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him out Horan bad roteonfnsedbrthe
t fire and hnd Jumped from the paint frame In
teadot coming down byths stairs He was
1 Injured nnd was removed to tho hos
pital Carpontor Ilaxter thought of his coat
which ho had left up In j the flies when the
alarm wan Rounded and went back for It
After he cot It he tried t turn on the wntnr
but the smoke and lames drove him awny
from the hydrant and ho ran down stairs to
icapo The smoko was Terr thkk on the
stage by this time and he wan driven still
further down The fire followed him Hoselr
nndcornered him In rront 01 an Iron Itt
opening on Fortieth street Tin solrnd a Ienvy
j Iron weight and smashed this Bratine and
b escaped that war Just In tlm Irltnl
The army 01 flremen by this time hAd cut
through tho outor doors and mudo their war
into the opera house from all nlde carrying
Inlo OI
line after line of hOBo They cot In Ihnprlvatn
lioxos ns soon an the smoko would permit
them to and deluged the auditorium and the
1 roaring Btnge Unn nf them occupied Jar
Goulds box hut he didnt Alt down
Tim nerco damns cracked all the class In the
Immense skylight Immediately after this big
fro tank had emptied Itself This was nn ox
oellont thIns for the rent of the building In
fart Chief Bonner Raid It was the poilble
nlvntlon of the lireproof block Jltlio flames
had notoscaped In that war thor would probn
ply havo forced their war through tho entire
building As It was thor wore kept to the
srtjre and the auditorium
The tenants In the apartments In the front
of tho building aided the firemen In thin
respect 0 K Gudebrod whoso apartment Is I
on the sovnnth floor attached the house hose
and directed I stream of water on the roof of
tho auditorium
J Tho nowB of the fire spread rapidly about
town Htreot car traffic on Hroadwnr nnd Sev
enth aventio was Iroodwor after t
unl arn
clock while people swarmed In the vicinity
nfthe smnlilnic pile Inspector MoAvor was
in commnnd of tie pollen Ho had the reserve
of tho Wft Thirtieth Wont Twentieth Went
Jort > soventh Uai > t Fiftyfirst JOlt Thirty
fifth anil Oiarlei Rtreot stations out
l WAR noon before the fire was considered
in completn control Then Secretary McLaren
Jlr Adrian Iaf l elln Mr IMmtind c Ktanton
and othois nnterod tho building to take alook i
mrouud Thu roof of the stage with the big I
urd This view Is I not generally held how
An Insurance broker who would not permit
tho use of his name told n HUN reporter that
the insurance on tho building was 25000 and
on tim contents 400OU
Mr J 1 A Itoosevclt the President of the
company wan not In town yo terday < but It
wns learned at his onlco that the question of
Insurancu on the apartment house which Is a
part of the opara house had bean considered
and that 1 had boon decided that no Insur
construction ance was necossarr br reason of Its fireproof
1 flJ ii
I t jrrI ± EEE
< o J
d t J
The rate of Insurance established by tlm
Board of Underwriters was JHIH per hundred
on Iho building und S4fx > per hundred I the
contents Those rates wore subjnnt deduc
tions for tho Introduction of tho following
warrantees In tho policies I 10 cents for each
provided notice has boon Issued by th associ
ation that tho risk Is entitled to tho
deduction That the assured will keep
t 0
k a
tI t
rTf4 mJtiJ
iron woter tank which hunt from It had
tumbled in and pulled down pieces of the
Seventh avenue xlxtoenlnoh wall floeas
I All tho furnishings were burned off the
boxes leaving tho Iron And brick work show
Ing Tho ball floor was dowl and the seats In
the parquet beneath It wero not burned at all
But they wore soaked with the muddy wutor
while the carpet was ruined Hero Is a com
plete flat of thoboxholders who wero burned
out witliadiutram showing their boxes
1 Ordn noalet 2 Jay anuld
a 0 1 rahoily etmor 4 u 1 V Wetmore
l > IIA C Tnylor tlnnday rant t it acli
James 1 Harden Friday 1 W 1 sherman
7 W Whitney 8 W SbuYto Monday
Krai ton Ires Monday Mr 1 u Inman lit
0 Un c Atur duy
31 W Wellrn Friday 10 Rohtrt Wlnthrop MOl
13 J A Hoitivlck la WIDtbrp
O N Cur Mr 1 I Turner Wed
IT Adrian helm nesday
17 WU Sloan C K roitl Friday
I McK Twombly 12 1 Mlllmni Monday
19 Mr A lie Cordova F I hurt Wednesday
M nilny Hit Calicndar I Friday
I JaruU bchln Wedoei B U II Ea htarbuck Mon
iaj I dij
Cerg IK Friday I Hrnrr new
21 1 J t aun Moiiday I tn ALKimCorbin
JJr > 18 l Willing Wed 18 Annon rnelpi Stoiei
nt ilitr Half ariii
Chektr W Chanlo Kri Stanrurd White Hair I
diy eon
21 J hood Vrlrht O Roher Coelet I
20 JIlM Whitney Monday JJ I I Warren
Mrs 1 arcnce Cary 14 n I htiowltoa OR I
UeJns day
Mirr do llirrloi Fri V Kayarit Cutting
dar Wednesday COUDr
87 Urn f do toreit Ion A I > onle Friday
Iar 28 ire 1 J orl Ilamllten
Chrlbtopher I M 1 0 tier I I MondaY
Wdnvfday > tra 1 A M Dodge Wad
J T llillil 1u KrldaT ne aar
30 F I i Itenocn 21oiular Iuther honntre
V llHuiitaU Frulay 28 W toward Webb
SI E K lunther Monday iO Mrs Paran Slevena
> tro W A BlcoUnooJ L Willlum KoikeCeller
Monlar ft H i Jennmrn
O hrclt Tedntay llnlamln Brewiter
TtOTaao i Sti kti Krllay 14 1 It Illtlinp
BA Hon t s Hrke 0 I B 10 loin
B C lanUrbilt I LoU raunon KrMar
f L9
It i S
J lm1HI
I iTt1 3
i l ii 4
a I Li
tf Rrnitley Martin 138
I nn IMnitur 40
41 I h Hiker 42 Mill Drexel
I C rUinntoCt 44 Oeurse Kemp I
I 43 Mri lioiiirt 40 1 llarrlman
45 J 1 C II trrnn I J riaflcr Wed sa
w A lerry diy
1 Utfeni t tree 48 ri H Marquanl
> 4 Mn tuner Wednei 1 K King I Fri
4 ia Walter siantoa I J day
Sirlo epbln f Car 1
1 iiinur irMny W Mri Blot
49 Mr J M Ayer M Robert X Tbompaoa
ri n r II luau W A Clark
i i r3 I I initliiir M J 1 rierpont Iou
65 UJIT IIIMI Daniel Bat r C Janler Monday and
Irrllall Monday matinee
i JI 1 A liixieielt V Winslow I Wed
Ir rT J 1 MIIliiiii I O Valentin I I day
4 all I U Mill I lA Uorriion Friday
1 tt > llnl 1 KBrrie BO
4 I 1 A Dili Wedneiday 02 C r huntington
t es tlii rarioiii Monday H4 W K Connor
n U Haven ee Addison Camaack
1 IIH I Cromwell Won Monday
day Adrian cello Jr
o IU Batrork Wednei 89 Mri lr Jackson Monday
1 1
hey ant p rdaJL day
I 67 Edward Cooper Mr J Aparloclo 04
ego W I TllUiiiiliait nOday
W M Klnttland Mr Buitertild Fri
lultrl4 FrI
J 71 lion IT 1 r Xnrtnn Jn
U Im
I 78 ilr 1 l Wtlllauit 7ol C Parlib
I > vnday MnT O Odlo Wed
J uMacUy Jr FrI neiday
I o day 1 Ura red Goodrtdj
I t Beoretary MoLaren wanted t go down into
1 the storage room for scenery under the taiB
All the scenery owned br the Metropolitan
Opera House Company was there It repro
B nts the work of nlnerears nd costJOOUUO I
I a Impossible to get anywhere near it as I
the room was a pit ot fire Ueoretarr Molaren I
fears that wals 1 this scenery has been loLreA
The costumes for something like fifty operas
I were In the wardrobe In the Fortieth street
wing ol the building Forltl stage
water They were found t be damaged a trifle br
The fIre fortunately did not communicate
1 j with either this wing l or the one on the corner
4 of Thlrtynlnth street Neither did it inter
fere with the large Dumber of tenants who oc
cupy apartments in the Brqsdwar front of the
big bulldlnc Bcenlo Artist Hort was at work
on 1 great ea of scenery for the coming
f L ODer season and e for the Uailno the
Brooklyn Academy and Dalys Cslno1 osoe
all this together with lbarl valued le abut
t 13000 8ecrtr oLron further learned
i that a number of costumes belonging to Man
v ager Qrau were stored under the state These
will probablY be a total loss After Hocretory
wUrobablr tecrtar
f McLaren bad made the rounds and noted the
extent of the lIre he said that the loss would
depend a great deal upon the condition of the
scenery In the storage room beneuththu stugo
The damage t the building he said would
J not be so very much The walls appear to be
intact and all tat Is required are new fur
1 Secretary MeLaren said he had always un
Ctntood thit ills pptra house was will l j
et 1t1L
I a forty gallon barrel filled with water
also six buckets flllod with water ono
lire extinguisher two are and two hooks on
each fly gallery on each side of since and In
property room repair shop and paint shop
that tho assured will maintnin a night and
btinday watchman with wateh clock haMnc
stations on oaeh Iloor of the bulldine und mi
stugo and each gallery and In property room
repair shop and pnint thor and a special
lleadquurtvrs building cull connected with Fire Uci artment
Thaoperu oason for 181203 was to have
been inuucurnted on Nor 21 under the man
ogemirct of llenrr E Abhor The opera house
was leased to him for a term of three your
last full Prior to that timo opera had lieeu
Drodueed under the nmiiairemeiit of tho Met
ropolitan Opera Company a corporation with
a capital stock of s1aCiUUO
The ofllcero of thin eouupnny aro President
Jam on A Ilnosi < M > lt Treasurer Luther
KountzolSeerotnry I JI Miluren Directors
James A ItoonuMlt Kobert Ooelot CJeorso n
Haven George Ienbody ptmnro Onoige N
Curtis William C Whitney W I Tilllnshiifit
Edward Cooper W K 1 Vnndcrbilt Henry C i
Jfsrquand IutherKountze and Adrian Itelin
Txe Jlotropolitan Opera IIouso was plnnnnd
bra number of persons diefatislled with tho
accommodations of the old Academy of Musla
and desirous of erecting a building In which
every stockholder should have un equal op
portunity to see Mr J C Cudy was selected
us the architect and the first estimate ot cost
including 1050010 the purchase ut tho land was
No variations of plan were to be allowed In
favor of architectural olTeet which would bout
tho expense of this perfect equality I win
stipulated that all tho boxes worn to be of tho
same character and the sale sire and so fur
as possible equally advantageous into de
manded the exclusion ot proscenium logos
which former builders had used for effect
The Metropolitan Opens House Is larger than
Ia Healn or the Grand Opera in Purl
The auditorium of Ia8calu nmasuren 850 hy
tn1 feet that of tho Grand Opera 711 by HI
while tho Metropolitan Is 8T > H hyOfiU Its
seating capacity was MfiOO GOO of the seats
beIng In the parauet The parquet slopes at
a considerable angle thus giving u good view
in the rear
Where the depression ot Its floor was suf
ficient toward the frontibulcnolr boxes were
introduced on Its level sir ou either Bide
Above these came three complete rows or
boxes aboe these again the balcony and
above this tho gallery
The house was completed 1882 at a cost
of iOHJOOO and was opened on Oct 21 IHKi
with Faust Hwas a memorable first night
and a great cast
ranit i RlrnorCampanlnt
MepbliUptiilei Hlvnor Koara
Blebel ijii Minor Mme Del Hcalrhl Focal
Manila Mile Lablarlia
Uarlierlta Miue Lblarb 11
During the soason of 188584 Italian opera
was given tinder tho direction ot henry 11
Abbey In 1KH4 lerniun opora wan Intro
duced by Dr Damrosch Tho opening iiluht
was given tu TunnhniiHer with Hcbntt Hob
Inson Kraus nnd Hlaoli in tho cast Dr Dnm
roach died in Fubruury 1HHT > and Mr Idmund
C btanton took up thu management Thu lust
season nt lurinun opera begun on Nov Jil 5
1HHO with Asm Tho season ot 1lI2
was under the direction of Abbey SchoefUe
ft Grau
i l in doubtful If i the house can be repaired In
time for the coming season now There will
omlrl 101
tm a melting ol the directors early In the
z I
week to talk this matter over I had been
engaged for a Columbus celebration banquet
Inolod I <
on Oct la and one of die commIttee was
hurrying around yesterday to see I the audl
tot lum could not bo got in sufficient shape t
lot tbo tblA nf what It will cost to repair the
Auditorium and rebuild the stall mar be had
from the following figures taken from tho report
port of expenditures of tho directors up to
K raVatl < m JntiKS
Haannry ptaxerlnr tiling ic 4015514
f ii
Ironwork t i t a t n 212rU
lupnleIDI ifva
IMuniblq ta nlllnriin4 njturei I5tP4
Terra cotta dii 21114
Electric 6172
mace rlmlnir lift palnt bridge and expenn
nr ronitritetton JIiL
Architect feu 441
Venn tln and heating 11 344
tarheti tiecorallnir 1849 2SA
Iiirnhlite I and flutluree 88804
Foenery cuilumci propirUea music library
ronry oprrle 22r
Colt up todata l83f S91
Tho principal stockholders of the Metropolitan
tan Oporn Hotisn ore irnellus Vandor
Hit Ojorn Vandorbllt the George llenrr
Warren estate theorize hemp George 1 Wet
nioro Jay Gould Luther Kountro i Pierpont
MwgnnV J Hood Wricht Wllllum W Aftor
Sit lot let William Astor IlobwtGoolet and Ogden
CHIEF jioxxEa orf rax 00
The Mum Who Lend Oar Amr cf Fire
fighters alum Ilniy flsy of If
i All mall yesterday wfi the busiest dar that
Chief Bonner his had rot several years He be
gan tho days work by going to the fire which
broke out at 180 oclock In the morning In a
IKostorr brick building at Forrr and Cliff
streets After this fire he had a couplo ot
hours Bleep all about IK30 oclock in tho
morning ha boarded a Third avenue surface
rarjiioar blsll hotoe on Seventh street to go to
in East Sixtyseventh
Fire Headquarters Elt Blxevnth
street As the car proceeded up the avenue
the Chief looked off to the west and saw what
at the time ho thought was a heavy cloud
hanging over tho west side
At Thirtyninth street a friend cot on the
car and said to Ibo Chlof Pretty big fire they
are having over on the west sldo The Chlof
didnt wait to hear any more but hurried to
Engine 21 near the corner of Fortieth street
When he learned that the fire was in the
Metropolitan Opera House ho made straight
for the scene of action Four alarms hnd al
ready been sont In and twentyfour compa
nies woro at work Realizing the extent and
Importance of the lire Chief boner sent In a
filth alarm at 052 which brought six more
engines clattering through the crowded
At that time said the Chief last night
the fro was entirely bucket the proscenium
arch I was like a furnace The Iron fire
proof root prevented the flames from
burhtlng through and the only direction In
which tho flames could make headway was
tonurd the oudltorlul so I thoucht the best
w IT to light the urn wa horn tho auditorium
und that was what we did I had beon at tho
Ulieru lloue llro about fortylive minutes
when I was told that there Was 1 fouralarm
the at iiiuie and Wooster streets started
fol It itt once
Chief Bonui hns I trim stoutly hllt I iOn
and unlitoily little Inr horse Assistant Fore
Inl loan Stack is I his driver From tho time black
mal Into huxonth avenue until tho little
bay stopped at the Wooutor street blare just
seM iiiliiutos elapsed Here also four alarms
hnd Ien sent In and the llro wus furious The
Chief in hit usual quiet manner looked over
lie scene und then went about givIng Instruc
tion Ho was calm and collected and ap
peared not m all anxious ns to tho result of
the lire Apparently tho only thing that
bothered him WUH tho faR of tho wall carry
ing down with it a number of fireman At
time < tlm Chief went up on the roofs of the
hulldlnus Burrnunding the lire and took I gen
iruliturxoyiif the situation
lioHtiyed at this lire until2oclock then
strove up to the Metropolitan Opera house to
see what pn > iici > wins being made thoro
1 IndliiK that It WIH under control he tooK an
other look In on bis men at work In Wooster
Mi eel und then went homo
This has been u very unusual day for me
said lie thief last night and I dont know
what may happen later
The Fir Drpr < mrot Jtrpt ea the Go from
Early Morntms Till Late nt Nlcht
Tiro seemed to be bursting out all over the
city jcsterdav I begnrrnt 1S oclock In the
morning whon a policeman of the Oak street
station saw flames in the fourth floor of the
fhestory brick building at Ferry and CHIT
streets rimrlea H Bchieror A Co manufac
turers of leather belting and lace leather oc
cupied tho two upper stories The fro had
been smouldering the leather Rtock forsome
time and I evcond alarm became necessary
Tho two floors were burned out and damage
amounting to 4000 wus caused
hlo returning from tho lire Frank Bellly
Water Tower No 1
I first grade fireman on
fell from tho apparatus nt Frankfort and Pearl
ptreets Ono of tho wheels passed oer his
body crushing his abdomen Ho died In
Chnniberii Street hospital ut tll oclock last
oenlnc Ho was appointed ton year a o
At 215 oclock lire was discovered in the
onobtory stable ut Ill 1th Incton Mrect Four
horses wero suffocated nnd 6200 dnmuge w ns
caused The horses wero owned by I G
1riiicli of 77 Cannon street lohn Decker of
Itri ItiUncton ilrn street Henry Loeb and John
Xf D27 tho alarm for the Metropolitan
Opera HoURe flre wus sent In from box 477 at
betenth nenuo und Fortieth htrent Ono
wlnut latr a third alarm was sent in from
box 457 at Thirtyeighth stront und hoonth
nxKntiu At lj the fourth alarm was rung
from box 47Hat Broadway nnd Fortysecond
street und at 1151 the fifth alarm was sent in
from tho name box The police estimate of
the umao for thin tire is 500000 the
blfhll scenery und fixtures and > OOO to the
The Ilrstalnrm for the flro in Wooster street
was rung itt 1HD8 oclock At 1 the third
alarm Wits Ilt In The engines had hardly
arrived whon alnnnn run
Irrled wlon two more nlarml were rung
One was sent from the box at llivlngton tut rout I
und the Dowflry und another from Bushing
ton and University places KnKlneH wore
despatched to I oth places by IhlH llonner
und tho nlurnin woro found In both instances
to bn t false Tio alarm from Wnehlngton and
InhorBity places WitS sent In by I
nervouH young man In a light slit
und wldoDrlmmcd straw hat Ho Haw tho
Ainoke and flame ot the Wnostor street tire
six blocks away and rung tliu box which Is I
rnK t
keylesb ono outride the iTnivortlty of the City
of ssw york The young man hurried away
after bonding in thonlnrm Nobody law the
person who sent In thu alarms from lower
and llivlngton street Tho police estimate of
tho loss ill tho Wooster street fires II tao
000 200000 to the stock and 100000 to the
At 1217 a fire In the dry goods house of
Paul Uuimbanner 22 and 2f White street
caused slight damage The engines were
culled out bowmen
At 115 1 J tho dumb waiter in the base
merit of the flat at 7 West Nluetyefghth
damage street was found ablaze It did 50 worth of
At 120 a Ore In the apartments of George J
Needham caused u loss ot 100
After Kncazloc HI Grocer Koitcr Lose
I tlewelrr eSd Other ThlBBi
A thief visited Grocer Iletirr Koster of 2321
Third avenue yesterday morning and escaped
with about 500 worth of jowolry and value
bios undid his work In less than fifteen min
utes but In his haste ho overlooked I jewelry
caso containing jewels of greater valuo Kos
ter occupies tho top lat over Ills grocery Mrs
Koster wont down stairs t the grocery On
her return also found that 40 in moneya gold
watch valued at o a diamond ring an urn
broils a diamond watch eharin and u gold
Jcxtitt end home silverware had boon takon
Mr Koster nuspects I clerk he hired last
Wednesday He Inscribed himself lillnm
1uttH anil said hi had boon In tho country only
1 few days and was willing to work even I ha
cot only Jilts board und clothing Thursday
morning the grocers lon saw the new olerk
trying Ih8 lock on the diningroom door but
thought nothing about It Hie i next dar the
clerk was sontto collect a bill 01 fl and has I
not been soon since
New Yorker In Cmd for Fun
110nt Aug 27A large party of New
Yorkers Including Warner Mlllnr A G Chec
Hey of IheOarfleld National Dank U A Bevln
Toro wHit tho lion 1 u I jsunelgn in Ion
Innl today They have engaged a yacht bo
unulnu to JI 1 Win nor 01 llocheetor to situ
trout tho Thousand Islands to meet thorn on
the river here llHnco they go to QutJO ant
up lie I Marguerite lUver whore they will
cum p I
Elsie Americas most beautIful river the 1 hlitorlo
ll U4MH ruin AnnnVl nteleH tailed tSsliW
llV rk bittiiil fctil real > tiii eii > ui Kaelaiidwiik
J 4 C
a i
has eitablubed at llkbylvn K I and White Ilalni K
Taitll > ttl for she ear or Aisbllsw Mnrnhlln
It I ° eSdoe sill ii
OthING p
Cnniinlfb furnilaiarnuiii A romfortable clean
well rrlillaUd lied llretiliiK Can CUidonnlere lIeu J
and WMhHaiid In suas ple ot urnliure occupyi ieee
ships half Hurtful of an ldfasiilned bedstead yes
Mfli proet baii4imi daiablei IJO to 1091
rina M Writ tsr lUutrat 4 catalogu
King I
Of JTnNelnw U what t
consider Hoods Bars
Barilla for t re I
v 5 was confined U mr bM
With wdl nnUlMft aid
acroJehus tM TO ws
WsALhr fjrentjoV when X4begi
with nooni aAK8APARiirA the sores sooa
decreased I kept taking it for a rear when I
was so well that I went to work and since them
have not lost one dar on account of slakness
I am always well and hare good appetite5
WJ1 A LKHR Kendallvlllp Ind
IIOOIVH ILL are the bit afUMtnner nib
anlit digestIon cur headache aid blbonntu
TKAOItlllStllY FltiUK iVfi
Im Ip In C or Slot S lea LIe Jluth
M e nrrMiit our mode 11 be ilte it mill agree to ro
flail l tOe jirlf t mU tar AIIJT urtic H hInt don not prove
George Eneuper Druggist
I reCdey5 New Wwrw Mi
Ct1Cs I
siaar nviujmaa avRimD nt rnixcx
Alt Wire Old sad 21tj 554 the WI
pd Floors Been fell ItiMor Tfc m 1O
rerooBi Were at Work and They fit
to the street and to the oofOe SiltS
It Do1 > ad SeTtral Aro MlMUftFlr
fts Black Berlnnilr llnrt aud May Die
A disastrous fro was discovered at 1005
oclock yesterday morning In the varnish room
of J 1 Goldbergs picture frame factor at
124120 Wooster street The flames spread
with great rapadltr and In less than halt an
hour the building at 120 122 124 and 120 I
Wooslor street Including a rear factory and 1
at Iiai2ai2y nnd 124 Prince street were
enveloped The Eighth precinct station house
Is directly opposite tho building at 120 Woos
tor street nnd Sergeant Bnrrr who was at
tho dock discovered tho lre He rang his
gong and sent policemen In every direction to
spread the alarm
Four calls were lent out and meantime the
flames which had crobablr been smouldering
for some time were gaining rapid headway
They licked up tho sides of the buildIng
cracking tho mortar and loosening the bricks
whle tho hundred or more girls and mpn oni
plored wHItln worked on unconscious of tholr
presence Charles Ryan a postman attached
to station A was the first to warn them
There Is a Ion I hallwar running through
120 leading to th buIlding In the rear Ryan
had been inside delivering letters and was
coming out when he discovered the flames
work Shouting Fire I at the top of his
lungs ho ran out Benin and into 12U where
thirty or more girls were In Waeners paper
box factorr Thor had already becomri alarmed
by tho smoke which was craduallr filling tho
rooms and when Ilyan rushed in rollne
Flro I they became panicstricken With
out waiting for hats or wraps they dashed
hither and thither screaming at the top of
In the mean lme two flreonclnes and I hose
cart came rattling down the streets followed
by a crowd of men women nnd children The
flames were mounting higher nnd higher Into
the air and the adjoining buildings were rap
Idly catching The girls In Wagners place
rushed In all directions Heven or eight were
seen to run out of the frontdoor and disappear
Into the crowd Others climbed to the roof
and escaped It Is supposed through nearby
buildings to the street There wero probably
120 persons at work in all the burned build
ings but l who escaped left Immediately
and the police are in the dark as t the possi
bility of there being a number of persons
burled In the dubrls
The buildings were all old and flimsy all
the flames soon contimnoil enough of the weak
supports to bring the heal laden floors
down with a crash The firemen were hard at
work on the Wooster street buildings when
the cry wont up that the flames had com
municated through the rear building to a
number of houses on Prince street The
police reserve had great difficulty forcing
the people back When the firemen cot around
thor found the buildings at 118 120122 and
124 In lames Tho basement and first floor
of 118 were occupied by J Hugo fts a restau
rant and baker while tho upper floors
were used as a tailoring ebtabllhrotmt
br George Leonard Charles Kern the
proprietor of the saloon at Prince
and Wooster streets which Is still stapdlng
lived In the house at VJU Prince street Next
door was an unnumbered onejstory frame
hOI In which 7 Jltrdonl an ttli < i > ehoe
maker worked ft iKt was a lloBwr and
Utr store owned br flis late Wma wEilt
f ii
at 124 a German named Aumst had barber
shop Tho floors over tho cigar and barber
shops were occupied as tenements batter
Prince street buildings were the roprty of
James H Hlllcock while tho ° e In Woostor
street belonged to the etnto of the late Henry
wity Drunner the Dices of which are at 01 Broad
As soon as lie firemen arrived they clam
b rod 1 the fire rspapes on the front of
the butldlnc carrying hoso with them Tim
centre of the buildIng was down but tho front
wall Htlll stood I wits apparently strong but
wliiti tills firemen began 10 clnil on I It trem
blush and thrcalincd to topplo over Ilremun
Morris Mack of Jnulnn Company was on
tho lln cypatio nt tile fourth story when his
comrades shoutud to him that tho wall
cOlrls hll Ihlt wil was
coming down With him wero Firemen Wil
liam JlilVjr tulsa of Engine 27 and Patrick
lucasof 1 nclno IomiianvJM 0 Iatrlck
Miiclv look d up and saw tho wall above him
slowly BunvliiK forward f Ho dropped the
iiZct1 L11L4R D
Most of the buildings at 120122124 wore
occupied by Dolt Duller ACo dealers in furs
and wool This firm also occupied tho rear
building Tho first and fifth floors of 124 IM
were occupied by J II Goldberg a manu
facturer of picture frames while the second
floor was leased br Marks Blumenstock
dealer in fur hats Diehard A Wagner a
paper box manufacturer occupied tho entire
second and third floors ot 120 and 0 part of
the same floors In thoadjoining house In the
rear of BlumenstocVs floor William J Kelly
carried on a book publishing busi
ness All of these floors wero filled
with people and RIm rushed Into tho
building and warned them He first went
Into Belt A Butlers place where at near as
can be ascertained eighteen men were at
j 1
4 < 7i I
hose which he hold In his hand and with a
tell of warning to hit comrades sprang out
Into I tho air Iho tm7le of tho huo he hnd
dropped can gilt in Ito I iron I rail I of tho lira eh
cape and with rare presence of mind Iucus
crubtied the hose und lid down I fur stories
to tho I ground auditing I II n I ni ill ed amid tha
cheering of bis ennirndiii
Mccoy waq not so lucky Ho was afraid to
jump urrt win spoklnc BOnO wus of Rotting
down when his loot slipped and ho fell the en
tire four storks In the inside of the building
His comrades could not sro him foiling but
they saw him dlxappeAr and heard him
scream hull n doen men ran inside thn
Imlldiui nlthougli lie wall was rwadytofnll
ut mi > muiniiit Their found nullilng except a
ma o waterconked wool in lie centre of
I wMehwiih I round ImpressIon Mnilchtwuy
tho firemen with hook picks nnd HXI > be
gun to dig for llefiy They hnd been nt it for
nlioiit turn minutes when n dirty begrimed
face poked itself out of tlo olnn about live
feet nwiy from when the men wero working
lioyez want In kill mor jelled McCoy
Then ho pulled himself out of the wool and
stood befoie his eonirjde Mirynnerv but un <
iniuieil I i sae for his scruud yurynnlrr al1 elbow
Why uhichuit > or chop me lutil or ho Bald
The wool uI1 l me after falling lour storlos
nnd then jou tried to kill me McCoy wus
soothed und hu rejoined ki 11 company
Fireman Muck hud been picked up Insen
siDlo ansi taken II tlio assembly loom of the
station house He had scarcely been Inid
down when the front wnll of tho Woodier
street liiilhllngH I I 1 fell with u crash A rumor
V emit a roil miii that t I number of flremen hal
uonodown with It Two iinbulunco > alls worn
sent out mid uno CUIIIQ from tho N sw York
I Hoopltnl und ono from H Vincents J he
I surgeons found that btnek had ttustnlnod n
I fracture of the skull nnd serious internal
They pronounced his ease herlous and
Brother Iohl I HI John the t liuptlirts Church
In slit Thlrtluth btreet who WIS < ttR tho sta
tion house sentuinusjonirei to the rrnneiscnn
ltitlusrs of St Andrews Church in hotith Fifth
nveniie for priests The mr RviiKer Informed
thi > priestH tlmt I large number of people were
ding and Ilithern JleCabe lullu and
Jyprlanus huriled to lila station There
lather Cyprinnus administered the last rItes
fill l I <
zf4Wl > A
c = V
1 1 c < I
rJh < 1
A D XOlmotl rlp
to Stack who was then removed to St Yin
cents Hospital
At 12lfj oclock tho ear i wall ot the Woostor
street building foil ill Wilil n crush Thin lIrt
mon woro getting tilts IliimoH under control
hut It was 21 < 0o clock before any of the en
gines dared to leaio lie 1lt At U oclock the
buildIngs both Irlnce und Woo > tor Htroctn
were one big smouldering ruin from which
little jots of flame shot out horo and there
Iprtlons of the walls sf both 120 and 11 l
Woostor streot weni still Mnndiiiff hut thuy
were so allah that thu I lri > men dutidwl to pull
them down ami did sw pllini tons of brick
mortar and Iron on this ruin
William 1 Sjieiry of Tnmnklns avenue
Brooklyn I forAmal In Goldbergs place was
at work when thin Hi broke out Kporry ij
said to be enguudd to Mary Green who works
for Woencr lliihhlni I I i Into I the t burning I build
lug be groped ills wily to I tile second lull
tried to go further but the llarnva barred hu
way and when hn turimd tn retreat hu found
that It was too lute Hunning to tho window
he jumped out Injuring himself severely
about the heud Hu was romoved to the tins
pita where it was found that lie had also
boon badly burned
Mary Ellen llnnloy nineteenyearold girl
living at 21 Henry street who was employed
as u box maker Iii SucnarX dphiyed offer her
companions lull lied and wua terribly burned
about the heud and body him was removed
to Hr VlnrentB Hospital whero she died
Of the hundred or more girls wilowere work
ing In the different manufactories only small
proportion have been hoard from > err few
were seAn to leave the buildings br the front
doors Numbers were seen on tho roofs but
whether they managed to reach the struct bo
fore the eiahli Is a question The police are
Inclined to believe that a number were carried
down with the building und are now tend bo 1
nnlh tile ruins
Isaac O len1 business man on Houth Fifth
nvenun wall on I roof In thaL street when tilts
fire Lroko out hn told a reporter Lnoklni
over nn the roof of thIn burning bulldlnc 1 I ha
saw two girls throwing their nrms frantically
around und tearini oil their franloull
couldnt toll through the smoke whether their
garments were on fire or not bnt thinks they
were While he was Watching them he says
he heard a crush the building flln and they
Tames F Catlan I can fitter was nt work In
the cnuln house In Wooster street when he
saw the lime On a flro pscapo be saw threo
girls standing hclnlesn having droppod the
idder lending to the street Cullan grabbed
a ladder from the enclne 10nBo Oulan running
to tho burning building put It up and rescued
the linen girls I
What thn total loss on tho buildings and
stocks tho nrloun concerns will ho cannot
bo cOIJroturPl The police by a rough ostl I
mate pluco tho loss on tilt buildings at S2l0
lilt and the loss of thou contrntfl nt S15000I
The firm of licit lluller A Co say they OI have
BUMttliiod a Ins of SIOIMIOO on their stock
while Mr Illumenstiick Is I reported to hnvo
snld that hn had IlfiOWO worth ol fur caps In
his place 11155 I others o tlmnt their looses at
different sums rnnclns from Slooo to 50000
The following perRnno worn rnporteil miss
lit at tho Prince streot station house after tile
Merart Thus lf yar old a hot maker llrlni atM
rai ton 5151 1 twVlrn Reniirtoil hye reuilo
Jennie Brnnn r fj TKylnr atrrt Hrnokiyn
Yloo Vniri in yur nil a hox maker lining at
Flood 202 Madlu surest Itopo1 kp her tHttt John
Bftter Atennndr JS eariolrt St loo Bait 1711
atrrt r urd hi hla aunt olr 10 EIII
Murey Imrn I I year olt employed at 134 Wooiter
itreM und llv I IHK at HI HlnTllt I Street 1
Miss Tlllio JIcKnlghtof 243 Madison street
tts fff nf
was also ruportod missing but she turned up
ante nt honia last night
MHS Hunlcy vas ihn only ono of the Injured
reported ilond up to a late hour last night
Tile Injured are as follows
Onlnncro Story 17 years oi < 1 nf 210 Thompson
Street a hnT innkT WAirn r M place she Trit badly
tanned nn far nut sTIfle n1 1 StInt belay attended by
lptity I rurotirr lotiOn w eat home
laiifftriM rtnrob 4n ircuM fireman rltli Fnrln
Cumiuiny h I hnopkil 1 It 1 Imlrlrr b > fnlllnlt bilks
nml escreIy rut about heal and face Attended by
tireon niil Pont bun
Mcrn jUlia 3t yean old fireman with Engine
Company 27 sal l lltlnir nt Ltil lilt isbn tret Fell
from tie I fourth floor into A lot or wet wool Slightly
Injurn aliikiit face and cltintr
hperr illlam D 4H years olit Tomnktni arenn
nrtoklyu 1orctnati In Onlibcrirn Fn I rrnm a Rerond
story a utttnuho holy buried MMnrentn iinepltat L
Hoe loris 3 > jan old fireman with tnttna
Cimii > nn J7 himti I from lire eupe on fourth floor
AM I Ustnined fracture ot the skull and Internal In
jurIes I
Whiten fleorff firman with Kngine Company 27
Cut about the head with IlrlliK bricks and sent hums
foveral young men who had managed to
Btiupp70 past tins fire linos wore hit by falling
bricks but none was hurt soxeroly One or
twi had to have their wounds dressed
No attempt VII made by the firemen lat
smouldurlnc night toppirch Iho ruins a the fro was still
A onr IRON irtrf VRDKR
Mr Romrrby rxplmlnp Ille IPInn to Balti
more Member of the hail
BAtTntoitE Auc 27 Justice Somerbr mode
his oppearanco here tonleht at Palnes Hall
anti spoke to about 1500 members of the Iron
Hall hal of whom were women He was In
troduced by VicePresident llosmer
When ho started ho was greeted with cat
calls and with hisses but after sneaking for an
hour during which ho defended the order and
its officers and laid thA blame on those who
he claimed wore wrecking the order he pro
ceeded to explain the new plan under which
tint order was l < > icorcnni and continue
He proposed that tile constitution and by
laws of the order bo unclmngrd that members
holdinp oprtllicntis In the old Institution turn
over what inn y hoc may be refunded by
tIle receivers to tho new organization and cot
new oertlllntis und that those who have
Leon in the order two throe or four rears
pay I only uptn tho time tholr old assessments
would have expired
Tliir un nut to receive tho full face value of
n certificate of MOOO unless thoy turn in to
thus order upon bolnc admitted the full
iiniount they have paid tn the old order t
I should the receiver turn over 100 per cent
to tho momliers and they deposit this with
tho new order at tho expiration of the time
I limit they are tl receive Its full value
On tho other ham U the order par
only l cents on < tho dollar and the
mcnibora jomlnc tho new concern do
nut make up the difference It will be deducted
tion from tholr certlllcates on payment at oxplra
lon iien Fomorbr concluded ho was greeted
with applause Ho had carried his audience
with him nrd nil present promised him their
support co Thin new order will be organized at
ruiiAPErnriA Auc 27Tite report of the
appraIsers nr tIle Mutual Bnnklnl Surety
jrusr Inc ILfe Deposit Company was filet to
day Tit lotallporlmPlt li41IU4I
After lie Llurt or Comnwn 1Ia9 Xo 2
allowed tho riuual concern to make good Its
Impairment of cpital last May thu bank las
un ofllcial stiitiinont tinier dato of May 31
which placed tho rchourciSatf7004251J and
thA liabilities I I t Ito saint
The appraisers ret ort that nothing can be
realized on twontyoisnt bonds of the Williams
Valley Ilailroad < ompany for 5i each face
viltio 11000 1 and IOO shares of tho IlillMue
Cemetery Compiny par valuo S25 each Sun
dry oilier of the securities hold appraised
at 1 llcuro fur below their faca amount
Tile appraisers say that they havo omitted
from their copy of tho appralsomontthenamps I
of tho erFonB i > iiulebteil and liable upon secur I
ities fur thin reason that It would injure tholr
credIt nnd prove disastrous in tho collection
of the claims I
Fount Drowned t a Lake Geortto
LAKE GEonar Aug 27The body of an un
known man was found floating in the lake
near Iluletts Landing a day or so ago Many
of the circumstances give rtso to the theory ot
suicide The man registered at the hotel un
d r tho name of I A Minor New Huven
Conn He had paid < his bill the evening L
for he disappeared anti it was thought that
he had taken tho morning boat Tho
hl1 tlken morln man ap
peared to be about 70 years old Nothing was
found on the body gIving any clue to his
Identity Tile police of Now Haven can find
no one there wno knows such a man as I A
Miner In his pockets were found SJM In
money clippings of Henry Ward lloeohurH
sermons ana time tables of roads in northern
New York Home of tho clothing was murLed
Clnvnland His hundkerchlof was WIS mnrKod
KC A collar button born the Initial I
The Inquest resulted in a verdict of uc < Uoii
tal drowning
Mr CleTPland Writer to Mr Me > er
DENVER Aug 27Mr George Meyer editor
of the Denver Herald a German nowpujer of
this city roceUoil the following letter today
from Grovor Cleveland
GRAY GADLKS liuzxAnos BAT Mass Auc 22
Gtr it Jlfytr liq
Mr PEAR Bin I desire to thank you for
rour letter of Auc 1 r and for tlu iiiurancos
whloh It uiiitiiina that the truo Domopmts of
Colorado in nlto of adverse clriMiinhtani
are dctermlnpil to do their full duty In tho
pending cal1llln fnl
I is aory eucouraginc sign of f thin lines to
learn that tile GermanAnuriinii lItS t0
largely Inillneii to Hupporl tho IunriV which IS
Ill tt lgtl to liottor I tile condition of i ii < rJeripln I
find to llvhton lIe I burdens of tliclr t dilh H I U
Y clj y truly I jourt Gnouii < 11 uii > n
TUe Peace Congress
IlrrNE Aug 7ln he Intern iHonal Peat
ron rsB totiny Signor KraiiHiilint uu Itallni
delegate moved that in visw of tile fact that
the Congress hud voted to hunt Its next sos
Bion In Alurlcl I nt Cli lea ir In i 111 I i I tho Gin
ernment at Wnshlnglori bo potitloned to adopt
moasuristo girt bettor II iitulIttO to for JCI
rr rosldliiK vlthin llh jurlnllpii
KUnor 1 mmottant ro < Miedi > d to KIlo IH
views upon the New Urlpnns masnarrn of
Italians I10n thu failure of I tbo InltPil States
jovernment to punish any one for participa
ton In that atTain Alter some dlspusslon of
the legal aspects of the control orsy the motion
was carrlo l
A New Yorker who nd nio lIp T mt
Itonnf used Tired of Etc al aT
CntfAoo Aug 1The body found in a boa
car In Hyde Park yesterday morning has been
Identified as that ot Charles Hall who had
been living at aaO Harrison stteet Hal was
about 27 rears old I
His relatives are wealthy and live in New
Yok city where Hal wua once employed as
confidential man In I large wholesale house
Hesponulated lost committed forgery and
was t000 forced to tee defaulter to this extent ot i
lie went to Buffalo where he worked hard
and returned to his Now 10rk firm about
sltlfKH of tho money he had stolen IJqmestlo I
troubles then cross and Hall car tl Chicago
Here ho workod ns 1 walter for want of bet
ter employment and tevitBiQ despondent at
his Illfortune A few days ago he received a
1lter l from his wife who In now engaged as
vanity actress in lluffalo and determined
upon Ilrls He wu prevented In one at
tempt but sonttt bullet through his head OD
Thursday night and ended his 10
lnll VMOX 11 D OER
pe4rr Maker Hnjr Thlr Employe
Arc HalUK Money to Flcht Tie
At the headquarters in 131 Allen street of the
suspender makers who are now on strike U
was reported yesterday that the manufactur
ers wero raising money to break up tho union
A Fellow Chairman of the Buspender Mak
ers Union stud
At n meeting the manufacturers It wa
agreed that each firm affected by tho strike
should contribute 100 to fight thin union and 1
wIle It out of existence On our side wo have
too taken special measures Last night we
bccarun afTllintml with District Assembly 49 ot
the KnlghtHiit f Labor Wo nro also aftillsted
with the United Hebrew Trades nnd both or
ganirutionri have promised to assist us
1ullows also Hindi the statement that one of
the linns lint offered several of f the men three
times thoi usual wages hut they refused the
offer us to make a brook in tho union now
would moan starvation priceS
Dr John Lowe who had an office In the P
duce rxchanao building died Friday at Low 1
vihle N Y Ho was a member of tlio Exchange
but bis business was that of a fire Insurance
agent Ho was horn In Wayne county seventy
rears ago and at first studied medicine from 4
the ptactlce of which he was debarred br ooor
health He was for many rears engaged in 1i
the forwarding business nt OSWORO N Y lie
had been un iiiuturanio mail fortlun last twenty
five years Ho belonged to the Business Men
Democratic Association
ludgo Paul 11 Theard of Kew Orleans died
there yesterday tired 04 lie was of nn old
creole family He was for many years City
Notary anti In 1K7 was elected District Judge
for New Orleans Of into lie has been pratis i
log law One of his sons George Theard is
District Judge filling the same office his
father held before him Judge Theard was a
devout Catholic and took probably the most
prominent part ot any citizen in New Orleans
in all Catholic movements
John C Tuckor ahardware merchant died
at his home 34 West Fiftieth street Friday
He WHS born In Ibl2 in a house where the
Equitable building now stands He went into
lie hardware business as a clerk In 1827 and
on his own account seven rears later He re
tired in 1870 lie was an eldar tn the Brick
Presbytnrlan Church Ho leaves a widow s
son and a daughter
Squire MaRfllo Beasley of Aberdeen O died
yesterday The Squire was elected magistrate
In 1HUU He has hold the office continuously
ever since In that time he had married more
than 0000 couples Ho was born in Adam
county in 1811 Impecunious couples often
applied to bo married and the Baulre never
turned them away
Phillip F Sullivan who was an Inspector of
Public Works died at his horn 223 West
105th street on Thursday Mr Sullivan was
a member of the Harlem Democratic Associa
tion and also of the Sagamore Club He had
good olco and had sung with a number of
comic opera companies
Miss Kettle Van Name slsterin law of the
Rev George Hughes of New York the editor
of he iitulf In ffulinris died at Ocean Grove
on Friday aged 23 I The funeral will tale
place horn on Monday
Gabriel Tlonvllle Chief of the fiinseton In
dians died on Friday in Browns Valley Minn
Did They fbi Their Own Train I
HuKENStcx N J Aue 27 Joseph Belts
West Shore Ilillrond detective appeared be
fore Justice Cornnlne this evening with Con
ductor William Dooley Engineer llllara Glf
fin BraKemiin Philip Aten and Arthur Short
apart of tile crew of an enres freight train
I hey LIre accused of lolituni their train
The men TOIO doteoted it I i said through 1
the theft of a kg of blackberry braid ii part
of wlileli they drank nnd beeunia intoxicated
Thov went locked up in Haukonfuk jitil and
tho I ufllcors starts I after llnniuu iuorue
Walsh anil IlruKeinan bumuel Short who are
similarly apoiisod
It IH belIeved that hope arrests will lead to
thu discovery of tho sources of mati robberies
from freight trains which wpio heretofore
credited to trumps
Irjurid lr a riastbitll I
William uelus need SJ years of IiftysUth
stieetond Sect ntl nienuo UrooUljn was In
jurod while uttililm n cimu of tail ypbtor
ilariifteinoon on tlin I grounds adjoining lie
laiin lianaoks at tliu Navy lard
1imilii irr iMrLorough of Ito Marine
Corim um I < r the S plisorn tin t iV tho I ball with
greitforei liut wildly and U struck Xuclss
Whit > winttaiiilln I > oii an tPSlt oil shot outside
tit otSv I iild foace ou tin head knocking
him roneeloHs
An aiiibulanpe took thn Injured man to the
Chamber Stioet Hospital whoro It was found
that hit 5IIIS mifTerlng from concussion of the
bruin and u probable frpcturo of the Lull It
was thought last nlcht that ho would not ro
cover Private Sconborough was arrested
Xrntown Creek NulHunee
Mayor Iloody Corporation Counsel Jenks
Health Commissioner iiillln and some of the
othci city authorities In liiooUyn rondo a per
foiul Inspection on Friday of the aliened
nulsinies in Xewtowii Crook about which
n sldeiilHof VllllninHbuifh havo boon nmklnic
pot ltntil aomplulntH
Muor Iloody was satisfied that the com
plaints were well founded nnd ho Intimated
> tU > nday that legal measured would Immedi
ately be taken to abate the nulsunco
Assistance l ICerutrd to the Cement ffiiioa I
The cement masons of tile city who are now
on strike for 250 a day > e > > torduy received
notification from thin nrtlfleiul steno masons
that they cannot afford to aid them at present
HeHolutlonx were puhsod by thn cement ma
tons to continue tile strIke Durlni the strike
each man IK roipilred to uppoar at till head
riiiiirturH twice a tii 1 y If ho alln to do so hole
tu be buspeudod from tile union
Tue recent Mir for llio lirneli nf Ft Malachri Clh
olc i throb In tile wrniyKixtb vunl nlteu a sum
iiitilrirni tomnrr iliaii a l > e out the 4ovO murKaft
en its church 1ru1eumy
The auiiopsy un tin butt l y of Vary Rltbe the wf of
Pie ie Incur 1 1 lllole ot Clurn lortynlntb
strict t who lied i ddcnlv on IrIdy after unJercotnf
anxaiuinaiini to Hi Uariraret audntralicinnd
liiMrfi at7H heaR ttrrel Krookljn showed the
death multil trlt natural < NU ea Mr andve r
WIt K at Placed under arrest will now be rvltaied
Jftih Futile a cliraruakr Ca years old wb
mm through liii soar dietS itt St Catlierinet lleiplul
In niilinniibiirirli or parIs 4rreetl roUonmir lIe tlyi
atfiNI lliMhwik aienue anti nn Thurxtay after a
quarrel with hn wIfe lie iill lit nuiiiami toklllblm
elr ire l rnnkfl went out i n ait errand l and during
lur HUitii 4 liu in Vf > t the pute in in I Mattrfai sd drank It

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