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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, August 27, 1892, Image 4

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I z KI iom r r 1r 11 I i Sj S I SiSSSSiS
T fIIf rf spB Ji t1t 1 jt11r t I fioq1 <
< IW
pi f Ipmr1 11 pi jWhj Nl Vii i w f 1 t
r I 1 f J
tQ 1 I f 1 0 tl J 1 l < t
J v
ivvis mtuirxs
Til B ema Alio Ilceornlrd nt lonlatlllr
Tk Brookljna Oal Tno llurd Drubbing
M Cl Telu < Mnd Ihlladtlphlo Uura llmvn
at PlltabnrchNew York 11 > at Note
Tb ambitious young men whoso Ictorlos
Te I
0 te bal Hold iutt ntpicsout lend to innko
te Forest City cranks feel gay and hilarious
ar not oblivious to tho fact that they cannot
esptnre too many baseballs tiroxlous to com
ing Est for tho windup Tlioy duubtloss
reallre that unless they hao 1 Ions lead when
they come this way to colohrato Labor Day
their chances of staying near tho top will bo
lln for thoy know that all their 1ivstorn op
ponents armod with twohanded clubs will
b waiting to welcome thor noxt month I
cannot be denied that tho Cloolands nru
mounting tho Ttnguo ladder with startllni
rapidity and the doublo knockdown ro
eaiTad by tho strong llrooklyns os
ttrday aeems to Indicate that tho
Duokoyo players aro not winning cnmcs by
chance I was a serious blow to DrooKlyn
for had Wards Wonders won but ono of tho
I games thor would hnvo boon 1 loot second
The Quakers appear to lm o mot troublesome
opponents Pittsburgh and Boston Is hav
ing a trying tlmo with tho Colonels After os
eaping from tho Chicago tornado and emerg
ing from tho St Louis cyclone tlio Now York
tppoar t roallro where thoy nrn at all
thtr polished off Yon dor Ahon men
In a thorough manner jumping to fourth
place Fowerss men are In nn excellent post
tlotj and It thoy maintain It until thoy roach
th Polo grounds thoy should be oLIo to make
U exciting flnlsh Tho oloso way in which
the flrst tan elubs are bunched makos tho sec
ond championship fight Intensely Interesting
TesUrdays games resulted as follows
J Tort I RtLouli o
Cleveland I Brooklyn 1 Ant game I
r ClTsUnd 7 Brooklyn 4 aecond name
ltUburgh llj Philadelphia3
Cblcago 6 Uaitiincton 3
I lxulitllle 4 Uoitou 0
At Inclnuatlltaiu
r Tn Fr n tfufa Won J < t FT n
10 122 Plttsbiirijh IK 17 514 l
lly2 II r llncinnall 17 IM 4hl
1aIDbl III r R ltluiorelll 18 471
yrI Ir 4 CbUI11 111 47
Ia 10 11 643 St Iills 13 24 311
I IrlS 1 614 Wasbtunlon 11 3 JOtl
81 LUIS Aug 2lllJuck Kwlng nnd Kd
Crane stare ono of tho finest exhibit long of bat
t work today evor soon in St Luis Crano
had tho Drowns completely his mow all
I displayed splendid judgment In denlliic
Wit men at tho bat whon tho buses W8ro oc
u lod In only ono Innlnc did tho Browns
bare the ghost of a show to score That was
In the fourth with two rcen on bases and no
bodr out Crano then asserted hlmsolf and
tuck out Caruthers nnd lirodio in succession
0 ely retired tho third man After that
the Browns wore Ilka so much putty In his
hand lie wloldod thorn as ho pleased
and In scoring hU magnificent triumph ho roo
elred parfeot support
I Ewlng not only caught a beautiful gnmo but
f It t was a largevery largo factor in bringing
> I f bit team threo nlco tallies ono of which proved
1 i sufficient to IIBTO won tho carao I there aro
4 i i al doubting Thomases in tho metropolis or
I 11 any corner of the globe whore baseball and its
prominent actors are known on the once
J i muchmooted Question a to the dwindling of
I I Buck Ewlngs capabilities as tho croatest all
1 round player on the diamond his work hare
will certainly set at rest all such doubters and
f their doubts In New Yorks two carats here
Kwlng has done great work and today it es
t pecially shon forth in all tho brilliancy its
t i kllful and artistic flnlsh He was at his best
i I t racking Jokes and jollying alone his men
i Irbowert spurred on today ns much by his
f f < dlTidual efforts an those of Crane
nny Lyons again put up 1 great came
I lle I Burko and iullor both did thomttolves
roud Hawloy pitched a game that would
f I ave ordinarily won nnd ho Iamo all the visi
I tor eve Ewing nnd Lyons gunsilng The
Browns backed him up well but with nil their
J t rood work tho New forks famous battery
r r 4 W re too much for them
After Burko and Harry Lyons had been re
j tlrod In thn flrst Doylo hit safely to loft mado
t a beautiful steal of second nnd on Hunk Sw
ings tlmsly hit to right scored In the fourth
after Doyle had hit to Huwloy Duck itinc
1 MBt a beauty for two banes to right centre
Penny Lyons followed with a slncle t loft
J Xwing scoring Alain in the eighth nftor
C = two men wero out did luck Ewlng dupllcato
bis double to tbe right centre fence and nualn
I < did Ptany Lyons drlro him homo on I u timely
I I lode The score
r torn XBW TORK
l a laro i MiaroA
I 1 Y 4 b O o 1 u o Burks 2d b o 11 j a o
= 0 1 1 4 I Lyonll ro O 1 0 o
g rd nlstbO l H o o Do le i r 11 0
L flanth rro l I 00 Kn loir o 2 I in I
Jrodie e ro l 3 u I I Lyons 3d bo 2 1 f II
CampMbo 012 o II Itourke rtO 1 3 O o
I i rl rity L ro 0101 Doyle 10 O I tl 0
eklsre 0 O 1 o o Crane p 0 O 1 1 O
irlrni o 0 o 230 Vullers i 0 1 O 2 O
Uawley p o o u 0
I Totals 3 827 10 0
Tttall 0 42411 2
I StUols n o o o o n n oo
f Maw York 1 u I i o o u Ia i
1 Barnsd RbSl Louis O New York 3 Twob e
kila Bwlng I 2 Stolen bases erden pi lluIt I
l alal Doable play croon andverden tnt bH
1 balls Off Han ley I 1 olt Crane 4 Mruik nullly
1b J
I a wl y 3 by Crane U Time 1 15 Lliiilre d r
i Xl ClJETaXAND Aug 21John Ward cuvo it out
1 t last night that ho had come to hal IIVO of Clovn
t l lids pennant aspirations toila > Ilotitin
r front or tlu < train with his titm und win twl loo
t rnnoTor It wn anytlilng hut itinodol nftor
l of I olr I WII anythlDf IUor
lon for hall pla > lnc Tt lncan to ilrizlo
h arty ana kopt up with moro or lor frenuoncy
until the sport wnn llnlHhod A coniLlnatlun
I rain and darkness duclilod Impiro Lynch
i foeallgarao at the end uf thoblxth inning of
III I acond cnnteflt In suite of tho dixinal
t WtxUhsr something llko 2 o persons woro
Tho history of tho first game briefly toll Is I
Q r Brooklyn could not win simply bmiuse tholr
battors could do nothlnicvtlth Cuppi hen
Body pIlled well but Cluvrinnd munnpod to
gtt enough hits to necuro llvo runs Nflther
Ids did much hitting until the fourth Innlni
when with two men out Virtue WIIH Rent tu
first on ball and MoAlcer reached frt on
Brouthsrite muff of CorroronH assist Ho
Stole second unil acorod with Vlrtuo on OCon
pora drlTe to loft tlftili In the eighth inning
BloAlwr hit a u round hall to llronthurx tv hu
threw It our Konnerivs hpitd MoAliui uiiini
to second Sacrifices OConnuriind linnur
sent McA per home In llrnnllynii half nf Iho
eiK iRhthCuppy cnvo Con Hnly it IIHHO on Inlln
enuodyD rnrrllkuput him un second und ho
Bc d on rlffnHniirp Inllh
t In tha niatli Inning with two men out and
f two on littof Virtue druo a line hit fur 1110
eases over OBriens head Bonding both runs
Theseeond gamo exploited tlmt Bolfconfl
lent phenomenon young Klein In thu
J fourth Innlnl n bnttlng streak knocked nil tho
f good Intent out of laiN heart und ilurlnuthu
remalodar of the gnmu ho onmnionteil Iho
fl bench while Dato luuU tried to fool tlio
1 OjeTelandB with that nld hlnw ball In
the second Inning Ptoln gnn Vfrtim
< base on Inlls MeAlev folliivi
lit a slow lilt to the Inflrld that
Tom Daly threw wild to list and Sirttiu
Icorld In llronUynx hnlf 11 l > lie > tan llIh a
Itty IInll drhe 10 IlInlrl rollUHu 111111
101ldIlIDRle 10 rl hl thlll OConllor 11111
11 lot Vllir Sooft Hlnln un ClllOl lIt 10
ret on bllils Wnrd hit Iu Irlu who 1 hrI
I tltln low out at 110 Iliiti Ximinoi fotil lIly
trlfitito throw Ward out at llrM but nnnlon
wild throw nd Klein got hoiin tin Oliriiiis
lonnflvtri McAlior drinin iciiriil lh third
run In tho third utnlnu lilldi Mini Ilnrkitt
were sent to bani in bmln Vlrtuobhhuii
I linn drive ricored hllilh
In the fourth OConnor led off wltliaflnule
1 I bUlh1AO forced out nt Hionnil minir fullnnml
wit nljletocontif nnill lilldimntliiiniiir
wllh a tjviibniir t < i oitntro Hut
I j rtt single to rleht ont Y miim nnd Chllds
i r I lome Jouta wont In tu i Itch In th Illlln Ir
j l aotnbnno on Ill anil Milcoi itMuliid
if ston Dalys wild thrun Ofunnor Inrrdl
I rtuB out lit t third Xlmtm fnllmvcJ
if Jlh A bit to loft tlmt fcorid MoAloii I unit
SI 5hSLnn7i0 hoii ° lln CHillI hhnrt fly
t OTertho lnll ld In Jlrooqrllb > imi DJ cfu
basnon balls and Itft nn hliihlovvs two
i baae hit to c nlro Thcbcuru
1 CLiru > p6i ikootiit lnmt IK
CL T uo i ranuciT
ala roi r I I CLlarnir
J asSdk o 3 i p pmrd 2 MI h u u i i 4 11
trkttt I f o 111 u oliinien I f n u I I II
i 4 ID1141 1 O i 4 OiHriiiiliir Hi ll 111 I I 2
aiJ 04 g Knrn r I 0 n n o
in 1 oe I no I Hi o n i ri nriii s MI u t V y
al r l 1 l n 111111I10 l > ii u I 2 II
IhC f ro 2 u i u 0 Ilil 1 ri i 1 I n l I
tImro o 4 II 4lil I n o u r It
lgPP7 P 0 0 II 4 nillill n r u j u ii I
Mala 7J7 is Ti l Toinls T 71271 H i >
4 I o o o i n o n i 2r
u u n o u o u I i fj l
TsrabsiehllVlMur rrltlr hlt I latin 1 Mrkrnll
rl t T lr
Crwaaor Zlumtr Hal I ltmiol MO m Mr
U McAli r LiirH tssr i Intelmi ll ir < mklii
4 fctruck OUIIIIUI i I h KII nodi 7 Uj > IOn I
1ItaUQ1I turpy 3 I uU Kcuuvd I ti uoublv l pU
Il II OConnor nJ Virtue Fir it on mort CltTfr
land a Time 2 hours Umpire Lynch
Cl tlLAM7 ronT 4 IIC01D Ollir
r LkrkLAti > noOILU
10 Po 0 I h P A
riilld Mb 1 5 i Vo owurd 3db ouVoo
llnrkit I r o l l i uoiirlen I It o 1 I > n
1 II lli r l gR fiig 11
linns Mil li II ll M t ft llrnuther I lbtl M > 1 O
Mthrin > 11 o 4 2 o Ilirnn r1 o 1 1 O o
Mrllio lit 101 1 4 I II nrcornnl XI O 2 II O
MrAUr 0 Ll 1 it ll I Half Id t > 2 1 1 n 2
OOiiiinnr rfl I 1 o IHnisloir eu 3 n 2 II l
7lmmer e 11 ll 1 fin n 1 II 0 a o
luuof p 1 2 O 1 Utoiitr p O 0 O 1 o
llrllllner IOU o 0
Totals 7 8 It 4 S
Total I SlB J3 3
n 1 2 2 S li7
I rooklllI O II I O II I 1 04
I r r lf h ikorI7 1 fjrI
lIIoroll totn IIItlu 7lInlOr
lIMN lInr 11 LII IIn 7 IIroklTb
1Ii IW t ftUIIIIIlr r I I I
errors i leteianu 2 i Mfu laliIo IIlid
Itch ounii lime Too bourt Umpire Lynch
riTTKtiini n 111 rHiLAtiKirnu n
Pimmvn AUK 211 Uethinii pitched reten Innings
of to diiv a ifnme for the I hi adel hlfta whon hr was re
Itetedb lnr e Thn home teiim had Imtled ehlnu I
t ipiortune i ilmea honeter I anl had the game n on
at Ih noIr Ih voollllnnlltll Thescotet
rintcKCH l rfciLiUhLrRia
RIM rn AR R la POAx
Miller I f l J ii 1 ollninlltmi I t1 J ion
IKiimanr 2 1 1 o llellly 011000 A 1 2
Ullltlin < II 0 I llallman dhl 1 I M U
Kriltii f 2110 0 Ihompinn rr 1 1 1 o O
J 1 P Nl 1 g 8
llnUr UtliJ 311 II U liclehmityc Ml 1 t 0 U
rarrell 31b 0 0 o 2 111 unnor lit b 0 I 7 J 0
Mmart a I o 2 n oltowic c o 1 a o 1
Illerbnucr 2b 0 0 4 D 1 Allrn as 1 1 a 1 3 1
Maik c 2 1 7 u o Ucrlilna pU 0 I II < 1
jfuraojji o O o 2 O
Totali 11 UJtl 14 3
I Totals 3 8 27 8 K
Iti 111 out for lit I in bit by balled ball
ritUhuriMi 0 IOU 2 2 r O 111
hlladelphli 1 O IOU 1 O ll 1 O 3
ri FJ A
rl I rtj I m I
bnil lblldlld 1I llfll loll 011 LII1I1t
Iolllllh 21 all Iyhlllw r nil I I Irllk nl
lIy nllh r lIy 11 1II1t a Threbo hllOock
Iy 1 T a loll hltAIIn 6 rlllc hllI II
1l ei Mey I llieri aiicr llitliliiaa ireiiDiniy Moirn ha o
vinier Double iilats Alien ant tnnnnr Connor
and Itcllly Implre ilnflne lime Tttohuura
IllllUt ILLt 4 BOHTon 0
Iomr II11 A ilk 811 Lntllsvllle I won to ilnrs uslne
with eme onlni I to bandcrt excellent rl In the
box Thlror
toiisTtiLii I BOSTON
h ro A I n 10 PO
Ilrown P f 1 1 t o 1 trrarlhy I r f u n 2 J O
I td1 g i
Ul g
Taylor r 1 B I Illllufl f II O 1 O 0
Writer I t 1 1 a II lLotiir s > I O 1 It 2
1fler Mi I 002 a 1 ilnluel o o o 2 1 1
lumen alb1 3 II n II Kelly r n 0 1 1 O
Irninniti s U 1 O Ii 0 Nmli bU II 2 1 2
WliutlerlstbO 015 II 1 Tinier 1mb 0 iill o o
tlrrrltt o ll li 2 1 ii Lone If O II B 1 0
f 1
banders ig o o u uiilnii Mb ii 1 1 1 1
Ma ey p O 0 O 2 0
Totala4 03717 2
Totals n 1 S41J ll
Louisville o O II t O 1 1 1 4
lioston o o 0 o o u 0 i o tlU
arned I run onlstltle t Hrst base on errors Hus
lon2 Uiillstllle I Left nu 1llolon t J Louis
114 Hrstlnnenn hullslilt hinder 1 olttnUi 1
Mrurk UIII Sanlers 2 Three bun hit llmsett
Sailllie lilts Taylor Wrater IH Irr Jennlnits
VUilstler mI Sluley Stolen hasM Ila lor IIrnn
Vteater2i Double pai Wulnn and II Nafth Jennlnus
g tIlalI t1
Writer uud VVhliller iassed ball llauieL Umpire
CHICAGO Ad M Vtlth the score tied In I the fourth
Mnniurr Klcliardson I pulled Ilurye t out or the box and
Installed Klllin Tils ended the name for Ilia 11It I
cagushit hiiunuacol 1 lu I his oncmnx liming Thescum
It 10 ft A I c In rn A K
fmn f f o B l 0 Itndford 11 o o 1 J O
fJ n i r1r r3 g
rnmitt 1Mb o n 1 4 iiliu d r f 1 1 J 0 o
Pnlilrn n O II 1 2 2Twltoliell Lf 1 1 J ll 0
Alloil Uth 114 1 U Hoy o r 0 l 1 J 1 o
llunitan If 11 1 U O Mcoulre c o 1 4 0 < 1
I van1 S 0 1 2 2 II Newer s O II I d 2 O
IJrekerr1 2 1 O ll MlUlumi Isthll 1710
Humbertp J 1 1 4 OllUbrdsll 2b 0 0 2 r 1
bchrtter c o = J 0 Duryia p < L 1 V o 0
kilieli p t il 1 10
Tolall1I1l27IU 2
2Tolall 2 II J4 1J 2
rbloAto o o i 4 t i o ti 0
Washington 1 0 o u 0 O 0 o 12
Kitrne 1 runs rhlmiro 4 inlilnuloii 1 In
v errors I bleacn 1 tarhlnnton 2 Ion on buses
Chlcnic 7 a nlnirton r > Hrst base on balls Off
liunibert 1 i It llliryea J oil Klllen 2 MrucL out
liy Humbert 1 b iiuryea 1 by Klllen 2 Home run
Humbert Thne hits Uuwd llunitsn Decker
Titubate hits Itan Deiker Mcrince hltsKran
Canatan arrott 1 Kerirer ltlllin Stolen bsses t ana
tan llnhlsn Double pin Hfriter and Itlchnrdsou
Hit b ilulicrHot I latsid ball vlcUulrs Umpire
huislie 1Iml 4G
Ilnarbnll OUI Today
0 0 tUcc < AII c isocunoj
St IxtillaTs New York t fl Lnul
CIII va JIkllI at rlereland
lonlIII 1Ito1 Loulnl1h
lIIILnrllh v rhUd hl t 1IIIbnrb
CnclnnII 1IllIm al lIIIlanIlL
CbICO I III1blll < ton a thlcogo
Rtaten Island A c vs New Jersey A C at West
hnglewood F C TB Staten Island C C at Englewood
Flltabeth TS Somertllle at I llrhetli
IlaluCeld ts VVestlleld at IluirJelJ
OTllklt n
On A O TB Manhtttan A t1 at Orange oral
North side Acts ohm at North New lork
tiilllansTS Hlack lilaininds at the old roloicraunds
Irrnsts Aleck Ilrown s Colts at Washington rark
bumneiats Athletics at Madison
Dominions M MontcUir A C Jr at West New
New V ork F r TS Cedars at Harlem
Nulley v lnmUlnlih at Niitloy
leMuirttms TS Lenox IllllN stHspor grounds
VMlnamiliuriih A ti uucous at vrilliamiburgh
A A ground
Oriinnl t C TS Murray HIIU at HarLensack
Ten lrk Atbletun ts Kutbertord VMicclintQ at
llutlii rford
Tatersolits Armes 1aterson
Alphas vs Doimitics at tar Kockaway
Arasitenr llaaeball R clatcr
Amon the man amateur clubs In this city and sor
rounding places tfce followlrir are anxious arraniro
games The list int udes a numbir of junior orKAnlra
tlons whoi > jilayers atersjte from 15 to 20 ears No
communication vlll he recognized without the slgna
ture of an ottlclal of the rlubi
aterly Athelc and Rarvhall Club Hare Labor Day
open for sunie llrst clarsclub olTrrin a lib ral K larat
tee r K llCilni neircttr XI last litellteenlll
btreet New Vnrk rli
llulsonsof Vitnhtltantille Would like to benr from
rltibft hone 113 e t atiraxe 111 ers for him tny I and 1
boll lity irames Mlllam J Muira 141lh street and
TII clniiatenue e urLrlt
lunteirs I of lljirlein IlHte I Labor DA open to play
club 1 or pliiyers at vraiftilic 171 ear ArchibnldA caui
bell in inauer Tn Wall ntre < > t Neir Vork city
Mir fiff flu llato ejit 10 ml 4 open to i > lay
7NrofW i t7
ant llrst t tla M iliih oflerlntf a suitable guarantee Ki
ward f infiie ininnuer CKre of It frtbuittc lrank
lln sluan New ork i lit
I lU wi o I Atliletfr i lull would nice to bear from all
nnlfiirmeililiilil v > lib plarr ateriifinit JOenr > for
Klines o l tl elr irroundi on Lept a III und 24 No
Kunmniirj lord Iteorue L CleaunAu btcretary
llelletille N J
Itimhiill Motrl
I T V Cnnt IDS run would unt hnte conntel
TII la aritrnnnn Weal nW HrUblon Ih > Mitten
I l n I A l nn 1 > uu JereyA C will tome togrther
fortliuir final game In thu Amateur league erl
blio iid the hom tvut i win the championship Is thtirs
11 AIIrl hn Ih lIIorlllllw or Ior V 01 10
r CIIIW pl ti1 i 1r I
1 AY IIbrVIUIIIIr f031 Wlort
Dllllh tro ork 111
ILiittiiir I ug 21 Manager fhtpman trent to Tin
clntmi t nitlit It I ttas tn n e kUnagrr llnnlaii Ionl l
that bundat timo ttlih lliltlmiM llnnlnn signed 1 an
aifrt t ment lo pU 1 > here I on Siiiiiln nnd the plater II 1
benut in unllorui at iht usual limn on Mindny utter
Artr 21 lrk 1I1I1wln blllll1 hi
Ir I 11 11I1 II 11 n I our
rlIIII 10 h I1IIIIIIlIe on r Ih l1It IIII
010 111 w I 1 1 eon
11 r 1 tllo Iruro 111 IIOW U wllb
TIIolII1 1II1IIIIIolh 1 I 10 Oc 1 lIn
HI oI Illh 101 lI o t II wth liullI
tlu 1 UII A rulla lo Utll 111
I 0 1 tile In I II 11 0 l < oIoIul
II U r I T 01 AI
Th 1111 CIIII or
hllh 111 hrIle I 1110 rllthot I
mu QJ1 I I rrom 111 A Oil
cpl r 1011 II 110 I Inw 1 1
I n II I 71 J c LbJ w
IIrI lIIu 1
A 1111 I T prcnl 11111 how o
Ih 10 111110 II 1 llIlIIor 10 Iho all
11 1 1 I HI II 11U111Id r IhI IIU
Irh cldnh1 0 ner I
11 r 1ii 1 n I i 1 1 rl I r
r JI 11 I I thoru Irlll I lIalDe AI
Lolt 1lIrt lIest urla
< ldil atiitl III I Ir
J I Irutthkerpiiie Joe Cuburn 111 fIn lite ll l qIO
iKiinnii Anir VII A nirr 1 nn iiroiiiiiient
piorlliii iiifn is nindi in ilo Auilii Mttr IIht
hrru lust niLhl Hi urt MuUiulion ni I dm inrf JJt J
chhiiuf ttmrerfd A tl 1 VtnMel ol the 1 Nen iiiHrsct t0l
rmiiii tlwni Ihai tUAiilitto t > ould lout > htr 1IIw
hurt amain In I 10 KillTO
Tlie lllnoiiilnillalii I liolll I < iltiof thl rty 111 boll
lie in nu I fMiinnhii uni 1 tub raim nt I iu l iat
IIIMISI I lm t ir md 1 > trrei I iit Iltrr on < i nlit I her
4 Ilixiinis 11 I bt uoidil i in a 101 jjr tKim
Milnurnii luh r i < e iltul iil rm f hMiifi I AII IUM II a
I nir fared nnd lour n u I tru I rnc l nit 1hlI I civ
ner and li < Iliiiulii ar i > in < i tertuiiiii m ihtir
I ovter to mukc IIIcrllI n t momoi ible um
Tll > I l luilloiili ftllei roiltr ntfiri ixitlrnt 1 fafll
lIKi I t lh o e ili I lro la i f w llnrMinir llu IIV hi Kllut o
etrntnul Vew Orlt llm A k I ii la 111111 Ull I it th
deio it tli imrui KitiiiKl or SPU Ir i nt 1 u
It I lll k nil Iho Illijl I of Mt J aill Mil f III S tt
iini ilia rpt 4ntil iindui > 1 iiikin ti iv trip
inliiitt I in r llfiii 1 d IIPI tit hlt 1 iniliiliii ftep r
ill rot 4J jtnd biier w III linf Hie j ritliren ol I i > n
rill Jin Ilic i an duiilitf Hie lliroll nlilci I be bat
iiex vtill inti r
Tho elllrirkfor II I f S I A I RaiPmnn IMnr liar
ni iloiiliU I r wllh l liiinca r hi alII I 211 Hrucl r
tta Tlie utenU are us 11 liu Illil liuiidr I rd
run 4Kirlruti bail urd run one ml nil 211 > uid 1
lirlle I linmd luiii nil liaiillcap hiOj rl notice
rate tiriiiih Ilinr milr II ii i limit i i fnrds I i t i
I ell nnd I a will ttnit f nun vrxltli In Illl rm Till
irlisnr A fill < lIra prirp I god i > tr 1 tint h 1
ncmid iirii kol I I ni en fm e WMiihtlnrl rrlrc ittir
li lHl i tin Itttliuriie illw uf the Nan Jet Ath f
hill I luh
Vnliil Illik TrnnlH
7hn tnnnnl fnl h 1 in liMp unnis loiirn < y wla I b itfi
nt i rniul ruck l imr u Hie Iirj I ol u Urn
ruiflid arnliiiui I for ii e ttiiiita 14 thu ruiiiur ui
ti In I rop fiitil 1 1Ollh mi I in utuiif 1 the
II N lie III IIJMirr J4 III 1 Itlrtfc I
IVuilin ii ir > HII > 1111 t b it I I n to Ir In nn 1
II r lulri 1 In I 411 Mi Cll UI I II IUItr > l llli II
ulIII I I > iliitaii hal l Ir
nrt lii ii l > icir I MlUr I Jrir nnd nin
1IitI 11
nerot Mm u A bnii H htlo iUj U4
niiirtf I ilalchll
Crochet Wins tfce HlekMt 1 Funs from the
BIstHMetiiiiBsillii foil K y We1
fnxturta the P neEarl Blot
aom Jo ephla Alcmlde t llor l sMi
All Win SJSeO Parses In the Mo
Tho Drlghlon Beaoh BaclnR Association
cloned tho most successful mooting yesterday
that It has held since Inauguration Flvo
ot tho six rnccs wcro won by favorites tho
other going to n second choice horse
Tlin ovont ot the day a mllll dash for tho
SlJOO purse wa a heavy betting ovont W
Lnkolnnds game filly Crochet having tho call at
Jack lloso backed
ov on money Uarrotte was
heavily as second choice at 11 to D against
while W C Dalys Fagot had many followers
Crochet rushed out nt tho start leading by
three lengths nt tho quarter and four at tho
head of the homestretch India Rubber clossd
on the loader In tjho homestretch but Crochet
won handily by throoaunrters ot a length
Indln Uubber bcntlnc Jack Rose throe lengths
for tho place I
The talent could soo nothing in tho rnce for I
tho 000 puwo but Jtanmy MoLaughllns colt
Key West Thoy plunged 1 so hoavlly on tho
opening odds of 8 to D that tho odds shortened
to d to 4 on nt post betting Tho race was close
between Unlsyrian Lorimor and the favorite
to tho short hnmostrotoh Key West leading by
a nock but whon straightened out Key West
opened a gap handily nud won by four lengths
from Lorlraor Lialsyrlan losing1 second plaoo
by 1 a II lOck McCormicks consistent fllly Early
Blossom was an odds on favorite from nut to
lust In tho opening race fallowing tho way In
thu llrnt strides Knrly Blossom led to tho fln
lih nnd won handily by a length and n half
from Nubian Tlogn second choice losing the
vlnclI by a neck
P11 1 Dwyer ARons colt Indigo was the top
selection nt 7 to 5 agnlnst in the second rnre
Josephine and faladln each having n strong
bneklnc itt liberal odds Josephine mado thll
running from tho simdoff and won hands
lIown by three lengths port beating Baladln
tvvii lenutlm for second plaoo
The plungo In tho third ruoo was divided 1m
tween W U Dalys Alcalde nnd W Lakelands
John Cnvaimgh Hollvar set the pace at tho
Mart nnd led to tho half whorl Zenohln took
thn lend priKsod hyAlisldf John Cavanah
inlned the lendiirs In the stretch Innhotlln
l h Alcalde winning liy n neik from enohla
John Cavunngh Mulshing third two lengths
Bi1orlana second choice in tno sixth and last
racoof tlu > meeting rondo the running to tho
hend of the stretch vthore Hordcnux tho
favorite mndo the Issue unit won by a nook In
n drive Ulorlnnn btntlnc Long Beach four
lengths for the plnco Summaries
Pno fro 10 of which 7r to second and III to third
olllnr 1I110n ooen rllrlon
J II IIrmlckl b f tarly Illusion 4 by Pliarro
W Ins f h i 10 l sblk T rljnn t Nubiin 4 lib Lambley 2
J Cimtle ftt f Itnitt I 108 iCastlel J
VMi > ler T Jack llatche or llllkt Donx Adatnlta t
colt Magle I K Ja Vu Ul Itechercbe and Missive also
Time 1WM
netting Two to 1 on Larly l Illorsim IR ta 1 against
IJt t M
Nubian 0 to 1 gtmit TIOK ilutuitls i < ald 3 J38O
7a >
luriefrOO of which1 to second and tStn thlrdl
for two yearolds sellngaliotrances nt furlongs
Woodland Mablei b r Josephine 8 b TanlQut
Ijidy li htfoot 100 IN Illlli 1
VtashinKton Mables I ch r fnort HRlSlsjtsA 3
licml i
JlMllson btnb e s br c Saladln 1CW llryant 8
Indigo rialety I Itlram llosewood nil III Ban Lady
Fodiga and Marka colt also ran
Tim 1 04
nettingAgainst Josephine 4 to it I fiport 10 to 1
Saladln 5 to 1 Mutuals paid SU 70 1tJt6 1170
Porso 9500 of which S7l to second and 126 to third
selllnc allowances six and a half furlongs
Vt r DatT s ch e Alcalde 1 by lUtyon dOr Ade
laide 104 iLamble 1
J II McCormlcksb f Zenobta4 lOOiT FInn 2
II Lakelands ch g John tavanagb 4 110 C
hl er 3
Holltar PoklnoL Koxford May Dlhnlckknsck
Ellen and Sandy alo ran
Time 1 24
Betting Against Alcalde tl to fi 7enoola IStoR
John Uatanagh 3 tu 1 llutuas paid tS 0 1220
THE rounrn HACK
Purse 1000 of which SI00 to second and 10010 third
a handicap for three yearolda and upward fltefnr
J McLaughlln1 b o Key West 4 by Olenelg
Florida 1115tt Mldgley 1
r F Plunder s br o lorlraer 3 114 IN Hill 3
C Halts blk K DMsrrtan r 103 Lambley 8
Eftal ana Laughing V jiter also rau
Time IU3
Betting I FlTe to 4 on Key neit 7 to 1 against Tori
rJ lll l J
l nolu lJII
mer 2 lo 1 Daliynan Hutuals paid 142613 31 770
Purse 1200 of which nro to second and 1211 to
third for three yearolds and upward ono mil
VV lakeland sch f Crochet 3 by Morteuier Adag
IJtVV Mlditley 1
Gloucester blames chc India Rubber 4114 Cot
T iVarrtlf br h Jackllose r 1011 iliergeu 5
louuofort and ragot also ran
TIIII 1 444
Betting ETen moa Crochet 10 to 1 against India
Rut her 11 to 6 Jack Kuse Mutual paid 4251335
Purse I J COO of n hlch I 75 to second 4r 25 to third
J1 6 li
for maiden threeear ulds and upwind I six and a half
J li reritutons b c nor oaux 8 by Algertno Bor
drlaiso JO inrynnt 1
II irithnin s K f ilormna 4 1U7 Kallard 2
I1 J 11 l er1 ron b r Long lleach II 110blmnis J
Ltelsa hnnla UUIII Iradtrsman Infanta colt and
V era also rau
TIm 1 25
Betting 4palnst Bordeaux tun B Olorlana lOtol
Lung Beach 7 to 1 Mutual psld 4 U5 f4 43 flU
lit Tnekey and Honri hcluiled In tbe Sen
tenc KACInK Ilesulta
Cnic 00 Aug Hawthornes racing
caused a sensation today W Lorell tho
wellknown New York horseman and poolroom
proprietor was ruled off tho track today His
jockey J Cook and his stable of hones were
Included In tlio sentence The running of the
Joi horses had boon under lne tlgatlon
for n woo or ten days and Judge atone an
nounced tliln flenlnc that tlio evidence of
li Nells mlfulolnuft was xo convincing us to
merit the foverust punishment
1 hreo laYorll l won today and Ed Corrlenn
took rurns with lay U and Mioslione Oor
lUll mid bliiuulilur landuil two winucr ouch
J ho track uub heavy and tho crowd 01 fulr ulzo
Mrnt rncr belllnn three quarter of a mil Ad
rtnty ITM llurr Aikw eeconj Arllitlc third
Time 1 It
hecnn I l ace SrlUnir three qnnrtern of a mile For
est Km K trt Ailrleine icoud Abanduu tulrd Tim
1 Mi
riilnl raceI twnjrrar olili three quarter of a
nil r Hnutlmrne llrat Calhoun second Coiutantln
Iliinl runr liO J
rourlli HuOhelltnr nnemlli Shoihone flrit In
o eue luiij dlllord thud Tluic 1 4V
Tin 11 timer ul fllouceater
GioiicrvrKn Aug 2l1Tho races todny re
sulted us follows
Urn Hart sin an lone quarter furlonits Dead heat
nnql rr t
between l bailmm and Ouaway llelisanut third
fime liJ3 1urie ditided
s mini Itnier nrniid one half furlongs West Hide
n list llilicht Irs I sen ml Violet H third Tim Orlll
1 I bird linen rour and one half furlongs AI Ablaze
flrt Oregon sei ond liiuiiKLiitier third Time u 114 I
Kourih lluoOnc mile I agary llrst Mallaia d
second nblii third IlJnni 4vu I
I lltli Iace MX ana one half furlongs Natalie ft
flrst Vnealito second Irohibttion thirl Time l iniu
Mxth luctlni mile I sins U lint MooutaLer
sucind Auburn third lime 144
OurOrld PiirU to Ifstvi n New llama
Ciniino Ang 2tJOno of the most Important deals
cf tbe yesr Involrlng a property consideration ot
1500 < and 1 nu outja of SlOououfor Iniprnteinrnli
win eluded yesterday Tho property rmrrhiieil ton
s sis oi ll 0 ai rot IIllIobl Station InI adjoining 1111
u iioii ihe en t mil iirn4HiK from lonili lu 112th J
suerls 1 riinninif out In llm I ak rhore
Jmnn A itibb who r irnrnls the Isrlle d Park
hlulunttailulls thai the iiiopvrly was iiunhaxed lor
M iiUfriiiiicU mid that slDniKii 11 uin i Menle I by
iiniirnil In Ii I ttliiK up the pn p rt > IT th I iiinio > ii
Ij L tol
n k nn tin truck nn I Die iirciMr builllns fIo be
gin ul oiue
Tlio XVIniior nt toll louln
r > T Ixu Aui 211IIt fiaro Kit t furlongs BiglU
I rill llrt Kt d Or siiuud u hlrlltlrd Tluu
I 02
Mriii 1 lUifHio furliiiiKs Midway llrst Hobby
In itiiiiid lilll third 11l1l11IJ
Tlinl llaci Hmr turnnm ranulnl llrsi Annie
Ilijlin set olid 1 Illulnle Jtb lulrd TIIII1I4I
rinrlh 1011 furions Mllin King tlrsti Sc a
nee srinii 1 Illll H third Tims 1 in
till h lIaI1 fuili ng Ir nrt > t Jrnnlehchwart
KI mid 1 hirniubt nut Uilrl Time 1 O19
TbelUflNU rillVATi IMOI1WATIHN AiibM rare
ft tt timers estriUy As tisuiit 9101100 Is onerml at
the ollre of this uper in any one lm IMII dl pruta be
aliitiititteiient htrrhuil lnlertsel in ruclng and
lurtluilnrl Ibnsu untnrtiiiiutrs tvhu Imte hem in
triiidb the pirn nun adierllKiiiriitsif Irrrspniisl
hie mil ifiiurmit tlpslers und hriikeii ilnti n tontH
liro nrcM tn rtad Hie AI M H IntnllmtilK hints as tu
the lilt lm and ottiiT rar s at Mil I IllAll lu
di InthikiiKirntniis MIIIIT IIKTIIK TlWr ferms
us isual Tiili s ti eollinn IJIXI l n ilui > 4 in
flxdin lotm If > ou te a mun wliuni nisrly nil
the tltnc In the pool rm un jou iua kmiw hvisaeub
> fibert Ihu AilhM V Ast und you nlll Hint It tn
ulu lions ready luday itti 3D A U l allir > el enrly
L > rcutl olUct f till R r I AUECY 101 EAHT
lnho iho FACH and HANDS
wliou lipatiMl tlio 111 AD v licit
hot and ncliiiif rlio lUJjr lion
tirod nnd swollun vuli OMS
KXTHAOT It is liialin pool
ing iffiihniH miiKltv rtltuin
any inIumnintiunl sptAlilj iniliiu
in falnoi UiiKjnuilotl ior insect
Maimfai lund oillijr fond s ljiract Co 78 Hftb
AtNSm uk Ivuntublllul s
Brooklyn Furniture Company
liielort at Retail Prices
S16 Reduced from 23
Solid Oak Sideboard Bavel
Plato Glass Haud omely Carved
Largo Size
S1O up to S325
Brooklyn Furniture Company
553 to 571 Fulton St
si Soodo
Tbe t Unce raiir he staid In lw lvs > esjWat
InatallmrnO one month upnrt
Complete 11 nr Cushion or Pneumatic
Tb txit gooils at Invest rrlost
for ynur Athletic and Illcycle fnlfnrms Tsnnli Baa
ball anil rootuilllutblnirand bu > pllei Cau7 BsuT
hhues iatb Hot ts c
JtAOltA IJlcycles parts sudr p JrtO
riioloiraibie Rupjilrs
J83OO v < V 7V3I1E3IEC
BICVPIr it erery description new and seconi
hand ul luircsl rules 4 JUt uOth st
hnndwurms Ilo a do UUKe nnrras
Jiolsuni tr dot fcbedder crulu
rilrbratrl nil luncttrotd striped bitss aod Mshlnf
loiiKiriil Ash and Inncennol holliiw butt and
iMra tin bis rtids ti c Knllt binboo ny sod bait
liU i H i up JoiuloJ lumiioii n 1s Ii i
IMill I illott iiiut hoiilii > lll > i Hl4t ll < dof
n uile Un1 triMo jo tnurpi c t tytreM
kill leadrrs > l Itniftns to ucli inch br > miilti
I I lilt balincr lalidle rrij biildi fret lh thrrnl
llm tl Ul Sirlelilali > niillllj rerl > Uf
I ibiiir and inmel nuti multiii iiu lees KM up
t Ifetriillinisiitilnik ilhniii I11 I3hre l
4V Ifllrriil 4 i IHihiritd Mi ltliro l io
f iikpt HI nir iitiun 1 li in hooLi nh hnndl 1 3
i nntatieklr boots 4 c fuhlun t nts tl Ivtry
II iiiKlndilKhi lliean i r In nu nl ndinr
SINU 8TAVI11 rUlt III IrTltAll t
pn22r HARD WORK ran rax aors
III alth 8klly M rnt I Nt n
Mora or TruUlne
BAT ST Louis Aue 2OThlso who havo
ecott McAullfTo say that he Is la better Miapa
than when ho defeated Jimmy Carroll and far
better than whon he fought tho draw with
Billy Myor Jack Rhohan Is now nssUttne tho
light weight In his work McAullfTo tried Ms
hand at carpenter work today and made n
rubbing device H Is a plank jut tho length
and breadth ot Jack with two cross pieces to
support his arms whon extended After ho
does his work spreads himself onthe board
which Is at an anglo and straps his foet to thu
bottom This tooB Jack from going In his
room from tho club house which ho has been
in the habit of doing about six times dall to
got rubbed down Ho sloops and eats well
and it In good health He made soon miles
today sparred twelve rounds with Bkelly and
Crow cunchod tho ball ten rounds and skip
ped the rope about 2000 tims during tlio
day Ho Is getting dojrn to weight nryfa t
He sometimes changes tho programme by
cutting down troos which grow in great abun
dance around the Quarters
Jack Hkoll surrounded by Jimmy Cnrro I
Jlllly ItoynolilK Prof Jtobortson who assist In
training and Kid Hogan appears to be In ex
cellent form lie has a good appetite sleeps
wcll hta wlod I IItronlr and bo worke IIko 1
hAlu from mornlnlr until DI ht Uo aecum
pllshod on tho road today llftoon miles Ho
sparred Hogan Carroll and llobertfon thre
rounds each and went through his dumb bell
exercise and ropo skipping hwfore gutting
rubbed down Ho chopped to pieces a ooupln
of trees and did some coopering work nooded
at tho quarters Bkelly Is determined to do
his best and has groat hopes ot success uo
has been tcbtod by n firstclass boxer and
found to bo oryolovor bosldos being n good
hard pounder The nln days of work that
Bkelly and McAullffo have to do will be tho
hardest ever performed by either
Tho weathqr today was cooled off by a very
refreshing shower which made the fighters
work with a good heart
I tb FavorlU Combination AHOBB New
Orlcnn Sport
Niw OKLKXMI Aug 2l1The betting has be
gun here on the September fights but Is I still
light on account ot tin difficulty ot coming to
an agreement about odds and the big odds
asked Those who are backing tho shortcud
pugilists want greater odds than thu otliors
are willing to concede The majority tho
bets so far has been on combinations the
bettor to name throe winners the odds rang
ing from 13 to Con Hullhan DIxon and Ate
Aullffe or Meyer to 20 to 1 on Corbett Bkelly
and MoAullffu or Mover
MoAulirTos stock has Improved and ho Is
Bllqhtly the fiuorite today on account of
lastorn backing Dlxon Is tho favorltn ntl i tu
1 but greater odds are asked and bulllvan nt
Jtol A good deal of money was put up la
the pool rooms today inaluly on tho combi
nations but generally in mall bot of from
jr tolX
Theodore Peterson exPresident of the
Olymplo tub announces that lie ban hud
tlOOuO pluiml In his hands to bet on Sullivan
Dlxon and Mior Indlxldually At Lamntlios
pool room the talent lira playing feulliVAn
Myer and Dixon on account or thu big udd
offored as they ioem to think its good een If
thov lofio it At tliBCreacontluri Kxchaugo
the flollnr Is all thu othnr way as th < > pirtn
are picking Hiilllxnn MoAulllTn and Dlxun
for tno winners BullUan and Dixon aro also
being backed but for only small amounts
He TTIII be the Gneat of the Honlh rn Ath
Ictle Club at New Orleana
Jim Corbott received a letter from the South
ern Athletic Club of New Orleans yesterday
offering him the use of their club rooms and
gymnasium during his stay In New Orleans
This Is the club before whom Corbott fought
his battle with Kllrnln In accepting tho
clubs Inflation Corbott refers to that fact
that ho considers their offer of hospitality a
Corbett appeared at tho Opera House As
bury Park on Ihurpday eonlng for tho ben
efit of Ilradloys Ufa savers and received a
tremendous ontloiu
From present Indications the attendance at
tho MadUon hquaro Garden during the day
on Monday will consist largely of ladles and
their eoorts The advance Fain of seats
begins this morning at 11 oclock It has
been definitely settFod that Corbett and Mc
Caffrey will meet at 10 M oclock on Monday
morning In the lower offlco of tlio Garden to
arrange their differences
John lawlor the cxchamplon handball
player of Ireland received a letter from Cor
bett yesterday In which the Californlan ac
cepts Ijiwlnrs offer to play him match at tho
old Irish sport at the uarden on Slnnday iifter
noon starting at 230 oclock It U claimed
tlmt Cnrbitt IK von clever at tlio game anil ib
confident of tnating uwlor to a surprise
The latter certainly itarxls next to 1hll Casuy
as an expert at the gamo
rlLLLYl jtonx in 200 ty POUNDS
He Pnt 1 n flood Du Work lu tbei Gym
a lnm Ycitcrduj
CANOE PLACE INN Aug H Owing to the
rain Kullhun practised In tho omnaslum this
morning His exerclo hero wiis somuwbat
harder than usual but ho went through thu
different degrees very satisfactorily The
special feature of his wurk wa skipping the
rope which ho did 50 times without a break
and the exertion hardly phased him The big
felloftn feet are now In perfect condition
Kullhati had Quite a number ofvisitors to
day Theyliioluilil his brother and nephew
from Boston Jno Iunnon and Juilgo Tlgho ot
briioUljn accompanied by 10 t sons
Tho elmmplon Is In fine health and spirits
and Abhtun bays hills dimn to2002 pounds
A Colored Ind Wbo UMUI 1 10 Hull Dlxon
While lome iporllnir men were dlieumlnif the proba
ble remit of the hkrll Illion nyuh nt the 1iJln
Gafttr ullcc eilerday aflcniuoii Lharlcy llonncra
younie colored lad who ia I emplojid there declarid Hint
llUon could lick Kkelly wllh hli fn uliut and lIt
he cnuld flKlit Dlxon but 1101 uld me liandi said lie
I kin whip him Tie ccrinln wld ine head Ite a
butter I In I
Ulllam E llardlni uieited to Ih colored boy to
> hnw what he could do in the bulling line and the lad
contented A coupe of vejiar boxe were procured
He at once took hold of them itnd hrcuirht them dmvn
upon hl head with a thiiJ < l ma > hed the two Into
imltl ererni Grorife Mi Am of llmoklyu who wiu
prevent then raid to the bu > If you will break linn
MIX 1 ll give you a dollar I fII h plat e 1 a > loul obloiitf
box rruv uie OB the end f I llarilllu leu I oUr >
enrancei 1 It I would eeim a If till box i mild be broken
wlihnofew bard knock of tbo hammer mudi leu I
vrllhu liliman head
lie acceju iial > hnn > d 111 llonner and h ImnnJI
atel louk J hie tiial nnd 11 ct 1 itioiiedlilmielf i I I a feu l et
from th drtk 1 or n m im nt he 1 looked at tlie otijuct
then with an lruiil 1 turn hi mine forward I oiih bin
rrauluuiandllriick I I Ui hut niiunrtly In 1oll middle I lo
llieiurirleof alllhe li bull rli nut dii the lra > bit I
ofdumaire Ilitniier hoiriier wa iifiduuplfd und he
made n xroinl 1 ulleiuil mill a like inult lie n
prriplrinKandpiiMnK I ki n porjioue fp > m 1 I In t nr
tfrnn 1 Me Avot iiiuuirht yams had mine t m fur mid
otTeridhnn lue tlolur Hut ihu la I WMII III I nut iak it
unlrai ha carried out hi ilxtru 111In I Hr bi tt
dat box now oruebler 101 lie na ho maile nnoiher
ruih with his head TiiI lime tli i ox 7Hie a wai 111 1
the victor wuiituliid All Ir i tent thouKlit lum
nrrwamhe irrmcit Mmior nlte und that he could
urcly defea Ituun with hl > lieud
Jolinnr llrncun Not Atlrr Huiull Ki y
Illll IUIJ the backer or Jounny Krnican taa that
recf an li after mini if pr uninence In the rlri 11111 I not
nuli 1 buxiriiu llriur MH 1 till If hpalr linncirnln I
ivnulnu to lUhl nuu > d I of tnii rliiir Id I Id will
mnlch Annin amiri one nf Inol y r alnaleurii to
tiiilit Mnir fur IWkiu nidi an I ih lnruct pur > e ilin
1 1 Irrll f J n I
I I Maud IIfI lull will I u > rr Irld filllhel tlmt ho
IIHM invered Mitza il 41 forfeit at tl < e I vtttt Utittnt
It i lie rl Piufcrr nn III It I T k Inulca
The Manliatan Tri ni < Axolntloi whoii iiirnticr
ihliliioiniiitrlnf I lh TnllI ilnir fIr Iho I lrmert
lleiuhliTinuU 11111 l iiiiuhnltil thlr < > > full tournniniut
in bhialf in Ihuriilu nflrriiunn mi Iho 1ilk IT
biollKn nit Ate crl > Lnlmi Irnl uejr Iklith I air
nue I ri II n I olirit I urkrr onti of the i uuniirit
plner lapMirel I Tfl liimia Tie diiitlilr I urlia
OIt HIuwnl inMoiiiii llo louu In lLo
ln Ui I were
1 liilinliiar < lloiindHobcrt larkor difeatid Iltll I
rrlcij II I KM ntiert U n It Jarotii ftefrAted tiinii > l
I cliuimiclur 7 f ilium HI lr lifeilrd Itoinie
K nbr r ni Albfri i > iliun ilnrdr n in b > i
Hrrl IlinimlIlbrrl Tinker I ilrlritlril 1 lhlpli Imoba
III U Ilium hire e ilcttued AlliTI M hiilUii I rr III
Hnal Kourdllobrrt I aikir Iekiud Vtlll nu Men t
llril Hound firhrrond IrleMi ilerlrk PoBenbertf
nefrnlnl lulih Juru 112 Hnnl inulid Ull luni
Hlvrlelrffulril Irdrnrk Jonlr I rtH
Hrl linn fur Third lnr > trI li rick oenberit I
llrrn Ihn bre lerntun KHtPlihtTif ilefraeil Au nat
rrhiiiiiiolicr H4 rlntt 1 round rrcderlrk locnUrt
dtleuted Jerome llottntcri G4
hit M nrk llenl Alluiiinnd ilhlcle
The rivuar uiiulhly alhlilh cnmp tlllin of tho SI
Uurki AI r w t hell on Thir > iu etenliij In their
vnunioliimoii Ilchth treel Alurnerrond uj pre >
ent Tl 0 > Idiaof liidlnf hem ti > nirollllin I tode
l Ida Mli I Illll I I t > it 1larmnd nil tele Inlhr I club The
rli tor ill refeli a hi > nd oiue Int la1 lfc W IIUrh I Mnun
luniiii nf II e liiiiiiir rolluulnu uid ihv rr ultn
MunllliK lliiul Jump Mnilci iii 1y I u lln
bauaii ltli H lil H Inch J la U i n I I ilbu
Ul I ralitllilrd KllllTlcrlM > inhili
Kuniilnir Hiad Jti ut < lljndiian ttm b I W llu
cbAiiaii l luihri nln fort UH Whei hrhnUpd j
ilalrbunl J liarliinnnii 4 Inrhre 111 I fir rrond
plao with 4110 milic Th lit aateclded larcr
t llachwauik
OMT nzancLm IIYllrlSlNTf7lflS
Mr nlmouCi Fitly U I Not t Home la the
Mnd but Mortllo h nnrt the Tnlcnt Will
Unkn Him FnToiUerattlcafurthD Other
KTenta Vtr rille4 mid Good Hport
Iromlaed Hterhen Hnnford A Som II nv
IolOMiic from M P Dwr
Hlstobodoplorodtlmt tho 7fi000 Futur
ity Htitkos for 18JI2 will bndccldod on rt heny
trad as thero arosoxcral eonloatants for tho
big prlro that am not nt homo In tho mud and
there Is no don Ing the fact that In siicharaco
as tlis tho money should go to tho highest
clnss animal tlmt faces tlio etnrlor
Iho Conuy Island Jockey Club has had In
proUoue yours a good truck and a sunny sky
for tho decision of their most Important stake
but tho hoiuy rnlns of Thursday and Ilrl ly
nn tho dark skies nt midnight irho ovl
dencos of additional molsturo fur today Six
teen twoyearolds aro named to start for tho
Futurity and of that number thcro aro only
two that havo on public form prutonslonu tu
high class Thoso aro Lady Violet nuil Mo
roll two youngsters that coulil win In any
iMr Lo claco la a game conststont follovaiul
Sir Francis gave promise ot bccomliiK ouu of
tho best of Iho Car Lldgerwood ran
but onco In public but but his prUnto
form U said to bo hluh and tho Ihret
StabloA liaxo great hopes of winning 1 tho
stako llh him Tho rain IIHH Icsbvnod greatly
tho chances of Iudy Violets winning and
has increased tboso of Moicllo tlio former
boltig at a dlsaihantacu in tlio mud wlilln thu
Lolus oolt Is a iierfcrt mudlaik and ban unulo
u show of his fields every time ho Ims startud
InJhat kind of a track In Ml Patrick liu
will Havo a moat capnblo rider and Iho ono
hat boats him > III taki > it < iy the prlo Urecn
11 MorrlH imij lmo n neat llttln xurprlso bot
tled up for tho talent In liU 1ut Molloj Jr
Iho remainder of tho programme Is flnt
cms and It thoweatliiT Is Muo toilaythiro
jnoula bo a largo crowd at Mieeii liiiid llnj
tho most tilcturu nuo of nil Amorican raci >
fpurscs llosldes thu Futurity tlio Aoni e
llolph n nnd Ireim stakon will bo docldud
and additional Interest Is clon tho card by
tlio appearunco of Huvernl of thu tiiirutog t cuii
tliiRont Iotuniite iiinornr the rutiirily two
Joiirsiiio bought by M 1 Dwer Iutt uar for
JJ5 011 and ulnnor of tho llualbntlon Makib
will run In tho llrst race in tlimiamo and colors
olbtoplieit hanford A hon uf Amsterdam N
1 tliiiso gentlemen halnir bought tlm son of
ot Illalsp Mr htBphoii Fianfonl xvlll be re
m < inbored by TIIK KUNK rvitdom as tint man
wliorainu to tli llelmiiiit sain doturmlneil to
Piiroliae bt Illalse and otilil hmo KOIID to
2UU for thu eon of Ikrinlt hud ho not met
rharlij Itf od and prnmlboil tho philosopher of
hairvlew tlmt ho would not bid until liulieed
bad reached bin limit Mr lieod tnoU St
lilalsu for 100100 and Mr Kantonl wiis con
tent with the brood innrutt Viol i thu dim of
and Iad > Illmrono 51 r Kinford has a
loiy placo near Amsterdam thli State and
ho will undoubtedly tako Iotomnc thcro whon
his racing uureer IB over and bteoil him to the
few rhntrely bred tnarefi hi > lias collected
lodays pruKrammo In full follows
Hrt Race A awettiitiki firlhr e ear olds nnd ui >
wnrd of Kill each Illl 1 IHIO dIcd uf tvhlcli llU to
leiond and lw tu third ni o and u hult furlon i
o d DoMar in lloy UN
Potomac ion st Irllx HIS
lUmiiict in
lrMattbi lo < tnllnh Illl
Ilo a II loWntt hose 1U3
Ueorgla lut
fiecond Kace A ltveeitnkes fnr two ear ol Is of 10
each tuth loi lo I or tthlch J20U tu second and
looto third ttte fLr ongi
Doctor 122 vllnnehaha llr
ITrclda Hljhioil lor
lnri iliis HIMi liiiatithroplAt lm
Rlglitattay 1 rnlla i It ino
lltroltiiclt 100 Annli t colt IM
Commotion 100 liw
a ndln loo Allannh till H7
IlllrirnrJe 17 Jur Clly 17
Lad Belmont Il7
Third luce At erajre BtnLes a sit et pstakes lor three
euiolds and upir ird of o eiirh with lulo addet
of tilmhf2rutuii < iondaiid15Utu third one mile
and three stxtienthi
Kingston 124 llckon 121
leiwlito KHTialru 1114
Melpner ll > 4 I eonavi til 1114
May Vtm 10 llr llaatjrouek 102
nioamlni tin Liiully U7
Vlar htone Ii
Fourth llace The Kutiirlty for twoyear oils talae
7Jc > OO tbreequarteis or a mile
Iltitns 121 sir Francis 11
Krleir ll ilor > iriker lir
Iailr Molrt llHtnileJes II
Lovelace llh MlrnKr 1IO
hpalluu 1IN Uncle Jim ins
Morello IIH I idverwiKid Hi
llauiinte IIH lat Mnllo Ir 10
rimanrhe lir Anulei iut loj
llellailonnu colt 115
Hfth Itace A swpepstaka for three year olds of W
each with SlJVi ad Ir I Mhkh S tn second HII 1
tL third to receive 10 I oil ot llm stakes one tulle
and a turloni
1fcknGCket 12r laraJay 122
IHlllte 117 Mr tlntlhcw 117
Ironawell 117 Ioller 110
hr Arthur llilikllk nuy nil
tntre llohluur 1U4
Anna II
Sixth Race The Green Stlkes n swa > pi tnkp for
three ear olds and tlpnnrd of J > e rh tfllh f I Hut
nMoil of whUb tJOUiosejond tnd fluu to third ono
milt on the turf
blilpner lliVtaf ln IKS
iloimlng I l iiuuii iu
Tomltii rs l2Ti < tlt > I
letrnlh It ciiPur e SI IKK1 of vlilili finoioieconl
and ISO to thlld selllm Rlluttutli er Kt en fill Inngp
Illnlilo 112 InritllU lluilorlid 112
ht eit 1117 Tumio < In
Alrshift ins li ii in ire lm
lliulhurst u kirkutir uo
Mlimlnz On nor nt Itrlelifnn
Focretary C V Sass of tho llilglilnn llcach
Ilaeing Association sends to liiEf iN tha fol
lowing list of v > Innlnc owncto during the
meeting which close I yestrnhn
wc Dui tii j7 r lenfi vo
W lakeland U mo N Hniu <
11 F llwyer 77ii A Hi eld 11
J1I Mclorlllkk 4IIMI I nailer < i M lMl
T llarrett II M7r Illilliiii h iibl 2l
Wuoilland Mahle 2 7mi t 1 tituUm Vi
C uxx < II i rulum 1
JMcljiiiKhhn 2 no I Mi lln v LO i
Gloucester Mable J7rl MiiliiM Vnll
r corneinsen I7r i T > inicr IM >
VT II Holler Jl7r IIRrtlet luller ll
Empire htuble 1 7r i I NT 1
J Kneal 170il liuan IT
A rhoinpiin lillll I Me Minn I
A I tan Neti lMiUm it liu
II T Icucli 1 17 llnlinoul > i
Jeiinllins II > U i flunk 11X1
A Mlion 1 n > l Mirlin loo
J T CiinuoJ 111 I J Mirpll 4OII
J II lenl Ir 1 o I I ul < r 101
H VI McM nun IIHI llrulilin Mnbli 7r >
ll llliillia IHMl I x llniih > l lii 7
1 Till It A In liiHMiniill IIIO 7
Vailllnll hal le < > > H Kll 71
It A JiniJkLu Ki lilniiBlillll T
0 A Mrlrath M l It t Newton 7
Weado IT ktablo < > A Iuuern 7
IJ l > trAlill i 7 lienifllliitile 7r
1 Jini i i Mil lllilu 76
1 lln Ijlmr r I L I HI 1 V 7f
I n Viitun i ims fl
Va liingli > n Mahle r7 I itind PI
1111 Miriln fl Ir ft
j li ir i inter f i
llumnlllatlhu ll f 11 IM nun ri
p l n l viMrill ro
I nn Ion Mali fii H Viilillai 2 >
1 lle ec I Murru il
I Aliord f H 11111111111 21
J I slle < 101 W I llic
J Ulinlen 4 Ildiuiilii Moble jr
l M Mi 4rn II l > liilieiai r
p l ay 4 l M MllllTr 2
J A Hennait 4Mi r Moliirmotl
Ixcelsliirhlable 4i > I h i nl f > t ille 2
f loiinsiin rfoiMI liiiiuw hloblr H
II L Inbiisoii 4ili I II IHiit >
MiliiscMalle 4H i I I lilt r
Il T lullfir 4 n vlirnlfiirl Jl
J Sllells 4 i I Holen U
J It UrKuson 4 i tun nun MnUo
Sanu null A Iloniir j
J K Kisit l o
Ittirtnc KcMiill14 t C ufletil IniU
CinrAMi Aui > At Uitrllil 1 Park lo day oternor
Porter aul nn > riiiiil < TO thu onl fdtorltis in inn
I Irst llaiiTlirr pi IMF s of n nille II mmli7 Ilird
tlrst Miitlin I nl ctunl Li o Allun Ihlnl Tlmt
f ciid Inri Tlini uiirlers if n nlle in ri >
flrft liireuolHi mliliit i mini Hint I
1 bird I ne Inlt nl d a I iilf liiroim Hltnii hi
land HrM It 1 ttinl Illn ml Hind flm IrMi
FourlhKil mill mil dli Iml 110
firm tan mult ni I Iukin n iiiiInn
tilth r tin iiii I Irs ti til tl kt I imeriuit t
srinu I I K mil i Ihnd lluif I I
Mxih 1 ii 1hr < ur i rh f u nl ltr ti it
flrtt liin n i i lit tcinl Iliinl l a
I 17h
Kn SlailnH fliioji vaht Wizard has
brui i hiirli rcil un It l Mid ii > Mr Mirhhill
nf tlin illtniil milicu I u 1pin Jinliiiii
It tin iiiiniiiiiiMii hts mot utMiill l > i thu
niKniliM11thN cnmiitn > Iliiy un < gulnc to
fclnri u Jiiiht iliili of them intn u ulnli nn
iniiiiliii < if tin III 11 can I ny It is xiul
thut nn li H than ti > n sihU m imt cliar
tcifil ni unuod b iiiuinijti u tins uiio mill
OrAlnarr Bpott In tfaa Mud nt th 8 rlaK
Ttro Rnrea lor Hplera
BATtATOOA Aug 20 Tho tinratogn A sooa
tlon tins struck a snag In tho shape of n spell
of bad weather hen It rains here It rains
for keep und for lortv eight hours It has
stormed llorocl and almost Incessantly This
coupled with tho fact that several ot th
prominent stables hero shipped either to
tihcopithond Day or 1 atonla mail the racing
today of n rather uninteresting character
V J Bpoirs took the honors of tho tiny win
ning nlth Ilzottn and I holy tho deadheater
In tlio rasnnoMi Ktako lust spring Llzrotte
onliorrncecryhirVllU It nas tho open
ing ovont nnd whllo Trlngla nnd Iaragon
woro the nominal favorite more money was
probably lost on Ioljdoia tho Canadians go
ing down very lioall > on her
llzetlo was bid tip 100 after the raoo
and bought In Joano pro > od tho certainty
thu betting Indicated him to bo In tho second
race The xpcody sprinter mado his tenth
effort today lth a track exactly suited to
him He was better handled by Morris than
ho Ims been nnd Instead ot heliiK Ren olTat a
quarter gnlt from the start was hold under a
Ktpiuly pull fnr throit furlongs and his speed
rucorvod for tlin llnlsh Kauntorer with 40
pounds of dead olulit tuado his uppeitrnnco
under V H Holler n ownership and In hln
colorH lth toil eiirht imil 41 pounds of It
lead hu rtn u eiy fair raeo rtpiors Hcorod
Ids second win lh liselc but had
Knnn posiicssod thu phsleul strength
tn ilnlHh ltli 11k Kiilaht pooltlona
would have lieen rctersoil Sweeney mado a
poor nice on tho lnnerli ttlng her head loono
threo or fmir tline and llnlshuiK In tho woak
est mnnnet lth this uiio nmnnged to win
but liy n nnso only llhono with Taylor up
wax Port faorllo for tho mllo nnd throeiiuar
IITH nltlioiiuh pressed clone by War Duke in
tho botlhiK Tailor took tho horse to tho
front right at tho start and hold it all tho way
ulnnlnu etslly
stonoinason brother to Htonobuck and
llllekslone has aUvaR I con considered at his
bot in muddy cuing and proved it today by
taking the luid nil thu war In Mm last meet
imndcu um made faorlli but IIH u nal was
slow to begin and in the mud today was
nuMir able to catch up Ho was third at tho
Major Doino will hardly bo seen agutn this
year Ills IRIIIUIICSK linn ciown more f > orlou
than IK nt llr < t anticipated nnd a long rest
will be ruinlred to gel him around
hummarlos follou
TIIK iinsT nAcr
rum MO for all nji selliuf allowanceil fin
t 1 sjeirssb f llr > tle 0 by Mr ModredLlzilt
Iiniiliir tu Swtinii 1
n Illiririns a en f loidora 4 InMNartaec 1
I1 H anbr r Trliiit o 1 ir > lliuili 3
Mar T halUbury lttlibort lifefeater Eipreis
I urn Paragon tiaddin nnd Panway also ran
lime 1 in
Betttnit Analnst Mzzette B toll Polydora T to 1
Triuile 5 to 2
Pnise DO for three tar ods and upward six fur
Kiufun htables b B Toano n by Lobgfellow
Halira HU Murrlt 1
VMUtuilInu bm Ilitnl il lirdutlori 2
bihuyllilll hliibke a br h Miuulcrer l > UG tlrimn I
Mr uoruu II MiKieter liallarai and lilaJlalor also
Tlmo Iil8
Ilettinif Two lo 1 on Tu ino aialnst ttlTal 8 to 1
nunt ror U to 1
IIIC TIllIlll llllF
Itirse Spr > 0 fcr ttto itr olda selling allotrances
ftlx Itirl iniri
t I ii in n h f Mills i > Lisbon Novena nil
MffC lie I 1
MiaftlillMulii ab i I IL hlllKht Klilluim J
J slilcllnBih f MurU vtoi r VO illlllu 3
Truiuii un 1 Indutitrt al i ran
Tluu llRVi
nettlne Airalntt I luehi tt to 1 Lit Knight 4 to 1
6 to 4 on Marm btoups
Purso f6On for four ear oldv And upward selling
nllntvalicen one lulle ami lhric ililurtrrs
TUelrh Ui h Khonii i by Huod Itosetta 108
Clulur 1
J s etrs s b ir iirlllke4 18 fitretnet J
Lloter Miihlimb f Miirih ritli 4 HU Mink d
111 lur bortsluan iitnl li It timion also ran
Turn 1 rn
ncttlnn Anainit ItLoiio K to D War Duke 8 to 6
MarKlurlta U to 1
rnrse tVK fnrallai > etpii fiirlonvs
J f hCHtfrAtu H rh h Hlrinrmason fV b Stonhenga
Mart lluikk 1IJ Hint 1
V KJUfkab ir lllltiol aired 113 Morris 2
J I met sb h Hunili r llJTulur J
bhototer und Duke Jolill AUo ran
Time 1 <
Iiettlni Aaliist Stmiiiuaiion a to S Belrrood 9 to
2 liiinile n in
1 his Is tho piogrnmmo fortomorrnw
Int Katt Uto un I one half furlonits Irlneesi Ret
du 10 l k KniKlit 103 Alur uirite 100 lilsttell
tt > Mnun LI I lu Mirltir lliick 11 1 rutiuiu 13
NIC III Iatc Tnn e quarters of a mile Itltat 115
Mliclilkii II Tnano I IJ Lord Harry 112 Inferno
11J nnij ott Jl > llelllnte lir LUelle 1IW
Thirl lt i i law mid on Hixtiuth miles handicap
leneluli im HiKi Hill Illltzeu 104 kluiberly uu
tiAinbler M I iiil surienir tr
1outth Itntou nn r iittkes on and three quarter
mitei Hi u ill II lllillninie 1 11 alonlcn nil
Mfth Iturafhrciilllartrrt of ii lulle Tuctlomn 112
Km Ilk I 11 I nhbtrl 11 NulliMil 11J OUIerc
1U7 Pamtfoll 1U5 Tulltta 1UO Cottunudo 100
Latllh 1UO
Thlalle ITIiia hv SilO Inrc The Three
SiMiioliI hlMK0 Iti lponrd
II iTToiin Aug 20 What promised tobetho
banner meeting of the giand circuit is spoiled
lu heavy and continuous rain Today opened
wet nnd gloomy hut evoral hundrej enthusi
astic horseiiHin ent otitto ClinrterOak Illllng
up thu time I > belling on tho holdover Jll >
pare and the crent Tlneov carold Mill1
At noon f > icreliir > King wired V ill t trt at
1 oclock if no morn rnin At tlml hour them
IIH mnio i tin plenty f It but a Mut was
Hindu to get thu imllnlihpil iaeo out of tho
a > the 217 und JJf trots bulng thtown
lhi > 2 10 pice wa < loft on Widnfdnv with
ThistliitttohoataaildNelllnl one Mr bhultH
black pueor mid at Jtlovui tin lid as IIK
h isfduwn his ability tiooi now to not well
In the mud llcnng awav Thltln lroki and
llonn 11 aponj in sli > but a ulim i i hlde
vlnelerus cter bteppod hplashed thiotush tho
mtiJ and Mitor pivernl li > nctli in front ol thu
pirtl iimlnK homu lrlscoll lined hU whip
hi ely and Iho Iirkvillco It reiiiiided gamt
1 flnlnhlPK n length hehmd Ilonrj II
pased under the wirn In thus roterRing
thu placing of tin thlid heat when ililste
beat the game little ucldiiu l a short head
irwaVitlll 5 to 4 on Dtlpcoll i bic hlaekand
Bottliiunvvny witliu rush hit lined Ni III II
and Hunt H to tho uiio ill llnlihliig u
liincth in Iront ff tlin pail I hi was a cruek
Ing ho it for the trio for them wero three or
four Inches of mud and vt itoi on the traeU
nnd tlin rain WAR falling In tuirentf I hero Is
little chancn for trotting tiiiiioinnv thu fre
fiirall nndJJl trolH and the I
iirolmhly go by tlio board leaving tho big
Threiyoarold htako for th lnl Him da and
good trai k Tor this ot out 1 rot limn ih telling
favorllu at 100 tlio Held iheio Is a
tldeiiilld Held of nine highly bred > oung trot
ters forthli < hlake
Marvin gavo his candidate Ii lie lower a
mno in inti niuu ino nil
fant iiunrl rliiul thtiHilicpoiiliiKol tho ru
mor that i ho had gono ami
ttli t 1 1 1 ta im turre k > lo u
lllstli Ik s by Milti t l nrJ
Irriilcnfli rlnxtitll UrUcmll
I enr II Ilk ii hj Jcttinie linn
i 3
sfuio ii l > 111 by Sinbiodiiirkir r i 7 r 2
Ilileili l > f U iiriirntrr J 4 4
II > b > IMOIUI 4
Ml ii li ni ilo 7 i I
rt rll il tOiriulrliiiFl 1J
llmv 142 17 J I7j
jiti > jyio u a t rvi
Tie Mlllllon Nor till Kritiins III Kecoril
tu il4 U I
Muivini Kr AUK 2 < t 1 lie In tins races
h > ui this aftoi noon veruhr I attuidi dand
he nmrt witHiif a hlgn cird r I ho tiuck was
in perfect londltlun und ih wrtther fair
Nortal s mllo in L14i win Brcat por
1nlliivInc aro iimmnrles
S r am I nrai SlM
n iliiniini In Itll He 2 1 1 1
liinri iiirni ey Mmuiun > J r
I lll W mill I 4 a 4
ini1 r i 4 a
Mliu I ill li II 4 1 B
II m IHJ I <
Vinl i I fall fur Uir u l va 11 f I non
Inn i l li Hume nu I 1 1
II i l i 2 J
i i IM < > I
b h 4 4
t Ik4rilli dls
Inn Jl 4
Vora b IInluii < r i > ii ii
1 inn
Mrta b rufcri iiuiiiiii i
Jcnifir I l d i I i l rt
Tinulne ill Ieinuoi
Ii 1UNPV Iv II7 I Tills va tho la t
du nf tin tinltlu riniH h > ri iiiil it hrun
Iruvul uih ini1 nt i hn viiiitiiiT HUB guud
trii k f i l iml HI int Int uicllii
1 iilliittinu urn hiiuiijiiki
lu Mrold MuLi
v i 1 i i
ml 2 3
J iiuir j 1
li lik SlUlt 4 4
lniieJr7 i y ui
i i t i
i 1
t 1 2
1 J ills
Illllli Jl 11 ulU 2 oH
tr ol n >
lJ d Li illd
yum IIP It 241 2
J k ll 4 J J 1
Lluliald > lch J J U 4
Talk About tho Melropnlllsm Championship
stud the Cbsissiploniblp of the United Mlmtea
Tho Rnma which v > lll tako placo today
at Ilergen Point Is exciting much Interest
among tho cricketers hereabouts It will ba
botwoon tho teams of tho Now Jersoy A C
and Dcrkeley O i and will virtually doctdo
the championship ot Now York Should
Berkoloy win tho pennint vv111 be theirs and
If tho Now Jorboy oontlncent prove victorious
they would havo to losp both tholr games
against tho Manhattan and Paterson clubs in
order to lose tholr position This is hardly a
likely probability and tho club will make
overj effort to turn tho tables on tho liorknley
which ts the only club whioh has defeated
them in tho Icncuu contostn this Reason
Of tha POV on cities which this yenr competed
for the title of cricket champion of tho United
Mutob perhaps loss Interest was shown in tho
contist in New York than elsowhoro Why
this should be so IK not apparent and it Is cor
talnlvnn undotiUcd fact that Now York Is
rhllidelphlas strongest opnonont Tho team
sent forth to do buttle for tho metropolis was
roiirescntntiv o of anything but Now York and
it might bo tnkcu for granted tho regular team
ot New Jersey Borkoloy or Stuton Island
would havo piovoda much stronger combina
tion than tho eluvon supposed to represent
the pick of all the New ork clubs Tho ab
sence of any representative of Btaten Island
was ronmienloil upon In rather unfavorable
terms at tho tlmo
Tho member of tho InterCity League are
Philadelphia Baltimore Nov orkand Bos
ton forming tho Easturn olrctill and Pitta
burgh Detroit and Chicago composing the
Western It is understood that next yuarHt
Paul will join tile vtenteni section thus bring
ine tho membership up to eight olubi and
mnklng tlie aeries morn interesting
Tho llrst game of tho hnhtorn scrfos was
plated this your at Ihiladulphla where the
IIOIID players hail n vory easy v Icturj over IJnl
tlnion by un Innings and iU runs A M
Woods H7 was by far tho best contribu
tion nf tha game tlui battlne of tho rep
resentatives of tho Monumental City being
particularly vvunk uhlln tho bowling or the
vvlnnurH ruachcd phonomunul figures for
firstclass match Tho second game was
butttfon Doston and how York Tha
metropolitan player handicapped an
they vvero by BO many absentees played
a good game but Doston won aftor an Inter
esting contest by fortyfour run The prln
clpal lontuntof this eainu was certainly tho
splendid vviakotkeonlng of the Itow York
btuinpnr J Itoso who in tho two Innings as
sistvd In the disposal yf no lets than nix bats
man thriu stumpnd und three caught The
halting of r ruirhtirn nltli hoorea of 3 nnd
r > was tho bunt of tho inaleh ulthotiRh tho
livoly hiltini ot Tom ivulltfoi LO and 71 Yaa
an inipnrtuut iilement in thu result
A longinturval took pinco bofoio tho tie be
tween rhlliidaliihlu nnd ISoston for the ahnm
plonnliliiif thu Lnvt vtitH pluyidolT On their
way homo from tho Hiillfux tournament tha
rhilndvlphlaimphivad tlie camo ut Ionkwood
ami had no diniculty In nanju winning
llio Jlnt canio in tlio o turn hcrlon was
productive of tlu > llrt tnntury geared in the
longuo Waller Scott obtaining 14 out ot
Pittsburghs I78 ayalnf t Detroits 107 and I5
JhlH viclnry forosliuilouiil a rloso aiiine bo
twuen rittKburgh and Chicago which IIOIY
nvor tvus not to bo ns tho Windy llty ngyro
iillon Mini by an lnninghnr 17 tolJand43
Tho hnttlo rtijal fur tho chumiilonnhlp of the
lulled htiiti has now to come and the dates
set nhldn foi thocontist Sutit U and 10 clvo
satibfaction to both xiile > > The paiue will bo
plnyuil nt hlcaco nnd tha fact that the homo
nlayori arii boltor iihed to tholr rough vluketn
than the IlillndiilphlniiHirfn point in lavor of
the esternors vthllo tholr team has boon
htrongthcnod considerably by tho addition of
Bovi ral now phocrs who huvorome into prom
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