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4 r i ViI tt 1 I P 1r r
I 0 X i i + i i trt F Jflft Ifr fil 7
C f + t4 fr
0 4 2
> Both tho method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken i it is pleasant
nnd refreshing to tho taste and nets
k i gently yet promptly on tho Kidneys
Liver nud Bowels cleanses the sys
t tem effectually dispels colds Lend
nches and fevers anti cures Imbiftiu
jJ constipation Syrup of Figs is the
i only remedy of ita kind ever produced
f duced pleasing to the taste and ac
ili ceptable to the stomach prompt in
i its action and truly beneficial iU
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances ill
I many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have inndo it tho most
t popular remedy known
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o
and 81 bottles by nil leading drug
f gists Any reliable druggist who
irk may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
4t wishes to try it Do not accept any
i km f Vtb oii 10 Lh Erie li S hour and 40 mIn
I It luby tbaNlw York CDtral nplrl tlati 1ipru
TU Sir kut SvtiiJAJ I
1 J 1
J L l
Kotlcali I hereby given that at an adjourned meeting
ot the stockhslder of tho fulled Realty Trnit to bi
held at Iti oMc In Now York city on Tueirlay the 22d
of September 1BOZ at noon a reiolutlon will bt
offered and acted upon to prefir 100000 the capi I
tal itoek or tho company or all other itock 10 that
II will be nlllld to dlvldfn U any and every year to
tbo axtent or ilx per rent per annum If earned In
luch year In prefirinca nv other itock ana will be
entitled to ihara equally lib other itock In any addl
lonaldlvldindi each rear after the enttri ant iball
hex a received dividend r oti p or reflt for that year
The itock already paid for lu tub at par to ha part of
uub preferred alotk
24 Park place
ffayW Trask Co
Bankers and Stock Brokers
IB Wall Street New Yrll
traniaet a nrulir kaaklnl builneu locludlni tkl Pal
cba and ula ea coramlMlon of icultlll dialt IoU
the New 1orll Block Excbanfe
Stocks and Bonds
Members New York Stock Kxchuuge
W B Sancton
Member New York Hock Kicbimi
Orders In I itecki and tiondiaiicuteilfor caikerott
narfftn Speculation in Wall Street
fiucccivful nyitem and ruin for lar i Profit For
aIo on newntandi In every clty2A ctn
ADVANCES proeond upon furaimre without re
mutiL KAIiCLIfhE 376 PlUtQU it Irotklyn an4
aaD kioadway Hiw Xerm
J f
Block Signals and InttrlotLing Snitches
Dcsbrosscs and Cortlandt Streets
Dlnn A M Pullman Veillhnle Bleepltur and Parlor
tare c Arrlvei Cleveland rr A M I Coiumlini 110
A It Inillanarolli 1140 AM Clilrmrn r > rj5 I M I
loll M Loul 7 Ir P M I nest uay cuncu alio
for Toledo iiccrt saturday
100 1i A > Mroniroied clniUely of Pullman
rstIbie Drnivini atI Htale Room sieeniur Iilnlnir
Miiukini hI iioierinliim j tori preneniini I I II ilunnrial l
I Vfii1 nJ lexe noitruniierii iaJl i maid and I barber typewriters chop library tiathroonii nod
all thi > conenicnceii of hiuna or olhie lighted by
iiationnry inul movable electric llihti Arnvei cui
ChIinhh Ml1 A > Mi Inillanatmlia 7r5 A M I Chlcaco
IMfi M 1 Uiui Rk td
A cud hi oili P I M felt day
Ztoo p Mlullman Veitlbul Weeping Can from
f aw York and Dining can hoot New ork lost
Ixiuli and Cincinnati eitlhula Kmoklnir car and
eaIhbnie Pansenger Ioeh New IIk 10 SI lon
Arrhu tncluuu 06 A t abel bI Loul 100 1
II next day
e l ° ° P MPutlmati Veitlhuli Sleeping ninlni
Hmoklnt ami PetiniylTanta Haiiroad Vullbnle las
ooFer Coach i from N w York tu chliauo Arrlrei
In Chkago a 00 p M next day
l IO P MPnllman eitllmle Sleeping Car New
ork to Plttibuvh Chlcaito end Cle > elanrt ninmc
Care Saw York tu 1hllaleliihla and Plttibnrith to
thhraru Arrlven at Clnelanrt 1141 A M Chicago
DJO P M I liett day Connect lot Toledo dallr ex
cept Saturday
lOO P MPulltnan BuQct Bieenlnit Car New York
to tlfaio ArrU i week lays at Lolumbui 7ll5 P
W Zhlfn tr lnl h neit Iisy I and tally Iil Chi
cago 700 A M eond moruing Connecti for Toledo
f t r1
c r Jn J II
OMDanJfor cltteland aDd Coluuihui except bat
Ih30 I 4Puliman Veetibul Sleeplug Cn SW
ork 10 CincinnatI Mmpltl ant hI Louis IIlhlnr
or AllonA 10 IIlthUlond Arrlveo Columbus 4
I M CluoIIIntI li 11 IT I 1 huh laflapoili 016 F I I
nnd nt Loul 71UO AM I ie < 0nd morning
i110 fV lIally for all Points ou Richmond and
lUnMlleKul roid with inroiiin bleepir to sew or
leani I AiliMlle and Knoxillle
6i < 0 I 11IIlIy or all pllinto on Chesapeake and
Cora > hli Railway with through Sleeping and Dining
6uo P Shenandoah Valley Kxnrei daily with
throudi Pullman llultnt sleeping carlo NerOrleani
via kuoiTtlle Uhattanooca and lllrmliighatn
10 top A IWhlnlon Ilmllrd Ezprrx
week days Pullman Vitllmle Parlor Can Veitllmla
I ajMcitr Cub Dining Car to Ualtlniore arriving
In I hlniton3 3 SOP M
820 4 loltslonnl TlmUrd daily
Pullman eitlhnle Parlor Can and Dining Car arrlt
hog Uabhtnirlon Kjr P M No extra far bemud
uninl Pullman charges on either of tune tralni
Adnlllpnil Ki > rr > iiiln i liO t 8 00 S3O
and 11 A M a i rro 430 5 OO nud H oo P M l and
1tI 1 fi mlO For Haltlmore I only 1 HO P V hundar
M If ant 8 10AM 430 OlOti and MOOP M and
1lr night
FOR ATLANTIC CITY 1 RO P M t week cIr with
tlirongli Bullet Parlor Can and Combined Coach
FOR OAPK MAY lOO P I M 1 week day Through Buffet
Parlor 1 t ir
For Lung llrinch Aibnry Park Ocean Grove and
Point Plearant 3 io iV HIO lOtdO A M 120O
noon 2110 3hl 3 40 420 I IUO and 7 OO p M week
dnvi tatiirdaya only 12O P M I Kunda 815 H5
A M and 5 U P M dh not Hop at Aiburr Park and
Ocean Urove un Bundayn
Etfreii f2 720S OO S 1li BOO 98010 Pens
Rf IL 11 Itln 1
Pf gg
> lanla Limited with Dining Car and 1010 Wash
ington Limited with Dinlnu Carl and II OO AM
I22u LOO ioauo a31 400 4 M 500 600
M 3ii 800 M no and li 00 p M and 12ln night
Accommolatlon I JIOA i M 440 and 700 p I M I
Hindayi Kxprei 11G H So 1100 t 1000 Limited
and 10 00 A M2 OU 4011 43O r00 t30 1100
K3d and Ouo PM I and 1215 night Accommoda
tion fol and 7 OO I M
For lime > 1 obleaiit train to local points on the
Penniyltanla Railroad Hyiiein apply at the following
ticket oftlcei Noi 01 435 84U 944 and 1328
llroailway 1 Actor HOIIM 42d it and Hh an 134
Fast 12fth It 2114 Weit 12rth It 251 Columbus ar
and foot of leibroiies and Cortlandt 4 Court it
Hill Fulton it PII Hroidway and Hrooklyn Annex
station foot Fulton nt Brooklyn 75 hudson it
Hoboken station Jersey city
The New York Transfer Company will call for and
check baggage from hotel and residences through to
Uencrat Manager General Paiir Agent
Station foot of Liberty St North River
Time Table in Effect June 26 1892
Train I < citTe via
Central Railroad of New Jersey
fTiihlnBt > Shour flyer daily 11 KO A M
Ihlludelphl fuit Line except Bundur 4
Scrantom xpre rxcept Hantaj Bl g45 AM
4i3O P M
liOf Branch Fljer except Haiday tttSO
Fer Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington
Philadelphia Expreii 4 no 74r > 9 00 1000 1130
A U with dining car 1 30 2ir 3 30 with lining
car 4 00 r OO o 00 7 Sil H45 V I SI I 1210 night
Sunda HOO 10 3O 11IO A M with dlilluit I car
130 aJM with dining car 5CHi i jgJ P 51 I 1215
nl lilmor
Baltimore and Washington Kxprcri dally at P 00
11 BO A M 1 with dining car 130 3 SO with dining
car n 00 P M 1215 night
Additional train veek dayifor 1I Haltlmore 1 P M J
Parlor I carl on Day Train sleeperi on Night Tralni I
f IJr1IH lrr rla1
For Reading at 4IK 745H4r > A M nli iO 1 101ir
4 00 GOO e4r 73IP M 1215 night except ivtur
day night Sundays 1 130 A Jl ltH 3 SO 1 00 t30
000PM 1216 night
For Ilarrliburr at 400 745 rt 45 A M I HI 1 3O
JIrIt ft lu
4 OO 500 645 P U 1215 nulit except Saturday
Dbl Sunday 11 > 30 A 11 1 OV 5 oo 5 30 p M
12IC night
For Pottivtlte at 4 00 7 45 8 4r A M 1 DO 1 TO
400 73OP M 1215 night ncr Saturday ninht
Sunday 1130 M 110 IU tItJOJ M 12iirnlilit
For Nijnbury Liwubnrtf and nnnttuiport at 4 oo
745 8 45 A rl 1OO 1 3O t SO P M li15 nliilit ex
cept haturdar night Kundavi 7 15 A MHtM 1 1 M
12IIG night
For Eastern Bethlehem Allentown Mauch Chunk
ic 4 IX 710 H4B A M lOcI 1 4 10 fi41 7 If P I M I
Allentown unda > a430 7lr 1 > A M 1 0 53DPM
For Wllkeiharre Pitt tou and irtranton 518 A M
430 M hundi > i 4llI A M
For High Hrldie Branch un I lake I llopatconic HKXX
845 A M IsiX 4 80 P i M I Mindan 7 I A M
1 t i tMj
rIh1 II
for Perth Auibor at 4 an iI ttt 15 1 10 3ci 11 1 30 A
IL 130 24f 4 tiO 4 30 5 i D r I 111015 7 30 P M
bundayi vua 11UO A M f 400 < P M I
ALL ItAIL 1101 Tl
FOR LONO IIIIA IIi di i is inovn AC
For neehoid and Atlinti llijiiliu l 43 < 815
11SOA oI1130 430 II Ifd M I SimOayi UI5A H
400 P I M 1 except Friehol i
For Red Hank Lonir llranch all1 point louih to
PoInt Plemant 4W i N 15 JU 11 11 lo A 111120
Fattirdaiionly lao 215 I 8 MI i i 4 Iii < I 4 3O580il i in
I M Sundax excipt Hi iin iiMte and Aibury Park
IMfillBO A M 4 OOP I t
For Lakewood Tom1 Itlirr Harmgat Park and Bar
n f at 480 815 A M l 1 4 u I 1ll1rldllo
For Atlantic City tnoliuu mil I Hrldireton 430
A M 130 P M
For Monmouth Bench KalrUIit and lllglilind
Beach 48O StIr A MI fiO l 4 M I1B PM I
from Pier H N It bit r llrclor it
For Atlantic lllthlanli i II ui I Innd Beach HeahrlBbt
aM lon Kranrh al4UO lum I II 1 1 II A M I m a 45
48053OPM I Suuilaj h3i A SI 1 11111 1 P M 1
For hlbtron Ocmii unite Atlmrr Park and Point
rieuant lOU A M Im1 I I I lr 4 lao > r10 P M I
tor Iakfwood Timt Kiirr and llarnegat at 430
X M 1 110 540F M
Train leave Station foot Liberty i > t via 1
Uur lo sad fblr Kii Kxprria Daily Stll
Scriintoa Eapresa < < TPj JoInlly Bls A
St lZa0 P u 1tII i > > i 7iao ° 11
For Buffalo Niagara Falls and the West
B1GA M780P SI Mltllayi NOr A M 11IOI PM I
Fur Easton 7 00 i Ifi A I 12311 J ir 3tr tiin
78ii It biinda 1l111 h IB 1100 A M 440 7itu
P 31
For Bethlehem Allnlown and Mauch Chunk 7iO
815 I A M 12 311 < If I leicMit Mam Jf hunki45 I i
fiilG 7 a 10 iSi l Mlllda > 4 7 IIO 5111 II 01 A M441
tnup M
for Potlivllle ai H Ki AM 1230 34f PM I Sun
days 1 1 tI A 51 I
For ihitoiciolu ii If A it I 121al1 341 110 P I M Hon
dajijHlsiirtiAM I 11 au I 44 I
For point III 1110 Maliauoy coal rerloti al 1I11i I A M
13 HOl4B P M MmdatiN in llOilA I M 1
Korntlkeibarre Pitlitou and Rcrantnii 415 A M
12Itn n4i > 7all P I M hundayl ec tit Hcranton
8ir A 31 780 i hi
Pnriftiiira8HlirA m 12307iop 1 M Sunday
Tickets and narlor car seals 1 ean lie procured at 172
Z1Vnil 418 7ni t43 IUHroad ay 71 Murray > l
il4 Canal t III l East 14th 123 Columliui ar tutu 1
ra weal irth St tSe > rk lial 1tlln loa > t 1241
fultun II lirnokl n anil 74 Uroadaiy WIIIUuiionrKh
Urttcntt initta > ti ii will rail lor and check bajjago
from botch nr renidinci to deitlnaiton
Un Muntugor i den Pan Agent
New York and Boston All Rail
LoalO H 557 or hue
Ii CIA hi hprlngtieid sod Worresier 180 P hI
1003 A hi hew London r l rn4ideluue 4 8 I r M I
11m A 11 prlhlnld an1 Worcester IIU I 31 I
1200 31 1iurinefleld 1 I and Voreeatrr u40 l CI
n I rn nda f I 1
12118 F I M llaritord and N u and it N I 8ii I Ci
I on F I New 1ojiulnn abut rroYldnc 1 111 I I
2 II CI iSew Lnndnn and ProCiulcoce I 7 44 P CIa
r Ul
f il l1
a 1 l 31 hihihuiantlc and Ni atlii I 4841 P Cl
4 Xi J hI Sprinihsiil and Worrecier Ii IN i N
S 0th J t hi 4iV induli aod lrtuidctice I I Ol I 1 CI
II ItS F 31 oturingilelui iutid VorCeaI r I It A 31
m f ar WiilcI t
3200 P Si rW Louidos anti Frovideuc 1 uu A II
Sons dally Including t I Sundae
tArrival on Sunday twenty mlnntii later
IAD parlor can
RUDrn nrvlct lath boon aid by lama route
Thgahi jirlor or itiiplnfISfriby laeb train
oT i II b bl
All train arrive nt anti depart from Grand
Central Station 41M Street Ilic only railroad
nation lu the City Trains leave as follows
8 Oft A MUxcept Sunday Failed train t In
alit the orld Nn extra fare Arrive llnflato
rIOP M Nlagnra FaiN GSO P M Clay
tou44M I > M
9 Ifl A MIillr for Albany UtIca liichDild
1 4 Mr spring itocbeitrr Syracuse lluilalo
OVritlkl NPIt IA1
non V Dallr itcept Sunday flue Sara
U tcka22 i P Si Montrtnl li 16 P M r1
lOOfi1 VIUUy Due Chicago U4 c A H
MJW next day
JAOrt A > i Kxent Kim In i Ratnrday train
J i IImrI Ir
V t JCJ clues not run mnl r ciuveland I and Detroit
1 30 P Msatunlay only Duo Troy 610 r
Ol M haruliiM Ii i > 10 P I M
54 tiLl WESTERN fj 55 STEP
1fift P M IWuII Cincinnati I 11 I5L U
OU M Louis 7llfp P I M Ift I Noeitra fan
1RK P MIMIli Duo Chicago 3 r M lisZt
it day No extra fare
3 On P Vi > eept Hiindar I Pn Albany 7J8
5 OU Troy 7 35 Saratoga H 40 P M
4 Ofk I MDallv I Due Detroit 865 AM Chi
ILpJ ingo 4 84 l P I M i
6 HO p Mllnlly Iu Chicago 111 M St
JJCJ Ixiull F 4f A rM
7 Act i Mliuiiiv Pun llnrllngton 4i46 Plattl
IIjIJ rlr8 IIir o
I UU hiiruli n 31 llloomlnKilalD I 1O28 Uaranae
Ijite lli4 Montnnl 7iU A M I
7 On P tIally Duo Buffalo 730 AX Nl
OU sears Valli hi A M
Ofl p ilieiI7 tine Paul Smith 10102 A
7s 30 II iH l fn moUIi
a OU Jl Fiarnnar 11 4il A M Topper lAke lltIA
M cnlllwoM llC5Ail Clayton 1UOO
Island 0 45 A M
i Dolly flute Cincinnati I 7 HOP M
8OO f
UU Indlanapoitillsirp I Mst Lniila7u l 34
nn rc ilailv Sleeping car paiiengira for
it T r ne rI
U JJ Rochester only curried on this train
9 15 < rril 31flail5 For BulHlo I Detroit aad
470 LOJ Chicago Capo Vincent e haturday
ANIITHi HtltK < lllltK HILLS
Two train with through Drawing Itnom Can to Plttt
field dally except Hunoay 1401 A M due 1ittirleld
ri W r gI nt ttI
I RO North Adam 2301 M 800 P II U due Pltti
field 4111 North Adamm 10 P I M Also Prldaja and
Faturdarioily buS I Si at 23l P U for Plttitleld arriving
lor lime of local train tickets I and rpaca In sleeping r
Iior mI
can apply at lirand Central Station or at 113 2H1 413
7HV 042 ihruudt ay 2ir Coliiinbui av rt West 126th
II and ISHth it itntlon Netr York 13 < Walhlnglon
It nil Fulton it and 74 Broadway K D I Brooklyn
Above train eicrpt tho e leaving at 830 Ulo U20
A M II 30 380 430 DOO P M itopat 188th It Ita
nitral Manager Irneral Pail Agent
Direct to par Paienon Tuxedo Nanbargh
Middletown Port Jervli Montlcello White Lake
lloneidale biranton bltighaiuton Klnilra Corning
Kocheiter Watkins lien llornellxille Hath HammonObport Hutlalo Niagara Avon halls hprluga Toron
to Lhautauqua Lake Cleveland Cllulnnatl bt Lonil
nicairii 1 uai Kiinii neni trains leave > ew York
foot of Chamber it ai follow and HvQ minute
earlier from Ueit 23d it
WiOO A M I r1 la Niagara Falls and Chaatan
IornIIIII Parlor I Car Sew York to aIJu lobM
llornitlivllle to Cincinnati Connect at Port Jervla
except unda > for Montlcelto JIAar and Suiuus
hanna Valleys br daylight
IttOO < > l Dall r etibn1 Limited Solid train
for Chicago I via Chautauqua Lake with Dining Carlo
ulcagn Sleepers lo Incago Cleveland and Cincin I
Oath DilaWHro Valley bv daylight
ItiUO ma M except Minday Mountain express for
Binghamton llonvidale and Montlcello
41i30 P M itlljKolld train Ii t Chicago via Niag
ara Kail and tlrnnd Trunk Railway bleepira to lAf
ale Jtncheiter Toronto and Chicago
BiUO P M IiaiiyVi u chautauuna Lake and Niag
ara Fail Solid I train to Chicago I Bleeperi to Borlalo
Chicago and Cincinnati
Paul Jtnnst dYI A M B AM 10 SO A
M 1 PM I I 3 30 P M I 430 P M I 1130 P H 7 PVM
830 PM Sunilava 0 A M 3 PM 6SO 131810
P M Saturday oniy2 P I M
NEWHIIlllHWeek dayi9 A M 845 P M445 P
IW71 sJ
M 830 P I M 7 P 1 M Suudayiu A M 2 P it t eao
PM Saturdays only12 1 M 23d it 1240
261 and 951 Kroadva Chambers and Weit 28d it
Ferries New ork313 ultonit Brooklyn 107 Broad
way VIIIinm I bur < li 200 Ilndion it Iloboken and
Jersey City itatinn Erie Transfer Company call for
bIJ hoT fn
aid check baggage fr 001 luolels 1 residences through
to destination
D I ItOHIItTS General Pantnger Agent
fltatton la New York root at Barclay a4
Christopher at
Direct route to Newark Blonmfield Montclalr the
orange summit Beruardntllle Balking nidgo Mad
lion MorrUtown i Pjiitalc Paterson Iloonton I Dover
Manhoiu Hudd Lake Lake Hopatconir J llacketta
to n hcnooley I Mountain I I t CC hiuKton Phtlllpibarir
Kaiton Water lap Mroudiburg Pocono Mountains
Scranton IltUlon llkenburre Nantlcoke IJauvllIe
Northumberlaul Montroi Hlnichnmton OxfOrd
Nornlch I Attrillt I i Rlchtluld bprlnff Cart
land sjMcme oiweito Ithaca Onego Klmlra
ronilOk II itn Daniville Ruftnlo and all points West
Norlbwcit ulil houthweiit
Duo A JillntlKo Klchfleld Springs and Oswego
Oj Kxpreii Pullman iarior j Jar Connecti at HulTalo
with train for Chlcano arriving P4S A u next
2ii10 A ItinRhamlon mall Stopi at principal
ti iflt P MKcranton Blnirhamton and Elmira
ixiroi > i Pullmiin coacbea parlor carl
JII bl
4ilO P M Vcranton llkrtuarre i and Plymouth
KxpruiH Putltnn parlor can
7iio P M dally HulTalo Limited EIPMBI Full
man ileeiun Arrheint 715AM
9 too I M dntlyllutralo I Kichneld Springs and
iiiweno hxpreiH Pullman Aleeperi
Ticket and Pullman accommodatloni at 73 Hnrrar
ft and 42U llroadwaj Ticketi at ferry utatloni 7HS
and W42 llroadway fa Went 12th itIS Columbui
VS u7 York 3iJ Wahlagloa it 1 721 I Kulton at and
IIiH Bedford av Brooklyn limo tables giving full In
formation all stations
Weiuott KxtirtM company will call for antI 1 check
goN rt o f lc 1n
liignagu from hotel orreildenca to diitlnatlon
Knit Kxprraa Trujn
j 10
And All Points We t
PUL1MIN All Rim TTCK Off A 11 llltlXS
laCe New York foot of Liberty it ai follow I
FnrlIIHACO PirisHIltllll 130 I Si r l ISAII
FiTdNlISSAII sr IO1 Is 0 MSt M I
ForVNArlllMiTON HAIllMIIKl H I A M 1 ill 30 A
M 11111 ilif tan 13U 300 P M Dmlur Cart 5 ruip M
1nl trlli IroNt
lir A M far111 triiiui run daily lot I HAI1IMOKB
011111001 I < > P l M n eeL dnyiw
Inc I Sorfolk > In Ilay Lino I 30 P I M wi ek d IR1
Tli kel nlllcei 172 2HI I 115 nnd 1 1140 I 1 llpiloar 31
Iwt 14th I 1 New orks 344 FoIl oui l HIM 74 llrnnd
way mookitn srAiiuN lour OK iiuinrv ST
Crntriil H II of N J i
vt IIIt1 1 x ill Ct5 Company will call for and chick
ImKKiiw from hMtti I or reoldence di oil hitititi
SKM iiiKK iiNiAitiii ASTi vt T
TraIn lunun Writ 42d it
Milio A Miir I I inlniitea eirliiT from tii I 5 foot nf
Iran I 1I1I 1 i IIT I ClitlilcI own Illnoiiiu he until Port
Irriii Mruitliello Miiuhtalndiile Fnlurli LibTly
ltiliiicktin MUIMI HiincnkCarliDiiili rnutunttal
ton liilhl I I HIt > Norwitli I rdliuttiiii i nri I home
llnldti lluCegiu llilnlt Chluiiio IInII I p ini VtMI
Oill 4 M I Cfunpliil Mull Li xlionk I and
iliiiniuiikM Wiillklll I allry eiiiu 1 II Hlilonn
liliiiiniiiiihiirli illeuit hue rnliibir i > Muutkellu
llurleMIe lllrrll Allltn lnt I
lil 1 IM 1 i iinpiiili Hall lnkr > v Honk and Shin
ntna ka I Uaiikiil I Valley etjitloiirt CI hid non Hloom
Iniiluirtrli III I luCIlle rallburvh II ir > ill < Liberty
wniin 1 uko I iYiuuuhuin MIIIIII
< 7i iCtil > P I M tHddliiuuii Fnlli lllnrly Llv
lnk 1 lnn Mnunr Itnrkliilid Malt n tol Nnrwich
Oniid1 nKijii 1iu liihir Niuar I i i U liftrolt ilii I
tuo and II IHI lullinin tftnpor i iminif chair car
free lo Suit veil euuru Krlltrr
I t48 IM i CM I > Irn SntlirlntNil i I > for Middletown
llliioiiiinliurli nirnilU Moiinlain 1 Ill rallnburilb
Montli Kllii II 11101 Chile llbrrl Hli I like I ItockUhd
1Uy i nIl > titer trains 011 txi I undiir
rulliniiii ilrjn ing roini He iti 111 1 ifipiiiic car bcrthi
obtiilurd ni l i2uu I Ilroadw ir N s i iiik
J C I ANIirriDNil P I A rH Ite4 < rat New York
sttUlUb n
CITY III 1111 nr nARAKKU hc I Pier 411 N R
font or He I llllh I I ii 1 ilnil exirpt Saturday U P I M 1
SunJii > all nlllr liUt iiei ut I Allan
I tA uial4ii I LINhMiuinrrilra 1iirSI N J I toot
nf I riiiikiiu al t tnt II cl Iolnt Cld sprint Corn
wall rliiikill Iahiiiiig I ci I an tunk ami Ntwburuli neck
ilai 1 fI I Sb 1 hinulj C II A M 1
rplll i I 1 Mmilvil Maml > oit Oiu hun > Limited fur
i orient iheltir Uiand iirieni rt hunt hold iuuiI l hag
arbor I I iluily i air P 1 Jj niv1 I SnlMlli < Tier 2i I I It
foolnf Hrckninli It Leli MK Hirliorat4 I I IP j I M 1
Cu cry lay excetit taturday Leni I > New York hulur
da > i rliclock P I M
oNiiii n Vi N 7ic
KXrri IIIN lOilill MX DAV8I klJK 1 Lie Peck
Slip Iliri K II IP I Si l and 11 ao > P I M Saturday
ana HiiLiuy u p I M I connerting with trains or sfirl
den Ifkrllnrd bprlnilieid llolyoki Ac
FOil HAUilERTIKX and Catiktll Mountalaiatiam
irs sAlOKHTIER aud UlarEll Maw wory wit I
IIaTIIIIIIIllIatur4al 1o 11oL from too of WillI I
I a I
nore I atudSi
1101 to I I hut
Iilnlnir rooms on miln deck and orchntr en east
Steamer The COSNhi Tlci r and I ssACIIUHKTJ
r nIZ r
In ceminlimon leate li Pier old No rs l N n r fl
Warien 11 riSd P I M hilly t except Sunday conntov
Inlr with Parlor Car Train iue linMin 7 15 A M Also
fxpreiidiie I Worceiler M A Si l Throuirh parlor carit
While Mountain I Uavlnt > HeaiiKT hl U I A M f du
Fabyan 4 ill P M Tlcketnandilmerooiui at prIDcl t
ell ticket olllcei
Inside route to I Hoitoii and the I Put inly dine
Pound route to Narragannett Iler and Untch mil New
Heel 1 iteameta MAINl and N iv II AMP
ShIRE leave I new Iler nn N It fne hlockabort
Canal I it at Pno P I M daily iiiiiln > i Included I
Hudson River by Daylight i I I
Di Line Mutiner
Dally except arAIJlAIIT
leauo Brooklyn lultuti II the Annex ROOA L
ueli W Detriment pier b 40 do J
Veit22dit 1 pier 101 In
for AIIIAN YlamllnuatUmlcra Writ Pnlnt New
burgh iouuehik eehiiC UhtnehrcV catiklll HU I lIudnoE I
with down hay Hoat
ItlllMMICK iii terry with Uliter and UL R Rfof
tciuftpohlieutilCa CAThkllL will > Kcial Ira III on Calikltl Xt I n t
and urn otin I Klctatnm Italluay I
AIIIANY nlih tralna for Niagara Fails and tho w
It and 1 the laih J Montreal und the North ass
HPI CIAI ilitlNKtiiHrd t I from rariitogn
flue New York Transfer Company will call for and
chick tairirage from hotali and reiilenceii
MUltMNd fr ANilAFT1tiltlOSrtluiERTP
KAiTi TtiTit iiNii
MlirNTAINHand all Faitern Pollitl
DOUHLl HUMMhll HKHVIOfc The four leading
BteamlwHti of the Horld In tOl mon togethar
riirtlHii Pltitinillh PIlKtlm stld Pruvlilrne
LUAh NtW YOHKtrmn II tier f N 11t foot ofMur
r3li I eikdayiat CI C3I1 and oily P I M SUNDAYS
CnNRITISn ANNKX BOAT loan i Brooklyn week a
days and cundayi nl ri > o p M lerny city 400 P I M
A iplcndld band and orcheStra attached to east I
with through can fmm Fall 1Ir to llciton Provi
deuce Capo Cud point Whit Mountain and hair
Bedford connecting it latter point wllli direct boat
to Cottage Dlty and SanturVat Send I II II i IIrtri itampl
to Ioit ompo box 45j for copy of In Brightest Hum
liter hahiil
For HORTOS and nil piilntn North shill Eat Dlraoft
ANt MIIIWHII and 1 WDKCKATKIl Slcnmeri ieimuS l
Iltr 41 hold 1 iininlfrl North t Illvir Hint 1 pier above Des
brosses m terry ilallr Sunday eicepted at r > 10 r
M Ticket unit fctateronmii iierurcd at principal tlckat
oiHctn In New Yii llrookljn icriy City Pier 40
anil on strainers
A 1Ifn N 11 < > ATM IKOIMrS LINK
rl i
t Mrnmiri HHUW and DEAN IIICIIMIIND Irare old r
Pier 41 N It loot of Canal it at 111 I P 1 M 1 iUII hundayi
xriiiiri1 connrctinir with expres iralnn fur Saratoga
Laka liforire and tilt I Adirondack Ixilnta leave Brook
Ijnvu iinex tuutot I nllun at rI 1 HaturdaynUbt i
vtrnnifr connect with Hunday morntnif train tar barS
totfa nII iL I < CrotKO
C ATKIIt > lTTtsrATNS8tatner TiAATPItSKILli i
and CATbKIIIi Imva every week dnr at B P I M
from tier 48 foot ot I pt lllhut tnetln with
the new Otis lilcMUnu Itallfay I tl the Biimmlt lit
rectory of huteln and summer tittardin ho ceO at
per or mailed to any Aildrctu by
> V if 1 IIUIIIIK TreanCatHklll NY
r loavel Seakman It 230 P I M I Saturdays 2 P M1
leaves Noel iut 01 J M P I M 1 Satuirdayt 2 2O P I M I
H tDSuiN ANtHOM4AcKtifloAlSlcaueeyery i week
day at Cl I ril M from Pier 4K tolt Vest JIb a
HARTIOItl UNFbtHAineri leave pier 24 Fait
River dally e Mindayn at 6 P 1 M 1 for Hart
ford and Ton nectliut Itlu or landlntii
MAINK f HTKAMsiiuc < the only direct IInlo Col
lvi lage City Man and Portland Me connecting at
1orulJ b f rthl cl
Portland with all 1 railroads and steamship line f or Bar
Harbor old Orchard Found iirmiri White Mountain
Itockland Bangor and alt Eastern iiimmer rtiortsi
1 Am1I every Monday edneiday and Saturday
at 6 I M I frotu 1ier at halt Kn tr foot of Market it 1 J
Nw York
For further Information apply to
HORATIO hALl Anent at tb Pier
< 0 an trarnrr
f 4 i
MibsiAMrn waturulay AnffTY
lTr rtjj1 WednegiUj SInt f
MOHAWK VedneBdr bepU 28
The fine steamers have bees pvcUlly connUuotd
for the London trade by Memri Harland A Wolff 0 C
Belfast Theyare titled with electric light throughout
and liar Rplendid acrommodatluDK toni limited uutn
her or flrsiclase passengerS SALOON AND STAT
steamer marked carry A doctor and steward
freight paitage and other Information appljt
lb S
General AgeatL
Produce Exchange Building 4 Broadway New 10
United 5ima Mall HlraMttiklpn
Prom Pier r > 4 N R foot ot West 24th it
Clrcanla Sept 3 3 PM lFnrnculafient247All I r
f i
Ethiopia I Sept 17 J 1 P M I I Anchorlauet L non
Cabin MB and nowd Becd cabin tuo Steerage It
H 1o CITY OP ROME Saturday bent BIraIlIa
Saloon 150 and upward Heoond cabin ISO
For IlrAn tours and other Information apply to
SemisSept 3 2 P MSrviaOct lu
s8pI g r Tlr III
Lmbrlahept 10 M A M UnubriaOct 8 7 n
Auranla M 1112 P M AurnlOet 151 PM
KtrurlaSept 24 7HO A M F truriaiwt 22 B A M
From tier 40 North Sliver font CUrkooD tt
VEflNON BROWN A CO Clenernl ID Agent
CITY BF PAftis Wetneidny AUK 31 13n om
CITY OF BERLiNWeulueduiy Sept 7 6 P 1C
From Pier 43 N K adjoining Chrtitopher Nt Perry
First cabin tro and upward accordant to t tteamet
and location of room necopd lulun tar and 4t > prc
paid S4U ileirai 120 ISTLKNATIIISAI NAVlOAr
TION CU General Agent II Bowling GrecO New York
1 fieri 10 and 17 Kait Klver
Saturday iteamer 111 t all others at 8 P M tS
For Havana Prngreio Campeche Ironlera Laruna
Tamplco Tuxpam and Vera Cm
Hatanrai cardenan SaEun CAlbarlin Nassau San
tlairodaCuba Uuantapamo and Clenfuefoa J
VIAGAKA llanna anti HOllua Wed ADI 81
YUCATAN Havana and Mexican ports bat Sept a
cn l or WAbllllUTUS HaTBUaua Ma r
tapes Wed Sept 7
BASTIAK Maiian Kantlaio da Cuba
and Innlro Thnrr Sept S
OltlZAHA Havana and Mexican nortl Hat Sept 1O
Titus line I ha direct I connection with 3ra I
throuch bllla of lading tnallpolnlion Meilcan Railway I
i W
Co Mexican central Railway Co Ltd and the MOB
erey and Mexican lulf Hallroad
For full particular fralcbt or passage apply to
JAMES WARD A CO 118 Wall 1 it
Steamers fall from pier root of 2d IL hoboken
HavaLTnei AUK301O AM I upreoTiici sept 1B10XX J
Saalelual Sept 311 P I M KnliernII hept14 J1AM
Labnluei Srpt 0 II AM Allersat sept 17 I V34
Rib sat wept IU H A M Trove Tuen epl 20 OAX
nfll csiuin 170 slId 1I111rlrd a berth second cabin j
SO a bert ot cersos allw odu
n m iiiLiiclri iijji 211lInj Green
tor ChHrUsoii x c and kioniilK Fla
and all polnti lu tlnrlda the hnutu and Southwest
nom PlrrUi K I II Momlaya Vrdi and Hrldaji 3PM p
Pajieiiger Hrcouiiiiodatloni anti cuiilii uuiiirpaiiieil
tVMl i 1 llYDKACI i I lien Agti Tt Muwllug I llrc 1 Jn NY
Tl Liter I TII lien Awl III h Irt Lineill I llnaySY
mini iAn MM
GFRMAM tOnefctity Avu 11nr > on
WTilNH Uf1nfHitJijr hfpt 4IM I
upf rior t conl Cftlnn arcoiniiHHUUjnd un Teutonic
and MftimtH MeeraK in or rIm I l lie old rfuiutry 52c1
llrroJ lIlrI 1 N
Ortlrf jy JiroadWA HIIJ on tint wharf foot m Weil
i1hhltllll nlll 3IJltm1t
TIU lJU cU 10
nthNlON NJ Aoic20ISit2
The Board of Director lime declatol i a quarterly
dividend of TIlt Ihll 111 i t upmi the Preferred Capi
tal slock nf lithe rompaii iavable ut ihe offlca of
Sluariu l A M Kidiitr 1 t Ij IN flail at Now turk city
on and after the 10th tIny of September I next 10 pre
fermi I thareholJeri I of rciurd ou thu lit day of nip
The IranRlor book Kill bo cnna at 3 oclock F X 5
Sept tl und reuptned on sept 10
IILilllb OLIPIIAST Hccrttaryj
1 1 rl lhW YORK C LOMPAVr Alli IS 18M
The third quarterly dividend of In per tent on the
li f il rl m W1 bI r II
Preferred stuck of National Lead 1 cmupaiik will be
thii 1 I Sent 15 1KII3 to Itiickholdm 1 if cc ord hi BP
I Hi > 2 Irantler linukiror Irefernd I stock tu III oloi
Aunt 211 1632 at 3 P SI 1 and remaiu iluced uillil mpk
III 18142
By order of Hoard of Director
JOb L J MclllllSKY Treatnrer
mOli iIIUIIIU It A 1 1 VAY CO1 I
Notice li ncretiy vl ui n mat tlui ilu terti in this Corn
tani Equipment Honitu serxi A due s I pt 1 IBW2
C iii be paul at the IHiiklnir llouxior Mown IartI
Magroun t Co 15 WI Stn Von
I CC HhlNllAHT leIryldn
Ktw York Aug 2 IKir r
WeatlnKhnna FITrlnt liinuriliirlnr Co
12IHIIIKlWAY Mtt YllllKi AUtr SU 18M
The blared iitmn 1 the Scrip of tim ComiiNiiy to Sept
IIIIJ Cl III be iald t at nil fUce lu I the holders of
r i cnrd nn that ilM The mrli tionk wilt II cliiiij ou
the J7tU of AUKUI dud openel I on tin 21 of riiMtmbir I
IW2 P I t I KOBHi Treaturer
The Knn Guido to Nuw Turk
Jrpl > ff lo iiettiimt asked rt t rru ilay lu l If guests
and ellllrrl If the Aiiimcaii rnrVroinfix l uggfi
jOlts In ligliltfrrt and pracltral tnrnmfiouor
practical prupr The Sun mil inMnl m limrfor
vseatllie Vnlumlnm Vrlfbrntwii nrtl October a
complflf unique ami practical gtiiilc took to tttii
rttu Jt will Ill trillion I what llmsiyliti 1 1 are > iO <
10 rtaili Iten wlitre to Imlja 1 OHI Aoard irltilt
Fete I unit lie 011 ciirreto dn icltnlef alt or retail
tlopinne how to aniuit HitMselffn and yet ml
leim icruru siglittetiiia It rill le I aUra rtimett
Vriiitnt plannl to real ami thr mbtfct matter
mill lie tlnMftl anil aivaiijnliii n IriSh to inf urt
thf best rebuilt Tlirrttailpnrf will be5 cents per
copu Me Suma llutilr ciil alto offer vmeqnaUed
and exceptional oppurunilin to adtertiieri
Those who wish further information onthlt Nbe c
tict iould mddrtu Tht 0ufa Jhtk
et Utxwrk uta
lJfI1 1J < l
a or I
MlH Goldeln Asked rho i to 11ltf iks
ulls and They Stole llrr Watch
At 8 oclock on Friday night Polloomiui
Burke of the Elizabeth street statIon saw two
I boys trying to nail a cold wutcli to a man In
Park row Q
Where did you set the wntch naked
I Burke
Aw we picked It up In de mud loe re
c plied ono of the boys
S1 Didnt you steal It asked Aurke
i Nitw we didnt We cot it In do cutter
Bet de mud on me hat Dats whoro I wiped
off do watch
But here U a man who swears you tried to
sell It to him
Well he oralts perhlrr fee
You come to the station said Burke tired
ol haiccllnic with thorn
At the station the blackhaired boy said that
t he was John Cunnlnchnm 12 years old and
u that he lived at 117 Mutt street Tho honest
I faced f Sunday school hoy said he was Thomas
I Layden 12 rears old of lriO Leonard street
The Sereoatit uUHntloned both boys for lit
t teen minutes trying to net thum to eonfos
> Ir At ISft Layden Bald that ns they ware colnz
t through Baxter street Anno loldstoln of LU
41 Baxter street asked them to como in and lieht
JM the gas other They took that opportunity to
f steal the watch Lnrdon told the ireennt
i that It was a Hebrew custom for hxllerora not
1U o tci light lamps or gas from th limn of the ap
pearing 01 the stars on Friday night until the
i t time ol their appearing on Saturday night
y Tho Sergeant urcoptud this information and
iI then locked tho boys up
1A Cunningham was furious because Layden
tt told
tti toldWnit till I Bit him he said an Ill choke
i himAt
> At the Tombs Court Mrs Iarden chucked
y her boyunderthn chin and tnld him to own up
f I If he took the watch ami toilcny It if ho didnt
But Lnyden lookout strnlcht Ilown at his feet
and refuned to opon his mouth llnth boys
were locked up and I Agent ionnley of the
Gerry society will Investigate their careers
Both boys went umillncly to tho prison
A rear ago CunniUKham nan arrestnd for
I ttabting a boy 1 esterJuy ho told how it hap
t Yet 8ell he said del TU two canes of
us One bh boy named hook went tAr hoot
3 cue of de boys in our caiig An Just den I
come up An tIe big boy ho looked ma nn
dWd aaid l ren one of your cane now Den he
lt hit mil on de heart wld a hill redbrick I yelled
k an den I took a knife from ono of de boys in
i mr cane anl followed him an den I revenged
mllelf an cut him in de hand An de bit boy
lie refused to prosercuto me
u0 Ill Foot Fiche Generally Were DfIlror
In tkc Recent Flood
ei NEW OMEANB Autr 211Tho fishermen de
claro that the high water of the Mississippi
this year has almost entirely destroyed the
tM1 flihlne in this section The Mississippi hirer
boast of few fish of any value Its product
i14 1 being mainly cattish Imflalos uaxpagous and
alligator cars which even tho negroes will not
tr eat and when its muddy water pours into any
2iv other body lake or stream It drhes tho fish
3 out or lets in the cars which destroy thorn
This year the river water wont everywhere
and as a consequence it has almost eliminated
thi fishing an a sport In LOllisiitfllh and Mississippi
Along tha Mississippi aro numerous lakes
usually full of lieu They are almost wholly
411 I fish I ess today The fishermen who usud to
secure such handsome returns from Iako
W4 Providence find It empty now Tho curs
spoonbills and other ravenous fish from tim
t Mississippi have destroyed all the came and
edible fish and Lako Irovidencn Is but u sam
J ple of the others As for Lako Pontclinrtrsln
1ft1 and MIsHlsRlppi Sound the lavorlto Inning
t14t resort of New Orleans the INh huvu been
1bta drivon tar swan by tho river water poured in
r by the Bonnet Carni Bclmimt and Harpy
crevasses Isaac Walton could not manacn to
51u Iet a string of llsh down liere
This condition of affairs has been avaravated
Ebu by thti practice pursued h l some profeiMonal
fishermen of using scions the lacoonH so
k abundniit here completely cxhaiiatlng them
at one fell swoop The Clt > Council hUH found
It necessary to Interfere nnd will pass an ordl
iii taance prohibiting seining those luconns hut
4f ft i Is llko locking the stable dour after the
1 Jill zae is stoloc
nit HOTIIIESS BIll 71fl2 4 F
cz1 a Will IU 03 Year Old on Mondny
u Whlttlcrai Vtrmt
BOSTON Auc 7The birthday of Ir Oliver
Wendell Holmes will como on Monday Tho
cent Autocrat will ha 81 years old
Congratulations are already arriving Tho
4 Doctor was seen at his Hummer residence
Beverly Farms yesterday Dud In reply to a
quip said Oh my health Is well onoflgli for
a nmnlof mr age I am suffering from asthma
I but feel bettor today I um dictating my
C reinlnlicpncus far further iibodurlutmy life
or later v
John 0 WhIttier who IH at Hnmpton Falls
Ji S H seeking absnluto reSt and quiet noedod
for hIts recovnry from last winter Illness
t I yeat rilay penned tho following verse In honor
If of hli friend Dr Holmes
Btloved phjilclan ut an age of all
r nlun grate prcn rlpiluni I I fall
5 J Thy songs hue cheer slid healing for nl au
Ai David i had for Saul
Ihs Lies of Bero
I Tbiia referees wire appointed la cam la I tat Hat
court In this city last wteki
V4 7 rn cunr
JIg t Patttrttm
Th Mtt Naft
FIlrlatrt Kowirth Jin Kward
ft Astor Library ad Mel I Peter B tiller
a Clan ag t Iorr II i K Diciion
I i Morgan art Morgan j j Warren ilrteni
lallenttalait KiriBbertrr A L Martin
1l tlIIJlTllrj
r Maturof McCollnm Thomas II Lie
r Jniia Hid II r Olovir
ualnlia alt Dunn K I 1atnnon
VllliraikVlauir KlctaraW heir
I cottar or convoo nut
uu till Jutlgi GifjtriA
t1 t Stokes arl Baldwin I 12 actlont Thoi yailror Jr
ill j Mastic all Thompson Idwaril Clark
ii5t l Bill act Dun actions Iii A Kniilnioii
r > ebarfntr all II Y1 EL Ky CuWright llolcomU
I a asruaios COUll
p2t If OiitJJy cuIiimfoS
< Ult al II T CL tty Co VJ UcLiaa Nut
r JV Jfy Du L f
J 7Uct Jlur v tt Frank Bchtifflir
New Turk loeElele l Anr T
1 Ala Clan A 101
r FTIT 100AW nSStiSS =
C 54 I1i1114 31104 lb reasISiil 512 =
r II 4i IIt IlStg kHeaUIMillMi
1IIJlWIU7 I I H18DV118
II AtChIson HW 1 Lv orNYiitin3M
7 Attullon IB tit1 < II M AM i I E 6IO
111 110 llIloIblllOhlI Or
8 HUM r Nor Iac lit r urn
n IUri k1
4 Bur C icrJ C 2 Mr Iac en Oi 77
T I t1 IIU I In 71
i ibiAogai4Wi S VwrciiiS
t Ui
10 I i AU4tNeD I huY C rM L tO
cx S54 7NYVA Wr ii 113i
1 Vn lgold I PGIOII r I Oregon Imp Ai 111
Chi n lai L A C 1 ° foil
out 0111 1 hh a W P T lit 41i4
I Chic A K lit lOin ir hock let db r is 17
r 11I1 0 H71
28 101 20 Reading lit pftn 7BJ
20 Chic A Irltlnc 50 HllloU Wllt hell
22 491f UhclotaVA s 141 HlJJ
r I 4111 00101 Arir2et1u25
a 4it 1 M P I 4 > la I 111
r > Ml M CHi lit
6 1117 L ASSIst Huh 1M L I A N W lit OH
Mihnecn 2d litH ir M L AS IT 3d 82
JJilfiilaiecileDru 1 mr r Rav A W hi 1 tHM
2iKircen Hay in av 14 Fall A A A P Ill
g llIft
1 Iron Ml lI stuns Iii 415
II nin AIei41 tn > i 4 11
r kin A Tex Mi 4M f lish
10 47 iI
Lacitde lai lit I H4 lOTexPaolltCl XI
1 Ihr A A th gni h4 4 Vabaihd 8034
lolalialeiot railway bond par alue 44OOU
Opeor JIIqlr Lou np
Is y iS BUA c
V4 AnerCaMi B7 17 116 III 57
7ro en Cotoil cr44 4t24 4r 4315 48
IRli AlchlAKK 311 n lUll II a5 U3n
41X1 Hilt A Ohio 97i4 lIhig f17 ll7l l 57L
toO Chen A Ohio 2tim tj 84 2 a 115 24
14IHI btcagodal 5255 141 l 143 S8
7dncc c JIMU m lIt Sit Oil
00 thOr A Nwh1l 111 11615 11115 111
trCH S IIII 11114 lOut 101d 111114
4niir I M A M P I W2lk 5iII 142 214 821s
3200 CIt LA Pac 8125 N2 sl1L 84 b2I
17 Clew A PIllK lr > 4 114 lro 164
nimcolorii < oCoal 3H 85 3714 35 311
KIOCol IIXATAl a44 8414 34L 3t 341
J4XConioioaiCo llu I 1lMi 10 I 1110 11u4
IHiHiDelL I CCltu74 1tubO 157 I7 1r714
lOll 11011 1 1111 lit 1 I 1 III Id lb I
111 lien it n pf 4i 494 411 4815 414
SKUDlntlllmEAlK 4M < ill 4145 4s 41
lilt toIllon f Ill 1111 lilt loa 10155 loa
40u1lteetu hay AW 1214 131i 1215 I I2Ii 1225
H2r > lien Klei 11514 114114 I1f4 1111 11114
10 IlltnoiiCentrat 164 iia P IHI gill
lit Iowa Cent pf 42 41 42 41 4aji
VX Iake boro13C 188 lIla 134 laG
lieu Lrlede laO 2315 21l 28t 2a 28 14
XOOImli A saib li445 111 Ccl 84 IIPi
XOlloul NAAC 2t4 2814 2ru 25 It
Old > anbatlntanli5 Jar 1ar la41 Iart
imiManhHttanlih H 1 1 II 7
loll Sle I ellltal 1834 I 144 ItuCs 16 l Ir95
1170MnnMII1I 115 1t5 SI J7
ISOOMIUIIASt Up I 41 42 111 42 41
42 Ji eiiiiourlPacino III4 flit5 41 Ok III 51114
sIlo I Mo h I A r lt4 lr11 tr 15 l8u
OONJCinlraL 1ItA 1ar 134 185
lUti Sail I orc1 el30 1101s mt 185 1ztuuh
4l0I Cord yf12li4 32l14 I 121 12l1e 122
inn North Aiuir MH 1110 lau la44 13H
27Nr N ltNewlnt 33 8Mu I aaa BOSS
211 S CLl I AW 271 27h 2 74 2P4 27h
101 N Y bAV r 67 117 117 117 41734
SIt North roc pI 5515 fft t5 65H lJ6
11 untirii Cast in 19 ID lli 1934
loo Oregon KAN 77 > < 7715 774 73 S
2Ml paclllc Nail Ia 3t 11 323L 31
10P OAF 1534 1834 1I4 St 114
1PKIO rbil JUltadg 6h55 f rIi Full 51h
lOllleuiia Coal TOOI 801134 lout 210
thai Rich 4 W P I II II Hi 504 II
lOoll AW Ppr 87 37 37 37 41
I hull t K AS W MM 915 IJt tI t 4
KHIM LASWpf 1M J 1s4 1h4 11415 I
80t P A Omaha r2 U C2lt r2 r24 t2
iioobeutbirn iaci6 > 4 3110 alll 8iS4 rm
ilMuih Cut on 111 Ill5 III III 5113
imiTolin c 47 47 H 45
lOOTol AA N M 28 211 28 2it 25
lIlA hi tulon Inc 3P 811 3bS au 81114
1011 f Pac II I AU 19 III III 15l 10
II C > Express 6714 cjj f1 t8 11
3474 Weal Ill TI 9515 IIh liThe 034 04
200 tC b AL PrU 25L 2413 28l Iii 2514
2110 CC ti A L L Df 70 01 7 IH t 7O
Total sales or ktocVl wera t7634 stares
Opec RigPu JAil c
gOm leg ol o4 ie
1I35AnxSrSugRCL Co 112 lir < 1114 112
1100 Atntr Sill KerCo plP4V < 1 > 4H 1HM I 104H
ntffil 1 Stall Lead Co 48 4A 44Vt 444
1480 Natl Lead Co pf hilt UK 97 II7
2lOliiiLS K A AtLpt 3214 3IM 8214 1 3
F 1 Ill 4
America 212 2iI Market A Fni 228 233
Ahuu Eachge iris lilt Mechanucs lea liii
tlroauiwiv 250 257 Meiiiiui A Tn 180 20u1
Butch A nov te 194 Mercslitiie 2J0 23
tentrgl 187 140 Clercbanta 149 155
Chase 450 31cr Euchge 3211 385
thaibam 404 Metropolitan 4 12
Chemical4415 4800 Metrtupoils 400
itS 451 W Mt Morris 250
Cituzens IlS 155 Nassau IllS
Cultiinbia 271 Fow York 233 240
totutnerre liuti 111 N V ioanty 4120
olitinentai 180 140 N h Nat Ex 1110 340
Corn Excifgo 2tO 2415 Ninth 121 125
Deluoult 112 1141 ulnethWard 170
East ltiuer 148 Nurth Amer 1415
Fifth Avvflue21t8 Oriental 230
First 2DM hacihlc llO
first of S I 110 Iark 312 825
IiuirteentiiSt 171 People nel
FolirtIC 240 204 Ilienix 122
Gallium BIt Itepululic 170 350
Garfelil 400 beatoard 1 380
liertuanAUi 121 Second726
Germania 331 Seventh i7
iroeluwich 1510 ihoe A Leath IrIS 160
llaioser 1141 Bt734 St NIcholas 1211
lilitleon River 148 State of 2 V 3 It 120
Imp A Trail COO 6h5 Ttiirul 10
Iruing Itol 200 Tradesmen 119
Lealber Mfra 240 Luiteul Slates 2li 225
liiicotl 401 Western 121 124
Manhattan 3147
614 51 5 Al1
AdamsEx147 110 MahuoningCoal 57 100
Alt A SOs1110 165 htaboningc vf103 1015
Alton A I ii 38 biS liar Ii A 0111 168
AitoflATii p1180 160 MuOn Iron 7334 35
Amer 11 Tel Sli34 0234 Sb K A I if 27 2714
Anion 1 f lilt 105 SlOb 4 tubin 8514 3
Amer lxp 220 12t NaaiuCA stL 6195 lii
Amer 3 If St 83 uatl I Oil 8t 8314
Alit PhuC 4 11 SiewCefltual Ii ilL
ihuij It A i 4035 42 N Y tentrai112 11l3
hliIitttk I luf len hub Si r A io 5 til
Bar K A N P NatI Stisecli t735 tiuu4
Brunswick Co 834 Ill Natt a 1st pflli2 305
Cguieron CoaL L5 3 iCati S lii Jurl0l bit
Csniootherll 54 5i4 0 5 2 Ii 249 252
Caitaulisnlac 415334 si45 Y CAStL t7 5314
Cedar I L SI 1k S NXl bLIp 7 Si
CcItt lacllc 21114 31114 N1CS I It 851 33
I A I 1st 11f 6214 6tu NYL Hall i 1614 51234
C A 0 lul pr 43 4 Norfolk 4 West I I II
qiicA East Ill Oil 412 Nor A CC pr 4314 4tV
Ii A l ill tuf 15 Iujtj Nor iac iJl 2l5
Chic A Aitoli 145 150 Ohio Souitliern II 82
C iLl A il II 11 IS Ohio a Miss 214 22
SI A etVpfl26 137 OntarIo 4 St 8bl 41
Iil biiel It I 17 titefoo imp 20 24
511 biuel pf 100 101 ieo A East 1034 12
8th 1 8 I 1U3 104k I Ft W A 0 254
ol tiVATpf 75135 7714 Pull F CarCo1h17 3911
4Olll able lSi 1413 l C A St L 21 2234
Cuioooi coal 27 111 lCCAStIp 3 II
ln 34 5 Ft 0 534 l415 Pitt A CC pf 1034 40
1 iii 5 it II pr It Quicksilver 834 4
N TV All 4 5 ijiiickaliver pf 17 21
ETVIilotp 83 311 iteno A bar175 150
Ervas lilt 1034 12 lIla ii 0 pf 70 72
iii uuurthripf140 J405 S CV A 135 112
tlotaetake 14 stt A sFl p 7434
Sbus A Tuas 3 834 St i A liuiuth 41 44
Ill C leased I 91 St 1 1 lui ptI0I 104
tows corral 12 18 St FA Onipf120i4 12134
Kingston A i 10 III itt I II a CtIl34 lIe
K 1 II 34 pf In III Tenn A I 84 tS34
10 at I 1 T 22 23 Tenn C A I pf 200
1 NA West 2t 244 Tol A 0 C pf St
I 1 A CV er r 26 Texas Facillo 11 1134
Long Island I 10 11 I titus A hhikRlr0 170
iatiedetiaspf 41534 CA atLA 1 it 11
1 LHIL 20 25 WittLAFpf 2534 3t
1 E A at L Pf 50 Set tCeliaSsr Ex143 147
Maryland Coal 23 25 Wi Cent 1634 1734
nba ikedi 544 laS4
Sos 1 AIbany21l535 2041 Westhuiuse F 17L 87
hici I Maineh07 1uK WeetEod Land rstj 18
Central Mace 34114 1735 5105100 4 SIn 36 86
Iitiuburg 8 SuIt A itaaton 1434 lt
NY A N I pf 147 Calutuet A Ii 2111 2115
AloerlleliTel205 207 iantalebl to 10 In
Itrie leleitbone 4r A I I 8be4 5234 82
AIitfriin 8014 410
JUd 414 I fU 4I4
Uhlfh Valley 41034 WAJ Pulls A Erie 3134
LC ANavii 53U M Met Traction 138 138
PrnnaRR 54 > j r4J
The eurront week In Wall street hue been a
notable ono In many respect but Its devel >
oiimcnti have had but Illllo effect upon the
general character nf the stock market At
first the trend of speculation was upward
particularly In the Industrial stocks Rugnr
IlnflnlnB National Cordage and one or two
other of that croup scored exceptional ad
vances and the poaslblllty of it further ad
vance fsenmcd to be limited only by the desires
of their manipulators
Judge McCormloks decision In the Texas
raciflo hallway case was an gratifying as It
was unexpected and Its Influence wan reflect
ed In a renewed demand for the Southwestern
stocks As a matter ot fact It throws upon
Texas railway affair the first ray of light
that has penetrated the gloom for some time
and already the roads are preparing to make
a practical application of the decision by ad
vancing rates The culmination of the several
strike prevnlllntr In various parts of the
country and with It the practical demonstra
tion of th supremacy of law created n
fftorabo impression In financial circles Hut
to these Influences tile stock market has made
only partial recognition for with each favor
able development there has been an attendant
At first It was a renewal of gold exports
later It was cholera In Kurort and finally the
decision of Chancellor McOIll In the matter of
the Heading leases In the Utate of Jersey
lIT tar the most serious of those la the rapid
sprrul of cholera In Europe and the possibility
of Its outbreak In tlio United States Already
this fear has been reflected in the provision
market by a sharp decline In prices The bulls
on the coal stocks uiagdlfy the last advance In
price ol coal for domestic use and mako lUht
S j
ot the MeOIll deolilon from which an appeal
will probably be taken and a period of litiga
tion Inaugurated It Is claimed that the con
trol of the constituent companies already
vested In the management by stock owner
ship Is sufficient assurance that whatever the
result of the nulls tho policy already outlined
will be strictly adhered to and too whether
the roads nro operated under ono or thro
The closing days of the week have been
marked by n decline In the Industrial stocks
ledbyBugarHeflnlng This was accomplished
through realising sales which wire thought to
come from Inside sources and the professional
clement sold on the theory that the Nowtir
soy decision In the Heading case was likely to
hove an unfavorable effect upon tile trust
Today the market has been of the usual
halMiollday klntl The London Exchange
was closed and most of the home talont were
away for their Sunday outing There was
Bomo further realizing In Sugar Refining
Wettorn Union and Missouri Pacific and
some coloring of shorts In Heading
and New York and Now England Tho
Heading statoraont for July published
this morning was not up to expecta
tions but that fact together with the refusal
of tim Pennsylvania road to advance the price
of coal had no appreciable effect upon the price
of tim Heading stock In the last hour tho
market gained In strength particularly after
tile publication of thu bank statement which
wasfaorablo but tho changes in the active
list are only fractional nnd the general char
acter of the market professional Tho only
trading of ImPortanco wan In Murmur Hoflnlnc
and Heading and of those only about JOOOO
shares each Cern dealt In Consolidated Oas
CYSS active and advanced about a point Tim
closing was without feature
As compared with tho final prices of last
Saturday tim majority of stocks ann higher
The moro Important net advances were In
Colorado Coal 5i V cent Texas Pacific SU
CordBKO 2l National Lead ls Lacka
wanna 1i Missouri Pacific li Chicago
Oas Hock Island Distillers and lak Shore
l > each Wabash preferred 1 Union Pacific
a Heading and Southern PaHflc V each
Atehlson nnd Wheeling and Uka lrlo S t
ouch and Chicago lltirllneton and Quincy t
V cent Th noteworthy declines were in
Amorlcnn CUtton Oil 1 cent I Western
Uiilon 1 and New England f cent
fnnl sales compare with those ol yesterday
as follows
Au < > Sf Ana 2 Ioy 28 Au > S7
AhchTSFe 3M Bl > Nail Cordage inofe 13034
Amer Cot Oil 41 4n Nail Cord pf121 Ill
C C 115th liii 5551 NorlhwcomHUM H7
I II 1 11 10104 11114 North Vac pf 11514 fiH
Conool Gas 1171 lIsle NY A NK 82Te it1i4 >
Ca A tlluio 2814 2354 NJ CentralIiru 332 >
liicagoitae 1121k Ha Omabacom r2U 5214
in I A N estlr7 I t7u4 Hock r Island HljJ HIlt
PenAllOrf 4l4 4Ul Rich AW P I fc 4b
DIltlAtXrCo 4H 4K Reading t795 nh
Erie 275 ii 27 > < iH Paul com 412u5 53
louis A Nash ti s J IllS Inlonracino 33 1111
lake lheure 111414 335 In IU 1 s H 11121 lii
IirlrJelB I 2315 2834 Wet Ill Tel 5 177
Jlanh Con 134L lItt WB AUK H 254
illliourl Vac UllJ 01X Wh AlUpf 70 7014
Government bonds quiet at unchanged quo
tations Hallway bonds dull The features
were Texan Iarltlo lets San Antonio and
Ara eas lass ist St Louis and Southwest
ern 2ds Atchison and Chicago and trio IBHUBS
Tho more important net declines were in bt
Louis and Southwestein 2ds t > cent tol >
and Texas 1aclllc Ists 1 el cent toht3 San
Antonio and Aransas race Ista advanced J a V
cent toCV
Sliver bullion certificates for 20000 Ollfl Con
Fold atSIlifaKIi BarRilvcrln London ItHid
Mono on call 22la V cent Time money
flnnoratUi s cent for sixty days 4 < cent for
nlnrty days 4 m cent for four months nail 5
f cent fur iuix months on cood mixed Stock
Kichaugo securities The offering ore light
Commtrclal paper is Quoted 1iliiie endorsed
Kill rAiAixntilA nf 4fa4 it cent nrstclaHS
xlnelo name four months nt OOia f cut
good names nt 5ift0i V cent and outof
town names nt liS7 i V cent
Foreign exchnnire dull Posted asking rates
for sterling 4M7fti487s for long bills and
4SW > jfi7 > 4by for demand Actual rates are
Lone bills 4pz1i0j345L sight drafts
48 T iS488 and cable transfers J4MH
S4S8o 1 Francs are rjuoted at rUS lass
1lft for sight and 51 7H less iill for long
reichsmarks 051 i for short and 05 for hong
guilders 4K < a401lU for lone and 40 51tkIJ
40 for short
Domestic exchange on Now York Boston
8Ki > 1 > cents dlscouit Charleston Buying
par selling IIOWV premium Savannah
lluyine par coiling JiiasC pramium New Or
leansBank IfX premium commercial 7o
premium San Francisco Bight 0 cents tele
graphic 10 St Louis 5U cents dibcount
Jhtcago BO cents discount
C The weekly bunk statement shows
Aug 20 Aua 27 Oitngft
Loam 482114300 4410 ft77fXl dec 823804100
lepoilti 024412100 617OftlHtO dec 733HROO
Irculafn r4 i4OO r3MOOO dec 11 400
egl fndl 387000 f73MHBUO inc 13OO
ipccle HUOi48OO 817llU3UO dec 482BOOO
Reserve S1434N1POO 139ir > H200 dec J4S23700
Reye red 1111 1010 5 1ZD27O325 dec 1833 7OO
Borplni IIS 37H87B 887876 dec S2401OOO
The iu pint a tear ago was 112797825 Twi yean
ago there was a UeHcIt of I3687S
Paris advice rjuotoS V cants stUb francs 40
centimes and exchange on London 25 francs
IU centimes
181 Iff Cliavgri
Oroiiernlnil 2H1892 12784118 Dec 33 > 33
Open expenses 171C471 J801B30 Inc M164
Set earnings l10l 1121 0fl3024 nee 5111597
Rentals 2St > 2Sl 2llf08 Dec 27743
Balance 88434170 701Clt nee 5112154
1850 unul ZR zsflJod 1552 Caei
Groiln 2420gll4 777CV4 Inc 168X480
Operatlf 15U123NH 1744U30J Inc 1133914
Net aarngl 88211576 558812112 Inc 34tU
Rentals 2122238 2lr7BUS Inc 3M6U
Balance 5174488 5617354 Dec 85114
The Philadelphia and Bending Railroad re
ports gross earning for July of 1881253 a
decrease of 55020 as compared with the
same month of last year and net 884844 a
decrease of 87281 Other income was 107
127 an increase of 25751 making the total
not earnings 101071 a decrease nf ll5iu <
Improvements 13071 against 10J08 in
June leaving a balance of Sl770i Fixed
charges wn f25000 < an Increase of 1HJ30
leaving a surplus of 83521512 a decroasu of
IWlfc For the eight months ending July
11 the gross earnings ware t > 14547iui un in
crease of H7lriia as compared with tim cor
responding period of last year and netD4JL
45J an increase of IMIHVJL Other Incomu
was iHoiH an Increase of 577704 making
the total net earnings 0810401 an Increase
of J573WJH ImprovamaDtHS109UOR a de
crease of 204inil leaving a balance of 0
710103 Fixed charges wore 3000000 an
Increase ol 108544 < leaving n surplus of 1
710103 an increase of HJ731WI The Coal
and Iron Coinpunv reports gross parningH for
July of l83j4IW a decrease of 43004 as
compared with the same month of last year
and net 2tj7il5 > an inrrenho of fHJiia Im
provements 1O0140 leaving n balance of
S1U7HM a decrmiMi of 3470 1Jxod charges
were SUHOOO leaving a surplus of 3080U a
decrease of 11470 1 or thin eight month end
ing July 81 the gross earniligs wora 13803
WJ7 an iucrcnsn of 18H1207 as compared
with the corresponding period of last year
and not 004101 an increase of WttHfW
Improvements 710388 leaving a halanne of
184713 Ilxed cliaaes were 534000 a
decrease of 10000 mating l a deficit of 340
237 at against a dellclt of i741rjHJ last year
The Jersey Central Batlrortd reports gtoss
earnings for July of ltl10te2 a docreiten of
23591 as compared tvith tim same month ut
last year anti net 565078 a decreuci of h
701 For the seven months ending July 3 i the
gross earnings were 8051141 an inereasn of
fJ1134r compared with the correspondlnc
period of last year and net 3j33U30 an in
crease of 35405
Tim Lclilirh Valley nallrnnd reports gross
earnings for June of 154uH1l a lletroilso of
5tiOI lau cotIllIlIrOd with iiio iiiine fliollthl Of
last year nnii lint 151571 an iricriaso of
HltiIiS For tim seven Illontlis eliding 1 utlis
80 tim gross oarnlncH worn ilouftlJMi nn In
creace of 000030 us com paled with the cor
iiondlnc period of liiM year und not 2
UOIJ8T an Increase of 71OH7
Fl Chicago Milwaukee and Kt Paul Hall
road reportHuross carnlncslurJulyof SLllirt
ifil an Increase 407440 < compared sCitii
the samo month of last your und nut 725ili
un IncrcnHe of lwoW
The Cho apenkn and Ohio Tlallroad reports
cross earulnen for July of 54772141 mmnitlnK
expenses iMUO and not carnlnisi017liil
Tile fixed charges of the company are about
4U000 a month
The receipts from customs for the wnok
wera lHT7jaJ und ruin Internal rei > nun
2003408 a total of JiJK07KO against
7M177 last week and malting the total re
caipt since July 1 03845530
National bank note circulation outstanding
17JiOR8ll4 received dunne tile week for
rndemptlon 1I5JO7 amount rulsxued
1114JSO and Htroied 1O05 Balance
of deposits In the TrnoNUiy to redeem national
bank notes SU013537
Treasury balance compare with those of
lastbnturduy an follows
Aff SO AM 17
Gold Coin and tU SllhliS0271 5111335085
hiivercoin andbuihtoa 0632008 0227328
leaal iendra lnaludlli
3 ressury note MOTMKM I44WOW
iia oi7ois
Deposits in oatloDal bank 11040071
t A i
against Sn8ar > 053 last Baturrlay Bonds
held to secure the same 154070oa In ad
dition to Mm foregoing the Treasury reports
silver bullion purchased under this act of
July 14 1800 ino07 < 300 and Treasury
notes Issued against the same 10R800J
Bf which 1044 3173 are outstanding
The sales of mining stocks at the Ney York
Consolidated Stack and Petroleum Exchange
today were as follows
no Offt Ills L0 7f e
HOORrnniiwiek 14 J4 If 14
800 51e1la Iii 16 IK IK IB
aoonedlf ts 35 US 8K
lOOLOB Cal A Va 3 28 fl 25 ft 2K 1 SR
2lnCaledonian II 1 m 1 11 1 on i IK
Rooromnock T Co 33 in 13 11
looonuid AOurrr HO w > mi W
looilaleANorcroii 1 on 1 on J oo 1 oo
100 Horn Silver 3 IK 115 3 < 15 3 55
lootlomeitiki 1400 14 on 14 oil 14 oo
OOLeadltle IK IK in IK
400 Little Chief Sf 2f 2C 2f
looouhlr t in 2 ir S in 3 ir
100 Phirnlx Lead 20 20 20 so
38 Savage 70 71 70 70
lOOMultlvan 1 03 1 OT 1 05 1 OS
The total sales were 41 111 than
New Yoik Mnrkro
fiiTCKPtr Ann 27 1 lion was very little business la
flour and ac tiiniil on Saturday the market was to a
urcil il titnoiiilnnt The receipts were 2i800 bbli
Ac and the enporti 42300 hula Ac
ORIIS Wheat advanced iftftSc with a fair export
drinnnd rninlltr receipt rallur unfavorable weather
In Europe firmer Kiiftllli cables rains In the North
west and a report tlmi Knicltfh porli had been clostd
aKilnit Hiiilan niarLiti owing to the cholera In
liuiila Thin ipot ogles were HlooO bush for ex
port at 7Pc for ungradtd red WV for No 2
Northern atloat and 2c tinder September for No
3 hard winter 1 lie clearances from the leaboard
wars 267195 boil These were the receipt to dayi
Chuiieitui 2511147 lllphl ClilwaukeS 111730 hlinliapo
Ii 1U2llhiO St loin I7sthO ruteulo 2537t is
troll ll4l504l Niw C urk 2504 uI Soitllnote 786311
Philadelphia 40301 HobbS 2s15 grand total
137208 I total e > tprda > 144750 total laltyoar
17H02H1 bush Continental cables were weak Th
future silos acre 4rrox burh al follow
1 jouu ill fvtrtd JbgHett Clortng
AlueueL HO
September 8114 HOlt fio a 10K
October HUi Hill HJ H2
November HtiJ HlU 31 5114
December HIU 8414 Hi w >
May HUT Mills Wii 11014
Putt priceal iept > mliir SO40it0450 cloning at8OhC
Ktrembrr urffisoUc cloning at 8oc Corn decllnul Cs
to Ic mi near deiiierlei owing partly to more faor
able crop advice nnd increailngreceipti ai well ai a
falling iilt In Ibe demand from tIle horta Ihedlitunt
deltrirlrl howevar cloied illghtly higher The ables
wiro lower Iho ncfipu nt all pointa Wets 355225
buili Including lug no here The spOt sales luers
40000 butu at UOc cur No 2 In eluator and f > V4
Mc for ungraded mixed Ihe future sales were 2n >
Oi + nfn > l freeS llwhtrt Clotlng
AurtiKt no sIn do
beptember r7 r7710 rii r > 7M
October r7W f7W f7H r7t
DeciUlber RH f7Jj f < t
May 45 ftJl rsx
Curhprlcei Heptemher Wt < c Ortober f > 7V < c Oat
were llrm Iuiit quiet rie ipii alei were niMMO bush
Including No 2 mixed at ns HJHsic And ungraded
white lit flmlc Hie receipu at nil points a cr0
477 Ml I huohu Im Ilidlnir f Z5U here Tin Illlure sales
were lilel00 < huuii Aneiiit a llse Srptemher 3Xl < c
Ortnber auua uie Sexcmler 3140 lltcemher
40V < r Ma > 3Uci cioslllr a llh Aiteiiat SOC Septiin
her ISiXc tlctoiir atiuc uuelilter HHMci Decem
ber 4Uige > and Mat4Uc Curl priiesu llctqber ltc14r l
PmiTKinisThe tteitprn u ad ices were mere 1n faxnr
of holders The liquidation of September rroiiiioni
was i > ippo > id In hate been pretty well cvniplrted
Iarul here wui liral lint quiet at H O74c for Western
Oil tb ipot with pales f 25 Ii 5 fur iCioitr at 540
and rut I cIt at 7 407rIt Seplenibercloeul at
HOSc lireeseul togs GIb4c anti plus 11s sillier
pruiviciolus were dubi and eencrali uticiusilCed ltra
creamery butter 23424c State cheese t444ih4C
for laniy lullnr u iuirt at 4 1 > Itlc Stearlne Bo in
tibia OlenmMritarlne M < >
iitoColrcCuIls ruinrm were dull and early In th
day uii > eltled Tile Close Cuss barely iteady at a di
din of rto in point with salcu ot liOOli bags llavra
and llamburir were only slightly hIgher but the Brazil
ian marten were tlrm and the warehouse delnerlei
In hli country cnntlnued on a liberal scale
litura here clnied a follown August inH5f 14e
epteinber 13 bSust Soc October 1 3Wt I a UOc
NnueInhc Mud tecemiuer I3bSugIR 40c sonar
18 lOg 18 40c hrbruary 13 luuliil 35c harcii aid
APrIL 13 Ill 13 lOu Mar lt15132Oc spot Rio
C as lIrm lint uluiiet at I4C1ubtc for No 7 lIaw eugrtr
CI as lJfl iuit iiuleL Ketlned wa firm with a pretty
jond trade
tnnns The liverpool advlcel favored the bulls
tialigli the ndrnnce there wa slight The crop hiSOCS
rnent In olow soc It la now generally conceded that the
sCasoll to l lomeluinK like two weeks Inter than last year
The crop outlook In Teuss and ui niii li pretty
fnvoralite but a ceuod many complalntl come from
othir arctlula of the cotton belt In Georgia and
Florida there are romnlalnti of damaie from rust and
In Horn portion ot AIil lna and Mlwliilppl It li elated
that injury ha i been done by boll wurini flcklnu
nil uiaile pretty good progren in irxao iiu return
other leciinni Taking th cotton hell ai a whole
the aducoi are ritiililtred fairly favorahla
while ai alrea ly Intlmiteil Uny point to a late iiaioa
ani Inferential lo lnrr aied danger from root
Price here us er rlo 14 points olgner loday The re
ceipts at the porti were 2 kNO nalei agalnut 1200 thll
day lust l week and 7r2 lIt > ear Southern spot
markets were generally unchanged lucid and quiet
Spot quotation here were unchanged and iteady at
7kc for middling uplinilf with iali of 120 hales for
ipinnmg Little Sock reported a rainfall < utO 12 Inrhei
All the weather nlatlon reported rain New York
Uoied quiet a 1th sale of 444W hales ai follown
lopeq Prui Jijh1u Ioce41 eolee
August 704i37uuil tiit 7 14 700
September0247 04 703 700 4801
October 71tub lb 717 713 14iVX
November 3ITsebli 7 Ii 7241 8200
flecember73lbgb lil 740 737 6600
ieluuary 7 4iluzbil 7111 747 7700
Iluruary 7 llt7liI 761 7410 1700
March 7llliu7iO 770 7515 1300
April 77831780 775 779 100
IaniouursNo oaleo
iVAI SxoarsUnciaanied
Real Entitle TraMferr
OSthnt u 310 e 3d av 2fxlOOll Koslua
met and liutb to Aaron Bloch J7BOOO
Cherry it 5 w < or Pile Slip 152 irto4x2Vlj
M3x7Hrixl2Gand other prop Thotnaii A
Mclnt > r and wire to Heeler Jonei AJewell
ShillIng Co M78000
Lot 07 n part lot 88 I part map of Moiterey
Annie Marnch to I opold Jonas 1
Cherry it w ror Pike slip 1622 > 6Ox2ltx
no 3xl7D 5x120 George V Uecker Co I
Thomas McIntyre I
Broome it a e cor Lewis at Irrem Eugene
Jones et alto lame 1
64th at i a 250 e Amiterdam at 61 HxllX > 5
John Itaskin and wir to WmRankU 1
Market it 8S also 77 Market it Aaron Bloch
to Koiiua Bletl 22000
Bergen OeoW and wife to Tlonmi E Thoin
w i old Post road n land of Callahan Mc
Carthy Syrti 450
Doyle Dennis and wife to Gee Ehret n e cor
118th It e2dav 1 yr 8500
Ilicker Jorei A Jewell Mllllnr Co to Franklin
Trnit Co a w cor Cherry it and Pike slip and
other prop secures bondi 2EOOOOO
riealy Mary to Patrick llyan n sOld it w M
av 4raoi OOOO
Lyon Chai H and wife to Michael Montag lot
20 map lands belonging to heirs of Rebecca
Banford 3 jn 1000
An Habitual Drunkard
John MorUrtr the Chatham square fnrnl
tore dealer was arrested yesterday on com
plaint of his brother 1hillp and wife Mar
garet for being an habitual drunkard lie
was taken to Jefferson Market Police Court
and was committed to the Fort Hamilton
Inebriate Asylum for ono month

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