint on tlmdnyof llm murdor
llohlnkkv I all met n mnn uueum oil vvitli blnoi
tritviillinu I iioiu I 1all I I lllvci I townid Now 1cil
foul f
Tlm titan xnlil hit nniplnyir Imd fought with
him tin ijntlhcs tliiiniini lit welcnlii lii
poundK of inriiliiiu helulil dark brown hoUr
tiinl leildUli u vrlilc > iiri < tutU moiiitnclm llo
nyh h I iii vvoio I n viuv i milt of 1 clolhcH brown
derby hat and nil Kvilhir shoct
Tlui Muyor I of Walllnini does not know
lloliliifky atil litllu ftook is l taken In Ibo Id
tir lloblnskr Is I a travelling piildler whoso
only lnovvn ouch ei now Is llbton
7 t
iCy Illirliiinim al Ills ttltlrr Annul
Xhiituir Auc Ciov Ituclmnnn who
has biten confined to his room by sickness for
n wouk was ablo t j go to tho Capitol this even
Inc i
IncIt 10 tUPPooII ho will nt once take up tho
I matter of tile mining troubles In Kuft TcDnet
nf i ho tnal nt tIn rioters Marlon county I
will bidu In a few duyc I
I I fl I
lUlnmw JMVC AJ7fcKY 111 3rn
TIITllnU rif > i FA TZOV
II l fllffictilt In let Mm lu Tlnryttie Iteml
A New Jllalnfeclmil llpronimrnilril In VI I
rnnnTlle JIiiTHllia of tlin llUrnir mill
InrnlnK In Kiipnln Tlir loniliin lnnret
Takes a Gloomy View of thn Miitfn
1IMIIIJrU Aug 250D Imtidroil mil shty
nIne boillBo cholera victims urn nwnltlng
burial In thin cIty Bo groat Is thin terror
cnusodby tho cholera that It Is 1II11cl1lt 10 get
men for tim work of burring tliu dend and
many assistants of tinrtertikers Imvo desortod
their places of employment Business Is pros
truth anti shipping In I going to oIlier rurt Ho
ferloim iii I thin ponle that llupslnri Immigrants
now In tin cltr find It difficult to procure food
ns everybody trills to avolu tlu < in
At Altonntho army Mirueoni liavn been or
dered br thom superiors to nlqt tho Chilian
doctors In cnrlng for cholera victims
Tho attempt of tIm authorities to hold bnck
Iho facts In regard tIm r011I1 of nut cholera
linn rxcltod BO much Indignation that It has
neon practically nbnndotmd Today 17 now
eases and 11 deaths havo Noon reported Tlio
air Is much cooler tlio tlmnnnmoter register
ing 84 ° In thin shndo nlthuuijh still heavy and
Must schools have boon cloned nnd compar
atively foil persons aio Been In tho streets
All fairs bails public meetings and gather
ings of associations Imvo been prohibited
Tho city lf its It In a state of sloco Fun War
Oniao In llorlln It Is I announced hero tonleht
linn ordered that tho nrmy innmuuvrcs bo BUS
Irof Koch with his assistants Is I working
hero vnllnntly day And night conducting
bacteriological examinations listening to ro
ports from ho stricken quarters und advising
with the fnnltnry authorities Ito says today
that considering the density nopulntlon
nnd the weather tha mortality may bo rugnrd
ed still as at the minimum If the dlsonso
cannot bo localized quickly tho number of
victims lie fears will Inuionso with great
BEmix Aug 2iThe President of the Ber
lin police hat made It known through tIm
press that doctors and heads of families aro
hnnnil Instantly to rcnort all eases of lltnnan
n n
suspected to bo cholera so lone as the epi
demic shall continue
As letters nnd papers from Hucslix are not
disinfected as they wore during former epi
demics persons receiving such things from
places where the cholera prevails are advised
to burn them as soon as possible and to tnko
earn to cleanse their hands thoroughly
ANTWEIIP Aug 25The excitement In this
city over the outbreak of cholera increasing
There Is little doubt that flue disease was
brought here br vessels from eastern Europe
Tho first victims were dock laborers They
were taken to the hospitals where tho doctors
said that It was ordinary cholera and that
nothing was to bo dreaded from It The dis
ease howovor spread and tho public bccarso
alarmod Tho first victims died almost Imme
diately after entering the hospitals and the
appearance of the bodies showed the disease
to be Asiatic cholera About onefourth of all
the cholera patients removed to tho hospitals
have died Tho quarantine regulations mere
strictly enforced Every vessel from German
French and Hussiaii tiorts Is detained for ex
amination and Is l thoroughly Inspected
VIENNA Aug 25Tho Servian Government
has voted 150000 francs to bo used for flue
erection of a hospital for contagious disease
and temporary shelters for those attacked IT I I
tho cholera At all ports on tho Sen Ian Dan
ube the entry of goods of Russian nianufac
turo Is prohibited
The Chief Bnnltarr Hoard of Austria pub
lisher a statement regarding the value of a
series of now disinfectant which In view of
the cholera clangor are of much Interest Tim
attention of time public Is drawn to the
socalled lysol I whlifi Is compounded of
caustic notash oblo acid and oresolon A so
lution of ono per cent of lysol Is bald l to bo
sufficient to annihilate the common bacillus
at the shortest notion If so it will be a more
effectIve remedy than cnrbol It Is not at all
of n corrosive nature cm the cnrtrarv If
mixed with proper quantity of water It ren
tIers tho skin very smooth qualities which
render It especially useful for washing inn
hands linen and Moms und for similar pur
poses Moreover besides possessing cleansing
power In an eminent decree It Is much lens
poisonous than cirliol The Sanitary Hoard
luiro has therefore ordered lyiol to bo elassed
among the olllclally locommenderl remedies
Br 1nKiiintui AUK 2The official
cholera report shows that there were 174 new
KSeq yesterday In excess of those reported on
Tuesday while Iht deaths were 84 In excexs
of those reported on tho same day lester
dnrB totals according to thin ofllelal figures
were 5071 new cases and t 74li deaths
A curious npell avalnst cholera linn been
performed by Iho piusant of tlm village III f
JIll a few unties outside of Moscow close to
tho historic bput whore Suvoruw held a conn
ell of war on the nuosllon of defending the
town ngaln Nainileun or uliandonlng it Six
maidens led by two widows dragged ploufih
at mldnlfjit round the lllage A third I I wlilor
lioro the Jidly Imaif before the plotiKh Hu
perstltlon credits tho ceremony with equal
rlllcucy ngalnbt cattle ilavue r cholera neil
tIter of wnlcli o llHlt is Imagined olin cross
the plough line
1AKis Aug 24Tho Jewish committee horn
say that within 11 month 1000 Jews refugoes
from Itutsla Imvo passed through 1nrlc Injt
of whom were on their way to the United
Hiatus Thoso who hajo recently arrived hero
Imvo botn In a most t Illthy condition HO much
so that It was loiind necocarr to disinfect
quarters occupied hv l > them wliiln here
The official tvpcirt cuts that slnco July 30
there have been UUi uses of cholera In llniu
burg Tho number of deaths lngon as 1114
In Itourn 2H ncwcasus were reported to
day in Dieppe 70 In theist titer were
twenty doatim Irom cholera today
IiONUm Aug 2i lveryhody Is talklns
about tho I cholera and I lie chances of time
scourgo Invading tircit Jirltaln Tho neVh
paperM arc bvulnnlni tn publish socHllud
remedics every taut f l lmliiK full I I publicity
These and the despatches contained lu tho t
news columns of thin pacers Imvn u tenilonoy
to I create public iilurm and noiitrnlle any
elTect which mlllhi otherwise he produced by
the I culm ton of the t editorials of tho lending
journals In which lie ituiIhituuuo of worn and
apprehension Is iirgfd while tho taking of all
reiiionublu precaution N I also advlsnd
Tho jniiffl hike a pe > j lmistlo view of tho
situation Thin H I rccnnlod Iy many as a sltf
nlllcant fact HH tho luuuenf Is recocnlied as a
very weighty authority t on all I mutton of tills I
lillnl It lI1uot t he iidmltted too that tho
Juuuiuit has constantli i i II iiliet Id jmt J what lanA
occurred itt cUllu ellulllVllh the I present nmrch
of eholcTii It uttered Itf llrat warnlngB hn
flue cpMiiinlu had Inildly reaelled Hiilllilent
iirciiiorliiiiiH in tIt Iat I t to attract iMiurnl at
tuition Tlioie warnlt u nave been rulloratid
nt uverv slot of the liseuco westward Tim
tniii iitluio of tho dleii < H finn us hlcli lorIs
tulTered for a time I I wni mU iou OIOHC > I hy lie I
Ji in f > nit it It I I WIIH lnruilv duo i I to I this I exposure
that tilt imneli iiVurninent awcilce to I action
and Midcoded III stainpliii out the plague I bn
fnrll It hnl leaehcd u a formidable ntiiKo In tlin
Trench capltnl
Thu littler titus tiikestlm I arouinl that then
hovery tonsoii u toeticct I I tin I nh ttut of lieu
cluileru In 1 iilnml I Iii > duty ol tI ho hour ii I
In t piuptro Fin tho linasliin us If Us eunilnu
vst in assured 1irthix I I I i ruaxon the I lnncitm
IoM tho lmniodlil npenlni of f tralnlni
hIH > lor chilcru iuituMR i Inluix I this I train
ing It I boxun ni mien It iav vo tIre IILily In
ilinl tilt j > oit us III tho I Lrasji of f tlio epidemic
it lllioiitu shuT of niir > ih ciipiilile of ntlendlnu
I tutu hlfk ilui paper duel ires html Iii I orili
imry nurfccs cuiuiot ibstl iMnpTly with cholciu u i
1atlcntf fpcclnl traliilni Is I iv < turt d
III I wi 11 111I II it neil eon e for piedutnit i tit a III
tiunie I u of ill I thitueuu < Into limlnml thu huff
nruuiS Hint I hut rapldlt wllh whlll > the infer
lion hun truMtlleil hy tlioiilil uf tliiroiin rill
waY Iarrslnu HuxRlnn I I iuun lEnt oh t > to I tlio I Sorlli
ifii IIUN brouuht face III t taco with n typii uf I
Ibo ilieeasn hmlni all Ihu virulence 01 the
AMntlc I ftut in In I former yeain the sltuntion
dllTfrent The pri nnt mate of tilings Is I
far inorp notions tlinn If 1111 dUente tutu
reuieIueuui II b I ilnt as near KngUnd an llainlnin
Run u Innunr pq inch nf liiiol I and OUT n
lout giur routo In I the I latter I ci m cii ni stout cis the
umhiily wouM lose iornoof Its lolent charae
t tniqt ics on rout Now WI it Ill apt to I llud per
IOIIH louts lug llurnlmri I apparently woll I and
arriving well In ruglund Insuring their rites
nIce of quaitntlue and yet falling 111 Imme
diately aftornnrd According to the lanefl
I Lbs chief hope of limiting the spread of the
lilliIM In view of these fcatnrefl of tim situa
tion lien In the vlellanco and oneruy of lounl
flue health olllccrM nt flravesend nro lionrd
Inc every vessel arriving from funtlnenlal
ports and ovary rrecnutlon that ean be do
111 l Is In opnratlon but IIB ret no sustilclotis
ciiohna bean dlscovoiotl nmonu pasfiongorH
or crews
ruin Health Committee of tlin municipality
hold a meeting today to consider precautions
ncnlnst t tho chilera It was announced that
nil I tho Rtutinshlii I I is proposed to I suspend
their emigration tralllc until thin IIl1nlf1 from
eholern should be over It wits resolxed to
keep vlKlhint watch fur symptoms I of tlio ills
rn < n In boardliiK houses occupied by oml
rants t s
Tlm steamship Tolumbla of Iho Hamburg I
American linn I i hai been I detained at Soutti
apiiilcirj where aim will await further orders I
Him Milled fiotu New Voile on Auit 1H and
roneheil Htinthnmpton todny Hli will i I I not
Iii oceeuub to her destination I hituru lung as lie I
ooinimnr fcnr that oho mluht brliiK nwny In
fected porpons or Infocted mnrclmndls
llio 1 Hteamshlp Uonimi from llumtiure ar
rived nt flravesoml toilny with slxtv aliens
Feints of whom are HtiBslan llnbrews Tliroout
them wore rnnortnd 111 nmt tirum examina
lion hy health I olllccrs yore funnel to I Imvo
symptoms of thin clmlorn Jim stcamiihlp was
ov TIIK witcii run cin > Tiit4
i Incomlnc Nlilpn from taSSeled Inrln Mob
Irclril In HIiclU liiiiiiiinlln ICtllo
At tt5 l oclock yosteiuiy mornlnc ito Italia
the unit of tliullermnn steumships carrying
passengers from tin cholera Infected dis
trict of KtiropD was HlKhteil off Fir Island 1
New of hor urrhnl was at oncn Bent to tlm
ufilcciR stationed nt limit Headaunrtors of tho
yuaiantlne Department near Tort Wads
worth and Dr lonklnB made prnparatlons for
thorough elimination ot the vessel nnd her
passengers Tho United Blntos Consul at
Muttln from nhlch port tho vessel sailed six
teen days before had toHecretnry Fos
ton nt WiiHhlnctoii that ito Italia contained
Immigrants from tlm cholera Infected ills
trlct Thesis were Husslntis nnd there was
i every reason to believe from their hnlilts lint
If cholora existed among them It was sure to
spread or that II any of them carried thu
germs ot cholera they woro sure to be do
Dr Cyrus 1dson of tlm Ilenllh Hoard went to
Staton Island on hoarliiKof tliourilvnl of tlin
It nfl II Ito was accompanied by several other
lilt vsitiitti it When thu t ship I rirrhcd at Ito I
Uuarantlno Btdtlon lit Jenkins MJnnor anti
Tallmugo of ito Quarantine ttatlon and Dr
IMison and his companions bonriled bur Tho
Italia carried only bteerngo passengers of
L LL < u
wiiuni him ima emiiiyiwo ui uicso iwoniy
were from hustle and ten of tInt luttur Celtic
from the choloru districts
An inspection showed that none of thorn had
Asiatic cholera They proved to bo an unu
sually hoalthy lot for steerage passengers
Tlm vessel was thou allowed to proceed to her
Boforo limo vessel received a clean bill of
health all the baggage and vfTucts of tho pas
sengers were disinfected with sulphur cud
subjected to steam heatud to 212 degrees
which Is now considered tha most powerful
disinfectant known Time veuseol was detained
nearly four hours by the examination and dis
I um perfectly satisfied bald Dr Jenkins
to a buN reporter ultor he returned to time
Quarantine station that thoro Is not tIme
vestige of a germ of Asiatic cholera on board
the Italia Knowing that 01110 of her pas
sengers came Irom tIme cholera districts 1 wan
particularly nuxlous to remove all doubt as to
the propriety ot the vessel passing Quar
Speaklngof the danger from cholera gener
ally In New York Dr Jenkins said While it
is dangerous to bo too confident In such n
gravo matter as the possible advent of Asiatic
cholora In Now York I feel safe In saying that
lime conditions in New York wool mako it
easier to cope with the disease than In many
other large cities Xew York is long nnd nar
row anti Is swept by brceen from time Lust
nod North llivurs It is truo that in tlm
tenement districts of the cnst sido the people
are so thickly settled that disease mlglitenslly
Und u stronghold there yet tho precautions
tnken are to carefully considered that I ho
Iliivo I the risk is reduced to n minimum This
of courne Is supposing that cholera obtained
a foothold here But with our prosent pre
cautions It would bo hardly nobslbln fur a
cholera infected passenger to escape our
supervision During half the tlmo taken by
an ordinary steamer to cross tlio Atlantic the
Conns nf cholera would develop so Unit tIme
symptoms would be unmistakable In thin
elites of thus Italia Ibm ten passutigers from the
choleraInfected district were fourteen days
avvny fiuni the Infected neighborhood buforo
they went on board nml tlm voyuiso occupied
sixteen dnys making thirty days In all
Aie the trains being watched for cholera
Infcctml persons who irotied the Atlantic br
other routes reaching this cityby rail r asked
the reporter
Thtir would be watched if it wore feces
Barv It takes Asmtle cholera so short n tlmo
to develop thnt there would lie evidences of it
in any Infected passenger before four days
Iho 1 Noordlnnil of lie t lieu Mar line which
nrrivod from Antwerp yosteiday was thor
oughly examined by Dr Jenkins and Dr bkln
nor Though hue vessel hud sailed from Ant
werp on Mug la eleven days prior to the dis
covery of flue disease at Antwerp the exam
ination was very rigId TIme passengers toro
not detained
An informal but very Important conference
was held yetteidny morning In 1rosldent ll
tions room at sanItary hendijunrtoxs in Mul
berry street Among time present woro Mr
Wilson tlm Medical Commissioner Dr J U
Illnnt City Sanitary Superintendent Ldson
Dr Roberts chief of flue division of contagious
disease and inn Immons Clark thin Hecre
larv of tlm Itonrd It was decided that every
thing It was possible to do hud boon done in
the way ol precnutlouary measures Assistant
huperintondont June said his afternoon that
nothing would lie loft undone In coping with
the sconrgn if ft should eucceod In obtaining n
footing Imro
Kvory Ties he continued Is putting the
danirnrf further away as it Is bringing In cooler
wcntliar but though It may nppiar romote o tlm t
danger should not be underrated hew Vork
IH very thickly popuuuttoul anti though thin laws
of inflation are veiny strictly enforced jet 1
feel that our watchfulness should not bo ro
Iliuiiilstieil until all dancer Is past Thin sun
llary corps is trying to make the cllr
us claim as possible trying to mako
every cute conform to tim ordinary rules
of health Tho man who Is In absolutely
gnod health has considerably less rensou to
fenr Infection tlinn the mim who is run down
in health Ore n or overripe fruit or nun
IhliiLwhich I In liable I tocauco t dlarrlinnl I dis
eases slmuM bo avoided Wo have fifty extii
liikpnetora nt work nt present
Ipimral 1asfenger Manager Boas ot time
Hamburg American Iacket Company was seen
by hid reporter yesterday nt I7 llronilway In
reference tn the cholera epidemic In Ham
burg It In now an acknowledged fact Im
n ill Hint clmlrn wan brought to Hamburg I
llieinen Vntwi > rp and immure by Immigrants
from canton 1 urope IP older to nvold nil
ulan ur nt 1 Infection h from AmHrlcnii travellers
rutiirnliK I from Iuiopo whet almost Invariably I i i I
ttivol I u m llrt orbepondclnssthocoiniinnybiisdo
cldeil toiepnrnto I I I the foreign Immigrant I truf t t
fle entli1 I I I y from tlm t II ret nml second clauses
Immigrant I it ivlll I henioforth until I I further t
uuut let bo sent on specially de lKiinteil
stenm rs Immigrants Ion this country will
nNo bo 1iipeiteil in Hniiinurg nt the compa
tilesoMiiiso under tlm i h illieot supervision of 1
the Anmriiiu lonsul or one of fiN sulmrdi
nulls tutu their laiiaio will bo thor nuhly
lumliratcd hy the Mium prorchS lIiuluIu s
tlmiu prvcautlniiMt hpeilnl i > mpnitniPiit lute
I een si inldo In tlm stciimshlii illrectlycoin
nuiilcnting with tIm utoteuuu pipes tol Mitnto
hedlrlnfectlon of tlm tinggiign All pas
enirer hteamshlpsof lieu Hamburg linMvlll
until further iiYitlep lull tuutit tivieii tbii
porU of New York and fonllininpton Tim
Viinrst lllwinnrek I vvbeli led I New iiirk u lndiv I
vvlllitiipit I I t ttouthuumuuu u it out Instead I of gui utir to I
I hit ut I ti ru
hr llniif mid Hint no special meetlni nf tIm
dllTeient u t steamship I lines I i hud I I been hold In
rugnnl to llm eliolnra is tin as Im knew
In tlin opinion of Dr trIte litton l situ gneet
oct iliuuger if f eholein reaching this ctv ll s
In llm I liniiortatln nf rues It is muhiutuulittiuly >
I lit I uuistl hUe ho sit 15 tn make sum of tholr I
U I sI ii feet ion on lie other side All I I our trunk
I his nt the t otlint jut
Health Commissioner Orlflln of Krnnkltn
hiatt lusimd nn onbr foiblddlna the dlscbarcn
of nun rncs coming In vessels from foreign
poiK t duilnr the I prvMilenceof chooru abroad h
HH U I oniifldcnt Unit tho precaution already
tnken liytlin t Omiiniittno I I mid health author
it I sue ol i thin t city will lineuemu t I imo dlscnso u from
PHcmng this port
Tlm now of tho prevalence of cholora nt
Hamburg panned south Hm > icmrD lon In Ho
boken vf ierdny particularly In the noluhror
hood ol the liamburc plor rite Health Board
mot and gave Instruction for the llelnfeMlng
of nil I inirelmndl 1 I si o arriving from Infectel I u
l tint ut and lit it Iontd I Issued cruet C o flu COii
ilm u landing I I I of tags from I 1m localities I whoro
thus ciioltia oxfrts
I ln Jersey City Ifcallh lionrd has not taken
any action In reference to the cliolorn
Vffiii riinM Tin i L vrnt rnms
Ittron llrncti In IrrslnTho prnul afths
Dlsfiint In hamburg
W PHIKCTOV Mug STho Stab Depart
ment todny rocejved further ndvlccs relative
to tlm cholera of a very disquieting nature
VlceConiulOenernl loc atTolieran son of a
former novvspnper proprietor of Wn hlniton
D cables tlmt thus estimated denths In
1ersln from tlio IUoo > o aro iiI r > 0M In
Mooched 120011 I In Fabric HOOO In Teheran
nnd 100110 In other places Ills nppeals for
aisl tnnco to tlm American hospital In Tuho
rnn Imvo nlrendy boon mailo public Tho
Consul at Hamburg telegraphs that the au
thorities t I of that cit y nil it it lint t Asiatic i cholera
has been prevalent them sInce Aug lllnndiili 1
to thoJlif then wern I 10 cases mind snventv
llvo deaths Nevertheless the fact of tlio ox
Istoiico I of cholera thoro t wit it denied up to Aug
2l nist as It Is now denied lit Havre Tha at
tempts to I suppress accurate Information oc
casion much it nasi flees I iu enib It nfluuor huino
1Iftj thousand i ImmlKrnnts I I In I nut nub num
liens WITH brooLht Into the Inltei States
from tlm ports ol llnmlmrg llrompn Antwerp
nnd Havre during the months of June nnd
Julylu < t and the streim has not penvptluly
diminished I I I I thus far duriim th t month of
August Tlm count ios from which they camu
Were 1
Jml Jtp
Ormnny Kooo IOIHKI
NllirlinJ teui I 400
1iilaiid uipie < > 4 test
IIUHIIU sro esuu
In addition to fuses jfiQO Immigrants wore
rocohed from 1 riincn miring the simm time by
way of blame Tho Iliinslan ImmlKiunts came
chlofh by way of llnmburg whcyo lImo eholorn
Is now raging so virulently It Is estimated
that onethird of nn tmyoriu gut months supply
hat Is to sny between HtHjo I nnd 7 < ifKJ lot iii I
crantH are now on their wny across the ocean
from I hose infected ports destined for tho
ports of New York Italtlmore 1hlladolphia
nnd Huston The task of Inspecting timer un
welcome arrival I t and disinfecting their I lug
BUBO will bo no light undettaklng It Is sMil
that fiom nnd after this I date the t out tuunkui t lou
of i lit iii ignut rut 5 for tin Inltod stales from t ten
no nut y tuni I Jluseln I will I I bo prnctlcnllyrusi I I I i ended
until I I I frost by I mutual understanding I I between
flu 0 teiiuiKlilp 1 llnc I I s nnd I ito t Treasury ofll
clulH of tli > lnlted Smuts All precedents of
previous cholera epidemics i point to creator
rlangor to flue Inltod States tlm year foflowlni
an uuui t brett hr In Ktiropo than t In I thu t sortie year
but the military ofllcinls of tho Inltod Stalls
hero express tlm t I opinion that t tlm ci I uti nets
mndo In siinltnlion nnd methods of disinfec
tion and the increased m knowledge nc < iulred of
ii S ui it
serious cholera visitation will onnble them to
bieak the precedents and ward oilnn epidemic
1iuisvtiLB Aug 2Dr T N SlcCormlck
of howling Urean Iresblent of Ito Intrnn
tlonal Conference of Htato Hoards of Health
has called n meeting of hue Kxeciitlvo Com
mittee of time Conference for Friday next In
Indianapolis tnconsldertho mntterof appoint
ing n committee to Inspect all the quarantine
stations on the Atlantic unit Pacific coasts
with u view to learning their efficiency in pre
venting thin Introduction of cholera into this
country His notion Is endorsed by all lug
State Hoards of Health with which he has con
As a mutter of course nil vessels corning
from Hamburg an olTlcinllvproclaimed Infect
ed port will bo quarantined Assistant Secre
tary of tlm Treasury Spauldlng tothu cent lie
following messnge toum Secretary of Mil n
Answering the Inquiry of the Consul nt
Hamburg us to tim langth of ounrnnlln 1
have to state tlmt time tlmo of iletontlon is in
definite but loni enough to disinfect vessels
If necessary and give reasonable assurance
against the admission of cholera
The treasury Department today Issued
a circular letter to Collectors of Cus
toms and medical officers ot thn Mn
nab Hospital Fervlca saying that tho
department circular dated Aug 17 181VJ
relative to the disinfection of flue per
sonal affects anti baggage of immigrants
prior to embarkation IB extended to Include
the bngengo and personal nfToets ot Immi
grants from all 1uropenn and Asiatic ports
and It is further ordered that the Provisions of
the circular thus amended shall become oper
ative on and after this date except for article
of baggage Ac afloat prior to tlm promulga
tion of this order which must bo disinfected
on arrival
Fropoect to FumIgate HOCKHK on Mtem
ships Before ArrIveS a Port
liAtTittoity Auc 25 Hcnltli Commissioner
McShane today held a conference with repre
sentatives of the different steamship com
panies plying between Baltimore and European
ports Dr McRhanns suggestion that time bag
gage of persons coming from cholorninfccted
districts bn placed In a separate compartment
and fumigated by steam on the way across the
Atlantic was favorably received Dr lueShnno
contended that It would tnt the surest way to
destroy any cholera germs that mlirht ho lurk
ing In thin ngenge I and would occasion less
delay on tlm arrival of the ship at ijuarnntlne
Jim representatives of tIm steamship com
panies favored tho plan and cabled their
Kuropean offices
A Quarantine nt Hnvnnnnh
BAVANVMT Aug 25Tho Hnvannah health
authorities decided today to establish n quar
antine against till Kuropenn and Asiatic ports
All vessels arriving hereafter from thoso ports
will be detained
Hli IoTcd n MarrIed Mnn
Onrv TAit X Y Aug 253riss Mary
Ducette a pretty Trench girl of 20 years
drowned hersnlf today because sho had fallen
In love with a married man and could not live
without him
The Wrnther
Tha storm which formed In tbo Mlmlislppt Valley cm
Wednesday an central yesterday over Lake Erie ana
Now York itixl win attended by btlik lo tilt h on shore
winds otrr llie Middle Atlantic ant New lncland
ronn ami hy an urea of rainfall which covered the
country from Wlironnln Illlnoli stud Michigan to the
MMdle Ailantlr anil New EnnlainlcoaXi All along the
tinnier of lh lakes the rainfall wai very heavy tn
tYriit tour liners Kanduikjr reported 8C4 Inches
FrK VMi Milwaukee 2 Ofl and JlnSalo 1J8 Heavy
iiuncuut fell ale In lbs Carolina
The lorni aliould pan aaitirard today and ba rot
hun ed by brisk iiorttiweit wind and clearing cooler
S cattier
Tlio storm In the Northwest Is mnylnf lonthtnit
war I over Montana and the Dakota atterdid by lUlit
raliu und warmer weather
fliers were ocrailnnal ihowers In thl > rlty during
llm ilny foloHtd at night hy n steady rain Tha
IniuiMity > tvi > d at about N per rain nllUay hue ifiily
iciiitliia lrly wluli the avtraKA vilmity or whiih wits
Fixte n unties an Jiour brliirftntf In a larie amount of
ciiil itt The hlnhot ulllclal leinprrature a n HT
i > urM 70 ° tout raintull OH ot an Inrli
Thi thrrinnuioter lit Ierry pharmacy In Tin Set
tvllJInir recorded thus lemperatur re > lerdaya > fnllot
lAS IKKJl Hfll Hl
n4M 74 74 > l aaor M MI MJ
11 A M 7a i 74 II r i M 77f 1 i
IIA t M 7 > i > Hi1 vi 71 li
1 ti 7 ps ui
AVtraioon Auc 85181U H
a < inilrji imn t HI lui ininir I
yen Maine New llumiiililri uil Vermont ihovtr
followrd liy I deirlnic In northern portnn j waruier
by Irlilny nltflit freth nnrlherl vlniU
Kor Mauisihuotu i jOule Iliu < l slut ruanectlrut
houem cooler brink nurtlicn trrly wliiJt
Pu > pul rti ffrtp Jorjl fttrtrt < tll mr Nl I flir it niyrlhrnt
SW iu OujJflhi jo ii I j S t i l4V rfq is
Ft r emicrn IVnnijli ama Siw lr ry an 1 Iitlawara
ihonern en If r tuueuiwitterit ItuU
Fir limlrlPiuCColuniMa and Ii nr > lunl I ihovrert to
nlyht and i rflmlily Kriduy conli r v eic i rlv Ii rutS
For Mcitein Jenn hunlii tnt lieu Virginia fair
reeVe lCd by > honir > 111 enitrrn linn > Ii suits tvanrar
In vteilmi Ieliiujlvaiuu nortlurly while bocomln
vnrt iilt
Fir it eitfrn tw Vuik aim plfiidot ly I ihowtn
nnnnrr unrlh < rl < trlnK I temp tn vailab
Tl Htorui 11 nlral on W Cut tiVi Jay night 01 tr wettrrn
Itt l > crle liSt mhuLoril In New York with a Ilihl In
frrii c nf slurry Tie itnrm In this Vnlcliivn
var > y liai i rriniliiAil I mire ny ttlonary Au area of
liiKh tat uuitct ruuuuure w a ii t tilt Iruinitie I I ii < ptr lake
irclon In the I huu l er viltmnirl Vnlteyiuiit tin pnnttirt ceo
tliuen liUh ol I hi Nov a Scot la nnd North rufttlo ooaitt
lute Icnipralura Iui rUcn ililitl > abne Ito Atlantic
in iat t iulh of New Knxlatiil In the ejl Juif siatei
mid Irom itt upier lake region lu this lower MUmml
t shey Tie Itinpirtliiri 1as fuuttet menu tle OinoVttl
hey and Fennrove lu Nev hnilanil stub a niatki1 full
In tcinpuratir hiuucurrcd on the norllieavt nepu cf
itt Knrkjr llounlnlui Mioven have orrurred from
Ilio laVe re lon and New ngland I In theOulf uf Mulco
Rimen are aUo t iorled from the inlude und upnir
> n iurlV ll i ChaOs en with freih lo high w intl
areindlrated for hew Encland and Jew lark luhi
central fapye thus uuoatjucr wIll bo generally lair
p 5
ZRISIl or riiiciirun 1lUtL
Ilei ltronrp Ihr Trliiurlllx Acrretnrnt t >
l > In MrfVtucp nf limo fnnlllnllon end
Jriin u 1rcllnilntiry InJiinctlOB Tlm
Cenlrnl Itnllrimil nf Nriv limry Mu t
ItrMiiiiif tnntrnl or he lrnpcrllpM
TnrsTov Aitff 2TIue IniiKlookodfor de
clslon of Chancellor Mcdlll In tho ease of Iii
rilatn aualnil I i u I tlio 1 Itt ii I tic coal ceni 11 lit wail
niod thl nftrrnoon It crnnts tlm preliminary
Injunction nhkoil for to lostrnln limit coaler
from alienating toguIier tinier the lonsos en
lured Into liiftt wlntnr bronktiiDthocnlobrntodl
tilpnrtltcncro t m chit forbldt Ito I Philadelphia
unit bleaching nnd tInt Pont llcmllnx from
opurntlni Iho Central until illroctj that
tlm littler rosunm rOntiol of Its own prop
city frunolilm Ac ThiTourts docroo Is to
hold until tlm juiltcmont on tho final honrlna is I
ronclorcil lu tho course of tlm decision his
Chancellor says Corporato bodlvn th ten
cnco In public occupations are created bv this
Htato upon tlm hvpothisls that t they I will hofe
public binclH They enjoy prlvllccofl that In
dividuals cannot lucre Vhllo the State con
fers ipoiiil iinivhleue tin tinso favorites It at
Ito camo time exacts from them duties which
also tend to tutu publli wnlfiro Such corpora
thins hold their powers In trust for
tlm pulillc weal When therefore li
appears that such n corporation unmind
ful of Its plain duty acts prejudicial t
tIm public In unlor to maku undue gains fop
KH stockholders It uses Its power In n mnnnav
not contemplated by the law which confer
thiin I fIt ii riiancollor takes up the law of
ISSTi which prohibits the leasing domostlo
to foreign coiporutlons vvlthnnt lofflslatlveJ
sanction and ileilares It to bo constitutional
It follows ho says that Ito lease to the PortJ
Itemllni g was nnulo not only without legal
anrtlon but In dollineo ot an exprosMr
prohlbltoiy stntutu llo says the Attor
noyCJonoral on bohalf of tho people mar In i
voko tlm power ol tho court to restrain
further operations under the lonio It Ii
well Hcttlod ho says that where a oorpo
rate uxeess of power tends to thin public Injury
or to diifoat public policy It may be restrained
In eiiultynt huh stilt Hn holds further that
time Attoriievnnnprn1 lint time election tn at
cnso of this kind to proceed nt law to forfeit time
charter or In equity Ionic restraint of tho excess
The Chancellor says There are peculiar
features In tic transaction that evince a pub
Ho danger much moro serious than appearS
In tho mere transler of corporate duties to
performance by n foreign corporation Thi
parties Intcrustod constltuto two of the nix
great anthracite coal carriers of the country
Through the leaning of tIme Lehigh Valley
throe of these are controlled by tho combine
thou Thin proof shows that there are localities
in hit State which formerly had tho ad van
tact uf rompntltlon between tittesealhlet t roads
but now eiil auhieut to the monopoly which timis
leisu affords It 1ft true thou cooperation of ties
other eonl roads has not been ocurcd
liyt hi h ico only competitor Is l rlloneod
and only Itlllo moro than oneimiili of the entirf
coal region IH unntrollnd It Is only time seconil
stop In I tile direction of monopoly the llrst bn
Ing tha lento of the Lohlgii nlloy Unilroad
It in to be remeiiitoiid Tiownver that the
AttorneyOeneral may have bin injunutloiv p
whon the ultra Ires ict tend or is of a natural
to produce public Injury Ho Is not renulrexa
to wait until all thu monopoly possible la
created or until all the Injury possible Idla
process of Inlllctinn The answers deny that
either the Jhilndelpiiia and Heading or th
Central own any coal lands or produce
or deals in coal That li true but
At the same line it Is admitted tlmt the lIonel
lug owns a majority of the capital Mock of thIS
Heading loul anil iron Company and tho
Central owns a majority of tlio capital Htocc of
lot Iehlkh and vvilke linrr Cntl Company
What Is this but dlfitful and elon 7 What
even may bo the nominal ownurMilp or the lo
gal title for tho hiilibtnnttal purpose of tIms
Injury rehonilod In the Attorns > yGc > ner
al Ii complaint the railroad companies stand
as the owuer of the coal land In this court
us tulle the dMiiiiU of thIs uuiay be literally true
Hueh allocutions without explanation and la
faeo of tho facts adverted to savor of aa
emblem which disentitles thorn to that fore
which Is usually accorded to tin denials Ofro
spnnslvo answers upon preliminary hearings
Vo Imvo great coal dealerx complnlnlnc
that they are ulllcluntly Duid for tlio prod
uct ol their raiiiOH combining no that already
thoy control more than onehalf the coat fields
upon which this htato depends for fuel and
looking to time cooperation nf tho remaining
anthracite coal producers to effect n change la l
thin price of their output so that they mar
hnve more satisfactory return from their in
vestment To cay that these conditions dt >
not lend tn n disastrous monopoly In coal
would be an Insult tn intelligence
It Is possible that such a monopoly mar l5
usod as tho defendants suggest to introduce
economies and cheapen coal but it does vio
lence to our knowledge of human nature to
expect such n result
In conclusion the Chancellor says Tho
commodity in which these companies deal Is a
nocoscary of lIfe In this Htnto It Is the prin
cipal fuel of Its homes and factories Th
slightest increase In its prieo J Is felt bya popu
lation of hunilredsoftliotunndsof persona for
their necessity compels thorn to pay hiss
incroase If oncon comphito monopoly bo 05
tabllshed by the de trtiotlon of competition
whether that bo through 10050 or coopera
tionthe promoters nnd shamans In it may have
whatever prlco their cupidity suggest rite
disaster which will fdloirciimiot Unmeasured
It will permeate tin entire eommunltr fur
naces forges fnctones uud home leaving la i
Its trail murmur of discontent with a govern
ment which tolflriiU It nnd all lImo other evil
effects of oppmsHliii
Time Chntieel or define the bounds of the
injunction which ho grant snjlng I will
continue th present fiijunctlon to nnal hear
ing adding to It however th further direc
tion tlmt the defendants their officers and
agents do desixt from further performing and
carrying Into nl > d the lease anti tripartite 41
niriooniHiit nnd thit thin Tort Heading and the
rinliideli ln iii tutu ii Iteudtng companies do do
p1st until refraIn from continuing to control
the proiirty niil frnnclilneH of the CcntriU
and from ntliervvl intermeddling therewith
mu tilt that t tutu I lVntril t do refrain from permit
ting I I hue Iort I Ike ii I tic and 1hlladelpliln and
llciidliii In I lieu rontiol or operate Its rosd
nnd fraiicblscs I nnd thnt the Central do again
rcHiime cniitriilif nil Its property and fran
chutes nnd the performance of all its corpor
UH I frnnchlseH
flue fiillowlng Is thin syllabus attached to thus
teelhion lJ A corporation created br stat
ntii possesses no rights and can exercise no
lOirors which urn not exiircmsly given or tn loS
ntOhsarlly linplleil IJIHuch a corporation
cannot lease or rtUpn of tiny franchue need
ful I In I tlm I piirformnnco I of Its obligations to tha
btalo without liglHlntlviconsent It t Th uct
of March 11 I IHso which nniends tho hovuu
teenth section nf tho act ftntltlnd An nr
to aulhurio tlio fonnntlon nf rallrri
corpoiutlutiH and reguUto tho stunt
la free from constitutional Inllrmltr
In its tltliinnd Isaiifllelentlybrond in HH term
tn confer power upon railroad cnrrorntlom
nlmrtiirril by upeclul lawn 41 i Tho act of Mir
U IriM eiilltlod An nel roipectlng tim leas
ing of f railroads In constitutional T > I Kijultr i t
hooks at the hubataneo and will dlnregnril
naiiia and penetritn dlsgulaoH of form lo ills i
uovur and heal wIth It dll Where a corporals p
IXCIINH of power lends to thin pulillo Injury or
to ilufent piiblln policy It unity but rcntrnlnecl 3
In 0iulty nl tint suli of flit > AttorneyOenrrnl v
A rallronil coinpiny of thin Ktnto lensei itt p
franehlsntoa rnllwny corporation of nimtber
Main Tlm li ace wan not only unHUthorlfl
but VVIIH ifire el > forbldilxn br law Hit tlT jt
was toeomblno coil producers aid cirrlcra
nnd to pnrtlilly destroy cnrnpulltlon In thn
produotlonand sale of Hnlhrniitx eonl n iti
lila coma mu iii Ii y of tlmKtnti I i HiId I to I bo n cor
poruto nxrofca of jiowor which tends to nionup
uly and tIm pnnllo Irijtii
Two llnnrti Illdnl hc
ATLANTA Aug 2The southern Meamslilp
nnd Bail usa y Atist uejme lout mljourned todny
Tho Clnclnnntl S Utborn nnd hue Alabama
Great Houthorn ImvInK fallcl to I slcn tin
agreement Mnoi 1ink bus xevin tiuV h In
vvliMi to innUo up blti ininil llu I < Improiisliui V
mnorig lie iiomhrril Unit there will be a hit I
tir boicott of thety iomi I unions Jlijor I ink
tlvoe In
IiUt > r MUluc full nap a
OlTliitip O T Am J Cntllemen haro
lately been rtrlvl1 a rattle thrnuirh tlm hero
Iteo strip ilisplte Ibo order prolulltlng It 1
Hlierln Mai ID i oiinty K hues hinred 2 H > 0
fiitthi menu U iiftei morn ItlnieataJ tuiiju
toublu will toauu I
I a Jt jfr

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