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I THE SUN strND y AUGUST 1892 3
r I
As Good as the Arabian
I I Collected In the Original Irish from the Lips
1 of Irish Story Tellers
IoJ > rrlI 4 1182 bi J WtI
Its llaeCoI r Un ad h Koala l r
When Fin MacCool and the Fenians of Erin
Were at Flntra they wont hunting ono day and
the man who killed the first t deer was Dyeer
aud When tho hunt wiu oer they returned
t th plaen where Uie Hrst deer wus tartd
ind began an wan usual to prepare the days
b tit t While pinpariug the feast they saw a
hip milieu Into thn harbor with only one i
Woman on board 1 hn Fenians woro greatly
Mrprlsed at the speed of the vessel and
Dyeermud all to Fin I will go and lee who
It the woman coming In that vessel
Yon have killed the first deer answered
tin and the honors of the feast on this day
are yours I mystlf will go down and sea who
Ike woman Is I
The woman oait anchor sprang ashore and
C tluUd Fin when he cam to the strand Fin
rturned the salute and after a while she
ked Will you play a cam of chess for a
I will answered Fin
They played and she WOD
What Is your sentence on meT asked Fin
I senteno under bonds of heavy
entnoe you bondl beaV en
hantm nt std she to take me fo our
Fin had t marry the woman After a time
She said I must leave you now for a season
Fin drove his sword then with one mighty
bow Into a tree stump and said Call your
Son Faolan little wolf and never send him to
> e until he Is able t draw the aword from
this stump
She took the stump with her and sailed away
homeward She nursed her son for only three
days and preserved the rest or the milk for a
different use The boy was called Faolan was
trained well In the use of all arms and when
10 years of ago he wan skilled beyond any
master One day there was 1 game of hurley
and Faolan played alone against twentyone
others The rule ot that game was that who
ever won was to get three blows of his olub
on each one who played against hIm Faolan
aT three blows t each of the twentyone I I
men among them was one who was vary
much hurt by the blows and he bean t say
harsh words to Yaolan and added You do
4 aot know JonI own father
Faolan was greatly offended atthls He went
horn to his mother In tear and asked Who
is my father I w never stop nor star til I
find him
What atiBd your 1tonr asked te
mother Why do yon ask such a question at
this time
Ii Faolantold her the words ot the player At
13 last she said
I Your father Is Fin MaoOool chief of the
Fenians of Erin but you are not t be sent to
him till you can draw his sword from the tree
stump into which he drove it with one blow
Show me te sword and the tree stump
aid Faolan
She took him than t the stump With one
cull ho drew out the sword
Prepare me food for the road laid Faolan
I will go to my father
The mother made ready three loaves o
bread kneaded them with the milk which she
had saved and baked them
Mr son said he do not refuse bread on
the journey to anyone whom yon meet give it
from those loaves vn should yon meet your
worst enemy
She took down a sword then gave it t him
and said
This was your grandfathers sword keep
It and use It till I i better one comes t ran
Faolan took a blessing of his mother set out
on his journey and was walking always till
he came to a harbor where he found a ship
tound for Krin He went on board and was
not sailing long when a venomous hound roe
up In the pea and cast snob high waves at
the vessel as to throw it back a long distance
Remembering his mothers advice about
baring the bread Faolan throw one loaf to
the hound This seemed to appease him He
had not sailed much further when the hound
rose again Faolan threw out the second loaf
I 7 and the beast disappeared for awhile but rose I
i the third time and drove baok the vessel Fao
lan threw the third loaf and after disappear
ing the third time the hound rose the fourth
nothing to give Faolan seized
1 7 tIme Having t Ilve Faoan
bio mother had him
a braaen ball which h1 motlr given
and hurling It at the hound with good aim
the A the hound
killed him on pot soon as
tell tar rose up a splendid youth who came
on board and shaking Faolans hand said
thank you you delivered me from en
chantment I am your mothers brother and
there was nothing t free me till I ate three
loaves kneaded with your mothers milk and
was then killed by you with that brazen ball
You are near Ventry Strand now among tbe
frt men you meet will be your own father
you will know him by his dress and when you
meet him yon are t kneel down and ask for
d IA his blessing As I have nothing else t give
I 1 yon here I Is a ring which you are t wear on
t 1 I your finger and whenever you look at it you
will feel neither cold thirst nor hunger
When they landed the unolo went his ow
way and vanished Faolan saw champions
playing on the strand throwing a great
Fin his
weighty sledge Knowing from
mothers description he knolt down at his feet
and asked for his blessing
If you are 1 son of mine said Fn you
are able to hurl this sledge
He Is too young paid Dyeermud t
throw such 1 i weight and it is a shame for you
to ask him to throw it
Tho youth then growing angry caught the
doug and hUlled it seven paces beyond the
best t man of the Fenians
Tin nhodk hands with the youth and his
heart grew big at having such a son Dyeer
mud shook his hand also and swore that as
long us he lived ho would be to him a true
When dinner time came Fin bade Faolan fit
down ut his right hand whore Conan Maol
son of Mornn sat usually Fin gave this place
t Conan to t keep him In humor Conan grew
nraeod nuiv and paid I is great Impu
dence for a stripling to sit in my place
t t know not who you are fold Faolan
but from what I hear you must be Conan
Maol who has never 1 good word fur any man
and I would break your head on the wall but
I dont wish to annoy people present
I was a cuhtom of the Fenians I in eating to
Bet aside every bone that had marrow for
Oscar and an Taulan had a thick marrow bone
s J In his hand he began to pick out the marrow
f and eat It This enraged Oscar and ho said
I You must put that bono aside as the others
put their bootti that in my duo and I will
have it
As tho meat Is mine said Faolan so U I
the mat row
Oscar snatched at the youth and caught the
bone by one end FHOUU held tho other end
Both pullud till they broke the bone then
seizing each other they wunt outside for a
otrucirlo AK the iwo were so nearly related
tho other men stopped them Fin took Oscar
I aside then and linked How long could you
live If wa lot the youth keep his grip on you
l Hhe kept hit crip with the same strength
I could not live live minutes longer
Fin took Faolan aside thon and asked the
1L same question
i I could live for twelve months if be
squeezed me no tighter
Xb two then ke tt peace with each others
q >
All wore very fond ot Faolan especially Dyjer
mud who was a oo loyal comrade and he
warned Faolan t distrust and avoid Oralnno
Fins wife as much as he could The youth
was learning meanwhile to practise hats of
activity and bravery At tho end of twelve
months the Fenians were setting out on a dis
tant hunt for which they had long been pre
paring On the eve ot the hunt Oralnne
dropped on her knees before Fin and belled
him t leave Faolan with her for company
until ho and tho rest would return Fin con
sented and Faolan stayed with Oralnne
Whon all the others had gone t the great
hunt Faolan and Oralnno went also to hunt In
the neighborhood They did not go far arid
returned After dinner Oralnno asked Faolan
would he play a game of chess for a small
sentence He lid that he would They played
and hn won
What Is your sentence on me asked
I have no sentence at this time milled
They played attain and nho won
Now put your sentence on mo said the
You will think It soon enough when you
hear It You are not to oat two meals off the
sumo table nor sloop two nights on the name
bed till you bring me the tallow of tho three
oxen on Sllav Belli Mountain ot Happiness
When he heard this sentence ho went off
throw himself face downward on his bed and I
remained there without eating or drinking till
the Fenians came back from the hunt Fin
and Dyeermud not seeing Faolan when they
came wont In search of him
Have you found Fnolan V asked Dyeermud
of Fin when he met hIm loon after
I havo not answered Fin
Dyeermud then wont to It he could
Drermud nee I co find
Faolan in bed As the door of his chamber
was fastened and no one gave answer Dyeer
mud forced It and found Faolan on his face In
tho bed After they had greeted each other
Faolan told of the trouble that was on him
I cave you warning against Oralnne said
Dyoermud but did you win any game of hor
I didbut have put no sentence on her yet
I am glad answered Dyeermud and let
me frame the sentence I swear by my sword
to be loyal to you and where you fall I will fall
also But be cheerful and come to the feast
They went together and Fin seeing them
was clad He knew however that something
had happened to Faolan Dyeeirmid went to
Fin and told him of tho mishap to the youth
Fin was troubled at what had come on his son
I have sworn said Dyeermud t follow
Faolnn wherever he may be
I will send with him said Fn the best
man of the Fenians
Dyeermud Oscar and Ooll son of Mor
were summoned
What Is tho greatest feat you have done or
en do Inquired Fin of GolL
I I were to stand in the middle of a field
with my sword In my hand on the rainiest day
that ever rose I could keep my head dry with
my sword not for that day alone but for a I
day and a rear answered Ooll
That Is a good feat said FIn What is
your greatest feat Oscar
I I open a bag filled with feathers on a
mountain top of a stormy day and let the
feathers fly with the wind the last feather will
barely be out of the bag when I will have
every feather them back Into the bacagain
That is a very good feat answered FIn
but It Is not eneugh yet Now Dyoermud
what is I your feat of swiftness I
I I were put on a space of 700hedged
acres and thore were 700 gaps in the hedge of
each acre and 700 hares were put on each
acre of the 700 I would not let one bare out of
the 700 acres for a day and a year
That is I great feat remarked F that
will do
Chew your thumb 0 Fin said Dyeer
mud and tell me It it Is fated t us t come
back from the journey 1
Fin chewed his thumb You will come
back but the journey will b a bard and a lone
one you will be ankle deep in yonrown blood
Dyeermud went to Faolan and told him what
sentence to put upon Oralnne
On the following day Fin led Qrainne forth
for her sentence and Faolan sale You
are t stand on the top of Sllav lolar Mount
Eagle till I come back to Flntra you are to
hold in your hand a fine needle you are to
have no drink saving what rain you can suck
through the eye of that needle no food ex
cept what oats will be blown through the eye
of that very needle from a sheaf on Sllav
Varhln and Dyeermud will give three blow
of a Ilftll t the sheaf to loosen the grain
Faolan and Dyeermud set out on their jour
ney They travelled three days and saw no
house in which they could rest for the night
When we find a house Bald Dyeermud
we will have from the people a lodging either
with their good will or In spite ot them
I will help you in that said Faolan
On the evening of the fourth day a large
whitefronted castle appeared In the distance
They went toward Hand knocked at the door
A fine young woman welcomed them kindly
and kissed Faolan You and I said she
6 k K 4 th e OK l E4akJ <
our birth Your mother married Fin t rescue
her brothers your uncles from the bonds of
They sat down t eat and drink the young
woman Dyeermud and Faolan they were
not long eat In < when in came four champions
all torn out and bleeding When Dyeermud
law these he started up and seized his sword
Have no fear said the young woman t
Wear returning from battle with a wild
hag in neighborhood said the four cham
pions She il trying to take our land from us
and this Is the seventh year that we are bat
tling with the hag All of her warriors that we
kill in the daytime she raises at night and we
have to fight them again on the next day
No man killed by ray sword revives and
these will not I I kill them said Dy ermud
They would revive alter your sword said
the four champions
Do you stay at hOle tomorrow said
Dyoeimud Faolan and I will give battle t
the has and hor forces no one whom we slay
will trouble you hereafter
The four champions agreed and gave every
direction how to find the wild hag and her
army Faolan and D > ecrmud went to tho
field one bell at one end and one at tho
other and fought till they met in the middle
at sunset and slew all the hags warriors
Qo back to the castle said Faolan to
Dyoermud I will rest here tonight and see
what gives life to the corpses
I will stay replied Dyeermud and you
may return
No I will stay hero said Faolan If I
want help I will run to the castle
Dyeormud wont back to the castle About
midnight Faolan heard tho voice of I man In
the air jUbt above him Is there any one
living asked the voice Faolan with a bound
grasped the man and drawing him down with
one hand pierced him throncli with a sword
in his other hand The man fell dead and
then Instead of the old man which ho seemed
at first ho rose up a fresh young man of 22
years The young man embraced and thanked
Faolan I am your uncle said he brother
of the poisonous hound that you freed Irom
enchantment at sea I was fourteen years in
the power of the wild hag and could not be
freed till my fathers sword pierced mo live
me that sword it belonged to my father
I was to deliver me that your mother
gave I I will five you a better blade
still since champion
stl silce you are a greater
pion than I I will give you my
grandfathers sword here It Is When the
wild hag grows uneasy at my delay she her
self will baste hither She knew that you
were to come and release me and aha is pre
paring this long time to meet you For seven
years she has been making steel nails to tear
you to pieces aud she has sweet music which
oho will play when she sees you that music
makes every man sleep when he hears It
When you feel sleep comlnr on stab your leg
with your sword that will keep you awake
bhe will thee give you battle and If you chance
to cut off hor head let not tho head come to
the body for I It comes on the body All the
world could not take It away When you out
off her head grasp It In ono hand and hold it
till all the blood flows out mako two halves of
tho head holding It In your hand all the while
and I will remove the stone cover from a very
deep well hero at hand and do you throw the
split head down into that well and put the
cover on again
Tho undo wont aside then and soon the hag
camo through the air Seeing Faolan she
began to play strains of beautiful music which
wore putting him to sleep hut he thrust his
new sword In the calf of his lee and kept away
sloop The wild hag outwitted attacked the
youth fiercely and ha wont at her In savage
earnest Every ttmo that she caught him
with hor nail she scraped skin and flesh from
his head to his heels and then remembering
his mother and being aroused by hIs uncle he
collected his Btiength and with ono blow cut
tho head on tho ling 1 but he was BO spent from
the strnggio that it took him Some time to
seize thu head and so weak was ho that he
could not mist his hand to xpllt It
lay your sword nn tho head the blade
alono > vill split Itl I crlod the uncle
Fnolan did this Tho wword cut the head
and then Faolan threw tho head Into tho well
Just ai ho was going to cover the well the
baud spoke and said I putiyou under bonds
of heavy enchantment not tooat two meals off
the same tablu nor sleep two nights on the
Caleb bed till you toll the Iat < of Gray Fort
that you destroyed the wild hag out ot her
The uncle embraced Faolan then and said
Now I will goto my Bister your mother but
flrst I will guide you to this hugs enchanted
well If you bltho in Its water you will be as
sound and well a over
Faolan went bathed In the irll and when
fully recovered returned to the oastle Think
ing Gray Fort must bo near by ho did not
rouse Dyrermud but wont alan In search ot
tbo cat Hn travelled all day and at last saw
a great fort with the tall of a ot sticking out
of it This may be tho cat thought he and
wont around the whole fort to find the head
He found it thrust out just beylrad the tall
Are you tho cat of Gray For Inquired
I am said the cat
I you are said Faolan I destroyed the
wild hag out of her kingdom
1 you did said the at yon will kill no
ono else for tho hag was my sister
The cat rushed at Faolan them and bad as
tho hag had been the cat was feir worse The
two fought that night furiously till the follow
ing morning when Faolan cut the I cat In two
halves across the middle Thee half that the
head was on ran around trying to meet the
other half hut before it could do so Faolan cut
tho head oft the front half Then the head
spoke und said
I put you under bonds of enchantment not
to eat two meals off the t one table nor sleep
two nights on the one bed tU you tell the
kitten of Cul Mao CII that you killed the cat of
Gray Fort and destroyed the wild hoc out ot
her kingdom
Faolan thon hurriod for ardto find the kit
ten Thinking that her Dlace was near he did
not go back to the castle for Dyeermud but
held on the whole day walking always Toward
ward evening he saw a caste went toward It
and entered It When inside be saw half a
loaf of barley bread and a qjiart of ale placed
on the window Whoever Owns these I will
use thorn said the youth
When head eaten and drunk he put dow
a fire for the night and saw a kitten lying
near the ashes This maty ba the kitten of
Cul Mao Cip thought he mad 1 shaking It ho
asked Are you the kitten of Cul Mao Cip
I am said the kitten
I you aro said Faolan then I tell yon
that I killed tho cat of Oray Fort and destroyed
the wild hag out of her kincidom
I you did said the kltt < nyou will never
kill any one else and starting up the kitten
stretched and was as big us a horse inn mo
ment She sprang at Faolan and he at her
They fought fiercely that niitht ana the follow
ing day but Faolan toward evening swept the
head off the kitten but as he Jld the head epoke
and said I put you under bonds of heavy
enchantment not to eat two meals oft the samo
table nor sleep two nights on the name bed till
you tell the dun ox that you slew tho kitten of
Cul Mao Cip killed tho cat of Gray Fort and
destroyed the wild hag out of her kingdom
Before setting out Faolansaw a brass ball
on the window and taking it said to himself
I may kill some game with this on the road
Away ho went thon and walked on till he came
to where tho road lay through a wood near
the road was a foresters cabin Out came the
forester with a hundred thousand welcomes
Glad am I to see you gladder still would I
be If your comrade DyeermuU were with you
said the forester
Can you tell me where the dun ox Is
asked Faolan
In this wood said the forester Hbut do
you brine your comrado to help you against
the dun ox by no chance can you slay him
alone Tho dun ox has only ono eye and that
in the middle of his forehead over that eyo Is I
a shield of white metal from that shield two
bars of iron run back to the tall of tho ox He
hind him two champions are always on guard
and when any one nears him the ox sniffs the
stranger and roars out the champions lean on
the bars then and raise up the shield When
the one oye of the ox sees tho person approach
ing that moment the person falls dead What
are your chances of slaying that ox Go back
for your comrade
I will not said Faolan the ox will fall
by mo or I by the ox
I Is you that will fall said the forester
jraolan entered the cabin where the forester
treated him well Next morning the forester
showed the path that lay toward the place
where tho ox was Faolun had not cone far
when tho ox roared und looking In tho direc
tion of tho roar ho Haw the two champions
just seizing the bars to raise up the shield
so falllni other means he sent the ball with a
wellaimed cast and crushed in thu forehead
of the ox through the shield The ox fell dead
but before falling his eye turned on Faolan
and hu also dropped dead
Dyeeimud slept a heros sleep of seven days
and seven nights When he woke and found
no tidings of Kiiolan he was furious but the
four champions calmed him and the young
woman said The wild hal may have killed
him but If as much as ono bone of his body I
can bo found I will brine him to life again
Dreormud Faolans betrothed and her four
brothers sot out and coming to the battle
field found tho army of the wild hag laIn
hut no trace of Faolan They went to the well
then and saw the split head there
The six welt to Gray Fort and found the
cat dead the hind part In one place the fore
part In n second and the head In a third
Tho head must have sent him to the kitten
of Cul Mao Cip aid the young woman that
kitten has twice as much witch power as the I
cat and the old hag all three are sisters I
They went further and finding the kitten
dead went to Und tho dun ox for Faolan
must he I death near him bald tho young
woman When they came to his cabin the
fore tor greeted them and gave a hundred
thousand welcomes to Dyeonnud who wan
surprised and Inquired How do you know
me I have never been in this country
I know you well for I saw you two years
ago In combat with the champion of the East
ern World on Vontry Strand Many persona
wore looking at that combat hut you did not
see them I was there with the others
Have you seen I young champion pass this
way asked Dyeermud
I have said the forester but he mutt
have perished by the dun ox for 1 have not
heard the ox bellow tills long tuna
Tho six spent that night at the foresters
cabin and bitttlnc out next morning early
they soon found Faolan The young woman
bathed him with Rome fluid from I vial and
opening his mouth poured the rest down his
throat He rose up at once as sound and
healthy a ever All went to the ox which
they found lying dead and the two champions
also cud voarchiug about they found theo
brazen ball sunk In the earth some dlsUno
away Faolan took It up carefully They
wont back to the foresters cabin and enjoyed
themselves well
Do you know where the Mountain of Hap
piness Is Inquired Dyeerroud of the forester
during tho night
I do not said the forester but I know
where the ItlaokBlue Giant lives and he
knows every place In the world That giant
has never given I meal or a nights lodging to
aD Ho has an only daughter who Is In
love with you since she saw you two years ago
In combat with tho champion ot the Eastern
World on Vontry Strand although you did not
see her This daughter is closely confined by
tho giant fearing the may escape to you and I
It you succeed in reaching her she Is likely to
know I hor father knows whore the Mountain
of Happiness Is
How did you get tidings ot tho giants
daughter asked Dyeormud
I will not toll you now said tho forester
hut Ttill an with you to guide you to the
clint and I give assistance
11t may 110 you 18 Hero
are three keys the keys of the castles of the
dun ox of the kitten of Cul Mao Clp and of
thu cat of Gray I ort they are yours now
Those keys aro not mine said Dyeermud
they belong to FiioUn who slew tho three
I Faolan slew them said the forester
ho had assistance which caused to
a8018tnce ouAed you come
to him
Keep the keys till we come back laid
Tho seven travelled on thon and were going
ten days when they saw the giants castle
Now this castle stood on one leg und whirled
around always
I will use my strength on that castle to se
if I can stop it t said Dyeermud
You cannot stop It said the forester I
will stop It myself Do you watch tho door of
the castle which Is on the top ot the roof and
when the castle stops spring In through the
door and seize the giant If he Is inside and
compel him to give a nights lodging
The forester thou made for the castle and
placing his shoulder against ono of the cor
ners kept It standing still and Dyeermud
leaping In by the roof came down before the
giant who had started up knowing something
was wrong when the castle stood still
Dyeermud and the giant grappled each other
so fiercely and fought with such fury that the
castle was shivering Tho giants wit begged
them to go out of the castle and fight on the
open and not frighten the life out of herself
and the child In her arms
Out went the BlackBlue Giant and Dyeer
mud and fought until Dyeermud brought
down the giant and sprained his back Tho
there giant for let quarter a roar out of himself and belled
Your head Is mine answered Dyeermud
I Is said the giant but spare me and I
will give you whatever you ask for
I want lodging for myself and my com
panyYou will get that said the giant
All then went Into the giants castle and
when they were pitting at dinner Dyeermud
ate nothing
Why is I this asked the giant
It is I the custom of the Fenians of Erin
said he not to eat at a table where all the
members of the house are not present
All my people are here said tho giant
Thov not answered Dyeermud
are you
have one daughter not present
The giant had to nrlng the daughter They
ate then The forester talked after dinner
with Dyeermud and said
The giants daughter has a maid you
must bribe her to give you the key of her mis
tresss chamber and If you come by the t young
womans secrets she may tell you whore the
Mountain of Happiness is I she knows
Dyeermud wont to the maid You will not
be hero always said he your mlstross will
marry me and leave this caste then youll
have no business here I will take yon with us
I you give mo the key of tho chamber
Tho giant himself keeps that key under hit
pillowat night he sleeps only one nap like 1
bird but sleeps heavily that time I you
promise to take me with my mistress Ill
strive to bring the key hither
I promise said Dyeermud
The maid brought the key and gave it on
condition that she was to have It again within
an hour Dyeermud went then to the giants
daughter and when her first wonder
dlulhter IrBt was over
he asked Do you know where the Mountain
of Happiness Is
I do not my father knows well but for
some reason ho has never told me so he must
have fared very badly there but If you lay his
head on I block and threaten to cut it off with
your sword he will toll you I you ask him but
otherwise he will not tell
I will do that and I will take you to Erin
when I go answered Dyeermud
Where is the Mountain of Happiness 1
asked Dyeermud of the giant next morning
Ho would not tell Dyeermud caught the
giant who could not resist him on account ot
his sprained hack drew him out placed > his
head on a block and said I wit nnt th > n
U u
off you now unless you toll me what you know
of the Mountain Happiness The Fenians of
ErIn have but the one word and it Is useless
for you to resist mo you must go with us and
show us the way to the mountain
The giant finding no escape possible prom
ised to go They set out soon taking all the
arms needed As the mountain was not far
distant they reached the place without great
delay The giant showed them the lair of tho
oxen hut after a promise that he should be
free to escape should danger threaten
I know all the rest now said the forester
Do you said he to Dyeermud stand
straight In front of the lair and I with Faolan
will stand with drawn swords ono on oach
side of tho entrance and do
entrlnlelnrl you said he to
the four brothers knock down the entrance
and open tho place for tho oxen to rush out
I the hoad of each ox is not cut oft when ho
stands In the entrance the world would not
kill him from that out
All was done at the foresters word Tho en
trance was not long open when out rushed an
ox but his head was knocked off by lie force
ter Faolan slow the second ox but the third
ox followed the second HO quIckly that he
broke away took Dteermud on his horgs Ind
ent like a flash to thu top of the Mountain of
Happlnu This mountain stood straight iu
front of the lair hut WaS far off On tho moun
tain tho ox attacked Dyeermud and they
fought for seven days > and nights In a savage
encounter At the end of seven days Dyeor
mud remembered that there was no help for
him there that he was far from his mother
and sister who wuru all he had living and
thnt If he himself did not slay the fierce ox ho
would never see home again so with one final
effort ho drove his Hworl through the heart of
the U lie himself wan so spent from the
struggle and bloodloss that he fainted and
would havo died on tho mountain hut for his
companions who came now They wero seven
days on the road over which the ox passed Iu
a very few minutes
The forester rubbed Dyeermud with oint
ment and all his stitmcth came to him They
opened tho ox took out all the tallow anti go
log back to the other two oxen did In like
manner saving the tallow of each of them
separately hey went next t Ito castlo of
the niaokBlue Giant
Will you set out for home tomorrow
asked the forester turning to Dyeermud
We will answered Dyeormud
Oil foolish people said the forester
Those three oxen wore brothers of Gralnne
and wore living in enchantment should she
got the tallow of each ox by Itself and entire
she would bring buck the throe brothers to
life and they would destroy all the Fenians of
Drill We will hang up the tallow in the smoke
ot the HlackHlue Giants chimney It will lose
some of Itself there When she gets It It will
not hate full weight We will change your
beds and your tables while you aro waiting I
so as to observe the injunction You must do
this for i you do not make an end of Qralnne
Gralnne will make an end of you
All was done as the forester lid At the end
of week when Faolau and Wi friend
a wek ao1a hi were
I r r
Batting out for Erin the slant and hfs wife fell
t weeping and walling after their daughter
who was going with Dyeermud
We will come back again soon said Dyeer
mud and then will hare n great feast for
this marriage
i In here that I will have my marriage
feast too said Faolan I
The forester who was tin old man Raid per
haps lie might have a marriage feast at that
time laughed as well as tho others At this they all
The giant and his wife were then satisfied
and tho company sot out for the foresters
cabin When they reached the eabln the fores
ter Bald to Djoermud As I served you I 1
hopo that you will do mo a good turn
I will do you a good turn said Dyeermud
If I losn my life In doing It
Cut off my head said tho forester
I will not tepllod Dyeormud
Well Bald tho old man If you do not you
will Icavo mo In groat distress for I too am
under enchantment and lhro Is no power to
save mo unless ton Dyeormud cut oft my
head with the sword that killed tho oldest of
the oon
Wlioii Dyeermud saw how he could serve
tho forcstorho cut off his head with one blow
and there rose up before him a young man of
twentyone years
My name Is Arthur son of Dears said the
young man to Dyeormud I was enchanted
by my stepmother and I am In love with your
sister since I saw her two years ago on entry
Strand whim ron were In combat with tho
champion of tho Eastern World Will you let
your sister marry me
I will replied Dyeermud and she will
not marry nny man but the one that I will
choose for her
I helped Faolan said Arthur In all his
struggle except that against tho dun
ItrUIIIM excolt Ilalnlt ox
Noxtday all went to the cantloofthe four
champions and their sister and leaving the
women In that placo they set out for Erin
When the Fenians of Erin saw them Balling
In toward Vontry strand they raised three
shouts of joyous welcome Whoever was glad
or was not clad Oralnno was glad because
there was an end as she thought to her suf
fering Indeed Rhe would not have lived at
all had she kept the Injunctions but sho did
not she received meat und eggs on 81 lav lolar
from alt tho women who took pity on her and
went to see her Ho when she lot the tallow
sho weighed It and finding it some ounces
short she gavu nut three piercing witlls of
distress and when Dyeermud who was of
fiery temper saw that Fnolan was not going
to puntth the woman he raised his own sword
and swept the head oft her
Fin embraced Faolun and welcomed him
Dreormud went to his mother and slater
Vt ill you marry a young champion whom I
hnve brought with me asked hoof his sister
I will marry no ono said she but the
mAn you will choose for me
Very well said Dyoermud there Is such
a mnn outside lie led hor out and she and
Authur were well pleased with each other
Dyecrmud with his slater and Authur and
FaoUu sot out on tho following day and never
stopped nor stayed till they reach od the castle
of the four champions and their sister and
taking Faolans betrothed and Dyeermud
I along with them they travelled on till they
stopped at the castle of the BlackBlue Giant
Faolans mother was thore before him and
glad was sho and rejoiced to see her own son
Thore wore three weddings In one at the
castle the giant Authur and Dyeermuds
slstor Fnolan and the sister of the four
champions Dyeermud and the daughter tot
the Hlackniuo Giant
When the feasting was over Faolans mother
called him and asked Will you go to my
kingdom which Is yours bv Inheritance the
country of tho Dark Men and rule there
I will said Faolan on condition that I
am to bo sent for if ever tho Fenians should
need my assistance He then cave his share
In the land of the wild hal and Ills claim to
I the castles of the eat of Gray Fort the kitten
of Cul MacClp and the dun ox to Authur and
Dyeermud and these two shared those places
between them They attended nolan and his
wile to tho country of tho Dark Men and then
returned Faolans mother went to Flntra and
lived there with Fin MacCooI
The Marine Editor Report the Attempted
LyncliInK of III Chirr
FXTHA1 EXTRA EXTRA IWe are not the ed
itor and proprietor of tho Alolcr We are not
thd man with a private graveyard We are
not tho Mayor of this town We are simply
tho marine editor on a salary of 7 per oek
For tin time being we are In charge of the of
fice and owing to events which occurred yos
tetday wo halo decided to get out this extra
fhopt und give tho full details of one of the
most damnable outrages ever perpetrated on
I newspaper man In this Western country As
this sheet sues to pros the office 1 Is full of
citionp extending their sympathies and
breathing throats or nloooy revenge One
word from us would precipitate a massacre
but we shall not utter It As a marine editor
we are calm und calculating
Sunday morning the editor of the Kicker
who is also Mayor mounted his mule and
rode over to Clinch Valley to die some trailing
arbutus to transplant to his private graveyard
For 1 year past tho cowboys over there have
boon after his scalp and on two occasions
havo almost secured it Ho should not have
none In that direction knowing what might
happen but ho takes great nildo In his p g
ami was bound to secure somo of that arbutus
to trail otei the ten craves within It
Whnt happened after the editor had dis
mounted from his I mule jurft beyond Squaw
tutil we gather from his own lips Ho had
found thn vines ho I wns in search of when
fifteen cowboys dnshod In on him and cut off
nil o rape lleforo ho could draw Rnl gun ot
was suiod and hound nail later on watt car
rlod to a tron and propiratlnns made to hang
him Wmlonot Know what thoughts Hashed
through his It tin as ho stood them with the
noose oMr lux I i t In1id and a ci Irolo of Implacable l
foes urroiunilttg him I Is not our business
to know odn tho marine at 7 n week and
ate tory practical about I Jin prnbuhly
thought I of hln I I rutot Ii erlila p t K heaven the
oilier mid other t things
Thn Hist iiiovnot tho cowboys was to run our
ohiof up In 1 tho limb hold him tluiro for ten
seconds I and thon drop t him to his I fr r > rt i 11111 I
I Iln I it lrl1 us that hllo I Lit a sensation wax
novel I I tfis al o decidedly implement Ho
Ihlnk1 I I I I t was this i first Ilul I I which so strutehod
hi INk that I > io li l collar now goes almost
Iwlllrnullll I Iho object WHS to t sit re him
anil niun him bog for mercy but hI asbiireH
I < that ho did not lose ono jot of ncrto and
that as soon ai hu could gut his brnith again I
lit I delled thorn todo their wort Ihoro Is a
yawning i LiiU I I between a at uI rio editor I and
the proprietor 011 gioat faiuilv paper hut wo
think DID duet tells the truth In this particu
lar When pulled > up thin seoitti limusiiuikH
of llro danced hoforu his ejo3 his feet felt liku
ire fr atuil i Ih only thought he hud wits that our
esteemed cnntemporaiy t would corn 0 ut with
1 dnutiloleadoil twocolumn nrticlu and Iin I I
about him in the usuul I vein AH near us heal
can IKure ho was nubpondcd for llftncn smj J
omls tluro III time t I We have no doubt that t during
I tItle epoch ho thought of all tlo mean things
he over did Vj t say this without thought of t
orHliitIni him so mnrlnu editor would think
of ciitlclslnu I Its I i I oil itorl nlilef
When lowered 1 for the wconil time thn Kichrr
men found that 1 his xTIco had changed from
liaito fnlMtlo but he BbPiirns us that he
ud It oxtiiisivoly to denounce the rrowd as
thhncK cowunls assassins gravn robbers
jail hlrrth und soon fliers worn ten In the
crowd lie had driven out of town on different
occasions und ho taunted ouch one with the
fact Iln offered to light the whole mob It
turned looso and ha warned thorn I that 1
death vould bu torrlbly ateuigei When they
drew him up for I Ito third I time they t mado
the rope fast calculutln to Union him
hut just limn Cul Itohurtss inulo train
from tho railroad canto Into view and thn
hole gang took to light Our chief r
thinks he hud dangled for about four minutes
when out down and us his mlrlno editor we
are bound to ngreo with him rIte Colouol
hiul him lAreu a wagon poured whiskey
down his throat and hu revived before the
train reached town Hu Is now at hU hoard
IDL house and hastlu < attendance of tho best
doitor in town wbo says ho will not be out for
a week or two and SlfK not got over tho shock
for months His neck appears to us to bo fully
eighteen inches long his eyestwlre tholr nor
mal size and UD to an hour ago his hair was
ttill standing on end lie Is very calm how
ever and his mind Is very clear As a marine
editor on seven dollars a week we pronounce
him a game man and we predict that as soon
a he II able to sit a mule and handle a gun
the number of tombstones In his p g will
rapidly run up to eighteen or twenty
PromptSafe Certain
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AYliUS Pills dissolves itnmedi Constipation
Rapidly permits ately on reaching Urn full the strength stomach of and the Dyspepsia
ingredients to bo speedily assimi Biliousness
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fective AVERS Pills arc the I
Dissolve most popular safe and useful aperient in pharmacy
They have no equal as a cathartic stomachic or anti
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Every Dose Effective
Brother Fox Ienl Hmoli
rrNlgl Z92 bv II Aiir I
One day tho little bny was going through
the negro quarters tolling at tho top of his
voice repeating the refrain of a nonsense song
he had heard the plough hands sine
Ill my lady I iiringcr hoi I
When he came near Uncle Remusi house
the old man called out
Heyo dar Who dat 1
Mel I Its meme llrlneer ho
Well I clara tel gracious Im glad er d lat
I lowd maybe It uz ole hIrer Itabblt gwlne by
selltn mustard poullcos You holler like 1m
This of course was a ohallnngo to the little
boy to ask for a story and he accepted It
Shoo exclaimed Uncle Henius after he
had teased the youngster awhile 1 done tole
you dat tale too long ago ter forglt about
But the little boy protested so earnestly that
the old man settled himself back In Ills l chair
and began
Well one time dor wuz a man en dish here
man had a farm He had pigs en he had I
Yilnlrnna nn KA h n rl itltntru YJn iv 19 ITIvlnA rr I
fnrmln en raisin do pigs en de I k en de
ohl ken8 twel blmeby ono day ho miss 1 pig
l He aint say nothln and next day he miss a
chicken Still ho aint say nothln en next day
atter he mist a duck
dls Den he low HII What kinder duns Is
He study bout It en den he Ox lot up a
trap en put a pig in It on set It out by de host
lot He aint kotoh nothin but he see trucks
roun de trap
Ho low Hey I dish yer look like Brer Fox
been foolln round here I know him kaze
de holler er his foot make a hole indo crounY
Den he took de pig out en put 1 chicken In
de trap Nex uiorninhe wont out he did en
sho dolT dar wur hIrer Fox set tn In dar long
wid umblecometunible some chicken fodderw nn he look mighty
De man look at do tedders en low I glad I
you brung yo bed wld you kare youd aslep I
hard ef you hadnt I
Brer Fox ho talk mighty pcrllte lie low I
wish you please sub turn mo out I wuz
pas ln by las night on my way home from de
dance en I heard a chicken hollerin en I
come in for to see what do matter When 1
got in de chicken wu done gone on don de
door shut tight en hero I had tot stay
Ian say Ef dot chicken wuz ter holler
now I bound hed skeer you
Brer Fox low How come l
Man say Ease he so close ter you
Man lot Mm I iope en tied Bror Fox hard
en las He tIed all hih foots torceddor on den
he took hIrer Fox homo en huuir ini up on a
null in de wall en toll his ale oman dot alto
mils watch hit twel hu come homo Den de
man went tor work in de llul
De nan tilt silo watch en watch whiles
she shelled pens Den stud go en Mr de
stew in de pot on comu hack en watch en
shell too pens
lilmoby Brer Fox pay Look like you got a
mighty heap er peas dar
Do oman low Laws a massv yes A
heap here on motor come Hans Indo hal
got tot he fed Lnnsy est whole pasael or
peas en mo tor cornel
Brer Fox say hi youll take mo down en
ontle me Ill shell dein peas fur you hllos
you er llxin de rest er de dinner Pen you kin
tie me up agln en hang mo on do nail
Do oman site shuck her head but she
kept on studyln bout it Brer Io ho keep
on atalkln en he talk eo sol en hu talk MI
sweet dat de Oman rut It down iii her non
dat he aint had ez dey say ho is i Den lie
took hirer Fox down eii on toil iin t n he kit In
ter shellln peat de Cr hurd ty he kin lit
kep ono eye on do omiin situ koi one e > o on
Mm I Do omen eli rrcti do stew in de pot eli
urcr rox no luniuifii win do pjis uo oinan
she eli de ut eal en hIrer I < a he fit in lii it wil
do peas The oman sho miko bread in de
tray en Brer Fox he fumltie wid du peas
Hit wont on din way twnl hiimiby hirer
Fox make a break fer do I door but de oniau
uz too quick fer itt he slam do do she did
en chase hirer Fox round du loom wid a but
tilt stick Slit push 1m so close lat ho
bleedzo ter run up tie ehlrahley Man sub I
dey wuz trouble don If dey hover wuz noun
bofo When linr lux lipt up do chliiibloy ho
turned du pot er stw over on put out do 11 or
edt scald de oman She gun a siiiill she did
but Bror Fox ilono gniin
Taint long fo tietuitu l on do flolhanscome
home for to get tier iInnir en when Icy fin
day aint no dinner dar don duy wu aoippln
De man hu iowa eti jowor en do ole oman
site tucKen t cry twel t himuhy she Hew mad en
den she sot In terioworin on sho outjowrd
du man Mi Hx 1m hiov iomu lii aint kill
HUT Fox a hlle I I < ftc had Ira stlddur hrlng
In hid tier liar hu kin rut up his didon
en spile de dinner en ical lucy all on du footn
en ruiu horshoiH en put f > ut du Her Dn roan
slit MUiln lie ilett hiieli up vn go long bout
Ills liusiiii huiiuiy duuch hu might be
ell Lncle HOIIIU Mild tho little toy as
t lln > old I inin closed his OOH and leaned his
heal buck agaln his chair did the man
cud h Iliothui I Jox 1 I
Ii I Iii man aint kotoh ini rest onil iti
Undo ilomui but hu cot kotnh When
le limn lei hlfiole tinuitfl ttjo neil ri en ajiv
in it nn liiVint out in i lfi pisiuf en not on
n Ii < fen HiiHot dar lie dlii tin hit felt tnlKhty
linl He done plum undone Ilo lent his head
on hl lilll like hoiuuliody cot ilo jiwachc
I in top er do hill not fumlulily Iii film
dir wuic the plaee whar Jirer lliililiit ll at
lit in do man coiiio out on net nn do fniieo on
m natch im JJo man still not tint on
llr < T Itabblt vropu little clour en watch
im Iflmehi Brer llnhhlt romi out do
juries en ax do man ttlint de miiltei liii
11111 up en tell Im en dun olo Iliei HiUui
aliih en MIV ho aint knuv Bier 1 tx wtti
tv ls CM nitty Ho low Ihpfvk I Ill luiltir
like Im down niiec or twn Mo iioen flulilm
xln or u tot ills long 11 mo I loai d ii i d Iwn
hluij > lit up siiuiit liran1 nuw Inek I
lionBitrllabliit ax du man how muohlio II
Ci im if f hell niike Brur 1 > v fe d Mirry en
I re ou account er his piank I DnmaiiMty I i
hi h II lot Brei Iliihblt cialdilr in hi mini el
Iii cit en nibble at do cit bbui ge lex itt hut ez hn
uant tor
Brer Babbit low Ku you wont sic du dog
m inu r
Mail tilt I wont fl iii do iii i on ion I
lire r Babbit low I It I t a liii lia Iii
Don ole Buir t Ituhblt I leyln I l I lur I ter I com
nonce fer her ropn Bier lox h He tell do
nail ho mm have smile ehl1 en glcida
Man went on cot oin Ien I Brer ilahhll went
iack on de hill whitr h < i Iho m en cut his wal
I et en his with k I a eatie t In I de wallet I he put
itt ehleken ciardh on nn Ins w iiklll cunii hn
nine du wallet Den lie tnku a walk
lluulnt gonesu miility I I i fur I In 1 he POO Bror I
rijx gniMlonu piilllliii dn air en troll tn tviil
lilt lieuil up like a blm hits IIIT llulilit hail
lirtir lox a 0 ox Im I wliu I tin gwinu llrei 1nx
hpon dal heulnt cwine now Inu s In Ular
tin he ux whirlioms Hrer Halhit gwlnu wid
ils wulkinvaini en wallet Bier lluliblt rpon
hit ho nut hiintln for somehoily ler to liop
tm mntu In come hd > All ills time Binr Fox
sur walkln rnun en rnun Hnllllln du air
1 ii inch y hu up en low Brer Huhhlt I I hulluve
I n my snul I I Ninell cliliken I I KlardB
hirer llnhbit nay M I spec you doep hirer
lox kaze I get inn right hero in my wallet
hen n llrer IUXB jaw gun ter trlmhle en
he fes tlrlbble itt tie mouf kuza if de U any
thing on de topper Kldn er du > erth what he
love mo dan anudder tls chicken gizardn
lie low How many Is you got hirer Bab
Brer lUbblt sayfluraerstwlit sevm en
hirer Fox low What you gwlne do wid urn
Brey Rabbit
Brer Babbit say t gwlne gl urn ter t de
man wit bepi me wld my bar
firtr t ox jump up ID d q ar he did en low
Show me de hay hIrer Itabblt show me ds
hay Im I de man what can move It
Ko liter lialibll I at art bank de way he com
and Ilror lot wont lone wld Im BrerFoa
trot iortg on de ldn whar de wallet wuz in
ono time hu went to look in it but hIrer Rabbit
wu too snniit fer that
Helow Voit can look at urn when you
done yeuint um in not a blessed mlnnlt
Well twant long to dey come tor what da
pile er hav wu itrer 1nx ax Brer Rabbit
what ho culnntunlo wld all that dry grass en
Brer Kabbll city ho gwlno ter feed his cow wi
borne en ho uwiuo ter Muff Home In his bed
tick Do I ii Let pabiNuril dey dliL hut bin
hy Ilier Fo ho got a good bftturn erde
sufTiige on his tuck on start up du hill I Brer
Itiibbtt I took t out his Hint en tucl ou struck la i
on do hay
llret IVnc low What tint
llrer hialiit sty Cricket I hollorln1 A
Den de grass glut ter erackloen blaze M
Brer Fox low Whats tint r
Ilror llubbit say GrasshopperBlnuinV I
Uror I Pox ho mosey lung he did en bim >
by ho lowV I Hinull taint
lire Itabblt say homebody burnin d
new Broun
Alter awhile Uror Fox low I feel mlghtr
hirer IlnliVjlt say Weddor monstUR warm
Twant I lone In du hay burn down on Brr
Fox en ho futchml out Miurtll en jump out
turn under It I I He 1 I twist ho turn I he roll ha
jump hut haiiit rio good en don he muku er
I 1 ii I i i tS
Ills jack en de hide blistered Pat what ha
trlt fer tryln toy steal from do man en for
turnlu over do pot er stew ntlddor walttn
twel he got er good ohancn tar go out de door
JIf he had done dut hed sao his mannus en
lila hide too
1 thittk saul the little boy as Uncle Hemui
paused to fill his pipe that llrother Rabbit
was verycruid I
Shoo honey t exclaimed the old man
you might talk dot way bout folks but
cjoeturH N i eiwtuis on you cant make um
uudermo ncr less
A Rimlnem bat Adds Comfort to Many
Ilumlile On mHn Home
The other day a steamer from Bremen
brought to this city n consignment of 2500
canary birds Every year about Klti1100 canary
birds are brought hero from Germany The
growth of this Industry has been very hire
within the pistlHteen ears anti Its prosperity
is said to be due to the fact that cauury bird
raised in Germany hliig holtertlMiinnyothora
Very beautiful birds art lalsed In Kngland
but in song Hun arc nurpassed bv tha Gorman
bird and iernmn dealers assort also that
canary birds brud in the tnitod States cannot
sing as wall as thorn reared In Germany
Consular Clerk Murphy of Berlin has re
cently sent to oyr Gmernnifnt a report on the
canary bird Industry in Germany Ho says It
Isalnioit exclUHivoly house industry of the
very poorest classes For more than a century
canary hroedini has placed a fair degree of
comfort within tho reach of many poor people
German canary lilrii dealers ilo a large trade
In Jielclum anti Holland England liusBlaand I
the Inlted htatos They begun to make ship
mentKto this < ountryover forty years ago and
birds arc now tent even to South America and
Australia The profit of those who rear the
birds is of couisu small but to the poor who
can hardly earn daily bread their bird cage
are like tutu savings t banks from whichat In
terval they may draw a trifle to add to their
other earnings
Mr Murphy says the absolute need of such
assistance is npnroriatod by any oneoc I
tin attii oil with i thn I German peasant in his
home A iiIiit o tailor nt Fuhrticrg 1 In Han
over for inMitiico works from house to house
and lecelves 141 marks per day Tills sum Is
oqulxnlent to about 1ii cents rind if hu works
HDDdtiynlii 1 I I Ito ycur ho earns IJ lii t t From this t
amount ii UIMI must bo deducted for rent
Thlslouus I him hii4 vii hi jliich to I mipport
rituti ciol lit his family I I con shsti Iii uf nix per
sons for u tear Ills earning therefore
titnohint tii hOP iiiiin ugir Ctitq Li tat r r I
momliM of hi family his I shows ho he
tivtl cut elta act er 01 thu canary turd industry I
which brings to that poor peaant a modest
trout and is impoitnnt as asoeomlaiy income
Ihu principal Sdi t of I tho t lndii I st ry WHS i for
merly the liar Mountain Almost ovorr
family there had in the sitting loom in this
bedroom or uniret a hreodmi pliieo for their I
birds In thu siimmei the fund iiiiiircd by
t ito hints was easllj I obluineil i i I and Lutti ire win
ter tho donlur had purchascd them Tho llar
Mountains later I became froiuntid hrxls
Horn who snimlit to improte tinIt health in
tIle hun llarzali niul thl t inw soiiicu of In
Co lit C fit tur Incnasud tin t woll I I hoini I i of the
people that they I paid mui h less attention to
raising iiiuls At I proout t unit I she tnry finest
and hlulicstpricnd bird aio i bioI In the I llnrz
Ill llclisfelil llinnci I whcin Iliure I are
many poor weatei r the i I i chiupci intl lee of
canary little urn niw oMeiiit ul li > laisod The
indiiti > iitii Wies ns in tin pooroi dlstrlctn
of Ilisse In pints of tislihalia and among
thn mountain in viv nt In I ncent yeuri
large niimiiot S Into boon laiscd in the oltien
chi > fU a n tiIio bt P I isutis tthn do not
stiui tn think I u lnt iiieh iitfltlii It ion moans to
tliu tumult p
biiul Jiijonii i an iry birds are raised eve
voir In d irmiii y tiJ hiMus thu 1000C
Mid < s nt Him country the Jnglisn
mm KII tnki about mi tit and the next best
ciistmiKi aro ii i bib the Aigontlne lie
imhlic an I titslIilti to tthlth country halos
inill l e iii uilb IlllLo IllimhelS iii birds
n > r > ten Flit liner llnr Moiinlain bird
an m thu III IM Gimmny wliero more
tuluhi atlichcd to Mijici unity uf singlllic f
I iiuiilitt tnt whein i hlulinr prices are obtalnea
I than anywhere ii
lloiimiauo I I i price which the I Prod ucer oh
I nuirtloi I t I iiciuiiri I i cinari birds Is from three
t < I iiiMiiaiks fit male llenco tills Industry
adds about liiluiiiHi t miitkH per annum to
niiianv national v on I III and thin money
gut hietly hilt Ito I hands of thin poorer
clt M The men who qomo to this country
In chiiieiif tho shipments of canary bird
UMiallt I I ravel HiiiUfliout i i thin United 8tate
ii l i IIuiht meiicui hlids and animals and 4
aliMlfdt I M h i I r ti nil I ii iii for parrots which 1
ale t I take tn tiermuny t upon their return
llulleii Ifrrnilt Miner
I mm Ilit IMIi Until InCr Miimli > n
In lIt western part of town stict near th
MlliiRoiif Hiininnlon thin Ih i a itrango char
actet w lines itei no end of comment by his
peculiar actions He In thn owner or leaser ot
a mine I the shall t of which is itiont fifty feet In
depth lhis striiiKu individual tvorkb the
tiiino I all hi I himself f and to the people whom I I
lie mets hu is I nn fiilKina Ho steadfastly re
fuses to lie Interviewed and although pros
lent i Ira on neighboring mlnos I IHUO imidoro
lttl nil cli tint toovmi I iril I a salutation from him
they havo slsmilly tidied llvory morning as
riiruliras clock work hn deHoonds Into tile
tilt Ii I hy mcrns of the I ladder and remain
Ihcro until ounlnc Oceaslinilly lie U I peon
In I liolst ti bucket of waste and I It Is pi Mimo < 1
hat this I i action I i Is I miido necessary by thu t fact
that ho In driving H crosseut single handed
and I ilon a ruth Beta cramped I ir want I f room
Hut th most peculiar thing In connection
with thtjh Kinuulitr man Is his mannni of work
inc Jur two I weeks ho oluiigos shuts and
wirkHduiini i g tho I night time I for two I wvuks to
clmnirniit tlm I end of that tlni to two wioks
dny shfn Some of the miners iuiuo nor In that
lOMlit bilietu Hint the mnn IB u ri oUItlmn
miner who lu I a bee mo H iiecu turiud to
working twi weeks tiiKht an I ttvo I wooLs day
that he cannot otercfmn tho I linhl
lliw I thu t old I man iminKKis to otUt is on
at her in tat terv To I hue knuwludko tf his
neighbors hu lian not shipped a pound of ore
for many months M liitV of the miners bo
llete that ho is labnrltu under some delusion
and that I he had a dream in t which he saw rich
ledges of high grarr > < e underneath thin stir
fact of that particular spot Ills neighbors
hope ho will la successful although they are
confident ho U from thu ledges ot that particu
tar locality
a 1

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