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I JrVIJir Of mint TliT BUFFALO
Troop A and the Thirteenth nnd Twenty
third KeKlnenU of Itrooktin Aitionc tbe
f Flrat to Hlorlny Tonlaht All Incept
i Ihe nnrilo Regiment nro llxpeettd lo
Hrenk fnmpThe Nlrlkrr nnd Their
t NysnpnlliUeris Hllll Inclined to tie Voly
i nnd lo Interfere rvllh the Movement of
Trnlna A Crond Threw Ktone nl the
Htnlrleo or the Tnenltoecond KtBlmtnt
a1 One or Them ti la Shot nnd After
vnnrd Jllertllltler Frellnc Aoalnat tirnnd
Matter Hvveenry for l eclillnr the Mlrlke
UtT Culminated In n Violent Anannlt Upon
Him bJ n Hlrlker Somej Men Who Were
Taken line1 hy the rompnnlen Slrnelt
Again An r the Nonunion Men Bad
JReen Sent Awny Grand MIr HnrecnoT
Wefore the JBoard of Arliltrntlon
I BUFTAIA Aug 25 Since tho etrlko WPS de
clared off at 110 last night luilf n doon as
aults of n morn or loss serious nnturolmvo
1 serous
boon commlttad l by tho strikers or tholr
friends Tho switchmen employed by tho
it Erie road at tho Ohio street freight depot Imvo
I been compelled to quit work because of stone
throwing nnd threats One engine bearing n I
party of soldlors his been thrown off tho track
f and there has been an attempt to wreck a I
freight train These Incidents constitute a I
reason why It was not safo for the troops to bo
I withdrawn today Ono man who participated
r in an assault on tliesoldiciH of tlio Twenty
l second Iteglraont has boon shot all he will
probably die Threa ot his companions aro
under arrest
The calling off ot tho strlko by Mr Sweeney
V I was not popular among the striking switch
men An intensely biter feeling f against the
r Grand Mauler has developed among tho late
strikers who consider that they Imvo boen
t duped and betrayed by him Ono of thor
vald tliat Hwoonoy had given no chance to tho
r men to got their places back again I bo had
t Intimated yesterday Hint ho intended to de
f j clare tho strlko off or held It until
1 today the mon say thoy would have
t had a chanco to soo tholr former
I employers and make terms with them
Sweeney had better got out of town nnd get
f out quick was tho remark of f ono of tho
I bitterly disappointed mon Hut It Is I the cal
ing the trlko off and not the calling It off at
k midnight that is the grievance Tho lost of
tem knew that tho railroad companies had
f ucceedcd in filling the places they throw up
t when they went on strike and they Knew that
f they could not go back to work so they wero
t anxious to retain at least a pretence of nn 03
ouss for violence The declaring off of tho
strike loaves them with nothing at all
to do but to bohavo themselves and to goto
work at whatever they can flndtodo While
1 they wero on a strike tho grocers nnd tho
butchers wero liberal to them and would give
them credit Now they will shut down on
them unless thoy hUllo around and find
omethlng to do In short order This condi
tion of affairs makes them angry I is be
lieved however that this angfy feeling will
rapidly wear away The very necessity of the
actuation will drive It away quickly To
days violence It is thought may wind
up the trouble and unless somo ex
traordinary things occur tonight It is I
thought almost certain that all of
the troops except the two HufTtlo regiments
will be on their way homo by totnoriovv night
The liuffalo regiments will probably be on
duty for twoor three days yet Late this after
noon the Mayor and the Sheriff joined a re
quest that the troops should be recalled just
a they originally joined In tho request that
toy should bo called out
Mr Sweeney himself today got a taste ot
the medicine some of his mOl halo been ad
ministering to tho nonunion switchmen who
came t liuffalo to take their places The dose
was of the nature thnt most labor leader cal
moral suasion though no club was used in
tills case For this reason Mr Sweeney
Is only temporarily bunged up and is
not permanently injured Tho striker
would have given Mr Florence Dono
van of tho State Hoard of Mediation and
Arbitration a dose of the same medicine had
he had a chance It all happened this way
Mr Sweeney had just finished giving his tes
timony before the Board He was leaving the
hall when ho was approached by Striker
Quinn Mr Quinn weighs 1 pounds and
Mr Sweeney about Ifil pounds Mr Quinn la
the Secretary of the lodgo of switchmen which
takes in the men emplovod by tho Meke Plato
road Ho was ono of tho < non who was not
consulted by tho Grand Master Switchman
before the strike was declared off Mr
Sweeney was on tho stops of the New Era Hal
when Quinn approached
Good morning Sweeney he said In the
most disrespectful manner possible
Good morning Quinn replied Mr Swee
ney cheerily
Yes good mornlncr Sweeney repeated
Qulnn Why in hell did you say this light
was over
The delegates of the various lodges of
witchmen decided that it was no uso to keep
up the fight longer replied Mr Sweeney se
Oh they did did they Well damn you
that Isnt a good enough reason What in hell
do you think wo struck for any way you
whltollverod monkey to got licked 1 Now
you look at hero if you dont call u meeting ot
the switchmens unions nnd have this light
declared on ngaln your name will be mud not
Sweeney you hoar mo talking
You nro gottlns excited nro you not
asked Mr Sweeney still retaining control of
Ills temper Tho strlko Is declared off
legally declared off and I havo no power to
declare It on again I do not think It bust to
declare I on ngnfu cither
Oh you dont dont you Well I dl
see Biff bang I bang Qulnns flutu shot out
Thoy landed Mr Sweenoyfl eves Thoy hit
Ills nose Thoy banged his mouth They
broke his teeth Iliff bang t bans Thoy shot
out again Thny broko tho skin wherever thoy
landed JHff baud bane Again thoy shot
out and Mr Swconey was lying In the gut
ter Ills oyns hud already begun t i > well
You sold us out to tho railroad companies 1
shouted Quinn Biff I Youre D traitor
Bang I Youre no earthly use Bang
Youre a whltollvorod monkey nnd Ill
punch lovcn different kinds of daylight
through you I
Qulnn was down on him by this time and he
teemed to bo carrying out his threat In a
moment ho got tired of punching and he
Jumpod up and began to kick the Grand Mas
tar He kicked him and ho kicked him and
then he fell on him again and punched and
mauled him This was all In broad daylight
and on a street In the busiest part of Buffalo
Nobody Interfered Thoro wero women in tho
crowd that looked on Ihey said
Poor lao poor man 1 What did he do to
be treat oil so shimofully
When Quinn hat finished which was not
until some ono had said that thu police wero I
coming ho got up brushed tho mud from his
clothing and darted to walk away I was
then that some of tho men In the crowd
thought It would be a good thing to detain
him until It was ascertained vihuthor tho in
juries he had Inflicted on tho person of tho
Grand Master wero fatl They btnrted alter
hlD He saw them coming and started on a
run down Man street Thn pursuers wore
training on him and ho turned und squaring
off he shook nil flats at thor and shouted
1 Keep back hero t I I any ores follow mo
Il kill ye I nnd thon he flatted off again
and tho pursuers turned around and went
back to vvlifio 1 Sweeney lay groaning on the
> The Urand Matter Switchman was just pick
inc himself up when they got hack He was
being a lstcdby several member of tho
wltcntnen M order who were in the hall when
the aaatalt took place and cimo out to sou
what some ot the dull thuds that sounded every
olthedul tha Inry
time that Qulnn landed on tho Ornnd Master
meant The pavement her he lintl been
lying was covered with blood blood streamed
down tho hits ot his face and his clothing
was stained Ilo looked as though ho had
hivl an encounter with a ryclonr He walled
slowly ntid painfully up the street Thu crowd
followed at a funeral distance Tho Irand
Maxtor was dazed He acted Just ns n prlru
llghterncts after he tins been knocked out
His movements were nil mechanical The first
al frlt
drug stole that was encountered was < Ly
manF Ilo was stiorod In thoro and his head
was put under a coldwater faucet and the
Water was turned on while one man held I
bottle of ammonia to his nose Ho recovered
In a few minutes Then his wounds WAO
washed and dressed lie didnt look so bad
alter It was all over ns might have been ex
pected though It It hadnt been tor tho appli
cation leeches to his eyes ho might not have
been recognlred by casual acquaintances Af f
let IIP haahean patched up Mr Sweeney was
Interviewed He said
It was ono ot the most cowardly assaults I
ever hoard of I was standing talking to
threo or four Dvvitchmcn when Qulnn ap
proached mo from behind nnd dealt mo a tor
ilble blow on the head I turned around com
pletely dumfoundud to soo who hud hit me
and to protect nivsolf when ho rmashed me
attain This blow waa right on tho nose and
1 dont know whether my nose Is broken or
not I WAS knocked down by the blow and he
kicked mo belo ho ran away
Whatcauso could behave had to hit you
nsked tho leportcr
Qulnn Is I Nickel I riatosnllchman and has
bon thrown out ol a job by the strike I sup
pose ho blames me for tho loss of his position
and hal taken this wav to got even J was
tho only course ho thought be had 1 suppose
I Is the Hist tlmo In the history lt tho order
that an oltlcer hOI been defaulted Mr Swee
ney continued I wan never lilt by a striker
Will you have him arrested f
No I will not
Mr Sweeney added that ho would start for
Toronto as loonns he was In condition
Commissioner Kloreneo Donovan said In tho
afternoon In speaking of the nssaull ltwa
frightful It was shameful The dignity of
onicewns tho only thing that kept mo from
jumping In and whipping the man Quinn
Tho story of thn shooting of a man by the
soldiers of the Twentysecond lleglment us
told follows by the olllcors of tho regiment is as
At about 10 oclock word was sent from the
outpost ot that part of the regiment which Is
under tho command of Major llartlett that the
strikers wero throning stones at tho Brio
switchmen In thn yards near tho freight depot
IEht lot
nt Ohio and Qanson street Lieut Cassldy
and a detail of twentyfour men wero sent to
the scene on tho double aulek They fount
thnttho strikers were keeping up a regular fusl l
lade at tho nn at work In tho yard The Lieu
tenant brought his detail to within speaking
dlstunr oUho mono and thon called to them to
disperse They did not dolt Ho called again
anu told thor tlmt unless they dispersed
peacefully ho would chnrcn on them with llxed
bayonets Tho reply this time was n > olley of
stones Several of the soldiers were al hit The
Lieutenant ordered his men to charge They
started forward They wero mot by volley
after MilUy of stones nnd hits of Iron Ihen
one of the soldiers tired nshot and one of the
strikers fell Ihe others ran off as fast ax
their legs could carry thor The entire detail
ehaded them Thomas Carr of Company
1 nnd Corporal Moeks of Company 1
wero sprvor than tho others anil
they I overtook nnd captured three of
mo pnnr 1110 men men went oaiK 10 sew
hUll badly the man who bad been shot was
wouvled They found that he
thlt IVA uncon
scious Tlie big bullet had entered Ills groin
just above tho hip An ambulance was sent
for and he was taken to the hospital Thn
doctors there bald it was very doubtful If ha
eotild live He has since died Ills name is
Michael llrodorlck It N I said that ho was om
plored on the Lehlgh Valley roaM before thn
strike The three men ciiptureil by the cor
poral and tho private were John Kelly of
ItKi TennnsHce street who was employed on
the Lohlgh Valley ronil bnfore tho strike
Michael Clifford of 130 Klk street employed In
tho Erin grain elevators but not n striker and
John Murphy o hunduslvy Htreel who before
road the strike ws emplojed on tho Lohlgh Valley
roadh local papers show tho same disposition
to jump of this case of nhootine as they havn
on R bout erythlll thnt is dono by the soldiers
In the Interest ot law nnd order
Sinco tho troops hlt been here Sheriff
Beck lias received n great many communica
tionI recanting their stay and the advisability
of their being sent homo but none of thor his
been quite so serious ns tho following which
ho received this morning The skull and cross
bones heads the pngu
Tit Aiitr i t fri fnriftr th HVirUwcntnn
Withdraw tlie troops or you rarrsb This means
Ilelb Amen
Beneath this is arudcfydrawncoflflnwiththo
inscription AI1H I wasnt long utter
thn receipt of this document that the Sheriff
cnlled on tho Mayor nnd conferred with him
They were together for somA time and when
the conference was over it was announced
that they had united in writing I letter to Uon
Porter asking for tho withdrawal of the
troops Of course tho threat in the communi
cation had no Influence one way or the other
in Inducing thn Sheriff to act
Ono of the amusing features of the story to
day Is the act of the Lackawanna and Nickel
Ilate men They went back to work this after
noon in response to the Invitation of tho com
panies As soon as they were back tho super
intendents of tho roadb shipped the nonunion
men they had employed away When the
former strikers were very sure that the non
union men had gone they talked Itoveramong
themselves and tonight they struck again
They had meetings tonight chose Mike Bar
rett of Chicago ns their loader and decided to
stav out till Sheolfrozn over Amusing as this
is tlmreis I reason for it After the confer
ence yesterday afternoon when Mr Sweeney
called In the representatives of the switch
mens local unions to consult 190 tho advisa
bility of ordering the strike off he Ignored the
lodges of which the men who struck trom
svmpithy wero members und only call
ed tho men of tho Irle Central West
Shore Lohigh and Buffalo Creek roads
which were tho original strikers The
roads whose men were ignored were the Lack
roars the Lake Shore the Western New
York and Pennsylvania the Nickel Plate and
the Buffalo Itochestor nnd Pittsburgh None
of the men on thoflve roads last named had I
been out nearly as long as the original strikers i
and they were not as thoroughly whipped
Like good prize lighters those fellows an > pigs 1
for punishment and thovwaiU more 1 hoy
will probably not be satisfied until they IIUVH
boon out at least as long as thn originators ot
tlio strlko were out But aside from their
desire to show their gamcncss they think
It a shame that they halnl lameness adred themselves
to thn ranks of the strikers from sympathy
only should be entirely ignored when it came
to the little matter of calling enough They
think that Mr hweoney und his original fol
lower are to say thilimstungrateful Qulnn
tlm man who punched Sweeney was oneof tho
kleknrs Homo of tho others say tonight that I
thn irand Master Switchman wont get out of
town ullvn Thn selection ot Barrett IB n di
rect slap at Sweeney I
Chief Morgonstern of tho Buffalo police to
night appointed two of tho detectives of the
forco to accompany Sweeney about as long ns
hn should stay In the cltv hweoney said he
did not want them and would not accept their
services He Is out tonight lie pays it took
sovoti stitches to close up ono ot tho wounds
In his fuco Hn thinks that Bnrrott wore a
heavy ring nnd it was with that lie was struck
The doctor who sewed lh his wounds savs lie
knuckles beliovrs that the woumlswuro caused by brass
Not More Than COO Will be Tnktn Back
nail None Kicc1 tu Fill Vncimclen
BUJTAIO AUI2Xol tlmt the strike is I
dellnltoly ended the subject of vital Im
portance In the minds of thu switchmen is I
how they aro going to cot hark Into tho places
which they gavnup and they aro doing somo
Imnl thinking on thU point Thoso of them
who Imvo boon particularly active In advocat
ing 1 policy ot interference with tho lallrond
property and general lawlessness are trying
by nil moan in their power to keop their fellow 1
workmen from applying for their old places
Tho croat majority of tho men however will
undoubtedly make an attempt to got back but
probably their efforts will meet with null
success on moit of tho roads This will bo
particularly true of tho switchman of tho
Central as the officials of that road declare
that not one of the strikers will bo takon back
Our policy now will bo the samo as In tho
strikes of 1800 snit General Superintendent
Yoorhaes today We discharged all tha
men then and we shall dlsclmigo them nil
now Not D slnglo mal will ibo takon back
When the men come around to apply for their
old places I they do come thoy will bo paid
what Is I owing to them If anj thing nnd not
fied tlmt tho road has no further need of tholr
sen Ices
The ofllelals of tho West Shore hero say that
noneot their men will bo taken back Tholr
places are tilled and they will be discharged
The policy of the Lake Shore wlU bo practically
that of tho Central
Non of the Den will be taken back at pres
ent said Assistant Superintendent Blodgott
in answer to tho reporters question for the
reason that all tho places are filled and we
have no ua4 for more men
Tho chances aro tilt few of tho Lehlgh
switchmen will get back as the company will
b wholly guldod by 1rosldrnt Moleodn cir
cular of AuI 17 part of which Is given below
The operations of the yard at Buffalo
Waverljr and f ayro will be resumed Thurs
day the IHth qu wi hereby Instructed t
pay off nnd dlschargo at once all employees
who havo gonf put on strike except ouch
hlthotto efficient nnd faithful men an
ou are convinced worn coerced Into
thn abandonment of tholr Uutlev and who
I IcfttottOIr own freewill would not have
loft the lorvlct ot the company and may have
families or others dependent upon them
Buttherlnglenders or strikers who aro re
sponsible for or participated in the destruc
tion of the compnnys property or who have
ton guilty of Interference with the movement
of trnlns or the performance of duty by other
employee iniint not now or ever bo restored
to tlii < service of the company
A committed of three of the Lehlgh ex
switchmen waited upon Superintendent FAn
nelltodavand presented n petition that the
married men amongthe strikers he trtkpn
mnrrler fwn Ilonl
nek I as n refusal to take them back would bo
followed by rOt suffering among their fami
lies Mr iennell replied
II Jlnnel rIOI
When vvo want any of you wo will lit you
know Thon he added In a kindlier tone as
though he realized tho otnct position the men
woioln Wo aro not prepared nt present to
say anything one way or the other Jv o must
llrst 1 look the ground over thoroughly and
perhnpi thon wo may be able to give n Melinite
unsvveras to whether we want any more men
or TheErlowIll probably reinstate n number
of Its men who went ont I Is a Ito eArly
to say anything yet eald Mr Brunn ns wn
Imvn had no applications as yet Hut In all
probability many of the strikers will be taken
back on application None of them however
Oi alplalon
who have been guilty of any overt net against
0lh8r the company will betaken back nol or at any
IhoMckeiristoroad had about thirtyfive
men go out Mr Johnson Superintendent of
thn Kastern division said In regard to the
taking back of the men
Wo hay no room for them We have al
ready lefttsod to let the men who went back
on us return to work Several applications
havo bMn made hit we have given the appli
cants their dlschargo as fast as they cntne to
us for work We could not uso them and I
dont know whether any ono olfocan or not I
Tho Lackawanna road dellnes Its position in
this advertisement sent out this morning I
llrinPiR I lIlnr aolee In the llrnt trillion nf
tlie rtmf toiln a ktnff 11 U I mill 1 VV nwttclinirn to
rtnort t 11 I > nnd VVyard vltlc at 1 orlnot tniU
1 VV Itrru
Iromit OMinrR
This Is no surprise as tho relations bMween
the Lnckawntinn and Its employees have been
less strained than In the caso of the other
roads und whoti the switchmen llnally went
out It was with reluctance I
Tho Buffalo trek road will take bnck as
many of Its men ns have not been loaders In
the strike or eoncorned In thn destruction of
property or lawlessness of tho past twelve
Ilas4 Such of tho men us aro efficient work
men nnd those who have been forced out by
the preisure brought to bear on them can get
their old positions back provided they aro not
known to havo had any part in tho destruction
of propel ty or Interference with nonunion
Tho Buffalo Rochester and Pittsburgh road
will probably take back a few men Wn can
not say yet what wo will do said nn official
I may be that none of the better men who
wero forced out against their wishes will bo
taken back
The wholo number of the striking switch
men Is snout f > H > Of these the Central em
ployed 100 thn Krie 100 the Lake Shore HO
the Lehlch 75 the Xlckul Ilate 3ft the
Ijtcknwanuu about the same lumber the
Buffalo Bochnster and Pittsburgh 17 nnd the
Buffalo Creek J5 men Probably not moro
than places IOO in all of the strikers will regain their
moors covrvo nOJF
Trop A nnd tho Thirteenth and Twenty
third RrElnirnln on the Way
BUTTAIO Aug 25 The news that the strike
had been declared off reached tho camps
among the railroad tracks almost as soon ns
It was known at headquarters and was re
ceived with joy for to the cost ot keeping the
men bore which will have to be paid by the
county und State there Is to bo added a great
deal more than that In the losses which are
dally growing greater to members of tho a
tonal Guard Added to this was tho
uncertainty which was dally becoming
n greater source of uneasiness about
tha men getting back tho places that
they left to answer the States call
Already there are repotts that more than a
hundred men Imvo cither been discharged or
hit their places tilled because of this Gen
Porter and Gen Doyle heard thA news nt
about midnight Mr H Walter Webb of the
Now York Central had already told Gen Por
ter that If this strike did not prove to be dif
ferent In 1U after elects from the others that
he had seen it would bo safe to send the troops
homo As soon 8 tho strlko was declared of
Sheriff Beck sent this letter to Gen Porter
Bamnirrs Orrci Aiir m 1892
Jldjt Gr Fertrr JVrw 1orJb ftali Militia 1
The necessity ef lb prestnc of the gtnU mllltla hav I
ing ceaitd I respectfully request that th troops be
vv Ithdrawn I desire to ttmnk ou on bebalr of tbe citi
zen f Krle county and for myself for the prompt amd
Inestimable assistance of yourself and thos under your
command Yours respectfully
AtGcsr BECK Sheriff
Gen Porter prepared to act upon this sug
gestion He called Col Phlstcrer Gen Mc
Grath and Major Young Into conference with
him at once With Gen McGrath ho arranged
the details of tbo commissary department
Kvery regiment and separate company was to
be furnished at once with canned soups
canned means and crackers and coffee In
nuantity enough to take them home Tblb was
done this morning
he90 provisions are to be held untouched
until you start Gen McGrath told the regi
mental commissaries and I want you to sen
that you got enough of them now If I hear of
a slnglu complaint afterward I will BOO that
charges are preferred against you
With Major Young of Gen Olivers Third
Brigade staff he arranged the details of trans
portatlon Major Younr is competent lor that
purpose Ho Is tho icoPresident of the Del
award and Hudson Canal Company I was
intended to ont all the troops homo at onco
ibis order was bent to every camp
lb commanding officer nf Din regiment will leave
Bullaloat AUK tli tor tils hnme station via 1 the
raltrond To rnnhle tti commanding i > ltlcern to
make n < rumprehensivu report ut the operaticD this
point uiiiinaninnif ntllcers of rumps uhn liate lind the
vnttra control uf their troop ami nho itrfl entitled to
tlie ere lit fur tho elllclelil fcmce performed am re
questril tu I maVe M nol as prACtUnble a
f l report to luaitijuarters rorerin ttielr ser
vtit from tho tune or receiving ninrching
nrilers to tho time of ilisuii snt nt I their respective
bnino stations arininpamed uitli return on
turnia 71 anrt 74 Blanket 1 to b taken uy men ramp
tiiuipave I I to t i turned in tu Valor K h vVarren r
tnuaster luurtli limeade rouunandini omien ur >
dertd to their lifimo illation Mill tako with ih < > in
t vrr > tnini ism1 d 11 < them U the Mef of Onlnanr or
received liy tliflli w title nn tint tiere exiept suili arti
cles an are leo i lunbrrxome to tie I carried b them
Thesn will IK turnM in to the tomrnlMary or sulisls
Unco of tins briiiade nnl rrirlMK at their home rtn
tlrm rnmmanilinc ollnem rill b inallthtlr
lon omlnnIa ril report I > mollhdr re
turn tothuirieipri i brUaile cummaudera I
Then fien Iortnr began to eornmunlcate I
our Cat iiillupg tulcgraph linos with the
commanding ofllcors Ono of the llrst niiMveru I
h trot made Idin elmncn his plans borne it
wa from Col Herman Dowd of tbe I Twelfth
Uhe Twelfth has buun doing tin hardest work
of any Hglment here and Jen Porter meant
to relievo thorn Hist Col Dowtis answer vvas
that although tbo Tvvolfth wanted I to go
badly he did not think it UHS yet Midi
to leave his district and tlie Tnellth
was rendv to stay us long ns ant culled them
Tho Irii itailroad pnoplu Kald also that they
still needed protection I waa than arranged
tliat Troon A and the hignal Corps nil hut
apt Cmllup should go that Camp 1 at thu
N vv York Ciintral car simps should ho aban
doned and thn Tenth Battalion of Albany un
der Col Iltch tho Troy Citions Corps mid tlm
Twentvflrit hupniatM Company of Trov who
were with them could go homeIncluding Major J
htnckpolo who hAK been acting ns Assistant
Adjiitanttloniral to lien Doyle and tlmt tho
First Provisional llnglment at Camptat thn
New York Central shops whero Capt Kirby ot
Auburn was In command should leave to
night at 11 The Twentythlrd goes at 10
oclock I was conceded tlmt a guitrd WIIH
needed Wanner at shops Capt Gullupttcar and also at the
Tho going of tho Thirteenth settled tho
chances of uny of Cupt Kirby command gut
ting away today the foityllnh heiminto
Company of COlt lnt under Jolt Dickin
son btays to guard Gallup Tho Iorty
first of Syracuse under Cal > l Butler
vvas sent to tho Wagner shops und
Curt Klihy with his own company thn
Second of Auburn and thu Thirtyfourth of
Geneva and Thlitynlglith of Uhwego inliove
nA1 Int 1hlllllhll luUon
tho Thirteenth Hegimont Them was sonow
among thebB mel for all but the Tortytllth
wer already on tho cars homeward hound
When the Iliml older canii nnd pome of them
hud filed me > baueH with Capt iullupH opera
tors who nro doing ostcin Union busings
as well as military work telling their friends
when to raoetlhem
Meantime there was htistlo and Impplnoss nt
thu CIUIUIB ot thti I I Tenth Battalion und with
Troop A and thu Signal Corps Troop A had
thu most to do for they brought with them
the cnrop outfit which has made them almost
independent Including a inesu tent and hos
pital ttml and had to get everything buck into
carl All that was added to what they
brought vvas a couple of tin wash boiler
for coffee the camp mascot n
ram that was bought for mutton but
that no one had tho heart to kill and sovon
horses that members of the troop bought hero
The troopers wero lonthto leave thaluxurlotis
beds of hay vrhvru they huve slept for I week
but they hud to Corporal Harry struck his
moss tont and packed up his romulnlnglonvoH
of bread and boxes of mutehox and Dr Alien
wus detailed to keep tub upon the horses aK
they were loaded tapt lloa nuperiatended
everything They vu > rn to otait at
but at tlmt tlrau thuru vvub Mill I tut of tuen
and hnrson missing and a messenger
wan sent post baste Into the city for them
Light of tho men were found dining It the
Buffalo City Club hoime Tho slub Bad ex
tended a general Invitation to Troop A to use
ntOld 1loral
the club house at any time while they were
hero At thn last minute while Sergeant Hal
Pin was calling the roll came Sully covered
with mud and bleeding at the none Ho had
befln on mldlt bleellni Twentythird and In
hurrying back his horse stepped into a tewer
hole and fell
Every man was present then except Bownn
and Stokes They got permission In the
morning to go to Niagara Falls The troop
was to utop there for nn hour nnd they could
join It there One man who went back with
them had only just 111 thore He was E O
Thomson their twomile runner Ho camp on
today from twomlo Young R I Coudert
Tr who loft for Europe a day or two be
fore the troop got orders for duty and
cabled that ho was on his way back from
Havre the simn day hn landed there will just
about get back to New York In time to greet
them Guy Wlrd was a late man too IU
lias bought two horses more The others who
tako back new horses nto Marauand Pentr
Bryan Lieut Baled and Cant Ior Capt Boe
has found saddle horses to much cheaper hero
than In Now York that ho has mad a pro
visional bargain to havo the whole troop
horsed on dark bays by 1 dealer hetewneu
tho troop gets an armory
Tholr train was made UP of live stock cars a
baggage car u smoker for the I officers and
cooks and two coaches Uf backed down and
picked up Gallups men They had no packing
to do ns they go blck men 11 the flagner sleeper
thatthey have been living in and will have
the service of the Wagner cooks all the way
home They wero off tit 1130 and passed the
Tenth Battalion all ready to start They will
eot Into New York earlv tomorrow morning
probably about Toolocfc
The work of tho Signal Cor1 and Troop A
his proved them to be two of the most valu
able bodies In the Guard The troop was bus
tied around from place to place where it
would have been difficult to havo got tin
oull lao Jlnce
mounted men In line and the work of Gal
lupa men would have been of een greater
Importance I the trouble had lasted longer
He had got a complete telegraph system ar
ranged and working between headouarters
and each of tho camps except the Twenty
second nnd Thirteenth regiments borrowed
linemen nnd Instruments and tot men detailed
tailed as oneraton
A whole lot of tho New York men hero want
to see Niagara falls before they go home Tho
New York Central people heard of 1 and ha ve
offered to take any orall ot tho trains around
olored 11
that way and most of them will sto there A
lot 111 mOl who wore to loan today went
theie I About 1UO got on I train to return
wit bout tickets
Conductor McOlnty was ordered by Station
Master Donohue to sidetrack the train and U
las run Into the yard Mtrgepn Colton of the
1ourth Separate Company of lonkers was the
only commissioned officer aboard Ho had
hot words with Mr Donohue and others Ho
wanted them to go against orders Mr Dono
alai ort8rl
hue telegraphed Mr Itosslter of Buffalo and
he answered saying Tell tho conductor to
cary Inslorod free5 Thn train has started again
The movement of the Thirteenth Beglnient
for a milo through I tbe toughest part of Buffa
lo after 10 oclock at night was naturally
looklilpon by every one as a teat of the hu
mor of the town and a trial of the resolutions
of the tag end of tht strike that had been de
claring In mysterious whispers during the af
ternoon that the strlko instead of being over
las only just begun Tho Thirteenth was all
ready to movo on time and their train was
renry L h
wiiiiinK tor mum 111 inn tviiiiuta oc ova
tion of the Central road At 1h CoL Austen
ton Ids regiment In an L on either side
of the corner whore his headauarters were
lust where Acting Major George Cochranes
battalion joined Acting Major Charles Lus
combs iiuarters and gave the word to march
Drums and bugles sounded and the line of
the Thirteenth unwound in column of fours
blocks long and Instead of stones the citizens
greeted them with choors and not an Incident
march ot an unpleasant character occurred on tie
They wore off at a little after 1 but not
until after Col Austen had made a last kick
He had not room enough In the sixteen
coaches of the train and would not BO until
another one was promised hIm
11m not in much of a hurry he said
W dont want to get in before tomorrow
Iho t Thirteenth is expecting to Into Wee
havvken nt about 2 oclock tomorrow but I It
Is I delayed until night there a chance of their
lalnl alot of fireworks tired off In their honor
as they march back through Brooklyn
Crane Mauler Hwy Trlle the Came of
tbe ftrlUe aad lion I Wai Ore d
BUFFAIO Aug 251 wasnt a Tory large
crowd ot switchmen that gathered in the New
Ira Hall this morning to hear the conclusion
of the Investigation of the Board of Arbitra
tion and Mediation on the causes of the strike
The switchmen did not care to hear even what
their lender Mr Sweeney might have to say
about tho strike There were not more than a
dozen persons in the room at 10 oclock the
time set for the continuation ot tho in
vestigation They were nearly all railroad
road men Somo of them had been
nskcd to be present by members of the
Board to give testimony In the case but most
of them came out of curiosity only Com
missioner Florence Donovan and the official
stenographer of tho Bonrd came in together
soon alter 10 oclock They wero followed by
Chairman Purcell and Gilbert Robinson Jr
and U Carleton Epraguo Tho Commissioners
sat around for somo tlmo waiting for the ap
pearance of Grand Master Sweeney who It
had been announced would bo the fret wit
ness hoard I was halfpast 10 before Mr
Svvconuy came In Ho was accompanied by
Mr Hynes the counsel of tho Association of
Switchmen lo didnt wear as chipper n look
as it is I his custom to wear In fact looked
blue He was sworn at once and Mr Hynes
follows began to examine him His testimony was as
tf Where do yon leslde Mr Baeeney AID Chi
taKOAr you a msmberof the Switchmens Mutual Aid
AssuiutlonI AY es sir
V VViiat ofllt e ilo v nu holit T A Orsnd Master
o = VVhul are tlie duties anil powers or Ibaioffleot
A lie Is priii tlcally Hie uianmier ir chief execullv
otncer nf ilie ititociation Thero ar a irreat many
things wliirh h liss tu look arter and tliere is I on
s eLlal dUI which In lias to perform of Inquiring Into
and tlivestifrallnK grievances
1 ion receive notification nf sneb grievances f ram
Ihe subordinated lees T AIOlolnd ofllclaUy
1 Uiirmc the iiioiith r June did joii a such Grand
Master receive a nol of dKIerenirs here belween
the railways nnd tlie IUD frnni the local lilfe I her t
AI received a communication ahnt Juno t from
IodireW I 1 JlutTrtlo I requesting m > Immediate presence
here I responded I anil reached here on Juno ll >
f Whsldld vouilot AI I conferred with members
oflhelrnal organization Ihe nieinberB Ihe flrlev
anr Coinmlllres In particular Thr slated In me that
Iho IrlnibValkr Veat shorn and New on Central
and Iliilanu hlver Kailroimwliad posted bulletin nol <
tlml Ihe switchmen houldln future work upon tbo
hourly basis andtiint Ihe chani caused a alight reduc
rnhI f
lion in me p They tollrind f air ndvico and I ad
vttrd I Ihe men lo taW a constitutional course that If I
to follow tlie Ian I if the organisation tav formulating
ilieir itrieiancr I putting them In wrulnir and then
laki tlii mailer I up 10 the ornVialu I and sen 11 they could
not amiralilr aljusl their different e >
y Plil Hie member comply with lonr J direction
AI I ascertained mat tliej did when I returned br
U vvhittwas I lie neit slept 1 AOn JnlySOIwas
niialn oniclaily Botinedbr J ol e No 11 that all ellerls
i > ii tlio part i > t tticmen to sdiuct til grievances had
ailed and lhy for lh second
fld ald requested ui > Iou t00
II Did on roroclyt A < sir I reached here
on Anir 4
y W1al did you do I A 1101 I I a conference wllli
th irlivaniorninmltleeinnd Ihe raid subslanllallr
IInt they hud airumpllslird nolhlni and impressed
upon mo Itial Hit switchmen ere dlcsallsntd and
urged me 1 see tlie raliwa m in iters nnd try to effect
ii tl > fartory settlrnient lth 1 tlitiu In iloinc this I
Ir II II 1 fl IIV
w < simply illsrlmiziiK I inv dill us rluef executive
1r Whom lid OClo stot A r aw Wr Ilnir nt
lh WBKI thor Mr Waller of ilio Krle and
11 nol if the Wesiern > e w York and Penn
sylvania An < l rliht her I would like in liav U uti
ileislood lhat Ihere ar a rrem man corporailona that
aiikolulely rernss lu irrat with a representative of th
ciuplooes and > hen we Inow ihut act Ill bavo sat
Isiled ourselves Dial ibr nil not trrui with rnpro
sentallvesofemployies ofriinrso II Is of no avail 1 lo
wall uiion the I olticersnf sin In ompiilile r
I Reran erft AOf the > land I lliey lol t 0 In not
rociKinrln Hi rearesenialltes nr labor nnianUations
11 Imlo 11 as the 111 cr Mur Interview In New
Vorkr AM l > mission In Sex lork wan fruliless
home of t be raliwa ntlli lals irouldtalktn an unomrlal
uianntr over Ihe swltchinens fcrtovanres Mil lon
would Ireal wuh m I and In fact birred overv
avenue that uiliilit lello l an amliablo adjustment of
tin differences
I Ulmt as the oulcomraf your Inlervlew wllh
Mr Wnliernf Ihe jrle t mri Hie uiiilemnn and
told in hu I lnes and III an unoltlclnl war he dlsi lusml 1
sevrruf 1 irnpnslliun and nfler I dlsciissliij I Iho rnaller
forihoiil nn hour he I refuoed lo rninmlt hlnifeir and
would ni Ither rive un vusnrrnno i or anniner 1
y VMieie illd till I Inlrrilew lake plnco t A In ow
ork <
yv imt win the result of your talk wllh lb Wesl
Rlii re rerreintailve Vlr Im l AI wl him In
Now oru iind itiriiinplisinil nnthliiir We lalko or
Ihedeiiiandanf Ilie men n Illtlo while MeslMed his
position at Iho oulset an avainl all proposals I made
anilreiusedlhroujboulthij entlro lnler > lew lo recede
frUI vnuInlervlew Ihe J hlah Valley or New York
eiurnloMiiialsT ASn sir 1 Ill I me Lohlirli would
nol reielve u reprtsentitttvft of labor orwanifations
and I represent 1 ptrsuni emplojed a the Sew York
fW hat did > lr Hell of the Wesiern Now Vnrk aad
Ionnsylvan ii ssy t 11 NothiiiK any more than he re
our Sled mr lo see Vlr Pavls III I division superintendent
t When did > ou return from New lork Ipliuflalor
A I > ol haik hero on I Aue 0110 and reported otbo
loial drlevanre Luramllleo that tho mailer rasled
Irleanc Commlo
right where I was at Hrst and Ibatli was now for lb
men lo decide whelher It sbnuld b r ar1 any urlhjr
or not In turn Ibo lirlevanta Commute reported In
IbJ < 5 oil rrlurned on AIIC 10 Ibat was th day prior
to ihoetrlk A Yes sir
ylnder I the Ian s uf ymir assaclalion ran tbo
Crand Msifr olf a slrile l ao yard or oaanjr rail
ft TIerTil reports In Ihe paneri that you ordered
Hialrlkf are fal T Aes sir Ihey aro false
iHow is a sirlVo odul It ABy a voi of tb
men In the varU Tbard Is polled nil the question
ami the result Is laid before Ihe aran I Maler for ollbcr
001 appioinl or dissent
V 1 Ild uo over order a slrlke on any rallwajr r A I
t 51inl oil ai irand Master order this strlko r A
a 1111 bui when tlio men 1old unaulmouiljr lu laor
of the slrlk an1 asked ray approval a veil Cndsr
Itl pon
such olrcnmannces 1 alwars refer tbe mittarf to th
men IMlDMIves
By Chairman FarcellDId yon ordr th strike tt
Rochester A No tin ylt13rbr I men to act upon
their own Jtmcmtnt
IiyMr Jlyaesnm ron lend any werd tothe swiicti
men at Rochester Mat am Falls ur Suspension llrldie
reqiesllnr the men to strike ANo sir
< J O Anc lo did you meet the m d In nuffaln in th
IBW I Y hoori befor th trlka
t rib l
Then llearnej that th rdd been polled I and
tbllt men were UBanlmously In favor of a strike
U Pld Jim intis any address to tbem about keeping
drt dp desiroyiuj 1 iroptrtyt A After th
yards had
bn polled thsv anbmlllea tha Tot to me I
n neyderidsd to take aollon with my approval
Upon that I cautioned tbe men to act peaceably to
commit no ffdAIL to avoid violence and Injure I
nn property I especially csutloned Ihem to avoid 0
lenc and do all they could lo keep down etcllemtot
lemplinilredlhlseipeclally polntlnir I oui that fl any
deprodtltnni were commllted It ouM Injure their
tu Nnt only btfore bot sine the mllltla arrived I
auviaed this
J ° waiwftll roll of tbe lnvslt gallon r A
That tho dcredatlons were not commuted by any
member of our assuclallon and thai no member had
any part In I ai far ai I could learn
< Iy ChlrmllalcUCODld Tiiurlve us tho names
ef tb railways on which the men struck for cau
and OB which they struck out of sympathy or because
OI rr WeJ
l freight as tendered t tbem for movement e01
The I hlih allty the Buffalo Creek th Frie l ami the
N w York renlral and Hudson Illver and Ibo West
Ji nTV r1ckfor cn bllo the Lat fchor Ile Mck >
1 Pial thw es ernNw York and reunsynanlatli
ii i an
liiinalo Itochesterand rittsburili and the Delaware
ircktw > ini1 nd Weitorn struck becaus the manage
mot UUcharjeJ crow for not handling scab trelght
AThis closed Mr Sweeneys testimony and C
A Hrunn was called He toetlllod that C
three year ho had been division superintend
chlllon luorlntenll
out ofthii Now York I vkn Krlo nnd Western
liuffalo Suspens onlirldge and lllaok Itock
divisions Hn said that on June 10 H commit
tee purporting to represent the Bwltchmen In
liuffalo waited upon him and presented a docu
fnont asking for nn Increase in their wages
ana the adoption of certain rulos which would
give tlio men a chance for nn appeal from tho
decisions of their superior ofllceis After I
had talked with them awhilo they admitted
tner had no grievance whatever except an in
crease In wages
Thtlil1 for tn doptlon of the ten
5 in I11 practically amounted to an Inireai
P r rent on tbelr wagts 1 einlatned lo them
I a rail jar day was twenty four hours lo handl
lh roads business Th Lako Shor ant tho l cka
w riri hlch roadthava adopted lh tenhour basis
houfa for lv 1 > u na Uo1
Mr Hpragne Who were th cntnmltle f
r > Joha MfMKbon Ralllnr and Bar
rett I told t ho men they had better wltbdraw their
demands ui > til somo fulure ttm At present It waa
Impossible In grant them Thin the committee seemed
fi ° Vu ° ° Puns John McMahon who said
J and Harrttt mad sucb a suggestion he
would bring In it minority report
Then they loft and th next I heard of them waa
that they were In Now ork city to tot Mr Walter
Mr IJrunn then produced a typewritten doc
ument purporting to be n stenograuhlo ac
count of the conversation between Mr Walter
M1 t1ho < lfP t tloni The account contained
little but Mr Walters refusal to acoede to tho
reauest of the uien and referring them back
to Mr Dninn
Continuing Mr Hrunn said tlmt he first
heard of tho strike on Aug 11 when about
forty strikers went up through the yards ana
drove the crows from tholr engines The next
I board was that freight ttaln No 8l > was
stopped by strikers and set on tiro Ilttuen
new cars were burned rivre contained general
merchandlso and two dry goods
Mr Hvnes objected to this hearsay evidence
as Mr Brunn had no knowledge of his own on
this point Mr Itrunn said that reports to tlmt
eflect wero presented to him
Superintendent Fennel of the Lohlgh then
f > 0 UUJ ° > nine line as tnatol
Mr nrunn He said the cars which worn
burned were serviceable cars and not old and
useless ns tbe strikers claimed that the road
aid not storn old ears there and that several
of the cars burned were loaded
Ho said his road never had any trouble with
the men and that when the change to the
hourly basis was made and It was discovered
by the company thnt it made n sllghtreductlon
in the pay of tho men thernlstnkowasrectlllcil
and theamountof the difference refunded nt
the next pay day He said the committees
made no complaint to him about the hours
being too long
Tho Investigation was then adjourned to
meet again in > ew York whore ViceProsl
dont Webb of the New York Central and other
officials can b examined
Gen l > rler Voo > nisi Own iTnelgBtnt
It < MC rdl c the t llhdruwal
AIJIAXT Aug 25 Gov Dower ai soon ash
was officially Informed that the Buffalo strike
had been ordered off directed Oen Torter to
use his own judgment a to what and how
many troops should bo withdrawn as well as
when they should bo ordered home The Gov
ernor said
I nm pleased that the trouble has ended
without more casualties and If my action in
ordering the troops to Buffalo has saved a
single Ufa tho result has been worth all the
cost either to tho State or Krle county The
promptness with which the National Guards
men obeyed tho call to arms and the celerity
with which thoy were massed at Buffalo will I
think convince the people that It has not been
a waste of money and caro to establish and
maintain the mllltla In Its present excellent
condition I suppose somo of the troops wilt
be ordered home today but Imvc loft all that
to Gen Porter 1 shall leave for Watertown
tvnight will pmbahly have my car attached
to the train leaving here at 2 A M so that I
Bhall got home In the morning
The Governor said he wouldat once resume
Ms Inspection of the Adirondack forests nnd
bis visits to various asylums and State insti
tutions which had been Interruptnd by the
strike He expect to go to Malone this
week thonce to Paul Smiths and the Saranau
Lake region Thus far ho has declined nil in
vitations to speak at county fairs and says h
will make only one address tills all and that
on Sept 10 at tho State fair at byrucuse
Before leaving tonight tho Governor said
thnt Oen Porter would remain in Buffalo to
superintend thn withdrawal of troop and
that the Tenth Battalion of Albany ami Troop
A had been already ordered home and would
arrive some time tonight
Tbe MOB IB the Jeroor CltjrT rd Say They
Are aia4 It WBO Ileelsirril Off
When the men in tho yards In Jersey City
knew for a certainty yesterday that tho strike
had been declared off they had no hesitation
In expressing themselves as greatly relieved
in mind Ono of the switchmen said
If a strike had been ordered I would cer
tainly havo gone out but I would have gone
out with the Idea that I was putting the ropo
around my own neck Now that all Is over I
am glad that the strike did not become gon
orftl Denis D Sweeney Master of Lode 115
known ne tho Erie Lodge of tho vritclimenn
Association ssia to tlm reporter 1 sin con
vinced that the strike was forced upon Master
Workman flweeney He N n very conserva
tlv e mnn and declared Itoff against the wishes
of a number ot men Inlmflalo I did not want
a strike I assure you Though some of these
men have a personal gruJge ngiliist him I
have no doubt that Ornml MaMpr Mveenoy
will be ieelected when thn annual convention
of the Switchmen Association Is held in Kal
1ns on Sept 10
Am Officer of th FnrlrieTfnth Keclraent
wfco Didnt Wont In On la Jlnffulo
When Col Eddy of the Iortyseventh Regi
ment in Brooklyn received orders from Adjt
Clon Porter a few days ngo to hold bis men In
readiness to proceed to the scone of tho trouble
nt Buffalo ha sent won to all tho commis
sioned and noncommlssionod olllcors to as
semble at oncn in tlio armory in Marcy avo
Becond Lieut Thomas Jackson of Company
A failed to obey thn order Ho was at Hocl
awny Ilpach and a n < M messenger was sent
to notify him Ciipt llddle of Jacksons com
pany met tho young Lieutenant the next day
and advised him to report at the armoiy
Jnckson it U alleged replied that hn had a
Becond Lieutenants resignation
Col Eddy said yeMertliiy tlmt unless Jackson
resigned charges would tie preferred against
lilm Tho Olonel milled that he didnt want
such men in his regiment and tho sooner thoy
were sot rid of the better
The Troop t 1V Torlr Not Tel Ordered
Aug 25 Th militia com
panies at Wnverly have as jet received no
orders to return Some of tlio soldiers aro
home on furloughs Tho Waverly strikers nro
very bitter at hweeneys action Many of tho
Idlo switchmen have families and the pros
pect of a long winter without work makes
them dniperatt > The Immediate withdrawn
of tbe militia may encourage thorn to ent
their feelings upon the property of tho
railroad company The muttered throats of
tho dlsfontentid men are heard on every sine
For this reason the mllltlit may not be with
drawn at once
rercln Mlllll HIIII Inder Arm
ATLANTA Ang 25Tho situation regarding
the proposed Invasion of Georgia by Tenncn
Bfe miners remains the snmo
Tho fourth battalion of tho Georcla SUU
trnobt aboutDO men nro under orders to be
retdy to move at a moments notice and A
peclnl rnln Is ready to carry them to Cult
City In tan of alarm I
Another Htrlkei t One of the Mllln C n f d
by the Vnwllllncnt of the Men to Work
Trlth the Mulrrlnl Mmle by New Men
PrmDunnii Auu > Tho pollco deny tho
dtntomont that thn oxptoilonof tliodjnnmlto
bomb at Thirtyfourth street yostorday was
tho work of tho men Inside tho mill Capt
Hronhy who has boon trylntt to rundown tho
Kullty persons snys Tho must liivo
been llchtcd about an hour nnd ahnlt bcforo
the explosion occurred and fiom tho manner
In which the fuse asiirnincod It would Imvo
been Impossible for any ono InsMo tho mill
yard to lmo placed tho bomb In I ho car
Tho sldo track upon which the car was
stnmllnc Is four feet from tho fence nnd tho
holu In tho sldo ot tho ear shows whcro tho
explosive was plaied Tho fuso was under tho
car when wo fount It
Capt llrophy ncroes with Inspector MoKolvy
that thoro win no intention of Injurlnc any
one but tho pollco nro tiiMiiK ovtrnonllnnry
procautlons to procntnny further damaco to
property His understood that the Carneslo
Company Is prepared to enter Informations
nowacalnst l o persons suspected of bclue
Imnllcntod In the destruction ot tho car
Tho workmen about 150 In number In the
forno nnd bumpor department of lie new 71
Inch mill of the Twentyninth street Carnegie
works laid down their tools and came out this
mornlncrln Smpathy with tho strikers Tho
Twentyninth street plant was put In opera
tion yesterday nnd f our plates oro rolled by
nonunion men
Tho running of nnyof tho departments In
that mill meant that tho men of tho forco nnd
bumper departments would soon bo required
to work Iron or steel made by nonunion men
A meeting was railed In tho oenlng and It
wnsrcsohed by tho men employed Inthodo
partmonts to refuse to work ns soon as non
union men were airnln put to work among
tliem This morn MIL tho old workmen re
ported for work as usual but hud not
started before they saw that tho officials
Inut somu nonunion men Inside unil
jviie preparing again to start the plato mill
The men nt once left their work and Wont
home A committee Informed the mill au
thorities of tholr action huporlntendont 1ro
bert made no attempt to Induce tho men to re
turn and Immediately posted notlfus that
those departments would be closed for the
present The skilled men who wont out this
innrnlng do not belong to nnv union but aro
fully In sympathy with the strikers They hate
not been required to work any of thu steel or
Iron made by tho nonunion men and had
had no reasonable opportunity to show their
attitude In the lato trouble At the outstart
they declared that just lib soon as an attempt
wan inado hytho llrm to start nonunion they
would quit and they lme kept their word
The Thirtythird htroet mill Is running with
u < i iiiuiuuiiunf UL Riiumnc ciown
Three of the Homestead nonunion men
were on the streets last oenlng One of them
was an exsailor of line physique Several
strikers wero on the board walk and ono ol
them jostled tho nonunion men and at tho
same tlmo made an Insulting remark and de
manded to know who thoj w re
The sailor lomarkod that was their own
business whereupon the strikers attempted
to push the nonunion men IT tho sidewalk
This was too much for Jack Tar He rolled up
his sleeves and went for tho largest of the
three rncii and gave him a thorough thrash
ing As soon nstho other strikers saw the
turn affairs weio taking they got out of tho
way Iciuint the nonunion men tho masters
of the situation
Treasurer Turry said today that their force
numbered between MOO and JUOO men and
that this morning fortysix skilled mechanics
of lln appearance armed from 1hlladolphla
Yesterday afternoon Adolph Doerr the boy
cotted llomete d butcher was waited upon by
two members of tho strikers Advisory Commit
tee who said that tho Board had not taken any
ofllcinl action upon his case and that so fur as
the committee was concerned them was no
boycott against him Thoy said thov could nol
be responsible for the arts of Indhldilals and
that they regrettrd that his business had beer
damaged Mr Doerr admitted that ho miglil
lime been mistaken in tho matter and said he
entertained a moro kindly feeling tonard the
Advisory Committee nnd tho strikers goner
ally Thu kindly feeling was killed this morn
Ing however
Mr Doerr found It nert > < = sary to have three
of his horses shod and took them to the shop
of tho blacksmith who has been doing his
work HH told his buslnessto tho blacksmith
and was Informed that three members of the
Advisors Committee had lsited bis shop yes
terday and commanded him to do no work for
that man Doorr Tho blacksmith acting
under his alleged orders from the Advisory
Committee refused to do any woik for Mr
Donrr and the horses remain unshod
Mr Doerr tins morning emphatically de
nounced the Adricory Committee for Its dou
ble dealing with him and says that legal pro
ceedings may be instituted against those
members who have been trying toinjure his
Later when Mr Doorrs statement was re
peated to Boveral members of the Advisory
lionrd they were erylndignant They fde
clarrd that no member of tho Board had been
nnthoruou to wait upon the blacksmith
Treasurer laches In order to get at the facts
railed at the blacksmith shop and asked for
thn name of tho man who representing him
self as a member of tho lionrd Imd made the
threats to boycott The proprietor of the place
mid he did not know the name of the man
who called upon him yesterday but that he
hud takon it for granted tliat he bad been au
thorUed to ser o the notice
II r HprlDKer K r They Aeierre Moral
und Financial Support
DRTKOIT Aug 25 Congressman William M
Springer made a long speech at the Detroit
International Efposltlon today Ho discussed
national politics nnd especially tho tariff He
held that protection ns given by the McKlnley
law was responsible for many evils and was a
costlv system for tho people of the country In
many wnys It increased tho prices of many
of tho articles of prime necessity and was a
tax on consumption
Mr mincer said about the Homestead
In my Investigations so far as to strikes
and lockouts I have taken no account of the
Rront labor lockout now being witnessed at
omostrad Ia An olTort Is being made by
th Carnegl Miol Company a gigantic mo
nopoly created and fostered by our protoctlvo
turllT laws to reduce the wages of their H400
employees 111 to 4 > percent
The rates heretofore paid were not un
reasonably high as l somulimrs asserted
Only a few of the employees and those most
highly skilled nculved good wages Nearly
liair of them were getting only fourteen ccnlrt
un iiuur > T onu uoiiir ami iweivo COIIIH lor
eight hours work Uss than ten pet > cnt of
thi > i > mplonos owned the houses In which they
mcdnudthosnllvirgln thecompanyn houses
linp been summarily evicted ulncu thu strike
If there over was n labor contest where tho
laborers M > re clearly In tho right It Is the ono
DOW being carried on at Homestead The
mills ar surrounded by the htato rnllltiaand
tho bni batons treiitmnnt shown to unit of tho
soldies Iiv his superior olllccrs fiirnn flnco
which ilid nut reach tho gravltj ot ainlflc
tnonnnr under thu IHWB of thu Mute lions
that they the mllltla ofllccM ain III Initiu
inputs for thu work In which Ihcynru < > ngig > d
I MM that tho local coniniltti e ripr < nt
ing the loikotlout worklngniiii hiii iil > Piil > il
to tin pulilifor aid material aid ind I hopn
thiit nil HI rontrlbuto gpnnroii lr to tlielr
support It Is tho use nf organl < l labor nil
over I lin ciniiitiy and every clilxi n vvho MIII
pathles with the tiilllni tnilli IB in tliplr
ctTortH to earn an honest living notwithstand
ing the oppressions heupei upon Ihm liv pro
trillvu turilih should gu Hi lloiuestead
btriLurs moral and llnancial iiippoit
lHn irnilcr MnkerH Cunllilrnl
Tho suspendnr mnkeis who ent out on
strike In order to bend off a goiietal lockout
nnd then drinaiuloil a now scale of prices an
nounced Uvo lctoilus jesterilii It wan re
ported nt the hcidfimirlorH oMh Milkers iil
Allen street thit Isldorn rnirlandnr of 18
Howiird strrot and II lltodie ol ll Ill htrout
had nlgntd thn now Htie i number ul jimiiu
faitiiiiirt cnmn to thn hiadH iritis of t
htrHoih viMrinv inoiiut ami suld they
weri willing to hign tb new M alo after they
had bchl it iiiiflIng Inry vvein aloo willing
to ghe bond tbitt Ihuy would ilo so but th
Btrikon vviniml tiicii torlgn tlm new icalo at
once und tlm muniilnctuicrii flusudto do eo
In illimplnc Irom Xlovlnc Train
Aug > Iii attempting to jump
from n moving train In tho freight yards of the
Philadelphia nnd Heading Hallway this after
noon lliomas unrlnglmm fell beneath th
whoelh nnd vvas kllleii lluvvis M > euri ot
age und IUIUH a vile
Ilniiro nr urn nm lloime Inplofeei
Cnpotor Ilendrlcls has decided that the
Eight hour law applies to all employees of the
Cuitoiii llouiv Him will dimt tlmt It btitru
puloubly obteried
It U trell lo select furnUar at Flints Ulh it wbllt
tbi bargains ar liltut > rf t
s >
rot MAY iKAvn vntin
Al > V ltTIMiMiNT
AMRRICAN ms ruiW MnsMRvai
omc IMn < mrlUiotA < l rtl ln AK ncl yoii
do not tlnJ ona ciHivenifitt
C rrl ct callea for anil a llTer d witboul ch ri
it ttitlon O U nd W K K Sew rl X J
fhrl tnpher or Hnrclay tit Ferry
AKPW RltorWOtlX TOP DUOOIKS 180 and na
7I IHtnilHI > VVooitcnt
Ill ll > In O < l llmtlrx > Or t ich
We nrrint o ir irumU to tt the J t ami a rc to re >
fniil tliu Iricoiaiilforaii arliciovt lilcbdoemolDraie
George Kneuper
CO Bre trajr < Now
They Amiatilt Mhne M nr el r r TTIehert
The no shoo turners on strike from Joseph
Vilcherts shou factory In Doer urn street W1U
llamsburch last night assaulted Mr Wlchert
Ilo was on his way to his home 147 Pena
street at half past 0 In company with John
Tease ot Iloston and thrco other mechanic 7
from Chopoaaua nnd Itochester whom he had
ungneed to run tho most Important machine
In tho factory In place ot tho men on strlk
Kvery night since tho strike began two
weeks ago tho strikers have congregated on
tho corner near the factory and Intimidated
the now hands who applied for work and
those who had obtained It About a week ago
Krnest Korno tho cashier of the factory wa
knocked down nnd kicked by tho striker
while ho was escorting n nonunion man to
his home Ho obtained warrants for his assail
ants but none of the men has yet been ar
The attack upon Korno led to Increasing the
force of pollen on duty at tho factory mornlnc
and night The strikers remained away from
thn factory and contuiitod themselves with
following the now hands and assaulting them
at the Ilrit opportunity There was a squad
of police on duty Insido nnd outside ot the
factory when work was stopped at 0 oclock
last night
Notmoro thanadoron men came out of the
factory at a tlmo nnd they were escorted satt
ly from tho plnco by tho police Wlchortleft
tho factory after he believed that everything
was t > ocuro for tho night and the watohmea
were on duty Ho crossed Broadway at Boe
rum street with his friends As ho was then
in iriruorr ciiinriicru in anumer ponce pre
clnct the policemen who had guarded him
from tho factory loft him to go homo
As soon as tho pollco wero out of sight
Vichort nnd his party wero followed down
Lynch street by several women and boys No
demonstration was mudo until Harrison aye
nun nnd Huj word street was reached Here a
crowd of people among whom were many of
tho strikers and other lockedout men from
the factory suddenly appeared The crowd
began to jeer at lchort and his friends
S bile lehert was trying to forco a pasrag
through tho crowd stones wore thrown at htm
and watermelon rinds wore pelted at hi
friends Wichert and his friends had their
clothing spollodnnd also receivedsllghthurt
In their faces
Throe of tho reserve policemen from the Sixth
precinct who had not yet left Broadway heard
the noise and scattered the mob But for
this Intervention Wlchert and his friends who
had faced tho mob and sot their backs to
building would have been roughly handled
Before tho police appeared Pease received a
kick in the sidi > which stunned him for a mo
ment While the police were scattering th
mob several women who participated In the
attacl wero thrown down and trampled upon
v ieliort said last night that the attack upon
him and his friends was unprovoked II
sold that tho 400 mnn who aro now out as tha
result of tho band turnersstrike had no rea
son to go out Wlchert aildid that hereafter
he would submit to no union dictation but
would run his business to suit hlmselt Th
strikers ho said had frightened off many men
he had employed but he was determined to
replace them by a different and lesfl turbulent
element Mr Wlchert said that a dozen men
at least from his factory had been hurt by tha
strikers sineotho strlko began John Hannon
a nonunion mnn was assaulted on Tuetdar
with a niece ot Iron nnd In In a serious condi
tion at his home 14 Montrose avenue
JLeie Than S Ftrfomm O te > Bear tha
Homestead JLeader Preach Aaarchy
There was a drizzle outside Cooper Union
last night and a fizzle Inside Lest than 600
people Including Citizen George Francis
Train paid their quarters to listen to Hugh
ODonnoll t Co on strikes and lockouts at
Homestead Buffalo nnd elsewhere And
those didnt got their moneys worth Tho
show was under tho auspices of the KnlghU ot
Labor Frank Farrell colored presided and
talked anarchy He was somewhat hampered
by tho presence of a squad of fifty policemen
under Inspector Williams Master Workman
H A Hicks of District Assembly 253 K
of L spoke for half an hour Here are a
few of his gems Tho Omestead people
the Ilnkerton 1 wish there had been a few
moro lumss hung up by their thumbs to Illus
trate to the rlsln goneratlon to keep outof the
mlllttn Thu building trades under > i Is as
strong as over They Is just as vvlllln to
throw down their tools today as over Bul
lets lh bettor than ballots
Dr McOlynn spoke for moro than half BB
hour on MngloTnx It was nearly It oclock
before Chairman Farroll Introduced ODonnelU
He was a disappointment from the beginning
anil huforK li bud lliilslied many in tha audl
onmloft thu hall
Tho trouble at Homestead he frankly ad
mitted was not nijuustlonof wngos but was
over tho closing of thu confrronco doors
Mnetr percent of the Homestead people are
American citlens he deelared They are not
a lawless lot They hno four schoolhouses
forty school tenchnrs and moro than 1JOO
pupils out of a population of IOOU Ho said
that hern tuvcr wan a murder committed in
When he dnicrihnd the fraternal erecting
extondxil to thn 1inkertons by the strikers na
paused foi applnuon arid received ItA Then ha
appealed for funds to aid the strikers and I
with a low bow retired I
iTiidee Olecerichis Coaidllloaai OB Whlek o >
Kerrlvrr Will Not be Nnmed
Judgn Olcgorlch In the Court of Common
Tlcns bnndod down yesterday a decision la
thn iii of Mary f Van Doron against Herbert
M Kinsley und others proprietors of the Hol
land House Judgo dlegerich said that he
endeavored to satisfy In his opinion both
sides Tha motion was forthe appointment
of a receiver
In v low of all the peculiar circumstance ot
this case says Judgo Giegerich tho motion
should be granted imlessthedefendants shall
pursuant to their odor made In opnn courtand
within live days after norlo ol ix cony of the
order to bo entered liereondeposltln the Union
Trust Coninnny to the credit of this action the
sum of f IIIVIIIM In cash which is to bo applied
toward tho puvniont of any judgment which
thu plalntliT may recover In this notion against
thn detnndunts nnd execute with two good
ami suinclent surntles I who roust justify na
two days notion a bond to tho plaintiff In the I
sum ot 150000 conditioned for the payment
of ny sum which they tho defendants mar
bo mljudgod ordered or directed to pay to the i
plilntiuTn this action In uxcvss of the Bald I
uiiuif S1IJ7000 nnd enter Into a stipulation
in vrr ting for the imiuuillato trial of tbie
I nwycr George rinnny who represent
KlnslH V isaiininnn th proprietors of tlie
Holland HOUND telephoned to THE HUN office
lust night that his clients wore ready to do v >
posit the security calleit for bv Tudgo Qleger i n
feh and that no rewlvor would bo appointed B
Mr riiiniv Mid Hint Klngsliy V Jiaumann < l
would mam po iuHxUin of the house
Jofned In Kltsis u lloree Tiller
NAMIV n i r Aug A Coroners jury invei
Icatcil tho killing of J H Taylor a horse
hlif this morning und returned a verdict
that bhtirin Hill vvai justified in killing the

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