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I fl f irt tt1 J I IiM j t jr i1 r J 11i r A J s iC i1J > t > e79 l h fpfii M 1 > j
11it j tiTHE <
Rudyard Kipling
otIs fiI AA
f Cee e ot jronr f Artrfl and yonMf I iftjr
J Thi do Uayti icotcb not All ttia rUt
In t of fit mint no lonttr I tl > r
But trlln l tb wen and tliet
I The right nu see
J j lad pant alt golill not aiibemlt HiimTOI
I Borne men when thai grow rich store pic
I ture In a gallery 1IIng their friends envy
I them dead the genuineness of the collection
if I disputed under a disporting hammer
A bettor way Is I to spread you pictures over
vrc all earth visiting them o fate allows Then
ic none can steal or deface nor any rovorso of
lonune force n sale sunshine and tempest
d J r1 war and ventilate the gallery for nothing
l I j J and In spite of all that has been said of her
1 i J rudeness Nature Is not atojntmr a bad
t tram maker Tho knowledge that you may
v never live to seo an especial trrasuro twicn
i 1 Umohes the eel to see quickly xvhllo the light
jt J i It its and tho possession nt such n Ktllory
w breeds e very One contempt for I ainlud shows
r and the smeared things railed pictures
i t To the North Puclflc to the tight hand as
rli I you go west ward hangs small study ot no
I If particular value aM computed with smo
i > other The mist Is down on an oily stretch
1 of washedout sea through tho mist thn bats
t wings of a arallnc solioonernro just Indicated
In the foreground nil but leaping out of tho
k frame an onon rowboat painted the crudest
f blue and white ride up over the houhi1or of
n 1 a well A man In a bloodred jersey j and long
t boot all shining with moisture stands at tho
j bows holding up tho carcass of a sllverbolllod
i ass otter from whoso pelt the wet drips In
moonstones Now the artist who could paint
oJ t tb silver wash of the mist tho wriggling
treacly reflection of the boat and tho raw
1 i rd wrists of the man would bo something of
f T But my gallery Is I In no danger of being
copied at present Three years since I met an
V artist in tho stony bed of a brook between a
o k line of 800 graven llcheticd godllngi and a
v flaming bank of azalea swearing horribly le
ad been trying to paint one of my pictures
nothing than big waterworn rock
aotlne moro a bll wlterworn rck
tk j tufted with flowers nnd a snowcapped hill
lor background Most naturally ho failed be
k cause thoro happened to be ansolutely
14 hOIPeled bl no per
t spective in the thing and ho was pulling the
lines about in order to mako some for home
consumption No mnn can put tho con
t tents of a gallon ja Into a pint mug The
protests of all uncomfortablycrowded mugs
i 1 Inoe the world began have settled that long
f ago and have given us tim working theories
devised by imperfect instruments for Imper
e J fect Instrument called llulos of Art
F Luckily those who painted my gallery wero
born before man Therefore the plcturos
iy t Instead of being boxed up by lumbering burs
I of gold are disposed generously between lati
j tude equinoxes monsoons and the like and
j making allowance for owners partiality
y 3 they are rely not so bad
f t DownIn the South whore the ships novel
i r uobetween the heel of New Zealand and the
South Pole thero Is a sea plooo showing a
2 steamer trying to come round in the trough of
t a big beam sea The wet light of the days end
comes moro from tho wator than the sky and
Jf the waves are colorless through the hnz8 of tho
rain all but two or three blind sea horses I
winging out of the mist on to the ships drip
s e ping weather tide A lamp is lighted
p t in the wheelhouse so one patch of
11 yellow light falls on tho greenpainted pistons
1 t j of the steering gear as they snatch up the
f i 3 rudder chains A big flea has just got home
t Her stern files up In tho lather of the freed
l screw and her deck from tho poop to the
j break of the focslo coos under In gray greon
k t water level as a mill rnce except where It
1 f pouts up above the donkey engine and tim
t toed derrick booms Forward thoro is noth
ji ing but this glare aft the interrupted wake
1 drives far to leeward ns a cut kite string I
H dropped across the seaR The solo thing
f r that ha any rest in the turmoil Is i the
t t jewelled unwinking oyO of an albatross who
J beating across wind leisurely and uncon
cerned almost within hands touch It Is the
monstrous egotism of that eye that makes the
t f picture Dr all the rules of art there should
be a lighthouse or a harbor pier In the back
ground to show that will end
< everything wi hap
g I pily But there Is not ant the red eve does
not car whether the thing beneath the still
i wings stays or staves
t The sister panel hangs In the Indian Ocean
t aDd tells a story but Is none the worse for that
Here you have hot tropical sunlight and a
k i foreshore clothed in stately palms running
out into a still and steamy sea burnished steel
1 blue Along that foreshore questing KS 1
I wounded boast quests for a lair hurries a
loaded steamer never built for speed Couso
r uuintly she tears and threshes tho water to
V i pieces and piles it under her nose and cunnot
put It under her cleanly Coircolored cargo
1 bales are stacked round both masts and her
I t decks are crammed and doublecrammed with
darkskinned passengers from the focslo
I where they Interfere with the crew to the
r tern where they hamper the wheel
j Tbe funnel Is painted blue on yellow giving
t era holiday air a little out of keeping J with
the yellow and black cholera flag at her main
8he dare not stop she must communicate
with anyone There aro leprous streaks of
J I lime wash trickling down her plates for a sign
i t of this So she threshes on down the glorious
i coast she and her swarm jag passengers with
a i the sickness that dostroyttn in the noonday
eating out her heart
Yet another the pick of all the east rooms
before wo have done with blue water Most of
the nations of the earth are at Issuoundora
t stretch of white awning above n crowded deck
r 1 The cause of tho dispute a deep copper bowl
f full of rice and fried onions is upsot in the
I i foreground Malays Lascars Hindus Chi
f i sue Javanese Uurmnns tho whole gamut ot
race tints from saffron to tar black aro twist
Ing and writhing round I while their vermil
t lion cobalt amber and emerald turbans and
1 t head cloths are lying underfoot Pressed
t f against tho yellow ochre of the Iron bul
I I warks to loft and right are frightened women
nd children In turquoise and Isabella colored
clothes They uro half protected by mounds of
I upset bedding straw mats red lacquer boxes
J aDd plaited bamboo trunks mixed up with
tin plates brass und copper lingur silver
I l opium pipes Chinese playing cards and
properties enough to drive half n domi ur
ri tIlts wild In the centre of the crowd of
furious halfnaked men the fat bare buck of
l a Biirmnn tatooml from collar bono to waist
i cloth with writhing jiitterns of rod anti
bluudcxlls hull tho oyo llrst I Is n wicked
I back lleyonditlMthofllckurufii I Malay kid
A blue red tutu yellow macaw chained to a
stanchion spread hUxvlngsiigalnst the tun In
an ecstasy of torror Half a dutm tod gold pinna
and bananas have been knocked dew from
their ripening places und uro lying between
the fut ot tho lighters One plnu has rollisd
against the long brown fur of a muzzled bear
HI owner a bushyboarded Hindu kneels
over the animal his body cloth thrown clear
of a hard brown url hiM lingers ready to
loose the muzzle strap Tho ships rook In
bloodstained white wutrhes front the
w butchers shop and 1 bind XunMbir stoker
v grins through I tlio birs of the enulnn room
hatch one ray of sun shining Hiuisht into his
pink snout Tho officer vf the I wt lrh1 led
whllkord tacit Is kneeling down on tho
bridge to peer through tho jtlllnus uud Is
shifting I long lean black revolver from his
left hand to his right The faithful sunlight
that pull overrthlni Into place gives his
whlsker4 and the hair on the back uf hIs
tanned flrt just the color of thu coppor pot
the tar t > fur and the trampled t plno for
the rtstthere I l blue sea beyond the uwnlncs
Thro Jelm bad work besides the sped iii
kaowl4 of a lifetime would be needed to
epy evn coprthis picture Mr Ho and
oLA eoud undoubtedly dra > th bfrd
4t 4
Mr Such anotherlequslly n AI the bear and
scores of gentlemen tho still life but who
would be the man to pull the whole thing to
gether anti mako It the tlotous tossing cata
ract 1 of color ami life that I Is 1 And when It
was donu some middleaged person from the
provinces who had never seen a pineapple out
ofatUte or a krl out of the South Kensing
ton would say that It dM not remind him
to remind
of something that It ought
him ofand therefore that It wi bad I the
gallery could bo benteathod to the nation
something might perhaps be gained but tho
nation would complain of the draughts and
tlm absence of chilis lint no matter In an
other and a better world wo shall see certain
gentlemen lot to tkklo the backs of tlrcos
swine through all eternity Also they will
hav to tickle with their bnro hands
Tho Jnpaneso rooms visited and set In or
der lor thin second time hold more pictures
titan could bo described a month but most
of thor ate small and excepting always tho
light within human compass One however
might be dlfllcult It was an unexpected gift
Picked up In a Toklu by street otter dark
Half the town wn out for a walk and all the
peoples clothes were Indlso and so were the
shadows and most of thu paper lanterns wore
drops of blood red By the light of smok
ing oil lamps people wern oiling flow
uift and shruh wicked little dwarf pines
Htnntoil peach and plum trees wisteria bush
es clipped mid 1 twisted out of all likeness to
wholesomi plants leaning nnd leering out of
greenglum puts In the flickering of the
> ellov llamen those forced cripples and the
yell iw face above them reeled to and fro fsn
ta tlailly nil tlm As the light steadied
tMIhuly 11 IIIthor
they would return to the pretence of being
olil IretNlce
green thing till a puff of tho warm night
wind among tl flares set the whole line off
again In a crazy dance of dwetgs their shadows
ullin lWOIS
behind them
ows caporlngon the house front
At a corner of a I street souls rich men had got
together antI left unguarded all tho gold
diamonds und Inlusrde < East but when
jou omne norr you saw that this treasure was
italy n gathering of gohltish In glass globes
yellow white and red fish with from throe to
live forked tails apiece and eves that bulged
far beyond their heads There were wooden
pans full of tiny ruby fish and little children
with nets dabbled and shrinked In chase of
Inhtle t118
some special beauty nail the frightened fish
kicked up showers of little pearls with their
tails The children carried lanterns In
the shape of small red paper fishes bobbing at I
the end of shivers of bamboo and thosodrllted
through the crowd like a strayed constella
tion of baby stars When the children stood
at the edg of n canal and called down to un
seen friends In boat tho pink lights were all
reflected orderly below The Tight of the
thousand small lights in the street went
Imnl laht
straight up Into the darkne among the In
terlrtiInp telegrnph wires and just at the edge
of the shining haze on a sort of pigeon trap
11 feet above ground sat Jaoauesn fireman
wrapped up In his cloak keeping watch against
fires He looked unpleasantly like a Bulgarian
atrocity or a Burmese deviation from the
laws of humanity being very still and all
huddled up on his roost That was a superb
Itself to admiration
picture and I arranged Illel admiraton
Now disregarding these things and others
wonders and miracles all men are content to
sit in studios and by light that Is not light to
fake subjects from pots and pans and rags
and bricks that are called pieces of color
Their collection of rubbish costs In the
end coleton much a a ticket a
Urstclass ono to new worlds where the
props aro given away with the sunshine
To do anything because it Is I or may be new on
the market Is l wickedness that carries its own
swift punishment but surely there must be
things In tho world palatable other ant be
yond those that lie between the North Cape
say and Algiers For the sake of the pictures
putting aside the dear delight of the gam
ble it might be worth while to venture
out a little beyond the regular circle of
subjects and see what happens I a
man can draw ono thing it has been said hn
mal draw everything At tho most he can but
all trw there are several matters in the world
worse than failure Betting on a eertalnty for
Instance or playing with nicked cards is im
moral and secures exnulslon from clubs
Keeping deliberately to ono fet line of
work because you know you can do It
1ork are certain to get money by so do
ne is orf on the other hand counted a virtue
and secures admission to clubs There
must he a middle way somewhere as thieve
must somewhere bo im unarrived man with
no position reputation or other vanity to lose
who ni most keenly wants to find out what his
palette If set for in this life He will pack his
steamer trunk and get Into the open to wrestle
with effects that ho can never reproduce AH
wih same his will bo a superb failure And
afterwards nothing this side the grave can
change most of us
When Earths cit picture is I palnud when be tubti
ari < twisted and drlcJ
When the ohit rolom have vanished and Ibo yonnr
ast critic ha died
W > shell crilc ant flUb wa bal need I I down
for an itun or two
Tn to Matter of All uood Workmen bal Mt ua I
work anew
And those mat are jrood bal b < happy They that lit
in a golden chair
And n > Itol > at nAc Mn league canvas with brushes of
roratt hair
They etiiill bare rent satntt to draw from Sllaa and
1ter Slid Iaut
They hal work for a year at a Ittlnj and ctrir get 1
tired at 1
And only Rembrandt tbatl teach vi and only Van Dyck i
hall lilumr
And 110 one iball work for money and no one bal I
work for fame
lie all fortbe take of working and each In his tfpa
rae star
Stialluraw the Tblniaa be aces It for the Cud of Tblngi
aiTtlejr Are I
And the Two Practical lotting Optralora
Onrue Each tm Turn to GrtBI
When Detective Kemp who Is now attached
to the West Thirtieth street police station
was n telegraph operator at 0iO Broadway
lilt friend Tom Smith at the Fifth Avenue
Hotel worked the same wire They ware side
pattnors anti of course it was all right I
amused himself iwhen business
Kemp was
dull by listening t Smiths talk wIth the cen
tral office Any one with halt an ear for ticks
could have told that Smiths receiver was a
woman Her touch was light and nervous
and her replies were pert She gave Smith as
good as he sent and Kemp kept his key open
and listened Smith and the young woman
at the Western Union building became good
friends and one day Kemp heard Smith tick
Bay Molly Ive beau talking with you for a
long time now and 1 would like t meet you
All right Tom Como down to lunch to
morrow In the building was the reply t
Then Tom and Molly arranged a verY simple
scheme of Introduction Thorn Is a lunch
room In tho Western Union for the telegraph
operators One sldo is reserved for the wo
men and the other for the men Hmlth slid
that nt 2 oclock ho would enter the room on
tho mens sldo carrying a blank and he told
Molly to como to much at exactly that time
nnu also to carry I blank Then when they
had Identified each other they could meet after
lunch hismi did some business on his own
account nfter hearing tills convjrsntlou
At oclok the tiuxt afternoon Tom Smith
holding n blank In front of him entered thu
lunch room and behind him Hind ten other
men each currying blanks Molly entered
from tIle woman side also carrying a blank
antI ten young women fnllowud her Jiach of
thom hind a 7ilaiikMr > liy saw the joko and
she dropuod her blank anti protended to ho
er hungiy hinlth was bored und he sud
denly remembered an engagement up town
From that time Hrnlth was greeted at the
Western Union building with hey Hmlth
carrying any more blanks r and he lay for
Kemp who dldn object to a flirtation over the
wire himself
The avengers opportunity came when one
of the young girls who wan employed as u
messenger began to practise with Kemp on
his wire Kemp found It goon fun and the
girl was xo anxious t become u good operator
that she practised nt every opportunity bite
told Kemp that she was just 17 years old and
she admitted that she was prottr Kemp told
what u popular man lie wan with thu idiot
and Smith listened at the Fifth Avenuu hot el
ail waited for revenge KIP dually asked
Hie girl to meet hint und she iromlced to ask
mothers permission and give him
her Irlishiol Ind hln au an
swer thin noxt day heron was nulck In an
Kwering the rather bungling cull that came lotS
him next tiny
Veil what did mamma soy1 rattled
1 Trilnt dare to ask her came tho reply In
halllll I ticks t
I think I will meet you any way
horu asked Romp
At the rnrnnrof hixth avenue and Four
teenth sIred t between t and HO tonight
Wits Ihl rOIly
llmv shall I know you
fur Hy was my the white reply jacket trimmed with white
0 hp 1 ticked Kemp
I was I cold night and Kemp paced back
nnd forth t nt Sixth aven tie airi j koutt cent Ii
street for half an hour to the great delight of
u iloen astern Union men who were witch
Inl him from I rulnon on thu corner Tom
biulth led the ging out nt 831 and said
Hello Kemp what tire you doing here
hywliy nolhlnicthnt is I I hU1 been at
lie rourtttenlh Mroet Theutie and I came out
for n Kinolie
llm yon mot the girl with the white
jacket I < atkel Mnlth
Kemn htopiiud short anti pulled his hands
nut of hit iiockuts lie saw a dozen men grin I
nlnuut him
iou cotono they are on me but Im not
currying a blank
Hmlth and Kemp made engagements over
dffernj ITO alter I Uu f I
JL j > 4
A t
IOW cnxsitstK FAflMIflP
Cntltm > d Rite alelac s the Tanrlae
Xltcr TirfCro i > Tntr Barlej Hire
nadl lif f w IlenjfcUtj la Ui Wnlrr
Chtaeae neraA Chinese Fnrmhour
HAKXOW Aug 1 1802Mr Georges land
theory prevails In China Tho Stab owns nil
land In fee simple Farmers rent the land
from tho Government paying about 150 an
aero per annum When they cease to pay tent
the land reverts to the Btato and Is rented to I
another tenant
The Chinese farmer Is In nbjeot poverty I
rode up the Yangtso Klnno lllvor ns far as
Hankow 800 miles The Yangtse la another
Mississippi Jtlver The whole bottom Is ridged
with broken levees and dotted with graves as
thick ns hnycoeks on n Now England racndow
Tho farmers hOI o Is always a hut I Is I lon
I r r 4 r
orally built of rlee straw and looks like a
straw stack In Illinois with holes eaten Into It
by sheop and hogs I would b a poor cow
ehed In America
When not mado of rice straw it Is built of
rough boards or adobe bricks one story hleb
has paper for windows and is thatched with
rice straw I has no chimney and no stove
There are no flowers about it as with the Jap
anese A pig and a cow may occupy tho same
hut The pig is a scavenger with big black
ears Tho farmer has a few chickens and
ducks but never eats them himself He never
sees a newspaper Ho has no carpet no mu
sical Instrument no books and seldom a clock
Tho floor of his house is the hard ground His
bed Is straw Ho has no windows his house
or hut In winter ho covers himself with rag
to kp warm and in summer he is almost
naked He sows his barley or rice In a bed
boos them by hand reaps them with a sickle
and winnows them In the wind A quarter of
an acre Is I big farm What little manure he
has is in the liquid form and when ho manures
a bed you can small It a mile away He has no
knowledge of politics China might have 1
big war and he would never hear of It till
troops marched into his rice field
The tools of the average Chinese farmer are
a basket a tea kettle and a fourlined hoe
This hoe is very heavy and Is used for spading
as well as hoeing H raises it in the air as a
blacksmith raises his sledge imbeds it in the
earth and pulls It forward Tho food of 0
000000 people Is i cultivated by this one im
plement A thrashing machine or a reaper is
never scan In China The Chinese put as
much labor on an acre as an American farmer
would on twenty acres Chinaman will raise
nough on an acre t support a family of seven
and pay his dollar and a half in taxes The
size of a Chinese farm is from a hundred feet
square to throe acres A quarter of an acre
will keep a man busy but he will raise three
crops a year on It First he raises barley or
wheat In the winter When the wheat is
heading cotton Is sown broadcast After
reaping the barley and wheat in June the lit
tle cotton Is seen coming up Then the barley
roots are pulled up and the cotton comes on
I is In beds and is all hoed by hand I grows
low and has a short stable Chinese cotton
would not bring throe cents a pound in New
Orleans and tho yield i about 200 pounds to
the acre Hen and women draw tho crops to
market on twowheeled carts Cotton is not
baled but crowded Into sacks like wool
Horses are seldom seen on a farm in China
men and women do the work of the horse A
Chinese farm laborer gets about four or five
cents a day and his rice
Notwithstanding labor being so cheap in
China the superior skill of our American cot
ton planters and the good quality of their
cotton and Its cheap price Is destroying the
cotton industry In China China will havo t
ale up cotton and go Into rice barley and
Last the Chinese raised only
peanuts Lst year rlRoc
100010 bales ot cotton The raising of silk
worms here will alwajs thrive and silk will
be reeled from the cocoons Into skeins by
rlinnp five cents per day labor but ill weav
ing will Imvo logo to England and America
where they I use power looms Tea will always
be raised In China hero firecent labor can
pick the leaves The tea plant Is tho same as
our elmlllo or jaonlcn Georgia could raise
as good tea as China If mIte Imd as cheap labor
but I pray that Georgia and Tennessee may
never havo labor as low as five conU per day
I rIco Is to be raised alter barley nnd whnat
tho laud Is flooded with water Men and
womon knee deep In tho water pull tho har
rows Then tho rIce Is I set out In the water in
hills a foot apart I Is common to see womon
working In tim rleo fields covered with straw
garments to their knee After the rice Is har
vested a full crop of radishes Is put In
In order to Irrigate for rice water is pumped
on to tho land by hand though sometimes 1
revolving belt covered with buckets Is pro
polled by a buffalo cow which walks round
und round like thrashing horses In America
floe In China Is worth about a dollar a
bushel A Chinaman can live on four bushels
of rico a year This with poanut oil tea and
a little sugar costs about S3 a year
You think five dollars a year In America
said Mr Leonard our Consul General is
cheap living but If a man In Chicago should
live on boiled wheat with a little cotton seed
oil tea and sugar ho could live as chean a
the Chinese I Is I moat which makes living
expensive In England or America I takes
eight pounds of cereals to make a pound ot
beefsteak and where you got I pound of beef
steak it Is only worth about a third ns much
as a pound of wheat or corn Americans re
duce the nutritious quality of their food thirty
fold by feeding It first to the animal and then
eating the animal
China continued Mr Leonard supports
400000000 beings but they eat tho cereals
America could support four billion people I
they would cat corn and wheat like the
Chinese Hut instead of that Americans feed
eight pounds of corn to a sheep or steer and
then eat tho steer
Writing of the Chinese farmer reminds ma
of tho first gleam of Chinese humor I have en
A Chinese wife came to the field to call her
husband to dinner
Como homo to dinner Ah Sing I she
Yes as soon as I hldo my boo I he shouted
At dinner the wife said Husband you
should not have shouted back so loudly about
hiding your hoe I presume somo ono has
stolen it now How stupid I
When Ah Sing got back to the field sure
enough the hoo was stolen But impressed
with his wifes caution he did not shout the
news back Ho came back slyly and whis
pered In his wifes ear very secretly
reF tho hoe Is stolen
The Chinese cow on tho YangUa is a semi
amphibious animal You will often see her
grazing with her head entirely under wator
This Is the animal that a welltodo farmer I
uses for ploughing instead of his wife and
daughter He uses the milk and muscle of the
poor cow I Is pathotia t see this patient old
cow plodding along through the rice fields
knee deep In mud The plough she is draw
Ing is a rude bit of a log with an Iron point A
digger Indian could make I I was used be
fore Noah went Into the ark and It will be used
a thousand years from now The Chinaman
never changes
As the Chinese keep few animals manure Is
very valuable Everything Is collected from
the big cities and used as manure hair from
barbershops street sweepings water closets
and bones I Is put on the growing crops In
liquid form Tho Chinaman carries the manure
In palls and pours it from a dipper The odor
is terrible but out of this comes the beautiful
flowers iu PKIIKINS
lie 1 of te Htrttngr and IntcmtUg
Tars He lists Observed
Eli Perkins wnohas been racing through
China and Japan for the last four months has
returned over tint Canadian Pacific to his resi
dence JOB West End avenue When asked
what was the most curious thing he raw in
Japan he said
Why its the funny revolution going I on
there It is a sort of a topsyturvy revolution
Usually tho people start a revolution but in
Japan the Mikado has revolutod himself
Twenty years ago ho was looked upon ns
greater than n king Tho people believed him
to bo the Inspired viceregent of God He was
shut up in the castle at mot ant cave his
orders to tho Bhocun from behind a veil What
n change 1 The other day In Klota I sat on tho
Mikados old seat and a party ot Americans
talked to me through this same veil
How did tho change come about T i
Tho Mikado rovolutionlrod himself He
discharged tho Shogun resolved himself Into
a Emperor and gave the people a constitu
tional government like the IlrltlBhrsrllament
Titan he commenced social reforms in dress
religion cooking sleeping and everything
else Ho whirled tho old feudal government
topside down He discharged tho UIK Dalmlos
with their two swords and the thousands of
onnsworded Samurai knocked feudalism
into a cocked hat and told the people they
were domocrntsouo as good as the other
Wfcut changes have Leon mado sine V
From an Asiatic nation Japan has become
Europranlzed Tim Chlnejo queue which
they used to wear has been abolished Kword
wearing has ceased When tho Mikado rode
out of Kioto ho worn a suit of English clothes
nnd jumped Into an English brougham with
his wife dressed in a French costume by his
side The whole imperial court now wears
European clothes and a wifo Is I mado the equal
of her husband Colleges and seminaries have
been established and time beet portal system
In the world Japan has a superb lIghthouse
system a national currency and I splendid
army and navy with olllctrs in European uni
forms Itallroad arc 1 ovar tho empire sub
marine cables span her seas and rifled cannon
and electricity for light and power are in nil
time cities A Japanese lady or itentlomnn
might walk down Fifth avenue today und at
tract no attention and tho Emperor tides
through ToVIo dressed as simply a President
Ths fact is 1 continued Ifr rrk
Japan got nil of her art language music rn
liglon ant dress from hire anti now Mio Is
ashamed of Chinese barbarNm und Is throw
lag Chlnoo methods to tho wind
How nbout China
Well thoro she stands always the same
Xo schools no postal acnlcrno newspapers
Utter Ignorance everywhere Tho morage
Chinaman knows nothing of his Government
He dont care He does not oven know that
his EmptIor In Iekln Is not a Chinaman but n
Tartar Ho dont know that the Tartars over
ran the great wall in 11114 and put Kwang 1 Su
from Manshoo Tartar on the Chinese
throne How can they know the news with
out a newspaper Whlu Japan Is getting silk
machinery and putting up cotton factories
Chlua Is spinning and weaving by hall SItu
will not ohnnce Mho does everything wrong
Her women Wear trousers nnd tho men wear
skirts Men wash clothes and make dresses
and women hoe rico nnd thrash barley They
read books backward put white on for mourn
ing begin dinner whim a dessert of sweet
meats und women ride horses astride They
hitch horses tails to the manger and nhoo
them with straw Instead of Iron Tho Chinese
compass pointstothe southourstotho north
tho Chinese shaves his head while wo shave
the face We worship our mothers while tho
Chinese destines his mother but worships his
father We shake hands with a pretty girl but
the darnfool Chlnumun shaken hands with
The Japanese do nioro finny things yet
dont they 7
Well yes some of the old mossbacks still
hold back Swan old Japanese women till
black their tooth and occasionally an old
iJalmio will chuck his sandals nt tim door and
wear his hit In to dinner und wo often see
a Japanese boy nursing and tending chil
dren while his tithiot Is flying I kite or spin
nine atop Hut It is a trip to tiikelhls Jnp
ancso trip and now that you cal go thor by
way of Vancouver In eighteen days everybody
will bo doing I Hut dont tell anybody that I
have nrihed yet Bald Ell for Ive got two
more syndicate letter to publlehletters that
wore set ui > by Japanese printers in Toklo
Our reporter Bull he would keep his arrival
a confidential sect et
I hbr Mludlen to IIeaes
tot tAs See 1 tt 1 I Jtutttttl
Mia TLai couple in front of uao IOU hunt Ibrj
are innrrltit r I
IU V is I am attic the are Tboy bate been married
a long lime too
hbe Wbr huwdoyAu know
HellaTrnH you noticed that when a pretty girt
rotation lbs ilaieibt alwayi huqOs < itt irailaaiet
ref rVBt awB1 I
11 INIflCt2IUX
Perishing Wlllilii Itlflnant rT nrcorThe
FMoclniKinn Wth Vhlrh tisa MlllterlnE
Kapnnae nrHnini lurrl IU Vleitati
ms lie Faa fneeleo SrIl
There Is probably no landscape which pro
duces so queerly powerful nn effect upon tho
Imagination as the Colorado desott I fusel
fates by Its dread and tho glitter which the
deadly snake holds In Its cold eyes Is 1 oontnlnod
In limit broadly shimmering 8 nil expanse
Htrnnginlndod anti Mouthcatted men hove
been known to utterly abandon hopo when the
painful thought has solnod them that thoy
are lost I Is 1 well known that xxlthln
ono mile and a halt ot the old Pay
master Camp 1 mnn wont insane and was
lost Like tho Drocdlovo party many
have gone mad and dlod within halt a mile
yes within a hundred yards water I Is In
sanity that klllsthu Insanity of tear Once a
man surroundod almost by friends was HO
completely taken possession of by I tho fear of
being lost that Ithln their hall he died
The following story is hut nh example of
many and xvas outlined to me by a mun who
lost his companion when actually within
sight ot the railroad track
1 urged him not to start begged prayed
and finally swore Riley I said you me a
fool not a paltry ordinary fool but n pig
headed obstinate blundering bhlliurlng
idiot I could not say moro to a friend
could I
But It wAtt useless I Iliad gone down nn
my knees and bogged him not to go Itxvould
have been just as potential
Hwearlnc I generally Ond brings mnro
sense into it mans hcnd titan entreaty but I
you only had known lllley ns I know him you
would have given him up long ago as an uncommonly
II nlo
commonly splendid specimen of an ass Mo
when ho looked up at the stars nnd coolly said
Im gottiic to Hnlton and shall be In Man
Francisco on her birthday I trite sure that
ho would O Now this vas In July und wo
were In the Chuckuwalla district which every
body knows who has been on tIme desert U
some thirtyfive miles bock of Ballon on tho
north and is as dismal nnd ns forsaken u land
ns any that can bo found
los but old Connors xvlll he passing In a
day or so and hell return Ilio burros dead
suro So why not wait I
Ho said he would bo hero today and ho
fnI t You cant believe these follows any
tlse folOvs
way Paul and Im going to start Of course
you neednt hoof It If YOU ro afraid
I 10 afrll
Itiley had no right to sneer I know tlio
desert bettor than ho did und the sneer
waan t comfortable Besides 1 never beliovo
that foolishness Is pluck beleo
I was a blazing day Hot Whv there IA no
word lor that heat The sun came up nt4it >
A 1 Ho rose In I furious mood und I could
fun UT inn uioou rou crescent as I topped llm
low range of hiIs to thu east that we Wero in
fora scorching time
I you have mmever soon a sunrise on the des
ert it would pay you to co out there and sea It
The sand plains Well glittering with strange
whiteness and were motloulnsft as death
However no dead body looks nt first perfectly
still Man is so used to see fellow brings
breatho that he cannot Iniuslne iifteis entirely
extinct and imagination is UBnorafly Sti pow
orlul that you fancy you detect respiration lu
a freshly made corpse
mnl COrSI
Not so with the desert In early morn Sho Is
literally dead und Is endowed with tho peculiar
collar fascinating beauty of death but when
the sun commences to throw his rays shn be
gins to move tremulously slowly ut first and
with great labor then Impatiently and more
ImpUenty or
Impatiently until the whle country aquiver
with the pulse of returning life
The sand blushes under her arduous ad
vances the dark sagebrush seems suddenly to
grow paler and tho gray hues of dawn iiukkly
become whitened as I by age under that ter
rible opptcssing killing heat
Phew how hot it is I Hileyl I said a my
cheek felt tho llrst beams We are in for I
my hoyt
Ws t he returned coolly
los wo
Are you going
Shall I see you go alono
Oh come now its no use your coming
toull bo a nuisance with your platitudes
Not at all my son I cheerily answered
I want to seo how an amateur behaves
when tormented by the terrors of thirst t It
will ho as funny as the stories which fellows
write ot the gunstabbed silence which they
havo never seen
The way Is immensely dreary Rod rather
rough in the vlclungn of the claims queer
rolling ground liberally bespattered with
stones nod rubble Tho walking is not par
ticularly hard It Is only whon you get to the
level plain that the weariness commences
Your feet first seem to glide over the sur
face then they begin to sink nnd finally they
sink so deeply that every Step la accompanied
with difficulty
lliloy was not used to this sort of oxercl e
and tho strain soon began 10 tell on him Wo
had not walked nn hour before he exprec sed a
wish i to mako a short halt
Tho heat wa auflocatimmt und the sun which
was well up In tho heinous sent down n tlood
greater of glory glory which wo consigned remorselessly to
Thorn dont < 10 to he a bit of shade
said Riley gloomily as ho crawled by the pro
tecting branches of a sage bush Not a bit
You didnt expect trees
Well no
He was pulling at his canteen taking down
big gulps of water amid hilt thmlrt was growl nc
He chary with that water I remonstrated
youll he out before you know it
Oh thats all tight and lie took t another
He was very white about tim face You have
seen n hot Iron applied to tIme flesh have vou
not and tho scar that rose after the applica
tion Ills face allowed that whitone Tboio
tan Wl9 a curious glitter about his ejvi They
wero generally bright but under tho levee
glare tIter looked nioro cay A uueer light
tdione In I them and they danced as If mirthful I I
thoughts wero lurking in his brain lie WHS
plucking nervously at time miserable sage
hush crushing I It hy tho t handful I anil throw
Ing it away from him with I jeering laugh
Now and then h plckel up a pebble and
hurled I Come paid 1 we must start
Kery moment tho day is getting hotter and
we lund better rush on for Nilton at once
Oh yes ho sang
Wet Rt > In Slltnn by the 0
WUore rrtlntlo n lir llir ass may lie
And there well fatrli llje railroad IIHIII
tar Mtlioui ttie IOWti in turret all pam
I looked at him IHIoy the coolheadod the
unlnmglnMlvet tl sIng uul some ribald rhyme
compost < the wratcheil limiT himself and howl
It with such huII fervor in the sunstubbed
silence I Was Incomprehensible I
The sand was baking hot ami tIme reflection
of lh sun from Its shifting heat thg bosom was
exceedingly Ialllul
I burned the end o I slick and rubbed the
charcoal under llllovseyee hIt submitted1 to
the operation gracefully I anti paid me a Irltlj I
compliment upon my 11 AH an optical I art let
Still I I ho was pullinc i t nl his canteen nnU 1
could tol h by the gursle that h It I I was low
Hlley you lire nt tie I bottom I of time thing I
Yes cures Iti ito ettlti hirreel
WoHtumbleil ulong lor1 few mole when ho
turned iavauely on me
tlrnc III ou lot mo din of thirst when you
hao u full canteen
No but > iiu IIIMI lean Imprudent and self
Ihh I nnd you diterxo to miner
You lie I I you ucly l brute I
Look heio I u m nut toine lo i stand being
mipeeeim enlle l names ail you had bettor liurso jour
810h 11 hoehouted I vou object to being
en I 10 ugly ioniotbo I ii ci I not man InCbuck
awulla 11mm I Im I and hits demoniacal laugh
rtverLiortt ll ti f the desert und i to I hdd to its
grutoHciueiies he executed a fantastic dance
aroloHIUIIW8i 1luIIII going mad 1 Hark Irln g 1111
JIve me sonm water i hi asUod Millenly
I put tho canteen tn I his Up sunidoutly long
to molBten them uml diagujjd It away
mOl8111 tlllllHI tlll
Ho Hindu I nash lor tnu flask but I beat his
hands down
Ha looked al he would made I ruth nt mo
le oiitulii thi eamu I mitt I knew wlmt It i would
soon beu Ililht uid a this itrtttt one for thu I
loon r bui jute I ng mm i m I aid to jn 15th ir f
1 give the I fellow I I all the I water ho walitit liwll I
take It at a gulp I < t huh < l then t them t 11 I bu two I dead
I I Iull
men Ulli cur und ptitlenco wo may both
pull through
Ahead ot us tIS t a low I rnngo of i hills I t Is I
to I outcropping of t I tho t I divide tlat itiuirates
this Momunml Lr > loi ado desert H
Well I get nine snudo there lliloy I said
pointing Jot til I bills nnd peihnpx 1 ueaetus
ThatlHM hiMin wiiird reasonably und
from thei t we can see the I sell
11 t
Ills mini 1 had I not yet lilt him I Porhape
alter all ho trims win p
Iet us push on
I shall nuvor forget thin walk Our bole
were dnlcl unly I I crack I mt g Will t heil t If I f wo
could onlv IIUNM pernpired we would m Imvo LOUD
mom cclii fort ohIo and at lnft t safei
My tonuuo tt5 getting swollen It grew
thick down tlm iulut at ihmat t und It i full srllV iK
Itilntcnded I I toiloscthuoilllcc t t I 111 > < hoked was
my throat that I 1 lteithed I 1 through I I i thu t IHIIH t
OY Why entry I tho I water much lutther I I I I I II
cued 1 r It era VeiiI hut t u hew < IIL I f I put
my hand In tho eunleeii minI diuuxed it iat
I Confound him bo iliunk al < > i lib und Ins
Canteen WIIB I irger m I Hild this I i to I Iii yetl lf fre
quently 1 know 1 was stem htmu It mm know II
wax wrong but still I I I the t ordn l ci pt on tormlni I
and r < forming I thcinhtilinr I I 11111 I nif 1 grciwinu I
fiirlouu It trot all his I fault all I Jrlwtlr
llnally nit I rentup wiuth biilo out In lieu
llereo exclnrnutiin
It Is nil ourfaull
ruulelII I ititsit ire hour tly i
Ills fHCH was white hut Ida e ehhcro were
they uprinalutlof
II JhlIJI seemed In I haw drawn themselves I
over the I forehend and the I gieut white bulls
Wore growing momentarily liltcur and bulging
out from time sockets In H hloomis way lImo
lips ware drugged apart and his teeth listened
IIS Wlt druI
Like ivory AT little bipod was trickling from
M c
the ripper one which a big blaok tongue
greehtly lapPed
Jrpl lilt IhonTI It was not thn voice
of a lmumumn If It had como from a skeleton I
would not have been I whit more stiirtlml I
felt a queer throb In my head and n gradual
tightening at Its base nnd then It loosened
I Let its Ilnlsh thu t cursed can I tu a I suld
He cave a gasp for toy I however would
not lot him hold It Ho put his bands aver
mlno and drank 1 IIP blood netnod to return
lo his fnco mill n few lines cum t Into It red
and streaky Ilko I lloli In I a rusher of bacon
Now It Is my turn Hie I lust drops wero
gone llefoio us jet wen many mile Wo
etti to bled on a huh leached tlm t tislng ground
Thosun tcae dii achy over UK but under a
projecting rock ran n ii rip of shuttle
Thoro we tlnew ourselves Fuer to lIme south
Jay the glistening srn it o ute tho t lips I I of a
lily mint on UH bosom Called MatHv sullen f the
Mores nfnoble cathedrals I lilted I I I t tli t in olim
fioni fairy IslnndNund hoio mul there tho
dark smoke of MIITHI tjlg Meamor I ieealed t
Ifelf h f to cair startled eyoc Pull I palms giew In
garden spots timid so uomplotu was the mlrigu
that wnsmelloil the delicious scent of tuaii
teous flower
There wo lay blinking out nross tIme great
sand plains at the t cities nnd verdurous mends
nt imagination piijnvlng thn illslant tgit
with tho pleasure I u critical uudlnce experi
ences from it wellneteil ilaj Suddenly time
mlrico llftol nnd thin blank tea met our gare
As the pit narul nulL melted a despondeliey such
ns I never wish lo foul nifalii possessed me
lei yttmiuug I liuil snld or lone morjlhlm I
lund not said or done presenlod I thornnlvrH t to
mite The girls I maul known motel loved In tint
ml ml lot dcplbBof my heart pufcd Ilkn I I slmdoxvM
before mu Thn lovely blondu who had
innrrled n millionaire and In xvhosn houin I
hud only I nnct boon nt ngiund function I eiimo
und i looked nt inc Her I I blue nits which I so
much admired I worn cnhl nnd the t sneer which
she like a true Southerner woro when any
thing I displeased her wan most pronounced
Hero I was I lying on my side crouching i
close to a roe k dvlng by Inches I Would llml I I u
let me linger Intig How could 1 over have
dnred toexen think of her In the plensnnt fan
tattles dreamland and alto then amid now a
reigning hello I thought of the Palms that
filled herdrnxvlncrooni corners 1 heard Ilio
swell I of ito voluptuous music I cxon felt I ito t
taste of time wino tricklIng down mv throat
Ah 1 No It was not xvlnoonly time blood flow
Inc from my cut lips I
1 looked nt lllley Ills eyes were fastened
upon me In furious glarn Ho I hind drawn I Ids
revolver from his belt SOul was pointing It ut
mo threateningly
I closed my eyes Indeed I felt thankful
thut Im would end mv misery
Suddenly I heard him I shout Hn had jumped
up antI wns pointing I nt nrthlnir t I
Yes ho screamed I will como I xvlll
come Nothing shall keep mo
Ho ran aft fast as his enfeebled condition
would permit
I heard him shout one or twice and then the
report of a ptBtol
A new strength seized mo I ran to the spot
fliloy was lying on his fnco foaming ut time
mouth the barrel uf his gun was smotlug
but he was uninjured
Water he said amid then tried to raise
himself As ho did so he fell dying with the
nnmoof his sweetheart on hlsllfs
I was rescued from Sultnn Wo were only
ono mile away The shots had attracted the
attention of tIme mill people
SuiirrlatrBdVnt Doirhrntrra Views Edu
cation AmonK the Vnebloe
WASHINGTON Aug 25Tho tour of Dr
Dnnlol Dorchester Superintendent ot Indian
Schools among time trlbu of Now Mexico has
given him some gloomy views as to the prog
ress ot the business Intrusted to his charge
particularly among the Pueldos He finds
that out of 1WI4 children of school ago in
cluded in those tribes and In tho Jlcarillu and
Mcsealoro Apaches only 1071 noxv attend
school at all and that many even who arc on
the rolls play truant a good deal of tIme time
Their religion is a pagan fotlshlsm They aro
listless and apparently without interest In life
It Is clear Unit It what Is thus said IH not ex
aggerated there la a great field for religious
and philanthropic labor among those native
Americans Hut It may fairly bo sumrmtuiseti hut
apart of the discouragement expressed by Dr
Dorchester is due to tlio exception of Ito Pueb
los from the compulsory education law on
xhlch ho so much relict Time Indian appro
priation act of March 11811 authoi teed and
directed time Indian Commissioner to make
and enforce by proper moans such rules and
regulations ns will securo tIme attendance of
Indian children of suitable ago and strength
at schools ostablifhod and maintained for
tlioir benefit Commissioner Morgan and
Huperintondcnt Dorchester were anxious to
know whether thoy could not apply thlsBtatuto
to the Zuni and other Pueblo Indians in New
Mexico There Is strong reason wrote
Commissioner Morgan that the children ot
these unfortunate people should not bo de
barred from tho privileges of the school at
anti FiS by the Ignorance superstitIon and
stubbornness ot their parents
lInt Assistant AttorneyGeneral Shields de
cided ndvorsuly on this point Hn held that
the Pueblos who aro so called on account of
dwelling In towns or villages were entitled to
certain rights which other Mexican citizens
had at tlm time of the annexation of the por
tion nf New Mexico on which they hived un
der the treaty of IS48 In the case of United
States vs Joseph decided by the Supreme
Court the opinion of the court was in part
vice IutMn ImllanK If Indeed they can be railed In
dlaof liad notliliitf lu rouimon wilb this cisc The
degree nl rlMlltivlinn nlilrli they had attained ren
turlei tielnre their willing ultniiimlaii to all tin I lam
or Ibe M ilcau fhirfriimeiit the mmiii reeogflttlutiib tltat
Government of all thilr clul riehti liicliiilinc thut of
Teiitug and holding attic and Ibelr aluurptnm Into Hie
gneral mass eeC tl m us oinilalli > ereit llml Ilisy livlil
their tatuuh In cmumon all Inrtld lh > Idea that they
ehnuld be cased with HIP IndUn triO > ii lor wtuorn the
inlcrcoiiri act were made nr that In the Inleiit of
the act ot 1H1 lu proTlltoun were applicable to them
AccordIngly Mr Shields concluded that with
such n judicial exposition of the status of the
Pueblo Indians Soxv Mexico the statute for
compulsory education doos not apply to the
children of these Indians It may bo con
ceiled lie said that t It is very eles I m utIle that
the ehililron of the Pueblo Indians 1 bhould ho
educated In thn schools established by the
llovernment I but thn I uttprmi rum omit Is equally
Interacted in time oducutlon of the children of
tIme Muxfcuns who remained In Now Mexico
nnd bveumo cltlcns of tho United Mates amid all
other children In said Territory He I Implied I
liowexer that his conclusion was ilno to the
absence ul un express declaration by Congress
that the 1uoblo Indian children may bo com
pelled by tIme department lo nttiinl schools
Accoidlncly It may be surmised limit In Ito
vii Itt plcturn whleli Dr Dorrhostor draws of
thee Ignorance dugindatlon nnd superstition
of thco I IiulliuiP I ho in luvliiit i the foundation
for ui appeal to Congress for authority to
oiee tholr t ehlhlien liiio tho schools
Hut Ills I I I plcturn cortnlnly I differs riornnwhnt
from limit xvhkh Is given of thesu peoplo In Ito
case nt Inw nlreadyctlod xvhere Ito Hiipremo
I ourt quotiH from the opinion of the eoiirt bo
lei tlutt thn I Pueblos are u peaceable I indus
t iloiiB Inttlllgonl I I honest and virtuoimpeople
Thoy u cure Indians 1 only I in I feature complexion
nnd n few of belt habits In i nil I other m repccts
su pel lor to t ul I but u few of I Ito rlvlliod I I Indian
t Irli es of f t Item country anti tin I eq ito I of the I most
chvl I bet I thereof u And In I fact tlio vory state
ment that xxlth schooling xholly voluntary
mucli more tumult I half of time children of school
ncn In I tho I I e tribes t mentioned actually I I enroll I
I Ihemsolvos nn time school lists I I H certainly I I
rather crodltaUu If I f n good many of t Ito ludri
urn found to play truant It is putt haps no moro
thnn would ln > done by xxhitn iiichins os
peclally I wlththo I I e connlvunceof th t I mccl lr pniontB
xvhleh according to Dr Dorchester thu red
children have
btlll unotherpolnttoromemher Is that t it was
largely on account nt lieu Indians in Now
Mexico u that th I < < eontroxersy arot last your
Urtxveen CoTimisloner Morgan and Hie Hu
reatiof Cntholii l Indian I Missions There also
IB situated tin I school nt Koam s aflon
nhnut I which the I trouble I of last year occurred C
However if U is true that lieu cniise of educa
tion I if sr backward among thn Pueblos t there
IK I all I lh I more reason for putting I foith speclul
eflnrts luntlu by the Government timid by prlvuto
tnlsntlon 1nfcrprlne In Ailanun
nun III nltir lit ii I
The Irilgnting canals near Plmnlx swarm
with ierinun caip und ninnv mutt left on tho I
land ituiythem thieve bun liiun I 1 lucy mute
xiluablo iiu leitillor
Tlm iimu Iuinplni rind Irrigation Com
pinvl furiilslilnu IfiHOiiliielie nf wnter for
thu land near t mint It hits an orchard of IsO
acres ind hiincriH I of xliioyud and I roes mu mud
xlniB inn piovporlnc
On lime 1 s I 10 1 s IIIIMI began I tie work nf ro
building the urout ulnut liroui dam Its ro
eonstiucliiii will he of Ito must ruliBtiintlnl
Iliuriiiter und thoro ire no fears Hint It will
uiuln tui l > e carried uxvay hy n ftniil
Con truiion work on thn Vuilflny t Canal IK
puslied us rapidly mis men can do It und many
sottlii urn siMMiiIng Innds uiiilor It tliu
ordo Iunal onieluls uio IIM > miikliik ROIK
pmcresH und buslnuii In tho Cilia llund IB
An Irrigntlnn i I company hat boon formed by
thn I cetthis on thn Aigodoiioi Imid grunt hn
low YUM 1 It will lake wator ft f mm the t Jiloniilu
Itiur emil omit lute xvlll inn to tlm I boiinduiy
line xtliiln another will Im built In n south
westerly illioilloti toxvaid the I great break In
I Ilio < td rulo Thosn canals will htavum a total
luiiKtli nf nbout thirty miles
ArUnnu peopln urn pioilucers of fruit xesn
tables minI giuln this year and Instead of im I
Inu cunsumerh oh taliforniu ret etiuiehu they
niHcuci > fsPful rivals nfthet Hliilo In the inu
kols It Is not pioiiiblo tlm iludr prmluctloii
xvlll hp ii larcn I excels nf f lie t hutn t dointnd
but It Is hhowlne what the fuluru will le I
The whole hIs Valley nt time pie ent rate of
putting In irrigation dltchct xlll boon be
one vaet garden
iitnrit srontKs vnov TUB WEST
Inrt > rm tloa WnnleH HrRardtag Css15t5
Folk Thnt Alr Tallied About
I was time only passenger by the stage the
driver of which was u humblelooking man ot
fortyfive 1 olmrert his sent with him and
after wu Imil tot well started ho turned tome
anti Raid
Stranger t want to ask you throe or four
questions and I hope yon wont cit mad
do almond nnd ask anything you please
Ivo been slrlIn on this line for ton veers
anti more anti hare carried a heap of Intel
llgont pooplo Homo of em make ita pintto
talk to me I had ono old cayuso up horo this
Biimmor who kept tolkln about Christopher
Columbus till ho got mo half scared to death
Ill bo hanged It I over hoard of any etch
galoot If you have thon give It to me
Yes there was a Christopher Columbus
He was a Spaniard Ho died 350 yearn ago
Did eh And that old eaves kept on
ttlkln about him nn If he hadnt been dead
over n month 80 thorn was a Columbus
What was hula particular line
Why ho discovered America
Is that all Why I thouitht hod killed a
dozen Indians by Ito way the old chap blovrod
around Just discovered America eh Ill
riuioinbor that and bo primed fur the next
fuller ns tries to show off over me Now
then who x vaR Shakespeare I had n woman
up limo time other day who kept talkln about
Klmkespenre 1 kinder lot on that Id seen him
moo or twice und that hod passed ovor thli
linn two or lItton times but now I want dead
flirts e itmmls hula 00003huirItiomm
Minkefnenre was a great knglish wrltaft
you know
hum wrote oh
i > dmithln but writo
Couldnt stay by a bricking bronco throw
nlpsso orhnmllaugun
I hmthleve hete
Humphl And pconlo talk about him I All
Columbus did was U discover America and all
riliakospnnro did was to writ books Br >
Iommr ak von sunthln else 1
loon l
Arent you from lie East I r
And that old cayuse and that old woman
wore from the East too I gueSn
Very likely What was the question you
wanted to ask 7
list this stronger How in Halifax do you
manage to Urn in a blamed country whar tner
pinlse tire folks who hot bin dcndorn a dead
gopher fur over 800 years Why ono ot our
dr Ivors killed u stnge robber last summer list
flfl I nut to I 5 5jUt tOM 1411 Ufl5
line Inside ot ten days
A Road Agent who Got Let
Thoro woro seven of us In tho sUcooutot
Austin Nov and after we cot started we
counted up our cash and found we had exactly
sovonty cents in the crowd Wo wore a dead
broke gang and bound for Eureka Not >
man had a bundle or a Run even Everything
wo could rake and serape had boon put UPSI
Austin to buy our passage In the stage Tha
seventy cents was tossed into a common pun
and rodividod so that each one had a capital
often cents to start on in the other town Th
driver had just replied that It was 3 oclock in
the afternoon and most of us were asleep when
fellow jumped Into the road a few yard
ahead of the loaders and ordered the stag to
halt As he had a doublebarrelled shotgun
end seemed to bo full of business the driver
pulled up Then the stranger who was a lit
tlo man of crest energy came alone to the
righthand door and called out In a brisk and
chmlrky way
NoW thton twenty minutes for refresh
ments and every man throw up his hands U
he steps down 1
Wo climbed down every man with a grin oft
his face and as wu ranged up in line hand
up the old chap on the loft who had put two
cents Into the imrao and drawn out ten began
Whutln blazes alls this crowd demanded
the road agent as he looked at us In apnnled
way Now then atop one pace to the front
and deposit your gun
No one stopped There wasnt oven a ear
trldgo to deposit
lo you moan to Bar you havent any °
shouted the little man Then ouch man step
out and deposit Ills boodle
Wo hogan on tim left and each stepped out
and laid down ten cent The man stood them
with his shotgun at n ready and his finger
on tIme trigger but yet time absurdity of the sit
uation struck the old chap so forcibly that be
lay right down and roared until ho choked
His ml rlh wits Infectious and the other six
laughud Into Ito muzzles of the gun while th >
dilvor InekloU like an old hen
Do you menu to say that this 1s your pile J
finally demanded the agent
oetoim yes shouted the old man as ha
wiped tim tenrn from his eyes Thats every
Illumed cent the seven of us kin raise and
you jou
Im fooled oh finished the agent Ha
searched mvomy man In rotation made an In
spection of tin coach and then loaned up
ncnlnst wheel of the vehicle with reproach
ful expression on his face and said
Boys Its u dimmed mean trick to play on a
fatherless hoy whos got nn old mother to sup
jiort and I oant get over it Seventy cents Tor
this hull crowd Ie walked eighteen miles
und laid out all night to stop thin couch and
ion alTer mo ten cants aplocol Hay dont look
at until Dont speak to tool Don t oven walk
in my tracks 1 cut the gang of you dead cold
And lie shouldered his gun and walked oft
Into the hushes and wouldnt look buck when
wu called to him that hed dropped something
IiTa on the ArkBsuw
Twilight had come again on both banks of
the Arkaniaw It hadnt cost a cent and the
husbandman lighted his pipe and sat down to
mentally declare that hed be dodgoned to oat
fish if he hadnt struck a soft snap
Time Widow WhlUi stands in her front door
looking out Into the gloaming gloaming U
also cheaper than cornmoal on the Arkansaw
Now and then she lifts her plump hand to
swat a mosquito nestling on her chin now
and then she rubs her back against the door
post to agitate tho spot where a ealllnlpptr
tried to bite her In two at one mighty effort
As she rubs she murmurs
Durn yor pesky hide but If I hadyo in mT
hand Id frizzle yo to death in van etillot
The gloaming grows deeper and that also
without extra charge Widow White had just
raised ono of her marble feet to kick a yellow
pup when her heart gives a sudden jump ad
site grabs up tho splint broom and begin
sweeping the punohoon floor A stepa cough
a hohehe Amlddlauged man of swampy
aspect MuLl aguo demeanor stands in ho door
Whiyahu tliatahu lorklns but what a trIg
voun give Pun tuimtln tip so soft Cote ri
In mind hike a chueeir Skeotors around mos
Iiowerlul this oaenln flows con Agittin
ovuli yor way V ifl
Conrt per Mlmus White very pore Bin
chllllnnny I I hat mmli I
Chilled two days ago thank yo Be yo
still vhllllnV
Norter roslarly Mighty good yar fur
chills I reckon Ill sot fit tho duuh if you
doiur mind
Of uosn I dunn Ill sot with yo Better
chance lu the doah to Klnp skeutars Daddy
Tuylorcum along yarn thismawnin and hetmn
truth ateehlin bout snulxu Houn says theyn
i iworful thick tills yam Vuun haint bin
Lit toil l hope
Thank yo no not nn I consider to rnmera
her hnuixH donn pustur mo Itcckon Ize too
jinwerful mean
Hhoi Youn haint mean
lltkon Ize too huinhly
Him ujo I I out limit mut humbly
Ills heart went tunk I tunk I tunk I It was
ftlll tunklng when slums brought her linn
Italian hnnii down on his knee with a raanli
and hroko tutu Milnal column of ugalllnlpper
liorlnc for meat Him did not remove It
HKUIIA puw Hloltt softly siotyn arid claeptd It
and tliuy Hquuu bumming the next three
mlniites not u word WIH uttered Both wore
biiey wIth tlioir thoughts I Ho was the first to
hreak tho i hlleiiei I In a voleet modulated to
liartuonlxo with tlm Ming of the whlppoonvlll
In this teijucoiui Kwatnp hn lltmlly still
lunoro ro hlii wiiltlu fo long yars to
tell joun sunthln
Iu lone antI weary yarn All that time
lye lnud yo but 1 dunnt siumak VIUSD I was
jinn1 And nov > oun it J rIch sItu Queried as he
llOHltiiteil I I
lieu i1 m ray wildest dream1 Yesterday I
got a jnl is > at niiittln I out h hnoppnlcf by which
J hall enr ovuii sixty dollim lIds suinmer
nthidtxf clnllurn In culi ieniiure and this
tlivenln 1 hate iilloi to to
LIonel I my heart lulls me what youn would
fa I shies uhlMerod I UH he u Iiuxud I 4
Ami youn will marrj iio I
I will
Then elnlreut my penlv hulls If I haint thus
htnplot man In ail I I I It let world I
And hvuu wn happy and ehtun was glad
and they whtouiued > it up U guui

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