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T W t r mr MM fftJ I f1 tt JtWt ii 1
1 I JI
8 t 1t SUN SUNDAY At1GUibi w I
The Pugilistic Champion Enters
the Literary Field
l1 I
The Champion Reviews His Career
iu the Squared Circle
btareillnz Comment on DIN Most Ingior
tiiHt Bnttl B Incident or III K oeknni
1 Kvcuralnnfl Am u Careful Obrver III
JDoerlbr the nullou of II Knorkrd
r ant MmWhy Hnlllrni Prefer Quetn
J fcrry Knit Inlructlj IHierttIon l i on
TinlnliEsiiitllTnn Optical OUre
BOSTON Aug 27 While Tohn U fiulllvnr
t has been putting on thu finishing touches In
4a his training for tIns decisive event ot his ru
J Illstld earner his publishers hnvo bent
hustling night and day tu place bcfoie tin
r public the ch implonH views on tho nrt which
he has expounded so sclflutlflcnlly and sue
eessfully In the past Jut now Sullivan In
fighter Is l ono of tho foremost figures lu tin
I porting world and up to this time ho lia <
never been at the mercy of nny opponent Bit
g on Monday next he will face the public In thr
rdio of author and for tho first tlmo ho will
bo on tlin defensive 111nI lira his bonn
J one long chapter nf oxcltltig experiences am
in his book he hns outline 1 sotni of thO more
cn important Incidents under the title llnmiti
ineences of I Nlnotoouth Century Gladiator
by John L Sullivan
t In its chaptorn ho comments freely upon tim
different lights which madu him famous do
Bribes bU trips to various portions of t the
globe nnd winds up with u dissertation on the
best methods of physical culture Sullivan
dedicates the work T < tim ptrous and expo
r nents of I tho science and nrt of liTxing
Hulllvnn who was born In Boston thirtyfont
years ago studied a year at Comors Commer
cial College old sixteen months at Boston
I College Hu gave up the Idea of becoming 1
i priest which had been llm liostro of his
parents and umeitook to 10 Ir the ptumbiug
I trade That work was distasteful and he lull
It to learn tho trale of I tinsmith but that
too was abandonoj Inn yoar and a hal
Baseball was the flrf t professional sport that
claimed 1 tho cliiinploni nttontlon and ho
f madi quite a reputation on local teams RO
much so In fact that ho received nn offer of
S1300 from 1ho Cincinnati Club in 1870
i Tho frt time Hulllxan over donned the
itt mite was at Iho Dudley Street Opnra House
i Boston His opponent was a local boxer
1 name ScHimell Sullivan describes tho en
counter follows
< i I was wjrklni nt tinsmlthhic then anti
had no tights nor had madu unvarrunzaments
for boxing but simply took off my coat rolled
l up my shirt sleeves and put on tho gloves
When wo put up our hands ho hit mo u crack
on tho back of tho head and tho llrst thing I
did was to punch him as hard as I could
knocking him clean over the piano which was
I on the since This wv < the Ilrst actual expe
rience 01 mine at boxlns and I will ncvor for
Ct this experience nor do I think he will
That CIO the futuro champion his first ta < to
Of rIng flshting Ho was lien ID yvirs old
1 After that paid thu cliamplon drifted
into thn occupation of I I oxer I went to
l 1 moot all comers llslitlni all stylos nnd all
k manner of builds of men until tim present
I day I never was taught to box I havo learned i
from observation mid watt hin other boxers I
l and outside of that my style of lighting Is I per
l fectly original with mi Komo ono hjs said
that old 1rof Halley claimed tho credit of
1Y I teaohlnc me hut he was wrons inthnnssc I
lIon as 1 never took n boxing lesson In my
life having a natural ambition for the hURl
BOiS I WOo always able fellow weighing 200
pounds at tho ago of 17 and I had the rnpula
< ion for more than my proportional hoN of
Sulllvtns first opponent of note was Johnny
I I Woods better known as Cockey Wools
who was once matched to llcht Huunnn That
l was in IH7H I Isoon < disposed of him Is
n Bulllvaat comment
In thefollowliiK year ho defeated lion Dwyer
known as the chariplon of Massachusetts In
the saute year he tackled Mike Donovan at tho
latters benefit In lloston and Ravu him ouch
a hl U111 that when ho went bark to New
York he said to Toe loss Goono Iookc anti
all the knowing WCM that there wan a fellow
4 Un In Koston by tIn name of Sullivan who WRH
going to je I ho bfish of them nil
Y < In 1l1O ionllnuod Milllvin on the sixth
unlnuo HIIII
day of April I < llsposed of I one of KuelamlH
Bieatext eliniiiplonb P loo t ioss I at u testimonial
I Jv o tip him L > his iiuiiiHrous iilnndHat Muhl I1 <
Hall lloston in which wo purred throe
i rounds lu Ito second round 1 Ill < him n
blow which lrtunllyenled the content IJOM
was given i time to recover mid thioueh tilt
< advice 01 Tom Dennuy and Hilly Edwards I
tt sparred the last round without trylnir to
jl npck him out which I could hMo done
C After this ho was heard to remark that my
II blow wore like Mho kicks of a mule
After defeating niimerouH boxeis Sullivan
December UII IIINOUK following dial
lenso which was his first bid for recognition
> CICusATt Dec I 18AO
Tc Ha FMtor IllS f1 ilrtr r UT
I am prcnMr1 in I nmVt a imirh lofjM nay min
krrAtiiinii for ny nuui front Sldoo tI lIIOiu m n
welibii guI IllCtlIie Urtiirtlbllrdlrvcinl I r illy
t alal llt 1 Scuit I f iflhti til i u fir u ininth ir Ie l hgiil
t UDI lie m lu aCUII u Keipecllully our
2 JOHN C Siami
k J As to tho outcome BullUan PHIS Paddy I
ran refused to snar with me at hprinsflehl
lau and on the plea that I was not worthy
of his Htandlnir said Go and cot u reputa
tion1 I did so nnd cot aiuputationafc the
< i Iolutulon
records for a sliort tinu alter thin hOI anti I
nnlshed It mom eltiotunlly than Mr Hyin
eould have foreseen ut Iho expense of his own
it reputalol AiW devotes consllloribl0 I100 to his I
f rfht with 1addy llyan for th championship
r of America I FI 7 II2 in commentlns
upon tho battle hulllxan says commentl
k The reason I did not punUh Ryan morn
grf toward the latter end ol Ito llfht was because
my seconds SIKO to me after tho Hfth round
3s z I Rndtpld me lot to BO at him so oously as I
had him done anti might kill him only
wanted to win and had no duxlio to beat
I him unneceseailly lor that reason 1 did
not strike him In the stomach though I
I Fad opportunity after opportunity to do so
I The fight lasted nine rounds making lu all
eleven minutes < or ton and onehalf us otm <
watches showed when limit un > so dltiablud
y that flue boot rare of plivslcluns win reiiulred
j Immediately nltur the lIght 1 jumped over the
t 4 t ropes and un liuuilicdyiiui ilush to my
R Quarters taking nil my IlKhtluc rlntncs and
I IlrhtDdrlolnC
I hoes and putting I 111 my street dre s Much
1 I dlsappolntmenf unuilfestfldby friouds
4 of Ittraa at his lobs of the championship and It
it claimed that from S1UOKX to 00000
I changed band on tho result
> BborUy afterhlMght with nan Sullivan Is 1
i 4 UftdtnoUi sweeping challenge which no
16c > t d and ho continued hU letlos of
B K T z ZLJS i > p i i L
picnics as THK BUM termed It at that tIme
Jlonlc8 I Tal BUl a
At Washington Park ho met Jimmy Klllot
OfthtH sornp Sullivan pays
Klllott was tailor and fully as heavy ns 1
lolt al taior nnr lulY
was As noon as time was called I let go my
loft and landed on Klllotts body the latter
countered and hard fighting followed I then
knocked him all oer thn rllr lolowed sent him
flying off his 11 mnld tim yells of the crowd
The second round 1lld far moia desperate I
fie WI 10e
punlshnd him terribly landing with left and
right on Klllotts none and neek until Maddo
Eilol nonnt
rlht me not to hit him again In the third
round Madden told me to llnlsh him but t ho
careful and not to knock him out forever le
was knocked out In this round br Just pool
another blow as I gave 1aildy Hyan at Mil
slsslppt Clly tho provlouo February l I then
made Klllott a present of S5O1
Milllv an devotes one chapter the two art
fill dodgers from Kngland as hn terms JUI
Wilson and Charlie Mitchell With regard t
his bout with Wilson the champion save
Wilson hv Ills floor crawling and hugglnc
mnnngod to stay the four rounds It was evl
dent to the IUtHI people who witnessed the
content thlch could hartlly lie railed I tlghl
that Wilson did not havo the ghost of a show
niru Hitowivd Mtsctjtn DEVKLOIMENT or
With regard to his meeting with Mitchell
hulllvnn says
fullll IS II him three rounds In Iho first
round I wns knocked down I cot up imme
diately and went at him Ilko I I a hull at H nil 1
nag In the third tound 1 had htm helplesslj
on the rope at my mercy Inspector Tliornt
and Cntt Mlliatus now Inspector interbred
und st on peel tlm proceedings I said <
him I I aplain let me havu ono more crack at
John ilo you wnnt to kill him he asked
When Mitchell recovered ho madu all sorts
of hi HIT mid Cpt Williams I I snid
Vou go to your dressing room You are n
I ucky individual that I stepped In I Iud saved
Sullivan from killing vou
Thc uvent Wa8 tim idggpttof Its kind The
loorkcepuis had anight 011 It 1oople jam nucil
and elbowed I mid bolstered ono nnotber along
is though i their t i hopes of happiness depended
on an early glimpse I I of Ihol list sllngcr I
A new trait lu tiie guiit flchltjrB characters
Iii I seen In tho commeutson his own prowess
Tlmo and timo again wbllo travolling
hrougli the I country and offering a thousand
doll irs to any man who would I Maml infore
mo four round 11 have had mon appioich me
who wanted to attempt t lo I do that V luro I
thought In myjuilutient that H man could
make any show whatever I have alwavs
obliged him vvlth n trial of course knocking
him out eventually In I corns cases It look
twenty socoiidn in HOIHcases longer A great
many times whilu tiavelling under the inan
nuunont of Mr AI I tiiilth some poor fellow
< itt lie put forward I by his socalled fiiunds
vlio thinking t they I t woild have some fun out
uf hlii Would want him to spar
with me blather tliiSi do HO I havo
wih 10 Hnllcr tl 10
put him beforu Teto t McCoy or Slade
or fomo othor unenul or ot my coiu
lilnnllon nnd let them settle it to
Ills and hs fiiends sat ii iti e ion I never yet
vanlmt to input I man whom I considered
lihylcnll I Inferior to I mo and I never would
rnnsont to knock I man out simply for the
iinus iiient ot his socalled friofdH unless I
t luuttg lit him I phvclcully I somewhcru near mr
bill the other hand 1 would not
giial 111 on otlr hlnt pnr
him and 1 time and tlmo I I uuain 0 lieu e I huvu
seen that not it want oil simply the money or
o little money for sparring me 1 have mmlo
him I present of STI or 00 rather than tospiir
him 1 never eould pee any fun in beutni
dow n wcnKer men than myself especially It it
wits to allord mnuseinont to blackguards
Tilt e champion I is often asked I What are tho I
sensation of I a man ou being knocked Utt
In hIs cook IIP rplhs to that us follows
I have never been knocked out myself as
ho pul lie well know but is 1 Imvo put so
miny other mon to I sltci after this I 1uuu ion I
lavuhud u good chance to llm out what tlnlr u
Delinks orl Ioot Tlio mot effectual flint to I
ech I man to t knock him out is iiiht I i < m thu
mint of tho t chin in I u explanation of this I i the
lectors tel me that point in I couiccted witli
be spinil column unit the elTect In tho tlmo
is to pmuhru the htain thoiigli imt eluctually
to weaken him I Tin suusatton IIH I has been
lescrihrd I If I me Is about tlie same its lint felt
h y a man who bus I ton 11lel the Influence I of
tlicranili I s coding out of It A maux mind I
t hey ill I me seems ooufiied sick giddy
Iii IIIIH no feeiinii of pain hut simply
a 1 sense ol numbness or dvndness which nu
dora 1 man MH oinXM wrntif for tho time I
To verify What I have said about there being
nn pain Jean mention several Instanceswhero
Join It ave ttuuiuu to I nftor having LOCII knocked
nit and instead I of uoiiphilninc of pain I lu kcd
arlous < iuisttons hboviug tiiut thuy were
imply inseiisibh to all feelings or aeuluuiui
nco with t tlm I surrounding I have hiuti rut
nen ask very dlfierent qiitsllonH For in
tnnpH ono fellow at Nashville Tonn that I
Mil knocked oit came to in alioiit twenty
UI I ut utee it nil tho t Ilrst thing busaldwiB I Did
ntllt I Another man that I had knocked out
sid Whol do I go 011 not ixmeinburlng
Ilythlll I about lighting I I think In fact I urn
slut > tlmt the elloct of n manx being knocked
If I mituBKarioiihaspcoplothlukund leaves
out S III it its orlnsn 1111 thllk al < lclS
no mm k or lasting damage
Much bus hncn written ahout the terrible
gluiuo in Sullivans eyes vvmn lie stints in to
do his opponent A cotton screvver In ial
esloii Tex iiuntud Al Marks Is hue I Ilrst who
liMimtod this peculialiy Murks was
nockid out mid later described his export
lIce as 1010
As i I walked up to tho stago people cheered
ne und I fell I blOt ty lito oil I I was loll lo
nit mv hands up I a cat PsI llm I great Millivan I I
fit Fr I could nhlii him Lit when I got Into
ho I ring mid ullllhll stood In i front of me ho
ippeiiiHil 1 to he 1 heap bigger than he looked
Intuit my soul Hut tlm people encored me
md I determined to astonish him right from
th jump
Ho alter we hnd shaken hnnds I let him
lavo n mod ono right In I the jaw Sullivan
unkcd at mil In a surprised sort of I way und I
nw that 1 had his hourt broken Maid I to
m ysel f lhlK man has I hil match ut last mid
iu knows it Hn In afraid of me1 Ko 1 guvo
lin come moro ban knocks John L I looked
tut mu almost nppcitllnKly Ho tried to stop my
blows but hu was slow and clumny Haid I lo
uysulf I Jliirks vou tue a made man 011
whit this follow easy aI Ilo IK so slow with his
n1 that you can hnttor him nil to pieces
Jut I madu up my minU I I wouldt knock him
out > till nenr Its end ot thu third round I
ii hint I want to nib u ito people of their t sport
Vt the nnd ot the round 1 askod Sullivan how
lie was cutting illons and hu looked kind of
icnred and said only tolerable in tim second
niinil i gave him foveral mure Imrd ones and
It m contliiuol to lout Beared I mii to myself
It was ridiculous lor thh t mnu to bo posing
us tlio cimmplun of tlm world mid deter
mined that In tho not round Id uut I
end to his nhsuid pretensions About the
mlddliiot the third loiiml just as I was gut
tint ready to do Sumu up l aw another
sort 01 look como into his oytss Ho looked
liko I eu rio wit animal I In tho next second he
caught me under Ito loft jaw with bis right
mid lilted mo up from tlio t floor till my too
bareR touchud At this his terrible luft
catiKht me on tho other fcllo if my face and
Ill hno 10 fllh itt story 111 ollnll
Stcrott for Marks didnt know niueh about
the subsequont procoedliign When lie raised
his man clear oil thu Moor just as n football
playorllltH tho bull preparatory to I kick ho
hit o Mnrkn I crack which knocked him
over tutu ropes and down Into the orchestra
wburii two chairs midthrcu violins wore brok
en mid whom MurkH was picked up unconscious
scious ftullivan thought hu had killed llm
man and went anti hid himself In tho wings
HullivanH shortest glove light lasted only
two seconds TMu victim wan Fleming and
tho battle took place at Jlemphlsln 1K84 al <
Jnck Iturku and DominIck McCaffrey were
bulllvans next victims tlio former at Chicago
II thu latter nttnclnlll Sullivan asserts
thnt lcllror Irlol trio to nx the ref
r hilly 1010 s I os to luave him hanlo his
tiurlution hits tulso 10111 thlt McCntrey
brotlr drew n TevoIvir end throltoled to
shoot him If I I hn lilt I t MeCuirrey again
Hulllvan innt with hU Ilrst mishap on Jan
JH 18H7 whcnhe broko his arm on 1atsey
arifiH head In Mlnnenpolls He met with
the uRiIdunt in thin uuinner
1 lot drive my loft In lIlt Ilrst and opening
rPpd 1 had gauged my man wrongly and
hit him on the loris part lY tho head as ho was
lucking and broke a bono of my left arm
which the doctors called the radius I con
tinned tutu other live rounds at the expiration
of whlah I was declared 1 winner
Tho break was nut properly set t and I wes
nncefciary to break the arm again nt the place
where thus bono had knit nnd iesot i It
flue Itt fight with Mitchell has been told
many limp hut tho champions commmits on
many Incidents in connection with the ar
rangements and tho fight Itself are very in
teresting He says
1 wanted to fight this sprinter in a 16foot
ring knowing well that his tactics In a 24foot
ring would be to run around or to lie down
Ono of the witnesses of the fight was Pony
I Moore Mltchtli UthtrlnUw who stood
with a face puckered with anxloly nd n rroui
np whon J got mr right across and Cttutle I
dropped Pony cried 5lieie goes ray boy
Knockdown blow thIs second brought
forth There COCA my hoijsf1
And when for the third time Charier waa
floored Pony In an agony excmlmsd And
there COM tho estate and everything
For tho first four rounds It looked odds
nsllatdock has since laid long odds on the
big fellow1
In the firth round when I wag swinging
the right I caught Mitchell at the back of tle
hOld and severely bruised the muscles of flue
right arm soverolr Mitchell seemed afraid to
stand up to the flgt In the tenth round
Oltlt I Mia In
when he was continuing his tactics
cIPiu t Oh dont run around tho rlngl
First blood to Mitchell was claimed In
round eight to whlth I replied You can liars
It He said Vnll there In I nothing In It but
to decide n bet
The termination of tho fight was brought
about bv MltchoH8 second Jack Daldook win
stmiped Into the ring and said Khako handi
and call It a draw 1 Mid Lot us fight n
couplo more rounds but everybody sail
NoM Mitchell and I then retired from tin
After his return to America tIm champion
had a severe attack of sickness whleh nearl
ended hln earner Twleo thodootorn gave bin
up Eon before ho had rocovored from the
ellert of that Illnins Hulllvnn made the match
with Jake Kllraln which was pulled off ot
Itlchbuig Miss July 7 I8W
In summing Ills exploits and experience
ap a pULlllstsullIvan says
Of nil the men with whom I have boxed
arred and fought I consider flynn Kllraln
Hlnd and Flood the earnest croup or
the genuIne garacnoss ot those man In my
opinion there can bo no doubt llyun etoot
up and fought mu like n innn did not resort ti
nny trickery or petty dirtiness but fought
from the start and ho was In tho ring for tho
came curpoe that I was namely to demon
strate which was the superior man liven ban
Pluck so hn Kilraln so havoHlado anti Flood
Others may differ from mo In this opinion but
I really think I ought to know about tho mon
as I have faced and beaten tbnm nil
When I started out boxing 1 felt within
myself n I do now that I could knock out
any man living I could always beat mans
Kiiiird down and whon boxing for 1 contest I 1
never attempt to spar for nn opening but r go
right In to box ant win from the start I do
not bollovu In sparring to foul tho other man
out The other ninn is second to meat every
Htaco of tlm fight I co In to win from tho very
first second and 1 never stop until I have won
Win I miibt and suit t will nt every stacs ol
the game
1 never had stnsp fright my life do nol
know what It Is i and do not suppose I could
understand It if somnbody would try to tx
plain It to me Another thing I will say I
never havo been hit hard enough hy anybody
to feel It during thin light I huvo never felt a
mans blow In my life
I < vas the first one to demonstrate under
Mnrnul nf Juopimbcrry rule that I could
knock a man out of time In le than four
rounds which nicanc In actual fighting time
twelve minutes III my carver I have knocked
out net less than 100 men Sotro of tho en
counters I rmotnbrr while others of little
Import mco I have forgotten Hud I never
started ioxlnc I iiientlon very much If there
would ever liiivo been any such attempt in ado
I have demonstrated my superiority nut a
boxer over every man living that I bne met
I hnvo been asked a grpotmany times whnt
rules I prefer to fight under and what I
thoucht of the merits of the different rules of
I Ighting Now 1 will say for reasons hich I
will give that 1 consider tint Marauis of
Jueensberry JUPS the best for everybody for
under those rules each man has mi ecn
chant Tho London prize rim mlon of
course have been takuii us tho only ones for
ears tnek Iut times and clrcumstanuus ate
ontlnuiilly I cliani1ig
object to the London prize rlntt rules in
ho first place an being against this laws of all
bnclishspnaking countIe nnd In brcakiiiz
tiuts law of tho laud a man alwavs 1111 I himself
lable to fine or Imprisonment and sometimes
both I havo found from my oxperlence that
jrediing these particular inns has been very
ixpcnsive to me far in ill the fights that I
mo been In under the London true ring
ulef 1 have not only lost money but hava
also bad tlm care and worrlmenl Incidental to
irrosts trials and penalties It has always
rot me moru money to get out of my fights
inrtfr thoso rules than I hare ever calntd
front them Again I have never seen a light
inder the London prize ring rule3 hut what
hose pro ent wore of n rougher character
linn 1 have teen undcrtho Marnulsof clneois
bern rulos I unit wlicrovertlin rowly nlemvnt
iredomlnati them Is I always sum to be trou
tile both for tutu Hchteis and hue audience
I mien tlm 1jiidon prize ring rules all thin
nein tactics can Rometlnip ho used ilcht
liider the eyes of tho referee without his see
Inl thorn Contest last too long to demon
trule which is tho t superior man and tho
cnuth of limo occupied does not depend on
flue superiority of thu man as a tighter or
boxer but the contemptible trickery I
MissCKsed Thure are hundreds of instances
Vhmo I nt > n flflillniv II n l r til u fi Tnnltn tiilyA
ring rules and knowing that they weruin
fenor to thlr oprnnont have lesortol to
t I sons to lose tlin fight on a foul I rather
than to 10 beaten fairly according to the rules
Fighting and boxing under the Mamuls of
Queonsbouy rules are conducted for the pur
pose ot not only I determining I which is I tho t
huoerlor num but also tlmbenellt and edu
cation of gentlemanly patrons Jcntlemen
and busliiPHs mon of all oiation cannot
afford to give up tho tlmo to witness fighting
under tho London prue Hoe rule for thin
reason that It lakes too long in the Hrt ilace
and In the second place It is against tho low
uud every spectator as well us each parti
cipant II is amenable to the law
1iglitlng under the Martinis of Queensherrv
rules is of such natuni that flue xupuriorlty
of thou men ran bo demonstrated 1 to tlm satis
faction of overylioly in a reasonable length of
t I flu u and without obliging tho iiuillancu to
witness any unnecessary Prutlity nnd evi
dence of rowd > lalll l llulitlni or boxing
under Ilieco rufus with gloves dDinonstrteM
overybodyb satisfaction which l III the Miporfor
man and never leaves either participant
marked or maimed lor life iis under the Lon
don rules Any two gentlemen can compute
in a contest under thn MnrauiK ot QueouHhrrry
rules wlihordliinrysized glokox and demon
Btiati t which ib tho more skiliul I of the t two I
without feeling that afterward they will have
to appear among their friends with discolored
optics or markocl faces Thobe rules rocom
mimI themselves to all gentlemanly boxers
hulUans dissertation on the art of training
III 1 interesting as well as Instructive JIll IIIIH
daasof hlsown about training uud he out
line thoin us follows
Jo Lto11I with I sleep l In a good airy well
ventilated room I do not believe In having a
trainer sleep In flue lImo bed with the person
training My reasons are that a man can sleep
better alone and will not be obliged to Inhale I
the breath of the other man
I begin to condition myself by faking a dose
ol nhrsle which 1 prepare mjself and which I
consists of about JIll y cents worth oach of
zinnia salts manna black stick licorice I
put all thusii ingroilleiits Into two quarts of
water and boll tlm liquid down to ono quart
allowing the mIxture to simmer for an Hour
and a half or two hour I then Btrilu tho
liquid off Into u bottle that holds mortdy u
ouart and cork It up leuylug It In a cool place
lit Ito night before retiring I takoa goblet
full of this medicine It acts the IIIIxt day
during whloli time I merely sit around dolnif
nothing of any iinportnuce Two nights after
my first dose I takii oiiuartersof of a glass
ot the physio Thin acts In tlm same manner
as my Ilrst dose and the following day I rest
and pass hut time ns I did I on the day alter
my first I 11150 IIn this second night after my
second done tau hllil aglunaof my physic
with similar results I tako no more of this
physic but on the following Saturday night 1
tako a dose of good liver PilU which 1 have
niHiie for mo In any drug store
5 After this I ant ready for work I rise be
tween U and 7 clock In the morning rinse my
mouth clean my teeth with n good dentifrice
take sponge bulb with salt water and am
rubbed perfectly dry with coarse towels I
then exercise with light dumb bells a tow
minutes put on my clothes go and loiter on
the road for an hour or read tIm morning pa
tens Any light exurolso I take boforo break
fast Is I simply for tho purpose of getting up an
appetite Anything liken sweat at this time
would be entirely out of place At 8 oclock I
have my breakfast which consists of mutton
chops ora small Piece of tak stale bread
and two small cup of tea The meat must be
err 11n
After breakfast I lt around until about 10
oelook and then put on my sweater which
Wright from two and A halt to three pound
l 1
and s belt long enough to gft around mo and
even Inches wide This I wear outside of nn
a1llntlr1I1I It helps to take the fat off the
tomncb Haxlng dressed myself I no on a
mug Walk for tho day consisting of IIlx or
Coven miles out and the same number back
the distance to bo covered as quickly as possl
bio and Iho last mile or two should be miid
on n dead run In llavlne returned to mi
training quartera1 He down on acouchnni
my trainers cover me with heavy blanket anti
loosen my shoos Thoro I remain for ft shorj
time letting the perspiration como out when 1 I
rlseundrosn myself and let my trainers rub mo
thoroughly dry I then lot 1 back on tho couch
again when a second course of perspiration
comes out All thin tlmelnm covered wilt
heavy blankets When 1 rise a second time
my trainers rub mo thoroughly dry again and
this operation Is repeated two or throe times
or until I cease to perspire I then go to 1
shower bath that I have arranged for mo II
I am near the ocean or any other suit water I 1
tips that In my nhowor It not I put soa sill
Into tho water I use making It piiimlly good
Island under this shower off and on for the
space of ton or fifteen minutes when I am
rubbed dry with towels I thtn lie on an oali
plank that I have arranged forthepurposeain
am given n rood hand rubbing ator which 1 1
dress In light materllll but warmly enough
not to loko cold
Ilotwoen 1 nnd 2 oclock I hnvo my din ncr
which consists of roast mutton or roast bo I
vory well done stale bread and sometime
Bass sale I do not limit myself as to the
quantity of meat but 1 eAt no vegetables ox
copt tender celery asparagus nnd once in a
while ono or two potatoes A limn can oat
plenty of celery Sometimes I oat three 01
four bunches n day It Is good for wind nnd
good for tho neives
Dinner bulng over I go out nnd walk around
or read the papers or a book In some cases I
smoke one nice cigar atlor dinner but it Is my
belief that I smoking espclally I If i It ho Immod I
erate Is Injurious and tends to shorten tlio
breath I
Tim afternoon exorcises begin with a swim
At 4 clock If I run near salt water I piefer
salt water bathing hut if nut I bithe lu I fresh
vuitor This little swim docs not occupy noire
than ton minutes Ulieii It In I over I return to
my training nunrtors light tin football throw
a tenpound hull lia > kwaidaud forward to my
trainers at a distance of Illleen or twenty feet
use dumb bells weighing not lers than t two I
pounds nor more limn t four pounds each nml
lump ropo all of which eorci p3 last from
ono and u half to two bouts nml sometimes
loner After I have gone through these ex
ercises lam perspiring us freely ns I was
after my long mourning walk so I
an obliged to go through the Fame
irdenl tin tt same rubbing with towels nnd
mud rubldng with a llnlmont I use and which I
1 I Mud softens the muscles and hat deli flue
skin at the samn time This bulng unno I put
on my evening clothes and partake of my HUP
per betwcun I land 7 Ibis meal IB as a rule
with HIM addition of a little apple sauce or n
inked appln exactly tlm counterpart of mv
ireikfast Once in II while It is I varied with
Irish or Scotch oatmeal vcllcookod with milk
Alter supper i stroll around or umueu niself
iy playing billiards pool or card or with
some other pastime or sport until 10 oclock
or until Morpheus has taken possession of no
weary body I keep on my let as much as
poslLlepo that my limbs will not tet still or
my power of Into movement lecomo In any
way impeded
In undieasing tutu night I always re
move every mtlcleof clothiiU 1 wear during u
thc day 1 keep I i tho windows of my sleeping
room a little down from the top Tho last
hlng 1 do bpforn going to bed if I to handle II
palt ot light dumb dells Thu work Is i in I
rieasrd or diminished according to my condl
lou My lied covering is I always mil well over
lute and Is enough to keep inecoinfortublu and
nothing more
Hilling training all hot baths or bed sweats
must be carefully molded us tbuy am do
iilltnllng in the oxtiome The perspiration
that may be Induced i in I oidlniry exerclso I Ib
all that Is required Stimulants lira carefully
avoided with the singlo exception of nlo at
dinner Only a moderate quantity t of salt lu
meats is allowable and just enough wator is I
ipnrlttcd to quench tho thirst At tIm samo
time every care must liii taken that a man
loos not suffer for the want of it ileuty of
time must IO taken In which to eat meals and
I h stomach in lift not bu I overloaded
Now this t same work that I have explained
scone through every day for the since of
bout eight weeks hue length of time depend
i fig a I together upon how long It iukenu man to t 1
let hiiuelf iu condition Iu justice to t rain or s
It it bu said that there are no two traineis ol
nen who will pursue the santo means or in
structions or will bavo tho same i leaf I yet
each one of them believes his motto of triln
log to bo the best Ior this reasnn method
will always vary There is I tiltvuys room for
mcirovement no matter how great or how
small it may be
wmie years ago the trainers ambition was
to bring flits hirgcptstnturcd man U Ito least
losslble weight and hut o him loil like a hu
nnn greyhound when ho toMl the scratch
Allis was not only lie I case when tno match
wIt at n stipulated weight but even when
Ightlng catch weight Tlm old style of traili
ng tended to weaken lillian
hi Is I needless fur mo to say that I coulsder
my mode of exercise to lie the easiest und the
best It kenps the lody and muscles of young
bell n well I as intddlenxod ones in t oondi
Ion without any injury resultlrg therufroiu
1 have always been more than cautious as
regards my lood For several days prevIoUK
10 my meeting Ityau at Mississippi City I did
nil my own conking so us to t ptevent any pos
Iblu doctoring or poisoning by l otitsido tint
Ics I do not lielicvo In i trilnlng I by I wi itt IK
known as the old stylI My method original
with ma I liiwr itt ottu It ti put up I heivy
dumb bells In practice mtritnini for J ilu not
think buy do any giol In fact I think they
hurt n man for toxin or lighting us they
end to bind his musc In u great many
nstnncfis causing Mm to I ill wliut Ix
iriown as shoulder bound or imincliTbnund
J have always reusunid I that 1 kuow umnl
fool well lietUr limn anybody can tell mp ant
I know what suits my stomach better than
tiny one else know There IK tmch n tiling as
Ii man overworking hlmscll and becoming
tale That I provide against ly light amuse
ments such as card playing billiard or pool
pitying or any other llftl amusement during
raining Smoking of couise 1 consider in
uiloiik for It iilfects onci wind but I do not
hlnk a low elgarn I a day do any torlous harm
xcept in I itit rt iiiuular is cue
hen out of training I sinoko a great deal
perhaps too much but iu training 1 am very
arcful in I thin mattei drlnl I I no coffee whlln
raining I consider dumb hells I of from two
10 four pounds heavy enough for practice
TumInl the ropo 1 consider inoof this best
iractlcoH I possible iu mv I ruining for It brings
11I10 exercise the arms und ICIH at tho same
inm rind Improves I my vvlnd wonderfully I
git on tile principle throughout I that 1 know
what iimlcns niii leel iell I imtlor I than t anybody
can lull me antI all tliroiich my training I act
and work on my own idea without regard to
a nybodv elses 1 have loin advised and hud
suggested to me on dlflorent oeciislonH saul i
UHexpreisiis hut niter china them utrhil I
find that my own way suitt > mu best and brings
bout the hot results
Out of training I or when not propmlng lor
a light or contest I take things as easy as pos
utile I Cult And Bleep whenever I feel 10 lit
posed I usually rise about lIon JO oclock In
ha morning eat a light breakfast somctlmiH
u lunch In midday and hnvo dinner toward
evening My food consists entirely of what
over strikes my fancy I smoko us many
cigars nil fool like biuokini attend theatres
1111 shows whenever I vlh In fact 1 give
ny system its whnl IIIOIn
lly doing this 1 llnd that when I start to
t I limp somn iu Isiril tuft no flesh to t tnt It
cull and then curb mynelf necoidlnsly My whole
xistuncii and manner of living i ore II uuli lou
bv nature and nature only home athletes
undo thom stul cue ou being In condition al
ways but this t 1 do not approve of fur I reason
hat n man continually In training seeps 1111
ture up to HH hluhtst tension uud without any
vliixlug hu voou 1o I itiM i tit lit iiiechaiilcul mid
more Ilkii H Stool spring than nutllrua own
luoh ft condition so m causes n man s system
to brvnk downpspfciiillyus all through lllo
ilo mole of living Is contrary to na
turns laws I This matter of tiatnlng and
ondltlonliiK ones self U nn nilImportant
ono To train properly rounlro u con
idemblo amount of will power It Is
ctually bard work In fact training Is the
hardest kind of work The training and pro
mrlpg for nil my contests havo alwaysi been
Ln times ImriUi than my lighting In old
tlmol preparing for n light roqulred months
ul1d months of training that Is I that was flue
idea of the I odtlme pugilists They Borne
times trained as long ns six month bufure the
fight this I do not believe In From six to
ton weeks I consider BUfflclont tlimi to train
any nun that Isfor I boxing or fighting I
would not gIve my opinion for rowing or any
Ihoratliletia shorts because 1 do not know
enough about them
Ilhlnk flue most Important things to bn
onsldored In training tire to get nIT nn much
lat as possible to remove whatever water
here is In the system to harden the muscles
of f the body so as to Increase the amount of
endurance to Increase tho wln1 and Improve
be breathing powers Al Ihave said before
very athlete has hi own Idea the 8tIIe ai I
ban mine and to improve mr condition I
lave always felt that all I wanted while train
lug was regular living slcsplng and habits
I ii
coupled with plenty of hanl work In
walking running jumping and occasion
ally n llttlo boxing I do not box or
spar much while In training that I do not
consider necessary I consider punching
flue bug from twenty to thirty minutes ns fast
ns I can possibly do It tho very bout oxorclso
Improving or pxorctslne my hitting powers
1 usually In net always K possible rig anti
punch the hag to milt mi soft To build It I
want a good linn coli I lilt strong and heavy
enough HO nMoglve tlm hag u good rebound
ins force and hang tho bag so that It will
come on a level with my nyus the colling to
he from four to four nml onehalt foot higher
than tho bag 1ormprly u laigo heavy sand
bag was used but I do not approve of that ns
much as I do Iho common football or tim
llugby ball The heavy bag Is all right
to show how hard a man can lilt Iut I enn
hit hard enough vvithout UNlng any heavy
bill to show It mid t Hsu flue lIttle football so
as to give me plenty of practice for quickness
punching the JIIII nil I do keeps mo thoroughly
active from tho limo start My Ilrst move In
punching tho bag Is I with my oft I hand 1
punch It so that t It lilts the celling rebounding I
toward flu e mid kenp meeting It with my left
and right hands alternately walking around
the floor nnd around thu bag something after
tho way K cooper walks around n barrel A
noun to nollcr I thin bag properly hould nol
stand In any one snot by any means punch I
It BO us to kucp It going In nil directions
I mpot and ehnO It flit castle 110 I
would an opponont In tho ring Tlm
Idea In I keeping It thoroughly i on the re
liound I Is I to give mu plenty of prici Ice mid
keep me moving in fust us I possIbly cnn Ono
of ho I best ways to punch it is with the left
hnhd say llftein or twenty times lu succes
sion then t cit iter swinging hue t right bund or
meeting It I with n rig lit hun ii boulder Mow
atI catching It with I t Ito I left on Its ret uruu
homo iiion punch hum bns very uiwkwttrulhm utnui
wiillo they arc capable of dealing u on heavy
blow I hllo seen somo mls It feven times
out of ten TIIU most cssontlnl part In my
opinion Is to punch It HO as in keop it moving
Inn circle TItle brings into play not only the
arms und wind but also the legs 1
My l ono golden rule In comlltionlnu myself
Is to disregard mr weight altogether that IPi
I oo not euro how much I weigh ns longnsl
feel strong nd my wind IB good llpducing
weight hy any moans whether hy sweating
physicking or any other method I r eees dve
Is I very Iniuriou When a innn soils within
himself that ho Is In UrMrate slmpe mid
knows what ho is I cap ihlo of doing ho Is n bet
ter judge I him hui trainer or ndvUor no matter
hovv much they know or bow much I practice
limy I may liavu had In tint lino of will I ser
v IUH force is I thc flue great ihsnntlnl in mans
condition and If u man Is I tiiilncd down or
wcukcmd throucli loss by too Hivere training
in rediiping ho Is without tlio factor necessary
to coo I condition
I am ahvivs part iuular about not over
working myself I 1 for that I brings on exbaus
thin which Is hurtful not to say d inuerous
I Usiiilyftoi work three days I nfore light
mid then all the pvercl o loiuired Is modoiato
vvnlklns with peiiti of iiihblncdnwn t both
witli hands nnd towels 1 AH POOH 1111 stui i
wmk ItKko t iimtni oil I in i a little Kin Tho
reason it I Is I given 1 In Kin In that I cart tako
cnKor oil without vomiting Tlie oil milccs
the feel cool and lllolllt < Then until th
day or the light I cut juM enough to satl fv
my Appetite A man who drink should not
< > pect loll I n fighter I that In I If ho drinks to
oxuus Drinking make u innn fur
oO Training In I Ilnll I ii Will It is I tho t hardest
thln I j n ninn can do Vlu un be nets throuith lute
twelve mile I about I a ur I 2 he unit ui riul I y
feels pretty try inside but lie can get nothing
to drink nt all
Tlio report of Dr D A i Karsenfi exnmlna
1111111 I siillivan I I fbovvlni i hm i phvsleil I condi
tion and muscular development takes up a
concluding i chapter in i tho I IODJ
IIR3tll fI V nit AM4Z55
Coniut Arrc Rlvr u ItrlcKir View of It
Timii Mot Vlllrr
Consul Ayros of Para has recently madoi
t trip s up the t Amazon hIve and In bis report to t
iho Governmoit IM Kivos his imptuislnnof tim
lands In the Amazon Valley and th prosiiects
of lie inhabitants I Ho I I says lie Is convinced
that this wonderfully fertile viller while very
sparsely liejpljil consldetlns Us reoiiices
hun us n largo proportion of Industrious I and
thrifty peoplo who lnow I the I valium of money
and are kaenly alive I to t nil 1 tho infant of f prv
tuclng on their lands the vtloly of things
that ciii bj oxuhangud for cuh CoMtriry to
tho view tnust geiieraHy exiins3d with re
Tiird to this iosidents along the lower Amaon
Ito FDS that y arulo they aro not hlftloss
lull or only I Inlr clvlllxpil I I Tlm l i Icnt I onterprU I
lug ittil popc > rousof tho t pe iph live in nuts
on thu banks of tilLs river oieuuyln titus fore
ground of this picture ami nuist nit IID taken
is fair samples ol tlio wholo population
Consul Ayius says thit the I pooplo living
nlons thn river between its moulli mid
Manaos which Is nn tin Hlo Xesro near lie t
Amartn hitvu turned many thousands of acrot
i ntocilltlvited plantations u u ot f caci i hanamis
inmgKH rubber mindioea 1 I a nil taut all in
well Kept and clean us my American farm
I > her plintitions contilii Immoiise i I elearod
iiasiuieK with heie and tlnn a cluniii of trees
left for simile ou which grire t I housings nf i
iid of cattle many of Imported stoc On
this lower thousand ututhi of the I Amaon this
raising of bof for marUet and of borsys fir
Iriught purposes i nlieailr a filrlv tlotirish
nu industry and iscipiile of imlelliiilo ex
tension sheep may bo raised for unit ou and
J Tilti hut not for wool evn tho best biceds
oslugtlcii wool withlu I two seasons
Mr i J 1 vV Stone a nlive I of M a siueit u itt
line demonstrated that farming I ou the t I u Vueri
cutfl plan ciu la MiLcussfiill carried on lie
UVIIHII farm ou tlm north bank of the I river
about HTi miles wust tul l Iini Ilo is I fimoiis
thueoiintiyround for his succors He has ODD
tu eros under cultivation anI has jut puioliut
edJOIH acres morn which ho will I I 1 ctir lor
ptsturailP He is raisins ladimi orn and
ohirciMifniuipprlor quality I and also liroum I
corn sorghum and such of the Indigenous
productsis hu cares to cultivate Ho has the I
I mlv I American acriculturil I I lit lii C me nt s in I his
part of the countrv keeps woll informed ol the
loincs of the woi Id nnd although a rsusii tnt
iii liraxll for thirtysoveti years past is still a
citizen of tlie United Matey
The IJo Swallow n lstj n In fut Open
fitreil Li itltb u J ii ussn null Smllr
I dont son why it is said Major Max hay
log his morning pnpor down nnd passing his
coffee cup to Mrs Max why it is that when n
man hogliihtalking or wilting about snakos
all tho truth In him SOCIUH to congeal
It may be Mrs Max sugg3tml as slits
passed back the filled cup that the horror of
tIn subject fruoiii s Ills Mood or something I
like that you know freezes his blood mid
everything dont vou know
Possibly mid very clever too my deir
Cow I romembir when I went to South Amor
unto visit Huh Hob i Hillings I ot tit y ili si you
know wont Into cattle rullni thoro that n
roullyextrnordltinry thini occurred there Wo
vure out onu day lloh and I wheio u tilt nqiiu
ros WHIO branding I when nlong I u cnmo a boa I
like thatin
think It was n boa or something
evident pain tutu distress Moll my dear
trout II you Lid isis II I it vns to I i t he I sein at a
glance that that monster sniiko had svvul
owod iisteiraud flits Inrns vvro hiiiliiig it
What did that darn devil ol n Huh do hut I iish
ip to that boalf it VIIH a hoii unrt cut it
open wlmn out walked llm leer
Minor oxclninid Vis Max Isnt your
coffee getting I cold I t
It ii t wait till I I i you hemllm t I lest of the ftory
lob took a lasso and smt t of Mltehnd that
iinako up mid It irivvled i oil with I a i mil I smile t of
satisfaction I Imai ins i sit > r tuut tIm I hi neiit
whuniivoryday uttir Hint that gia eful boa
vould eomo crawling into camp with a stray
cal II had swallowed lor Iho I sakn of rescuing
it for Hob and wed jitsit iinluco that lasso and
corral tins calf
Most extraordinary aid Mrs Max
That what 1 nay nigiKil tho Major I
lont see why people go Into romance HO about
snakes when fits truth in stianco enough
Hut Is It really ti mi Major I
True ray dear To ho Mire you hays never
eon Hob but youvu seen Ills portrait In that
ems picture In my study
hints really ML nsunUd Mrs Max In Ito
tone of absolute conviction
The Iurmt Clilninry In the World
PHI tie rtjirniln Sun
Tho largest chlnuipy In the world Is now in
oursnof construction by thoOrant Mmulllng
Company of this I cit i itt their workn In I Myria
and its symmetrical proportions to half of Its
ultimate height already tovvurtoward the sky
Although It will bii the largest itiucture of Its
Kind In thrt world u lenulrlng more material
ban any other Its height will not huthngroat
set laokliii however but a few feet Thn
iMghtot tlm structiirn above Ihuirrouod will
be when completed IsO i feet and it ictls onu
tono foundation with depth ol ti giiteun feet
The Btructuru Is of brick carefully solocted
and IR built In two sections ono surrounding
I ho other wit it an air chamber between To
How for thu I expansion and conti action of this f
It tugs 1110 tif maHourynn oilglnal I niocluinlcal
levlce consisting 01 rollers set Into the brick
work and sliding uigtu I must t him Inner i wall I Is
uovlded ThU allovvB each section toadjuit
itself to flue other when undergoing dHTvrent
degrees of heat
juts Inner chamber of thn shaft Is sixteen
foot clear from base to top ruts base Is thirty
hriio fuel and at this top twenty feet Tho
htcknesHof hut outer wall nt hits iciu IH forty
dght Inches and at the throat thirteen Inches
Thickness of the Inner wall at the baso In
wentyslx Inches and nt the top ulna Inches
The base iu square but the corners break
after reaching a height of about thirty feet
md the structure taper in graceful proportions
Ions to the capping in the form of an octagon
Cwo million and a halt of brlolca will be used
in tho construction
i i
CAT goxrpAKna WATS
They Are Orliclnnl sad Tbry rW Ot
HU ChBrnctr
EMrontuM Id Aug 2racai Bhecpardwho
lives a couplo ot miles from here In the moun
tains Is ono of Ito queerest of backwoods
characters He 1s odd and always original
Ho Is now 70 years old and ho ha trapped and
hunted for sixty years When ho comes to
town ho usually rides ono of his oxen and goes
barefooted winter and summer He doesnt
waste time getting his meals at a hotel or res
taurant when he U In town Any one can do
that ho says lie Iua a titbho made to nt on
his oxs shoulders and when he Is hungry ho
takes from his poekotn lctuits that ho has
provided and sots out a tooth on the tibIa In
front himand eats as hu rides Oneof Cats
heels Is missing Ho was on flue trail of a
deer ono day when hp trod close to n rattle
snake nnd thus snako nipped him In the lucid
Cal was In a hurry so ho whipped out lula
hunting knife and sliced oil the heel aol wont
on after the dear Ho cut deep enough to chop
out time poUon When ho killed the deer ho
dressed bis hujl It heated and with the ox
oopllon of the looks of tho tiling thu foot Is
just an good ns over
Ouio lay Ctl found an ox of his deal by flue
side of the railroad tea k that runs through
tho woods not far from hU house It hud
been killed by than cars Cal sent u bill
In to thn odlcors of tho company
for tho value of the ox and asked
them to settle They wouldnt settle Then tlio
glass InMilitors on Ihj companys telegraph
poles began to rattle to the ground 0110 after
another alon that part of thue road Tholrap
pcirancn loft no itoubt that they were be
ing shot off by rIfle balls and thwy
tumbled down about as fast as lucy eould bo
replaced That Interfered seriously with bus
lne n and Iho oniuor of tliti company thought
they t could put nn end to tho damntio hv ur
rentIng Cii Shoppard to whom apparently
strung ehrtinietiutifittt mltlonoo potutol I a < the
handler of thu rlflo that splintered flue Insu
lators Cat was arrested but the evldonco
was InsuUiclont to hold him I nnd he was ills
chaigcd Tlie Insulators continued I to fall
rlsht along with tho oldtlmu I rcgulai Ity u Then
llstruckthe I I t emitu pan i t lttt Cul Sit p lsttnul ought
to to paid I for tho I o that had been killed on
the railroad Tho ox wns paid for mid svio
how thin insulators i I coascd to In oak am none
hits ever broken sine
Cal Is a groat trout llshormnn anti visiting
Bportsmen like to secure Ills sorices ns guide
and camp director when they go llshlug In this
region Ho had chiriro of a parly from Wll
I lout sport this I season A mon a their t equip I j
ments wero two kegs of beer Ihoy hadnt
been I In camp a day Imforu I Cul I dlseovurud that I
al hsttr was hit I kins about the I camp watching I
lur i i a clianeo to t tug tilT HOmethllitf I lit visit
Ing p irlsmeii seen worried for no one in the
paitv u WIIK aimed for hour I They wanted al I
to send In I foe i sonu guns or u tttt r t nut and
lout the liiiu I ul sii I t hu are wasnt any usu
going tm till that troutlc t
hoop as you gut one o them beer kags
umi tv 1 II IK the bear said lie
it 1 didnt tu t 11 the boya I Ion to t t empty one of
flits keg mid Cut link It in hand lie tsik
Home bmg spikes that he got ut a lunioer
camp ami had thus snall unS tiled to Hlmrp
point Tlicn hu drove the pikes Into ihe i
keg enteilim tlioui Ii tint llm outsidv a few
Inches rrnii th Head whl h li < had knockut
out Tho spikes purl driven ihr i ugn KI that t
they stmlc three tin four liiies into Ills kis
Tneir t pointH slmiiiiig louari the I it Item tuusl
formlni a rue nil around tin inside of the
key Tiien Cal put u piece of porK
in thu hoi mid tool it out Into lie t
woods and laid H on its side A louple
ot mornings uftcivvard ho sitit to link
nl this lug lie found it and uI
tbn b m4 Ilium hail smelt the t pork nnd stuek
his head into the ku to gut it Tlm shiip
slant ru sdles jaiitied deep Into tin iidr s
neck and throat mid the more hotriudto git
iivviy I tie iti urt it I t w is u lor I linn t Hu I couldnt
get out und the spike ett his throat Hn wis
as det I an on of iiii hi i nulls that kitlud him
when Cil caiio on the scene
Ono ipgre of Cal iheppards life Is that a
jole he laid out t biv on Dan Hirr wasnt
earth out to t mend as ho had planned Dan
hit r luul u tame hoar which ho kept chalnnd
In front ol Ins house In tlm woods cion hj llm I
old Siltvoi kH roid Thu hear was ugly mid n
nuisiine duo niglit Dun Barr bean tots no
port of a iRe i so close to his house that hu nu
uisdt est that t Ins i bir was in I some way mlxod
unwltli it He sprang out ot hed ran out
ilnors and found that nls suspicions were c ir
rect Tlie beiir sytus dcml Cal hliepuid lived
a couple of miles troin bins and DAII jumped
on bin horsn uud put htm on the deail run
lovTiinl Cals
If Cal shot that bear und ho did of
courne siid Dan I Ill tilt her ketch up to him I
ur he wont Im to home
itn > wasnt inoii than ten f minute getting I
toCils liousu It was darker thin Kgyiit
Ho banccdit Ito door and Iyam by somo
onft stuck a head nut u window mid wanted to
know what was up
Thats I Cal I I sum i us cumpilon I suit Dan
nnmtnvliit astonished Then he lold Cat that
his hear had been shot and asked him what
he did II for
Me exclaimed Cal ns he told the story
aftenard Whit lo 1 know about your
maiigcy old bios
I hei smd Cul I Dan figured around to
try and coniiiro up who could V killed the
boar If I hadnt Veil t says I Luri y Jymun
is iii In woods ilu s camped duck fi his
shuntv Ive heard him t sits that I hear o joiirn
vva n nuisance many a tune u Dan May bo hu
didnt kill it hm 1 have utuy Idees on it
Xovv 1 knoHd I dum well I that Lorry didnt
kill the hear but I knovvil him iii hula SUM
Milo was shuntvm out Ilvn or sK mil trim
Dans an ihut if Dan got it In his huiisl < l wunst
lint t tony did kill hue t hear hud Irimp right
out to this shiMy tliere mid lion and tiy to git
satlsfaciiun I An 1 Iiowd I I t that Larry wouldnt i t
do mnthir I Dan only hov hin inmk
etiough llm lu ilidnt shout the hear hut 1
know il thai Milo vroiihlnt tukn it so peicetul
Ilk but would inorun likely pitch rignl in mi
give Dan I such an iitlllred I diessiu I u out that
hed wish he was his dead bear
Veli I Dan I did 1 get it in I his head hat larry
If it JIM tli 14 I if it r il n C 1 lit fetid t tutrl iit i i < 1t t mir
In tliH shanty an cittlo flu old fuller I old
Jiftii 1 d no it biu tug an i show him the way CIUHI
it sits a In in fhanio to havo a fcllors projurty
slaiiKhteied rukiouss that way rltcht iifmu his
own e > vR An so wo went imvk to HanVai
put out his lutes nn stalled throuuh the nettle
tor Jnrry lyniHiisHluuity It wadarker than
the t Inside I of a bear den t h nn it made Dun I pult
Out blur to I t ni its p them t Iho miles an I VIIA
enjovinthe I t joke the best kind I It wits iii tug
toward inornlu when we got to larry
cabin anIan hanged cm up luiry Hiiutod
to know what Was wanted an Dui pitched
Into him hot loot for kllliu his bear It
dldn t need moron live words fioin Larry
to Mitlsfy Dan tbnt he didnt kno nothlu
nluut the beir an Dan cooled t donn lilt I
Milohn bet mi by thli tlmp aiiI was jlstmoit
a hut ii I tu n seeln how nicu my joke nas
workln I forMilo I got rendylo t i pltcli in I antan
DanMjicket fer him I thu t mb Iik cit kind I I lint
lair I > spiled the fun HD wouldnt I I IctMllodo I h I
Dan up an all my plans wa < ktiockeil dead in
the t head I neer forgive Larry 1 lor I Interferin I
nn spllln that joke o mine Mo an Dan
tramped back through the wools an 1 tell
you 1 was mad Dun uevur Mnld a wmd I nmieii
to wunst In a while snort out Its p oy dum
haul to hao to suspect a neiKhbor Mi niluht
a ben tlilnklno larrr Ivnmn but my lden
hiKnlliix IMII that Dan lUther Hiisplcmned no
with klllln that bear
MU4SS is nuiurt nti
A Ine la Vlilch U Rc uly Hn llrcn Iat
hv Ioullana Pliintern
NEvOiuHvNK Aug 2UTluo Louisiana riant
tr the I organ of thu sugar planters of this I
Mute suvs that they will USD their lower
giulcK of molasses this year for fuel Last
year tho t molasses was a drug on the h market
und thu problem what to do with R became a
eLriuiis one A largo number of planters
dumped I It Into I the t bayous to gel rid of It but
n vigoious protest has boon riled against this
piictlce ab It tends to make tlm bus ous foul
smelling b mid unhealthy others kept the mo
lassos iu I tanks In hopes that t II I I would Improve
lu value It has not improved however but
depreciated mid tha question ot how to got
till tuf it Is its dilllcuit tie over
Two plans bavo boon propose to manufac
ture I It Into I h i u rum or 1 to use it ax funl f Thu first
would require capital and machinery and tha
planters think I that they t have at much to I at
tend I I to as bey can miiiingo without running n
rum distiller I I I so they t Have determined I to
abandon llm I ruin Idea and UNO the moUseus
as luul It Is now worth two cents a gallon or
iila i ton I which Is I slightly b I less limn coal
soils for at thu plantation The crop this year
will I bo IoiKK I tilt of which JiMKXi tons will
brlug enough tu make II I I worth < Mllng I wnllo
tluu st her UxiOOO 1 tons t i vvlll I e snfllclentto I i 5 suii
lly J thu Hiigar lionses with all tile fuel they
need to I ltlOfl tu fact ut e their crop
Ihc molasses will make as good u Urn as
IlttHhuruh suit coal In I gene t tii USD hurst con
lalnlng I I I 251 I percent watnr S ner I cent ash and
T2 per cunt cirhoii Iii n chief f dltllcuily I of
burning the molasKcti has liually IIHUII user
comii by a sprinkler wllch throws It on the
bagasen or sugar cano after the juice has
been pressed from It when it burns as well as
coal causing a strong heat The planters hare
hesitated to consume the molMiei In this
way hoping that com better use eould be
found for It but as none better has hown
tsoU they W compihled l to burn IA as fueL
ram COIVHBVS cRrFnnATiox or mar s
The Naval MKIInr sad tvte rar4u tb
Kleelrle rageNus fe suu lt > Iutaa
I Hnqu mill Olbtfr FeMlarf
The Committee of One Hundred which ha
undertaken tho management of IhnColatnblnk
celebration In this city In early October ham
neatly perfected Its plans The cenwat pro
mamma for tlio five days fostlvltlns Is sea
pletc The smaller details only ore lacking
The celebration will begin onOotBbrrellg
lotus servIces In the Jewish synagotiOs
throughout the city Many congte BtfoB mB
making considerable piepnrntlons for thtt > <
The next tiny Sunday tho Christian chtttcherf
will celebrate Mronil extensive programme1
arts In preparation Most of tIns churches wllr
bo profusely ilecorntcd Every service will
Imvn some reference to tho nvvnt of four cen
turies ago uud thoro will ho one special susr
S leo In every clinrcli Archbishop Corrlgan
has addressed a loiter to the pastors of nil th
Catholic churches In lilt diocese requesting
them to celebrate flue day
On Monday mot nine Oct 10 hero will 19
the I school and college piridf CommlisliniT I
liinitvnholiiiur IIIIH ljcvn wnrklni very hard to
inaku tlilx it xuvonvu ami hn sats there will bo
ut I lutist JotiOOolilldiuii man hliiK > < n that il IT
Tim tetyc t tire nil tim eterry flugu nnd hut girls
liuiiiKt i I C < > r Iii tiCti S Tlin el Is will I wear
white Thivwlll ininliby < iiiiuusli i nnil clauses
and tlioriMvlll f I I h bus < haudsii1 I fnnmnt Inturvul
Homo of Hi t Hiuillor I children I will I ravel la I
earrlnKi and t s ii rest Mason Tlin I puhllo
fchoiila will all turn I out just itt iniitiv childroa
as they I cat Al oust nil t I I tin prnt hi wliool
and Milluuiix liivn inn Milieu I tint hoc will
turn nut leti military solioilt will of iourn
liiivo tliilr hoys li iinlfurin Tio miliaa
n rlumilitlilreii will nlo niiju > iir In iinlfnim
AtlliuroilowluHtnnilill t I I I tin t gi lrK wlllhnur I I I
their loiiiuts mi lit Briinl In a heap wlilcli
should BIIW t Ms I en muli to I hlilo Tivsidiilt
Iliirrltnn ami i I tho t I i otlio i s Ill chi s liefnro lli t
pariidi i nil pi l Afifrwird wtgsns will
come up nnd tm limi in ts t will ln > takon uwiir
nnd illstrllintid nii tlui hopltals
That nli it tlinro I ss ill ho ueletiritlon br
chli oiotlin In nil pirli nl i tin eily itilt
society will I h inubrilo for Itiuirnnil I I b lu lIt oirn
wny Knmcul til Jin i will I I I lurule i i I it lucre will
IniM lltrrnry h and uumliMl usul its Tw I > vury
large nml lilt vtl > l > r itioiis un > iiriniUud for
tlil t iilult t Tho Cut hutil i Cluli h will i i I uluSno I at
t Ito Mntiopolltaii i I I > cit Hnusi lin h u i > lovpl 1
T Dily l ii in I vliiro ot tin I i I1 l Lntlirup I t i will
road n poom unl Ihss Starr ot Chlfa n will
contribute in silt > set to nuin Jln < cntor
tit lit nu cut ni III I I bn liririly lltoriry I and histori
cal pupmi will I be rrnd
ThoothBi Ms OLlcbrulon of this nlsht will
bo elvcn by Ito I Clorinin Hlnirlni soilelles la
the Seventh lhugl utu cut Armory riio c HUCO
thus untod for tlili puncso oer 1 jcar aco
ami put lYIIHici Stelnway In elnrsu uf tlm
mcitoiucnt with Itlcliard I I i iircn mnr and
Comml loncr Wiihlo to lulp tutu They l
fsirsl n Iniiii ptlzi for tin S h c t Iintatu unit
this wii1 won ly Ic Milamt > t llnltliunn I
Jfluiulti lucIa will he > MI > ol tint < oo tr mill
IOiHlerui in vnns will iilit In Itt > ciionlK
ImclNIni ha licii cuilic II ti iintli The
proirciN its tn I on ml lcilx 11 nnn > taK
OiiTui iy Dct I 11 I t hiMivI parul will I a
linlil Ii l > Nuhnlson haute < dii ii v n la
fpecml I iiiitiKiMif it iii rir it u t ijortain t time
thn Clilcun Vtlmbi t riillidlphln lioiiiord
iMi v lu I i < KjiraiKC I ii i t h i Iii inl Mlinto
imhwill Ink i lilt UTII Itil111 and Su miiHlt
miiiofWar iru suite to lie In It nnd ppihini
otlnir foroiuiiir liilliitlnii have IMIII cs
tinitd I iiiiMiiiinniindt I > rM tf f allthu squadrons
in tin Atliuli to Im preient Ote of flue mw
features of this nivil puradi > Is aTie sf
oimimoin Miit4 lIen vli cii will Im hown
seiits HlustiiitivuMf tlio I grUitI uiivinco lnuiil >
bulldlnic slnon the dUcoverof America All tho
prntMst > t in tIle buildIng of f modem tctlslllpA
will I I I lie I evliliited I Commi t lsinutir 1appan pro
posvd tliit t I tlui tiuulc IlO up I thj Huil on as far
us YonkoK so that S this puhlic nluht utlllza
the Hiitire wost water fiont of the city to Mess
itind croH ihu I river ami show it from tha I
ralivadei This propiHlllon Wits adopted
HeHldni title thus eonimlttfit will cnrl out a
fleet of free eiLiiislou ih tcaiers for the women
and children uf tho tineiunnts An effort
is bulns midu to lirintj ihoiit a tremendous
Ill itsi itt of 1 ieniun and meiehant craft in
tbh mtrndn to oirv tIns naval pint ot the
Hhow ilie iiauil ll suro will hare a promt
nnt pltcin and the Annapolis cadets are corn
tnx Tinfdiy uvenln will also he devoted
to celiiliratl mol prlvatn oivlc organizations
ucdneiihiy Oct IV I 2 will I I be rnlumtiun Day
Sunrise will Im greeted tiy a ereiit rlnelncof
isliiiiih tnlls anil lining if cannon Not only
will h I every fort and 1 nnuofwar Inthi h linn or
wilute this ilnTn with ti > oiiin 4111 hut in
lutes ssiuh In Urod nl issr town In cvriy
siuo in tie city one 01nirecinnon sill u
flriil The tun local NntioniUiiiinl iiferle
will bo dlidcd up round town in utr i > thnr
will tn If they Iici uns enoii h Ihu I iVnr
Ucpllllllcllt Mill lend sninc fluil IIIH In tnt
AtHoilo < k tlm t military parii vilt tarr
It will reviirci the ijul ir onSur tliiirz ml
Slit t tiusvtu town Tor MIK ion vli lie IM UV tht
Tost Jllio anil fioiu the iot iiTlii I thu ll l
of the line will don up tnvi t tin siirnrfl
The route will he up llr advay to joutrt
street wet to Inlv I I rslly I ln I u c mil I ii not tel
Mashli ton Ink to Filth ai > n in in filtli
iMiinilo to rmitteonlli I tPcl it to 1ninn I
HlUare and ariiiul it lak tlirouni ivivi
teenth htreet to 1ifth aMnile a I up I Itll
aMinuoto rirtyiiiti ttnct rim enwiiK
htund still Lent Hi > Vorth il miiment Iluri
will Im froo standc for pool iv ninn itid olnl
dron irid nloiity ofother sit fl N to I i which hiss t
admins n fie isill i Im > > > nts
Gisti Mirfln I T I JleMnhan Is I to I hn I tln I > 1rnnil I
Iar < liii of this ptiridK run cntir National
t iiiaiilof I t 10 b stall 5 will I I march u Tlic > tnle I I > iif I
oiinecilut Ithodu Island nit snv ior ey
lme IIMI proini > in sstuh thii itt lotitti
iiiitnls Setctnr Kleins I Im prmlol I to
nnd iiKulur ros lioin ill flit nuiio
posts of the rliti mnl tin Atlaiili sut
I luiro still he tMI insular UM > I li re in
liiiliiis 1 Kulirnnt of cialryfrini Ic IsiL
Attn llhsure say Unit a r linent i it l lnif d
tiktvTiiiiirrhisiini < riiiii > li il h lolliestr i S ti
of New lorK In los uf i e ie rim Ue t olnt
carlntmi e al > conilnu
III Hllition In ihtmi troops there will a
HOtiXiriind Army in n w oi i will niHren sic
tein innnit in el we u iliinii n in tuo of
posts There will itisut I ltiu I I flu lutu I III llni
form itt fl > volnnti er llreiucn fmn nil ibont
and ttt liar il OKI icrmaiin its H il l as sliurp
stiDotiiK aol s ein 5t P this I iennai ituuie i
lhit I > will Im in meii an I in uniform an I will
be iridei this niaiHlialhlii oi Yn I ran fiuel
They still liiii I itO tititti atiil I Viiiurkaii mtioiml
hymns ai tltii inarcli
Aiiout 4 iiiiloel In tutu afeno in IhMin I
veiling of I tlm Htalueof C dinii us at higluth
iiciitn Mid KlflViilnlli street illl lifts iiti >
Tlm dot nib nl thin nre in Mm u hml of tho t
iiiiinitei < of llalinti wlio chi tin monu
Iteiutftu lIt shtt lIt 1iimuiuiitt e of Dim niln
ilreil vlll lid pliteiil nnd Minor Crint will
recolvnltin iniiiiiiment in liehilf olheclty
tnlchttlm electric luunile vll liki I place
Flit I practical mmiiiieiiient of ft Ir In th haiils
of lol John 1 inriietl Assiicialed ivllh lilia
is fipl Alfred Thomptoii this mtf nnl I
hlKHll I Ills pi lHIlt is l tl s tilts TM
Triumpii of Amerlcaiind It I Intinlml in liius
trnte the proiiessiif th iits y I i it ijiyn
thin toil I arlH tml ii 5 from < o < > v r
down to the pinsell lime Hmde iii 5 s if f tha
vuioiiH allporlcal II < isis lueli wil tintttl
huh Its iilncipal entiiiev iris th < w irk of
l apt Thompson Tlnrc nhh lie mine twenty
float and cinup illuminated iy el ctrldty
and osuortrd hy imid s ol inu lii and ciylv uni
foiiued iocletles It 1 is aiinounced that t I there
will bun number of floatn lisido lhuiiso pro
vlded for u hvthe I I t committee I OHM I Illustration I h I
of wealth Mill ie hent by Hie I New Vork Stock
IxehansH Tho tonolidntid Kxrhanga
wll futrutichi sine of mine ami the life Ire
mid iniirlno InBiirnn c < iuipinle > have eom
IliHd to furnish one Illutiatun of In uranon
Thllcyrllsts 1 of the I clly and nulchhorhood
will turn out In torce 1hcy will toiin an ud
sit ii Cit guuirij cifriDDi I I men llosldei ordinary I
antiniM each rider will hum a small hinnsa
Innlprn suspundeit fiomn lck The Outer of
I lit Html Men nlwi expect to turn out strong
llielr ifiind Marslial i I Inn proinlHeil I itHKI of
them They wIll iviar this rosliimes of their
trlrius and 1 their i ch jnfs will I Im tnt lUuiteui bare
back All sir flits rlilliiB ucailnmles too base
ssueogtsii the helnvltatlun sent them to par
ttelpiitn In thin parailo
rate next buy thom will ho no celebration
until niBhU when a baniunt will be held la
Mm Mftronolltmi Opera lloiise The cateieri
of tin ht Jaiuiu N and the Cafii I Kavnrln have It
In I cii urge Tlmro wil be UK sumts Inolud
lug thus President anti VleeIVenldcHt of the
Ijnltcd Status mombers of CoiiRrom and the
dqvernorH of nil tho States
A feature of thin whole celebration will h I
the cwiieral decoration and Illumination of
prlvalii houses tlirouuliont thus city A spnclnl
colti in Utco buttS laeittu a IPiuillt oil to Induce I citi
zens to cooperate In this
Piker DC Ibrlr Hnn r suith lire
1155 uS l iriS 5 9e 1id 54 CohI lit V Journal
Itt a farmhouse between Marcellus and
SI ti mitsuI cIte thou l ls i cur nklty lielwcen the
Phisterincandthosldliic of tin house at one
joint there In n vacant Mlice which for thus
lust three season hits hcen iilllled for hiving
jmrpokos by n colony of toes l The colony
line crown to such at extotit that on a warm
aummer da it ie sonussilmoes to drIve
era tti us the ynid near them The I ml y 1 v
in lieu expect to mko repr
0o pound of honey from Useir aoysi klys
i S

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