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H 72 1IJJII1 fhr fJ1 1 1H nlT
4 I THE SUN SAtUltDAY AUGUST 27 1892 3
flOWN AT sin FIFTh ArJNVlt
f Manager Carter Finally ItecatTea Recogni
r f tion from the Inn lie Ixpeela to Inrry
New York Htnte nil IlnrrlnonMr Kelil
Tells of liu Experience In the Wem
There was double occasion for rejoicing at
Republican national head lunrters yesterday
t Tour eleven lourtrfour tho colored policy
players delight came out In tho drawing
yesterday and the score or mnro of colored
men members ot Thomas Henry Carters
statr were considerably nnrlched In purse
Thli wns tho second tlmo thnt the coon uig
had been drawn since tho establishment of
headquarters and thu colored innssengois
and doormen say that Its it sure omen of Har
rison and Holds
victory I
It was something oho than luck at policy
which caused the jubllntlon j I nlOl1 thu oxvau
tlvoofllcorn up stairs nt 51H Ilflh avenue It
wns what thoy considered 1 winning play In
the game of politics Thomas Collier Platt
had visited them and confeirod r i with I the I cam
paign mnungers regarding I tho I work which
must to IOH In thin State If the Hvpuhllcnntt
expect to carry it against thu splendid Demo
cratic organisation built up br David II Hill
anti his able assistants
Mr 1latt walked up the avcnuo with his
nnd mounted tlio step uf
ovorcoatoii his Irlln1 Iloulhd I
fit 8 to the great mi prise of oveial men who
had turnud t to t wntch curious an to his desti I
nation rho conference which he went to at
tend was arranged severnl diy ago by Chair
man William Uiookfleld of the Now York State
Committee llesldos Chalrmnn Carter nnd Mr
Intt thor vvuro present Senator Frank Ills
cock Whltelnw Held Col E A McAlplnu
1itsldent 01 tho Stato Lejguoof Republican
Clubs Gen Claikaon Jacob M I Patterson
Chairman ot the County Campaign Commit
tee W W Goodrich Chairman of thn Kings
County ltopulillcau General Committee Gen
Horace Porter and Treasurer IMIss and Secre
tary McComas ol the National Committee Mr
Held came down from Uphlr Farm at 11
oclock and 10wn tho first of the conferrues
outside of till committees officers to arrive
at honihiunrtcrn Mr Platt did not appear
until tho afternoon He remained more than t
an hour a part nt the time In private talk with
Chairman 1 Carter
Mr Itt ItY leaving had nothing to say rn
J gnrdlng his presence nt headquarters hit
Chairman Carter acknowledged that there had
been u confonenco thit the gentlemen named
nnvo Imd taken part In It anti that tho talk
was specialty regarding 1 the campaign In this
I mhjn II IA
state and tho share which the National Com
mittee may tnko 1111 The presence nf VV
Goodrich ot llrooklyn Is tali en as evldnnco
Mint t In Republican dlicnrd In thit I city Is I
pincticnUy at nn end and that Mr Harrisons
committee has given assurance Mint hecretnty
of tho Navy Tracy anil Naval Officer Willis
shall no longer light against the local organ
isation 1 and Its leader Internal Revenue Col
lector Ernst Nathan
Gen Hull A Algerof Michigan left head
quarters hefnro the conference was holt Ho
wont there from the Filth Avenue Hotel about
thu sRtno time with Senator Hlncock Tint
latter tiavnlled In ole of Col Miepaids stages
anti inn tiger In a coup Gen Alger tins
loCI shy of tlie Colonels vehicles since ho was
Intervlowed against his will nt Col bhepards
J luncheon The General lunched with Mr
Held Senator Hlscock Chalrmnn Carter
111 1Iscolk hllrmnl tartH
Tre isurer llllss lon Clarkson and National
Cnmmttteemnn Sam Fessenden of Connecticut
In the rnfe try which Mr Carter has caused
tn boeftatdishud on the third floor at head
Mr Held told of his experience In his recent
Wostoin trip of thu t speech he made at Hloom
Ington In which ho made complimentary alto
f Ion tn his opponent Adlal Ewing Stovanson
L lio resides tlieie and of bis recaption at
every plnco where he stopped
I found a very hearty response he said
tn my suggestion that the campaign was to
1 luught t t on thn Hues I of the tariff and on the
tlnnncinl quustlon In resistance to the Demo
cratic proposition of the repeal of the 31e Kin
lay I tariff to upset our reciprocity and tn aban
don 1 thu national anks I and go back tn the
wildcatsystem Kverybodir considers these
the sot toil features of the campaign tho seri
ous questions at issue 1 Tho country has ad
justed itnlf to the I MeKlnley tnrill nnd seos
nn reason fm 1 upsetting things the people
ro pmsper us nnd do not want a change
1101 to I New Yolk he continued
ltulllll agreeably surprised to Hnd
the vigor and life which hal been In
fused Into the canvass to and that
ev ryholyis I gutting Into line and that the
canvass in moving vigorously I see no tea
son to doubt tint I correctness of the general
belief that Now Vork Is the battlefield I we
ear y Sew t ork wo carry the election nnd
whllo 1 dn not dlsLuiH flora myself the fact
that it is aiway a serious undeituklng to nt
tempt tn curry Nuvv York and It cant be done I
I we should hit I too confident in the beginning I
yet wo liLy llcpmhllcnii enough hero to carry
tho Mute and 1 believe wo have the organiza I
tion and the Interest which are going to get
thorn nut and Inure I believe
nllllo A victory blloc wo
should continue It as a campaign of discus
sion and 1 hope to see the state coveted
very soon with great meetings addressed by
the nation lending speakers of this hitu and of the
Senator Tllscock added his quota of talk on
tho saw line and spoke particularly of the
state of the canvass In New York as he has
oen It In his visit to several parts of tho State
Ho said that the absence of I Htato ticket this
fall and In consequence the total elimination
of all State Issues from the canvass will result
In Illtt Ireat benefit to the Ilepubllcau national
ticket Four yours ago fm said wo Wore
defeated tho State Issue and
I tMollted on fiato IA8Ul woro success
ful on the national Issue Doubtless thu State
issue and tho candidacy of Goy Hill hnd tho
elTnat of Increasing Clevelands vote and the
absence of any such complications this year
will In my judgment greatly affect the result
and Inereao the llepubllciin vote I think tbo
toillTlstho paramount Issue of the canvnss
< at Moses Jc Lain 01 Indianapolis 1rcs
idontof President Harrisons regimental ns
oolatlon and one of tho frlondsof the Admin
istration who < did not fat tho big fat oihleo
which ho expected was a caller at headquar
ters He said that he Is very sanguine of Ho
Eubllcan success In Indiana In November and
bases his opinion on the benefits which havo
accrued to the State through the operation of
the now tariff law
Chairman Carter s press bureau Issued along
long Cnrtlrs exConeressman idol of
Louisiana In defence of French Canadian
naturalized citizens who claimed that thoy
had been unjustly attacked by tho New York
World which he flharncterlJied as a Demo
cratic organ This Is expected to prove a first
rate campaign argument for circulation in the
northern counties of this State where the
I French Canadian element is strong and Domo
Oen Alsrer left for home on the 430 New
York Central train
Nod for ton
i ATLANTA Aug 20 Charles L Moses wns
nominated forCongross yesterday by the Dem
ocrats of the Fourth district
AIIKSTOWN Pa Aug Constantino 1
Erdman has been nominated for Congress by
the DomocratH In tho Ninth district
Jlrecklnrldge has bon officially declared the
Dnmoeratbj nominee for Congress from the
Ashlnnd district nf candidate having appear
ed against him up to last night
Iluiiv 111 h I i Aug 211Time Democrats in I tho
Filth district have nominated Samuel Ahchu
tar fir onloRs
CiiFitnitKK In Aug OIn tho Klevonth
district i the I l Douiocrnts Inv nominated m I Ian Iii
Campbell for Congress Ha has ohio boon
nominated by the t ieoit e A parly
FlaK v SrrtNiiH Ark Aug 21The Demo
crats of the First district have nominated
Hugh DliiHinoro for Cingro
ItlHSIlMiHAM Ala Aug 2t1Thn Democrntia
Congrnss Convontlan of thn mirth district In
session itt Calera today nominated G A lob
bins for Congress on tile seventeenth ballot
iintrd for floTfrnor of Idnho
liotsn Aug 21Time Idaho Domocnts have
boon In session three days anil have not yet
completed thnlr ticket lnst eight John M
Durko wits nominated for Governor alter a
bitter IlihtdefeatlniHI A Stevenson n cousin
of Aillul SteTfiiHon und J W Jnnes was nomi
nated for Lleiitennnt Governor
This morning Jones declined and Frank
Harris Was nomlnnted In < his place when tho
convention adjourned for the day tn give tho
leaders an opportunity to harmonize tho war
lint factions
1 his morning American eagle which had
ben placed on a porch nn the Mage flaw down
to tho pros table am attacked Judge Hroisso
n newspaper man Injuring him quite serious
ly hid perch Tho eagle was recaptured and chained to
1 1 hn Mouser Canarrm Fight In the Court
lmiir > riritu Aug 21LA bill In equltywas
ci fuel before Judgn IhcgT In Common Pleas
Court No 1 today to restrain John HOCK and
Henry Btelnmct from exorcising any of tho
duties of temporary t Chairman of f Mm t Seven
teniith Will Democratic DeltgnUi Convention
Tho loiirtvvlll I hear argument nt 10 oclock
1mmlOom row
The suit Is brought by Georgo Kelly and
John McColgnn
4 The defendants represent tho Ilarrlty fac
tion which is opposing tho rcnomlnatlon nf
Congressman oPloRlnl IIt the complainants
are filenilly to John low l who Is a candidate
for reelection to tho General Assembly
Uy xoninntt 10 A COLORED roran
lie Tell AVhut the l > traoerfn of Georgia
llnve Dane for the NrRro
ATTAXTA Alf OGov Xorthon received n
letter a few days ago from G P Walker an
ofllrI il of tho AfroAmerican Democratic Club
of Chicago asking him lo tell the club whnt
Mm Democrats In Georgia hnd done to do
serve Mm negro vote Tn this letter Mm Gov
door sent limo following reply
It I IPifJtfr AfttfAtnftrtit ltrtnni < lHfClu 7AJI 111
Sin I beg to acknowledge the receipt of
riur Icttur I of I Aug 10 In which you nk
mo whnt Domocrncy his dono1 to soouro
Mm colored vote in hls State In I rcHI1 1 tony
pay Mint while thll poil nf this State linvo
done nothing i with Mm m direct I v low 01 eecur
lug the vote of tlm eoloied ImfoILlie thoy
have donu a great deal which should
go towntd Inducing limo colored voters
tn array themselves on tho Democratic side
In u Mm I coming fight both 1 IIH between the t Dem I
ocratic and time Third party and butweentnn
Domocriu and Mm Republicans think I that
thorecoid I we hnvo mndo will hnvu lit ulTect
In u showing II t tho I negro t wi i this I Hlulo I us I
In every State in tho South his bust Irlmid Is I
the whlto innn of his own moot Inn tlm mnn
who best 1 knows him loot understands his
needs IIIthlI lot tleeply with him end
feels for him the I truest 1 I ictuisim I him In 1 time nf
lo I
deep and universal Olstiess
ut IouiM m o In I n slrtirt letter I I can only touch
1111 Hint I lecord I but I shall I I glvu you 1 few
Incts fiom the record of f the t I m lie imioci itt Ii party
as IncolriTJ It has conducted Mm affairs of tills hlate I
First With regard tn education Inder
tho Hepubllcnn regime lu this Mate the ne
groes wero given 1 nn fimeilhiios moot no oppor
tunities education A Hind
11110 tot I llrltnl 11111 forcilucatbiinil
purposes had I I mcumulated In I the t JroiMiry
hut this was sebed upon bv limo HopubllcatiH
ami iibod to pai uvtiiiers of Mm Legislature
their per dlenis of Jliadny t and theschnoH
did not get a CUlt The Democrats on gutting
back to power Immediately restored Mm fund
and have been steadily i I Increasing I it every
until lu IHll Mm lust for
I mar uni 11 tUI 111 year to
which we hnvo complete llgurel I It
reached JITJODOO This 1 fund Is I raised
partly by taxation pnrlly by foes for
Inspection of fertlllor lentnl of Mm Ill
railroad i t 0 A tract assessment of ono nnd
onethird mils IK levied mi l piopeity for
school purposes which raises 0000 < > Tlm
white people of Mm State own H45tHiOUOH ot
property the t negroes own 14JIOOOO Tho
negroes pay the tax for school purposes In tho
amount ot only SIIMXIO whilo time whites pnv I
nn the direct assessments 4HlO0 Iliu
rest of limo fund now being raked dy I I
rental Ae as 1 hun sit hi would i havo
to he raised by direct taxation It theso
properties and fees of tlm Slate were not In
exlstunce so that It ft iLl ho I stated briefly I that t
the negroes pay lor school puiposos I SiJiiDO
omm IIerous I tlm Mate Trensiiiy vvhllo I tlm
whites pay 1002000 How I I I > i this 1111 dl s
In I mmtil as between whites and blacks limo
Hchoil nttenilanco t among the t negro Is about
4D 1 percent as Ci Iii iitiuh with the vvhito at
tendance t I The negroes rocelvo hot 40 I er
cent nf tlm omit nllr fund of ii 11f101 I I iim
whites having tin per cent of thu attendinci
Icceivn m about i0 i per cent of time fund In I other
words the negnes pay taxes for school pui
ISO in I the sum of 1101 m i and receive for
pchinl m purposes i from tho I Stato thu I sum nf
rinnii Che school fnellltiesiilTiirdfd bnth
limit tire entirely tlm same the unly tlilTer
taco being that tho I hub penplo piactlcully
support Mm I schools fur lot ii
heeondVitli regard to I tho t opportunities I t
for 11111111 lag propelty In ISiS the ntgn > es
ovn d 1J4H7K of property in this Mate
Iluler Democintli1 admit I ii i trtt ion nf C nfllcos
thvv huvn iietm given such opportunities for
uciiuirlng homos and other property that tlmy I
now own UJXMOU an Incrunno of lluTo
IJilli Ihiiteen years
I hlrd Asto politics Time Democrats In this
State In the present cam nlgn mire milking USD
of tliellgures I lust given you us showing i tlm t
aro hurt I y nt i the t negro under this I party nnd
Mm splendid facilities which tho ity has
given him for the education n his I children
They me also using tho tarilT They hope tn
show that t thin negro ns a consumer pays
taxes to ouuy piotectlve industry of the North
and East lit ito rato nf tout Jtlt to It7 i per
cent on the necesMiilesof t life I and that ito t
tart t is I a tax wbbh reaches him I III his homo
and levies tribute nn htm for thu support of
monopolies and trusts
These are but n few ot tho things wo havo
don nnd hop to do I cannot take the limo
to add an thing to the above though It would
bo very easy to do so I hop that what 1 baum
given you will be suHlcient to show you that
we havo litH a gieit tleal and that wo have a
Yon strong claim 111011 tho negro Vote of
deorgij I I hope that t your chub mnimy be I abloto
innku good use of It bong your people In
Illinois who if thor could but understand
evil of 1 the tariff anil the opportunities offered
them fur f better C times t i nnd better advantages
III every derailment of life would bo as good
Itemocratu ns tho people of Georgia Yours
respectfully W 1 NoiiTiiKS
Walker has written a reply to the Governors
letter In It 1m MI > S one would think I from
reading the i papers up hU way tlmt the De
mocracy of the South was composed of
demons anti the negros life was oru of con
tinual sorrow nnd ftiugglc He tar further
I will In my feeble way Inform the Demo
crats of Illinois that Um Democracy of the
grunt Stat of Georgia has raised Mm Afro
American tn t a hlglir h I plane In I life I i and 1111
aid her sister States In doing Mm same
A Cnmpnlpn fommltfee to lie Appointed
with eiiilqilnrler lit the llolTmiiii lieu e
A meeting of the lixocutlvo Committee of tho
State League of f Democratic Clubs was held at
CO Vllliiiin street yesterday President John
font Thnchsr of Albany presiding
Preparations for active campaign work
throughout I the Stat were in alt Authorisa
lion was given for thu I appointment t by I tho I
President nf f a campaign eummltttonf i d f llfteen
with headquarters In I tho llolTmnn I I IInll I I > o and
n convention of tho clubs belonging to lie
State League WitS called for tho evening of
Oct a l tho placo to bo sphefcd 1 hereafter It
was also decided to Invite temporary clubs
organised for thn t campaign nnlv to net in
concert with the regular and Incorporated so
duties I and to unroll them I such temporary t
members exacting from thum t nn fees nr duos t
There were tOO such Democratic I clubs in
IRyK Members of the Vxeeutivo Committee m
attending the meeting from different parts of
time htato ruportud most earnest and nctlvo
Interest on the part of tho ttatit Democracy
Cia bi me forming I In 1 every district I and I II
larger Proportion ot young mun ant joining
this year than over beioie
President I Timelier h i explained tho purposes
of the League as follows
FlrM l following out tho Idem of Thomas
Jetlerson In I tho I formation nf DociocrHtle J 1 I so
cieties throughout tlm country which should
bo so many schools nf f lusttiictlun I In I Demo 1
cratic principles nnd In holding the t arty
close to the fundamental ideas nf government
taught by Mm futhuts Second1 nn rgiinixu
tion to siippleinont nndnsdn the I work nf I the
State i Cnmmlttce t In canvassing the illetncts
reproponted bv thnm nml 1 In a housetohniise
CanvnsH i ti1i tug the h num ° s of Ihl 11 lio
prop e 0 to IICt with thn all ty lu tint riming
Prusidentlal cleetin I lids i i work minim not
mirixsulljr I ilii llcno the work of tin State
Committee but us it will eovur much II not
all of thu Minn tuirltory will serve ID I con
firm tho I reports received nt Mi I rlnln head
qu liters from day to day It will ho thus I c
clal work of tho t committee I tnnrgaiiln I i meet
ings i and I enmpaign I clubs and generally I to
niousn iiithUBlaHin t m eiiuigy and nctlvlty i
th roil gim ii t tho h htute
Thn Cleveland and Stovonfon Campaign
Club nt the I TwentylliM i 1 A s emhv district 1 i
VVH oigaiiiJiud luut uvoning ut JJIJ Lexing
ton avenue
Time Force Hill Nol l nn finite Unit Concern
the Hniltli Alone
The Force hill wits puLforvvud ns tho chief
Issue of the campaign In this city at a meeting
held last night In Beet iiovtn Hall I i Jlast i Fourth
btreot The meeting wns hi hi hy the Gorman
Cleveland Campaign Guard I of Mm cast Mdo
and Wile addressed by Otto Kompnor who ex
pects to be tho Tammany Hall candidate for
member of Assembly In the now Seventh dU
triaL Mils full
Mr Kompner explained to hum nulllorll that
Federal Interferenco In elections Midi as wis
proposed I my tlm I Foice bill and advocated by
the Republican part In I Its platform ii nit bv
Its candidate moins a sit immrtiomm mum dlhII
of the peoples will ns oxpressed llIl tlm pullt
nnd I tim perpetuation 111 I power uf f II patty i after
It Ims foiled to command tho confidence of the
He rocltml Mm history of cnrpctbng rule In
tho South and called tlm attention nf his
hearers to the fact that tho blow is I not aimed
alone lit time Democracy ot the South but nt
tho Democracy of Nuvv York mid other great
dlllA I
He pointed to the fact Mint thn Republicans
might apply Mm provisions of Mm Force I bill to
Nmv York elections and asked lime Gorman
voters of Iho city If they would consent to such
Intcrfitrnnco with thu expression of their
voice Free elections and homo rule he raid
ante to beought lor In thus Ill y in this cam
paign as well UH in Mm States of time South
Marry Miner llrts MOOO oi fliTrUnd
Harry C Miner lime Minutrical manager and
Tammany leader but flOOO csterdny onthe
election of Cleveland with Charles i Fvansof
the I Parlor I Match l company Tint sjuoo 1
In lie I slmpeof m heck y wns put In the I hands
of John W Hamilton of thu Fifth Avcmiu lime
svinrvo itKCAtMK 2 lIlt CdllUO I
Their Attack ttpen the IlemoerRtlc Oran
Irutlnn rnnimnuy Will Inure Ills
It nlorlly IHrklnxon f3oe Ornydutilet
Tho news which comes from Huffalo of tho
nation of tho trio county antlsnapperii or
rather of Mm Hocr tary of their County Com
mittee Tohn P Collins calling for Independ
ent action on thu part uf Mr Clevelands
filumls for time purpo of suing hat Mm
Iomocrntlo I national ticket receives thom sup
port I to t which m It I Is ilnllMid was rc oled with I
Indignant I surprine i In I this t i city > est unlay by all
good Democritp The statement Secretary
Collltiftn call fur n mecllng to I organize In Ktlu
county that tho ticket will not tecelvm such
all iioi t If h f the campaign I itt I ont I roh v In thu I
hands of Mr CloMdnndft enemies was con
sltloied n direct elmllengo of the loyalty of tho I
regular Democrntlc orKimlyntlon In this Stnte I
This outcome of time May convention the
determination of the t lenders h that I movement
tn keep Its oigntilrntlon Intact was severely
condemned Chairman I IlnrrltT I would say
only tlmt he has full faith In the managers of
thoHtate I campaign to llal with the canvass
Secretary Charles It Do 1reoft of tho Demo
ctutlo State Committee refused to ho Inter
viewed nn the subjnct as the alleged trouble
Is In Chairman Hhoolmns own city and ho I
wlllbe hero to speak for himself and time Krln
county Democracy next week A gontlemnn I
who Is thoroughly coiueroant with the situa
tion In Irlo county hownvei snld that he
could give an explanation of this action of the
llrlo county he paid last year had time
best Democratic organization uho ever had
With George J Xlllle Chairman of thu County
Committee and under tho direction of Mr
Sheehan It did what It never him done befuro
elected every Democratic candidate on tho
ticket The lemilt i was so satlelactory that
Mr llllg was continued at the head of the
committee After the Chicago Convention had
nominated Cleveland anti Stevenson Mr llllg
put about organizing Cleveland and Stevenson I
clubs In every oleetlon district In the county
and the orgnnUatlon started In tn support Mr I
Clevelandalthough It had been opposed to his
nomination I Application was inndo by tho
mint istt a hirers who thought they should have
II hand In t the management of Mm campaign
to rent gmtniye the committee to as tn giv
tlictn Imlf Its membeishlp Thcy worn told I
that tho regular organization could tint cnn
fent to such a proposition that it was sincere
In i Its support of the I national ticket nnd 1 could
itt n < i better work lot It with a committed hav I I
ing lie i full eonlldolicoof the Donioernts of time
county than with i I a body of elfei intituled
cnmmittentnen such as was suggested The I
Antls1 till not like this beeausu they had
honed tn shato In the t local otlleos by I immumii pit I
Intitigtbn I committee I and that IB time cause lor
Mr < ollinss circular I
I soi > that be necusns the County Com
mltteoof Inactivity t That Is I not warranted
n I happen tc I know The committee hah I
been liird nt work for many weeks Tiuo its I
work has not been dino with n binss 1mm mitt ne
cnmpntiiment but though quiet its luhor
have been very ellectlve It lies emamilch lists I I
or all thu i voters III the county and 1 special
lists I I of f the t ii dinflectod both parties with I thn
rauronflhelidisaffection I i 1 lilecnunty I 1 Demo J I
elate were never Letter oignnlzod or led than
now They will do effective work In Novum
her nnd their olTotlvenes will bo increased
If I f the t nntisnappvrh cense their I trouil t nc I
KlehiKl I I i Crnker tald hit I ho knew nothing
about the situation In HulTau lull so far as I
Mm regular Hemocrucy of New ork cltv Id
cimcenied Is I true blue Tammany Hull will I
mnko the greatest effort to roll upnmniorltv
lor < 1100111111 amid Steveiiion 11h as was never I
eforo 1 given for a Presidential ticket I In the
history of t Ii e orga tIWI tin I I
Chairman m Don M Dickinson I i of t flu Demo
cratlc National I Campaign 1 Committee I left I IIIt I
night to t visit Mr i i Cleveland I I at Uuivards lny 1
and 1 consult with him regarding the campaign
Hun ill remain nt dray iahles until Monday
when he will go direct tnihicngo I to confer
with Xnthuiil I Commltteciuen lien T Cable
and I l Wall I concerning i tint I ennvnss to I bo
Hindu In Ihr I doubtful Mnusof the oithvvest
from branch hendiunrt in Chlengo Air
Dickinson I will see Mr < lev eland tutlav for
the t first time since i i the ciToraonlns nf notlflca i i
tlon held hi the i Mndlson jiiunre larrten I I
AVestern heinbiuiirtors by the I coma nmittio
have iieen i established III h the Inlmor I Housu I
already there Tho National i I
nnd Wot k has begun a
tional I I I oat in itteiit cii from tin t seven Status
In which siiCiHl missionary work is to be dune
will bo present nt the conference The States I
assigned t by chairman Ilnrrity I fur this i sp etnl h
wink are Illinois VisconslnMlehlgnnMln
nosntn lfvil I nnd thi I two I HHkoin I t I
Itepoits lectdved brain nil I i of those States as
to work iilready 1 dono will bo i nrefullv eonsid
ored and plin I S for the t further pro ecuthin of
the eampnign in them will h he enmiileted Mr
Dlckinsnii 1 I I uxpnct m to bi ak I ut t Ins desk at
national im enil i Umli tars next Thurdnv
Jima 1xeeutlve Jommlttoo of tho Southern
DenuKratie Astoelntion met at the St Jnmns
lintel t last I evening and nib ni ittemi 1WI I voteis nt
Southern biith i I to mcmbcTbhlp in I him t orgnnl
xatui t
Secrotarv Charles It Do Freest of the Demo
cratic Mntit Committee I went to I Albanv I last
evening I tn t look alter time fommltt i V vvurlc at
that point He will return on Monday
s4tr TIII nituKi IJZVJO
And IVIicn the Il m e Warn Nenrehcrt the
Vinililhr IlurKliir XVii Pnlliul
NnwIJniNsvvKTi Aug 21An nlmost suc
cessful I attempt > ns made this afternoon to t
lob tho house of thn I hey John Dewitt a pro I I
fessor In time Unformed Theological Seminary
here A broken window In tho west side of I
tho house suggested to passers by Mint the
house had been entered as tho family wore
absent I
OfllcTS Kelly and Clinton searched the
promises and discovered a man hiding be I
tween the springs I nil mattross of a bed He
was hnuled out mud leigned drunkenness Ho I
gave his nnmens William Allison a watercress
veum bet I
Ileeordor Hnrklns I I committed him I m to I mil to
await time action of the September Ginnd lury
Allison tm 1 not known tn nny of I hum local police
hut tlio clever innnncr III which he hind pre
pared to t cm rynlt his i m I booty I led I I them t to bulivvo
tha he wns n piofeslonnl thief
Many i vnliinhlo m nitlcles t wi ro found piled up m
In a secluded hpot near the t house His evi
dent intention i I I was to I strip I the t I house hy day
and may nil his plnndci u by I night
Chllreh 1 Mlrnrk liy llKliliilnc
The barn of 1 C Xabrlnllo fc Ron dairymen
nt Churn Hill near Hnckuusack wns struck
by lightning i and ml net tro > od by lire Thuridir I
oveiln Twontyi Ight cow several wagons
a largo quantity of hay and straw farming
tools agricultural Implements were con
Tho main building was a large twoglory
and biisomenl structure the cows being con
fined In the lower part nnd fastened In by
stanchions that worked separately There
wire no mnn around time place whon tho lie
broke nut and Miss l Jennie A ubrinklo a
malion lady I rnMied Into I the basouiont of the
burning building to release tho cattlu and
iix I cows and six mules had been snvnd
when him wns foicud to rot lie I her hair hinged
and bunds I binned A largo horM Malde nnd
vvigon hiiUKn combined was Hived liy the
neighbors limo loss Is I idaood at iHOUO In
surance sf > rio
hon hicpu II Weston went Into the He
formed rhiirih lit H oclock to ring Hie h bell i for
the nhrlsklu Ijifl hn noticed that lilt cupola
had been Mruck hy lightning The weather
vane and HOIIIO weather boards wuro lying on
tlm ground
At 1 mdnlght a farmer on his waite market
paw Mimob iHMilng from the basement nf 1 the
ehurch and tho building and contents worn
consumed only n few chairs nnd hymn bools
lining cavil
III I I i Hiipposed Mint t tho t lightning I United 1 i t the I
woodwork I and I lit flro MmiMorel thieo or
foiirhouiH before It broke out There were
tune organs nnd n piano III time chuich limo
total Jobs Is ttlfHMJ InuurancB iriUO
Mm lleerhar1 Eightieth Illrlhiluy
VoSKKiis Aug 2i Mrs hoary Ward
Doechor celebrated her olghtloth birthday to
day at tho residency of her ton Col 11 U I
ISnechor In Mils city The celebration was an
Informal i alTiilr only th > < linniedlatu I in eun lore
of the I family h I l being I present Mrs i llaccher
dinml with hnr son duughturh grandchildren
nnd gientgrandchlldreu at 1 oclock this I
evening I I
The llemnrmtle Ticket In Wi blDBtoi I
OiYMPlAWnsh Aucc 20Lat last night tim
Pumocratld State ConyenHon nominated II J
Hnlvclley of Vakima for Governor J 1 It Mun
dy wan nomlnntnil for Conurse H U Wilson
for lleutenantdovornor and E 1 K lIano and
II Y Drinker for tho Hupiema bunch
Where VeterdHv Fire Vcre
I I MII 10 t6O Pecon4 sTAtue Jacob Tbompion
damal JIoO
rKrnm tew York to Iho summIt ofIhe CAtikllli In Init
ilmriie hours six i Saw totk cnmrl l cml Otis Ultttllnr
To Insure
Pure Food
hi F purest lightest sweetest
and therefore most nppe
tixing and wholesome bread
biscuit rolls muffins cakes
crusts etc arc assured with
the use of the Royal Making
The New York State Analyst
says Tlio Royal liakiiig Iowdcr
ia superior to ntiy other which 1 have
examined Hisuncijtialcd fun purity
strength anti uliulcsumcue
Wb n Baby was tick we geve her Oatwrl
Wbn ih was a Child iii crt 4 jog Ctltort
When id WCMD lOse sb clung t Cutorla
Wkea sh ks Ch114s lime 4IiS U m CtMtttDr
IU UMllhea at IlibylM U I I uuij White Ilin t
T Invtltotei for tli cute uf AlcuholUnu Miri hiD
> nd Neriouj Intctxi Kr Utiuf adilrcM orcall
II V Qte 1 East 27th 1
One Hundred nd Torly Men Kitombcd Inn
Welch Coul PH
IONDON Aug JliAn explosion which It Is
feared may bo attended by great loss of life
has occurred at Aberkcnllg near llrldgend In
the county of fllnmorgan Wales Ono hun
dred and forty miners nro entrapped a coal
pit owing to an explosion which shattered tho
galleries by which thoy could have made exit
anti nothing Is I known as to their I fate Whon
thu explosion took place a volume of coal dust
arose from the mouth of lImo pit and this
along with tho rumbling liuhep gave notice to
tho Inhabitants that something serious hnd
occurred Women and chlldien rushed to time
mouth of the pit crying and walling I for time
fathers husbands and brothers below I I
IlToiti Ill nt ono made tim 11lIeh m the en
tombed miners I and ascertain lImo extent I of tho
Ia 11111I Ill These efforts so far havo proved
unsuccessful and MID Indications firm that the
explosion may huvo destroyed every lira In tho
mine I The managers have i called on men
from neighboring collieries to assist In the I
work of rescue and Mm most Blroiiuous eor i
Huns t are being I tnniln to opti a way to I Mm I tin I I
fnrtunntos ulovv I In heveinl instances wo I
01 elm liiivti gone Mantle from the I suij eiise and
potnu of them have liiBlstod taking pint In
thaw oik I
It i t Is i siild that I tho coal tilt IA tin lite i i Tho I
mot pitiful I scenes are witnessed among Mm >
women nnd children lit tho mouth of the pit I
Six bod let have boon recovered Tho work j
of rescue Is still In progress but owing to t time I
difficultly with the ventilating nppuntus It
proceeds slowly Hundreds nf f pisons sur i I
round the I pits mouth must of them I waiting I
to identify the bodies of friends nnd relative I
A Ort English Industry t iimiulieit to Hin
peel 1 OiiemtlonH Prrlitips IertnnnentM
IA > NIION Aug t1A meeting has been sum
moned of tie shnroholdors In the company of I
Salt A Hon owners of tho famous factories nt
Hnltalro on the River Air about three mite I
from Bradford Saltolre Is I known as tho model I
village the lute Sir Titus Salt having oMnb
llshed there homos for his npeintives with
surroundings according to most Improved mind I
progressive Plums The business of lilt com
pany has of Into become so depressed that It i I
Is seriously proposed to wind up Tlm eoni
piny I Is n limited I t one nnd vns formed I 1SM1 I
with II 11I1lta of iliOOuii tn conduct till I
business of Mm lute ttir Titus Salt Tho recent
loisprt of tho coimi let V are attributed t to thn t
McKlnley titltT whkli has deprived Mm com
pany of Its market in inerlca
The assets nf the concern Inclusive of I the
town of Snltnlro I ald the factories thelock t
III trade t and machinery h aro val uoi accord
ing time latent balance sheet nt upward of a
IUntl or II 011111011 u1111IR 1trlrl1l IoUI1
lIulllltlA Iul thoru i lie oIollhl hint lit 1
forr1 Ide time tiSt iimimhuh mInimum 1II1I1h I
les I ttimin limo 1I11111t1II TIoI Intuit limilhhit ha I
lire niuillt I nvjnui > inrmin Mtiiiuiiy iiiunii
fnctured nlpnens and 1 vvorteds hut of lecent u
yenin has ehiellv nianufai lured plush guile
Since tim McKinliy law went Into lilt mtthi
the business Ims lietn educed I tn n tenth of Its I
former magnitude until now the parties must I
fntotestcd have It lii l said coneludeil that it is I
nut worth while to attempt to continue
The eoncein once emplojed I ltxi opera
tives I nml the attention I I of visitors i from all I
Parts of t hum world I was dlrectou I the I I i model
town of Mr Titus silt Um news nf r the con
dition nf the comHi i has ciused a wldo I
sprint tensatlon in trade circles II
nitiwioi IM s > i A Hour n Kit K
The Iutter Htlll Illumine lie Premier lor
tiltmlttlna I lu I the Quru J > hem m I min
IOMKIX Aug Jti Hnnry Lahoudmre In an
atm hIVO r to t the letter In which Mr 1 f HadHum I
assumed all the t blaniu for his exclusion I ftom
time Cabinet siys ho apiirelatos the eointcsy j
toward himself nnd the I dii I emmy I uiva rib tlm I
Queen exhibited by Mr ilnilstone ut I u > is I i
still I forced to adhuru to Ids belie that tlm I
Uueen instigated Ml r liludhtoueVeouise Tn
Oils Mr Ola Istoim has mpondcd iepuitiig
the nssertinii that he is mm tmi worm m it In I every
war fog tlm exclusion He adds that it must
not be s ugh t to lay the tIm tim i 11111 vliei m e ulse i
1 his has enlled out anothor communication
from Uibouchoie in wliiob he thanks I Mr
Olndstfne again for Ills I epiussi m nf kind I I
personal feelings hut aLiiu hints Unit m lie h ib
justification for ndhenng tnliln I I mlginnl h view
of the matter seeing that I Mi t ilail I > tone has
not denied that i the I VUecn muddled In lilt
nmkeup nf I time t al inet Mi l m timuchcre I
i loof with wishing the t now iuvertiment
overy hticcusc hut dochuing tlmt he Is iou
good a radical not to lure as much us potsi I
miii in the way nf g niilne reform ut if thu
I party III power lnliuurhuro vull Iciva to
morrow for u holiday in Italy i I
JOllA 110111 r tniiivTrn
tiadetoir thlef Si t er fury fur Irelnnd Ke
sisimod ullb uu lurrviiNert liijnrl > 1
ol Aug Jti Tho Itight lion Tohn I
Money Chlel hocretnry fr Irulantl has been
reflected nt wcnstleonTjii by i IJUS
votes to 11J44 votes for Iinddl llalll iindi
date of Mm Conservntive unit Liberal Union I
ists I In I the I Ce hOt mu election when ono fun
vatlvu and ta Liberal imllihitef were in
the Held encnstle having tao member imo I I
vole f rah as inlhvvs Mdeinau Humond
Conservative IHMl I John 1 Morlny llhortl I 1 I I
Jliur 1 Crilg ltreril IIMS It will thus
be I seen that Ml Morloy narrowly oscnied
defeat In i the I general I election lime 1 leult I of i
Scstvrdny leavosNevvcnIereprosentedns be I
fore by i lUmond Constmtlve and Morler I
Liberal i and saves Mr I I imuisto flu fiom Ih I mum 1
humiliation of having iino of his Cihtnet ofll
curs reieeted I at the t p < dN
Air h Ilindeli I llnlll I I I I the defeated t cmdldito I I
fsn I inemher of II ilnu < > I wullknonn Cireek
HUM hnits in London crib is I hliiifcH a Ie I I
vnntino He sat in Paillimunt in IhMi Thu
liullisaro veryrlch
Htrnveclnc Amiii ihii epreclitllnn nT
CUCUTTA hug JO The Tndinn Currency
Ahhoclntlon at public meeting jesterdny re
ceived a sport m hinting thit I the hrnunbes of
time association were elieiiluting let lltloii emit
Ing upon th lovarnmant to ictln tho mntler
of tho depreciation of silver In I ihese pefl
timis It was said 11 I I is < 0 immiH had 111
signed nliendv The President propnfed and
tlm Miihanunh h i of liittb h I i i li Heomd i n resolu
tion reiiifsting the iiiernment I t to do Its
utmost In I in rust tho depreciation of silver
lIme resolution vvnsearrld without oppnbltion
French I uiiinllin ilcil i ii 1 mm ol I heir Illghts
IOMK Aug 20 The Congregation I ul f UK
Propnganda hls rclloIlhlnlIch i i t Govern
nlllIt 10 lrot cad 10 t liral I Jlrltnlll I iigmih mist tho
< 11Ilnt1 Cllhuho hlll III allilubu 1ho
1ltJul1 lii I hindu ui th I Iunll III thmu rlht
IlIlIrllIl11 tu thu 1llIh Ialhllllll ml f t I1I111la
ti hmumm thlll ollntr mvii allllllxl1 by Onnt
IIrllllllllho lIolIIln lulhI1 of llIlIltubll Lo
11mg 1Irholy 01 Floneh i Ic I iull
lot in u Trench MlnliiK Town
PAIUB Aug 20A ilol i occurred today at
LII III mining town In time Department of
Pan do Calais The rench I miners huvn her
some unto been Irritated it the i Importation of
miners from Itnlgluni I 1 uiimiv the I lenchmon i
attacked tho t houses where the I llelglaiis lived I I
and smashed the vvlmbms Ih I troops hud
to hn enlled upon to Mop the riot Tlio liu
chimes Ill is believed will gnhick to their coun
try fur fear of renewed violence
Note of Keieluu 1 Iliippenlni
Tlm International 1ijnce Congres has voted
to hold lie next nieetiiig III Chicago I in J8iii
A dliistiniiB Hood has occurred at drat I 1
Aiirtiln Mnnv hullillngs Including thieu
mills two i factories ami several dwellings
vvero swept awnlnnd a iloiuu pououb lost
their hives
Yestoiday was Ihn I I m MiventyMilnl t nnnlvor
snrynfMm 1 1 birth of the t Into Irlnco Consort
Tlie keepers nnd foi t vim mml c en tlio I nnnl h instates
In Scotland gntlioiid at > rnig Cnwnu Hill
litlinoial aceordlng In euntom nml ilrnnk to
time health of tim U d epa i tol i
The rliinn Oulile to New York
lfrpimiI 10 plnilm cake rtrm da bu tIUlll
ami alums of tIt Ammcan tiirtroiiolln Fvojri
houR In Hihtieert anil jirnrtirnf IIfrmaboll for
practitnlprnplr Tlif fmnill i publlfli I 1I1111l1t for
ut at tie Columlut rlflratintt nnt Oclatirr a
ctmiptflf linnup arn prniiiraf Quid book lo this
fid It unit Ml rlflton irAal thr light are hcnt
to rraci tlirm ultrrt to tolls and board irhilt
Iint crud Iht cost iclirrflo do uliolftalf or rrtail
hopping how to amine t theintlrrt and get real
when irrnru owhttering l1 hUt lie aUra ctirelp
printed pltaant tn rraii and the xutntct matter
trill lie divided arid arraitgnl in a irny tit insure
the lirti retultt Thfretailpncf icilllfts uoIus per
cop Tilt Sun Guide trill also offer unequalled
and arrepttonal opportunities to atfrtitrri
Those who with further information on this sub <
led f should addrtii The Uttide Book Dawtmtnt
aflhiJVetc Ysrkw
LICS JIICJtIJi 1171878
They Ittnrrelleit With Their niahop Over
the Jnrntlon ol 11 Chnrchtiind Were Ielt
Wllhnnt a tao Until n Preacher inma
AImIng mind Converted Them lollln Faith
MoNTfiKAi Aug tlAt Mnsklnonc a pretty
little French Canadian village In the Homiin
fnthnlle diocese of Three lllrors yesterday
eleven Trench Canndlnu Catholics solemnly
nulurcd the Itomnn Catholic religion nail em
reel I the t Protestant faith This wholesale
convevhloii of people who are devotedly at
Inched to the t Cnrholte Church Is Iho I culmina
tion I of F n 1 Imutigut a null ii g iiltnrrcl i between Mm I
Hoiuaii Cnlhnlle lll liop of Thrco lllvors Mgr
lullhn nll1 hlq IHlrlIIIlIlr
Nninly I I two t vcnrs ago the t Homnn I Catholics
nt Mnsklnnng uminlmoiiflly decided Mint they I
neudud n nnvv church Tile locution ut tho
church wns tho point upon which they could
not ngree nnd I which eventually led h to I tlio I
break In Hie church there and finally to time
desertion of eleven of He members
The priest of tha I placo decided l with a nil in
burnfhls hock that limit best placo for time
new elmpel to bo I built h wan on the I north sldo
of tho Mosklnnng lllver Ho bought twelve I
acres 01 land hire t and accoullng to custom
planted cross In the centre of It
The tosldenlsof tho south side of the river
protested against i tho chapel being put any
vvhcrw uNtept on Mm south aide Thn rest
tlnnfs I nn Mm I north sldo would hnar of no
A petition wan sent to Bishop Lnflocho of
Three Hlvers bv the people of time pouth side
ask hag him I to ulior his I m decision and let the t
elmpel lo erected on the south side The
siiiiih side peniilu wole wild with delight when
the Hirthnp replied tlmt ho really thought the
outli side would I 1 iii tint I host mot after nil i
In i tho I aim it ii it ti CO of the t northern residents
I hit cross VMIS then transplanted I to t the south
side A protest wns then sent to time Hlslinp
by I the north slJors Tlm Jilshup would not al I
ter his mind a third time mind mid that time
ehurch must ho built on time south hie
The south Hlders 1 then set to work mind built
n small Cnthollo elinpul nn thoir side Thny
provided It vviih mum miller nfl all that In to bo
found In an orthodox Catholic church
Jnr mnntlis hundreds of them met thorn
every Sunday clmntod hvmns and recited
tliolihendsnn I tinnIer Thn candles on lImit
mmhtmmu ware llghtud nml nit was kept In readi
ness for the priest IC hn never cnme
Lnrly In huh t of Int Jenr time llev Father
lie fli h t tmk ii uf the Hedemptorlst older i I of r this
city went to Mnsklnnng I to I prench a retreat
When he arrived thcie ho declared that he
would Roto the dissenters elmpel nn nSunday
morning declaring thit he would be nble to
bring them nil bad In the I pnroehlnl church
liii I people were nn their I knees In prnver
when the i priovt entered Ho walked to thn
nltir tailings i whun he WHS ifked II he had
eiiinotn llcsn the m mhm toP Then n scene nf
great excitement followed ns the I priest
holding his orucillx in his right hand
wid that 1 I they wero eon in ii t i ng a
great sin and limit I their meeting plneo In
Steld nf being i I Idissed I I wns cursed I A iiiu nit
ufgreit u I I sort r followed h nuinv tf the women
Inhiting I I i It I I wns only I with i great energy that t
some vvein reMilined from uslug vlnlence
The priest left Iho I I elm mm tel and none followed
him tn the I chinch
I orinnrths I nfoi I thn t people met ns usual In
the elmpel for hum lit imc hut thnlr number
itlulndtiMi uich sutcee ling week The women
lenmined nvvn golni quietly In hit early
hours to low mass nt trio pnroehlnl church
Some of tlm I of fnriier dissenters did not go to
unv idice of wnrsMp
A few months ngi the liny Ilurwnsh a Unp
tht minister visited the tiaco nail unmimtniieei
tn preach to the I people in thn hiunll elmpel
The result vvin Mint I I i > eleiday eleven of tho t
lending residentsif Hie t I vlllngo were received
Into tim Ittptist communion The unusunl
event has I ctinted I a great commotion among
tie habitants
i inroit Tontt AdAi
Thu Stoic lie lime 11 linn with hthe Fiitnrc
Si > ntnl i iv
Iiihn von Hnrdflr n young mnn who Is to bo
mnriied next week to the itaiighter of Thomas
II T i ill the editor > f the Long Islam City
Mnr thr nti < iiH to have Air Todd nnested
Jlr loll hn been epnrnted from bis fam
ily I i for POIIIII time I i nnd his i daughters luvu
been living I I i i with I their I mother According to
tle trv told Iiv I Mr riuhmis children tho old
est dniigitet I t Pstelle I who Is I In bo married to
Air von IlnidiM lecently wrote several letters
tn he father asking him to he present at her
itiii nehlng uedillnc and give bernway Ta
Hi I letters it Is said Mr Todd mild no
u Kstitdiv nflernoon Mr Todds otherdnugh
tot I iiey trIm K is hi tiers of age tutu to whom
till futier his I u n in the habit of writing
Vlit t the Ing Island Cltv Post Oillce for
her letters It ns Mr Toild1 habit ti regls
tei his lettern In the rill and as Postmaster
I it 1 t l i m i si 1 n wi netting the I regi tireul intl ur
loik i tilt for her slgiinturo Air Todd nn
lln the I girl who seroamed and It Is
wild Mint Imic inlentinns tritri to nbdiicl her
S Til peioniis who wine passing Interfered
The gul I i in lionnerving
Tlit Nthestirytnlil bv Mr Veils wife nail
ehiiilien I hut Mr Todds friends suty Unit h1
snidv ittempted tui t < NUoss his child Aliut
mu in hiiir m nfter thin I I eceureneo Mrs
Tmld umpiinld by hsUlle enlled at
Mr ToMs ollhii in lierden ninniie nnd
Inlil him thit I mis conduct had caused mite
child In snilei from norm mummu prostration and
thil she wns nl h inn si > ilou8 > cicic a are
suit Mi u Todd demanded an explanation of
hN eondiie
II l iii that Ali Todd refused to listen to
lilsvvifennd m doted her and r telle In lenvo
thn illle uiin tinio Inter in the afternoon
Air Tuld met his diiighlor Istelle on tho
siieet 1 i and I I nngiywoids m i I parsed between Mr i
T i Id mid Mr Von Harder who accompanied
Ml Till
The m men t would I hao como t i u blows I Imd not
hytttndets Inletfured and S an lhmirmjer alter
Mini Ilnni talk to his fntuin fntherlnlaw
departed threatening I I him I with arrest
Aclnr Iriirsn llnrt Arrr lnl lor SnlndlluB
n I my llulcl Keeper
Tnnr ug neorgo lloey an actor In
My lack 1 Company wan arrested this I after
noon In Allnnyiiya Troy doteethe for swin
dling the Amei lean House out of a small sum
of money
Mr lb ey It was charged told the proprietor
of Hie t i i i American House 1 i that t ho expected a
Hinnll I I I iirk I I igo m of jewelry In t bo leftnt time hotel
nnd that lieu would be clmrges on It for ro
InlrJ He then lull tho hotel and soon aflur
wmd n mesener buy called with a package
on whiei < > wns due
The I tlll I 1 I I HIIS Iii iii Jlr Ho s lie t proprietor
of the I h < tel imd his u peons nroiued and
iipened the u n kngf Ill It was found n small
1 I iirk r lloiir had preIou paid bin
1111 and m lemined I his bnggiige In the pollen
cum I he inme the amount good and ho will
not bti piiiiiutiu
Mrlmp illli n AHuoclittlna or CirllnB < lnli
There was n special meetIng of the Metro
politan Aweintlon of Cycling Clubs last night
nt Iho I I Colnmbla I 1ourtncnth ut rest and llrond
way A 1 heuhiin of the Brooklyn Bicycle
I liib presided There worn delegates from
only thirteen clubs of the twentyeight repre
sented In tho association present nt the meet
Ing Inur clubs delinquent In their duos wore
diopped from the I nsroolatlonl
The Iliinmltteo i I t appointed I to arrange for n
grand puhllnice being unnblo to seeurn the
needed Held wtnii Instructed h to drop 1 lie con
sideration of t a ratio thin summer and make
am rim iigiiiimeumhs hun aim ninatnur tounmniont at
Maillsnu suarn Oarden some time time com
11mg imlmmhtur
Iliu cnnimltteo folected to lake action on
the t piopinil i I I I imo miimrii liii limit having m awheel
partde during tlio I coming Columbian celehrn
I bum vvtireilliclmigod I i as they failed to I do any
thing t I m It I I was decided tn consider at t Ii s next
menlliig the Kiihject nf nn Independent parade
during time week of colouration
Aldf rnitin halley Stricken With Apoplexy
Mr William Arnold an Intimate friend nf
Alderman S 1 II Jlalloy of tho Twentyfourth
wnid received a despatch yontorday from
Kptlng I luke N Jt sari ii g Mint I thu Alderman
lutd I m suflered a htroko of apoidoxy 1
Later cHue a message fur Mr llnlloys son
Henry t > eomo to Hpring Lake Young llalioy
juih been In I I Iii fTio with hue I Twentysecond
litglmont I which h m returns todav Alderman
Shim II ii ys inmllyaro I i h with him I at Spring Iako I
Mr Halle had a stroke ot apoplexy euverul
molitliH ago
The YuTht IuBODdu llrurd From
ATTtsI IC CITY Aug JX The yacht Laconda
which left Daltlmoro on Aug IH In company
with the yachi Coneuelo multi which wits eup
pOieul to have boen lost with all on board last
iinday limo been heard from
limo 1 louundn put Into llnrnegat for shelter
on Monday and then proceeded from Barns
gaton the following day far Handy Hook The
vessel It all right and all on board of her are
I i i i
The President or the Ufjnil Trunk V1k
About Ilelutlulliin
MoNTnriT Aug 2uJSlr Hem y T > lor IVesl
dent of the Grand Trunk railway arrived In
Montreal this evening after Inspecting time
eastern division nf ho road from Portland tn
Montroil Sir Henry was Interviewed on Mm
Canal toll dispute between the United States
and Catmibi and upoko very freely
llelng asked what ho thought of President
Hani sons action ho salt I nm nwarotlmt
tho tiuostlon is regarded ns a serious ono by
tim United States Government
There Is no doubt that Mm Americans have
porno cnusoof complaint fur nlthough the tolls
at e nominally tho natno for time Canadians nnd
Americans yet a rotwto has been given which
was enacted In favorof the Canmilnn shippers
Having regard to the approaching election
In limo United Slates It is not rurprlslng that
Provident Harrison should do all In hm power
to gain votes by twisting time lions tall and
levying tolls on Canadian vessels passing
through the Soo Canal
Tho amount Involved Is fortunately small
and the Canadian Government will I believe
asMimu tho hunted placed on Mm Canadian
shippers Time President1 action will only
I 1 nITect the I Grand Tiuiik to a small h extent I
Tlm u t rim lila by item I from Dubith I I connect
ing viilh tho t I rum ni Tinnk nt hit t hike ports
limy bo oflvilitl but It will hont ory bIg milimmir
Ho you think the lnltn1 Mates Gnvern
mont will retaliate agiltist tho Canadian rail
I 1 There hIve been threats for many years to
Interfere with time bonding of goods passing
from tlm I i Inltcd States est through i Canada
tn i the I oilturn 1 portion h of tlm Slates
4 far as tlm Irmd I Trunk IH concerned
I 1 we hive large m Interest I I a In I Chicago New Png
I I land nnd the Niagara frontier Wehnvoflrm
friends in these nnd other localities and I do
I not believe i h that him I American Government I t
could nITorl to neglect the Intercstsnf time most
Important centres nf f triflli a n fir us u to prevent
I I Iii free trailmission of traffic from the Lnltod
I States through I m Cimndn Thoie Is nn rallvvnv
ytcm i o pnpulnr In Chicago SIR thodrand
I Trunk i and all 1 our friends Hmro I irntl elsewhere
would not hntltnto to use all tlieir Inllimnco
I with the American Goveinment to prevent any
I untviso and illegal notion In tho way uf retail
I 1 ntlen
I Ah far as the tiewnpnpers go concluded
I Sir Henry I Tiler I nm ii eve r nlnimcd nt
im ulvi Pit mom threats I
Sir Ilonrv will inspect Mm western divisions
of the mad proceeding I us far as Chicigo I nnd
expects to sail from Now York for Fngland
about Oct b
Miirthn Willie Trot the Kitnlcst Three
llemn t lle Artnn Ieiut i tie Yrnrll ici >
Online Vnkt fi Vu ojearoltl Rvenril
IH > Ic Nee 1ncrM In StOn 14
iMiKPESiiKvrK In Aug 20 Tlm 4000 per
sons who attended the races todav tnw sev
eral worlds records broken and sensational
time made In the other events Dolsur won
tlm24r pace ufTthi reel In an easy manner
nnd Huldn beat limo best field of fouryear
olds that ever came to time wire In btralght
heats nnd nt nn time was her measure taken
Tho time mnde in the freeforall trot shows
what a great muro Martha illes Is Sho
went the throe fastest heats nn record A jour
ago yesterday Hudd Dohle drove Nancy Hanks
three heats nt an average nf 2124 but the
three hents hu drove Martha Wilkus today
aveiigoJlOi I
Mascot won the pacing nice easily after los
ing tlie llrst heut lny Eye See went a sonsa
tional inilu In 2itdi nnd hlsnwiier anti driver
slit I hi itt htiXttek iii wi II heat Hal I 1olntors
rpeonl nf 2ri4
Ilclle Acton a yearling lllly bv Shndelnnd
went the fastest mile over mnde hy n yearling
beating the wm Ids record byn nunrtur of a
ocontl b pacing In LJJ Online seemed
Mm tvvovcarold record by pacing In 210
To beat 20iu4 piicinglay Lye See won In
21jfli4 To beat 2JVllell K Acton year
ling won time 222 To bout 210ln
I Inc avim timn t I 210 Summary
m mace C 1010
diuum I itu I I i i
nun 1 4 4
iiisimiA 4 iii
Eggiutoti ii ma
triune p 7 Il
ititilu ii
iumiimmii iii it
Tmumme2lui4 i it4f
Fnuryeer eii trod me 04O
liiuilim I ui mit ilur it m 1 i
titita Wttku mr in tar ii 2 it
t1flnr imiri iii iii lu ii ttmrit a 2 3
r um itair ii iii Iiittiiiiii I 1 4
ttiuflm iimmi ii in mum ii miii 4 4 5
Scnitur mir ii i rIimm Iimii 7 5 3
atil it eitt icr mu iuv vutmioimu m uir
Tlin iI7mi ia
Freefor nil tniltllir rmrn smite I
Murlhr hulL o iu I n ly I Al i < ion I mu mull Doble 1 1 1
Altlnl u s l iriliin il mif i 2
Vli II br MI lir l Akhinl I minImum 1 1 n
Ctiurlf Bum rli e ly iiu I tim HllVm INtel leiirim4 111
nun 12 i 10 2liH <
Free fnr nil piri1 hulf inllii licali puts ftOOll
Maicul t s
Mmmirr IS 2 2
liny tulLe 4 2 l 3
IrfiKc list l 3 4 dr
Timel 01 I 01 H 1 IK 101
Ketnll Ilenlem Advance Coal Price
Tlmro was n meeting last night of time mem
bers of tlm Hetnll Coal Exchange at the ix
chiinge building ltlt Kast Flflyelghth street
Of tlm I I7i I It rio s represent oil In I tim o Kx
elinnge members wore present from 110
Charles P I Dnvlos presided Time prices
of emil for September wore fixed as follows
lied nsli nil sizes 025 whIte ash all sizes
fi7r This Is an ailvnnco of 50 cents limo
new prices mire to go Into effect Kept 1
limo denlorn say that In advancing prices
they mire still SO cents behind the wholesaler
the t wholesalers having increniod the I prices
flli since lust January Tim dealers held an
Infoi I ma discussion of thn recent decision of
I liiincellorMfOlll in relation to the cnnl com
bine lucy I mid that the doclnlon would Inivo
no effect whatever on the price of coal and
cuiild have no bearing on New orlc retailers
J0v1Ixa AitOVT 2OMV
Mrrflarjrof War fitcptien 11 hlUnili at t tL tlara
Titr will lie l inuile thli Afternoon ut Central rirl
mu < < 1 cmos Heentti JleLtuient tminl inl xl M Mary N
jilt Lit eihoiai I Ti Iun lUfluivnt ii nU
> rllio IuK n Aatd in of VI Jnmv Hreef etc 1iii >
ini < l litTfrtt with m m Janus l grcfl on fJiifiJu nutit
lie l < mule her brothT repnmrtirU hon for her fnopviiilty
tn Hiun i l pit itli amid dfttictit ili rh yrterUfty mortlDtf
In tie icomveiiemmr i Horpltal
fnpotd I Turk Ietcr Muntrr CitmI A Arntialt A coin
tithe rfprfftcntltiif rUlrfiit Ii i lug nn the I weit mie
i t fdiii Mtir Uriiii ytiurtUy iu ist thai L ai
juuit Ioroner 1 v a IoUce Jniticr
Miiis Ieyt it wine it terp hlysemntle arrlel i ester
cii iii ieammmimmiu Wrrkentmmt ml wlil ietk lii
t C of tIu Immmnn CiimdliiteI lu II r h Uibtml sumut
mersilt Iii lrs Iii liii iairct A lIima Ut isomuun
a a aiuOu S psflCr I ii iIm It rkcuiiuii
ttimtm Ii lusriomaim 87 years m4 uiC tuounung street
lriiimt tiuimsn t ors iridmu ilk unset nut Amtmio
i icttt Ui ysuirs 1 t m hum punum Si net we re foaimil
yeimeiihmy ii be uflering tutu ant we r
iitteii tu sortlm Itriher lsiuiim1 yteir hmouite were
IinLaiel aim dlsmtumctrul
his reesmummlimmmiinn yesmerday ef It tour Irish girl
itmtimned at Ilim ipiiimid eliarret wilmi telim ilint rsc
Iiiurr liii ii cii iii I bemr it mmmc iiiaird Tby will ii
riumrime1 io Lined i flWii Cii i ii C Lily if lsrh The1 sr
weal CIS iiiiii are tie Inst itmost iuaWmgrini iletarr4
uiilr tile Coumtruuti iiibor liw
WHAT pnntunhST stLKon HATS or
It Will Have Nn Prurtlcul Erect In the Op
rrnllltn of din Uitllrnnd Tliey mire Cam
mnn CiirHer > t mind Ili > Not Imitrol the
Inlpllt onus Iomnnnlrn llii > < Itne Cost
Upon receipt of the news that Chancellor
McCilll hind grumntoul aprellmlnnry Injunction In
limit suit brought by the AttortieyCimoral to a
declare the Hoadlng leases unconstitutional i
1iesldent Mcleod of thn Iliiliulolphla and
Heading Itnllrnad ouipnny uavo nut tho fol r
liming statement
1 have no Information ns to the contents of nji
the opinion Illed by tho Imtmdinr hut If It ia 1
IIH 1 suppose tlmt hn has restrained by injunc
tion the operation of tho Cetiinl I Unlitond ot
Nutty Jersey by imo I Port Ilendiug Company the
pinitlcnl operations of the I ojerty y will bo at
taco sturendctLd to the dliecliirs of the Con t
This cimiot hnu > time cITnct ut changing or
disarranging utir i tiatlle arm ummi geimmmmmtu In nny i
wit I TlicKn airanceuients am so obviously I
ndvinlngiMiiiH In both I m pirls I that neither
ciiuhl nlTord lo Interrupt orclmngo theta The t
only dilTerenco I wi 111 I I hu that I tho t I business will 1
he I conducted under the I i Immediate I direction 7
otMr Maxwell ns 1ioMdonl nf the t Central In V
stead of the lori Heading I um satisfied Mr
Maxwell I will conduct MICRO t oputitlons just ni
eeonomlcnlly h I nnd alvatitmu g in ii shy as thoy
could bo under Mm lease and ns Mr Maxwell V
nnd hIs associate of his lloird own In their
own i Inht an absolute authority ot the stock ot
time Tautrali Ito conttnuniicn of tho joint opor A
ntlnn ol thosu proportion IH permanently oa
Mr Maxwell and his associates have boon
and will continue to hu In lienity sympathy
with thu plans for uniting the joint properties
In ono great harmonious trunk line system
and whothnr time lease to lImo 1ort Heading
shall bo ultimately Hiistalnod or not In time
turthor progress of the CIIHU makes but an In
appreciable difference In our plaus
The order entered Is that of an interns
dlnto tribunal on preliminary hearing only oa
ex part nflldnvHs and not upon evidence and
an appeal lies to the Court nf Irrorn and Ap <
peal We shall nf course avail ourselves ot
that h right until I I the I flu mit judgment j of the court
of hint uisoit In I reached
Inasmuch as the an unco tents made worn
perfectly I tat hutfatlu u i s tn t i ni I I Interested In tha I
property unit In view of Mm mnenltudoof the
iiuestlonsiuvolvedil seems tn I me the Chan
cellnr bus taken a grei levinnslblllty upon
himself In mnUng sii Impnrttnt nn ordnr on
niuro ex pnrto nllldnvltM lntnid of waiting In
the usiiii anil orilurlyndmlnii tuition if jUMlca
for the hcaringnf thecaiisn upon time evidence
Thn division nt lieu IhiHellor I Ih all tho
more remarkable for tIme reason that I am nd
vjpod there I I Is I nn ease on loeord where mini
t Imatiech her or court hums a wmm rdttd its injunction
ma mm itt I iii i mourn hearing I and ox pm rIo nfll
davltslna cnbo Involving groat public wnrlcn i
nnd such immense I t tnlctcls nf f stockholders >
who inleht lie affected lu Hiieb cnses 1 am V
Infnrinoit the Invnrinbln rule In overr State In
eluding I I NewJcreuy has I u lncli I nnt to hmmsmi a much
a writ until i I nfli ri full I nnd I llnnl I hearing upon
the law and evidence imfluui Sing an nppor S
tunity for review beforo tim onurtaof last ro
If the decision was In nny way Influenced
bv the I Humor over thn pricnnf I coal In Now
Jer 1 ev the l hnnccllnr coiill I very readily I Imve
nscerlniiiuil from thu iiflhliivtts nn fllo Mint
neither i his ii emi ito nnrthi > lease Itself f could
Jmvn any effect nn thit Ci loOm ujitlty us neither
time Central Compnnjliior time Port Heading lira
miners nr iui lIlt uf eoal
It will not utTvct I he coal hade f either No
part n ml It In In I the hands ol t 1 uilliur I the Ontrnl I
the Philadelphia anti ilcndiiic llallrond Com
pany ur tlu < Iurt I lioaillnu I I I lint I is n wholly
illiTereiit I subject limo Philadelphia I and Itciul I s
Inu I Coal I and linn I Conn any eontiols time out
put of imo t conl I eiimpnnles and 1 of in out of the
individual iHiernlors mi all three lines by con f I
trnclH I In ronnsvhnnln I tim Ic im tt In nut Im itrizeid
by I lice and Us elmiter i lo I ninko and will con
tinue t In tlie I lii I tire its lnisne I > is nt i puttlni its
coat on the tuaiketi ut as him pnicoa BB it Is
utile hi eutin
I am nvMiroofnoobllKntlon under Its elmer
ten which vvis Granted hy the State of Penn
Hylvinin which obligates the company to Hell
eoal at n Inns nnvvvbore nr tn Roll coal In Now S
lersev nt any pi tee nnd It Is even possible for
thn Philadelphia until Heading CoM and Iron
Company i to ship all its conl to limit through
the state of Pennsylvania without giving to
MID State of Now Jorboy time bonellt ol any of
this business
I tin not believe that either the State of
Iennstlvaiiln or even thimu Shut of Ciiiflihtn unit
Amboy lire ns yet leidv i tn surrender tho
chime of nbtainitg I so hal aitt I at railroad I com
petition l I which can nt thn present I ti toe only be
given by the Kentllng system ns now consti
Irepldent JIaxwell of th Central Itallrnnd ot I ft
XevvIerMiv mid yestertUy 1 have nothing to
multi to the statement of 1renidont McLeod
which covers the ground completely Tho
order ot tlm Count ha not yet been served on
mo When It is 1 nlmll nbcy It though it will
not work any chance In the practical operation
of limo road The Jersey Central Is 1 common
carrier nnd will cmitimui to move nil the
freight coal nr other kinds that comes to It
The result will I I he thu same in I any event
Director H C I Inhnostnck also referred TUB
Sic reporter to Mr Mcleodft statement ns ex
pressing views nn the subject with which he
iigreed Ilesnld An Important point of the
compnet ielveimii t the comtninloH is that by it
time lclilnh Valley nml Ihllntlelphln nnd Head
ing gained an entranen into Now York Harbor
by the miami of the IorM > y entrnl terminals At
th same time the 1ort Heading properties
ghmi increased I facilities I In tin e cnmblnud roads
in handling I heIr Immi rim etist business I
Knrnlne of the ltiudlnr HI fttem
rniivPKTiiiiv Aug Jil The profit of the
Philadelphia and Itendlng I I lit ii noel last I mouth
was S ll070 The pinlt fur thn year to dato
Is tH104fl < and time surplim for the sumo
period Is l710Hiu > > limit Increase of the
surplus to dato over tIme saute period last year
Is 17U37 <
During the last month thn Philadelphia and
lleadhimg aid anti Trnn Companys proIlL from
mining was SIOTHOfi and tIme burplus It
lllHir > For lImo year to dnt the profit from
mining Is IH47iiJ mil thn dollclt ii I
t4l > JH7 tompared ulth I u hn samo period ot
IHJtl thndecreiiheof dellcit Is sIKrIUH The
decrease In net earnings nf the 1ort Heading
Iluti I road Cnnipany kvisee I id lIe Central Hall I i
noel of New Jui sou fir July 1 lib comparnd
with tho fame month last scan Is tiJ7Hl
Thu net earnings last I month wero 5i ii07h3
For sovon mnnths ended July 11 last time not
earnings vvnte < nn Incrunae ot
Ep4t1i ovet thiisatnii perlml in IHItl
Thneainlngsnf the i rldliidelplda and Head
ing Itnilrnnd I h I I Vmpniij hwti of tho I I m Lehlgh
Vallny hlmmi I roth ui tor I June 1 worn lril57ll I an
IncreiiP i nf JMlulCiovi I i r Mm I sumo month last I
year Im even uiunths ended Junu 1 10 tho
earnings iron yjrCiii in incr a ool7a4
147 21 lover Mm HIIMIO period of INtl
The Orrnt 1nlin 11imt mt HI Lout
ST IXIITIK Mo Aug Jil Owing to labor
troubles t In I Mm t limt I them I i has boon sortie do
lay In forwarding tho greater portion of the
sted and Iron work for thu now union pissen
con station here The Iron contract amount
to flUiioon h and tho t imilnrlal will ho chluflr
used In supporting the train sheds which nr
dusiKned to be hue largest lu the world cover
ing thirtytwo parallel tracks The sheds will
be completed by Mm cluHn of ito year and the
Million will bn uinnuil fir regular name earlf
In time spring of IHIU nllhouuh tOe unmminstru
lure containing the general olrtcos will
scarcely bn rosily before the fall nf next year
lImo linns 1 him YIn C n prmnlotnry Interest In I this
great undertaking which will cost iriH00
nm tho Missouri Iacllle Iron Mountain Wa
luish Ohio and MtxsUKlppI lUg Four and
Louisville and Nashville hoventeen lines VfiU
enter the new station on a whoolaico basis 1
To Make m RU fur Ihci Atlantic Trud
TonoNTO Aug 211A < prominent Canadlnt 4
PacIfic RailwaY ofllclal hero stated today that t
1roHldcnt Vnnhornn had gone to Europe to
BOO to the nrratigomontrt for a fast Atlantic
pcrvlco betwnen Halifax and time nearest Kng
llnh port The tnnudlnn Pacific said the
olllclnl U determined to outer Into very ac
tive I competition for MID I Atlantic trnttlc Tlm
road will bo gone over thorough limo
brldgen will In many cane be rebuilt tbi
rondbed will bo robalmitod Vn endeavor will
bn nindn to run trains from Chicago to iiahIt JB
at time ride of sixty miles an huiir
New of Ilie Itullriti4
The TrunBconllnenlal Hallway Absoclntlon
yesterday agreed to uonliniie the lumuhtle Mali
sulmldyas It now exists al 7C00J u mouth
for time next tour months
The Lillian Jlussell opera company will
start for the West over the Sow Vorlt Central
Inllroml on Hunday in n spet iul trntn of threu I
Itiggagmi and two Wagner palnco emits uttit this
uglier palace private ir Lillian Husso i

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