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i 12 THE SUN SUNDAY I AUGUST 28 1802 1
This coming week the last chance of the great sale Our fall stock is fast arriving We must have room hence this great sacrificed 1J
Only a few illustrations shown in this paper We have the largest stock in America J
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kJ1M 1 KYE
12 00 far this 1ROO Kldoboinl 50 tnr this nno Hookcasp
0111 l oa ik poll hNIbocl plntl 5 Movonlilo shelves solid oalc qii
1 glass Oor HtlOotlur patterns JNuniboi of other rntterns I I 85 00 for tllq n2 > 00 Parlor Suit Best Wilton ruw French otlk plush or hre
D ji cutello or tapestry made to order la BUT cover uiaber ol ottwt
= patterns from 2000 upward
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12500 for Ihlq 200011 Chnmhr SnltRolI1 01 10Ilshs1 nn yid1111 1 very hrS r8nc1 b ° Vo1 cltt8 first class
In eelr Iespect Oor 1i00 othel latteruG rWIll lUOl uIIInrd 0 r k b1
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411w 20 00 forthls SJOOOChlffonnlore 35 00 for thin SiOOO Ward
L folding IJedSolid oak Folding Iledbolld
pol robo
this 7 no Dining rhnlrUp tr for this 1000 AI ChnlrU io
A fif for 6 00 In
4 00 hoKtered In tet leather solid 41JJ JJ holtort 1111 hnst IlInthuf olrll C7 00 for thl UOOO F3IAn lon TnhleSolld oak iSI bd Other lntterllnd oak pollRhed 16 50 for thin f2r > 00 Chamber Suit Solid oak bevel plata class Bed
oak polished Number other patterns oak polished Number of otlior patterns > 3 > polished Number of other patterns lUcso 1oiaiiig Beds arc the best In tuo inarlcct French boyd I glass i steads ull si7cs
Id IV U Norrl
It was rather unkind of them to cull him thn
I musical mouse and n course ho did not like
41 It but ho was so verr olUall and Ills musical
talent w is s > o very rot and ho hud Well a
c iliiatut HUb wistful fu < o anti such bright oyos
t that perhaps tli3 half compassionate crltio
who flrst dubboJ him tint sobriquet in
print may bo iviiulttod l of tiny malicious In
tention At all events the nickname stuck to
1 lilra and by it he mis known throughout the
length and breadth of 1nnlam although
the posters > which announced his periodi
cal performances in London nnd the prov
inces continuoil naturally oaough to do
eorlbo him as tho marvolloiis juvenile pian
ist Franz Ontormann Not that that was his
t roal name for tho numerous business letters
received by his fatliei itnd I Impresario were
addressed to Mr John lloblnson Mill his late
c mother had boon u Frauloln Ostcrmann nnd It
must bo obvious that a juvenile pianist should
hall at loast nominally from the Fatherland
1 c It may not bo equally obvious to everybody
that tho father of a juvenile pi mist should bo
entitled to pocket the whole of that juvenile
pianists earnings and nt the ago of thirteen
thin pomowhat suddenly ceased to present it
4 colt in tho llslit of an absolute neces
alty to Master 1ranz Ha was n iiiitd
c and taciturn child but that of course
c A did not nrevont him from having his
own thoughts and his own ideas I < nor
ik even when favored by opportunity from giv
l ing startling elTect to thom Upon Booral oc
t k casions ho had phovu himself recalcitrant
g upon many occasions ho had been soundly
L Wblopod upon a fuw ho had carried his point
i c He was therefore by no means without hope
y et aucooBs when just IH ho was about to be
t lad to tho pUtform perform before u large
5 udiencoat tho wcllnoui wntorlnj placo of
Vlnuhcombeho lIt llon resolutely and de
m clared In his little hiirlipltchod voice that
I unless lontjr pounds were given to him then
J and tbolO to 10 whathu iilaaod with he would
lIot play at all
44 This was really torrihlo for the nobility nnd
contiy of tilt nolshhorhood wore walling and
imtnodiuto corporal punishment was out of
the 1uo lIon and limo rnpiitliios of thu biuall
misemblyin tho nrtUls rotlilni raiinworo
otlroly with food Jlr lloliiosoii whose HCOTS
t and bliudUhmonts proved < 1 alike umvallinc to
moo tIe young rebel Jt was a case Mr Hob
I IOIOD fait for protUlonal concosalon and ho
accordingly promised < his dear littlo Franz
that the um dumainlod should ha paid that
Tory oNonin Hut Vranr Shook hh head
bla tornm salt ho wro monoy down
or no portornmuio Ilually his father
prodacoj two Ihiipoiind notes homo
body tout 1 him a thin I and tomwhody
elso mndu tin tu total with lIve bovonilsns
Thuroiipii 1 tho muslual iiiouso assumed his
professional Miiili iiruirod lioforo tho null
enco and for the next hour and a half fairly
I sioluiute 1 all ulio had tho priUIeco of t llutim I
mcto hin with hi < fTii it ruidoiliiK of I
tho best com posnrn
Tho follovini Is a transcript from the
Wiultcamlii fxiiiiurt of the following day An
r a matter of fact he did not do much exiiuisllo
or othorwiso In thu war of rendering nl
tboun his tohnlcni proikiency iu beyond
illsputo and woul1IIo Itn tonialiiiii von
in a pianist of twice < ir thruo times hh nci
ID any case his lmorers uri onchantod tho >
ppUudoil with all Iholr I hinds ant feet and
j as soon as tho recital wis ooi not a few
f t ladlos found tliuli uv y > Into the littlo room
liehind tIme plrttorra for the bnnovulent pur
pono of making theimclves pirsonallj
I oauninted with tho youthful enchant
er This van far from bonu H novel
experience of Franz Osteruiannw ho Eubmlttod
I feminine caresses with the sile which ho
t 4 bad been taught Umt good manners rniulred
I r him t put on at such times but wnlch dId not
I ipren extreme cratlAcatJon 1dinlnlnu
r esassis ndsdwbro not asrseablo to him
I r Jut would T rrjBladty haveMUpetwed with
them i Q tbtadrcnttot thft Downier Lady
c 1i
4th 1 u
Winchoombo herself that wealthy and pow
erful local celobritj jtllmi to stir his emo
tions In the faintest degree Ho hud been
kissed by empresses and queen not to speak
of duchesses marchlonissM nnd countesses
Innumerable und ho hid long ago arrived at
the conclusion that there is no sort of pleasure
I In being kissed bj old omen however exulted
their rank liosldos BOnui of them haJ beards
Lady lnchcombo hud time udxantiso over
Borne of thoui inasmuch as who was not only
beardless but made no offer to kiss the > oung
gentleman for whose talent she professed tho
Blncorost admiration bho was a handsome
middleaged motherly lookln woman nnd It
was in 1 very kindly and sympathetic voice
that sho said
Poor little man I how tired you lookl Are
you tired
Oh yes I am always tired answered
Franz meaning rather to state a fact than to
make any appeal for additional pity
Hut that Is quito wrong that will never
dol How uro you to go on giving concerts if
you arent allowed to rim about and have
plenty fresh all like other children I Come
back to tea with mo and bo introduced to my
little daughter who Is about your own ago I
suppose you can be sp ired tu
u u U
j uuy I incncooiuo auiiiJoueu mm hut KOOU
canon for supposing that every wish of hers
could < bo complied with Ill tillV Instance the
was not disappointed although Mr RobInson
while bowing obsequiously and thanking her
lad ship for her kindness and condescension
thought it right to mention that Franz had
not Lien at all a food boy that day
Ho Is I an overworked l boy > said Lady
VTliichcombe rather Foveiely and everybody
know 01 ought to know that an overworked
boy cannot Lu a good boy And when Franz
was seated beside her in her softly cushioned
carriage Mn asked tll what have you
been about Ahy did your father say that you
had been naught ty
1ruiz put Ills hand Into the pocket of Iil4 vel
vet knickerbockers and tightened his linger
upon time notes and coins which constituted
Ills entire personal assets This lady appeared
toboawolldispo ed person but his precocity
had taught him to distrust npuoirnnros nail
ho doubted whether It would bo pnidunt to lot
her Into tho sort of a plan which tho acci
dent of hor Invitation hid miduicd < sum ovhmut
moro easy of execution Inn t It utlinrw Iso would
have been So ho limited himself to the confession
fesslon that ho hud for a 1 few minutes refused
to perform that afternoon
Dear mo oMlalmed Lily WInchoombe
laughing and I you hud icrnlHlcd there
would have boon no concert How amusing
that would have been llowoxor a you
didnt persist there wasnt muUi harm done
and your father wont punish YOU I hore
Kolhing was moio certain than that hla
falhtlll I I f hn got the dnnen rould both un
bit him I nnd pick Ills Pocket but It Is aha > s
illflcult to oplaln domostlo situations to ou
hldurN and Franz abstiilnod from any eTort In
that dlrentlon Ho answered with perfect
truth that he lid not think liU fithor vould
pinlhh him I this tlmo s jon after which ho was
spared all further nood for equivocation bj tho
pulling up of the carriagi Loucuth time portico
of tho vAlmhcombo Towers
imlnombo Towers is not quite fso grand
nn cclillcn ns its namo might seem to imply
allhouili It Is by far tho largest and most Im
osng > among time many villas which are scat
tered over tho hillside of the fahlonahlo
VMitcilti plnco that it dominates Huch as Its
miigiilllioiueand luxury wore thoy produced
no Imnrcsaionof awe or wonder Franz Os
tuimiinii who had Been plenty of big houses
and con ervatorips nnd pondered footmen
curl Iorslin carpets before Thoso attributes
ofwoatth oxlstonce wore nothing to him but
he did like mulllnB and was not averse to
congenial society when it could bo had It
was his good fortune to bo provided with both
on being Invited to heat himself nt a wa table
b sldn lady Ella Htracey a vivacious little
blueeKcl maiden who at once sot to work
to catcelilsa him and of the two he really
thought that ho liked I ady Ella tho boat
Her mother had letters to writ so that the
two children were left together make friends i
which they speedily did and as soon as tho i
raufllns had boon consumed I idy Ella took i
horvlsitorolT to the stable yard to show him
her dogs and her rabbits and her Shetland
POll Ho was much interested In the latter
as well as In tho groom who conducted them
Into tho other stilli nnd loo o boxes and
whom ho addressed with a good Ioal moro ro
npect and reverence than ho had displayed
when talking to Lady Winchcombe
That is what I am going to be he In
formed tho little girl when they had loft the
stables I nm going to be groom
You n Iooml she returned opening her
eyes and surveying him with a touch of dis
dain why I thought jou wero going to boa I
pianist You dont know anything about I
horses do you T
ot jet but I can learn Of course I shant
begin by being a groom I shall bo a stable
boy nt llrfct In fact this is a great Eecrot
you know but I dont mind tolling youI
mean to run away I have got a lot of money
and I shall talo tho train to London tonight
and bo lost Once I am there I shall cot a
situation easily enough
Ho proceeded to state the reasons which had
caused him to ilocldo < upon this somewhat
nazauious stop ala very cooa reasons tOY
wore as his hearer was fain to admit It was
a melancholy tale that tho poor little follow
had to tell and ho told It vrlth 1 pathos which
was nil the moro touching becou o ho evi
dently rogaidcd his hardships ns nothing so
very out of the ordinary Only ho had come
to tho conclusion tint it wasnt worth while to
submit to them any longer 1 Lady Klla who
was a hlghtoura od child and perhaps
rather a spoiled one into the bargain was
moved to tears or indlgnilion by this art
less account of the brutalities of a
drunken lather and of the desperate wcarl
nose engendered by vvlmt to the outer
word might have looked lllo a corlo of
brilliant artistic trUmplm but what roused
her Ire mow than all the rest put together
was 11ll S inattororeourfln statomiMit that
ho hover practised IKS Hum eight hours a
day That Itfoornnl to hci revealed 1 state
of things not bo Imrnubr nun or rnouso She
iii id I novi t boon whipped I in hor life I and prob
ably thought sho W is bravo enough to put up
with phr loll pain but bhu did know what
practising scales for an hour n day meant
and sho hntoil It AH for going through that
trrrlblo drudgery during eUlit mortal I hours
not whlo thure wore lawn In tho land and do
term Inod portions > ready to set them in motion I
Now It was evident that bho herself belng
ctlll of tender years though nut lacking in de
termination was hardly the proptr person to
h1olo Iho aid of time law in fact as a matter
ofdutnll sho did not qulto know how to istt
about it Couacqmntly sho lost no time In
appealing to ono in vvnofo power toon nny
thing I and l ovantliln that j list Ice might 1
iiiiliuF > hu felt almou f iinijoundod n con Ii
denco I IIH sho did In limo QuiMii h In time < ourtn
of their talk HID children h id htrollod into Iho
rose uanln vvhuio Jiimhy Mnch < oiuliu was it
that moiinnt wnnlcllna about t wi lthabiinkol t I
ned 1 pair of FcU I > oih und I bri pro Fian riiiihl
clunk his coin pinion Him hud rushed up to her
mother And had onrod i forth it rcmitlrmsiimuif
his vnnngH not frrbr1 I lug II t III eat In cm bin I I pro
jioscd I Might and hU I project of timilug I himuolf
into a Htiiblo hOj
00111 Lmllou mel ejaculated tlio good
natiir lady A stat lo be Y I nil ectl I I
never lintrd of such a thing I lint my dear I
child YOU dont diiliko mush do you
VonnMveifld linux 1 I don dlsllkolt
I used to love it onci ho added wistful
Of r com to you did I nnd MI m you wllliignln I
when you havohnd ullltlo rust Hot IB what
you want I and jest you 1Il I have 1 promlso
you Now go into I tho I hoiitii witlilllu I l I 1 and
dont talk any more about iiimilngnw i YI
nr going to ttuy thi < Illht hero und luiorntly
I vii I snail down I 10 t Imo hotei for join thiliga t I i I
Tlum I will uno jour father and mukn ar
rangements with him It will Im nil right io
dont lather your head about it I until 1 toll you
what ban been Huttlcd <
Ijidr Wlnolicombo wan Impulsive end au
thoritative Thin wan what bur ladjnldiis
local lawxir gave her to undirstand in re
tipeutful and circuitous langnut when she
tnt for him and Informed him that sun hud
mind to adopt tho musical
made up her mlnr IIdOlt lu61cII
mouse The lawyer thought that there would
bo diflioultica anti considerable expenses lat
tnndanl upon the proposed transaction he
also ventured to hint that there would be re
tcouulDllitiOB whIch mUht at a future date
f t
bo found Inconvenient But lady lncheombB i
did not wish for advice she only wanted legal
information i and an interview with Mr l Itohin
HOII rime former I at her aor leo the hitter I
hho could not havi1 fur tho excellent reason
that Mr Hoblnson when suniraoiu d was dis
covered in nuiirehontablu state of Intovlen i
tion Frumize 1 clothe however wire prncured I
and i In tho morning up camo Mr l Hoblnson
Srrjierimud alert aM well us fully prcj ared tovin
dicutu his right to tho custody of IIIH ollspilng I
lour ladjhhip means ve > ll no doubt bald
ho but my son It i nn son nnlll 1 dont care to
part with him Addtd to which tho loss of
Ills professional services would menu the los I
of mutiny hundreds 1 ycir to mo I
If you come to that replied Lady Wlnch
cotntm timer arc I holioe Bucletii for the
II rtvent ion of cruelty lo I i hlldren and mOllS I
of Cllrrlll out thulr oloct YOl ought to ho
nshumol of yourself but of course you nro
not ashamed and I shall not walo time In try
tag to make you RO I is u mero matter of
business attune your price please
Mia was entitled to talk in that magnificent
stjlo for shov as Immensely rich being not
only In tho enjojmentof un nmplo jointure
but having also beon t ho daughter ami sole I
hei e5 of 1 great inker Mio might if it had
so pleuPil llcr h uo adopted all the inuileil
mice In luroiu lthoutani upj reeiablo dimi
nution of hor annual income Ihu upshot of a
Piolonged dlsu lon was that Mr JtobiiiMm
atari o U cit nitmil bargain I with tier which would
probabl li ivo been an eon Lotto one hud
not a httvyer hunce I to bu I piescnt 1 ws
nnol that In consideration of u formlclnbli
indemnity Franz nhould ho handed over body
and hones to Ludv lmhronibo to do what
fho hiked with until he should attain his ma
Jority that his futlu lioiild not Inter
ore with him dheotly or indirectly
and Hliould not even bo iiermlttml
to see him unless by tl boys express wish
Jhln troity having beiii duly lutillcd Air
Itobinson wont guly off and was gloriously
drunk for three coneuviitho thai H und thus an
hv magic I tho ruciit I and future lito of Fruna 1
Mernmim pas ed suddenly from darkness
Into light 1
Well at any rate ho thought so and what
any man II troy thInks about hlmbulr must bo
bOo IS turns ho isconeurni d that is I To be I cur
Biindod that 01 huvoa he iduelio lr to have a
headache I notw ItliMnndinu all proofs that may
ho adduced to tho contrar Frau poor fel
low oflen Imd hcaditlies fur his btaln had
bcon 1 exert Ott hejomlif I natuinl I I atrpngth but
it vum not until sfle tim alter ho Imd boon
udi > led by 1111 I I UimJicoinbo that hn begun
In huvii uoi > isionnl hi art ieln s und those as
IIe ni
he would Imvn bteti I Iho HiM I to acknowledge
wit rim not ii lie to unj fault en lie val of his
kind I I prolix tieSB
At tlio t ouket anyhow ho was ns happy ns
Mio could hate wished him to Im hIJYI
llrht lirio In his eoollflion ho hud ainin
Jltlo timid nllolulo hollilii mill that was Ilk d
of 111 I WIIH to amnso hlm qI If I nnd irou tat and
hn did the olHI l hn loiild not aceoiiiplUli tliu
otlmr Ho I wan nueh n rj umer little I ol d iiislm ion
vd iruutuiv that Ih wholn hoiiHehold liciuno
imbued I with a i omiiahflonato tort nl ntrm hut
for him I lul y lllaas olten as aIm u could I OB
apu from her governess took him out sailing
on Minny breezy afternoont when tho
wind was olTshoro nnd theme WIIH not KI > II
IliiHigh On to disturb nn unudiuated dlgos
tion tho t red fiteol eouehman put him upon
otioof lie eurrlugu hurseH und trotted him I up
and down tutu loud outHldo inchconib
lowers the utler I ehlbllrd the family plate
to t him nnd favored him with long hIs tm rely
iinocdotodaliiinttlio splendid entoitiilnmcntH
vvhhh hud t ikon placo in 101101 1 ifj > ri > his
ItirdKhlii illul U I t was all vuy ihllghtful
villaChtud I Lint pf cuur o It could l not hut
ilJlt Illlitol y <
Ills future cane lieu boon mapped out for
him and ho iw fu I froth ii > bi Illng aguliibt
I the I decision wnlch had beon taken nn lila bo
half r < Hn 1 I i j nsMMt I u tah I ill I wit cli providonco
I hud obvlousl l intomlid him to utilize ho
Illllht hOllIllll 01 Intel IDIlko lllH llvlllSliy it
uiulvoi good uml kind it I wus of Jmiily liicli
I combo in I fiiriiivh him vlth fiieillth which
I hut foi hoi flnth hove remained out or hit
I loach ho holiday tlmo being over and her
relt hlp having lmo n liii molf in lur coun
try I locfilenti t in WIIIIJ cI lilin i > for thowinlor
I Ito dcpnrttil I I not Kner > imvvllllnul I I I fur tho
town houni In Curon ttrcnt wher ho wan
tohiiplaoil I under thl Cam ii of Mrn MuiUmm
tho fiuperanniiatod lioiisekeeper whllo ha
purnued hil niiiilril ftudiou
His education In tho art of which ho was so
strangely Ignorant notwithstanding I t Ills ux
traontlnury technical skill was ceiinluetod liy
t lie host t iacli era und wIt It it null o disregard
of exi Out 50 nek after w eok and month after
rnnnth j Im I i worked at harmony nnd nnuntor
iiolnt 1 flush horioiiB opened I lioitt ci vet > out
iieifoio him I und thl I pnhalonatu lovo of muslo
whlll hal il I splayed luolf I In his earl child i
liood ciiino uek I to him In tomo digree lot
it uiri CUllU rotulll Its former fiPsluipuH If
ho lives I ho will undoubtedly bo I brilliant
lierformor but I see no promIse of hIs over
Kunming I n eornimnor a moat authority
wrote to lady inohcombo und Indeed
the boys wholo heart wax not In his work
though ho quIto believed that It was and
though he was anxious to be a credit to
his generous benefactress Perhaps his gent
UI bad been withered by premature forcing
perhaps the broad of charity must always and
of necessity turn bitter In the mouth ptrnap
a 1
also tho lifo tint ho led with nobody to talk
to In III hours < oopt toothless old Mr
Markhnin was too dull and too monotonous to
bo health l dul
However Ladv Winchcrmlio really couldnt
111 1 > that I lion the iinpulso of the moment
bile lad done u very kind I I Illnl I her rolitltcs
all frli mis ussiirod her I Hint who had llko
vii lotte u very fnolisti > thing either win It
seemed tu ho out of her povur to do moro than
trovldn tin t Itiyvtrtli I I 001 I rid in eat lodging
H rut the best of asters MMHO day no doubt
tho mush al niuiisu would develop into n mu
tiled mal meanwhile tlmcro was nothIng
ilo Ilit to li avn him In Inron street and send
him iloun to lie I OttO Ii try every now nail thcu
J wits when his pitrouuss i am > up to ton
Hint Frituia WI8 J Iehoil tnt Vt irwickship
tn I tnko In I a > t ik nl lln1 an mid It I wtts wh1
I Mio wont to A ai ickHliiio I or to V lmhcomtio I I
that lioiolnriud to tho imilropolis H thIs nr >
ranjomitit hurt his fitlln H a little I it vlhi hn l >
I prutt generally l ncreel that hn had no husl l
nossut all to bo HO Boii8ithi > Moreover it was
ioil I I y iitonsll tile > irrnncJiin nt ami ono wit iclt
oblalid many Ihh 1 I ultii Vltit < II I Iho t wont
are jnu going 10 do with the Iur l littlo beg
irat Laity VI ito lien rut Iir I rot her who wa s
anoldorlj nnd I norMlv I WMI uniitlnman t i hid
ask ed her You wmildn t liko i I 1 him t to Ilk his
liiriiN In tlip PI i vantb hull I Mipr ose jet suit
IUt sony well lmo him line with ion At
bust i you do his phancns are that rae of
theso line Ins ho will liiln inikini live to
lour cliuBlitoi ami thon ucll I then I pro i
slime tlnro will bu ructions
limn to as that iiontln > ncy nppnnrcd to be I
Lidy uS inchoomho ilounud It jut ns ioll to I
Ollilnt n ritfnot If T lL fKIt I olc 1 l kiln IV U < S tlllt
voi > eager to phibit her n > t > tI I her
filomlK for thn dia l nit utoti nftlii I nuiitul
mouso unit In on iitoru or its I nf a nine days
wonder und tho t ui > vts UIIMS bid gui I hold I nf
tho story and the had Ii i a c > od dul
laughed at Lad ICIH1 ri ItOS I kind
hoirteii ttoMinr mil sin hilrnvcM Iiitkii d Ihn I
10111 of liei r e nvieth s II sm I did think
that nobod ought i Ilk Cie I li I > eil I Y of ii I null
1III olahl
lag lt her 111 sinwas In rofoiou milling > to
luminil flu irrotcrmit nf an do vIii > tt
had perhaps kroigirt her kindness nf hiiirr I
Into liiglu i relict Ihll bun viitltn 1 hus I for
period of iliout eighteen months iiflui limo
Friti Itommim led n
chancein his fortunes FrlI 1 11 1la
bolitinj iitoino with 1 > I nal depond
cnt und even ruin lllnim tlioiwhls
Ilio mom hn IcMrnel tho le s ho wus In
ctlnod tn fuel I cvii In I hb I eiia i j itt for evnr
Bchiuvlng I tei I a icu In I i hinrl I i I He I was not
mno that Im iwili I ilurlt 1 < to lio gnat
whereas Im nasiiiiiliWHO 11 I l > t Iioilid want a
WI 111 1 il I inchi omho
little human attn > uli iY 1 llclllo
was IR 11111 us p 1I sil I Ilv 1110 l i vvnon no
saw I her uluiij II it I Im a fin ndlt welcome
iihiiiif thiin 111
but It was ntiduit Hi it 1IIIIr tl
membcred him from tlm i cut that du vvua
nut of sight SIIMIII > tititr t h I ndercd whiithcl
it would uu vi n whlol ml IUI ungriteful
to ruin iltrity I eciiinl t 111 m Fiin h nf ott
Ployinent fH ii hieh no Itir Lit 011 I Im1 lrifl
iiioi hopole it i uult i i o VHIIHlklv
IOj hOInlt II IIII iln liiivu tillllml I
child as tliH JliirMiiiin 111 11 I ld
hllo If 1rlI
had Bho In cm uski il r i I I Irl telotrtliesci
h wasnot likul to
rellcctlonh In a i mmlll i lvi 1 i I
piovu bcnullcliil to lb h d II
Ona gloom Deconl r m mips ho was at
work UB usual ivi j II u I tint I I his lieu ii would
Mop itchIng und 1 wimduing I i i I wltuI ito r London
fog mod other i ooplo Uni 10 I bo ihuiid nail
burled vhon his bun I 0 t iS i gliiddomulniiil his
spirits woro raised lit tlm I I elPt of lu urgent
slrls Wf nod i utel tn t u I > tIt rwtc k
elm iti muomis to pm otttr Ilin I I 11 < 111111 Ilrlcl
tilt iru whnro an he k I iui n Lulj Vi lnchcoinbe
was at thut t Ihul t u tn I uitO unliigu I I m 1 in mgt purl y of
visitors Her ludtsl i It aiipeirnd was iii I
rtllllciiltyl I Shin li id ou uiilnd und mlvi rtlsei u
grind concur vtlik was to 1 uko placo in I dm I
trnd lOlcurt
uiljolningcoiiiiO I h tsn 10 i tm I ijenpiltof certain
tit imi local hu jIlt Mm hud SCOtt ntib thu I
unrvlccs of r various Iii Itftiit prnfeslonulti
chief unions win m WHH tho rinovvned llus
shun plnnlsi VI 1 LiidltbihifT und now
that t vtrulcli IVrilll lroir hud thrown her
over ion no clher leiinon i than that ho
was a vjntih win ilnlUlrtoil In putting
WIH I P betters to I in 1 onvonleiii o b I y IIY of hhuw
lug how Oinphtil indenileiit lie vvirsnf
IUL favors Item ladtflilp wliiledotiiimining I
to I tiko ultimate veiuoam n up m dm 1 ducoiir
tcoudMuii I vile I WIH > nu illy i i let olin initl that I
hor conceit should not bo I iiiinn i 1 by hIs ills
oourlnsdnd indeed It struck lie rn a happy
IliHplratloii that Rho nhould liiko this opi I cir
tunltj of trnttlng > out her raiiHhul moiisu hue
echoes of who o protious purlormunces i hud
long since ceased to vlbralein the nieiimrlos
ot those who hud heard him Iwo Joins bitter
I runz tlnrefori was dU lulcll1 to Vat wick
shlio by eproH8 and 1 I iti iii iih hit ii y on Iii S ar
rival tliiro wino Hhown to him > > llm two plucns
which hn wits oxiootn to I nlnriii < t In I tho
hutIiiii of his moro eeleliialedfollnn 1 list
U oil ho WIIH not Hi rditscliill I hut I I he could
at least pla Wlr y I notes POt liii I R eten do I IK I
tie more ban that and lie had four clear dajs
to deottu tl trrrwtict
During I Ihs four ilajsho did vory I itt ho I o
b ut pnedbo I upon t IIs plnno in I thn school
room which i npirtinentvvau upsluned to I him I
for his hole URO and hiti i > itt Judy llux I guy
nrnusH having dnpurled I for her I hrlbdnus
holIdays so that when the filth tiny which
was that appointed for tho concert came he
cit justified In yielding to the solicitations of
Lady JJlia whose entreaties that he would
come out Ion R ride with her he had hitherto
resIsted Lady Ela who was now the posses
sor of two ponies and had been several times
taken out to fulow the hounds with her undo
was naturally anxious to display her skill to
this poor little lockno nnd sho put him upon
tho unirnnl which sho was careful to assure
him was bv far tho null torof tlm piir
Now them wap of course no reason why
Franz should bo a lnnn > d of being an max i
pt rlom cd rider IJt is a matter o if f fuel most
of us are modi st about such attainments ns
we possess whIle we pride ourselves upon
those in which wo do not excel und ho hail
after all received a eortuln amount of instruc
tion from tho grooms during those periodical
sojourns of Iroom I the country > An I Im set
forth therefore fully determine I to 10 1 sery
thlnt I that Lid y Ii lit did 1 and managed to I tel
low hnr nver a couple of lights of hurdle
II though tlm second performance of tills I feit
landed him his Happily I
very near lli ponR ears Hlp
pily I for him I she I did not see dm t > I suet at a
struggles by means of which his got lack I into
the saiiihlt but when ho drew nlongsido I of
her she < had pome rather contemptuous criti
cisms to makn upon his SIt and hands nnd
what was 1010 Ilon she d I sea ln eit dint t lila
nerves mere not altogether undor control
Yoit mustnt got into a funk said she
youll never rldo If jou do Uncle Jolmsn8
I don t know what fi irK 1 Now Ill take you
over 1 little I I hit I nf 1 rook I joull I do it ull I I right
if you follow inn loliy Isnt very fond of
waot r hut he II I jump j with 1 IP 1 < Only you
must cram him at it you know I >
Iorlmps poor 1innz and small blame to
him tld not kuon how 10 ride at water per
haps lob was qultn aware of lila Incunacitv
In I an ci ii elhlt t I wicked llttlo I boast nftorgil I
kutrh inir sle idilv in tlm wnkn of Ills stabli com
imnlon l stopped short on the verge of tho t
leap which lady 11 lln nouti rd with
Perfect case and lianr was shot head
liNt into a voiy muddy tm coat I was
not di op enough tn drown him I nor did dm I
pealsof lunglUci with which lie was greetod
I when ho emerged daunt his courage hut It
must ht cOti t instof I that I his I pridii wasdeeply
i wounded ii nil tho I vtnrstof i it vtus t hit Ids re
I turn to tho Iou I u was a somewhat Ignoinin I I
1 ions ono for Tub instead of vtiilting to bo
I enuglit had trottod back to the studios t
I Unit settled Itthat together with a scold
I lag whh h i 1m had lecelved on hiM ti rriviil from
Lad y > i lnchcomhe who romli I ilod him I 1mev
very wrong und inconsldprutn It < was on Ills
part lo I run t tho risk of catching ci < on thl t >
en of his appearance in public A d ins
sign > which ulJenrnllOo hon gradually < rye
talliing In his tint now look di llnito AI 11 p
hesn pomle had boen good to I him hut Ihl
dq l < pls > d him He could not do this things dint
tIter did he could not live lh them nor In I
truth I wniild tlmv allow him tndnio f i Mi o
I ho had boen In tho t hoiiso hu hail parluki a nf
Ills meals In solilur ginndonr in lieu arjinun I
room idllmwmihl do lIlt best to npnv I
thll t Im wmild Phi y for them I lhat t nllil I I is lie
I hud I never plated before and hu itn iildintei I r I
rIty utgiln As sunn till Ito should 14 1 e a kin 1 I
London ho would uflo < t his etc ipe and 1 r I
hums 1 nwn living civen thniigli lie Uiould bo 10 I
ducrd to soireir I eroding loi I It
Jliut eveliliw IlanOhtnnmnn hn1 I a me I
case such us many millIn ihirtitti of nlo li I a
fee outain I lIe fairly fivtupt 111 1 t his in i
diencp which istis by no means a I ni ely
pinUncm ono for It Include1 tttii I nt i 1110 I i
judges who n approval irti is w Hh t hn I i m m i
ihosu Renllonien were onliili > in I m their
praises Iiuy did nnt hoMdilc tui I a i > imnIr
tMneluonil I lu that lie boy iii IH distn I to lio
line hoi i fIart I hIs oxiciitlcin and i h using
the di el trill were almost flint t n and ho
dad t s < something willed r hOt In > I
lie 1 lib t d III wildF lint whlih t i > girl
nbi hii l dm t > initlatid nn tcniiH Poll I I ltd
nl istlmt I 1111IId l nuignlllei Ho hlnw
his whnlii il into what Im I > lifcdtid
should bo Ids list puhli I on mine I
u d I no donbt fho I olriodi r i > lueillty I
nf f which Im WIIH eoimcl I was in I n
duo la t that
gi gieat measure to I I 111 IlL
I rut iti8 In I u hUh fever from st td t t n HuSh 11 i
fur tho ihiindoiouj apinu Im ncucel iy
hooded It though III boned I mil ICI
i > hunlcalli as nf tore Ho I tho It poor 11
thut hit omniums had ruii d jiirO 1 > abovuttm t
led Sillier in vthlih 1nllUllf i urn > nf
value hut In nililt Honieihii then nUI I
tnonplnentiaii that was tlm I p t r wild hi n
lie hnd 111 tutu oimglily ehic I 1 ijie din
Ins In hit itt inmn ho > > hud i red I In con
cert room Hhltoilii Im left J vilhu bninin
I hands nnd fIit undnsensn nf tnrpmtonn
stupor willed i rovonteil him froi i wncrKtand > l
I Ing or responding tn urn ol dm l r Ity tiihigs
thut ally 1 inchcnmho said tn hi u nn lint u
I home I hue Ii OHSID 10 lilt 111 r IM
urriiige and it wns ills i mu sin Y In I put him i
to bed und fond u > h fr it I ilur I d Il forthwith
Iho dndol t limn Hid 1 m ik his e id 1 hroo I
dajsluei In I u illest < d j riiiln i uuui l In I cal l I ii I I
olio of li nlifr ref ivito lid 1 d lit HI I m Mil 1 i
end of I i weel k wlu n them wn tutill I ni hOI I i I
of sail a z 11 I bms I Ir1 I I runt ty i uiiwx > m i
inoned u > in ondon i und he i ither tr liiiiy I
inelico iis ilnnl iisuie told hur drl 101 t
sho lint minted ilia I i tlmo I I und her mono by II
scud in g tOm him
I was nnxlnud to have the lest I advice I
f ho saini I I am extremely t fond of f dip I toor
little fellow and I would do anything f could
to keep him alive buch 1 genius us ho is I
tool I I cant see why he shouldnt recover
now tliat he is no longer delirious >
No dare say you cant my dear lady
answered the phyildan but I CID 01 1
course p orln do recover from Inflammation
tho lungs and nlhor diseases If they are strong
enough I they are riot tho disease beats
them and that I Is I what will happen to him I
dont uI tilt it t that I iou have meant well byculll I
vat ing nhnt ion are pleased to call his genius
hit it is I u tilt thut you couldnt content to
lot nature do 1 hei own work lour gardener
will tell ytnit what the I result upon a plant la
of foning i It I bloom before its time 1 J
1 hlu iVits ither hard upon Jidr Wlnihcomb
who hid PMundnd n considerable sum of
mono Ir thou sicciflu purpose of prp orvln T
Fri Ottirinann from tho dangers of prom
ttiro involoiuput hit as her conscience did
nntniciisu > t her and us sho had presence of
mind i > ninijh to snub tho eminent physician
it is I not nIf ar to pity her very much
Nor for thin mutter of that Is
Ihullttlr tutls thoro any Be t
opsitj for pitying tho poor little musical I
moiiso fur It Is almost certain thllt1 ho had
lived his lifo would mvo proved more or less j
nf a failure At all nvonts Im would have felt Jn
I to Losucb which Is I another way of saying IM
tlta snino > thing Ho salk to his rest quit V
pncnfully und contentedly after Lady qll 9
with tears running hewn her cheeks had as
sured him that nothing had been further
from lie r thin I to accuse him of furer
I onl you will get woll Franz I wfll
teaih vnu to ride much bolter than I do w
wIll notcr never show off before you In that
lion id conceited way again rho declared tha f
Hut Irinwis iinublu oblige hor and al 1
I emily mint until nt burr arc hor grief over
I lie Ins of itor pliun it did not last OV0 f
fiwvo > lc Ittily I hciiinbn she could do i
no less put up n vurt pinto mnrblocroRS over f
his crate and Mint lehiikl I I Ii t his father who I
iproniui nnuer inn inunencH 0 iiiinori in
iliitdlun eh > ineiit oplstle tn lint Ill wlihh he
ulrmed dint lie I I I cho in ild over Im able to for
glvo I hltuselr for lm Ing eonsunted to part with
Ills Intl lovi r d 1 < hlhl I I Iliiwnviir I ho ban adopted
no moro I uildliu 1 I g < niiirB I lint 1 sort of thing
alto sty i flit harrowing and too unMitlsfao
turi WI lrvt In I wl kul and erooltort world
and how i IM i i I no i n 1 weak vomnn uit tempt to
1111 i vtiinlil Ihl ottly plan ih I to suhscrib
hindsoineU tn Em Ot ii tlob t I for tint I protection ot
< hlldn I > I n uml to lovL I thoothoi wa when pain
ful epNedos OLCUI I
lImp FD
A Uumuai IIMIC Vojncr In a Hmall Tash
J > O > tip Vm fyaniu Kjainiifr
The llltln Rlton Rchooner yacht Way
m inn d al dm I foul nf r his it idw ly Oakland res
leihi t morning I hivln jus j arrived from a
pi ril Ml1 mean vongij > of inure than 1000
miles Ih lilinlnutivu ei raft nppearod to b
Ill I I t t II I Lgrr than i a mmlel but when Capt
lieoigi I i i I I arinurnnd i hiuifo loll Kaglo Har
h 1 i 111f 1 Sniitid list oim month ago yes
ler1 ly h ml for iMand i > tlurty hud the ut
most un iilldi ircu in the si > itnurtdlnusN of their
till Ilual lug llO lie Ihu I uity otllul Portion Oa
loirdttistlm I r u I I i hf olll er Mr i lllltui Caot
I n i rIo or siil i d fr > m Diklind I throi I I yours Capt
and IIIIH hceiui uislngon lIt toititut ever nines
llnisalWiDH I I J I m u ujipunlcd 1 I I l by his wHo who It I
u lhorniili stiller
A pei p for it is almost an oxagg ration to
F I > > u look Into dm Interior HitliigR of the
Viiivo i shows that tho baby vi tscl has been ntI
11111 I with n strict ivo to economy of space
and cmulnit I I lio 1 llttlo I cabin 01 cui ed by the I
Capuln and his wife ma i a Htudy In I itself f and fi
ImMIO lit i a noinnn who hints bcon riiun years
ut s it5 > ci null I hope I i to itrum inc > MI much material I
in SIIHI > iu1 u mumbo Not an imhrf room la
i Ii I or Unop d lit I illitn th it ought to
10 I tinTO I Is iiiibsing
llpt i armor saslmt to t din wlf Is due the
ir ditiif i I u lines ummtt it m u 111 1111 i tontdisaster
I I I di iriKtliutni I i itli fie it Mrs Farmer
at I putting j > die vosid 1 round milling full
n 1 illij > huulliv II n Ice slmre or pre >
I iringit 1 u meal 1 ni 110 i i Miu i I Iannor II I nit ex
i rloncud nuvlgi i us with its thorough
lit ni s ui ie 1111 I i p l ired ut u niomnnts no
t il ito to liavo tii1 r Mug of it jib to attend to
iho in 111 nf 1 Initttti I luO t
Iliei i IUOSIIM n In i Irs urn lointod in I what In
laigitr vossilh 1 lulled dm forecabtlo Mr
I n Ivor rpaks i Its I pi ten IIH tic forward
iliin AH ho i M i lalned this nftertioon there f
is in d i er n lisrnlllng I nLif f lila bunk un f > i
IIHS i Im inlibtli i t I i > lithou I Ills planking Into
hit Cln
I lure tmII ofllons salt tho I Captain > We
tinvo au crow u fact wo have neither room
noriiso for ant Mr Oliver Is chief rOI
it Ill eillol I I I 1 IItlln t und l I Inn I Sirs Inrmer
what shall lanty I i f her 1 a1hH 1Cllho > oom
iiiunih Vm So 11 I u ver id atnnt trip I and
dm iunlt line no > tn re in imniliu lIke dun
1 i t is nbn 1 ivtt i i 1 > r dirttgh the
I I > i > II I t I him ts lilt IVI 1 M I i idiignuiifl VhilI
In Ihl uni I Ih lid i rust tliruu li I > shim Ihi
inn i i s n in i I t r tilt > rad m Ihe I nuts ore
lnt rn ircdiiin 5 > ty uIs In Vi hun we em >
broil un odd 1 i night t host a 1 nnd wu rom
in nee 1 tn t turn > mud mui I i und until wo
vtiin iriloil ii ithewhlili U I in one of
hut watts w > > i I liit i n > i hott t tohwamp
us bni dm Iin n i L i h i i I IIlnnd i ro >
i I In tijioinv u i en HhnhaI 1 brains
1 lioin vtas iituil 1y um n ii 11 I RO wn Stool by
vf > nd rinliou IL W nl11 We know that a
filly molt < uould s ° > tiu Ito I business one
wiy ornnotlnr Howcttr we struck nothing
harder than u bc spray and got through af
right On our way down the coast W m
I with eoteral pretti itiO blow

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