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f c Iii IIP t i 1 fiiI
1 THE SUN SUNDAY AUGUST 28 1892 I 11 i
nrrLLAION or nv it AT LIES Z fn I
A JrlMtr rol i and Ktrt lalB Aeon
Exhilaration and l > rowahteiS Ad
I Ornbly Adjdsieil Concretmiin Cnn
sg In the Valley r the ain > ndnh
Tfc Trail nr Mlon tmn ilHcksbnClouil
t Iss I Nlchl on > Monntnln Farm A rr
V ndl > fbr the OTtrnorked Ollichleil
ToraitTh l > nrtBo Fnrm nod I Ir
T r Graduate Ttn flay In Clover
MOUNT JACK I VA Aug 20 There aro
windrows of mountain ranges In western Vir
ginia and In West Virginia Tho first Is I tho
llua Illdgo the noxt Is tha Hhenandoah
Kango till third the Alloghonlcs propor
and tho fourth the Cheat Mountains From
the top of the big Bhonandoah all the other
ranges can be seen You look down Into the
Taller and ceo far away Fishers 11111 Cedar
Creek iort llepubllu and a score of other
battlaHolds Below are the roads made
bAltololda roats mAto
fatuous b tho marrhes and countermarches
of Stonewall Jackson and Jubal A Early
They are the same roads over which Fremont
and Dank advanced and retreated There
retha stone walls taken bythohorsos of Dick
and Turnoy Ashbvs daring troopers In tho
arly part or tli 3 war And away off at Win
chester Is another stone wall where Gon
r James Hhloldt BO gallantly hold his own
a galust tho Confodsiiito army
Khorldan I > A tOt that he left tho valloy In
uch a condition that not oven I crow could
fly over I without carrying his rations To
day It Is teeming with plenty Fat cattlo
sheep and blooded horses grazo in Its pas
tures Oreat Holds of corn sway In tho breeze
Squares of blooming buckwheat and of mown
wheat fields checker the valley The meadow
and orchards strewn with haycocks There
are hedges of locust along the roads and an
occasional white dot mark a limekiln
Tho sunlight Is reflected from many I 1
lage steeple Away off to the norlh Is Win
chester from whonca Shorldan started on his
famous ride You can see the lino hold by tho
old Sixth Corps and tho depression whore
Bhorldan rallied I broken army corps behind
I with the oftrepeated words Back boys
back wovo cot a twist on them
Beyond Winchester Is Charleston where
John Drown died on tho bcaffold tiouth of
Winchester you BOO Woodstock Htraaburg
Mlddletown Port Republic and other towns
famous In tho annals of tile war villages
have risen between thor such as Broadway
and Vaucluse From the top of the range they
arc readily discernible from tho old
It Is a lovely valley and oven moro fertile
than before the war The reason Is manifest
Oaks and elms at tho village cross roads are
covered with advertisements of fertilizers
Tho latest nnd mowers to bo
reapers 10WIrl aro seen
upon tho farms and tho steam thrashing ma
chine Is doing Its work In tho barn yard The
whole valley glows In the sunlight Beyond it
Is the Due Illdge with Its azure hare and
away to the east still beyond Is Cedar Moun
tain where Stonewall Jackson and Banks mat
In deadly I conflict
p Standing upon tho big Shenandoah about
4 face t the west and look over the mountains
of West Virginia You see elks and ranges
that look down upon bnttlallclds made famous
by Rosocrnns McClellan and Kelly before tho
army of the Potomac was fairly organized All
these ranges are densely wooilnl Time clouds
above Heck them with shadows There are
Brent dun patches on tho Bides of tile moun
tains They mark hundreds of acres of dead
pines Thosn pinot died a year or moro ugo
t Time cause of their deali Is inknown Homo
farmers say that the disease was at tho roots
trhlle others say they were killed by insflcts
R The Walt t Virginia vallnys nr smiling below
foil There aro openings ill them ruvoallng
torte farms und fleliK fur removed from rail
loads Tho mountain olds are oxecrnblc
and the United Statet mulls aro carried over
the ranges Into thuso valleys on hardback
oil gateiund time way They are simply
treat polus not fwro thn road like ve1L sweeps
The keeper sits In bin door with tha hlll In
bis hand ami pulls thu beam down until the
toll is paid DeMlto time nil m tier of farms
there ant moiv f > rots In the valley than on
the mountains Mils away you < oe llltle nuflit
of linioko borne by HIM wind over time thhk
oaks and nmnlS These mark tho work of
the Ihruua Ji rlur
There am llvlns springs upon those moun
tains but the mountain streams ore dry They
roar with freshetx In thu spring but bare tholr
rocky boils In summer
From the peRk of tho big Uhenindoah you
I overlook scores of famous pprlngH Facing
toward the villny tho Orkney Hprlngs ara to
the right and the Alum Hprlngs at tho foot of
the range Buck of you Is Howards Lick a
famous sulphur spring To tho north la tho
Cuton Bprlns and Hock Kntin South urn time
Oieenbrler and othar famous sulphur springs
I Tha alum springs nro a curiosity They wore
discovered just before tho war by prospectors
looking for coal Instead of dueling coal they
frmnrl Mlitm TliMV hnrl ltlf Intn bllllln reek
that looked as though It contained coal On
tho following moraine tho holes were filled
with olear spring watnr It was strongly 1m
pr cnt to4 with alum The water today Is
Bald to bo good for indigestion anti kidney
diseases The springs themselves Are rimmed
with pure alum There Is a small hotul on the
place but tho soring arC so far from time rail
road that very few guests go theio I Isn
temperance house and no dancing U allotted
Within a mile of the alum springs aro scores
of similar springs There are chalybeate Iron
and sulphur spring Three miles away are
the celebrated Orkney Springs and two miles
beyond tho Kelly Springs Joseph Dorsey tho
former proprietor of lliunumn Hotel In Haiti
more Is tho lessee of the hotel at Orkney
Spring tlili year In tho vestibule > f the
hotel mire great barrels containing waters from
different springs within n wide radius Among
thorn aro tho miters of tho Dear Wallowtho
Healing tho Sulphur time Arsenic and the
Chalybeate Spring The Dear Wallow Is tug
Orkney Burins I Is Bald to be the finest
water In tho country for dyspepsia Some of i
tho water comes from thn Kelly Springs whore
8 m thuie Is no hotel Thttsa springs uru roxched
I > yu rough mountain road They mire In tin
heart rOUfh thn yilduiiniis < Throe or four of
t OII Imvo been piped while others aro as
niituro mnJ them
Ons Is the fiimoua arsenic spring Its water
I strongly Impregimtad with this mineral
The wiior h as cluar a8 crystal and IIIIH
S a peculiar taste Htrnngani drink It with
torn hesitation but guests at the Ork
ney pour it down regardless of conse
iitiencrj HViuld to luhnticu time delicacy
the coiniluxlon Theru Is really nu danger In
COtnlloxlCn <
drinking It AphyKlclan says that I jiurson
might drink I Kitllon of it at mIce tetore it
W ulil have any deleturlous effect
AM thin twenty fut of the nrsuiilii iprlnK Is
one known a the Cureall or Healing Spring
lie Waters nre carried br 1111 lutou riistjo
bathing house Thuy are said tu bo a remedy
for all kinds of cutnneonu eruptions
1ortr tent itwuy l tinre ISI iv strong Iron spring
and not fur from thre I clialyiieatu upring
Sulphur water hus also been dlitcmnred and
pure spring water eu rout that it tastes us
though it hud iioniooff time lax
V 1 There are eighteen or twenty different
Sm i pringi In these untrlmmcd woods within a
I radius of iiltthtv yirdu Th > > re is ni bulling
sand 111 the bottom of any of them The water
la limpid Oonulonally bubbles
II Htnl iiulot alonaly hubhltR
come from the bottom of time Cureall Spring
But this Utli only one thut shows any blKrx
of Thuy life tlUVn Tim not Kelly Imill bprlnu developed are seldom visited
the water at Orkney Is I butter known Kern
all the luxuries of city life can be found In
cluding Imthhouso und an Imincnno natu
toriutn Thre are half urollt < of erundason
time hotel Hops are nightly features und on
Haturday dross entertainments
evnnlngH fAnny ruR8 enlealnllnts
taturdlY evunlnll
are not unknown TIIH < Httunon however
tloa8 early Already limo lights have been
turned down the doors closed und the mothb
ol fashion dispersed at Orkney 10lui
lio granter contrast In life can be found than
at thou I springs Tho mountaineer are
quaint mini uncouth Tim land Is poor and
manyot Iliem are engaged lifelong utrug
10 for existence The crops are light und the
I ir c iiul nnwftr from ereen Tha country
lufftrloR from drought Very few of the
mountaineers enjoy tho luxuries of life
Their houses aro unpainted and almost un
furnished A common deal table a few
wooden chair a rooker and a bench on the <
front poroh If there Is 1 one compose the mOlt
of the furniture The beaditends are old
oordAndpost affairs with feather ticks win
tor and summon Tho cupboards are a series
of open shelves Nearly ever houso has an
oldashlonod spinning wheol for hero are
many sheep la tho mountaIns and time rai
ment of tho mountaineers Is mostly home
spun Tho spinning wheel is not all Many
of them have antique weaving machines with
wooden shuttles Tho mountaineers raise
spin and weave their own flax and wool The
floors are uncarpetod
Many of tho houses arc or logs tho chinks
filled with mud All hav chimneys outside
at tho gable ends Bom aro without stoves
the cooking being done on oldfashlonoi
cranes In chimney places
The ovens art antique They are built of
tone and brick rounded and plastered and
stand twenty or thirty feet away from tho
houses But the broad pones and pies thai
coma from them are unexcelled They are
heated with hickory and oak When the sticks
are consumed tho coals are raked out the
dough U put In and baking I thorough
The mountaineers raise cattle horses
sheep and plus The burn yards are tilled
with turkeys and chickens There are butter
and eggs in profusion yet very few of tho
farmers touch silver and non see gold The
trading Is done nt tho country storo Dry
goods and groceries are given In payment for
butter egzs chickens turkeys lambs and
tnnbark Lamb sells ut four cents n nound
unit eggs at twelve cents I dozen Chlckons
bring ton celt nplocn and otlur fowls In
proportion There Is n dog at ovary houso
but In some cases lu < would bo bettor off deni
than t alive for ha never guts enough to eat
There are Home Hue horses and occasionally 1
tine cow but no blooded stock
This mountains are covered with hucklobor
ry buslitM At ttmiM season the families of tho
mountaineers author the berries by bushels
and barter tliuin at the country stores They
never rxullzn more thnn throa cents 0 quart
and arsBivtlillod It tboy net two celtS In the
full they gather chinquapins hazel nuts wal
nuts and chestnuts
Thnro are a leI orchards in tho mountains
The trees however are Bcrnccy and the all t
pie not much larger than English walnuts
more are stray apple tress all over tho coun
try yet very few ol them bear palatable fruit
Corn and potatoes loom to he l > the xtapln grub
lliashu9 < buttts onions cabbage bOlus pens
tomntoos and rndtslms are found In the kitch
en gardens Thuy call hiiuaMius cyuibllnus
onions bballota and peanuts cookers I ho
llnost currants brine IIrnutA little over two
cents n auart
The horses are fed upon corn In the oar You
se of > e liuckwheut no oat or wheat fluids and very few fields
Tho Ito mountain farms are enclosed with
old Virginia worm fences Kverrthlnir scums i
to be In u m Suite of dilapidation rho chlmnnyn
of the houses want Blztng the barns want
shingling nnd tho housus themselves rant
whltowashlni rime npplo trees want trim
ming the cnrdens want weeding nnd the
Molds lack com punt Hut tho mountalnoorx
harmonlza with their burns housus and
farms They tteom to luck enterprise anil
thrift with rare exceptions All the wonicm
wear sun bonnota and the men seedy slouch
huts A derby or I silk hat is never leon not
won on Sunday Doth man and women xmoko
pines There mire no negroes in tho mountains
They all Hello In time nrlroS
Tho minority of the inhabitants along the
Me ftheneudouh are Duukards In rellgluii
They attend church once a week and wusli
each othorH feet Thu minister occasionally
announces that thoru will he preaching this
evnnlnn by early candlelight no prevontlug
ThorH IB an average amount of piety among
11 nello Ilona
thu inountiiliiioro Thoy charge strangers
iloublo prices I they think they will fctnnd it
and rot a stranger pan go to sinai In onn of
their farm houses with perfect safety With
unlnkinl doorn arid opxn windows no ono will
rob him of u nnl imrcmitngo of tho popu
lation IH I of course dissipated The day of
dissipation In Hummer ii Hnturdiiy Uu Sutur
il hs it Orkney they have suoh ontcrtnlnnuiilrt
nt cllmblnc I greased olptaklng n btlvordol
Jar out of a flour barrel with tho teeth nnd
onMiInK a Ircl lour pig Men women and
children ivnlk h twe vim and II ft ecu milos anti
bick over their rough mnuntnln mails to at
tend those exerciser Tlio storekeeper
the moonlieht I ml IKtlllor I I I clean the profits
Thirii Ire mountain distlllorlus that pay tho
Government tax Once month their propri
etors give n barbecue Hietp aro ronnteu in
tilts hasted with linen rags tied on roles antI
here is u country italics rlC the distillery For
t iiuartorof 1 dollar one cim get nil he needs
to cat und drink with the dance thrown In
rime mountalnvers bear lueur numoh Time
vnlleyof the blc Hhennnd Is sown with
unlilmiiKiirs Nuselrodt JJaseys Momows
liarbs and other stnitiKO appellations Thorn
hooms to have boon little Union sentiment
here In tho Into war 1 were Confederates
nnd Hciun to 1m proud of It I asked a lad at
Kjtllys Spring hut imiue
Leo Irn on tunkliuimar wits time roply
Iexplti tliulrOonfuilerittu hymputhlos there
are Confederate votoriuis among thorn who
voto th lloiiubllcan Uclot IUUUi chnne In t I
pollttcnl faith dales from the time that tho
Democrncy nominated Horace Oreidey for
President They are llttlu iilTectcil by time
burling luentlons of tho day Very few news
pnptru are tukHii nnd 1 hook in a mountain I
IILrl Is I Jilt till tile
a ram hicht lh women tl tlo
tumid with tho men and children are early m put
to work Rrubhinc thickets and burning hat
lows Jittlo follows not morn than 12 yours
old work Iround limekilns and lit odd jobs for
2i rent 0 week ail found
Theriro a prlinitUo and an Interesting peo
ple They fiprunc iniilnly trout Ponnsylvnnia
utcli who wandared across Maryland und
down into tint mountain of Virginia over a
hundred years ago Thu ties of consanguinity
ure htrong among thorn They stand by their
Llnfolkf to the death In moments of extreme
peril They mire extremely courteous Time
vcrioKt chi hI uniong them always Falutos u
htrinter jhn children are remarkably land
summit Tholr feature mire regular their eyes
Ilru nail set Wail apart timid their complex
onh perfect Tliero art more blondes than
brunettes among thorn
I spent ten days In these mountains stop
ping nt the Dodge farm It Is I rolling little
ran h of 138 acres about seventylive of
which are cleared None of i IK I now culti
vated I Is I nook ulmoslout of the woild
There Is I no public road within a quarter of a
mllu Thu neighbors cattle browse upon the
illUldes undlbturbod The farmhouse Is a
bug low affair perchod on tho side ut a hll
lock overlooking a smelt valley From the
pnrch shaded with Virginia creopors mind hOI
vines glimpses of the great mountains beyond
are hud rime clapboards of the houso have
lever been painted but lire linked with whit
wnsli There is a great ragged chimney nt tho
Cable end of the house white us tho drUon
snow A covered way leads from tho dining
room down to tho kitchen Though not HO
large It reminds you of the covered way at
Mount Yernon
Tho kitchen Is a log houno with a clapboard
roof A little stovepipe projects through n
hole In tho back of thu house and the wind
whirls time AlookA over the little cabin Ten
feet beyond tho kitchen Is the Hpring house
The water Is pure and cold Milk meat and
vegetables are kept > cool near this covered
spring Dut this is not the only fount near the I
farm bouse There are two HI tone Iron sprints
to the west and north within a hundred foot
of the porch The water however does not
bubble like the Iron springs ot Colorado but
Is still and dead I Is cool anti palatable and
s undoubtedly I great tonic Neither ot tho a
springs 1mb been developed There ir prob
ably many a spring near by awaiting discovery
The farm is almost as primitive its the In
militants of the country surrounding It The
meadows except thoso nour tho running wa
tur mire parched and dry Tho suit seems to
Jack moisture rime little garden la thrifty
and produces excellent corn beets potatoes
And tomatoes rime barn like the houbo I a
bug low affair going to decay Tie crib
stands upon stone posts but there Is no wide
tnt Mono at the top of each pout to keep Held
mice from the corn There Is a covered pen
tor the pIgs emit an BDtlijue hen house The
alls in the worm fences are weather beaten
and broken and there Is nn air of sleepiness
amid dilapidation about tho whole plane but
It t Is just limo spot for un overworked man to
oouperatu Nothing can occur to break tho
ontlnulty of thought lln can read and medl
date unJUturbed nnd sleep in the warmest
nights in dimmer beneath woollen blankets
Jay twitter In the woods on the hill The
ground chippie spurts woots time golden rod In
time meadows and the catbird utters its unmoor
cmiii tn tho hedges There mime no Kngllsli sparrows
rows horo to drlvo away American nong torK
int there are very few birds on the farm But
the cawing of crown Is heard und away ulln
tht blue ether above you tho buzzard circle
on imie weary round liumbla bees hum about
the porch und the great golden garden spider I
hangs In his web among the hop vines At
night katydids 1 the air with music and hoot
owl recall lines from Grays Klrgy
Th air tn this mountain valley is rare and
Invigorating Swinging In a hammock be
neath time old apple trees you are fanned by a
gentle broOM on the warmest days The
purity of tho atmosphere at night ts some
thing remarkable The moon and tho stars
seem U be within rlll shunt At this time of
year t wihin robed with jewels Toward
morning Mans emits an orange light In the
west Jupiter glitters In tho zenith above you
and Venus raises her golden torch In the cast
The air Is tilled with the strldulatlons of crick
ets and other Insects while frogs pipe shrilly
from tho tiny creek that irrigate time meadow
Such 181 i faint picture of the Dodge Inrm
There mire copses fringed with hazelnuts
slowly ripening In the sun There aro vines
heavy with hucklubortle shaded by time
geton burs of the chliiuuapln Luscious
blackberries tempt you ut tho edges ot the
neglectid llelds Sassafras bushes shoot up
twelve or fifteen foot and are crowned with
ebon berries on rod stems lime sarsa
parllla root I hero in abundance and
the rod HUtnnch nods over tho fences
There is popper grass on the sward near
the porch chlokweed and pulse In tho lit
tie garden und nun old maiden ferns among
tho rocks on the hill Along time tiny stream
pouring from tho spring are peppermint am
creases and futther down n patch of sweet
Hag on which the unpicked calamus buds
hao gone tl seed Woods of all kinds sun
round tho deserted barnyard Kng weed Can
ada thistle daisies wild parsnip milk wood
and beggar llco are abundant An old wagon
body that tolls of departed glory Is almost
burled beneath catnip and boneset
This dosertod farm proved interesting I is
now rented bll Washington ladyouauiorud of
pastoral life There aro neither cows nor
horses to feed but Docks of chlckttns anti tur
keys chase grasshoppers through the fuizy
meadows and lend an air of lifo to tho
1 > place A young foxhound from auhlngton
sends up I cheerful sound at night whon rub
bits aro browsing beneath tile apple trees iuu
batw are darting through the grapevines Tin
ceilings In the bouse are low but the rooms
are carpeted ana cheerily furnished und the
cooking is superb
The lodgu farm has n history I was
bought some ronra ago by a young man who
had just rdlcttd from harvard Time
eclogues of Virgil had given him a taste for
country life llo hud read stories of time im
mense sheep ranches in New Mexico and Aus
tralia An article describing I small raneh In
Virginia attracted his attention Without ux
perlenco hit visIted the fhennndcah raiiKu am
bought time little turn I cost him iruo Ho
then bought 150 sheep as the busts of an an
ticipated fortune shelr long low barn was
built for their shelter In winter Thetrottlug
troughs within it tell the story of his failure
After a years triul timim graduate of llnrvari
gave it up lie found that lie was losing In
Hteaa making money He had throe times
an many sheep ns the farm would support
Fifty shocp worn enough for it A native
mountaineer might live on tho produce of llltv
sheep but no Harvard grudtinto could subsist
on It Dodge sold the sheep and with what
wis loft of bin fortune l tlr South America
Whether ho Indulged In ranch life there or
not lie was very unfortunate Ho broke leg
and cnmo hack to the United States
lime lunch N I now rented at 7f a year but
the owner holds Its value at fjUOU I tIes
within quarter of a mile of time colebintei
alum spring The same formation that arm
dUld this sprlnl is found upon the Dodge
farm Thu Increase In its value if rent ls due
to this fact rather than to Its capacity > for
sheep raising
At nil events land I very low in tho big
Shenandonh range A Baltimore gentleman
lat year bought 18000 acres the mot of It
within sight of the Dodge farm for 17 cents
an acre It is mountain land covered with
great stretches of pine timber Since then
all the pines have led and tho mountains
look ns though they hud been overrun with
fire Possibly the springs or tho metal founil
In the mountains hereafter will prove of moro
value than tho wood upon tholr blopea
II 1a Ixmiton TIPI en tli hew Vcfk Ccntrali J
bwa4r mmmii Sspnm4i it
J S Conover Co
28 and 30 West 23d at
Open FirePlaces
A fIne and large assortment of Drags
Dronr and Iron In new and elegant
In all wood native and foreign from
our own special designs
of ery foreign make In rich enamo
colorings and Patterns for Floors
Walls Hearths eSpecial
Special designs submitted upon application
for Hulls Vestibules and IJathroomi
Foundry nnd Factory
526 528 and 530 West 25th st
I CARERS I They also rellete Dls
I trtcsfrom In
ITTLC trsrm Pyipepsla
I IdlgeimtlommandTooifearty
I I V Lf R i Et too1 perfect remedy
I PIL k S for Dizziness Nausea
I a Cad
Drowsiness Da Taste In
I I Urn Mouth Coated Ton
I Hue Pain In Die flde
They reirulau the Bon eU and prevent CoDetlpa
ton A free from all crude and Irritating
matter Very entail easy t take no pain no
gripIng Pnreljr Vegetable Sugar Coated
Hanaro of Imitation uud
Ask for CAHTliK8 and sea you ct
Moro than 400 of tho now doublo
breasted Russian Fur Capes will
bo placed on extra sale Monday
morning at un average of less than
half price I
None of thorn ever appeared on
salo under 25 30 32 35 and
40 So you BOO in every Bonne
they must b a high class Fur
garment I
Complete sizes 32 to 42
Monday at the uniform price of
1375 each
Singular as this startling reduc
tion at the front door of a season
may seem i ia accounted for by
the sudden retirement of an ex
tensive manufacturer of Fur Capes
in order to develop certain patent
30 days later these Fur Capes
would quickly bring regular prices
necessarily our profits would be
decidedly greater but tho stores
policy of the nimble sixpence ac
counts for our placing them on
sale at once
Puri Stcona floor
8000 CHECK
SfiOO yards of standard flee chock Taffeta
Bilks will bo opened for special sale Monday
In tho silk dopt nt l3e
50 to CO dlllorcut combinations Including
black und white
While these Bilks arc used almostoxrlualvo
ly for costuiiHM wouldnt it bo I brljrht idea
to socuro uo or 23 ynnla for n COUO of tho
present favorite Bilk underskirts e
A first choice means something at this sub
so uo spry 1
IIIkI tt teDtr
SJ2 and 150 novelty Lisle Stock
ings Richelieu ribbed I fast black
boots assorted plain shade uppers
with embroidered figures Mon
day C9c
29c to 45c Cotton Stockings as
sorted colors nnd combined ef
fects some ribbed some not the
blacks are warranted fast and the
plain tans stainless These lOc
19c Childrens Fast Black Cotton
Stockings ribbed These 2 pairs
20c Mens Fast Black Cotton
Socks2 pairs for 25c
Iloilcry Front right
For every ladyu white Inwn shirt waist 2
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striped and dotted effects handsomely
trimmed originally ticketed 100 to 150
to be 39e as hung as they Inlt
Milrt litiSecond floor
GO pair Navy Blue Frilled Cloth
Rectors 1 to 3 your sizes orig
inally 1SOto be closed at 98c
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lar been 200 all alongto be
125 Monday
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tilaco of 133
iumiimi Heal Combination Pocketbooks
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books SI7r in plnco of 1210 I
aonullio Scum Com lnntou Pocketbooks I
with sterling silver corners 160 in place
of 176
DO leonine Alligator nnd Seal Purses S9o I
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Gcniillio Ornlu Leather Club Bags with I
iilikil trimmings 1 to 18 Inch 110 to I
s2co I us toai I of lsa t 295 I
Sio Gouullo Grain LeatlierChatolalno Bags
aJc as ugalUBt 49o I
Leather Ooodi Front lid
Head of the Furniture Dopt says
lies to show hia
ready 18923
I Carpets Linoleums are hand
Bomer than over this Fall mostly
made in this country and there
I fore lower than ever in price
Fall Dress Goods plain and high
novelties will be spread out for inspection
spection Monday Ono of the new
Scotch cheviots for OOc will create
some wonderment
H Jllluun
Broadway 6rihm and Flushing Arenoes
Extra Values in Dress Goods
About 2r > 00 yards of OBlnch Chariots In
chevron weaves wale weaves ana tournlto
effect Intrlnftlo value of these Oc will bn
cold at tho uniform price of Jtc per ard at
Uargaln Table main aisle
All Wool Homespun 08 Inches wide good
yard Al of colors value Uc selling price < Me per
A regular 8ie < Imperial Forge 40 Incline
wide oleeant Hue of fall shades will be sold
at oar per ard
English Flannelettes assortment In checks
and stripes value IHc are marked to sell at
JU lLc per yard
Scotch ZophyrB assortment In dark colors
pluld and striped Dourctts effect IJ Jit per
yard value 18c
20O pieces yard wide Bleached Rlilrtlng cele
brated Cast Iron llrand usually sold ut lUc
price for Monday le per yard
Special Sale of School Shoes
Bargain Table 1lrst floor front
On MONDAY wo will place on our Bargain
Tnhlo 400 pairs of Minims Genuine Dongola
Kid hutton Shoes spring heels also 400 pairs
of Hoys extra high cut llutton and lACe Shoes
any pair of either lot would bo cliofip ut IIru
our price for this Rio wIll he U porilr
Timeii goods are alt fle and WA1t1tAmLlD
Three Great Leaders in Our Shoe
LEAncn Xo 1200 pairs of Ladles Finn
Dongola Kid Button Shines opera < toe anti
common sense handsowed welt wore S121X
and aGo for this sale 247
LKVDEH No 2Lndle1 Fine KM Button
Shoes square too patent leather tips Duton
sened welt a vary stylish shoe for IOI
TKADUK No lL4les le Kid Lace
Shoes patent leather tip pointed toes and
medium heels value 300 our price fM
Ladles Fast Black Hose full recular made
price laC I pair
Ladles Fast Back hose full regular made
extra fine gauge price use n pair
Mens Seamless Halt Hose natural color
price iSe I pair
Ladfps Fancy Ribbed Vests open work fine
quality regular price OOc sale price IVe
Ladles Fancy Itlbbod Vent bodies and
short sleeves bilk front regular prlco 3lo
sate lr
Mens Fourlnlmnd and Fourlnhand Tock
Scurfs patln lined regular prices 44 and iOc
sale prlcu e
Ladies Fin Cambric Gowns cluster tucks
well made and nicely unshed price OOe
Ladlrts Muslin Gowns with rume and In
serting price 3r
Ladles Muslin Skirts cambric ruffle and
tucks price flr
Ladles Muslin Skirts deep rufllo of em
broidery and tucks price < Ur
Whlto and Drab CorsoK extra Ono finality
extra lone all sizes price tltc value qualy
Children Fancy Gingham Dresses from 1
to 4 years different styles nicely trimmed and
well sale Irlce made 4Dc regular prices 5Io > JOe and 7Cc
Housefurnisliing Goods Sale
c o D nirjirxG SALE
Foot Prints No 24
Commotion in our
Mens Department I
Full Stock Some Crowding
Were shifting shaping and over
Men lameS emit Button Sbou 0 0 and
tloOKr Uii f 2 8
Men tacit and Cdngren Kbott 0 Q 00 set
700 aradri 8 cc
Men IAtr I I < r Sloe inoitlyl ccd 1100 16 OO
cad 1800 qualttltl 2 4
Men Tin Kunla Ltattur LacU 5 0 and 80O
gmCUo 876
Buy of the Makers
J T Cousins
Manufacturing Shoemakers
498 Fulton Streot
Konil Bt Corer Brooklyi
I C L9
Fulton St oppositebea1Ave 1 y 1
Time system of Rolling every nrtlcl at a 1
small profit but of n thoroughly re
liable quality Is l n ruling principle
of thin linn
Olin vjjir niriitT J
Third floor
On 2 hnrxliiyt SplI
Wo shall opon our new Carpet e
parlmunt I will ho under tho
best management wo could pos
sibty obtain with I thoroughly effi
cient corps of salesmen and work
Tho same principles which gov
ern our general business will be in
force in this department This
means that you will receive proper
attention and consideration as well
as boing able to rely absolutely
upon the statements made and the r
goods sold yon t
Wo have no hesitancy in saying I
that our assortment will bo larger
and better than anything hitherto 1
shown iuBrooklyn and will contain
many designs confined exclusively
to us This is especially tho case j
with Axiniustord Wiltons and
Velvet Carpets if
Our exhibit of private designs in
Tapestry Brussels and Ingrain
Carpets Oil Cloths and Linoleums
will be unusually attractive
I will bo our aim to do tho very
best possible work at thu very lowest
prices Measures will be fakon and ft
estimates submitted upon demand >
Our o Inintal Kale >
of School Stationery will begin to i
morrow Our assortment contains <
everything necessary for both
scholars and teachers and our i
prices are lower as will be seen by
tho following list than such goods
have ever been sold for bofore
Composition Books containing
48 pages of fine writing paper single 4
and doublo lines with decorated j
cover in red and gold le ea6hj i
regular prico 5c
Pads of fun Writing Paper wi h
decorated covers le each =
Solid Wooden Pencil Boxes con
taining lead pencil slate pencil
penholdor and chalk with lock and I
key 4 cts each 1
Lead and Slate Pencil Sharpen i
ers 1 ct each
Slates 8x12 inches 3 cts j W
Box of 100 Sharpened Slate pen
cils 7 cts i
Ink and Pencil Eraser combined
3 cts r
Waterproof School Bags 10x15
inches with strap 5 cts regular
price 1 cts
Pencil Boxdecorated with stamps
of all nations 9 cts regular price >
15 cts t W
Box with 4 sticks of colored chalk J
let 4
HOT nif1i 1AA I inl nr n1n1 < 1
a v an nntisi JL Uiaa5 1
cts regular price 15 cts
Handsomely decorated Pad of 3
240 Sheets of Paper 5 cts v
Nickel Compass 8 cts regular A
price 12 cts J
Swell handle Penholders G et J
per dozen J 4
Lead Pencil Erasers 1 ct j
Papier Macho Globe the world f
Cinches in diameter wire stand S
Ifi cts regular price 21 ets fi
Pearl inlaid Japanese PoncilBox JI
with lock and key l 27 cts
Olive wood Pencil Box < containing t
ing pcnholdor pencil eraser and
sponge with lock and key 17 oti
Hard wood Pencil Box in a vari
ety of decorations with lock and
key S els regular price 12 et J
Hard wood Rules 12 inches long
3 cts
Leather Book Straps 36 inchea
Inurr wifli limifllo f i nta I
Soap Stono Slate Pencils 3 cii
per dozen regular prico 10 eta e
Rubber head Lead Pencils4cts t
per dozen i
Cedar Lead Pencils 2 eta pet 1
dozen b
Fancy Pen Wipers 3 cta eoh
Sponcerian Copy Books from 1 l
to 10 cts each 9 t
C H r
They were Worth SJtOO but the DO1 Ot
Only rive Crnl a Pound
The Third Avenue Railroad Company stores
many of its older cars in an enclosure at liiOtli
street nnd IBxtncton avenue The boys In I
the neighborhood discovered that tho brass
sliding panels through which time conductor
collects fares when the doors are closed can bo
easily removed with a screwdriver rime dls
covory has cost tho company upward of JlUO
although tho hors who stolo tho panels have
been Belling them at five cents per pound us
old brass
IJotoctlvo McCabe caught Michael Dempsey
ngod 10 years of llfi East ITith street on
Friday anti the hail told tho names of three
hoyx whom he said had helped him ttcul
lImoy were arrested Their tiunmes are Frank
McCorniaik 12 years old of 1JO East VJOth
street Joseph Nowoomb 14 of 122 East 1JOtli
street und henry Duttncr 12 of 2311 First
avenue Tliev wero hold In 100O bal nunli
I yoKterdny tu unawur p P n on
I John Lochran of a10 East 127th street mine
I Michael McUovern of 2H1 East rjid street
I junk dealers wore arrested on charges of pur
I chasing the stolen panels ilcOovern was
I lield to answer
WhIm IIU tlfe4lOeN far the Pole Enact
barn Unix Illmnclr
Louis Kngclhorn U7 years old e 070 First
avenue wus suastruck four weeks alo In
addition to acting queerly ho began to drink
excessively although before ho had boon
omparatively temperate Whon not drunk
lie held his head In his handsnndsatd needles
wore shooting through it 111mm mental dis
turbance combined with his intemperance
caused the Consumers Brewing Company for
which ho worked to discharge him on Tues
day Ills wife remonstrated with him on Fri
day night and ho said yesterday would see a
nnw depart ure
IW cplrturc
Ho guvo the baby nu airing yesterday mornIng I
ng ami wlimi hn loturnod his ores wore Ilko I
Inl blllt coals mind lS big lS oIOH list his wie
nyn lie began to belt his little daughter
Maguin anal Mrs Kngnlhorn Bnatching tho
child from him run for tho pollcu When left
alonn ho nut I pistol to the back of his head
and blew hIs brains out
Left Her Children at liar Friend iou
Sirs Minnie Dnllany who liven In Brooklyn
anti whoso husband IH I waiter ID a lark row
restaurant called with her two children yes
terday upon Jre 31 Koborle of 330 Uroome
street When who went away slio left tho chil
dren behind her They limo both girls one 3 I
years old and the other 10 months old Mrs
Kobcrlu reported to thu police Agent Hchultea
of thu ClillclrtfuH Society Investigated lre
llallany told him lier husband had rehired to
support her und she couldnt keep time dill
Iran Yesterday morning In Jefferson Market
Ajurttho older girl was committed to thu In
mule fluardlan Bochity end the younger the
CormlKslonorl of Charites
roR 21111 TA3tvAtr auiEors TOUXO
He Mnit Know br Nurae Kr ryk 4r I She
BomnlD Meet Work for Others Early
Hud hat Be Cstet with Pew Thank
and Stand Wholly Ktiponilkle Tar flu
District to the Central Ore > nlc ltoa
Like any other lob U may b shirked but I
the work Is honestly and faithfully Jon a
district lender In Tammany Hal works ns
many hours a day as a bricklayer or a strait
ca driver Politics run moro and more on
business methods and the district leaders are
tho business men In politics The majority of
the district leaders are under 40 years of ago
for Mr Crokor has found that the young men
get along better than the old ones amid that it
Is usually for the best Interests of the organ
ization In 0 district to huvu Its leader changed I
every few
accustomed to
The public huvo become so
ublo dlntrliit loaders In
the names of prominent II trlt leaderl
Tammany Half that they forget how younc I
of these mon are and how roount ts l their
political prominence Vlthln the time of two
Presidential elections a majorityul the dis
trict lendnra mayo beDim changed KcgUtor
Frank T Fitzgerald took the llama of Police
Justice Patrick tluvnn Duffy In the First die
trial Police rustic Daniel OHollly and after
him Henry 0 Minor succeeded exlleglstur
Hlevln in 0 old Third Peter Mitchell and
John Purcell tool time pmce j of Civil Justice
Norton In tho old With now wiped out William
liam J MoKonna of County Clerk Iul lly I In
Ilm district north of Grand street Senator
dlstrlct Uoesch of r the MDeklorK Patrick
Keomamofiames A lanley in the Tompkins
Hijuaro district John U 1 Hlieeljan of ovAldor
HIII1O district
ntan Darker In tho Chelsea dlMrlct Edward
P Hngnn ot ion fiplnola in tile gnshoUBO
district James F Kuntlngof Mr CroKer John
F Jalo oxHnorlir James A Ilacli Lnw
Carul ourof exrollo Justice AJcWuude
Daniel 1 F Mel mihon of Mayor Hugh J tJrnnt
with Wllllura Dalton und Comuilbsoner Henry
D Putroy of tho nnnoxeu district as compara
tively recent district 10a ors Timid does not
rOClnt eight nowdlslrlct leaders made
by the wiping out of two downtown districts
and time addition of eight tiptown districts
This list snows how rapidly tho district
leaders tire changed and how strong Is tho
tendency to select young mel Mr Crokor is
strongly In favor of young mon because ho
thlnkb that they will do muro work und hus
wi to
thug and that they have u personal following
better lilted for volllle1 purposes than the
old mon whom they supplnnt Ho believes
that the longer man Is in polities in 1 re
sponsible position and tho oftener ho runs for
edict time weaker he becomes Ioluo lifter a
curtain stiijreu man gains enemies lure run
idly 1 than I ft I UII this t belief I i ho IIHI told I
tIlt district leaders that In general all the As
semblymen und Aldermen who huvo horvei
two terms will bo supplanted by younger men
trl Ivilo
who hitherto lme not been candidates for
ofllce In ot tier that this fresh h htiength may Im
brought Into Tammany Hull nnd Incienbo the
youth and vigor of tile district organizations
Alt details UI political woik in his dIstrict
belong to the district lender nnd it is ills duty
to attend to them In such u umnnor ns to elect
his candidate to increase the majority nor tile
Mate und Federal tkkflta I the district is
Ind tl
Democratic and to reduce the Hopubllcan
majority If It ts I llcimbllcnn Fur time exercise
malurl almost ubsoluto power within the dis
trict he It hold rigidly responsible IIIs dis
tricts share of the iatronuK of the I city Is at
litsdlspohul Tho Polite Captains of thu district
which he controls are his friends tIme Bar
Kiln to roundsmen tint patrolmen are to a
crcat extent men who have grown HP with
peat who mire under obligations to him or
the orgnnl7utiun for appointment or promo
tion Ic knows the number of licenses of all
kinds which his district has anti tIme real UH
Well as the nominal owner of every saloon mind
other place In bin district whlfb might bo af
fected by any action of tho KxcKe Hoard or
the police licsides this somlolllclal knowl
edge he must be acquainted with the churches
in his district their pastors and time strong
mon In time congiegntlons with time dlflerent
fooial clubs their ollcerfi member mutt their
political Impoitnnce with time landlords und
heir agents the coal und furnlturo men the
butchers bakers and grocorytnen the em
ployers of labor of every kind nnd so Jar us
is possible with time face name and occupa
tion of every voter in the district
All this information no nan can have to per
fection but every district loidcr possesses it
to nn extent which would sirpn o anY ono
unfamiliar with lImo minuteness to which do
tails are carried in dlnttiut nlTnlrs It wms HUiil
of Dry Dollui Sullivan that ho coulil stand in
front of Ilia undoi Inking establishment ncioss
the way from tIme Tombs und call every man
by his tlrst name mud every woman by bur own
name or her husunnds Tho population of
Senator Hlgglnss district U moro mixed
but bo can Maud on Second nvenuu nnd
cull by iinmo four men out of llvo of
Its losldcnts wbo pass In his old
election dlotrlct 1ollco Justice McMahon
knew every man byname und almost every
woman Timothy Justinian Campbell can
stand at time corner of Kant llroadwaynnd
Cirand street und greet ulmust every passer by
byname except thu people who mire going
down to tho Jroklyn ferriusnnd he has come
to know time fnces of n grout runny of them UP
around 1ordlmm nnd Treinont Commissioner
Purroy hit n personal acquaintance with nlno
tenths of the voters Senator leorgu Wash
ington Plunkitt can stand on Jllchtn nvenuo
in front of his club housn and call by ammo tile
majority of the voters who past
It Is I tho district leaders business to keep up
this acquaintance but It la only a small part
of his work UenidcB knowing everybody in
bib didtriot the lender must know what every
voter amounts to and how he is to be handled
whether Iu > wants ofllce consideration pro
tection n little personal uttrntlon or nothing
ut all U requires a ninn grown up In time dis
trict and familiar with Its people to mnnngo
thcso matters well No now man could step
in und dolt herauso It reijulres training and
udurutlou which only extraordinary nptitudo
tint yours of attention can make successful
A Itopubllcnn district is moio deslrnblo fora
Demourntlu lender than a Domocrutln district
in which bo is held responsible for bin Alder
mon and ABsomhlymen Gesldes time securing
of big majorities fur all time Democratic candl
datis for timmi henittu Congress and time other
county titute or oderil olllc s In n Itopublf
can district tho leader guts n great deal of
credit if he mam > uc occasionally to elect an
Aiuerman or AKseininymnn nuu no IH ex
pected only to keep down so far an ho can time
llepubllonn mu nioni ties llosldoa I this the He
puollcan dIstricts mire In the upper part of the
city where there nn < more private houses and
fewertcnemontH than in thu lower districts
and the nveinctt of wealth und education Is
higher Time district loader has fewer cullers
less excise buslneif to uttund to nothing like
so great u demtuul for laborers tickets and
smull jobs und hnrdly any of time police court
business which Isuhouttho most unpleasant
part of u district leader is work
livery district leader bus a club housn or
office where he receives people of hU district
who want soiuotlnni Uonorully this place Is
Ilio Tammany Hull district club nnd nt regu
Ian hours on certain evenings during tho week
all his constituents may M > O him thcru on tiny
mutter In which thoyurii interested Tims more
Important of his constituents rarely go to Net
him ut that 11 mo und twothirds of tho callers
urn niter u job of Home kind or some matter
in the connection with the job time hold The
greatest domain Is for laborers tickets in de
partments of Public orks Parks Dockeor
tho Street Cleaning Department Thu Pan
Department and time Department of Pub
lie Woika tire the most popular and
time btreet Cleaning Department Is tile most
unpopular on mttUflt itt time character of tho
work Often the applicant wants n job on the
elevated roud time street car linos the subway
or with ono of time city contractors It imi l tho
duty of n district leader to be on good torms
with nil employers of labor throughout time
city co that whenever possible homsy gut one
of his constituents n job through his influ
ence Ho Is prodigal with notes of Introduc
tion Any voter In time district can got a note
of Introduction to unyt > ody any where from his
district loader Ho plentiful nru these letters
hntlthas become generally accepted in poll
tice that letters dont go that It a district
leader wants u job for ono of bin constituents
ho must go round In porxnn and gut it
This lack of confidence In loiters adds
greatly time burden of time district leaders
Lucy must hunt around through all I thu do
mrtmonlB time etmitet ear ofllceh und the of
lecBof contractors person with their con
stituents In order to carry conviction tlmt
hey are giving time bxtt attention to their
matters If the constituent gets what ho
slutted out alter it Is generally not long until
IK Collies around after iv bettor plnoo
Tho district leaders work begins when he
sets Ills foot on Manhattan Island niter his
tinimera vacation und It lasts until ho goes
nguln boviuid thu convenient reach of the
people of his district lie Is wuked at nil
lours of tim night to unto the police station
and lutorcedo lit constituents with time Captain
or the Koruannt at tho desk In time morning
leis expected to boat tho police coult to nt
end tu IntoroMs of those people of Ids dls
riet who wart locked up tile night before
After that hu mulccx time rounds of thodopnrt
ueiiU to find nut If there Is not come placo
whuru hu ciin put a ronstltuont The after
noon ho spends according to appoint inunt with
iipllcants whom ho takes to the I olllces of the
street cur companies tho subway und the big
contractors Ills dinner Is Interrupted by call
era und tutu commies theuvunlng ut th club
louse with scores of iniportunut visItors
ils hours of sleet are trespassed upon by poo
plo who follow hint to his houso or wait on
time doorsteu until he comes borne
For all these cares and labors he gets few
it any thanks smut n great many curses be
cause lIe iHUnnble to wutlisfy everybody Hu
i s between the organization a mysterious
IllIcit whlnh dwells In n envaon Fourteenth
street and time people his dUtrirt Ho must
give u good account to both und time worries
arid tribulations which he endures would send
many of tile lUSh who are fond of crltlcUInc
Ilium to ant Insane asylum at the end ot their
lust cawpalgu
n Told India TalnUr that They fled
Murdered UU Mother
On Friday night Policeman Sullivan of the
Kant Sixtyseventh street station founilMlchnol
MoDermot of 217 East Heventyfourth street
running hatless and coatless tlmrouglm Seventy
fourth street and screnmlng like u maniac
Kiilllvan arrested him When MclJormot wan
arraigned In Vorkvllle Court yestrday morn
ing ho was nuked by JustIce Talntor why ha
was shoutIng
They murdered my inothur replied Mo
Whomiiril rcd your mother
Little people from the court
Vhiit oniferH i cxi launmi itt thf t > Justice
Oh no I LIttle poonlemlileots that came
In through the cruckh
He junipoit buck uud pcrrcd under the
benches and Into time riacLx In time walt by th
old window IM though hu fit oted a swarm of
little ilevll to PUUIKK upon film
Me was smut to the ommliicloncrs of Char
ities and Correction for examination as to his
Music In Central Park
There will be music at Central Park by Cap
pas Seventh Ilegiiiiunt bund this afternoon at
4 oclock The following U time programme
rmlT I
Star ipnjrle Haimtr
1 Mitch IriiiiccmUnttl OlliUr
2 overture ltskuccy Keltr HtU
8 ireimd Mlrrlluu rirairtof immzamic hutllrin
4 Uupauoluiu Air fcil tialccdo
George Italik
6 Yammiaslu Caprice KintrowlK
relic IU
it I Ortrlurr lsmmrrIi UM I
7 SeltUlon M Hott Juan Mourt
B ltntilf IIH smusmeal EksLnimttcbarwaks
It MoictnEttcniili l on
10 1is b t9er MUi < lniiJt < l Uc Kgutikl
li aught a Thieving Kxprei Me rnKr
Michael Barnes employed as a helper Ir
the Metropolitan Jlxpross Company ut West
Third nnd Woonter streets was arraigned
time Jefferson Market 1ollco Court yetter < Iay
charged with opening a package and stealing
S7b worth of gold ebulnh Several pickaees
Intrusted to the company have recently been
tampered with imimi l Dctcotlvos Carey and
Honnlgati of tho Mere or htroat stution were
detailed on tile case Tlur followed tin wagon
on whlcn llarnes wurkud tu Urouklynand saw
liiiu open a Daokitgn sent by Jl Goldman
jWcll at 511 llroiilnH blames took out of
time package fix coil ohulntt valued ut 1U
Iaoli utiil placid tlioni I In 1 hlsBhuaii 1 llo was
arrested with th > < rtolou Property ii lii pos
session JifuKo 1 vm lojtj him in 300 Mil
to await the uctioc f the Otaad Jtur >

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