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1 Onlr ono ot tbo companies regarded as 2ew
r f York flxtttros Is I In town yet or to bo hero
within moro than n month The oxcoptlon Is I
Charles Krohinans Comedlnnm playing Hot
I Oe l Out of Court nt tho Fifth A > onuo so well
it us to maintain fully n reputation gained by
U former successes This organization has a
Hondortully facile and outottnlntng light
comedian In Joseph Holland nnd n captivat
ing leader of Its hovy of charming actrossoa In
Oeorglo Drew Hammore Its makeup and
t management Shell an to ensure toll np
r fsrontly n place at tho vory front among tho
permanent companies I was hoped hat
thejo players would ho soon In two
or morn pieces during the short season
ft Inq Fifth avenue but tho prosperity of
Settled Out of Curl nooms to preclude nn
Iteration of bill Thnt may be an nllMilllclont
business i reason but It would bu better for
vharlns Frohman comedians If not for his
wockot I thoy could eel tho btmcllclal ex
liprlence which would I eomo of fiuiiucnt
cliniigos work Not I alone nru thny In bn
kept In I ttt thc Dm of I Court hit I second
company will I bo sent irivvlllug I I I with I I I Tho
stock companies of AM I Ialmur Daniel Froh
man Auguntln Hall and i harlus 1rohniaii
nro nil I wanderers still I Mr lit I in ers lrlhnl1 I
nluylne i Alabama In I tho t far esl I Mr t Itl
fnor Is I on bin way buck from Iutnpo it I f Is not 1
known whether he Is lirlnelmr any foreign
Irlh1ll IIY
lays Ills theatie will bn oi 10rIu
Oct 3 to tho middle of November by
John Drew and I Tho Masked Hall mint
thereafter to thu tul of IKKJ by Ilron
lon Howards t rlitocriicy both Frohmaii
enterprises Thu lyciium company IR just
assembled In St Louis by Diuilul rrohraan lor
a tour prior to t Its leturn I homu li I tictober
Augustln Dniysnctnrs havo hunn Vt I hUe
b ho Is I In iouiliii f I Ills theatre wi lie given
over to Itlcluird Mnnsllnhl commencing Sept
1J for three weeks botoru thu start of the
regular season In October Charles Froh
minis stock company will have to Hlny out ot
tho clllnll I I Ihl t coin 11101 wi of hlRlmplie I m 1
thoUro for which great cltignnco l piomlstfd
Tho ditto I for tlm opening IH Doc lii and a new I
American drama Is then to ho put fort Id J i
ward Hnrrlgana company > must bo classed
Vflth tho permanences Us season will begin
with n revival t of an old Harrlgnn i play with
other revivals to prccudo a now piece
Tho single now pavin town tomorrow
night will bo The Face in tho Moonlight It
I from the pen of Charles Osborne nil Kngtlsh I
dramatist who ha furnished to Iho London
atase a number of meritorious works some of
which have gained poiformance In this coun
try Ono of i how1 A Midnight Marriage
was nctod by llllain Itodmiind and Mis
ThouiiH Barry on the circuits a few soisoningo
ann was thuu conspicuous for Its drnmatlo
situations nnd Itmi turso dlnlocuo rite Puce
In the Moonlight has boen purchnsod for
Amurlcon toirltory by itobort Mantel and
jvlth 0 iovly organld company lin Btnrtod
from BulTalo last Monday mvUlni what
nppenrs to liMo been a mmatmmfnt tory
test in thatcltv Tomorrow night Iltnlorr
fer tho drama for Now York approval nt Iroo
tors Iwentythlrd Street Inuuguritlng the
Benson of Unit theatre Tho scenes of the play
nro laid in 1ianuo In tho period between Na
tinlenas oscapu from Elba and his defeat nt
aturloo A muriler t n counUitelt rosum
blanoe and 1 lovo story arm Involved In limo
somewhat complicated idol Mnntull I Is tho
impersonator ot thu dual roles In I his sup
port tho best known actors mum 0 M f 1 Jordan
11 T ItlnggoM Fiunt Uirder Chni lotto Hth
rins Unmet Foul ann Marion Kale nil of
whom arn familiar I I on tho metropolitan stage
p Thu piece Is not spectacular In ho I accepted
sense but nt lroctor thorn is i never any ne
glect of the > ccnic features anti so an aiipio 1
Iirlate sotting m ty sifuly bo lookud for Man
v tellV cngngeiuuht will uxtend to October fll t > if
nil goes well On October 10 Henry Guy Carle
tons ilinma 1 Yo lnrlh ii Triu tile will bo per
ormed with Mrs I I 1 Bowers J r 1 Kellerd
I W f Owuu und othur good actors In time ca8t
s A bountiful supply of light opera is still of
fered on Broadway hit there Is I nothing with I
nn ft8psct of nowncss unless 1almors ruvivnl
ot Patlencu may be considered a eomlnov
I olty Tho DKoy troupe will nil tho charming
old work on Tuesday night Tomorrow
nleht tnoy will sing Time Mascot for the
last time und to commemorate Its unexpect
edly I lung run hjuvunlts will be distributed
9 In 1ntlenco Dicuy vvlll naturally sing tho
jiuiilbntiif i rib The music In I not exacting
nnd thn opportunities fur diullory aru numer
S oii I 1 nnd excellupt su that a veiy I inteiesllug t i I I I
I perfoimance may bu mull tc un tt ii Two now
eiuiluf will appear also leuoru Snyder who
has not men hard huiu In SOl
vil 1 > ears will m ilu her return Ill
iii fin r and ilfuft Hr will bu I mu par
i f mated by Walter Browne who Is I a
tiunuer t I In Amciitfii Hu comes from London
> and for several seasons ho was In DOyly
Curios Savoy lureuy Later ho aided tho
GvriuanIteeds in their entertainments
Brownes London reputo Is excellent and his
debut will at true attention Thu Dlxey sea
I son at lui iii mrs has been prosperous what Is
more to thu point It has been artistically suc
I cess III I will continue tiruugli September
1 Two other euiulo operas current are
Tho Victi Admlril at the I Casino nnd
Wiing at tlio Broadway Tho former has
Only u foitnlght Ictt In Its run tor thu Casinos
clam Ct I us u comic opeiu 1uouo will end on
bept Id but Wong N to intro a lengthy
revival If tho public support warrants ns
much The lady 1 or tho ligor It ia i certain
will not be I revived fur a month yot T Henry
French who now controls tho liroadwav says
definitely that I it Mils 1 plan ultimately I to do
vote tho house entirely to comic opera There
are contracts standing which mviii have to ho
tilled but when thesu arc discharged Trench
IntendH I to t rosoivc all the t time i for f lllllan I i I Itus
hijll the llostoiilans 1rinels Wilson and the
Io Wolf Hopper In this way It is moro than
t likely that a now homu of comic opera will
t bocMablislKd
A now comedian will como into Broadway
notlco tomorrow night at tho Mandaid lie
u Edwin Travels nnd his name will not be
recalled by city playgoers but he is not a
novIce by nny moans In the Western cir
cuits ho has boon a star for a number ot sea
sons and the repot IH which havo from time to
time touched here hays litcu Haltering to him I
Trnvers is young good looking and nmhitluup
Thu Vililtfln for His diuit will nn Tho irlvntu
Bccrotaiy Gillettes ofThiind tioutment of
Dur Uibliotliekar onsllj lemombored fur Its
success of half a on years ago Tho farce
has worn tolerably well considering its lone
usage Its tenure nl limo Standard is to bu nut
longer than n week however for on Sept 0
Johnstono Bennett returns to New York to renew
new her success as jolly aiic Then also
Lottie Collins will introduce to us the London
Torsion o i Tainra Boomleay This con
I junction comedy and variety will make a
powerful appeal beyond doubt
1 Old faces thnt will bo missed depart this
I well from Sinbnil anti new onos that w III
71 j bo cheerfully received will join In the glitter
t ing company that Illls tho Garden stngo those
summer nights New ronus and music are in
preparation Tho HtiulursKiis I art tireless In
their eflortsnt renovatIon and Improvement
Henry A Cnssldy their stags maiuigur lu Now
orlc has one of thu most arduous tusks lu his
line ol business 1lotn anti plans by night and
rehearsaU by I day consume thin clever joung
mans tlniu In I way to maku a stovedoio
Ilnl Among tIme < hnnguh In Ihu cast for
this week Dei tha Fwh succeeds Ada Dam ns
t alinajunili Jo < uph I GrouiisfelUur nsnumus
tho lile latuly tilled by A V Mallin i nnd Edith
Merrill lalen Ida lull place while thuchoi
1 leenlorced with new anti well lucted faces
until rilnbad boatts t that It has I Immi jmrotti oat
Mock of girls on any stairo In America Hln
bad luaiigtirated fl i third month last week
1 i I can remain unll t I Oct Id I I Then Lillian
lluisull will sine lu Thu Mountebank
From Daniel Vrolimiuis Lyceum there is
the announcement that Captain Lettarblalr
l will be tho only playacted by i I 1 Sot hern
luring his present engagement I which will
lint until November when thu stock company
i will como homy fur thu winter opening with
I new play
A revival of Thulllnck Crook will bo next
Thursday nights Inaugural I of r the t old A end
emys season Jheru havo been preparations
for Ihll nllnir so cxpenMva nnd so eluboiato
that a gorgeous production IH confidently ex
pected The ballets will bo the pilnolpnl fea f
tures Thin turpslchorcan roveli In the grotto
ol the I fairy umim den M < iiuu will IUrll l It is
promised I aiiythiie ever seen hero In spec
tacle It wii bu a Perfect arrangement in Us
harmonious groupings and blending of color
Laedi of thu gruUIIIOIS olerl represents a different
Bern nut preinltro wil i bu In vei low and
Sold And there will iiu several hundred
gurantus so that limo big stago 1
sure to bu a llvini piuioramu of
rich colorit nnd brilliant I lights I 1 hU t repro
duction of limo iiiinrturivniuryohl spectacle
It I thu venture of KULUIIO TomiMiis who has
oug bellovod that I Ihu lilac Ciook I I is good
lor another louse of life llu has surely mado
In extraordinary outlay in uilvniiue Hut
and bomern yhu e canvases era not often
displayed on New lurk stages havu minted II
doz u new act mtcs thu costumes Inc armors
have boon Impuiteducdtherc I HIO to I be neatly
twenty newcomers from luiono lu time
ballets and time specialty nets ZumIuj
Tornuchl from the Nniles l4mn i Carlo
U tho principal dancer and Anmlhi Haver
lucIfer lrlncl41 La icala < ilarlo ltlz1 I
from Vienna MeolA Guurnu from Ln Hcaln
nnd A Bertram from the London Alhambri
will bo limo othor dcbulmtes Tho vitudo
vliters lure KinaXors an eiiulllbrist from
aria hit lis l < iuallno brotluus head bal
ancers from London alt thu 1iotiuh 1 uund
lila dancers Thomas BuLorf 011 I munlii
will bt > luod nnd thu principal bullet U by
Jacobl of I the London Alhamlua In the play
jroiier George S lloblnson Will lie the Onunl
t JoJer tiprlniior 1 HritJj Ivllao Uruv Snlatla
Badle McDonald Ctrllnt Nestor Lennon 7n
dotpnc and the veteran W H Bartholomew
IonFiiffmantnti Thoro Is 1 clear field for
The black Crook at tho Aendemv and It I
may run all winter I the managerial hopes
are not astray
Plays ou the old lllalto are A Kentucky
Colonel and Klllnrney Each 1ms nn as
soinblwjo ol good actors but the Irish drama
Is I tho olevurer though It Is I by far thel least
pretentious Katie Emmett has unquestion
ably dfllghtcd her audiences nt the Mar Nbc
Is pretty graceful and earnest nnd In hoys I
clothes she Is nn altogether bewitching figure I
Hliretfdnossand oiiuroslty murk the acces
sories In Klllnriuy Tho scenery Is admir
able and tho company Is evenly balanced and
competent Thin woek ends the engagement
howcvir for Miss Etnmctt has gained
tho I llroadwny endorsement and that
wns her inaiingprh chief object In brine
Inir her to the Mar llolnud llcud
vvlll enter thnt thcnlro next week In u
rido new to time downtown stagethai of Vip
talus Abnrr larlmz In Lnnil Mo Your Wife
which he has presented > with consldotnble
success In othor cities It Is from limo
saino iTonoh I source which has 11 n plod
Inho1 to us In I different form A Ken l
tticky Colonel nt the Union Hounro has been
very much altered since It wmIit Mrst produced l
on Monday night McKuo llankln has cut out
the campmooting scene In the second act
anti has tewrltten that part of I so ns to make
the story more connected nnd bettor understood
stood The actors too have become perfect
and limo drama now has 1 fair chance to win
htstlne pioKpcrlty Its engagement nt tho
Inlon I tviuaro will I end on fcopt 17 1 and on lie I
UHli tho LlllputlaiiB will reappear In town
Tho eift side stage is I not without Its now
thing this week It will bo on view nt tho
Ylndsoi In tho lower lower nnd It Is likely
to tot a warm welcome thoro because It Is an
Irish drama with a fullllavored Irish title
Tho Shamrock Idwln Hnnford its star
makes in this pleeolils llmt conspicuous essay
in town Ho U I young and ho hits been trained
in u good school The play has been acted out
of town of late anti I smooth performance Is I
Piohnblc Delia Hunford Is I the soulirette The
llrst net shuns tho Kerry races In Ireland
in which six horses are to take part thu
second takes place In an Irish cabin home
the Ihlrt I I In i London nnd the I fourth in I
peasants cottage In Ireland Time play Is tu
be presented with new scenic amid mechanical
effects Hal McCarthys Irish drama The
Crulskoen Lawn comes to Jacobss this
week This play > Is one of Ih tow Irish
dramas In which tho redcoat nnd tim black
bottle are not Important factors It was per
formed In tho Howeiy last season and it
abounds in catchy music good dancing and
sightly scenery A novelty In mechanical tf 1
fects U I Introduced 1 In tho third net Poring
the singing ot f an Irish song 1 dissolving vlow
Is used to show tho pilnolpal scenes In Ire
land Spocimthttme hnve been Introduced since
the last appcn atico of the play In this city
Tho Crulskoll Lawn will remain two
weeks at Jacobss The Peoples play
this week Is The Vendetta which has
been acted on thu east elite onco
or twice before mid Is recalled ns
1 voty vivid and Interesting work
Its revival this arises from tho I
JA rlInl th year Irlso presence
at tho head of tlm cast of Henry Bergman the
young and forceful actor who played 11 ninun
PUt the broker In The Henrietta and was
8Ubs quentlv a valuable figure in The Rna
tor Borcmun is I ambitious ot stellar honors
and this Is his first good chance Thom out
come will to watched with Interest Harlems
east side theatre tho popularpriced Colum
bus will have 1 spectacular burlesque
lhlor mind Hy tomorrow iileht I Is not
unfamiliar down town hut it will bo novol In
Harlem where It Is likely to delight Its spec
tator The troupe Is one ot M I 1 Leavltts
various ventures Most of thin dancers and
singers aro clover and well known and sonic
uf them ate newly imported
This weeks vaudeville programmes are
chock full of Interest At Tony Pastors much
curiosity I manifested over tho bllllne ot
Harry Kernel tho Irish comedian whose
mind is said to havo become slightly unbal
anced Kernell has lone been a fnvorito with
1astirs patrons and It vvlll leuutro 1 cool
head und a stout heart to Imo the welcome
likely to bo extended to him tomor
row night William Jerome tho well
known song author has returned from
his European trip and will ho a fellow
entortnlnor with Kernell Time others on 1as
torn Hut Include Bonnie Thornton John W
Itnnsoine Cain and OrndorlT Lowry and
Evans Hall anti Devcrc thn King sisters
and the sisters Dnvore assisted by 1 A Do
verc Tho Eden Musius regular fail amid win
tor season OPUIIH tomorrow night when 1
pair of imported performers will make their
first appearance In this country They are a
manmmtmd 1 a woman named respectively Gutbal
and Grovllle and they do conjuring in a
new style Their foreign credentials Ire
first class Tho dens standard features
in tho way of waxworks and pictures
remain unchanged Koster it Dials holds
its own and thu preparations in progress for
opposition concert halls in the near future
dont seem to affect tho management whit
Thu Parisian dancu duettibts Detour und
Hartley nro still In favor while the latest
newcomer Aniann has proved himself 1 a caro
ful rm able mimic The nglle brothers llo
mimi graceful Dorothy Penning ami thu vola
tile Nadi loyal aro retained lheru Is no
chaiiKo In tho burlesques On Sept If Marie
iiuonl Is to mako her reappearance 1
Tho outdoor shows aro nearing their end
Plans aro under discussion for u tilting finish
to tho vogue of roof gardens and openair spec
tacles Tho closing weeks at Eldorado will be I
mado conspicuous by the introduction of a
number ot novelties Tho balk I to be
changed the circus performance Improved
and the concerts made more elaborate The
pretty falk on thu Palisadus nnver looked so
attractive nnd refreshing us It does now The
lawns arc green and tho foliage Is assuming
an autumnal Bnt In fact It is to tho
natural beauties of tho place that a
deal of the success of Eldorado Is due
rot not thu slightest nulbblo can be made over
time fiuuutlty and quality of entertainment of
fered Down at Manhattan Beach within
sound ot tho urging surf Gllmoros musi
cians are Indulging In their annual juhlleo of
melody The vocal effects am well looked after
by Mora Flnlayson Ida Klein Euecno Cowles I
and Victor Clod Io Tho entertainment winds 1
up with Brocks magnificent fireworks dis
play A rival fiery show and a tiptop
one too is l Pains spectacle of tItop
nt West Brighton 6plclleo largo crowds
mire In attendance on ovary propi
tious nleht For fourteen weeks the
French mimic Htalnvllle has triumphed ou
the I Casinos roof garden Ho will end his en
gagement Hept2 and on the following day
will sail for Europe Ills Impersonation of
prominent Americans has won him much
praise while his foreign caricatures are heart
II y enioytblo Others on the Casinos root bill
Include LlEzIo Dorlous Daly La Granudlna
Prof benac mind the Dorra troupe The root
programme at tho Madison Hanaro Garden Is
very meritorious tho list of entertainers
romaine practically unchanged Beginning
Sunday Sept 4 Anton Keith will circa series
of promenade concerts the amphitheatre
Tho White Squadron IMS only a week
longer to stay at thu Fourteenth Strut I Is
to undergo come radical chances befoio it
starts on Its cruUo through tho country
Manager Pearson has purchased tho play out
right from the author James W Harkliif Jr
Thoro will also bOi reorganisation of tho com
pany Elmer L Griinilln a nelltralued char
acter actor whoso Impersonation ot I slave
forms one of the best bits in tho pel form
mince his sent In his resignation to take
effect Bopt > t Grandlu has been engaged
to play loading mil rMes In support
of his wife Lva Mouutford who ex
ploited her version of East Lynno with
considerable success lust Hcanon Time
White Squadron lon to have caught thu
fancy of tho mnro patrlothi portion of tho
thetttrcgoini public Tho big scene tots l are
now moved with promptness amid accuracy
Time moet llrm Is to follow Thn White
HIUlrul nn boLt r anti It tlll hold tho
Finirteiintli Street stagu n m fortnight after
which John HuHsillncoinidlnim lire hie With
the coming of Thn Mill Alarm Author
Mammor lusciili Arthur will Introdtine his
clover itiecu lfttlo Tuesday the opportunity
arising through the IIUSDUCU of tho new laV
relathe to htrtco children Tho law cons Into
effect at the beginning of next month i was
nt Manager Ilqfcenquosts house by the way
that Arthur spiny had Itb frt hearing In ton
a mjuZe of Hoasons ugo and a duplication of
ItH loinicr tiluinph I m looked I for
Two of the weakly chanso theatres woo
added to the list of open playhouses last night
NlbloH Garden and tIme Grand Chimera house I
started for tho season and ouch held 1 lull
proportion of Its old supporters At Nlblos
thorn wmo many signs of radical alteration
TIme hl llllo theatre Is I bright and clean timid
tim uutiucleiti nr nearly all new faces ant
Alexander Comstouks nianugomant limo hioUaui i
hoems likely to win hack Romoof Its former
laurels 1ly opcnltii bill was 1 revival of
Aiouml time World In Llghty Duys not by a
Klralfy troupe It Is true but by compact
If Bimiller i organ i7iutiomi In wit If I Wllal J
riomlng u good actor ot tile old school Is tha
piinilpul pla > lng Four Thu scenery Is dab
urnto enough and the accessories generally
nro caiufiil and directive Lowor prices now
prevail nt NlbloH time design evidently beIng
to put thn homo in competition titii tho east
side thaatios Around the Woild Is booked
for several eoks ronnt Grand Iho ilnat semi
von of i Henry J ranchs management started
wlthn famlllur and worry show In limo City
Directory In this good oiamplo of contem
puraneous variety farce thtiro Is now music for
tho frxbh lour besides change In some of the
porforuinrK Lydla YeaiiiaiiMTitus a capital
Hiugpr and lively and buxom oubri > tte made
her flrht uppenranoe In thlR farce last night
burtttnumV place wan well tilled amid time show
muvod with Hit I t 11f old lirUkno e Amolla
Olo > pritlittUinc 1 Bijlioolcrttft the droll nottrn
comedian Dan > Dalr Vflttnark J C Mlron
and others of the former east were welcomed
appropriately x former Park will open
tomorrow night with 1 variety prottr nime
Hyde k n hman Its les Hps asmnie the man
agemnnt this season They Imvo made ox
tensive altetntlonii during the past few weekH
From 1 docorntlvo point pt view alo tint
houKo presents ix decided improvement over
Its last Jeeuta 1 A dozen eta of
new ncenory havo been 1 alntpd by Do la Hnrpe
Frequent changes of bill will bo the policy of
tIme manneomont nn1 durlns the year tho
mlnnJemont Iurlli eal
few of tho vaudeville companies both from
this country and abroad will be Been
there Time scale 01 price will bn popular
J5 Wl and 75 cents Tint attraction for the
n r ull week im I Hyde t Hohmane Company
Among tho performers helene Mora tho
fpmalu baritone who was something of n Ron
ntlon In Europe last lon Conroy and Fox
alton Liusim Itoss nnd tenton and Marco nnd
AlIbi In their novel act Tho Lizard Neat
The afterpiece will ben comedy sketch aald
to liMe been performed many nlRhta In I < OB
don and called The Macon Abe BIJon anti
Herrmanns remain In darkneFs but not for
many days longer Time Jlljim opens next
week with Jennie Yoamnns In her now farce
1J P wih Herrmanns starts on Sept 17 with
llorrmnnn himself In his Illusions
Mm Potter hal Bulled for this city and there
IB no longer doubt that she will act here The I
truth Is limit slip agreed to como ovor without
hesitation While John Stetson the Boston
manager was abroad thin summer ho mot her I
alI before Ta loft she hal signed to appear I
under his management Hho will receive a
salary and mnnniement InO interest In tho tour
Kyrlo bellow who Is engaging time company I
will nlso act for 1 stated sum each week and
It is 1 known too that Hollow and Mrs Potter
are engaged on separate contracts by the wily
Htetson The now play purchased by Htotnon
Is from a lola novel and will be tested In Bos
ton I It falls Mrs Potter will fall back on
her repertory An admirable actress has
joined Hirrios 1iohmana forces In Mary
hhaw She will go into the John Drew sup
port Miss Shaw hnsstarrod promisingly and
she Is a very ambitious und clover wo
man rime 1mmpjior that wit variety farce
with more nolso than wit is to hao another
star marl Thompson was Its that headlight
the Into Kale Cattiototm I Its second and Emma
llnnlcy its third but Miss llanley has developed
oped nn nllectlon of hor vocal chords so her
manager declarer ami she will retire To nil
her plneo Anna lloyd late of A Trip to China
town has been engaged Chariot Frohtimn
hn counted his companies He will have six
teen troupes cm tho road this season to lay
nothing of thnt highprice outside attrac
tion Lottie Collins This showing tops the
record Lotlo I moans Theresa Leltner the
AmborgB leading actress imust year Is going to
try uu 1 LiiKlishspenklnK tour Jlartha Mor
ton will supply the play and the trait
leln will study nsslduously until shu Is
ready 11 start Francium llspn nnd his
wife will sail llrt Europe this week Tho come
dians not ceneon will not open until Nov 14
and he will stick to Thn Lion Turner trust
PosBart the German tragedian his decided
not to fulfil his contract for an American tour
under Htiuirt nol ons control Hobson had
gone to homo expense hut Possurt pleaded
lit health nnd there wis no alternative but t
call tho tour off Tho Star had been engaged
cll iossrirt from Sept 5 to the 17th but Uolund
Ituod has token tho l time I Emma de Castro
familiar as H child actress will come forward
as n star tomorrow night in Philadelphia In a
seneationul playNework Day by laywhlch
was acted last season with Lottie Williams as
Its star Fruncesclna Paris the dancer who is
as graceful as agile and as comely as any
promlcro seen here in mal years has agreed
to lend her art in ono of the scones of The
Venclnsr Musttir tho now opera for Marie
Tempests use W H Crane after a vacation
principally doNoted to the healthy recreation
of yaohting varied by Du zarda Hay polities
and Msliing will got down to the business of
Ishlnl company will assemble In Chicago
on hpt 111 There are no changes of note In
their makeup rime American Minister
will be the continued play Itehearsals of tho
WnrdoIumes company will start tomorrow
Tames will have his wi in Irancesch da
Itlminl Wnrde his In Tho Lions Mouth
ammo the pair will get an ouual opportunity in
Julius Cirsar
Something unusual but not unprecedented
will occur in this weeks amusements A
Trip to Chinatown will be acted simul
taneously at two theatres the Madison Square
and the Hnrlnm Opera House Tho achieve
ment is noteworthy to bo sure out It has led
oinelmutiy on lloyts staff Into tho error of an
nouncing that this Is time llrst time in the an
nuls ot thn American stage that Mich a thing
him occurred I It cnl Is well I to remember f
nearly forty years ago Uncle ioms Cabin
was simultaneously acted at two city play
houses and that tour or live other pieces have
Blncl 11t similar record here not to men
tion 1lnafore In London indeed Uncle
Torn was at one time at the height of Its
miccflis running on the boards of no fewer
than twenty theatres at one time Hoyt
Trip however will bo enjoyed hugely
up town as well as down town Many
changes have been made In the oast
necessarily Anna Boyd who has played The
lliiMir since the blocs was llrst acted has re
tired to become the star of Tho Dazzler on
the road Her role in tho Madison Square cast
will lie assumed tomorrow thereafter by
Oeraldlno MeCunn a pretty girl and a lively
sautirotte In Harlem 7Ao Widow will bo
laura I Iticgar a newcomer in tho Hoyt forces
lUsH iilggar ban been a star In Hho and
other plays anti bus enjoyed a varied and
helpful experience on the circuits Burt Hnv
erly will piny tho hypochondriac Uflantl
Miimt in llnrlorn I antI Minnie llcnwood will do
her scrpcntlno dance there while Bessie Clay
ton will perform her high kicking at the Madi
son iSquure n > > before lillfoll and Beano are
also to go to Harlem to play their original
roles It WIIH nt the Harlem Opera House thnt
this jolly play had introduction to New York
Plagiarism of plays will bo more than usu
ally prevalent this season but time offenders
will be detected and exposed in most cases
Tho Windsor has had old material disguised
as new during each week of its season so far
TJot only WIIH last weeks farce The Colonel
a filch but the preceding weeks play Jerry
was also produced under false prvtoncos Its
star und alleged author was John W Sum
mers und it was announced that the drama
was original But Hummer did It in thin
country llo years ago ns A Xoblo Brother
and oven then it was declared by TUB bus to
be n plagiarism Ono manager nt that time
asserted that it was n rehash of Only a
Romans Heart another that it contained
material brunt I The Inshavoguc and
still another that it owed much to
Trodden Down Oracle Emmett who
was this costar with Summers It at the anti
of the first week In tho world of realty now
plays a recent contributor Is li I J Swart who
has written lossott Fairy which will bo
tried In a fortnight U U Ventura who Is of
Italian birth and for years was a teacher ot
lungungcs in Boston recently produced n
now society comedy enllod Nobility Ills
earlier trnma Alexandra is well remem
bered and narrowly ml < scd making its au
thor noted An Irish Stow is time lather
taking title of a now farce by Annie Mack
Bcrloln a eternn actress who will be In Jet
fereonx company this ponKou Irish Loy
nlty tho new comedy drama written by Mar
oils Murlorty for W Andrew Mack stains to
Imvo delighted its Initial audiences Mack Is
u capital singer and he Is I good looking and
grncelul flu admirers declare that ho Is the
coming Irish comedian but lint estimate
taken no account of Carroll Johnson who Is
just as liaiidHOmo it cleverer dancer nut a bad
singer nnil nn OIlH y nctur Lndy Lll und
Time White hiiundron are to lit rewritten
the ltttoi by Augustus Thomas and the former
hv Inwieii 1 < Mnrstiii Its author An author
revision of Ills oui work can hardly bo so
radical und helpful I editing by another but
1IIIIsion huts acknowledged his errors In tho
thumo and to no of Lady Lll nnd ho may
Hot It Into shape alter nil The company re
main Idle this week durlngtho reconstruction
Them has been friction between tho phn
mint and tho mnnnguimint Gustuvus Lovlck
tho leading mun la not In harmony with his
surioundlngs and ho may retire it anything
better turns up Bamuol 1dwards who mud
a success In u comedy rule has complained
that promises ruadu to him as to his wages
Imvo not been fultlllcd to the letter Frank
Koinhle who had been playing two tiilon
doubling at short notice left the cast Iud
dodly nn Tuesday and Murftou himself was
compelled to pity on that night Komblos re
tirement lOoSe out at a dispute as to the
amount of hU wages Claude Brooke who
scored HID real hit In tho play has resigned to
So Into A Trip to Chinatown Frank Men
tier has boon ruhcar lng Lany the Lord nt
tutu Inlon Hciuaro II 1 1 T Irihati who plays
time star part repicsents a split I nf time British
nrlbtuciney who falls III hove with n wealthy
Amoilean widow lli elects to woo her in time
garb of u footmnn and takes tire place of hU
Iilth Valet lolllllIcall mire thus IIInd by thn
master becoming man und the man matter
The play will haoa mmm sit molOl II an Jim out tiction
ufttr tour Ldnard Kvorut Klco II I once more
111 I evidence Next I Saturday night In I float on
ho will bring forth his new company In time
llrst priifoiloiiiil i icrlornim i ii floe of ltf I a m
hlxtoilcnl hull rlemi tm p by liariiet and Illuccer
RIco has been ut worL Homo weeks on the text
null fccoic Peiuglnl i who hasnt been hoard
in Aineiica for many nionlli will sing tlm
iWiiiniiji role nntl Thurosn Vutmhn and others
known In burlesque nnd turin will ho I In the
cast lime show itili bo elaborate us ID I
fcunces and erxtumeu Later It will
bo ioAod In thin city A Olldpd Fool
the American comedy which Henry I < lily
rnrloton hurt written for Nut Cloodwln wilt Ie I
acted for the llrst time nert Jhiutday U in
n Mlth Aouuo booking lor November In
Chleago last week Ledercrs lomedlatia ap
peared for the llrst time In u comedy called
Dl > oicd Day It Is made Irom tho Oerinnn
fnroo 1ltl mind wn put Into incllsh by
Benjamin lloeder We rocnll It us lbs
bund and Wlfn s when It uasnitrd In Harlem
u meat or more ago by Humnierstelns com
pany Ita first not alfn closely rcsombles the
opeuing act of Thu Jast Mtuvr For 1U I Chi
cago iiroduethin II had bern locnllred anew by
hlrk La Hhelh m exnewniaper writer now
insielateil with Iederer III tlm management of
HIP IllKt s auh k vojqpatiy
Tb B rlat of Sir eaJat
Net a tear wn ihed with onr sighs of rtll t I
An out ot the white house In burrKdi
Not a Fore bill brOIlt stood un guard
At the poll wtitr pr Benny was bnrltd
W honed him IOf1 from morn till Bttkt
At lbs hearts of November wire fttllnit
By Ibo ample ran ot the sitar Ujht
Beyond any chant of recalling
neeteet niket tncloeed hie remain
tier In iheite nor In flan w 0 vourd html
Bat B < lay like a soldier hits rot blo doe
With the Bloody Shut wrapped around him
Lone and load were the prayer wa eald
Ae Die far of bnlldoilnn were on
And we tacerly booited him out of the chair
To make room for Adlat and Ironer
We thought ae return from New Tart came IB I
All hie chanceS saul hopes to mother
will the great Jamea 0 now dune with gts
On lie graYs of his lour loit lirotber t
On tha Eighth of Koremheri letting inn
Iii liarit wae that days ixtiplrlni
We heard the great putt ot the burial gus
And then came our tarn for firing
Tie i tha last sad blow to mart old Ben
Ae wa leave him atom In his dotagi
Turning sorrow to glee I with llaby HcKe
On the porch of nil Cap May cottage
ills dailr wai eager tor Force bill fame
Do be eotiifht to bet Cleveland and Weavers
But now be U covered up Force bill and all
In tbe depths of his grandfather bearer
Moult Auir 56 Jlclt SIUOIIo
Not In II I
Fivm tAI Bottim traitvrtpt
Down In tie ireen orcnaH cool and ihady
IIW fIIn h Nr
D11 r
A hammock ewing dreamily t > and flu
Anil in III Is I rilling the damtleit lad
ABd by her side i > tier mmmer beau
llli glance with fond admiration are Ulen
llo whIsDeri mmii I lot In her willing ear
Now woiilil you bcliev It r that rrlvolou maids
OBCC lltendto ma In bat way lat racy
Ya llitened and pronilied her lore 10 mo emily
And ibererore cant cay I relish thin Oiowi
reman Im a tool but I tel rather lonely
toy Im not IB I It today dont you know
Down In time green orchard ooland shady
A hammock Kln way with a terrible crass
Then all in a heap fall the dainty young lady
And yonder br lover thee Oat on nit back I
llli feature ral iartld I exprMttnn are wearing
Ills ran II lass stilts bran many a Main
Ileii inltllng out gravel and mentally swearing
lie nrvfr will IWIIIK In a hammock aaalni
And as for bo maid ahee lbe plctur nf aadna >
Ami an for myieir I do notuinn hut crow
And moarilly chuckle with latlined glailntia
rot Im not In It today dont you know
An Old Violin
Foei I5e 4I1OIIy Ag
Behold tldi rare Cremona master It
rwlll ring an twere an angst uut to hand
Unmillril Hi but for uaiiiel rabhlih ni
old worth 10 much One read and uiidentand
Twe wont tohak men h ariii ai when the wind
bet all the leaves I a quiver tow u lien
With all Its sweet nul mutn and undlvlnd
triced at so much A tout for sale 1 who buys r
On says tin scratched and aely gummed and italaed
Ho can buy liandiomer fur mesa I > o mmbil I
Another ipiri a crack or real or felened
A thlid note rand U I pleated to mint U out
Endure rndnre thou maitern child I Even 110
Are noble iplrlti cartxd at all unknown
1n lk
While In their heart divinely swell and How
Tbe harmoulei which geniuS hear alone
Jisks BrctsaL
Swing Awn Dab
From tie ft Jamas ftjrttte
Pwlnj away Baby in Ibo tree top
Though the wind blow 1 Ive no tear that youll drop
Khould the bough break U wont matter at all
Other below you can catch In your talL
fiwlnir away Baby your little flit
shown how > our forefather need to exist
In yon wae lingers a llobmion ices
Fruof that your anceitori Und up In trt v
Swing away Baby It your hand grow
Tired yon ran rest It by uilng your toe
Fore bout and shoes have dlitorted the Ihape
Due to the ancient quadrumanou ape
Swing away Baby Monkey and man
Both have been made upon one common plan
One mining I testily youR live to bewail
Only a rudiments left of your tall
Swing away Baby iwlngt Von bare not
Need or a cradle a crib or a cot
llanilon or cottage or lodging or flat
Tree ouly tree arc your true habitat
The Ioar GirL
From Ac Someff Vlt Journal
The Summer Girl is I coming home
All browned and plump and roy
Prepared to make he winter seem
Extremely Die and casey
abs bathed and danced and walked and ailed
And read a book and flirted
Till t C tbe yunair men sits ha lett I
Time whole world stems deserted
Tb mush of health It In her cheek
With Inn her eyes are dancing
Tha flush of conquest In i ber heart
Makaallfe seem mot entrancing
All aoon ihell be the Winter Girt
And we iball bow before her
For she wan mad to be adored
And therefore we ador ber
Free Ste rout t Camp toe
Eomellme when the scent of arly Hay
terms thiouKli HIT window a soft spring day
I eliut m > eyed And can seem to lee
Little labie Jim In the apple tree
Playing umpire juitfor fun
rltl n flud
In the racos lie never might hope to run
And can hear mimi Laugh ci he atiouteil gay
One to mak ready t
Two Io be steady I
Three and Away I
Never a race wa there for Jim
1aver a raura marked out for him
Butt atwal tie ho1 a with tender cars
Bur him ollllllih soft Iy air
AIII bolstered him up 10 the tree ID slats
WIth a Tbete old rlterl I aleC that great I
Now give its a 1rI must vera you kllOWI
1 tile to mali read1
Two to be stesit I
hro amid 0o
Over the brook and down the lane
Through tie mracloff and back again
And Mm would forgot his dignity
and lean mar oul flum his perch to tie
Si alerting the boys ai they 1 leaned the wait
III I Ron Hill run I I I could hear blm call
And mi chanting < nice 5u the victor came
The first the belt
The neciud i the paine
Tne lasts Ihe wont ut all the gam1
Pear llltte Jim llli race U I run
llli alii are cleared and bn victory an
t time boys rums their ryei with grimy paws
Ne mfU race they lay tW
Jinms not In the true to ian ui fair
Its no fun plaj Ing with Jim not vtiern
Nubody el > e kunwn how tu nr
the to make ready 1
Two to lie I tcady I
Three and Away t
1lIeellye PlaJIII
fittm tte nntXm G tr1frr
Though I concede my better hat
For inline linn lio ptiKm
Sor ikill mill any luitrument
1 bet DOW li I In I mba ullilon
No talent for fanuila
Uavuttt or uluii
there It i niinlc In tho air
Wheneer lime play th hu
Sh iturt to iprlnUc t down the Irt
lime turn lu muck tor Any
And meanwhile oak and laturat
A paiilng punic farly
Then jfardrnivard nozzl turn
Al by the pun gor
And thus the babys drenched and choked
Mieniny wlfe > its l I tIme ibis
She IhlnVi ti iir Jn a perch that long
Her earn Ccc lent invldn
And itorrui Ihe upen window whet
list Kullclei ipome I wrulng
Ipmlh JI I mat an uln I iinjuit khe
7hegu > untain Ihrowi
And wakes A iiiitinnat 1 repun
boar abs pity the hose
Grub Hlrtct Ioadoi 173
Fran At JLIIaal Fttnlitl JWnal
n dingy street whore gtnlni lit
Half rind her torch where Job on wit I
rioughd through mba pretence of bli tlnii
M here iioldioiiiu I built I lit I Ictly rhyme
J rrtrr
And ba age died and timollell wrli
What narrlck born to charm the nit
r I Irit mid the royal biukln I flt
And trod tbe tragic image iiibllme
A dreary Iratt no lenger Bit
Marved author In and out of It
They drtnlyn n < > more In gloom and grim
In ilrn of deal In caves or crime
To UU drr rotei Ihey now Subunit
11 dlniry Hreet J v Minuiwa
The r KkMa Midsummer Mclit 80r
Krlrk krlcl trIck brIck
101l11t hOI lent It 11011 I
Krlckeij krlck krlcktty krlck
Whether ynnr well whether yonje tick
Whether you like It or not
liutll hot I hll It lust I
Krlckv krlcky krlcky Vrlck
Krlcl hick brick hick
Nn breath or ahreeze
lieitlrrlng Ibo trees
Or blowing on ensue or cot I
Krlck tricky krlcky brick
limit II hot I ntll hot I
The locusts chirr the tree toad ctieei
Too hO totliepl Too bet to ileept
We ling It too
flue lung night through
Now high now low
Now quick now flow
Tgid rgad Eadl I
Krlcky krloky tricky krlck
Krit L trick krlck trick
Whether > ou 1110 It or nt
Ualilball I I
hnIII sad I
111 It Hot hot I lull l W P Llwijrgpp
Korea OAT SCIBXCK AND rtDusrnr
A Blmplo and effective method of oxamlnlre
mines In respect to their prevalent atmos
phere has for some time past boon employed
at Kotiehold near Anclion Germany and li I
likely from its results to bo extensively re
sorted to A cnshoHor Is placed In Ibo chlot
tent Hat Ing shaft and Is so arranged that It
becomes Ullod in twelve hours In limIt
way It being possible to obtain n fair aver
age sample of the mine air Tho air IhllH col
heeled IK examined by means of n crlsomctcr
any free carbonic acid cas that may he pres
ent U nbiorbod hy caustic soda und Its pnr
cent BO estimated by noting the diminution
In bulk The marsh gas U l then dacompoNod
by a platinum wire heated to Incandescence
lr means of an electric current A further
diminution in bulk take plane under this nr
rllnlemcnt not tint doltrllo being noted the
porcnntnca of marsh gns In the pit air can bo
calculated and time necessary precautions bo
observed accordingly
Somo ot tho points of difference between
rnmlo fibre and silk at materials for manu
factured goods arc regarded as in favor of the
former according to the most recant tests
ndthouRh not possessing the gloss character
blng ordinary Bilk partakes more of time dead
silk property In black no much desired In ex
pensive goods Silk however wound off Ilium
cocoons from eight hundred to 01111 thousand
yards lone mind doubled In tho winding
soTun strands while ramie bolng short
must he carded anti spun like raw silk
or broken silk and therefore Is not mixed
With line slllc In the war nnmotlmes sp iketi
of It If niter made Into thread used
to mix In the body time strongest parts needed
for tint warp or Iiiilnlg anti sometimes for tho
body of the fabricBilk being used for time
raised glosiy figures or tlnwors thun giving n
tasty contrast and exquisite shading In wool
mixtures ramie can be out or graded to the
even lengths anti corded anti spun nun com
Plete mixture benefiting tho wool by Its supe
rior strength gloss and finish tho wool mak
ing tho nap and warmth tho ramlo alone
being porous and cool for aumuior wear
In a chemical lecture given br Mr Thomas
Turner the wellknown metallurgist at Illr
mlngham England the statement Is made ai
mbodylng tho rcsnlu ot hit own practical
experience covorlnc many years In cantIron
manufactures that whom special strength in
needed euro Is essential to havo not only tho
right chemical composition hut also the size
and shapuof thin canting suitable tu tho iron
employed some Iron icing stronger In small
castings than in large while In excep
tional Instances just limo opposite Is time
eaRn According to this authority too
there aro In sonic forms of patterns
with abrupt chnnges of shnpo planes
of crystallization developed anti these urn the
causes of weakness Consequently whore
great crushing st length Is reiiulred tIle Iron
should bo hard nnif white or nearly FO for
transverse strength a very closegrained gray
Iron gives tho best result and wham tensile
strength Is most wanted the ruqulxlto charae
tcrititlcs of the Iron are that It should be soft
and n good working metal but Mill close and
dense again when Iron Is ton suit It runs
easily and tills time mould but It is weak
For use under certain conditions an Impor
tant Improvement has boon made in the con
struction of locomotive steam permanent way
travelling cranes In n sixteenton apparatus
of this kind the operating enclnes consist of
a pair of ito vertical typo with cylinders eight
and onehalf Inches diameter and twelveinch
stroke and those rocolvo steam from a boiler
seven feet HX Inches high miami four feet six
Inches diameter low built with n largo com
bustion chamber over tho firebox anti Gallo
way tubes the boiler him been touted hydrati
iiuaiiy imp to 110 pounds and by steam up to
between soventyllvo and eighty pounds per
miiiaro Inch Tho llli is constructed on limo lat
lice p inelple with a curved head to allow ot
heavy loads being dealt with limo crab sides
are of mild blind plates firmly scoured
to time top and bottom swivels and thn latter
havo antifrIction rollers for running on u
turned path to reduced them stress caused hy
tile load on the central column The hoisting
motion In of doublupurchasn spur gcarlntr
controlled by a clutch and lover and powerful
friction brake A feed pump injector and
tank are provided for supplying tlio food
water Tho cnrrlaso Is propelled by bevel
wheelH gearing with time engino shaft by
moans of spur and mltto wheels anti driving
tho transverse ihnlt under the carriage ou
which aro two cranks connected up by coup
line rods and cranks to time travelling wheels
of the ermine
It Is a somewhat rcmarknblo fact thit though
stool Is intermediate In chemical composition
between wrought Iron and cast iron contain
ing moro carbon than tho one and less than
limo other its properties nro Quito different
from either of them it may bo made to re
semble either of thorn alternately but It la
principally used In a third condition and in
Its capacity to assume which him great value
of stool consists llriofly annealed steel has
nearly all the proportlim of lead hoinc very
soft and mnllable hnidenod steol lias nearly
all tile properties of glass being very hard
and brittle tempered steel has moat of tho
Piopcrtlos of whalebono being hard buynt
thu smurume tint elastic Tho chemical change
which takes placo durlne those processes has
not yet boon discovered Again it Is a te
marlcablo fact that the spoclllo gravity of
hardened steel In less than tlmt of tho unburd
ened another singular point being limit steel
of course expandx with heat itnl when Ills
allowed to cool slowly regains its original size
but if It be cooled suddenly the only way In
which It can bo hardened although It con
tracts very much it does not Quito reach tho
small size of the unharduncd Mate
The IXinubi lilvcr which Is the means of
water communication for Vienna with time Red
Spa Is not navigable by large fillips owing to
shoals and rapid currents but tint Austrian
Government is endeavoring to remove the ob
stacles time chief of these being what Is known
as tho Iron Oate n rocky gorge between IJou
mania and Servin on the Hungarian boundary
engineering work now being conducted for
this purpoa contemplates n channel some six
thotiFind night hundred feet long the sides of
the channel to bo formed by two walls of ma
sonry lie river hued between thasowulls to be
blasted out tha amount of rock necessary to
be thus romovftd being about three hundred
and twentytwo thousand cubic yards and In
order to heciiro the necessary depth to time
water tile upper end of the walls hits to bo
flared out to form a funnelshaped channel
Coal washers are now being Introduced in a
modified form of the plstonjleeor having an
arrangement for scroplne the surface and re
sieving the top of the washer layer undor treat
ment It consists ot a slovo plate 10 feet lone
and 1i feet wide Ills npeituros being largest
noxt the feud md fixed on a pyramidal hutch
having n Ilungor box attached to ono of tile
June hllden and nn opening variable by ad
justable slides for the discharge of theheavior
waste on the other iho piston is u clr
culti noodcn suite moved by an cccen
tilo nnd communicating motion of tile
water In tile liuloh through a ciifli
Ion nf air con lined above time water In the
piston box Ihe 1 Scraper In n hatrovvIILo
rrami Pusponded bra system of jointed roils
iibatu tho t sIeve plate And receives motion
finiii n cam acting upon time cmmterpoihed
mm i of an Hiigln liner which given a slow for
Hard and ijuick return motion Tho frame U
connected with a slide opening tho t feed hop
per mid moo to allow n fresh portion of material
in bo dropped upon the pinto at thueoarso end
at tlm commencement of each stroke where It
Ishiihjectcd to hut moat energetic notion of
lie tvuitmil irlillo Iho firmer portions of previous
chat geb brought to tIme surface are < drawn for
ward hy time teeth projecting fioin time frame
tnnard the discharging end funnily tho
frame H so suspended as In pass clear of the
chaicu on the return stroke
An Improved form radial thrill Is now hull
which appears tu realize the highest utlnlnubln
usefulness of thatlnutrunicnt It has n length
of arm measuring 7 foot mid Ii i Inches and will
dtill to the centre of a circle IJfootJ Inches In
dlitmetcr In addition to time other features nf
I tile mnchlne which roomier It peculiarly ad
vantitfeous for limo best kind of f work pro
vl lon Is I madrt for readily I I moving Ihe i saddlo
nil the arm nit her from the end uf the arm or
hut n hand wheel nn the saddlo itself tho latter
being l > conveniently connected liy iovsi l gears
to thesplined shaft which runs alone under
tile mirmli und by means of spur gears Is con
upctrd to ItmtraYersliii screw Tho illnmutor
ol the column Is fifteen seconds height 10
feet height over nil Including the counter
shaft 14 feet weight about IVXKJ pounds
According to a foreign journal the iuiet
practicable method joining narrow vuIcan
bred rubber belts both ends having hacu put
together at a light angle they mire to bo pro
vided with two rows of holes anti strapped
together With broadholtn elthura thin plccu
ol leather or a pleco of rubber belt is Io tin used
ou the hack vide In order to strengthen tile
conne tlnn the pieces used for thin purpote
to correspond In luueth according to tits
width of the licit and ovved or riveted
In place and In sewltie the belts thould bo
placed on a belt stietchor in ordur to avoid In
jury Timer mimi ulsu mateilally improved nnd
made mom durable hy npi i u lying I a eontlng
coni posed of equal pulls ut idfuK lend Hiid
lltlmice I hojled In I linseed oil n mu ill clout
quantity 51 Uniting lidded to Insure speedy
drying If from any cruse the ruMxr Ktiould
scale off the belt Is to be coated anew In case
of any tendency to slide the InslJo in to be
molMened with ItofSfd oil
1 s
hews end Eiplonntlona of am Anlkorltr sun
Kltelrlrnl Self nee
Flep SAP Mfrks Jesiee
Ills refreshing after the deltieo of nencs
tlonnl nonsense In limo dally PMSS about the
trolley system to read In time Ilttuburgh Zli
patch under tho above heading sucli sensible
remarks as thoso
The fftctltloui natnr ot the attempt to mite the
nubile btlievn In certain clllen that the trolley H cx >
ceiuionnllr ileailly U I reeal In a iirikng Phil bv tima
lait article III Ui Vc w York llwM on that lubject
This artlcl contamj n Hit of toe accident on tie elfc
tric line in Ooluinhu for the year enJrtl with the tint
of m lit umomitlm It giteia hit nt invtiitt ilx aliened
accident aiidtit Uml iiuiubcr there i wa omclly elms
cauird by electric ihovk due to the peculiar nature of
time trolljy wire
The oIlIer eventvflta were merit a rttiv method of
trantli i fast sr than the hnr e cur lube to i tmd uumua
of tiiein i are roniinini to m the linne ttr I i > r liiilan
whon we tImid the I Hit > veiled br iu < h ss tslutilei n < time
foiidwiiiir Unknown woman wvrrely mid uimnet 1 while
itenplntr oft nor Ire arr lmpetil to act whiherltu
the tie of th nppuneiitu ot time trIll y that car
ihould be lurnUh I Illch peopln u Ill tint have to step
on from It In tin cnio Him fourteen ot tlu cement
SIX Allegfi ravua mice u Oct lliotiH i or perion injure
while gelling nit or nil the Mra a ylos i > t nocldent
only poKlble from the tarelenncK er weak neit uf lie
paMenger Allnoft the entire Hit ot ca unltlr ttlll
iirodiiteil tothow i mu icuily niiurrnr the trolley cys
lem provei mutt imituit nr tho run It i may trIm tliat
there U I nut In t > roidlug rapid trauiu With greater
peeil thn the Mint like mere of the hone ran hut s i
tar an the perullnr nature or tha trolley U ciincrned
Hi learch alter accldema duo from yields lurprlinif
ly atuall return
The trolo iniiulil be abntlihed when a prictlc
ubklltute ii I found for U on ncionnt of it enrnin
brance ot i ItS streets Hut the nvldent mitt lllltt to inaii
utActurqrnlamlly liitn with it hlcli it can tie charged
nrnM its owtm tnKHv liy time fart that ibout us per
cent uriho rasuallle cited io tar are Out dug to limo
trolley at all
Wholl ono rends time absurd headlines con
tinually sot forth In tho newspaper audi ns
The Fatal Trolley Trolleys Latest Victim
Another Death by Trolley Ae and thon
reads on only to Mini It a case of mechanical
accident with which limo eloctrlo current had
nothing do one is Inclined to ask why great
metropolitan newspapers should be guilty of
such debauchery of truth As n rule the news
paper of the porlod Is I nothing if not sensation
al Newspaper like other business enter
prises are conducted for profit and profit lies
In n heavy circulation and extensive advertise
ments HensatlonrU news attracts a mass ot
Idle renders and advertisers keep watchful of
the fact Hut when the press Oils Its columns
with such arrant nonsense an does about tho
trolley systam it does a wrong to a legItimate
enterprise and makes a fool of Itself
Dlgnllled and conscientious criticism I Bright
and Is welcome at all times but with scarcely
an exception the articles published on time trol
ley in tho dally papers only make their claims
to enlightenment and knowledge of truo prog
ress a subject for contemptuous cachlnnatlon
among the technical journals and those of tho
masses who observe and sift out tho truth for
themselves It seems to us it is the duty of
the managers of the dally press to put a stop
to this wholesale prostitution ot facts about
thn trolley system
The Pittsburgh Jitj > aMi Is a good example
ot careful consideration and truth seeking It
has analyzed time wild statements made by an
other paper nnd found time truth namely that
tiN pur cent of time casualties cltod are not duo
to the trolley at all They are due to a variety
ot causes Incident to any system of rapid
transit 1very one of these opponents of the
trolleyedmitsthero is no objection to tile stor
age battery system of propulsion This in
curious seeing that the US per cent of acci
dents would be just as liable with the one as
with the othor The speed would bo time same
time motors tho Ha mo tho humming of the
commutator tho same Mechanical accidents
from carelessness and neglect of rules by pas
sengers would bo and are just as frequent
Iloncc tho greater part ot tint objections of
such opponents Is mere twaddle and betrays
their Insincerity
Tho only valid objection then must bo simply
that which distinguishes time trolley from the
storage system and that Is the existence In
tho lormor of tho overhead wires and ot those
only the bare trolley wires can bo the object of
fair attack us the food wires are heavily pro
tected and have novorcauHedanaccideut Tho
objectors would have the trolley wires prohib
ited if they could blnmlnc every accident on
electricity nnd forgetting tlmt mechanics has
anything to do with the matter Hut as a
matter of tact mechanical construction has
in many cases been faulty towing to want of
experience ot course and the poor engi
neering line resulted in u broken and fallen
trolley wlro The electrical feature is not to
blame tint mechanical but the attack con
tres on the electrical factor all the same It
cannot hold itself up any more than the Brook
lyn Bridge The latter Is but a gigantic span
of vvlros but its engineers built for durability
on data previously experienced Only now
practically are our electric trolley engineers In
the position to know just what does meet the
requirement and trolley wires aro being put
up which will stay up Time only remaining
objei lion lies In the unsightlinees of the over
head structure With thn pretty Iron or steel
poles now bolne used and better designing of
the whole nonal structure the objection bo
comes trivial
AH to accidents from the electric shock the
trolley system surely has made a splendid
record liven Its bitterest enemy cannot use
tho lingers of ono hand In summing up such
accidents to passengers although several
billion passengers have been carried un
harmed by tIme many electric railways in the
United Mates
Newspaper writers should stop and think
before making their absurd declarations
They should remember that capital U most
sensitive about Investment that conservative
business men have invested nearly UOOt0
OUO In electric railways in thin country and
In so doing have vastly enhanced the pub
Ito convenience It Is almost time universal
experience that where ono passenger rode
behind horses two passengers now use
the motor cars Is It not then absurd for
time newspapers to contend that the trolley Is
dangerous to life and limb and to try to give
the Impression that time trolley system IB ad
mittedly but a temporary makeshift I Is It not
a little peculiar hint all those assertions are In
tho nature of predictions and not the relation
of facts realized howe hear continually
demands for limit taking down of the trolley
system In localities whero its advantages have
been tested
Let time newspapers he a little more liberal
to scientific attainments and accurate writing
In selecting editors and they will be not only
eulltyof ls selfstultification but will do lens
Injustice to legitimate enterprises of large Im
portance and great public convenience
Am Incident of Ibe flrat Meellnt of the Free
Moll Purly la KarBtE
From i rraliltirlan
To those who have come to Saratoga for a
number ol years it has become full of remi
niscences and of memories frostily awakened
by the old haunts We looked at a spot on the
IultZLi of onu of the largo hotels at which a
eioup nf men were wont gather in the even
In long years ago Thu writer was the young
est of the company and though not the old
esl the chletcst of them was Dr Horace llush
nill nf Hartford then In his splendid prime
Tho Free boll party was starting Into ox
litcnce and to consolidate and enlarge lImo
party In the Stab of Now York a convention
tillS hold In rmrntogn followed by a mass
meeting In the wood adjacent to Congress
spring Horace Grcoloy was the animating
si lilt of time movement and on the platform ot
the muss meeting the white coat and the white
fncf of tlm famous editor were conspicuous
The malingers of the Infant party which was
Cut I brie mm ii i Its banner ns n party of high
moral hiuas sought for it the benefit of
clergy Hint asked lr Jiuslmell to open the I
neetlnc In the woods with prayer Iii du
elliott nnd advlsod time gunllcuinn who
brought tile request to secure lime sorvicesof
llev I ilr I Ilieovni who was then In I Hlrsi oem
and who Im thought hud taken upnpodtloti
on the growing antiSlav uryc iitrovernv I In I I i ad
vanco of his own und thenlure could wore
onrneKtly pray in I their behalf t
lioth divines were however on the plitform
nt tho t mass meeting ns tho pimplo I mimt im t roil
H bout it itur I some reason not explained I mr
< hoover nllppod uivay from lh i platform Into
time surrouiidlng woods Hi lliisin llsnw the
iijovoinont a nil went Into the I woods in I another
illnictloii Meanwhlln all pr > llniln tries went
attended to i nliesldent I and m I Seen tarv elected
and Installed In their t plai < 4 nnd tiimomm the
Iresldent I mit lcppcd I ftirvvnid and i 81 ild Time
mutitltiu will be oponvd with prater hy the
llnv Dr Ihecvur of New Yoi k and turned to
wimore it hue supiKiM1 I Ilr I linev r Wiisslttlne I
Dr I m 1 ii actor wan nut Ihnie t i To relievo his
I iii lmltrnmsas Ui Oil I semi lll one penr who was II g
noruit ot lImo sltuuilon spoUu a tutu words in
Ills ear and accepting I thn t Information I ns cor
rect liii I urn miul usguim ii totliiMiiidlcncenndinid t
Dr Chiuver Is not piesenl but I have thn
iii en a II no cit sitiiti C I lust prater I will I i bu mado by
thn hey Dr lliiHlinidlot Hartford
He looked on th > i iiinU of men bdilnd him
but Dr I llushtie I I I 1 wa ut not to I Im si en The
halriniiii ie < oired from Ilio double embar
rils iiiiiid HiilliliiUly > to say
A our friends m thn clergy seem roluctnnt
to f IDIu I I ivlth th I u t u tlmm wo ii illhavoto i
proceed without paitr m
In the evening uf the same day tile usual
group asfcnlilcil In Hioinerof tiu < plaza of
Cult C rosa Hall I I Dr I I lliishnell I WHS there I hut
said noihliigiif time aftornoons meetlneor of
his MUlet duippoaiaiiO from hue ieenu hud
ilenly some onorame I ill mutil ng long and In I
quick omi hallc tones I raid
ir Iliihnell do you knowvrliit Horace
Giortlev kiiKof ion
Nn I said Dr I Itmiclm net I and I iarn little
Well I suld thu man he onys that the I next
time I I you and oihen iofu so tim pray i for their
Free Null niKetlngH there u vigorous oath of
the wntthful editor was Inserted he will pray
I hope ho will aI4 Pr BusriDcll awl
Los htmtclf tgo
u iJ
New LightS on the XmlgrrntlOB QJsitiseui
from n French Nlnndvolat l
from tttt Fgami
Among tho many mtstinderfttAnrllnes which
may poxslbly ono day affect the FrancoHun
slanitlllnnco there Is ono which Is I much to Dtp I
rgrottud anti that IH the aocalle1 persecu
tion of tho Jews In Itussln Telegram do
scribing the recent expulsion from Moscow
brine this question Into full actuality In vol
untarily time French Israelites feet themselveS
Inollned to refuse their sympathies to tha
great Hlnvonio oniplie boomine tho journal
repeat tu them periodically terrible torlos In h
regard to the Buffering of their corollelonl
Inltussla And for nil that thtfbottoin facts
sure miulte different from what they are gener
ally opresontod i to bo i
In Iratico the Israelite Is hy the language
that ho speaks In his own family by hlA edu
cation nnd hy his mnnnerfuuonulno French
man and olten an ardent and sincere patriot
In ltiismimi all the lewsall without nxcnptlon
speak among themselves u Herman dialect
peifectly dollncd It Is tIm ono which Is la I t
common mice nt present In n portion of West
phalia and the rnlntlnntn Contrary to wldtv
spread error It should bo known that ttwIrV
laneuiieo duos not contain any moro Hobrow
words than modern French has Arabian
words Hebrew for thin Israelites of Itustta
Is thu same ns latin is In Franco that Is to
arty tho cacred Idiom the language ot prayer
In everyday life they speak Herman
And what would vr > say In Franco If Instead
ot seventy thousand Israelites In honrtind In
language reiich wo counted as they do m
ItUBsla ncmtythroo millions and n half ot Ger
mans closely united by the snmo religion ths
faith ot Moses and organised In corporations
rlgorounly disciplined I This powerful Stats
within the State in governed by regularly A
constituted assemblies that have heart
for a lone time unstained and sanctioned
hv the ItiiHslan Uovcrnmonttho famous
Cabals that nro nothlnir moro thnti
docile Instruments In tho hands of
tho rabbis Thoso wore time conslstorloi
that Homo years ago woro charged with thi
duty nf revising anti flxlne the taxes among
thu Jews and tholr decisions were amos
Without appeal In addition to this in th
order of moral Ideas It Is claimed that th
Talmud tho sacred book which serves as th
basis of their jurisdiction teaches that art
Israelite has tho right to have recourse to all
possible means no matter how perlldlous they
mar be thn moment ho has to deal with A
Clirlotlan und after all ono can gut only s >
feeble Idea of tho dinlcultlos that are pre
sented by this Jewish question in ituesia
fan any one then bo reasonably aston
ished that time sympathies of thoso Israelite
Incline thorn Irresistibly toard Germany
whoso langungo they have learned to speak
from the cradle And ievcrtholess It pre
sents an enormous danger constant and per
mnnont for Itussla all time more BO beoaut
these Israelites are mussed most precisely Jl i 2 A1
tho provinces next to Germany and Austria
It was the rich countries of jVodolla and ol
hynlnthat Prince BUtuarckcuriniTigiy hos j
for German colonisation nnd that under th
very nose of the Kusslan Government In or e
der to prepare beforehand u now annexation
similar that of Alsace and Lorraine f
Notwithstanding nil thuso complications ths
Itusslnn Government never dreamed ot expel
ling tholows That Is a lie invented by the
Gorman and Lngllnh press To havo tho right
to tosldo in Itussla if ho sees fltit Is only
necossary for a Jew to fullll one ot the follow
Ing conditions To pay the taxes called the
first guild the Impost on the wholesale 3
commerce In Hussln to work at a trade or ba
engaged In any business except thnt of paper
Rhnvlngor Unallv to present n diploma giv
lug evidence of Ills education As for th
others thoso whoso only occupation Is to serv
as middlemen or gobetwoens among those
who work they cannot without special per
mission establish themselves in either of th
two capitals tlmt is to say in Moscow Ht
Petoreburg nor Inhabit curtain government
cant and north designated by a special law
But raoioovcr the Russian Government
obliged some years ago in tho presence ol the
dangerous popular movements directed
against tho Jews which wnre then breaking
out all over llussla to prohibit the Israelites
from keeping drinking saloons in the villages
or holtieungngod In usury Now this measure
was sulllciont itself to cause profound mls
try among millions of creatures who through
lone ages of financial confusion had little or
little lost the habit of any other kind of work
All this Is perfectly well known to time Gorman J
journals who have known how so cleverly to >
create tho legend of time horrible persecution t
of thu Jews In Itusula Tholr aim was qulta A
evident they wished to thrown dark shade
over the sympathies of the French people for
tilt Russians
Alarmed at the critical position of their co
religionists a few philanthropic disciples of
time law ot Moses formed a society In the month
of September 1801 ut London with a capital
of fiOOOaOOO ot francs called the Association
for Jewish Colonization Its aim was to faoll t
itato the emigration of the Jews from Itussla
At the head ol this association was the great i
hanker the Baron HIrsch Hhartly afterward V
they addressed themselves to the Russian l
Governmtmemmt antI romiuceted It to facllltato their i
tack as much as possible Tho Minister of this f
Interior drew tho attention of his colleaitue
to the purely philanthropic aide of this enter c
price After deliberation time Council ot Mln 4j
isters have just como ton decision which has jG
been quite recently sanctioned by the Em f
peror and which proves conclusively his good
faith and him desire to bring about ns soon as
possible the solution of this question >
In accordance with the request made by the M
association the Russian Government declare w
Its recognition of time legal existence of this
society and sanctions the establishment of a
central committee ot emigration nt fit Peters
burg which will have control of local commit
tees destined to carry out thom decisions ar
rived at In the capital Besides this nvery
Israelite who wishes to leave llussla receive
from the Government free of charge his
passport and all other necessary papers 1C
he is subject to the military law the service
being obligatory in Russia limo same as la ri
France ho Is not required to servo The only
condition Imposed upon the association Is the
deposit in thin Hank ot time Empire of the aunt
of 100000 roubles as a guarantee for the cost
of the return of emigrants in case they be
coming dissatisfied with their new homos
should desire to como back to Hussln
The now society already possesses nearly
4000000 hectares about hH400l acres ol
land that It bought for colonization In the Ar
gentine Republic Moreover it Imam sent a 4
special commission to Brazil to study the sit
uation on the spot Other colonies will bo
founded In Mexico In Canada and even in the
United States During tho year IKXi the as
sociation docs not expect be able to transport
moro than 5000 Israelites to America Nev
ertheless It hopes succeed II ml Ing home
In the Now World nt limo und of twentyfir
rears for the three and n half millions of Ger
man Jews that now live in llussiu
Some Will On to California for Cawpsrhss
with the Fruit Tlierr
SiTDBooK Aug 27 Connecticut maiden
and matrons having gathered most of timi
huckleberry crop mire ns busy as bees now la
the great peach orchards helping to harvest
tho biggest and best peach crop In time history
of the State Many ivomen joung and old
made ns much as from 23 to 00 at shipping
the huckleberry bushes and they will double
that Income during the peach harvest Thelf
part of time work is that ot sorting the fruit
and very export sorters Lure thny Their fin
gers have acquired suppleness and quickness I
in thu buiiy Holds mind they imantlhe time peach
with n rush a
The greatoit orchards nns In tho Connecticut
ValleyeitJielullylii the Berlin anti Deep Rive
rcun and pretty interesting and lively lj i
time scone presented therein harvest time Th
trees in orderly rows are so heavily laded
Iholr branches aro bowed to the ground and
tin yellow and crimson fruit shows brilliantly
amid limo dark lustrous leaves Hqua < ls Of
pickers work nimbly In different parts of tb
big ortimiurds gmitimorlmtg tim peaches and piling
them In fruit carts and time heavily laden
trains with creaking vvhcols toll continually
among tho trees over tho sIlky grass away
to tile picking house It IK a busy
and plonsant scent at the house The a
work of ciailini thu big piles of hand
spine liicejiUH fruit according to it4
dye Is rapidly donn with machine and tbs
bus ness of limit girls Is to wrap lund pack Itm
baslels Tliuir sing iind chut nt their wore
and chiilT hUll joku with lisa drivers From the
packing hoimi tho nskeis t o trultare wheele
mu tilt ilsurllii ritlroutti station phumceui aboa
freight cars nud forwarded to all parts o I
southern Nuw Fnglfttul It U believed thai
most of I lIe I on netl be lit peneh crop which with
bu nut lets than I UUOOO or TfiiMKI basket will
bo consumed right hero in the State though
iigiuitH of metropolitan Itoston and tiiou9i V
doiico fruit handleri gobbld up n fair share of 1
It A tutty Uousund bafcketH will go to Spring
Hold Mass hut the Coniiuctlimt housewives
who m want noend of thu t fruit for es lining I im poke
early mado hUh bids fohIi asiml emlgumguci about
tWothliilH of the crop J
Thullitterop of C mni ui lout pcnches sail
rend y lor market in I the vaiky tin I big pencil
ialserlll 1 lute of hotith Glat iibury an
t ii SLli t I mm 1Stl 1 I cr011 Wllli h o d his inous ono
of JMHli and hel ia very In kinsaru m all othor
N mit muse htUu rut laura slnee i the I Deluwaro I and
Mm > land crop iHnlmuil a rliitliilliirn Moitof
thu I pe lehet now in u marKrt cume u loin I Califor
lila Sir Ilnlii nut s one inions Ineiilunt IU
has reeeivml nidiis fur hU I fruit I I from people i in
i alllornlii I I i vvhu h sajs aru h ttlnH I on the
rullitivo I inuril of Hales I I r > aeies unJ l ilifor
nlii rti hx H I I ids I 1 1 havu to I scud time i
Irtilt I to i t iilforni I nutn I jn l thu refrigerator is
ears tliesu t ilii n 1 leu up i for I lie westward ti
biiuntllrip But J i ae acepli d tliechalleDc I I
all flit mine and have sent a lather choice j
collection sr r the v ilni g htati prixluct Fur i
theriimru i 1 mil tallcd Ihvl I If they buffer I In I
ttppearance in oniimlitlon with the Paolflo
slope peach they will his out ol eight Ol IIi v
tIstdliluue Uaiuc I I
a m IJ

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