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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, August 27, 1892, Image 8

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Canadian racinc to Northern Pacific pf r > ii
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Central 113t
1 FRIDAY Auc 21
The eppcultittvo Interest rcntroJ today In
V jf three Blocks nnd tho romalndor of tite list was
more completely neglected than It IIIB boon
for alone time Those stocks web Sugar Be
flnlnir Itcadlnc and Now England Tho pro
feiilonal element wan prompt to sell Hfadlnc
upon Chancellor McOllls decision nnd It U
estimated tlmt fully SOflUO shares of shorts
were put out durlne the flrt hour or two Tho
V price was fairly well mnlntfiLnednt tliodoclluo
though the bulk of the buying was scattering
Tbiladelphla WAS the only conspicuous pur
ehaeor It would appear from tho course of
I the stock hat I the decision tho character of
I Which has been known for a moilli past had
been pretty thoroughly discounted
According to current report nearly every
politician of Importance in tho State of Now
Jersey has been gelling the stock short Vet
U ti to be noted that the effect of tho decision
ftccordlncto the officers ot than several com
1 panies Interested simply chances their meth
od of operating thp properties Tho point fa
alto made that the decision Is not as sweep
tag as that of the Court of Appeals of this
State In the case of the tiutar Trust which
bat not prevented the refining concerns controlled
trolled by It from acting In perfect harmony
Tbe principal tiling that the Chancellor pre
vents Is the guarantee ot dividends upon Jet
ey Central stock
t In Sugar Hellnlne thoro was extensive real
Izing of profits on tho lone fide resulllnc In a
Bttdecllnuof 2 V cent It was currently re
ported that the deal tondvnnco the price of the
V took was over but brokers who make a bust
r neuof udying the market for It expressed
the opinion that the bulk of tho selling was by
professional operators and llelitwolccht spec
olatora who had ventured moro cxten
Uely thin they should upon the lone
fid of the
stock Now England was
Dot netrlr as active as tho two stocks
that hay been mentioned and was a
V olltary exception In closing Jilirhor Tho
1 short interest appears to have taken alarm
All of the Industrials were heavy with Distil
ling and Qonora Electila scorlnir thu greatest
I Detd cllno licxcto Sugar Bell fling Colorado
Coal was a feature In connection with the vir
tad success of tile plans for ionsolldutlns tho
compnnywlth thu Coloruilo Imil Company anti
a few minor orcnnlrntlons In tho MHIO lucnl
Jtr as outlined further on In hilt column Con
olldatod Gas wan moro iicflo tliii fir annIe
V lime rut but all the other npuclaltleg voro
practically left to thomsclvos Thu closing
wa heavy ut a very moderate recovery from
F tbe lowest prices
e Final sales compare with those of yesterday
V MfollowiAna
Ana 15 419 6l i 25 4vg 211
MbTUr 1111k 81I North rtf rrs a
1fClOil 4114 41 NY Central 113 1134
L ccbL ee ee NE 31W 31
1 oLeQ ZOJ4tN j 1 CntrallBH 385
7bu ohio 281 28410wsb5C010 63 o <
7hiopoOu HIq 8210n1 A Well 1894 llll
r7 Pull V Car Colinu jog
IUpL 4l BockUlonl S2U tiji
4g IS Aiw20 4vp IS Ai L
iflhtc rx Ml 41 nIhW P a
Krt 274 3 > H Readlnr 21
KanATpt aH sll HI lauieom 144 8
ouii Kaih 1J ti Teai Iaclnr 1114 1
veSIorelir IBIti iTenn UIAK 514 t
I N W p1 7rfi 711 iimioni > cine sl4 81
idde lift 844 23 tIn P P A n 1l1 Ill
Manb Con IMiiJ Inj Wab Paopt 2114 55
Mliinurl Pac lltL lilt Wit Un IX lat 11
NMI rordatelno lnnl < Wn AL K 2P4 i3
Natl Cord prl22l I 131 l Wit LiEPI 7U 10
Northwcouillil I il4 i
finvrrninent bonds toadr st unchanted
quotiitknip llnllwny lionils dull the teti
tiira Were Atcliloon Chicago and Eric nnd
llrmllne Isstie l Tim dOn Imtiorlnnt net do
clltios WITH In Clilcneo nnd Krlti Inrnmfll T
cunt tofiO Itonillni li t preference Incornon
1 > m i to7U 2d rr fprenco Incomes S to7o >
IU nrolorcnnn Incomuc ti to OJU und 3d gun
orilblos 1 I V cent to 04 V
In lank Mockri ID nlmrcn of American t Vi
clutnco Hold nt 158 1U uliarvn ol Hunk or Com
force nt 1H > and > U shares of Wvstorn Na
tlonitlnt IJUifiMJl
liar ftllrnr In Iximlon 38 Ud Kxporls to
morrow JlUCKM ounces
Monoy on mil 19J W cent Time money
nrninrut t cent furrtxty days 4 Vconl for
nliuity iliiyo 4 V font for four montlin 11115
V cent for plx nioiitlix on unod mixed Mock
Kxclmnuo pncurltloH Jlin olVrrlniM are light
Comnivrtlul tInier Is niiotul 1rliuo cndorsfd
Ml recciMililo nt IMS f cent llrittlaR
hlntle nnnie four mnntliK nt tirnTit V rent
Rood names nt 5 ttll1 r > cent and outof
town flflIneM lIt JI7 V cent
Foteljn lXCII11IUP flrmnrr 13tl askIng rates
for Btorllnc S4S7rnHN71 > for long bllM nnil
MtVjiffiMtll for iloinuinl Acttinl rules are
Lone LlllH mluSlMHJ1 Flulit drafts
t4Hlfn 48S nnil cubic fun < ftii < 4W l
HSHU IriincB urn juotcd nt filuS lent
llll for piRiil nnil tMVj losn J1U for lone
relchf marks 115 for chart nnd liri for long
pulUUrt 4tllf 401lU lor long and 40f11tzl
40i for Miort
PnmestliMixclmncoAn Now York Boston
1te1r edItS uIIMCOhlllt CllarioatonlluyIpg
r eiiing 1lfr pmelIliun iMtIIlnnl1
Jtoyiny inr sUing Pl IrenmiUl Or
I CII l18 iaiu l J rI irmnIunl omtt tn emoin I
iirlJiilimryuniYfliiclbco Slclit B cent lIe
cnilhlr 10 Kt InulMriO I cents discount
clilwmoM cents illiaount
limo Clpvclind Inclnnall Oilmen nnil Ft
Toitls llallroail rcportn croiH onrtiliiUA lor
June of MjifivJlft nn lnr rim H of iuii4l5 us
ruinimriil with tbu I tnmii month of lust year
n IIII net SHWIKI l nn liurou of tlUHl I ror
the llncnl year ulidinIr JunpilO lit > gris PalO
lnc Were hI8lt1 1 u nn Inuronsp of fritt1117
iihcomimrcil with thn prrtloiiH ycnr nnil net
JHHYIifc7i nn Inirenso of S trJ7 Fixed
clmrcoM wore J7017I u ilciTease of W
riil Icnvlni n PiirilUB of l40l > l < a nu itt
crnFo of itjliMKt
Tint tWO coinmlltccs that are soliciting
rroxhR to lie uicil nt tho Rpoclnl mrotlni
of htuoek hol dora of t tho lllchmi 1 > iil Tormlnnl
onnmny nett month npiirur to Imvo over
looked tilt luriuilluii of tliK xtroot toni of tho
rtitilli generally against hlitnl pool It Is
linrillv concclvubln that convrvailvo Kocnrlty
liolilcrH wli I give thiir rroxlisto any COIl ITt it
teo that nssllulg In tnkc chnrctfol Ihu ulTiIrs
of tlm coin run y without stitti lIlt whom they t
proiiot0 tu pleit ns trustcosoftlitsunfortiiniito
prniitrty YlilvliuvDf coinmlttecis llrst In tbo
lli > lil with n ticket Hint It propoeut to
elect will dotiblloss III nIce tin1 I fitrmiiist np
peal to lIlt stockholder it may also LO not uil
tlmt ono of Ito committees nniicly that of
which Mr Orr Is i I liulrman lias Muted dis
tinctly that It rpprcfcntH no pedal interest In
the iroi rty It will ho romomliorcd that the
oppiinontn I of the I Olcott eommltteo I made I tlm
point with Homo force ncnlnst It tlmt none of
tile nipmlivrf were large nolilcra of tile iocuri
tlefi and It WItS nrciieil thnt it wan blrnlilo
tlmt whoever undertook tho reorganiza
tion nhouM ljn tborouchlv fnnilllur with
thootennlvo rropeity nnil its Ixtrnormniirr
compllciitlonii Ho far aa COIl bo learned thu
affairs of tinTerminal system are Inns rim
otic a condition ns they bavu teen nt ally time
for a year past About the only tnncihla
progress that lias boon made Is In tho expos
ure of the relations of certain people to tho
property and II limy bn that further chnrseR
nnd recriminations will ovontunllv enllchton
tho mcurlty haulers ns to homo of tho pauses
thntbnvo placed the property in its present
Tbo controlling Interests of the Colorado
Coal and lion nnd Colorado Fuol coinpanlas
have agreed upon a pint of consolidation
whleh will soon bo submitted to tile stockhold
ers for their formal approval Its adoption is
practically assured as It has already boon ap
proved by the minority of Interest It is un
derstood to lo as follows Tim consolidated
company will have iOOiOOOi of authorized
bond of which i424400tl will be required to
fund tho bonds of tile 111 companies buying
17ut000 in the treasury Tho capital stoct
will consist of s2000noo preferred uuil SI1
UOOOOO of common Tho preferred will all go
to the Colorado Fuel Companys stockholder
Of tho common 4CC > 0ooo will co to tho
stockholders of the old companies and 51
7iO000 will remain in the treasury The coin
tunics to be consolidated are the Colorado
Coal and Iron Company the Colorado Fuel
Company the Grand Hirer Coal and Coke
Company tile Denver Fuel Company and tile
Huorfano Land Association Tlm agricultural
and town lot oroDerty of the Colorado Coal
and Iron Company Is not included iu the con
solidation but will go to u separate orcintra
lion whose rtock will bo given to Colorado
< Joel and Iron stockholders The reorganiza
tion must bo completed by Nov irs Tho olll
cers of the Colorado Fuel Company will be the
olllcers of tile now company
Treasury balances compare with tliose of
yesterday as follows
Gold coin and nnlllnn ilriillXI tlloiHvr
lllorr coin riitti bullIon aUH4l40 3347184
Legal tendern lncluilnif
Ireuuryiiotei 138u5t872 3878I
Total i7i3t58
Deposit In national bunks 1380810
against SljKlJaTiS yesterday In addition
ho the foregoing the Treasury reports silver
bullion purchased under the net of July 14
IKtU 51SbOsu nnd Treasury notes Is
sued against tho same SJOHtXjUlibO of
which SluOlUlCKltt uro outstanding
Money In London j cent Unto of dis
count iri tlioopen uinrlsot for both Abort and
throe months hill 1 V111O V cent Amount
of bullion withdrawn from the Hunk of Kuc
hma on balance today f > OUO 1urls nilvlcus
iltiute o V tents nt lull > francs f > 7 > s cflntlmo
nnd exchaneoon London nt J5 francs 18 cen
times Tho statement ot the Imperial hunk
Germany shows un increase iu spoclo ot
alJOOOO marks
ThoPnkSot mining Ptncksit the New York
Consolidated itok and 1ctroleuni Exchange
today wuru as follows
o1l lii 1 t
ioorriin wick is in ir ir
2OOIea < ttllie Itt JI l HI III
soopineiilxof Arlrona ri ro ri ro
lOObuliivan l oo l oo 1 IO 1 uo
7 jIit total iale weru 700 aliarex
ricetrlc KlooU Quotntlonv
roinv Arir 111 LTtue cloiluz quotttioui cf electric
itocti today vere
Jill Jttlttl
llontrn Klcclrlc LizhtCo 114 117
tiineralKlrnrlf 1111 I I1WI
lienertli llrrtrie pf I It 31131
tcktngrioukemectria Hj 1111 i
UtltintttoiiieKlectrlc pt IJ1 MW
Detroit rlcitric 7
I crttVayn ElectrIc 18 < J2J < ii
KiirlWnjniKl ctnrlAi KJ hj
Ilicmpoiflluitttnii 1 Tnifct ut li
TiuiiUlOiIIUUIIOU Tiut Itj 84
ienr Vark InrUrlM
Fninav Auif iilie transactions In llonr were llcht
nnd the tone ci unro or leu dcjinrxdifd fho iltMlna
In wheat and an exictalnn of 1 ircer rucelpt > h > rily
o nito llieFitiiciiiiiitof t III I lute lit lluKiln nidi
tatrd airaluil thf iiilrrenlii of hulder The lalt o fie
llOUO bull The reciliU uere 4001111 111 Ar and
tile exior f7iOil hblj Ai hprlnK In liWfi Fine
l5SsIi5 lurerlllii 51 HII IIO Nn 2 exlrn Wit
2iU So 1 taunt rlof lit mar i31UU3bO
tnitchtr f 468 io jutrnun jrrS4tr
IKAIN teat full 1l 19 Ir OHIIU to Inwcr fnreUn
market Inrire recetpu the cluaeru mini anti IIIIIK
llqtililation Ihvre wan not much Mi < < lDtiiih KMiorttir
took only 8 beetle hf miller 1 limili No 1 Nurlhern
about fiJJic ooer heplenihfr litlnat rulupie tirinir on
p I iliot il at uC in cc tic NoJi Ito 2 leil on p I I
about wou MJMr 1 > amr > l Uo for nut nf September on
p t For tniilinif No 1 Northern at H4Uu it ieairi
click red HI biyc The urnljuiird ctoriincei t etc i
out ItllHCf huSh The r < ieijit 111110 July 1 are inr
Ill CXCIII of tuw0 diurlog lit tiniHim last year llm
rcccmtiat chicuio ilurini lIt put nttu luuu Iwrn
linprecedentbdly large Ilienc 1 vttv Hie ri leltil I tu du
4ijucau 177104 hiuil 1liolluuSu hu lljruuue
altutul iItPOlj Iluiluitlu tI8lt1 11 Littilit 214115
Toledo 214511 Lietrult 2Sltl tj ttt lrtt7f
Jllltumort f335tt itltatipli a 1344 I ti litiltu
itO Cr10111 Iititi i4l5t ItitLI 11151 yItcrtlsy
18848411 lOIS JSII 3ear 1iPtuiiu Iuiti
iiterlur receipt of iprlhk mid e Inter whc t toreiicht
week Illicit JUly 1 liav Cecil 45u1551 t butt nKHintt
Uti4H2ooo bulb tall year tin nervate nf 7oi3iO <
bush nr ncany a million per week An uttlclul report
on the Bulsitultul crops silyl oust the whuercropi lu all
the province except ilitecn are in ufailrtariory ton
diiiun lbs couullltliuul ot the lutnuier ciuni lit I uniatli
factory In ulctteen proltce The future lalei were
liu0oo tuib ailollow
Oimig Inirtl JHiktH 74g
August 7 134 71i74 7i
beuteiutlir Mil 710 H 8Ug lIti
Octoiier HJM 8114 8II l 1
1iottwber 81 t o
pec iuberYVtv1 HtOld US 84j
tiny uosin bnriii iioy vo
Corn WitS We to two lower purtly In lyrapathy with
the duenna lu niivut and purtly owing KI laree re
leI III Illlrrlor point foiinlry drnlrri soIl irecly
In thlcafto The host si ore proeit lube hutnbiiKait
liiuiil I JISPO lire tuok it luiid Ttitt chit lalei Meru
TiOi < Mlliuii I DLTHded inlxfd tio ivillr I I lullS altl
jellownvt I No 2mixtfilillcIneleiutor I Ilieiuuiire I I
ieiiii were V7234 II tit I mjdliiir I iiiiu 1 > Imil line
Jtiv future 55k ii H no Uoiio uiikU lit Cullonii
A lugul l tu I ill 11i1it I C8ii1 Ill
hofiteinber > i 3t f rii1 rHJ f7i
Octotirr H r7li 5 C7 b
lts etcher r U n7U
Peroiinir r74 rvlj iljj r7i
February a r7 rH
ll > b 184 145
Out declined > jc toJtc ln yr r < athy with oIlier raiuu
Ihefliot llr were > fNlo blush t > J lulxuil lWl < s
JlUJtc i t0 Jldii o4c An S WIllIs 42ci NilIt do 4fc
The tiilnlricelptt sets 47ll2 > ll huh li Iniiliilliix 185
iM here ruiure iili 2iOooo liurh Aumim 8s7i4
ilh VtIteuiuCcr l11lj4Zo Iclober 8tt4s3Illl
8uvmber 81410 1Ielrljulii 40c t lay 42k cbs
leg willI AitglO 3ui b51tCUibCr 1u831c ilcIobor
Hilfl b4oveuibr Icelutber 44Jhc Her
43J4e Bye wee dull and nominal
rttoriiioxi Large receipt ot hr > gi and a continuation
of the chid < ra scar caused anotner heavy decline In
Chicago but at the tower prlcei larga packing baSest
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January 13r lt46c i February and < MarchJJ
iwt ot AMIU LiaiwiSitre i May lawiaia4Oc tOo
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alvires it er recVlredraVd tlin receipt at the FoIls itiiI
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very large leiideri on SenUnibtrcoiitrnoti here and the
luesr > bug Pllliltt nf Stptrmlnr Notes eitlluatld tOe
liolicei at itt IllS a MIOiO teas The moil nrll
inniiin rentnnber thr itlpe of which were 771100
lulr The notice weir Iarled linnlly by the Urrcao
ii Im later nn r etc henvy Imyer or nlriiiner There
wn n if iiirnl doire amoiu tlie rnnk emil file of opera
Inr I in I thia country and Lurotu tu I iwltcli Iromtep
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1u roil 7luiil7 7hil 7 ut I 7utt el
April 771 < i7l 770 774 5O
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rtTKiiil MN sale of nallrcal ctrllcatts Relned
S ill uncltintuel
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market und VI earn direct to rlituiiiereM The tradltn
oiiened cry acm e but rioed dull and Aier for coin
ulon suritulea Iooreiil lo IEI list r stern Saul at
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dry cost nt slt K iUW lre eil lieef etcittly ai
l Mile w IXlur I I1tlo slit it Lntert isbn from Iin
dun iiuoles Mnerlraii deed nm at ntrtllo < fr It
drriied ii eillit and American refrliternted best Heady
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morrow in i been e all Hriiqunrter if beef
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cctultt Of liege is ere i715 hejiil Inrlullnu two care
for ae Market lower Sr7UiMUOi i 4 100 Hit
Keul 17Nae Truniirer
Olvlalon il P I f Jctrer on it lot 1182S7i
Irreit Jlorrin II Muniky tt al toNathan
lupin Coil it lit 1P300
41d > t i s SiU vr Clli av 2rxi8 U Jno I Fuller
and Wilt to IUIH M fuller 1
Mitdllun It 40U Joule Well et al to Abraham
iolilteln 8OOO
Wlllluia it 21 and 27 lly Lord In Solon
lluinuiiteya et al lOis Ac ut Brltllh and
MercantlleTru Co 230OOO
MxchaiK place at and 21 11 llllani it lame
exr Ac ti saute 2300OO
27lli > 20li Weit Chattel Nubia neil wife Iu
William Noble 44000
7thav ne cor 17th it InllxJidx Irreit lUltlam
hotter Inn to Weber rianoCn 4SOOOO
lltht n it cas e AC li rii MaiJaltna
Krrer txrx to Mo en Kuguoiin liOOO
Hamilton ft n it ailj eiitale Tltterman II Fully
1 Ill ward 2x4O4x irres I illiumLFmdloy
Tel to Johatina Burke 0000
14MH Ii > e cor Sew it TrxllK Utile M
Snroul to John llallen anil SliD 4SO
C7th t a a 100 r w Av A 10ilnxl28 3x101 S
It Av AxUIIUAr Ueorxe Kchmitt et at to
Brlunltt A Schwanenlliieircl 1
102d it e t io > e 4th av 2oX10ll11 Jni J td
warily to Ellen Neon 15000
llUthrt C i LOw tub avriOxuUil I Ja > Mill
ward and wife to NuthauJ Newwnter 1
47th ci l ii F 10O w lit nv lOxluoC Jail Mem
to Isaac Kahn HCOn
Bthar M2O jlira Michel ta Ixira Bauer 3U6OO
144th it I s 27 8 n Nib av Itlllxrju Lees L
Baldwin tulrumin U llaldwln 1
118th it n ii uuo e lOli uv WxlOOll Kuul
noniU LliihtiTtliKulmril SI Km on i
70th lit it > 17C e 11 cit Knd av 111 8x100
Arthur D leO to Philip Brady 14GOO
Gist > t 235 W UUSSIC K llaao lo > yer Mllll 1
nrcoiiuxn MOUTUAGX
llaldwln Truman and sob toLdmundTrouton
< 5 until ie bill ISY ayr > 1COOO
Clark Ueor0 to Albert Huckster ir Ifct ar n
lithitiyri 1200
Ilierleln Credt to the U S Trut Co n a ChIli
Ii w2lav Cyle 10000
GoldsteIn Abraham to Jonas Well and ADO
40 MaoUon it 2 yn 17O
Ilerrtrau MurrU S to Hy R Beekman truitee
a ICanal Pt w Waculnicton Kt 1 yr 1GCOO
Kllpatmk Kdvr and vile to Klw Oppeilhel
flier and ino Columbus ar it e cot liluh et
1 yr 7500O
Katui Iiaac to Itachel Helm l ii 47th it wist
nv 3 yns 20OO
Levy llitchellAC to Alrrod U Dunn 125 and
131 Bieeckert2Tjr 1COOO
OConncll Timothy to Kunlcunda Wludolph
niiautit w AiUHtenlani nv 1 yr 8COO
Ililev Kichnrd and wife to llit Title Ouar and
Iruit Co s e l2d It e Terrace plitce ft yrs 1500
Srliuiuck Herman and vlfe to John Ii M
halt iani a e lanthir w V Mllliav lyr 2500
Weber Piano Co to tIliA Faster tru 1217tli ar
etcrt lOyn 103ov
Briflbeck Jliu und auo tuConlnd HottiH 112
Avb8 > re 70OO
Bulki lohaiini Iu Jno Lenhy n ii Hamilton
fit ull eu or Tilicrinan lleily derd 2 yrs 3000
Hcay Mary anil out lo tie u S Life Inc Co
n e in2dit is 3ilav4i yra 7700O
Ikiifrelinann Mont to Maydvlena Erzer etrz
in lllthote Av 117 yr 13000
Michaeln Luill totlia Met cue Bk it w cur lit
aviini 5th n 1 > r COOO
Mclauifhlin John to thn Hank for bavinci ii
M7th Kt 5 Ar A 2 1 yr E2OOO
Inivri1 AMil and ann to Ceo L Mi > ntroinvry
and aim aillidit ICr > 3tI l av 2 > I yr 6287
Krnfi bliruea and ano to Mary Dudtl n a
11IIM e2dav 2 jrra 2OOO
noeuoui t J Vie ley lo Howard T Kiniubury
llHVrl < ilnt 2ns 60OO
Echmlttj bchirnnenrliirKel to Saint Ililcr
ineycr trnilee property rfghti and prii
llMc loud I 2OOOOO
Fclmllfr hrn t et al tu Cliarlr HUllvelt et
al I it e cur vi let Knn av and 1021 I it Z0 1 yr ttfrOO
Silehel Johnnti nud wlln to John rimingttr
anil auo UU Ludlunr st 3 yri 0000
1111 C4
Colirn Slllane to the Chevren Moreen Abra
ham Aimkhel < Jtutenka 0 ilepox it door 4
yrperyr 1240
Puller Itohcrt M 1 to Jno J Miller l e i 42d nt
nAi wijthav ir vlibti irrtcf nom
WehriuHim Arthur to lly Schwelbert 04U
tolmuLu u clot 2 yri per j r f HK to 1080
13 a jirutiiT lbIJIIJflA II
The Jlomlnnt Snvlnjn Hunk Finally Obeys
the flank niiiiTlnten < rnt SIllier
AiBixy Anc Conrlilornblo interest was
innnlfcsted rocontly when tho oITlclali of tho
Kondoiit HovlntR lnnk rcfuscil to obey tho
order of Superwtendont Charles 51 Iruston of
tlioBtato Bunking Department to dmw tliolr
iiVulliiUo IiiiiJ amounting to over UOOUO
front tho Flrst NutlonrnintKl of llondout AH
tilt tofusal was Itt Ortil In what Bupcrln
tontlent Preston at tile tlmo termed an Insult
IIIK letter lio lmm illatqy t > ok htcps to on
loioo I liK I order throu li the court P Ho oh
lulnid nn order from ludcn 1 lltrriik of tho Su
pri < ilinCiuit for llu I > olllulnb of HID bank to
xliuwinUBo In Albiiny at n niiunlul term on
luoxdny i noxt why thn ordnr of tile Supirln
tciulent of tilt Kiiuklnc Detmrtment bhould
not bn obiivml
lust n this order wes nl out to bo fiorvcd on
WiiUnoilay Lint riupoilntvnilont 1roston ro
celvcil I H toluiihono nitBsHKi from Ei I WIn
Ynunc 1rPbldimt of tho Fhta Niitlonnl Hank
of limidmit J hiiylnu that t his ordur liiul huon
coMiillfil with und 1 I ills ill turning a lutler WItS
rnuiivod to tin II FIIIIIO cITuct fioin lros oh lint
Janvtf U i Iimlfliy of hIlt llondout Hivlnc
Hunk Hunvrlnttndotit I Irvnton ttnld this I
morning that this niukns it uniiccenaiiry to
proceoil wilh tilt enNui In court ub his order
lids boon lully compiled with
lulernnllodul Monetary Conference
WASHINGTON AUB 20 Secretary Foster of
the titato Department and HccreUry Foster of
the Treasury Jionartment hold a conference
yesterday regarding the election of a place at
which tho International Monetary Conference
Mill bo hold It Is i Bald todny that this Gov
ernment IB nngascd In a telegraphic corro
1Oiideuco with the various lowers Interested
with a view to getting their consent for
thu Boloctlon of London This IK desired by
the United Mates for many reasonn but It has
linen hitherto npi > uhi > d by Great Urltaln As
fcOOtiiiR the nlavu of holdlni tlm cnulcrenao
U dnclikd t ill iiipftl Itill of the Into will I bu
taken I iii > and thn I itt it ed htutus will urtio that
un uaily dale Le llxeil
liiiu < Ii nud IJvr < smelt
TonoNTO AUR 2UTito Mafft Montreal cor
respondent hiiyn that lie wan informed today
byn promlnont Conservative who IH incloso
rolntlons with mumlioiHof the Dominion Call
Iml I Hint I the I iorernimnt t would prnbiihly
adopt n policy of fiej ciiintln bcloro tho I next
HOSBlon of 1iirllumont Color IH clon to this
htatement by a stsnillcnnt article In tilt la
StIle a iovornmont putter TlikhadvocutB3tho
freeing of the canals
Becrelary J1k1e Comliie lo New York
WABBIKOTOV Auc 26 Secretary Elklns
leave Washington for New York this evening
lie will probably remain In New York until
the Utter part olneit week
Cold Bonds5
UATKH IBIT 1 1MT l > hTtII < Y 1
If 1
Price 00 nail Interest nt which tile
bonds wllKylelilOour ccnt
5 5
a onthe 1lb5et18ilt
Thee boniln nro imrt ut nn laqus of
4OOOOOO of which atOOOOO Imvo lirrn
lilme l In I trust la retlrx lie mmn nmnunt or
liondn thiil nreu liner lleii apon f s portion of
ihv rror > rry mode or the Aiuerlcnn Wiit r
Vvnrku fomimny nnd nrcirrd liv morlcns
nnan the rxteni > IVF wuleitvorloi i > lunt Clip
nl lnz Ihr Cltltiil nf Oiahnnnrt Holitli Omntii
Neh the pnuiliillon nf whlcJl by the reSCue
of IB JO we I47tl7
Klncr lIst luatiu al ihvoe hand mere tiiii n
lUUOO < > 3 Marc hreii expeiulril In new con
Irnellon on uctnunt oTwulrli flues f omprny
lasHed and sold nt t > ar W1OOO O al a per
ccnll > referrrt nlocU Ilir vorlixiln imliit of
rfXelrncv nnrt mi > erlor connlruallnn lire un
excelled ny any wUerrlunt In tha Inltcil
The earnings hnvo Incrcnucd from
11 > 8U1 In ISSiJ to SMCOOOO cstl
inatetJ for l8J
KUKTHKIT rAstricvtnN Ir1olt
tll lIC noN
The CHVenner Company
Minneapolis St Louis
Railway Gomnany
nr hereby Informril Hint hr trnn rrr hnoU
ensue C3rmauv will elnee on rrpt 1 1HO9
flEil IBDS
Holder ofholli tile prrfrrred nud common
lack of he company are reqaceled to co
oprrnto nt one stills lie iinilrrnlcned net
tat nit a committee for tile irolrcllon of
tbelr iusereats bj < lrpn llnc theIr knldtnan
nllh the Crrlral Tni t CVmp nv of New
Yorknnd Hlcnlnsnn ncreerncut HiitborlzlaB
tltecammlltrntorepreneiit tbem nnd to In Up
puck action 11 Slur prrmUen ae lUCY lu rile
Judameut ofnnld eonimlltee be necenanry
rosa iIttT ZU MA1U Ullt I lllVjvi 175
Dated New York Auc 18 ItJI
Members New York Stock Exchange
uoNinKAL ornci isa ST JAMES ST
Receive detioflt rulijict lo check at light
Interest alowed on ilally lialanc
Execute order fertile purchjue or Sticks
and Bond for Invritmsnt Cur nn margin
Connected liy prlrate wire with
f Ulfflil W Go
Bankers and Stock Brokers
IS Wall Street New York
transact A rulir banklnr builnisa lclndlnx the pup
chaid aitd eats on couunlulon ct lecufitlaa dealt laat
the Kew York 6tock Bzctange
niaiuriiic qnarirly from IBM to 18011
lull WALK 11V
iti1ltt1 niul Smcvcft
The third quarterly dividend or Jjh 3 per cent on the
Preferred MucL nt Nitlunal led inupttir < Mill be
I all Sen IS ltH2 loatuckhoilrn nf record An < 21
jrtirj 1run fer honks tur Pretnrnl Mock will lost
An IMi IBU ata P 31 and rell lu Closed until Hep
IV lbll3
lbs order of Board of nirrctor
JOs I MIIIRNnv Trraturer
toil IM CT lION I to PHIlliS I A
Notice In niTHiy Kivrn tnut tha intrrrit tin thli Com
pane iiiiili > intut ItoiiiU Fvrii4 A due Sipt 1 IHic
wiubo ialil at tlir llankliu lluliiOf Mcr liarliik
Uaroun A lo lj Wall vt hW Vurk
J It liUNIIAKr VlcePrtildent
lies York tr21l1u2
ATENTS fur InventIon procured promptly toirratM
PATENTS a iiaxiz 11usau iiNI bttUM
V c
Block Signals and Inttrlotking Swilkhes
Dcsbrobscs nnd Cortlimdt Streets
iv uttKCT jvrr o isos
000 A M Pullman Veitlhule Sleep n and Parlor
lara ArrIve cUvtlanil Afjs A M Coiumbiti 0 > J
A > 1 liltlIttsl outs ll40 AM Ohlciltn 6SS P I M
5111 t IiIl4 7la I 11 IiCXt Cay fonneci des
for Toledo except Saturday
lOiOt StCnniinse1 rcluslrely ci Iatlman
I ecilituli irutn lug 1101 hlte lOftttii cieeplii lilnlng
ilioI lug it lii I lIucb stlo Are rOitul iiiii iinaiiciel
leputrus blthlflgraphrs uud typelYriterl baililioiii
iii ttl Ii F Ce III let t mIt Ii irber etittp ilttrary CIII
nil t lie coilS eiuiiica of homo nr otrico LljhlVl by
Slot ItutlIo und uios alit rlectrtr Iliiliti Arnre lIlt
I Illuiuti 1411 A Ii IIiiintiejtotti l 7IV A M 1 Uhlcafo
li4n 1 tliinilMi Uu rilJiP l Jl iiextdy
Cvl K stptiltaii Vrtlbule Bleeplnir Can from
Nan Inrk ami iaiiiiic tit nom New YOre loM
lniil and tinrlniiiii A I itllinln tiuio < tnir oar and
frktiiin e Pamrnuer Cnachei New lork tu St Ixiiiii
Arrltei Cliiclliliatl 1010 A il 1 und hi Louts 700 P
u next day
IliOl > > MPullman Ventlbnlt SleepIng Dining
Hmok Inland P nn ylranla IlelIrnab l Veiilbule Iaii
rnjrerrnacltei frnm sew Vork tu thlcago Arrlrei
In LhiJiuo aoo p i M twit dep
030 1 Miultnsn l Veitlbnle Slreplnir Car New
lotS to PltlbiirKli Chicago soil Cleveland nininr
< at > New I irlt to Philadelphia Mid rlltlbur li to
Cilcni Arrive at Cleveland 1H4O A M ChIcago
11181 tituri lieSt Ur Conleu lor Toledo < l daily sa
cem batlIrIlsI
Sr lIilmtsn l > BuiTet Hlerlns Tar New York
Ott hlcdiro Arrive weekday at Columbia 7ilc > I
itt 1 u < Y5Jn1 1185 i It next olay and dally at thl
lets iOO I A M leroud nioriilliK Connecli fur Toledo
ilsllv and Tor Cluieiand cud Cutuiubui except bat
urUa >
i30 l leitlbode i0ceplg Can New
I ark 0t lflcIluliitt lielulilila ISIUI 8L Louis Ulnunt
Csr Alloolia Ui llCluliiiliit Arrives Colninbu 34i
I 11 Clntliunisti 0111 I > 1 inlianpuuii 10118 1 14
iuiuil Cl LuU57t A II
e n I rcirii IllUMI IHK
4i8O f lTIJ > hit all point on Klchmonil and
IMuvlileltailroan wm inrouiu sleeper to New Ol
Iliii Aihvllle and Knojlle
CV ° j lluuy furalliiointionCheianealte and
Call Jul 5 Ullnay with tbfougi li SleepIng aud Mnitig
ltuUO 1 i SbShgnaiuioitli Valley Klpren dally with
tlmneh rnljiaan Hnrtot rileeplnr tar 10 New Urloaue
via hnoxvllle Clattunoosa and DirmlusUam
Is 1 ii 1 50
lOiQO A sIVii 1 Inatnn IlMtUdEzBrri
5 eek day Itillman Vmlbiile Tarlor Carl Vtitlhiile
1In 1 arbiter each lilnlnu Car tI Baltimore arrIving
In il anliliKtini n M r M
OlXO f vlniiiriiiMnnnl lImited dally
1 uilinaiiAeitlbule Iarior Cars and DInIng Car arrtv
Ini ailjlneton biSi 1ll21 0 extra tare beyond
usual fullaiaii chArges un either of these train
Adulllnimr Lapree lualneg 4120 800 8111
itIlil 11 A II 2iO 430 5110 and 91001 U anti
3215 eIght For Iiaitllnure 1111 1 10 1 14 sniolap
lifanl30A L 4110 1100 and b00lManuj
13 I 1 ItIgIli
Kilt ATLANTIC CITY lBO P I 11 t week day with
tliroiiith Biitlrt Tnrlor Car and Combined Coach
Full CAiE MAt luoi I M week days Through BoSat
1arlor far
Kor Lnnt Ilranch Ailiury Park Ocean Grove and
Point Pleaunt 143 IO 7M IltlO lOlOl A M 12OO
iiooii 2ian 3lo 340 4Crn r10 and 7OO l ii week
day Kalunlny inly 1 ao P 1 M Sundava MU6 Bt45
A II alit Ci ir PM i Do not Hop at Aiuury FarO and
Ocein urove on Sundays
Exnniti OlSO 720800 8130 HOO PTO IOOO Penn
ylvanla Limited a Ith Iitnlnr Car and lolu Waih
lOtIon Limited with DInIng car and 110 < A It 1
lJl1l 100 JlOilX 831 4OU 41O ROO 645
UUI HOO HtV anil IIm I il nil IQir nlht
Accomtiioilallon 1111 A M 44O and ZuO l > M
hlillilHym Express M15 bSaH00 100O LImited
Sill 1050 A MJ OU 400 4tUll OOO Oi3O MOO
830 and iiio f M rod 1216 night Accomtnoda
tltii l1th and 7110 I M
Fnr Time liible tT tralni to local polnti on the
IVnniylvanla Ilallroal hyitem upply at the followlnt
ticket office Sn 2111 43 B4I R44 Clot Ia2i
llroartoay 1 Astor Iloure 4Ld It and dth ar 134
Juit IZotli it 2U4 West lJ5th st 211 Uolilmbm ar
anil boot of lieiuroate ind Cortlandt its 4 Court it
htto Kulton ci till llroxdrny and Brooklyn Annex
nation font Itt utlon at IlrooVljnl 75 hudson IL
llobukeii statIon leney ttty
The New York Transfer Company will call for and
Chock Lajcice from hotel and residences through to
Ueoeral Manacer General Fait Agent
Station foot of Liberty St North River
Time Table In Effect June 20 1803
Trains LCHTC rla
Central Railroad of Now Jersey
Vii hlntlon OIiour Flyer dally XI t3O A M
Philadelphia i uUt Line except Sunday 4
Scranton Kxreii trxcept Sunday S45 AM
43I > P M
Lone Branch Flyer except Mnnday S3O
r M
For Philadelphia Baltlnsre and Washington
Philadelphia Kxprein 4OO 715 9O1 1000 1131
A M < lob iltmnir car lao 21B 33 > with dInIng
car 400 roo 1100 730 845 r M 12ir > niicht
Fnnday llOO 1010 1130 A M vltli linIng car
IKJ aSO with dining car 500 CUO P il 1210
liiltlniore and Wahlng1on Kxpre dally at 0 OO
131 A M with dinIng car lao 330 with dinIng
car 500 P I M 12K > night
Additional tram week 1355 for naltlmor at 6 P U
1arlor car nn bus > Intl Sleeper on NIght Train
bOy Readmit at 400 745 Hi41 i M 1 00 1302IS
4OOnOOB45iOPM 1215 nIght except hatur
day nlitht Kuiiday 113OA Jl 1X 330 500 530
0UOr 1 M 1215 nIght
Ior Nnrrlbun at 4OO 74r 84 A 14100130
400 000 r45 P I M 121 nUht iiept Mtnrdar
illlllt hundiiy ii lltaO AM 1OO COO G30 P 1 M
1215 nIght
VorPuillVllleat 400 74r 845 A M 100 1W
401 73OP M i 12ir DIgIt except fiaitinlay nlirlit
hundai 113O A M 1 40 3HO 410 PM l i 12lr > nlKlit
Kur Sanbury Lssisbuirg an1 Wllllanipori at 4OO
745 841 A SI 1OO 1 ao 7O P l M 121B flIght ex
rrit Saturday night tiuudayi 715 A M U00 P M
1215 nltht
Kor Minim llethlehem Allontown Hauch Chunk
A i4lxi7luHMrA 14 ll 00 430 f4f 730 P M
to Alletitown Kim < Uy 4 3071 ISA M loa 5i3OPM
For Yllkebarrr Pitlrlon and Scrapton 845 A M 1
430 P 1 H Hundaya 4miA II
Ior lliBli KrldKe Ilranch anI IaVe Hopateonr OtOO
84A M Iroo 4ao P I M Minday ill A M
Fur Perth Alllboyat430 rW Mtf 1030 11SO A
M 13O 24Ji 401 430 DO i rW 015 730 P M
Sundays UOa 11 11 A M 4 < Sl > F M
For PrneBolil etil Allnntli Il Igtiluitul5 43 < 81S
llIO M SilO 430 llir > P i M Sunday UloU M
4CmrH I rxrrpt FmlluM
Ior Hrd HnnS lent Ilranch and point imith to
Point Ilraiant 4io tir IIITO hluSi A M12O
afirdar only lw 2ir rt30 4Oi 430 S3tL Milft
PM humlaja excrpt Ocean trOle suit Anbury Park
Ulrill30AM4OOPM 1
KIT ikewonii I Tom Itlvrr narnritit Park and Bar
nenat4toHl5AU liii4aiP 1 Ii l
For Atlantic city VltieljiiJ and llridgetoo 43O
A It I 81 I > 1
For jionmmiih Deach Scalirlsht and highland
Beach 4 SO Hi in AM l1l 4IIO lllf P I M
from 1lern X K lout nf Rector it
soc Atlantic hilglufrtlte IllrlutlIll Ileceli Iteabright
dud Long llrisicb At 4itI ttiit I 001 14 1100348
430 530 i Ii nuda > s h18 A Ii I 011 1 11
Fur Elberon Oceell irAte AttllrY York and Point
innnill at 1 1 inf A 11 1 ItO 845 li3O 580 I Ii
Tor LaV wnod Toms Ulicr aid Bmrnegat at 480
A M lU0a48I lb
Truln leave Htntlnn foot Liberty at Tl ia
lliifrnln nod Cbleaiica rxprca Daily asia
A As poio P sI
trnileIu xprrlu 5tflt 15Inliliy MlJ A
II 1830 1 ss u14 2 i1 PtUG J
For Buffalo Niagara Falls and the West
B15 M 730 M utundayRl3A M 7i3O P M
Kor liaton 700 SIO A Ii Vft1 audI 11t13
7ao p II L biitiilayi 700 818 1100 A t SilO 7I3O
F 14
For Bethlehem Ailntonn and M ucb Chunk 700
815 A M iao 2113 except Mjueb Chunk 845
alit 7SOP is sundayi 700 816 110U AM4iO
7301 II
I or iottsville at 815 A 14 1380 816 rM Ian
dale 1100 A > 1
For ktciy 511 A It 12s80 SM7SO r It Bun
daTelll6 iltOA i730hlb
Vor 1ointaIn llie Makanoy eoal region at 815 A X
1380i45 I1 I M Huhdl > i Bl5 UrOO A M
For ttllkeibarre nttmon and Scranton 816 A M
1230 84n 7 io r I M bundayi except Scranton
S 11 A 10 7 8 F > 1
Bro1rEfmirii3Bli > lA 14 IZtSO 730PM Sunday
Bull A Ii 710 I It
Tickeis 11111 tenOr Cit p t can be procured at 172
233 lOll 14IB itIS l421140 Broalwar ill Murray so
MH emil i1 Ill Fail I4lhit 2SS Columbua av ami
rl Wcit lMh it New turk 333 WnblnKton at 721
Fultnii it lirnoklyn an 174 Hruadway WIIhilnsburgh
Vrtiriilt 151 bite < ii will call lot and check baggage
from IK11 nr retulefle to deitlnation
hiD HUtiiiier Uen Tail Agent
New York and Boston Al Rail
Ioae Uy wiir of Due
nml M Hprlnsilent and Worreiter aflur I M
lOiOtA M > ew rondnn and Providence 4110 p M
lli tci iA Jl hprlnvtield and Viirceitcr H3 p M
rKOM IMrliiKrtelil and Worcester 1140 p M
12oi l M 1 llarilotd and K V and N F 11111 8 > 4
1 oo P I M New inndon end Providence 714814
2IHI P M IiW Ixmdon and Provldrire 740 PM
aiKP I Ii I MVilllmaiitioandNVandNK H4llp M
400 P 1 HI > hprliijrl ld and Worceiter looo p I M
BOtil 1 M 1 v esv London and Providence llOOp M
II too P M iprlngneiil and Worcnter aIK A M
12OO p I M Sew Ix > ndon and 1roTldeoce 700 M
Bum dally Including Sondaya
f Arrival on Sunday twenty minuteS later
All parlor car
Ketorn lervlce tame nonri and by same roatM
Toiooib parlor or aieeplnt rats by each train
C I UKltrlTtUfi QMl rut At k
All trains arrive ml and depart from Grand
Central Station 42d Street the only railroad
station In the Oily Train leave 09 follow
8 Ofl A Mllxcei Bundai Fallen train let l
Ol the world No extra fare Arrive Buffalo
fillOP I M Niagara Falll 665 P M Clay
toil 445 F Mi
9 in A Mnally for Albany UtIca TUcbBelil
C IV NprlDge Rodieiter Hyracme Buffalo
AflATOOA LAll3 BuffaloAM
oONTt1tl NllgltI
920 A CDalle except 8unt1tie tIne SAra
toga 22 i 3j Montreal 11115 FM
innnA MDlly Due Chicago 1145 A M 1
IUUU Ccxl day
1 030 A M Except Smutty RMnrflsv train
XUOU dnti not run well of Cliveland and Detroit
IUn r MR lorday only Due Troy Oslo P
UV M Saratoga 010 P I U
1 fifi lVH > llr l > u Clnclnn llllil3XM
ii OO bt Loui7lir P M 30 u extra fare
1 55 r Mvrl > ally Due Chicago 3 P M next
1 tit day No extra tore
Cl i CIA I
330 M Kxcrpt Sunday One Albany 723
ul Troy 7VraraUvaHH PM
4 On I MD llr Due Detroit 8 iSG A M Chi
e t > U cago 430 PM
lAMS wiwrritM KXPnrHM
6iff 1 MIUIIr Hue Chlcnjo 0 P M DC
UL Ixillll7 CA M
7nn I MDMIy Duf llnrllnittnn 4ilt PlatO
JJ burgh 451 iilnoiMlnplnle lUa Kannao
take 1045 Vontrtal 7or A M
7 On P Vnnlly Due UuITnlo 78OA M Nl
OUnraraKalliU AM
7 On P MD lly Dun 1anl Pmlthi 10103 A
Ol M Ssrin 1040 A M Tmipfr lAke Jllft
J M ciilldirold ilC5X V Clayton 1000 I
Itlnilr rr A M
Snn P i DsIly Hue rinrlanati 7W P I M
C VU lndlanapols 11 itt 1 Mhl IouU 86 A M
9 Oft M Dally Hlcrplncnr t > a < enrer > tot
UU noche t ronly carried un this train
91 R P Llally Fnr BulTaln Detroit and
it Chicago Cape Vincent gus Saturday
ANRT1IK IlKKKllllKK 115111
Two trAin with tliromh Dran Inz bloom Car to rittn
fleld dAIly except funuay 1101 A M due Illtitlf
I Wjirlll1dtlllao1 i M 3W P M 1 jute lltt
tltldHilo North Sdstns 1110 p 0 Ii Alto lrldsst n and
gaturdavi oily at J3U P M for Plttiilcld arrlvlnf
Kor tIme of local tralnt tlrkf end tpnce in sleeping
elite ayrJ at lrlln Central Simon or at 1 IB Mlw
iBM 2llroad ay av lolutnbim nv Kl Icet 12fth
It Slid 13808 itt scluen heW York a31 Waahlntton
It 72B tulton it ant 74 Ilrnadway K il IlronLlyn
Above trains except 100 Ifnvtnv at 8811 1110 1120
A M 130 330 430 CiQO P M 4 top at isith at Its
General Manager ieneral Paia Agent
Dlrert to Iannlo fatcrMiti Tuirilu Newbuuh
Mlddletown Pott Jervln Mimttcello VUlte Liik
Ilooerdale Bcr ntn BInghamton hlmlru CornIng
Watklnft Glen Itoh llnnimondBport Ason Hprtui
Rochester llortl llKvitle Bultalo nlairarii Knlln Toron
to iu > ulanqua IjiVe Cleveland Cincinnati IsO Souls
iilcait and nil poiliti Writ Train leave Now York
toot of Chamber It at follow cOil live minutes
earlier from West 214 it 1
WiOO A 5 Dally Via NIagara Pelts and Chantan
oua Lake Parlor Car New York to HulTnln Sleeper
llornrUtvllle to clnrlnnatl Connect at bert Jerri
except Minday for Jlontlcello DeUwaro and Sumue
henna Valleyt by dayliKht
UlOO Dally Votlbnle Limited Solid train
for Chicago Tla Cliautuuqua Lobe w lib Dlnlni Tar to
blcaifi > Sleepers In rincairo cie > eland unit Cincin
nati Delaware Valley by daylIght
Hi8O P M except hun la Mountain expresi for
Blnicbamton llotiellalv and Mnntlrello
BiUO I M Dailysolid train tu Cnlcaxo via Mug
ala fnlli and ilrann Trunk Railway Sleepers to Bur
fain Rochester Toronto and umcaito
SiOO P M Dally Via Ctiautauqua Lake and Niag
ara Falls Soltul I train lo Chicago sleepers to buflalo
Cbirairo and Cincinnati
POKTJKKVIt V epkdayi8 A SI 11AM 1030 A
SI 1 P M8HO P 1 M 430 P M UOU P SI 7 KJU
M30 P M SundaysI U A M 3 P M CSO P SI 83O
PM Saturdays ouiy2 PM
NKWnUKnilnreekdayiHA M 345 P M44SP i
M U30 P M 7 P M SonliApaIl A M 2 P Si 030
P M Saturday only12O r M Cnd ii 1240
211 and HV7 Hroadway tiiantber xnd Went 2id at
Kerrlet Naw Ynrk 33a KoltoiKt ISrV Hlyn 107 Broad
way Wllllamiliurli 200 Iludton rV Iloholen and
Jersey City station Erie Trauifer Company calls for
and checks baggage from boteli and retldences through
10 deellnatl oil
D I KOnKHTS General Leoustiger Agent
Station In New York foot or Barclay and
Curlatopber Htm
Direct route to Newark RIoomfleliL Montclalr the
Irailgel SummIt Rernnrdvllle HaikliiK Illdite Mud
bolt atorriiitowii laeeaic Paleuon Iloontnn Dover
Ntanhope llmld Lake lake Mopatconir llackett
town bchooley Mountain w aibliiKton Inllllpibarir
Kaiton Water Gap htruudibuijr 1ocono Mountain
Hcranton Ittuton WllkcBbarre Nanllc iUe Danvtllt
Northumberland Monlroic Hlnirbaraton Oxford
Norwich Wntervllle Itlca lllchueld Spring fort
land Kyracuie Omeno Ithaca oweiro llitilra
Comlnir Hath banirlllo Hufialo and all point Wait
Niirlhwcit and htouthwtnt
OOO 5 MBttnxo Hlciinetd Fprlns and Oiweiro
Kxprek rullman rarlor Car i onnecti at Hnrralo
with train for Chicago arriving 1146 A ilncxl
7iSO A Ilinirhainlon mall Stop at principal
liOO P VfRfranton Mlnelrainlon and Elmira
K prera IMlman roaches parlor ran
4ilO F M Kcrantun WliUeiibarre and Plymouth
rxnrciii ImililHli Purist lure
7ilo P II dally llunalo Limited Express Poll
man ileeper Arrives nt 7iir A M
OiOO I M daily HuHilo nichneld Sprlnc and
iuwfin hrprri Iulluian ileepere
Ticket and rmlmanaceiMnuiodiitlon at 71 Murray
H and 42H llroartway Tlckei nt ferry nation 78 S
and 142 Iiroadwaffi 3 Went I25th rt23B Columbus
av New York yM Valilnuton itt t 7211 Fulton t anti
HIH lledford av Brooklyn Time tublei ittvlui full In
formallon at all tatlon
Wetcott Expreu Company will call for lund check
Imiritage from hotel or reildenco to dcitlnatlon
Fet Exprvon Truln
r 111L A U KltV IIIA
And All iolnf IVent
PUTJ3t4N Cut ezfIirIrJ < ux Air 4Jf4j
Leave New York foot nf Liberty It aa follown
rcniCAiiorirrxBiiKiiH 3 iSO F 14 1210 AXL
U lImIng Carl l80CH3o P M llmlne Can roo F M
12M5 A M All train run dally Fur IIAITIMOKK
only 1100 I M week days
For tiorfolk via Hay Line 13O r M week day
Ticket ntlicei 1722H1 416 and IHO Hnrndwav 31
Fait Uth it New lorki 144 Fulton et and 74 liroad
way Urooklin STATION lOOT UK ShIEST bT
Central K n of NJ
etcotfiFxpreia Company will call for and check
bacicane from Islet or ildence to deillnnllm
TraIn leave West 4211 it
ttito A MdS mlnutet earlier from the foot of
Franklin it for Mlddlttown lIloiiimuebtirKn Tort
Jervu Montlcello Mountamdale Fa titiurnh Liberty
Lii ihihittohi Manor liencoek arbondete 0rentoiWai
salt Dcliii SIdney orwloh Edutielol tturs bOoms
Onel < l Oiweuo Detroit blcaco sni pnnt Itoh
551 A M Campbell haiL Lui1rs Moliont anl
Mlunewaika Wallkltl Valley itailnni MMdleio D
moamluiburzh Klltnvllle FaUiburvC Jlontlceilo
Ilnrlyrille Liberty Wblte lAke
UilllP Ii Campbell Hall Lakei Molionk and Mln
newaika Wallklll Valley station MIMIeluwn lUoom
InKburgn Kllenvlll FalUburcb Hurley ville Libariy
White Lake Lirmmton Manor
TiOO P Jl Ulddtetown Falliburih Liberty LT
Innilon Manor Dockland Walton Mdney Norwich
muds Oiireito Rocbeiter Niagara lull > liotroit Chi
rare and Weit Pullman sleepers rrcltnlngcbalr car
tree to Dnineiiilou HrHie
1 143 P M 42d it ifaturdayi only for iliddletown
nioomlnihurfh EllmTllle Mountain lisle taltibumb
Montlcello imrleyvlite Llbertrtthlte Lake Kocklaud
4Dallyi all other tralni daily excrpt Sunday
Pullman drawing rrtm lest and sleeping car berth
obtained at 32M Ilroadway New Vorl
J 1 C ANDtllSUX U P A nil lsseSt Mew York
CUriions nnil
NO 17 HIlllAl MT N V AUK W lU3
Kor the purpose of the nniiual iiiiTtinu nr the htock
holder of the rimiiany to be drill ut 1J ucli > rk noon
on Oct 31 lt1t2 the iruntfer l > itke ol In rrilrrreii
Chit Cnniiniin Muck nlll clnio on hrpt ti I 14ui at 3
oclock 1 M i sed reopen Monilny lId i4 IHir at JO
COMIANV t 34l and i4ri IS eat IDIh ii New Ynrk
A epecisi meeting nf me itockbolilcriof Hie American
Horn Protector Company for the purnore uf lnrrr i
log the cornpanyi capital stock will be held at the
dIg eli the conipeny H4i and U4B leit lath it Nrw
York city on frlday hit d day of September 1BU2
at 11 A
A DVANCES Broeired upon furBltue without ra
iaovaL ZAbCLIPPE 7 Iaitoai Pgsikiys and
344 Jgeadwsy sew Trk
S 1
V W k wu ww
less L BOSTON I altII
1011u1e IC 5 1 RaM
Dining roomi no main deck lad oreheitrma
In cmmlMion leave Ill r old No 2O N Rret ec
warren it al BuG p u daily except iinday caniMt
leg with Parlor Car Train doe Bonton 716 A X AIM
eirreiidue WoKMttr 8 AM Through narioroont
WhiU Mountains Leaving Steamer TuB A L dM
Fabyani 4130 P M tlcktu and ilatiroomi it pflnc1
city ticket oRJoea
millie rout II Jioston end iii RaiL Onlydiseet
Sound route to Xarragetiett Pier aud Watch 11011 New
stel eleamets MAINE and P43W UAIi
PlitlEll leete new PIer 100 Cd 51 on bloeukaboys
Canal it TfigoK M dally eundeys Included
Hudson River by Daylight
Day Line fiteameri
Dally eicept BonOtyi
Lear Brooklyn Fnlton IIby AllisexBiOOA K
New Yirn Deibroitet it piet 84O do >
Veitajil II pier OO do
for AIB N V Issuing at Vonkera West Point New
bulf PouKbkMptle iihinrbeok Cattkllt and Ilodio
Itn down Day Boat
KMINKUBUK hy ferry with LOiter and DeL B nfe
reClIne ut I lie < anklllF
ATSKIIU with upeclal trains on Catiklll Ut R 10
and new UK iievat inn ItalKray
AIHAN with trains for Mniiar Fall and the WelL
rliininn and the Nest Montreal and the North aM
SIKCIAI 1 ItAINS to siud from KArstoga
The New York Tran > ter Company will call for sad
check tiaxiriKi front hotali and reiidencea
lliilJhTAlKS and all Eastern PoInt
DOUIIIK flullMBR 8lltVIUPTus four leading
iteamlKMii of the world In commieilon together
Inrlliii Ilvinoiili IltKrlm nnd Provlusee
IHAVK NKW YOltK from rle Itt N ft fool of Mill
ay tp i weekday at 030 and thin f M BUVDATS
530l 14
COMNKCTINO ANNRX noT leave nrooklyn week
days antI tiindeya itt t10 I > M Jersey City 4100 fM
A Plulelitltil l band and orcueitra attached to eoajk
with throiiKh car from Fall Itiver to Boston ITovl
ilenc Cape Cod point While Monntaln and New
Briifurd connfctlnir at latter point with direct boat
OIl 4OttiIgC Cltyaril 4atltltct Hendtlcenti In itarnpa
In IOKt oitlco box 4G2 for copy of In Brightest HUM
10cr titttl
Pot ILOSTOM find nil points North and lOad DtrMl
AND NOHWICII find WOniKSTKK Cleansers leave
1lor 4i old number North River nxl pier above Dee >
bruise nt Ferry ilnlly Hnudayn excepted at 0301 I
M Ticket sOd ftAtertvuiM euroJ At principal ticket
ortlcet In New Yok Itrooklyn Jcr y City lllr 4O
SOil on Iteanlerl
Learei Dc hronei Kt 315 P M Saturday 145 P M
Do Veit 22d it33OP Saturday 2OO PM
AlllANV DHKW and DEAN HICIIMdNI leave old
Pier 41 N II l ioototranalitntfl P i M dally Hundayi
oxceptel connecting H Ith exprem train for Saratoga
Lake llenrire and all Adirondack poInts Leave llronk
lyn via nnex fmtot Fulton H 6 P M RalurtUy night
atiamer connecta with Sunday morning train for Sara
trfaninl Sale I leorire
J and CATBKILL leave everr week day at 6 P U
from Tier 48 lout of Vet 11th it connecting with
the new OtIs Blevatlnit Italltray to the summit Di
rectory of lintel and sunnier boarding houses free at
pier or mailed to any addre by
lv jllUtlllhSTreaa Catskill N T
FiOlt SAUllKHTIKK nnd Cattktll Mountalni steam
L en HAIdKRTIPH nnd 1ISIKIt leave every week
day at C P M baturdays 150 P JL from foot of West
lib it
1 leaves ieetman t 2tKI T It Saturday 2 P 35
leavei Fiut aiit > t 210 I M 1 Saturday 220 P M
HUDSON AND roXSACKIIi blOATS leave every week
day at U F I H flouts 1lrr 4 loot nf Wtat llthit
connecunif with Bonton slId Albany It R
riIIII unrnentncrn leave j ler Z4 Silt
A IA River dally excent humUy at r P u for Hart
ford and Connecticut Inter landing
MAINE KTIIAMSllir CO the only direct line to cat
151 tare City Mass and Portland Me connecting at
Portland with all raIlroad and teumhln lInes for Bar
Harbor Old Orchard Poland Hiirlnn While Mountain
Itockland Bangor and nil Kaitern summer reiorll
ateainer lull every M < nilay Wedneiday and Saturday
at 5 P I M from 1ler US lieu lOIter foot of Market ct5
New York
For further Information apply to
HOKATIU llAlU A ent at the Pier
CITY OF TltOY or SARATOOA leaves Pier 40 N R
foot of lIed t loth it dally except Saturday 8 F It
Sunday utenmr tonchei at Albany
JAIlSll1lL LINK Steameri leave Pier 24 N 11 foot
uf FranKlln et for Went 1olnt Cold Spring Corn
wall FUtiklll Landing Crantoui and Newburiih week
dayr r P It Sunday It A M
TIIR Montanlc Hteamboat Company Limited for
I Orient hheltcr Island Jreenport Soutbold and Bag
Harbor dally at C P II except Sundaya Pier 2R F R
foot of Beekman at Leave Mf llarlioral 43O P X
every day except fiaturilay Leave New York Eatnr
day at 2 i oclock P M
lllp Pier 20 IS It 1 P M and 113O P M Saturday
and 8inday 12 P H conrjectlnx with trains for Mart
den llartfurd Sprlnirneld Holyoke Ac
1IIESISKIPPI TTiTn Saturday Aug21
MANITOBA Wednesday Hept 7
MOHAWK Wedneiday Sept21
Their One steamers bare been specIAlly constructed
for the London trade by Mciiri llarlaud A Wolf of
llelfait They are titled with electric light throughout
and have splendid Accommodation fora Ilnulted nuns
her at flrsoclass pasoengers SALOON AND STATE
1400111 AbhIlmilIro
Steamer marked carry ft doctor and stewardess
freIght ilausge and other Information apply to
tb I
General Agent
Produce Exchange Building 4 Broadway New York
New York to Glaow crud Muvfllo iTxHuloiiderry
Tlirough ticket to Liverpool Dublin Ac
From pier toot West 21st it North Hirer
FTATI5 OK CALlKOKNlAThHri < l > Sept H 11 A M
aiberlanKept 3 y AM Corean Sept in 0 A JL
Steamer marked with do not carry panenren
Cabin f4O hcmnd cabin 30 Mernuro Ill
AUSTIN ALl > WlXfc COAgntaC3 Broadw 7
CAN 1 ItN PACIFIC br1iiiiuiWi
ltt yoiK TO JAPAN IN 17 DAYS
liutendeul luCihilIgI ff001 ltCDCOSYCX
EMPR11SS lii Chli4 5epi15
EMPIIFii4 4 bNhJiut Oct III
Etll1188 01 13
It I isI4iNMlit EVERETT YbtAzAlt
Oclil lluietn Aid Cluiiia sOul Japan Frt AgI
1451 llr uadwity N V 419 dali st 5 V
JtJNAltLLllilu TI L1V1111tiOL VIA t1l11NsTOtYN
1ttlutILAUg 27 8 31 A MEtrurlaSept 24 730 1 11
lersili 5110 1 2 i > 1 I noon
tnhiurliSctit 11 8 A II tiuuluriaOct 14 1 A It
AuranlA epI 17 2 l II AurlililsOld lii I 1 II
I rem Iier Itt sorhli liter 1i Clerkeon St
VllltI2i II 111110 81 1 COt Cenerel AgentL
Krunch Hue to llnvru every hatiirilav
LA nHFTAIINC rolllrr Sat Aug 27 1100 A M
LA TIHKAINK Kranurul bent U 4 A H
LA 11OU1UIIMINI Letuilir Sat Sent 10 63U A M
A FIIHUKT licnrral AfelU1 Uinvllng Urtcn
CITY OK PAUIH V < Inraduy AllfHl 12 noon
dry OK li1lthINWeduiesuluoy sept 7 n P i M
From Pier 41 N R Adjoining Chritor > livr St Kerry
First fuliln > r O and uiiwiiril acctiidlnir to steamer
and liicatlon nf room rcond cnliin 511 and S4ii pre
lislil SKI Iteeraie > 2l > INTiilNAlKINAI I NAVItlA
Kll 1 l tiiirj1 Atcnu il II Klinir < ilrern New York
bW YliltK AND CtllA M Ul KTllAMSiTll CO
NEW Pier 111 and 17 blase Kivrr
Saturday ileiiiuer ut I P I 14 all Ihers at 3 P X
For Havana Proirro i > nniiicche Krontera Lacuna 15
Tiinpiro Tuxprtio nnd I era lfiiz
Matanra turdena ullUi1 Hilmrlen Nuiiau Sao
tlnco de iulin luanliitiumo nnd Clenfurro
SARATOIIA Havana niul rdenak v d Auc 24
CIINKIIMIOH Nniiau Hunllatode Caba
nudtienfneKiii Thur Air 15
YUM LllA Havana and Mexico port Sat AuJ 31
MAilAIII Havana ittiul Sngua Wed Aug3L 1
YUCATAN Haana and MrxIcAn itrisSet Sept 3
ThU line ta < direct connection with and ta nas
Ihrouih lull of lading to alliiolntaon Mexican Railway
Co Mexlrnn Ieuirnl Pailtvay Co Ltd and the Moe
lerey and Mexican Oulf Kallroart
Forfull partIculate irelclit or nassau apply to
Sttatuert all from pier toot nr 2d it lioboktn
EmiFt Aur 27 K A M jKlB > t sept 10SA L
llavetTueiAUK3010AMNjireeTueifc pt ia1OAlt
Caaltat bept 31 P M KilierWlIKentl411AM
LahnTuei Kent Ii n AUI AlterKal ktit 171 r L
lint cabIn 70 and upward a bertbi kecond cabin
UOaberth ttaeraee at low rates
OELIllCIIrt 4 CO 2 Bowling Orein
From toot Or CAnal at North Rlvar
To SAN rnANcisco via 11 ISTilMUIl fly PANA14A
CITY OF lA3A ssltaTueadny Aug 80 noon
From BAN I FIOAXIiHCO 1st and liraitnan ala
1 011 0111141 AND JAPAN
CITY OF PEKilsO calls Fatuirdap sept 17 8PM
For frelibt paone and irtneral Information apply
at company oiico on the pier foot of Canal St Norli
lllver II J BULLAV ieneral Kyperlnlendent
mm CLYDE MiiMi > iui COMPANY I
J For iharlr iii h 1 and Jack onvlll Fla
and all point in lorlda I Ibe hnuth and houthweit
rrnin Flu rll i It Mondayi Wedund Frlda > e a PM
Pasturiugec ilccuututultiatiulio oihut Ctllslne ilfliujlpaseui
1151 I tlvbIil 151 Aglm C liowittug llreeu N v
TUlicrrT14 tltI Aglt is Fr1Use3I7lIwagp
WHITir TA lITjMBr jlr
GERMANIC Vedneiday AihgliJ non
TKIIONIC Weilne day Sept 74PM I
Superior econd cabin arcominodattoni on Teutonlej
and Maeitn Steerage to or Irntu the old country iiO
DHlre 21 tirouilway and nn the wharf foot of Weit
10th ci 1 II MAITLAND KKHHFY Agent 4
at in
OfflM U U our Uat of Adnrtlilnf AnBUM rSt
t not fiaa cat coaTtaMal
iubUr lotiew
PoTtuc NoTbtliiur tin mntU for the week
illlmir Any 27 will close Inrulilptly 111 alliuieijat
I hIs lltlvs Isa lltis as
ALllDAY At 3 i A M for Kranre Sivlirr raml Italy
tipitin Iortuxal mid Turkey tIc tteaiiiMhl > LA
llrilicnii vu Havre at 4 M A M for lltriuuny
direct per rteiimlilri Ililue i la lircnirn letters fur
Ill 5cr lusts of inrupp vu bontharniton and
llreinen mu > t be dirrriiM t J > T Ktii at r A M
fur Iurcpe ICr JtrniNslil Ktmrn Ma quern
town letters for iirrinauy Frmicv hnltior
land Italy I j < pilii Iuriiiu iu1 > 1 lutkey umit
be directed per lifers I ut il A M 1 lur
bcotliud direct per ttamililp Ancluria via
llutfcow loltrri mutt lo I tltieclfil per An
chorlit at 7 A M tnr N < tllerIuiiiiil direct per
tcaruibil Atnilrrdaiii > lu liiiieulaui leltere must
dIrected ICr Anilerd illl ll HI > 1 A M for
rampecbv 418 atlaS TobiMn nnd Yticiitnn per
teatimhtp Vntuuil iletlcii lot iltbl and Tamnico
dlrtci nut oihrr MOXICHII Main via Vera Crur
nilut bdirected per I iiiiiurl at 11 A M for
lliiyll Ciiumni ami farm Hi touunlilp Irln
Mutti rh e ItI let e tur olhr fi ruilA porn and fur
Curacoa IrniMiiil Fritlih Out Imtch I liulana Instil
be iiincirt per Irin lairiii at 11 1 AM sulv
ileuirniury 113 A M lr Fxrnme Islaill l < l and
Imiialcn per oani llii 1 llA irttcli I lnr I Jannel
ami Aux ants llayll I imi 111 b Ilirecoed er
Ail ai ut II I I t M iiupiJlcuirninry 1131 I A M I
for Jamaica Haviiuilla und rnrtnitriiu per
tfniuiiiip Tyrlan htlur nint Ln dlreiieil jwr
Tyrlan at 12 51 tvpiilemtntarr U1 1 MlforlVr
n mbucii rljliti llloiaiiiln 1 Call I 04 unit Lt Plata
Countries vialiiojuneiro per iteam hii > Chilian
at 2 P I 51 fur Norway illreoi ier Utanublp llekla
at 03 P 1 M for Truxlllu per tlcaiuiblp S Pizzatl
from New Orleani
SlNDAVAt1 1 P I M for Costs Rica via SImon per
UHinihlp Illspanla from N SIV Orlrani at aM P
M for M Pierre Mi uelon ref ileuiuer from North
Mllli Dir China and Japan per iteamihlp Ocellc
from ISit Fran l > OJ close here daily up lo AIIC
31 at 11110 P I M Malli for the society Iilaudi
per tulip tialilre froo ran Fraiulicoj cloie hero
lilly up to Anz 3u1 at 11311 P I W Main for the
Ilnoallin uland prr iteannhlp Auitrnl from
In fr tici rD clnio lucre daly un tn Auir 2S ut
flMi P M Mull fur Aiitralu NCW Zealand lIe
wallin llll I and MIIHMII Inlindi I per ilemiuliiji I
> Mono at II runt Ill II rrnncl rui rlmn hero daily un
to br t I I at ilM P 1 Jl 101 lIt nrriTnUt Nuw orL
of etch uiilulp Au ran is I Mil 5 I rillI iiusila flub An
Irnliai Hail lor I e siZotiluiilstitl b rail to I Mon
treal and ihiiice I hy ii IS tier I M luile nt ililioinie
dniiy tf I H l MiillKfiir MiquiInn by rail 10 llii
Kin an I Ihenfebt nemiier iliisn ilk Hit nitiin ally
alHinl I Ii l lIthe for IIIS lip lab ti fiiinp ill
aid tin illS by f trainer falling I Mi null a aiui Tiiun
ddyii Iliiio at thin nilire dally it SiO A M Main
loi I II it lit uMrlaiiil lu ullra ni Lilly uiidrei ed fur
Utitiiicii ly aleutulr t chuisu ab ibis uillc dally 111
A 1
Trii ioctftc mill crc forwarded In San FrancisCo
dilly Aiuui 0 lie nchidule I of vlutliiK In nrriiiued in Un
prciiliiiulliin of Ibfir iiiniliniHl nvfilinl I Irnlifll
in I Km Yrimlo Mall from the Iait nrruliii I 0 nn
lime at Han Kraiirlicuin Ibe diy of falllnn of kteiiu
crc aroiliipi > liliidtlinirelliekimedny 1 I
KeilUli ril mall uiite nl il I M ire lulls d y
Eatrs eltplICltlVltser iulilie are Ithilu1ul oIl I 0 Iie
xf lIe 11104 st1 lreIIrII anul lierinall slealnira at It
hou ot CIuauIilf oif stpplctiIeiIlltY malls at Oh lost
1111cc WilleIl renaln Otl CII UulLii witiutli tea lnhiuutes of
the haIr if ofiteauirr

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