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r aM7R J Ittmtoa for th > Tblrel Tlaa In
I vIeUSR ait ClevelAn Boato rbla
I 4la > hlll Chlccca d ClaelaRatl tbs
l thr TTIancrt Other Oaieaea
TtittrdarB baseball developmonls wore cal
culated t make the cranks In Cleveland Phi
adtlphln and Boston fe1 l cheerful whlto the
rooters In Now York and Brooklyn could only
look to the future for consolatIon Three sue
I ceslve detoata for the Wonders at Cleveland
and two out of three for Powerss men at Bt
Louis have a tendency t make metropolitan
cranks enaeh their teeth But six more games
will be played br the Eastern teams
In the West and then the final strutfiile
begins on the Eastern diamonds New York
I and Brooklyn will have to do some lively hUI
tllnc In the next weak I they exoeot to come
t home In a position t mnko a good fight Tho
CloTolanJs are carrrlne everythIng before
them and as their opponents In tho next nix
lame will bo WashIngton and Baltimore thn
chances are eood that the Forest City boys will
Increase their lend The Now Yotks have
three games with rittnbursh and three
with Louisville while Brooklyn has Louisville
and Cincinnati to contend with Boston must
play Cincinnati and Chlcaco white Philadel
phia must met Chlcaco anti Ht Louis Yes
terdays games resulted as follows
fit LoaUlt 1ew York 1
I Cleveland I Mroiklyn 8
Philadelphia I Pittsburgh I
1uilon 8 LonttTlll 1
Chicago 6 Walilntton I
f Cincinnati I Baltimore a
TIn nrconn
i Tfta rm TAG I O t14 Wen 14 fr ft
vInfl27 10 780 rittiburghle 18 tOO
Phlladelublan in r LOUUVIIII18 IV 6OO
0020 IH rn ChIcan17 III 472
rklyn20 1 Ml 1 > altlmorlH III 457
hw YorklM 11 AJU St Loul13 24 881
Cincinnati18 ID 600 Waihlngiuiil 21 4197
ST Louis Aug 27he New Yorks encoun
t tered In Kid OUoason today that which the
Drowns experienced yesterday In Cranes
magnificent twirling a stumbling block that
j rose mountain high in 1U obstruction Thu
s visitors foil boforo I after exhausting every
i 7 expedient to surmount It and their defeat Is
J d1 largely due to Gleasons wonderful pitching
1 r I Oleason was hit hard enough but the Now
l I Yorks had hard luck In successfully placing
rI their hits Crooks certnlnly knocked down
four hits and his superb fielding Impeded the
i visitors progress toward the establishment
and maintenance of a welldesigned run col
Doyle In the first Rusle in the third Ewlng
in the fourth harry Lyons In the sixth and
Ilusle again in I the eighth all nurtured from
Crookss phenomenal Holding and throwing
There was nothing tno hard apparently for
him to bandit and with such backing up Qlea
lon worked his points for all they were worth
Nmtiier Doyles nor Boyles hits were outside
the edge of the diamond They both brought
tho bal out but In neither Instance could the
Now Yorks gain a point toward scoring Itusle
was not at Fits best and his Kifts of bases on
balls resulted detrimentally on two occasions
rl tsulod
at least
I After putting men on bases 1 couple of hits
< would land them across tho plate lie had
j grout speed and superb support especially on
I I Buck Kwlngs part but he evidently was not
In his best form Hut one error that by Doyle
In the eighth resulted disastrously Outside
of this Itusle had no complaint to make Duck
Ewing again had the Browns fated on base
stealing and but few attempts were made t
I purloin a base Ills all round work his been
4 such as t call forth unstinted praise from lila
I 11 local admlrerB ana he has many
iJI Burke ana Puller played their hands pret
ri r thy and worked several wel exeutd plays
The New York In fact played a splendid up
bill game but the combination of Oeason
Crooks and hard luck put a damp upon
their work The Bore
IT 1U1L 5kw TOLl
LVL you
a IL P041 Lure A I
CrOOLl 24 bi 0 4 ot 0 Snrk2d bO 0 2 0
macokLLO 2 2 I 0 PlLy0OLLC1 0 0 0 0
Wrl bl I I 1 0 DoI ro 1 1 0 1
Crtbnrlo 1 I 0 0 EIDI 0 0 I 8 0
lrla ro 0 0 0 0 DLoa81 bO 0 2 1
mo 0 O o 0 ORouk rIO 0 3 0 0
Camp 8d b0 0 1 Boyle hi bO 110 0 1
MOTIr117it2 1 0 flute 0 0 2 1
Irrp 1 1 0 0 hlr 0 0 1 8 0
TtsIa6 637 8 i Ttsli1 i i 3
1 Lenii 00200001211
MW York 100000000i
lame nu St Lout 2 tint bate on errori New
Tort 1 8t LouiS a Left on bINW York 2 Si
Lout 1 fIrst baa on balli Off Ilnile 7 I Oleaion
1 Struck outSy Rail fli by Qleaion 6 Bacrltlc
hlta Crooka Carotben Ulaiicock Oleaaon Brigga U
Lyoni Stolen bai Carnthera DoublpLay4rook a
Ulaiicock and Warden Run Ewlng and Boyle
Paiied baU Kwuf Umpire Snyder Time 143
CLEVELAND Aug 27Tbe only thing that
won for Cleveland today was the systematic
regularity with which the home team ham
mered Haddocks curves Finally Ward be ¬
came satisfied that Haddock had had enough
of it and took hIm out of the tot After that
Brooklyn bad better luck but could not get
enough runs to win the game Hall the
Clevemnds supported Clarkson properly and
had not three of the Cleveland Holders let an
easy pop fly drop down between them tho
Booro would havo been much more In Cleve
lands favor
i In the early part of the game Clarkson made
monkeys of Brooklyns heavy hitters but later
on was hit hard Dalys fielding at third base
laid over anything else In the lame Ever
one of his plays but one was sensational
Ward The Jot a shade the worst of the umpiring
illLro1L nil 0 A K
CblldJ2db J 2120 I Ward 2d b2 O 4 a 0
Burkett L fl I I U I OBrien L fo 1 1 o 0
Uavli 3dbO < 1 a 0 llrontheri lb2 21 1 0
McKeau i 1 2 2 4 0 Bur r o 1 0 o 0
Mrtue let bl 1 I 0 1 Corcoran a 1 2 2 U 0
McAlier c ft 1 C 0 0 Daly 8db0 1261
rfd t g II
OConnorr fl 1101 Ktnalow r CO o 4 2 O
Zlmmerc 1 1711 Huddock po IOU 0
Ciarkion p 1 1 0 3 0 tout p 1 1 0 2 0
Uriflia c fo 0 a o 0
01112211 8
TotalsU SiTlS 1
Cleveland 0 6 0 0 2 0 1 0 nH
Brooklyn 3 0001012 o
Earned rum Cleveland C Brooklyn MlK Twobai
blta Burkett Daly I Three baa hill McKean Zlin
war Sacrifice hlti Hiirkilt Davit Daly Left on
bauiCIvaland 6 Brooklyn Jo Struck out By
narkion tt bv Haddock 2 Baiei nn batli on Clark
inn G off Haddock B Donbl play Corcoran and
Ward stolen baiei Uavte Urine Ward Klnilow
J sid balli Klntlow I y lilt by pitcher Clillda J
Birni Tint baa Oi crroriBrooklyn 2 Time
145 tmpirL > nch
eoiroH 8 totniviLtx 1
f 4 eonOl
Whin tbe Loulivltlei do make error they pile them
ep Wbl 11 a Lull Hnch WAS th can today and
the home team had work together with burns a um
i piring loot them lbs gain The icore i
Kliro AK Ke AB ro < AB
Brown efl 8 1 0 0 Lowe I t Ill oo
larlor C o 1 0 0 McCarthy r fo 1 c 1 1
Weaver lfO I 2100 Dully c f 8 1300
Pleffr2dbO 2 2 J Kelly o 1 1 I O O
Ballllt 8d bO 0 0 4 1 issbB0b2 1 1 4 0
Jenniugl I MO 0180 Long a I 1 O y 1 O
WhtillerlltbO O12 o 1 Tucker litbO on o 1
Merrill o o o 6 2 0 Oumn 2dbu o 1 o 0 o
g A g g
BtrattoulpO 3 1 2 fl lau up7 O O O 2 O
Total 1 72418 4 Totals8 i 27 i 2
LoilllTllI I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
t oaton 4 0020101 I
1 Earned rnn Boiton First bate on errori Louli
arn1 Builen 8 Left on baiei Loulivillo I Bui
1 ton 3 First bLse on ballion Mau 41 off 8tr tton 2
truck uulBy VIu Ii by Miration 4 Three bess
I Huffy Twobile hit Broun SacrIfIce blta Tay
lor flouTer Lon MoCarthy Tucker floleo baie
Puffy raind balWrrll Ituplre Bnrna Thai
rtmivRcif Aol 27Tb rhiladelpblai won tbalr
r second victory of the lanes 1 hire today from the home
team They played a lint uphill fame and won la the
P ninth Inmuf Tbe scar
Ic IUUGU t rHiLApKirnu
f slsPoAr aisrOJ
allller o oil Hamilton I fl 2 2 0 o
Uonoian r f1 B 0 u ouiii aa bO 0 0 a I
fE Smith L I f 1 1 poo HallmanZdbO 1 6 2 J
t ly c r 0 ° 1 O 0 Tbumpion r fl 1 1 1 2
12 eduley lilb0 liD 1 0 Uilehanlyot2 2 4 0 J
arrellsdb 1 1 a 0 Connor lit b3 211 1 0
t iibugatsi 2 4 1 0 loa o 0 1010
Blirbauir ihl 1 t 0 O Allen I O 0 U 6 0
Burst p Ol 800 Keel p O 0 O 1 0
CrrP 0 1 0 0
Total 6102814 0
Totall 6 9 27 14 6
No Ol out when winning run wai made
rilllburgh 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 141
I Philadelphia 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 2U
Earned roni llttibnrgb 2 Philadelphia 6 To
ba hut Donovan Dclcbanty Thriebai bits
Karrill I Connor Howe Blirlaoir Hellljr Double
i 1 playiSbugarl Blirbauir and Heckliyt Down and
donor Alien llallman and Connor Connor sail
Carey Stalin bam Kelly Hamilton flru ban on
rror Pltliburgh rir ban on balhsOe list 81
fo < Ehret 1 Struck outBy Keire li by Khret 8
Wild pltchEbret Left on be runburfh tj
I rhlladelphla D Time 14S Croplre OaCney
V 000 I wjiuisotos 1
CRIOAOO An 27il was a baIt ot pluhiri Itday
The fan wee lonf and nrHotirflllui Atlindanci
0 Thticorn
Rlaroaa1 I 11 ro A R
a > an e t 2 2 3 0 0 Ridford 8d bO 1010
aol 31 bO 1 a 1 2 OIRldord f 2 b o o 0 o o
Dsbleus2 111 TitcbrUkf 1 02 0
AliOll UtbO Oil U Ollloy c f u < 1 n 1
llunnan I f 1 O 0 0 MiOuirr c 0 O 8 3 1
CiU4iauldbo o 120 Iemr i l i 0231
bicker r to 1 1 0 i UllllKan llth O Oil U O
Huiihliou 0 o 1 t > 0 iiihn2bno o 1 1 i
Klltndjr c0 0730 Bertha lrg O O 8 O
UuBle r f O O O 0 O
TOla1 637W 1
Totals1 2241 4
ckicag o o o a o B o o a
WaihlngtOB 000000002i
lint baa ea rronCMaago li Waahlagton 1
I i 1 5 b H044 Wu WtO 7 hUeS Ue
Os bn OI > R tohlinii4 ffMe kln 8 tlrns sot
I t
By llatchlin 8 by Xeikln fi Thrnbii hit
Twltehill Hacrlfle hit rarrntt Ktolen bain Dab
tin 81 Anion Canaran DouBle play Richardioa and
Mullein Pauid YI1 JrrrL r
Tlm 168 c
nirct < n > in Ani 27Tb wildest crowd that bn bei
In Learuit Park for years went temporarily crary In
the hIntS Inning with the bases full two men out and
a run needed to ile Wood iraahed lh ball orrr Hut
chine corn a I head and Mcrbe aid Latham cam horn This
clucusun UUIO
tcrbu 2451 L1apop 0 4 0 5 i Ward r t aisP0aL 0 1 0 1 2
Ihn Sd t1 I 6 2 0 I 5hun1ts M bJ 1 I S 0
1llldy r to 0 I 1 0 an Ilsltncf1 1 J 0 1
lrhn c a s H 0 0 ulta JI hit 1 12 I 5 0
Comiskey Ibi 1 7 0 0 Stneylf 1 2 2 0 1
r i iI
fou I I I I S 0ItourkelI1 8 2 Ii 2
Smith S 0 2 I I J bOson c 0 J I 2 1
hullnlI 0 I I 1 0 f4trIkor 21 bO 1 2 0 5
Ollctl 0 I 1 o Cobb 1 2010
Dw > ercf 000 I 5 I 1
Totl 6162116 4
lotus 15 127 I 4
Winning run cord with two mn not I
Cincinnati I n o n 1 n 0 3 fl1
Baltimore U 1 I 0 3 0 o I tir
Earned rum tlililmnre 4i I Cincinnati riritbat
byeruiM cinrlnniil 2 Baltimore 1 Iefton hasp
Cincinnati Hi Baltimore I 1 in Pint hale on balli I Off I
RnllUAn ii on Cobb 7 Rtruck ulHT fuliuan 2i
by Cobb a Home ruuiuutcltCs Threebai lilt
1 hr
Ward Comllkty I TwnhiM hit Stovey Sacrifice
hltiLathamd llollidat 1 Wood Shiudle stolen
baiei tlc IIIAI I pitchSullivan Pined
ball Vaughn UUdr > lc0uald Time 2IS
Oa < rnl New tleraer Ieaim
C1ta 1 ti I r IIJL Woe Io < Ftr
riamneid 10 1 5157 Elisabeth6 10 nS3
SotrjerHIe H > 6 607 Yeitfleld5 10 3Jd
The rreicent league team received anunnp ctd
defeat at PlalnQeld yeitarday The score
Rla roi R alL rnAW
flotondeI it 1 I OlhrroUp1 2 in I
Jtradyrf0 0 0 0 ill Uilndne lbl 211 o 0
Murphy I 10 I 3 0 0 0 Nell 3d bO 8131
Turner 2db O 1 0 2 1 Lover 1 1 000
Daley 3d bO O 2 U 1 Howe I 1 0 2 0 2 0
Letdjcf O 0111 Kenrle N bn 1 1 3 0
Bonuer 5 U o lie OIIIrr1 2000
Jonei lit b2 1 u I I I Warner e 1 1 M 0 0
Murphy p o 0 0 0 0 coogan r fl 2311 I
Bneeden PO 0 0 3 1
Totall 8103710 1
Total 3 72711 4
Weltfllld n 0 3 0 0 1 O 1 88
Crescent Leagu O01O2OOO oa
Earned runi lnldl Crescent League I Pint
base by errori Weitfleld 2 Critcent League Left
on baie vteitfleld 13 Crescent League 7 First i
bale on hallslIlT rneeden a off Kharrntt 2 Struck
outBy Hreeden n by sharrott 7 Threebaae hit
Mclcdoe Twobaie hill rol 1 t Coogan
Murphy Bacrlilre hlti Brady Mneaden Rharrott
Xlclndoe Stolen linn Turner Jones 8 fabarrott
Lever Wild pitcbei Sneeden 2 Sharrott Umplra
Hopkini llmli > 7
WIT ClIP I 1 V c u a 3
The game Elizabeth was won by tha Welt End
who bunched their bits In the early iunlngi Tb scar
L1lP0Al I s1LPoaW
Uooriheadi o 11 5 OTarboneRc f2 1 a O O
Raffertl C y 113 oj Furrell 2d cb i 1 2 8 II
Bowea litb o 014 1 lillarklnilitba 111 1 0
Jolifl c f 120 OFIeldi0 I 111 1 O
COllInS I r f0 o 1 0 1 l Kennedy rfo lino
Berry 2dbo O a 6 o 113 l man lf I O O o 0 1
M dbb g i I g r
> rm2 fld bl 211 0 Murray a al 1 O 3 1
ImunLt1 I 1 o o P Cailmu < 3d ho 1 0 0 O
Jljan p 0 2 0 1 0 Andcnon po 1 I 30
Totals3 72411 2 Total 6 82710 3
T M C LA 1 2000000 03
WetfcnJi 21102000 0
Earned runiY M C I A 1 West Ends 2 To
bale blti Murray Jon Mayer Ityan Home run
rarrell btolen basei Ilarklni Dlllun Rallerty B
on balli otf Ityan 3 Mruck outBy Anderson 10
Ryan 1 Paied ball llatlerty Bane on errori Weit
Fud > 2 Y M C L A 2 Led on baieiY M U LA
I West End 4 Tlm 5
AMBteur Y nffn0
1 CP
CT V WfMi fait Ptrc1 Cw Woe LI r
H IllindA C13 1 Ptrc18ln I tllViandCC0 4 1 250
NJeruyAUU r C158 lllllewd FJ 4 1 5
The ilEth and final game of the series 1 between this
Stalin Island A C and New Jersey A C clnb was
plaped at VesL eW Brighton yesterday The Bergen
olnt men wer In fine fettli and won eaiily The icore
IUU Iun A c 115W Jawar A C
slsroaiu LiaroAa
Vajant3b1 1 8 r 0 rr 1 I 1 3 0
ltasirordrfu 1 0 I 5 0 tsr3 c U 0 0 0
lrllL < 0 1 1 8 IWllI2b1 0152 0
Brush 24b0 0 U 2 I urrteOlbU 2 2 2 0
IIyn 0 0 3 0 Westervelt pl 1 1 5 0
Doppler izo 1 1 0 OICk r 2 0 I
MeUonIC to I I U 1 Iounlla L 0 2 I 0
Krauesc 0 1 7 B 1 8mlll11 bO 1 500
ctnlllbO 11 0 0 Irb 0 1 0 1 U
72716 4 Totals 810 2113 0
Staten Island A 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 01
0 U 0 2 0 4 0 08
Earned runN Jarsey A C 4 n1 base on r
rareNew JerSey A C 4 2 lf on basesStaten Island
A C 4 New Joy A C 7 First bi on baltn Oft
Bayne 6 off Ycii rrelt 1 Struck nutBy Bajrne 0
br Weitervelt I 4 Twoowe tutu Carrt I a
hacrlflce hitsCarl Cary J I ldb 2 > Double play
Wettervclt and Smith Htulrn base Brill jilt by
pltchexl UMcLpnail Cary Vhd plchWllnl
Tlml 4 Umpire Berry man
xitciJnrooD r c t BTITIS BLAND c c 0 rltnp
Tb Amateur Leagu game scheduled to be played at
Englwood I yesterday was fbhrd dranlt this illaten
island C C fsllng I In appear Seven of the playar
were at the Erie Railroad depot but as Jim Tyng was
b1 lbs players decided not to mL lbs journy
Other Game
xaenaTTAa a c 4 outuscr j C O
Wilson bad tb Oraoge A Ctam al his mercy yes
dy at lb Orange 01 Tb scar I
bbcocthl bOlla 0 J Martin s 1 0 2 2 0
lulcblnal fO 0 J 0 0 lu1 r 2 0 0 0
F Llhb rtO 0 I 0 0 1011 U I 2 <
Ilroy 0 < 1 I J tllrKrld I b1 010 1 0
0 2 1 U Un3dbO 1 0 2 I
Brady2db00882W11onp Beebe 34 bO 0 2 0 8 IedricL c ti t1220 a u o o
ELlbo 0 i 6 o llloklr0 0 J 0 0
IcKlnlotO 0 0 U 0 SViihl2dbQ I 4 8 U
Totals0 1 21 7 Totals4 G21i2 0
Orn A C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
ilanbattauAC2 0 0 IOU 0 1 4
FIrst has on error Manhattan A Co 4 Left on
baiei Orange A C 3 Manhattan A C 8 Klnt base
on balli Oil 01 rOT 3 on Vtilaon 3 lurk outIly
llllroy 8 by Ulliuu 41 stolen baiei Martin 2 Two
I Uu
base bit Wllion hacrltlcx lihtsliowd 1 l Filirerald i
Callan lilt hy pitcher Babcock Wild pltihei llllroy
1 Wllion I Paied ball Dully LmplriW b
SykotI Tlml3O
The Wllllamburgh A A defented the Lincoln Club
veterday on the t llllamiburghk ground by the fol
lowing leer
xleroA r RRroA E
WKelley2b o c 1 o Helnei 3d bo 0222
Ravage 113 4121 Ililhop 2d bO O 4 O i
tax C f 0 2 1 0 O rateriun 1 f O 0 2 O 1
HlMebrUMblJ 140 Anderson I 0 0 I 1 2
4ulley litbJ 0 w U 1 Multh lit bO 11 0 2
Y helleyp 2 2 O 3 0 ouono o U 7 2 o
Kotr 1 1 U 4 1 Hchlefer p1 I 0 1 UM <
htoddarl L tl 2 1 O I i ruunKhuilf 0 olio
Etaeblen rll 1 O 0 0 Aimui r tO 0 0 0 o
Totall 11142714 1 Totall 0 1 27 12 S
Wllllamiburgh AA 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 I 2li
Lincoln OOOOOOOO 0 1
Earned rum Wlilliiroiburgh A A 1 Homo run
Ravage Slriiik out Hy Kelley l 13 by chlefer 4
Flrit bare ru balli iII 1 oft Scblefer 2 stolen I
baiei W A A H lincoln a Sacrlllce hiltsif A A
I Lincoln 1 Hit by pitched ball W Keley A
Irj5 Umpire Hiinicun
oimrm 0 IUIIHTOIA c I
The Olympics or Paterion defeated the ttui oC the
scars Brighton A C yesIerdoy at Lakevlew by the lollowlng
ls0ar iulLrO a a
Bloom 3d bl 1 0 I 0 Murphy c t1 2 20 d
trIte c 1 1 1 J I I chrr 20 1 1 1 2 3 I
Carln 2u b2 1 2 3 0 lonldsn 0 0 1 4 3 tu
10Ia L I t 0 J J I 0 Bliuinun ad 10 0 1 3 I
lay U J 6 0 IlImldn cO 0 1 0 I
Wlndlaiss5O 5 0 5 1 rerron I 1 0 0
Hurtle tr Is g 1 Is 0 1r rrJ hg 7 lA 0 g
Morn hI b I U I U 0 IlarO r U U 0 5
Riley rt U 0 0 0 0 Urrly 0 < J I
Totals 4 27 i I Totals 1 7 7 t
Olyraplci 0002O201 1 03
r f g a g
Brighton A c o o r o 0 0 0 1 o = 1
Harried runBrUhton A r 1 stolen baiei Ohin
RlciH Brighton A 101 7 Struck J hNY Ii by
errity ti Ivted Ialli Ionaldion I 2 Fritz 2 hay >
rOtc hiti Ciark Ilogon tuiurtUun i
KOiRniunN A f S iurmnti t rH 1
The Morrlitown A I and Ellraboth A l played a
tenInning voice > eaterday ut MumitoHD > J with
this lollowin recall Jb
R Inrfi A R Il1Jr O AB
Tulle r f 11l rl i al Sutlercf 1 l 1 1 oo o
Wntadb o I a i I I rockman2b0 0 all
hhlfl c O 1700 heIfer lat bO 211 2 o
llali 1t bO oil I 0 Wood a i O 1 Jil I
Djden 1 2dbl 1112 all Dd bo 0 0 2 1
Keunedyp 9 1170 Lowerf O 1 0 o 0
Tcrrlll r r0 o I l i i MoUonildIfO 0200
Uirber I fO 0 4 I 0 triteo 2 112 40
Collette IIO 0 3 a fl head p 1 2030
Total 1 43013 C Totall 3 88012 3
Horrlltown A 0 OO00100OO 28
Klltalitth A U 00010OOOO 01
Stolen I bain Morrlitown A C 4 rouble play
Wnund I Dash J tirt bilo Oil halls on Kenuedy a
Hit by pltclierfihleM I struck oulliy lleuel 1 by
kenned 6 tlnulreRlle Tlruel 30
Atlcni 1 2 1 l 1 0 3li I
Kliolute 1 82031 722
Lonr lilandi O24O1OOO 7
Augulllnei 3 0 U O 1 0 1 0 0S
2128 8 042 1la
Acorni OO1O4O21O I i
oll r o 4 i i a o o oi 4
Atlanta O 610 3 0 1 0 0 tt
Iroquoli 4 0180001 12
Marloni 210001020s
Iyltl O 0 8 0 4 O 3 1 010
8 g t g 1 1
CUriadont 0 OO313010 lg
Leia 0 0 1 1 002
BIos Bari O 10000 1
orrouiB A c II 0 5 T 2
At Montclalr yesterday th Moatelalr J 0 defined
theO I T TIle scorh
KOirrcuui A r I o 3 T
BlaroAr i Rlaroi
Par dbl 1 2 I JRnmmeHrf 2 0 0 o
inuiau4 I nd hl 014 ojlUvikmi Ur o l 13 o o
l r rIOla ii 1 3 13 I 2 0 1 IVpalrIuklO I 2 1 I
rl < I I 3 2 1 ballu 3d Ii ii < 4 I I
i lir i r 1 I 11 I T i1rcahi a a < 0 4 Ii I
hIhIMts t I I I 1 c 111 e I 0 I I U 0
1lolzlurr r I J K I U I larll 3d b n C I I 1
WLliiiluasltt I I I I I t laui 1 0 1 I I J 3
TLimasrf 1 I 1 I I l Irun e u 0 I I I
Totall 8 8271 0 I Total 2 M41J 7
MonlolalrA C 1O8O0004 I
U NT 1 0 O 0 1 00002
Earned rant alontclalr A O 1 Left on bases
UomclAlr I tolI K lt 6 flrll base en errors
Montelalr tol O i T 4 I Bate i > n balliOff Wilch
4 4 eaciascra Streek soI37 WtldJ bj kCUa
r TwobiiebltnnratiKll erlfleMU WTririnat
Thoniai stolen baietW Thomas 2 Rnmmill 4i
llawklni Mini nenbl piayi llearon HawkIns and
fihabb Mac and Hbalk Wild pltcbn Welch 11
Clancy 1 Lmvm Illgiloa Tluns120
I JOItril tTCIH Ill tCIILLiKD A n 6
The St 1 Joseph Lyceum team inrprlied th LorlHard
A1 at Oakland lark Jersey City ytiUrday after
noon In lbs alt In far the cnampionihlp of the
hudson County League The score
LOkILU 4 r I joitrn iTCtov
L3sroaa a 1 I 1 1
Holtlilerp J 2 J J 1 niretnBdbl 1 2 0 0
nlirien Sdbo 2 8 o 1 Isiani 24 h1 2111
A t f
mtbg r g lri
Somtri I f 01100 llendrlck c0 1811
tuiiem 0 f n 2 l I o Kelly lstb1 Ill 00
them i 5 0 0 2 3 0 Mullmi 1 I 6 1
Mannlondho n 1 1 O Burhard p o n 2 0 o
g t I g g
Huintenlit I I 00 o 4 0 o Hardy I cf n 1 O o
lluflyrt1 1000 Daly I loll
Cook e 1 0 t 1 1 Fallon r fo 0 0 1 0
TotalsIS SIR G i Totals j 72115 i
RtJonph Lyceum 2 3 n 2 o o n
hl g g g 8
LorlllardA 6 o 00030 O3
Earned runi Lorlllard A O 2 Kt Joseph lyceum
I Tvtota hlti Dully Ciillem SCenIC hlti Hol
llitir Mannion Left on baiti Iorlllard A O ill 1 Rl
Joienh Lyceum 2 FIrst bane nn bllififf llollliter II I
nil lluruard ur Struck out Hy Burhard IIW 111 I
lliler 4 Wild pltobeiHoimter 11 Burhard 1
Alpba of Brooklyn OO31 0800 08
Domiitlci 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 OO
AT ro IT ncnoTtm
BmeraMi 381 2 0 0 0 319
floldllr O 1 3 6 0 0 B 013
Pateriont 1 fl 0 e 0 e 0 0 21
Acms 0000000000
A riiiiia
PainloAO 0012fl1015
Waihloitoni 2 0 0 < 0 0 0 0 02
A nanritRAD
n mpitead B on I O 8 0 1Il
Vr g g g g l
yrllportl O OOOOO8O8B
A 505L1W
north sidi 8 0 i 2 i 0 1 2 IB
Oorhatn OOO01O10
Kltubath FlelilCIob0 1 0 0 0 1 e Ol
Birgeui l o 0 o 0 0 0 0i
Kactcrn AeoIUoa
AT BnrrALo
Buffalo 00001040041
Troy O O O 0 O 0 O O 0
Max htti BoRala 7 Troy 2 Erron BlSalo 11
Troy 2 Pltcbiri Schellirman and Welch
Rochester 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0i
Providence o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Bai hiti Rochiitir 7 Providence 8 Frron
Dorau RncheiUr 0 Providence 6 Pitcher Sulllraa and
AT alBalVT
Albany l o o i o o e l 1 4
Blngbamton 2 0 0 S 0 0 0 0 O8
Ban hill Albany I BInghamton I Error Al
bany 4 Blnghamton 1 Pitcher Daly aad Ink
Kmctmll Game Tdy
piTtOKlt LBAGUI AlSO iMimOA Aislotattee
Ft LOUtS TI Washington at 81 Louts
Baltimore I Cincinnati Cincinnati
Emeralds TI Oorhama at Tan Nut
aMlertoni I vi Empires at Allerton Park
haiiau vi Vliltation Lyceum at Nassau Fart
Ground Cuban utant va Wouditocki at the Long Island
lllytnplci vi Xarliri at Lake View
heiv fork Held Club rq V B n C at Forteheitir
Monarchi M Harlema at Fordbam
BuMbaill Notes
Th poit > oned game between the Actors and Report
eri J 1 will be played at the Polo ground on Tuesday at 3
There will I be able benefit tendered to Fhll Caihtm
captain r of the RcottlihAmerlcini I to day at Oakland
Park Jersey City Phil broke hIs leg two weeks ago In
a game with the Montgomerya Two baseball games
will Le played a follows ScottlibAmerlcaua va
Uontgomeryi Cables va Nanaui of Brooklyn
The genial keirier ot the baseball gronndl Prospect
Park John J OBrien was yesterday preieated rWbc a
lllver watch and gold chain and locker hy tbe Brooklyn
Amateur Baseball AssociatIon Thai Honinan making
the presentation ipiech Mr Olirlen replied In A fen
choice remark the event being such a lurprti ai to
nearly take Ill breath away
Cucmi Ant 2TCpl Comlikey took nine men
with him to Charleston lie brought hack I D W
Daub who pitched against the Ked was In the party
101 li now a Ked The Cincinnati captain al rely
to death over M < trip I think I have landed the
prize youngster f tbe country declare Comiikey
Daub U a good all around player he can do loo
yards In 10H second and u a splendid batter
Amateur Haban Keclater
Among the many amateur club IB I trill city and sot
to cedIng places thefollowlEg are anxloui t arraag
game This Hit Include a number of Junior organiza
tion whose player average from 15to20yeara No
communication will be recognized without the ilf na
ture of an official the clubr
Pioneer Will play any club with player 14 yean
old or under Vi Mahr Ga halt EightyHilt street
New York city
Montanki Have all Rundayi In September open to
play club r pin I era under 0 rears fly Crtuou Mon
tauk and Beluiont avelluea Brookl > n
O > iaieii of tho Yoatken A C
TOIIIRS Aug 21Tb Yonkers Athletic Club held
member games at Lowerro this afternoon On
of the feature was a tat ineni race for contestant
weighing 20 pounds and over There were sIx Mart
r but only two completed the diitauce The Loin
iichundr dyard Daih Won by John Walllljyardi
lnbJn 11J
Thomas tnrran iLi > arde second James Oahagan
scratch third Time 11 seconds
rat Stills Race Seventylive lardi Won by Edward
Fttrgernld JAm QuinD ncond Time 1114 seconds
Ituuulng Broad JumpWon by J Vutulau I foot 3
India actual lump Iii feet 1 Inch John Wall 1 foot
second with Ib set 1414 indies
Twomile Blcycl Hacun by Alexander Vorrl
ion no yard C I Burnham scratch second Time
U mlnutei 31W second
Twohundred and twentyyard nun Won by J Wall
seconds 3 J Oabagan scratch second Tim 24 45
Itunnlng High Jump Won by 1 OBrien sCratch
with r feet 2 inches J Uahagan 2 luchel second
with 4 feet 10 inches
Putting Twelvepound Shot Won br J McQnatlaw
crutch actual put HH feet Hluchei J Gahagau 9
inches second with 37 feet
Mxhundr d yard Kun Won by J 7 llcOuallaw 70
yards J UUriooZhOyards i second
Tennll at Central Park
The Invitation tennis tournament at Central Park
was not brought to a coie yesterday afternoon ai ex
pected lr Toad who was to tilay Hobart was
atient on account of lllnei The Lowrle Mc3ullen
match was the only one played Lowrle winning In
three straight sets by 00 62 1311 The remit
places Lowrle on even terms with Pant who held third
The fall handicap nn the upper ground wn slatted
ThA Increased entrance fee and the tact that lb
stronlcr Ilaers are more tuteresteul In the lnvlttio
tournament kept Con lb hot or entries MIr ot lk
lower ground Lao handicapped altogether too lightly
and should win the tourney with eat He l disposed of
two opponent yesterday and li now In the flnali Th
Preliminary I I Round It Plans Jr thirty beat O 8
BfJ t fo
Badger halWorty r4 86
First houndA W Kelly half thirty beat Victor J
Meltier halfthirty Ul u3 w T iriller Jr Hfteen
beat Paul llalpln scratch 01 83
second Itound W T Miler Jr OrIson b11 Flaui
Jr thirty 06 86
Nevr Vtrecht Qua Clnb
The mal attendance of ineinheriof the Netv Utrecht
Gun Club at their weekly iheot at Woodlawn Park
Urareiend K L ran only he accounted for by the fact
that many ot lbs member were at Bheepibead Bay
Thus present had a SIns afternoon iprt both at live
bird and Keyitone targets la the latter contests for
the gold and surer medal for flrit and con R I
Street and W I SyVei tied the latter scoring fltiein
and the former with a handicap of me bird coud
fourteen making a tIe On itiootlnif on I f Syke
won with lIve straIght to I I Street three the for
mer taking the gold medal and the latter the slIver one
In the live bird iwiepitaku I R Street defeated 1
others killing twinlyflv bird straight The scores
lub Shoot li TargilP K Btreet I = W F 8 > kei
1 5 r Adams J3 c A hikes 10 Tips for medals W
h llvku Kl II P HtrftAt A
llrl l4aepstake HIool 2ln BlrdI I Rlrl
30 yard 11 V p Bykee28 yards 91 Adams31 yards
bIe I Whilue 27 yari 8 i C yr ill yards ZyI
bron Sweepstake 10 live IrdKII Street 10
1 I t > Kf > a ii I P Auauji o
Third hweepltake Blll niriliR I Street 61 r
Adauii fi C A Si ken C I W Blattrnacber 4 W 1
Hykei a Ties fur tint pnzei C A Bjkei 3 I R
HirAf M f Adams 0 I
A DnblU Atbleta to All Aa rlra
Tom r Xly who claIms to be the amateur
champion all round athlete of Inland writes from
Dublin to the IrJIn aainli that hi will meet J r
OHnlltvan T M Donovan 1 He Bu1gr or any other
mail at the following gaines Hinging 6 pouudi be
tween legs I mid follow itahdard 24 feet running high
Jump itandard C o 2 Inchei 10 Tad standard
112r > teindi putting 2B round with follow stand
aol listed running lung Jump itaudard 20 feel 12O
yard hurdle standard 18 2 5 cold pulino Id
pound shot standard 35 feet running hop step and
jump standard 44 feet 440 yards standard 06 sec
ends throwing the lupmmil hammer from circle
itandard HO lest three Handing jumps standard 82
feet one mile itandard r mlnutoi The gauiii tu be
governed by the law of the U A A Bcortng tnbeiix
point for nrit and three I points for second f no point I
whir standard li I not reached lath lan to ulCI
OD Judge j aud both lo soled a retire
bbootlnar at Datr Park
The wiatbir yeiterday Was a great drawback to She
atlindanc of Ihe members of the LlodiaOrovi Qua
Club at Dutir Part Only tour mimbin wet present
to compel for the ebb medil at ilvin brds each
J Blrniell gr W Cunningham tied with Hi ont of
levin and the former withdraw In favor of the latter
Tin icorai J Hlrmill 27 yards ei W Cunningham
Id yards 6 t WeUirnborn lIt yard fi c Homey 2 7
yards I
Iunilllo A C Gum
Fonr gold stop watcher four sliest stop watches four
hlkUiiadu pneumatlo kafetlei Ihree pair 1 pneumitlo
tires twu iloLbteacilou pearlbandl riolver two
diamond huge piano lainpia illier water pitcher with
up aid trsy nahioganr saly chair onyx rlocA sod
olber bsndonce iTlss make up lice list cttsred ri1 this
aasslc 11 Club hit I heir race mil on aspi 31
tlWO this IHuD rCe rck Tics aggrgate cut hp gn
Iii trains every day is I Chicago by Mv Tck Us teal
Aiairtoat greatest xtUtead4
ton MAY IIAR vnim
Office it In our Hit i > t Aih e rtulnr Agencies yea
do not nnd one convenient
Van Tassell
At Their Mammoth Repository
tao ine FAME laTh ST THRO van T
iso ier IST ASM 1211 KA8T mil ST
hLCOMIIAM > CAimlAlliS IN Tills OITL 3
Eightspring Victorias
and Victorias with Rumbles
Natty Summer Traps
Till rolrAlt lttNAliiliiT WAOONS IX ALt
RTIlC II5ttANhJ Tlll2iM1tlAND WITh AND h
tITll0lT 101S
OatNIfllSfiq wnoMpi T CASTS DItFOTWA
Mail Coach
nANnsniKRTtNAMnRtn port rung
Body Brakes Skeleton Brakes
TlN vii
Elegant Secondhand Brake
LY rNI > lhli AND OAN UK Hir < iHT AT A BAROAIlt
nous AMI iivriiKi CIJWIAINSs
I It Will Pay You
IIIILURTIK A l hllltltrY hhC < 3lMIAJHLTT17 >
RKMKslHLhilKtTS ItlLU ANtI CIliA iis
II c i
rrual jJt ZJBBTi 7l eV g9nHkj B >
372 374 376 BROOME STREET
100 HEAD
2 Wil 41111 piT 1113 I1IIOADW5W y
SlHI tub Iy I 4ear 445k Ut
liilflAk In 1IKI t JIMMKI ltEFAlitUdJ MO V
iitA I F 1111114
rilll UAlllv siN Imardlnc sod livery ittblei a
J hi x Mtilli iiti 1 up lint nan has good ntibv
I 11 Ill ii I arininiiindiiiloii for co > cl > ei trusts or
Iujlll ii rs n itrL i 1ttj las wek oriroiith 5004
echO I rn 5 Ajly nl tic atalile 30 aihlnttoa ss
A 11W illiP11ilt lot 1itGUiEi5 30 and
J ll iil l 41 Oootcr st up
rnill l K l III II IUlt Mk oifllerachi trucki compute
I llhC curl Prices ryatollahile 4315 Wen it a
11 n2
pOthitUll Q300d0
trtBrilll PVKIMATIf BJi > aA
icriiiii rNliVV1 U SSS
11551 tO It l4 EU lb VAle e
I EIEtsfl LlIJluN
NEtS 851111 5 EPtIIIUS gg
olJt mts Pcalteris JVMISI0N uso
Alt tile 511055 are first class call or scud lot cli
cucr i Sell Of CAl pftilirilts
J W BATE 00 <
CAFIITY BICYCLE new great bargain muasiS t
I 50111 1235 itellford av Brooklyn v
Aetna AT inn rnno
1 ad rlnl 011 Iocky KaUwtaa Ma lra
Tko KrnRfr Riakei
BARATOOA Auc 27The Saratoga Associa
tion disposed of the last stake that in the
transfer of the track I year ago was one of the
legacies bequeathed to the
leefcle now management
I only served one purposoto show It how low
In ebb tho once powerful Santa Anita Stable
has become In years gone by tho rod and
black of the Baldwin string was often lon in
the van at Saratoga when Murphy on the
back of tho cracks from the Tactile
slope was a terror to tho bookmakers
This station tho stable has won at the
Saratoga meeting thus far only one race and
today with two starters In a field of three
was beaten off with both by I threeyearold
that Is so little thouglitof by the handicappers
here that ho alms IlKurca on the bulletin of
welclilf in the lowest category I was proba
bly Ihe poorest stakes ever run in tho history
of tho event Tho days racing was not of a
very high order
Marguerite was favorite In the dash for
twoyearolds that began tho days snort but
Elk Knight disposed of McCormlcks Ally in
hollow style Toano with 2 to 1 against him
won tho second moo oiislly lllalnst
Illltzon with only only up took the
truck at the beginning of the mile and a six
teenth handicap and romiiod home at the
finish He was quoted at t to 5 In the odds
Fenelon and Dadce being heavily supported
The Honta Anita Stable declared to win with
Balonlca In the Kenncr Utakos and the Illly
wan favorite at 5 to 2 on Ronald at a to 1
had the Ualilwln horso whipped on tho first
mile and Honald won pullrnl up
The closing race was tho best and In fact
the only real good batting affair of the fRCt
Tactician was favorite but Lavish Cottonade
aragon and Llthbert were all heavily supported
al heavllu
ported Lavish took the lead at tbo start and
never relinquished It Tactician was some
what interfered with nn the backstretch but
never showed the speed to beat the winner
FuneieoO rr twoyearold the winner to ba sold
at auction di a and a half furlongs ln b
K Burma b c Elk Knight by fre Kalgit Roma
Ing Maid 101 iMorrtil l
J II McCormlcki ch f Mamierlie lOOT Flrnni 2
J 1 hhleldaili C by EoloiSinon ha l > OrIgIn3
Bprlnzbuck rutnam and Chuwell alio ran
Time l12i <
BeltlngAralnit EU Knight 1 toB Margitrlt S Se
6 NIDon colt CIO J
run IBOO for all ages lit furlotg
Khaftan stable1 b g Toano U by Longflllow Sala
ra 112Morrli 1
W J Bplenib f LlHttan 100 Sweeney 2
a F Cadlgani b o Lord llarry 4112 flynn 3
Xabil I aliun Inferno and Zampoit ran
Time 1174 > rI
BettlngAgalnit Toano 2 to 1 Llntta U to II Lord
Harry V to r
Handicap purse 7M for threeyoar otis tad BB
ward one mile and sixteenth p
I Bradleri br c Blitien a by Blaiei Oerminla
10 II Jonei I
t Mulltnil be h Badge aged 104 Dome 2
E Llhi U c Gambler a K8 Lelghl I 8
Lady Superior and leneion ulno ran
< Time lrW
BettlngAgalnit Blltrin sr t i i Badge B to 2 Cam
bIer 12 to 1
This Kenner Stakes for three > ea oldl I at S100 each
with S1500 added of which SOu to second aid MOO
to third one mil and three uarteri
C Ktelichmani ch c Ronald by Hoiilngton Secret
llr MorrU c l
Santa Anita Mahleibr f Balonlca lievDoane 2
i i n gl r lI
t otJji
Santa Anita Stables ch c Rio lirande 115 DavIs 8
Tim K2IX
Betting Agatnit Ronald 11 to 61 2 to I on Balonlca
against Rio Grande G to 1
Purse G for all ages iK 1 furlongs
D Campbell br c Larlib 3 h > Tremont Lava 102
Morris 1
W llendrlei ch f Cnttonade 3 Dome 2
J K beagrami b c Tactician 4 J 12 Hint 3
National lithbert utalece Frank 1 Paragon and
Panway also ran
Time 1 11
BettlngAgalait Lalih 3 tol Cottonad 18 to Si
Tactician 8 to c
Opening Day at Iatonla
CitnivATi Aug 27The fall meeting of the Latent
Jockey Club enened today with an attendance of
about 0 000 fine weather and a fair track The talent
picked three of the six winner while well backed
choices won the other race The results follow
First Raceone mile Protection nrit Helma D leo
lOll Harry Kay third Time 1 4 > <
f > cond luce Helling threequarlere of a mite Clln
tie C nrit lllppona second KluuH third Time 11M
Third Itaco > rIr mile and half a furlong Phi
lona J nnt Maud Ho ard CODd Rote Boy third Tim
ruurth Rac Merchant Stakes one mil RIng
Time Lee 1 flrit 1424 Ida Pickwick second chief Juiilce third
Itrth naco Five furlongs fortwoyearoldi Mildred
fIrst shadow lecond Verdant third Time 1 OJU
Klxth Itace Three quarter of a 11 lining Mont
111 vlionril 11111 es second I Mile third Time
Haclnc Reuli at Mr Ioal
Ki LocI Aug 71h races loday at East St Louis
ramitted > Cola i
First Hace Jlx furlongs Florenc Shanki flrit Zoo
lite leiond Maud third Time 1 It44
Second Itace File furlomri Tuwnend ant West
more second Virgin third Time lolf
Third Kace r our furlongs Llchtnlng first Red Ban
ner secol d Diamond Jo third Time OMl
fourth RaceFlee turlonc Schoolgirl first Cat
ooia leioud Lucy Howard third Time 101
rirtn liace six furlonui Luna flnt Zooielu iicond
Lua May third Time 117
tlall iol
Sixth linennix furlongs Lombard first lloreuco
Slaughter second thistle third Time 116
The Winners at Oloactrr
Oiocciitiii Aug 2iTb results of Udayi races
Hr t RaceFour and a half furlongs filenmonnd
flrn llattle T lecoliJ 1ickidene third Tim OMii
SecOnd Kace Hie elghtha of a mile Moderate Brit
Richard T leoond Little Nell third lime 1 UuU
Third itacehesen and a half furlongs > Utl rit
GoMeu lIed second PuCHtelto third Time 1 40
Fourth llteereveij eighths of a mile Kuiteed nrit
wl lulld
BolliHrliiH second Chatham third Tim l334l
Fifth KuceOne mile Pelliam first CMtaway 10
Ond lugglsr third l Tune 14114
sixth ilcieSix and a half fUrlongs llontigue first
Ella lecoud Surplus third Time 127
A 8000 Wager Offered on Billy Slyer and
Kiw Cm IAII Aug 1Tho betting In the local pool
rooms picked up a little today At Lainothi two bets
were made ot irJO to O on Sullivan Dixie and
Myer the bet of tlOOO lo I120O on Sullhan li itlll
on the board and unlakin at the Creicent A promi I
nent sugar broker offered today to lay I tOCO on Myer
at even money The bet was taken soon ai announced
a cotton broker accepting Another bet or llOOOto
SKO In favor of McAullUe was made
Information has been received by lb club onVlali
tint the green rorn special from Chicago will carry
35Op rioni the Ianiai City special 116 A Denver
excuntonhai 15 names I the Hit Jack Dempsey
has liurchaied licketi for hlmtelf and a party of twin
tyfive from Portland Ore Mackey and Well will head
a wealthy delegation from ban Francisco flier will
be fifty TeMiu on a special from Ran Antonio
The electric clock which the Olympic were to have
need at the coming light will not be here In time In
its place will be a maiilve gong and a duplicate bell
both worked by electricity Tbll1 li I thought wlllob
Ihoulbl 10b
late any dinlrulty on the tim question
Jimmy Carroll arrived In th thy lul evening Hi
was accompanied by Johnny tlrlflln who will assist In
getting JarkSkellj I In ihape for bn bout with Dixon
After the 1lc carnival Carroll SkI and Jrlllm will
return lo Brockton where the utter will continue
training lot lll bottle I I with Lynch befor the Cone
liland Athletic I I lub
Reports today from Dlxona camp stats that Hie
cnloted bantam I dawn In IMpouadi He will get
down to 113 pound and then gradually build up and
strengthen IJnlu weighing m time iiixon will not
come In town until tl day before th fight
Bob FltrilntniiiiK ide < i rime to town I loday He i t I
still training nnd seem to cherish tile bone that I
fight willl Hull will cume about 111 loin unexpected
way The iIlYullpll olilcials I onitriie Halls remaining I
In rnvlan I ii > t cry fat arabia I to u match I bet t weiu hliu
and rit lmmonn
BnlllTua to Lr 111 TraUlnpr Quarter oa
CANOE Ticn INN Aug 27D hard work
in the gymnasium John U Sullivan further reduced
duced his weight today to 205 pounds Hli
utipearanco on the stniro on Monday evening
will convince en en his enemies of Ills prime
condition lie ioser lilt the bag BO viciously
no hu did this itfternoohi in answer to u clout
lenge from u xpectiitur 1
jlo iiBioeittile weather kept the visitors
away tndnir hut among tho few who urrlvud
here wor iuliivaias lawyer Edward JloikluB
null Mr 1earca of Jloslon
11t r > thlnglH In readiness tolearothlp place
nil Monday The trunks urn nil packed only
DUO sweater being left out for HullIvnnH UHU
on Sunday The party will take the 211 tralu
on Monday afternoon for llrooklyn
No TcBolc Ht Nevrpirt
KEWFOBT Aug 27 Playing In the semi
final round of the tennis tournament was
postponed todar on account of rain The
contests between E L Bal and Lamed and
Hover and Wrenn will take place on Monday
morning The llnal round will also be clayed
on tlmt I day and on the following day Oliver t
tuuiptall wH meet the winner of the first
round for tho American cliumplonehlp
Hough tVmtlier for nlielter laUnd Tnckla
BIIIIIIK Iiuvn Aug 27hi lust f this series of
races ot the bhellcr Island Yacht Club which r held
here todiy r not aiucienluany wiHjeireillier
and water not Icing favorable The rae for flrit elsi
rattwali WaS declared off I will bu rs sailed on labor
lay Auiouif the second clap bcati the iiolden llnd
Curlew aid Norman itarted hut the Curlew 1 wa com
pelled I to put hack by reavon of a heavy iea Later In
rtCndlng I the Brit state the Uoldin I stud sprung her
mail sd mired from the cooteit This Norman was
Aioland the wlttBir U a Dews II amlBitM ant 10
rk tfy Win the Chaptaehlp
Thu eUveni of ike Berkeley aid New Jriy Athlitlo
Clubs battled yesterday afternoon n this New J
Ot al al Bergen follli in the decisive match for flrit
honors In the first seethe of the Metropolitan Vlitrlot
Cricket League and the n rkUy won the contest aid
therhlmplonihlp The scersi
15W unlOY Aun lL ulaIPLIT AttltlO CLItL
r 1 Ceider o nn n E Jackson b EIII 61
lIry b Jackson II Ii Couiby b EIII 11
CII farner 11 Jtaon 2 F O Iayae b EIII 1
J Jnld bJhon 21 AI 21 Cobb n EIII 0
k 5 U lrteic 2 Vd Rlehsrdosn e Cal
T 1 t3srhs 0 015511 1st b JOlla I 4
iy bJsckson tu 3 Flannery not ad i
rwr PitIes c Syeeth T J1 rrII b Ellis If
b Jackson 25 It Ti Walker not aul C
A mull Co Walker b C Wch I
Cobb 17 SC0050r Did not
II I A Voting b Jackson JII D Macrarlaus I bat
E J Darted tu Cobb 0 IIys 13
1J EIU5 I I hi w b leg byes 1
Cuuhb 1 Wide l 3
ll hinds run out 12
llyea 3 Tocal a4
Total 31
21A5LL55 CoOrs wou
This long 1181 t 0 11110 and W O WllkllllOlI
gained a victory for Harlem or Einge Cuntt Pro
prl Park The score
O WIIIIm c Turtle b n F TunIs c Rowley
a Franklin S
u hWordi b12Jj b riiki ti 0
Webster 1 W O Willinson c sub
r Franklin run out S tL Franklin a3
Ej W ondon c 111117 7 1 Ouvey a and b
I Pedlow II Franklin I 14 I
f helms I run hI 0tsiihy b Cengdon a
II fowl7 ukWib13 4 P610w n IC out 7
51cr 0 W J auruy c Will
r Proctor not 10 labs tL Conltlon 0
Dr Poocook run out 2 E Wslr b Congdon 7
T Ayrs C Turtle b Ma IJ P Kelly I rus out U
510515 I y Iagiflnls b eong
I Sys g lId 4
Lo5 byes 3 lIdJ Webster tea out 6
Whiles I Byes 16
Legbyss 1
Total 112Total m
Tile ncond sIeves 1 of the Paterson Clnb also won their
tarn with the Brooklyn T Coppock and J O Rain
bow doing the belt work la both department The
UOOKLTW sacoin ITft FAT5005 C C UCoD SIS
A W Bru 0 aucI b T lImmo4 b UIIIrd 0
Leppoek f U Fisher Co Olllrtl b
W J 24anhy Il Rainbow 2 Fisher 8
r U u n rjbc McKee oFUom hi Ulliarci 3
1tCrJc 5 T Coppook retired 111
1t o Brown b Rainbow I 1 COpoJ l dji
e 00ddu4 c f1I b wckt tL Ulllard 22
Coppoct 1 3 Prescott b floWen e
J 1 Fairy b Rainbow 0 T Marsh b Bowen 1
T B Bon b Crppock 0 W MaKe Co Uoddar4
Aldrldee run out 3 blIoII 0
T r Ibr run out 0 Pearson n1 cot 211
A C lanlss I not cut 0 II 8hlss b Goddrd 1
JLcrelgbinnrunout 0 n 811Inlr c Bron
Byes 8 b Barnes 0
Byes 4
1011 iii wIles 4
TtI 13
Wawuaas vIa L4UiiY
Contrary Jr eapeetatloas I be Nswatk teats bad ma
trouble to defeating 145w York yesterday at Central
Park winning the rm by fG runs Tbo core
MIWARI C C Now 1OU < c
Al1Rtrattord Lbw EASkyne ruhuout I
bdr g
b htratford 10 C IlOroby C Strattor
olIlnI4cllcllnl b Moore 1
b Stratford 12 J Rourk Co 011 b
iOilbertbItlratford 8 Stratford e
0 Nr run out 1 PWStratfordb lIoor 12
Owens C WIIIIm b P Walker nol out 0
lvNevln 2 1 block b Moors 1
D Knight I c Stratford JMcNevln bStratrorui t
b Rurk 12 A William Co lIupper
E t1cWhood Walker 11 b Stratford 3
T IJWIlIIOcNbrh J Johnson Moore 0
b flourS 11 II Davidson a lilbort
J Moore c Williams b blllrlrord1
Wlter 0 J Newburgu Chin out 0
p hi 11011cr Walker C Stratford r ltye
O Stamford nol out 7 Total 23
Lr byes 2
Total 711
Ibe Victoria Co C wets deprIved adiarred victory
eler lb IIIr llrnderion Club tit Central Park the
game being declared a draw with the halter tram 63
run behind and ouly one wicket lo fall Tin score
lcToRia C C P5155 5lEODIftOos C ros C C
1 lluirhee b liooi 4rtT Foster hi ltlcbardsen 1t
t IIUlb b Forhes341 1lhndrlct hi Douglas 1
W Urnon did nol bt IV IInnII b RIchard
J II Douglas b Foster12 son 0
1 CampbelL slid not ei12 morbes b Rlchiardsonjo
A IIlcbrdoa not ul14 J Flood c VOUIII b
L J ory not out J
It Patersol run out22 A K handy I b Douglas 1
E Stineclret f Allester k Douglas 2
A ylitis dldntbat 11 urton nol
I 11 Blubb J Y James c w Hughes
Byes II RIchardson I
WIde 1 D Hnhr Itichiardoes II
C Downs did not bt
Tolall00 Byes I
The newly orginlred Bearomnald Club won their tint
Latch at Prospect Park a here they defeated the team
of the sew York Printing Company by 65 rum Tho
iRAcoicsrirLD r o saw TORE FIlISTiMO CO
W Hammon b Kelly E Renney b Iranion 4
C Hammond c and b Handy b Branion o
ney Morgan run out 5
II ldfieid b Kelly 1 Cbapman Hranion O
Murray b Kelly 7 Barlow c Wygant b
W Branton K I Kelly 4 Doyle I
v Simpson b Barlow 10 Ohilitan hi Iloyle U
T Shiucw 0 NeWa hi Kelly I hiransun I
Kelly 4 Pittma b hlalnmouij 0
A oriy b Kelly 4 Newman out out u
y Doyle hi Kelly 0 Drury run out 0
J Matbu500C ewtuan heron LDoyle 1
b Kelly S Byes 3
Wygani nut out I
Leg Total
WilliS U
A VICTOR tOft TOM 5004 Or 5 05020
The Pioneers played at lrospert Park and proved
iitiIils to the Suns uf St Isurge who won by 1 runs
The seers
PlONarRC C 5OS Ot sr C0110251CONO
w Eunsile C Uatto b
torm 0 H 0 WilkInson ronout 0
I EuisRe cWilkinson b J II Mitchell hi tuiiler
Storm j wood 4
It Wilson b Storm U I A 115cm 1 Shunpeon 7
11 i Mann 51 ltoyls b IL A Iloluics b hillupsun17
StormI ldh Smith bIt wicket hi
w simpoan hi Usiton 0 i4linpson 21
I iloowL st ltuyals hi TOtticerblttrupuon I
hlattoli I 3 Royals II Mid4liuss 7
Illilar r Wilkinson hi Dr hluakiuou a alit hi
hiatton 0 Mann 4
hunter run Out I W Uatiuo C 1 EmaIl
tndrwoOi ii lluskhuisnnlO ii Simpson 51
T Midldllemas hi hluskin 8 liallanu b Mlddlrnas 2
soil l 1 Iattsrsou net out 0
Lamb 1101 ost 3 Ii as 3
Byes 1 idcs a
SAMHLITA5S 1101 012015
The lanbattans losing stresk Cae continued yeats
day at ilalngsion where the Itlaten Island team
tbroutI the good bowlIng of II N Townsend and J L
Pool Woll by 77 runs This acsre
uAuuAlyAX sTAyrO cSlAso
II A Noon hi Towiisend 2 F N lander C King hi
I 5 lrehdergssl cOgit Mart is
by LI Tltieud 0 7 T Phort o Mart hi
It It Coyn C Foul hi Sunedhey 14
TiWfldeiid 2 It It Pool hi Mart 3
1 iluiIttI C Pool hi II N Towosend r Bert
Twnsead 0 hil4uaediey I
B 4 liloxsoul I Short H lJ Hsrioii Li Coins 35
1 TOWllscfll 0 A Ailhcrspoon c sub
1 Isrt C 011117 hi runt a hi hmedlsy 0
A ihlieIley C Illwnsetid 3 irierson b Hmeulley 0
hi Pcol 0 F K slilllrt c boon b
F 5 1dec11 c unit hi Frendergast 17
hool 10 7 L Pooh not
F learsuul not uot 2 it igilby run out o
II ti King hi eol U C 54 hlslcalf c King b
iztf55 4 toyns r
Total 29
Total j3
riTlusot nowIs 550051T8
The Cronklyns played an exciting Mars at Paterson
wilh the local tears and lust by usl nine raics This
C Kerry rim out 5 A llrowii c bile hi
H BIllIon 100 Iaiiok 4
B liralianl c and hi 0 t Yeo hi Clarkoon ii
Tulile 7 1 A Tuilie hi Clarhison 2
w Mttock hi DurraotIj II helms b Clarksui U
V hilillock hi Tuttle ii A It Durran U Clark
ii Wild b Yeo I son
Riley c hrsy hi teo U 1 ilearns run out 22
s tlarleon a iearse W A iiray a 1 utton
hi Veu o hi Llarkauis I
1 slutlon run F w Mayes e lllley hi
J Itaherteous C sill hi Clsrksoui I
Tuttle 2 ii Keogh hi ClarkionI3
1 lhinchteiitts nut out 0 W 5 heale not sut 4
11 2 1 byes 3 WIg J Duncan hi Clsrkou 0
1uebali1 4ilyesiegbys
4i5iO 5AT lii dIrT nr Pasis
At Monitor Iark Weehawken yesterd y the Aibtous
defeated a team from tue steamship City r Paris by
tile following score
AiIm Cliv or CASIO
0 iclntObbbladdlcks 2 Bpurdens hi mttb 0
J Mcintosh C Downes buy run out C
b Maddicks Ponies r 15104 hi
II Brown a iIltgerald amitli 3
hi Peterson mn out 51
C iuiesth hi NadlIcks S Button I ituxih
II Gulcelit c MaddiCks ooper hi buithi 13
hi Cooper a Vitzgtrald hi lIuith 0
P w j mith C Jrnes Thsines hi llruwi I
I blauhligka 35 Irescott not out 1
tcCrsa hiLoieC 8 111cc run out I
ii tsod hi Ifaddicis 2 Mslldlcko U lnhlhll ii
Culwillan c out by 3lad ilyos 15 whiles
dicke 0
Ioiiis hot 0111 11 Total
II 1 Lewis ii Cooper I
Ilyes 10 wiles 2
Total tI
solve sloollyx 20505 jug Topics
The Sooth Brooklyn teeond eleven turned the tablet
on the 81 Ueorns A C br defeating their aicond
eleven at Ceotrat Iark by four rum alter sidling
game The spore
057 IOOILT lCOSD 57 SIOLOLS A C 550053
A SmIth C Evans hi ii dare b lisle 0
Albrga 8 A 8ourne c Taylor b
F Byrne b Perks S lisle 0
0 hale c Evsns hi AI F 1 Loughlun hi Hale 0
berga 7 1 Alhorga I hi w b
C Taylor not out itO lisle 1
A ft iltnihh C Byrns b P Perks hi Taylor 13
Iorks 02 covert hi lisle I
C Adair C CRrs hi Al 1 hlrllslloll hi lIsle 11
bergs I 2 I Iians hot Ut 3
0 uieingarleu I Ai I cr1 Ii Jallor 4
berga 0 H Itdwuiij Li list 17
Ii J hodges Is Albergo 4 8es 2
I iiarilner rul out I No belie 2
2 Eltaltiesr ri 0 out 2
8 Braudon a and hi
Perks S
flIoaVs 0 vi
LI Cccliii PeA De It Oeeigis A tSteIDeS ez
f A
rlrtJa the South Brooklyn In their second mutlni In
the League serbs by 43 rnpa The seers
lotrtit XOCELTX IT ntoRoxi A C
J Dixon b Harm v It A Nobles c King b
J Wllian it Amiwortb nixon l7
b Bull I a Kitord b Winon PI
If II Abbott I I b w b P I Thledo u vilion 13
BulL 4 w 11 Ainiworth c end
II A llanbury run ont 4 b Itllititnti tfl
w Hint b Harm 0 J 1 K I Welch b rituhinn 2
1 Magnui b harrIs 4 f I hAdnlck li I It lmin 2
II Rnihton h horns I II A II lit b Iliuhlon 1
J nobirtinn c A b null 1 W W Thomn K 1 iiion 7
II T Peterion run out I T W llama not out 0
5 Marmn h I Bull 4 llev K lie K Mlet b
J Peacock not out 4 ItnMitnn 1
Leg hiys I n II lireimin bWllion o
Iiyi 2
Total 31 Leg bje 4
Totst 78
The Unvhatlnn A C Sieve none ThIngs
Not to III llklnc
F R Fortmoyor yesterday sent In his resig
nation as second nontenant and n governor of
the Manhattan Athletic Club A few weeks
ago Fortmercr resigned from tho rowing di
rectorship In conncqucncoof n dlsaurcomont
between him and the other governors In rela
tion to Fred Hawkins tim Saratoga scullur
Hawkins had lost a tow raiot which Foil
meyer believed ho could have won and so
unsatisfactory wore Hawkinss txcuos that
Fortmoycr would notcntcrlilm In the National
regatta Ho was placed In that event how
everncnlnst Fortmoyers wishes Litter 1ort
meyer refused to enter Hawkins In the Middle
States regatta and again illd the commlttue
intor him against Fortnieyers wlshos This
act was Immediately followed by lie rowing
directors resignation
In connection with this resignation Eugene
Tan Schnlok caused to bo published a state
ment to the effect that he had demanded Fort
meyers resignation This tho latter emiihatl
cally denies Fortmeycr said yesterday that
among an athletic commltteo ot so largo a
club as the Manhattans them should be har
mony to ensure success It was for this reason
that he tendered his resignation believing It
Will be for the best Interests of the club
That the M A i loss n valuable man In
Fortmeyer there Is no doubt Ho Is not only n
practical oarxman but one of the bust known
in the Unltod States llelsn mnmber of the
Kxeoutlve Committee of tile National Asnocln
tlonof Amateur Oarsmen Commodore of the
Fasxalo Regatta Association and becrotnryof
the Middle Slates Association Ho huH during
his term of ollloe workoU hard and lalthlullv
for the M A C blnco hU establlslimunt of
the rowing department the club has won ten
bannerti and about twontytlvo medals an <
ccllent shuwlng for the llrnt rear He also
superintended the work ot building the hand
Homo now boathouse located on tilt Harluui
Itivorut the foot ot 107th btroot
NoBRtiircll Oarsmen Ilavei Home Good Sport
The Nonpareil Rowing Club were very fortunat yes
terday afternoon In baying the weather and condi
tion of the water favorable for the holding of their
fourteenth annual regatta Ku > r > race ass hotly con
tested from Hart to tlnlib and on the whioe the re
f atta was iqual to many of the open ones held during
the season This races were rowed over the regular
mil denise starting attlacombi Uatn unIt and tin
liblnff at Uateia lumber dock
The first event on the programme was the lunler tin
gies between J M l Miller nnd J T rarreiH Miller
caught this water nritnnj wont to this front Ue hell
the lead to the finish and won by two lengtha nine
7 inlautei 2 iictm In
This niTlce elimle gg race had neren entries The
law of boat racing a cr0 luiiieiHled the llret man
over the line being declared the winner whether he
fouled or not The iarteri acre It r Krart K N
Bradbury t 1 It htimiion u A Mejer U Ulltuan O 11
Wenderutb and M l A Cornell Cornell uun tuok tIle
lead and at the halt had lour Irugtla on udiuntmie
Thothenlx Were well bunched lltre llrailbury be
gan tooierhanl Cornell but at the three quarter ha
ran afoul or a KCOW enileruth gulni tutu ircfmd
place Cornell won easily by about ten lengths In u
mInutes 3b lecoiitlM
Tile Junior double coll JTH had three entries ns fol
lows U ti bchnelder bow 11 W SchneIder itroke
H llerber bow H c llordecker itrcme tjeorit
Bates bow C kley atrnke TIde start woe a good one
but loon alterward Batea iteereil acriii the river ant
at this quarter fouled the Schupidere and was dliiuhl
tiled Ihie Schneider brother then tout the lend and
held U to the nnleu winning by three length In U
xnlnutei 54 secondi
Kor the senior diiuMeicnll gigo three crew started
at follows U 1 liray how J r Karrelly stroke
1 H Morgan bow K A Meals stroke J Mcehan
bow T vlade stroke The start was a good one anil
the three crew were on even term to the quarter
where hiraya crow took the lend slid held It to Ih
tlnlib winning by two Icnctbi In tl minutes locoudi
Unrgani crow was it conil
There were four sInners In tti I fouroared gig event
At the word they all started oil at u terrific pace and
were un even terms to the quarter where Schneider
crew dlew aherfd Neitrtnif the half Miota iliifped his
eat and lull the lead to MuipionK crew ThIs taller
won In ti rumuteH 14 iivcondi The winning crew were
II C Boedecker I A Mahulka Jr 11 llerber Charles
Kley atroke u U Simpson coxiiwaln
The last race wan Cur riKln oiriil khelli There wore
four tarter schnelderi crew caught the Water first
At the quarter htmpinlia crew tixik a slIght lead in
other three crews lielniion elcn terniH U waau pretty
race to the three quarter hliupitun H crew tlll huldiug
the lead They Ilually oioled me line I winnir lu >
nitnutei 20 iLcondrt Ihe winning crew were M A
Cornell s I lUuimond II HerherJ 1 M Miller J Uolanl
y A Mahulka Jr II c llordriker Chattel hley
stroke Ueorge It Mrupion Colewaill
New York nd btitten Ixlnnder Play Till
Bark Without Jleclalon
There was an exceedingly lively gameotlacrone at
the Polo grounds yesterday afternoon the teams of tuft
New York A C and Slateri Island A c being the con
testants They struggled until darkness set In and
when play was lunpeudcd the score stool t to a The
play was very fierce etlcka hiLts and feet all ItiHif
used In the eflort to score goals MtiirKlng was Indulged
In by all concerned and few of the tontctttantu emerged
from the battle without loine mark of the fray Both
teams scored two goals In the nrst It lit and one each
In the second Toward the latter end i > f tics second
half lb Staten Ulandera condolIng to male the bat
tle a drawn one lunicd theIr lorotsat their on II COM
and divoted All their euertclefl titward i > reentlny tile
New xorki scoring lu nhlih tile y were nucct uful
Tile contendllik pla era lined up as fullow
fttalfn Itltlnd 1 C Imili b Jre 1vrl A C
Douglas Hoal Saiiiu
Miller iCapU 1olnt r Itoe
UoberLl l oer pnliit Tape
foil I iri1 detrnie Ilicniy
lloyl h c n I lriire Unvii
Noiei fhlril ilif erne M Hjae
Itltchey iVnlie bent
McLean rtritatlai t liurnn
IBrtru > < i und Httaik I artier
Huih IhlrdMtatk I I A ill dill
KIng InmUn hiiliiB llieer
Corn llutilile bows MuJeaud
Jlfrilrn I Held faiiUini IH Klaunery
RefereeW K illlette Iluplrei r Hopkln 11
P hmltn
For thn New Ynrli Wheeler and M Roue scorch goals
In tile Him half sull tludeuuii put ilg bill turouith In
tile lecond half Mi lean uiil > lrlen niado iuaU for
the Mettn lilandirx in this llrnt halt and Kin diil the
tncL In the sill 1cclordhls Slide was the lirl
uieetll ill thime teiltila Ill 1116 A A I rhalupiiMUhlu
ami I ihdr ilelt encoiintci will beluuknl fonrai l lu with
lilt erect
An Lacy Victory for lie Minilintlnn
interesting disagreement between Mprov of the
IVHUIiml uud Crosby ut the Maulmltini added iplre
totheihaniploukhlplacroiie niatih liyiil lcrlay
afternoon at the Ixjrlllanl A C croundi in Jeriy
City Tile men clinched aid hegati to make the titua
lion eirltlng for each other Tliry acre puld apart
and lUferee Billy lisa Is acted at ppnciMiiukcr lfo
Blum of tho Cherry UtrunnmU who wail witi hln the
game went on the Held but Dual Keener Murkin of tlm
Lorlllardt with Irli hen Joe had a rip hut M ir
threatened In nx him tnleis In withdrew liixricl
frlendH took Joe away
Apart fnim them mcldrnti the najni wm dci > id or
mt crest Th M l icublattiurl hail 5 cryl Ill IC t o ir n
wuv and really pla > ed almont hilf linn i I di i llilunl l
lanli pnrtlcnlarlv Kelly louKht tuiril llnniit 1 Ill l TIhe
Wirk tar the Out ilaliiitrp Ill tIle llrt 1111 I In I main
twu gall Is l lie llrt in one iiiinum an t tin n > t > u I
Ulnutil later lu I the necoinl half Ilium I I 111110 I tun
more guali in fifteen awl tnnit Ii ill 114 areriln I
lialf opened The score Maul alljli A I 4 goal
Lotlllard A C 0 TIle trains
Jfi nirai A r i lISh 1 ltr > liHf
ON II Conl Mcrnan
Mitchell Iumt
Anderson rn cc i Iipsi > y
J d Casavona First ileruue Ki HIKI
5 ld Casanova Mrnmlili fence I Ii Ill itsu
MeRcy fintrt Kill
lloan Third Jittack l > ru Mi
Krankum sninni ttiui k liu r
Oroiby iMilnlle In m llini
Brnuett i 1111 l IIIHIK i luiiry
Ileferer Wllllani I IinU Mjlilrilili A I < < oil
nniplrei Barnclo r r Hi Uirllnili i llolen ci
biaien island A C her the Munhmtan
Winners lit the 1iilon A < Cluuim
The numbers of thi Lulyii Atliloiii 4 huh continued
their weekly ifame > nterda under unfavorable cir
cuuiitancei Hill the dOll cItlIlte compiled with the
greatest vigor and lie results a crc < icy lutereitlu
The luminary i
One hundno I yard 1mb Man Heap Hnt1 hut won
by J CaKunii Il yards Harry r Ihonij ion scratch
second John Hart II yard lulrd Tune JOU ico
Halfmile Hun Han Heap Won hy John Hart SO
yards K r ioodm Ifi yards necond J Caiano rXI
yards third lime 2 minutes 2i 1 1 5 iecou < 1 >
Kunnlng HljU Jump llaidh p Won by Mllllarn II
Bant scratch with 4 feet H hurtles John Halt 6
Inchei second with 4 feet 7 Incbti Harry f lImp
lon acrutrh third with 4 feet tllnchei
Twohundred nudt went yard Handicap Bun Final
hralwon iiy It r Uiiodwin H yards lUrry Tbomp
ion slid Juun Hart a lead hrat for reiond tdace Ibe
piiintl belli divided lime Vi > nedJliiU
Kuiinlnir Itruad Jjnip Han lccsp1 en by Harry f
TLuni nn fratfh w itn Ii len I inch 11 in II II Mil
1 fnot lm I < hiCI ieriin 1 w Ith lltleet I lunln I MtlHith
III U 11111r third with IKfel ll incur
iiiuiiillr liniiai llnnVn Ijy I Inhn liar IO
Jardl ft 1 loodwlli 4Uurd erriiid lunie 1 I rIley
1A yapli third lime i r mm iti lu 1 ei IHHI
Jnriitmrlrr ullf HaiiUlcjii I in Hint CHI I unn Iiy l
t ibis is J iicc rlh J > ul > lUi i I y 1iiouji 1 P1011
tcntch leriiid Joieph C airi Ji j ard third luue 1
74 wcondi
liuniilnw Hop Step and Jump Ilam1lcuiUon by
Harry C Itiompemi rrratrh with ip lent n ill bs
DanIel Mclxiughlin t tttl trunJ with 19 feet 7
Inchu nilliaiu II Bent airatcli thirl with Ba fut
tl Inchei
Oneiulle Handicap Walk Won by C Oray 10 110
ends Jews Peen j 28 seconds second Jnha had
3osecetids ll TInts I alaotll i7 MCCBda
Object to Dying en the Molly Uatcnlro Qal 4
low s
AIIJSXTOWN p Auc 27The Lehlfh
county prison Inspectors have decided to
borrow a readymade Edllows from the au
thorities of Curbon county for the execution
of William I Keck condemned to be hanged i
on SoM Hntxt for tlm niiirdcrof old Mr and
Mr Niiieht last full Iha Inspectors are
fonitraliicd tu tills tieClorl > for reasons of
ronoiuy Innhttiuch us tliuy ilUIIko to Incur
tlir > oxi lllt > ot starting a new pullows and
run tlm nuk of bundling with It Tile Cariou <
ppuuly uallnu lm sipen ronslderable service
It Ii cUSml lie old Moll Magulro gallows l
and on lull account the condemned prisoner ti i
hire otuwtH to II and desires a new one El jl
Mityor Iltlerof I 1hlladelfhla will furnish tha > Ki
nectinary rope for the occiilonlree ohatgfcjj

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