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L1N Aug 27 Unless Mr Labouohero
ha some documentary evidence held In reserve
ol hls enemies he
serve for tho confounding olhll oneliol
Will not come out of his controversy with Mr
Gladstone with much credit Ho commenced
tho deliberate assertion
the discussion nlth delborlto Ilsorton
tat his exclusion from tho Cabinet was duo
t the direct intervention of the Queen but
his statement In this weeks Tridh does not
show that his complaint was founded upon
anything more than suspicion or Idle gossip
7 and against this Is to bo sot Mr Gladstones
emphatic declaration that tho Queen hud
nothing to do with tho matter
Tho suggestion that Lnboucherea opposi
tion In the House of Commons to tho granting
of money to tho members of tho royal family
Induced tho Queen to object to his Inclusion
In the Ministry seems disposed of by the fact
that an Important poat was offered to Samuel
Btorey who has oppoted such royal grants
more fiercely and porslstontlr even than La
bouohere Storey declined to take the office
but tho Queen had offered no objection to his
name which Figured In the preliminary list
fl submitted to her by Mr Gladstone Further
I more Sir Charles Duke I strenuous opponent
In former Gladstone
of royal grants was a forlor
The Information obtained by TiT HUN re
porters justifies the belief that Mr Gladstones
decision not to ask Labotichare to take office
a taken several months ago In consequence
of editorials which appeared In lYnth urging
the postponement of homo rule until various
British reforms had boon accomplished Tho
editorials which woro written In Mr Labou
r A oheres mojt cynical manner virtually urged
Mr Gladstone to betray tho trust which the
Irish members had reposed In him and to sot
S J at naught the most solemn obligations and
engagements Those articles caused some
stir at tho time and created a feeling of un
0 easiness among the Irish leadors which was
I only removed bY direct assurance that the
1 editor ot Tnitk In no way represented Mr
Gladstone views There is I good reason to
believe that this repudiation was followed
shortly afterward br a confidential Intimation
that Labouohere would not be a member of
the Liberal Government
S Labouchere has lost much prestige over this
J business Peoplo had learned to regard him
as a fearless Independent politician who did
bot care 0 button for place or powor no Is
tow seen In the unpleasant character of I dis
appointed office seokor criticising as mallg
bantlras any Tory members of tho Ministry
from which he has been excluded and sneer
ing a his leader Humors natural under
the rlraumstancee are current of Lnbou
eheres Intention to form a section of malcon
tents for the purpose of worrying Gladstone
in the same manner that Churchill and the so
called fourth portrharrlod the Tory leaders
BOle ears ago but in the present temper
of th country it Is not likely that many
men will venture to follow Labouohere In I
this dangerous and dlsroputablo work The
dragging or tbo Queens namo Into tho con
troversy has distressed Mr Gladstone and
greatly shocked constitutional pedants I is
not calculated t do Labouchore much good
eepeniajly after Mr Gladstone statement
Even In Labouchorels own Radical town
Northampton nt tho meetings held to protest
against his exclusion from office mention of
the Queens name has been enthusiastically
cheered and elsewhere I popular feeling Is undeniably
Of this
deniably against Labouchere course
does not provo anything except that Labou
ehcro has made a mistake
Speaklncr In Dublin tho othor day Mr Dillon
declared that tho Irish leaders wore In pos
I session of understandings and agreements
which In their judgment If carried out and
r be believed they would be honorably carried
out would satisfy the people of Ireland I
Is understood that some of thOM agreements
p are In writing and will bo made public should
i occasion require such UO to bo made ot them
At A matter of fact U good many Irish mem
bers believe that tho only gfnuino Homollulors
In the new Cabinet are Mr Gladstone Karl
spencer and Mr John Morlcyl and they hold
that It is their boundon duty bearing in mind
the lessons taught by history to bu constantly
on guard against treachery Such an attitude
mar appear ungracious at this juncture but
I Is eminently wise
Speaking at 1 nubile meeting In Newcastle
on Wednesday evening Mr Fowler 1 very In
fluential member ot the Cabinet said tho Irish
members were 1 power nt Westminster which
they could not despise I would mako Itself
J felt He dtd not like It any moro than tho
l 1 meeting did He did not like the power of
I I Irish members nor did ho Hko to give up the
time of Parliament t Irish questions
in which member ot
I that Is the spirit one mOlbor
the Cabinet avowedly regards homo rule It Is
pretty certain that there aro many other unwil
ling horses Inside and outside tho Ministry
who will have to bo spurred to their work
Many thine tend to show In fact that tho
Irish leaders will havo to be suspicious and
vigilant to the very end If the pledges publicly
of value
made by public men art any
Mr Gladstones Government in tho coming
will mako serious
Mislon of Parliament wi Ilko a
attempt to deal with the difficult question of
how to restore their holdings to Irish tenants
evicted during the agrarian war of the last
few ers Mr Hhaw Lefovre a member of
the Cabinet speaking at Gal way In December
1880 said the first work of tho now Parlia
ment would beto remedy the state of things
that had resulted from disputes on these sev
eral estates In the country Ho would not be
t I a member of any Government ho was going
to lay he would not remain lu Parliament It
same help wero not extended to the people
4 who through this long period have suffered
I and sacrificed so much
In thrt same month and yearho said lt Drog
hedathatho held nnd firmly believed that
the Masseroeno tenants wore porfudly just
ned In refusing to accept any terms until tha
evicted tenants wore reinstated and when
bOle rule was granted an equitable measure
l would be passed to put these tenants again In
possession of their farms as well as all other
vloted tenants In Ireland
p Ir Shaw Lefnvre was almost tho last man
appointed to a Cabinet position although his
claim were undeniable generally rocog
nleed and In the Unlit nt his public utterances
it may be presumed that tha dollY was duo to
his refusal to accept office without somo un
derstanding with Mr Gladstone In regard to
S the evicted tenants
The Tories are again attempting to force
Gladstones hand by publishing bogus details
respecting his Homo Hula U hut they do not
appear to havo Imposed upon anybody anti
they have signally fsllod tu draw out the Grand
Old Man who has spent the week as far as
outsiders can see In saying kind platitudes to
j Liberal excursionists visiting bazaars anti
making speeches about the cultivation of
flowers for all the world a though ho wern a
simple country suulro Instead ct t a statesman
J 4
with the cares of an empire on his mind The
Tories have no heart for anything today
Lvt since the ronoral election when Old
Sharlls won a Liberal sMt at Newcastle and
headed John Morley tho second man elected
by 3000 votos the Tories have been gleefully
declaring their Intention ot throwing Morley
out o his seeking reelection on acceptance
ot the office of Chief Secretary for Ireland
Tho Liberals themselves did not like tho
prospect ot having to overcome 1 hostile ma
orltr ot 3000 but they went to work manfully
and have just been rewarded by a host signal
trIumph the great Tory majority having
boon turned Into a Liberal majority ot
over 1700 Morley refused all requests
to modify his views on the eighthour
mentions although the Tory candidate had
truckled to tho worklngmcn Irreconellnblos
on that subject In 0 disgraceful manner He
preferred to rest his claims to the peoples
support upon his last services in tho cause of
labor and ho deliberately endeavored to raise
the contest to I higher plane br making home
rule tho chief point at Issue In doing this
he QuIte unconsciously dangled a bait to the
Tories which they swallowed wllh the greatest
gusto Thor wero absolutely confident ot
success and were onlr too glad to
proclaim that the election was being I
fought upon the question of confidence
or no confidence In tho Governments
Irish potter Now In their sore distress and
wild they howling threats of petitioning
wid rage are bowlnl potton
ing against Morloys return on the absurd
ground that it was secured by Intimidation
and are vklnly endeavoring to wriggle out ot
statement which they themselves ostenta
tiously placed clearly upon record Mr Mor
ley has gone to tho highlands of Scotland for
a short rest from the labors of one of the most
arduous political fights of recent years About
the middle ot next week ho will proceed on I
tour of inspection In Ireland and among other
things ho will inquire closely Into tho position
and prospects of tho evicted tenants
The Queen will leave Usborna on Monday
evening for Balmoral In Scotland where the
court will remain until November Her Maj
esty Is beiomliiR very serious with advancing
rears and tho Highland season this > oar will
be of Ienton austerity Tho gillies game
keepers and tho like will no longer have dally
rations of whiskey and beer but will receive
a money allowance instead and in selecting
new pipers the preference Is to bo given to
total abstainers No big dances will bn given
at Balmoral this year and there will bo no
gathering of the clans Yesterday was tho I
birthday of the late Prince Consort tho
Queens husband which is usually kopt In I
festive style in the Highlands but in tho ab
sence of the customary extra allowance of
whiskey nothing special was done and no
libations woro made at the Princes cairn
American girls with ambition should take
noto of tho fact that three prominent mem
bers of the new Ministry are without wives to
wit Lord Itosoborrv Minister for Foreign Af
fairs Lord Houghton Viceroy In Ireland and
Mr Asaulth Homo Secretary who aro all
widowers Each Is young as public men run
in this country and tho first two aro wealthy
Tho woman who marries Lord Houghton will
enjoy tho supreme felicity of sitting on a
throne and will also have to hfelp spend tho
income of 130000 Meanwhile his lordship
has arranged to worry along with tho help ot
hIs sister the honorable Mrs Honnlker
The appointment of Lord liibblosdale to the
post of Master of the liuokhounds caused
much disappointment to the Liberals as it
was thought t indicate tho Intention t con
tinue the cruel sport of hunting tame doer In
Windsor Great Park I seems however that
the remonstrances in the newspapers have
been brought to the Queens notice and she
readily acquiesced in Mr Gladstones sugges
tion that the coming season for which prepa
rations have boen made which cannot well be
cancelled now shall bo the last Except look I
lug after tho hounds for which ho receives a
salary 1500 the only duty the master has
to perform Is that of selecting persons doomed
worthy of being admitted to tho royal en
closure At the Ascot races this work is by no
means a slnacure forthe intrigues used by pur
sons Qualified and unqualified to get on the cov
eted list aro always unscrupulous and persist
ent and thoMuster of the Buckhounds duos not
fall to make many enemies every season
Lord Itlbblosdalu is known to fame chiefly as
tho man who Interviewed Parnall The
young lord by accident travelled In tho name
small railway carriage from London to Holy
head in August 1887 Parnotl did not know
who his fellow traveller was but the latter
knew Parncll and determined to Interview
Ho never so much as looked at me wrote
Lord Itlbblnsdalo In tho magazine article based
on tho adventure but having arranged his
effects with almost old maldlsh precision
composed himself to read
His lordship started In with tho weather
but larnoll was discouraging unanimous
Ultimately however tho Irish loader grudg
ingly talked about the bill for relieving ten
ants In arrears with their rents which was
then tho main topic of political interest and
In the end the amateur reporter obtained a
very good story about that and other Interest
Ing matters relating to the Irish question
Parnell never admitted tho accuracy of Lord
ItlbblosdaleH account ot tho interview which
he said was obtained under false protoncos
The net loss of nineteen of the principal
English Ore Insurance companies Interested
in the recent fro at Newfoundland reaches
close upon 1000000 sterling the exact
amount assessed Is 1114455 or an average of
nearly t 50000 for each company Tho In
sured speak highly of tho very generous man
ner In which tholr claims have been met In
deed tho Insurance offices with much public
spirit realized that the occasion was ono for
immediate action Hence their prompt and
liberal settlement with tholr clients One
company will have to sign checks to
tho value of over 120000 Tho Man
sion Houso fund for the relief ot
the sufferers by the disaster is growing rapid
ly The response to tho appeals of provincial
Mayors If not in many cases so generous ns I
might have been expected is on the whole I
satisfactory A groat deal more money Is re
quired fortho approaching winter must neces
sarily entail much misery t the poor Inhabi
tants however generously they are assisted
The work of rebuilding Is now In full swing
and thereby some employment Is given but
much remains to bo done both In the way of
providing adequate shelter anti food
Nathaniel McKay Is In London Ho has just
returned from the Black country where ho
has been taking kodak photographs he says
ot women blacksmiths who are working for 30
conts per day and ot women wheeling and
shovelling coal for 40 cents per day McKay
had taken photographs ol these women In
their working clothes and of the houses In
which they live and has computed the cost of
their meals Ha says ho intends to publish
his photocraplisand statistics In America and
will Influence many electors thereby
Miss Attallo Claire Is on time Teutonic with
hor father anti mother and fiance Alfred Kane
and his best man lloburt P Oakluy The mar
riage Is to tako place at the Hoffman House
on Sept 15 Miss Claire has u trousseau which
necessitated an entire omnibus fortransporta
tlon to tho railway station
Mrs James Ilrown Pottor Is on tho Scythla
bound for ltoton whoro ho will play under
tho management of John Btetson
Ixittlo Collins who promoted Tarara
Doom deay In London U on the Norman
nla on the war to fulfil her engagement with
Charles Irohman In America
During the week thero has leon a great In
flux ol f American visitors London t from the
Continent and numbers of United States citi
zens who had crossed tho Atlantic with the
Intention of making a Continental tour aro
spending their holidays In Great Britain The
excellent sanitary arrangements in London
ate such that even If 0 visitation 1 of cholera
should tako place I would be of a mild trpe
Although nothing as yet has boon officially
announced In answer to tho Invitation to tho
British fleet to take part In the rendezvous at
Hampton Itornls Ya to bo followed br a naval
review In Now York Harbor there is little
doubt that time Invitation will be accepted and
porno of time lost recent specimens of British
war vessels ot the best typos will be sent to
take part In tho festivities
The friends ot Mrs Marbrlck hero aro much
elated over the fact that Sir Charles lluiiolls
tho AttornerGoioralshlp and
appointment to AtornerUoaeralhlp Ild
his cordial I rotations with tho new Homo Hoc
retarr seem to Indicate that there will be at
alt events a review of her case at the Home
Ofllce and not Improbably that it will be fol
lowed br her release
A M Lord More tne bogus claims agent
whoso exploits have been previously exposed
through the press and who is still In receipt
through time post of quite a number of regis
tered letters tiy each American mall has now
betaken himself to fresh pastures and a now
namo and is trying to ntrao another crop of
credulous victims under tho name of Felix
Howard of 4A 1erchal stroot Goswoll Head
London This address Is ono of the many
London tobacco and newspaper shops whore
arrangements may bo made to receive lettois
by persons concealing tholr abodes Al
though Felix Howard announced himself be
a solicitor there Is no such name In the law
It Is not generally known that the flght be
tween Ted Prltcliard and Jim Hall took place
at Squire Ablutions place near Brighton
This fact In Itself has no great significance
but when I Is coupled with others It gives
strength to the rumor that Prltcliard was go
Ing to win time light by hook or crook Tho
fact that there was only ono of Halls friends at
tho ring sllo and that his two stanohewt sup
porters 1arson Davies and Joe Choynskl woro
loft shows that there was something more than
accident In the arrangement Whon Jim
Wakcley Phil Lynch and Charley Johnston
wero left behind at tho SmllhKllraln fight In
Franco there was cameo excuse but on this
occasion the leaving of Davie and Choynskl I
was deliberately planned That those two I
gentlemen feel aggrieved BOOS without saying i
Davloi is Hails manager and should have I
been at the ringside while Choynskl Halls
side partner and canto from America on pur
pose to bo Halls second If any match was
mado in Ingland These two men will havo a
story to toll when they step ofT tho City ot
Homo which should roach Now York on Sat
urday next
What makes this matter still worse is tho
fact that Squire Abtngton had nil his chosen
henchmen around him in case they should
be needed They woro tho pick ot the Birming
ham division anti comprised Jack Baldock
Jimmy Carney Bill Smith and 81m Iacklock
The major part of those worthies wero Instru
mental In preventing Frank Slavln beating
Jem Smith in Bruges That 1ritchard did not
win Is no fault ol hl6 friends but the Immense
superiority of Hall was so pronounced that
nothing short of murder could have deprived
him of tho victory I a thought that
Hall would accompany DavIe and Choyn
ski back to America as ho had all
along said be Intended to bo pres
ent at the New Orleans fights and
that t lie wa anxious to rUb I match with
Bob Fitzslmmons but every one was aston
ished when ho announced that he wa going
to remain In Kugland for some time Hall in
tends to double up with Prltcliard and star
through the United Kingdom and It Is quite
possible that the pair will go to America to
Peter Jackson will remain in England for
six weeks when he too will leave for the
United States Ho tells mo that while he will
issue no challenges ho stands ready to lab
any man in tho world
There is little or no betting on the Corbett
Sullivan tight Nearly all Americans want
to back Sullivan and socral havo offered to
wager 100 to 70 on the big fellow I
Tho rowine people of London are greatly ex
ercised over the singlescull championship I
George Bubear tho oxchampion forfeited
his title to William G East whilo ho was in
Australia Now Bubear has returned and
wants to row lust Bubear won time upon scull
mco at the National regatta thli week and
this event Is generally regarded as the cham
pionship Bubears crew also won tlm four I
oared race In record time and It Is more I
than probable that the crew will be neon
In Chicago ut the bic regatta It Is a very
strong force undoubtedly the best England
has hid for some years Tho ensemble is
Bubear 108 pounds Jack Corcoran 173 William
liam Ilulncs IbO und Joo Gibson 105 I is
very doubtful I any amateur crew will go to
Chicago tho sore engendered by tho Philadel
phia regatta of 1870 has not healed rot The
college men regard Yalos action as most un
sporthinanllko and will not bo tempted Into
any negotiations
Time Frenchmen and tho Englishmen are
going to have a race on tho Seine on Sunday
Oct 1 I will bo an eightoared affair ami
tho London Mowing Club will send its best
representatives Time religious element here
Is up In arms over such a thing as a bout raco
on Sunday but the rowers have no consci
entious scruples
in s suYwt > iwo iroaiK
I lan A Iiicin IrrimeilIuitHinei Wu
JtMuplnyr from New IlriuiMUlck
NEW BnuNKWiat Aug 27The capture of
un Insurance swindler was made hero this
afternoon by Dolorlives Hansall and lloodjust
as he was about to leave for New York on the
44U train Hit gave his name i William A
Lucas and I was evident from papers found
on him that ho had operated In Philadelphia
Lucas had represented himself to Mrs John
Faulkner and Mr Mary Plflierlng of hiram
street as being an authorized agent of time
Prudential Jnmiraiicu I Company 4 with power
to tosh polloles at a slight increase over their
present nluoH Tlio t no women signed over
their lolllo and he gave Mrn John Faulkner
a uhock for JM I IlIY was illin advance of
what he offered her for the policy
Thin amount Mrs Faulkner paid over In
cash to Mix Iklcnrlni ltiens inu a check
for IIaM 1 which was l11 > In aihivneo of thn
ngreed price Hhn took tho chuck nnd paid
hliii the dllTvrenen In canli
Iu Bin 1uulktier attempted lito this
sltoinoon to cash time chuck Miperlntnndent
llobertion ot tho Prinleiitlul infoi mod her that
the rhoik van worthiest us he had nouuent
named Willlnm A Lucax
Mru Plcknrlnart choik was also declared
woithleus Hupurjntundent Itobenson notillod
Uetuftives HaiihM 11 and I Hoed Ho was taken
hoforn Justice lord who hold him for the
Grand Jury
From papers In his possession it was learned
lint LIUUK bud iHHiiod bogus policies In time
Prudential Company to persona living nt 2U1H I
Itnnnolpli Htreet 1lla < IIhla Ihlnr Is
about iJ years uld of good address medium
moustache height and ho wears I heavy lightcolored
Murdered amid Bobbed Near Ilnzlefon
lUziRTON Aug 27Near the old township I
road loading from Tresckow to the Black Hills I
lust evening two Italians found limo dead body
of an unknown man Two bullet hOld In his
mica and ft large stone fully twenty poundu In
weight jammed against lib skull rumovod ail
nan lor doubt IIH to murder Further nx
amlnatlon revealed 1 stab wound In thn ab
domen here were no letters or papuraot
any kind found about thu eloth s and all of
thu pockets were turned inside out
NnliUn I V Ye olrku
Our irate nurk nn your collar nr cults arnotes per
in marie aUu stiiriuU ut luilltj siiJ miiiisij4lt I
The Ant line for Loon Lake Pamti Smith fisranac
hiIsaoIi amit fuppr lnl > e ola New Vrk Cnurnl
I anti A intl SI 1 iauway W again iltfpn Cirl4ir
Hallway Rat are Lilt Very LOW Now
Even ttir opalur i line have made bU rtilucliuus Buy
iun J uimlu scary Iamtuig 5 UrotJVArNV
poi unljr kavet mtaiiimgora nmit a illler bUt thinks ci
tbtir runifiirtlinirviive ami Lerlas rite fur Intone
lion anil talcs bouou routes All Hues All Ciega
m S S t
In IPnull Itallriiad
Afmt Sept 5 mmnmll cm m Incluem Train JO Leay
tcm imntoti > ii It ta ammi mou latamid 4imy ii mu i mm
sitl run cci tjmdi Atil taiUrm oclg amid Train I l
ieaimig itag am 7 atm imrecminni ci 74
will run ou trui > aiJ WuuilasunliuJ
a 1
1 wni on the rennsjylvantn HallreaelFsir
flier Adam Dlieeereel a Hug Plo of
TIM OB the TrI and Allhonib He
TCaelVonniieribyBeiaeradoFalii Aba
Cleared he Truck sd HTf the Train
FiTTsnunou Aug 27An attempt to wreck
time westbound Chicago limited from New
York on the Fennsrlvrnla road ono mile east
of Enon Valley was mndo last night A largo
pile ot ties were heaped high across the main
track nnd across the siding at that point as
A farmer named Adams saw the obstruction
and his efforts In removing them which ho
continued In spite of the two gunshot wounds
which lie received from the wreckers hiding
In ambush saved the train
The train carried considerable money and
tlio supposition Is that a cane ot train robbers
placed the ties on the track for robbery
Enon olley Station Is fjrtrflvo miles west
of Pittsburgh and the country la I wild There
Is not I house within half a mile Time Chicago
limited left the Union Station at 045 oclock
city time Tho train was a llttlo late and was
running very task when approaching Enon
The express reaches Fnnn about 1045
oclock Farmer Adnnn had been visiting
some friends near Enon and was returning
home While walking along time track he saw
something largo and blaok on Ito track Ho
know that the limited was almost duo and
hastened see what the objoetwas Ho found
I plo of ties heaped up on the main and side
tracks In such a war as to mako It but too
evident that they were placed there to wreck
tho train There was no time to bo lost or to
give an alarm
Mr Adams sot to work to remove the ob
struction single handed As ho throw tho
first tie ono sldo ho thought ho heard I silent
noise at the edge ot the woods but In his haste
ho paid no attention to It
Ho had removed two of the ties when a shot
rang out of tho darkness and his hat was
knocked off his head by tho bullet Then
elmo a voice
Let upon that or well kill you
No I wont replied the farmer
rlIlod Ill clear
this track or die In tha attempt
Then a bullet wont whizzing by his ear Ho
paid no attention to tho shot and kept throw
Ing oIT tlio ties when another bullet struck Ms
hit Even this did not dotor him and a mo
ment later another shot was Arnd
Time ball grazed his forehead over tho left
eye With tho blood streaming down his face
ho kept at his work and just had tho last tie
removed from the track whon a fourth shot
was tired This timno the bull struck him In
tho lee Tho last tie had hardly been
leI 10 hld hlrdl re
moved whon tho train camo dashing along nt
I high rate ot speed
Tho passengers or trainmen never know the
danger they had escaped and the train con
tinued on Its journey After removing tho
ties Adams fell t tho ground exhausted
After ho had regained strength enough to
walk he continued on down the track and was
met by two menho had their uUontlon at
tracked by the shooting Ho continued on
down the track until he reached
trak unU tho American
Hotel at Enon whoro ho told the story of tho
attempt to wreck the train and his exulting
experience Ho was tjuvoreo nun blood from
his wounds and was taken to the hotel where
his Injuries were dressed after which ho was
taken to his home and a doctor summoned
His wounds are painful but are not danger
ous unless blood poisoning should sot In
Adams bays that ho saw tho two men who
shot at him when he was removing tho ob
struction from the track Ho cannot give a
description ot them as It was too dark but ho
could see that they wore both tall Whon tho
second shot was tired athim Adams cried out I
Ha I know you felons I
Shortly after the news of tho attempted
wreck reached Enon a POSHO of men started
out and RnnrMipil the wnnda In i ttA > flfl I
u u
but could timid no traco of tho desperadoes
Word was also telegraphed along the line of
the attempt to wreck the limited and n
close watch was kopt for suspicious charac
ters Conductor Althofer of castbound train
No 20 receIved word of the attempt to wreck
tho train t and cave his engineer orders to run
slowly When the train reached Galileo two
men boarded tho train and had tickets from
that point to Allegheny
Their actions seemed peculiar and attracted
tho attention of thin conductor who after
watching them for n time decided that they
might have been connected with the attempt
Ho telegraphed to Allegheny to have a cnuplo
of policemen moot the train Ofllcors Mom
vie Cochmn mind CIlt were at ho station
when tho train arrived and tho conductor
turned tho two men over to them
The men gave their names as M I A Kritno
nnd William Klrkwln with
Wllar lllkwln wih their residence ns
Jllllvnlo They did not know
111Vlo Iot why they were
arrested and looked up until this mornlnc
when they wore released tho solicitor of tho
company sending Polleu Superintendent Muth
word that there was lot sufllciont evidence to
hold them
Superintendent Watt and several of tho
trainmen of train No 20 which passed Enon
utter tho tins had been remove hold a long
consultation today but the result was nut
mad known Tim railroad ofnVluls say noth
ing about tIme matliir beyond tim fact that an
attempt was miulo to wreck the train
The company his several dotectles out to
day scouring tho country In tho vicinity of
Enon looking fo any clue Unit may bo ob
tained Tho officers havo not yet t succeeded in
securing any information that would lead to
tho discovery of tho wreckers
Flremea Callrd Out tntlip Merchant llnlid
mug In I Hume ISlreel
The Merchants building seven stories high
at 2 4 and U Slono street and extending
through to Ilrldso street was afire shortly
after midnight this Jiornlng
Tho bti ucture is occupied as an office
lag bt occullod In ofce build
Inllcemnn Michael Lanahun of tho Old slip
station saw time flumes shooting above tho
lii and titt out an alarm
roof at 121 Wit Illlarm which
mtiiirmus was iiuluUr followed by bcoond and third
The lire Mnrtnd on the ground floor on the
llrttigu street llu In In unncoUlllll1 store J
hud win kant its war bUlk In I time elevator shaft
und hud Mil nod through I the I hevond floor be
foro It was discovered
NumburH III timid 21 Bridge street which are
unoccupied stnrisH worn badly wiockid
The tlainiix from Ihn I llrst and second floors
ran it tim iii I tvmm lor summit tin ii shot hlKh ahovn
tho roof At Hrst It WAS tujiposud that thu up
per floors v 111 nun >
Mrs Miorwood thu wifn of the janitor was
nHlf ip on time ton floor u hen tho lire broke out
hits wits arousetl and ufiiiipod without Injury I
limo ilumugu to t tho Imu I hIm ll nl was utiout Jlri
WO homo ot tIm < onicnhi > ldi < ra on Iho tlrct
lUor urn Gunuro llarbu the ProYldoncn
lU Inru IroVjllolcn
Washington Insurant Company Juorfit
marina Brothers Insurance A Co und I 1 raft lire and
Jime miner lloorx on the Bridge street elite
are occupied us ollloo r and woio slightly h dam
aicid bysmukn and water The Ktuno street
side ol tho building was practically uninjured
Ilrunk 1arl Urccn und Ilrrr
Delia Pierce 23 years old living at illl Kast J
Twultrthlrl street attuniPtod suicide latt
niglit by taking 1urls green in a gluts ot boor
Sue wan tukcn to llolluvuo lloepiiul
A Bnd n Move In llowritead ilmt Came to
NauglitRlnloiK Toiicm
Prrrsnunaii Aug 27An attempt was made
today at Homestpad to recover tho Pinkerton
arms captured on July 0 by tho strikers Throe
PInkerton detectives armed with search war
rants mantle thit raid this morning nnd two
companies of mllltta woro stationed over the
lower part cf town
Col Mechllng was questioned about this
movement and he paid It was only being dono
to give tho nonunion men better protection
About noon tho troops were called In and tho
Homestead people fell into tho prearranged
blind to a nicety
Tho raid had been arranged for some time
The guns wore to bu captured week
Iuns 1 ago
but owing to an unlookedfoi obstacle tho
raid was delayed until this afternoon
Today was chosen for sound reasons chief
among thoui being that tho strikers were hold
Ing 0 mooting and thus would be taken off the
streets Hhortly alter tho meeting began dep
uty sheriffs walked up and down tho streets
from Fifth avonu < down to tho river They
swarmed all over the place
This portion of the town was under civil
surveillance without tho knowledge ot the
strikers and unaware of the Impending
danger affairs generally they put in their time denouncing
About 4 oclock tho three Pinkerton men ar
rived from 1lttHburgh by boat Ono ot them
had been In homestead before bulng ono of
the unfortunates of lulyil The house where
thesu guns woro supposed to ho kvpt Is a
modest dwulllrg
It stands on tho lowor sldo ot Third avenue
just throe doors from Amity street The In
mates were away from homo and tho detec
tives wont in and hogan their search for time
guns For over mi lour nverythlng In thu cot
tage was examined Every nook and possible
puce fit f accretion was poured Into
Their labors wero unregarded lucy found
sonic cartridges but did not consider them u
clue Tho Ilnkcrtun men were Ion as Boon
as they hud coma ph > lud 1 their work In I their
opinion time raid hud boon delayed too I long
They ero posltlvn tliit soino time ago the
Rim were stored In tills house Now they are
nil at seu again and nao no Idea whore the
arms arc
The rnct that time search had boon made did
not becmlio public in Homestead tonight
Thu whole nlnlrwls carried along smoothly
that not n striker know of the move
lloMtMKU Ia Auc 27TIme women of
Homestead many of whom nro wives of tho
strikers are proving troublesome
The military and civil authorities say that
the women are time Instlgatorn In most of tho
lawless outbreaks Ihutahult dozen have been
particularly active In inciting tho amen to
deeds of violence mind as a result tho nnmos
1 roqul
hiivo leon prouurod with n VI to nrosivu
tion following A military authority today gnvoout tho
We have Information that the attack on
nonunion men on Eighth nrenun and the
disgraceful sconosattending tho imivlngof the
Kaulgun household wero Instituted by women
Mostof them wn know and their sex will no
longer protect thorn from the law slnlo they
statutes presume on It to give them liberty to break the
A Train of Cmplr Cur thai Irnprd Vpod
n Locomotive and Killed toe Han
WnKFsiurnr Auc 27A special train of
eight cars was run to Mountain Turk to u pic
nic on tho Central Xcw Jersey Itallrond today
and after tho pnssungcrs had loft the carl
were placed on a siding Tho engineer ran on
ahead a bhort distance to tako water
During the absence of the crow somebody
got aboard tho car und loosened tho brakes
Tho couches thus released idiot out of the
siding to Iho main track nnd down tho nlnety
sljcfoottothomllu grade at furious speed
The boys had jumped off and no one was
aboard when the runaway train started down
time mountain I
The len on the engine took In the situation I
nt a glance Tho engineer opened tho whistlo
wide and tho mountain echoed with the u ls8
At first it was proposed to open tho throttle
and follow tho curs but tIme engineer said this
would bo useless as no locomotive could
catch tho train at tho rato of speed the
coaches wero going
Tlio only I tiling that could bo Ione was to
keep tim whlMlu irolng Tills would be a
danger signal for other trains that might bo
on the truck The run down tho mountain in
mado In n circuit from Mountain beck whoro
the curs htiirtod to Ijiurol Ilun station
lImo distance across the mountain Is only a
llttlo I morn than n mile hit by rail I It lx four
mll s The shrieks of the loeomotivu whistlo
at Mountiln Hook wero plainly hoard at
lrnrel Itunund limo telegraph operator there
at once notillod thu other operators along the
line or the runaway
All trains woro sidetracked as soon ns pos
sible A coal train however hud just left
Laurel Hun for the mountain Coo Leggett
wits time engineer Ho wus running at tho rate
ol ton miles an hour Juit as hn uiiprnachoil
Whiskey Hill I I I crossing lie heard aloud noUonnd
In un instant i tlm t lunuway I cars hud struck and
mounted his engine 1 ho crush
< rh was heard n
dlstaiKo < of tinoo miles Loggctt hnl just 1
time to shut oil steam but no tuna to jump
Ho wait s cry fortunate huwoor for ho es
caped with hliulit lirulsos
One of t tlm I I couches I hum pet upon the I tank
upon v ii lilt thn I 11 reman with Joseph 1 Easter
und Moigan llole I bruit oilmen wor sitting
111 brakomen I h saw tlio approaching I train I and
iou pout from tho I tank but Thomas iUniontho l I
llromnii did not see tlm train in time to save
Illml1111 i f uus burled I I Indol ito wreck
Ills I I death must 110 I ben liintnntaneous
list tr a I hurt Interuully I I and will die All
< Al
tho curs wore smashed Two Jewish peddlers
who uoin walklna I on I the side oj time truck lot
the runaway train In I a cut ono mllo from tho
starting point Thuy woro thrown off their
foot by tho force of I time wind Tho cars must
havo run at time rate of eighty miles elrllust
And Urn Iouei Notice to be Police Was
Too late
Marie I Jones a 10yearold girl who lives
with her mother and brother Charles at 205
Kast Suonlyseventh street eloped with
icorgo Jostph 1urdy yesterday
Juuly Wilt IH a baggage checker at time
Grand Contra Station became acqualntwd
vitli 3laiio > brother lust winter and shortly
aftorunn cuina to tho houso to hoard
lie fell In love with Mario and wits so out
Fpoken in hut admiration that ho and the
tiMtlnT imrrolloil about It
lunl wits orroBtcd und bound over to keo1i
tlm pence Ho loft thn liousKMerlurlnc that he
wuiild yit marry Marie In spltii ot Charles und
thn mother
irblorhiy morning Marie left time linnso
stmylitg situ Intended to visit seine friends In
Iigltt Ii tiveim tie
Mio did t I I licit return nt time usual hour im nil
her mother hud it general aliirm mint out by
thn I polliv Iatn immet night tlm t iii 01 it tr reed totl
limo InllowiiiK telegram tent from an ofllvur In
Kiist rMh street
Uxui Jut und 1 are married
Mrs Junes U the widow of time llov Francis
Jones who Yun n Baptist minister
IIIK fAssKxasus JUMiin on
Thought There Vac Uolnic To He a fol
Union Mrveral Woneii Jlurr
llnAiiixi Pa Aug 27A panic occurred
among a cur load of passengers on limo Kover
sink Mountain Itallroad this afternoon and
a number of women wero Injured three seri
In descending the mountain at White House
n passenger saw another car coming down tin
mountain and thinking It would strike limo
oar hn was mi leaped off ThIs eatiuoil about
forty others to jump ultuougli thoto wan not
time hllchtent ilnnuiir
Mrs Mary Pooler aeod 2H yours had both
legs badly injured Manila Miller ucd li l
years wi < hurt about tin knee and Mrs Iuwln
Hpolm I had i hnr UII > he broken Mr ttm rim It
Dougherty of JIMINorth Mlh sl reid Phlladul
phlu hail her loft leg broken A iloon others
bubtalned bruised butuuru not seriously hurt
Drulb of Daniel lllncklry
BAa lUiinnn Auc J7 Daniel Hlnokloy n
broker of Now York ilieti ot huart dlKeaso ut
U oclock this mornlni nt his cotluLc 1e
motlc Lodge on West Uroot
jivnatiRs VISE jiisrotrKRs
Tim Inn on Guard Hhot it Nttthbor and
Those Inilde Made Illndiccani of Them
SitAMotHN PR A < ig 27 four burglars
raided Charles DrtimbosUos homo early this
morning almost killing him and his wife ana
securing a 111 of money amounting to 500
Joseph Qabrlst a neighbor In going to tho
shot In the breast lookout
rescue was thl brolst by a 100Jout
and will probably dip The police are In pursuit
ot tho burglars Oabrlst returned from a
mlnu nt 1 oclock this morning Ills homo ad
joins Urumhosklos He went to bed and had
just closed his eyes when 1 cry for help caused
him to rush Into tho roar yard A second ap
peal convinced him that burglars were In
Drumbosklos house As ho was breaking In
the door a masked man from under an arbor
close by IIrod four times at him ono bullet en
tering his breast Staggering In ho saw
three men run out of the front entrance and
disappear In tho mountains
Thu Wounded man cried for help and fell
unconscious Ira Qabrlst appeared and sum
moned neighbors while messengers wont for
tho police and doctors Drumbosklen sleep
ing apartments woro found In great disorder
Under the bed woro Drumbosklo and wife
halt suffocated Thoy were frightfully beaten
and almost crazed from pain and terror
DrumbosUesnld that ho had been seized by
the throat and a man told him to remain
cutlet He saw threo men In tho room All
woro masked One started to search
the bureau Drumbosklos gmard held I
I lovolvor at his head Suddenly his wife
awakened and beholding the situation
shrieked for help Her guard started to
strangle her Urumboskle grappled with his
man and a light ensued Afraid to fro the
desperadoes used tho butts of revolvers Mrs
Urumbosklo tried to got away to secure holp
and one of tho men throw her on the floor and
Cavo her a brutal beating At this juncture
tho tiring uutslda alarmed tho burglars who
threw the Drumbosklos on the bed and placed
a mattress over them A heavy table was
thrown on top of the mattress Drumbosklo
heard the burglars making hurriedly from
room to room hunting for valuables and
II finally hn became unconscious The Drum
boskios are not dangerously Injured
A Trtitle Give iYy Two Cars do Down
end Four Men Are KId
EinowLAKE Minn Aug Fassongortraln
No 03 of tho Soo road which left Minneapolis
at 855 oclock fell through I trestle near bore
Time train was running at a slow rate of speed
and tho engine and llrst car passed over safe
ly when tho engineer noticed that tho struc
ture began to sway Ho put on moro steal
but before ho could pull ahead there was a
crash and tho bridge fell carrying down two
coaches crowded with passengers
In an Instant all was contusion and the scene
was torrlblo Four man woro killed outright
and about thirty others were Injured
Time dead are Ous T llorgquist Hoffman
Minim James Llnnle Cyprus Minn Edward
Smith Dunbar WIs and Michael Crockett of
Ironwood Mich
Tho name of only ono ot the Injured persons
has been learned He is Jamos McMillan of
Minneapolis tho roadmastcr and his injuries
are serious Belief parties were at once sot to
work and another train was mado up which
took tho uninjured passonaors t their des
tination Tho passengers wero principally
harvest hands on their way t the Dakota
harvest Molds
Mine Mar Slip and Fail and is I Ton to
PAnts Aug 27Mjne Marl a bear tamer
while performing at a show In this city today
slipped and foil upon the floor of a cage Tho
bears which sho had been holding In chock
at once sprang upon tho prostrate woman and
tore her to pieces Her husband who was
near by mado a desperate effort to save her
life but In vain Ho killed onoof the bears
but before tho others could be subdued their
I victim was dead Tho husband was severely
wounded In tha struggle with tho boars
The Missing of the VfooXcr Hired Fire
All tho persons repotted tho Irlnco street
station as missing after tho Wooster street
fire appeared at their homes lust nlcht except
Clara Morey of 88 Sheriff street
worse At midnight Fireman black was growing
lingua flirt origin Injurlei
Cornelius Hogan tho scono painters boy
who was burned and otherwise Injured at tho
Metropolitan Opera House lire died at 0 I
oclock last night In IJollovue Hospital
Mr IHrklnnon Connultn with Mr Cleveland
DuZAnns BAY Aug 27Don M Dickinson
of Detroit called on Mr Cleveland today and
talked between trains on his proposed visit to
Chicago when he will assume active charge ot
the Western campaign
Tlie Weulher
The storm nft the middle Atlantlo coast was still felt
jesterday mer the t eiv Kngland coast Winds were
ijigit froth lilurk Island northward blowing from the
northeast anI rain wit fullinj over the same area
ClfHrlnn iathir set lu omen the lake regions and mid
dle All mtlc Matis
his tttrtil overling the Gulf States was drawn ton
centre oer Ark tunas and Tennessee very heavy rain
remit lu Us vicinity a12 Inches was repotted from
Illlo 1 Hock in twelve hours This storm Is now moving
earl iitni and Increasing In eiuTKy It will probably
join tho m storm uleh uiovcil couth from Unnlloba to
u Mi liuknta and now corers an eilcniUe area be
luiin I MinnesiU ani Utah with rain fallliiK In Us
Thocombiuatlou ot these
pnli storms should caimo
loutilerithte disturbance over time central stalls and
laki regions
1 tarn has been but hill change In temperature corn
Ihioiintry It as cooler ever the Sew Indind nnd
millie Atlantlo states In the morning
In thin city it was cloudy an 11 I learmu the hum I Jli >
fi b mold K1 per cent at 8 A M in ill at a r I M Iliiih
nt oillrlal temperature ONe lowest 6J Yilnlfrom
mile nirlh with an average velocity of un tulle an
The thermometer at Parrys pharmiry In Tin c
liutMInk recorded the etnperaturi I yesterday as fnllnwi
Jn Ituii joe ivu
a M 71 i ret 110 PM 1 Ml nh
liA M i 71 IUV1 U r m M HI 14
IJ A M i IT Ill in t I I 7H H >
1i i1 52 Uiiqij imi 7o
A irni > nil
Aiiiaifn on Auic 27l4il 78
759 JYi
tiere for ttie week 7ilil7 7J
Inr Main Sew llmupkhlrr ccii I riiiint i shonen
rollnviiil ly klmhtly at urnier fair wrattier frrtli mu
l > nil l north A Oem
1cr Maxniliusetts HUM Islun m I and Ciinnectlrnt
ittt were folnned Ij rleirllK a nllfr sllhlly
warmer brisk north uiiulu derrtaiirf In furic
For fnt n > c iurkfjlt ft trelr I li oiri UMrmfr
pvrlA vln I tl > ftln < tft fu
For western New York fair Sunday shun en by
it Omia C Si itt en CItt C t its
The norm niilritl riliy night nit the North Car
iillna roat has nn > t u rlluaat timid is i 11 nlralio
nliibt l Hie i New IliiifUn I I u a t A siortn cr > meant id
ttrenirtli hus iii clotted Yin ho ith liakotn m An i area
of hlfli iutrmtit ci rid preen ne t i huiunt 1 rniin irdfroin
the nurlh faiHc taoi and is I cvntiul i i or imrili
eiutern itoh m emit a ilniiled fall In temprrature m
has iutrrd oer mite middle ami northern
HOiVy MdiinUii 0 and miteS recite eItew leie tbe
teui > erutiire I mires hr e bcin lUlit I 1 oseltled
Wgiill r and he itt aro ndlCAted fnt the low rr Ohio
and inlldls anil loner M > kliil > 4 nlle > s InthenilJ I
tie > iinunurj and e > trem < i iiiper Muslisi > i Vuilejs
> Uortrs and local storms will occur followed by a
marked fall In tcraj trMure
Ktaht Thonnand Gallons froia the AutomatiC
Roof Tank Deicead Upon the Hlace
which Hpliitten und Coatlnne III Do
trnctlon HeeiserT Hoxes a4ClnllerleB
The nreaklnsroftae Hkrllcht FreoUa
Flame mid < aTe the Best of the Bull
I K Vnlnabte rro rtle > lord Beaeatk
the HlaB Mar bo Keco vemedTks Qn
tloni orLon and lainraneft nroblema
The auditorium of the Metropolitan Opera
Houso which hag rung with tho notes ot Tattt
and Lohmnnn and Campanlnlwhere groat balli
and banquets and receptions have been held
was destroyed by fire yesterday morning It
took the myriad Sneers of flamo which reached
out from the big stage but a very few moment
to strip time walls and boxes of their beautiful
decorations and leave them black and bare
Time lire broke out shortly alter 0 oclock It
had Its origin on the fourth door directly over
the stage whero tIme frame said to be the
largest In tim world upon which the scenery
la painted Is fixed Just how the fire started
Is not known positively The only person who
was In the room at time tlmo Is Cornelius Ho
gan time steno painters boy who says hi
doesnt know Secretary H M McLaren at
tributes it to spontaneous combustion The
most probable explanation offered Is that the
fire was started by a lighted cigarette Young
Hogan had bean alone In the room for an hour
before time fire broke out
The opera house occupies the plot of ground
200 by JCO feet bounded by Broadway For
tieth street Seventh avenue and Thlrtynlnth
street This stage Is on the Reventh avenue
side The roof which covered It before the flre
was the highest root ot the building Eight
panelled Belgian trusses wore used for the
roaflng which was sot with glass forming a 5
mammoth skylight f4
1 itP
Those trusses carried the wolcht of the loft
and the croat nro tank In addition to the roofing
Time fire tank was suspended under the ridge
of this roof It was of Iron and was 78 feet
long It held 8000 gallons of water and was
intended to supply automatic sprinklers
which were expected to flood the whole stags
area If time occasion should demand it The
tank was regulated to open automatically 1U
numerous valves at 120 degrees
The stage U 00 br 101 feet In size and 150
feet from top to bottom Iletweon the files f
and directly over the stage on a level with time
fourth floor vas the platform to the scene
frame whore Scone Painter Henry Hoyt and
his assistant Overt were at work on a can
vas The scene frame was built near the
Seventh avenue wall and the platform was
raised and lowered br a mechanical device
The asbestos curtain intended to protect the
auditorium in case of fire was not down be
cause the house was not In commission
It was exactly 8 oclock as his clock shows
when Night Watchman William Kline passed
over tho paint frame platform on his last
round yesterday morning That was before
the boy Cornelius Hogan had arrived and
everything was all right there then Kline
was relieved after making this trip br Dar
Watchman henry Collins who took his stand
at tho Thirtyninth street sldo door to admit
the opera house employees as they arrived
IJ lit
Young Hogan was time first to come He
wont up the stairs to time paInt frame atones
Tlton camo Knglneor Walter Kcattergood
Stage Carpenters Ilrown anti Baxter Firemen
Huncy anti Thompson mind n scrub woman
Shortly allor 9 l oclock Soono Painter Opertl
arrived Ho started up the stairs when he was
startled bynrnih Then young hogan wau
feebly heard lit say
Tin imnt frame Is on fire and I have hurt
KniInfr Pcattorcond ran for time special fire
alarm In lila hurry ho did not take theta
itho time hummer In time rack beside the box for
that purpose but smashed the glass door
with Ills hand cutting himself badly This
alarm was received at 021 A M and engine
LTof Ucist Timid ysoventhm Street was therein
At ii7 it citizen saw smoke miami luinedln a
ii rat a iii rum trout I Hnvonth mivomi uc atm 1 Fortieth
sired and threo quickly following calls
brought twentythrto onulno nix honk and
ladder oampiniei a water t > vror six battalion
IhlifK and Chief li nnor Ono I enirlnf No lit
did not got thorn U liroLu down at lIriadwimy <
and llnrtytliiiiUlieot i I
In thn HUM limn titus ilanio weral king up
tho 14i Mcnerj Imnunigi i limit mtireit siege
and nor liaionu on liru till the I ir < cunluni
munch to tint mmmiImmor HI e > nut fly tha time
the I II rst itt tin I MIOI 1 n nrriMil tb I etijmi Wits u
riHiini turin e i im IPit trite ilio I fIre
opened HIM n iton lit iprliiUlerii and the
KUUU gull I itii r Kiit imnred iluwn iiinntlie
HHUI iimtm I lie ircb ubmM tine iumud tu rage
the t more
IlrtMiian I iMihr W iburn of Patrol I found
young llogiut lying upon the stage amid car >

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