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SPiPlwli PPWlB rVfi 5 c
W ywH ty3 vii ywj W i W 1ft lfT
J i I lJ
t 4 ii THE SUN SUNDAY AUGUST I 28 1892
The Story of a Waif
Ofvrif At l t82 h SVnwfl HIM Until
CBAPTRtt VIContlnurt I
She lanthed at hU changed expreislob and
the sun herself ennlly to a sitting posture
on lllow projecting branch of a htmlook
The > act WM Mi elrllkh but nevertheless she
still looked dewn upon him In a superior tin
f tronittag way M Now Clareaoo the elM
ri with a riaH ftb tractd manner dont you be
c a biff tl I you talk tlt Wr to mother
11 only tell TOO you mntt watt two or throe
l ers until you know your own mind aiid
hell pack I otto thnt horrid school Again
beside watching me Ilka a cat every Moment
you are heTe I you nut t tai here and
P lt mo sometimes like thiiyoull iu9tbohae
t Wf hn Inn mi t hlnn n f
see Perhaps I you dont cnro to come or nro
ii Mtfelta with Mar and mother flY so then
t Oeodmes knowl I dont want to force you
ome iI1 L
Modest and reserved as ClMjnce was gfler
aflr t far that baahfnieis of approach to
te other sex was not one ot these indications
4C B walked up to 9ulr with appolllng direct
J n and passed his arm around her waist
Bhe did not move but remained looking at
t t him and his Intruding arm with I certain critl
1 D Ml I aurloaity I i Awaiting some novel sensa
tion At that ha kle her She then alowly
dl eng 4r rt herarm and laid Really upon
ay word Clarence in perfectly Uvel I tokes
c and slipped quietly to the ground Ha
again caught her ir his arms en
i S circling her disarranged hair and part
otthe bertbboTied hat hanging over her shoul
I dr and remained for an instant holding her
f tout silently Mid Underr Then she freed
1j 1 herseltwlth an abstracted nlra htt arnile and I
J i a unchanged color except whore her soft
i n cheek bad bet abraded by his coat collar I
Youre a bold rude boy Clarence she said
j 1 putting bock her hair quietl sad stralchten 1
lag the brim of her hat Ifp Ten knows
1 where TOU learnt manners and then from a I
t lafe distance with tho ame nitlcal look in I
i her violet eyes I suppose you think mother
U would allow thatIf she kucw I
I Out CLarence now completely subjected
1 r with the mmory of the kin upon him and a
J hclahtoned color protatted that he only
i wanted t make their inteieourse less con
1 st and to hao their relations even
i i their engagement reoocnUod by their pa
I f rents But still ho would litko her advluo
i Only there was alI tho danger that If tbr
f were discovered she would be sont back to the
n convent all the earn and his banishment In
i is lead ot being the probation of a few years
would be n perpetual separation
t We could always run away Clarenec 10
i upomled the yonng girl calmly I Theres
nothing the mater with that
i Clarence was startled The Idea of desolat
t < Inr the Md proud hnndsom Mrf Peyton
whom he worshipped her kind husband
d who he WAS just about to servo was gro
J tMiui and confusing but he said hopelessly
t re 5
9 OI course she continued with tin same
old Affectation of coyncs which was how
t ever still distinctly uncnlled for as she eyed
him from under her liroid hat you neednt
r t come with raw unless you llk I fan run away
ITlySetiIti w ntto 1vu thought of It before
k r One cant stand everything
1 But Busy said Clnrenco with I swift re
j morseful recollection ot her confidence yes
I f tfrvlnr h there reallyanrthlnc troubles you
Tell mo dear 1ht II I I
r O nothing everythins Its no use you
wnt understand You like I f know you
lf r > tae pee It its your style But Its stupid
Its awful ClArooo With mamma snooping
and Around all dnv with her
ver you rount you al rl hlr
OoarchiM Mammna pet and What is i it
4eair and Toll i all to your own mnmtuu
Iwl tsif I TToald And my own mamma Indeed
t Ac if I didnt know Clarence that she Isnt
7 And pBpnfarinK for nothlncbut this hideous
ci dreary rnncho anti Iho huue empty plains
I J Its worio than school for there at laist when
1c you went nut you eould sec ftomnthlug bosldos
f cattle s nd hor nsand y llowfi < ue < t halfbreeds
11 But hero Lord Its only I wonder I havent
A runaway before
it Startled and shocked a Clarcuce was at this
f ravelatlOD accompanied as I waR by 1 hard
J 4 ness of meaner that was now to him the influ
i ft j ence of the rouuSKlrl iras Mill so stronc upon
him thithetrlrd to oviub It us only an ox
i hi traxACtnee and lId with I faint smile But
where would you run tot
She looked at him cunningly will her head
r on ole side aud then said I hao friends
and 8helie ltated pursincupher Up
And what
i J IteUlioDf
l M Yes an aunt by mnrriace Mho lives In
f Sacramento Bhd l overjoyed to have me
b com t her Her second husband hns a thea
t tre there
tt But Suiy what does Mr Peyton know of
z thur
I t Nothing Do you think Id tel t her and
3 have her buy them up a she hoi my other re
c Utlops D you suppose I dont know that
4 Ie boon bought up like a nigger She
Jj compressing bar delicate
I looked indignant cumpellinc dlUcat
little nostril and yet omhoir Clarence had
1 J the Mm0 singular imprenlon that she was
I only acting
r Th calling a faroff vole cam faintly
t f a through the wood
Thats K looking I for me said Busy I
1 < empoMdlr You must BO now Clarence
Quick I Rumnbr what I soldand dont I
rah a word of this Gob
Z 7 But Clarence was standing still breathless
hopelessly llstarb and Irresolute Then he
I turned away m ohanlc lly toward the trail
1 Well Clareacs 9
8b was looking at him half rproohful
u half eoquettUbly with amln parted lp
il t kMtDd t fore l and his troubles
upon Item twlo andthrlo Then she Quick
I I lrdl n a herMit whispered MOO 10W
j Ind as Uaryt all wa repeated Clarence
I r ear4 her voice an w rltg Her dear al
he WM pluni lag Into the thlokt
a H had scarcely reached the Madrono tree
acaln and remounted his hot before he
V heard the sound of hoof approaching from
tb road IB hIs present uneuln > b did
y mot ere to b discovered so near the r ndez
von and drew back into the shadow until the
horseman should pass It was Feytoa with a
aaitwbat disturbed face riding rapidly Still
less was h Inclined t join or immediately
fallow him but he wa relieved when bU host I
Instead of taking the direct road t the rancho
e through tionofthe the corral wild oats turned off la tho dlreo
A moment later Clarence wheeled Into the
direct road and presently found himself in the
long afternoon shadows through the thickest
1 the grain He was riding lowly Immersed
in thought when he was suddenly startled
by a hlstlog noise at his ear and what
aeemd to be the uncoiling stroke of a leap
Ing Mrpent at lila aide Instinctively ho threw
himstlf forward on his homos neck and at
the animal shied Into the grain felt the crawl
lag i scrape and jerk of horsehair lariat across
hU back and down hit horace flanks He
ruined In indignantly and stood up In his
stirrups Nothing was to be seen abot the
lvlof the arin beneath him the trailing
lariat had a noiselessly vantlhedHsit I had
I i DD indeed eliding ake Had tie been the
victim of a practical joke or of thus blunder of
soLe Stupid vaqutrof He made no doubt
I that It wa the lasso of ono of the performers
I ht had watched that afternoon Hut his pry
occupied mind did not dwell lone upon It and
by the tlm fie luvd reached the wall of the old
Rmrd n tta Incldtnt ws forgotten
Relieved of Clarence rants embarrassing
presence 11m Hooker did not refuse to avail
hlrnMlt of that opportunity to expound to the
farmer and his fAtnlry the Immense wealth
influence and Importance of tim friend who
trail Just loft him Although Clarences plan I
had uRCted rcttcenc Hooker could not
forego tho T > kunsure l ot Informing them that
Car Brant had just offered lu let him into
an extensive land speculation Ho had previ i
ously declined alamo share or original loca
tion In a mine of Clarences now worth
a million bcauco It wai not his style
But the land speculation In a country of
unsettled titles and lawless moil ho need
not remind thorn required some oiparl
nce of border warfare Ho would not
say positively although he lefttitorn to draw
their own conclusions with gloomy signifi
cance thnt that was why Clnrenco hnd sought
him With this dark suggestion he took leave
of Mr and Mrs Hopkins nnd their daughter
Phwh lie next day not without some natural I
hnnmn emotion nnd peacefully drove his team
and WAgon into the settlement of Fair Plains
Ue was not prepared however for a sudden
realization of his Imaginative prospects A few
Ina nnAP hia arrlvftl In Pnlt 1lnlnR hn I rn
MW n n o
crlved a letter from Clarence explaining
that he had not time to robin to
Hooker to consult him but had neverthe
less iulilllod his promise by taking ndnn
toKo o an opportunity of purchasing the
Spanish Bister title L certain unoccupied
lands near the settlement As theso lands In
part joined tho section already preempted and
occupied Hopkins Clarence thought that
Jim Hooker would choose that part for tho
sake of his neighbors company He enclosed
also a draft on Ban Francisco for a sum nut
flolent to enable Jim to put I a cabin and
stock tho property which he begged he
would consider la the light of n loan t be
pnld bAckfln installments only when the prop
erty could afford It At the same time I lira
was In difficulty he was to Inform him The
letter cloned with a characteristic Clarence
like mingling of enthusiasm and older wis
dom I wish you luck Jim but I
see no reason why you should trust
to It I dont know of anything that
could keep you from making your
self Independent of any ono I you go to work
with a long all and dont fritter away your
hanccs on short ones I I were you old
fellow Id drop tho plains and the Indians out
of my thoughts or at least out of my talk for
A while They wont help you in the long run
The people who beliovn you will jualous of
you those who dont will look down upon you
and if they get tu questioning your little In
dian romances Jim theyll be apt to question
your civilized facts That wont help 011 Ia
he ranching business and thats your only
real grit uow For tho space of two or throe
hours after this Jim was reasonably grateful
and even subdued So much so that his em
ployer to whom be confided his good fortune
frankly confessed that tin believed him from
tiiat unusual fact alone Unfortunately
neither the practical lesson conveyed in
his grim admission nor tho sentiment
of gratitude remained long with Tim
Another idea hud taken possession of
huiuu fancy Although the lund nom
mated In his bill of sale had boon except on
the occasion of his own temporary halt there
always unoccupied unsought and unclaimed
and although he was amply protected by legal
certificates he gravely collected a posse ot
three or four Idlers from Iuir Iluinn armed
thorn at his own expense and in the dead of
night took belligerent and forcible possession
ut the peaceful domain which the weak gener
osity and unheroio dollars ot Clarence had
purchased for him A martial am I0T tem
pored the chi night winds t the pulsos of the
invaders and enabled them to sleep ou their
arms In the Held they had won The morning
sun revealed to the astonished Hopkins family
he eiiiuattlod plain beyond with its armed
entries Only then did Jim Hooker u condescend
t explain the reason or his warlike occupation
with dark hints of tho outlying squatters
and jumper whose incursions their bold
ness alone had repulsed Tho effects of this
romantic situation upon tho two women
with the slight fascination of danger imparted
Into their quiet hives may well be imagined
osslbly owing to some incautious question
ing by lr Hopkins and some doubts of the
discipline and sincerity ot his posse Jim dis
charged them that next day but during tit
orectiou of his cabin by some peaceful carpen
ters from the settlement ho returned to his
gloomy preoccupation and the ostentatious
wearing ot his revolvers A an opulent and
powerful neighbor he took his meals with the
famIly while his house was being built and
generally impressed them with a sense of se
curity they had never missed
Meantime Clarence duly Informed of the
Installation of Jim as his tenant underwent a
severe trial I was necessary for his plans
hat this should be kept a secret at present
and this was no easy thing for his habitually
frank and open lure He bad once men
lonod that ho had met Jim at the settlement
but the information was received with Ruch
IndIfference by Busy and with marked disfavor
by Urs Peyton that he said no more Ho ac
companied Peyton in his rides around the
rancho fully possessed himself of tho details
of Its boundaries tho debatable lands held by
tho enemy and listened with heating pulses
but a hushed tongue to his hosts illcon
tonlne lcon
ceived misgivings You see Clarence that
lower terrace he said pointing to a far
reaching longitudinal plain beyond the corral
extends from my corral to Fair Plains
That is I claimed by the Sisters title and na
things appear to be going I a division of
the land Is mae It will bo theirs Its bad
enough have this best grazing land lying
just on the flanks cf the corral hold by
these rascals at an absurd prohibitory price
but I am afraid It may be mado t mean some
thing even worse According to the old sur
vey these terraces on different levels were
the natural division of the jroperty one
heir or his tenant taking ono and another
taking anotheran easy distinction that saVed
the necessity of boundary fencing monUr
ments and gave no trouble to people who
were either kinsmen or lived In lazy patri
archal concord That is the form of division
they are trying to reestablish now Well
be continued suddenly lifting hula eyes to the
young mans flushed face in some uncou
selous sympathetic response to his earnest
breathlessiiess although my boundary line
extends halt a mil Into that field my house
and garden And corral are actually upon that
terrace or level They certainly appeared to
be on tho same line as the long field beyond
It went on Peyton such a duclslon Is
made they Will push on nml claim tIne house
and everything on the terrace
But said Clarence quickly you said
their title was only valuable where they got
or could give possession You already have
yours They cant take it except by force
No lid Peyton grimly nor will they
dare to do It as long as I live t fight them
But persisted Clarence with the same sin
gular hesitancy manner why didnt you
purchase possession of at least that part
which lies so dangerously near your house
Because I was hold by squatters who
naturally preferred buying what might prove
a legal title to their land from these impostors
than to sell out to me at a fair price
But couldnt you have bought from them
both 9 continued Clarence
My dear Clarence I am not a Ormiul nor
a tool Only a man who was both would at
tempt t treat with those rascals who would
now of coarse Insist that their whole claim
should be bought up at their own price by the
man mOlt concerned In defeating them
He turned away a little Impatiently For
tunately be did not observe that Clarences
averted face was crimson with embarrassment
and that a faint smlls hovered nervously
round hU mouth
Mere his late rendezvous with Busy Clarepee
hind hnd no chance to Interrogate her further
regarding her mysterious relative That that
shadowy presence was more or loss xogger
uutodlf not an absolute myth he moro than
hal l suspected but of the discontent that had
produced It or tho recklessness It might
evoke them was Do doubt Hhe might he
of folly He wondered If
tempted to sOle act Je wondlred I
Mary Itogers knew I rot with his sensitive
Idea of loyalty he would have shrunk from
any confidence with Mary regarding her
friends secrets although lie fancied that
Marys dark eyes sometimes dwelt upon him
with mournful consciousness and prumonl
Ion lla did not Imagine the truth that
ton le
this romantic contomiilatlon was only
the result of aryl conviction that Susy
WM utterly unworthy of his lot It so
chanced onn morning Hint the Vanuero
who brought tho Dst from Banta Inez
arrived cui Her than usual nml 10 anticipated
the two girls who usually made a youthful
point of meeting him Oral an ho passed the
garden wall The letter bal was consequently
delivered to Mrs teyton In tho presence of tho
other and a look of consternation passed be
tween the young girl Hut Mary quickly
el70tl upon tine bag as It with girlish and mis
chievous Impatience opened It and glanced
within I There are only three letters for
you sine said handing them to Clarence with
a quick look nt significance which ha failed to
comprehend nml nothing lor mo and Husy
lint heican tho Innocent Clnronco as his
first glance at the letters showed him that one
was directed to Susy horn Is A wicked
pinch on his arm that was nearest Mary
stopped his speech and he quickly put
the loiter lu his Docket Didnt you
understand that Busy dOlt want her
mother to sue that loiter ailed
Mary Impatiently whon they were alono a
moment later No said Clarence simply
handing her the missive Mary took It and
turned It over In her hands Its In a mans
handwriting she said Innocently 1 hadnt
noticed It returned Clarence with Invincible
nalvetu but perhaps It Is And you hand It
over for me to give to Busy and aint a bit cu
rious t know who Its from No returned
Clarence opening his big eyes In smiling and
Apologetic wondor Wellt responded the
young lady with a lone breath of melancholy
astonishment certainly of nil things YOU ure
you really are With which Inco
herency apparently perfectly Intelligible to
herself she left him She had not herself the
slightest Idea who the letter was from iho
only knew that Busy wanted It concealed
The Incident made little Impression on
Clarence except as part of the general un
easiness he felt In regard to his old playmate
I doomed so odd to him thatthls worry should
come from her that she herself should
form the one discordant note In tho Arcadian
dream that he hnd found so Snot In his pro
vlous Imaginings It was the presence of Mrs
Peyton which he had dteadcd sho whoso
proplnlqulty now Boomed so full of gentlo
fleas reassurance and repose How worthy
olio seemed of any sacrifice In could mnko for
tier He had seen BO I I tin of her for the lat
two or three days although her smile and
greeting were always ready for him Poor
Clarence did not dream that sho hud found
from certain Incontestable signs and tokens
both In the young Indies nnd himself that he
did not require watching and that becoming
more resigned to SUITS Indifference which
seemed so general and passive In quality
alto wits no longer tortured by jealousy
Finding himself alone that afternoon the
young man had wandered somewhat listlessly
beyond the low adobo gateway Tho habits of
tho siesta obtained In u modified form nt the
rancho After luncheon Its masters and em
ployees usually retired not BO much from the
torrId heat of the afternoon sun but from the
frt harrying of the afternoon trades whoso
monotcnous whistles swept around tho walls
A straggling passion vine near the Into beat
and struggled against the wind Clarence
had stopped near It and was gazing with
worried abstraction across the tossing fields
when a soft voice called his name
I was a pleasant voice Mrs Peyton f He
glanced book at the gateway It was empty
FT a tnnlAfl milflblv tntliA rffrhtfintl loft no one
n n un n
was there
The voice spoke again with tho musical ad
dition of a laugh it seemed to come from the
passion vine Ah yen behind It and half
overgrown by its branches was a long narrow
embrazured opening in the wall defended by
te usual Hpanish grating and still further
back as In the frame of I pIcture the half
length figure of Mra Peyton very handsome
and striking too with a painted picturesque
ness the effect checkered light and shade
You look so tired and bored out there she
said I am afraid you are finding It very
dull at the rancho The prospect certainly Is
not very enlivening from where you stand I
Clarenco protested with a visible pleasure in
his eyes as he held back a spray before the
I you ore not afraid of being worse bored
corns In here and talk with mu You have
never leon this part of the house I thinkmy
own sitting room You reach It from the hal
in Uie gallery But Lola or Anita will show
you the way
He roentorcdthnogateway and Qulckl found
the halla narrow arched passage whose
black iunnelllko shadows wore absolutely
unaffected by the vivid colorless glare of the
courtyard without seen through an open
ing ut tho ond The contrast wan sharp blind
ing and distinct even the edges of the open
Ing were black the on r light halted on the
threshold and never penetrated within The
warm odor of verbena and dried rose leaves
stole from a halfopen door somewhere in tho
cloistered Iloam Guided by It Clarence pros
ently found hImself on the threshold of a low
vaulted room Two other narrow embrasured
windows like tho one he hud just seen and a
fourth widerlatticed casement hung with
gauze curtains suffused tho apartment
with a clear yet mysterious twilight that
seemed Its own The gloomy walls worn
warmed by brightfringed bookshelves
topped with trifles of light feminine coloring
and adornment Low easy chairs and a
lounge small fanciful tables a dainty cloak
early colored baskets of worsteds or airs
tcrlous kaleidoscopic fragments and vases of
flowers pervaded the apartment with 1
mingled sense of grace antI comfort There
was a womanly refinement in Its careless neg
ligence and oven In the delicate wrapper of
Japanese silk gathered at the waist and full
log In easy folds t the feet of tIne graceful
mistress of this charming disorder which
looked a part of its refined abandonment
Clarence hesitated as on tho threshold some
sacred shrine But Mrs Peyton with her own
hands cleared a space for him on the lounge
You will easily suspect from all this dis
order Mr Urant that I spend a greater part of
my time here and that I seldom see much
company Mr Peyton occasionally comas In
JOII enough to stumble over a footstool or up
set I vase and I think Mary and Hucy avoid It
from a firm conviction that there Is work con
cealed in these baskets But I have my books
here and In the afternoons behind these thick
walls one forgets the Incessant stir and rest
lessness of the dreadful winds outside Just
now you were foolish enough to tempt them
while you wore nervous or worried or llttless
Take my word for It Its 1 fit mistake
There I no more use fighting thor as I toll
Mr Peyton than of lighting the people born
under them I have my own opinion that
these winds were sent only to stir this lazy
race of mongrels Into activity but that they
are enough to drive us AneloBuxons Into
nervous frenzy Dont you think so 1 But you
are young and energetic aud perhaps you are
not affected by them
She spoke pleasantly and playfully yet with
a certain nervous tension of voice and
manner that seemed to Illustrate her theory
At least Clarence In quick sympathy with her
lightest emotion WAS touched by it hero la
DO more insidious attraction In the porsen wo
admire than the belief that wo know and un
derstand their unhappiness and that our ad
miration for them Is I lifted higher than a mere
mutual Instinctive sympathy with beauty or
strength The adorable woman Ltd suffered
The very thought aroused hT a euree
loosMied alio If far bis Impulsive tongue
Olre he knswltl He bad lived under
thl whip 1 of air and blim three rears aloes
In a Spanish rancho with only the native
Pious around him nnd scarcely speaking his
own tongue even to his guardian Ho spent
his 10rnlllA lvln horsoback In fields Ilkp these
until tho vlontos conernlenns they call them
sprang up nnd diovehlm n nearly fi ant ic nnd
his ollY rI1 wu to bury himself Among Iho I
books In his guardians librarY nhd shut out
tho tvciriul Jul51 ns shun did Tho nmlle > which
hovered around the ladys month nt tho mo
ment nrrestcti riareneo with n muck manneRs
brnncoof their former relative positions and
I sudden eonvletlon of hula fnmlllnrlty In sliuf
gcitlng IU oijunllty ot experlonce and ho
blushed Bil olullY Joyton dlvortod his dm
bnrrnssment with nu air ot Interested nbsorp
lion In his Stot Y ana said
Then you know these people thoroughly
I rlrlnl1 I am afraid that we do not
Jnronco hud already gnthoreil that fact
within tho last few days nnd with his initial
iinpulsUo directness said HO A slight knit
IrCrlOH Slld ollhl
ting ot Mrs Peylonn brows passed off how
ever I ho quIckly annul earnestly ynut on l < f
say thnt It was Impossible for thu 1aytons In
their present relatIons to tine natives to judgo
them or bo judged by tlnltl low thev I
woro I childlike race crcduloun amid trustful
but like nil credulous nnd trustful ICOPIO
given to reUllatv whon Imposed upon will n
larger Insincerity cxnggorntlon amid trench
ery How they hud lon their houses and
Innds occupied by strungeis tholr religion
scorned their customs dorlded tliolr patrl
nrchnl society Invndeit by hollow clvllbatlon
or frontier brutality All this for
tilled by Incident nnd Illuxtratlon the oiitcomn
of somo youthful experience and given with
tin Blowing enthusiasm of conviction Mrs
Ioyton listened with the usual dhidod fem
inine Interest between subject and speaker
Whoro did this rough sullen boy us SIne mud
known him pick up this delicate nnd swift
ioruunt ion tlilu n riftttUn I I uin ont a nit thin n n
odd fellcltyut I oppression l f It was liiotr08 I
bio that It was In him ii whllo lie was tine com
panion of bur huMiinds nenants or thin rec
ognlznd chum of that I eeamu llooknrnol I
Hut I ho could have uhnugcd like thl why
not Nuxy lr8 1oyton In the conservatism
of her Sex haul never boon quite free from roar
of her adopted UaimhtcrV luireilltftry Instincts I
but with thin cxiimple before her she now took
heart Ierlmtis the change was cumin slmv
jy perhaps tvon now what sho thought was
Indlffertmco mind ooldnens fa s only cameo uli
onlYIml normal prnpuratlon od and saId or condition but nnbno
Then if you think those people have been
wronged you are not on our side Mr Brent 1
What to nn old or nnd more worldly unman
would busy beumod nnl probably was on mll
playful reproaeh struok Clarence deeply nnd
brought his pantup faellncs to his tlpa
You hnvo never wronged thum you couldnt
dolt It Isnt In your nature I nm on your
side and for you and yours always Mrs Joy
ton From the first time I saw you on the
plains whom I wise hrought a ragged boy be
fore you by your huxband I think I would
gladly have laid down my life for you I dont
mind telling you now that 1 wan oven jealous
of poor busy HO iiiixloim was 1 for thu smallest
share in your thoughts If only for a momont
ou coul1 Imvo donn anything with inn you I
wlshnd nnd I should Imvo been happy far 1
happlRrthnn I have been over slncl Ilol 1
you tills Mr Peyton IIDIV beiMitso you hnvn
just doubted if I might ho on your slile but I
mayo been longing to toll it nil to you before
and it Is I thnt 1 nm reuilytodo unylhlng you
wniit nil you want to bo on your Bide and at
your side now and foroerl I nnt
Ho was so earnost amid lioirty nnd above nil
PO appallingly rind blNlully happy in thin re
lief of his feoiliiKS mulling IB IUPf I II wet tho
most nntuiul thing In tho world ali aonb
suidly unconscious of his twentytwo vuurs
his II lie blown curling moustache tho lire In
his wistful yearninccy s and above nil of his
clasped hands nnd loverlike nttltuilo that
Mrs Puytun nt llret rigid us stune then AlI
fused to the FOb cubl n hasty itlitnco round
tho npartment > t her hnndkurchlof roull
face and Inuehed hike a girl
At which Clarence by no moans discomposed I
but rather accepting hor emotion a ptrfivtly
natural joined her heartily tiud nildcd Its
so Mr Ieytonl Im glad 1 told you You
dont mind itdo you
But Mrs Peyton had resumed her gravity
nmt perhaps n touch of her previous inlcU
IIIBH I htiould certainly be very sorry NID
Mild looking ut him erltlcnlly to object to
your Bhnrlng your old friendship fur your
little playmate with her parents month iuint
iaiis or to your expressing it to thor as
fiankly na to her
Silt < saw tho quick change in his mobile face
nnd tho momentary nrre < t of Us hnppy i > x
prexslon Mu wns frlelitened and ret Ur
ylod I was not tho eeiibitlvoneNHof a lover
at tho mention of tho laved ones nami and
yet it sucBostod an uneasy consciousness I
tile previous impulsive outburst had boon
prompted honestly nr even artfully by hia puss
nlon for Susy why had ho looked so shockud
when she spoke of her
unit Clarence whose emotion hnd beet
caused by tho sudden recall of hia knowledge
ot Susys own disloyalty to tho woman whose
searching eyes were upon him In his revul
sion ngntnst the deceit was for nn Instant upon
the point of divulging nil Perhaps I Mrs
Povton hut shown moro confldonco ho would
Imvo done HO and materially altered tbo evo
lution of this Rtory But hnnplly It is upon
those slight human weaknesses thatthe ro
mance depends mud Clarence with no other
ron than tine Instinerirn HvmtiHthv of vnnth
with o ill in Its opposition to wisdom and ex
perience let the opportunity pass t
Howhfllt to cover his confusion ho seized
upon tho second idoi that was in his mind
and stammered Susy Yes I wanted to
speak to you about her r8 Peyton hold her
breath but tho young man went on although
hesltatlnirlv with evident sincerity Havo
you beard from any of hor rotations since
since you adopted her
I seemed I natural enough question nl
thcuch not tho sequitur she hud expected
No sine said carelessly It was well un
derstood after tine nearest relation nn aunt
by mnrrlaso had signed her consent to Susys
adoption that there should bn no further In
tercourse with the family There seemed to
us no necessity for reouenlng the past and
Husy herself expressed no pnst Hho
stopped mind again fixing hor cyos on Clar
ence said Do you know any of them 1
But Ckirence by this time had recovered
himself and was able to answer carelessly nnd
truthfully that he did not Mrs Peyton still
regarding him closely added somewhat de
liberately I matters little now what rein
tions sine has Mr Ioyton and I hnvo complete
legal control over her until sho is of ago ann
we can easily protect her from any folly of her
own or others or from any of tho foolish fan
cies that sometimes overtake girls of hint ago
and Inexperience
To her Utter surprise however Clarence ut
tered u faint sigh of relief and his taco again
recovered Us expression of boyish happiness
Im chid of It Mrs Peyton ho said heartily
No ono could understand better what In for
horiuteriet In all things than yourself Mot
lie said with hasty and equally hearty loyalty
to his old playmate that I think she would
ever go against your wishes or do anything
that bhn Knows to ho wrong but she Is very
young nnd Innocent As mueh of n child as
OUUI Int lloc < ni
ever dont you think so Mrs Peyton T
It was amusing yet nevertheless puzzling
to hear this boyish youni man comment upon
Busys alrllshnoss And Clirene wa serious
for he had quite forgotten In Mrs Porn
presence the Iraprunclnn of superiority which
Husy hnd lately mndo upon him Hut Mrs
Poyton returned to tint I charge or rather to
n nttack upon what she conceived to bo Clar
enciisolil losltlon
I sui > post < she dons socm cirllsh comimred
to Mary Rogers who is a minh morA reserved
anti quiet i imtiin1 Blt t Mary Is I vtry hl rl i mig
Mr Urant annul 1 nm really iloliuhtml to I have
hor hell with Husy Mm has such lovely dail
eyes nml Kiieh good minute micra Sin u his leon
well I brought 1111111 II i east to see mat I ln > r
friends are biiiiorlor people I must writo to
Uiem to t tlinuk thnui for her visit nnU hi > < uit
thom to hot her May lonitor I think you suld
you didnt know them t I
Ilt Clarence whu o eyes hind been thought
fully tind admiringly wniidurlnir ovor every
chnructorUtlo detail of tho cliunnlnir apart
ment inure raised them to Its handsome minIs
trosswith an apologetic nlr nnd 1 No of
such unaffected nnd eoinplateubstraetlnii thnt
sine wait nninslmn diiiufoiinded Certainly it could
not bo Mnrv In whom Im < wits loterestod I
Abandoning any further inquIsition for tho
present tine talk nntiirally foil upon tho books
scattered about tho ladles Tliu young man
knew thum all far ballet than she did with u
cogent knowledge of others whom she hnd
never hoard of Hhe found herself la the nttl
tudoof leoilvlng Information from this boy
whoso boyishness however Hpomoil to have
ttvnporntud whose tone hud ohnnged with limo
subject Hud who now spoke with tho conscious
reserve of knowledge Ducldudljr she pust
have grown rusty In her souMon This
came she thought bitterly of hiving alone of
her husbands preooeupatlon with the prop
erty of Busys rltnloiiB caprice At the old
of eight vitals to be outstripped by n former
IIIht relrs lt
cattle boy of her husbands mud to have her
Pruiirh corrected In I I mittoroMnct way by
this rceent pupil of tInt priests was really too
bad Perhaps he evfli looked down upon
Busy Him smelled ilnngoiously and suavely
You mint have worked HI hard to educate
youmlf from notiilntr Mr firant 1 ou couldnt
read I think when you first minnie to us i So 1
Coulfl you really V I know it inns heel very
Ulttloult lot tjusy to gut ou with liar tmlliw in
proportion wo hud MI much tu lli > t iailleni
in I the I way n of mum in mm crc stile I nnd hublts of
thought which the poor child mail plokd up
from nor companions nnd for whleh she WUM
not rvniionslble With u boy thnt dnui lot
signify she nddpil with foilne I gcmtleness
elioil thin barbed speech glanudl from tho
young muns smoothly uniTling oliHtrictloii
Ahf I Yus but those worn happy days lrH
IVyton he nDswrroil with nil exn pi rntlng
return of hU previous lioviih enthusiasm
pvrhaiis because of our lunurnnco I dunn t
think hunt I Must and I aro any happIer for
knowing that thn plains are not ns flat no wj
bellevnd they sTore nml thnt the hun idoetint
hu I o to burn hole In them u > ery night whon
It hols Hut I know I believed hint you knew
everything when I uflCt I5w you mllnlovor
n book In your hand I thought It must bo it
dllTeront ono from any that I had ever seen
and perhaps made expressly for you I ean
ane there still Do knowiultooon
lice you tL you con
fldentlally that you remind inepf course
you were much younger of what I remem
bered of my other 1
But frt a reply of Ah indeed
allifttt polite indicated come coldness and
lack I of animation Clarence rose quickly but
fast A long snail lingering look Around him
You will come again Mr Ilrnnt said the
lady moro graciously If you nro going to
rldn now iorlmis you would I try to meet Mr
Ioyton lie l 13 Into already nml am always
uneasy when ho in out nlone particularly
when ho Is on ono of those linlfbnikon horses
which they consider good enough for riding
horo You have rldiloii thorn beforonnd un
derstnnd them but 1 nm nfinld thats another
thing wo hnvo got to learn
Whon thin roiling mnn found hlmsolf AKalu
confronting tho glittering light of tho court
yard bo remembered the interview nnd the
soil twilight of the boudoir only nspnrtofa
pbeanint f > dream There was A rude awaken
nit In time llnreo wind which Intuit increased
with tine longthenlnu shadows J neeuiod to
sweep uwiir the liaTfsonsuous eomfort thnt
haul neraded him And mad him coldly roo
flute thnt ho hint dune nothing to solve the
ilinifultles of hli relations to I busy lie bud
lost time UII hlnco of oonflillng to Mrs Pay
lonIt hn mail over really I intended to do RO
I was Impossible for him to do I < hereafter
Without a confession of piololiuvd deceit
II olollld
Ho I I roaohed the t stnbloH h inn Imotont I y when his
nttcntlon was nttrncled by tine nriuml nt ox
u hIuii l IIII ln tho corral Ixioktng within ho
I nsloiilnhoil to see that ohm of tine viutueras
Was huldlim tine ni men I mug brldla ot a blown
dusty nml fonm > ov riMl liorso around which
ndoznn IdlerHWero unllinrml Kvon benenth
Its confine of dust and foiiiu and tho I hal fuhhs
placed snilille I blanket hut nne Instantly i roe
Ditlilred tho spirited pinto mustang which
Ioyton had ridden limit morning
Whats tine matter said Clarence from
the I 1 catowny Illcr
Tho men foil apart glnnclng nt each other
Ono said quickly In Himulsh Buy uotnlni
to him It In nn ulTnlr of thu house
lint this t brouililinroneii down like I a bomb
Dnill nnitit tli Mif t S Im I vMrlMiLnil 1 In Ilia
equal command l of their toncuo amid of them
jt ji
Ah come now What drunken plgglshucss
isi this I hucukl I
Thn imdron has been porhnps thrown to
day stnmmured the first speaker His horse
arrives sefiorn but ho does not We go to Inform limo
No you dontl Mules and Imbeciles t Mount
every on of suU and follow mol
Ihe lon hesitated hut for only a moment
Clarence hnd 1 limo assortment of Spanish
epithets expletive anti objurgations gath
ered In his rodeo experience at Kl Itoluglo
nnd laid them about him with such fervor and
illscrlmlnatioutliit two or throe mules pre
sumably with guilty consciences inlstnKIni
their direction actually cowered against tine
stocKado ot the corral lu futr In another mo
ment tho vauucros had hastily mounted and
with rinroneo nt their hOI were dashing
down thnmu rout toward Hnnta Inez Hero he
spread them In open order In tho grain on I
cither side himself tnklug tine road
They did not proceed vorv fur for whon
they hud reached tho gradual slope which I
marled tho decline to tho second terrace
Clarence obeying nn Instinct ns Irresistible as
It Will unaccountable which for tho must few
moment had been forcing Itself upon him
ordered n hull The casa nUll corral hind al
ready sunken In the plain bnhlnd thorn It
was the Knot There tho lasso had been thrown
nt him 1 few ovenlnits before hihthiing Ult
men corvorgH slowly toward the road ho wont
on more cautiously with his ayes upon the I
track hufora him Presently he stopped There
was ragged displacement ot tine tn utckoul and
ctumbllni Hull mind thn unmistakable scoop of
kicking hoofs As be stooped to examine them
one of the omen nt the right uttered a shout
ly tho fimo struiKo Instinct Clarence know
thnt 1cytim I was found
Ho was Indevl lying there among tho wild
oats at tho right of the rond but without tracts
ol life and wih scarce human nninarance Ills
clothe when Ill torn and shredded away
were psrtly turnod Inside out bin shoulders
neck uml bond 1 ware A shnpeloxs undUtln
gnislinblo mask of ilrleil earlb anil rungs like a
mnn u nu Inn V wrapping His I I I left hoot was gone
His largo frame Homed boneless annul except
for the cerements of bis muditllTouod cloth
log was 1lllllln1 i I I sodden
Ilnrence inUed his head suddenly from 1
quick examination I of this body and I looked nt
tho men nrouuil him Ono of them was nl
rondy cmnntem inn away Clnruncn instnntly
threw himself on his nurse and putting spurs
to thu nnlmnl drown rmolvor from his hole
tor and hired over tine mans head The rider
turned in his saddle saw his pursuer nnd
pulled UP Go l iekl 1 smith Clarence riding
beside him or tnjr not shot wont miss you
I WAS only CO i uc tl inform the sertoni
said tho man with n hbrug nnd a forced smile
I will i I do that I mid Clarence urimly dnv
Irc him bnek wltli him Into the waltliir circle
And now ho added In their own Irony
look I mg nroiiml aim I My 1 bruo go title moult I
Knights of tho I hall I I und gallant mUhUing hunt
ers 1 I want to inform von that 1 believe
Mr Peyton wax moon dared and If tho
man who killed him i In anywhere this side
of hell 1 intend I to llntl him Good 1 I You
understand Now lift un time body you two by
tho hhoulders you two by the feet Leave
vour horses to follow I intend that you four
hal carry homo your master in your arms
Now forward to tInt corral by the back trail
IMsobuy mo and ho raised tho revolver
If the change wrought In the dead man be
fore them was wolrd nnd terrifying no less
ominous was the chnngo that during the last
few minutes had come over hut living J sneaker
I ft fiia tin IfiMinr I tlm vnlltll f III flnfitnfiA
who Eat there i tI haggard prematurely
worn doBperntolookliiK man Ink of cheek
and Injected ot eye whoso white teeth glis
tened under tho black mouutnche nnd thin pale
lips that parted when his restrained breath
now and then escaped them
AH the procession moved on two men slunk
behind with tint horses
Mother of UoJ iwino 1 Is this wolf whelp
paid Manuel
Hush said his companion in a terrified
whisper Have you not hoard 7 It is the son
of Hamilton Brnut tho as assln the duellist
ho who was fusilladed in Honors 1 He made the
sign of the cross quickly Josus Maria I Let
thorn look out who have cause I The blood of
the father Is in him I
I Jo or continued
Tbe Street Crmes santO liiuitlilrr Vent On
tout One Woman V as < In I Team
There was n funeral la Thompson street the
other ninny It occurred ut 10 oclock In the
morning when sunshine like that of Italy was
beating upon tho eastern windows of tall ten
ement and decaying rookery Upon tints shady
side of the street time oponalr vegetable mar
ket was in full activitY and time denizens of
the street picturesquely clad In tilth and
splendor crowded doorway and street stand
chaffering for the raw material of that
days dinner Suddenly an opou bn
roucho and a small Ivorywhlto hoarse
with boiled plumes diaw up In front
of tho loir narrow tenement bearing u
bankers sign over its groundHoar doorway
Two windows of the next Moor wore obscured
with white muslin In tine huarev was a tiny
whito colUmn trimmed with failvorwiibhed
metal Half a dozen otlieiconoho wuro strung
muloing thu street a few minutes inter People
about tine mirkct htaniN began to tnro across
tho street nt tine lieiiiu aud up toward the
whltccurtaliitid window An unmlbtnkablo
ii mntlurtukmi r till in I black I io but s ii tnt t routcurs
biibtlcil about the hear w > did n coachman
with a Plug hut on hU I head i nml u cigar in I his
mouth Ilio two lilted out tint empty colllu
und carried it Into the tenement
AstliiKomndlaiiponred I u i i throuijli tho t door
way u HUM Italian gill KnlilliiBon Ilia other
side of tlio btreet asuiei n her comm un ii iomu n
boy of horouiinuMljit n thru wmo beautiful I
llowniH nil about thod I I id bambino up Mnlrs
Mennwhllolho urIc ii 1 thn street whether of
buhlno or imri wiHii ii tint I on mihiHhod A
drunken ruuniaii with i bnisojorhwi I Bhoiililor
Hnnir Tniiirn lioi mdony to tho 1 v Ing
cliii rein annul supplemented It with n shrlfi n
fuddled laugh Old w nil U unit yoiininvlthtlny
habuslnthiiriirmsluid n I t It edibout tine doorway
through whLh the t dlln had disnpp arod
Inughcd i iiuarrelledLS m iped annul unity hnit o
hugged their I I babes i lilt I h o tighter tliuir
tiyes tell upon the I tu hllo luurso As for tho I
C i lid ran old enoush to I run mu lie nit they ul us
terod on time Hldnualk and gnzod Into time las
Hides othaheaiie I now und thou iiushiiigono
nnothortowanl the faseinnt horror and nil
tIns whllo tnlMnc and Ittughlnc
The roiirhinnti htill nmoklng his cigar
emerged from tho Uuorwurol the tonniuont
with nhonpif f sinor I I colrH In his i hiinils nun ii
distributed them among tine coach noon r
out him Tlie money was apparoiitlyn OUHC
limrr from I hut < parmits of the t dead child It
IXcltod no enil o mnn orrl inept nummnoung tint uioai i
mon and I Inure was n lively I coimsim itnt hum as to
whothnror not u lirlght now quarter dollar
wns counterlelt More aoaches attune up with
moro Miioklinr I eoaehmiMi A wiiuiuii with I
tears In liar cyins antI n soiled iunnnmulkummimimf f at
her nose his mneui out of one of tlio t whilecur
tallied windows and looked down on line
hoarse Miewns an object uf Interest to tho
fastitir a9lnn crowd Tlien tlm colllii this I
time heavier fiom the weight of n cold little
bodywiih turin gilt out ami i i put I intotluthoursn n I I
At tho tame time limo uflloious undoitaker bo
gan ourrvlns I flown ilornl iieees unit polled i
tumult i told you bo said tho littlu I m knitter
us these I things I were unangud In I lie OJIHII i
barouohes Aitor collln mini lowers had been
properly disposed two little girls wcio led
to tlio open bnrouche whent they took seits
annul tlm nodiini plant Their Illtln round
heads dark with curlIng hair ami lit hero ami
then with n tawny golden glint that will soon
be swallowed up in time black might of Ital
ian womens tieses Juit showed aboe tho
Iluttened top of tho burouche A weeping
woman In everyday gown cnmti out liar hhawi
gathered moiirnlngwliio over bur hood nml
got Into tine coach behind tine hoarse A bIg
man In I blue suit his host got In i with her
Then time other conches drew up and mothers
and bnliios warn piled In without discrimina
tion until tine crowd on tlm ftlddunlk was con
siderably thinned As tints funeral went down
Thompson street amid A confused din of
street arias another moved eastward Along
the cAr trucks of a cross street When both
had dlsappoHtttd th bunllaht still rained donn
upon th eastern front of tlipiou and thus
market was still gar with red pepper
ttvon sioHina or inr PIIESEXT DAY
The Fate of they Mhlp In the J UIr of
0 nine
rvrllM IfHH liy Chill tl biHi
It was In lImo fifties beforn steamers had
dupwcJed lImo great Australian liners And
limo big ships flying between England and
India I was a midshipman on board nn India
packet called tine Sea Kinc rime difference
between n midshipman so railed and nn ap
prentice hay In tha fact thnt tine former wore
petty ofllcer antI learned nnvlfntlpn and ton
manshtp from tine quarter deck whllo the
latter were focistlo hands antI helped toper
form limo actual work Our ship carried three
midshipmen and our respective fathers had
to pay n smart sum to place us there
At that time tIme riimilna of sieve cargoes
from tho coast of Africa wns confined solnly to
tho Arabs and tine Cubans vUh now nud then
cargo for porno South Amoilcau port We
left Calcutta with about Ill passengers mind
of this number there wore about 50 nrmy
ofllecrs Jvimo had resigned ou account of
wounds or ill health others wire on furlough
and others still had been exchanged Into homo
regiments Them was also a party of fle
sportsmen who had been doing the jun
gles ot India for two or threo years At Cape
Town wo took ou board thirty moro pnssen
gun nnd nmonc thorn was another party of
sportsmen who had been up In tine lion court
try We roust have had a full hundred men
among tho passengers when wo left tho capo
Nothing out of tints routine occurred until wo
wore well above Bt Paul do Lonndn and half
way across tine Quit of Guinea Than we
raised n salt dead ahead which was standing
to the west having evidently come out from
thu const Wo woro within four miles of her
when lImo breeze which had bean light all time
morning died flat out and loft both craft
heaving on a glassy sea Our officers had
given tine strangern sharp looking ovor and
It was the unanimous opinion that she was n
suspicious character Hho was a topsail
schooner painted a grayish white and having
a great spread ot canvas and when Mr Gray
son tine chief officer came down from aloft
after a long inspection through the glass ho
sutd to Capt Hobson
Ive soon twenty of the Cuban blackbirds
In my time and It shes not loaded with slaves
then Im a blind man
Tho Captain agreed that she was a slaver
England as you perhaps know did moro to
suppress tho slave trade than all other nations
combined She had five crulfi rs to one off tIme
Afric in coast and she overhauled flvo times
AS many craft UB any othor nation But for her
efforts very little would hare been accom
plished at sea As soon as tine strange craitwas
pronounced < x slaver there was great In
dlsnntion among our passengers u major
ity of the men being anxious to gooff in tIme
small boats mind capture her Thin project did
not meet with the views of our Captalu at all
While ho would like to have Seen her a prize
to a cruller ho had no notion of Interfering
with her movements I heard htm say to a Major
Hliaw who was anxious to lend an expedition
that the schooner was doubtless armed with
cannon and curried n large crew and > that any
interference with her would bo serious
Nobody dreamed of time calm which was to
follow nlthouuh our position wns close to tho
rquntor It ws summer time In those lot
tudes but not oppressively hot Not tnl
slightest movement of air was felt for tho rest
of thu ilny and as passed the day so passed
tine night Next morning It was seen that tho
two cratts were nearer together by half n mile
or more There were writers who call this
movement becalmed vessels magnetism It
is siimjly their dntt Tho larger ono drifts the
fastest nail had wo boon to tine north of the
bchooner the distance would havo boon in
creased by haifa mile as both of us wore drift
log to tine north In an ocean current After
breakfast Major bhuw wanted to pull off to tho
unknown on come sort of errand and thus set
tie her Identity but Cnpt Hobson wns firm In
mis refusal Indeed us he surveyed the lion
you and consulted the class and believed that
the film was to continue ho crow uneasy
All dy the Sen King rose and foil on the
glassy ground swells with tho regularity of a
pendulum and whan nluht oaino we wore
within a couple of miles of the schooner TIne
claeos brought her so boar that every detail
could bn noted Everything about her showed
that she was built and Illlod out for speed
Only nine or ten men could be counted for her
crow and they lounged about as honest
sailors would under the circumstances That
she had a Long Tom gun amidships we
did not doubt although it was covered in
from actual sight There were also good
rnJu LU U11OVU uau snU cnrrnou ounor
metal as well and that the number ut men
seen on tier decks did not half represent her
craw On the evening ot the second day the
Captain and mate hold a long consultation
and as n result passenger after passenger was
invited Into tine Captains room and he said to
each ono In turn
Tine strange craft Is a slaver and has a
cargo aboard In order to carry as many ne
groes as possible they tlgure close on fresh
water If this calm continues another day wo
shall have a Uslt from him lean spare him
a couple of casks but not more Those may
do him If not ho will attempt to tako a sup
ply by force Wo have no cannon but we can
raise at leut 1UO II rear ma among us and I
propose to fight him off
When dayliuht came timo drift of the ships
had shortened tine distance again The
shiver djd not look to bo over half n mile away
but liomctual distance was throe times that
figure TIme sentinels had hoard queer noises
from hot direction after midnight and our
people figured that they had hud gangs of
negroes on deck ut Intervals and had sluiced
water over those In the hold to save them as
much as possible It there had been any
doubt of her calling the odor that eumotoub
about Biiniiso would Intro dispelled It
Many could not detect It but thorn
write at least twenty aboard who cot
tho smell thouch not the slightest
breath of air was stirrIng The odorof n cargo
of blacks is something horrible On ono occa
sion after tho capture of an Arab dhow by n
British cruiser I was on a ship which crossed
their wake fire miles astern and yet wo cot
the odor so strong thnt some were mnde sick
After breakfast tho Captain requested all
passengers to promenade the docks knowing
that the slaver was Inspecting us th oneh his
glasses and desiring to present n bold front to
him It was to bo another dny without a puff
of air abil much hotter than the precedimr
ones It wns 10 oclock when wo saw them
lower n small boat from the stern of the
schooner aud four men enter her Sine canic
pulling nt n smart pace and stopped a feiv
yards sway off our starboard quarter
Hello tho Khlpl culled the man In the
stern sheets as ho blood up
Hello tho boat I replied apt Hobson
Wo are short ol water In the schooner and
hope you can spare UB n few casks
Whutb your cargo
Gold dut pnliu oil Ivory aunt furs Wn
hay been ui > limo Nlirer for Mivern months on
a trndlng tonie Wo are bound for tho
United WtUs
The speaker was certainly an American but
the throe I men with him ire ro Spaniard and
ns villainous a trio as you over cot eyox on
They brought tho odor with them t so strong
thut I I tony nose could now detect it i I Iipt
Holioen wits n blunt spoken man Alter n bit ot
thinking IIP replied
I i urn satisfied that ynur schooner Is A
Cuban slaver and tlmt situ has a eario iboaril
of f her now It n villainous trade t you nrn en
gaged in I and Id I liko I to Me mury flint iirs
bun of yon i bWltiging ut tho mnt run mini How I I
> rem out I of pity m for thn I poor blacks I Ill j I I scare
you throe I casks I cant do in inn ii < io buck to I
your craft nud Ill hoist them out und tow
them I half I I way
nd nbuut time pay t
Your money Is accursed and I wont hundla
ii 0
The mnn fotccd is laugh ned hubs hat as a
silute and his boat returned tu the uhoonoi
Wn got over lie t cuusis loweid h I I a bout i nnd
lowed them I half a Inn un nut I b usitrun noon they
hul been hoisted in on tine stn < tiers deck
It Irnt I iiiimit Hiilecn fm tin I i thirsty I I peo
ple aboard of her 1 heard tint i Captain Hay to
Mnjiil HmV and If I f this I eiim I holds wo ure
bound to I havo n row with thu I fellow
Tho fourth day of tlio calm I pussod I quietly
nwiy When nluht canine It mls figured tlmt
wo hud decreased our dlstiim hy n qunit ter of
n mile That niiilit to keep up appeirumea
of n jllil fiopt there t was m eta mimnd dnneint
ou the dock hut while some danced otliuiH
peoied into the darkness and guarded against
a sui prise
The llfth morn I lug dawned without I n cloud
orn breath i of nlr nml we were now within I lees
tlian n nilio ni the Mhnnn 1 lie current wa
hutting u both to tlio mom tItitnst or upon tlm I
coiht t s I n alii m I before being I i I tlm Inicer n t
win mmni ii dliftingho I I I fustestmil n In I n couple of
days moro imiil oxerlako tha t schooner Ou
tills duy lust beloie noon tine ilayer Iogau
drawing water iind shileiiu down hi caigo
uml wo could plainly hear the shouts und jills
of tlm n negroes U U oclock in i r tho t mill im minim
huiillouci tliiu to nine on dock In giiiiKf
nnd mc lmnomy I hunt we should bhortly hear from
him again Ills I I I Munition I I had been i rue so doc u
iMriite in to obligo him to thrownfl I all reserve
It I t tmhit about fjooloik n In I lie I aftornoon whun
tho Sit Ill I < bout ami I thu I i sit Inni oflImjr uyproaehod
us us before
Ion cumin what our cargo is l Captain Bald
t he nnnan us inn stood u in inmini pni n tuui tt miii
craft Thu seimocnnor is mm IrjekiIrit mmmiii ham
niuj ni ggers aimuiiruh Nut unit limis I haul yet
iut hunt ian t a irojn of water lift for ilium
You must share us more water or not omits of
thoin will a vr see t mthmL
Our Captain wns about to reply that not an
other pint could bo spared but the passengers
apluentmod to hU sympathies and a sort of pub
ho nieetlng was hold We had wines rum
brandy beer and could certaInly pare more
water without itlntlng oarselTea booner tbuk
see tho blacks RAcrlflod eterybody was willing
to go on half nllownncci Tho result was that
wo made up about Ar > o gallons of n mixture ot
rum amid water miami thoflnvor towed the casks
away As soon ns dnrknc s cnmo the deep lead
wits cast and bottom wns found nt Ills feet
Hawsers sro bent ton couple of small an
chors antI wo toon had him satisfaction ot
knowing that our drift Sins checked
Tine dnwn of tho sixth ilnv showed the
ichoonur not mnmoro than n mile nwny Thofol
ows had got on to our trick nml adopted It
Miry promptly The b day passed qulntty away
tho slaver sluicing his Itetweou decks and
naindlnc his gangs ns before
At daybreak on thin morning of lImo 7th tue
barometer Indicated n chance but sky and
sen gave nn evidence of It About sunrise tins
blacks could be h heard rat hag a row probably
demanding I wan mm and an hour Inter ho pivot
gun whose preaonco wo hnd siiHpoctod wn
uncovered and loaded nml pointed nt us At
ilio same time threo loris were opened and
the muzJo of throe smaller cannon run out
itml trained on our ship Tho shivers crew
nlfn Incrensed from ten to Montyilvo men
and wo realirod Hint n ellninx was nt hand
Thoy itinposcd to save their own cargo nt any
risk Time ollleor wino mail lslted us twice ho
fore now nhmhmnpurumh for the third tltno having
tine same thron villains at the oars Ha Raid
they wore ngaln out of watornml must inmsv a
BUtxilv lie thu not nsk If any moro could bo
spared but eommnndod Cnpt Hobson to hoist
out ten casks on tha penalty of being fired
Into To tho surprise of everybody time Cap
In In i humbly agreed nnd cal led out
Rend nil time men you can spare anti mare
n short job of It but I want none pt you
Tho boat returned to fho schooner and half
an hour later three boats each oontnlnlncllvn
men were lying off our qunrtor We had
mutiuniiiiu utru IMIMIMIUIMIJ v T j r
Thn pretence was maintained after their ar
rival Ono cask was holsiod out and drifted
clear and they woro looking fora second when
tue sun was suddenly blotted out of sight
Night seemed to come ngnln mind a whlta
squall broke with tine scream of thousand lo1
comotlven It was thin forerunner of ft hurrU
cnno which swept UB up to Cane Yera and 500
miles beyond Not one of tho boats reached
the schooner Thn emit herself flew away beJ j
fore us Into the thickness but half anhmr
Inter when the sky cleared before the hurri
cane not an eye could discover her SIns had
gone dowu with all ou board
M Ith the IVitBon Train
Twenty array wagons and their drivers flft
cavalrymen from Troop Ea pull of ninety
miles across tho Indian country Yes we shall
be attacked by the hostlles They would not
lot such an opportunity pass Thoy san mus <
ter four to one even If wo counted in th
teamsters Col Blank at the new post to
which we were bound had written to CaoU
White who was to command tine train
My wife Is to cotno out with you See that
my previous Instructions are carried out She
knows whut they omit
And wo had marched an hourwhen Capt
White sent for mo and said
Corporal you will act us a special guard
over tine third wncon
Very well air
The Colonels wife Is la that wagon as you
probably know
Yes sir
Incasotho Indians are too strong foru
they must not hind her alive ThntsalU
I rode back to tine third wagon and placed
my horse nt tine nigh fore wheel and lifted my
cap to tIne lady who had been provided with a
comfortabla scat by herself Sho was a little
bit of a woman not over 25 years old and mar
ried to tho Colonel only two years before Hhi
looked at ma out or tier bIg blue eyes and
smiled but sire could not steady her voice at
sho leaned forwuid and Inquired
Corporal do youyou think wo shall be at
Uoked t
Quito likely maam but wo may squeeze
And If attacked and you cant beat the
Indians oil ou
I have tlio Cuptnlua orders maam I
Yes very well
Wo both understood I had been specially
detailed to kill her if 1 saw that we were to be
wiped outl line thought of it mndo me dizzy
ns I rode along Now nnd then I glanced up at
hor to llnd her fnco whlto and her eyes anx
bush searching the horion I had my order
and was there to obey thorn but could I dolt
If 1 was the lust living man of that train could
I raise my carbine and become her murderer
At J oclock on tine afternoon of tine second
day out wo saw a dozen mounted Indians on n
ridge to the right and closed up the train To >
tine loft were a succession of ridges and if
there was any force of hostllos about they
worn hidden behind h thorn J hi Colonels wife
was one of thu tlrst to discover limo Indians
at the right She was looking at mo an I
lanced up
Wo shall bofettaekod sine queried
Within ten minutes mnum
vmm Va
Ycsm hut 1 hope w shall heat thorn off
The redskins on tho right now began to rids
to and fro arid whoop and yell and seek to
draw our Attention nnd heron the train to halt
Orders had been given the day before to keep
moving in case of attack In closing up the
wagons hud doubled the line nun ing io
abrtnt Tho horsemen fell into their places
at onco twenty on a sldo five in front and lh
In rear Scum of the teamsters hud carbines
while all I hud revolver Half I f a milo beyond
where wo had snen time first Indian the attack
was made and it was n bold one s wo cume
opposite u valley running back into tInt rid to a
a hundred or moro mounted Indians came
charging down on us iho valley was just
about us wide as i inn train was lone rind there
fore tine twenty of us on that side hid uchauca
nt the rods ns they came on in n mob shoot
log shouting and seemingly determined to
ride over us
Corporal I
It was the voice of tie Colonels wife just as
wo worn prop trlnK to lire
iem 1 reinoiubor I mullet ns I lowered
my carbine to look up ut her
Wo I poured tints Ilio of our cat bines into the
chnrcirc mass nnd chucked Its rush Tho In
dian then passed to our front ami rear BO ns
to assail mmii on all sidus There wore fully
tlireo hundred of thum and had tints train
halted but for n mlrmnuti tlm > would buvo had
us wliiod out A part of thorn hail been ordered
to lire only at thomulob altuchel lo l line wug
ons As they wen Kopt moving only thro or
four were struck and none disabled
t orporull I
There wan lighting on front uml roar ecu
both sides nnd huts bullots icon II big about
us In a spiteful way Im had passed through
the cover of tho wugi n beside nnu
It I wns tho Coloni s wifo culling I I lo 1 me I
looked up Into Item whito JUo and sine gasped
corporal lire jou going I 0i iu
Mot Salwi ii are holdlngnur own I I ropliid
as I turned to open lire again
Wnweio gradually getting out of tine trap
Further on tIne ground was opoii and to our
ndvnntuge 1ho Indian always does his best
ugh thin g it thii btuit n Hero I and there wo had ft
man wounded hut there wu no confusion DO
halting Whenever tinny gathered mug if to
chnrg wo opened lire on the Hpot and scat
bred thum inmm lire SiltS rapid und vellsus
tnined uml at theeml I of a quarter of an hour
wo miami thorn bentun Wo vero just drawing
choir of tho rldgu when a bullet struck tha
hurl wnguu teamster in tho shoulder and lie
tel ll i furniiiil ou liibbadill It t happened right
unilui the eyes of the Colonels wife mind aha
culleil to me
CorpunJ obey your orders b
Sho had bur hunds over her fitce ito that she
might t not see Inn e us I raised tin y gun The
next tot bucondH must IIUM been terribio
iteg purdin I imna lOll but I thn reds aro draw
imne nfl anti tlm I Viet jry I ours
Shi dropned her hands and stared nut mum for
a nilnute as if rho could not comprehend
Thmi sine full liuck in n dead taint and it was
u long hilf Ihiiir boforo hut blue u > cs opene I
ti tine Hunhlnii nenln A week Intor nt tho
now pot Iul Itlank called me In und asked
Com pyral wurunt you ordered to shoot Mrs
Yen sir
Thou why didnt you do It 9 hotternly de
I I was going to but
hut Wimmut sire t It was gross dlsobedlonc S
of orders and you mo no longer n corporal
Hut thai was tine old nartiiiels way ot pro
muting mo to n feornenntc
liutblne Si line Hnulhcru IlcucliM
flap th Ihirltttm Wui unJ f > tirirr
Something has linen paid heretofore In r
card to time lnonunlonce oauhod by xoa blnfc
ben to the Mill I bathers on tints irlund This
rinlnince in lud of nbnting it on tho In
crease nml if i f any onu wlshon to I bat I ho In tins
bouw utcr no v itlilinpiinlty It becomes neves
amy Uicompli toly Mvntlio hliiihulf I in I clothing
flout heui in foot for fear of being btung
1 lo eflncU if those Mings vary aconTlnc to
him coiibtilu Ion of tints iifferor I Hiiuliv in rPVi
poisons of woo mm i hoalih and iiftiMi Ilrculutlju m
an angry if t h oUh npneuni In llm i kKinpio
iiriiMountain hlz to t thu iinlmiil br which it n
Inllletitd rarely uxivodinu olislit or ten Inehes
In lianietui An intnleiuiln mimmnm hug ben u
tioii Is irii < liii > iil whi Ii runiuiiirt ordinarily
nlwiit half lilt hour nnd It IK < y I i Imiiglnn
Mm condition of ii item Snmmi or boiinitivo penon
when slung in I Ii rio or tour plius i ut onoe
Tho feeling uiilbt bu nearly iiklu to that of bo
ing on tire
In I MiinniiiMMi limo > hTth ti nro rioro scrolls
A joung iiiun ycslerdny htvud tlm u writer his
ii ran which i IVIH suit cmiii y itunt broul I bamt I
nt uliat lo jkei iolilgbh lullimed miMiulto
bites lorniitd nn almost irftmct ipiral ironnd
tint forcniui Ho I I come ml ii mm oil limit tlio palm
wnj nt Hint intense emIl that Ilhniigli uuder
u jim yui liiimi n treat itnumnt wasiapldly h buoom
lilt IfH Mill j I i It wise fat frmmn l pleiiMnt m
Ui old sei ihlaniior wh itoul n Bint bath tin
it her night I mid mint I h > lidi I > u < i son blulibnrs
before mid In I ronMilnrn i lo in mmmli I lie but
nover I I ko I lilt > At tilu season of tlm t y
sear Mild ho It it inthlni ununual to get
htung Horn tho exception soums to be t gut i
tuna lean tutu live lime In halt nn hour fl
OompUInt of > ea blubberoome Uo front f
X bto jnd otUor vratrjuf yjteu in tf SiJiSiL I

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