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I 4 tli 9 bBiN 1Yjf QtA iJ i1 2ta8 7 ifr
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P t to Drum Him On of tKs > rirlib
1nthr Bank an Iriah Priest A aalted
The Boy Michael Carmody until I month
Rio was pastor ol tho Catholic Church of Our
lady of Mount Carmol In Eat 115th street
Ho sailed for London A wool lator His do
> aurolt is said was tho result of a strong
Jealousy between tho Italians who form tho
majority of tho congregation and their Enl
lishspeaking follow church members This
feeling has Increased since Father Carroody
left I has already resulted In an assault on
Father Banks tho only Irish prleit now con
nected with theparlsh His assailant was An
tonio 1otruzl and ho has thus far escaped pun
ishment although many threats hao been
mad against him
Fetnul has a saloon at 110th street and
Fist avenue Ho WI arrested once for stab
bing a relative He has some Influence among
his countrymen and took an active part in tho
uTalra ot tho church Tho parish extends
from 112th to 110th street east of Socond
avenue and tho Italian colony which Is In tho
heart of tho district makes tho most popu
lous parish of Its slzo In Harlem
Father Carmody was appointed pastor about
four years ago to succeed Father Klrner who
had beon killed bv tho walls of 1 nol school
falling on him Ho WAS superintending the
ruction ot tho bulldlrrp At tho tlmo of Father
Carmodys appointment a largo number of tho
BarlshlonerB wuro Irish by birth or descent
but tin majority were Italians Father Car
mod was nn Irishman and he wan grouted
warmly bY tho FnglUhspenklng members of
the church Many nt the bettor class ot Ital
ians liked him qulto as well as his fellow countrymen
Fithor Carmody found it a haul task to I
unite tho conflicting elements In the church
Vlih the Increase of the Italian population
the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of
Jlimut Cnrmol which Is always a notable
evont with tho Italians grow in Importance
lot only to the Italians but as I source of
revonuo to tho church The story is told by
tho friends of Father Carmody that thrco
yenis ugo the celpbrrlion brought In 1UOO to
the itiilliiu committee in charge here was
an unusual dolay In balancing tho account
and I cuk or moro claused hofore Father
Carmody could bring about a final meeting of
tw committee An the story ROC there was a
great deal II hesitancy and much figuring on
the Iart of tho committee resulting lu an cx
trairdlnarlly lung bill of expenses for mnslo
and itilreMiinentF Tho bnlancu for thu church
was only SUt which Father Cnrmody with
ruin Indignation i rot nnctI to accept
Tin ojilMidu was gossiped about at length
and the breach liitwtonthoupposlngelemuiitB
of thu congregation widened Thi > feelIng was
fir tIrer Intenhlilod by tho arrival of tlvo Italian
bisters tn teach In tim parochial 1vo 1ulln
tiichid to llto church lather Carmodys ad
vocuti ay tlio Hslnrs could toaoh only In Ital
Ian and that tho Knglihspeaklng children
were thu Jrlclclly dnhnred from tho school
which Shulri aronts helped II > maintain Father
Cnrinody it IH t paid VIt4 of thu opinion that
Lnulili Sisters were needed in tho bchool nnil
vciit to lur as to lull the Italian Ulsters that ho
did not hal justified In eiilllng upon his cou
Cickiition II t pay i tlio expensesufSisters whoso
ii8eulnufs vts impitlrud by their inability to
teach In lnilisli ifhls action increased the
antagonism ut his Italian opponents hut
Father Caimodyh friends folt that ho was too
veil liked hy II largo porcuntago of f hi hock to
supuct that thero was n chiince of lofclng him
li > risUnatliu wus a surprise and lilt
trntnib ilo line hofltato to fay that he runltsucd
under IresInre Wlillo hln friends weru Krlov
lug over Ids roslgnatlnn rind the limo of his
de tart U I o uaM rapidly I approaching his erie
uilHH were 01 enly rejoicing toward tire on4
of hit rtivy circulars in ItalUn woro scattered
aliout i tlm t parlAh saying that I u band of munla
would lo hired to escort him out of thu church
and countn HIP friends hay that the idea ot
tho Italians wits to rise tho music ns I he wore
belnJ drummed nut 01 the parihh They ad
that tlm oneii lvu Ir ularl wero takmi lt
Futhor CaraiDdy by I dozens of indignant mem
bers of the church among whom wow many
Italians who luionsoI at the insult ofiorod to
the priest threatened to kilt thu pcrputrators
on sight
Anurse of 1500 was raised and presented
to Father tarmoly on his departure
Father Aloysius Monailll tuccueded Father
Carmody lid was well known to the concri
Riitlnn having olllciated for sonic time In ttio
church uudvr Father Klrnar Ho is of Italian
anti French oxtrnctlnn and Father Carmodys
friends 6ity he was IInt to Mioceed him IJH
OUUNU Ire was kniivvn to the congregation und
because it wal bollovirI i that lit would lieae
ceiitable ti I > all but his inherit in the
church Is looked titon by Fntlnr Carmodys
eneiniii as a ttUimph for thu Italian elimnnt
A potitlun was cliculatcd nnd ixton > ioly
signed nuking for thn reHppolntment of Iuthor
Illnell Isllnl o
Cnrmoily It was intended to Lnd it to Rome
but it is Bald that It nertr I got turther than the
carOeiiaral I or tilt Archhishoii Tho iricsto
of tIre church belong to tho Order of Ilona bo
clttyof Missions vliose hunorior IB in Itomo
The petition was to he sent to him
Several or Iathor CarmodvR filends have
resigned their pew and Father Monsulll ad
mits that It was declared that the church ox
curnlun which was hold on Wednesday of last
Week would bo n failure In eonseriunnc of tho
ilsHiUififaction In the church Father Monselll
slid however that lu did not seo that there
was any marked fulllnu off In the attendance
Homo at least rofuxcn to attend the excursion
While others refused to assist as they had
prelotiHly done
Father Hanks was time only Irish priest who
went to tire excursion He Is a Mann advo
cate of Tathor Carmody and It Is ealil Is In fa
vor ot the petition for his recall Antonio IV
trtizl on tho other hand is said to bo one of
tho bitterent of Father CarmodyV opponent
and Is credited with often announcing
his Intention to attack lather Hanks
The opportunity Carrie In tho grove
when the excursionists had landed
There are two stories of tho attack
Tho friends of Father Carmody say that 1e
truzl stood near Father Itanks and mado him
offensive to gain some POCCUPO
sclf purposely Iuln Ixcuse
Ipl an attack upon tho orient Ho called nt
tontlon to a biulgo on tOo coat of one of the attending
tlnton I 1IIo
tending priests saving that a priest should
not wear such things Father Hanks asked
him what bUblnops ho had to criticise the action I
tion of u priest when without a word Potruzi i
truck Father Hanks In the face Ho was
seled and tho question of imprisoning him
In the hold until ho noulil bo handed over to
tli police W ris raised hut It was abandoned
Juther Banks it Is said Intended to take out
a arrant against his assailant but was Influ
enced by Father Jlonsolll not to do so
This othnr try of the attack Is that Father
Uniiki askiMl Iotrurl why ha absented him
self front church and wit anhwnred by a blow
Although thu I Italian 3 ol run ont In I tho church Is
much IIlllNr than the llnBllMhBponklne por
tion of tho cotiiretutloii lather Carmody I
tol Iollrelutol
frlea11 insist that they unit not tho Italians
are thu mainstay of tho church
Father Monselll did not deny yesterday that
lon801 Ill torlay
ttoublo exists In tho church but ho said that
thore was morn talk than action ami that the
I talk WIS ouletlng down Ho had heard of a i
petition having linen circulated for tho rein
statement ot Father Catmody but said ho did
I not know what had become ot it and did not
I I treiisyo there It hud rO clod Home or would got
CanndHl Cuttle Trade Iriuorul
MONTBEIL tug 2UTho losses In tho llvo
stock export trade lately have been ruinous
Tho lowest freight over accepted by steam
tip companion out ot Montioal for cattle to
flreit Britain aro ruling bore this wool Hinco
last wook freights have droppiid twenty still
llnes par head and two steamships havo loft
port carrying cattle at thirty shlllinRS Even
tthe rides tho vessfllu Ale not tilled Tine
1 prlnclpit i uson for this full IB I tho breaking
I c companion of the combination between tho big steamship
IMcrr at the fur A oclalon
BAiUTout Aug 20j7h8 American Hnr As
II aoclatlon this morning elected the following
officers President J Randolph Tucker of VII
BnU Secretary Edward Otis Hlnkloy of
I Maryland Treasuror Tranpls Ilowlo of 1hlla
Jreuuror lrncl
dolnhla Exeeutlvorommlttoo George A Mer
cer of Havannah Alfred Homlnway of llohton
and Bradley Q Hehloy of Madison Wis A
YlcoPretldent for each Btato was also chosen
Started on 11 Uliluii of Rerenec
DEL Noiiic Col Aug 211A party of Mexi
cans started for tho head of the San Juan
Illvor yesterday where It Is reported that an
STray has taken place wherein Juan PIns
I I ontoga lion of a prominent Mexican of thin
IOI was shot and another man killed No
fHrtleulars of the affair have boon received
r t IB likely that further trouble will occur when
the Mexicans reach their dontlnatlon
OffUeuai City Clerk n Defaulter
0 piN Auc 211ho > ooiio of Ocden are
Brcntly exercised over I report that City
Treasurer Hclfrloh U a dofaultor to the
Amount of snrOtii A city warrant for 40tX
wan prifuntriil ulenlny nit tho itlcRh Bisirk
vrhoH Mr Ilalfrlrli kqips tile city units nun
or which tu is a clerk nUll tiifl titatgtuunt was
niadu that thor wai imo money
b 1 1
r 1
Vuie adin on ra SHE a1Hr
raiabi of Ciii Iron MI WIlt N Ttnl
OTBT Theilr FsiMa loih In4lniv Xee lvcr
rnttinitnaa Aujr 2aDUtrlet Attorney
George 8 Graham was todfijr appointed re
ceiver of the Iron Hull for th State of r nn
ylvnnld b Judge nrejry This stop was taken
by Judgo Brocy after hearing tho iowa of
counsel for the local brunches In rennsrl
Tnnla and is the result ot the two bills In
equity filed yesterday by Hartlor Riley on be
half of himself and other members of the
order against tho supreme officers and by
John VT Keen and Lewis B Ounzonhauaer
members of one of tho subordinate ledges l
agaInst tho oupremo sitting and Us supreme
officers The appointment elves general tat
faction Judge Drecr la a member ot tho
Iron Hall
CIIICAUO Anc 2a0fflc of the seventeen
local Iron Hall lodges hare decided to hold on
to their reserve funds without going through
any leital formalities Members havo reached
tho conclusion that tho order has collapsed
and that tho best plan Is to lat all they can out
of I Accordingly tho reserve funds which
range from H to 1500 wilt be distributed
among tho pitying members nnd tho local urn
cars will resign leaving nobody roxponslblo to
wi roaltn 10lvlnl noboly rORlonllblo
tho Indianapolis 9 receiver As tho paying mom
bership of the I local lodges his dwindled to n
smull numbnr those drvldlnr the funds wilt
faro well Hupremo Justlco Bomorby came
hero yesterday to secure tho money but meet
inn with no encouragement ho left town aa
suddenly as lie arrived
LAwnRKcr Auir m Tho locrtl branch of tho
Iron Hal this morning decided not to send its
funds to the rufolver nt Indianapolis and will
retain iiosse sion of tho reserve fund which
amounts tofOiKiO
llnBixw Aug JaApplloatlon has boon made
In the Hutirnmn Tiuliclnl Court for a receiver
fo tho Iron Hull In I tlio Common woalthnf Mae
nuclui > plts There Is In the hands of time 0111
eels 01 the InsRrhuqtl brunches probably
frol lOOIJO 10 OOO >
HAHTTOIIH AUK aa Vesterduy morabcrfof
tho Uistfirhood local branch of the lion Hrtll
procured nn Injunction restraining the cRh
Icr from sending tine iluoo funds on hand t
the Biipromo IlniidinvxrtorB nt Indianapolis
An injunction wan nKo brought aRalnstCush
ler Itnthburii and the tinstefrt of the local
branch which hits about 4810 on hand A roo
cetvor was nnpllod for In each case Tiie third
action lirnnch of tho order beta will take similar
JliNonuirros AUK 2fi Deputy Supreme
Justlio Thompson of 1 this city who represented
nd Now York Htato during tho Iron Hal hear
ing at Indianapolis bus returned and charges
Judge Taylors rnlleged partiality and biased
dnulslon the defeat of thu Iron Hull in In
diana He alleges that tho judiciary the wit
flosses and the dally jmppr wero subsidized
Ho adds that the ordor is reAd only in Indiana
Injunctions restraining the Indlnnnpolls ro
culver from removing Iron Hall funds will bo
applied for in cacti btate bo says
Justice OBrien of the flupremo Court has
appointed UDorso E Qlinop temporary receiver
of time property in this Btato of tho Order of
thn Iron hell nn petition of Moses K Gllnes
The petition declares that the order has lot
brotherhoods and sisterhoods In this State
The receiver Is reuuirod to give n bond of
1110E8 01 C011WPTI01
Tliey Are Made duet In Time to Affect the
Election In Jersey City
After an Incubation of nearly throo months
the Union League Club of Jersey City tho lie
publican organization which managed Mayor
Wan or5 campaign and which Is now direct
ing his official course line Euccoedod In hatch
log out cirarges against the Board of BtrcSt
and Water Commissioners Tho fall election
Is approaching U was announced throo
months ago that tho new Mayor would mako a
wholobalo slaughter ot tho Democratic offi
cials In tho city at once Ito has not done It
A committed of tho Union League Club has
been delvins Into tho affairs of f the Street and
Wator J3oard which the Republicans are anx
ious to cot control of on account of Its ex
tensive natronase Mayor Wanser has boon
In fieauent consultation with tho committed
and has furnished It with the creator part of
the Information upon which its charges are
used t notwithstanding the fact that he Is to
act as the judge when the charges are pre
sented to him Under the law charges mil bo
prifurrpd against city official
plorrN aIlnst any ofolnl appointed
hy the Mayor The Muvorptvps I hearing and
decides whether or not the accused official I
should be removed hut the Mayors decision
must bo approved by the Oovernor before it
goes Into effect Tho Street ond Water Com
niiationers iiio all Democrats Mayor Wanscr
Is I Itspulillcnn Oov Abbott Is i n Democrat
and the n i > onslhlllty ot lemnvlng or retain
ing the accused nfUcials will full upon him
Lx1udKu Dlnir meld yesterday afternoon
that th charges imnins t tho Board had been
formulated umlnoulil bo Ktihmittnd to Mayor I
Winsr In 1 few days probably In tho early
part of next month There would be about I
me charges Ho said and they would cover
tlm ground very thoroughly One of the
charge is violating the law which prohibits
thooxiiondlturu of more than t5J o copt
under contract Another alleges oxtrtva
gnnoo In connection with the erection of
public prhools 24 and 25 Another is I
for awarding a flvoyear contract for street
lighting The awnr I was manic under a
law parsed by tire last Legislature Another
is for Incurring obligations beyond tho limit
of the appropriation which in n violation of
what IB known HH tho Lewis law The last
is for maintaining sinecure places In the de
partment When tho charges are subtntttod to
the Mayor ho will cite tho Commissioners t
appear before him I
Comment Is made upon time fact that al
though all tho charges could have boon preferred
ferred n week or two after Mayor Wansois In
stallation in offIce on May If they have been
held tion back until a month boforu tho fall elec
I Wise Opened Yesterday In the Great do
or the People Up Thrre
For three months until yestorday tho resi
dents of the annexed district north of Ma
cam no Dam bridge were cut oft from their
neighbors across tho harlem Illvor by the
closing of that bildge Meantime work
men wore busy erecting a temporary bridge
and at 110 yesterday morning it was
thrown open to pedestrians and teams There
was great rejoicing among the residents In
the neighborhood Mho had boon obliged to
cross the river by Washington or Madison
avenue bridges
The temporary bridge U practically the old
bridge on a now foundation of idles driven In
n nw location The cist approach Is time old
roadway from Macombs Dam Time west ap
proach is from Ifiilth Mrect a block north of
the old approach rue draw In the middle was
lifted from Its old foundation by tire utlon of
tho tide It weighs 251 > limit Flat boats were
placed under It ond lt low tide IL blocking was
built on the scows As the tide rust tho draw
tul lifted from the pier on which it rested
nnd it was moved and placed in its now posi
tion The temporary bridge cost S1UUO
The Campbell estate on the east side of the
rlvur and Mr James J Coogan on tho west
side waived all formalities and allowed en
trance on their property fur the speedy build
ing of tire bridge
Crippled by the Cyclone
Another victim of tho cyclone that swirled
up the coast last week was passed on Wednes
day last off the Hunks by the White Star
steamship Germanic which arrived yesterday
She was tho llrltlsh shin Jatiu llurrlll bound
from Copenhagen for this port Her main
mast was gone below the top her foretopiaaot
wan llelied that Is It had been broken tuid
wal was secured by pieces lashed on either slue
and all her yards and mizzen topgallantmast
bad been carried away Bho was heading
hat with jibroofed spanker sot
Till Hay tiny be n Murderer
Antonio filclllano 7 years old of 01 Mulber
ry street and Nlcolo Btarvla 10 years old of
Thompson street auarrolled on Wednes
day ovate game of marbles hlclllnno klokeTT
Htnrvla in the stomach Stjirvla wins removed
to the hospital where his life In despaired of
Agent Bohultos of the Jerry Kocletyliad Hlci
llano committed to tne care of tho society yes
terday In Jefferson Market
The iii Guide to New Tori
JlrpUtt tl Qneilionx aakrJ eteiv day Zn l u m
ffucstt and citizens of the American metropolis
HuggetUoni to ilghtseert alf practical iiiunna
tion for practical ptaplr The Aun toM ptibllitt in
tune for use at the Columbia Celebration not 00
totier I complte unique and practical fide book
r tM cttlf It will tell visitors what I the sigMa
sre how t reach lmn where to lodit and board
Uiilc here and the coat burro 10 do Icholtale o
retail shopping how aamuta thmuttfti rvid get
rut when treary 0 tightteeixy Jl wll be ltrao
hvclv printed pleasant to read and the sub jtel
matter teIII be divided and arranged in I Wil r I
insure the best t retultt The retail pie clll be I
cent per cow The fun Quid will alto offer
wieynilltd and aceilional oppnrtunttlei to adver
titert Those loho with further information
TIIOI 11h lurlwl ilolTlatioT < m
this i subject should addrttt The Qufdt JlooK I
tartmtntofthc New York Sun
BrerI otlret I4 ltenl
I Mew PUo
Here we bat another novel by tho young
Dutch SensltMrt Lull Coupertme Foot
stops ot Fate translated br Clara Bell ID
Appleton ioi His not a very long story
and that wo are free to say considering Us
kind and quality Is a fact In Its favor Tho
bore II a wealthy young Dutchman occupying
a villa In the outskirts of London tho heroine
an English girl who has read Ibsens
Ghosts the racal another young Dutch
man named Bertie distressing cognomen
lately n beggar now living luxuriously and
somewhat dissolutely upon the heros bounty
Tho hero and heroine becomo engaged to be
married of courR and with that circumstance
the rascality of Uertto develops Ho objects to
tho match because ho foresees that the result
of it will bo that he himself will be cast out
again upon tho world Hn becomes an Ingo
ot a peculiar Bcnelttvtat sort of pattern BOWS
seeds of Jealousy In th heroines mind uses
the horns money to brlbo a servant to Inter
cept limo heros love letters and effects an
estrangement Tire hero Is an angular
powerful man ot occasional high temper Wo
are prepared for severe work from him
Ills sweetheart onco ventured uoon 1 jealous
tantrum and we are told that ho rushed at
her with I SOl t allow Hollow nnd Hung her
on the sofa whore she remained staring up at
the ceiling with wideopen eye I is l no
wonder to us that ho should kill Bortlo when
ho discovers finally what that ungrateful and
generally offensive young person has been
about Ho docs It In what wo presume to bo
Sonsltlvlft fashionpins him to tho carpet
with bony square knoo pressed Into his
delicate ohest chokes him with a left hand of
brawn and hammers his head with I large
and osseous right We should bo unwilling to
go Into anything like the detail which tho
author enthusiastically expends upon this
homicide It Is enough to say regarding
Hordes Injuries that one loading the careful
and remorseless list of them will feel that the
faithless youth could hardly havo fared worse
I ho had boon trampled upon by wild horses
or tho heros sensations during tho onslaught
wo may however without offence say that
when It began his throat was dry with a
thirst for sheer brutality but ho swallowed
two or three times nut was fiendishly clad
as ho doubled his right list and raised It llko
hammCMvlth tigerish As ho pounded
a hnmmolwlh a tcerlKh roar
ed Bortlo and as his blows resounded dully
upon tho skull ot that unhappy Hensltlvlst
creation as if on metal everything In time
operators eight became rod purple scar
let vermilion A bloodstained medley circled
about him like whirling wheels rIme
corners ot tho room swam In red as I they
wore full of tangible rod terror whirling
whirling round hima purple dizziness a
scarlet madness a nightmare bathed in
blood Tho hero is sent to prison for two
years and when he gets out tho lovers suffer
from their nerves for a period The girl Is
pursued by imaginary thunder and becomes
hysterical whenever it rains and tho man
sinks into melancholia and tho two Dually
tako poison together Obviously tho book
aims to produce the shudder which Mau
passant esteemed and which Mr Edgar Saline
so zealously pursues but we should not think
that this purple dizziness and this scarlet
madness would keep anybody awake For our
part we are not Inclined to regard this Dutch
color arrangement as 0 terrible thing at all
Indeed we catch ourselves smiling nt It
But here is a home book Hero Is Laura Daln
trja novel con Hovcndon Company
telling of the romance of New York soclctyand
illuminating with tho Imagination of genius
tho most celebrated cafes and barrooms ot tho
American metropolis Wo read In this ex
quisitely reckless tale of Jack Conquost millionaire
lionaire poet and Apollo of Leadvlllo beauti
ful and truohoartod youth of tho long bright
hunters eyes of Bleockcr Falk Wall street
man distinguished by his bloodhounds
gaze or devotion likewise by his muttered
curses and deadly oaths and of Martin
Van Voorhts Knickerbocker from away back
aged 48 who is remarkable for the faculty of
btlng as immovable as an Egyptian god
I is I great story Who may remain un
moved except Mr Van Voorhls while Jack
Conquest reminder ot another god namely
the pagans missing God of Youthls wrest
ling savagely with Bleecker Falk In Tender
loin precinct barber shops or knocking up
black and blue bumps on tho samo rivals cranium
nium In other public places or while lilecck
er still soro from the work of the paeans god
is trying to blackmail the 48yearold Egyp
tian deity or while tho heroine Pau
line Homebody is drinking chloral and
driving up and down in a baroucho
past the Stewart mansion Aro we
Insensate Have wo no nerves t tingle no
imagination to tako Ore as we road of Jack
Conquest going to the Congo and everywhere
else in the world carrying only zither
oJ e a a re
volver and I bolt full of double eagles ot the
vlperleh absinthedrinking novelist Pepper
of Lill the French waiting maid with tho
scarlet lips and tho conventional Immorality
of Silvia the angelic and longsuffering
conventional and of all tho rout Homottmos
It Is true Miss Daintry has just a little trouble
with the parts of speech as where vilno says
Conquest had just left John of the Fifth
avenues hands miraculously clean shaven
Wo must think twice In order to disabuse our
minds of tho absurd Impression that the pa
gans God of Youth has boon harboring tho
hands of Fifth Avenue John Hut that Is n
small matter So long as wo get a plenty of
strong and surprising effects and we do got a
plenty in this talo who cares whether the
God 0 Youth shaved John or whether John
shaved him 1
The main Idea underlying Oramorcy Park
a Story of Xow York by John Seymour Wood
D Applcton X t Co is supplied by the fact ot
the annual divorce customary between
busy men and their wives that Is by I tho
habit which keeps husbands In tho city during
the hot weather whllu their wives and uhll
then go away to tho country This novel Is
concerned with tho temptations which mon
experience and their wives also during such
Kuparatlon und which might not arise or at
leant might not bo operative wore tho wives
to remain with thoirliuslmndsortho husbands
to accompany their wives Tho story is clev
erly constructed and generally skilful and tine
reader will find It not I little interesting I
follows the case of I voting Wall street man
from thu time when ho Is l 1 clerk making lovo
to a rich morchantti daughter to the time
when 1 successful operator ho Is separated
from wife and children owing to a moral louse
which was mainly chargeable tho fact ot tho
annual divorce We object to tho expres
sion tho maze of Graraercy lark occurring
on the opening patio of tho story wo nover
discovered anything In the nature of a maze
In that charming little area but that Is I
trilling hlomlrh In a generally wellwritten
and readable book
Of stories lowly published and republished
wo noto Cross Currents br Mary Angela
Dickens D Appleton tCol Tho Hunga
rian Girl translated from tho Gormun of
Mariara Tonger by H E Ilogga Robert lion
nersHone ChristIan Woman translated
from tho Hpanlsh of Donu Kmitla Iardo la
Kn by Mary Springer and War Under
Water translated by Mary J Herrano Cassoll
Company Ilalph llydor of Brent by
Florence Warden National Hook Company
Mlrrlkh I Woman from Mars by 1iancls
Worcester Doughty Burlelgh it Johnston
Company and Mr and Mrs Bower trans
lated from time German of Paul Lindau Hand
McNally Coi
The American Yacht List for 1812
Thomas Manning is I handsomely prepared
book and It has tire additional recommenda
tion of thoroughly covering tho yachting fluid
I hus handsome colored plates alphabetical
lists and numerous useful and Interesting
Volumo I of the Afn M I published b tho
Open Court Company Chicago
The Itunxvvay Browns a Story of Small
Stories by I C GunnerKepplor Schwarz
mann lift I readable anS amusing volume and
Its attractiveness Is heightened br numerous
Illustrations br 0 J Taylor
The Making of Man a volume of essays
by the BOY Dr J W Lee Is I published b tho
Casscll Company
Tho History Company Ban Francisco Issues
an Index to tho first seven volumes of Hubert
howe Bancrofts Chtonlclcs of tho Builders
An Instructive pamphlet On the Older
Forms of Term Cotta Hoofing Tiles by Mr
Edward B Morse director of the Peabody
Academy of Science Is published b tho Essex
Institute I contains numerous Illustrations
A fourth edition revised and enlarged of
Tho llallroad Engineers Practice by
Thomas M Cleemann Is published by tho
D Van Nostrnnd Company
Venezuela Isflio subject of tho latest bul
letin Issued by the Bureau of tho American
liepublics Washington
In Mediums Unmasked m M JooACo
Los Angeles the author Mrs Julia IX Gar
rett declares that all the spiritualistic medium
business lsa fraud Mrs Garrett used to bo
In tho business herself
TIme History of Modern Education by
Prof Samuol fL Williams of Cornell University
is published by C W Bardren Syracuse
The Now Election Codo of the Htato of Now
York prepared by Edgar U Murlln Is pub
lished b James D Lyon Albany
He IiiU for n Kpeedy Itevlril of Onr
Commerce nnd Ocenncarrjlnt Trade
MALONF Aug 20Tho President arrived
hero today from Loon Lake and was received
by tho citizens Irrespective of party and by
tho Grand Army post Alter 1 luncheon and
an Informal reception in tho park tho Presi
dent was Introduced to tho several thousand
people assembled there by the Hon F D Kll
bur and spoke as follows
LAN ASh > OiirusiK1 Coxiuuts 07 nit Oiun Ann
or titk Kkimiti I very Incvrely Appreciate trio
frltiiilly Imitation extended in ynur telmlf wtilcli has
gin en me the privilege nC tnmUiti for a few moment
alllg you and eicl onilnK lirtatinj m friend ami
M American citizens These mm pnrllian luiiullmiei
lu which gather to exmircs a common Intern1 In
tlie Ititltutlontof liii clll Roiernuient under which
vo lUe a cotumon respect for public authority and a
common love for tin ring are tell I nun sure lot only
of Interct but of benefit lo Ml nlio participate In
them Wo their presently In the political campaign
whIch I opening have our cepirntloiix In opinion pro
pi allied and our terarato riseuiblagei to advocate
tlioie principle Wo are here toiluy bossier
as citizen not a partisan to give cxrcMlon 10 tuniS
common Inlercrta M loch fortunately forus av a nation
lu every time ot great exigency anil itren neil In
emory time of danger to tho Hag obliterate all party
division and make us one people In IU detente lAp
pluUio We are it fatoreil nation In that gnat teola l
lon we enjoy We are free from tho tanner or close
contact with any of the great military power of iris
world Our neighbor on the north in the Ijomlulonof
Cnnuiln neither tbrfauni MA nor HU her IIao her
and niipiHiij I Ne desire for thim the most nbumiant
propertj line fullei development of LIcli their re
oiirciB are capable and comaant pare
Hut it uitifct not be ut > pi > ted that inn Reparation
ell e enjoy trim close contact I with the great
05 err that are foreser ntandlurtin the tbratcuinir
edge of war liai I tart ln ltliotlt tlutlfn and repiiu r
blames Ne have always in our diplomacy exnrcUed
the patience refer e uf utretifcth and the cinigclou
mil of n right cause I fane that we are entering
now at a people upon a carter when our external In
tluence in comment Is lo be larger than ever before
tVi nliaieln I lanre part I t completed our great work of
g r ol Z 1oWo
Internal Improvement Tho loreili have fallen before
the axes of our pioneer and the plough now turn
the soil or all that region which wo nca styled the
far great Ve > I it have acuinulaled prodlgloun i
wealth a a people arid I see no rOOD u hy thu United
Matesshoiild not from this day forward Hep Into a
position of power and influence 1 amnncthe great com
mercial nations t of the world such us sun nan never en
ju > ed Apilauc JIO I
jOi Ir
w cajaeH as to which we differ we haie come to
a condition recognlred by all We have been deprived
of our once proud participation in the ocean carrjrlnir
trador the world I thin K we should now roume it
IApplause1 The wise and timely Inauguration nf H
new tin y tiaH demonstrated the capacity of unit Amen
tan fchlpards to produce the best shins in the world
S o ol ti
lAppluufli The Government bavmir pioneered In this
work uf shipbuilding br the encouragement It has
given our constructor and to our artisans has pared
tine way nor for building great Chile or commerce
Applause t itl tike great delight 111 I the couteuipation
of tue fact which I believe Is now assured rust he
fore another > ear hat rollel around one of the swiftest
rlid 1 bet mt trU the great lines of steamplilps that go
out of the t port of New York will bear the American
flag at the fore Applaure I IIO
IIVt I r
The tribute we nave paid to foreign nations in ine
way or trcight I charge 1 believe will speedily in a
large measure bo abrogated forever Thei great
stores or agrloultural products which wo pour out
from our granaries to feed the nations or Europe
thoiil ana I believe speedily will be delivered at the
tort or Liverpool I in American bottoms Applause I
Vo win ai all orrnielveni of meI I natural resources
at all tlit vast rapacity Inventtro and constructive
r liliul riedbe tft
winch iod 1 hti lttiowed upon us in the belief that it
1 I Bbern given tu us primarily that here In this land
tbut so IOHU waiteit the fotllidatlon of a fre republr
that repuldli and Us people mlgut attain the
highest development In wealth liilelllgerrv and
morillty among the nation of the world tAr
platise We have had a great struggle within
unnelvn I telnci e that nebave seen tin last serious
outhreil against an of our laws that tve shall riot
see lApplauce The one cause that could divide I our
pcope human Hltvirv Itm under the farorof God r and
b the lotion Mill > ben abolished forever and Ui >
i 0Tia proclamation bus now the assent rf the Ninlh
itselr Apptitleel I he law and the Constitution as
the object of every American citizens veneration and
his willing obellence Is the one faith and the only
mtelv fur people i Applause 1 No cause can be ad r
vanced m thin > country upon the lines of lawlesune
Applause Intelligence ami morality among our people
rj boo rr Ir
ple lie I Iburch the sihiHl and tne nome these great
rocks upiin w blih our Institution and our safety rest
we n I ill rherlvh nnd prc ierve J I t Applause J I
And now comrades nt i tine Grand Army of the Re
public surviving veterans of that gallant band that
from these mountains and valleys wont out to defend
thn Hag I IIar > ou a coiiradea greeting today God
d l
bless you every non God forgive tlnl American In
this bright day of prosperity and unity who can be
RTudga lo allY one tt poll the Just dues of your bar I
service Inntiat cbeeringt net me thanV you again
for vour most cordial I greting and ofler ray apoloiry
for having 1 been brtrav oi I hvjour kindly 1 Ir iI n
moro extended speech then I had Intended to make
lAp plause I
The tlmrse Aenlnl t Architect Hell
CHICAGO Aug 2UTho investigation of tIme
charges ot unfair dealing in the award of
n Worlds 1nlr contract mado against M E
Hell the Government architect wan practl
tlcally ended today Tine bulk of the testi
mony has been given by tho agents of tho
Northwestern Contracting Company which
alleged that a contractor named Johnson hud 1
been allowed to see the bids before they wero
opened uud to Insert u lower mini I The Secre
tary of the Treasury will pass on tine teatlraonj
and the case will bo disposed of by him
This In runt the first limo that Hull has been
under investigation in affairs at this kind He
was HujHi vising Architect of thoI roasury un
der President Arthur and had charge of tho
bids for a silo for tho Poet Olllco building in
Ilool lyn Thoro wits considerable jealousy
manifested hy the real estate men of the city
who desired to wll prupoity to tint Govern
ment In order thit the Government should
not bo charged an cxinbitant inlco for tho
lail lell hecielly scoured nptluns on It
through brokers vhu iepro I > cntod tint they
wanted for private hart les Tho 1 property
wus Ktcurid a I itMtonaiilo llgtire but when
tho liinil ownorH louiniil that thin Gnverniiitmt
was purchaser they lulsctl a IIg turns aim
minnie rhllrltJs uf corrunlion A on gross coin
mltteo was nppolntid to linustlgutv but Well
was fully lnalcitoil
Tile CUIcnuo leer Vur Ended
CHICIOO Aug Chicagos boor war IB
over and hereafter the imnlltr of the beer will
bo butter and oldtimo prices will bo restored
oOl over a year the brewers hl1o been lighting
among themselves and cutting prices the ro
holt being a decline In tine price of beer by tho
barn fmm 5M to SI 1111111 1 u corresponding de
clino In the quality of tine beverage Tine Chi
cago Itrevving Association hits been laboring
to effect an agreement 61 that better prices
might te l secured but have been thwarted by
the Monarch Ilnnvlng Company Today this
company und tine Clilcigo liiawing Aabocla
tlou signed an aurooment
The Lottery Wont rinwport Iliinnll
NEW OniKAivs Aug lift Tho story sent out
from Bun Francisco by the Associated Press of
the Intention of tire Louisiana Lottery to movo
to Honolulu and pay for tine support of the
Hawaiian Governmentm return fur u charter
IM I pronouiiiMd by Mr Iaul I our rail 1rcsldcnt
of 1111 t corn mu ii I a fake imorl Rut trr inure and
ilmide I Hit n nnnoiinoou that t thu I corn n > allY will
live out ltd prusiiil charter In Louisiana which
will expire In till antI rutlro uormunently
from bU81110116
rioiied IVIIIi II Iretly Milliner
WUIIIIoJIItlIF Mug lIt became known
hero today that Oscar Jioyur tho proprietor of
tho leading jewelry j store In this city had
olopod with n young woman mllllnnr Sho Is
handsnmonnil only 22 years old Hoyor is 50
years old and hits a wife and children Mrs
lli > yor gives notice that she will continue her
husbands business
lttc 3tlce
Hmllli V Aniielli Ili lery Is unsurpassed for
color and wesnieg qualities Retails at popular prices
llr IynnV Vrrfrrt Tooth Powder whlteui
the teeth and purities the bruuth 2f > c
4iiciid otIrc
Requlrltniiiillateatintlon IllolVNHVKKlllKLciE
tlvt relief iiikUy far sane by Jrujulns Ic Lox
Hi CKIf > KNHN isMrinaiK stlon and iialn are
horrors that riKKlillrt JlSiiKIl TliMll will abalr
IAltKEIfs IUIK HAISAM ailS the halt jruwlli
fil HO Smiths Wealth or Nations UeOul
ayV louflis folllkal KcontDiy Blows a
London Taians Jsrusalsm psltvsrsd Oulaota
UltllUal uiailsa urnupur
TIurT 164 0th aV Caraiaijir lieU
s A pure cream of tartar powder
I A peiantfs
keeps moist Cake BakiIlgb
fresh Powder
5 Absolutely the llett
tw ubItrittoii
The Alnrmlnff Iroportli ofVrnnl Voter
Prof J J MiCOOKA calculation of their number
and an anal eU of ausos
The Ivvson of llomeaiiendt A He > meily row
lnlinr Trouble Hon CIIAUNCEY F 11LACK
May labor unions not be Incorporated I
Methods und Morals of Campaign Commit
Pabllcll BII M Carei fur Corruption HERBERT
WELSH The secrecy of IhUP need of publicity ot
A IMnn for More EfTccllTe Management
The Next Oreat Problem of Mechanic
A TarlS for RcTennvi What It Heiilly
MpamK DAVID A VVEIL3 A thorough analysis
of the Democratic position
Notuble Kettglousi Tcliflencleai
The Knlnrted Lhurcli Prof DAVID SWING
The lucreaso of practical work the decay of doc
I tiluo
ReligIous Prncrrai of tie Nero II K
CARROLL Special Agent of the Ccnsui on Churches
A Cblnnmnn on Our Treatment of China
Prnvlnelnl PeciillKrlllFH nr Ve > < ern Life
F W HOWK author of The story of a Country
Town Society Politics and Religion In Western
Htadteei In Immlcratlnni
KenndlnATlnnsi In the Nerlusveet Prof
KENDRIC C IIA11COCK of University of Minnesota
Tlir Mine Laborers In PennalYunla
The UniversIty orMlelilcnn Prot HISKV 0
ADAMS Tbe highest product of popular education
8 it yrnriAO elM M copy
His Lifes Magnet
By TIUODOIU ELMSUP author of The
little Lady ot Lavender A Queen of
IloscB Au No 100 Town antI Country
Library llmo Taper 50 cents cloth
Tills story which IH ono of sustained Inter
imt mill increasing power presents a vivid
clmrnitiir stiulv daplctod In tiinolmrminir uur
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Hy HALL CAINU author of The oomfor
limo ScapoGoat c Imo Cloth SlUU
If Proof wurp noodoilof limo Inn liold Mr
Hull iilnuH latest Btoiy Jlio iipoioil
IIIIH takon of tho novnlroufllnt iniMIc It infulit
tofoiuui in tho riisli for tliiiiliiMndltloii t I nf
that work No feWer than tlouo roiiliiv were
tnkcn up by tire trails buOnro imltllcatloii tir
nimbler mmnmvel JJuiliuurnHtorliith ninllirntiKli
n doon odltlonB London Llturury World
A new dopnrtnrn hy title author unlIke
hIm prevIous work this Illllo talo It almost
wliolly hunioroiifi with inowi nil a ciirriit nf
lint ito U fl dot ntlttin It I I nut iluiiy tliutnn t I t
author can HUIOIIM niiiillv uill in IrncriU
ami lu comody hut It hunks ito t linnugir Mr Hull
Calnn I would hnonnuf f tlio t uxcillluiib I Lou
don Llturury World
Oonstriictivd with great Incnnnlty Tile
story lu lull nf ilulluht lloaton Advoitlsur
A rollleklnc story cut Mttnx I llfo wvll told
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miperlor In < haiitrtvruivlim anil iiaiimD
lorco to tli li little oomtily iiuston Jioioou
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by wall on receipt of price Li tire puhiltiliors
1 It > J end 5 Roust HI Xry York
fpiiu imiAT MURK o niilirinATui
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Peicribes the attempt of > ng the lilsnt Wrest
lirllaln lo possess tliu earth and of liropher smother
huge mani lu heljihlui ami how the peupliiof Iuuli
Ham prevented tt urIC
InlcuUul luarourt I wide Interest In Ibe tartS oass
tlon Kew Usdrord eisntlnl A blsndlnu of satlracnd
aenst Arkausaw traveilsr An txcelleni caiapalgi
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z B 7Ac almre irorA art fee tale by all look
tttlrn or tain It lent du niiiif postage paid ip
niilparuW United tatei Canada or Mu
4 t
Kewark N J on Aug 20 JHU2 by tbe Rev Henry
V Vanderbtk Jacob W JVoutf ttsr to Uuy I
HAKNKTTAt Kevatk HJ Oft Aa J8 It101
Joanna Qarthwalt widow of Stephen D Btraitt
aged 77 year
relatives ana trltnAi art Inrltta to attend the fu
neral from hr lao rssiasncs 1H8 Mulberry It on
Saturday at 2 It New Orleans papers ptese
nOSKtnOn AUf SJ 1882 at Jr sr City IllY
BosUe aged 2 run and 0 months
rrlendl are Invited to alienS the funeral from the
residence of ber percale ul Van Winkle it Funeral
BUKIIKNTOn Anr 251892 at Newark NJ
Domlnlck Brcbeny
nRIUOHon Aug 201 slJsreyCtty XJ hattie
L IIrlrr niece of Theodore and Emma Howe In
her 24th year
Friends are Incited to attend the funeral services
trum the residence or her nncle 83 Fewest it on
Sunday alternoon at 4 oclock Interment on Mon
day at Ilttston Pa via 853 AI tralD N J C
It I R
BKOWNOn Allar 55 1802 at lOll 8th it Jersey
City Annie mown beloved wife of John Drown
aged m years
Friends are Invited attend the funeral from her
late resldinco on Saturday Aug 27 at 3 1 U 1 and
Irom ft Michaels Church at 31111 r H
CrAllKKAt Antwerp Belgium on Anc U Ben
jamin U Clarke of N ew york aged 72 year
Funeral from hIs residence 32B Madlion nr on Sat
urday Aug 37 at It oclock A M I Interment prl
cO1 S IOn Auir 25 1SD at Ornngs N J Edward
Coyne beloved htishand of Mary Coyne
Relatives and filomls are Invited to attend tbe
funeral 1 from his late residence Essex av Orange
N J on Sunday afternoon Aug 2H at 1 oclork
and from St Jonns Oburcb where services will be
held Interment nt St Johns Cemetery Orange
CIKlssiin A lie 24 J 8U2 at Orange N J Cath I
erine J Cros beloved wife of Henry Cross
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the fune
ral from her late residence 1arrow stOning N
J 7 on Saturday Ann 27 at 11 M Interment at St
Johns Ceraetorj Orange V J 7
DAWM > NOn A IK 2C 1HU2 at Newark N J
Almlra II Ims eon
Friends Invited to attend the funeral from her
late I residence or l > Walnut St on Saturday evening
Auc 27 at II oclock luteriucnt at llahway N J
DOKKUUlSiiddemy at llaoketisack NJ Aug
211 Mrs Jane A V lIurDII I widow of the late
Peter II Doremtis In the tud year of lier age
Funeral on HundaAuir 61 3tl5 P M 1 from the
residence of lur I ilaugliUr Mrs U 1lvmpton Clin
ton place llackcnsacl N J Train leaves Chum
lirssLnt2liP U
IIANSENOn AIIK 24 I 021 Hobokon N J
Hans hansen aged 41 jesrs U mvntbt and 28
Friends are Invited to attend tho funeral from his
late resilience GOJ 2d it on tunday Aug 28 at 2
oclock P I M Interment at Flower 11111 Cemetery
IIUrPLEK Ou Aug 2fi 1892 at Morrlstown K J
Helen A lloppler aged 1 year and U months
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of her parents 41 Hidgdale ar on Satur
day afternoon Auir 27 at 2 oclock Znteruunt
Morrlstonu NJ
JAM ltoIOn Anir 24 1BU2 at I Newark N J Charles
O Jamas sun of George and Catherine James aged
10 years 4 months and 14 days
Friend are Invited to Attend tbe funerat from the
residence of his parents 17 Searing St on Saturday
Aug 27 at H30 oclock A M Interment at Ceme
tery of the llety Fcpulchre
KfAIIIIMIYOi tog 25 1812 at Jersey City
N J William Klabuudy aged 31 years
Friends aro invited to attend the funeral from hIs
late residence 1411 1IrnID II aD Sunlo afternoon
Aug 28 at 2 oclock Interment at the Flower Hill
LOGAOaAug25 1892 at Newark N J Eliz
abeth Logan widow of Thomas Logan aged 28
y tara
Friends are invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of bermotber 2W Augusta at on Saturday
forenoon Aug 27 at 730 oclock nd from fit
Jlrldgefs It C Church where a mass of requiem
will be oftered for the repose of her SOUL Inter
ment at the Cematery of the Holy Sepulchre
sYLDIO WOa Aug 25182 at West lloboken X
J Edward A Ludlow aged 11 munthi
Friends art Invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of bis parents 411 Monastery at on Sun
day afternoon Aug 28 at 2 oclock
I1NUHOn Aug 24 1802 at Newark X J Ellen
Iyuch beloved wife of Peter Lynch aged 43 years
8 months and 17 days
Friends are invited to attend the funeral from her
late residence IB Barbara St on Saturday fore
noon Aug 27 at Lu > clock and from St Jamess R
C Church wlieru a requiem mass will be offered for
the repose of lien soul Interment at the Cemetery
of the Holy Sepulchre
MOOItEUn Aug 241812 at Franklin N J Elita
Mooro wife of Joseph Moore aged 74 mean
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at
tend the funeral on bundsy afternoon Aug 28 at
2Ooclock from the Methojitt Episcopal Church
at Franklin X J
MORKlSsKYOn Aug 24 IRCX at lloboken
K J J John Vfornssey aged 40 years
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from his
late rotldence ZCi3 East both st New York city un
nturdny afternoon Ang 27 at 2 oclock
MriIIvNOTi Aunt 21 i 1812 at lloboken N J
John Henry Mulllns von of Anthony and Hannah
Mullins aged 5 cars
Friend are invited to attend lie funeral from the
residence cf his parents 2211 Clinton St oil fcatlir
day forenoon Aug 27 Docloifc
MVs ElSI i NOn Aug 21 18W2 at Jersey City
HJ L Mary A Musielman agul 22 years and 21
Irlend are invited to attend the funeral from her
late retidenie 13 White at on 31onday forenoon
AUK 21 at 9 oclock and from bt Patricks R r
Church w hero a solemn high mass of requiem will
lie uffcred for the repose of her rout Interment at
the convenience of the family
McAVOlon Aug 25 18112 at Jersey City N J
tile Rev James U ilcAvny aged 47 yenra
hotter of funeral ncrealter
MclOKVK KOn Friday morning Aug 2fl after
a long Illness Krldget Dull widow ef tha late Pat
rIce McCormick native of county Weituieath Ire
luneril will lake place from her late residence flac
27 nv on Monday Aug 2I > at V UO A M L thence to
St iabriel Church hast 37th st where a solemn
mass of reiiileui will be said fur the repose of her
soul Interment In Calvar
McNAIIVOu Aug 21 1892 at Arlington N J
cllflord T MrNally aged 10 years and 4 months
Friends ate invited to attend tlie funeral from the
lesldeiae this parents 02 Arlington St Arllng
Ion imxaturday afternoon Aug 27 at 4 oclock
Interment at lairiuount Cemetery
ONiilI On Aug 2 1812 at Newark N J
James F ONeill son it Michael and Norah ONeill
aged 2 years and 5 months
Friends are invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of mite parents 2H5 Central av on Satur
day torenoon Act 27 at 10 30 oclock Interment
at Cemetery of the Holy Sepulchre
PA RKIU tin Wednesday Aug 24 Eugene Parker
In the 42d year nit his age
hununural mini his late residenoe Ad Fast 88th St Sat
uidny morning Aug 27 at 10 oclock thence to St
Law rentes Ihtirch here a solemn requiem mass
wIll b < rein bratrd for the repose of bU soul Kela
tlvia phil friend art respectfully Invited
M7AMANOn Aug 2r 1812 at Harrison N J
yurtlii M nlnn lieluved wits of John J Scanlau
agtdn > ears
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late reMence 212 Harrison ar on Pnnday Aug
2K at 2 I VI Interment in Holy Sepulchre Come
Sill 111 nil E Suddenly of Brlgbtt disease at the
Hold rich Here In this city on Wednesday Aug
14 Ilaron Roger bellllcre of Pans France eldest
son nf Huron and Haronne Acaltlo eilllere in the
D2d cur of Inli ago
Irlatt funeral serylcas In the chapel of the Cath
drnl on Saturday Ang 27 and Interment at the
family Chateau of Hello Frnaco
HMITIIOn Aug 211BU2 at Newark N J Anna
Kmlth beloved wife James Smith aged air years
trlends are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late reildencc 3a llroome st im Sunday Aug 244
at 1 10 P 1 M and Irom 8t Josephs R u Church at
2 oclock Jateraent at the Cemetery the Holy
TOiNNIi On Ang 2ft 3892 at Jersey City
HeUhls fliarlotle Toeuules aged 4 yeirs
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from the
resldeiue of her parents 14a llutton st on Hatur
day Aug 27 at 2 P M Interment at the lloboken
t emetery
TiruNintOn A or 34 ISIU at Newark N J
Catlierlno Turner Infant daughter of Ueorgo and
Alice Turnir aged D months and 22 days
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of tier parents 144 bouncer ar on Satur
day afternoon Aug 27 at 2 oclock Interment at
the Cemetery of the Holy Sepulchre
VAIKMINKAt Isllp Aug 26 David Valentine
aged 13 3 StilL
t uneral and Interment private on Saturday Aug 27
kindly omit hewer
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Arrived IRtnAr Aur 2V
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hot ititer srrmn ale see Kir l52
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Jersey City mm Neir York at llrlstnt
FsTMruiulln from > ipo York nr Oiinnt Ilcnd
Bs Canada from Jiovv Ynrl > at iravvsnd
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S Amalfl Trnm Hamburg for New York
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M Yucatan llutn Havana for New nrk
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Andes Kingston Auir 17
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1llerl Havre AUK 17
America Hraincn AUK 17
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State of California Clnnovv AUK 11
Naruiilc Lllvernool AUK 1U
Jn JIiutni Ann 29
FLaIr Hrntncn Ally 20
Alvena iurt llmon Auir 20
Arizona Ltrcruool AUK 20
Yucatan Havana AuitlMl
Colorado Hull Auir 14
Dut TWWiiy Aug SO
Frlestand Antwen AUK 20
> Iolynetila Hamburg AUK 14
Newport Colon Aug S3
IHU iretntn AUJ SL
Ttntonlo Livnrpool AUK 24
Veeniiam nnucnlani AUK 20
Muriel ht Kltts AUK 23
Dull Th51 CI
Island tnrietineneanlAug in
Cltyof Wasnlnaton Havana Aug 28

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