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t > t WI > + ri
< 111 TROOPS G R N ii3th D
F AZ jtxaaer XBSXDIE couxrr soi
D 1 II4 KIket Pint MB
1 eva Mlrack m Ie Tin Itetara to
fl Wrk AIuSrad Mtir 8w
A T Us tk 0 1101 or Jobs 401 AaU
Vs em Mia Before H Start tor Cktenco
rH le Tlre4 ef Belna Labor Lade t
t d TsOke of B e > lsis 1 Bortr >
BorriiA Auc 20k slight feeling of on
Mloeu ere Buffalo tonlaht because of
t departure of the National Guard The
trik rft bare made so many throats the past
week abut what they Intended to do a goon
M the soldiers wont away that the timid people
Buffalo cannot entirely convince themBolves
that something dreadful will not happen but
th re does not appear to the careful observers
t be the illghtost cause for alarm Outside
of an occasional Isolated case of assault on
em of ttie men who came here and tc1 the
plaoos of tho mon who forfeited them by strik
ing It Is not probable that thore will be any
more violence or lawlessness of any kind I
Before oclock this afternoon alt tho troops
xoept tho two regiments Buffalo and the
few separate companies which mako up tho
rest of the Fourth Brigade wero on their war
home They wont by way of a hal dozen rail
toadi and every depot In tho city was crowd
ed with men and women and pretty girls to
ae them off They wont war In the follow
Incr order
Nine A M on tho Now York Central Seventh
k Separate Company Cohoes Thirtysecond of
Hooslek Falls Thirtyninth cf Watertown
Thirtysixth and Thirtyseventh of Bcheneo
tady Fifteenth and Nineteenth of Pouahkeop
ale Fourth of Yonkeru Twentythird of Hud
Ion and Twentyeighth of Utica
Ten A M on the Now York Central the
Twentysecond Regiment of New York city
Two P M on the Now York Central the
Ninth and Twelfth Iteglm nti of New York
and the Filth and Tenth Separate Companies
of Newburgh
Ono 1 > M on the Erie Seventyfirst Regi
ment of Now York
Oen Forto and hla tnt went at 1 F M on
the eastbouml Empire State express on the i
Central A great many of the commander ot
regiments also took that train leaving their
commands behind to he leAS comlorousspe
elate which the railroad
clall ralrold companies provided
for them
Orand Master Sweeney loft town about 1
oclock bound for Chicago That he was not
I pleased with Buffalo was plain lie was un
happy Ha was ovon prepared to swear ciT as
a labor leader and was ready to reform and
j wanted to become a newspaper reporter He
was captured at tho depot beforo his departure
br a Buffalo reporter His opinions of the lost
cause of Switchman Quinn who thumped
him and his resolves to reform are reported
1 as follows
Alono unfriended and melancholy Grand
Master Swooney sat on his satchel In an ob
score corner of the Central train shod this
I I morning reading a morning papers account
of tho assault committed upon him yesterday
and of tho utter failure of tho switchmens
1 strike He had come by an hour too soon to
take the Michigan Central train for his homo
in Chicago The rain pattered dismally upon
the roof of tho train shed while ho waited
toro alone with his eye swollen and his face
i cut from tho cruel blows dealt him yesterday
In an Interview had with him while he waited
a Commercial reporter was enabled to gather
up and tie fast all dangling threads of specu I
lation and doubt as to some things that have I
happened and as to otliors which bad been
Before yOU leave this town Mr Sweeney
Will you definitely state the Inception and
of tho movement yesterday toward
progress a
resumption of the strike asked the reporter
Some of these men who found they couldnt
get their places back began the response
were angry with me because the strike was
off and they wanted to do something and
I J didnt know just how They held a meeting
U though yesterday afternoon and they pro
posed t override my action and were going
to cal on the strikers again and go ahead to
fight the railroad company all by themselves
The decision of the meeting came on a motion
Ignore my official acton and goahead again
with tho strike They were very loud and tho
notion was passed and the Grand Master was
to be rebuked So the matter stood Overnight
they cot cool a little They began to see
where they stood Some folks advised them
that their action was secession that they
practically outlawed themselves from their
k order and that anyhow there was not enough
oUhem to cut any great figure This morn
fnl < they came up to see Third Officer Barrett
I of the order They cried and hollered They
1 wanted him as they said to gtvo them a re
lease Barrett told them to get out What did
they want A release from and what did they
I want release for Ho told them that
It the Grand Master had declared the
strike off and that was all tho roloase they
f needed to have Then he gave thorn some
more hot talk that made them think They
went out and called another meeting at
I Which I understand they have called off tho
rump strike which they ordered on yesterday
1 Now all who can regain their places are coins
back to work
Mr Barrett then has not at any time
to such guerrilla strike
given encouragement a Iuerlastrike
f I as tho men decided on yesterday l
s Oh no Barrett wouldnt take any action
official closing of the strike He
against my ofcial co lng 10
t has just gone over to his hotel for his bag and
is to travel West with mo on tho 1250 train
It Is believed by many who seek as a just
cause for the assault of I Quinn upon you that
Quinn charged you with betraying tho men
that you told him he lied and that he then
used his lists Will you give the exact conver
sation that preceded the assault l
That thing was premeditated Those fel
lows woro sore and hot because they oould not
let tholr places back again They wanted to
hold somebody responsible and there is no
doubt that the crowd who came up to that hal
where I cave mytestlmony yesterday before the
r Arbitration Board had done so In order to get
1 satisfaction out of ml When I started the I
S balance ot the strikers were down In Kaisers
Bal where they had gathered to wait until I
t should porno alone after giving my testimony
and talk with them These other follows
couldnt watt so they came up to the
hall When we started down the
1 ftlra together thin mal Quinn to whom
r lance lent 2b to get home from a convention
y came alougdo of 10 and said How abput
j thll Alonlelde the strike of1 I said Yo
Johnnie we have made a hard fight but there
U Housekeeping It up any longer By this
time we were on the Street and while the most
ao of the crowd fell lack Quinn walked alone
j with me and said Well how atout this 1
Am I to lose my job over this strike Well
ohnny1 answered when men go out on
atrlke somebody must make acrllleei I had
Just reached that word when he struck me in
the face He must hare had something In hU
band ace there Is I no doubt but what he had I
Game up there t do me
They lay Mr Sweeney that you sold out
their cause to the rahiroas
I havent seen the color of a dollar of rail
road money The rail roads dont spend money
on strikes that way There will always be men I
t raise that cry when a cause fall I This being
labor leader I guess dont par There never
was a labor leader rut who didnt finally got on
his uppers I you win you are all right I
you lose you are no good and you have been
bought and all that sort ot thing I believe I
shall go Into newspaper work I could com
mand 140 n week In Chicago and I could get
about among labor folks very well
Yollowisg theIr verr renpatlonalllng
everything connected with tho recent HtrlLu
some newspapers today and notably In
Buffalo and New York city described thu
going out again of tho old emploj eos who had
b on taken back on the Lackawanna and the
Nickel Plate an 1 renewal of the strike They
declared that the whole strike was on again
that Grand Master Hwecnty had neon deserted
by the great switchmens organization and so
on Home of f them even went so far us to quote
the Grand Master Switchman In an Interview
In a manner that made him appear t saY that
he declared the strike off simply to secure the
departure of the troops and would declare It
on again as soon as the troops wore gone I
Bwseney of course didnt say anything of
the kind and men with good common sense
would never intimate that he did He was
more sick of the strike than he ever a of any
t f
Vf 1 0
tk Ma llf Sis rent for the ohtefe ot he
other labor organizations ol railroad men for
no nther reason In the world than to make hU
declaration of his utter rout ennr ThGfdld
It tnd If f ho didnt actually do It ho probably
felt llkn Jumplna up and clapping his
hands when they did rho little addi
tion to tho strike was described In TUK
HUN yesterday as one of tho amusing features
of the situation That was all that It wan Tho
men themselves discovered the amusing fea
tures of It today and thIs afternoon thoy held
a meeting decided that thny were idiots nail
declared tho stride off They all all the
would try to got back of their al places at 7
oclock in I bthO morning The Lackawannn
men wont back at once
Vv hllrt Mr Bwoonoy went off In ono direction
Florence Donovan of the Htato Hoard of Media
tion and Arbitration wan speeding away In the
other relieved and thus was Buffalo being speedily
D A Mosroa ofConl Creek Mast Anwer
the Charge or Murder
NABnvnLic Aug 2t3Thio hearing of D B
Monroe he alleged chief of the miners In
Coal Creek rosuttod today in remanding him
without bal for trial on the charges of mur
der releasing convlct and Inciting to riot
Dud Lindsays bond was fixed txt5000 Other
prisoners aro awaiting tho hearing of their
cases with much trepidation
Tho troops nro scouring the country In
search of men thought to be participants In
the late outbreak nnd tho capture of 110 moro
mon has been ronorted to don Carnes by hid
subordinate officers Arras nnd ammunition
are still being seized
Tho last raid by the soldiers was ono of tho
most successful of the series Lieut Iattor
lon of tho Fort Anderson regulars called for
thirtyfive volunteers to make a dash In tho
direction of HllvorSprlncs and look for minor
Every soldlor responded and thirtyseven wore
selected by Lieut Patterson and Col Bovlcr
The two companies and ofllcors arrived at
Oliver Springs at noon
Tho telegraph office was taken charge and
the train wont on to Indian Creek mine where
about twentyfive minors woro captured Tlio
prisoners wero left In charge of seven mon
and Lieut Patterson ordered his men to move
on to Wlntor Gap mina vliero thltty more
miners were captured Then the commanding
officer started tliu mountain and
onCer Itarted across thl mOlnlntn suc
ceeded In capturing thirtvllvo more I
Major Chandler and his men captured I
twenty at thotelegruph olco making a total
of lit len Tho prisoners woio tried before
Col Hovler and llout rattnrson and thono
who wero anl released woio taken to Coal
The trial of Monroe before Justice Klncald
excited great Interest Monroe claimed that
ho had exerted himself to tim utmost to pro
vent trouble nt Oliver Springs and ConlCreek
and also said ho had saved Col Andersons
society life Ho evidently belongs to an oathbound
Lieut FilTh who commanded Fort Anderson
during the battle wits perhaps the most im
portant witness for tlio State Ho said ho
know thu defendant that ho came to the fort
three times Ilrst when ho saul that unlcs
tho Governor ordered I surrender ho would
order JOOO miner and foico a surrender
necond whon ho brought two armed men with
him and said I tho fort did not give In there
would baa bloody battle third on Thuiaduy
morlnl when he demanded a written sur
Othorwltnossos gave strong evidence against I
the accused After tho testimony hnd been
hoard counsel for tho htato addressed Justice
Klncald and asked that ball be not allowed on
the ground that Monroe was n leader and
therefore cult If murder The iniiclstiilo
decided that the met wnt 1 not liallnble and
Momoo was committed to jail on the charge
of murder accessory before Ito fact and releasing
leasing convicts
Followers of tho lenders nro giving 11000
and tOO bonds to appear nt court Minno
are going to jail in default of bond Georuo
Irish waived examination and gave a SlOOO
Oov Buchanan today pronounced as utterly
false tho statement published that lie received
on last Thursday a despatch from Labor Com
missioner Ford In which the latter said that
the warden and superintendent hud agreed to
surrender and that the convicts would be re
leased at noon on tho following day
Nonunloa Man Herman Batolnkr A nnlted
on IIU IVssr from Work
Herman Batolsky another nonunion man
who had taken the placo of one of tho strikers
In Joseph Wichoits shoo factory In lioeruin
street Willlamsburgh was assaulted at noon
yesterday by strlkors while ho was riding to
his home In Jackson street Vllllamsburgli on
a car of the Union avenue line He left tho
factory through a roar entrance in order to
avoid the strikers The latter had sentinels
posted around the block and when liatolsky
appeared he was followed Ho boarded a car
in Broadway and wont inside When tho car
reached tho corner of Union and Johnson ave
nues half a dozen of the strikers jumped on
the platform Thoy went Insldo and pounced
upon Batolsky After strlklnghlm they threw
him down and kicked him Several passen
gers who woro on tho car jumped off The
conductor attempted to interfere but tho
strikers pushed him aside Batolsky got on
his feet and jumped off tho car Ho ran down I
South Fifth street with tho strikers In pursuit
Ho outdistanced them and they gave up thn
chase Undid not return to the factory Just
before 1 oclock It Is said another nonunion
man who was returning to thu factory from
dinner was waylaid l in Leonard street and
Montroso avenue and struck In Inn fnce nnl
A section of police were constantly nn duty
near tho factory yesterday beveral times
some of tho striker loitered near Ito factory
nnd woro ordered away No violence was at
tempted anywhere mound tho factory Gen
eral Manager liruudt told a reporter yesterday
afternoon that on Mondnv morning two hun
dred now men In addition to those who have
already taken the place of tho btrlkers would
begin work in tho factory
We are having signs painted now that this
factory In going to bo I free shop said Mr
lirmdt Altogether there ate now nearly 200
persons wnrkinK lor HF onn or them belongs
to any union anti neither do Wo propo to
have anything more to do with foreigners
Inrhlnl forelnerl
All our employees In the future are trolntf to
bo American No moro 1oles and Hungatluns
They are constantly fomenting troutde Tlioso
of our employees who limo not participated In
any violence but were ordered out elI
tho hand turners wont on strike will hum tlio
privilege of applying for their placps uualii
But they must not ho union men That wo
hao decided upon By Monday morning there
will be 410 men at work <
I wan expected that the striker would make
another demonstration List evening when the
new mon quit work but they did not A few
were of tho not men molested were followed by strikers but they
Two of Them Arrcvteil for AannnlMnc is
Deck Hand or the Little Hill
HOMESTEAD Aug 20 William Wal tore
and Benjamin Thompson tho two strikers
who wore arrested last night for assaulting
William Webster a dock Imnd from tho Ltttlo
Bill were sent to tho county jail at Pittsburgh
today to await trial on 1 charge of aggra
vated assault Webster was crossing tho
ferry and B ho alighted the men asked him
I he was 0 mill man Ho replied ho was not
but that ho worked on the Little Bill His
raptors Raid I tills wits just un gniMi nn offence
pS1tors Irll 11
They seized Webster hut Col Mechling sent n i
squad of men to his assistance When they
got there one of the men was raising n lingo
club over Webster hondo The men wero ar I
rested and taken to thu guard house
A petition has been circulated in the SIx
teenth Regiment dinned by nearlyull the < n
listed men asking to br relieved from duty on
ept 1 The men are crowing tired of camp
life and although they are ready to make any
needful sacrifice < > f personal interest they
think another regiment can be found whose
members cap better afford to remain In camp
than they There Is also a feeling that the
Sixteenth ha been out long enough There
Is no intimation what action will be taken on
the petition
Tboe Strikers Were U the Wrong
The one hundred glass blowers who went on
strike from Demuth Brothers class works in
Newtown Crook in WIlllamHburgh on Monday
wore ordered to return to work yesterday by J
W nillori the Secretary of the American Flint
Glass Workorb Union of Pittsburgh 1u
who camo on tolnestlcntn the Irll Hodo
elated that the strike was unwarranted Local
Union No 1 of Brooklyn ordered the strike
Besides the glass plowerK many boys went out
Uemuths place was always 1 union shop
and the employees wore memlier of local
Union No 1 It has been I recognised rulu
among glass blowers when a shon closes in
June torah the emplnyves to consider them
selves discharged When work Is resumed
therefore the bosses are at liberty to choose
any persons they desire providing they are
union men When tho factory started up last
week Demuth Brothers declined to reengage
three of the class blowers who were objection
able to them This led to tho trouble and tlio
local union ordered the strike which llr Dil
lon has now discountenanced DI
irxrr ttcnor roaa AND KTVBBT
Troop Vs Hordy Warriors Who Cos Ca
Bmohlnst Cars hay Hport with he
8lgset Cot Im the Mleeper Unite girl
M clean the lirookljti Meclmtnli
Tho troopers and signal corps men of the
First Brigade reached town from Buffalo at 0
oclock yesterday morning They came In a
special train over tho New York Central The
train consisted of one box car throe cattle
cars three smoking cars and one sleeper
Tho baggage was In tho box car tho horses In
tho cato curs tho troopers in the smokers
and thu signal corns men were In tho sleeper
They wore properly received by twentythree
small boys and two policemen who welcomed
them back to Now York whon tho train pulled
into the blxlyflfth street yards Tho signal
with at their head
corps men lh Sergeant Super
marched down Eleventh avenue t Flftrnlnth
street through Fiftyninth street to Ninth
avenue to Fiftysixth street and thence t
their armory Their journey along Eleventh
avenue wasnt at nil pleasant They wore
hlsiod and hootod The signal corps known
now as the Pack Mulo Company
As soon as tho horses ot Troop A had been
boon unloaded Capt HoC gave the order to
mount Borne of tho men experienced moro or
loss difficulty In doing this Tho troop had
nicked up a number of new horses In Buffalo
which woro very green They kicked a great
doal and scattered tho twentythree small
boys Tho procession looked formidable but
It wasnt pretty The mon wore unshaven
and every mnn woro a big yellow handkerchief
around his neck At the head of tho double
line of horsemen trotted 0 big Buffalo ram
This was tho mascot of tho troopers He was
led by Capt hoe and was decorated with yel
low ribbons The troop rode through Sixty
second l street to the Boulevard down the
Boulevard and Broadway t Fiftysixth street
to the armory The wife of Capt floe was
there to receive tho boys tine raid tho mon
looked so fierce and full of light that It re
minded hor of the days she spent with hor
husband who was In tho service on the fron
tier The troopers went skirmishing for bath
tubs just as soon as they could get away from
the armory
The homeward trip of the troopers and the
signal corns men will outlive them and echoes
of tho damaeo don on the way will probably
be heard for many a day The train left Buf
falo for Niagara Falls about 330 oclock on
Thursday afternoon nnd the show began at
once Arrangements had been made to stop
at the Falls nn hour The men rodo down the
inclined railway without paying faro and
chartered hacks indiscriminate when they
knew they had little or no money left The
troopers arranged with several hackmen to
drive a block for fifty cents and then packed a
dozen men upon the vehicle Supper was
served Immediately after the train had loft
Niagara I consisted ot a barrel of hard tack
and three boxes of corned beef The can of
coffeo Intended for tho troopers wont astray
and they drank other things
It was then decided to give an entertain
In of tho smoking Piellmlnnry
mont one carl Plelmlnary
to tlio opening of the show the noncommis
sioned officers removed tho cartridges from
all the rooheis and carbines This proved
nn excellent precaution The first part of tho
entertainment consisted of an Indignation
meeting of troopers to protest against the dis
crimination ot tho railroad company in favor
of tho xiiznal corps men The fourteen signal
corps men occupied tho stooping car Glen
woTd and each man had a section to himself
The troopers rode from Buffolo in ordinary
smoking ears Eich man hud half a seat and
not nearly tnough room to put his foot The
trouper said they wero angry becauso they
feared they had lost their claim of being tho
dudes of thin First Brigade finally on of the
troopers told his companions not to mild It
Ills remarks as reported were as follows
Ils Gentlemen we ore soldiers Choeral We
are damn good soldiers Tremendous n l cheers
oaiug usmu gutjc i nuiuiuin wu uuot ua LUUII
Cries of If earl HeurlJ hum and bacon are
what we want WCTO slept in the stockyards
among the pigs and sheep for a week
Mammas pets In the drawingroom car be
hind have crawled tremblingly between clean
sheets and laid their heads down upon clean
nlllowensos every night They lack sporting
blood and drink milk Draw your flasks my
morry ates and lets drink and sing
Hftern men on the deil mans chest
yo lio tio and a butte uf ram
The night was full of Incidents After the
gayety had been going on tor some time
jrloJ1erl Ward and Cross cot their heads to
gether and held 111 Ions conference 1mally
they arose and enllstlnc the services of an
extra man went back to tho W aguer cur on a
xkiimishln tour lhey found 1rhato Mllaco
Davis Hound asleep with his mouth open anti
his lone curly Mack hair blown 1w l tho wind
They quietly kidnapped the Signal Corp Inn
and carried him forward amoug the hrignndp
The latter made him pose and do other ludi
crous timings Then they mado ribbons of his
uniform unit in an extra burst of humor cut
his hair on one sldo and sent him back in ills
grace Private Davis mourned his leiutlful
locks for a while and then thought of a way to
get oven
When the train stopped at a email station
Davis ably assisted by Sergeant bpence and
Chaplain Holme imolglod Trooper Ward
off the oar Then they tripped hun up tan
clod his hands up In his capo and strapped
his legs with his own belt The train pulled
out kuvlnc Trooper Ward lying upon the
platform He released himself as soon us pos
sible but not until the tall lights of tho train
had disappeared Luckily for Ward an extra
locomotive was following tho special closely
It picked him up und overtook the special at
tho next station six miles boyond
After midnight a trooper struck up There
is a tavern In the town and nothing was
heard for the rest of the nlirht except songs
Then two merry fellows got tin prize Buffalo
rain anti poured beer down his throat The
nun got uny and tried to clean outthu car and
he intorf tired seriously with tho personal anl
fott of one or two troopers Shortly after this
n trlevous nilstiiltn WIIB mado A trooper with
n thirst drank part of u bottle of cholera mix
ture for boot hpeechos were next In order
Thu Signal Corps men Insisted on talking in
dotn and du > hopAnd each one was punished
In loin by being stood upon his head nnd spun
around Ilka I top
Tho Twmitythlnl and Thirteenth Jiegl
meats left liuiUloon Thursday night In two
pppclul trains at 11 115 and 1145 and arrived
nt Weshawkon at 4110 anti fiW yesterday
afternoon time iwentythlrd 08u strong
eamo In eighteen cur unit limo Thirteenth
Ih itOit i h vnntnn rlf um v
hIthJternuntbarlfortYPIecem3 r went oor
to greet the hoys and n number or ballot clrls
from thin Kldorudo fahow came down the hill to
ace the fun
iJoforo time first Iriln arrived I small Wee
Imwkon boy inked the band master to clIo
us a snijimdo hut time bund master only
frowned Then tho small boy made Ills fortieth
fleo l nniiounpfimunt of Hero dey come and
nhUtled U Whon Johnnie Come Murchlnir
Home Kxictly on tlmi < thu first train rolled
In the baiiil Htirlerl uji Homo Again rold
thoTventytlini boys tumbled out of the oars
u rnls
a dusty inuddv unslmvcu tiredlooking lot of
II1t They > formed by
young lon wore formlrl compa
nies und with the bund leading marched nut
of the station and on tho ferryboat Now York
which wus waiting to transfer them to Brook
lyn I At 450 tho iiout started und the band re
turned to tlio station to receive the Thirteenth
This Is the regiment that named its camp
Hells Hole
Tha iiiinio does not do it justice one of
the > stilt Ho carried his arm in a sling
Another had his hand banduced two had their I
heads landnged and a fifth had only one use
ful eye Ho had storped a tone with the
other The band gave the Thirteenth the
same musical reception and then marched on
the ferryboat Jetsego > with tho regiment
Two bullet girls stood on the wharf watch
leg time toy embark and chewed gum In
time with the music They had their hands
in their jacket pockets and their elbows
uiuared They watched tIme marching erltl
silt It was something in their line When
the boys wero all on the boat they gave a cheer
Then the bund played boa what difference
In the morning and the boys sang the I
chorus Shten thou order to cast off was given
the band started Itoonidony and a aunt
her of tho soldiers took knupsacked partners
und danced Tills amused thoballctglrls nnd
the prettier tho two stooped chewing gum
und Binilod
Its uhoo O site declared
Time men uald they hld hud hard work but
they liHil no iomplalnt In mnko about the
food Wo did not get icoct culituloupo for
breakfast 1lehleken A fa nmiYitm for dinner
usually they aH but wo vreio not such
fools us tl t expect that Our olhtcers gave its
this host they could gut and that sutlshed us
Tho eutythlid llcglment arrived In a
hOlt from Wenhuwken at tho Wall street
ferry In Brooklyn about 530 Wal An Im
mense crowd was there to welcome It and a
loud cheer went up from the spectators when
Col Partridge had marshalled his men and
marched them up the steep Montague street
hill On the Heights overlooking the bay
Gen A C Barnes who was formerly the com
mandant the regiment and is at present
the President of tho Veteran Association was
waiting with from 200 to 300 of the exmnm
bore vi wih regiment and falling la behind
the grenadier band the veterans acted as an
escort t the returning guardsmen The line
of march was up Montiigue to Hicks stroot to
Itomson to Clinton whern tlm regiment was
halted and formed In lino In front of tho
Brooklyn Club house Thero the veterans
marched by In front and roar of tho line again
taking their place In front of tho column
From Clinton street the lino ot march wits to
Hchermerhorn street to Lafayette avenue to
Olermont avenue and to tho nrmorr The
sidewalks nil along tho line of march wore
blocked with cheering spectators and at tho
armory time enthusiasm reached Its climax
For an hour before tho arrival the armor was
packed with men women nnd children and as
the boys tramped In them was n continuous
torrent of choBrs In which tho 4000 or ftOOO
outside spectators joined The regiment was
quickly drawn up In three battalions on the
main floor and when It was called to order
den Barnes stepped to tho front nnd In tho
nnmo of the veterans ant exmembers com
plimented the regiment on Its excellent bolr
Ing and soldierly behavior during the recent
trying emergency through which It hud
passed Arms wero then Mnckod and tho
command was dismissed After partaking ot
a fine collation provided by the veterans tho
boys hurried to their homos
A half hour later tho Thirteenth Ileclmnnt
arrived In a boat at thn foot of Atlantic street
exactly KtO strong und It AtlnHc al equally
warm welcome The line of march was up At
Inntio street tn Clinton to Itemsen to Fulton
t Joralsmon to Court street to firhormcrhnrn
street where tho veteran association nnd 1
company of cadets Were In waiting They es
corted tho regiment up Hcliermerhorn street
to riathush avenue to tho armoi y The air all
alone tho line of march rang with choerf and
tht scones nt the Jrlatbunn avenue armory ex
celled In enthusiasm thoso at the other
armor Tho people worn fairly wild with ox
cltiimrntt female relatives and friends of tim
guardsmen breaking through all I military ru
strnint their haste to grout their returning
brother husbands anti sweethearts Whon
the regiment had been formed In throe bat
talions Col Austen complimented tho men on
their fine discipline from tho momdnt thny
wore called to duty until their return Brook
lyn Arms were then stacked and the men
dispersed and started for their homes lon
K S yn I Hue Ordered All the Troops
Home Kxeept the Fourth llrtftiidc
ALBIKT Aug 20 AdjtGen Porter arrived
here at 710 P M on the Empire State ox
press The General had doffed his chapeau
and epaulets and wore his business suit of
gray and a straw bat Speaking of the mllltla
or the boys as tho General speaks of the
National Guardsmen ho said
The have made a splendid exhibition
creditable to themselves and the State Tho
response to the call to arms was as rou know
almost unanimously obeyed The percentage
of the different commands concentrated at
Buffalo has not yet boon figured out but It Is
safe to say that It was away above 00 per cent
in nearly all cases I coincide with Gov
Flower in his published opinion that tho
mllltla of the State has shown that the money
and care expended on It has not been wasted
I have just wired the Governor that all the I
guaro except thoso constituting the Fourth I
Brigade have beon ordered homo and are no
on the way The Fourth Brigade has been
ordered t withdraw tomorrow unless occur
rences tonlcht shall warrant Its remaining
on duty at tho ards Gen Doyle will be the
judge of that The Sheriff has lequested that
the troops bo withdrawn and if it Is deemed
safe thoy will he br tomorrow night llr tlmt
timo 1 think the Sheriff amid time police will ho
able to take care of any minor disturbances
that may occur
lielatlvo to the payment of the troops Gen
Porter said that ho would draw his warrants
on the Mate Comptroller UH soon us that
official had the funds at his command to moot
01clil I
thor Ho hind undorstood that time Loinp
would have to borrow the for
tioller IllVO til money a
short time to meet theie drafts but ho know
nothing officially about It The General will
remain In Albany tonight and leave for New
York tomorrow afternoon InspectorOeneiul
McGrathwlll remain a day or so longer at
Depurment Buffalo clearing up matters in tho Commissary
A special train made up of three sections
will bring the troops home tonight and to
morrow morning The first neotlon with tho
separate companies of Hudson Poughkeepsle
and Yonkers reuehed here at about I 1 M
The second section with the sepirula com
panies of Hooslek Falls hchenectiiriy und
Waturtown arrived at about midnight nnd
was sent out In tho early morning Tno third
section with the Twentysecond Twelfth and
Ninth regiments of New York and tho Now
burgh company did not got In till between 3
and 4 oclock this morning and will be Bunt
down the river between U und 7 A M
Tk Troop sit Wuverljr Withdrawn
BiNanAirrov Aug 20The Twentieth Sep
arate Company and Sixth Battery which were
stationed at Waverly t prevent trouble during
the strike arrived home this afternoon
Throngs of people were at the depot to wel
come tho soldiers The lon were glad to Ret
back Thor were fairly well cared for during
their absence but many were compelled to
neglect business and families a feature of thu
trip not cenerully relished bi time older mem
bers Much bitterness prevails among the
Waverly strikers but trouble is < d
as nearly all tho men are anxious to be taken
back into the employ of tho company Pow of
the men will bu accepted however tnd as
many of thorn havo families to provide for tin
prospect to them Is not encouraging
Am Army UOieer Not to lie Meat to BnflTitn
WisniKOToX Aug 20The War Department
will not send an officer to Buffalo as fIrst in
tended to note the work of tho National Guard
in dealing with the striking switchmen Adjt
Gen WllllnmR today received 0 letter from
Lieut Harding who is on leave but who was
at Camp 1ookbklll during tho strike offering
to mao a report Lieut Harding was not on
duty but took occasion note al Daters tlmt
he thought would ho of interest t < tile War
Department and Gen Williams has accepted
his offer No reply has been received from
Oov Flower or Gun Porter to the telegram of
the department asking It they objected to hav
observations ing an army olllcer detailed to Buffalo to tako
ComvlMntx Agelnat Orchestra Leaden Aid
A > krd for HomeHteud Striker
The Board of Trustees of tho Musical Mutual
Protective Union decided yesterday to write to
Manager Sancor regarding the equalization of
prices Tho members of the theatre orches
tras also want to bo paid directly from the box
office Instead of rough the leaders of orches
tras Tho union Buys tho players are often
fleeced by dishonest leaders who arrange to
have union rates from the managers and par
tho orchestra less than union rates pocketing
the remainder The men u say that some mush
cinna are icrcuu UKUUKU uuuu ui employment
tonocept thcso conditions President Bremor
reported that he had prepared a petition to
Secretary of the Treasury Foster regarding
the Hungarian hand which It Is alleged nrrlvod
ago here from Europe under contract two weeks
agoA circular has been Issiiod signed by the
Executive Council of r tho American Federation
of Labor headed by HamuelJompcrn lepre I
entutiv s of the Amalgamated Association of
Iron amid Htoel Workois headed by William
Weiho and representatives of tho Advisory
Committee asking for aid for the Homestead
strikers Among the signers HuchODon
Amonl 61norl are hugh Olon
nell and John McLuckle
the feud between the United Clothing Cut
tore K of L und the United Garment Workers
of America affiliated with the Amorlcon Fed
eration of Labor limit resulted Keoietary
Reichersof United Garmout Workers says
In it cult brought by Harry White on behalf of
the Executive Board of the United Garment
Workers against WRiter vyestorook Master
Workman of 1 A 2H3 of tho I of 1 Clothing
Cutters for SJOOO damages for distributing
circulars of an alleged defamatory character
against the officers of tho United Garment
A general strike of the cement masons In
about eighteen shops was ordered yesterday
The men said they were being paid 2 and
225 a day In spite of I contract by which
they were to receive 5250 About 250 men
are out
Thy Doat Kxpeol a Telegraphers Strike
CHICAOO Aug 20The Western Union offi
cials here discredit tho report sent out from
Philadelphia that tho operators of the country
Intend to strike this fall Superintendent
Tubbs said i I dont take much stock In this
Philadelphia story of a now and powerful I
union widen In to raise unlimited funds and I
make war to the death on the employers 1
have heard of no such union and know of no
disaffection amonir our men They aio
making good wages aud are uatlnllvd with
tholr condition
lfoshlont Clown shares hs sUJerlntenel
ant s optimistic beliefs lu regard to limo iiossl
biity of n strike 1 eooll operators he
said make tram 71 to OO a month and as
they work onlY seven and 0 hal houre a day
they add to their Income br working for stock
brokers and pool rooms In this way many of
our men make from HO to 50 a month extra
stadiy As compared risen wIt ten rears ago salaries have
Superintendent Parker of the Postal Tele
graph Company averred that he had beard of
BO disiatlifacUoD among toe postal optratora
e j <
Only it Few Mar Conteitiinl Left In the
NsiltonnlTtiinU TourneyEddie Unit Dr
feat Chase ud Hovrr Jlefeimi Mlevtii t
NKWTOHT Ali OOf tho seventy mon who
on last Tuesday mornings began the twelfth
annual lawn tennis tournament which was to
decide tho clmmplonshlt of tho United States
just four are loft to continue tho competition
Of these four three are comparatively young
and rapidly rifling players the other Is an ex
port somewhat tho senior of the other three
and with more rears of tennis experience on
his side Tho three boys who are still left In
tho somlflnat round nro Edward L Hall of
New York tho winner of this rears Nahant
tourney W A Larnod tho Cornell champta
and llobort D Wrenn of Harvard Neither of
thoso players hal over beforo reached any
whore lear Ills prosont advanced position In
l national tournament but V f Hover tho
fourth ono of time quartet Is tho same agile net
player who la < t roar reached tho finals only t
moot defeat at tho hauds of Clarence Hobart
Tomorrow morning at 10 oclock Hall and
Lamed vlll try conclusions while on an ad
jacent court llovoy and Wrenn will battle for
the other place In the final round
At tho close of tomorrows matches the
proud and fortunate winners can rest over
Sunday and prepare for tho final tests of Mon
day and Tuesday Weather permitting the
final round of tho tournament will bo played
on Monday and when ono man has been de
clared tho winner of tho first prlzo in the all
comers of 1802 then on Tuesday morning
Oliver 8 Campbell will stand ready to defend
his title and trophy as the singles champion of
Dark clouds which every now and then let
fall a shower of rain made today a most un
propitious ono for the continuation of the play
In the fourth round of tho tournament The
courts were In a soggy slippery condition
caused by last nights heavy rain and for
some time It was doubtful whether or not any
playing could be done Hut at last Dr James
Dwight the referee said 1lay ball and
when the steam roller had squeezed out a lt
tlo ot tho HUlierabundant moisture from the
four courts tho contestants bosan On the
grand stand court In trout of the circus seats
tho HoveyMovons match was to have boon
played hut tliu lato arrival of tho former
caused Hall and Chnso to bo sot to work on the
star court Time covered cullorlos of tho club
house worn filled to overflowing and around
the edges of tho court was a thick fringe of
tho latecomers
Hal had tho first service In what afterward
proved to bo a rather exciting fiveset match
From tho very start It was plainly seen that
Chaso was playing a very steady and accurate
game of tennis very much better than his play
nt Nuhant cave any Indication of The court
was soft and fllpuury a fact very much to his
a J unlace as ho prefers tho low bound ot r the
bal to make his most effective forehand
strokes mid this HIUIIO fact ot tho slippery
court acted con c9110n llll to Hulls Uisad
MintiiLK because the sudden jump1 and starts
reunited In a sucooasful not all require a
f footing At time ucuiiininK Hull Boomed
aFraid full I tug mil seemed averse to attempt
inc much net plis Ono slngl game only could
Hull yet in this lOst sot tIme esternerplaylnc
the hulls down tho hide hues and across the
court with jnnnollouH skill Halls friends be
gan to got nervous and to say it was too bad
tliut ln should ui compelled tu they > on such a
day while time purtlsuus or Chase were corre
spondingly dated The second net saw Hall
volleying u little but still seconl much us his
wont whIle his opponent ncouuiKvd by his
easy victory In tlio Ilrst BIt was getting the
halls back in great style Close play ali lone
rallies marked time II rat part of thu second set
but toward its conclusion time Westerner ho
came rather wild In his return hitting many
balls out and time hot went to Hull 03
Hull plus ed brisk steady bull us ho saw he
had tn score ono Bet cuuh Ho played nil round
his opponent In the llrst came of the third sot
and alter losing two gamnos on a little nervous
ness ho won time noxt three by tho most skil
lul I I piayi inc thus milking the score 42 In lila
fmor It was Chutes excellent good play as
wellns II ills ritlior poor returns that gave
i t c SIS
from tho Exposition city the latturs good
returns totl > i far corner rather warming up
time wot and hhivorins spectators Chase thus
took tlio sot tj4 beoro 2 bets to 1 la time
Westerners frnor
At this point it looked somewhat dubious for
Hobnitrt ktor hut tlioso who knew Eddy
Hall said nothing they only waited to see
what the noxt two sets would bring forth
limo tlrst ciino of thu fourth dot wont to Hall
Chnsud wellmeant passim going into the net
huh now braced up iintl did Homo more up
hill work Ho ruddied the net at any and all
risks by running slipping gliding or crawl
lilt and wimemu ho got thorn the way ho vol
leyed tlio built ras pretty to look at Two
fctrulght games did Ito win on this his best
net play of tliu match thus far and tho sot was
liii I 1 Score 2 Huts each
In tho tilth und deciding set the first three
guinea went to the New lorker Ills opponent
only getting us many points Chase kept at
his work until lu > hind captured two games but
then he was forced to Buccumh anti Hull took
tho set i i and the mutch Chases play was
Miry cioditvile mid will considerably increase
hi ranking this year
simultaneously ith this match three other
oontestH took piice Itlclmrd Stevens the
We tclicstPr and Middle mates champion
was doing Ills best against 1 H Hove in the
Ilrst meeting nf theso famous cracks But it
wiii a llcney day just the kind ho likes when
tho balls do Dot Ijoiiud and a net player can
almost imikotlie bull click In the soft ground
by a hntd smash Whit Stevons likes is a
hard fast oourt and n toasting hot day Then
it just ieilghtbt to keep on punching tho ball
back with tOn steadiness of n machine novnr
nermlng to mind tlo beat and exertion while
his loss tough opponents usually give up in
disgust and eliaustioii
Hut today was not such a day and the per
sistent Imsollnu player travelled back and
forth across the court In time hopeless task of
trjiii1 to I thrive his uetlvo opponent buck from
Ills position at tlio t not Jlut I tho ball I did not
bound or Ito soft court and before long It was
seen tluit time stoutly imuiti persistent Stevens
uoull nlually be beaten After the first
two Mines Ilooy pluyo I with entire conll
done and thu t ruAUlt justified j I it
JJoun won the Ilrst giimo on his brilliant
nut work and continued It on the next two
< m tile fourth ulimo btovims uttumptod one or
twii volleys a thine he seldom does but he
had hard luck and time shots wont beyond time
sldo Iliiic Jolis out by btevoim gave
llovoy Mill another came und ono
single cams < nly could time Hoboken
eiuek cu in tills sot llovoy winning out
at U J flobcoiirt not work cuvo Jlovvy
nil wjirimiH KtiiKi u iiiu nvuuuu out lit lliu
next lio oer htovens gave n sample of the
kind of pissltii hi can do and two beautiful
plavHiitMhtcd by Hoveys two lilts into the not
if illlllcult xlioK gave Stevens n wollourned
came iroiu 40If against him the active
Harvard oxpoit pulled out tlio third game
after deuco hud been scored several times
Ktovensn errors roro time meansof adding still
another Linio to the lloston mans count but
inlhusKtli tfiuno It lookod natural to sun
Motons get llovoy on tho run with his uceu
rate plai ins url time iloboken champion took
thu came amid applause Good services Kayo
Hovey hue seventh mime but tho steady play
of htevene eventually caused llovoy to volley
out in tliu two games und things worked
Brighter for time Jurso > lto Hoxoys great net
Tlay iuUn stood him In good stead und time
lentil genie city > him time sot 04 I
limo third and luat not was comparatively
simple llovoy winning six straight games
HtevenK only getting to deuce twice and rather
letting the sat go in dIsgust
Time match between Lurned and Valentine
fi Hall wan called bhprtly before noonwhon
the shower was at its worst arned appeared
In a sweater which ho wore through Ito Ilrst
set Hall was looked upon aa likely to drop
lie mulch as Lurned Is u strong coming
player hut lie was hardly oxpscteiF to prove
so easy u victim From the beginning of thin
first set It was apparent that Hull had no show
ucalnst his opponent who outplayed him at
every point from start to flnlnli In time third
set Hull made the only contest of the match
and it look d ut one time uu though he mlcht
eciio losing three straight but the other
man was too strong for him and br good and
steady work ho won 75
Vtrenu dlil not play very well against M r
Iieldlngof tholjennantown Cricket Club and
time latter obtnined ono sot und came very near
nnotht but in the last net Wreun woke up
and hit lie I ball Inn war that t mustliuvo mado
thin Ihlladolidilan wonder what ha wits thmuto
1ollowlnsoro thin scores of the fourth round
a atluml ci 1 conicrh liiuniniiirnt I tnnrit I sluvtcn fourth
rnuniliMlifri H Wrrnii I tin inI Uu M I Hclchn
ieriiiiniiiNii tiI 4 ti tii Itu InKil k II lluvcj
llurMirl toIL Klcliuril Mm a lluliukin nl u i
II 14 Mniinl L mist Sew York test n 1 riuse Ilil
lawn i ii t it < < u t II I P A lunica Iurutll
btut nlcallnoil Hall Now Vorlt 04 G3 70
HB Iolnlrr 1 sau the 1nclnic Miilcb
CouiMnus 0 Aug 20Thls was time last
day of the Columbus Driving Association
meeting Hal Pointer and Direct who took
two heats each In the pacing match yesterday
were obliged to go two moro heats today be
fore the match was decided They paced a
dead heat on the Ilrst oinfl4 > Hal Pointer
won tiieuext hint and match br debt length
DesBlnl Aylcr Ca > ai r < tttm la Bta ITIlh
The funeral ot Fur man Schenck the col
ored tat boy at New Brunswick yesterday
afternoon attracted many ot the residents ol
thc town to the old frame house In time suburb
whoro ho had lived and died No ono knows
just how much Furinan Hchcnck welshed itt
the time of his death Last spring on his
40th birthday ho weighed exactly 470 pounds
Soon after that ho began to grow even
fatter and was forced to give up bin
dally walks Many people Imagined thai
ha had accumulated considerable money
while traveling with Barnums circus
Ho received a good salary at that time but In
his easy goodnatured way ho spent It as fast
aa ho comfortably could After leaving the
circus and becoming tired ot posing aa a freak
in n Coney Island dime museum ho wont to
work In the kitchen ot a private family In Now
Brunswick But his suddenly increasing
weight compelled him to quit work and ho
went to live with his brother at 340 Comstock
street the last street at ono end ot the town
All day long ho rat at the open window With
hands folded and eyes gazing abstractedly at
the trees The rest of the household were too
busy to devote much time to him and he
lived day after day with his own thoughts At
night he climbed a narrow winding flight of
stairs to his bedroom and so much did he
dread this climb that he would sit up long
after the others In the house had retired try
Ing to make up his mind to go up stairs He
grew fatter and fatter until he must have
weighed at least 520 pounds Last Sunday he
complained that he had lost his appetite On
Monday he took to his bed Wednesday morn
Ing ho died
Undertaker James L Rogers took measure
ments ot time bedroom the width the stairs
and the width of tho doors He found that the
body would have to bo lowered down the stairs
by ropes and that the coffin could pass out
only through the kitchen door tn the rear ot
the house At 11 oclock Wednesday fore
noon he began his work With tlio aid of a
broad plant and some strong straps and
ropes he and his assistants got the body down
stairs with on hours work The coffin was an
oblong box U feet 3 i Inches long 2 foot 8 inches
Wide and 2 feet 2 inches high
Yesterday afternoon a groat many colored
persons crowded into time parlor and sat there
waiting for the minister to come A large
crowd gathered In the street waiting to seethe
coffin At 2 oclock time liev leo C Aylor a
very young colored minister arrived Ho
preaches In time Zion Methodist Church at tlio
other end of the town Very few of the persons
tn the room knew him and he hardly knew a
soul there He appeared to be a little nervous
Ho said among other things
My brethren I did not know our dopirted
brother except by sight But that doesnt
make a bit of dlffetonce I can give u man
JUst as good a funeral If I never saw him he
fore in my life As far as size was concerned
time departed was a champion Ho ranks
with the largest men that ever lived In life he
weighed over 51X pounds they tell mo but
now he does not weigh anything Ho Is not
dead It Is only his flesh that remains below
His size calls my attention to ancient hU
tory to time time when men grow to be largo
to Saul and Oollah who were moro than nine
feet high But this man was unlike those men
in many re pects For instance as to height
ho was no higher than an ordinary man But
lie was very stout Unlike Haul and bush he
was not head und shoulders above all mon
JoMma as his stone couch shows was nine
cubits or more tall and four cubits through
Ho lit all probabilIty stands on record as the
largest man that ever lived Mr Schenck
ranks very much in the line of those three
groat historic characters as to size
I wonder If there Is any resemblance be
tween a mans mind ana his body The
ancients thought that thcro was They bo
le ved that great men could live only In big
bodies Kocratcsbuing the greatest man that
over lived excepting Solomon was of Interior
site and ho proved that there was no relation
between a mans mind and the size of his body
I I think that IH reasonable too Time mind Is
tiio driving wheel of the human body When
hero are more cars than there Is steam
the train wont move There was too
nilfth flesh In tlllR mnn fiftO nnnnHa
anti not enough mind to push It along That
is time reason ht died Had he been twice as
pmnll ho would have lived twice as long proh
ftbly eighty years His mind wa not moro
tlmn yours but his body was more He died
exactly when ho was full grown His body
was too big for his mind We will now take up
tuft text
Then followed a short sermon After It was
over eight men carried the coffin out of time
kitchen and through the small garden and
laced It In the livnrse Two carriages fol
owed It to the cemetery
Belullutlon CnrBcen time CanitdUn
MONTREAL Aug 20Ho bitter la time feeling
against the United States In some parts of thu
dominion owing to President Harrisons ro
allatlon proclamation that several Intending
exhibitors to the Worlds Fair hue refused to
make any exhibits Mr Lamb ono of the
noadlan Commissioners who has just boon
through the provinces reports that there Is avery
very bitter feeling against the States Many
poonlu now asked him wh when the United
tales was adopting such on unfriend
ly policy toward this country Canada
hould contribute to the success of the
Fair Several lending firms refused to
make exhibits on this ground He also
found number who declined to exhibit on ac
count of the commercial policy of the United
States or in other words hecauHo of the high
protective tariff Ho rend a letter from u
manufacturer In western Ontario who Bald
hut the United Mate duties nn his line of
goods wero prohibitive and It was therefore
Useless for him to exhibit in a country where
hme hind no market
r M Fulton Jr the ownor of the steam
uncut laiiiuboumt IIIIH chartered A h I Hurborx
steam Mich I Knpphiiu I m which wan till ut time
I inlueb ho it at tlin I Con p t it iami Vnuht I Cluts
ace nn Monday Mr Fulton has chartered
her for a mouth with tlio pilvllego of Imjiiii
tier Ho will take posseiHloii of hei on ThurH
day Thin H ujdilu > went up tn Mr Hurbern
iluco at Irvlngion yesterday to laud her own
ems personal effects
AN wants but little
M here below
But everybody
wants HO
L A It A
Pure Cheapest I
Healthful becaui
Agreeable the
Refreshing Best I1 J C alt S
Apollinaris 5
Annual Sale Millions m
The figures in this
case are more eloquent
than any phrases
Copt Carpenter of the Iolle flesit Fatrol
IVssntn to Ienre the tiervlee t
When charges blackmailing ezourstoniits
were made against Detectives Bulllvan and 4t
Creean of tho police boat Patrol several weeks
ago Superintendent Byrnes declared that ha t4
would reorganize time service of tho boat
Copt Edward Carpenter was awar on his va s
cation at the time Superintendent Byrne
was asked If ho would bo transferred also The
Superintendent refused to answer this qua
Yesterday Capt Carpenter made an applica p
tion to the Police Board to be placed on th
retired list Owing to the absence ot Com
missioner Sheehan no action was taken br
the Board
The Biard will probably act upon the appli
cation at Its meeting next week Around
Police Headquarters It is believed that the
rocont blackmailing scandal hastened Capt
Carpenters application for retirement Capt
Curoontor could not bo found last night and
Superintendent Byrnes bad nothing to say on
the subject
Capt Carpenter has been on the force sine
18UU and IB therefore eligible to retirement
He became a roundsman In 1872 a sergeant
In 187U and captain In 1887 Ho was in charge
of time Oak street station first and afterward
transferred to East Elghtyoleht street When
time recent oarthauaku struck the department
Ciipt Carpenter was put in charge of the police
bout Patrol
rime Board yesterday announced those trans
servant fleoria 8 Brtnntn from the Chattel street
tmtluii tuMiidiHim priest
Ptrncaut bin U 8trou Wst Tlilrtyieventb street
to Clinrlei ilrout
Sergeant Lorenzo B Lovelt Tremont to West Thirty t
seventh street S
Patrolman Samuel II Heatliy from West forty 1
seventh iitreet to nest Hft > icniul street I
Patrolman John C Moore bait Lluhtyelgbth strut
to Church Street
Patrolman Jobn J 7 Curley Leonard street to Church
Patrolman Edward Kennedy Tremont to Chorea
Patrolman Jesse R Clark Church street to Baal
EluhtjeliiUlb street
Patrolman Ktcharit J Coifan Church street to West
ThirtyM elllh street
1Alroltnaii Kiluard Kcanlan Church street to West
filxty etKhth street
ISinI iSt itSi s n Vift
Patrolman John J Hailis Kirtu street to Last Thirty
nitli street
Patrolman Christopher C Jantthoeus West lOOtn
street In West Thirty texvllth street
pMtroliiinn Jniiivs lurry Veet Mxtyelghth street to
East Hlxt seventh street
Patrolman Jolm c > eeuiy West Fortyseventh street
to Chirlen street
Patrolman Jolin Kennedy West Portrsevcnth stresS
to Church strict I
Patrolman Charles Williamson West 120th street to
Tremont y
Patrolman John Lyns East Tblrtyflfth street te
Church street
mis is o FISH arvRr ji
Dot Its si Batlllnc Good Shark Story and
Mac Declare Its True
The only doubtful part of this story that la
of any consequence Is time real size of the
shark Time rest of tho story although a little
excIting In spots has its good points and it
anybody chooses not to believe it Albert Ifo j
Nell says he doesnt care Ho works at stair
building when he isnt Hshlng and ho lives in
Rogers avenue in Flatbush Ho Is a member
ot tho 1latbush Itod and Gun Club Last
Monday while Ilshlug In Flatlands Bar near
time club house ho says ho was bitten bra
shark Ho told tho story and retold It and it
spread and multiplied until time air of Flatbush
was heavy with shark Glorias Ono of these
tales reached THE SUN office and a reporter
called on Mr McNeil last night Ho was at
home smoking and gazing reflectively at his
right forearm which wits swathed in ban
Is it really true that you wore bitten by a
shark Mr McNeil
Ho nodded solemnly blow out a aloud ot f
smoke and said
Thats dead straight
And Is it really truo that you pulled the
shark into your boat und punched him and
that ho then pulled you Into tIme water and bit
you amid dragged you out to sea and dropped M
you theroV 41
Mr McNeil gazed reflectively at the ceiling
and after somo deliberation ho slid slowly
Well youcanputittimutwayifyo
How did It all happen
Long hlienco Much smoke Deep reflec
thin Finally
Well Ill give It to you straight I was
wading in tho atir That part about the y
Itutlli in IVIillli Jiiuiw TIIV auuiB IUCU III ti
with me all up to our waists We were pull
Inc in nets and 1 wasnt dreaming of sharks
you know when nil of a sudden one of the it
follows MiiuH out Look out Mao theres
shark A long putt 1 looked and there
saw n man eater coming straight at me Now
Ill take my oath ho WUH four feet long but
tutu other fellows think lie was bigger SOW
cant bixiulte Hiiro about that
hut shark sir would never have touched
mo If I hadnt assaulted him Ilrst 1 know the
wilts of sharks pretty well There was a friend
of mine who went swimming in midocean
once and wits attacked by a shark He hadnk S
anything on so what did he do but grub hold
of time shark and stick his fingers In the fishs
eyes 1 wanted to cot hold of this shark and
I thought for a moment of playing the same >
dodge But lien a better scheme came into
my head IT wo pulls1 Deep reflection I
seized him by time tall Long silence ana
much noise on Ito part of the clock
Yes Eir as that shark passed br me I S
reached nut and grabbed mm by the tall i
sharks tall you know Is very thin near the
end and you can got a good hold on it Mr
bout was only a few feet away and I started to
walk toward It I dragging the shark alter me
The next think I knew the rascal had me by
time forearm He hud swung right around and
snapped his jaws and soinehowor other my
arm cot between them I held him un
In tho air but ho bit fast and
I dldn want to Walk like that The other tel
lows were awully scared and got away What
could 1 do 1 ho shark wits going to hold ray f
arm as long as 1 held his tall I lookod around VI
Lll0Je1 wits near to A lot BO bin tail anti 1
10 let co my arm and swam off I got ashore
anti went ton doctor as fast as H could lie
cautorlKi tIme wounds und Ihoyre wetting
along Hjdendldly now They hurt a little yet
tomE tliojnt not seriouB
Iimo 1 net day nome nf thin boys caught a
hark In tlm sumo place but ho v us only thro
eel loiiu Im I Hiitn i It Wmmiimt I Ito hiiinn one
Mr MeSYll t > hnHt < 4 tlm m repuilcr Iii light I
oreiirm wit leO wii real I y rnvcri l with iiuiMr i
vouiid tliit look just us if hey li id hrnu In
liUid lijr time loiilli of huun wuiiiio iinliiiil
j liitttoiu Irregular bill all wuru floiiu cut S
lliero tyct Over it doouoi them
I in > ory sorry ill i MrNull nlliiirled
Hut t I didnt net film Hut I it ii it u cisu of
hilt lull VH tnvuiin
Mr Moiil good night
Miood I I night iiiinoinii I Fonio day and Ill
show you borne good IlbhlliB
Nhtby Iiighwayrnra
TonoNTO Aug 20Charles McCJellaniJ a
wellknown elderly contiaotor was probably
mortally shot last night while restating anat
empt made by highwaymen to rob hub Che
hickwaymen eaoU
J St

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