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Ir Borden from the time he Mt bin home on
l the 1 Morning ot the murder until > he returned
j to It a few minutes before he was rtureI
lart cashier of tho Union Having Bank In
ijarket square fld
nl knew Mr Borden for for years He
i was President of tho Union Havlngn Hank I
f naw him in the bank nt lao > oclock on thn
c t morning ot the murder He camo In while I
via there and sand about live minutes lie
usually camo In every day and 111od from
twn minutes to halt nn hour On thnt morn
ng ho did not look well On the day boforo
there was a meeting of the trustees of tha
bank hut he was not there On the day of tho
murder when he came In I asked him whern
Ju I had been the day before I was not hero I
0 lie saidbecause 1 wns not well He was far
I from well I then
John O Hurrough cashier the National
l Union lank said that Mr Borden was a stock
holder in tho bank and came into thn bank the
morning ot the murder hotwoon 111 Hand U4 >
and remained from live to ton minutes Ever
ett Cook cashier of tho First National Hank
V 4 maid Mr Dordon was a dlllor In our hank
I Hdd was In tho bank on the morning the
murder from H4B to tf > 5 oclock lie waited
I for mo to finish talking to I man T looked at
tho clock ns ho ramo In and It wns 1140 Ho
Stayed about tenlm Inutos CharSs Cook ten
i fined thnt ho saw Mr Borden on I ho day of tIme
1 rnurdor but not to speak to Three works
before the murder while conversing wopk
Furor told him ho had made no will
Thprosecution tried unsuccessfully to proo
by Mr Cook thnt Mr llorden had said ho was
1 Z about to make 1 s will Mrs Caroline Kelly
wife ot Ir Kelly who lives about thirty foot
south of tho Borden house then Mild
I 1 live next to tho llordons on tho sitting
room side of their houxo Un the morning of
the murder I saw Mr llordcn eo up tho front
steps of his house and try tho door Ho had a
mall whltn paekngo In his hand This was
nboutloi5orl40nclock I knowitwnsiiH
lato as that brcnlifo I had nn appointment at
c the dentists ntl1t > oclock that mornlnc and
1 was an hour Into when 1 bIt my house I
looked at the clock as I wont out and it was
10X oclock
II In Bexnmlnatlon hy Lawyer Jennings
Mrs Kelly said that ns she walked down limo
street past the Ilordon house Mr Ilordon wns
just coming around tho corner of time hOI o
from tho north side Mr Kelly aHqell his
m door as he started to open It Thn package In
1 his hand was like a email box about flvo
4 inches long four Inches wide nnd two inches
i thick I was wrap ceil In white paper
While Mrs Kelly was testifying Lbln for
den wblfiiered to Lawyer Adnnm lin In turn
poke to Lawyer Jennings nol Mrs Kelly was
at onco excused
At this point Tr Damn returned with the
t articles taken front the body of Mr Ilordon
They consisted of f a bunch of koyn a paper of
chewing tobacco nn old pockethook a blue
raid a postal earn inrcu uuiions nail a pair
4 of spectacles They placed In the
fhp wore custo
dy of ourt Clerk iounard rlnrd Dr Dolan In
redirect oKniInalon tcstllled that when an
artery wan cut hiood Hpurted Ho I thought
thnt only rtho artery of Mr llordin was sev
ered when the blood spurted 11 I mist thewill I I
L above thn nfn causing fortyMix spots Ilo
I sold that the direction of the spurt sas up
t ward and towarif the wall In an oblique lion
f I None of thin other xpott nbout the room was
tho result of a tnurt Ho ald that the blow
t4 that produced 1 the spurt mUM have been
struck while Mr lur ton was still alive
i He could not toll what blow was struck
r k first on cither Mr or Mrs Itorden Ho
raid that It wee hardly probable that nny
I of tho blows on Mrs ilnrdru could bine been
LI gIven while sho wns Mundlni I mid that
the bed In tho room whero Mis Ilordon was
found had been mado up before olin was
r killed A camp chair near her head WHS eov
s ered with blood he said A canuKuatod 1 rock
Ing chair standing between the bureau and
the window with it work basket hosldo i had
t no blood spots on I Jr JJoluti was excused
and the line of uvldoncu ho Interrupted was
again taken UI
I Btr Jonathan et said CJrgg n merchant at t North Main
I mt I saw Mr Borden on the mon1n of the
r murder In my store Ho coma In at lOiO
I oclock and hlnyod until 111211 > oclock Ho
t t went south after lonUrig my store I am pool
eW the about tho time as I looked ut the clock
John Cunningham n newsdealer said that
he was four IIUUHOK away from Mr Hordims
IIIHIEO on the morning tho murder and nw
Jtrn Churchill who live just north of thu
BordnnK rum across tho street to Mr Holts
house Cunningham and 1011f
hOlft Cunnlnhll ran up ho
heard of the murder telephoned to Marshal
o Hllllard AH he was telephoning ho looked
at the clock In the room and saw that It
marked 1050 Ho then went over to tho
lions In Icoklng I about the yard ho tried the
I cellar door I WIIH locked
Deputy bherilT Wixon then took the stand
I 1 I 9111 thAt ho was In Marshal Hllllnrds of
fice when the Martha Cunninghams
Jlnrahslaol tlnnlnhams mes
u sage Ho went t the liordon house and after
looking around wont Into tho sitting room and
took Jll Bunions watch out of his pocket
At this point Judge lllaisdell adjourned
A 111Bdol
I court until 2 oclock Lizzie Borden bIt tlm
courtroom at lJl0 a few minutes beforo Mr
mxonleft the stand Bho showed no sign of
weakening but walked out with nulckblops
When court opened 2 oclock limo prosacii
tlon put Joseph Khorhlcovcs on the stand
Mr Shorbleeves Is I carpenter with a shop
lire blocks from the Borden house He said
4i that Mr Borden came Into his shop at 02 flouth
Main street between 10iU and 104f > oclock
on tho morning of the murder and stayed
1 three or four minutes James Bather who
works in tho same building corroborated Mr
bhorblcrvos Mather said that at 1041
1 oclock Mr Bordon entered the building OH
witness wan positive It was 1040 oclock as
lie was hungry and stopped outside to look at
the City Hall clock to see how long it would bo
until dinner time Mr Borden came out about
five minutes later Ho carried in his hand a
mall brass lock Hu hud no othor packugo
that tho witness saw
I Mr Knowlton then called Bridget Sullivans
name She did uotmnswer so John V Morse
I was called Mr lorMu look the stand nt 221
J oclock Ho wns very nervous His bit hands
1 Were tightly clenched his lips were pressed
I cloxo together nnd his eyes moved restlessly
V He leaned far over the railing of the witness
c 1 Bland and waited expectantly District Attor
ney Knowlton linked him first of his relation
i chip to Mr Borden Mr Morse spoke In a low
almost Inaudible voice Ho said
I am OO years old and live now at the for
dan ImilRc Trnvlons to thii I llvH In I Hurt
I W gonth for three rear T went there from
astlngn In wlioro I lived for twentyeight
1 f year About seventeen years ago I United
I r the Bordenft and stayed 1 year Mr Bordens
t llrst wife wan my sister lhe died In 1sii
when Lizzie was 3 I years old I was In Illinois
b then I heard In 18iT that he had married
1 gain Mr Borden lived In tlm Hocoiul street
t house for twenty ell s On Aug J 1 loft New
Bedford on tlisl225 oclock train and got to
c Mr Burdens house nt IS oclock that after
st noon I met there Mr and rs Ilordon Emma
was away I dub not see Lizzie 1 stayed
t 4 thore until 8 I oclock I then Went
to Swansea I hired n team to eo to Swansea
M 1 wont to Mr Vlnnlcums hoiioo und to Mr
I liordenH farm I had business lt Inc farm
b looking nflor pome cattle I had bought from
I I llr Bordoc Mr Itorden did not so with mu
i f I 1 Swansea ld was sick und indisposed 11
y that day rijid wns lying on thin lounge 11
i4 left Mrs Bordon uppoaroil to bo I sehi I gut
u back from Swansea noout845 oolotJU I sow
4 Mr nnd r Borden but not Llzzlo In fnet
I did not see Lizzie at all from thu time I got
there until after thn murder About half
r mt alor thf mlrder Abolt hnl un
1 r lour after I got back t Mr llprdcns on Wed
nesday night at 010 oclock I heard some
4 one come in the front door and go
y on the front stairs I think It wus
> was Llzzlo llorden 1 slept that night In the
ff j i Pro chamber Mr and Mrs Borden slept in
I I large room In 1 tho back part of tho house
r T mmus room was north of Lizzies Lizzies
k i rom has 1 door opening into the nparn room
which 1 occupied I dont know whether tho
P door was locked that night or not 1 went to
t bed at lOocloek Mrs Borden wont to bd
to shortly after U oclock just boforo the person
came In the front door Mr Borden went to
i bed when I did
THE DAT OF TifF stunozn
I I got up on Aug 4 lie mornlim of I
the murder at U clock I came down
flair at 110 oclock 1 was tho first one up
Mr Borden was the next He came down
fifteen minutes later and we sat together lu
the ilttleg room talking Occasionally Mr
t Harden would go out Into tho kitchen or walk
orer oul
f 43 up and down Mm Borden came down Blairs
o a few minutes after hor husband < Mr and
ra Borden und 1 sat down to breakfast to
gether at 7 oclock town was not
there I saw Bridget Kulllvan for that
first time that duy while we were at
breakfast Aftarbreakfast Mr nnd rs Hor
den went back into tho hitting room Mrs
Borden went back and forth to 10011 thl kitchen
Ys ant dining room for a while dusting with a
leather duster tiho had no handkerchief or
covering or her head Alter dusting she n
wlthusaTlttiewhile I do lot think llrlu
4 was down stairs then Tho last I aw of Mrs
Borden she was in the front hall about
f > oclock and fifteen mlnutea before I
left the house I loft tin house at 8K
i oclock I went out of the sldo door
un the north eldo of tho I hOI Mr Jor
I f den camo to the door with mo und thin Inst
thing hi said was Mlo ouro and eat buck to
dinner John heii I first t commit to tho hamlet
on AUB J I vent In tho i front doir Mrt liar
p t den opened I When 1 got back 1uler In lo
I day on Aug 3 Ilrldset hullhan onenud thou
hullnl fleood
m door for me Tho door I ent out of on Aug 4
i had a screen rtonr which wu fj8temd byu l
hook on tile Inside
The DIMrlrt Attorney then took up Mr
Mr More alibi Time witness himself ex
plained It Ito said lneS
j4 Mr Borden ancl I sat Inlthe sitting room for
t 1 one and throequarter bourn alter breit
By my watch It I was H4f oclocic when I loft
t 1101
the house I went to thou IoUOnico and wrote
t card to Mr Vlnnlciiin Ilr
I postal cad Ylnnlcll nt hwansea
i rosul went to Third street t 10 IIel61nt
c lroot cud thonco 10 Mr 111111 linurys
house nut eyboisntt street 1 ta1
at his house until 1 1120 oclock when 1
4 took a car and canto to Mr DotdenB
p house I got there about JJ4G oclock
+ I walked back through the yard fast the
fr c door to a pear tree 1 taw no one in the door
I ate a couple of pear and then utarted back
to the house Bridget Hulllvan met me In the
doorway anti told mo of tho murder 1 next
raw Dr Bowen n Mr Sawyer and two police
men In thin houin I lwerj Llzzlo lying on n
lounge I spoltn to her but do not remember
what I said I looked Into thu sitting room
and saw Mr Hordnn und then wulkodthrough
to the front stairs I went twothird of tho
way up the stairs and front them I saw Mrs
Bnrdf a body lying on the floor In the room
n IMIOII was your last Islt to thnllordons
previous to this end naked the District At
n About thn middle of Inly when I ate sup
per thoro Before that 1 spent a laT with 111
time llonlon In Juno I did not see Llzzlo either
IM with member of
1MInl correspond any
correslond lb
n 1 wroto 10 Emma whllo I was West I had
her one letter from Luzlo but I never wrote to
MIW Honour rnAnrn ioisox
Mr Jennings conducted thin crospoxamlna
thou Hn becan by asking If Mr Morse hAd
talked with Mr nnd rs Borden about their
hialth I did said the witness Both of
them scorned sick thin morning of tho murder
Mrs Borden told mo she thought she had
tioun poisoned amid that perhaps it was soma
Jhlnc In thin bread Mr onon Llrlo nnd
nrs Borden woro nil nick sho shl > 1 Mrs
Bordon said slit was takonsick Tuesday
nleht t i
Did you ask Mr Borden to eo Swansea I
with you on Wednesday V
ins and ho Mild he was not able I sold I
would wnlt until hllc next flny but he told me
he would not bo able to go
Hid you ask for LlzzloV
Yes nnd Mrs Ilordon said she was up
previous stairs sick day nnd had bean In her room all tho
When did lOU got back from Swansea 1
About H4fi oclock nt night 1 woe sitting
In the sitting rOll whon that person came In
tlm trout door niter tl I oclock I could not sea
in hum I front nlert hnl oco heard the person
Co up stairs I I and later heard them
moving mound I think It was Lizzie
Mrs Harden had gone to bed beforo
the person came In Lawyer Jennings then
went over thin locution of the rooms Mr
Morse sthi that thin door of Lizzies room
openoil Into tho front hall nt thuP t
end Sty room opened Into the hall directly
ut thin topottho front stairs My door was between
tween tim door nfn large cloMicg pros In the
ftont hall and fizzles door When I ffrnt to
bed Llrzloh door wan shut I do not know If
olio was In her room or not The door be
tween our rooms was blocked by u desk five
feet high
in itcard to tho order given Bridget to go
nut Ile of the homo and wash the windows
Mr Miurse soul Mr Borden told Bridget at
breakfast to wash I thn 1 windows Brldcot said
i I vf
hulL tllti tuIttI flu it tin hUJI IIUItiI5JUfl jicra
viilieil and hOI kitchen cleaned AMion I
went awiiynt H45 oclock Bridget was In tho
Uthen und had not yet genii out to wash the
window I do lot know whom Mrs Borden
wenl after aim finished ducting I do not know
whether Ilrle Burden wits tn iita45 or not I
heard and MIW nothing of 11 list 1 Mr Morse
sild I that tho front door was fastonnd with a
spring lock n bolt and 1 COl mal key lock
The itnocfi wont out of the sldo door usually
Law > er Jennings asked him about thin wounds
on I and Mrf Uorden lilo leaned for
ward and listened oloelv Mr Morse saiul that
hn noticed only one wound and thnt wan on
Mr Bordens hit I was it lore gash through
tin UOPO and down thin fact I randlngonnlly
horn thin forehead down noro a the nose The
blond spots woio then taken up Mr Morse
said 1 hay seen somn of them especially
thu spots ou II pirlor nud pitting room doors
There were a good muny spots of blood on the
parlor door between the Ioor knob and the
Hour I was tlm only door ttrshod I
Dr Dohm testified there wero seen or
clghtliblood spots on 1 said Mr Jennings
JloY many did you sea
Thorp were nbout forty nil overtime Iloor
Tho large slots were nearest to this bottom of
thin uljur Iho heaviest part of each spot was
down There were no epoth on the carpet Ie
twocn Ito head of that lounge and thn parlor
door I do not remember any of the spots on I
the Mttlnuroom door There were two spots on
the door from the Hitting roomjto thu kitchen
One was on tho south pldonf thncashngand the
othuir on the lower part of thl door I saw ana
Hpot on the picture on the wall near the sofa
I ho paper above the sofa was all covered with
blood and thin spots looked ax If they had all
struck It In time same direction al
From the blood spots and tho position of
the body havo you formed nn opinion us to
where time murderer stood V asked Lawyer
1 have formed no opinion said Mr Morse
Have you formed nn opinion as to whether
a right or loft handed poison struck the
Yes said tho witness Tho District At
torney objected to the answer saying that n
witness not nn expert could not enlighten tho
Court by an expression of opinion i he objec
tion wits sustained Hpehkinir of the axes Mr
Morse contradicted Lr Dolan who teMllled
that they hall been taken away from the house
on the day of Uio murder Mr Morse said that
they were not taken away until a day or two
alter the murder when n policeman fathered
them up In a pack and carried them or
Had you any talk with Mr Borden about
his will
Sir Borden told me he had a will once
said Mr lop Ho never said anything to
mnabout making any personal Inthlnl but
within the past year while we woro walking
on South Main street he mentioned making
some public boiuests Then we had another
talk about his farm across the river Ilo spoke
of building an old ladles home on It
W HR the cellar door shut un the day of the
murder l asked thin District Attorney ta
I think It was open
Whnt I shouted thin District Attorney
I think It wits open
Did you not tell mo thnt on the day of the
murder it was bbuti roared Mr Knowlton
No sir Knowlon
Who washed the blood spots off the parlor
door i
Miss Emma Borden washed them off on
the Saturday altar Ito murder or
Lawyer Jennings began his crossexamina
tion by asking I Mr Morse hud not told Mr
Charles Holmes that the cellar door was open
on Aug 4 Mr Moro paid that he had told
Mr Holmes no such thing
Lnglncer Iourlns wa lecnlled toexplaln the
position ot the pile of boards In thu buck yard
and to tell the height of the ceilings Llcl rl
Whon ho left tho stand DistrictAttorney
Knowlton called Bridget Hulllviin I was 41H
oclock when the servant girl took the stand
him was cool and selfpossessed but spoke in
I cry low voice Sho sail
i wa known UH Maggie among the Dor
dons i had worked tor them two years and
nine months I did tho cooking and scrub
bing and on every other Friday I swept tho
trout hall I hud no bed to mako and dId
nonu of tim upstulrs work Emma Borden
hud bnen away nnd Miss Lizzie had been
with her lor three days but hud COO back
1 haw Mr Moiso lira on Aug a between 1 and
lioflocw I saw him 10 out later lie was
not buck for supper Llzzln and Mr and Mrs
Bordun were there I went to nol ut lo oclock
on Aug a t I locked the buck door before I
wunt up stair When I went down onThurs
day mornliiK the back door IS Just al I left
I 1 unlocked the doors cot the milk cun
from outside nnd hooked limo screen door I
op led time Burton door ut 145 for time Icomnn
income In Tho door Is usually hooked No
one oUucuma in the back dour that morning
limit J 111 1 did not go out or the house that
inoniins before Mr Borden went out Io one
Wits upwheii 1 canto con btalrs at Ulfi
A MUMrs Harden wasthe first one I saw
Al I HMO 1 saw her coining down the back
stairs Llxlo teldom used the back stairs to
go to t hor loom Mrs Boidon told mo hit to
get for bieakfast und then bho wont into the
sitting room > ext I saw Mr Jlorden I saw
Iloflul fll
him CIIO down limo back way lie went Into
the sitting I room He was out In the bard n
minute boforo breakfast to empty bucket ot
lilopt Ho cnmo light bacl llo had not his I
collar and mcktlu on bufore breakfast Ho
put them on after breakfast 1 saw Mr Morse
for the llrst time that day at bieakfaut We
fut cold mutton COuP and johnny cake tor
renk lit I Broakfmt Wits at 715 oclock I
was in the kitchen during brenUfust I washed
limo dishes abhor broukfusi Mr und Mrs Bet
den and Mr Morse wore In thai bitting loom
ten s4ft oclock Mr Morse wont out thu sldo
door I saw Mr Borden let him out Mr for
don went back into the sitting room 3IrIor
n I saw Mrn Boideu stIll oclock Mr Morse
and Mr Borden hud both gone I didnt see
MI Bordaii go out He catu out lathe kitchen
before going out clounud bile teeth thon wont
up stairs Tills was after Mr Morse lied cone
lit came down soon after with his collar and
nvcktluou 1 WOlt out lu thl yard JustafteurMr
Ilordon hud gone I was sick learn in and
begun to Wash tlm ilhhes lrs Borden wus
In the dlnlug room nod cpoke to mo about
wammlmhng time windows I turned to ray work
and that was tho last time I saw her alive
Lizzie had eaten breakfast alone In the
kitchen the was eating while J was out In
tbo alI linked her when she cano down
bliiirs 1 slip wanted breakfast fclio said she
illilut feel like It hut ought to cat solon Iolfeo l
ind cookies 1 left Irs Bordeu In that dining
1 dlnlll
loom after situ told mo to wash the windows
Ilzzlu wus not to bu heen when I cume back to
the kitchen 1 clraiicd up Ihu kilchmi uud
went duwii In the cellar unit got a Mill 1 got it
hriish from the closet and went out to the burn
to get u stick 1171 cimu to tli shlu door
unit wan going to hook tin door and told me to
wusli thu windows 1 told her not to hook the
duor nn I would bu In soon I bud been down
lu I tlm I cellar tivicu before i togdt wood and eunl
i was thirty minutes before I went out after
beolna Mis Boidfii for llo last weltul11er
know whore Lirzlu was during this tle clnt
saw her lust when I wa slei
dont think Mis Burden overdid the work
of him spare room bolire 1 washed two nit
tins loom two parlor uml two dining room
wlmlowa from thu niithidc They wiie on
t ii ion Hides of I him Illhlll wont In tlm t hou < >
once niter 1 dipper Ivent to time sink right
inoldn thin kllchun niviint tho hack yuid
This was after I washed thu window anti was
about to m lose IhuD I shut the window from
the In Bide before I went out one window In
the sitting room anti two in the dining
room All the othor window were ehnr
rm Al lr
I saw neither Lizzie nor Mrs Bordon wnen I
shut one windows but as I went out ztlo ap
poured at the backdoor
Speaking of the rellarlSr dcetsnld I uoad
tho back collar door hail when I linns out
clothoi I opened U t and I shut Itniid imltwl
It Inside on Tuesday I did not unbolt It nenln
timid week I dOlt know of anyone going In
or out of that door Mr Ilordon always toot
In tho clothes line and saw that the
door was locked In The door oponed In
to the wash room I wits 10U > oclock
when I went Into Uio house to get the dipper
I win OO oclock when I went Into thin
houno after finishing I hooked the screen
door and began to wash the sitting room win
dows IIPld helnn didnt see either Mrs llorden
or Lizzie when I got In I saw no one around
tho house whllo I was washing ouUlilo Mr
R <
Borden whlo while I was washing this sitting
Jorten emo vhlo
ting room wlndowr I heard him trying to
unhook the front door and I let him In It wn
then Inter than 1030 oclock The door was
securely locked but ho had unlatched the
spring lock with his key
I heard Lizzie Inugh un stairs when I let
Mr Borden In That was the first I heard of
her She laughed when I saId MmpUllnlnl
exclamation 1 mado when I oouldn t open the
door at first Sho laughed very loud Five
or ton minutes later I saw her corn
through the parlor Into the ltl room
Mr llorden wns In the dining room
I was still washing windows lIla went Into
tho dlnlne room and asked Mr Borden H0 I
had any mail for her 1 heard her tell Mr Dor
don v eryslowly that Mrs Uordpn hal sot a
note that mornliiu I heard nothing more I
dont know Where she went then I kept on
washing this sitting room windows Mr Harden
den wan just taking a key from the Fitting
room shelf IIt up stairs to his room ns I went
Into the dining room lpcamocown I I began
to wash the windows In thin dining room I did
not coo Llzzlo down stairs then Mr Bordon
wont Into the kItchen then came In and sat
down in a chair near I window In the sitting
II I lenr
room lhi put the keY to lila room back on tho
shelf I was thon washing the first window in
the room Llzzlo came through tho dining
room Into thu sitting room then Into the
1110 Ilttnl
kitchen She got an Ironing board and went
back Into the dInIng room bho put
the board on the table In the middle
of the room The table hal dishes on I
The board wns about 4 feet by IS feet Situ I
said nothlnir then to her father After wash
ing the windows I went out to the kitchen
Llzzlo came from the lining room and asked
mo If I was going out that afternoon leiild
No She Sit Iolnl I you do go out lock tho
door as Mrs Ilordon IB aping or hat gone out
If you co out ho sure and lock tIme door as I
may bo Ia Ult 10 1 then went up stairs to go to
my room LIzzie was In lit kitchen and said 10
me on mv way UP that thero wi 1 Ire snlo of
dress good for eight cents a yarn lon town
Shin had beon ironing before I went up staIrs
I was In the kitchen throe or four minutes I
was four minutes of 11 ocloek when I went
up stairs Throe minutes alter I got up stairs
the clock truck 1 1 wan lying on my bed
There was thirty minutes before beginning
work for dinner 1 always went UP stairs to
rent We worn to hsvo mutton for Inner I
hadnt touched tho lire and It was about out
No one else came In the sldo door after I cnnio
in front washing thin windows and locked It
II ahlnl
Mr Borden locked tho front door nf tor ho canto
in About ton or llttcon minutes later I heard
Lizzie veil Slio screamed very loud
Tel tho matter Vl sad
Come down quick MIlo fathers
dead she said 1 ran down stairs
dlnd slid
lo for DrHowen oho said Sho stood
by the screen door 1 wanted to go Into tho
sitting room but shot sent mo on after llr
BoweS Iran for him Itt told lhH lumen
Dr liowon was out I ran hack and Llrzlo
was still at the door Go for Miss lluasell
she said I wont after her down to Borden
Street I hurried back and eon and I
got there together rl Churchill was al
ready there Llzzlo was In tie kitchen I
reld saw Mr thor lard on then Next I heard Ur llowon
Sl bay that Mr Borden had bten murdered
Ins inoxixn Eoiiu CONE
I saw nothing of tlio Ironing board I said
Id Ilko to go for Mrs Borden Lizzie told mo
Id stay with her as sho was positive that Mrs
slly wih I wont Btnlrs
Borden was in the house up Iirs
with Mrs Churchill after Mm Borden I taw
her lying dead on the tloor I ran down stairs
again and stayed In tho kitchen I wont down
into thai cellar later with a policeman whom I
dont know
UnThenaxre were In a box back of the fur
nace I IXO never saw them before Idldnt see
any axes when 1 was down there beforo that
morning I asked Lizzie where she was dur
log the murder She said In the back yard
1 dont know what kind of dress Lizzie lotIon
or whether sho wore nn apron
The District Attorney apked Bridget whether
Mrs Borden usually notified her when she
wont out lawyer Jennings objected to the
Question and rather than argue the point tho
District Attorney moved an Idournment until
tomorrow Tho court room was growing
dark and It was almost li oclock Judg j
Blalsdell adjourned court and Bridget will
resume the stand in the morning
Strenuous efforts ore binc made by the
producers 8IrnUOIA the exposed 10 II ill lie that L zjle
and Emma Borden had nuarrol ed to bolster
up their 10rttn detective and n looal news
paper man ore going to or already harp made
affidavits stating that Mrs iteairan the
matron laid them the story But an incident
happened this evening that wiakona their
case tn When Lawyer Jennings heard that the
writers of the lie wero going to maintain that
it was true ho drew up the following paper
I This Is to certify that my attention has
been called to a renort slid to have been made
caled renor
by me in regard tun quarrel between Lizzie
Borden and her sister Knima In which Llzzlo
said to Emma You save mo away Ac and I
expressly nud positively deny that any such
Ild llel
conversation took place or that 1 over so re
ported and I further deny that I over heard
anything that could bo construed Into a nuar
tel between the sisters
After court adjourned this evening Lawyer
Jennings took this paper to Matron Iteagan
who aid she would have to consult the mar
shal before signing it Marshal Billiard re
fused to allow her to sign It Now why argues
Mr Jennings would Matron 1Iooln be willing
to sign an affidavit denying tho lie If sho had I
ever said it was true
Furthermore Matron Hengan said last night
to a reporter working for the mld that the
story was not true Or oven If Matron liuiitan
could say It Is true Emma Harden who Is I hon
est und accused nothing as well as Lizzie
Borden nnd Lawyer Jennings will deny the
story And the aflldavltsof these throe people
two of whom at least nro ut unquestioned
veracity will stand
lrof Wood of Boston will bo hero tomorrow
morning prepared to go ou the stand
Keildentn of laa Annexed DUIrlel IIa Say
Ie lre and Need Electric Rond
Mayor Grant signed yesterday afternoon the
ordinance adopted by the Board of Aldsrmon
on Tuesday granting to tho Union Hallway
Company better known as the Huckleberry
road the right to construct extensions to Its
tracks in the annexed district arid to use any
motive power other than steam In other
words It elves thin company permission to
use the trolley system
In signing this ordinance Mayor Grnntsays
In approving of this act I do so feeling that
It is in lino with the vfowa that I have roI l
ously expressed the use of electricity for
street railroads In the district north of the
Harlem Itlver The Board of Electrical Con
trol discussed this matter some ago and de
cided that It wan advisable to sanction tho use
of electricity as a motive power on the Street
railroads III this district The annexed dis
trict Is very much in need ot increased rapid
transit facilities rime comments of the prop
oily owners along tho proponed routes of the
new road show that tho people favor the trol
IIOW I Rstom
Tho opposition that has been expressed
toward It appears to come from rival corpora
tions rather than from tho residents of time
Twentythird and Twentyfourth wards Heal
Kstite Exchange brokers are now asking aid
obtaining much botter prices for land In this
district In anticipation of the Introduction of
the new road This I think Is n good milieu
tion of the feeling of time people In the an
nexed district toward Iho new road
Mix oflliem Take from c be Hlenracr Cn
rueu ut Furrlo Canellu
Six of tho passengers of the steamship Ca
racas which arrived from Venezuelan ports
yesterday were arrested at Puerto Cubello
by soldiers who boarded tho Caracas out do
manded the men on the authority of len
Urdunota who according to recent despatches
has declared himself dictator
Copt Woodrick of the Caracas vainly pro
tested against tho seizure of his passengers
Later hn mudu a formal complaint to the
American Cousul Mr Itellly lie also notified
Mr Hcrugge the American Minister nt Ca
rucuB Tho captured mon wero Jaclnto Lo
pez I IVtres Cordoio Kmnclsvo M CIISUH
Antonio Saliniix I M I Lnpcx I llHralland I I Manuel
HamoK They woro nith I i voiitloiitsii I unit
were It Is supposed on their way to Cuiomt
AVIio Own ibis lr1rlrr I
Police Superintendent Smith of Jersey City
has borno jewelry for nhlih lie J Is anxious to
Und an owner The jcwehy was found In
thu possession of Joseph Williams a sneak
thief who wns caught last Tuesday Amopi
Uio I itnvulry jfn I lutgncold hlinlin I case yni ibm
with a althnm inovruient a Imlys gohi
wiiluh with a Dueher mnvcnicnt umeral dli
inond rings CHIT buttons with tint Initial J
tevural gold bieist plnn biacdut with silver
bangle on which iir Inscribed I L H oil Ic
and other monnEramH Iii ocelot a rlialnf nnd
otherjowolry II thin 11111 II of the 1101111 h
un bit found Superintendent iiiulth vxpectH
lo bo able to hold the prisoner for u number
of npnk rllJlJellu
Spiclat morning and eimm cruOn for larstega and I
I1I Uorgs YUSew V itt CSlrI4d
3 j
Simply Awful
I had what the doe
tots called the ttont
Os M of Scrrflita Iliry ever
semIs It was on ray arms
fl face and neck andwae
simply awful Five years
sgo I began to tiko
Jliodt f rwtMirillrt and
found the sores gradually
began to heal I took
00 W Turner
ten bottles and was per
fectly cured For the pant four rears I have
had mod health anil no artm
0 Vf TURNER farmer Galway N Y
HOODS riMM core Ilvr Illi centtlpatlen
blllouatM Jaundice tick tmes4eb Iimdhgsstiea
It isnt done by
P othorf thats
vhy limo ctiaran
te > of Dr Tierces
rivrrlto Pro
Rrrlpti should
rpuinaij cttea
tion Jt nrjnsr
d = T nrteo trfU Jntaiis
uo IT ming If
lln niedWnn ilirant rlvo ii olrftlon IT
very sun for which ftu ippoaitecM the
liionuy h I priiinptly ivluiided IeinarLablo
lew hut its l icnijliblo mnd lm lie All
thj fliirtiral irrcpilnntics it1 wcnknes
iieculi I ir to t wrwiilslpil nio carr1 by It Tor
Jcirarihcn iiiiinil I pain itttk lack pro
npous timid nlber i iliiUflimits Iwsnai
ilcnvii Rendition rnd ill foinalo coin
juahK llii iiu itiifailnii renuily I Jt J < a
jxifrcrful melmmal lye tonic arA icrvlno im
rnrtlnghtrriigth noel l vigtir to tlio whole ayu
As a regulator and promoter of functional
Brtlon at that critical period of change from
Klrlliood to womanhrKxl Tavorito Pro
ncrlptiiin is a Hifcclly safe trnicUlul egent
mid can produco only joo < l iosuU
Try it ir youre an nlhn unman
You pay only for the mod jo
Can you ask morel I
iiie srngr rv
at an
Offlee If In our Hit ol AdvertisIng Acenolea yea
do net timid oneeonvtnltnt I
Flandrau Co
372 374 376 BROOME STREET
Handy Wagons In paint and natural wood Bauer
KiifKlea with four style of bottle and tbe tatlttt
rldimmi slimy eter Inventeili Surreys Bxtenilon Tope
and Baiirlei Twowhtelera mist are absolutely free c
from bone motion Itoad Catti that are made to carry
AJKW snorwony Top nuoaza tao cat a
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flu TAKDAi
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than immmt tue Oflituim of an owfaljlonfd bidittail TSr
inln rroof ban > om i durahl > 0 to ClOUt 30U
rerrtucia Wfter r IUu irata atalugus
4 I
lolnllttJ ti Kit rtmtn COST MKK 35 ix
outv curt TIHJlnV4
Wlhh the Msmhi of the llriapeleiid Mnrhor
Chit lie < nell nt Any Moral Tfce
Troubled Jtle or Two loae Women
Miss Mary Helen MoKcnzle of Glen Cote
Long Island was Arraigned beforo Justice
Crandell In Glen Cove yesterday on com
plaint of tlwood Valentine of the same place
who complained that on Juno 22 Mist McKen
ale 1 Insulted him by calling him unpleasant
names and then frightened him br firing a
pistol toward him three times Miss McKen
tie nnd her aged mother had already boon In
court three times within the past week and
out of their small resources had paid 30 in
The mother who Is 70 years old Is a pleas
antfaced woman She wore n neat dross a
large lurkcolored shawl and a trim bonnet
Tim daughter Is said to bu 40 years old Rime
was neatly dressed nnd Is a largo woman
rather above tIme ordinary height Her hands
wero large and strong and thor showed signs
of tim hard work on the farm which Is tho
support of Ihpr mother and herself lIer taco
Is a pleasant ono but her features Bro strong
Her IronCray hair wns combed straight back
from her forehead
Years aeo Mrs MeKonzloe father Dr
Garvlc owned alursn estate on Hempstead
Creek 1liernuntrr near the estate li now
called OnrvloH 1nlnt Time mothernnddaUKh
tot llvo III nn old house nnd with the liolp of a
farm hand work fifty ncrnf nil that In left of
thu estate They have merely a life len o In
the entitle and for some years have refused to
pay the taxes
livery once In two tears or so the farm Is i
sold for the taxes anti each time Charles 11
A11IObr or Now York who hold n mortgage
on It Mil I It In Thw primary cause of tho re
cent appearance of Mrs MeKenzio and her
dauuhteln court was lIme burning on Juue
VI nf f nil old house nut on lliu point which was
owned huy limo two women
The 110lUP lend Harbor Yncht Club had
opened its clubhouse In the old hOllllO sam
t I inn before Sliifit tho bm nine I of the house
Nit s Melvenzlo 1ms frmiuontly 11 rOIl u pistol
over limo lieudHof iurson nn they wero Kolng
PUB lair hotnolo thin clubhouse amid baa IIn
iioroil tint monitors by cnlllnc hoot llre
bugs and Watnr street nlncoiH
lion rllletl In tint tlnntl vnafnrdllV Mr VAl
entltio I l i mild IllaClls hn droo liy 1 Uio McKonzle
place on 1111111 22 MUj McKenzie Hhrlokod
out tit him I rirohuiii m Klrobuel I Then she
ilupoed her hands und Imitated Ito cawing of
Mr Valentine i illilnt mind that much but
when tim returned from the club house Miss
McKunzli ilrevr u pistol pointed I It at him and
llrod three times each time cnlllnc out Flro
bug and then einlnir IIko II row
Sir Valentino and Ills iiarty were alarmed
and his luirMH hocnimt badly frlciitoned Then
Jawyur Hiirison H 1 Mouro of flushing who
appeared for Miss McKenzie called her to ito
eta mid
Hh denied that oho flred a pistol on the 22d
of June To cetat nor rust rucord and to test
litroracity Lawjer Edward Cromwoll asked
her If tuhmo rnut IOlIrrlol
1 wns nor married I am single sho
replied Thou shu ropeatcd I Bar l havo
nOIr betii married
JJoyou know a man named Bailey now
prpsentto wlunn you wero married Y
lauicn 11 italIc then itooil up
I dont know that moan I never saw him
ouV cro you married to him 7
Sir 1Inllor wag than asked It he had bean
murrteil 1 to her Ho fcald ho had
The story in tho town Is that about twenty
roars ago when Bailey worked on the farm for
AIrs McKeiizle ho and Mary went to Ka t Nor
wich whoro they wero married Marys
mother whim they came back to her house
drove thorn out anti thoy worn forced to SlAY
with a neighbor Later It Is paid they separ
iteil It 11 1 mild in tho town that oven now
Ballot imtbi tho marriage certlllcuto
Mrs McKenzle was then put on tho stand to
corroborate daughters Sho wax asked
Do you remember pulling at Mr Alber
onri beard V
All er on was a constable years ago and was
ono of the many unfortunato men to run coun
tor to Mrs McKvnzlo
Iremembor citchlng him by the heard
eiilled Mrs McKenzie and ho said he Ue
served it
Then Mrs Mckenzie explained how her
daughter happened to use her PIstol so often
My iluuKlitir utImo timId often fires off a
ilstol Slio cleans her pistol In the daytime
lomctlmei sun has that pistol loaded with
jails bho has a pistol loaded for docs
After pauso Mrs McKenzie added
Jwolegiied and foiirlegst dogs
There wits II rlpplo of laughtnr In tho court
room imd Mr Mchenie srt down
Then apt tlmrlen lout of the Heawnnhakn
ncht din wait 6llIlNI to Ibo Rtund to tell what
he knew as to thou voracity of Mrs Mc
viH7io and her daughter
I uouhl not hellovo either the defendant or
her mntlitr under atli by ralil
lit tolil Ills experience in regard to the
iKtol lleBulil I I tliaton the nluht of Auc 11
IH hn was driving home with Mr mind Mrs
alentliie alter a dunce at tho Vncht Iiib
louso hlioti won llrud from someuliero
tithlu tlm Mcleh7In Mini and Home twIgs
which had been hot awiy fell Into tho car
rllu Tho jury found hllus McKenzie guilty and
recommended her to tho mercy of thu court
Justice Ciaiulell thought Miss McKenzie
should lip eouriiTiiJ from further shooting
and ho lined her 2m
In tIn 1010111111 emotes whero Miss McKen7lo
lieu ronducted her own defence Blip had been
Incd only S1U Sho looked up n trlllo nor
prlseui mil told thin lustlco KIO did not have
< 2 > wIth hour Justice Crandcll allowed her to
go out of thin court room for a few minutes
ill soon returned unit piil the 25
Mr McKonzle and her daughter have had
numerous encounters with Sheriffs and con
tables A story wis told yesterday that years
aco Miss McKeiizle heat some boys whom sho
auulit near thin house Tho boys parents
lurtSeCtttU ner noon anerwaiu one 01 tIme
liens chlekoas woro found polsonod
limo work was traced to Miss McKenzie It
was paid yosiorday and Bho was convicted
When Con tablo John Lucas went to make
it levy Oil some property I at limo farm to satisfy
ho judcmoat Miss McKenzie met him In the
She had a pitchfork In one hand and a saw In
ho other Lucas tIred n pitto Hn paid ho
hot nt a dog which was with i 311cc McKenzle
but ho lilt Mhs McKenzIo In tho thigh
Miss McKon7li is In tho habit of selling eggs
anti vegetables In Hen Cliff A perHon reaulres
to I Imvo n lleuiiha to soil Hiicli articles them
kceptly so It wan siiii yesterday on good < 1 nu
liorlty Mist McKonlo was stopped In Sea
CIIIT lit u polfcemun boeause slit was solllne
vltbout a license Site drew her plbtol on him
Shin wns lined 5 for doing so
You had bettor not go to hOI nt her house
aid n man to the reporter yodtercay Sho
will hive you away
fun reporter wont and knocked at the door
A dog growled and a moment hater the upper
half of till olilfashlonnd door onened a trifle
and Mist McKitixlo put her head out and said
situ would not fay anything
A Beeoml Jitnr and a mast lit bounded around
Iho corner of thin house and dashed up to tIme
door Tho reporter put out his hand and
putttiti the Jot Miss MeKcnxlo smiled opened
thll lower half of the door and paid Pleasantly
omn In I and sit down
Then ho spolo At length of her troubles
aid they lived III n lonely place and that she
dIscharged tlm putol fieououtly to keep tho
veapon in order
Hut dont lire at any one If I did I guess
would hit with a plrnsant smllo I have
lIre1 at n target nod If 1 llreil at a thing I
It nous 1 could hit It
Miss MrKvnzo talked 1 ploiisnntly for come
lime nnd was very cordial when the reporter
loft Xhera mire those In lion rove who say
many a good word for MM McKenzIe who
eli of her many kind acts anil narrate how
he lives of the two lonely women have been
mtlltorod by their unfortunate circum
titiions and by thoughtles and sometimes
malicious people who annoy them
One of the Cootry GIIBC Caught
UXIONTOWX Pa Aus 20lam Yeaeer ono
or f tho Coolcy cane of outlins was captured
end brought to jail hero today Ho and Krlnt
Frey another of the cano came Into the vII
logo of Jlopvroocl this morning and boldly
walked around time streets and Into limo stores
dierlft McCormlck was notified and went to
npnoori Ilo captured Irpyand left him In
charge of rostmastci Dawson while ho went
10 rapt urn eager hut tlmtoutlaw had already
bun captured by a deputy During limit lib
eiio of thin rtherltr Frey got uwvy from the
losttiiitstet and led to time mountains
rile Pun Guide to New oms
nrpilfi lii iiif tiiiiin ntkftl nrru tlay I IJ tt
Wl nnl nlnfimof thr imrnrnti inrtrnpoMi
uljplmuuus tom i7lilssers cud prailnal iutfomrnc
lieu fir in in Hi al im < plr Jlif itti trllllittlilitli in
ttmmmJn mimic at tt Cnlnmliii trleliralionimt Oo
nlifi a iiiniirle niiijir amiinailuat yniilrliook
to Him i ilu It trill tell vtmturt what Ito tightt
ate limit In each them irlierr In lodge and board
rlilf luif ami tlir mil trlttrt to ito irhoteitlt
or retail tlnypliiff FCC to amnte IhrmMlrrt and
Q itrrtl irientrrnry of ilglilrering It l trillleat
rarlirfluttHnlrit pleasant t < > rrail and ttietub
jttl matter irlll 14 dulled ami arraineil In a way
to liwi Hie licit remltt Jif retail price tetll be
rt ITIII per enyu Tle films Inlde will alto offer
nrquaUrd and ticrptianal opportunities to odes
tiscrs Tliott who with farther information ems
Vita inUrrt ihould addreii The Guide liovk D +
orlment oftht Airu York 3u
lie Killed Mr Wynlt for Her Alonei
ihmlfl Wept Crleil
CAMDEX Aug aAt 1035 this morning
James It Morton was hanged In tIme jail build
ing by Sheriff Henry J West At 1033 Father
Kelly stepped out of the condemned mans
coiL Morton handcuffed and In charge of ox
Under Sheriff 1ortor followed Morton walked
firmly As limo steps reaching to thin scaffold
wore reached the two constables assisted him
to time top Hherltr West and Mr Porter quickly
adjusted tho straps about his less and pinioned
his arms The blnok rap was then drawn over
his head and tho noose was placed about his
The Sheriff sprung the trap and Mortons
neck was broken Death was Instantaneous
The Sheriff Immediately I after he had pulled
limo rope turned to walk down the steps from
the scaffold As ho took the first stop his feel
Ings overcame him His hand covered his
faco and with exclamation MyOodl he
staggered down the steps Ha would have
fallen to the ground had not two constables
sprung forwartt alit caught him and led him
to a seat An lie sat down his head fell for
ward and It was thought for a moment that
hn had fainted Ho quickly recovered antj
bowing his face in his hands wept like a chili
The crime for whtoh Morton wa hanced
was th < > result of tho deliberate planning of a
miiui crazed oy this duslro for money
Morton was until a few months before his
crime n npuclal offlcorln the lower part of the
city He lived at lHJ South Sixth street with
two daughters Ills wife helne dead
Some time In April Mrs LYdIa Ann Wyatt
a TtvcaroM colored woman who was sep
aratril from her hiiHband wont to live nt his
house She owned property which she sold
nMayforSSCW in her visits to the lawyers
in arranging the solo of the property she was
accompanied by Morton who took a great In
terest In her welfare So croat was the Im
pression maIn upon her that on Maytl she
made a will leaving to Morton onehalt of her
Throe days afterward Morton mot the old
woman as she came down stairs from her
room Snatching from her hand n heavy rose
wood cane which alto used walking hofellod
herto tlio floor AN soon an the woman was
dead Morton took 325 from a line she Carried
and left thin house Ho offered n colored un
dertaker 7i If he would bury her nt once
This aroused suspicion and ho was arrested
Edmund Greea Hanged
BLUR RIDGE Aug 20 Edmund Green was
hanged here nt noon today for the murder of
William O Keener in August 1800 A com
panion turned States evidence und was re
ftQGJtIc rn 8KUllEttE3 DI4TI1
IlarOB BaymoB nt Newport Iearae llie
New by Way of Europe
Baron Roger de Sellllore concerning whose
death Supt Dimes was Questioned by his
brother ItaymonJ do Sellllore on Thursday
died nt limo Hotel Belvedere on Wednesday
Daymond do Hollllure arrived hero from New
port yesterday with his wife formerly Mrs Liv
orniore and took charge of his brothers body
Information in regard to tho nature of limo
Barons Illness was refused to Inquirers at the
hotel It is said at the Bureau of Vltnl Stalls
Hen that thin flpiitli Imri not hnnn rnnnrtiiff Af
tho French onrulate it was said that the
Baron had died of dropsy Tho death notice
sent to THE SUN office reads thus
SrIUIhBK Suildenly of UrlKlif dices at tb
Hotel Iltlrcilfre In ItO riO tn wodnesmsy Aur 24
Baruti IIDKf m Aellllere of IArlf trance elacit ton of
Huron ammO Utronna Achilla de Srllllerf In the rJd year
or him ag 2rlrhte funerAl i > rlo ii In lbs rbapet
tlitCntncdrAi ou suturitui Acm 27 cud lotermvotar1
time fnuiilj cb teauor > ttllo Kruace i
Baron Itaymond de Scllllere received at New
port on Thursday an unsigned despatch from
Europe announcing his brothers death with
out telllnz thin place or tho circumstances
Time Huron telekraphcd to Superintendent
Byrnes lor information
Later he received a despatch from Viscount
Paul rtAbzac thoFrenoh ConsulGeneral soy
inc that his brother was dead Huron Hay
luond lenrnod that his brother had been living
at time lielvidere with a secretary and a valet
Baron Roger do Scllllero came of a French
family distinguished for its eccentricities
When a child he was stricken with scarlet fe
ver which left him deaf and dumb He was
time eldest Ron anti his fathers favorite
His aflllrtlon did not prevent him from ac
quiring a fine education lIe received an In
come of lOtlUU francs on the death of his
father and spent Ills time chlelly in travel Ho
leaves a sister and two brothers
A New 4Orboter llnlldlna at TVlnlrlaabama
The sloan yacht Paulino Is mit New London
on the ways having a now bowsprit put In
The members of the Larchmont Yacht Club
anticipate some ram sport today when their
annual race for oyster bouts Is hold on Long
Island Sound
A few moro rainy days mind the yachts will
begin togooutof commission As It In thero
are more yachts in commlsslonnowthan there
have ever been before
The numerous friends of that popular yachts
man K A MHIurd will be pleased to hoar
that he is rapidly recovering from the effects
of tho accident hu received on the schooner
yacht Marguerite on loelut Cup day
A A Clafllns steam yacht Seneca has been
chartered by a Now york Yachtsman stopping
nt limo Iouuot House Now London Mr Clatlln
is now fitting out tlio I steam > acht Puzzle for
his own uso nt the Oas LuKiuo and Power
Companys place ntMorrjs DoU
J J Phelps yesterday sold the schooner
yacht llruulillda to a Mr King It is said that
liar now owner vlhh hUt her In commission at
once and start off for an extended crul e
The lirunhllda It will bo ieiu mhered wan
put up at auction u low days air and nan hid
Rut by her owner for 5000 The lirunhllda
carried Mr Phelps and n party of 1 ale students
on u trip around the world ioiiijt years ago
and was chartered last year by tho Bermuda
Lighthouse Board
Tho fall regatta of the Harlem Yacht Club
will bo balled toilay Th > traiiiboat Psmona
will accompany thin yachts over time course
from Collego Point to Sands Ioint buov lour
bog limo foot of List Twontytllrd street at 0 I
oclock A M and the foot of IJist VOth street
nt 10 oclock A M Thin Pnmona will wait at
College Point for the arrivil of thu ferryboat
leaving time foot of Kant Ninetyninth street at
11 oclonk A M There IH a luice entry list
and some closo finishes are expected
The amalgamation of thin Corinthian Navy
with tho Corinthian Mosquito Fleet has ut last
been accomplished and U is 1 eXIltuctemi Under
the stimulus I of n new management that the
members will drop their lmli Id ual differences
and all work together In tlm Interest of tIme
association At thin ltst I nu ello of the mem
hors of the Corinthian Mosiulto Fleet they
formally ratlllod the action of the Corinthian
Navy people who passed the contollqatlon
scheme at their July meeting
The Riverside Yacht Hub will baltic Ladle P
n Kitta today AH tlm hosts in the club Jiarft
entered amid home lively tlmea nro expected
Handsomn prizes still tuiiwarded tdallof the
ladles on the winning ruchts nud each ofJUe
larger boats such as this schooner slonpV
and cutters can enny four ladles each title
starting signal will be flred ut 2 olmmcic slurp
The course for the larger boats v yihl bo elotenr
miles while the smaller boats will go over an
nightmile course In the evening thuro will
be a dunce at the club bouse
J N Lulling fine rhoiner yacht Alert is
now fitting out at 1ollllon jnrd itt time font pf
Court strum t honth llrooklyu for an mXtiimiStl t
cruise in tlm MeilllirrniiMii hhi it l Imvlrfc
her main bourn and huwsprit slioitoninl for the
heavy weather i she iMeits I to I iifoinitr < iii
tin trip ncros tho I Allmile which will bo limo
only rlmneif inudi in her sail plan which Is
nut a very largo one Slum Inn I Il Vie sllu I I boat I
and should I rnakna fit it trlpovi I Her 1 iwm > r
ami ono or two frlendu Inelmlliiu Iliint I t
ltiipl H time owmmtur of thin HOOI jitdit Wnud
will probably go over In her
The Itccatta Commlllet thin lUstcrn Yncht
Club alter hearing both sides on thn prolot
of John K IHotvn tho ownnr ot thn crack < vn
trnlioard llerrcohoff 21 Ifooter a nliiHt John
Pains 1riMk In tIm race for IMfooterc oft
Miirhlelieail on liilr 1 JH havn decided In fnor
ut the Alpha The Freak llnlshoil liret t nn limit
occfixlon but boomed her jil i i > out ohm lh was
it cit I n et thu t rules I bunco lie I ii lsmi nail hicathon
This J liMrx tho I i Alpha with a record of ton
llrstn out of ten situ tim i hoy will meet again
on Monday In the Hull ncht LJubs special
race for 11footcmoff Nahsnt A great many
think that the finkeel Freak will defeat hi
unbeaten Alpha on that occailoo <
z pei he Ilia r < Uela Showed Him la Bt
Vllltan It ICoherUonOarlord Tped
fraat HarleM Hrldar nut II llldnt flle
tletltcr Mneeccda ntlh fnrbolln Acid
TIme report of an explosion under a hard
warn stand In front ot 40 Yesoy street at
tranfrd the attention of Policeman Focsrty at
70 oclock last night Ito found under the
stand thu body ot a young man bleeding from
a bullet wound on tho right side of his head
A Itcallbro bulldog revolver with ono cham
ber exploded Ur beside tho body Beforo an
nmbulanco from the Clmmbors Street Hos
pital arrived the man was dead The top ot
tho hardware stand was ripped open and tho
body was taken out and carried to that Church
street station house
Tho body wan that of a man about years
old 5 feet 8 inches In height and weIghing
about 170 pounds Ho had a light moustache
and sandy complexion In time pockets of his
clothes wero found two letters Ono was
New YORK Atif 2ft
t8AR DitnTHKRi ritn 0 t U Mr Htm 1 will be t hrtmA
Saturday venlnc If imMiblA l am tick and tlrrilit
05w ViirV unit if I ran tr > mime frltnd 1 wsiit 1 will ti I >
home MP I iu nt the truln I Kill route on time us
T Mr cliri Mhth unit Urttn shout HorN301 M
HophiK lo ice you then 1 remain 30Cr brother
WM II Komitnov
This letter was In an onvolopo addressed to
Perry A Itobortson 10 0 South Sixth street
Time other letter road
To Whom It May Concern The bearer William liar
rlton huts hesn In my employ for two yearn soul he li
an hnnvftl and Indumrlouit nung man and If you sac
put him ta work you will oblliie yntirn reipicttully
K UURMTT India Item Jitttmnlt
There were half n dozen cards In his pocket
bearing the name William Harrison The
police think that Harrison was the middle
name of William H Hobnrtson Fo money
was found In his pockets There was a book
of time Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
In one ot thin pockets showingthat William If
Ilobertson had made a dozen or more pay
meats on a policy
Tho body was sent to the Morcuo
PmiATiKimiH Aug 2U William H Robert
sons only relatives hero are his brothers
Ferry A Itohertsou of lDltl South Sixth street
with whom ha lived anti Charles T Ilobertson
of 1017 South Sixth street Itobertson had
been a press feeder for the Curtis Publishing
Company 4j Arch street Ho left that place
last Monday and has not since been Roen
On Tuesday n letter was received from him
It mid that ho had been drugged bycomne men
st Tenth and Vino streets and put on a Now
York train This story is not believed hero
and It Is thought that the young man went to
New York wmle on a spree as he had been
drinking heavily nf late
Drink his friends think was responsible for
his net although he was also known to have
Borne other trouble the nature ot which can
not bo learned Miss Llllle Schaefor of 1010 1
South Sixth street his Hwootbeart received
two letters from him yontorday in which he
poke hopefully his prospects
It Wa Flood Tide mind for that Bees B
ttnjlord Couldnt Kill Ulmeeir
Boatmen at High Bridge noticed yesterday
at noon a man walking quickly back and
forth near the south railing ot the bridge The
wind was sweeping the rain across the bridge
at tho time The boatmen saw the man pull
his coatnnd Imt oftand hnnethem on one ot
the lamp posts Then ho ran to the low iron
railing vaulted over It andthrcwhlmsolf from
tho bridge He shot downward twenty feet or
more straight as an arrow Then ho began
to turn slowly in the air and whoa he had
nearly reached the river ho turned over and
over and struck the river flat on his back
The sound ot his contact with tho water could
be hoard a block away
George W Illloy who has a boat float just
south of tho bridge saw tho man jump Ho
and his brother launched a boat and pulled
for lie place where time man disappeared He
came to the surface waiving his hands feebly
as If to swim They lifted him Into the boat
He sank into the bottom of the boat with a
BroanMy back is broken ho said They rowed
him to the float A man and woman wero
crossing the bridge whon the man jumped
and a train load of passengers had just arrived
at tholIllBh Bridge station the New York and
Northern Itallroud Several ot tho passengers
f aw thn man jump They called excitedly to
Itrfindsmari John S Adrian who was just
coming out of tho police station Meantime
thou Itlley brothers had started across thin river
whiR him man Iimu PolIce telegraphed for an
ambulance and carried thin man to the pollen
station to await its arrival The lore wit hwhlch
ho struck the water had split his waistcoat
and trousers and blood flowed from his
mouth The doctors at the Fordbam Hospi
tal found that sovmmttl of his ribs wore broken
and that ho was MifTerlnu from shock
The man said he was Frederick laylord a
labororof ITltonwiok stroot He told the police
that ho was married and had three children
btmtthtatiiiswlfe hail deserted bun a few days
ago He did not say why
Ho was doing well last night hut the doctors
could miot say whether hmtu would recover
It was about full flood tide when Qaylcrd
jumped and to that fact Is duo his escape
from death In the early spring a man jumped
from High Bridge Ho was seen by boatmen
on Kyles float but there was no trace lot him
after ho struck the river There was doubt
for several days as to whether a man had
killed himself or some ono had thrown an
effigy from the In Idgo an a joke The question
was settled a fow days Inter by tho appearance
of the body n short distance from where It
went down Ho had probably landed in thn
folio lit limo nottom anti remained there until
the action of the tide released the body
Suicide nt OS
John Miller n tailor committed suicide yes
terday with Paris croon at his lodging at 00
Stanton street He was discharged on July 2
because ago had Incapacitated him by a
Broadway firm for which ho had worked for
thlrtyflve yearn Originally earned 18 a
week but this dwindled to 8 before ho was
discharged Miller was a devout Catholic and
attended mass In tho Herman church In Third
Street every SunJTay and as long as he earned
anything paid 75 cents n week rot I masses for
the repose of the soul of his wife who dlod
three years ago Because of his dovotlon it is
supposed ho was not responsible when ha
poisoned himself Ho was ua years old
Drank Carbolic Acid
Otto Delltor a German shoemaker being out
of work and with no money to buy food for
his wife and two young children poisoned
himself with carbolic acid at his lodging nt
307 Avenue C yesterday morning Ho died In
the nmhulunco which was called to carry him
Vllio New York Hospital Several weeks ago
lip tried to kill himself with Paris croon hut
his wife took the poison away from him Tho
carbolic acid had been bought by his wife for
disinfecting purposes
Cnlllnc Itecouiea a Froreiilonal
Robert L Cutting Jr line been engaged by
Manager Frank W Banter to play the leading
juvenile part In My Official Wife which
opens in this city In January at some theatre
not yet dpHlcnated Minnie Sellgmun whom
young Cutting recently murrlod will have the
jeadlnc part Thn contract wits signed yester l
day The amount of salary Is kept secret
After signing time contract Mr Cuttlns wont to
Long Urnncl
H 0 Intilngliam yesterday laid thin keel
of n new 4ifooter for an unknown yachtsman
Her dimensions and plans nro BB much of is
Secret as it they were the key to time fortillemu
tlons of IMrU It Is Mipposml clue iBaitcer
but wlitftlier ho but l to bo fin keel centreboard
or keel will not bo known till later
lira aoeeph Klebe flies tit Her Uimis Soi
Aner Hhe Call There
About noon yesterday Dr D K Manderill
of 15 Fourth avenue Brooklyn wa hastily
summoned to the house of MraMargaretVaa >
dovcor a licensed midwife at 378 Dean street
and on his arrival he found a middleaged
woman lying on a sofa In tim back parlor In f
convulsions and almost unconscious Mrs W
Vandevoor hurriedly explained that tho wo li
man was Mrs Mama lllebo of 432 West Forty
ninth street Now York nod HU she had called
about tin bout before to coniHher as to her
condition Whllo she was knd in making
a medical examination MKBebe was sud
dpnly seized with convulsfoiS and her con
dition beuamo so alarming that she sent for
the physician
Dr Mandevlllo failed In his efforts to restore
the woman to consciousness or stop the con
Tulslone and she sank Bteadlly and died ntlH
clock Dr Mandovillo notllled tho police ot
the llcrgon street station and acting Captain
Motcalf wont to the house mind placed Mrs
Vanrtovoer under arrest Time prisoner said
slim had known Mrs K0ho for thirteen years
und that she Imd frequently attended her She
emphatically denied that aim had boon guilty
of a criminal operation or that Mrs Illobo had
engaged her services for such a purpose o
Ponding the rosultof the autopsy which will
be made today by Dr A W bhepard and the
action of Coroner llooney Mrs Vandoveer has
boon placed In charge of n police matron at
the Congress street station bite Is I 45 yean
old and pas been a licensed midwife Brook
lyn for several years SIte has not been In
volved In any previous trouble The dead
woman was llrst taken to the Morgue but was
subsequently removed to Farrells undertak
ing rooms in Third avenue and Bergen street
A messenger was sent to this city to notify her
husband Jftsoph Itlobe a piano tuner He
arrived nt time undortakorn shop at a late
hour last night and Identified the woman aa t
lii wife Ho said his wile had had four chll
drnn all of whom era living the youngest be
log 3 i years old and that she had recently been
In poor health He was ignorant ot his wife
object in visiting Mrs Vaudeveer
Thomas H Hodman of the law firm of Rod
nina and Cogswall died yesterday morning at
his homeHGftCougrcss street Brooklyn in isis
71st year lie had boon In foeblo health for
some time and on Thursday becoming weak
In the bath tub was severely scalded being
unable to turn off tbo flow of hot water The
shock which followed was the direct cause of
his death Although a Democrat In national
politics ho was an independent In local mat
tots and frequently ulllllated with the Kepub
llcuns He once served as an independent
Democratic Alderman from the Sixth ward
anti was also the Supervisor from that ward
for one term In 1873 when GOT Dix re
moved Winchester Brltton from the office of
District Attorney Mr Hodman was appointed
to fill out tho unexpired term Ho supported
Heth Low in both of his successful campaigns
for Mayor Mr Hodtnun retired from active
professional and political life seven or eight
years ago He was a graduate of Princeton
College Ho was a trustee of tho Long Island
College Hospital und connected with several
financial institutions Ho leaves two ions
Thomas H Hodman Jr and William Dudley
The Ifor James E MoAvoy rector of St
Leos Church in Irvington N J died yester
day afternoon at the residence of his brother
inluw Owen Ryan 240 Sixth street Jersey
City Ho was born in Ireland fortysix rear
ago He was a brother of tho late William
aicAvoy who was Burrogate of Hudson count
lor ono term was elected for a second term
and who died a few months after his election
rite brothers ynrn engaged in the stationery
business In New lork until about ten yean
ago when William became Interested In poll t
tics mind James went to Soton Hall Seminary
to study for the priesthood He was ordained
six years ago in Newark and after two leers
service there ho was assigned to Bt jos
Church Irvingtpn Hn has been ailing for
several months from spinal disease The fu
neral services will bo hold In Bt Mory
Church Jersey City on Tuesday morning
Georgia Itolgnolds a wellknown actress U
dead in North Adams Mass She was a sister
of the famouHKnte Itelgnolds nowMrs Erring
Winslow and was born In England The father
of tlm Itolgnolds girls wit an aidedecamp
of Wellington and died at Waterloo The sis
ters camo to this country while very young
luorgle went on tIme stage early For half a
doon years sho was In Lawrence Barretts
support Lately she had travelled In the Patti j
nosa and Hy Proxy companies Bhe wa I
tIm wilt of William S Mathews flf
Eugene Parker for many years connected
with Irish movements in this city and ths
organizer of ft thn I Manhattan branch ot the
Irish National League died on Wednesday
nt Amltyvllle U I where ho was spending a
short vacation Ho was well known In th
building trade In thus city being a member of
Ibm firm of Loonlo V i Pnrkor Hlsjlunerml will
take place from ht Laurence Church Eighty
fourth street and Park avenue at 10 oclock
this morning
James Carroll of the firm ot Carroll Adam
k Co shoe manufacturers of Baltimore
dropped dead in his ofllce yesterday Ue bad
complained to no ono about feeling ill lie
was seated at his desk In his private office
when heart failure seized him Mr Carroll
was In lila 74th yoar und was well known in I
commercial and bunking circles A widow and
Iho children survive him
Isaac O horton died on Thursday at 218
Oroenn avenue Brooklynrin his ti2d year H
had been engaged In the building and real
estate buslnesH until n few years ago He had
been n ulelegato to the Republican General
fomrf Itts From the Twentieth ward lit
lens I a so i und daughter
They Will Obey the Injunction C
AUBIIV Aug 20The papers in the Federal
Injunction suit granted by Judge McCormick
nt Dallas on Monday were formally served on
Chairman Reagan and tlm other Railway Com
mlfc8onur yesterday ufternoon Chairman
1 uagan statort that In obedience to the Injuno
f0rnlhiiSRamll > Mon wuul not further hater
fore with this tour roads concerned in procur
irig time immjunction Iho Commisitmn will go
In as formerjy making rates for the roads asS
included in Uio injunction
Btttt nope for Dilute Doabcr 7
Tmti > runu Aut 2JThe condition of
Daniel Dougherty Ii i jiuch that the attending
pliyilclann Dim Icklir and Wood do not
SIM iiphoporniliih Mr Uougherty is now
Htiffer lie from m MOUK prostration which was
stltuhrhiidueotl bymi attack of tlm grip it1

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