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I i
r QJb 1m UJbe uu
= = =
n1e > t Karar ii > Vtllol Mmj HrlnB the
TlmUllt CholtrA Otmi New York
led OMetrs AUrt ae Xendr to Con
front tht PeUIe ane Check I nt Our
SaMB Iptts the Htcnmir ItBllo
The for that watoh the harbors entrance
raprenent n phase ot human warfare Imposing
and heroic Warfare even moro momentous Is
carried on In the ereryday battles which In
Infinite variety must he fought In tho cease
less I atruccle for human llfo menaced always
b > T Invisible enemies that present themselves
in lull lrlnl deadly dlaento germs The
wooden boat hoius flying a yellow flag In thn
shadow ot For Wadsvvorth upon the shore
beneath the Staten Island his Is the
bae Of operations ot a publla defence
I more Important than any which foreign war
has threatened In threefourths of a century
I represents the Quarantine where must be
met at the skirmish lino the devouring ter
rors ot contagious disease bore hither on the
resistless tee ot emigration from European
and Aslatto pest areas A restless little steam
tug puffs at the pier In front In the roar ot
the boat house upon the high verdant bank
ascended by tepe are the cottages ot Dr
t k j t I
I =
W T Jenkins the Hnalth Officer of Now York
and his deputes Threo hospital Islands In
I the lower bay are the supporting points In the
Y defence line With an organization so plain
and unpretentious I maintained tho un
J wearied guard and battling against epidemics
and other contagions that converge hither
contgon convorle hlher
over all ooean waters and which unchecked
would carry a devastation to human lite dwarf
ing tho ravages of the worlds great wars
The poison wave from the reeking plague
pots ot Mohammedan pilgrimage has over
flowed Into Europe nd the unceasing west
Ward mach of Asiatic cholera spreading al
ready beyond the Russian frontier is at Ham
burg and other ports In direct touch with
American cities I has not as yet reached
England and Its first onslaught has been
stamped out In Paris But the ord by cable
which any day may bring that it hns burst
forth in hal the great commercial cities ot
Europe may find the disease already seek
ing entrance at tho seaboard ports across
the Atlantic By reason ot the great Immigra
tion which It receives New York Is specially
liable to the Invasion ot a groat variety of con
tagious disease The distance across seas to
be traversed to reach this port elves opportu
fifty to show the development of any epldomlfl
but In no way operates to prevent its coming
J vessel which starts with a list of passengers
apparently healthy may have become a pest
snip when It appears at the harrowb of Now
York Harbor
The life of the Quarantine physician Is at
tended by tho perpetual watchfulness and un
certainty of that of an officer whoso duties call
htm to meet Incessant guerrilla warfare Tho
Inwardbound ocean steamers which como to
the Narrows dally hn lust board Inspect
and take the responsibility ot decision as to
detention tho adoption of levoro remedial
nteattires or tho granting of f a clean bill nl
health To duties so arduous the preienl
cholera epidemic exceptionally dangerous In
rharncter hal added features of unusually ex
acting precaution
when tho steamer Italia if the Hamburg
Iala Ulmburl
American 1acket Company sixteen days oiil
Ironi tttettln was reported off Fire Island last
1 rlday there was much uncertainty as to what
lomantH of danger her coming might portend
Hence when she appeared through the rain
unowersnnd forced up the Narrows to drop
anohoroff Quarantine at half past 2 oclock In
1aflenon the tlnio of waiting wa fn
ad bjr quick nud terJous movement at the
pier Tho lubnmolAl ho had been loung
ing listlessly about tho bout houto onico
quickened with tho sense of active responsi
bility men fool who are colng where
danger lurk and all was stir and com I
al IS str
motion Dr Jenkins nnd his assistant physl
Man Dr Tallmndgo with tholr necessary
hii lon worn BOOH aboard tho lug which
hot out to tho Mourners shIn XII Italia
whIch measures 210 tons llrltlsh leglstor In
Irltsh Ioldsnr
300 foot long by 4i feet wide She Is n tank
l =
ship with 800 ton water ballast llotund
nautlcnl looking Capt Fritz Hnuter with his
first nnicoT received them at the ladder with a
cordiality and ehnorfulnoss that promised 1
satisfactory condition In tho vessels hospital
He reported no Illness aboard and pre
sented a passenger list numbering onlv
eightytwn names although tho Italia hns
accommodation for 1JIX persons In
the stoerago An unusual quantity of
freight occupied the remainder ot thn
spaco The passengers an Improvement
In appearance on the ordinary run of foreign
immigrants were most ot thorn substantial
looking Germans ot tho peasant class neatly
clad in their characteristic holiday Barb
Thero wero n sole ot Russian looking people
of tho poorer sort and ono nr two slinking
longboarded Jews their lankncss accentu
ated bv long shabby coats Jut it was evi
dent that the cholera whenever It may come
had not taken passage upon thn Italia
Inspection was the first duty to be pnr
formod Two sailors took their stand In tho
pnssago aft beneath the hridct tn hurry
along laggards and prevent crowding and hn
tween thor Illod tho passengers the women
In their plain dulltinted gowns with hand
kerchiefs tel About their heads and the men
wearing the styles of laS peculiar to tho Holi
day attire of the Russian and thn German of
the lower classes All had conned their best
clothes for tho occasion Homo of the women
wore I cay handkerchief folded across the
bosom and one or two of thn men
sported a white collar Dr Jenkins and
his assistant standing ono upon each side
inspected them as thny passed and examined
In turn the green tickets thor born showing
that nvery pas oncor had boon vaccinated dur I
ing the voyage Tho proceeding in this In I
stance was a short ono Looking much Im
pressed with the solemnity of the occasion
the passongors passed through tho ordeal
without I halt or break then they sat or stood
about tho utter deck and gazed over the rail
at the land of plenty which must have snemed
to thorn wonderfully fair tlrst In tho
wondorfuly fall trst soon ver
durous aspect of btatcn Island and of tho slope
behind Fort Hamilton To tho north spread in
soft beauty thn inner harbor with Now York
dimly seen through thn half mist tho en
chanted city ot their groping llfolong dreams
of liberty and worldly fortune
They aro all right Capt neuter said Dr
Jenkins Let mo cnngratulato you and my
self When wo havo fumigated their baggage
your trouble will bo over for this time
All the Immigrants hnggago bud been placed
In readiness and follow Ing the inspection of
passengers the fumigation was rotten under
way Across n Inigo room on the starboard
Rife of tho cabin ropes woro suspended over
which were hung all thi > fabrics contained
In tho hags and Wuodnn trunks The
doori nud ports wern closed and then
Btenn from tho boilers wns turned on
until thn thormomctnr indicated that
the wholn Interior was at a tumpornlro
of TJ Fahrenheit For two hours the cluthoH
wore subjected to this Intansn heat under
which no microbe Ufa ran survive Tho
steaming followed bya thorough permeation
with the fumes of sulphur dosiioys absolute
ly all gemm of disease Thn Immigrants said
Illtlothoy scarcely had language available
for protest at the sight of tholr clothes thus
f I
treated but they looked deeply serious and
except for tho flaunting of ono bright spot of
coloradnrkOHd brown Hungarian girl In
red waist anil kerchief whoso spirits roso
to the occasion there was no Inuchtor
not even a smile The llusslnn with his
bushy blond beard the smooth heavy
faced Gorman peasant tho maiden with downcast
cast ayes and with n handkerchief Hod de
murely about hor held all maintained an
nsnect of patient stolid waiting Whllo tho
fumigation steam cooked the clothes and Inci
dental forms and coated the hot cloned win
dows white the events nf tho voyage wero
talked over In IhnotUeers dlnlnc room In
JtttlttHlo4V longitude i TiTMV the vessel had
encountered u Iho hurricane which carried
way ono of Its boats There wus a manifest
disposition on the part f tha chips ollleers to
say little of tho cholera nnd politely tu steer
clear ot the subject as 111 as ponalblo At
Htettln nothing had appeared of the disease
there had been some sickness at Ham
burg the Captain understood The
cholera was bad In Ituisla no doubt
but there were no Itutilans aboard
Thee men with the yellow beards were not
llujjlum they wore Poles perhaps they wijro
llusslan Poles ni the wore1 Hut the
pasaongor list seen later revealed what the
unmistakable dress facial contours nud
other characteristics showed tho twenty
chRrAterlstcs 11ent1
Ituselaun puro and slmplp ton of them It I
should bo said from the choleraInfected
dlstrlctsthat had forsaken tho paternal
OoyernmontofthoCzar for tho vntlng rights
and Incidental emoluments ot future Ameri
can citizenship
Whom there are over 2000 passengers on a
Flnglo steamer ns has been the case In some
arrivals at Quarantine thu Inhor and respon
sibility ot the doctors lit groat The first thine
to do Is to examine the patients In tho sick
hospital nnd to take prompt action tn moot
tlio different varieties nt disease indicated
dlorent varlets 11011
All persons suspected ot contagious disease
are sent nt oncn to Hoffmans Island thoro to
remain under observation until tholr case Is
dcllnltety diagnosed
IToffmnni Throo Brothers nnd Swinburne
are tho three Islets which stand an stations In
tho euro nnd Isolation of patients tnkan In
chnrgo by tho health ofllcnrB At Hollman
Island whero undefined cases aro placed under
observation tho arrangements nro simplicity
ornton two largo buildings are provided
with asphalt flooring above nnd below which
can be clnansod as often as required by steam
or by a disinfecting solution ot bichloride of
morourv Cases of smallpox nro went to
North Urothor Island while nt Swinburne I
Island nro the hospitals for contagious I
diseases In general Dr Jenkins with three
slstant physicians manages tho dmnVs of
Quarantine one assistant is steadily employed
at the Hwlnblirno Hospital while tho others
help tho operation of inspection and handle
any emergency of hospital work that may arise
Every dotnll of inspection and fumigation
has boon accomplished Thn doctor have
held a brief consultation and have signed for
tho vessel a clean bill of health The sturdv
hospitablo German Captain shakes hands all
around as does thn ships surgeon Dr liou
nees looking with his eyeglasses florid sub
stantial and scholarly Jut before the party
reenter tho tug to goashoro tho artist who
chances to be present at tho inspection of this
day has tarried a moment to pencil a llttlo
tableau which lends I touch nt sentiment to
Quarantine Quito by themselves on the for
ward cock a girl with a refined pretty
faca and eyeglasses is sitting lroty
hor knitting work in hand on one
of tho Iron bltts just forward of the
bridge much occupied apparently with the
p r
scenery of Rtnton Island and beI lde hora stal
wart blond young Herman looking supe
rior toinofitnf thn other Immigrants Is snar
ing with her tho dcllghttof tho vnrd uitspoctn
ple of tho new land lut attractive as Slectl
slioro tho lowvoiced conversation between
the two t is supremely Intorootlnc tothpmsolvns
nnd thoy evidently will share together the
hopp nnd fortunes of the New World they now
IrA entering upon
Landed 1 at tho wharf thn doctor shakos
hands with his guests beforo going up tlie
high steps t tn his bouse
All safo still hn says but I none can f ll
what the nnvt vessel may brine to us Wovn
cot to have our fight with cholera We expect
tn mot and to connuor thn pestilence and wo
shall do it by keeping It bolow tho Narrows
an n LOCC 11 rTUCrV TZOY
Obrlnc the mood of Hn Altrcrd Spirit
to llemuln In Bed he Unit ot Her Illp
EImnl k Aug 27 Wannlta Lake Is a beauti
ful little body ot water In Hclmylar county
with tho town of Wayne at one end and e
ton nt the other Its hanks are lined with
wellkept productive farms and handsome
summer cottages Ono of the largest nnd most
productive farms Is owned nnd worked by Mrs
Anna Ifallnck a Msterinlawof Col Crane of
Hornellsvillpa wealthy and widely known man
and politician Mrs Hnllock Is of more than
ordinary business ability and Intelligence but
she Is possessed of somo strango hallucina
tions that havo made her the talk and wonder
of tho neighborhood Rho Is n Spiritualist
A llttlo over ton years ago slio claims she re
ceived a spirit message directing her to go to
bed and not arise for ten years In tho moan
while tn let no water come In contact with her
body Slio Immediately retired to her bed
and no persuasion or argument could Induce
her to leave It or t allow hereolf to be washed
although she accepted clean clothing Blio
was apparently a strong healthy woman not
claiming to hn III but said Mm must remain In
bed bouiUKo the spirit ordered It for tho puri
fication of hor soul Slio continued to direct
Iho management other large fitim and did a
groat deal of writing but nothing could per
suade liar to nrlfp
llocently the tenyear limit ptplrpd and she
got up and drosxed lmit Him was slightly
nnl hHrfel hluhtv
limit In stature from her long confinement tn
the bed but otherwise apparently suffered no
111 effects Inbtwcol however shn received
another message from the same spirit direct
Ing her to return to bed and stay there the re
mainder of her life and she Immediately com
piled for ten > ears not a diop nf water
touched her bo ly I and now after I fw clays
respite she has ngiiln returned to hr bed and
refuses to wIsh 11 allow olheiB to wash her
Bhe says she will never arise ngaln
On all other subjects Mr Ha I look Is I per
fectly sane nnd talks rationally Hho Jor 1
shrewd buslnoss woman directs all the work
done on her farm nnd Is iiccmnulatlng prop
erty Hhe Is of a pleasant disposition and en
joys visits from neighbors and acquaintances
but no ono cal induce I her to abandon her bod
KlllrU liy Ibe OhoI Train
NORWAIK AUf ST A welldretmcd man ap
parently about r years old was struck and
killed by the ghost train at 4 oclock this after
noon on the ourvo just below the Yhlstle
vllle brldgu fur papers found upon tlio
body it U believed that the dead roan Is Wil
liam iaidncr an Inventor of Now ran
Among the papers were sercm patents and
legal documents and letters Indicating that
the man has a wife In New York and children
In Nebraska Medical Examiner lurk took
chareeof the case and telegraphed the par
ticulars of the accident to Now Yore The
body I at tha llorjuo 10 t
TUX Faun NKW roRK nEoiaKura lIE
rvny nvxanr Ait noirxs
Fred And Swutlea rl Orel Them at the
Btallon and They XrJoT a AVnrm Mral
at the Armnrlti Ilvely tMoilt of tha
nos Experience la llliirilo Cnmpnny
< of he Tvrenty conit TH C Id Muirol
All the rcclmcnts which did duty at Buffalo
during thn strike nro now homo Ye tcrday
morning tho Twontyseeond and Seventyfirst
arrived rnd In DIB afternoon ClIO tho Twelfth
and Ninth Crowd ot fronds greeted thor
at the station and other crowds woro nwattinc
them at tho armories There was something
else awaltlnc them at tho armories which tho
hungry and wornout soldier boysapproelatod
for a brief tlmo at least aulte as much ns the
presence of tholr admirlnc friends and sweet
hearts That was ngood hot meal This was
provided by Col Elliott F Uhepnrd for each of
the four regiments ne was the most pOI > ular
noncombatant In tho city yesterday among
tho battleworn vetornns
Tho regiments all started from Buffalo Fri
day afternoon or evening In special trains
Beforo coming East each regiment was taken
to Niagara Falls for n few hours This was a
treat on the part of tlui railroad companies
The night journey home was very wearying
Tho trains were mndo up of day roaches nnd
the men wore unable to stretch themselves I
for a good sloop Thc nid notlilnir to eat nn
the way except what the brought In their
haversacks and all of thor utrlvvd with wolf I
ish appetites
Tho warscarred veterans of the Twenty
eecond rather rusty as to uniform and scrae
er as to beard found at toast 000 enthusiastic
and admiring trleuds awaiting them at the
Ornnd Central btntlon when they reached
thero at 1015 oclock They had been trav
elling all night In common passenger coaches
and had got vory little rest Their faces were
bronzed nnd soap and water would have Im
proved tho appeainuco of ovory lan of thorn
They left Buffalo at noon on Frldnr and took
tho train to Niagara Tails where they stayed
until 5 oclock when they ngaln entered tho
train this time for home Tho train only
stoppid at llochcster Syracuse Uica Albany
and Poughkecpsle hut It was a long drawn
out and exceedingly tedious trip The men
carried one days rations when thoy embaiked
on tho train at noon Thoy eked out this
homely food at way stations during thu night
with hot coffee
There wore n number of veterans In tho
crowd which greeted tho soldier boys at tho
Grand Central Station nnd n hOlt of wives
and sweethearts Thero was blind clapping
and hurmlilnc ns thor tumbled out of the
cars and lined up on the platform and many
a hearty handslmko when tho corporal wasnt
looking Thoy wore lot a pretty lot as they
began their march across town to the armory
Many of thor hud lost tholr hatx 1llorU I
wiru out of shape and far from tidy while tho
display of beards was appalling
Thoro was another hurrah at tho armory
Horo a nlco breakfast or cored beet hash bis
cuits and cole nil piping hot was awaiting
them to cay nothing of half a thousand more
wives ami tweothearts and brothers and
uncles in the galleries When tho companies
began to march Into tho drill room thon was
somn prutty cheering and clapping and hand
kerchief waving from the folks In the galleries
and the soldier boys swelling with pridu and
surprise swung cm their caps and let loose a
SWlnl CllS
mighty shout
It is safe t say that no meal was over oaten
with greater zest than that since the world be
gan After it was over there was a great spin
ning of yarns I was no piny the soldier bo > s
told their friends to do alternate tricks of two
hours on guard and two hours of supposed
AlooD In the anl n frelBht car 8uIsed
less fun to be pulled from bed before you had
fairly got eyes shut to escort a train through a
waste of railroad tracks xpeetlng every mo
ment to have I rock 0011111 crashing on your
head And then there was enough bayonet
and gunpovvdei business to give tho wholu
thine a really serious favor
Every soldier had I story nnd some had a
dozen or more Tho hum of voices lllled tho
armory for several hours All wore jubilant
at gelling home and nOv that tho hardships
are over glad they endured them and vory
yroud ot having soon some real war Ur
Joo as ono of the boys PUt It to a Iltl who
didnt seem to bonldo to gut enough of look
Ing nt him
There Is griof though oer tho loss of
Fannie tho mascot 1annlowas a black dog
Hire camo tocmnponn day and nettled down
In Company CB quarters as I she belonged
there Tim company voted that Rho did 10
long there and adopted her on tho spot Sho
was st ned and happy Sho took a spectil
fancy to Private Sehloy and he became hnr at
tendant Hit Just bofore tho regiment vama
back 1nnnio disuppeatcd The members of
tie company am jprfoctly satlsllnd that file
was stolen 1 l > y somebody in Companv 1 I Is
known that I was orv jealous of I Cs mascot
Tho Heventjllrst hid a much harder tlnin of
It on the rail On 11 hlLj they had a dinner
of nni hardboiled egg and I piece of bread
each nml not auuthei Uto illd they cot until
thoy nat down to Col Miopaids spread In tholr
armory about lii oclock xsterdny morning
The evenlyfirst spent about three hours In
Niagara Falls on Friday They came in on
the Jlrie roart Tho journey was long and ex
ceedingly tiresome Thu train was In two
divisions and eelY cir was crowded to Its
capacity Tho hoys sluit however through
sheer exhaustion Not I lillo did they
get to eat tit night nnd TV hen HIM
train pulkl In at llu > station nt RIU
oclock A M and th bovs tumbled out
of the cars into thu url of their friends the
smell of hot coffee was the occasion of a great
Hhout They were quickly lined up I Irlt
platform right iilongldo of the train they
had left and the colT o wis passed along In
tin eupH
Thats the best drink I ever had In my
life shouted one ami tho sentiment was
echoed In chums
ttoveral hundred friends and relatives ac
companied thu boss across tho ChamrmrH
htreot Furry On tho Now York slilo thoy
formed lino nnd marilicil to lilityfourth
street nnd Third aunuc whnrl thiy tuok clo
atcd trniiiK fur the arrnoiy at lUttli ftreut
nud Lexington avenue
Jho I inaht uiiiliiisniit pxpnrlonco onthnrall
was that of tlm Ninth which did not get In rai
til 4 oclock jcfitordaaltcrnomi onr tlmOon I
tial I Tim men wer llnod up at tho station In
Buffalo lit J oclock fora I ruin totakn them to
Niagara Fnlln but the tinln ilid not come till
threi hours later They only had an hour and
arjuarlernt Niagara Then hoy laid off nt
IlufTalo until 11 oclock und did not roach
Utlcn until 111 tho morning All this was ox
ceodlngly wearisome esjiuulally us the cars
WArO crowded
From Utlca on however they made pretty
gooil time uxcopt fora few delays Thu man
carried a days rations Hut a days rations Is
not much and thoy all got hum exceedingly
hungry There wero friends to meet them nt
the station but not siTmanr ns had been there I
hours boforo Thoy recclvd 1 hearty emetines
however and hearty vhiors as they mnmliod
across town to the armory In WestTwonty
sixth street leI tl they had tho mimo experi
ences as tho regiments which had preceded
thorn A crowd of frlondt swcitheartH < I rl
tern mothers and brotlmrK made an hour pass
rapidly At I I oVIiw k the armory was deserted
The Twnlflh Iliglinent cut to tin Grand Con
1llh 1glnlnt
tuil btntlnn at lJfi Iclin k yimtnrdiiy after
noon with no oni huit und not a man lost nn
the trip Their long train of iiimtoTi coaches
was parted up In the yard and sent In In two
suctions The llrst t section bud Col Uowd nud
htf SUIT aboard Col llcllband the officers
mi nnd bl Cupt John Macatiley the act
Ing commissary tho noni onunlssluned staff
Biianllng the bass drum und fund goods
McCnskrr Major Leonard llutt and tho llrbt battalion under
lly thu time the second Fcctlon with C lt
Churlny lluinsh second bntlallonsot In very
body wis rnidy to move The station WHS
jammed with people eiir to welcome the
boys Men 1 women nnd chlldrmi i > rowdnd up
until It almobt ImposMblotiirthopullce
1111 I as Ilmobl hIPls lll le pulce
and nilroad men to 1 koop them hack Only
one person broke through 11t 1 was rum
Dolan8 daughter nnd HIO UIIVD him thrun
crowil kisses bofuru they cot lior 11 boCk Into tho
The bugle sounded Col iJowdn order to
march ami In column f fours Iho soMlers
broke their way out mnld musing dicei and
hand clappini nnd WUII hamlkerchlefn
Across IVirtysecond Mnnt tliey ueiit until tint
long column reached 1lfth uenu < > ami then
thr was I h lit Cspl KlrbyRCompunr that
belongxij at the lioid uf HII ciilumn was In tlio
rear I got thero nearly twentyfour hours
before when Col Dowd had Insl tod upon
having more coaclms for his men ln got
throfi extra onesnnd Instead nf moving evory
one down soma ho sent KirbY company from
the head to tho tal oC the train
Now the Twelfth formed In platoon fronts
the bugle founded again ana Drum Major Mo
k yri maD struck up whtn Johony Com
Marching Homo and HP Fifth UTenno they
I ont bound for their armory nt Hlxtysecond
I street nnd Mntli avenue Col Hhepards loan
horsed coaches got out of tholr way while an
enthusiastic crowd tramped alone In Ptop to
the music McKnvs men never playod with
thriller tOol Thoy trod up again With
Away Down South In Dixie nnd nwhololot
more ot lively tunes until ns they turned Into
Blxtysecond street from tho lloulovard and
rought slaht of the armory they took up
Home Sweet Home
At the armory thero wat A lunch with hot
oolToe waiting for them It was welcome but
wallnl I Wl1
It did nut wiirm thnm up halt so much as the
little speech Col Dowd delivered to them be
fore they wore dismissed Them wasnt much
of it but It welt I long way Col Dowd know
whnt he was talking about for he was trained
I soldier
In nil my experience he said In conclu
sion 1 havo never seen man do tholr duty In
n better manner
The mon left tho armory happy K thoy woro
rnciiod nnd unshaven
TSled WOIO not HO happy through the night
boforo For Bomo reason tho railroad com
pany was two hour lato In getting their train
to thorn They hail struck tents nnd wore
standing ready all that time nml just boforo
tho train drew up to their oarap n big cloud
let go und dnmohed them while thor got their
luggage it hoard It WHS 4 oclock then The
prospect of seeing Niagara Falls cheered
them but there worn more dolays and It wai
I when thoy got to tho Falls nnd Col Dowd
gave them a fortyflvomlnuta leave
Thoy mado good tlmo getting through
Prospect Irk coot wen wont over to Goat
Island under tho piloting of Capt Frank
ltnoHevclt Than they were blocked In tho
railroad jard nnd It was t before they got
back to liutTalo I nud 10 vthon they were finally
hnmovvaid bound Then began an exhibition
of all sorts of Imiemilty In ecUtntr comfortable
for tho night tWta wern an angod In curious
ways nnd OVPIcoats and blankutH fixed for
pillows and covers and some men elioxo the
Plain floor n luxury such ns fora week they had considered
Most of tho boys wnro asleep when the train
got to Itochester and such cursing wa oldom
hnard as hroko forth when tho railroad people
told them that tho o In tha forward cars must
husthi out into other eoncho Thoro wanna
help for It Thoooiari belonged to the lluf
lalo belt Hue and must be sent back The
change however mado the Ion moro com
foitable I and soon they were off again and
evorv onl asleep 1ow knew that them was
another slight delay I at Syiacusn from there
the journey was continuous nnd pleasant
lUlEIC JtAltRISIH > > S 330000
Th OoTernmrnt InvrMIffiiflnsc III Tula
Aliitnt It IAn Out llln and Some Rail
Chief McSweoney of tho Government Secret
Service for this State Pennsylvania has
been Investigating I nueor case up In thn
latter State and one that has all tho outward
appearances of a gigantic bunco game Home
time ago a letter enclosing an affidavit both
signed by Daniel F Harrison ot Rlnggold
township Jefferson county la was received
at tho United States Treasury Department
The letter stated that the bits of greenbacks It
contained represented what was left of
50000 In that kind of money which
had been mutilated and eaten or carried
away by rats Tho aflldavlt afllrmod that
tho statement true Tho bits
stlttDcnt was bis ot
gieenbnck nolosed showed that If tho
bills they camo from woro with thor thor
would amount to 17000 Tho curious part
ot tho matter was that the denomination of
tho bill It had been n part of was Indicated In
variably by each piece a coinctdenco that tho
Treasury Department did not feel Inclined t
attribute entirely to the careful discrimina
i tion of rats Moro than that tho history ot
how tho rats came to have an opportunity to
make way with a fortune of 50000 leaving
only tho suspiciously symmetrical remnant
of 17000 in 100 500 and 1000 bllli an
eet forth In Farmer Harrisons letter and
sworn to In his nflldavit was fully as remarkable
able as the coincidence uf the bits of bills
According to Mr Harrisons sworn state
ment he shared a bell f not uncommon among
thu moneyed farmers of the Allegheny moun
tains that ban Icn or Act tato Uuntcd asi
two rears ago happening to huvefSOOOO In
greenbacks und not caring to earn the sum
around with him Imsldes having a fear of cer
tain do perato characters In tho neighbor
hood he elected H bin ot oats as the most se
cure place In which ho could deposit the
funds Ho shoved the 50000 down in
tho oats nnd left It them bo confident
wis Farmer Harrison In tho security of
this hiding plneo thit he never bothered
hi head about the money oven so much as to
tnka it loot at It now and then nnd didnt
think of disturbing it until somo time In April
IKU when having use for a little money ho
went to the out bin to get It lllH feelings when
he found that thero was nothing left of his
wad of greenbackx but n few infinitesimal
pitifcs ot odd not > is scattered about in tho oats
laY scarcely h t > u described Hats had feasted
nn tho reM I wus these liltH that Farmer
Harrison gathered up and forwarded to the
Treasury Department with the reauest that
they be replaced with complete nnd good
llefore doing this tho department thought It
be t In look In tn tho matter a IItedeee and
Chief McSweenny was sent up Into Pennsylva
nia tn investigate He found Farmer Harrison
and thooit bin but failed to ilnd out that the
farmer had mado Inr < than tUOOOlnall the
tlmo ho hid lived In thoso parts 10 his a 200d
deal of real etit In Pennsylvania and out In
Washington hit as tho detective oould not see
how rats could naw Hits of 17000 in green
backs off of that land hn saw no reason to
chanun his opinion that thoe bits had been
carefully torn from tho ooinotH and sides of
hills nt dllToreut times by somo one leaving
the not Btill good and caved up with the de
Illieiatn intention of playing a bunco game on
the iovermnmit If the Treasury Department
arcefts the detectives vluw of the ease there
risun will bo nn interesting future for Farmer liar
Two In Iluffulo Found to be FrHCtloallj I
HoUrnl und Olhrr In m Bad W my
HirrrAix Aug 7A sensation second only
to that caused by the allure of the National
Savings liink was created this morning by
the announcement that tttato Dank Examiner
Whllton had found two savings and loan as
sociations practically Insolvontnnd that many
othoisnreln nn unlaCe condition Tho asso
ciations reported as Insolvent are the Third
Ward Permanent Savings and Loan Associa
tion nnd thu Ire County Permanent Havings
nnd Loan Association
JJxamlnnr Whltton has been giving his at
tention to tho Pavings Building and Loan As
sotlations since the books of the National Sav
ings Hank were straightened out Up to the
procnt time ha hIs examined six of those
societies among thor being two known as
Dime Associations whoro dues are paid In
at Mm rateuf lllcnntsa vvuok on nnch share
and which urn run upon what Is known as tlm
put nmiMMit plan He found Hint these two were
In I very had shape and has so reported to tho
jlanUng Department tl
Thesii associations Mr Whltton
lh < 18oclntons Whiton says
Imvu heon doing an entirely Illegal business
Their fj plcin was merely making false entries
on somebody f bools Thuv have lioen divid
ing nnd tuning money representing npi
mium which could only he earned no much
pur annum during the Ufa of n luin Tlie inin
usuallv ran from ten to twelve veiis Prollts
wnro ildclaied tho vury night money was sold
Thoy vieriiuntklpntlng profits bi twelve jnirs <
TheHociinecins Khoubl bo vviiund up at unce
Ther > aro probatily elirlity of these per
manent dlmii associations and luliall nut he
In Ilnd most of them In
luirprimd tl tlllo II tllll pretty bad
Flrlrs Tho larger association me In good
condition and run tholr hunlmsn on u difier
out Ilnn declaring n dividend once In six
months on what hal been actually earned
Mr Wnittun Is awaiting tho action of tho
Hanking Department In regard to these two
associations and Is continuing bin examina
tion of other concerns doing buslnem In n
similar way Mr Whiton nays that there aro
tuo many loan associations In the citYIn all
I about 121whereas If them wore about llftuen
or twenty they could ntTord to hiro export no
I cmmtnntB Instead of being conducted hy l peo
ple Ignorant of bookUoepIng Thn 1 bird Vnrd
Association ones its shareholders ftMOOO and
tha Lrio County 107000
Brooklyn urut IrrenornlTe Itcclnr
The annual retreat of tho priest of the
HrooUyn diocese which tins boon In progress
Co I week at Bt Johns College In Ylllounhby
uvonuo was brought to a ctoso yesterday with
I I community mam celebrated by Hlshop Mc
I Donnell At a conference of 170 lhhop 200
priests I ct Ihodloifmn lithhop McDonnell an
nounced that candidates for tho two vacant
Irremovable rectorships Dust send In their
names before Hept 7 Contrary to expecta
ton the filshop did not make the appoint
ment c for tht othir vacant offlcts 1 tne dQ
I d
A Warm Dee i l leI Villtcn h < r One of
Her Nclctiborii In Olen ire
Under dato ot Glen Core Aug SO comes n
letter In condemnation of tho lines Imposed on
Mils Mary MoKenzIo ot 001 COo Cor fright
ening members of tha Homptcad Harbor
Yacht Club by firing u pistol when they passed
and Imitating with her voice the rawing of n
crow The bullets did no harm but 01 one oc
casion It was testified a twig possibly de
tached by a butlot fell nnur I club member
who was driving by Tho correspondent writes
Vhoro Is Uod that H e does not defend that
woman That she Is I repeatedly fined 10
seems to some fairminded persons to bo
crooked justice Miss McKonrln with her
mother Hvos In an attractive hut rather ties
olato place and only by the wholesome ter
ror ot her pistol could ho bo protected In her
person nd property
No onn would prosumo to say that her case
was decided bufora It WILl tried or that she Is I
nn object of persecution but It l < tilto cer
tain that till which we will not call mirsncu
ton of MIis McKvurle did not havu Us origin
on July 17 but s Ioml ycar ago
Mrs MoKenzln her mother Is In posses
sion of a prcttv property which xho might havo
tn part with I flues could iu > mado to uccaniu
lato sufficiently That Mrs McKonlo Is I u
woman of education and refinement Is I appar
ent notwithstanding what tears and hard
labor havo done Hut because shu bravely
takes up lone burden of life and has
tho courngo to carry It howover heavv
because slio horsnlf does her farmvvork
ns far as possible and trios to protect her
fruits and other possessions pnllcl onlv
tries but succeeds shn Is spoken ot with
scorn and treated an I without tho palo of
lias Miss McKenlo Iniurod any ono with
her pistol Anywhere but In Jinn toe per
sons aro sued for the harm the d not for thu
possible ham tboy may dn I tho railroads
had to pay 5000 for ovory Hf thoy put In
jeopary Instead nf for thoso which aronetu
nlly lostroyed thn conditions would be slm
llaito those alTectlnR Mlss MoKenlc
Thero Is not a rich man In Hun Covn who
might not stand nn bin vomnda nnd shoot a
pistol or 1 gun all daylong nnd hal thu night
without boln molested and who but Miss Mo
Kenzle would not be permitted tn cry Cnw
cawto his hearts content Nothing could bo
moro childish than the conduct nf these man
who are so sensitive as to be aflllctod at hoar
Ing I woman svy Caw caw and to be fright
ened nt the falling of a leaf
Soberly viewed they havo brought up
nothnl against Miss MoKenzlo worth consid
Ts mid Ferryboat In n Tangle and n Girl
In Kcd Who Llketl Gum
A few minutes boforo noon tho other day n
tow of twentytwo loaded call boats swung
briskly around tho liattory from the North
River The column was formed of four fours
I and two threes and was headed by two big
I tugs On ono of the t canal boat a girl In n
i vivid rod calico dress and with baro logs
swung tn a hammock nnd chowod cum
Thero was a strong ebb tide so whon tho
big tugs with their unusually lone tow linos
had puffed up tho Kast Itlvor almost to tho
foot ot Wall street and had slowed up the
twentytwo canal boats bounded back like
balls at the end ot rubber cords lilting thn
two lines dripping from tho water Tho lino
of boats wrapped Itself snugly n cross tlio
openings offlvo forry slips Ijvo ferryboats
wanted to got out nnd could not Five ferry
boats the Day Idle Htaten Island South
Brooklyn Hamilton avenue nnd Atlantic
street wanted to gut In and could not Tlioy
all whistlod hoiirboly and thu passengers
nt 1SSOnIOr8
crowded to the Bides of the boat to sea what
was tho mattnr
Thousands of people on the ten locked In
and locked out forry bats saw tho red girl In
the concernedly hammock but she swung and chewed un
The river became doted with tug boats
which wanted to get In other slips or which
jut puffed up along to see the row The big
gert of tha biatuga at tho head of the tow
whistled for assistance and six tugs glided up
alongside of tho canal boats and made fast
Then nobody seemed to know just what was I
wanted nnd a deafening lot of whistlo signals
were sounded
The Captains of the ton ferryboats bocan
making Impolite remarks to tho Captains ot
the olght tugs the deck hands nn the ferry
boats becamo purple In the face with suppress
ed emotions the deck hands of thti canal
I boats drowned the screaming whistles with
I etrango oaths suoli as Bra used to exhort tow
path mutes and thousands of delayed passen
gers woro bathed In sympathetic perspiration
but that barelegged girl swung perspirton
The wharves beenmo lined with Idlers who
gave advice Policemen appeared Other
ferryboats lighters tenders annexes trans
ports and morn tugs camo up They all
whistled The delayed passengers lout tholr
sympathy tho Captains ceased to swear for
want of broath the deck hands howled hoarse
ly and whon everybody was on tho vorgn of
dissolution the canalbonts wore pushed up
against the wharves where they belonged
The girl in thn red calico gown r > wunc peace
fully and chewed hor gum In placid meditation
DID SUB JJir 10 KllT llVn CHILD r
Mr HcAallOB HUTU that Kha nnd I DtaTe
Had lo Strap In Ilnllivnj
Mrs Nellie McAuliffe a comely young wo
manor 333 South Ilrst street Willlamsburgh
was arraigned boforo Justice Goettlng in the
Lee Avenue Police Court yesterday on a
charge ot endangering tho life of hor two
yearold child Tbe complaint was mado by
Agent Mayor of the IrooU > n Society for tho
Prevention of Cruelty to Children who snld
that Detective Itrady nt the Vornon avenue
police station In Willlamsburgh had soon tho
woman deliberately phicn her child across a
railroad track In Gates avenue on Wednesday
night Mrs McAulHTn looked an if she was
drunk at the time lirady said and tho child
would undoubtedly have been run over nnd
killed Agent Mayer said but for tho detoctlvn
rs < MoAullffi in her own behalf said that
hor husband deserted hnr four months ago
and she was dispossessed from her rooms In
Flushing avenue hlnco then she and hur
chilI bad often been compelled to sloop In
hallway and In opttn lots On the night wlurn
tho detectivn found hor she FIII shn said sho
much exhausted thntshn
was BO thath sat on n stoop
In UnteH avenuo und fell asleep Her child
cin led away and afterward was found on the
railroad track
Justice Joettlng committed hor to tho House
of thu clnod Shophord pending trial on Thurs
day 5fr MaAullftns husband was also r
rilnned In court foratmndnnmcnt and held for
BlA lird In the Hark with lEninr
Anthony Moirlll of 207 West Twentysixth
streettrlcd to toparato two combatants In a
saloon brawl after midnight yesterday nnd
was cut In the hack four times for his pains
Ho Is 111 years old He was playing pool In tho
snliwn at Twentyseventh stiootand Seventh
nviMiiifvvlth William ChailpH u wali r Tney
quarrelled and Charles liocamo very nntriy
1resontlv a man named Mcllulru cnmn In and
itngigid in a uuurral with Charles U hoy went
ont < > l Ih plieo and bigan tii light
Mmrlll Interfrrod nnd Churl diawln n
raor slashud him four times In the Mack v i
mill blow cut Ills mm Dcleilh Sloan ar
iele1 thiiiloH ami Jlonlll went t > tlm New I
ill dliSiid
Then hn called i > n all his tliei Is ami told i
them of his inhenlurc 1 lio n > u nils HIM not i
veiv deili but If thloiuh hl riir I > MIII In
llammution should set In they ii mid bfnmo
serious Chnrlpsvvas held vvltlin t hall in tho
Jellerson Market Pollco I ourl
Hlolr tour fit mm ol IV I Hi
James II Hillings a colored waiter and Wit
Hum Deirengousky a haekman wern charged
with burglary In JcfTniioti larkut Cnirtyestar
day morning On 1rlday they wont to the vvlno
cellar ot Mis Addlo Mmw of UK WnitTnenty
olvllth street and opened thn gralln of Ilin
area Then Hilling went Into tha cellir and
hauled up lour Client of wine valued at TMi
and put them In Dnrrrngouskvx hauk Thn
latter drove to n huiisu further down tha
Policeman Ctiriy who was watching tho
transaction arreted tho mun In conn jrs
leidHyinnrnlnu tli < < liaeliniui sild hn had lu > n
Hiuployed to do thn worl for IllllrnCn and he
I bought It VVIM all light Justice Uviin held
lllIlng > III blr xi bnil f ir dial ind sent Dor
rengousky to tlm Housoof Delunt on
The engagnment juit announced Isthatnf
Mr John II Ismay eon of Sir Thomat > H
smay Chairman of thu Whltn Ktir lino and
Lady Kmlly Mary Seymour daughter ot tho
AlarquU ol Hertford The bridegroomelect
U a brother of J Jlruof Iimay who thrao
r arn uo nVarrlei Mlfii Fjorenc Rohlctlllln
JUughUr ot Ur 0 or fl 8 hI fI Iln
4 aiiKAT cnonn v nrouNixaToit TO
u KI n utr
An Outdoor Ucetlnc lu Inrk In From f
Mr HlfTrnnnun ItmlrtrnCT Thoninn
nrMlrntiKrm In Tovtn In IU > n lo Him
llicoMtNiTox HI Aug J7 There was a
gathering ot tho Democrats ot Molcan and
tho adjoining countlos hero today to hoar
Adlnl IX Movcn on and other leadom of the
party speak Alt Iho adiolnlng towns and
villages had delegations on tlio ground
ns early ns 8 oclock this morning
and Inter In tho forenoon excursion trains bt
gnntonrilvo from Clinton Pekln Lincoln
Docatur and other points further away Th
Democrats ot tho country Immodlatply sur
roundlnc llloomlngton camo In wagons on
bor < omclnnd on foot nnd by noon there wore
not < > cs than 000 strangers on tho streets
Tho speaking took place from a lares plat
form which had boon nrocted In Franklin
Park Immediately In front of Mr Stevensons
residence Hosldos tho various orators nil the
lenders of tho party In cunlril Illinois nnd
sovornl Invited Kuests occupied teats on tho
Jiimos H Kwlng Mr Ftnvensong law part
ner was tho piesldlnc ofllcer and when h
called tho n somldaio to order there wero at
least N0 < 0 poopln crowded together under
the trees facing thn stand
Mr Steveiibon was thn principal attraction
nnd his appearance was tho signal for long
cheering which was renewed again and again
until huvvnvod his bund for silence When
comparatlvo iiulet had been restored Mr
Stevenson said
Ouis Is a Government of tho people It U
wisely provided in our Federal Constitution
thatonco lu four yoiun politic il power shall
rntiiin to thu handi of the people Twcntyftlx
times dm Ing the 010 hundred nnd three years
nf our hlstoiy limn thn American people In
the nnrcio of their iluhtn as electors oast
their bnlliilH for tlm candidate of thuir choice
fur tho high ofllco of President ot the
Inltnd States Wi nru now on the evo of
nnnther Piusldentliil elootlon Thn responsi
bility nf determining vv hat linn ufpubllo policy
shall bo pursued and who shall bo selected
us Chief Magistrate is ig > iln upon us Thn
importance ol an intelligent and conscientious
exiiclso of tho prlvllegnof dusmnatlng those
who arn to bo intrusted with high office can
not ho overstated
In tho ponding strursln for political su <
prciuacy cravn public questions are nt issue
Upon tho correct determination of thoso ques
tions through thn peaceful mnthmli prescribed
by law ill dopend thuvvelfara of thn people
In 18S4 tlio people wero told by Itcpubllcan
spoakuis that Dumocintlc success would
bring blight and uiln upon HID commer
cial interests of tho country Those
who prudiclud evil fiom Mr Clevelands
election proved faUo prophets Tlio Demo
cratic administration At thn closo nf Presi
dent ClnvolnndH administration the sur
plus in tho Treasury uxcluslvu of tho cold
reserve vvns In mund numtior clghtythrca
millions of dollars It v Ill bo remembered
that during thu latter half of tils administra
tion tho important question was What shall
bn done with tho suiplus revenues In view
of thu fact that tho annual revenues of tha
iovvrnniHiit were then nno hundred million
In excessnf Its necessities the iiucftiun was
ono of practical interest to tho American
What Is tlm condition that now confronts
us at thu end of tbrieand a half years of Ito
publican dminltratlonV On the basis nt rev
enues tn tho ioveminent as estimated by tha
Secretary nf the Tioiisury fnrthn presontllsoal
> ear and of tho liabilities of the Government
on account of thoannual nnd permanent ap
propriations for tlio name perlon them will be
n dolleit nf llltytvvo millions nf dollars
Upon thn assumption that tho law requiring
fortroliiht millions of dollars fortho ulnklng
fund will tio complied with them Is nn escap
ing the dullcleney I luivo roentlonod And
this too notwithstanding tlio fact that the
Administration mado default In providing for
the flnUn fund to an amount exceeding
nlevcn mllllonsof dollnrsduilnctliB lastflHCM
year Tlm uankrupte > which now threatens
the Treasury in thn result first of the enact
ment of tho McKinloy tar I If law and secondly
nf tho lav iuh appropriations of tho Fiftyfirst
The S ecretary of thn Treasury was con
strained by what hn rozarded as thnexlgen
eles of tho financial situation to extend the
pa > ment nf twentrflvo millions of Govern 4
mont bonds maturing Sort 1 of last year i
This net of a llopublican Secretary of
thn Treasury is In striking contrast
with that of his Democratic predecessor
under whoso vvisn and efltcinnt nd
mliiNtrutn n thn bonds of tho Govern
ment HIO paid at maturity The
appropriations uf tho last Republican
Congress which his gone Into his
tory us thn llillioii Dollar Congress far
exceeded that of any of its Democratic prede
cessors 1 bn largo appropriations of the first
session nf the present Congress arn In the
main dun tn thn reckless legislation of the
IlftyHrbt Congress Imposing tno nuonsslty of
heavy npptoprlatinns upon Its successors
Much of the npprnprlutlons by tha Into session
woro In nmsimucu of tho requirements of
existing lawlaws enacted by n Itepublican
Fur twentyfour years Immediately pre
ceding tho Inauguration of President Clove
land all departments nf thn Government
woro In tho main under thu control of tho Re
publican party During that period the
larcer part uf tho Lcglslatuio which has
been en potent in burdening tlio peonle
with iobt and taxation was enacted
That legislation was icsl ed bv the
DemocratUs minority in Congress Tho Treas
ury ot th Oiiitcd Mates has nvrr found Its
most faithful guardians in tlm Democratic
party Thn tributn nf Mr IMalne to Its nld
time leadurs was but ju t when IB paid they
had guarded tho Treasury with unceasing
vigllancn against nvory attempt at cxtravu
tfnncuand corruption
Mr Stevenson then wont Into a history of
tariff legislation and claimed that the tariff op
iiresHcd tlio tiitmers heaviest of nil adding
Shall high tariir continually Increasing with
thn demundrt nf thn protected claspns bn the
settled pullev of our internment or shall
there bo relief to tlio people from thn burdens
of unjust tiiMitlon
llpgniilln tlm 1oren hill Mr Stovonson
said Another ixine of gieat niomont In th
imudliiR riiiilist isthe Iorcw hill Tho magnl
tu nf his Issim cannot bn overstated It
may iiroaii thn control of ttinnlnetlunof Ilepre
sontatfvi s in Cnngrns bv thn haont
rint KepiMlcin pirtr by Its acts In the
Flftjflrst Congress and by Its platform In
Its late National nnvciilloti stands pledged
to the pus ignnf tho Iorco bill I hut it will
IMS lhi < bill when it has thu power
no faii inin can dnubt T all of
the pinpln all who doslro thn poac a > d
prnspeiltyof our common country this ques
tion Is Important To tint people nf thoSouth
PI n Stalls It lonoof tninscon < lont Importance
shill limy still havn peace and the protec
tion of the lawor shall tho horrorH with which
thev am menaced find tholr counterpart onlf
In thoe of the darkest hours of thu recon
ntrutiuii perloil
1 linn liellnvn that your Interests the In
terilK o all tho people of these United Btntes
arn bound up In tlm MICCOHH of the party that
came in with JeMerson In the very infancy of
IMII repulilln Iho party which for moro than
half acentiirj of our e lstcnce has stood at the
holm of Main tlm party which In all
periods ol Hour history h s been the
Ijiihvarl nf our Constitution and the
fnthful rard n of tho tluhts ot all the
people tlm iulv under vvhoxu broad banner
tlm men of all iintlonnliti havo boon we
comnd toHhuo with us thN Uodghen herl
tiiBi the s ait which from the beginning ha
been til foe nf luiiMTiptliin whether on no
count of bntliidiicn or of religion the party
vvhlpli know no privllo ed classes but ds
minus i nn and exact justice for all I
thn pirtv which under Jefferson pur
ebavfil tlio cruat vallny of tha Mississippi
nud cxtcndi d our domain to tho Gull
and to thn ocean tln > party which
under Madison born our flair tn victory In our
gerund miuegin with Greit Ilrltalnand vThlch
under his IniiiKMllatn siicconsor established
firmly for ail tlmo thn rights nf tho American
iiitlon by i lie declaration and nialuteimnce of
tun MOIIMH ilnetrino tlio pnity which In the
early morning and n tho noon of thn century
rloiicil In thn leadership ot Jackson and of
Diiuglns tlm undaunted foes of special privi
lege and of unjust taxation
I nder tlui nintchlesti lendcrililp of thn man
vvhd un joii an hoimt iidmlnUtratlon of
thnOoviinn ent who wri < f > li < d fiom tho grasp
uf those w ho had robbed you of j our heritage
idultrinUIiiiHuf ncrctaiid rmtured It to the
uHd il mi nn vlios pilnc rr In action in
1 iiuhlio olilcolsii pu dm t under his
badeisluii tlm liemocr itiu ty confidently
suluiill ib i mom ilo i q llons at sue
itid illni Id iiytiiMi tcnniiiiitloii otthollnal
an Hers nt thn poK
Vi i eonfeitiieu held this morning nt tha
liiidmii0 nf den Steienoii which was nt
ten led b several Dem Tiitte lenders James
S I vlnsnf this city law pmtncr of the Vice
Ireildontlnl randidntr n tmraed s a mam
b rnf the D mocrjvtln ic trin hfailquatUr
t Chicago and It U I1J will b ta BaBJUM
ct tbt csfflciica

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