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I = u a f HE t uA YtI Vl U W 11 t AtTt284u1 2 o I
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I NI4J rtiiMr W l vIA inrtnujwrffor puMm
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TIlT 5I 11 I n r f Hum A AlnI 4 > PS
vnf1 t trnl Wrnti 5ndn
ft r The Trolley
t 1 Wo reprint olsowheie from tim Khctricul
Jtfetrtf Mi nrllelu on tlio trolley ByMom
which appears to us to contnln a good deal
of Iumiiioti aetiHo Wo hnvo luul I no hjrmpa I
fI thy with tho widespread condemnation by
the nmvspnpein of the trolley beeatiso It
4 remed to us to bo mainly ihetorlcal and
q to Inch mlonllllu mul practical substance
Wo liuvc nlways InIll thit I IlKro win only
onu Bound all sorlou1 objection to t taklni
F KLMirrout I of a high voltiKo fioin ovcihtnd
wires In a I oily and Hint I vns tIt In en < ot
li I Hros It I would I prohiihly i Hwinusly Ititerforii I t
With thJ WOt It ot tho I UliWtl WI nint
I adrilt lifiwevor nu I It i woulil I bo
i n very Bltnplo nlftlr to Itiirdiin I I
J ilevloo vv Illtub tlm 1 flu 1 iMiihl con i
trol or rtt itt 1 < > Miriiil I ill nnv
I poln Mli iv It I liuTUoncl I to t tiiYiHt thlr
i oiotAtloM t Oir 1 I a vI nlliotrU I i nu >
111110 I hroi 1 M tnt t niiinl4llll l by I llui
t Jlroiniii oivupviti 1tn I triilM I wllli IKM
but tin I trolley I I i I I 1 niil not necessarily bo I
ir rvtopitd In their I nIr lotmlh filnco It
it uliouli li < n simple thing to divert
1 tlio uiirriiit let It milk 1 ilitoiiriiiil ittut
i to tho inilti llni nl I point wheto It would
not lnlorfeie with Ihc iluiniii
1 Thoic hf > boi M jvit iliil o it dMniiKsty
4 t tind tioimcno i In I vvlw somti nrnvepnpeis
l Iwvo prinld I ilriil tli troller Hyitim
Z ISic i c ttntirii
k While clioliri IIIM been iinloulitcdly epi
l demic in hiiliit for t ni II 111 IliKt
f roiOKllled and ilicrlb < il bv L Dmipenn
ii l tihyiliiin in 1 Asia lt I the I linn I of thutiiii i t I
t blu outbreak in licnjMl In I1IT 1 So fil
j as niodirn meilliliK N I ciiiircrn < d < tin dls
1 tir ease 1i niilMiovMi I Ill I t hit dilo I i Miiny
Imi nru tin plii iiiA lll I potx I that IIIIVK lav
d ncil ltiioiiii > i > In pmt rintiirics tlnblark I
death tin liuli I hi
W dllth hlb plucuo typlum putild
P j fevor typhoid I fccr iifjotiin dlphtlniln
1t i ii tho Kilp pntiiil 1 pniiinonln Hiinillpox
i1 ft ntid thi liku I IIIINO pliiypil I I havoc In I wliolo
1 l provlncoo u nil doilnmtiil i tho i populntlon
k1 l Of cltllH t Hollt Of tlllw btOUIKU lau
gJ I qullodltappnuod and I notono of thorn t now
tt f tircrnllH I In I plduinlo < frIl f to any jjniit ox
K Unit Tho hollII hovtver I UIIH not ninorii
tho med ht ni destioyets of initnklnd I i I In
Kuropo for Its I llrit npixniiiuro I i theio uas
i r bottvoon tho yoms 1KH 1 I und 13J2 whon It
i entered by way of f Itnssii In tho same
niantior nt now Theto wero several re
BtIktod epidemics up I to 18K I and then an
interval of r about eight ycils In 1811 It
arose ono moro from Its cradlo In tho delta
of tho Ganges and attain imulo its way Into
c c Euiopn by way of f lltfhia taking bis or
oven years for its journey wcsUvmd
a A third visitation took place In 18il be
ginning In India us usual In 18oO aud
spreading westward until It reached oven
t tho American continent A fourth
outbreak occurred In tho years iffis
4 and 19CQ In Europe hit upon tho wholo tho
violence of tho pestilence hits diminished
c with each invasion from tint time of Ito llrst
It appearance Thriu vvts HUIIIO vltolorn in
4 franco und Italy In lew and 1831 I and in
4 patti tho your following nud It his boon
mouldering in various Asiatic cities for soy
ik I eral years past never kindling Into any
particularly dangerous llamo until thin
year During much of last winter tho port
of Jaffa was closed to visitors by tho fact of
tho ptoscnco of Iho dlscase at that place
We now cem to be on tho verge of an
it eplderalo of almost modliovul proportions
I for tho hiortaltty hM been awful in Persia
41 and nufisla and tho rapidity of Its Increase
and spread In fcovcrul cities and potts of
i western Europe Is 1 sufficient to justIfy
L 1 alarm It would bo as well to mention at
once horo tho fad that tIm word cholerine r
Which ban been frequently used during tho
i pat few months In roforenco to a disorder
I In Paris and Its suburbs and at Hambtiig
Stettin und elsewhere Is not the dosignn
tion of an Innocuous disorder as ono might
i be led to bellevo by tho statements of tho
civil authorities In regions hero it prevails
Cholerine la Afilutlu cholera and nothing
else Cholerine Is a nuiuo giyen to I typo
IrQt of tho plaguo which I 1 of medium seventy
but it Is Aelnllo cholora all tho same
r Cholera la a germ dlscuHo und belongs in
t tho category of disorders caused by the en
Irttneo of microorganisms into itO t body
r like sLarlot fever smallpox diphtheria
4 typhustubercillosls and manyotiiors The
jt Cause of cholera Is a mlntito germ or bnc
toilutn which inters tho body by way of the I
fI alimentary canal and IH propigntcd In tho
r Intestines Koen who discovered tho
t bacillus of tubiMCtilols arid who bus Indi
4 tot by his marvellous methods of experiment
II and research the direction
periment directon In
c7 Which to look for I CIO ofconsumption
was Mint by the German lovorninout
la 1SSJ I to India to Invostlgnto tho cholora
t epidemic tiitril I in tutu Intestines of f all
IA 5 who died from this disease < ho found a
inlcroorgiidsin of pocullttr shape curved
t And bnt like a coniina and to this was
Ivl thIII1 OU ont ututi bIII I IUOII
ntaliacllltm Iti3 novor been observed except
4 In Iho victims of cholori Additional proof
4 of Ittt Iwlug tho cattriu of this pest was af
4 forded by further experiments undertaken
2 Hot only by Kocit but also by Ilncrscii and
c aCA1 who produced I eIuitl 1 eta In I guinea
sY pigs by introducing thj 10111111 bnellltis
lulu their IntcstiiRM
4 Tho bacllliu entorh Iho I svstom by way of t
tI T tho stomach anti lives and lropn all In
t tho Intestines Tlniru It miinuliiiitiiios a
A ptomaine or poisonous sttbManoo hlch
1 L I being absorbed Into thu uy teni gives rlso
t < t the symptoms which wo tecognlo as
c thoso 6f choleia Il is moro than prubabla
that tho illuoi dmspnudb by being Hcuttered
1 i with tie liitubtliial I I dUchmgcfi contaml
j Otttlng water rouiMh ilvern htreaniH and
1 Wells dellllng tho linen 1 I and bed cloth
log and contriving In nn infinite num
ber of ways to enter the human
j iystom again by mentis of food and
drink Thou geims am not disseminated
through tho ntinohphcre Uliny torn not
i 1 blown by tho vvlmlH fi tin ono plieo to
another They follow tho lines of tnivttl
and commerro They nto proingut by
individuals Tho diRthaigcs of Infected
1 r persons are the centum from which con
tagion radiates llcnui the I buprento uoccs
4 Ic r f alty ot eclating Btich a nidus of f disease and
Of destroying everythIng that may In any
way serve as an agent In thu sowing nod
diffusion of tho huts of death
Will thl difecapo leach I Now Yurk Un
N doubtedly I Its ubiquity In Ktiropuls fllh
that WO cannot cscapo tho vlsltatlou
I r msJU8 for tho Health Department to
bow what ability they have In keeping the
Mourffo at the threshold sod not allowing
o > K t enter Into tho crowded Inarten of the
tty U U bow over not protuUo hut wo
can s strongly fortify ourselves by quar
antine regulations and restraint upon ves
sels and Individuals at harbor hospitals
that wo shall b able to withstand ihoan
slaught of Iho army of gorms They Will
enter In all likelihood In npllo of Us and so
wo must bo on our guard Individually Wo
must bo prepared each and all of us to
meet them They will enter our food and
our drinking water In homo manner that wo
know not of We must watch tlueo avenues
of approach
rite danger to Individuals Is not great If
they are Intelligent and uso foresight Tho
danger Is among the Ignorant I and careless
and thoughtless among tho thousands that
orowil the tenement houses subsisting on
bad food regardless of what they drink
and heedless of personal cleanliness
Nature hM a safeguard against cholera
1ow cholera genus nro able to run tho
gauntlet of a healthy stomach The gastric
Julco when mimclenUy acid Is an antlsop
tie It destroys tho comma bacillus
Among tho victims of cholera aro chiefly
those whoso general health Is Impaired or
who suffer from disorders of tho stomach
such anil gastric catarrh
as dydpnpsln nlil Instro cntrrh
With a digestIve apparatus In good condi
tion plenty of exercIse In tho opon air and
careful Rejection of r onos food and drink
eaeli may stand his ground and remain
upon tho Held of battle without alarm and
without danger
There ate various degrees of cholera In
fivllot In sotiio cases thoro Is I tho mildest
ehotoinle dlarrlum not differing
attack of lloleml IlarlhII dllorllA
fiotn common i til itIuna such asm cry ono
hiMixpii Itneed In others Il3 severity and
dindly I o I I t IharaitcrlH manifest I front thin flU t
ot I ilelwien 1 thcpo extremes ftrn nil do
g III of illiiv i I I lIon pCllod of Intubation I
iu 1 from ono to threo tlayn only this short
pti lod elapsing after thu Introduction of the
get inn before I tho t complete development of
t itot at lack whether mild or severe
So fir as ticatment Is I concerned tho
medical profoWum his no CI tai ii cino to
olTer 0 Kneh physician meets Iho I nymp
toiiii In his own way according to Ids
knowledge 0 I M k III I I I and experience It II best
In any ruse to call In I physician whoso I
distinguishing chniautoiisllcx are Intelli
gence mid common ionse Obey his ordois
Implicitly especially as tegards the disin
fection I uml destitution 1 I of excreta nnd of
inlamlnated linen anil bed clothes llend
nnd I fnl1 tho ulcn i of f tho lioard of Health
Tnkti earn ot t yourself and your family
their food their drink I and tholr stomachs
Seo that tho food is procured from cleanly
soil lees and IH propurly and 101 1 oooked
Let ail wIn ha tillered and boiled before
tliiiiking And dOlt inn aMiy
Tho Keportet Outline of the Homo
Rule Mill
The London fhnmiftn has published what
It deBcdbes as the t main features of the now
homo I I I inln project t said I to have been do
vised I by Sir I iLAisroNi after consultation
with thu Nationalist leaders Some of theso
feature lO probable enough but others
are Incrodlblo 1 i tlmt t wo should not deem
them worthy of uotlco but fur tInt fact that
tutu Chronicle has for pome time been an or
gan of tho Uladstonlau party nod has
shown itself unusually well Informed
Thoro Is no reason why thfl insertion that
tho present laud legislation shall bo undis
turbed for llvo years should not bo accept
ed as well founded Tho Chroniclr of course
has reference to tho land courts established
for tho purpose of regulating rents by tho
OLADSTOSK Land act of 1831 anti to tho
several actu ptovldlng for tho advance of
money to tenants dcbiroua of becoming the
owners of their holdings Thoro would
still remain however n question of much I
Importance to Irishmen whether namely
the admlulbtratlvo machinery employed In
the execution of the Land Purchase acts Is
to remain In tho hands of ofllclals
renUil hnnls ofclals desig
nated by tho imperial authorities at West
minster or to bo transferred to appointees
of tho proposed Irish Government Ho far
indeed as the Judges of the laud courts are I
concerned they would fall under the second I
provision reported by tho Chronicle that tho
Irish justiciary and police are to be under tho
control of tho Dublin 1aillament This Is
obviously a concession of tho utmost mo
ment to Ireland for of what avail would bo
the laws nmdo In a I Dublin Parliament if
tho Judgcs who are to expound and tho
constabulary who aro to enforce them
should derlvo their appointment from a
foreign source The third alleged feature
of the bill that tho remnant of tho Irish
Church fund tho fund accruing from tho
dlsondowmont of the Anglican Church In
It eland shall be l at tho disposal of tho Irish
legislature will of course excite Indignant
remonRtranco from tho Nonconformists of
Ulster as well us from membors of tho An
glican communion all I over the kingdom
But H Irish Nationalists arc qualified to
make lawb for a whole country binding on
1rotestants and Catholics alike thoy can
be discharge
scarcely pioclaimcd Incompetent to
charge a function so relatively trivial as tho
management of I church fund
The Chrmiielrn statumeut that tho Eng
Ihdi HecelverUonoral of the bill of 1880 Is
to be < lliponf > eil with must manifestly bo I
acceptod If there Is warrant for Its further I
a8 ° erllnn that them Iltl bo only ono cus
toms department for the United Kingdom
and that till Irish u Iailiiimont shall 1 not
havo power to levy xoparnto duties hero
of coimn Is a marked distinction bntweou
the Constitution proposed for Ireland I and
that of tho Dominion of Canada The au
thors of the distInct ton will no doubt seek
to justify it on tho ground that Ireland
being represented at Westminster has
IJhl rOlescltet Il a
voice In determining tho duties to bo levied
throughout t tho United Kingdom whereas
Canada having no voice In tho Imperial
assembly cannot permit It to decide what
duties shall bo Imposed la Canadian ports
AB regards the restriction of tho power t
levy duties to tho general Government tho
position of Ireland under the new Homo
Itulo bill IH evidently t bo assimilated to
that of a State In tho American Union
Of tlm two remaining features of the out
lino published by tho Chronicle ono Is cer
tain to exelto thin lost violent opposition
on tho t part of Irish Nationalists and the
other Is essentially Incredible < Wo are told
that acts of tho Irish Parliament will bo
subject to a veto on tho part of tho Crown i
tho veto power to b oxorclsed on the advice
vice of the Ministry representing tho House
of Commons nt Westminster For their
own suites Englishmen ought to reject this
pioposllloti Tho veto power which tho
Crown ouch possessed not having boon ex
orcised since tho reign of r ANNC Is now ro
garded us extinct but If revived for tho
purpose of application to Ireland It would
bo almost ceituln sooner or later to be ap
plied to nuts of tho Parliament at West
minster Hut how It may bo asked could
such a thing occur seeing that her Maj
estys Prliim Minister represents a ma
Jolt of tho llouso of Conumuuuomis and would
not therefore t recommend tho veto
ing of a bill I I which embodied the will
of that majority Tho thing might happen
in this way Sir llomuir PKUU was beaten
on an Irish question ali resigned before
that Mil repealing In I largo dugroa the Corn
laws which ho hud vurrlcd throucu tho
llouso of Commons had passed tho House
of Lords Obviously tho Incoming Minis
ter might have advised her Majesty to veto
the bill when It carao before her and dis
solve Parliament In order that A fresh ap
peal t tho people might bo taken Wo do
not bollovo that tho British House of Com
mons will tolerate tho revival of tho veto
power for any purposo or In any form I
would rather hold that an nbusu of power
by tho Irish Legislature should bo re
dressed by an amendment of tho Irish Con
stitution averting such abuses In tho fu
ture Hut whatever objections might bo
raised to I revival t of tho veto power by
Englishmen who elect a alL majority ot
tim Imperial assembly thoy would bo
Intensified In tho eyes of Irishman by tho
fact that their representatives would con
stitute only 0 small minority at Westmin
ster anti could therefore exercise but a
slight Influence on her Majestys advisors
This consideration brings us to tho last
of tho Chronicles assertions that the num
bet of Irish members to bo retained at
Westminster will bo reduced to thirty
Such 0 reduction would bo preposterous
I could not bo justlllod oven as tho out
come of n general reapportionment of rep
resentation t population for under tho
application of that principle Ireland would
b entitled to moro scats than Scotland
which now has over seventy I eland Is
to retain any volco nt all In tho regulation
Imperial affairs tho voice must bo ad
equate not illusory That Is to say cither
t retain tho 103 members
sho must rmnbors guaran
teed to hor by tho Act of Union or If tim
reaL of tho United Kingdom Is to bo re
npportlonod according to population sho
might bo contented with as many seats as
her population calls for The reduction of
hor representatives to thirty cannot bo de
fended on any principle of equity
The Outcome of the Iribor Union Ex
periment t
As a matter of course tho Buffalo strike
has ended disastrously for tho strikers
They throw up I jobs and wages which other
woiknicn were glad to got and hence not
more than onehalf of them possibly not
more than onethird can go back to their
places again Thus hundreds of switchmen
who had regular employment at sure wages
aro now out of work and hunting for a job
s o aro sorry for them They aro men
deluded by false leaders desperate char
acters who themselves had nothing to lose
by the commotion they stirred up
During thefr voluntary Idleness tho
strikers wore dlvorlej from thoughts about
serious consequences by tho excitement of
the contest In which they wero engaged
Thor were intent only on iigiuing autO
lighting is a business In which human nn
tutu finds delight and especially tho nature
of stiong anil vigorous men like tim switch
men Thoy enjoyed tho lighting for itself
I was full of exhilaration for thor Thor
wore Intoxicated by It
Hut enforced Idleness such as they must
now endure Is another thing I Is very
prosaic business and sets men to thinking
and grumbling and cursing themselves
when thoy know that they themselves
are responsible for tho misfortune Tho
Intoxication Is over and tho subsequent de
pression has como to them poor and mis
guided len I is therefore a time whon
they and all other worklngmcn who aro
subject to such misrule may profitably re I
flect on this question
Is It worth while to throw up a Job for I
which many are eager and for which they
ate competent pimply because other work
Ingmen are dissatisfied with their pay In
other words is u mal under obligation to
sacritlco his own living on tho chance of bet
tering tho pay of some other man
Even if there Is such an obligation It If
obeyed by tho union worklugmon only
Nobody also is so far unsclllsh I might
bo called a uoblo altruism to glvo up your
own and your familys bread for the benefit
of somebody else but even Christianity
teaches us that a man must first of all look
after Ids own household and that Is tho
rule among men Thoy proceed on tim
principle that list of all they themselves
and thoso dependent thorn must bo
lepondcnt on Iut pro
vided for
But labor union men are required to give
up tholr jobs though the > nro satisfied
with them merely beciuso other union
men arc discontented with their Jobs Thus
thoy leave their places open to ho filled
by some of tho great multitude of men
who are always looking for woik
Such Is tho sympathetic strike which i
BWUCXKV tried to have extended to tim I
whole force of railroad operatives engi
neers firemenbrakomon and telegraphers
simply for tho benulit of a few switchmen
who wore dissatisfied Ho had succeeded
In ordering out other swltchmon who worn
working contentedly and thus In making
them sacrifice their places and endanger
their chances of over getting them again
and ho wanted to get everybody employed
on a railroad to join with them In tho un
selfish strike of tho many for tho benefit of
tho few solely
Those railroad operatives would havo
had reason for complaint If they had been
turned out of their places summarily by tho
companies merely on tho chnnco of I
getting cheaper men Tho public sym
pathy would have been with them and
against Iho railroads Such a pro
ceedlng would have been denounced as
Inhumanity Hut Swnnnry suddenly or
dered out tho switchmen whether they
had grievances or not and then ho abused
tho chiefs of tho unions of tho other opera
tives for not ordering a strike also though
their men had nothing to complain of on
their own account Ho wanted them to
strike purely out of sympathy for I fow dis
satisfied switchmen and thus dlstuib tho
whole business ot tho country and subject
themselves to great looses
Horo In Now York tho wholo building
trade with many allied industries was
mal nllollnduitlcs Wil par
alyzed for months by such a sympathetic
etrlko Nearly 20000 mon woro thrown out
of work which they needed and wages with
which they woro satisfied simply as nnox
hlbltlon of sympathy with a single union
whoso original purpose In ordering a strike
was nothing more than tho disciplining of
single member I
I a man who kept a shop should chose
up his store and refuse to do any business
simply because a neighboring tihopkoopur
was not making as much iw ho wanted he
would boo looked upon as a crank
But union worklngmon arc expattod
and required by their unions to give
up places with which they are con
tent I other worklugmon In their I
own or other unions uro discontented
with their work or In rebellion against
their union They arc forced to add to tho
chancoaot losing their jobs at tho will of
employers the further chances of f loblng
them at tho command ot walking delegates
though other laborers are waiting to take
up tho jobs
Wo do not believe that In tho long run
sensible human nature will submit to such u
strain on Its power of selfsiicrlllce No
where else In society IB It endured except
In the labor unions Tho wllllngnoaa to I I
bear it engenders a horde of rascals who
v I
hive at Us expense I also destroys the
Individuality and tho Individual liberty ot
tho workman and flolfrospectlng men can
elro pectnl
not long continue t submit to It
Wo nro Inclined to think that the labor
union as a means of settling thu labor
question In an experiment of which society
Is I now seeing tho struggles that precede
llfl eomploto abandonment Tho association
of a body of skilled workmen Ilko tho
locomotive firemen and engineers will
doubtless continue for they ate a picked
corps of men not uttoroty export but of pe
culiar qualifications not only as monhan
Ics but morally and physically Tho rest
of time unions almost universally fly against
human nature and tho laws of all nations
Their existence Is possible only through 0
tyranny to which freemen will not submit
and they are powoilcss unless thoy get
I under their yoko substantially all labor
ers or tho great majority of society
The Death Penalty for Ilurglnrs
Tho following Interesting despatch was
published In the New lorfc Times on Friday
WIMTOI II Aui 2iL McKmont A yonnn mon
elmriml 111 burglary I At W 8 TAYlORS nonu t Mount
Airy S C a year au Uil JanuarT And t < > bt tlniif
TUTIOR ne fly to iteotth while robblnc tsr t or IJOOO
w cnn icltt of biiritlarr In tbe flnt degree al tb
Dobion N C roarll1 l nllbL Tb enaly for bnrglaT
In the flrst ckKrce In 1 North Carolina la I death Onljr
two p erni nero were pr rlouil conrlcteil of the
crime In tlio 8Ia U Thlr lentineei wOre commulfU
10 life tmprbonmn They did not ittimpt Ylolnes
blln the act
This conviction calls attention to tho
peculiar severity of tho law of North Car
olina In Its punishment for the highest de
gree of the crlmo of burglary
Prior to 1871 burglary In North Carolina
appears to have been punishable only by
Imprisonment By a statute which went
Into effect In that year and which was sub
eminently incorporated Into section U91 of
tho North Carolina Code prepared In 1883
It was provided that any person convicted
according to duo course of law of tho crlmo
of bin glary should suffer death By section
993 If thou same code burglary was defined
to bo time entry of tho dwelling house of
another in tho night time with Intent to
commit any felony or Infamous crlmo
therein or the breaking out of such n
house In the night time by a person In tho
dwelling after having committed a felony
or Infamous cilmo there
In 1HSJ tho North Carolina Legislature I
amended tho law relating to burglary so as
to divide time offence Into two degrees and I
confined the death penalty to cases of burg
lary In tho first degree Tho statute by
which tho change was made defines tho
higher grade of tho crime In thoso words
h t S AwI iinnn
YO un U
In A room uif il ai a ile pmit apartment anT lola
inc AIII > n > rtvon It In the actual occupation of any
rail ul ait ihflllnt l houce or deeping apartcunt at
ttictlmanr the oouiiniHlon of taiil I crlmclt bal be
burglary In the tint Oeirret
Although burglary In the first degree un
der tho law of North Carolina differs In
borne respects from tho statutory offouco of
tho same name under tho law of Now York
tho climes correspond In two essentials
tho entry lulL bo in tho night time and
there must boa petson in the building en
tered In this State the punishment may
bo Imprisonment for life although wo can
not recall any ease In which so severe a sen i
tence has boon Imposed There tho punish
ment must bo death unless tho pardoning
power intervenes In behalf of the convict
Tho fact that no ono has yet been exe
cuted In North Carolina under a law which
has boon In force twenty years In relation
loan offcneo so common as burglary would
tel to t ilmw that tho death penalty is
deemed rather too harsh for burglars by
the juries who try them or by the ofllceis
who possess uuthorityin that Stat to com
mute tho sentences of criminals
Instruction for a Phlladelphlan
Mr EDWAIID F WiTso of Philadelphia
Inquires Would It not bo bettor for Amer
Ica to como out boldly for free trade rather
than to Induce through a high tariff the set
tling here of a lotof foreign manufacturers
which In my opinion Is free trudo under
another name
Mr WATSON docs not seem to be ware
that tho tnltod States Is already thin great
est free tratlo country in the world since
among its sUtyllvo million of popula
tion Including tho fools there Is tho most
entire fieedom of trade without a single
Custom house on any dividing line be
tween States or sections
The of tho Is
ordinary common sense case II
that It Is a great advantage for every coun
try to manufacture within its own limits
everything that I necessary to human ex
istence and comfort The country which
has to Import articles ot necessity from
abroad Is weak In consequence because In
time of war It may bo entirely depilvud ot
thoHo articles Accordingly It has ever
been a great object with statesmen to
illlA every practicable manufietuio with
in tho boundaries ot their own flovetn
ments Tho moro manufacturers thin
moro varied tho Industries carried
on In any country thn greater
tho demand for agricultural products of
every sort and tho mor satisfactory tho
reward of tho farmers who ralso them For
Instance at tho beginning of tho great civil
war in this country there wan not In all this
land a si ogle manufactory of quinine I I I nnd
at ono time when wo worn threatened with
mi additional war with England we hud to
faco thou danger of being entirely deprived
of that Indispensable drug In this t situa
tion Congress was Induced to pass n t bill
levyinga heavy tariff Impost I im iuit II ul a m rue
and the Into Mr HTANTON ono of tho truest
Democrats and greatest mon that over ex
isted who was Secretary of War was an
earnest advocato of tho moasuro The ro
unit was that thin manufacture was estab
lished In this country and wo Imvo ovor
slnco been supplied ovithi Ilul iii tutu uuuatiti bore
Mr WAISON ought study these subjects
more carefully and then ho would under
stand that the greater tho population ot
tho United States and the greater tho num
ber of Industries that are halo carried on
tho bettor off thin country will be
FHtccnelejgymen of threo denominations
tvcra oent to tho KnKllnh city of Newcastle this
week to Ileotluncor for Mr JOHN Monrnr tho
Liberal candidate for Parliament All of
thorn were la tho Hold dully Wo are not told
huthor their meetings were opened with
prayer anil sacrwd music
Ifs uro that t fifteen of our American olor
cymon woro to electioneer anti ripoechlfy In
the Internet or any cantllduto for Congress lie
publlcun or Democratic that cnmlldaU would
lia beaten alL of Pile boots The American
people > tore vory religious but they do not want
thulr clerity to tell them how to vote
I Is good news from Brazil that tho
lover IH subsiding lllo und
yellow Ii Buusldlnl at Kautos Ila Ind
other cities of tho seaboard Thu havoc it ha
wrought there within the past year le ap > ill
Inc Wojudco from euch btutUtles an liitvu
reached tue sluice lit winter than hetwein
forty niul Illtx thousand reoplu have fallen
victims to t Tho imernlni authorities have
Icon too much token up with political troubles
to do anything to prevent IU ravage
Tho municipal tiorilos In tho afflicted
citlt have totally failed in their duties
and hay neither atlootfd nor executed
t A
any 6t f those sanitary measure through1
which relief might havo been obtained
The record of Brazil In regard to tho yellow
fovor has boon almost bad that
an t11 as tmt ot rorala
In regard to the cholera I has been 1 record
of lanornnco anti Imbecility rime Government
of IJrnzIl Is ropubllcnn while tlmtof 1orsla U
despotism but both Governments are shift
los nnt worthing Ills good now that tho
yellow fever In llrnrll N I mbsldliiK ami we
must hotio tlmt tho news Is i Into
In times of danger from pestilence nt
all Union when the nubile health Is ImDorlllcd >
the doctors como to tho front with heart ot
grace ronly to take any risk and to co whur
ovor duty calls Wo lIMO not forgotten how
hundreds of thorn offoted rind gave their
services last winter whon tho city was
threatened with nit opldomlo of typhus younc
medicos mnny of thorn just entering upon
tholr jirofeoslotml career There seemed to
bo rivalry among them at times to cot to tho
most dftnttoroiifi pcints oven to North llrothor
Island Thoy displayed umuialui the erotic nohlo
mettle whon tlicro was ntiirohunslon of tho
BCroad of saiallpox Thoy are displaying It
now onco moro when the Asiatic cholera Is
throltoulnl to Invado our country
Lot us praise tho worthy doctor the ever
undismayed doctorc always ready to under
take any profomlniml duty however danger
ous or unpleasant 1 may be
As It Is horo BO It Is nil over tho world I Is
a striking item of nol that wo got hat week
from tho
city of Vienna In Austria Tho
Asiatic terror Is I onfronllng c Vienna and horo
is ono of Iho despatches from thtio
Vuxiu ABIT In Itt thy 4B lclor have of
fered to atttiut 1 clolirn ietmeuite i on condition that
In tbe t Cut of Ihrlr ilcotti while In the Jllclmrgs of
ditty their tanlllei tfcnli t0 I provided for
Could men do more than this Could any
sacrifice bu more Impressive than that which
these Vlonneio doctors thus offer Thsro aro
such doctors In 1arls and Berlin and London I
nnd llnmhiirc and Antwerp and Havre and I
nil otlior cltloi Includingwo hnvo not a doubt
time plnKUepinltton cities of ltu sln Wo hnvo
plenty of such doctors here in New York
Honor to them I
In ancient tlmoi that Illustrious rorgnmlto
doctor avLrx confronted tho postllonco
probably choler that nicocl In tho Roman
crimp nt Acullcln Centuries before his time
that still inure renowned doctor IltrrocnATTH
of Co strove to I miMur thoso epidemics which
entered l irooco from Auin nnd about whlcUho
wrote Thus have doctors always acted
everywhere In times of plague Truly tho
Immortal SOCTATKH spnko wisely and well
when after tho poison had reached his heart
he uttered those last words of his life CriTo
we no means owe n cock neglect to It lIscLLAritJs cay it and by
Sir Emm AIINOLD the English poot
writes with rapture about life In Japan Lut
he would tntlier live In Knglnnd tlmn there
after nil Ho would rnthor edit tho Teegraph
In London tlmn brood upon ISrimiu In Kioto
Wo are not suurprhsed nt MB choice Ho likes
tho tog of tho Thames letter tlmn the clear
ntmo i > horo of the Yodogawa Ho would
rnther bo called Sli by Hiecn Virronu
than Chokunla h
Cholunil by tho Jnpnneso Kmperor
Ho likes bettor to write Icnlprs about the
proceedings In Parliament titan nbout tho
llnrikshn runners of Yokohama Ho would
rnthor titian London honor with the froth
on than Jnranto rico water without nny
taste to It In short he Is nn Englishman nnd
a cockney Hu loves a lord more than a
damlo any lay rind would rnther weir a
London suit of clothes than the knmlshlmo
To him Shinto shrine Is a poor substitute
for a club anywhere within ton miles of Pall
MnlL Tho EnglIsh speech Is sweeter to him
than tho Mongolian lie Is on his way back
to England from the Land of
the lIming Sun
There Is something of unreality in Sir ED
WINS praise of Japan Ho writes about it like
a literary Englishman with n llorld style try
lag to entertain London
A week ago vvo offoied our condolences to
tho Raid Eagle or AYcstchester who was then
prostrate and npDcircd > to be In a dangerous
condition Wo are now rejoiced to odor him
our congratulations Ho hns ben steadily
Improving day by day ever since Sunday last
Hols now able to look out of the windows of
his house In Peoksklll and behold the boautl
ful scenery of Westchestor county In tho
month of August while tho farmers aro bring
ing In their country produce and the foundry
men are busy and tlio tionts are moving along
tho river nnd t he 1oeksklll Academy IB nbout to
bo opened for tho fall term What nn nccepta
bio place after lIA this old world of ours
for people who are good I and how plensantlt
looks to ono who Is I recovering from Illness
Why for the last two days Oon HUHTKII his
beon feasting upon woodcock and s < iunb with
nil tie fixings There Is food for yol Talk of
English vIctuals rind Trench kickshaws Both
countries put together could not cot up any
thing oaunl to woodcock In the Porksklll style
and na fur euuul which the Icelanders call
yvap squab u la Wostchosler tho English Inn
gunge falls us ion HUSTRD Is t sure to get
well and his voice will nguin bo heard In tho
land tn tlm delight of his million friends tho
Republican party and nil trim Democrats
whofo hair ho hns ever combed
Groat are doctors with their skill great are
drugs with their potency hut the Invnlld who
can recruit his vitality upon woodcock and
buab Is pretty sure to got well
A Now Yorker of Intellectual quality do
sires us to aid him In ustabllhn hero a now
society with un Interesting title The Society
for the Promotion of Atttiidincn
Iromoton AIlllancll upon tine
Funerals of Distinguished Cltlrens Hi says
that within I a short ti ins ho 11rIUnlt1 I Ito I tu
noral of CIIUUES < Uuir tho lurihl iii lit 1111 vor
xatllo drama writer thin funeral of Dr IKOIUIK
II Mooiiftho learned and courteous librarian
of the Lenox Library and the fuueial of n
popular votnrnti of hut newspaper uross and
that very very few mourners were present at
time funeral of any one of Ilie i nnii though
each of f thorn hud enjoyeil the I frliiidslilp I of n
multitude I I of f Now Ynrkurx through lie I Hu
believes that the Aoolely which hi dtftires us
to assist him In organizing might oxonMso an
important Influence nnd might tO really str
vlcoabluin promoting nn object which stands
in need of promotion In our times
Wo do not object to thu orgnnUntlon of tho
society In Question but wu allot take part
In tho work of organising I Via havo often
been present nt tho funerals if departed
worthies when fow mouinir woro there to
honor tho memory of tho v > niiud I dead Hut
let us not indulge In lamentations over 81Ch
facts Wo trust that If tlm proposed society
IB organized It will HUbsirvo tho pious pur
pose or thOBO who may join I
Just about 100000 Itnf Finn and Polish Im
migrant Imvo landed In I this I I coon lit wit
mlrnllB ha1 lanlot a ti country within
the last fiscal year They havo left Ilussia
and Poland under dlatrcFtIng circumstances
At least threo Inloitlotu or contagious dis
eases aro prevalent In the rugions from which
they have como and are yet coming We have
learned by the experiences of thin post year
during which they havo brought typhuH > finer
and smallpox our city th it solfpratcrtlon
requires us to bo on our guard ugalnst tlm
ships thnt carry hero pnisingfrs from plague
ridden regions especially from thoso regions
In which tho Asiatic cholera U J now ruacnt i >
It may bu necessary to rube Iho lion agnin
dangerous Immigrants from Kuropo It la I
criminal to open our doors to pest linnet
high iIlnUH In Texan
Iru II CuirS t 1 vfl
Ther are now flOe t liii cu I t in I Text u Ir Tiio rrodi
Mtlmi tuket I the nl ivojka i > riy tn ktt 71 Its i < TI y wi tin
llvkrt the 110 t > uvt tide atitt Uir fivuiuTHth I n ft w itli
the untie IIACY ffUut III Ufl 1tiU > f II lttllivHM l
eyutilile Clmiil
Cut Abe Ii Nn tliirk of All rut
111 c rAIIIIfZU 1111 Vw
THE Sen bow wbu Hie American pnM laureate
ooiiit lobe bunt wont toll U Abe blujiuly the mini I
Take lbs Now Turk Central for bt Louis Four trains
dm tboici vl riuttsjj
An opportune frknd will be I lomid In Dr D Javnes
Kxpectoraut when rarkcJ liyaserei i coil atui the
inmi Itiim or throat neotloiu WhIch > flUi llines Con
low Ibis old reinedr has teem the approval of two
veiiersiluns audit to days po1iar safe and iCons
CC VVtr4It
ran If ironzpJ XNTUlr
Oplnlann or the UprtBhl And Isdepen8et
JTr cc
rnm IA 8 Jtrfii COy Ifm AMI H
Tnr Rums this marnlna almlnltora the coop
ile times to tho UbrW In the matter of tho
forged cable despatches from Europe It
prints fncslmllos of tho despatches sent br
tho 11orM to London giving tho text of tho
alleged Illomarck Interview nnd ordering Its
repetition from London to this side The
despatches show that TJIK 8Uf1I attack ore
ntfd a panlo In tho HurW offlee The repeated
Injunctions to Dnlzlol London not to alter
a word to sond BO many words to a sheet not
to unlike tho blunder of using tho matter cilia
whore show that the fakirs In tho brazen
tlomo ware utterly rattled Tholr sin bad
found them out anti In tho presence of Immi
nent exposure thoy showed all that cowardice
which Is the certain accompaniment of false
hood Time proof of ToE KUNH charges which
was challenged by tho World childish eva
sions yostarday Is now complete The World I
etandu a monument of Infamy a disgrace to
tho profession of journalism
In another matter too nearer home tho
IIorW undergoes a horrible exposure ot fraud
ulent noirs making thin morning The atro
cious fnko published yesterday regarding Liz
zie llordons alleged quarrel with her sister
shows thnt It Is not with reputation alone that
tho HorM Is prorarod to juggle Even human
life Is fair game for Its fakirs This monster
ot newspaper immorality wan prepared to
hasten this unhappy woman toward an Igno
minious ond In defiance of truth and justice
provided a sensation could bo made just In
tho snmo way In which It tried to tie a halter
nronnd tho nock ot a man on account of the
Amboy murder who has since boon almost
certainly proven Innocent
Another Instance ot time World reckless
villainy Is to be found In Its socalled Western
Campaign Fund Happily tho people have
seen through this wicked fraud and its fail
ure IB its own punishment The attempt
entablUh this fund had It succeeded would
hnvo created a fearful hostility to tho Demo
cratic party Tho Itopubllcan papers at once
dubbed It tho Corruption Fund Of course
they did Anybody but a fool would have fore
neon that they would and nobody but a knave
would have willingly brought such a scandal 1
upon tho party It may bo said the money Is
to bo usod for legitimate purposes Doubt
less It turned over to tho managers of the
Democratic party It would bo BO used But
tho excuse for the Itopubllcan organs to howl
Is thoro all tho same Tho poison to work
In tho minds ot Inconsiderate people Is dis
seminated Tho establishment ot this fund
for Its own puffing purposes Is an act of party
treason for which no Democrat should over
forgive the II orit
Tho failure nf tho scheme ludicrous Out
of 18855Ht collected Pulitzer gave 10000
nnd four politicians gave 4000 Total popu
lar subscription 480500 farluriunt montei
umnqdlit rrliulu tnU
fun tin Uffaiv JEtmnf Journal i
In unmasking this Impostor TUE Box has
done a valuable service to American jour
From ttit Ismg fibitvi City Dtmofral
THE SUN has rendered the cause of journal
ism n signal service by its exposure of tho
rascally methods of tho UorW In fabricating
news and Imposing upon Its readers Tho
11orM has always sacrificed everything sen
sation and would sooner sell a paper than
prove Its respect for the Ton Commandments
When n newspaper gets down to tho business
of manufacturing bogus news as the World
has done In the Bismarck and other Inter
views In order to bolster up a decoying circu
lation It Is time for that newspaper to die
Frvm llit Hixfiriter Dtmocrat ami CArenfrfa
The New York World should now start a
fund to repair Its own badly damaged reputa
fmm Ilit rnttrn tuning Iftvt
Brag Is a good dog but hold fast Is a better
The New York World faked up Interviews
with Prince Bismarck and Scblaparolll tho
Italian astronomer THE SUN showed that
thcso Interviews were bogus and proved that
tim W orld had had them cabled to Europe and
recablod to this country so as to bo able to
show them on cable telegraph blanks The
11orM always was unreliable but when It de
scends almost to forgery to obtain a small
sum by false pretence It sinks beneath tho
contempt of decent journalists
JL True Word About Coviraor Flower
Von tkf M xprn
There is ono man to whom too much praise
cannot bo given in reviewing the story of the
Buffalo strike and that IB our Governor Ros
well P Ilowor Ho has been wise and mod
erate but steadfast In his loyalty to duty Ho
was prompt to mako good the civil authority
by employing tlio military power of tho Htato
and firm in behalf of the law but in no way
moved to unseemly anger against his mis
guided fellow citizens The proclamation
which comes at the close of time strike Is an
admirable wanting against lawlessness and
makes clear to many unfamiliar with our
statutes the gravity ot tho offences which the
strikers at Buffalo have been committing
doubtless Ignorant In tIme heat of passion as to
the criminal character of their action
Covet nor Donor though ho has done no
more than his duty Is to be commended not
simply because ho ban done it In an admira
ble way but because ho has done It without
the hearty support of his party press Time
Democratic newspapers of tho State with a
few exceptions whflu not oponly fendlng
the muthoils of tlio strIkers wero clearly of
opinion that tIne Governor had gone too tar In
ralllne out no many of time militia and they
wore beclunlniMo clamor for the withdrawal
of thou t troops ut hum very time that the strike
first showed ovldonresof noollapse Thin AVcii
im Ann ot Jtunulo puts this point plainly
Tho great trouble with thou Domocnitio
lepers hnro as elsewhere Is that since time
Winning of the troubles at Homestead
down to thin present time they havont
known accurately whether they were afoot
or nhorae bnck In their wild anxiety to
create political capital they Riibfltnntlally
Pleached ami rony at first then turned about
as Btroiig advocates of law arid order and
lion niiiurounti fire trying to cmurry favor
wi I It t lion mu tot hi I ii to I n g uoy rim mathi Iziurtu with lb
strikers by talk about thu with
oh rtvtil of t hi o rim I I it t lit
All the moro honor to n starling oldfash
lentil Dwmocmt like Romuwoull P flower whit
rlhPs above such vicious partisan delusion
aMiles I by pound political principles mrln f
tahoe the law und does his duty feiirltmsly and
veli I
A CulHmllonii rllii ilou for the rtilludel
plilii Drmncrntii
Trim II r rIJinVjiu tlirant
The buttle vacliiK and ntlng In the ThIrl Tn
irrcss district ban deniorallieil and dlsorganlreil tbu
Ihiladtlplili ieiiorrncy Instead of prekimln a
untieS fn lit nualnit the enemy a war to tie ilnilb i
In progress axatnit a de ermr Kepreeentatlti i
It wns tn bo bripiil lliatltilladnliiliik I wmit it 10 I
carried b lln republicans Ibis yea by mir Han
10000 majority limit Hint n similar reactlun II riO
out the Mjlo would main It Democratic An In COT
eralotbtrnf tlierookrlbvd Protectionist si Hit Him
tias been a profound rMUltloii cf orlnton ftt ruble to
time economic reforms allocated by ibn iemnrrar >
and Illnsirated by Its choice of candidate for Ibe
Iroihleitiy coil Vice Jrrsldenry There was fund rea
son fur confidence at tide outset Hut to day II mobs as
tboush tbu city wuult be abandoned to tIC publi
cans my a probable Innjnrllyof 80000 and Hie Mate
turned tr to tbem to do With as tbey shah piente
Inlrx Iluilruisn UrUbt hare lie abllliy and the
power iniettlo tie Third district Hirhl lie nniilit as
wit I nic bit I meDley nut lime I facU up nnj r I liome
Roltgmosi Jlmllihilriri
F no i lie rl < < iriiirtttltf < il Im
tin I Oil Cue hut rnnarkatilx tall Young initn over
Ilielr Mi iCe IC I liKf li in ii l ti ai i > rl lnally InKliilcd
fur Ito ruluriti
iMlrii n I liouM liav lupjiotsd lilui to hate teen
lulrntUa fur Hit lliejle
Itlud Word Cnii Metrr Dir
ilm 7di
Atlre I cant tlnd ray tuibrctln cje auyrhro Pit
iii 1110 I It
Klli i > whj iloulilltaktltt I I
Alic I Hi I ilnlii I Um Inn wht you mlpht lime
ttlutKllt It CI5 Otto ul OUr vIocklnK
WttAT tB tOItfn 0f IV tOCTKTT
Those who prsdlotod a dull season at Now
port have nt last boon forced to own them
selves mistaken Thin fortnight just ended
has been as car as ever wero any two reeks
ot Newport life The coaching parade a week
ago yesterday was by lone odds the finest over
given Polo has been played as nover before
and the tennis tournament has drawn crowds
ot Interested spectators who havo appeared
each morning as fresh nnd bright as though
todlnoon all tho good things anti to ditties
all night were the best possible cosmetics
The first ball of tine wock was ftlvcn Monday
night by Mrs William Oammoll for her dnugh
tar Miss Helen Oammoll upon her ctigago
moot to Mr Arthur Herbert A great deal l Is
said about our American belles carrying off so
many prizes among the English nobllltr but
tim Englishmen make UP for It by marrying
our heiresses
The gates of the Marble House have been
thrown open and Mrs Vanderbilt has begun
to glvo a series of dinners thoro Mr floorco
Vanderbilt appnarod In Newport society
many times lately but unfortunately for tho
hopes of manoeuvring mammas nod eligible
daughters ho has announced his Intention ot
apt only desertIng Newport but America also
and ho will sail for Japan early this autumn
From there he will go no ono knows whore
Tho Casino dances Imvo been rather neg <
heeled during the week on account of tin
many private entertainments On Wodncsda 1
evening Col and Mrs Jerome N Bonnparta
gnvoa dance there for their daughter Miss
LoUotto Bonaparte who made hor di < but la
Washington last winter The cotillon which
was very spirited was led by Mr Lllsha Dyer
Jr Mrs August Belmont Miss Wotmoro
Mrs Caner Havomayor Miss Oammoll Miss
Gushing Mrs lloynl Phelps Carroll and Mrs
Ellsha Dyer Jr received no end ot pretty
favors Time rooms showed off the pretty
govtnsof time pretty women even better than
did the handsome ballroom of Mrs Edward WtU
ling whoso ball tho evening before was a more
formal affair Mrs Wllllngs daughter Mrs
John Jacob Astor was sadly missed from her
mothers side and many were the expressions
ot regret that the fact of tier mourning should
have prevented her being present
Dinners have been given every evening and
many and various are tho devices adopted to
make each ono different from tho others
Florists caterers and table decorators are
such keen rivals thnt ono can almost detect
them on time street by the anxious careworn
look on their faces
The coach is as popular as ever and the
sonts are all booked to the end of the season
Next month the route will bo transferred to
Now Jersey and tho Tuxedo conch will begin
its trips between Now York and time club housa
When the polo men leave Newport the
gayety will begin to wane for these gallant
horsemen and their devoted wives and sweet
hearts add greatly to tho gayotv of any placa
Mrs Duncan Elliot is much missed this
emimmnr anti on nvnynn S a
absence and continued HI health are heard
Mrs Theodora Havemoyer has been ontor
taming constantly during the entire season
Her two daughters Mrs Duncan and Mrs E
0 Potter have nlso given dinners and parties
at the Bungalow They are delightful repre J
sentatives of the young married sot and have
added greatly to tlm pleasure of tho season
The bachelors ball to bo given at tho Casino
on Tuesday Is exciting much Interest Mr j
Canter hItchcock and his able coadjutors Mr J
Barton Willing Mr Brockholst Cutting Mr
Herbert Bobbins Mr Woodbury Kane Mr r
William Cutting Mr H 8 Cram Mr W K
Thorn Mr Harry Astor Carey and Mr Win
field S Hoyt have personally managed every
detail and the ball will undoubtedly be the
principal event ol the season There is no
dearth of men at Newport at present Most ot
them are eligible and tho rumor IB that ere
long more than one intfllstlng engagement
will bo announced The world has always ac
knowledged the supreme advantages of pro
plnqultywhen matrimony is concerned and
coaching polo tennis and time numberless
informal falling parties will yet bring forth j
good results j
The white squadron has left Bar Harbor but
still the garety has only n little slackened IU
pace The reception given by Admiral Ghersrdl
on Wednesday on the flagship Philadelphia was
one of the most brilliant event of the season
The officers from all the ships assisted In re
celvine and as they wore all In full dress uni
form and the women bad donned their bright J
estand bra vest attire limit scans was one of rare j
Interest Not only New York but all the cities
were well repreeontod mind all time many for
clgn diplomats graced tIne occasion by their j
presence Mrs Arthur Itandolph Miss lIter
rls lIlIes Jono tIme Misses Mlnturn and Mrs j
Wright worn among tine many belles Tho i
Midsummer night f6to on Bar Harbor Isiund >
on Monday partook of the delights of novelty
the crossing In boats adding greatly to the
pleasure of time evening The air at liar
Harbor Is often likened to champagne for Its
exhilarating auulitlcs nnd It must posses
some wondrous qualities for the women look
as fresh na early In the Boison
Mrs Howard Webb has been vary busy
chaperoning tho numberless parties organ
ized by Mr Crelghton W < bb on his brothers
yacht Klfrlda Mrs Webb In spIte of her com
parative youth Is considered by young and
old ono of the best of matrons and her ser
vices are In constant demand
Lenox la waking up from her long rest and
It will not bo many weeks even clays before
the gay world will bo lieu mnl every houas
will be filled with Its gsy house party while
time host sin es wilt I I bo full to I ovprlloulnc
Miss Puinlss has returned nnd opened hr
house whore sine Intends entertaining ex
The trade death of Mrs Crocker at Carlsbad
has thrown the Crookort Icllowoces and
Morgans into mourning so that this season
hero ns elsuwheii many familiar faros will ha
mis < lng Iho wojld however etmitiot utop unit
grluvH men if the would and there will bn
little I I appreciable dlffurano I I In I the dinner
dances nud other festivities Thn first Assem
bly Is i amiouncxil I for hOIt i > t 1 and after thai I
there are many tImings In iroIect j >
JVnlea or the itriuiit
ThnohUf Je lih irlifiliri In this country Ilka Rabbit
Moth Jiiitron liomil Jacobi Hroll Feuntbal eel
Pralnnan are sit by i ho IMiniunlurit to tn OD
no ItO itloniiir that icliool of Reformed Juda
Inn if ulilch ItaliVl rise I Hi der
It itit I QoraUlCf s irs Uml ti Ittiiilan Jaws now
ftnauj to tlm cuuiiiry nri not of Tartar orlxtn thai
it f are not in ira tnlolent or > lcloui tban peopl
If nlliir Is i anltbty I rouM not b unclnan It they
101 formiC I the rites preicrlled bjr their relliioii
ji u io a noirlty for a woman to I lead pr v nln Jo
lUUtlcpublluwnnblp fits Jttth Jf v r lays that
in ill ulmues racily Jewenei wore tralnol ai prccen
tore or jimrfofue readers No advocate of fuininlee
urre il
Once of eformed I rabbis
A Jf 1 IOu writer Is desIrous that In this Columbia
year < olutubuss Inileblediici to lllo Jews shall not
bo fornitirn lie MS that tile i Jawlsb astronomer
Joitpb Viclnbo iras Hit mentor of a nautical astro
labe lilob Iototnbus used II de l knonrn tbst Colum
bus I uk two Jews with lOin nn tie royare
Ihf ronilict between lli Ortbolos and Rsformtt
Peti Ill AuierloanJuilalsm vt teeti l greatly accenta
attd liy lbs action of the IlsiMulcal Conference The
Jerlin papers comlnua to dniusi lli queitions that
wietliere raised fb venerable tltbbl Vlse editor
of lle Amtriru Ituilii Ic l niicUlljr vliforotis In btl dt
fence of reform
One ot the wealtti Hebrews In Ibis country was
Ibiilp Hurxauer It taterson X J who died suddenly a
few le nvo VMien be earn tier from Germany be
was a nnilfi young bui tier olio pe Idled meats
mum Iioi et3l lIitI > mill lir built tip a tare business
lie afte im ireiut bass tinker juj a uirmberof the
teriuanla Singing oclet >
tho iMrtfrtiu It tlttt ma ntains that Mark Twains
tIC 501 1 tin m iat > ilsiled llr I vrateof Adam K I ai nil
tiiiikaitbeslateiieiit of He ancient eait IP toe It
mill i bn tet < if lilt till to Adams grate Tbe
I si 3iLi lu tbe T ilmud is I iTMttly antbroptmorpboui
nltlieret I is m > oh tobellcie lust llsrk Tram staler
uienl it of mIle uie klud
At NairritKwuartt llcr
Ire I >
How many nanc i hare t > u t
Is tbal all I Wby I have fire eel tiujIe all rlhJ
Hut one of lulae is Hilling to uisrrjr J

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