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t Ft > mllr on the Dnjr nero lha Murder
t FALL IttTn Aug 27 Bridget Sullivan was
j on Ihn witness stand tho entire morning nt
the hearing of Lizzie Borden fiho gave somo
1 Important testimony In regard to slcknoss In
the Borliln family on the day ot tho murder
and on tho preceding day Sho nlso renewed
her evidence of estorday and deicrlbod ac
I curately nnd In creator detail the movements
and whereabouts of herself Mr and Mrs nor
don nnd Llzzlo liordvit and John V Morse on
I tho morning of Aug 4 until the time of the
murder Tho testimony In regard to the Illness
J ness of tho Bordcns In I regarded as Indicative
of tho pnrposo of tliu prosecution td attempt t
show that Mr and Mra Borden had been pol
I onod beforo they wero murdered
Mr Adams for tho defence tried to Induce
J the witness to nscrlbo tho sickness of the family
J ily to tho net thnt they had oaten green peara
2 the day before Bridget refused to swear posi
tively that the family had eaten any pears
7 Sho said that oho thought they had not eaten
any I Is admitted by both sides tonight that
much depends upon the testimony ot Prof
Wood who Is expected to tako the stand on
Monday 1 Prof Woods ovldenco contra
dicts that ot Dr Dolan It must necessarily
benollt fUlo Borden Furthermore tho
establishment or the obliteration ot tho
poisoning theory t depends on his report of Ills
analysis ot the vlscenu of Mr and Urs Bor
don Tho prosecution say they will not bo
disappointed In that testimony nnd tho dn
fen o aro equally certain that his evidence
will benefit them
w Tho court lOOn was more crowded this
M 1 morning than on nny day since tho opening of I
7 the hearing The fact that It was Saturday Ito I
brought many pvoplu to town and In addition
to those already here they t packed tho court I
room ami Illled the streets far a block away
from tho building Judgn Ulalsdoll disposed
j of the minor ciimlnnl business ot the court in
hort order It lacked twenty minutes of 10
oclock when he wus ready to take up tho for i
don hearing I
I The defendant entered tho court rom as tho
City Hull clock struck 10 fiho was scowling
as sho walked through the hallway Hor sis
ter preceded the prisoner Into the room Sev
eral ot the spectators spoko to Llzzlo as she
passed She gave no slvn of recognition ex I
cept I deepening of tho frown on her face nnd i
a barely perceptible nod In hor loft hand she I
A carried 1 small white handkerchief I was
I Wrapped tightly about the middle and Index i
flftgors of hOI hand
Judg Dlalsdel opened court bofore the
prisoner was fully settled In her seat Dis
trict Attorney Knowlton called Bridget Sulli
van to the stand
I Did you know If there was any sickness In
L I the Borden family on Wednesday on Thurs
I day the day of the murder he asKed
Yes sir there wa
J Who A sick 1 ho asked
On Wednesday morning whon I got up and
lame down stairs said Bridget MrsBor
len told me that she and Mr Borden had been
lick nil uUlit They both looked sIck and I
yllis Bordon was very pale
4 WusLUzlu sick asked the District At
lornurl Mr I think she said that she felt bad
all I night
Were you down In the cellar before break
fast on the day of the murder
Y8 sir I wont down to get coal and wood
to mako thu fire
With the purpose of learning the nature of
the lire and how long it could have burned
untouched after breakfast with sufficient
i flame to burn the note alleged to have been
lent to rs Borden on the morning of the
murder the District Attorney asked
What did you keep the tire up with
M With coal while cooking and then I let It
die down said Bridget
How long had Lizzie Borden been Ironing
In tIm dining room that morning before you
wont ton up stairs to He down asked Mr Knowl
Only eight or nine minutes
Did Mr Borden and the girls use the sofa
In tho sitting room much
Mr Borden usod It often but tho girls sel
r dom occupied it
Did Mr Borden ever koep a horse
Yes ho used to keep one In the barn Hn
sent It away over a year ago Since then there
o M
have been no animals kopt In the barn and
Miss Llzzin has not to my knowledge been In
tho barn since the horso was sent away
Mr Knowlton than nskod about the conver
4 sation Bridget hud with Lizzie Borden shortly
murder about the noto that
after thn was
alleged to have been received by Irs Bordun
on the morning of the murder Lawyer Adams
at onco objected on the grounds that tho Witness
testified fully in regard to
ness hud already tcstled lul I reinr
that on direct examination and that the pros
ecution had no right to repetitious from their
own witnccB Mr Enovvlton argued that
the Question was asked In order that
he personally might be enlightened Judge
Blalsdell hesitated and Lnwyur Adams
I renewed his objections evidently fearing
that other conversation with Ilzle was going
t follow the repetition asked for I nlso ask
this question that the Court may bo enlight
ened said Mr Ino Ion Judge Blalsdell
smiled overruled the objection and the wit
ness answered tho question Hhe said
AB I was leaving tlio kitchen after finishing
washing the windows and putting tho basin
away Mlsn LUzle snld to me Do you think
you will go nut this afternoon I said I did
not know Well I may go out too continued
Lizzie and as Mrs Borden Is out visiting a
sick person you had bolter lock the door I
did not ask her when 1r8 Borden went out
or where she wontto
z Did she at any other time of day say any
thing to you about her father asked the
j District Attorney
Yes said Bridget when I asked her after
the murder where she was when hor father
was killed she said that she was out In the
4 yard Didnt you hear any noise I asked
her Yes sho said 1 heard my father
groan I asked her If I the side door was open
while she was out In the yard and sue said It
fl i was and that the scroon door too wan wide
Turning back to the earlier part of the morn
ing when Bridget unlocked the front door to
let Mr Borden In tho District Attorney asked
Bridget If aho was certain that she hoard
Ilzzle laugh Bridget saId aho was euro it was
How do you know It WUB Llzzlo 7
U Because she laughed loud I plainly heard
i the voice and 1 am sure it was Miss Lizzie
On either the day of tho murder or of the
succeeding days did you see Miss Lizzie err
or did you hear tlmt she had betrayed any
feeling 1 7 asked the District Attorney
No sir I did not make
dlt 10t so cry or any
When you came down stairs In response to
hor calland when she told ynu that her lather
had been murdered was she crying
Tf o sir She was standing bJ the aide door
and wes not erring
Lawrcr Adams crossexamined Bridget Sul
livan Th witness grew pale us she faced Mr
Adams Her thin lire trembled and she
teemed to shrink But after thu llrst question
hl became easier In hor manner limn I at any
4 I time since sha took thu stand Jlnl 1 Borden
1 who had listened Inttutiy throughout the
T whole of Bridgets testimony and especially
during the last part of It when the witness J
1 sMiAd L bar < > nTvrsJktlaa the MU
iL P
leaned back In her seat and closed her TeL
bafore She seamed more lfcontrollcd than ever
BrldKtt laid
I am 25 years old but I dont know the
month that I U born In I was with the Bor
den family two rear InstNoTamber Before
that I work ld for a Mr Homlneton and before
that I worked for the Hen Milton Heed I I
came to Mr Heed from South Bethlehem Pa
where worked for Mr Matthew Broiler I do
not know what bvHnrss Mr Smiley Is In lie
fore I lived in South llnthlehem I was In New I
port Ireland and before I was In Newport I lived In
Where did you land In this country when
you came from Ireland t asked Mr Adams
In Newport P > ild Hrldgct
In Newport Why how was that Didnt
you land In Now York f
No sir I changed boatsat Now York and
landed ut Newport said Bridget and even
the prisoner laughed
Did any one speak to you about what you
worn to say today 7 asked Mr Adams
No sir1 todaJ nske lr Adams
Didnt you tell your story to any one before
now r
novOnl at the Inquest
Did no ono speak to you yesterday about
what you were to say today V
No sir
Asa matter ot fact shouted Mr Adams
a nllta lhuld 11r Allml
didnt the District tory get you last
night and tell you about what you said 7
Bridget Hulllvan hesitated I longtime then
slowly I and with much questioning she told
onr tll
how District Attorney Knowlton bed spoken
to her the night before and read part of her
testimony to her Mr Knowlton showed me
a paper with printing on I she said lie
readia little hit of It to me The papor hul
what I had told befoi on It I was in tho prl
vats room ot Marshal Hllllnrd I do not re
member what tho words wero about 10 I cannot
recall them After he rend them he did not
gar anything that I can remember
Mr Adams then settled down to Iarn l all
that Bridget Sullivan knew that would hear
on the ease The lawyers for Llizle Borden
rcsllzod that thoy had tho strongest witness
of tho prosecution with the possible exception
of Pro ond to deal with exeopton
nines and Adams moved cloo together con
sulting frciiuontlr about the questions put to
tho witness They begun with Itrldgets
whnreabnuts on W ednosday evening the
night beforu thu murder
I was out of the house on Wednesday
night snld lirldget for a short time I went
out and cam In through its nlda I door My
room Is In the attic There nrn other rooms In
the attic hut they are empty and are locked
1 locked thnftldndnnr when I went out end
earn in I locked the door with thu key that I
carried for over a year I ta4 not out with
any Young man that evening
men Were you out any other ovunlng with young
menNo sir exclaimed Bridget angrily I
dont go with Vail Hiver men Of courso men
from nut nf town have called on me hut im
mol from boreThe last man caller I Imd
was horn two or three months 1n I han
never eat on the side Mops or gross with men
1 have sat on the stairs sometimes with girls °
When did Llrzle toll YOU that she was
sick I
She told mo on Wednesday morning that
she hat been sick
What did you barn to eat from supper
Tuesday night to breakfast on Thursday
On Tuesday supper wo had fish warmed
over from dinner SUlP In Wednesday for break
fast wo had purk stake johnny cake and
coffee For dinner I we had mutton soup and
rolls For suqier 1 had soup mutton and
bread ror breakfast nn Thursday morning
we had cold mutton johnny cukes and coffer
Bad you any bread on Tuesday night for
supper heforn the family were taken sick 1
Yes I bought five cents worth of bakers
bread I did not eat In v If f the bakers stuff
I wns not sick The family ate the balers
stuff and they all got sick Llzrle was up
stairs all day Wednesday bite said she was
night sick 1 did not got sick until Wednesday
nlht us what you did on the day of the
hI got up about 0 oclock want down stairs
got coal and wood and started the tire t get
wooe Iet
iireakfnst While I was fixing the fro Mrs
llorden came Into the kitchen What have
you for breakfast she asked Soup and cold
mutton said I Warm It over she said but
save enough out for dinner
lawyer Adams Interrupted tho witness to ask
I there wore not pears on the breakfast table
He was seeking to show that pears and not
polon caused the sickness In tho family
Bridget said that while there were pears In the
house sho did not think there were any on the
tableWho brought the pears In asked Mr
Mr Borden picked them and brought them
into the kitchen on Wednesday lie had a
basket full of them
lid lie eat any
Not hat I saw
lld Mrs Burden or Msale oat any
I did not sea them
Were tho pears ripe
Thoy did not seem to be they looked green
Mr Borden pinked them otl the ground rather
than see them waste
Did Mr Borden go out of tho house before
breakfast Thursday moinlng
Yes ho went out to empty a nucket but he
did not go up stairs or around in the barn
lie emptied the water In tin t yard
morning When did Llzzlo breakfast on Thursday
Shu came down stairs about 0 oclock and
came Into the kitchen Sho said she did not
fool like eating but thought she would eat I
some cookies and coffee hhu sat down by the I
kUchon table Inl big chair I was near the I
window I loft her In the kitchen a little pat
ii I oclock while I went out In the yard I wo
sick and vomited I do not know whether Mr
Morse or Mr Borden wero In the house
or not I did not sen them iro out afterward
When I got hack into tho house five minutes
later Llzzlo hud left the kitchen and I did not
see her I finished witchIng the dlshos and
then Mrs Borden who was dusting the
dining room told me to wash tbe windows
whon I got through my work That wu
about 10 minutes pas oclock That was tho
first time that morning that she told me to
wash the windows T do not remember hor
n mo In front of Mr < Morse at the break
fast table to wash them
After cleaning up the kitchen I went down
Into the cellar and got I pail When I came
back up stairs Mrs Borden hud gone I wont
on out of the side door to go to the barn for n
brush to wash the windows Ah I got outside
of tin screen door Miss Ibrie appeared in the
hallway She walked forward to ihu screen
door I stood on the outside of tho door anti
sho was on the Inside Dont lock
tho door I paul as oho vas about
to honk It as I am coming In soon nnd
will lock It bite tinned amity from the Ior
ntiI 11 went to the burn I passed thodonr sev
eral times afterward on rnywnylothn harn
to Sill my water bucket After I hud washed
nil thu windows which took me about twenty
minutes I went Into the kitchen to get 0 dip
per to rinse the windows I was thon about
fr oclock I went through the side door and
I haw neither Mrs llorden nor Llzlo then
nor did I sco Mi s Borden alive utter
Tho barn door was open while I was getting
tilL vvntnrtu wash the windows flr Kcllnl lud
finished rinsing the winduwM I went into the
hou so to vvmli the I windows i nn thu t inside I
went intu the Fitting I room tin ii 11 hlfIIl thn I
windows there I t wns titan nbnut 10t5
oclock I henid nid snw milling nf Lfziu
or Mrs Bordnn Suddenly 1 heard u I noise nt
the front dnor I walked I I rough I I i thu parlor
into tlio hull Lliyii VIIIK not In I Ihe I pallor f
tried to unlock the fiont floor I was fast I
kept trying and whun it vvnuld not open I
said Oil I that i is Oh pshawl I A soon ns
I said It I hoard n laugh up stairs 1 was Miss
Llzzlo I loouod II could
Lizzie 1001011 ill tin not bet tier
Finally I got tho dour open anti lot Mr Burden
In He locked l the door after him
I am sure Mrs Borden watt not down stairs
then I walked through the hnuso buck to tho
kitchen Mr Borden wont into the dining
room Lizzie cume down hit hack stairs ns I
reached the kitchen Site wvut Into the dining
room where hor father wns
Have you any moll for mo l she asked Mr
Borden He said he hud not Mr Borden had
a small white package In his hand when he
weutin the sitting room 1 wan not I brass
lock Next I heard Llzzlo tell him very slowly
and distinctly that her mothur had got I letter
and had gone out Mr lluiden ald nothing
I wan then In tho sitting loom washing the
windows Mr llorden camu into tho room
nnd took thn key to tlio safe Irom a shelf
Then he wont up tho back stairs to his room
Mr Adams interrupted at this point to sk if
thoro A had lot tOUI a bUlllur 01 thin safe about
ref said Bridget them was money and
1 gold watch stolen nml tho bureau draners
wero nil open Mist Kniinu and I worn the
only ones homo then Miss Duma < > as up
eta i ru a nit I 11 In the kitchen trite i thn t rob
bery happened It was a year ilgo I bet July
Nultherof us aw tho burglar nor heard him
Since then the barn lit been broken
Intu within I tow month The room
where the safe was nlum it wui
robbed and whore It was on the day of the
murder Is a small room nt thu toil of f Hie hack
omits with on door which 01011 tnt JI llnr
dun s room II f Jlordon WI Intro n nilnuio I
aftor ho went ill Ho put lie I koy haul and
hat down II I window In the hitting mom I
I was theu va > lung thn dlnln ronm > t Indnws
Miss Llzzlo culiiu Into thu 1 1Oi fiom tho I
kitchen with an Ironing hoard mil wlilln I
was washing thn i wind 11 > R Hh < < Ironed I
throe hnndkorohlefs Ai I you uidng
out this ullernoon > hi 1 IHIM mo
I said Illtt 1 not know 1 wont on out In 10 III I
kltehfn nnd jut ittti y I ii a luin I I then t marled
to go up stairs to risr Miss llzzin ciiniu nut
to tho kitchen lionr anti vild jheru Inn
cheap bargain saluat hiraents htnrc Inday
Voit can trot dress gnmN for clsht cents1 Jt
wu thotlrst I Ire I I ci 11 i lied i > var lold I I niiol lnr
gains or anything like 111 I jliumnlmd
told mo of them siineliiries IljIu never did
I did not Bay anything to hur but vent on up
thin back stain to my room in tho ttc Ul
had been in my room about three minutes
bll the aloek struck eleven 111 dawn M
the bad and hud not bell there over ten
minute when I heard uzzla scream I hur
Tied down ktalrn nnd found her standing by
the klttlnrroom door She was cool and was
Dot crying She told ma to go for Dr HowelL
Pot for him but he was out I came back
and she was still I at Dip door She bakl
crying hut sent me for Mrs niissoll When I
went up stairs to look for Mrs orlen the dor
of the room was open
If Lizzie Iordcn was within ten feet of that
door at ltl3 1 oclock when she laughed at
Bridgets swearing why did sho not see Mrs
Borden dead or alle l In that room 1 The
laugh showed that slit wx near the door The
fact that she came down Ito buck stairs a few
seconds Inter proves tlmt ulio walked from the
atllrl front laU up stairs pact tlio door to the back
I went down In tho collar with policeman
to hunt for tho axe that same afternoon con
tinued Bridget We found the axes In I
box In little room buck of tho furpucln the
front part of the collar where Mr herd a kept
tho wood for the furnace Tho axes were In a
small box Thoy wero standing heads down
In 111 box 1 had never seen them before I
do nut know how Llrzlo was dressed that
morning nor do I know what dress lrs Bor
den had on I wore n calico Ires
With this conclusion tirldgot was excused
Judge Ulalmloll glanced uneasily nt tho olock
udlo 1al dol
Lawyers Adams and Jennings oonsultud and
seemed fUt to recall Bridget and try once
more to shakn ho story Lizzie sat with
bowed head During tho latter part of the ex
amination nf Bridget she was greatly In
terested Her face was set and stern Only
unco did the muscles of her face relax That
wn whel lirldgot told of her experience
with the front door Then LUzle llordnn
chuukled Gottly Finally JuJgo Blultdell I
I1 60111
oiderod thQ adjournment of tho hearing until
Monday ot 10 clock Mr Adams left town nt
once for Marthas Vineyard and District At
torney Knowlton went to Marion I
His said on good authority that Dr Allan
MoLana Hamilton of New iork city ha carefully
fully gone over Dr Dolans nll ged exporttes
tlraonr and U prennied to riddle It should ha
be anllw 1 witness I was learned that
the dofonct has nn Inkling of what Dr Ham
ilton thinks and will probably summon him
as n witness His report or so much
of it as Is known here directly
contradicts Dr Dolan In many Important
points and especially in regard to tho spurt
ing of blood Other ox pert testimony will
probably be brought out by the defence Tho
representatives of Llrzle Borden orn by no
means Httlsflud with l tho manner In which tho
m8nR 11lcd
Investigation of tho murder and the hearing
of tho accused has been conducted They
are very plain spoken They say first
that tho law provldcH that In all cases of
suspicious death that the medical examiner
must hold nn Innuo t This 18 l ordered In
chapter Jit of tho public lawn of Ma > michu
setts The purpose of this hllnl t Is first to
ditoimlno whether death was dun to violence
end second how and by whom was that vio
lence Inflicted Thn point tnlscd by tho do
fence Is that the Inquest In this cn < > n has not
jet been corn piecii so that the urrcstot Lizzie
linrdin wan not thu result of thu erdlctof
that InllwI
Marshal Ililllnrd today ordered no one to
be 1 admitted to I thu I room save Kmmn Borden
tTrs Hnlim Sirs llriuhani f V Moses and
I hl Hev Dr Buck Tho Itev Dr Judd will not
bo admitted Irof Wood was horo today and
vI1l return on Monday
Secondly the defence strongly criticise the
manner IrPtthlch I the Inquest was held Kec
lon 11 of chapterJit of the laws of tills Plate
provides that vhlM the Judge may exolndu
tiny persons save the District tort and
medical examiner from the liiiuest yet the
District Attorney may admit only ono person
Further the statute provides that the wit
nesses shall he i kept apart at the inmost
At the partial Inquest hold In this case tll
medical examiner Marshal Hllllard mid De I
tectlvo Hemcr nil witnesses heard tho evi
dence of othor witnesses Furthermore tho
defence says It has cvldencn that while wit
nesses were on the stand Judge Itlaladell
Mr Knowlton and Hllllnrd withdrew to an
other room and consulted bill the point urged
strongest Is that Judge Blnlsdell having
heard ovldenoo tliort1 Is I incapacitated from
sitting In judicial capacity In this hearing
But the clofencn realize that they have no
relief een if those proceedings lire Irregular
and even I Itolo Borden Is I not held the
Grand Jury could take up the case without
regard to any previous action Tho District
Attorney could at once ask for her raarrest on
n charge of murdering Mrs Borden Kho is
accused now of the murder of Mr Borden
The defence 10 l satisfied with tho result o
thin hearing thus sat They are proceeding
tho theory that Lbl Is Innocent and that
tho whole truth will help them most They
art not disturbed by Dr Dolnns testimony
The fnct that hn Is Medical Examiner and a
physician doos not mako him an expert they
83 T
sale admitted on the stand that his state
ments werespeculation hor say there Is
yet no motive no weapons no premeditation
and most of nil no inurdnrer accused by
other than circumstantial ovldencn and sus
picion which they have not yet had u chance
to contradict
Tho World He ss to a quarrel between the
sisters Is dead Four witnoeP Mrs Holmes
the HIT Dr Buck Mrs Brlghiiin and Emma
Itorden are ready and willing to swear that
Matron Itengnn told them LizIn never said
any such thing as Is credited to her I was
learned that Matron Iteagan was willing last
night to sign the paper denying the story but
that Marshal Hllllard forbade her and ordered
two men out of his othlco who heard him tell
her not to sign It
Lizzie Borden Is I resting comfortably to
nlgnt She reads much of her snare tlmo She
has her sewing basket with hor and alter
nately sews and reads Plio has rend lately
Lndeavor Temlonnls Saints Little Pillow and Christian
An Altec Order by Wblch Union Mem
TTIII b Drlvn FrI Ule Bond
WiucESBAnRE Aug 27Tho employees of
tho Headlnl Itnllroad In this vicinity were ex
cited today over the report published in 1
local newspaper to the effect that President
McLeod had Issued an order t the effect that
all employees who are members of the I
brotherhoods must sever their connection
lY SuN correspondent saw the local super
intendent tonight but lit declined to t say
whether any such order had been Issued or
not I was admitted however that an order
had been posted early this morning giving all
employees notice that they must horeaftercon
trlbuto ono days pay each month to tlio plan
of Insurance in vogue on the Heading system
This Heading relief Is designed to supplant
tlio benaHclal features of the brotherhood so
that the employees will not have tho benefit
for joining thorn
ns an excuse thor
What position do jou think tho railroad
men will take with regard to McLeods non
union policy1 was asked n monitor of the
Brotherhood of hallway Trainmen today I
think rj they will light to the death wan the
hen McLerd comes to get hold of the en
Clnoois and llromen ho will mind that ho has a
bigger job nn hand than ho knows ni i thming
Loll Why I 1 the thico big organisations
were In trke up this light ugahmt MuLeod
they cniild starve him out before they could
foi co tho men back
J he engineers firemen and conductors
lute It In their power to tie up the inllrnads of
this country from Now York to han Francisco
Every railroad except the old Heading Is con
trolled absolutely bv the brotherhoods and I
think that If MoLooil goes at us an we have
reason to believe Ilea will hero will be
hit biggest railroad tieup ever known in
the world
A crew from Sayrn arrived at the valley da
pot this evening The conductor said that I ha
know nothing of the order which talked of
so much bore Today the engineer how
ever said that lie asked one of tho
strikers at Hayrn whether lie was to ho
taken back and In reply the striker
handed him a Ihiladolphln and Bonding
printed blank which he said ho would be re
quired to sign before going to work The on
glnner looked over the blank and saw that It
contained u pledge not to join my railroad or
g ulso an agreement to ray I days
wages ouch month to thn Heading Jte1 def Fund
A mooting of time Brotherhood of Trainmen
Is I called for tomorrow Tinubln is looked
for Men say that Mr McLood will not have
union men in his employ on the now line or
the brnnch lines
Nearly all the employees of tho Lehlgn Val
riois icy tutu brotherhoods Jersey ontral aro members of the va
Vlncrnt C sting to Hlns Mine
JRFrnhoN CIT 10 Aug J7 doorge A
Vincent alias Sherwood alias Porno the rail
roud bond forger was released from the Mis
souri penitentiary today but was Immedi
ately taken charge ° f hy Dotectlveft Juckson
and Adams of NHW York who will escort him
hlngHhiK prison where a fifteen year stretch
awaits him He escaped from King King prior
to committing the crime for which ho not ton
years In Missouri
FmmmtA H Illimastcd VesseL
OJOlrESTII Mae Aug 27The schooner
tiny Butler from Grnd Dank today reports
that on Aug 10 she encountered a hurricane
from the east that lasted twelve hours On
Aig JO slit passed a dismasted ship name
unknown about forty mile south of liable
Island Thero were several persons on board
but the vosel made no elgnnls of distress I
fhme oiilr strictly flrIehasi Llraltrd traIns between
N esv lurk sam tli West are Ibux o ttit Nor York Ctn
toil Only I lull rule itrIetIIi uc < eti are arc pi 4on
IUCM ir > mi is4 full flrt cUii service U rsimdrsd
London Timln rum attention to ttit fact that ftc >
NewYerk CtDtral bu Ut tastes traJsi la tht woill
Something it
fort when you tise
Dr Baires Ca I
tnrrh Jtomody
HH Catiurli The
wowt ruses yield
to IU mild Kooth
iiiK clennsine
and healing itroit i
ertles No matter how bail your inu > or of V
how Ion etandlns you < uut Lw l cuml In
curalilo cliscs are rmo Its worth tSOO to
you if ynu Invn Out Tlm iiuinufwturen of
Dr 1Jaxoa Itoinerly are looking for them
Theyll ay you tlit nrn iiit iii cash if they
cant euro you Its ii hib t uquaro other froflt
a rtsponslblu Imshit bun nail they nifni
It It Mvcts too o old i too mm h of a
risk It would lo with iyoth rineiliciiio
behind it Jt only r < us t i OVK vhats been
raid incurable la s nio mmrtuwiLb Dr
Barns Cntan IU i iwdy
Ohor wxallod n wxlics riiy 1at1itif for
a time this ntrcs f < r nil t lly its mild
Eoothing cleaiikin unit I ing prnjicrtif it
coniicrs tho vvort I i t i cmov is oSTen
clvo breati lime i i r icr t f the seme
nt tnst tutni nr I ru vvutornc or weak
iYt if when cawil I v tho violence of Catarrh
un thoy nil fr in n tire
L lUuedy tola by ugsisU ofily 0 ceo
A mom ixapKCTioir OF gaira rnont
B v rnl Arrive Ycsterititr lit QniirMtU
nd AHr Class Examination Meceived
hess flute of IlaallhTh Itnncrr From
< IiamlarMt Trade Fro n m
bar teppsl TeiperarIhyThe Preen
lien f t fce Mtitllh AtalhorllU flee
The report ot tho spread of cholera In Eu
rope within the last twentyfour hours caused
every ono connected with the Health Depart
ment to be on tho alert yesterday for Incoming
ships from the choleraInfected dsrlct Dr
Jenkins tho Health Officer at Quarantine be
haves ho has taken every posslblo precaution
against the Infection coming through
nCllnst Inlecton comlnr ijessels
arriving In this port nnd now it looks us If the
principal danger lay in the chances of its being I
brourh across the border from gnnado Un
t a enso of cholera Is reported tn this port
Dr Jenkins believes ho can take no further
precautions at Quarantine
As soon ns tho first case of cholera makes
its appearance on ono of the ships all vessels
will be detained and a thorough system of
Isolation established I Is I believed that the
present cholera scare will aroUse the nuthorl I
ties In Halifax and Nova Scotia to the necessi
ty of a better system of quarantine Tho last
tlm tho cholera epidemic struck NOv York it
came by way of Now Orleans while tho har
bor was vigilantly watched
Thore Is every probability that the Imml
KranttrafTIa will be suspended I the disease
spreads much further n every day brings the
scourge nearor to Now York The first step
has boon taken by tho Damburg Araerican
line whloh announced yestorday that It had
decided to suspend Its Immigrant traffic bo
twoon the home ports and Now York until
danger Is over This was done on the advice
of Dr Jenkins Several ships belonging to
this company are now on the way here some
of them bringing pn songors from the cholera
districts Among these are the Moravia due
here on Aug 31 tIme Nourmnnnla due next
Saturday and the Ilugia which Is i due on the
same day
Tho Nourmnnnla was reported as having ar
rived yesterday In London which port she left
after taking passengers nnd malls on board
without any inspection from tho health
officers Tha Wielnnd has left Hamburg
EmIl Boas the general nassonger agent of
the HamburgAmerican lint was seen yester
day In his office by a SUN reporter Ho admitted
mitted the gravity of the situation
intended to stop all immigrant traffic
ho said I wls only 1 question of how soon
we would have to do It We think Hint now Is
tho time though I do not believe that cholera
owing to the precautions taken by the Health
Board will reach New York
The following cable despatch was received
yesterday from the North Gorman Lloyd line
of Bremen by Oelrich V Son the agents her
German ports with the exception of Hum
burg and Altona lire free from i holera
especially in Bremen Brornorhnvcn and
Nordenham where there Is no cholera what
ever All passengers coming from Hamburg
horo carefully examined and luggage disin
fected Shipping from Hamburg to Bremen
her quarantined Our lighterage service be
tween Hamburg and Bremen suspended We
refuse immigrant from Russia and infected
districts All Immigrants luggage dlsln
focted before embarkation In Bremen
The French liner L Tournlne which was
suspected ut having cholera cases on board
arrived at Quarantine at 545 yesterday morn
ing Health Officer Jenkins with Drs Tall
lad e nnd Sanborn lost no time In boarding
the ship The inspection of La Touralne
was evon moro thorough than that of the
Italia All the passengers were In good
health The first and second class pas
congers were first placed on review and
After thoy had boon pronounced In good
health the steerage passengers had to pass b
In single llle with heads uncovered All were
In good health considering that they had
passed through an ocean voyage In cramped
quarters There were 250 first cabin 170 sec
ond cabin and 48tl steerage passengers on
Capt Derrocngalx of La Toraine said that
though the vessel had a very rough voyage
there was no sickness beyond ordinary sea
sickness The baggage and mal of the ship
were disinfected by steam and sulphur Then
tho ship proceeded to hor dock
Dr Jenkins said he had dreaded that
Li Touralne had cholera on board and felt
greatly relieved after the Inspection was over
Time Oellert from Hamburg and Havre ar
rived after La Touralne with 1D3 cabin and
SU4 steerage nussengors There were four
cases of measles on board but no cholera
The vessel passed through the same process
af La Tourulnc
During the uftornoontheltussla from Ham
burg anchored at Quarantine Hhe carried
twelve llrstclnss and 7M steerage passen
gers Homo of the stoerago passengers wero
bound for Baltimore I It took I long time to
oxamlnu this ship Dr I M Biggs consult
ing pathologist to thn Board of Health had arrived
rived In the meantime and boarded the shin
with Dr Tnllmudge
The Russia received a clean bill of health
but it was only after three visits had been
made to her
mlre Powhatan an English tramp steamer
carrying only hall t was allowed to go after
I short Inspection ns A also the Alpo u I
steamer from tho West Indies which car
ried only seven passengers
During tho afternoon Dr Biggs and Pr
Jenkins had I conciliation
Dr Jonktn mid them was nothing new
Dr Biggs hud niadu 1 report he said of In
vestigations lie had made In tho cholofa In
fected ports of Kuropu hut It would not bo
made public for a low dnys
What thin nature of the report Dr Jen
kinK wits asked
I cannot give you that information now
said Dr Jenklnr J 1 can say at present Is
that It Is rathor reassuring
Dr Jenkins however admitted that there
was grave danger ot cholera reaching Sew
York On tho subject of stopping immigration
Ito sold
ThoHamburgAmerican line stopped Im
migrationon my advice und I believe other
linen ought to du tho name to make assurance
doubly sure livery possible I avenue by which
cholein could reach ihln I city should bo closed
Dr 11111111 said limit It might become
necessary to jhspiict till rassoniiers coming
from Canada hy rail as hunt boo done during
the last outbreak of uliolora cone was no
reported need for that httip he said until cholera was
At f oclock tho Augusta Victoria frt > m Ham
burg and Southampton arrived I was SUB
peeled that somo cases of cholera Woro on
Fiourd hut 11 tho pusuengers were In good
health Dr Biggs watched tho examination
of the passungurs bite curried J05 llrst cabin
K Ull uecond cabin und Ijij < > steerage paseon
r sHUN reporter accompanied the doctors In a
tug to the steamer antI amity tho steerage pas
fencers pass In single lllu before tho iloetors
Home of them did nut appear to Ifkelr I but had
tn submit Thero wits no slrknofti of jiny kind
on board Tho vessel lay lit anchor during the
night thn fumigation of thu baggage and
mulls not having bean completed before night
fallIn tha afternoon an agent from tho Nether
land line called at Quarantine to get a permit
to land cal UIO rags I nnd salted hides and skins
which had arrived on the Ldam which gut in
early but hud no passengers These articles I
consisted of Ti bales of rugs from Rotterdam I
Aug 10 consigned to > II 1 Cohen A Co ot this
city und til Hi bales of Tailed skins nnd hides
from Boulogne Aug 1 Dr Jenkins hap
pened nt Iii tlmo to be absent In Perth Am
lny and Dr Tallmndge refused to grant a
permit until Dr Jenklnt returned
In this city thu Health authorities ara taking
resli insane dully to have the city In a clean
atid healthy stats should oholorn appear here
The following Inttnrandtho l companlnl
resolution wero yesterday received by Presi
dent rlToflesJ J Wlisnriof the health Board
from President Henry I Porter of the Depart
ment of Cliarltlra und Correction
Understanding from his Honor the Comp
troller that your Board Is I looking for property
which might be made available In an oUt > flll
of cholera In this city I take pleasure In on
closing to vou a copy of a resolution passed by
our Board this day I Aug Ml
llexilred That this Hoard gives permission
to the Board ot Health t erect such temporary
buildings and otherwise occupy Inkers Inland
as the Board of Health In Its judgment may
doom Wile
President Wilson went to Hikers Island at 2
oclock in tho afternoon t ascertain Ita suita
bility ai a cholera station He say that one
thing against the place Is that there are no
buildIngs there and time which is of the
highest value now and money would have to I
hllolt In erecting structures The place U
suitable as far as location Is concerned
President Wilson believes in 1 total exclu
sion of ImmllrBnl I from cholerain ted ports
< iulM I r th > v u ft AUtikTAAJC Ila tR Tl1
U s i o
the rigid quarantine established at this port
will bring about this exclusion through por
steamship companies themselves deciding on
such acton comPAJf
The usual consultation between the heads of
the Health Department took place yesterday
I was decIded that tof 1110 being done
necessary to cope with thn plague Major
Dullard sent out his corps of sanitary Inspec
tor early In the morning Their reports wero
considered satisfactory and the general opin
ion was that New York Is cleaner present
than It has been for year Tho Inspectors
said that they had located the worst spots and
had taken measures to have them disinfected
Most of these are below Fourteenth street on
the east side
livery vessel that arrives whether she car
ries passengers or not will be closely In
spected The Kt Itonitn a freighter from
Lhorpool and the Manitoba also from Liver
pool wore Inspected yesterday though the
In Manitoba Inglniid sailed baforo tho I outbreak of cholera
Tho passenger lists of the outgoing steamships
hips yesterday were much smaller than they
usually are nt this season Font of tha cholera
caused many who Intended palling to post
pone their trips Indefinitely and prompted
twentyfour who hd already engaged passago
on tho ships nf tho French Cunard nnd North
German Lloyd line to cvn tip their berths
Karon Fnn Italian Minister to the United
States and H Albrrt Johnson Uplteil Htntes
Consul nt Venice sailed forOqnoa on the W er
ra Miss Francos H Wlllard who sailed on I
the Ktrurlo wilt spond n month In England as
the guest of Lady Somervllle Mr Patenotro
French Minister to tho UnltedStntof and Mr
JU Itpohette Secretary tho French Legation
at okohama wore passengers on tho Bra I
In response to the letter from Mayor Grant I
yesterday calling attention to the danger of
tho spread cholera In this city Acting Com
mlMlonor of Street Cleaning William Dalton
sent this letter to Superintendent Bobbins
Wflhlim RoNn r 27182
Sin Herewith enclosed Is I a copy ot a com
munication from his Honor tho Mayor In re
lation to the dread ebldcmlc ot Asiatic cholera
pow ragimig In cortnm portions ot Europe In
which his Honor directs that In connection
with the Health Department and other de
partments of the city Government It is In
cumbent on us to use every means In the
power ot tho Department of Street Cleaning to
lau the streets avenues e of this city to
ln thoroughly cleaned and that all ashes and
Kftibnge be speedily removed
1 spoodl
inn will therefore Issue tho necessaryordors
to district superintendents section foremen
dump Inspectors and other oniceri of this de
partment to be extremely active and alert In
thu performance of tim duties assigned to
them II iIA to their subordinates
As this dopnrtmnnt Is nul Important factorln
this regard I would advise that extraordinary
measures bo put In force when necessary so
that no fault ha found with
fiI may 10 wih our carrying
out tho wishes of his Honor the Mayor as
nbovo stated
I would suggest that In the densely popu
hated portions of the city that flushing the
gutterx with water at least 1 once In each
twentyfour hours bo resorted to as a very
effective ndditlonnl method of thorough clean
ing of such districts Bespectfully
Deputy Cleaning and Acting Commissioner of Street
To Mayor Grant Mr Dalton sent this letter
NEW YonK Aug 27 1MKL I
Ho J7KJ T flmttl U tiar
Bin I beg to acknowledge your eommunlca
I olr
ton of the Oth Inst In which you call the at
tention of tills department to thin necessity of
having Its cooperation In connection with time
othor departments of lie city Government as
to taking every measure In Its power to guard
against tho Introduction of the epidemic of
cholera now prevailing In part of Europe In
this city anti dlrectlnglhat IRr Department of
Street cleaning shah cause the streets of the
city to be thoroughly cleaned and 1 all bwocp
logs and garbage speedily removed
1 huvo already issued an order to tho gen
enral superintendent of this department of
which a copy Is hereby enclosed and I bog to
assura your onnr that the department will
not relax its efforts to place the avenues
streets Ac of the city In a perfectly clean
condition as also that all ashes garbage and
Iweeplnl shall be speedily collected anti re
moved Respectfully WILLIAM DUTOX
Deputy Cleaning and Acting Commissioner of Street
Mr Dalton also Issued orders rovoklng all
leaves of absence and directing ovary man al
the department to hold himself In readiness
for duty at any moment
Acting Comptroller Htorrs sent a letter to
Superintendent of Markets John ASullivan
ordering him to make special efforts to keep
the markets pure and clean
The Aalborlllr There Taking Frrcunlloii
to Keep tint tlic FinCh
The health authorities ot Brooklyn are tak
ing every possible precaution to prevent tho
Importation of cholera Special care will be
taken to stop the landing or storage of rags
ot any point along the river front Commis
sioner Griffin sent yesteidn this communica
tion to Police Commissioner Hoyden
It having como to my knowledge that the
terms of a permit issued by this department
for tha immediate transshipment of rags ar
rIving nt a Brooklyn pier have been violated I
have the honor to request that you will issue
an order requiring police ofllcers to enforce n
strict compliance with such permits Tho
possible Introduction of cholera mates It nec
essary toudoptthemostrlgld precautions
with the purpose of aiding the efforts of this
department I respectfully Invite your co
operation I suggest that the police through
out the city be directed to see that tho yards
and alleys are kept clean and gutters swept
particularly in tenement districts and that no
accumulations of filth be allowed in hit
street and generally nn violations of sani
tary ordinances be permitted W henoxer a ro
fusnl to comply with the rules occurs a report
totliB Department of Health will be followed
by prompt measuies to repress the nuIsance
Dr Cjrus bison visited the Navy lard
yesterday and had a long consultation with
Copt Theodore F Kane tho acting com
mandant of the yard In reference to the sani
tary condition of the yard Dr Edison made
a tour through thu yard and approved of tho
plan to burn nil the old rags and rubbish
At it xnccml meeting of the Jergny City
Health Bouid yesterday President John P
Feeney Inspector Benjamin Police Superin
tendent C P I Smith City Physicians Gray
nlfson Hoffman and Henry nod twelvo po
licemen were organized Into n sanitary squad
The oflklnls anti physicians will act us til rec
tors and the policemen ware Instructed to
Inspect their precincts carefully tolnvostlgato
tint condition of all finwors vault nnd out
houses and report dally to Inspector Benin
mln lucy Were particularly unjolnnd to In
spect Hallrond avenue portion of which has
thin reputation of being the dirtiest quarter of
the city President leuney salt Ito was In
formed that 11 man who had n shop
Boiuowheni near tIns intersection of Jer
sey nvenuo and FIfteenth street was en
caged In nmklng over discirdod mnttrosso
bought from Immigrant steamers Ho told
the pnlleumon to Inquire into tho matter and
If thn rePort proves true time business will be
promptly suppressed
Health InMicctor Benjamin was aim In
Btruted to hind nn Isolated bulldlng which
could ho used as a cholera hospital should the
need arise
Pollcmnun Oxley of thn sanitary squad
asked If he had tho right to go into a private
Mat In thc > discharge of his duty and was told
tlmt he might go anywhere to inquire into the
sanitary condition of a houso no matter
whether It was n flat a tenement or a brown
stouo mansion
Three Ton of llrcayrd Fruit Ht4 I Bat
E rnlnc br Health Ucparlmrnl Inapectrr
Dr A L Boebe Acting chief chemist of time
Health Department in the absence of ChIef
Chemist Martin with Health Inspectors Bryco
Mars and James McDermottnnd Policemen
Lange nnd Carrol of the West Thirtyseventh
street station raided Paddys market on
Ninth avenue between Thirtyeighth and
Forttsecond streets about 8 oclock lust
It is 1 the custom ot the health Inspectors to
visit this market every Saturday evening dur
ing the fall fruit season but on account of time
extra precautions which are being taken just
now to guard against the cholera the first raid
ot the season wan made last night several
weeks bolero thn market men expected It
The east bide of Ninth avenue fur time four
blocks below ortyseoondBtroetlii lined every
riaturduy night with tho wagons and carts of
venders of ull sorts of fruit and garden prod
uce On the west side there uie a few fruit
wagons und a lot of small hurdwaro stands
rime news that a raid Is in prugiess travels
rapidly from ono end nf the market to the
other and vendors who have stocks tlmt will
mint puss muster sometimes try to avoid the
inspectors by crisscrossing the street
The Inspector started in last night on the
east side of the avenue at Fortysecond street
The llrst vender hud a lot of tomatoes in pretty
fair condition Inspector Mara began to look
them over critically and the vender thinking
he had a customer began tn toll the merits of
his wares He stopped in blank astonishment
SB the Inspector found some decayed tomatoes
and threw them into the basket which time
driver of the Health Department wagon cir
ned The bearing ot time vendor clumped In
an Instant and he begun explaining now It
camu about that ho had any bad vegetables In
his wagon
The throng of marketers quickly saw what
was going on and crowded around ihe Inspec
tors In such numbers that ft kept the police
men busy clearing a way for the raiders The
> irult aadMB tabla wer found to ha la hetUr
general condition than the average Almost
every poulterer lost from two to half a dozen
chickens and received n sharp admonition
that the next time ho would be arrested
The excuse thntlho vendors didnt know
didnt work with the rnlrtors nnd met with
such a sharp reproof that its maker trims clad
to keep quiet Whenever tlm stock of n vender
was passed without any part of It being el7 < vl
ha Immediately began to err that fuel In his
hoarsest voice arni sometimes invidious com
parisons wore made
Inspector McDermott started In nt the outh
end of the market Near fortieth street Im
found n man with son oorripu muskmel
ons The vender nw that he was detected
and tried to make ofT hut thcllnspoctor hitlig
tothowsgon and stopped tint vender In Im
tleth street
What tin you mean by trying to sell such
stuff asked Dr lleebe when Ito canto un
I wasnt Irvine to s > llltwns lie I gill If
not plnuslhlc reply I knew It was bnd amid
1 was Inoktn for n place to 1iow It I couldnt
trowlt In dn trut
Hn was the first man tnlnn to tho West Thlr
tysovnnth street station hnuse Jtlst below
1 ortletli street n moan had half n wagon load nf f
very bad pnrs Ho was soiling thorn I tnr
another man Tho nunrs were Belaud and thn t
salesman warned that the nuxt tlmo hu would
bn solved too Tho news of the seizure nf f thn
pnntsnnd Ito attest of the muskinnlnn nmn
new along und I Ito othor muskmclondoaluiH
thought tocscnpe by driving across tim miVottito
to time west side
The Inspectors waited n few minutes after
finishing their work on tho east sldunnd thun
walked nulckly buck up thin west side In
spector MuDermntt wont hack up the omtt side
tu catch anybody who had escaped on Limo
down trip
Just below Tortloth street a little boy stood
In front of a saloon with iv pilnot muskmelons
Every melon was bad Thor were sobod nnd
the boy would have been arrested It hn had
been bigger When they hud boon thrown
Into time cart Dr lloubo asked tho boy what hu
paid for them
Ididnt pay nutin answered thoboy a
man give em to me
Three moro venders were cnught In quick
succession their stock olxed und themselves
arrested All had hail muskmelons Just at
Fortysecond street btood another melon mnn
Ha had four melons antI they wero all gnnd
They were time onlycnud onus seen In ind
dys market Altogether nearly three tons
of decayed fruit and produce was seized
ztraordiary Vriianrc Tnkcn to PreTest
tb Introduction critic Hcnarcv
WASHINOTON Aug 27 Acting Bearetarr
Rpauldlng anti HurgennOencrul Wyman of
the Marine Hospital Service had a long con
ference today over a despatch received by tim
State Department from Unite I States Consul
Johnson at Hnmburgh Thu despatch showed
that cholera Is still un time increase in Ham
burg and thin death ruto continues to grow
Tho result of tho conference was n letter to
Col Weber In charge of the Immigration Do
pnrtmont at New Yoik directing him to confer
with tim quarantine officers nt that port with
rogard to the rigid enforcement of lhu < ruarnn
tine regulations upon time incoming nt tlm
transatlantic fleet which Is expected within the
next few davB KtirgeonGenernl Wv man was
also authorized to detail addition 11 I medical
officers to proceed nt once to eveiy Oint on
the Canadian border where immigrant tialm
cross the line with slow to preventing nny
violation of the Immigration laws
Secretary Upaiildlni savs thon is but llttlu
reason to I i four the introduction I of t eli > itrii hy I
way uf Canada ns the Dominion I atm I I mtirlt ls
are just ns much afraid of It ns our peonln
They have Informed tills Government that
thoy will enforce their Immigration reitulu
tiont to time fullest extent and will gladly co
operate with tho United Mates in pievcntim
time Introduction of the plngilu In North Amu
icon tort ititry
Much anxiety is felt in official anti unofllclnt I
circles over thn coining of vusHols from In
fected ports The health o11lceru will inako
the most rigid examination of thin vessels
crew passengers and cargo Thu slightest
indication uf cholera wilt bo dealt witit
promptly even if it bus to bo done at tliu m in
convenience of homecoming passengeis Ihe
health officers appreciate the tact thai It wid
be nearly three months before irnst cuinus und
they do not intend to let the lit ttmto gir
a foothold In thin community if it can Im
avoided Secretary Spatildlng has aljolntu
authority to net for limo Government tt hue Ito t
cholera scare is pendIng end ns hu is I u di tor
mined man he can bo relied I upon not to heol
tate to act promptly should un emergency
arIse Five minutes after ho hund thu llit
intimation that cholerawas cpldunm In
Hussla and contiguous pnins hu is
sued H cliculur culling I i upon Ihu I Treasury
officials at tho various put t vhuro Immigrant
nfo landed to ttvko him met I Im I e tut I t s In I piuvulit I
the Introduction of dud t l r i nln thlsciMintry I
lie also communicator I with m t Ii h tat Dei I tnI
nient nod the t4eertiui y uf 1 stiiti din cted tIme
I Jnli oil States ConbuN at all I thu t fnioign pulls
where the disease is 111 uto niitku Its upncai
ancu to see that t niitcnlng iesel huiind for
America wore thorun lil dlslnfcitcd bufuio
get ing thuin acurtlllcaii f health
Mirguon Ocnural yiuan says bite inaran
tltu service at Now luck Ihlladelpliiu lliilti
mure Charleston antI In fuel at all of
tliu Amerlcili ports Is In excellent con
dition At t New oil I the facilities niu
ample for a complete evainln mti uf
nil the vessels that urrlvo tImer und
in tlix event uf uholuia being illcm iod them t
are uccommodiitions t for t hu I t sick Hu 1 I does nut t
anticipate any such cniidl I Ion of alTans i hul
cvqry precaution will In luli n hofuru passen
gers or crew tire allowed to Innd A pripi
tion is hew under consfduratlnn I I tn tt initiniii m
tho disinfection of bacMLc during tnu inter
This will bit I done to tuuvuiit thu Importation
of cholera germs tilLer thu present alarin his
subsided und which would MM dormant inline
the I cold months to I in I I eak out next t sumiier in
so tim i unexpected i lace
hecretary Itistei has turned over to tho Ma
rine Hnpltal tiimi tliu I old ret Imimim ciittir
Lwlng nuw tied UPit Halt liimru and otto will I u
taken down time bay ti > mImi iiuirnntliiR stitiui
where she will te amdinic 1 nil sburu and tiil
bu titled up fui a m hnMiial bu hit I If any
cholera patients ate found iihoitd any of thu
Incoming ships they n ill not liivu tn lie hauled
fur trentmunl In thuhuspituls I ahoie hut I can
be kept entirely I t isolated t I nn hoanl t thu t Iwlnr
His irobmiitltt hut the I Kvinir will 11 I lotimud t
permanently b > lot I Murinu i Hnspital I I I Scrvieu
ns u hospital ship nt C apilliailis slatiun H
Is understood that t the m rcvemiu steaniertraw i
ford will aid tliu t mitt Ilmrlus I iiuaiuntlnu nl
llceis in the wotk i ul I Inspection uf iniomlni
steamois Thu lren urv Dcpaitmcnt I I him
asked thuNnvylicpirtmutittuloin I I thu Mnilnn
Hospital survlce an olil hulk or andunud
vcsflol of suniu Iciml tu bu I tmoi us n hunpilui
at the me Ihiirius uirnitlnu Mathm t I I ho
Navy Dupartmeiit is I iinahh ii to comply 1 with Ito t
request us there Is nnthliK avallnhle
Thu light in I I imt Iii mttn ii sesteritity wns full v
explained I by i 1111 05tii atm llnnry I I Stock
hrimhgo tt lit IslnimirautlnspedM nil lint port
In roimtItmm to tim sItkttss tltu oeiiiiiind among
t ito passcngfis on thu I t Ueimitn Llo > d 1 steim timer
Dresden liom lninen In sajs 1 ito vessel I
passed thu iiiiaiantlno Inspection nnd vax
jirunouni Id In perfect hilnituty Iundltlun I liu
itmmnttgm ants wein also Inspected und passed
by tlie t snraeun of thn Marino h t Hospital I nt imo t
purl Later in thu I evening two t nf thu passen
gers vvmo taken I with I cramps t nnd vomiting
iiid a lltllu I t later I vu nthois vvcio also taken
sick hue I Marino II I It siiilnl i Hiiginn t vis
triniptl I y hUmnioncd nml at bin tom ggaI iou
lir Mi Shane tho local Health tliiiiiulhlniiei
will also biiuimoned At Ihu chum time mill In
cress to and egress from tho building win
ttotpud thu I hick vvure lumnvud to the ship
nnd nil pasKeiigursdotnlned fui thlttccn 1 hour
Ihu usual romedles In tlm cusu of ennuis
tvre mud ni I nisterud t thu sld I tho i I m djcinall t I
runciinlng that thu Illnu s wus ennui
brought on i hv bit 0 ovor oiling t I of trim It I hnu
wholiad been taken t scv having lucoveiul i
nnd no other sickness hiving nppe ini and
with time approval ut butt health aulhoiitl s
tho t passiiiccih l > worn lulenscd und allowed tn
proceed to their I destination
Some of tho t steamship companl I es am dl i
poted to itrot oat imgtinst Ilin t ciieillif I t I ret inly I
prumulgnted uudur tliu nut lint ily I of f the I I i t i >
tury t nf tbitrt sury el itt itt tn t I lliu t t sliii I i rn nt
nf wool to this t etnu itt cv from I iiKlaml i m I 1
oIlier nountrios Seventh of thu stcaiiishi > I
tito other side wern ready to load Viltli w < ml
Unit I i camu from borv Iii thrm nfuur moilh
uyo TIt o yool was pur down in I Knglind I I I ut i
parnntly trite from nny ut id with ti I i
choloralnfectoddisiriits in I i citeiilar I fi I i
the I Heeretary of thin Tieamy Mil i i i
that all goods routing t this enunu
from Infected dlttriitu must If I dliireii >
ed I beforo shlpineht Tliu upr nt IIIMI I
of the Uirninn xteuinship iiimiaiiu I
cnlludnt thin Tiousiny Depiitnient t mbtnii
fruit Acting 8ecretnr hiiuidnig il i uilingwtli I
legaid to wool tImid was ivipAinl Im I m tlm
iurmnn steumurti bfnutliu lsuaiicu of tlm
circular referred to Tim sti amsiiln iuuiui
niesdii not euro to take thu I < liumes i f bn
laid up In iimruntinu fur sevcial i weeks ami
rather than midcigu Mich a hea > lu s thuv
rofuso to tithe tin w l for slnpniiiil unlos
speclil utilhiiiily is glvrii I Hiu t Nciuiai uf
time Tieasiny lIi ommm lucid hum scum tohavu
arisen from an eplaiutory t lettui r it ii kilt MII
geonUenernl > iimn vvndu In a Him in
Thiladelphla I Interested In thu inent I ultus
Thn I pin pint t of tlm Utter was cabled ahioad
nnd anil eunllicirt suiiuwlmt with Hi1 m Tnus
itry cireulur ciiufnuii n Is said t > hur
geontioin nil niiiuliit5lst i that ull I I vvnol
wool len rags Ac imit hu dWnfcctcd heforu
thoy I urn sliliipud to this t I Iotiiifr t iv un If they I
collie from litrlcts I i I tim at hut t nut be n visited
by idiolorii fur tliu past Hi run or l > ur years
lie tIievea I I tint nn oiitico of prevention is
worth 11 pound of cure
Dr Ulavls who icpresentH limo steamship
companies liohls hub tliu bteunbhlp com
hmafllH have nodesireto I evudn the nmilatlons
I posed under t Ito law but he t t tiled t tn thu
letter which Hurgeniitinnerul vinun wroto
to Philadnlphia which ho rays has HO con
fused the subject that cotnmercn is likely tn
suffer In corisfiinunce Acting heuretaiv
Hpauldtng holds that t tlm I oniclal I ciriu ii lat mm mmml
not the eemlofllcial letter must Ku > orn time
a 4
ir ArtKins AT Ltsr I v rniniz
irinHK IT cjws iinirK uiciiis
liftmen Alon In Hie Ilnt of intoned cities
Uiptil iirllnln Hiinl lit Wnrk In Kfff 4
the Ihiseitse Iron OHtlfiR n llnnrt Inolbol4
DrnUK Aug 27 Tlioro Is now no doubt
tlmt Asiatic cholera In In Berlin Thrcn deaths
are reported from vlmt U undeniably Atlafla
cholera of u virulent type A lad whlla tray
oiling from Hamburg wa sole I with cholera
line I tnkon to tho t Mobalt i Hospital I I Vlillutli9 I
alit hoi it let nro enforcing thu I tttist rlclil sani
tary piecaittlons they profess to hn satisfied
that tint cholorn will inako no surloun prngrts
In Merlin Tlioro Is no great paule among the
people and n general disposition to obey the
sunltnty n culatloiiH Is manifested Tlio trains
nt tlm points on tho Ituslan frontier whets
access In > orinltlod are most carefully In
spoctoil nnd nil Persons front tho districts In
which cholera has been jiroulont ore di
batted frftwiiiteilrrg fiarmnny
Trivellurt from Ht Potoisbur represent
tlmt t them I U no panic In i tlmtelly I ninl tlmt the
Inlmbllmtts generally ate Fatlslled tlmt the
cholera has dono Its worst Tho approach ot
tlio frost Is nnlouidy awaited as likely to rut
n ntop to 1 the further spread of tlio t pestilence
Thu rpfkttrltH JciliMi 1ms thin despatch from
Tlioro Is no apparent decrensa In the
cholera In splto of the eojl weathei The die
ease has I appeared on Ito t Hands i In i t hu Kibe
Hundreds of wealthy peoplu hnvo left thin city
The duaith of doctors Isbevcrol felt Several
nurses huts died I hu school nitciidnnan Ims
dwindled I I to only It I I nor cent of Iliu I usual flu
tits I
despatch from liromnn says that the
rholoi Inii uppcitnd at tlmt port Tho In
focI I Ott was tiE tim glib from Hamburg I t There
have ho in lout deaths thus far
lliMnriii 1 i I Aug i 17 Mm number ot new
emtSui i tt f uhulora inputted u In this city today is I
lti and Hi1 iniinliir of lUathsllT I Thore
lino teen Ihit diilha from cholcia nt the
tyburb if llauiu broon Tlij ucit hor li
c < ii > Iuri li t4ienuontetor Imvlni fallen 111
4loTTKnmw Ails 27A woman hns died
hereof jWulic choleni Thn authorities are
rctfcentusvi lie ci uimm lust itniLs tint there la
little dinihb thdt time dlseuso came huro by war
Time fdilp Inson from Hamburg tn Cologne
Is nt Qimiuntino off this city Miu has six
cases n if ehiilOIll hoard
LUMMIN ug U Ihn third nf ho thrn
pcisuiiH allll iqttti < With t Asiatic cholera drought
to liuvosonil un time Htenmer Ictnuiii which
urilvcd on rem u tdmsy fiom Humliurg I I IK dead
Thuiuurulin signs of tlm I diMiisu spreading
nnd thohospltiJ I authorities at llravesund I ba
lliivn I I Hiit I I t thoy t I MIIVV tnkun I uluitlvu t i measures
fo prevent hut I chbleru from being communl lt
cuiud in others Both tlm elotititt and bed
dim 1 I in I usu by the cholera 1 imtlents I huvo been
distiuveil I I and tito t mintI era wheru they t were
cmod fur have liuon fumigated All who were
In attutidancu upon them bavu been subjected
to n thitiMiLh t I t I i otm ran of disinfection
At hit potot I luith near ldlnliiugli which
has eMenslvu shipping eoinmuniiiitloti with
llainliing and othor pmtH nn und near the
Nurth hen a man m and woman weru taken sick
lust eWMiimr I and duveloped symptoms of
Asiatic cliuliin
Thlrtv I msiiin einlgrnnts nrrlved nt Gins
KIIVVIIM I lit U rsdmm y by way of llumlmrg I i with
tinIntuuiion I of taking pastagu tu time United
Tho steamer Knrmiinntn nrrlvn1 at Ronth
iimpton tndiv I from llimhuri I I on t lie way to
NfcWnrk The health ullkcrs did not board
Hi I steamer l vhtcli after In k I mite uisenior >
alt ti mull i s tie usual proccedeil on her vojnge
AMVIKI t Aug 7 Viitwilhstaiidlng I the as
sertiuns veitttm tIny limit t there t was no more
hulcia huru live now cases of chulorn and
one death huvu boon reported since yesterday
Si I nit rsnum Auc 27 Tho olllclal re
turns uf thecliuluiu fur nil lEusslu show that
> istcida > thil I r i woiu iepoitcdlU51 m i I t nuwcusos
nnd JiJdeath hut is nn incieiiseof Kll
cuscs nndJVi deaths t over rinirsduy In 8t
PelershurK 1W tots CIISCH of time disease ware
lenoilid I loftunlut und 27 diit lit un Increase I f
ff new cases arid 5 deaths over tim provlous
Ivris AUK I7 Iortvslx now cases of chol
eruand I ninutocn I doaths from thu disease are
Vepoitud todar at Havre
fiiiiriittlne nt Hitvnnnoli
SivvNNAH O Aug Ttlrent BrItaIn and
Iiolund wore today putivider tH ban of
iiuurnntinu my I Savannahs health officials A
number of vosseUuu Ito teat hero from port
of thus countries and Continental Kurope
will I 1 bu detained I ut iiuaiuntiliu i Hovuiul days
Tin IIf S iit is jrrjrzy a HOUND
The Qurrr Candlllnn of flip Title of it Pl
ufiuml Now In lltl itllnii
S Jim tbr Clirrai Ilaln Iraltr
WOOSIEII Aug 2Tlmti plecn nf land In
this city which has been held by every
President from James Monron to President
Harrison I i IN now In litigation I t Although thn
Presidents hnvii owned tho land few of thorn
ever knew they possessed thn property
Miould President Hurl Nun sen this nrllcln It
would probably ho time llrst intimation to him
that a lie IIWIK d thu land
During Momues burnt Jo oph H Larwlll
nun ot the founder of the place and proprie
tors of l ho town deeded unit of Ito largest and
most ollglblo lots tn him as President and
nltur him to tliu Incumbents of time Presiden
tial t olllc It I wns provided I that thu land was
tn lu I used for a huryinc irrnund Thu hand
was used I for Ibis t itt rtost formnny yours until
it I I iicvnmo I Illled I i I with graves As thn t vii lttg
grew it became necessary to opim u road
through I I t the t hind I I Thlsvva I In I thu fifties Per
sons woru It itt I tied to MMIIOVII i t their dead to
iiniithuc i I Iinilury and tho t bonus of those t
leaving no ilmtt I vet vcru taken up and re
interrud I ut thu I tpunso nf t tlio town The land
vat UMid us a public 1 common until I 1 H7Hwha
the city begun usinu itn < < a pirk
1roni tliu I widow of loeph II larwlll Nancy
L ltm still who IB still 111 I m hurt and Is nenrlr
100 yeaibfif aye nnd bj th I i m ilond It is learned
that tin t tltlu I i wns in nil i tn t lames 1 Monroe
1rusldunt of lie Inltcd Mates and his sue
cesorn In i nfllcn in I trust t fur thn t poupln of
HMiocouiityO I thu I land I t I to ho used as a
Inin big grommni for the pin pnsu timid tn Im con
verted In no other use m m t ICIPOSI urnccupancr
vNlmtover J 1 Iawcett I luuill I t I I u nophuw ot
Jutenli H hlM taken p i < i iHjnn of Ihu land
which Is I now quitu valuable I I I nflur t having se
curutl qullclnliii lilies h fi > un the need widow
and otliur buns cl ilinliii 1iat t thu maty hav
ing I ceased tu iiciipy I I It I lur I t thu t nut ii poses sits >
chilly provided form the deed It reverted back
to the original ouster mmtmti his liulrs
A lflil IVrilillns Parly j
Jitititltt Tiwr Iflttn frtlffi 1
William Hurdle f Ioil Itowin anti Miss Rat
tleUuAn wuu mariied by teltvinph n few
davs iiuo iiio wvnild hu bruin arrived at
until iiinl nnluixllV I lining IIIIMOIIH to have
thu I knot lied lit Ihu t tiniu s I tho conractlng I
Turtles wen forth to I 4um u thn services of ijf
soniuonu m iitliurlid tn PHI form such a cern f
nion J hff worn siariid to Hint that there t
wns n MI u at th piit h whr could net Their I V
iniiuU VMII sunn inliuved by tho telegraph I
iipiriilm lulling tlium i tho1 I could tit married f
him > lilegnih ind olio n to perfect the ar 4
iiigoiiiiiii i vih I h ulTii1 nf ciiumo was nc
ceiled I lImo I liuV I Biniit C Hammond I I pest i
cliiplnln nf Ioit ApiuliuJ < miles iivrar per 5f
f riiud I lit impitmttmm 1 liu operators at Nan 4
ailu 2 > milui and 1oonuyn I ranch 30O
lull m i t away m acted I as wltnussuH All the eus T
tuniary iiucstluiiH wuiu asked and answered
over HID vliu f
ii > jjtn 1 wIJr juirv
JllIlT1 fit rlrllm trrnntivl nn Alixnlatn diverse to 4
Cirri chw Uriin h Itviiinu hi ti tt nrr anl A ItmlU 4
dm r < i to i iti ti rii > S alMitiiie from Jacob Valeiitlno 1 II
t mC tii r It i It i Crs ii tel I itljunluto dtorrci tn p
51 illon ItLii it Jr mi 11 i titilt it1 5 Kobiiiion iu MrUQlfr 4
K m litiJiIni t i Hurb ii Jniclt and iu i Jttmtt Lowff
In nt i sr i I i
re irctimn tnT nf the Weit TI > lrt > Meventb street
Phil t in r < i luJintuf t 1 t > Mn nt Jtfferion Mrk t
ourt i iiHirn iiir ttuit Mr MlHroIin4lter who
ia ill OI ii 1 1 ttl third itry i ulnriun ty l btf lisa
LnnU miutl I I ti ILI f ttit hvorst I It llispltttUfxw

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