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w 6 4 THE t UN8 f ITULAY 4tTtlueJ1 J n2 t 11 < t t r w
1 I
1Ub f nfl
Nnbcerlptloa by Mull rodraid
ArT e Month no AO
> DAILT fer Year a OO
BUNDAY Per Vr ii 0
4 WEEKLY Per Yr 1 no
t 101 to Fonlfn Counttlei added
TiE SUN Nw York City
3 c
Jftvr VtwU irJaitor M v4iA it < < iitujcTjjbr puMfaorfon
V I SO A rtfxttil trllrlH rrtvntirt lAfy mud fa 1 nun
r 1 Mkl Xaftir lhal I
p 1I
I TRI tv m ke tod nf Ham dnlM Jldulfe d 01 I
I j fntaitt firm Arrant timdm
Wo respectfully submit t tho Hon WnI
1IAU 0 WHITNEY and to others whua t
may concern that continued Intimate as
t eoclatlon and identification with a con
I victed swindler is not likely t Improve tho
t se In which ho and nil earnest and
A honest Democrats are embarked
I has also occurred to most thoughtful
Ii pooplo that tho IVorW docs not very
etrongly recommend itself as tho custodian
v of money contributed by tho public for os
f tensibly political purposes Convicted
I irforgers and swindlers are not commonly
i Baked to administer trust funds
Ita time t call n halt I
Fraud via I the French Cable
As ft general rule the manngers of tho
Atlantic cablo Hues are most scrupulous In
guarding their wires against swindlers
it Thoy appreciate fully tho Importance of so
conducting their business that no suspicion
may attach to I and that Its Integrity aud
It Inviolability may bo unquestioned A
k faso cablegram was transmitted to tho
managers of the AlTon estate In this city
advising thruthat Mr WILLIAM WALDOIIP
ASTOR was dead In London An Investiga
+ tion was set on foot and the cable com
t panies promptly opened their lllos to Mr
t i AsTons representatives and aided them In
tho most energetic way to run tho authors
S f of the swindle to earth
S j The French Cablo Companys manago
< Si 4 went In this city will find the business of
1 < 3 shielding swindlers from the consequences
of misdeed perpetrated through Its agency
about a expensive an amusement as it has
ever indulged in
i r
I 5 The World as a Political Factor
r 4 The World printed a doubleloaded lead
t 1 t Ing article yesterday assorting that Chancellor
4 1 cellor McOiLLs decision in tho case of the
Heading leases had been secured through
J an alliance entered Into between the World
S the Governor and the AttorneyGeneral of
S I g Now Jersey Hero Is the Worlds exact
c language
t l k Toaccompllih thli pnrpoi an oppoflnr alliance
i waa formed I was tripartite embracing Oovernor Al
S 1 UTT the BVrU and AttornevOeneral Jon 1 BTOCITOH
t To put it plainly tho Governor and the
c AttorneyGeneral of New Jersey entered
S f 1 Into partnership with 0 convicted forger
J i and swindler t bring about on the part of
I f the Chancellor of the State 0 decision whose
W terms were dictated in advance by the
1 t aforesaid forger and swindler
t II 11 1 Tho mere fact that the assertion Is a He
dff that It was printed with the full and de
v i liberate consciousness that it was in all its
r < parts a lie is of comparatively small ac
I count since it is only tho World that Is con
S cerned It seems t us however that it is
If t i about time that the public took 0 hand in
5 l this matter and brought the weight of its
S I r J opinion t bear upon all that eMs of fraud
I 2 ulent and offensive journalism which as
t sumes to usurp official and governmental
f 1 functions and substitute for tho processes
I j of lawful authority its own foul methods
f and its dirty hand
< r We do not see that the decent and repu
i k r table newspapers of this country are in
vading the Executive of their own or ad
I 61 joining States Inciting labor to revolt t
rf J murder and t arson or taking upon them
I t selves the duties of Grand Juries District
r Attorneys or detectives Wo fall to see
11 i those papers assuming t manage the
3 Presidential canvass to conduct tho cam
paign and t handle tho campaign funds
iW k These enterprises scorn t bo left for tho
if ono newspaper whoso business It is t ob
tain money under fats pretences whose
c 1 methods are those of tho common swindler
I the export forger and tho convicted thief
wJf In short for the World and for its natural
S allies I It has any
b i
Where the Fool Killer Might Make
Himself VHcfiil
KEY Fool Killer to the Canvass of 1892 is
earnestly called to tho ease of the Hon
JOIIN DB Wrrr WABNEII representative of
i the Eleventh Congress district of Now
York who has gono on 0 freo trade ram
page on tho subject of untaxed sheepskins
Sir WAKSKII who is a free trade doc
trinaire of the Reform Club variety was
sent In 18jo through ono of the anomalies
of politics to represent In Washington tho
y trongest manufacturing district in this
i dty He had a united Democratic nomina
i tion and t that fact solely ho owod his
election It was probably not supposed
at the time that ho would provo to be in
t Congress I veritable Wild Han of Borneo
Ac among tho free trade cannibals whoso chief
sad favorite suetcnauco is Custom House
duties levied for tho promotion of Ameri
can Industries and manufactures
Mr WAUSIUI appears to havo been for
l Imo time past engaged la tho labor of cir
t culating among tho Democrats of his dis
trict a speech which he delivered in Wash
ington on tho anniversary of lioiiEiix
VKUOKH birthday Tho of It Is
i 1nUVH subject tin
ted Bhoopaklns Ho wants Iron wool Ko
ylngto tho declaration of those who dont
wont their wool froo that inco tho adop
P tion of the McKiNLEv bill the number of
shop luU increased by iSMOOO in tho United
States Mr AUNIII hpuko Its follows
S That Ii true but the minority do not tell you the
ra > e a why tUU country hai 1XX000 inure ihcep
The fact K I that Ujcju iike the lest oniclal report of
th Peparlineiit of Aurlcultiir upon farm anlinali
you will find that in nearly over hide where there
k baa been an mrrcaie I Imi I CUlt from HID ntcnilon
c of lh practice nut o ralilnit iliecj for woo but ul
S 5 railing Iambi for mutton
Mr WARNER Is opposed to tho lamb chop
Industry Ho BIIUW his lingers at mutton
t broiled or boilod with cnpnr miuio or with
out Tlio fragrant mint of tho loadsldo hlU
no allurements for him and ho does not
i S vitro throe shakes of a lambs tall for all
S tho woollen schedules collectively Ho do
i sires tho whoop to Lo shorn of their lloocos
and If their number Is increased for
I thll Ilcrelbed any
iS other purpose he Is dlssatlBllnd aud 1m
i wishes all voters to know It
t This Is a frou country and thn onMHu
3 ton puts I limitation upon thu llcciibo of
i tho Individual to air suds folly us hu nuy
f r b tho possessor of provided ho duos not
it encroach upon the lawful I rights moro
ftj 11
I c r
sondblo and sagacious persons But when
MrWARMEn presents himself as an exponent
of Democratic purposes tho organization
which assumes tho responsibility of noml
eating him subjects the party t an unnec
essary peril
Tho district now represented by Mr
AVAitNEn Is ns wo have Bold tho largest
manufacturing district of Now York city
From 1631 t 1883 it was represented In
Washington by tho Hon Jciiix HARDY a
Democrat who Is not a foo of the American
protective system but rather Its earnest
champion Ho was succeeded in IBM by
Cot MEimiUAN n Democrat elected upon
a protection platform He was reflected in
188fi on tho same Issue and by this voto
MEimiMAN 24602 SLAW ON Prohibition
801 WALKER Cooperative Socialist 2
Yet this is the district never represented
since it was first organized otherwise than
by a protection Democrat of which Mr
WAIINEB who has thus far eluded tho at
tention of Mr WiiiTNKr J K thus sneaks
Many I not mol of the manntaclnrlnt employer
era In my diitrlet r engaged In w alI known all
protected Induitrlei A large forttai 1 if ibet l art milaut
aide rtforntrf orfrtt trader
The American people will rise and demand not
merely free wool but every vestige of the protection
tariff ot a tariff which raliei for Individual ai dlilln
gulcheS from revenue for tha Uovernment han b
wiped from the ilatule books as an abomination no
longer to be tolerated by a free people
The proper thing for a free sheepskin
statesman entering and expressing noel
views Is to put lilniHolf without delay lu
communication with tho lon THOMAS 1
GAiiTcn who could certainly utilize him to
make votes for lUimisox and REID Mr
CAHTnnH address is tho Fifth avenue anti
Fortythird street
Tho largest manufacturing district of
Now York city Is certainly no place for
WAitNrn with the label of Democracy ou
him Ho should come l Mr WHITNEY
should attend to him D I F stands fo
Democratic Fcarnaught but In popular
use It stands for something far more ex
pressive antI comprehensive
The Northern Vermont Post
Tho Sundry Civil Appropriations act of tho
recon t session of Congress authorizes the
Secretary of War t establish a military
the northern frontier
post a point noar norther frontor
whoro ho may in his judgment dopm it for
tho public good provided that land suffi
cient and suitable for tho purpose is given
to the United States
The now fort thus contemplated is the
oho which has been planned for a point in
tho northwestern corner of Vermont Just
east of Lake Champlain and on tho railroad
running from Burlington to Montreal It
would probably b placed between St A I
bans and the Canadian border and it is
generally understood that a site near
Swanton Junction is likely t b offered to
tho Government for this purpose
The general military system of which this
Vermont pst will form animportantteaturo
has been thus described in 0 report made by
Gen SCHOFIELD t the Secretary of War
Ai a preparation for the execution of a harmonlon
political am military policy In the event anrfutnr
iieceulty III Ii Decenary to mal ala at proper pint
on the northern frontier OiS nuclei of trop of all
arm Infantry cavalry and artillery where li
tore from the adjoining State might Immediately
unit to take the Initiative In auch military moTe
meets aa mihtbe reinlitt to prevent the enemy from
using their waterway to move gunboat into the
Gen ScnoFiEiiD proceeds t point out
that for this purpose infantry and light
artillery garrisons should b established at
Plattsburgh and Madison Barracks also 0
cavalry garrison on tho northern border of
Now England At Madison Barracks
Sacketts Harbor aro now stationed six
companies of Col BABTLETTS regiment
tho Ninth Infantry while a seventh com
pany is at Plattsburgh The last Congress
promptly proceeded to carry out the new
military plan by appropriating 200000 for
the enlargement of the post at Flatteburgh
Now tho present Congress has done Its part
by authorizing the establishment of 0 new
post on the eastern side of Lake Champlain I
There can bo no question as to the wis I
dom of this stop Tho French and Indian
war tho war of tho Revolution and the I
war of 1812 successively demonstrated tho I
strategic Importance tho Lake Champlaln I
region In Its relation to Canada The
rOAlonln It rciltion t same
line of operations would at once suggest
itself In 1 fourth war A garrisoned post
at Ulghgate St Albans or ono of the
Swantons would threaten the Dominion
canal system It would b on the direct
railroad route to Montreal and could Itself
be reached by rail from all parts of Now
England and New York Forces of all
three arms made up of regulars organized
militia and volunteers starting from
Plats urgh Madison Barracks and Swan
ton as their points of rendezvous would
reach these waterways before they could be
used by the British gunboata and torpedo
craft for entering the great lakes
Under the HuHHJUaor treaty of 1817 the
naval forcu whlih can b maintained bf
Great Britain and tho United Stats respec
tively upon the lakes Is so limited a t
leave them undefended Unless Great
Britain can introduce war vessels into the
lakes by 1 sudden movement the American
cities on their shores run no risk of naval
attack and tho now policy having force
ready to ruin the Dominion locks and canals
will make such a movement Impossible
No increase of the army is necessary for
establishing these now posts AU that Is
required is to transfer garrisons from forts
now no longer needed to these stations on
tho Canadian frontier Regarded simply a
a measure of economy tho present plan baa
obvious advantages over attempting tho
fortification of individual cities on the
lakes The true method is t tko care that
no hostile vessels shall get there The
War Department will no doubt act with duo
promptness upon tho authority which it has
received from Congress to establish an
army post northern Now England
Baron lUnch ant Ills Beneficiaries
We are unwilling to believe tho news sent
hero from London that Baron HIUSCII In
carrying out measures for tho deportation
of tho Jewish pooplo from Russia hal
found that many of them nro so degraded
an to ho unlit for colonizing tim Argentine
Itepubllo nod that consequently ° thoy
will bo sent to tho United States which has
nxerdsod much liberality In the admissIon
of Itiihslitu JOWH According t the news
printed in London Baron Hliwcii baa ro
holvid to adopt this course of action on ac
count of reports belt to him by his agents
in Russia and purhups I > also by the failure
of thin Jewish colonies that ho has already
tried t plant in Argentina
Wo cannot doubt that Baron HIHSCH In
carrying out his great project for the trans
portation from llussla of the millions of
Jews there n ill adoptu policy founded upon
reason and propriety and that ho will give
duo heed to tho luwa of any country t
which hu may desire to sends them In tho
United rUntog for example wo have laws I
that prohibit tho landing of undcMrablo
potsonn at any of our ports all there IB
no doubt that if tho Jewish people In the
Odessa district of ItuHsla whom ho IB pre
paring t transport t our shores are In
tie condition described la Uhe reports sent
t him by his agents there they could b
landed hero only through a total die
regard of our laws for tho exclusion
of undesirable Immigrants Wo aro sure
that Baron HinscH would not attempt
ovmlotioso laws and it may bo taken
for granted that ho is aware of their exist
enc I Is truo that there is neglect in tho
enforcement of our immigration laws and
that tens of thousands of undesirable per
sons whoso exclusion Is legally provided
for are unlawfully permitted t land
It Is true also that tho laws are
almost wholly disregarded so far nrf con
corns tho unfortunate Russian Jews who
are flocking to our shores And yet not
withstanding these fact It would be un
wise In Baron Human t send hero too
many people of the kind described by his
agents and whose deplorable condition le
is t Improvo I
Perhaps It would bo well for Baron
Hinflcii before proceeding further In the I
work which ho has taken up and through
which tens of thousands of his Russian co
religionists have bon sent hero to tko
counsel with tho leaders of the
Jewish organizations In this country such
a the Bonal Berlth the Freo Sons of Israel
and tho Board of Jewish Ministers
Tho question is I vory serious ono for the
unfortunate Russian Jews a well a for
thp people of tho United State
Humbug from Hamburg
Tho HamburgAmerican Pocket Company
runs a line of steamships between Now
York and a choleraInfested port in Ger
many Hamburg Is now tho principal point
of danger with respect t tho introduction
of tho pestilence Into the United States
Thu General Passenger Manager at this
end of tho Hamburg line Is Mr EMIL L
BOAS The other day ho received notice
from Hamburg that during tho prevalence of
cholera there those of the companys ships
which now touch at Southampton will go no
further That to say the cabin passenger
truffle of the Hamburg line will bo conduct
ed between Now York and Southampton
Tho emigrant business will bo separated
and from time to time boats will bo
sent from Hamburg to New York with
only emigrants on board With tho pre
cautions which the company will take at
Hamburg for the examination and fumiga
tion of tho emigrants and tho watchful
ness of the Quarantine officers Mr DOA
apprehends no danger from tie disease
This proceeding on the part of the Ham
burg company Is highly commended by one
of our esteemed contemporaries which re
gards I os all the moro praiseworthy b
cause it Is voluntarily undertaken In the
interests ot tho American people
Nonsense It is voluntarily undertaken
In tho interests of tho HamburgAmerican
Packet Company It is 0 purely selfish
measure designed t protect the steamship
line against an otherwise inevitable loss of
Its cabin passenger business Tho menace t
New York is by way of the steerage of the
companys ships and not by way of the first
or second cabin The steerage business so
dangerous t the people of the United
States and BO profitable to the shipowners
will b continued from Hamburg as long
aa Mr BOAS principals are allowed to
bring Immigrants hither at all
Immigration from Hamburg should be
stopped altogether Hamburg is an In
feotd port
The Democratic party wants money I
want it badi XfDHtupofii nilaaii
limo means I wants It good the very best
gold 21 010 carats lne No bad money will
that counter
pais over oountr
While one of the mot terrible of diseases
the oholora threatens the port of New York
with unusual danger it is satisfactory to re
flect that the quarantine is guarded with all
the vigilance possible br the Health OMcer
Dr WitiiAM T JENKINS Dr JENKINS received
his office from the iron hand of politics or
from tho Influence of Tammany Hall just a
his Republican predecessor Dr SMITH like
wise aftitbful and competent official had hIs
place by tho tenacious power of THOMAS O
PUTT We trust that a recollection of this
fact will not give the Mugwumps the cholera
Tho Xeicburgh Daily Register Is a frt
class liar
no cable neWs wbloh Tn So nbllihei very
Sunday li mostly made np at the horns ome A few
word In ikeleton axe tent from abroad and thin the
aril rUn of Tua Suit pad th work out to lull
We will bet a hundred dollars t five that
there is no truth in this statement I the
author of it will come to THE SUN oMoe he
can examlno the cables as they have boen re
ceived cay for the last six months and com
pare them with thin cables aa they have been
published I ho finds any alterations addi
tions or padding of any sort we will not only
pay him the hundred dollars but publish
our admission that he is not a liar
As T Sow has predicted the objective
point of the little Fronch army that is now
marching north in Dahomoy Is Abomoy the
capital According to todays despatches
however Col DODD expects t do his hardest
fighting before ho reaches Abomey Canna is
already designated as the placo where the do
clsivo action will probably bo fought Canna
U tho sacred city of Dahomey tho headquar
ters of tho fetch doctors who are responsible
for the horrible human sacrifices that have
made the namo of Dahomey a reproach It U I I
only eight miles south of tho capital and hero
King UEIIANZIN has held tho larger part of his
army for several months past in readlnoii t
prevent at this point I possible a nearer ap
proach of the foe to his capital
Tbo French Cab CIo Conpnoy and Mr Do
To vie EniToa or Tos SSirt Tour paper publishes
this morning editorial attacking me vigorously In
connection with your controveny with the Xw York
In answer I beg to lay that I am im lb mnare ot
ho French Atlantic Cable Company and I hare never
bad any connection with lu builneii management
either ai an employ or a director or lie company
As your relleclloni upon me r lever and und
line Iinuit request you 1011 the tame publicity
to thisletter tbat wai givin to the editorial referred
to Yours respectcully Hitton DI C laQ
Ave 2il
Mr Do Castro may not rejoice In the official
titlu In question but wo happen to know that
he Is In relations of authority with the French
Ciihle office In thin city and that ho transmits
to tho homo office hit dospatchos In the com
panys private cipher and upon those condi
tions which are available only to persons In
tho hlchest official relations with Its affairs
Wo take his letter however In good part and
acquit him of nil responsibility 10 the matter
at Issue Hut that sumo responsibility we
shall presently fix and adequately deal wIth
Where Tlckel JUay Get Mixed
that In your reference to tho socialist veto you
credit them with an tncreato as though their
numbers had actually Increased I think the
rnlarurd vote may rather he orcdltod to tha
fuel that so many voters hut up In I dark
cubby hole Jot tholr tickets mixed up and vote
tho HoclalUt ticket by accident iutn r than by
doBlen Y o D D
llwaunoH Aug 215
Whir > Tlity t aow lh > Value of Money
from tie Iqq JYifant
There wer to 1101 dnll her lest week
wlh IbjInl proresi al Veiling teeth wihoI ratio
hut PII her Ik 10 lit lIb 011 or their woy by
Semi pulled alt oer th aeor and bowl abcal I so
Ibse dtOllla bad 10 so
> o
FBI ironiD AND na rXlDtO
Opinion or Vprtcbt Jonmat or All Iaitl
Fnm l 5 t JUKI Citv tftvi Aug tl
Tho reply which tho World makes this morn
ing t TUB HUNS charge faking cable de
spatches I fully equivalent to a confession
There is no denial or attempt at or pretence of
denial of the main allegation There is nn
effort to discredit ono of tho secondary fea
tures of Tie BUMS charge but oven that Is a
mean nnd transparent evasion
Tho things that tho World does not daro to
deny are
I That the Bismarck Interview was a
fake concocted In New York
2 That tho Bchlaparellt Interview was to
all Intents and purposes a lake
3 That tho story of the London bank frauds
was a fake having boon written In Now York
by ono Halt and sold by him personally to a
person known KB Col Harvey and then pub
lished as a spoclnl cablo despatch to the World
Theo three charges tho World Ignores be
cause they are true they are proven and there
Is no possibility of explaining them away
The Worlds reply to Tin BUN Is merely an
effort to divert the minds of simpletons and
greenhorns from tho main fnctstoa side 151110
and then t deceive thom on that
Tho Worlds New Jersey political news is ex
actly like Its cable despatches
from Hi mug J < u SS
In THE SUN of Wednesday Aug 24 THE
BUN iovotos tho larger part I > of its first pago to
a minute and circumstantial analysis of tho
Worldit alleged swindle I prints 0 state
ment from Bchlaparolll to tho effect that he
had had no talk with any representative of
the World that ho had not oven hoard of that
newspaper before and that ht had not said at
any time or to any portion what tho W < tfld rd
ports him as saying In tho pretended cable do I
snatch referred t TIIK HUN Indeed goes i
muoh further I makes a similar exposure
In the case of an alleged Interview with Bis
marck which appeared In tho World several I
week ago as a special cable from Ilerlln and I
It reproduces the affidavit of one Jamos Hall I
of Uarkshlre Mass to the effect that a cer
tain article printed In the HorM of April 0 as
a special cable despatch from London Eng
land was written by him In tho city of Now
York while he was stopping there at 470 West
Twentythird street aud that he sold It to the
World as such
THE BUNS exposure seems t be clear cohe
rent and complete It gives tho statements
and the names of tho men who respectively
wont to Germany and Italy to track tho Worbft
alleged frauds and It loaves the public no alternative
ternative save that of concluding that unless
THE HUNS witnesses are deliberate perjurers
the World special cable despatches are
deliberate swindles And having don this I
our esteemed contemporary which shines for
all goes on to draw the inference that these
deceptions and impostures are port of the
WurliTt settled policy a fixed and favored
feature of its scheme of journalism I
I Is a now and strange event In tho history
of newspapers to find ono of tho richest and
most powerful establishments in tho world
explicitly accused of systematic swindling as
a means of obtaining money from the public
Iron Oil Btxhtait Fot1rTTtu
Tar SUNS exposure of tho World dishon
esty in the matter of cable despatches was
published Wednesday morning On that same
morning the World said
W renew oar offer to aid Tax Ban If by no other
mean I can raise the thouiand dollar which It owei
to the poor children ot this city But until the debtihall
b paid it need expect no mora free advertlilng la
these columns
I is tho World that is getting the free ad
vertising now It has been detected appar
ently in a miserable swindlean attempt to
defraud a contemporary out of 1000 and
every reputable newspaperman In the country
condemns How does tho UurUllko this sort
of advertising I
I was dishonest for the hIbrhl to publish as
a special telegram an article which was
written In New York but In having that arti
cle cabled to London and thon back to Now
York In order to get a message on tho blanks
of the cable company to offer In evidence so
that it could bunco Tim BUN out of a thousand
dollars its conduct was simply infamous
We have great regard for Ballard Smith and
are Inclined to believe all tho good things said
of him but this complimentary dinner while
It seems a natural expression of tho esteem of
his former associates deepens the mystory al
to his retirement from the World Moreover
In THE BUN of tho morning after this dinner
there appeared astonishing expoturo of the
fraudulent manufacture of nows by tho World
coupled with an attempt at swindling The
charge is of the gravest character and the
evidence adduced seems conclusive Has tho I
World any defence If so its Indication
must bo prompt I not it must stand con I
vlctod of conduct that Is disgraceful to the
journalistic profession and ought to bo dis
astrous to the paper I the charges brought
by Tax BUN be not
10t refuted no decent man
ought to remain conneoted with the Now York
World In any responsible position and no
honest man ought to road the paper
7im li HarttAwg TelryrnjifL
Tie SUN which cordially hates a sham has
successfully proved that the Now York World
manufactures its alleged cable despatches
the World office In Now York The World is
and always his been a fako newspaper utterly
disreputable and entirely unworthy of confidence
dence lloputable journalists enjoy the cat
gallon It Is receiving at tho hands of THE BUN
and wish moro power t Danas good right
arm with a heavier club
from Ui 1rmUntt Journal
THE BUN exposes some methods of tho New
York World which show that tho latter news
paper i a deliberate manufacturer of false
news and deserving for such conduct of tho
contompt of every honest journalist It Is to
bo hoped that tho fako may bo donounced
everywhere Tho truth Is mighty and the
sooner i takes charge of news gathering the
better for all Interested In tile business
h > m Me iiiameyo1 lltfuUinm
THE NEW Yoitic BUN In Us issue of yesterday
makes a most remarkable and very success
ful exposure of several alleged Interviews with
Frlnuo Bismarck and Trof Schlaporelll at
Berlin and Milan printed lu tho Now York
Jtorld a fow weeks ago
TiT BUN has Leon uncovering much of the
World dirty work Including Its anarchistic
teachings of Jatc but In nothing has It made
so complete a success as In HH efforts to provo
that the alleged Interviews with tho two dis
tinguished foreigners wore forgeries pure and
simple and were written not abroad but in
the Worlds Now York office
This Is ono of tho evidences of tho World
style of journalism I pa > a no doubt and as
much can be ball t of ninny of tho disreputable
houses of New York that seek less publicity
than the W < ni <
Joni lie runjiutairitJSpirit
The World has been convicted by Tue RUN
of Imposing bogus Interviews with grant Eu
ropcans upon Its renders us genuine cablo
massages and trying to defraud TIIK HUN out
of 1000 by fraudulent means Tho HorM
must have sensations II It duos have to manu
facture thor lu tlio ofllce
from 1M Ii 7M r JgnoegitI and C Itlt
THE BUN yesterday exposed completely the
WorliCi cable news factory In Now York I
shows that the ullegod Interview with the as
tronomer Bchlaparelll was written In Now
York and when Its authenticity was challeng
ed the matter was cabled to Europo to bo ro
cabled to Now York In order to got the bogus
despatch exhibited to Mr Nicholson of tho
Ifibune Other exposures are made that
throw discredit on the HucMa methods
fruin Mi Jiwifa I Iffittfii Xfulfutt
In no profession nro thoro more clmnoes and
opportunities for bolus dishonest Hum In that
of journalism And in few profession wo are
proud to lay I there ao trout a majority of
o I I J
honeitwork MlnthI It If I tb rforp ot
more than pasting moment that one ot tbe
most disreputable and dishonest features of
modern newspaPer making has been to thor
ouirhly disclosed Tho blow that Tint SUN
struck a fake journalism In yesterday issue
was BulUvunlo in ltd force It landed between
the eel of the World and however hard that
paper trios to crawl out of the hole dun for I
It can flavor Buccood
I is well to review the cuo The World In
July and in the early part of this month pub
llihed alleged personal Interview with Bli
raarck and Hohlaparolll tho Italian astrono
mer THIS BUM saw evidences of dishonesty
written all over them and offered to prove
their fnlserosg or forfeit 110 to tho 2V ttm
Fresh Air und Tho World claimed to show
facsimiles of tho cable blank copy of the des
patches THE Bun proves conclusively that
the alleged cablegrams were written In New
York cabled to Europe and then cabled baok
to give them the stamp of genuineness
The expoiiS Is so thorough and complete that
any ordinary man would keep silent afterthls
but tho World reiterates Its story under the
Impression probably that a lie well stuck to
Is as good as the truth Tho service Tn BUN
has done to tho profession In bringing to light
the methods of this disreputable sheet II In
calculable Under the guise enterprise
the World has manufactured news In Its own
ofllce and published It as genuine thereby
palming off on the public counterfeit goods
taking the money of the people and giving In
roturn dishonest measure and false goods
at that
You cant believe anything you see In the
papers has become a saying And one rea
son la because dishonest editors Imitate and
try to emulate such newspapers aa the World
Tho profession of journalism is one of the
highest Tho reputation of its members IBM
dear to them as to any class of men When all
newspapers are condemned because of the
outrageous conduct of one It Is time some
thing was done to expose tho rascality of that I
one Bo Mr Dana line performed grand ser i
vice to tho profession and public alike and
every honest editor in the country will honor
him for It I
A Queer anti Amusing Letter IVom the Cos
mist AKtat at CuiBblaae
AWestern bulterlne company recently wrote
to the United States Consular Agent at Casa
blanca Morocco asking I It would be feasible
to Introduce their product Into that country
They received tho following very curious and
interesting letter In reply
U fl cot Acm
Cmitim MOHOCCO Julr IK 18031 J
Xtsiut Tear favor of June 22 to hand and content
noted and In reply I m sorry to lay that nothlnt can
be don In this locality with the cUn ot goods yon
speak of Native batter I I too plenty and too cbllp to
undertake compete with It I at the dlitanc you ate
Anil ataln yon fire your goods < a very bad recom
mendation to sell to the natlvea You say I wont turn
rancid by that the Moore would Imagine they could
get no stink out ot II In which cue II would be quite
tasteless Ihm They ay at butttrt No tint no
food I
The Moon never pat Salt In butter and to prepare I
for use they press It Into coane atone Jars containing
from ten to forty pounda the aperture JOt lane
enough to pass their nit through when foil or nearly
eo they platter the top over with soft cow danr then
bury I In the ground and when I hat been there from
three to flve yean It la I taken out all ready for me I
then Contains all the colon ot the rainbow and aa
many different tastes and scents Batter If o no tile
to the Moer until It la toned up to that pitch and unleat
you can conjure up an article that will outttlnk the
Moorlab butter when prepared for me dont writ m
any more on that aubject Ever at your command
J Cogs
Great Prospect m the Lake
To TOT EDITOR OJ Tins SUN Sir True to
the spirit of genuine Americanism which
tie lenulne per
vades the columns of TUE Bus end In marked
contrast to the provincialism of Eastern jour
nals generally you have frankly and gener
ously acknowledged and rejoicingly pro
claimed the recent splendid achievements of
this city In the iron and steel shipbuilding In
dustry For this you have the appreciation
and thanks of the Forest City First already
among the cites of the continent in the con
struction of new iron and stol vessels for
freight traffic Cleveland has now scored an
other triumph In shipbuilding by securing the I
contract for two passenger steam vessels to
cost half a million each with more tonnage I
and power than tho average ocean steamship I
More for the of hinting to the
ore thl purpose peo
ple of tho East the magnitude of the lake
marine Interests and the possibilities of the
great lako system than to magnify Clevelands
importance the following particulars of the
new craft are related They will be construct
ed by the Globe Iron Works Company
for tho Northern Steamship Company and are
to bo those dimensions Length over U3 I
feet keel 300 feet beam 44 foot They will
have twin screws and thirteen 12foot boilers
each Their total dlnplacomcnt will bo 4000
tons each and the weight of machinery In
each is to ho 1000 tons Each will have ac
commodations for 250 cabin and 200 steerage
passengers Both are to be completed by
uly next and they will run without stop be
twoon Buffalo and Duluth With their
great power moro than double that of any
veisel now afloat on fresh water they nro
guaranteed make not less than twenty miles
an hour These line steamships are to be tho
pioneer In 0 revival of marine pnnnongar
transportation between the populous East and
tho great Northwest 1 traffic that employed
many flno steam vessels before tht advent of
tho Iron horso
Hurrah for tho renaissance of the passenger
steamship on the 1200mllo waterway be
tween Buffalo Creek and the Zenith city of
unsalted seas I What an opportunity for the
play of the imagination when ono contem
plates the certainty of 00XKOOO of people In
habiting tho territory Immediately tributary
to the groat lakes I a ship canal between Uuffalo
and the Atlantic and one flag for all the people
north of the Itlo Grande I
Hurrah for America I BENnY A Giumx
Warming to Rulobow rhater
JVcm tin AVuAnrf A Dally Rylmr
In tlie eearch for Western rainbow Democracy
should be mighty careful last It lose Hie electoral vote
or the State of New York In 1H8H In the Empire State
tetoro the new ballot law went Into operation the RO
publican managers hail about 4 to use to every a In
lh poeietilon of Democratic manageri for campaign
purpoiei I ever there was A fertile Held In which to
sow Uemocratlu shekels It U the Stale of New ork
llro should be fought with fire and It New York Demo
crat have any money for political education it should
be used where It will do the uiuit gooJln the Empire
from Ito or > wr < Aiiy Vo i
The rallying cry must be more than ever among the
hor > eiente Democrat New York is l the battle
ground I We mutt not stiffer the folly whereby needed
funds are to be taken from uc to go Into the rainbow
district to damp our ardor o dull our courage We
must It necessary Iul our Saudi Into our pocket to
repair lh Injury done Ilemorwr In th vital State
Sew York I the pivot upon blcli IJemocraoyi future
1 turn With I Cleveland and Mevenion are elected
without U their defeat la i assured
Guide rhlloaopliir and Frlen
from ito VnruU lauJmait
THE fm li I preparing ite iracllcnl guide to the city of
Kew York a thing nblrh tin I long been In demand
It la hardly necessary 10 I cay I that I this book when II I
shall beftnlehed will lta nothing Incomplete The
wtlllnovsn character of Tile tax for Accuracy for
< icholarihlp and tar ciitertiri5 la luiltcient insure
the public In tIde llltle tnluui which will be sold for
twentylive cent not only a guide but likewise a
putloioiiljer and Irleml
Alwii > the Hhjr Oar
r Vom tlit irfl1iiwtfl Jiuninl
Ml es rllmni In I ci u siy A alur ilont yo tllk I
Yr She inlvrlli thai trait from her father
I wad nut iiHine oC bail
wlra Vnu Kould tie if I uu bad ever played poker with
HIT limbing Null
Vwm At SitMttrrtllt Journal
File has the nattlrit lathing suit
Title iiraxU at til bore
flue eweettst ilaintlfit 1 1 roitume that
They vliuived her ul the I hare
The clerk Mun d her wnen the bought
woiildnUbrliik I
II thai ii I
No mailer how much clue might port
Ilmii tin ocraui brink
She1 worn U now I ecore rf times
And tlll it ionic he new
Ann fretti end bniiht at wlitn II flrit
AlmeureJ In I piiblic iiev I
The cl > rk Was right It haint ihruuk
tic oLn4 its color yl
I One riaiou poiaihly may bs I
bliiimtr eI ii i
5 a
atistseesees ef ° istOr t thle Who
Was a llt Mt Te Ihttr
To viva KDTTOB OJ TH flux Bin The very
Interesting article In Tni SUN of Sunday last
on tho White Sulphur Springs of Grounbrler
county West Virginia lovingly called by
Southerners Tho White and tho mention of
tho many beautiful and charming women who
assemble yearly at that fashionable watering
place recalls tho memory of ono who year
ago shone preeminent among that brilliant
throng not only for loveliness of person but
for the inexpressible charm of her manner
the brightness of her Intellect and tho grace
fulnosa of her wit ono of whom tho
lato Donn Platt wrote hearing of her untimely
death that all who visited The White in
days gone by would oval remember for her
wit her readiness of repartee and tho ex
quisite charm of her conversation as well as
for her remarkable beauty Hor name was
Mflttle Qwynn Ould Bhe was the eldest
daughter of the late Judge Robert Ould who
was widely known A a Confederate Commis
sioner of Exchange He was a loading lawyer
in Illohmond
Miss Ould had rare beauty She was of the
brunette typo but her complexion was very
fair Site had 0 wealth of brown hair and a
head and brow as perfectly shapod as any of
Canovas models lIar mouth was small but
expressive her eyes were dark brown and
vory beautiful her manner showod perfect
Beltpossession She sang and danced well
she was an accomplished and fearless horse
woman and she always bore herself with ease
and grace Bho was magnetic she fascinated
old and young Bho oould I occasion re
quired It be severe and It Is related that she
silenced a dudo who devoted himself to her for
several days at Tho White Ho grow in
quisitive and whenever sho spokoor bowod to
anyone ho asked her in a confidential tone
holorehe asthe case might boinoursot
Tiring of his storootypeI query and 101rn
Ingthai hewuie engaged nt home inn crockery
store shin said to him In a biter tone when ho
again propounded his question Which sot
do you moan Breakfast not dinner aet or
tea sot Ho dropped thin Interrogatory
ta 10
drolpod Interroaator
A Southern gentleman who had noard of her
conversational powers relate that she soon
convinced him of hor nuporlorltv Ho was
presented to Miss Ould tho evening ho arrived
atThu Whit and ho asked nor for tho
pleasure of a walk on tho piazza She con
sented and D they started olio Mid
Have you boon lone at The Whlto I
He replied No only a few hours
Then she Bald It will Interest you per
haps to know what tho young ladles to whom
you will probably bo presented go on and
If you wish to be Informed I will toll you
vI tcl
l1ou thanked her and she continued
Hiss A has a reputation as a beautiful
woman Bho coos on beauty and you must
flatter hor personal vanity cine sho will Boon
tire of you Miss 1 Is a typical Houthorn girl
Hhe goes on flirtations and you must mako
her thick that your lap Is within hor reach
else sho will Tote you a bore Mist C Is ono
ot tho first families of Virginia Bho foes
on ancestry coats of arms and oven her
aldry You must toll hor of your bluo
blood also she will consider you com
mon Hiss D is rich Hho coos on
moneybags You mutt talk to her of Invest
ments stocks and finance olso she will find
jJd tnanol
you tiresome Miss E Is literary I You must
bo able t discuss the latest novels and mag
anne articles olso sho will soon weary of your
society Mils F Is the daughter of Senator
Bhe BOOS on politics You must bo uP
on the political questions of tho day also you
Will not suit her tastes Miss G likes horses
and she BOOS on thom You must rldo with
her and IOOS horse else you cannot hope to
makeln Impression Miss H is daft on ten
nis You must play tennis and talk tennis era
you can steal her affections
Thus she cleverly cave him points about I
dozen or more of the belles ho would confront
and when he thanked her and said Miss
Ould you have been very kind In telling mo of
others may I ask what you go onI she
replied Certainly sir Then she extended
her right arm touched it above the elbow with
her left hand and laughingly said On my
muscle sir He was satisfied that she was
clever and noncommittal
She was engaged to a gentleman whose sir
name was Young and her father happening
to come unexpectedly into his parlor observed
that ihe sat with her head resting on her
lovers shoulder She named bin remon
strance with the reply Oh its nothing This
is not the first time an oldhoad has boon found
on young shoulders
Two luchmondora sought her In marriage
One was Mr Campbell the other was famil
iarly called Nut when asked bv a friend
which she preferred sho laughed and said
I am straining at a sat yet I may swallow a
Campbell When told that Mrs A was dead
she exclaimed It is very sad Another wid
ower has been let loose upon society
Sho was equal to any demand tor a clever
play on words Let mo give and Instance and
I violate no confidence when 1 record It In the
words of the gentleman Mr George liavnso a
Baltimore lawyer formerly of Richmond who
was tho subject of horwlt Ho says When
I last saw Miss Mattie Ould It was at her home
In Richmond I had known her from horchlld
hood After a very pleasant morning call I
arose and said I must Kay eoodby
and you know what 1 have always
said of you the said Toll roe again
Mr Savage replied I have always said
Miss Mattie that you are fascinating but
Hho looked at mo Intently and said coauot
Ushly Undesirable Mr KavagoV I euld
No Miss Mattie but unreliable
She know that I referred playfully to her
disposition to Illrt Bhe immediately said
You know I have always been ready to don
little missionary work among the savages I
laughed and said Thank you Miss Mottle but
you cannot commence with my scalp Then
wo shook hands with mutual goodbyn I did
not dream that I would never BOO her again
A certain Richmond lady noted for big dia
monds and had grammar meeting Miss Ould
In the street said as shoe approached her
Mottle I sued > ou coming Immediately
Miss QuId said Yes I saw you seed mo
Many other Instances her mental quali
ties might be cited bIte had many admirers
After a marriage nf about a year to a Mr School
craft of lIulTalo X Y but n resident of Jiicli
mon < l than and a clergyman of the Es
tablished Church in England now slot
was bomb to her grave in Hollywood
Cemetery at Richmond Her funeral was
thin occasion of a popular demonstration
A woman of rare attraction hho hail few
equals and no superior in loveliness ot person
or brilliancy ot mind
Tho White has a venerable history and
many memories of brilliant and beautiful
women who from the days of the stately
Dolly Madison to tile latest Southern hello of
this season have given It a distinctiveness
and a charm all Its own but It in 1 redolent of
no brighter sweeter memory than that ot
MattieQwynnOuKL L B
Torttsm Not of Real Interest
An Index to the London Tinu le Inued periodically
by A perton not connected with the establishment
Ibis work li praised or condemned by that journal ths
same ae though It had todo with any other matter
A French novelty In the way of a timepiece li a Coral
clock the long liundi of which sweep aboe twelve
flower beds each bed being different from all the other
In the color and variety of floww The tuuda are
moved by lubterrauean mechanlim
It is laid thjt a French electrician ban dlicovefel a
method of appli tog relay batteries to cable currents
waking practicable the use landline tnitrumvnti on
cables of considerAble length The device Is reported
to hive worked luccrurully on an BOOmllo cull
Fisher the an Immer who propoaed to swim acron
the Straits of Dutrr at last accountihadKUm up the
project on the ground that the valor at nu time tIle
season had been warmer than 68 a temperature m
which no one could swim more than tneh n hours
fleet strict In the heart of London hoc been vMted
by a plague of tiny but ertlilent i > and vmouiujj nion
iiulloei It Ulieileved that they were of the Alirlno
variety and that they were Imported with rfparlo
gran nf nlilcli paper le made In the London mllli
A London drtrcth agency advertliei lur tliolimefU
of tlote contemplating matrimony that It a 111 supply
detalU at In the loclal petitIon pact clinr nt < r future
proaptcti general habit and temper t > f tluu inlended
partner for life In order to make mnrrli < a ucc
AH Ui paper sui i that there lean iirganuatlon of
perlln women the object of which iiludiir < land pun
lilt hutbiudi cullly of sinning agaliut inn marrlag
vow Tbe pcualtlui are lInes tbrealtor divorce pro
cetdliui and corporal puuliliuiuut udtaliiUltred by
the Hinged wire
M llallfclne ft runlan connected with the Taittur
Institute harlnoculntrd hlmiolt will ntlinuattd dint
eel virus and experienced some of th tirnptoro nf
cholera llo la Inclined toward the onilni that such
Inoculation It entirely sate and read cc his lubjtct
priOf ujulnit tbo iieease
An iniftiilouii Irenchinan Invented 1 inulT which he
made of tan and pounded liakul uppl e mid rut ou the I
market for the tltlllnllon of IarlUn mxrlU Tiie ni
Iborllleotnl him to prison fur eight uuuiuihua soul llmd
him leo nil thu ground lUst Ie had defrtuteul < l Hie uis l
partment of Ihti Government that lui the mull and
luioking toliarrn monopoly
A writer says that In many of the English country
haute there are ladie imoking ruinous Time vore
the outcome nf a tailuu on the part nf the women tIM
they were admitted only upon innrrance to the
emoiflng ruom of the men A new trouble ha now
arisen U in found almoit ltnpo iible to leep the cigar
mokeri out of tile ivutma uf the cigarette
An opportune friend Hill he round In nr II Jaynfti
nxp < cioraii when raclcil liyatrvrro i Kll ami She
many lunu or Uinut ailnlluiu ubiiii botnrtlmei tel
low This ulit rruitdr has met the apiirntut ui Is n
generations and U today ai popular tale auiltStillvi
nt Democrati et the Republican rainbow BtaNs el
the West and Sortbwait envious ot the distinction e
Bollllcalopttmlili from this part ot the United Pttlw
bv bervn todoiome rainbow viewing on their w
account HiOov James K Campbell who was do
ruled by UoKlnlty last year by 21000 majority U
Ohio baa arrived In Kew York aa the forerunner ot the
western contingent
Myron HClnrk who died in Canandatgtt ea Tuso
day at the age1ft 80wai with one eieeptton the old
eitaarrlvlng Governor of ibis Slat Hamilton ruh
who was elected In ISlrt antedating him by six years
Mr Clark his been spoken ot In the obituaries at the
last Whig and the first Republican elected In this
Mate Uov Clark was a Irobibltlonlit when elected
Oovernnrln 185t and also when bus was the nomine
of the temperance party agalrit Tillea for aortrnor
twenty yoare later The real dIstInctIon which he en
joyed In the political history of the state was die te
515 Identification with the Prohibition cane la and
out of omee and yet oddly enough Freildenl Unotla
appointed him Internal Revenue Collector In th
Tweutyfltth New York or Canandalgna dlitrlct Mr
Clark was elected Governor by the smallest majority
ever given to it candidate in this StateSOS vote la a
total of 370000
In puttIng at 1137 the number of election dlitrltts
this year the Hoard of Police Commliilonera has added
conilderahly to the amount of patronage in the way of
election otllceri enjoyed by the two panics and has ai
the lam time Increased largely the election expenses
Channel In population are 10 rapid In New York and
building oporatlona are carried on 10 extinilvely that
It li a dinicitli talk for the Bureau of Eleotlooa to keep
track ofte enuotuatloni but an increase of 200 ci >
tion district In a tingle year appeara to be abnormal
especially when U li conildered thai a Democrat
LeglilatureHxed the limit ot voting population In an
election district at 41X The total vets In New York
city this year will not b According to present appear
ancee Inexcetiof 300000 and on the bail of BOO
voters to an election dlitrlct 1000 polling places would
serve the nnd of the voteri
It woolS he no great can for eurprise if ths Repnb
llcana were unable to elect a solitary Congressman
from New York city this year The ten districts
divided 10 that on an ordinary party vote all are Dem
ocratic and the factional dlderencet which exist
among the Republican are inch that no candidate foe
Congress yet named could if nominated be reasonably
auured of faithful Republican support
The election of 1800 In wisconsin reiultad In Dem
ocratlo success and th choice ot George W Peck M
Governor The total vote at that election WM 15OOO
less than was cast at the 1reildentlal election ot two
yeare before The Democrntio vote was 5000 greater
In 189O liMo It was In 1848 but the increase In Mil
wanke In favor ot 1eok over Cleveland was 7OOO aa
that Pecke vote out ldeof Milwaukee was 2000 leas
than Cleveland received Forty thousand Wliconaui
Bepablicani did not vote > t the election of moo
Tammany Hall will hold her nominating Conventions
for municipal clllcei ai Into ai possible this year The
date of meeting however la no longer within the con
trol ot the leaden of organization ai It wai formerly
being governed by th provtiloni of the Electoral Bal
lot law which prescribes the Urn for tiling electloa
certitlcateiand furnIshes an opportunity for outside
organizations to pat tickets In the Held after the regu
lar nomination hat been otoied In the election of
1689 the Tammany Hall municipal nomination were
mad on Friday Oct D those of the County Democracy
on Tneiday Oct 0 aWl thomof the Republican on
Thursday Oct 11 Ai the canvass progrened the
Tammany ticket grew stronger steadily and a thor
ough canvass was made The new ballot law provldas
that municipal nomination by local parties In the
clt yof New York and Brooklyn muit be tiled at Uaal
twenty days before election which would give suck
organization until Oct 20 to put their respective
ticket In the field thli year
It la never safe to bet on a Presidential election
After the Cincinnati Convention had nominated
Horace Greeley In 1872 a number of Democrat wb
were opposed to till candidature met In the fifth Av
one Hotel and put In nomination William 8 Oroeibeok
ot Ohio for President and Frederick Law Olmitead for
VlceFreident The Baltimore Convention was to mt
thre weeki later and It was supposed that these can
dilates might be able to secure iti endorsement
While the matter was undetermined beta were offerol
freely that neither Oroeibeck nor Olmitekd would gt
an electoral vote The Labor Reform party In Feb
mary had put up David Cavil for President with a
similar expectation of getting a Democratic sodorco
ment but ho had been withdrawn from the Held a
conpl of montbi later A wager bad been made by a
speculative citizen at the odds of 100 toS 1O that Mr
Davli would not receive a single electoral rot A
lured by Davlia withdrawal that h would win he
made asimilar bet at the earn odds that Mr Oroee
beck would not get an electoral vote Euiequently the
IJemocratlo Convention endorsed Mr Oreeley and
Oronbeck having withdrawn too the man who had
bet on him went to the other and naked to be relieved
from the term of the bet lie offered to forfeit halt
of the amount But the 100 bettor was Immovable
Between election day and the counting of the electoral
vote Horace Oroaley died On of the State that ho
carried was MliiourL A Hluourl delegate cut bin
electoral vote for Oroeibeck for ice President and
another rant hu vote for flails Bo the Immovable
bettor lost 1200 There are no euro thing In polltlca
Toe expense of the election In New York city this
year will be ai follow i Pay of Inspectors poll clerk
and ballot clerks S20S80O rent of polling places and
the construction ot and carting of ballot boxes and
booths maps printing and itatlonaryf BOOOO official
ballot tGOOOO advertlitngtha alectlondlatrlcta poll
Ing Disc 11 and oiBclal canvaia iOOOO advertising
nominations llCOO contlnglnciei Including loo
for refreihment of clarke on election night SOOO
payment of clerks to Hoard of Canvassers 20OO
total StlLSOO That la what the city pays When the
lederal expenses are added for marshals and lupw
Ttiori the total li In excess of halt a million dollar
halt noun with t hjnidiiiminer m
tags of the antimap organization
The term of Commissioner Robttni of the Fir D >
pertinent expires on tiny 1 1813 Th term of Com
missioner Joseph D Bryant of the Board ot Health
expIres on July 0 1803 The terms of CBarlei r
SlacLean Polios Commliiloner of Henry 1L Porter
CommUiloner Charities and Correction and of B
r MartIn Commliiloner of Juror expires on May X
16U3 and the term of Dock Commissioner Edwin
rout expire on the lama data There ore In fact no
Board of Couimlnlouera competed ot appointive
members in which no changes era to be mad daring
the Oral live moiuhi of the tenure ot the Mayor to M
elected In Kovember
The Chinese In Ban Diego object to baring Ths
photograph taken for Identification and say they win
not pay any Attention to the new registration law and
will do all they ran to evade It
The flttli special train ot flve ear load of frail tat
Europe was lent outfrom Sacramento lat week Taj
increasing prices paid In England for our fresh frail
may cause the continuance of weekly specIal train
In one consignment recently a feather dealer la 5
London received 11000 Wide of paradise 860000 blr4
oC vurloui kinds from the East Indies and 400000
bumming birds In three months unotlfor dealer Im i
ported 3Stlil bIrd from tbe Kait Indies
John howard and hlj wIfe are walking from Seattle
to Chicago on a wager of ISOOO that they can cover
the distance in six mouths time livery foot of the
dlitance must be traversed on foot and no atop macS
be made at a hotel or other public house ii t U expect
ad that they will reach Chicago about Aug 20 which
will be one day before the expiration ot ths time
Owing to the continued spread < ot glander In TAB
don special measures bave been adopted to stamp oat
the dlieme which U the most ieroui outbreak for
many earl Tim iproad of liii dlieai ii attributed Is
tbe public horse troughs and an order has been issued
tocloto them for a period of two m nibby wblck
time It U hoped that the epidemic will be tamped out
A farmer drove Into Edgefleld 6 C and tried t
ell cabbage at two bead for flv cent to the color4
people but In vain for be was met on all aides with
the cryi Bon we aint got no meat to bile down wit
do cabbage After receiving that excuse a doses
tlmei the farmer Hopped at a groceri bought a small
uantity uf bacon cut It Into shires put a slice on tack
cabbage head and offered A head with a sure of beOB
for flue cent Then be aili all his cabbages and drove
out uf town amid tbe blvulngi of the community
One of thefewclvlllani receiving a pension fnat
tlio Untied StateiClotermneul lean Irishman pica
Imrly tough physIque s ho hat the record of baring
come ally through an astounding accident ike wu
carrylnic a torpedo under his arm one day at tfewporft
While be and an ofticer went In a boat to a point wbr
tbo explosive Was to lie mnk when by conic acclda
the eleclrlo connection wai made and the torpedo ex
ploded Vii man vu ml skyward nod lit la the water
an eighth of a inllo avrny with ono arm shattered one
hue nhncklnvly nimt ril and au e > u blinded lie man
ancd to tcep afloat until aid came and In time he Ti
corrcdiuniulentl return to work although not at
bits former iUMiierou Job
Tlio fact that a u < inHn was recently fined In a Lou
dcli court for H cariu a ring with a crest to which she
t5 Se not entitled may sec > to rrral one completions
liutunce lu which n luhjicl pubiiil procUlmed bla
riKht toliiftr arms and the fact that the right WM ceo
fcrred Unm him tilroctlr by l tb juten On HUhgate
Hill an oM inn displays a rciplenileiil coal of > rm < ao
rdinpanlVl vt lib an cjtplanntor note bearing lots July
o lhU7 mid proclaiiulii that tbo coat of anui wee a
grunt train yiifni virturln for serchiec rfnilertd to her
> laje > i > uhiu lu dancer while Iratellliig doe n the hilt
TOe landlord of the inn rlfipped the runnawajr horoes
uf her Miijolra coicli ai tley rustle I dos n the hill
lltillod Inilerp puurty and liedii1 red that the coat
or aruii wee the only acknowledgment at the tMTU
lie baa srer recsiysd
L I i
t 5 i

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