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I Summer Styles stIll Hold Against Trim
Anton Modes
r BimJITcity and the Working Up of
Details to a Climax
T the Maiterfnl Bltti the Oorra Mail
Jfeeklr ConformThB Hmall Felt Hat
With ItellUE Kim Will Hncceed the
Daehlnr Bailor DatKlcli Dark Deco
ltlei farHBat 8mr FabrlceItttU
GIrl Ar File ICotIee Gewn and Mor
tar oard Cap or Dreeee I Lee a I
I BaraaIatereatlas Talk About YFoBtea
t t Th styles that are nro tie styles that were
j s Th modes of tho moment are the modes of
the moment before last The lawntennis
rowin > lnthetwlllght plazznbymoonllght
t girl It itlll too much engaged In her favorite
I astlmeofmaklngltlmposslbl forth summer
L nan t escape her wiles to trouble her I
pretty head about tho mode of the
I future Bhe hal entangled hIm In the I
1 lone fluttering streamer of her summer I
I own ensnared hIm in the meshes of It
elm laces bewildered him with the lOt
oatloc twirl of Its draperies bewitched hIm
> C
r I
Jrlth Its transparent tissues and fascinating
LJolor harmonies Hell dimly conscious that
4 L late ts ajralnst him but too enchanted to oar
She Is therefore in no haste t exchange the
toft alluring roe of this dainty costume for
e more forbidding and faultless elegance of
ilormade autumn modes The leading fea
lure i of the mode of today are generally the
fundamental principles of the dominant ideas
of the mode for tomorrow For fashion must
IA fee a disciple of evolution and evolution t be
te I ever gradual never abrupt in Its
fchance and progress In this retrospect
there will be of necessity two leading ideas
Which first attract our attention and mar b
of value t remember as suggestive of in
fluencing the styles to be One I the artlstlo
Tain of studied simplicity In dress the other
tat distinction In dress is obtained
more readily br having all the de
tails of a toilet subservient to one
onsptcuous feature whloh mar be termed a
1 IkT and I like all climaxes of value un
D atsd and not too much distributed tor
t rJ
1 h
t >
1atanoln this little gown copied from a
Jpaslno toilet of muslin but which made up In
ifipon or soft wool will be a very house dress
orwlnUr The climax Is the odd arrange
bent of the stole or scarf which II of such
leolded contrast t the gown a to make it
mpresslve Fancy this gown made up for
bommon house ea In pale gray cashmere
Which is always pleasant t make satisfactory
In effect and comparatively cheap In price
Be careful in your selection t choose a gray
I J irhloh has a tnt of pink rather than one with a
tint of lavnder the color Is trying Make
tnt skirt perfectly Plain as no color In all the
nsnIpuLat1ons of the prism tints surrenders
tif so to perfect severity as this
Match me maienai exactly in crepe du
ne for the waist which is I shirred four
tim is about the slightly low neck and a dozen
times In corselet elhtr about the waist line
Th shin are of the cashmere made up in
what is called the Lavalllire style which con
isteot two puffs separated by bracelets of
hlrring to of ribbon The scarf is of exquisitely
soft sunset yellow overshadowed by a mist of
gray as faint and thin as cloud film Look
ing at It from one aIde It i Is almost as color
less as the gown from the other side It is I las
Igil of color and AVA al the hear of an opaL
11 wnt9dto try It probably It wnuld be
wfntd t
J welt to InQlre for changeable silk gray
and yellow and not accepting the Drt piece
thrown down by the salesman seek until you
tow ld peculiar opaline tint which Is ordained
1 I be the amnlJ of yellow
4 1
j 4
Another Men fnr n house dree which Is In
deed the only lown Unit It Ixmilte 1 safe f or son
elhletn eert just now nnd which mav be ceo
f I numlcnlly inaile of f the bargain ivinninit now
being aliiiOft given nwiiv tn maLt riiim fur
autumn fabrhs Is I embodied I In I 1 dainty 1 I sum
mer gown which graced 1 seaside belle las
wek This gown which wait of the coot t
sea green for July nUll ba made up In warm
j golden brown for January There Is a narrow
and fins gold border on the edge of the skirt
and the entire waist which Is of brown velvet
tl Is
I covered with waist kind ofgold lace or
Passementerie in open meshes But the tea
Car of the drtu wuloh makes It unlike the
j C
two orthree thousand brown gowns of high
and low estate flIt will ho worn this winter Is I
a flchu of Sal bluo motwsvllno desolo finished
with broad soft rtiinen of the same material
out from the selvedges Though It folds Into
ThoUlh I
narrow cOD about the neck It Ia l really a
large SQimro of the lino stuff nt which a suffi
cient amount for 1 bridal gown may ho i drawn
through the wedding ring The folds cross
about the low nck nnd are tied Inn knot nt
he left side Ilufllos of tilt ted material
finIsh tho sleeves
The gay little velvet jackets which have In
their various forms been so much worn dtir
leon wor
nc the summer promise tn Im I patronloj to
a oonsldorablo extent for tim purposo of
brightening winter dresses The woman who
counts amonc her winter frocks that oldfash
lonod token of gentility the black ailk gown
s prepared for the emergencIes nf I wenfcs
sty In town with no other provision than n
pretty Jacket of this kind with 1 variety of
plastrons or girdles The Illllo rout shown Is I
of black pi Vet entirely covered with hymn
tine work which Is as every one known a
metal embroidery very bold and rich In color
A lace plastron covers the front of thn bodice
and a folded belt of pale bluo or of green crepe
du hlon encircles tho waist Tho little coat
IA lined with n brocndo whose pattern em
iloylng all tints arid cnlnrs wmrrcis with none
which may be used for the girdle
Hpeaklng of tlm Byzantine work ono Is ro
minded of the Ily aiitlnn eolffuio which mo
rons are beginning to ailed It Iscompoifd
heclnnlt olect Clhpo
Ike all fashionable coiffure nt wavy hair the
wave In this cae encircling thu head In almost
regular lines The hair Is then softly twisted
In loosn coils and Pinned In place with odd
col wlh
pins of Byzantine patterns A short fringe of
loose curls Is a part of this coiffure As for tho
maidens every mothers pretty daughter is
BOW In training for the classic act and Is coir
lag her bang out to the proper length to be
parted In the middle and waved down either
side It II t this change In the style of bangs
that we are Indebted for the wearing ot the
irlehtcolored soarfs in Italian fashion bo
itath the soft crown of the yachting cap or
Tam oBhanter For the tumbled frowse of
curly or curled there is all the difference In
the world between the two 1 hair In different
encths Is practically unconquerable In an
other way than this to Ho down the wilful
tresses with a scarf of that ear color which Is
most becoming to the wearer leaving the edo I
or the bang to curl softly on the forehead and I
tying the scarf just where It will be most en I
alavlngtothe beholder Over thlt istho jaunty
tap which she has stolen from her brother
cap to which she has lent a nameless grace
unknown before andithe summer girl is do
Iclously piquant and has things her own war I
wild the most disgruntled of mankind
I v
TThsn mr lady fair now takes her walk
abroad ls in silk attire that she Is clad except
cept for momlD expeditions And In the silks
and brocades black Is the favorite selection
just at present black brightened by vivid
color in linings and decoration A rich and
stately calling or visiting gown of black Ilk
brocade made with a long plain skirt and full
coat has a yoke of black gulnure over pal
green satin and the front of the coat also
etn of the earn combination black and
ma rn The coat Isiolned t the yoke beneath
fet trlmmii and Its fulness is belted In I at
lh waist with a Jet girdle which Is passed
through opnlng In the side forms and ties In
long ends In front The sleeves are of the
green with It lace covering from the elbow
downand of the brooade aboveQreen Is used
t for the lining of the coat I uae
f ke XJcaUit and Most Trami anat f
Summer Fabric
A pretty model for the transparent grena
dine or black bare gowns figured with color
which are so much seen now is shown in a
dress of black brocaded with chrysanthe
mums in their own gorgeous tnt of rose and
crimson The lining is of course of rose
color the decoration a lace flounce at the bot
tom put on beneath a band of black velvet
ribbon which festoons the lace In clusters be
neath bows at regular Intervals The upper
sleeve Is velvet and a broad capolike collar of
rose silk turns down from a guimpo of lace
The sash is of rose silk too and tios far
around on one side This touch of black vel
vet on a bright costume 18 i decidedly French In
origin worth and the other eminent ParisIan
authorities all I agreeing In the use of the rich
and sombre material as a decoration for tin
lightest and most transparent of fabrics
The Small Felt Hat Co ran In I IB KvpUee
the Prelljr Mjillor Hat
The faithful little foil hat which will not for
sake Its wearer no mater how rudolr or
fiercely old Boreas blown Is fahovm now In
such I variety of forms and mar be adoptee
t so many different faces tint It promises to
be to the fall coStUme what the ubiquitous
y i
11 Hi
J f >
j r l i
pallor Is to tile munnier Ilres Tn the pointed
Alpine shapes with closely rolled brim am
erect Ihltes nulll for docorntiou It mar bo t
safely selected for women with round faces
while thefaoe with the pure oval contour orthe
classic Madonna outline may attempt the low
flat crowns severely trimmed with bows of
corded ribbon Another style evolved espe
daily for the woman with the broad low fore
lal for ell fet w < > ll npnrt IIM iiptnnrtlnc
loop of ribbon arranged with Hinnrt pioclslim
on the front Instead of nt tile side of thu hat
mitsr Bur mvtt SrrmTI
Then HIt Tour lrel tn Confbrm to
Them Hiir the Moitlntc I
As tho season wanes wo arc reminded of the
clmngch In modes br tho transition stngonf
sleeves Kach day see porno slight variation
In those now Importnntfontutosot the town
luy your sleeves thon match u gown to them
decide on Ihulr tyle then nrrangutho gown
to harmonize counsels tho wlso mudlMe Thu
general tendency of tho sleeve If indeed such
a changeable affair as It is now my be said to
havo I general tendency Is toward a certain
heaviness of effect at the shoulder partly due
to a massing of materials nt the top partly
from the predomlnanco of epaulet trimming
That style most widely popular Is a phase of
tho muttonleg style and IK cut In one piece
from tho wrist to the shoulder but In
stead of tho upper portion H land Ing up
full and broad It falls In diagonal
folds from the shoulder down Another
form of the same sleovo much employed for
sergoand chnvlot gowns is skilfully puckered
in waves and folds from shoulder to elbow
and gradually taperS to the wrist Another
arrangement sometimes employed in gowns
1 r t
I made of two materials has I plaited cap lined
with silk of 1 different color from the gown I
and finished with trimming In thinner 1 ma
terial the slenve Is 1 laid in folds and finished i
at the too with a plaited frill turned down
Irom tho shoulder This frill too Is frequent
ly lined with a contrasting color Sleeves
made of two ruffles with a puff between or
of three ruffles one above the other are also
seen In thin materials The ono thing to hn
remembered always In the selection and
structure of the sleeve is that Its chief purpose
in life Is to add richness and color to tim
gown and to make Its wearer look broad
aoross the shoulders
la Whit vita College gowa and Gold
aeselled Mortarboard Cap
An odd fancy was that of an English bride
who dressed her little bridesmaids in college
gowns corresponding with those worn by the
graduates the university where hor hus
band was a professor The little M A gowns
were of white liberty silk tho hoods lined
With gold and the whlto mortarboard caps
1z7 I It I
finished with a gold tassel The bridesmaids
wore as brooches tho bridegrooms gift tho
college crossed triangles In gold with the
motto Floreat Glenalmond and tho initials
of the bridal pair tied In n true losers knot
A guard of honor of tho School adet Corps
escorted the wedding party and nil the mus
ters student guonts and even the servants
wore as favors the college crossed triangles
worked In silver onthe college hluo Even the
brides travelling costume had I kilt or jacket
of the college tartan and a waistcoat of bluo
cloth with diamondshaped silver buttons
Ills JCa y to B Attractive If Memory Be
la Good Coadltlon
The brunette looked at the blonde carofullr
and wondered I Is much easier towonderon
a warm day at the seaside than It Is to talk
The brunette thought to herself I have sense I
enough t know that I am an extremely pretty
woman My nose Is absolutely Grecian my
chin has tho most delightful of dimples in I I
and my forehead Is as whlto as the proverbial
marble while my eyes aro full dark and ex
pressive My hair which wavos naturally I
can wear as few women do that Is to say I
can part it In the middle draw It back and
knot It low on tho nock so that
I look like an old picture I am woll formed
I am always well dressed The lilondo hasnt
a correct feature In her face her teeth are
pretty but Him shows them every time sho
smiles which Is I often slut dresses wall hut
she IB loving already over the fact that bo
causo jho is nearing 10 hI hair Is beginning
to darken Vet when wn two go nut together
there Is one mun who IU > H attention to mo
and ten to hor vomon smile and bow tome
but they rush to hur with delight und over
whelm her with Invitations deltht will you
kindly explain that
Khu summoned up sufficient coiuaco to say
to tile hlolllu What Is tile reason you ate bO
attractive to people
And tile blonde answered Hrst 1 because
I never forget anything nml HHcond bocnuso
I um HO exeiiodingly rank xuu heard MIK
thiatjFiy 00111 eel bILl tO II e my hluu own this I
morning Well 1 hiughuil at her pleasantly
and old her that It was u proloun J fcccrct but
It only cost Ill cents I Iroloun I not tell I hei
that 1 puid tri to I have It I Ill Ull 0 i11 I hut would
have ruined the effect of It In her ove and us
I K I 3110 doesnt begrudge inn thu t I fdwii and
Silo IK I toady to contradict anybody who ell
me extravagant Thon If I meut n man I
make a mental photograph of him and what
III doing or what hu Is Interested In at tho
tlmo of tho introduction no that If I moot him
ton yenta alter and somebody Htnrts to pres
ent him anew I can put out my hands lull
sayI Know Mr Gordon very well Indued
though probably hu IIIIH forgot t on me I rn
member meeting him soinu yearn ago and wo
had iiultf n talk nbont the buol of his fox
ten Icr Mr Gordon in 1 charmed nttny mum
on nit ii Is I Ill V slno Irom I that t time I I un Ho I
mat in on go HO fui t ILbI to I lilt mu izo mo lierauxn
lit think his Imago wim Impresheil on my
bcait 1 uhii no 01 hoi loan wah but that t burt
of u thing never lioitllc It onlr amues me I
trY to ritnemiOi tvhnt i mimn politics Ill o
vvhathci likes in 1 eat nnd what pail ct f tIll
country lioeomi K fiori 1 for I donl vvuntl ii t i talk
aliont In clnun of the Ninth iii t n mill lioni
nai down 1Miilh In Inie J mil 1 diml want In I
dilate on tile aln I of Hie I land vvheio Iho i i
inngnoliu hlouniK tint limn fn < ni the tar IVI st t j I I
You may think I thl I > rellbogrl I acing itillfllcult I I I
but It IHMI I I I simply getri to t liu a habll I
Juut then I party of men camu by and tha
brunette saw now It worked for somebody
started to Introduce the handsomest man of
the lot to the blonde when she Interrupted
and said Thank you I dont need any Intra
Uuctlou to Ur btuarti isjMM is MS Mi4llaavr
nnd from thin unto I was a alrlRt school not to
know thn liiiiiNomn SlunriH was equivalent to
not hal hg In i Ihu AWl ln
Later In thn < luv when the brunette was
1 looking nut her window sIb 0 saw the blonde on
the hnxs nt nf Mr Stuart fourinhand and
sun thought tnliprseir What a good thing It
Is to havo I good memory I Ihlnl
And tho waves came In one after another
ringing Annie Jaurlol something that sounded exactly HKO
That was a bright answer which a clever so
ciety girl returned to an Inquisitive admirer
who had tile temerity l qui > tlon hnr concern
ing hur ago Mi oho I said with nn nil of Mn
Muoplpty t In 11 t I Ill IIUll > of lie t Psalmist
Mine auu la I as nothing before tlife
Tile Chicago Womans Club which has dem
onstrated most conclusively tho value of tho
club ides for women by l Its recent ontarprtso
In securing funds for the Womans College of
f University tins I membership of fiOO
These niombers Includo repreHontatlvts of oil
professions and religious dcnomlnatlonc
Tlieie are Catholics ltv rnttarlanb Moth
oillstK s Ircshyteilnns Spiritualists
ami 1reo Thinker lawyer Physicians teach
ers preacher and Jnurna IMP meeting In
Imrmoiilnunand dignified council disproving
tile tradition that women cannot ussoclato
In Imlllnn u6socltto
Without bickering und 111 feeling
A gill In her first season says the philoso
pher is good to look at In liar second Is good
to dunce with In hur third Is good to talk to
Tho learned societies across tho ocean seem
to bo recognizing tho fact that there is lack of
reason and want of sense In confining tholr
fellowship to members of 1 slnglo sex for the
British Medical Association has formally con
sented to admit duly qualified women prac
titlonerx to membership b omen ore already
accepted un fellows of f tho lloyal Geographical
hoclety with the privilege ot speaking at the
great meetings of that body nOd nt writing the
coveted letters F It I N after tholr names
Tho Zoological Society too has long admitted
women as follows I accepts tholr papers and
grunts to thorn all the privileges of this anl
tremcly Fclentltln society Tho Geologists
Association has this year elector I woman
whosn hcientlllo attainments are Indisputable
as oIls tif Its VlcePresldent Apropos of the
admission of to tho Medical
women Associa
tion Sir Spencer Wells consulted an American
examiner on tile subject of professional
women and received the following very smart
reply Well sir In our country we smlr
groat many female doctors female journalists
Female preachers and females In all classes of
professions and trades but what wo want is
moro female women
Tho oldest acting actress Louise Schmidt of
Germany died recently in her Bftth year She
began playing childrens roles when very
young and she celebrated Ibor iiftleth sixtieth
seventieth and sovontyllfth anniversaries
According to a recently published account in
the Famiur the oclety leaders of California
are most original energetic and gifted women
To 3118 Li7lo Colt belongs the ocular dis
tinction of being tile only woman member of
a lire company Klio joined the fire volunteers
when a young girl and responded In volun
teer days to every alarm with tho same cue
rib and courage as tho other members of tho
association Mrs Colt counts hor fortune In
millions now hut she la still an honored guest
at ovorr gathering of her fellow exempts and
tho toast of tho occasion Miss Marie William
Is n cabinet milker of much skill and
employs lIar talent practically in mak
ing beautiful pieces of furniture from
thu native California woods for her
home Miss Carrie hcelnn has one uf the
Ilnnst collections of coleoptora extant which
Is I honor mentioned In tile Scientific Di
rectory The Misses Lowry Isabel and Agnes
urn graduates of the surgical Institutes nf
Ldlnhurgh Paris and b lemiawith wellearned
reputation for skill In surgery and moreunl
emlty medals than any two male practition
ers In San Francisco Miss leaner 1 do Hough
ton daughter of a baron second In precedence
In England Is an expert goldsmith and do
lights her friends with pieces jewelry In un
tlquo patterns which no ono would take
for the work of an amateur Miss tiwyney
speaks eight modem languages and can sus
tain her part in 1 conversation in Greek or
Latin besides reading in Hanskrlt
Mile Jcanno Chauvln tho young woman
who passed 60 successfully tho examinations ot
the Kcole do Droit In spite of the disturbance
which necessitated n postponement her first
examination Is In appearance the reverse of
thu once popular idea of tho strongminded
woman She is 1 womanly woman with a
masculine grasp of intellect and no slight In
stature dlflldont In manner nnd modest In
demeanor that her judges fell Into tho error of
troatnl her with a partiality she did not en
joy for she would have preferred having her
arguments questioned that she might have
had tho honor of supporting her doctrines
with the ready wit and clear judgment char
actoristlc of her treatment of questions of law
A statistical Item of interest to women is
that women today are two Inches taller on
an average than they were twentyfive yearn
alo Tile eausu Is found In the exchange of
the embroidery needle for tho tennis racquet
the oar and tile gymnastic apparatus of tho
school and college
I Is estimated that tho Incomes of women
doctors range from 200 to 20000 a year
Ten thousand dollars for a welleducated
gifted nnd healthy woman doctor is not un
common and JfiuoO a your Is loss rare One
doctor of repute earned Ml 000 the llrftt year
she practised 5000 the next and a corre
sponding Increase until hho died hut sho spent
eight hours a day In severo study for many
years after her graduation
The Mtdicnl Record Is responsible for the
theory that to keep the complexion and spirits
good to preserve grace strength and ability
of motion there Is no gymnasium so valuable
no exercise moro benellclil than sweeping
dusting making beds washing dishes and
polishing biass ami silver mill the country
housovvlvea who spend their lives in these
healthgiving pursuits as a ruin grow old
much faster liiee the bloom and freshness of
youthful beauty much younger than do their
city hlstorB who have maids for every branch
of work and seek oxorolso on horseback and
in the gymnasiums
Tho town of Lconbcre In Wurtemberg is
known as tho Town of Mothers for there
tile mothers of Bchlllor and Kepler lived On
tho walk of the old castle where tho magna
charter of Wuitomborg liberties was signed
by lllrlch tho Wellbeloved tablets have been
placed In honor of tho mothers of tho poet and
tho astronomer
According to statistical report 20000 hus
bands In Chicago supported bythelrwlves
and 10000 selfsupporting women are In Nnw
York city Speaking on this subject a popu
lar woman locturor has thrown down the
gauntlet to tho believers In tho emancipation
and advancement of women by saying thattho
modern Idea that it Is I suitable or even a
Rraisnworthy thing for I woman to earn hor
vine Is bail political economy bad morals
and bad hoclology
Paudet approves of women writers and ad
mits that a woman can so often say things
that we cannot express In just language
According to the statistical reports of woman
labor In tile various industrial pursuits In tho
Houth them nro ino Industries In New Or
leant tilono In which women ate employed
The only woman In Knglami who Is proprie
tor editor and nmtiirgoT of a newspaper Is
Mrs Cuinyiih of the JUblllrrI 101d the circu
lation of which paper I ls I O000 weekly
Tho beautiful casino nt Monte Carlo Is to bn
converted into a hospital as soon as the leases
expire in accordance with the wish of tho
Prfneess of Monaco viho Ims induced her hus
bund to close tile guinbIllig ostabUhmont
Mrs Camlaco Wheeler President of tho
Society nf Associated Artlnts has been ap
pointed Color Director of tile womans build
Ingutthoriir I l I Tho society of which shn Is
toiinilui nnd President 1 l will I under hr huller
lslOI l I nnd that t ol ilir daughter Dora Wheeler
delmain tile llbiary i1 f thu I womans building
Books by women ntithois only are to bo ex
hibited I in I lIe I loom I and at tha clone of tho
IvpoMtlon they urn to bo proscntud to the
New York ritute Library
I Is curious that when so many womon are
asking what they can in to earn money so
few think of becoming amateur gardeners
Violets pink olmsiuitlmmums and ninny
other llowern lIfe not llfllcult tn raise and
when runfully packed ami pent to I firmclass
ill ri ht bring I good prices u 1 Is sii Ill 1 that u
woman in the outh iraka u good Income fur
nishing I i eat nrangn blo I poms tn II famous
11111111 1 I live nr ti Ix 1 others dress thorn I
M > lvi on tho dollirH produced from thn vlolfU
Ihlt I 110 l with hi little are In tho wellpro
11 I < Vlolll Pit
A 1111 ill < i > > m tI 111111 I I iioarHrnwn tnlvorsltv I I t
Im been ncmd and will to I open to womon
Miuleiilft tree of charge IiiiUriicMnn j esiiin
InitloiiH and the dorbitirl inc of iltsrces Iro
Ill n tn WtUI but I common classmom In
struction cannot Ie t > ollered yct President
Anilruws is planning for greater opportuni
ties for women nnd wants hal I m lon dol
lars for a wellendowed and commodious wo
man college presided over br a capable ma
fciaav aad lot a scholarship and endowment
fund The college President Anarewa de
clares must bo part and parcel of the uni
versity giving women students the full unl
varsity Hiatus HOIK Is an opportunity for
tilt generosity of women toward the advance
ment of their sex to manifest Itself
Mrs Langtry who Is nothing I not original
appeared at Sir Augustus Harriss garden
party with I French poodle that In addi
tion to being shaved III tho orthodox
manner had the monogram K L cut out
In UK hair on Its back IMdontly Mrs Lang
try lIftS lost her fear 1 of peacocks feathers for
with her gown ot Willie und innuvo sho wore 1
preen straw hat with mnnvo flowers and a
buckle formed of thn fontheis of tim Milnost of
birds Jn years gone I It Is snld smnu onu
cave Langtrv as an ornament for hor drawing
room u stufTod tiearoek utter Its arrival 1 mis
fortune followed misfortune and just J befoui
the balllfis entered the hOUR olm had It
put 1 I fourwheeler and sent tn 1 mal
whom bile disliked That day he fell down
and had his leg broken Later on hu sent I tn
an enemy of his whose house caught Urn that
night nnd wliun last hoard ot by Its original
owner I had boon rescued from flames Willie
a wrathful man Mood by and swore hu would
sot It on lire later In the day II I lie burned him
solf doing It Tho failure of Macbeth was
ascribed by Mrs Langtry to tho fact that on
the Hundny bofora It was produced sho wore
at dinner the most beautiful dress Imagin
able Tho sides and buck were uf pale mouso I
colored velvet und the front was formed
peacocks fcnthorH with the head of I peacock
resting on each whlto shoulder
Black corduroy Is predicted as one of the
fashionable materials for tatlormado gowns
next season I Is I material that fits well and
ono that will undoubtedly bo popular for al
though It may be made up very simply It will
stand either fur or braid trimming with ar
tlstlo results
In these days of selfsupporting women what
to wear at tho office Is a matter of deep ito1
portance The smartest and most suitable
dress seen Is that of a woman who wears a
closcUttlng gown of black suiting with pock
ets at each side and as adjuncts to It deep
linen cuts and collar 1rom under tile collar I
comes a soft scarf of mauve silk tied In front
The Bmatl Girl la Inee Had Surnh
An extremely pretty dress for a little maid
is of pale gray cashniore with a yoke made of
laco insertion sowed together with bonding
through which pink ribbon Is I threaded The
strips are arranged to mot in points down
tilt front and the ribbon ties In lIttle bows
Two tiny ruffles aro put In nt the bottom with
tho beading and ribbon anti I sash of surah Is
tied ahnutthe waist Zephyr or chalUs dresses
are pretty made niter tho samo pattern with
ribbon to match tho colors In tho material wih
Expert Who Know All Precloui Ntonee
Vom tf > t riynrn
I was the Abbtf Hatty who subjected dia
monds t tho roughest treatment Ho used to
tako a hammer and smash them He did the
same with emeralds rublesand IIPphlre Just
as I they woro worth nothing ly this heroic
treatment the venerable Abbd discovered that
tho broken particles of all precious stones
havo csrtlcular forms which establish their
I genuineness beyond all doubt Before his
time it was almost Impossible to telladlamonj
from I brilliant or a piece of rock crystal
But now nobody breaks precious stones
Any dealer can take with nn Indifferent air
the diamond that In presontod to him for ex
amination and say without tho least hesitation
ton That weighs so much I Is a little fol
low It is worth so much And ho la never
deceived At tho present time everybody Is
somewhat of I dealer and the consequence is
that everybody can distinguish a rout dia
mond among 1 a thousand bogux stones
On the second floor of a ell mule Boule
vard Montmartre the market or bourse of
precious stones Is hold always in broad day
light Very few strangers to thn trade can
penetrate this not because tho
10notrnto thll Konctuary lecnlle ac
cess to it IB difficult for the doorls always
wide open but because thu portfolios close
nnd thu stars disappear the moment an un
known face appears at tile threshold Instead
of animated traders tho stranger only llnds a
few dulleyed Jows carelessly playing u
game of bezlaue Ah but theru is a
fame there zQuo tho Turk that looks so
much like Coudoro of the Opera Coralque ex
cept that ho II yellow and Tears very loose
trousers But these trousers are full of dia
monds Dont believe for a moment that Obese
good Jews tho merchants in precious stones
are afraid ot robbers That Is the smallest
tiling that bothers them What they drnad
Is I to let the profane and especially the small
jewellers know the real value of their noo < K
As soon as Ibo stranger departs the arms
stretch out nnd the portfolios reappear rile
creator number of tileso portfolios nro made
of tin and are closed with u lock and key In a
moment tho tables are covered with Ilttlo
bundles of whlto paper tot met like those In
which Ibo druggists Ilut rhubarb or Milphatu
of magnesia Theso packages are opened
and in less time than It takes tn Ollooe I 11
tile tables including thu billiard table
are covered with precious stones that
might startle the King of Im sin A ntrnngu
upoctaclo IK I presented try those sordid old men
quietly taking from their poeknts three or
four millions worth Each ono of perhaps ten
thousand packages contains to many bril
liants After they are disposed of the rare
stones are Introduced Here there are sapphlrea
as big as nuts Theru lies I black diamond
almost as large as tie twclvo pearls that sur
round It Hoie again is I necklace made of
fifteen emeralds that would milo as umny
ffonl HIUI boxes certainly not big enough Ulnr
Hyaclnthe of the Inlais lluyal but too big bo
yond a doubt for tile nosn of Mile I
here 191 rare bargain shouts one of the
merchants ono of tho llnest plccesof ancient
jewolry known 1 ills I a necklace that belonged
to Madame InPrincosudoUueineneo Mount
ing I diamonds and all I lire ancient Prince
Prolsotolloff refused 70000 traucb for it twenty
years ago
The necklace Is passed from hand to liana
Tho merchants gaze at it with attention The
eyeglasses come Into play Indecision and
doubt are painted upon some laces At last
tho necklace passed lo Michel He is the
great judge Hu takes the thing weighs it In
his haoI looks at it with an Indifferent air
and I says lila two brilliants nro ancient
They come with their mounting from the
Countess do Prejean Tin two others still
liner once formed part of f 1 necklace which
was stolen In Venire In 1U04 from Mme Moro
slni This necklace belonged Inter on to Lady
Temple whose husband purchased It nt
ancinar of Isaac Lievon Lady Temple gavo
It tn her daughter who old It three days alter
her ninrrlaga As fortho sapphire In tho con
trib that comes from the sale of Mile hchnnl
der Tho rest is now and cornodirect from
Hamburg Hut after ull itt woll presorved
and TfiOoO francs does not seem to be too
much for It
As oxtinordlnary as It may appear there are
now living tIre or six individuals who know all
the costly diamonds and all the rich juvvols al
tile world and they are able to recognirnthem
01 thirty whon they
after a lapse Ihlry yearn even whol
had first only seen them a moment as cer
tainly as n tailor would recognize nt thirty
pace the customer that forgot tn pay him
pal I robbery Ixcoiumltfod In the houxnof
a wellknown jewellor I thing which often
happens In Purls London Ionnn und St 1
Petersburg I there is among the objects
stolen a stone of more than ordinary value It
is l sure to be found again although It may
take many years to bring back to its owner
The Hygiene of tin Tcelb
From IA ltntitn fated
Tho valuo of preventive measures against
the attacks of disease cannot bo too strongly
insisted l upon and one class of ease whore
thesn measures are to I great extent within
the control of tho Individual IK In regard to tile
teeth All caries of thn teeth begin from tile
mil side no such thing Internal curies hav
ing ever been demonstrated hence I the sur
faces could he kept absolutely clean no decay
could take place hoer poor the 1 turl of
the tenth Thin Is of course Ininosblble but
much toward such a desirable end can bo at
tained by attrition to hygienic rules
Im nts often ask their dentists and medical
attendants with refc > renco to their bublos
When ought Uoth to bo cleaned I The nn
sway uEiuiuilly 181 An boon an hero crib
tenth A very small toothbrush charged
with some precipitated chalk Havered with an
nromatlodrug tn ni lIke it pleasant is puilmpx
the best meutix not a towel which only re
moves hosecretion finm thulnhlal und lingual
surfaces and tint from between tile teeth
where decay Is most rife Yet how few chil
drone teeth t arc so treated and how
rarely the habit of doing It for them
selves when they are old enough Is incul
cated llut If It bn acquired thn very dcslrablo
result Is likely to follow of un Immunity Irom
dental trouble at all events tn any largo ox
tent Later on something moro can hu done
by passing a piece of vvntcd dental Ins Rlk
which ran be obtained ot mopt chemists be
tween the teeth ovory day and the valuo of
this can be easily demonstrated after thor I
oughly using the toothbrush bv pnstlng tile
silk l I l between thu troth I when I certain amount
of accumulated matter will be brought away
11101 wi
Do I tooth I picks to Inn tIll or good Vls I aunt her
question olteti itLed They may do t harm If
abused undoubtedly by causing Irritation uf
tlm t gum between two I tenth I and UK I SII tRoll II on
nhxorptloii itndil nmiool wood Mhnturnirn
liable to be left behiiil whlih have In many
lecnrded I InsttneiH ei ned even the loss ofa
tooth but iHml luIIillslt tliHyaroof
111 111 luIIIo 1arlf gloat
valuo in I routing the attacking fin cos in cat lies
l11IC ill accumulations of lood I and mucus
secretions It hal been urged against them
that they might dislodge a stopping But If a
stopping Is so insecure it mutt bo faulty and
the sooner It Is replaced the better for decay
due to the impossibility ot Keeping the iurface
clean must b going on underneath i
Mils OA4DaiOVtt
Interestlec CharacUrlctlcn of the lf or
the Brlttih TreaiUr
The venerable consort of William Ewnrt
Gladstone will In a few days assume her
place for the fourth time ns wife of the British
Premier and In I certain way the most Impor
tant woman in England Irs Gladstone Is
tho daughter of a Welsh baronet Sir Btophon
Glynnoot Hnwnrdon on the death ol her
brother the Ito became extinct and all the
estates wore left to Mrs Gladstone for her life
with remainder to her eldest son I Is In this
way that Mr Gladstone enjoys his right to lie
castle now famous throughout tho world as
hlsrcsldonoe ThuGlynnofamily Is ancient and
highly connected a sister of Mrs Gladstone
was innrrlod to Lord Lrttloton and she Is also
related to Lord Chosham nnd Lord 1enryn
the Duke of Devonshire tho Duke ot Buck
Inghnm and other aristocratic families She
I of a peculiar typo one known perhaps only I
In England and certainly entirely unfamiliar
tn Americans I lady according to the Knullih
meaning of the word that IB a woman of high
birth and position who shows In
poelton bearing and
behavior consciousness not In tho least
a cousclousn08 lellt of
fensive of her station who has been usod all
her life to the highest companies shti Is yet
not only simple but absolutely plain and
sometimes brusque In manner very neglect
ful or forgetful of conventionalities nml has
Indeed many of the peculiarities that
nn American woman of recent fashion
would consider Indicative of Inferior rank
Stories were current In England when she was
last the wlfoof it Premier about her unfitness
for that position and she certainly Is by no
means a great woman of the world Hho Is
lacking In tact In the faculty of rcmorubcrlne
faces and engagements In the power of adapt
ing herself to every company ot winning ene
mies or oven Indifferent people In net idle
has never boon popular In London society
Silo droRaoa badly with InnoncrrnouA colors
and abundance of laces and ribbons and fur
belows but not always In tho latest fntfhlnn nt
oven a mnseiillno eyo can discern yot no ono
familiar with the great world In any country
could ever mistake her for I parvenu
Early In tho seventies when ilndlono M
at tho head ot till loverninont and her hanks
were of course Important political gatherings
to which tho fIrst perionogot in her hushnnds
following were lrnltoiaa matter of coin lii
Mrs Ulndotono oftin gave irent offence Ir l
leaving out of Tint London
1001Iu ponsequonco 11 Ion
don wits used to say that she put her invita
tions under tho soft when she had written
them instead of scnillni thorn to tho srrvunii
to deliver When Ion Hchonck arrixcd In
London as American Minister ho was anxious
to meet tIle Dlko ff Argyle then a member
of Ohul tonos Cabinet p < > tho OludUones
Invited tho Hchcncks ami the AiLjIcs to
dinner hut tile only night on which tile
1rlmeMinister was froo wns a Kalurday other
nights ho must be In tho Iloimo of Commons
and finn Bchenck had cards out for evening
receptions for several Saturdays abend I Still
as it was so desirable t < bring about tile meet
ing the General agreed to co to tho dinner
and leave his family to receive at homo until
he could return lie wont to Mr ilmMmuio
on Saturday but Sits Gladstone liail oruot
ten to Invite tile Argjles I
In IS7I tile Rpelker of tile House of Com
mons WItS Jlr liruni now Lord Ilamiiden
Tile Stienher is I tho llrst commoner in Knc
land his fIlmily worD on Intimato terms so
cially and jiolitlcilly with tue 01 idttonos
but MIC lndtono conttiintly noleiti I
to invite them to hur rueoption tf I 1
course they Mined away nnd wIll thi > VIH
noticed nnd they loll tile reason it wus IX I
pta I bled to t Iht1 that tho oniishhm coulil I not
bolntentloniil they woio bogged to vnmeto
every assembly whether they r < Meit > il < atcls
or no At tho very next purl the HIMHI thing
Jlrl 1111
occurred tilt llr > nds got no rnrdn but us
their nbbuiiro might feem Sigu I leu Ill they I
went In accoidnnrn with tho t Vnrliil i Misses
tion one the llrst thing they saw at Ihii I un
to rod tho diiwlnu room and mule tln > ir I onm
rllments to tile hostess nan < pnpor tuck Inl >
tliii I mirror oppoKltn the I nll1 I ith the I I e
words written huge Jlcm To invite IhnFI
llrands Mrs jI rnt hail got IS far lS that
but failed to peml thu invitation I
lino might perhaps Immliio tlint thin III
dresneil ftiigoUiil fiiflsy utmost nukiinl i
IhiglUh wornui dlil not contribute t to her hiib
Imndfi fiiiocos but nil I tho orld l k IOWA tn 1 tli <
coat nary These I itt I t leo UI larht lee wirotalleil I I
of and luiighod nt but they ditruited
1IIIhlII Ilt 1 1IItpcl not ono
iota finm the t tospect wlidli i Mrs G iladsloties I
sterling qualities have alw y > extorted nun
nil i who know bur Ilirdniotion I i to IIIT I i oln
brated hunband has always heili niarLoil Ho
was not H cruit man at tin i l time t I of tnelrmiit t 1 I
rlaco the honor a mimifaiturer aft 11011 gil 1
young man < if r eMrnoidlimry promicn ho WIIH
hardly tilt ocialo < iunl I of lie iillron etc daugh I
ter the cousin of dukes ti ind thu I woman < if nn
rlent origin leI i I itirtuni < iinl her fuiiiilv I I In I
deeil hno bren of decided service tn the I
MatcHiuan who has no fnculty ot mak
lug or saving Done Thu lalu Duan
Stanley told the writor that ho Mini
Mr Oladtono wore sclioolrnotiS nnd that
the future Illtno Minister always Hood low
In his ehiss In niKthunmtlis for that flIntier
Mrn 1 iladitorio wan as lind ns her siOiiao
They were forced at 111 time to glMi up their
town hous In Carlton linrdens and take u far
less cpotilo one In llarley street mid nt
nnothorto sell I Mr 0 ilndMones collection or
iorultin of which ill was very proud for ho
ill I n lrtuoso Huwardon Cant I u wits ills homo
ong before It became thu iironorty of Mis
11I I dst 0110 Ii nIl all her rOnl ueI loll wore at
tached to their groat Mnsman oen whnn
their polltliS WHo IhlifennIlt Many hnwmer
lollowod his political ortuneH lie hud tho
son of 1 ilnko for his necr tnty Ulhui had
miiriled l Mri lladstonnR teen a nil her i
brotiierlnlav Lord Lkttleton II linlliuit
ullboiar as toI i a s stILt CblbIIfl wis lliu Inlimito i I I
friend of tho onrtinifs rroinler
jt hn uloFii llttendu lice of Iho I C no7 white I i I I
haired lady upon her octogenarian liHshun I I III l
han bccoini nlmostnn lilniru Imtof blur
years One need not reeomit how iho Ills fIll f
lowed h him I In I all his I political I lours how Mi1
has been prosciitiit Ills speeehcn In I I ill ni liu
inunt and at tile Jiustlius I but inullloil hH I
till oat in Iho i train or tho I opon eairl go nnd
tweoloiiud bin drinks In publle IIH well IIH in
private 1 ho tender care hho has hostowed oil
tile partner ol her olil ago has aroused the In
ter it lIlt tile affectionate admiration ot two
continents Jut this IK not of recent begin
ning It Is more necessary of late hut it wan
ascuiistant If not us conspicuous > nm 1111
At a dinner at Lord HalifaxH In 1H7I I nt
wtliell Eat I HuGsollHiui the CHadHtoneH wein
iirenunt and to which I had boon hurt II hllltri
Invited In onion to receive u lnesllgo fiom Mr l
Uladhtone lor President irant In tegaiil l
the treaty of Yantllnl ton then negotiating 1
had the I honor ot taking I MIH h I iladttono In t
table Vo bat oppoaltn till irini his foi r tlnio I I I
wero dukes l and earls In I the coiniauy 1 and I lii
cording to otliiuntto the Irimu Miniter whnn
a rommoiiur fn placed nwer than a peer II Ill
all i through t till dinner Mrs 0 hId st oils could I
talk uf nothing hut tier hutlnml Mio
watched his talk und lIla lookH ibis
Pluto and his china sho polo of him
constantly as he for there was no
other he for her silo told me of hU
labors and hU sUccesses his peculiarities hs
studies and his trials and I conceived not
only a higher admliation fur till HtateKiiian
who could evoke such warmth of devotion In
an elderly woman hut n blccero and 1 touching
respect for the t hull I who piosnntnlln h I hor e
allot lifii tint homely simplicity of u ulle ami
In I ivdanclng > eais I the I I I beautiful I froHhnis of
her louthfnl leellng MID talked IVIIII sueli
freed 1111 t ililt I felt It wan not I bIll iii ti8t 0 in I n
foreigner t to inIHBH nn surprise that I lie head I I
of her Mnity I Oo I rnini > nt houlil not ln
placed neater till hvul of thu tablo hut him
remarked with what Heined to rue 11 touch I of
aeeiblty Oil I In Inghitid the 1rlina Mlnlii
ter I ilt5 no proitilen o
I ntnienil I I er nnotlicrrwiMsInn I when her naut
pluert Meiniid ti mu HXtriiordtntiry It was at
a hiciikfait given t II tlm I Shall 41 < f Iersla I at
ireenwleli rnrkhome inenor nlghl mile he
low London Several I thnusnii of tho I grand
oet piiople In Knglaml hadilrhen down and
weruuwaltlng thpni rival of the royal giiest
who came at last in the company of tIle li inca
und Princess of Wales and followed by tile
Court and the members of the Government
Mr Gladstone then Premier and Sir Henry
Bawauon who bad been envoy to the jaau
and was now especially nppolntvl trv allcrd
him were of eoiirne In till brilliant group
Tho Hhnh worn his for nnd was hhirlng with
illamondH tho I i Irluoe of aes II nit the inim
of hlBRiilto were in uniform or court dress
und us they t I I uiUatieed Iho I great crowd ii lutlea
nnd formed a lano lindei tho 1 hoes It wan
nearl n quarter lIt a niilolnthn I plnco whoro a
collation hnd been nrintiKPil bInd thero as It
usual whim rojaltyls i pu sent an inmrliuont
was resered hir the SI Ill II and i the t 1rlnee 1 nnd
tIll fluIlt Imtortiuit nlgnltarn among them
the Prime Mlnltler and Hlrljenrv IliiwJlnsoru
Itut In tho t ennui I uuUldu looking at their
ii lull 1111111 II as they t I uin suI ntmnl I MIT Had 1
stntiK nnd Lndy llawllnson untiuly without
attendiinee They wem tint tnvlled to the
Kpeclal eollatluii fur I lie dignity uf Ihnlr I IIUH i I
luinds wns imrelvofliclal uml oilluinl lank I la
Ingland does not extend I 10 t wive
1 stood In I Ibn I lino I near hose I Imllen 1 anti
watched them I after lIeu tmnl ptuuusHliin
passed nnd the urnwM brolfi up fOIl followod
Not u lord In waiting or nut ol waitlni lookeil
after them us they ttimtilel nlou In till
itristoiu Itt 10 mob Mi I s llmlttoiii I I was m >
longei young nnd after whlo I went up to
her and I Mild n ijeciitniy of Legation hail
hardly rank enough In 11101 tIle Iritnlers
wife but as them MVIIIM < I no ono morn Imioc
tnnt nl out I otli red her nn IIIIR Mm took it
gratofilllv and I led her up ID I lie neeJIldintu
table while her huvlmml WIH plaeml lirsld
lirinees > hn loudly inniirlod In nearly tile
fame IVOI its a ofuro l The PrvnnvrH tvile
bus no prucedoncu 5011 know Until snemeil
to me tnit SIlO lII1tIt t hin had attention It
not procedenco on an oecaslon of Mils kind
Still U wus invniilliig to Jngll I h nilstom
MIR Iran wnstieated pieeisel 1 in tilL sonic
fnnhlon VilUIi irlt irallt dined nt AMnilmir
ho i went In lihlo I with I I I I ono of thu I I i Uueuns
diughterf nnd I next alter i her I Mnrsty hut
Mm Grant flu lOWOl I far I behind I I with I I only u I lilt
earl At n court ball I I lien i i rant was iuivitetl
to join Iho mini iUnlrllo fiiim which Mis
Irant was excluded and nt utlniui at Murl
boiough llonsc the lrbnuss l > of Walos t ad
dieised not one word tn iib Irnnt until lifter
Hho had lull the lecpptlon tiomi 1 nid was I
cloaked In tin vestibule lliough the Iiino
had eonverced freriiiently with ihn ienoial
Tills I IN tho I rngllfili Idea of onttcsy t to tint
vlch ot illuetilout uuii who haiiien nulto bit
liiiblu or royal
Mrs I 1 I btbit Ones nut ni I rIiltl iiunllties 1 as a
woman mnv be gtu iissoi from the I uIbbl met ur ot
her ehlldren I hey aro nil oncolkmt people
iltir uilitiis S linn ininM eluriynien or
head tnaxlMrn in theijrent iehnol1 It iiosltlon
of Imiioitanuo Ingland often Inaillnsto I hit
ePliCtilbllll Il 1 11 TI r i iii e I s It C I lb rgvma a
111111 IllIntIlerIt lilinit Cl it luniilbbblebiL All are
veIl IIutlnlIt 111111 iiiuhiiv 11 blgroo 3
lIbht llIuliICtut IbblhlIhlIr 111111 lhlIlit itttning
7001 btlIl ttuIlltill tIIl tilS mi I I eitllii iattls
ginuiuiiiuiiu iii 11111 iliIt rliln bibO of tilt
Ivoldtilbit I ieiuilo iii II lli lIlli lilliunc
lit Ii 11 iiiliirui u Ituir illlltriull5
fathr viiiIti tb bttili11l1b tiluttbiilI
llli ielbuitrflutiblauixhiihlq 1111 illu lidilIbtifUl
tniitu 11111 tviiilii SilIb dli 011111 IOblCiItl
jul lIlt illbiltlillliil CIIIr llllii ill 5 OhlikIl
l n I luubb on ci II IVOl I Ily bnafl 1 I il I vii test
01 liVilbIl illgliciiilleli 1ib1 Li tilt
Pure 4
A cream nf tartar baling powder Highest A
of all i In I leavening I stieiigth i Jalwt I nllfi
t4at iw ft mnt nt Yooi Ittiwt
cOLA t lIA IC I Nil raM IITI Ill 1110 I Wnll It N V
HIIJCV siii HII 11 jtiuti < urnnT
A lllli htnr > that Mi i C lllr Tiilil to
lieu i i < r ircr
Tupt before llio train started the other day
when I wont to Iirlilgcpotl sIll Sirs Cnlllper
to lIen > iarold 1 ponCioorgoas I she I liegin I gut
ting him ready for bed u lady and two chil
dren inmo Into the car tit it 1 was In and
walked alont thrniigh it looting for Mats
She was a Imndsnmo hulv with gray hair and
site was Vjcry nicely dressed Tie children
wero both very pretty nnd they woo sitcoly
dressed too Ono was a hoy about U years old
nnd Iho I other was n girl about 4 Of f course
they wanted to sit tout her if tlioy could l > ut
almost nil tho eiti were taken and they
eoiildnl find places until tuy hid got
tear tn tho front end Ihoio 111111 found
till last Heat till one in ln I ojior eiipty ami
there WIIH ono pint net to tile uste In bile t
hut t i > r < 4 > sq itnnthniti 1 HMonl tlitMii i ille
ehildien elimhed up Into ill > nd SlOt ami
look I nut of ihe windows tho I boy I was at the
end window nd lhnnl I va at hi hide Tim 1
lady touk the vacant 11 l ifo in toe cross oat
1ietty hooi it < iti iii t tin wiv tiinx
thoitoph I rlht ii ioios < the I rrli i loll i h re >
the lOut > siti got out Ih iadv I fielicd tlm
litile Kill and li move1 lOll o lIlt tllor
eould sil together 1 litllc shl I it i y Ilia
vvlndov and tho t hidy lIlt bv the ntilnvvl I TO
she eiiiil I soe i ho boy and 1 n neat hiiM
lust l liter tIll tinln I had tliutei I iiin till
lillli bIll tinned t Hind tn siiy iblhltll M 11th > his
slMeinnd flw Mini there I Th n liel oiid
lo whero thu jndy had been Hitting V 4 I cu h
Imd gone loo J hell he o an to riliirmed
unit his facii git I very Miboi all I he iLt
Wheres grandma t
wholl been vv itchin him all the time and
she leiiuci fuivvaril nlnl said
Hero I I I i m i Ifaiiynnd h helid Olihh
smil Kpiead over his Faeo nnd ho si d I
Volt wouldnt loivo me wmild I ni ranJ
tnannii all hiiid
Novel Iliiiry never
nil HIO said It u cirislvtlint ill the
people Mltimr nioiuid lIiir ie riMlcd they
couldit Ielp II IhcvMveio I ah su ntecli in I I I
iitid Then when Iin I v liil I v i thine
was nil rllil ho tuned arouml a id loo e I > t
of tile vlnilotv again uld nil I lie ict I llio
people just htieiiiiil Ih I U i IIAII I iillalr ill
tliuh 1lIlliili n lIlt lll I tin ii il i u rr
wax u nice littlo l1i1 dii I tili
Vu I do hiilit ii ii i ge I think his
grindmi vvas a Jill iam too 1 uit ill
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Till whole marrying business U wrong
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too often foolish mothers who care for noth
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hicheit bidder I 1
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