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u 1 III 7 Wv1
1 i f WI
lit AT 13 Sirj LLl < > THE FAST lIST
Istsd ml riftt ne Ilrondwhtcteil
rneaMtle Tire Forced the 1 Trollluc
World to ItccocnU It McrllII
> AdTKntucea Over thn Ole Wooden
bulIewr l Accident nttil Oiemer
1 HpeedA Onenheclril Hnlky PromUeil
Whon tho Grand Circuit of 1802 began at
Philadelphia early In July no ono antlclrateil
or even surmised that lone era thu lastDolnt
was reached tho high woodonwheol milky
Caffray Toomey or 1ruy would have entirely
disappeared rot such is the ease
Ther was but one bloyde sulky nt Cleve
land belonging to Budd Dobli which ho
brought with him from Detroit On tho
last day Goer rocolvod ona from the Boston
maker and at DulTalo thulr mini burs in
created until honors were about even At
Rochester the bicycle had fairly oertakon tho
high wooden wheel nnil whn In tho 217
o class with nine starters that old lave J 1 I
Richardson came out hitched t a Catfrey
sulky It looked aa stranco and out of place aa
did tho rubber wheel three woolen bofora
4 At Springfield and again at Ilnrtroril eriry
horse whether trotter or pacer pulled thA
eair travelling small wheel with tho broad
hollow rubber tire I needed but four Jars
at Cleveland to convince
bowing Clevland every train
er and driver there that the pncurantlo tire
had oome to stay and before the end of tho
week even the more conservative among them
were not only loud In its praise but hud aa
tually ordered one or more for Immediate de
Uverr So greatly did the advantages derived
from Its use Impress horsemen generally
that an Idea at one time was prevalent that the
here using it would be barred In the pools
With Its aid more trotters have gone Into the
Inner circles daring the Grand Circuit than In
anJ previous rear Lumps among the sires
adding three to hls2201lst Mary Mao 218
at Cleveland Elko 217 at Buffalo ana
Cla mate 210 > at Springfield and at Hart
ford even iuoh a poorly bred gelding as Harry
MotUlrtgoat a third heat In 218 and comes
back In 218 >
W J White of Cleveland owner of Wllkle
Collins offered a bonus of 1000 to the owner
and 110 t the driver of the first of lib Btal
Hoaccet banting 220 Bella Wllkna a bay
dare by Wllkle Collins dam Belle Messenger
by HemengerDurocoameoutthU season with
a mark of 220Si She had shown a trial closo I
t 222 but faster she could not > with the
old able sulky W F Wks of Iarkvllle her I
trainer borrowed Dobles pneumatic sulky for
a trial at Cleveland The mar stepped off a
mUe handily Iole to 2ID and at Hprliieflsld
Won thr > first heat of the 2 25 trot hitched to
bicycle sulky In 21HM
Ita increasing uo through the circuit has
L twellnd the ranks of the freeforall by such
additions na Honest Irorge Walter E
Martha Wilkes Grants Abdallah Nlghtlngnlo
Ulobe Vltello Flying Jib and Thistle And
what Is I true of the Grand I is equally true of thu
great Southern and Western circuits Pam
< bJ Storm King comes out at Pittsburgh In
5on with a mark of 2224 gets I record at
Grand Rapldsof213MambrlnoMald2154
and Evangellno IS 21U trot with the free for
all In one afternoon at Columbus 0 with
miles In la
The rubber tire Is not an Idea of yesterday
Four rear ago Frank an NOls had a rubber
tire fitted to a pair of large wheels and drove
Harry Wilkes to them but the result was not
a uVce Wlk5 frightened the hort without
adding to his speed tie yoar ago when
the pnumatlc tiro to the bicycle llfBt lounded
into prominence the Idea was mooted that
perhaps tho small wheel nnd broad tire could
be fitted to a Milky The nrfct imlr of twenty
P Ightlneh hollow tires was made by the Pope
Crcl Company n Boston firm They hung
thes with a bailbfaring axlo to the body of
t ordinary sulky 0 FT Clark of Boston lias
the credit of using the fut of these sulklei
for a race when his pacer Albert D won
ultli I homowbrtt ouMly at Worcester 1 hat
this was not a fltiku Albeit II firovod by win
ning nvery other ovent for which hu startod
JIie flOWS of this reached Iltuld IJobln at Terra
llautn jUt nH hu ttnrlod with Nancy
I Hank fur Ihlladillihla JJolilo ordered ono
1 1 ho sent lo him I thoro Inleiullni i to use It for
NiiuoyH exhibition mlln I 11111111 did not 0010 I
This MII In I l luno and 1 not Intl I Iltl I I I Dot lo was nt
Dotrolt In July did ho gut tiuc new mnehlne
Mien I art iviu 110 thu iDtli I hn wan 40 I it tIn
ito ii usn1 with I Its I iiMnuraneo that ho would
not uoJt lllt lay Iii 2 h7 I trot was carried
overunniilslied liiiltmthooonlngltwassug
ccstiil to drors that he burrow llm now milky
fo lloiient ileorge Mr Hnmlln was willing
to try his luck with I and so when the Hold of
six PcortM up for tho fourth heat on the follow
ing day Hono loorgi had tho hike behind
him llnrol lerrr1 110 favorite had one heat
Irorge two Ho lieu all ho could do the pre
vious ilny to win thefo In 2lil all 21U
but dlr thn ballhonrlrig biovcluwhenl
pneupintlctiro RUlky loprs had an easytlmo
of It coming home well In front of Almont nnd
Mttlo Albeit In 211 with Walter li outside
tho nag This was Its first nppenrnnop In so
clety and tho thin end of tho wedge look hold
that afternoon liable uSNIlt the same day for
ltck In tho free for all The gray coldlni did
not cot any well thin first heat hut In tho
next three tin small wheoln 1 rollnd homo llrpt
In 2iiJ 2ir anil 2lri This with fly
land Ts hPatln2iriKwnsarrcordbreiikliig i
rrno hit the blcychi sulky IIIIH made history
with such rush that now heat after heat let
ter than 215 hardly raises u murmur of an
flllus from nn audience sated with record
nl hlnl 1118 aulience wlh roor
At Detroit Htnitor Cam pan had asked one
of the newpnper men on Wednesday for a
tip on tho 217 trot Plnr Honest Ueorcn
WHS the nijily Tho presiItlDSter arrived after
thodviIiilng heat on Ihursday An he crossed
tho jtraok hu looked up to Judge Campau
Well Honest tloorco won you so
Y en ho did but that cussed newfangled
sulky did It scaring other horses to death
Hownvor tho hortps an well a Judge Cain
pan rita quito familiar with It now
From that namo afternoon on the bicycle
sulky has won with two or three exception
every heat In the Orand Circuit At llrst the
reports would Call attention to this but I soon
became such a mutter of course as to attract
attention Nancy flanks pulled It first at I
Grand Rapids where she made her record
Ov > It was behind her of course utriileago
L A Davies used a IftyNevenlnch wheel
with rubber tires for Boy Wilkes at Detroit
but discarded It after two heats The small
wheel from twontyolght tothlity Inches Is tho
only size that vUll do
The Dohle sulky weighed sixtytwo pounds
and It was this machine that Nancy Hanks
pulled the mile In 2ti74 The later ones uro
coming nt all weights down us low as fifty
pounds and as loon us tho best system of
hanging tho wheels is decided on they can be
made even lighter The old ftyle wooden
wheel In Its lightest form weighed fortytwo
pound but n Uftvpound sulky was more i
generally used The new wheel Is superior in
many ways and the past four Weeks campaign
unexpected paign ban demonstrated directions its superiority in
The wheel track mad by an oldsty sulky
in passing a curve at speed Is i often several
times the width of the tire Frequently the
wheels will slip several inched All this
but an appreciable bearing on tho speed of the
hoi BO The rubber tire does not leO the
driver has no need to lean over on one side to
keep an oven keel but can negotiate the turn
at full speed and sit perfectly sQuare Tneru
II none of the Incessant concussion or vibra
ton of the seat which has sooner
or later broken down so many drivers
Some drivers estimate that a pneumatic
sulky Is I throe second faster than the old style
I was argued against the hollow tire that I
it was struck say by the hoof of a horse fol
lowing close behind the tube would burst
Well that very thing happened nt Cleveland
Geers swerved In front of the second horse
during a hot llnih and the follower btruck the
rubber tire doers did not 6n know it until
some one told him and tlio horse unt
eemed to hang In his stride for just a fraction
of a second and thats nil there was to It
With a wooilen wheel thor would have been
wreck and disaster Several times wheels have
bumped together then Is n strong rebound
nothing moro Last Wednesday in the Charter
Oak btakn Nolllo Mason flopped on lee
Varas wheel the shock threw her over Loomis
fell out scrambled to his feet qufotol tho
mare righted the machine at In and drove
quietly to tho wire and reported There was
no damage done hut a highwheel sulky
turned oer that fuxhliin would havo come up
with one or more wabhly wheels
Greatas the Improvement Is to ditto a otlll
better htilUy in iiruiuUed when tho Rtl
any of order get n that little are breathing injuring in time from the flood
The grcit superiority of the broad rubber
tire over its narrow stool competitor in nego
tinting the turn on I compettor I so evident
and so fully corroborated by all who have rid
drn In them that conxiderahlo curiosity is
aroused n to the result when they ar used
OUI hnlfmile track with itt eight curves to
wih I
the mil Very few horbonhaia ever beaten
220 over a halfmile ring but when tho
bicycle strikes such good halfmile tracks as
Wuyoily and Trenton It Is a hufu prediction
that tire list will be conHldoiahly augmented
euldlnc to the maker who has bought tho
right t supply the I new machine the day Is I
not far distant when mmwheel tulkios will l < o
lu use All that flouted to make this feasi
ble so ho Hays IH I u Miff harness that will not
slip at any point I will run on the bama
inlnclploas a hoop
ma xaus AHEAD run nfEELJE
Will AtttMpt t HUa Mile lu 2llOO
cia Tlmera Needed
The fall circuit of race meets will oommonco
en Labor Day at Hartford when the Hartford
Wheel Club wU hold a two days meeting
Tournament will alt o be hold at Hprlngfleld
Philadelphia and other cities taco meet
promoters realize that tho racing men are
tiding very fast and with the intention t In
duce them to try for now records they ate
Haying particular attention to their tracks and
a MizM Tie prize lists at the hartford and
Springfield tournaments exceed In valuo those
of any previous year While building lot are
not offered articles of great value have been
donated AB William Wludle has announced
his Intention of returning to tho path new in
C tenet will be infused Into racing as the rela
tive abilities of Windlo und Zimmerman
naturally excite Interest Wlndle Xlmmor
can herb Taylor Tyler Taxis W Murphy
Bmlth B lph and otters ore training for the
circuit races and there la every reason to be
lieve that a number of records will be lowered
I Is the aim of all these riders just named to
fid a mil In J minutes socomln or better
Wlndle ip I also anxIous to recover the mie rec
ord which was wrested from him byUuoigo
Thor ere many persons who discredit the
record of 2 minutes and U seconds of Ocorge
Taylor for the reason Hint BUbkoiiuunt to llin
C reoonl perfoi iniuce lie vmsnot riding In very
Sood form and Immediately after lui ride at I
prlngfletd he was easily beaten by Inimov
man at the Asbury lark races There Is not
the lightest doubt however of thu OOCt
hiss of the perlormanie as the olllclul are
wellknown and reputable men 1nyl r Is now
ding very last and will undoubtedly nivo
Vrlndltt Zlmniorinun Boric and Tylor Home
close races on the circuit
The Idtaof appointing ofllclal referees tho
various divisions of the i A W hue tiled
away but the I Lafcun magnates ale oiorlnok l
Ing an Important matter In not dovotlni some
attention to the aitpolutinent otltclal ilmein
rlorniunccB are likely to be recorded within
the next month that may occasion surprise
and the time te discredited An official timer
upon such occaHlons would coinr In very
land At the intemnatlunui nicai which Iho
league Intend running next jut uiTlclil I
tlnurs should hi on hand In hneland lel11 tl I
racing man inform thu oniciai tunnr Iliad
Vance of tnelr intention of trying for lould I I
and naturally with uch uu onloial present
ntlrturlly wih 11 01111 preHllt no
I iiuostlou are rained 11 to the MillJlly of any
eu aewrac rita Under the existing Hate of alY f
alra in this country things are illfforfnt
efu on officiate a meetingsnhoara incapable of
fcaVrUBff cprrectly and discrepancies Iruiuently
p L
= I
occur Tho Hiiclug Hoard of tho L A W seem I
to I think t I ravorul ii y it a i tilt i Ig oflichal ti in elJ
and Iht Ielrli opinion Is that tlii I < v could not
act more JudliIously l thon I liy mloptlng tho I
iustom land of thu toll l ycHtl Union of lng
During tho past tan years the ordinary or
high bicycles have fat been dlinppearing
Thoy are being reiilacid by the mol modem
safety wheels A wellknown bicycle dealer
war that the ordinary lilcules which WOI e tu
popular some year iso nro now being bent
bouth and to l > irsulyiomlntid districts Thu
high wheel now HIM elieaply and hut some
sections where tlio nl < > iclt > Is practically un
prltculy 11
known It otllllM ii gui market Dealers 1110
find lint the snhidtirtl ilcycle is a drug upon
tho nmrkit They Bay that there is no rail
whatever for hold tires any moo and bicycles
fitted with tliHHo tired are likewise being
shipped out to country towns
AH noon R the track racing season If ovor It
Is the Intention of some of tho athletic club
to Into training for clul
racers Illo Into trllila some 1011tl
tanca records The recent performance of 1
W rihorland In riding 4111 inline In twenty
fonr hours huts aroused tho ambition of Home
of tho American racers It Is thought that
wither W 1 Sliiniliy or IlovJnnd Bmlth can
brat fiborhinJ a time und tho Uiirlngfleld
track alTords splendid opportunities for such
an attempt
Tie Ituclng Hoard of the I A W are very I
uncommunicative In regard to their investi
gations of th recoils of same of Iho lilg
racing mon Tlio suspension of I1 e J Gravos
will shil tY expire but vhcther thn Biisnnn
slon will bu rcnmveil o the StisitundOl > rider
cleared of all charges of violation of tho League
ruins is unknown Although the iloard are
moving slowly but cautiously there are a
number of racIng men who art unluusly
aWollll torcCont
pl iwud No Uru iiii Aloiicy VP >
To cite Knmm nrlMt Hrt Firi It Johnny Jteicnni
bicker Ititiri I aU one of the imilltr trio dottntlie I
set Ihouan sit ruier lie I 100 bit I ime loilnl at
tie i tin Citirff one to ttflit tiny 14pound mbn In
AuirrlcH for V1OOO a elite I duo any reputable club
I utlleil at tbe l4l < t jut nltue today anil tut a
ilillirif Urainu money bail bun rut ii al
I iloiit a HI ty lci iri lan Held liouH eel blat I
am out ot Its mal fry when lea cln tout no
let lear my reooril r hate f bealuii ilimn tent lie I
cnuiHpt mow be I rat victory I would 1U to Dtlit
Hrjvan abio sly jill lu tbe rarity mil if ins
lierkcr las any inoitvy ted < will uniy cover m > deroili
I w 111 slap at Ihe opportunity to uui a maId
Huur iiiiii Aug i lltaur Sure
Kmpfy Cur lInda Do Tti ili 3Ionululn
WjihiisiHiiiiis Ul J7 Kbcornl tnipty rai
koncur cars on the New Jersey Central hull
roid became buparitod from tho onglnu m
boy More belnj pulled up the mountain to
day rhicxrnil hM 1 down tho grade at I bo
rate 01 atoilt a muii I minute Inernrsstruck
some freight car at the bottom of the moun
tain Tho car were smashed Into splinters
A brakeman ol the name of Clinton was killed
The E lewoert Field Club to Kreet a
i00o Clab llouee
I Id doubtful If any athletic club In this
vicinity possesses a prettier field than that of
the linglowood 1leld Club of Englowood
X J A beautiful lawn as smooth ns 1
Illlard table It Is an Ideal spot for playing
issoball and tennis tho favorite sports of that
enterprising organisation In tho matter of a
club house however thin member hnvo not
hall much reason for pride the building being
small and inconvenient The need of more
commodious quatters has been apparent
for some time and recently a movement wits
set on foot to secure the desired object The
matter win placed In the hands of I en
ergetic building committee headed by Donald
Mackey and the result is that plans have
been drawn and work will soon begin on what
promises to be nn exceedingly handsome and
commodious club house quite in keeping
With the tins field
1M fold
Thenccompnnylne cntpf theproposed build
log the plans for which Were drawn by F
Carle Merry gives an excellent idea of how
tin Dew alos the Englewood athletes will
look Architecturally It will lie of the Ameri
can cottago style and tho exterior will bo
ahtuglo work The main building will be BU
feet lone by 3fl feet wide and a twlv foot
rlzra with circular bay windows will run
tho entire length of tlio front of tho
tintS On the first floor the prlncl
pal npnrtmpnt will bo a reception room
111 larllnt
4t4 < br 44 lot In IIZI Adjoining that on the
north will lie a ladles parlor 111 liv M foot and
at tho south end will bo located cloak and
wmh rooms lockers shower baths Ac A
feature of tho reception room will bll stair
case which lead iii four steps to I platform12
by t0 It nt which will bn uird 1 for n stage when
llin ojtil arranges for vntertnlninpnts On
both sides of Ill inntfonn I tho stairway con
tlnuoH tn ho second floor
tnll central room on the upper floor will be
used as a gymnasium and fonlnnclne parties
Adjoining this room on thu south will b the
litlllartl room while on tho north will be tho
ladles cloak room which will do roaohoil by
a private etalrwar from tho ladles parlor on
the first floor Utt the main room on the leo
end Ooor will 1 be a balcony 8 by 50 feet and
overlooking tho Held The balcony will be
surmounted by I circular roof and there the
members will sit and watch tho contests of
muscle and skill on the croon fold below In
the basement will bo located three bowline
alleys and n kitchen which will bn connected
br a thumb waiter with the second floor where
the festivities trill tnke place
The now housu will cost about 10000 The
membership of the EnEclwnod Club Is steadily
increasing und the accession of I new house
the will organization ilcmljtlesi start a boom in the affairs of
A Lively S lao Kenion In thG > nmaln
Athletics and field sports are being largely
indulged In br tho members of the Brooklyn
Young Mens Chi istiami l Association Tho lied
ford Eastern District mind Greenpolnt
branches are coinIng Into notice moro than
ever although the Uudford and Eastern Dis
trict Christians are not to well off ns they
might be The Bedford branch has an active
wheelIng section of which Charles S Douulas
Is Chairman The last run was to Yonkers In
spito of tho fact that they havo no grounds
the Bedford baseballtsts have done some good
work this summer Last Saturday they
played a verr exciting game with the Tort
Hamilton team The score up to tho niuth
Inning wa 7 to 7 Then b y good luck the
Fort Ilamiltons managed to get In two runs
Capt J P Von Iluyok who plays behind tho
bat Is quite proud 01 his mon Clmrloy Dur
hog Is iiHchlne In atoady form The other
players are Ilillllps Donald r M Barth C
E Helm Tom Parker and the Auknmp
brothers The Bedfords wore also noted in
bowline circles last winter and they Intend to
make an extra strong bid For the Y JL C A
championship this year Among the crack
playerS are J M Donald F l Aukamp W J
Aukamp F H Monoll B B Phillips W H
Williams F M Lunton and A H Klllott The
gymnasium will bo reopened on Sept 1
To a man tho Bedford Branch is greatly Inter
ested In the Fcntathlon contest They are
anxious t keep the championship banner
The contest for the team of three which will
represent the branch has narrowed down to
four men They are Henry Klune binton
1ndlow the football player J L Martin and
William I Robert
The men who will represent the Eastern
District Branch In thu Tontathlon contests are
about decided upon T L Tot ten IH one of
them lie Is i u good allaround athlete It
was Totlen who did the great chuirclaarlng
act at the annual branch gymnastIc exhi
bition William Uoss Is a firstrate runner
and jumper Ueorge W Kooeh and James
Mills are also competing for thu honor of ru
resenting their branch on belt J4 tiluco Wil
IBm Inowllf Couper of the Norrlstown Y > f
l t A became Seurutary at the Eastern District
Ilrnneh nthlotics have rucelvml u decided
boom Conner Is trying to revive an Interest
In tennis Men who are helping him are rrauk
Coflln KlnuhilT and llriKKK Flue gymnanium
will bereopauod on beptH The Eastern District
Branch is unfortunate in having no bowline
alleys This Imndliiips them for they cannot
practice non night I do the other Y M U
A bowlers The best men who would try for
a team are Tattle Hlchard on Thomas Mills
lopper and Itos The ramblers of the brunch
are n set of energetic mon They always lan
ago to got a great deal of enjoyment out of
their outings They have recently been ac
romnanled by President Otto W Van Cainren
Jr Bocrotary Cooper and Assistant Hccretary
William Tlldman have also been prusont on
the rambles Htlmr merabers of the cluh aro
William F Miller Frank U Coffin David 1
Peck William f Hlllman John W Banner
It Harry Lowury Brlggs William U Klnchift and William
For men who are oblCoo to exist in cramped
up quarters ns art the iroenuoint Christians
they are getting along well Last winter whoa
tho big room back of tho reading room was
rnndo Into a I gymnasium time men and buys
patronlned It greatly There urn now atitto u
number of athletes connected with tho livun I
point Assnclittlon HOI uf tliettoaniHavllaud
Jalfion llurelwooit Vhuatnn lljoth Cross
honrdvn Vunderburry Martin Griffin Hitlglit
Fosto Ellntt Walter ttowarU Wiildiin WIUH
moro Bollth nnd Jlcye Cross Dulllho and
Huzniwooii art imrllcularly good Frederick
Donning in I quite u fast rioter and
ho can do < gurU work not ouly in tho
100 but in the longer
10 IJt II thl lonlor runs Ho
has won uilzes In halfmile events
Tho aaboclutliin lileyvllsts ate increasing in
numljer Ueoruo Wutttrs Is Diobablr the fast
ed idler nmoiig thorn Other prominent
ildors are Lolleli Euhward 1 Whejitou Orlflln
Tlieodoiu IlKbele John Finuey Herman
rust Charles WillUmfl W H uhmdt and
Iim Abhton Thn 1 OrecnrolutnrR have a
gruuri l to ntny basohnll on Thoyhnvo 1
rounl lIllI IJ olml 01 1hoy art
cullunt tudor in hun Jiolilho Uvorgu
hilton who virtually captain tho team in
atelier Tho fielders mire Howard boitch W
h irlllln and John Hteirns John Iylnnef
Irs third base and Herman Festo stumln
IlroutliHrslIke at llrht In tho InflulJ are Wil
lam Hylaiicii and Edward Wheaton WI
tiecrotarr Wllllum Hjorth who Is thoroughly
up In athlittlca and gymnastics hiss devoted
much of his time tc the buys realizing that
they will soon he tho nmliiBtuyof the ascociut
tlnn Helms mudethofollowlncluducompetent
allaround athletos Henry Hrenier Hurry
Munson Hatuuul Kolloeg Charlny German nil
Cornelius Olson John Darker Is cluvor on tho
parallel bars nnd In lumping Curl Ulakalock
II quite a pll bl toifurinr On tho buok and
tll Inll
Imrho Paul Helm and Fred Halor excel
Mnthroi Pnrkor and Cannon Calm are also
efficient on the horse nnd bars Kvnrett Vail
has won distinction as tho association al
liler Hallow IH quite an expert on the
horizontal bar The torn rejoice In liming
a crack baseball team Tlmr am captained hy
Nun Kellogg who Is I II smaller edition of John
nurd lan also jilays second haso and he Is
a urunt lad for the Knoelal points of tho gnrun
Iho battery are Howard Amelia and Hurt
llltrh The rest of hue team are mall up as
follows Harry Mnnsnn 1st bi Kellogg jj
lnlnn Jt RulollJ
1 ld Smc > nsond h l IfnnrvSchroider M s
Kdward Van Tassell I f Kvorelt Vail c f
Honjamln Silverman r f The boys are also
greatly lutorosted in football and they will at
bOut II orlnnl7o alt eleven thl < thOr Thuun
who way bo enunted uiion tu pity are henry
Bremwr end Hurry bum Munson Kellogg Ion Olson Fred Bjllow
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lime 01 tier at Hit Cotumlut Cttebraiion nnt 00
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9 lfl aftic 1oikBun
I lieS Mora Wheels In Kervlec Than A y
Ton oftqnul Mice U I the PLate
Three rears ago the only woman who dared
brave public opinion and rldea wheel in Hack
encl was Ira Kittle Kohmults who was
been frequently propelling herself on a tricy
cle in tho streets of tho sleepy old town That
method of locomotion caused the village
matrons and maids to look askance at their
I plump neighbor and subjected her to not 1
little criticism from lie sterner sex under a
belief that there was just a shaJo of Immod
esty in hue sight of a woman on a tricycle
lrs KchmultH was unconscious of the stir she
created as she sped through tho streets that
Washingtons ragged and footsore battalions
once trod but she observed the curious blare
with which slit was greeted by old and young
and nasa < d on
lire Sclnmilta has independence of charac
ter and nerve Sho has travelled In nearly
every State of the Union and Is tho only
woman who eve ascended Pikes Peal in mid
winter an achievement that was detailed in
Tuu SUN last winter During tho same trip
In tho Went she shot amountain lion and per
formed other tents that gave her a reputation
among the guides and ranchmen for endur
ance determination and daring
When the safety bicycle appeared in Us moro
perfect form Mrs Schmults discarded her
threewheeler for I twowheel flyer and it
tho natives of Hackonsack woro sur
prised to seo her on the first ma
chine they were astounded at what they
declared to bo an act of brazen boldness
Home v ry mature maidens would not even
gaze at tho bold hleycIKt although they were
nburol by less prudish sisters that there was
not the leant hint of Indelicacy In the picture
formed by Mr < Sclunulta on her heel l Tho
men who appreciate attractiveness In tho fe
utile form admired her Jaunty makeup Her
riding skirt Is cut just the proper length to
prmIt tho free play and necessary exposure
of dainty feet that work tho pedals with racing
skill and enable her to out
8kl nnt out the paco for
nearly every man who mounts a wheel In
the town Last year several young mon and
less than half a 17un girls Fun seen occa
sionally in the streets Imitating the example
of Mrs Schmultc to the horror of the sowing
circles and Dorcas tiorlutlep
Last spring a bicycle agency was established
In IlackoiiHiioli anti wheeling became epi
deride Old und young male and female wore
attacked by tho mulady rend many of those
who won most ungenerous In thulr criticism
of Mrs richmullB wore the Ilrtt tobuccumb to
tho Infection Loors taught each other t
to mount and nutmiun the wriggling machines
that have a tendency to lly off at improper
angles to tho consternation and discomfort of
the nulco Thu local I press Indulged In
frequent salllis at tho expunso of beginners
Kin nor occasionally entering Into minute
ness of detail that involved unusual knowl
edge of hosiery all other articles of Inmate
apparel ordinarily biipposed to be unknown to
the vocabulary of num Amon other advice
Imparted by one Irreverent writer wn this
Ladles with large feet should never ride a
bicycle That had the effect of bringing the
divided skirt iut use by many of the female
bicyclists because It enl be adjusted more
readily to cover the fot The agility with
which a lluckensacl girl or woman mounts a
safety Inn surprise to many of tilt lon who
lre generally ilnra y unless experts She
places her left foot on t the pedal grasping the
handles with both hiindx and with a spring
mounts to the Melt the motion Handing the
machine forward with siilllclent impetus tofu
shire a safe start The feat Is I accom
plished with an oiiso and grace that excltt
ititmlrttion and does not xpo ea shoe top
Once In tie seat die bloods away with a Mut
tot of ribbons and grace of pose that makes
her an object of adirutlon During the sum
mer tin bicycle craze has become so pro
uouneoil In HaukonHanlc that the authorities
paused und are onforilne stringently an ordi
nance regulating wheels In tho publlo streets
rompvlllng riders to hnvo I regulation blcyolu
bell on tho machines nt all times t carry
lights between sunset und sunrise and to keep
off tho eld wilki A number of accIdent
cllel tin result of carelessness made these
provisions necessary und I penalty Is Imposed
for Infringement
Men in various occupations have their wheels
I number being used forbuslness purposes hy
those who f compelled lo travel about the
town tt great deal and make frequent stops
The Ilov Jfc Johns ol the Asbury if R Church
and the Itov U I Kuublerof the Presbyterian
Church are among the moHt enthUHla tlo pa
trol of the shunt steed that eats no oat
Brokers bankvrs and lawyers follow tho ex
ample and it Is Aoitnd Hint no other town of
niiual iiopuliitlon In thus State of New Jersey
has so many wheels In active servIce
Among the prominent und export followers
Iromilent folowerl
of Mr Hclml 1luxllplo In hiackentack are
Mrs N Harris WIJ of Dr Harris Mrs
Frank Plvmpton Mr W W Curry wife of Dr
Curry Mrs A M 1laln Mrs A Uednoy Mrs
Frank Poor Mrs I U Stewart Mlssfalttla
BonnIe Miss Carllng Miss Lottie Johns Misses
Nettle JS8 Aljra Huiler Miss Aggie Clark
Sties Laura hlndo MIss May Qrlswo d Mlos
Illanulin tViut kin Miss Hadle Crother Miss
1lull illhert Mlsupfl Lulu Km ma and Ada
hhall r JIls Maggie Van Busklrk Miss Car
lie Vim Wngonen Ml 8s Grits and Aniila
Hhackolton and MIss LUible Wal kor Ther
spin singly or In groups through the principal
streets Another grnun of riders In Hucken
jack take the nxhiTnrntini exorcise In sedud
cd thoroughfare whero thee ye of men anti
society do not penetrate thu n evening shadows
Voiiclluu tele uiumltte Co See
TIe flrit meetlnK of the Committee nf jtrrtDgementi
r < iretcntlti a 110 I Ilirleui tnnlluf club for the com
IDJ Venetian fete will I be held at the MCI roomol
t vl aM da 1Ol t f
tbe Arena tupprrow frenlDC at 0 oclock Ml boat
clubs In and around hew York are Invited ta hate e
reyreienuihtat lull mullet
owe CHESS couxsn
MMtkenElc PIece or Art Tel Annlkrr eel
leslie froM the Dresden Toarnaent
Many readers of TUB Bus have expressed
their appreciation of last ooks problem by
A F Mnnkonzlo of Jamaica I Ifl therefore
only In piano to reprint another gem by that
author The apponJoJ problem received the
first prize In thu ftl John Globe tournament
rnomE o 57DY A F MICKKSZlr
sterc siii rum
KnnK4i R on K 1 K8 Kl on IoJ BonKKi n
en Qo u 3 g Kl 6 K 7 K 8k ami K Kt 3
r ii
00 it FhIlf7 Y f 7j vr t I
J a ti Y u i f 1
W fV iO VZ fh4 i i
Wji f 1 eJif I
J 1 IJ 7V r I 1P I
pJ tt I M vNN 1 1
wJ J rl P w I >
w 1 Vh 2 1
m M i 0 m 1
wdA v
1 m m I
r yI I
f x h ik r fisrl l > N
KonoitRi QnnK lm itmon Oil ted K Bit lftsofl Q J
KID and q I I 81 on i 1 Kt 7 and I R I l on Q I fi
wuiti jiint riuu
mill to play and mill la two morel
It Schnlr of Oranii lied tb oltowtni lolDtloni
mill Ifd trove
1 XIQ2 1 Kt X Kt 2QOBmaU
1 1 HK 3 4 I 2Ztzktniate
e ur7
1 t It elmwbera q a he jest
1 1 BIJK18 J K x Kt mate
1 MKt2orB3 2 U x B mate
I i 1 K4S 2tQKt4matC
a 1 ICIOBB 2 It x P mate
1 1 KtSurtt4 3 Itlieu mate
t lKtzR 2 q OK C mate
1 1 KtK r 2 KlBnm te
I 1 KtKt L o U 4 mat
l KtRft 2 g x I out
1 1 Kt08 1 i Vli 4 mat
l 1 KtQO u ft54 mat
I 1 hatlt moves J H4matg
1 1 Pat B2 moves 2 titiC male
Correct t solution also recelre4 from Cbarlee Smith
Weet Point N r Julius Bahrdc Jotonilown N Y H
CW New rIi usury 1 Notion HookMlle Centre
1 I Junior New York J deary hew York Jobu Vin
cent Xouree lilliabetb NJ
A S R Mlddtetown S VClese roiunare thnnMu
lion 5mm I abOve wilt I thoteitiren by > on and I rtu a
little tuily you nlll ilnil varluton a SirS su umd do
rent jour key e l 11 W list 143 liberty street
New York would be pleased to tnnke tire
acquaintance of a sntlemnn renlittnir up toun wbo
wnulJinJoy an oicailnnul name of chess M I W K
New Vorkfou are might the trianxnlar rhPwi matou
between Bleckbnrne Innubfri and lu ler wilt be
played In a letter from lAsker wliloli l arrlirit at Tom
Blayed t IIr tn 1 le
sv > tact week tills rr that tie fight will 1 com
mence on Ibo rtb nf ptPtnbrr at nelfist Ireland
A W I Brooklyn Write tu Htlnllt 1niiir Montrlatr
N 11 lie will know liet cbout Its iiublicatlnti 11 hie
biioli t H II UliMlvtown N Yvour query It an
n er d bji the tolutlua glvrti above
The following selection of gunneR from the
Dresden tournnment will be welcome to the
reader of TIIK bUS
KCiiorruviiLii so I piuorrLAiDrit NOI
II l tI t Kiuri liSt R r
1 rK 4 r04 O UK4 tQ II
2 rx I r tjx > t2l I I f OK 4 KtB 8 i
5 KtQ B 3 0R4 12 IItl K IIII eil
4 rQ4 KtK II 1 3 t4ltQsq IK Kti
6 IIO 1 III I S4 ilKi KIK4
II I rK K 3 U114 2 pyr K Iz I I
1 KtK 0 KtQ 2 iH r x p i KKKiq
8 Cati S a 0 27 P x P i UxKt
i y x JI rk n 2QxV Hi u
10 BU4 OIt 4 PX PCD I Kx I
11 KtK t r KII3 31 K X R HK3
12 KlKtS ur 4 Ml K KQ > fl K1 2
13 PK 1 KIV4 32 g 111 u P53
= KlIO n
14 liQ 3 uIt i j ta i Kt n K112
16 OKK > 4 ifys 84 PQK4 ktKt 2
III Kt115 Laillea tQlt 35 PK r KKtuq
17Uxll ox H as piits Ktll
IN ru n 4 KtK 5 37 O Itli n RII oq
19 B X Kt aii 88 K BV 7 Itetigne
nur LOPEr
VCCAWKK ICIIETE wusuwaru scntvr
whit fint iVO Wart
1 IE 4 rK 4 I 17 Pk 6 B x Kt
agigela ktV U 3 18 Bx B IIII tq
3 BK15 lIlII1l31 ID t 114 Kkt4
HR4 KtB 2u 0K 8 Ktga
f I leslie Bk3 1 KtB 5 HK a
6 IClIi3 PQ8 ra tQRa ItKt I S
7 H x kt cb Pxlt 23 rB 3 itKt m
8 rQ 4 rx r 24 PK Kt 4 riis
U kt I X P I llQ S 21 PU4 PtI It 4
10 lB ashes I 20 PK15 Kft 2
11 IK 5 515 > n 27 RR2 UB sq
g = i1 n jRa21ap1
12 0ltil r04 28 P x MP R XP
PB5 HOB 4 in U KK Kt 2 BKt 2
14 HK3 ILaL eq 5 B I R I x8
16 lO Kt3 0Is 5 31 QKt3 Ketlgne
lustn At I i Muons
Witt I Ittt uro Hllrt
I PK 4 rK 4 ID o ItKt tq Hk4
2 KtK II 3 KIK B310 PB 4 UO5
KtBU lQ3 21 BxB ItxB
IV a I
4 PO4 lxi c3I1zIt Tx K
5 Kt II P l BK 23 qKla ro B3
B lly 3 Camlea 24 Kt 14 ri U4
7 Cxtlea rK tii 25 ktU it ark x P
PK KI KtB 211 QQ3 RK eq
W kl x Kl I x Kt 27 gKt S Ilu 2
10 uirs ktga 21 0Kt 7 BK 3
11 OKt3 BRB 2H ItK si IIxll
12 UR 2 ktB4 3oKziteb QIt
IB BK 1 kt IB H S rR4 I ht 01
14 PxKt ItB 3 I 82 PK R 4 rk its
15 FU 1 ItKt ei 1 33 IKl a QK 2
lII u Kt 3 PB4 34 KK12 tvK 7 ch
17 KKOnn IlKtG 35 KIt 3 QK 3 ell
g i i
is Kttjr iJ P llctlgni
tr At flrr 5tYtP Le
iri fr Mark kit II1
1 Ih 4 IK 4 in Kl x B IK H 4
I KtQ53 JI1Q B 3 17 gRKlf lB 5
8 PK Kta 14li 4 18 U B4rb Kseq
KJII r 1 tdl1 gll
4 BKt 2 IO It 3 ID KlKtt ItB 3
K rys IQ I 211 KlKI T UIIt 3
e K KtK 85 i 21 KIB3 g ItK B ig
7 fl tQfflK K 3 21 rRJCSC > r
8 PlJ 113 Uxtlee 2i I x I Il x KI
U silos tI 2 211 r x it Ilxll
ID Kt Ktcb Kt > Kt 2f PK 5 RII 01
11 ry4 BKt J 2t IxP I 1 X I
g Its t BKIJ 21 rK a KlK 4
is qt J 11 X B 28 yg r B
I If
14 1t It ir 8tigus I
1611 I hiS
virusnw IslufleLiOlS Itt IlittZLIIEN
lhI fllvt W5i IIrn
1 PK > w 1J4
2 KtK B 3 KtQ B 3 18 PKtS QRS
3 rB Stau 111 Kt6 Z IIK13
2 PO4 Ktl KP 20 rKKt PK 14
6 ror KtKt m 21 Itktm rip
II Byt KIll I 2Z JI X P IK 5
7 KtxP I Kt x II ch 23 UK sq OBKlQ
= ftla
H Kt x Itt IU 24 PQ I itS UIIU I
e gn t BK 2 2 Kt x P P X Kt
10 AKt Caitles I Cli WB3 RK 5
II KIQJ klQt 27 1 gktS IixI4ch
U raItta QKIKtK4 28 K < el II x Ktl
1851551 Px kl 211 IllS Ux K
14 KtKtft H03 30 KK q ItKtll cir
15 IB 4 gRn 31 Ky si UK a
10 yK2 P St 3 KeilKUs
yntscii DETENCE
Wlv ItuJt ii htI III
1 rK 4 V 1 li a 13 KtB BK KIO
2 PU hQ4 l It QKt2 Vi 2
lips Ixl lit rSmtu Ilga
4 KIItliS KtK I 8 III JitBeq KU m
a HtH ngn 17 KtK II KtiSf 1 11
I CIcIe faetlrl IS IK R 4 stui u
7 BKKtS klB lIt JlUeu BK Kt5
8 rB 3 KtK 2oKtzti Ox Kt
Si q53 IIIKt 21 KtRJ KOch
10 K RIC IQ IB 3 2J KRl lII r
II KtK5 ai BeilKUl
J11155K1 1511
Ante ScadoBlo tbcCBlirornloB Bcfara 110
Oac < o New Orleum
ABIIUUT PAnE Aug 27Corbett did a hard
days work today He walked from Loch Ar
bor to Long Branch and back In the morning
after breakfa distance of twelve miles
After punching the bag for half an hour he was
rubbed down and hailunch In tho afternoon
he worked for over an hour at the pulley
weights and lifting machine played four
jtlllllaM of handball and again punched the bag
for half an hour finishing up by sprinting on
the Athletloa grounds
lie will leave Loch Arbor at RJO oclock on
Monday morning for New York city and go
direct from train to Madlfou ttauaru Garden
where ho will try and arrange n 1 mutch with
Domlulek MeCalTrny who IH to meet him at
UUO oclock The doors of tho Uar
den will be thrown open to the pub
llo at 11 oclock Ity that time thin
carpenters will havo transformed the ground
floor Into an ImmeiiHe gymiiaHlum A
twentyfourfoot ring will be eroded besides
truck teD laps to the UlII and tin immense
1lIlIdball tOlIrt
Corbott will begIn hiM lays work at the Ian
den i at llm oclock doing light exercise until
1 oclock when he will lunch lie will then
commence lila hard work punching thin beg
and throwing the medicine bull At tiu
oclock hu will i I incut John h Ijiwlor excham
pion handball player of Ireland and O Jorbrtt
secins to have an Idea that he can defeat Law
lor Alter the Ira 1110 Corbett nlll run apt hit
wrestle and keep on the move nil thu rest of
the alturouon
In the ovenlng beg nn nc nt H 7olock Cur
belt will meet larry Kord a hurtling Dalwity
expert nt huani bull Tho illfonilan will
eznlblt abotlur hour of hli tnitnlng workariij
n boxing and wrestling tournament alit then
rollow All of the bouts will be on their mer
its and no fiiklnc will bo allowed The win
ner of each contest will rococo a Purse Then
there will bo two special bouts for goodsized
The evenings nxhlliltlnn will conclude with
the appeal anee ol Corbett In ring costume In
a threeround hout with Jama Daly who is
said to have ahetutrained hlmfelf into sujierb
condition and John SloVer who weighs 2O
pound and utandat tj 4 feet 1 inch In hU stock
log ID the later bout the audtenni will have
an opportunity to observe Corbott method
when pitted against A man much larger than
16 I
n L
25c A DAY
And wrncL
2081 and 2O83 Seventh Av New York
The balance may be paid in
I twelve equal installments
one month apart
BICYCLES or etery durriptlon new antI lecond
5 litud at lowf nt rutuB 4 Kant coma it
Tbe tysin for BoHIo is tbe TtSO r M of the Saw Trk
Ceatrai turougUtu 12 hours Ait
L 5
1790 Broadway
Tli bala ce MMJT be pnltl In twelve eqnM 4
tmllraentu one month apart
CoHplelo Ilnr Cii hlon or rnrunmtle
vs a
Yes ought to riSe a wheel
mcrcue INN
2r Chamber it
4 East 60th st
8800 I
1 Cenim tit near City 11 all
in the Royal > sport ot
5 WHO WON 7 The Official Yacht Record
Edition for 1692 Now Iteadr
It not only flu year rocket but It rnntninii 400 psgs
lUOO private llan namrh and nhlirlinni of fiOOO
arht In U 8 and ranada 1rlco Sloit to any aiMret
KorflOO handsomely llthnrraphfd tieM sbnw
Inj OOC1U11 IlAlh IN IOliuIOI and lbs maui > of
the principal ofttcer will be lent to au > addrteri
Addreis tire PublUber
CAPT J C SUMMERS 120 Nassau si N Y
portihhfl vrntj
the young CalifornIa pturlIli a Ito > li tel t < lied lo
forlllotliaMipioilliIMf Ho a rlJ un 45000
willKt alt enttrtHioinx xtiibitlon
at Madloon Square llnnln
IDA M tu J I MllnliUiri ot IIHJ a puullllt
trullll tat a 1irf uilib lulrJu n < all the ppur
Unaacei which Vr Corl it uiC at Atury lark l while
training for lie cliiiuiMiMi Lt t itliodi anti bt
lug matches islAeon Mr iirlti I sit I i In r f xiisttL >
8 P MJrantl hotitiK sat I wr t nir tournaineat a
which Mr fnrtiott Itiuii Otis M Vmj ant amiteiir
ami rofftfuionul e > eru will ° i icr
Tire moat inst rut r ntlili tti1 11 tt tIiuiiut ret T r pie
Ttlrti miuJll eitte < > t tie New lofli als
lnuian l liil > nl JMI 1 I HDI IhurJjj ScsI 11
imoutttrnI at hinted win n it i ar
Tat Expect lo Ireiirot n Htric Fcolball
Front I his er
A brief four weeks and this Yale student will
be hurrying back to the campus to take up the
grind of another year of college work and en
Joy the exhilaration of that manly sport foot
ball Beyond All doubt the largest class in
the history of tho Institution Is about to enter
Tho college has grown richer during the past
year in general funds derived from the Payer
weutlier cbtnle and Welch Hall the hand
bomest dormitory on the campus In ready for
tenant Tho old gymnasium has been turned
into a commons and Ito successor the beauti
ful building on Um street will be ready for
tiho when the crow begins Its winter training
In tho titieflluultl Scientific Department there IH
a new dormitory nearly completed and just
beyond on Prospect Hill is tho tale Infirmary
u place for the exclusive use of Yale studeuta
who are ill
11 Is i toward athletics and especially football
that hue returning upixir clansman will direct
his attention Even now Cupt Vance McUor
mil here several promising candidates work
ing at Newport and football enthusiasts are
tnlKIng very favorably of Yaleu prospect this
> car McCormick Is tho central figure lie
dlstlngulnhud himself an full back mst year
but lie will probably till the position of 1 hoer
IlIr luck maila vacant by llarhour Jor full
back Yale can pick an excellent man from
either Dwyer itlchurds or Norton all of
whom are player of oxporienco Graves who
played full back on tho Trinity eleven lust
year with success is also coining to Yale thin
yttur to study law I and Ittllllid that Harvard
hold Inducements for hlmtoLike the lam
bi Idgo course but he preferred Vnlo
At half back Yale has not much material out
sldn of tile lilies boys Ivyer und Norton
llothney who played with Williams last recur
In expected to enter the medical school anti
ho may fit into ont > of thee vnciiat positions of
guard Illckox a fit 1uuln hcliool boy will bo
a member of the trnshman class lie Is 1 18
years old weighs 200 pound and Is Bald to
lie a firstrat man In the rimh line Hart
wells place will have to bo HIM at one end of
the rush Hue The other end will be wll cared
for by lllnchcy Cochrun who chowwl ui > well
last year will bn tried in HurtwcllH place
Winter and Wallls will be buck in their old
positions of tackle hanford who played io
well between Morrison and HelTeleflngcr host
fall has been practising all tummor and IB In
the pink of conilltlon
it In expected tlut trainIng will be com
menced about Hert 15
Killed Ht a fioeluj
WAMIJSOTW Aug 27Two men in a sprhiig
wagon were crossing the track at the Inter
fetlou of ito Unltiiiiore and Ohio Railroad
and the turnpike nt Hyattsville a suburb of
Washington about 1040 oclock lust eight
when n train camo along The engineer says
that Impounded hlsulilhtln for lie crossing
but several persons who Wore near say they
failed to hour It llm gatoman had just loft
und tlmro qiutu Ito light at thu crossing
lIe train struck lit wagon Ono of the men
Identified as Mr hitullrown of Ileltsvllln
was dragged HOIUA illstauro and frightfully
muuslvd iUwah brought to this city by tho
Ht Inils exDress but died at tlm etutloii in l
lore hue could bo reniuNod toi hospital Ills
companion ndt rut identllleil was Instantly
Llllod lloui horses v ere killed and hi wagon
was smashed to atom
si1 Jtltlti IKIll > KY AIILEb
IppIrJick Shade fruue Tliain In Kee > tr4 to
lIar Uiiuble Ptrcih
Whuat t queer things como mont New Jersey
Hiiro are some jullile > > that camo from Paulina
Warren county i ugenc Hoover who brought
them to This SLIt ofllco says that moro than
half nf i lie aoplesthat grow on the tree from
which those cuine are twins Ono stunt sup
ports each imlr
Tlicsu pairs have dlttlnrt cores hut Uiu bodies
of tint grilles areoloselv joined together Ther
aie a rod healthylooking fruit and are plua
ant to the taste The lr < on which the
growls a town curIosity lucre lh u rumor 73
Iliulinatlmt apploiacl wits onrti made from
tliesa twin iipplbs en OtYtI ltd that ft rlvitllod
the original Jersey lightning
IlHeUee Trouble
Au altachmont for tO1J has boon issued
against Ito rrprerty of Charles Iliitollno
tlgaruund tobacco ut 1Jl Liberty tucct la
favor of Otto Fartonuf
an ottachmont for l4r has been Issued
against tim rropcity of 1 D A K Smith ot 3 53
lark row In favor of Jacob LLnner
Henry IL lluler has beetf appointed re
esulvoc for itroi h lag en th aiiheatioa t
L11z4 A ii itimbalL

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