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A Knee tI lint Wu Completion ftir he I nek
at JKilhtialuemMoitllo Wn the Favor
lie Hud Ha Woe Ilnril Irr d by 1mljr
VloletThe Table e Vnnld n nUn
Turned Itnil ho Truck Hrtn l > rr
rifEimlrIck Forced to Hlnnd Hnna
nd Io S7OOO The Winner nidrten
liy lie Tctrr tnekty llnjnnrit
I lie Kitce Mltrlli Cllono to the V In
pel Onner Singer till Ihn Klne Tor
RaVOOOSomethlnC Anotit Ittt Colt that
Nobndr In New Y erk Wmiliit n Tent
line mill 1 Wan Until rot 8HO lo Mr l > a >
1 of Vlrclnln > Kin nfoit I Itrntrn by
Ten Trny lunnHXvell lnn tin nolhll
Tlio Futurity StnUos ot 1HSV2 Ims boon
decided am tlio victor Is Mr William M
Blngorlys liuv colt Morelln liy rou out of
Cerlso by Mocciisln 1 tlio otornn rider Vllllnm I
Uayxrard landing tho youngder first pail
tho post at Shcppahond liny jesterdav after
noon Twolcngthnfn tlio xxnko of tlio 1hlln
dolphlnoxvuid txvoyeirold xvis Mr August
Bolmonts hnndsotuo Illly Lady Vlont who
conceded the wlnnvr throo pounds whllo
thlid plnco wan won by Mr Iiimcs 1 Keonos
unnnmnd clit lnut colt by Imporlnd > fit lllnlsix
out of Ilullndonnn wlio xvns beaten half u
length for second inonoy
Thore wns nono of Hint wild cnlhui > liisni
Which grptod thp vrtory of I IVootor Ixnott
1 When the ehnmpon of Kontuckoy hendpd
Balvntor In tlio mighty ritPh down the Mrnlcht
four n nKO when tho Initial Iliturlty wns I
decided nnr WIIH thorn ho tinnultuouRn
plnlAo xvhlih I xent iin pontaiieoiisly from ho I I
Kretil rilimuuoei Aviiiiii euv j inuniiiu niiu
Mnihpr hoar the lielmont colors Into llrot t In1 1
docond plmni tw years ngo or witnessed tho
r puifoinmnco I of His inclines ln t
yearwhen tliouh iniplonof itNngoiihoiildircd I
itl 0 > pvimU I mnl 1 ought his war through i
lilghelnss Hold neer faltering nor IIel viI
1 until tlm hall had hon xxun
l rvoiythnc emed ohnncpd this yoir Tim
crowd vm hinall vorjr small in oompnrloii
with ollnir xonr lot moro than lOUO per
J ions beim proent
Tlio stitm of Tluirsdnynnd Friday convet ted
the theepsliiiid Hay ouiiroo Into I inlllriico
Il but us soon an tlio inln lIl1 < fiilllnB on Trl
J day elI111 Sm oilntcuilent Clark set lo worlc
to jiroiiirn the tiark fur tho Iulurity UK
fi labored valiantly bcinj hero there and
P CTonwhote und whon tho frot anhnls
reached tlio Hay at noon yestontuy they wore
U durprisod to find that tho track vrhllo fur
t from belntt dry wai nt Floppy tho tandy soil
absorbing tho inoittiiro vry riipfdly Tho
f ft dark cloud liovcrod niiMicIncly OMT Xi > w
York und Itroollrn and ininyof the pntty l
f t Women who sriico Iutnrlts dny liy their prps
i enoorefusnd to run any rifles of rulnlnirtholr
r ff < owns and porforco rmnnlnod at home
i blieepfhcad Iuv wit nivor rirjio invlt
4 < f InK than in her early niituinn dio > i
I t tnd tho Inver of nitnre oven thouili
t unlnlorestid In raclntr wii nmply repaid by
fl tho beautiful pictiirt MMenl lipforo the eye
t J HKrt w rrnm fl nf I 11 10
1 ono of tlinjlnvft l i in Uio i iclnity I of r New York
t Tvith tho luunlioiiily aiipointed track with its
ri 11 emerald encIoHiu ttmulid witli iiiiiciilleent
i trees while LOIn < tumbled thu Atlanlit
J looklnc colt and hard under tlm bullon
1 sky timilu I laro iletnro yesteiday The
cluli attiihts li oked aniOiiily at tho thrft
s olll clouds anil thnok thoir headx rtuully
p as train nftor train d 11 up to the t depot niiil
detiufltcdullullt frolchl I wasnt Illiobiilnirb
1 f f nn Day nor tho Futurity of former jeaie
f and thorn wai unplu ryoin for evcr > body to
moo about Many marvelled at tlio falling off
l In tho attiMidinci
J Tho cause 13 plain Them woro ony two
good twoyearold enlaced in tho Futurity
and tills In conjuiKtlun with tlm weather
i fl kept away thousand who would hOo under
Cone any discomfort to FOO roilly croit two
t yearolds htniKcle for tlio most nliMble prlo
that youncslers oxer raced for in nny uonnlry
tk 111
Jlut our lu arolil tliln yi > ir arc I t rry lot
anil thu publlu will not to Illln
allth Ilutlo wHIt pay M 1ln plut
ers run lie tliustakomvrso aluible I
tt1 for months tho Kutiiilty bus iau > i d a urvat
deal of josip amoiiK hursomen nnd lh n
< intf rested in turf mattors 1 linsalwDiliuon
1 uiltiiMinn of wliotlier Moirlii would win or
1 S whether Iho iolun roll wuiiM do lienten by
Ludy Vlolot Xono of tlio other vumlidntt
Wereot xnlllcIently hiuh I < li ° sto anant intii
1 tion in the Mima dioof the Mime well iih
o wih
l thofe named ihcivo TIn MJs aid y ttt > tdiy
1 J nioriMn that Morollo would win I tliu triek
wuiloppy or liuav with Lidy Violet second
oJ 1 and that tlm position wuld IK < lyverfed mi I
t Bood dry traok and tlio result of thu laeu I
bliowa I the gpundnibS of tlnt jinmoiit Mo I I
IU nUl o n 11 l 11 Yly 11
ounce and Lady Violet xvis ntvadil
overhauling him nil through Mteaoir
furlong It xvisHnyxxardn good judgment that
landed tbo iirlzo as hu ijegnn In limn on
Morello nnd when ho found him flnsglng op I
poolle tho hotting ring rode homo with nil tin
Hklll thirty ye ithcperlciiioln tliehiddloxva
rnntid Hut it iiml ho said in Morollos favor
that hn haH lieen ailing from n Might attink of
Influenza and IIH wns biidlx at hit best At
any rato tho folloxver of Indy Violot xxhlle
down lt oxer tho iMilt i the nnp xxuuld
gladly iuppott tho Heel daughter of Tlm HI
UMid again houtd tln > i nroiin I thu xlnnei
on 1 dry trap I As it 11 under unNuns
ISjrou8hoi > einanrili ilm I ha 1 Illly xas gain
Ing nt excry Mtnli and hid ih CKIIIHO
I 01111
beonuftill thieunnarleit o a miltlm ihilt
might haxu been dillerent Iiiiiin t Kcom s
bt Illalsnlielhtdonna eolt third at the llnlHh
all u contender fiom tho fall uf r the 1m is I tbu
only ono of tin other lllluiii that ineiit moro
than I using jnentlnji Hur
Thu Futurity Milken Ill I 0 fourth on Iho po
grnmmonnd the horhos that hnd luleii inrt in
the AoracuMnkiis had seauely
Aorlo Nlhl nlOI diiipptfarud
befoio tbo candidate for tho s > ln > 0 prio be I
gun looping tluiiugh thn paddock gulp to
engage in tholr pielimlnnry gallops Too
muveikCiilfi ul unh iiiiit > entntixu xvin
elomly xatulied nnd xlioi Monllo I and
Ladv Violet 1 past the land 10 critics
Ueclaiod nigely thnt llllii ol thn othprH
Tonld haxo I elianpo xvilh Iho Ill colt
and the swotlooking Illly August llotmonl
Blood upon tint traek and ujfvii ndmir
Ingly 111 tho Lady us HID WUI breoj
ol through the btrutch wlillo tho Mn
Surlis xxlth their trainer Jrnnk Vim
NR nnd oxIopkey Jjiniiy MuLaughllu
moved about ah restlessly is thn < H < I > IIII whoso
bllluxvs biilfetpd llhl Long Lslnnd Imre only a
rlilp flint nvxay 1ovlinll Keere iltcsseil IB
faultloH > 11111 his African trainer Albert
Coopor dlHiihMd HIP elianecs of tho vlduf
MI XVCIKH M 1 liliiitilltllidonna eolt while Col
Jluipcit 111 Jlalnir Con Lelghton witcticl
Knn Dnmlngn I thu eult that eoHt sKMHK IR u
ycarling at tla I < Hilment ale and xvliun
maiden Hturt It xvth 111 I o David Gideon part
owtinr of HI < Illlinoo th winner of t
ars Futurity and lohn Hyland chatted con
fldontlully and HIP former < ent In uconimU
Rloii on tln > Annie 1 poll that xxaa to I cany tho
lnl 1 rol Wil
bluo japkot of Gideon I Daly Hrnixor lnrlY eh
liiftuH reirLintiitlve 1001o lije John Mor
rip nnd tho oxx nor and trulnorh of othir can
dldatcthtood upon tho tiaek and pommonted
upon tho appearance of Iho youugBtera as they
1learnlO II lS
lln lnd by
In tho elub IIOUBO John Hunter owner of
Irfixxlacti liank A Klliet owner or Lilgnr
yrond and hlr 1rnnpls ncompinlpd by Col
I Vn I irtd Muliixxvii and npnity of iilendx Allred
1 Wnhotl of aliott i Camplipll nwntrn of
Kpartan and otliei gentlemen paid lhtcl ixtint
attention t Ihe pielimiimry gallops of tlio
Htnrters Mlcbaol r Dwyur mt In his old
ulaco un tlm grand ntind iHirosi tlio club
Iiouko Kiiiroumlud by bin friendri whu in
iiulrril cnLerlriH to Ihn phamea of Hainmln
winning tlm ihief III le of Iho I i ear and xvhlch
hnHliot nnyit t fallen lo a DxxiorrepinhHiitutiVH I
L Vlillethuymin itnrs irobilng walkoj about
lo activity of till I illcll i l > pin y xxas marked
> iltiputrif k who had ridden lnrl1I1J > In ninily
J all bin xvmnlni me i nnd uln bad trnlneil fur
lira two or thlitu dais li > ilu the ulght nnd xvh i
wnito recelxi > iI liiiln i anu he I won hndhoen
rdftiEOil pirmUslpn by hln umployi < MiHHrn
Oldoon t Duly I hu xveru running tliii Aiinio
V oolt nnd xvhlln Iitpatrlek xvho Inundcr I
contract to them for IHi cmild not rldu him
the weight being but UKi pounds they did not
propose to haxe tholr rldor on nn opponent
and especially uch a btrong opponunt an
Mnrello 1oor Htz hal I been lect l to believe
that It would bo all right nnd thnt he could
rldo Morollo He wns ciinlidnt of winning
with him nnd tlm lumippit of loiina
7000 which hn riMrded an gwd 1 ns won
vamixuvurobloix lth tar III hlseym he
begged for pirml > > siiii to ildu xlui > lloainl of
fond rOiJ fur t lie I Ivllegp It xva all to no
purpoitp nnd n noiv iocko Ind In I uofciircil
nttlieelexiiitlihour I nicMurplii wafound
but tlm colored rclllIlh I uiiUrrpnrnitti Mr
Ehitt and althoughtliit gvntloinau xxlll not
uut Murphy ujnui niiyoi hii > oxxiihorrp iiiiiil
not want him on Morello unle ri the ow ner of
the colt xtiire xvllllnglopnTH porllonof tbehlgh
alary Miirthy 1M l leehlng Irom UK > oung
brewer rllpntr ck then nuggehted that Hay
word te frcuied and thertudold mnn of tlm
a ildl ivu > iiptiuuchvil U xab jnly n few
mlnutci before tho voteran had donned Mo1
rolloa colon and stood In tho paddock ready
to mount
In tho bettlntr rloc there WAR no such dis
comfort 8 Is usual on ble days and while
fpnciilatlon wan brisk itwas not by any means
remnrkfiblo for Its volume Morollo wnsa con
Distent fnvorlto at J to 1 JlIdr lolct belnc
next In demand at > tol while the preferred
of the Khr trtalr Lldgerwood wns third choice
nt4toJ 1ona iirlc n could be had nenlnst
the others and they were only nibbled
nt tho extreme outsiders bolnc tireen
11 MorrUn 1nt Mnlloy Jr nnd Mlraee The
riilladelphlnnn nnd u nuinbor of horsemen
from Gloucester together with n stronc con
tlnsent from llrlchton llench nuemontnd by
11 Inrcn division of tho talent plnyod MorlIo
bothwavR nnd hedged on JjtdyMplet for a
plnre Mr lielmont and tho swell club sot
favored Iwidy Violet whllo tho frlond of
younc rlina kept till bookmakers lively with
Bhuworsof crnenlinckH on tho plain looklnc
ton of iuko illnekburn nnd Tuscarorn
llith wero tightened nnd traps orer
hauled when thu buuln rounded tho call to
post and t miner nnd owners whispered n last
Injunction to lockoys rendering promlns of
Inno proent In cnso they won Old Hoi drew
aside lru Himbro ciirtnln for n moment to look
ut Ilm 1 contestant ns they pnsond through tlm
paddoek unto nnd out upon the course lie
waR n yelroln visitor but h did not remain
loni and nro tho oceUuantH of tho Brand stnnd
lUll eeiiied their plaudits lor tlm
piniiclnB youucstors and tbolr riders
the Kky was nualn dark nnd tjlnonir nvo hern
nnd there where nn occalonul patch of blue
showed near tho woitrrn horizon Morello
lady Molet tho llelladonnn eolt and Vncle
Jim were conceded to be thu best looklni
quartet that cnllopod to thu post l where tlm
ruddyfnced starter Jnmes Iwo awnltod
their cum Inc fine In hnnd The positions
n liniMl wero aulokly taken Iovelnce on tlm
mil nuvt tlm slnrtor with Snn Domlnco on
tlm oMionm outside ilcliltt of porn nodded
behind nnd to ono Ido of them whllo on tho
other tlm wind rustled tho leaves in n pretty
Itrno Iteforo thorn stretched the antirso ovor
I lileli their Meet hoofn would < oon bo ooliolnc
Sow 1111 > H cet In line and dont ulxo any
troublp Is Mr HOWUH Injunction hevornl of r
tin toys notably Klroil on Lovelace show
olcni of nerxou tm < iH nnd thoro IB almost iin
niHillntnlT n wild tandoil break with llvo or
itxIenutbH 1 between the lender and tho Int
hor n Hnn Domingo lint 1lutus Hhowlnc la
front I
No that wont do 1 Kliouts tlie starter and
bnek Imy come the horsrs chnmplni their
Iltq nnd the Imlfi with u trlllo more color In
their laces Aim Bl licfere tlmy can cot turned
I nroiind thero IH an tlier wild dnsb and Mr I
ltu i < looksn bit dUuuteil Itrcnk succcodn
break until nt tboMcbih elTort all aro in mo
I ttn and almoHt alluned
The red Mae Rtinpa In tlm nlr nnd thry ore
off xvith a pttterlnirof foot that scatters the
wit > nnd > < oll In 11 cuttlm spray Lovelnco
I 1 In tlm I load I nclo tlm second Morello I
tlilul llelladonnacolt foiitth nnd Friore flfth
Tno bie liiillndiinmi colt ulnioxt Inntantly
rushos throiiuh the Hold and before n hun
dred > nids Is toverod his xvhlto fnee blares in
tlm Mm Irleo i at hi I flank and nt
tlio Voids Poltt wddlo strains tlm Annlo
P colt him liomlneo loxelnoe nnd Mo 1
rlh Indy Molel IH back In tho ruck
fuiu handily and Uurrion oncerlv xvatchos
for an uponlnc it come nt thoendof I tlm
I llrrt iiunitorof n mile nnd the fllly Is I soon in
fourth place tho llellailotini colt Morello and
tho Annio I olt runnlni bond nnd hearing
tho I cap in tho wood Is passed Iiovelaco Inclo I
Jpsi ad Ildcorwuoil lipuilin the Held As
they niiproanb the elbow Iaily Violet seims to
ImiK nnd Morollo rexelllni In Iho sott track
uradiially draxxx away fiom his opponvnts
Already cry l
Morello xvlnsil I
And It si omR almost nny oddn that Jforello
will win handlb as Hamilton is hard at oik
on thp Itelladonna eolt nod Mmuis is rldinc the
Annlt F mindlessly linyward tho inenn
xvbllo slttlnR the leader as composedly ns
though out lor a mornlnc Kallop In tlm 1ark
darilson lean farovnron Jady Violets neck
and seems wbi < rprlns to the beautiful lllly
umlns bur with hard and heel lu uronter
IliChts of speed but tho ground Is soft and
nuishy und wholly nn uited to her lon Rtride
and the uallant dnuubter of Tho IllUsed
makes bIll t > littlu headway Tho others aro
11 L
i uX Iho end j of l ilxi furlonus or opposite the
bettlni run tlio n einblice Is f amned to see
Ilayxxard KO at Morello In tho most deter
mined manner The lie colt bad been win
i nine in a romp but now his stride t hoi tens
aiiltho old man knows tlint be has aUied
horse on hili hands Ho lallins tlm favorite
and endeavors to I placo n sufo distance be
I txvoen hlnioelf and tlm lenders Hnmllton
Minm and Oarrison aro not slow to icnlbo
tbo situation and they too redouble tholr
exertions on their mounts In tlm hope tlint
j I Morollo will como hak > tothnm t inrrison for
t lie llrst time Ubes the xx hip on Lady Violet Tho
ciuel lash has scarcely r > eon bnptixcd bio id
before tlie lllly is I at the Annie T colts throat
Intel On imst him ho lliosllnd tho Ilelln
ihiinicolt i her next xlettin How tlarrison
Is dltiK and hoxv dopfrately llnywitnl Is
nutsiuc the tlioiotirhly nxlnuiHtcd Morello
Foot liy font indy lolot overhaul the leader
but tho dltniiio Is too short nnd Morello win
bydayllKht Tho Jlolladonni colt Is n eloo
tbird the Annlo 1 I colt fourth Spartan llftti
lovelnee sixth tnclo Jim seventh Llduer
oil olchth Inclp Jess ninth and the others
pullini up with Kan I Mm In 10 absolutely last
Thorn was somo eheorlnt durluc the last
furlong of tho race and there xvns considera
bit applause when Morollo returned to tbo
stand The Philadelphia were juldlnnt and
tlmJilouceslor contingent wrtiuir Frank nn
Xes s R hand Hayxvnrd lifter welchintr out
wn < placed in n chair nnd xrlth the floral
horseshoe over his shoulders wns carried in
triumph to the paddock Ho said that Morello
was ncood colt and one ot tho nubiestto ride
tlint he oxer handled
I only hnd to ride him for t ho lrsthundreil
yardsaid he indthena thread would haxo
answorrd for a bridla until 1 tot here to tho
last I I idiihth polo
It xvas n hard drive then queried TIIK
Sri reporter
yes Hald Hay ward ho wns nil out Ho
I 1
n u uw IUlIi IJln
I xxiiilil explnln his banirinsnt that point
Mori llo looked nono tho worso for bis race
his sides Hhoirinc spur end whip marks but
they xvero buttled with cold watcrnrd nolhlnc
but tlm ominous lump betokening h voro
iiiinishmcnt remained lltziiutrlckeonKrntu
luttd Hayxrard upon xvlnnlng and remarked to
lii > SUN representative
Wasnt that hurd money toloie It wa
STIJUO to mo If I won nnd I knew I couldnt
lnJii Seven thousand dollars Is a lot of monny
to mo just now nnd tho blc I tears welled up
into tbo jockeys blue o > cs and choked lib
I oice UK he turned axru
Tho rno xvas xxorth SIIOM1 to tlm win
ner il I UO > to the second horse nnd 4XNI 1
I tothiid Ihe biecder of the winner Y c
llanlyof ircinln rocclxoK 1001 1 nnd tbo
biecder of thu second horse the estate of tho
KH August lielmont VlOdu
The xviniier ilnrello Is a Imy eolt byTolus
out nf tVrlsi by I Mocensln bred by W C
Pinly of Vlrulnlu xibo btlll owns the dam
Mr ilnrdy U I n nolchbor of Col Hancock of
11llurlIt Stud OIl rtou Vn nnd he bent his
miiro to JIIIR J Whon Pol Hnncocks year
lines xvsiobeiiiBRont to the Nexv Vori mnrkot
lust tear the lesult of the union of KolUHand
i orlsii xvas sent alont Ho WAil hinall and had
I fiuity hocks x ben put up at auction nobody
itited the eolt and the uuetionoer beitccd
lor a hid iinnlly young Mr Iosw ll u
lieiuhhor of Mr Hardy Hnd whopn father
xvat n wellknown breeder und turfman
bid IOi > 1or that sum tit soeured
the llttlo I colt and took him homo
to liiilluVld During the xxinter tho runt
Ihrixid beyond exrootatione nnd arly In
tliDiirinc iiimorN of tlm proxvoss of Morello
eailbod talk In New Yolk Morello wn tho
namo DoRxxall cnx hlU1UO bonnnxa nud
rhortly hoforotho Ynhincton inoeting began
1101 l sprlni Mr 1 IJowllI l who neodeil money
to moot r mortic on tho homestead offered
a xxellknoxvn Nw ork bookmaker to shoxv
ahnlfiillo In Till roconds xxlth shoos on for
br > lIJI TlmolTerxvas notncceptel and Moicllo
inn at Vtiithliiiiton winning hlsrneiiH in tho
eluveiest manlier inngliiiiblo 1rauk Van Ness
a man ruled off tlm trotting turf xrns ut Wash
ington and ho tnxv that Morallo xvns n cheap
colt tie xvus engaged In the great American
htnkeHand the JUturlty I and he mint to 1hll
ndalphln and told Mlllani hlmorly ot tho
Jttnnl that ho hnd found gold mine The
upshot was that Mr Hlngorly bought Morello
for 4500 und 00 our of tlm tlrot raco ho
won The colt ran In > nnNessH name ana fev
persons know who owned him At Uraves
end Morello won n rnco but lost tho Great
American Makes chlolly through had Interfer
ence on the turn He then run n number of
good ineen but Vim NOBS could not go straight
nnd nt tint Morris 1nrk spring meeting had his l
llccnsons n trnliiar revoked by tlm Board or
Control for tampering with the colt India liub
br also u niembor of hls > stable Van NDSK
made nn npidlcntlon for reinstatement nnd
Mvoro roundly that nobody but himself oxrned
nhnlrlnMorelloHtull Tho Hoard of Contiol
knew I that he wa lying nnd refused to open
tlm case and as u consequence Morcllo and
India lluhberhnvp been running nt Urlghton
lleneh whero tho tworcarold yon a number
bf f good races
Ton days or BO ago Mr Slngerly cam to
Monmouth Turk and tried to have Van NCSN
reinstated In order that he could train
tlm colt for tho Futurity Mr Hingerly
admitted that he was Iho oxmurof Morollo
nnd that settled Vun Ness Tho colt was then
placed In Jimmy MoLuugbllns hands and
that clever horseman gave Morello his final
preparation for yesterdays race
A great many rich owners have during the
past three month tried to buy Morello Her re
Ix > rilUrdand A F Walcott uuerlna big sume
for htm All offers were steadfiiitly refused
and theannouncoment was niaik > that Morello
was not for nulent I any llgurer Jln IH not as
taking in action ns when In repose his nctlon
being rather climbing but with en re the three
jourolds will have no cliince xvilh him next
jear as tlm Iolusos improve with ugc Mr
Hingerly I to ho congratulated upon tlm pos
session of such u rolt
Thole wusa prospect one time of Morelloa
not going to the post an Jeweller Alexandur
Newburgerof this city attached the oolt for a
diibt of iir > V n NOAH owing the jeweller that
amount on n watch A frlond of Van Ness gavo
his cheek for the amount nnd Mr Newburger
having received I 1 his money was patUfled
Air rdnKorly won to1 K III i In bt > t on Morello
Tho opening lluoh1 t llxe and a bull urlongs
ml conildared rood thing for Totomao
Who ran In the colors ot Htenhen fifinford A
Boniot Amtterdam The Rceedy fouryear
old bore the purple with the gold stripes to tho
froot ellrl In thll raoe aDd remalnlnlt thoro to
the eod won D < ood rACe In flIRt tlml 00 d
Do1ar WII secood And Tormfntor thIrd It
was Gold Dollars first raco sfnco hl shndv
performance at Brighton and therovortal In
form was astonishing Now thnt Iotomac has
won those who have tho beRt Interests uf tho
turf at hoarthopn that tho Hanford colors 1111
he seen often Tho Bnndfords lire tho Kind of
men that do honor to tho turf
MInnohnha tho Mortis filly won her third
consecutive victory taking tho stooud rnp o
Into camp In tho hollowest fashion Lady
Bolmont second throughout xras two lengths
In front of Procldn xvho bent Commotion a
head for third money
Kingston was favorite for tho Average
Stakes but those who remembered tno I
brown horses Inability to run on a
heavy course would have none of him
Tho holiday speculator know nothing
of It though and presuming thnt Kingston
xvns Kingston plunged on tho great son of
KpendthrlftatHtot fJ Klclpnor and Ton Trny
worn the most funded of the others Ten Trny
lunde the running until hnlr wny up the hark
stretch whero Lopnnto pressed him Then
Inkolnnds old horse sulked nnd dropped bnck
last Hounding the turn slolpner Kingston
nnd Iteckon overhauled Lcpnnto nnd 1 > 11
Trny wits forgotten Hnmllton conxed the old
roguo Into a wood humor In n furlong nnd
when he stretch wns reached tho prldp of the
llrlghton contingent camn up on tho outside
with u rush xvlnnlng In a gnllop licckon
passed the others and bent Kingston very
hnndlly for second monoy Lvianto was
bpnton nose for third monoy
Kilkenny wns the cliolco for thA Dolphin
Ktnkett for throoyonroldsnt ono mllr nnd a
furlong tlllt Western colt lIra lny nnd Leonn
vpll being tho moRtHlronglv I supported of the
others Kilkenny closely attended liy Ignlto
nnd Anna 11 mndo tho running for throe
iiunrtprs of u tulip Thou lilt Itnneoins ron
rpHpiitutlvo rnlnd nxvny leaving Anna U In I
front At thn turn for homo tinrrlfcon brought
Jooimxvell up with n rush nnd the llttlo polt
won In n romp Anna It xxn spunnd three
lungtlm befoio Kntre thlid Fnradny moxod
up on tho hackstietch but dlpd nxvny tulcklr
HelH piolmbly not ypt ovor his trip by rnll
road nnd will do hotter Inter on
ihtCireon stakes nt n mile on the gross
wns nn open bolting nlTatr Fred I Tnrnl Olonm
Ing nnd Tom Itogein nncli nnving a 1109101
backers the llrstlxvont > to 1 against nnd
Tom Rognrs nt n half point better odds rred
Taral mndo tho running to tho far turn where
Harrison moxpj TroMloto the front and won
In a drlvo frem Gloaming Tied Taral llnltdi
ing third
A plungo on Key West In the lnt I men made
Mclnughllna colt fnvoilto nt short odds with
Cynosure second choice at 1 to 1 1111I pie In
ilrstaxvny hut Klrkoxor took up tho running
ntn fui long nnd lending to tlm finish won by
u lonstli from Temple Cynosure third two
lengths oil Hurnnuirlrs
A inp imtfttfii fitrlhrp xcarnHnanl upwiirit of Jttl
rmh with il oiHiniMnlnf I whir tJHO lo teiniul anil
flotii thlri wiiiite in in lx I > when earryliiK vielntit
lor cf or iner nf tnat r nuLl 4 I ouniln of Inur
7 iinuiulfl of mx 14 i ouriln xlra other tiorncp If I linn
wlnuvrn J Blnce AUK lr I nllowxl If thrco yvar ulit r nj
tioiindi If tour ur ui irrJ i puundi nxe mill K bau
b Snmurd I l ono rti c rntnumc 4 by St DtAtie
suis ii hanna 104 Lntulilcx 1
Jluckir M hln rh c lnil llolltr i 10t > slmnill 2
Kmilr stiiblet cli r Tornirntor f 122 iianltou 1
Hut y Iall4li HAnuiiit Hhil ii nrtfiii Alsu rail
iimt i osvri
Bettlnic 7 > n to 7 on Iniiiiunc ukalnit Tormrntor 0
to 1 llaniUCI a tol linlil hullar to 1 lliorKta IJ I
Inl llnryil lo 1 Lallivti TO li > 1 11I11I11ld i 10 to
J7VJO llUli
A tweepRtnVex fnr IWIelol li of 10 each with
JIM nlilel uf Jcli JJIX til Btroncl ami SIOO lo
tbifl wlnti Di ef flooo ItiuniJi of tuu raietof
1000 or nr one ef S JIXK > 7 pnim is extra nonwin
hell since Aug iraloetl I loptiunat maitlini allofreil
J IHrouniln A Jt A II lUe Mnrrlji I furloucft li f Mlnnf hatia bj XVacner
Xlmn > han < llr > llttlruclil 1
W C IlalinA r I uilv Holmonl 7J Liunliltn
Foxball Krrnii li f 11111111111111111 l 1
ututiinlh n sillilll PliUintlirupilt Ulrolle cull Mar
cellUH and AiUnati IllIvAlbo ran
llns 1 CT
retting AkMlnit Mlnnrlmlin h tn r rroild r to 1
flrnn > eotil 1 m I XLirccllui 7 lo 1 IdlnO tl
0 n
u J oJ 0
thropttt ao 10 T I otmuotlou 3111 itii Stutiialatiam
SlUt0 SII M 07
T1 o Ax emu Stnto a nwet tA inrthrcerenrotts
ah I ipnranl of JMI tili fIr twlth Iron Aildeil
nr whiru 2M > In m ronil anil SlrIII t < i Ihirl luniiem In
ispj ol A rape of 1UII 4 puiiiuS tviitt nf 1000 7
pnullds of nxernre or SIO 1 or of onr of 1OOOO at
any tini I lo toiiniU ixtrii I ln < n iTlnnurt In lsiuf
r1I I7 tllI W
iOO allows I I 7 puunilH nr fliO If tller yfiirnlN
lopiuiuils ir four or upm aril i0 pounds one mile aim
lIrlx pntlit
W LnkelulKr ili h 1 n Tol actil by Rayon d Or
Kllal leil Illninilton 1
1 A A II Xlorrlixhnl llrrkon4121 ill I I tltlltM
il 1 r I > wirii br h KhigMlon autd 14 Lauit > le > J U
Lvuanlo and Mclpntr alio run
Time 2034r
PMtlnc Atllnlt Klnc lon 8 to K Strlnnrr 2 to 1
Tea 1ra > 4 tn I I 1 01l0u1210 1 I paDto IO to L
Mulunl iald J110 H1U5 J o
Th0 Flitnrltr a BWeeptaV s for twivyearoldi foatl
of IM 10 by Kuhecrlptlon of nr > tneh for miirm cnxeruil
In INNli and of 5Oeach lor the profluia of nuch mnrrs
unlrrs > lruik mil IIT Juljr If 1BD1 or > IOJ I uiiltti
Ktruckout br Julr IT > 1HH2 all > tartern to payl > 0
AI fo i r t n
Mtiiotial all or u lilch > shall no to the second anil ihinl
linreft tin oner Ian Jockey Club tn add SlJp > Oi
II e econl lo rcete 52000 or th added monr > aiil
twuthlrila cf the tartlnir tnon the Itilnl Slooo of
tlie added money and one third of thn atarllnif inniiey
tbe breeders of tlie vvlnner anil 1 of thi > necond hurie
namely tbe nwnern or the innre at limn of loallnir to
rh n oo and 1OU of the n < 1 Irl money leiprc
tlvely whether tbe > be tbu ounernof the horse neii
the rce tulen PHP or no penalttis anil allowmicvi
Futurity course about i thrt riiarters of a rntle
F X an XcRVs i c Morello I bi holus CVriHe 113 W
lleynardl l I
Blemtoi Stable h I I lndl Violet 1 Ilk I KiarrlKon
J1I Keenea HelUlouni roll llr > Hamilton U
Annie r iott Si irlan 1 nrlu Jim Ilutus flnv for
tnl slrl
J r1I
aler Locare Jidirerwoud Mr AlulK I Incle I J s
Irlo 1at Vatloj Jr Mlraiff llammte aud M po
niliiKo also ruu
Time 1 rj 1 r
11I10AII1 Xtre II lo Iidy Vlntt 1f1j
tat I Lldgerwood 4 to I I I NiiAaie I lOtol I I ole Illn I
lo I llrlladoniiH rot liiu I Mir Ian I In Mam
inle Aiinl ell wulijsrtn I Plutiu all i te i Lniie
1 n 1 rn I n
MBlV Jr io i to i fornVir nI i > I M pH I
mln i > liOtol Mirage loo 101 Mutuali > aia I7M
JIUrO 511 XG
The II tlolphln I FluLi a MVteiintakei for threevear
old of Veaih with JlVi ailiUil I of xvhlih 2riOto
tecond tho Hi Irl to reirhe loo oil of tbe stake
winners In Inns of 3OO J t Ibi i tnlii nil thrliit
ornnie of srOo j Ibo extra > oltu inner tf 11112 < f
2000 allimTd SItiK of tlOiJ H 1100 of IOUO r I
Ibi f trtix 16 n > s one mile aud a furlong
U A Jones A en b e l < eonawell by Leouatuiu
Nettle Unwell l17tnrlon 1
J At A II Xlorrlknb f lilm II liMIennl J
XiilcottliamptiellVrh o hntro 1 llo inloaiie a
iKiilte r Kilkenny fnraday aod I Holler alu 1 ran
lime lr7n s
Detune Agalnut faradiy K toOi Kltlenrv ju lo 1
la f
Leunairrll I ilto 1 Anna II j IS In I lnlrelhlil OI In
ml I to 1 Koilei jllo I Mutuals paid 1770
Pllth Ksc The Creen Ftales a sw plo for
tlir rearols and iiiiral < l of S2 eacb wilb IIOO 1
ailtrI which fOO InrrniKi and lro lo I third li
touDilH added to n rlirht for are iiirnes not ua ing wuu
t0uo If nimirlnnrr In IM1 of illOt aiioved o
poiinU I or JirfHi u pound or Ilioo 17 pnundH
of iton If u ree jeurs nld n > pnund If four or up
ward m pounds One mite on ibe turf
Knitire Mnble 1111 Trestle r by Kyrl1 Hfllr Trellli
lMiarrifon I
TI It KlUnbee b m unliur r 137 IMtratrnk I 2
JJ MciuTrrtMb I h lied Taral aged 112 Mcllf
fertyl S
Juirnatil Xla I Inalcorau
Time IH I Ir
ttlnKAiraln Fred lixral 2 tn II 1 Mfrxviu2ii r
to I Uleaininii Itltnn lullen 4klol Irrslli 7 lo 1
JllituJls JiU < iiW > 17 Si ir
101000 of uhlch of lo ceiond otul ffjO In
thitil eutrunre IT oaeli tn III < l between ber
ondniKl Itiird thn M inner lo I be I totd at auction ri > r
S2 uO < i 1 pound sliowe I for turn t loo to 1000 then
2p ualHlor ihlooto toi texen furlong
IJ Piil lfiTs b c KlrLnter 4 UyUllluThe Kuuaw
7 XXJiliUtyi 1
J A nenneltB lir r Tempe 1 10islmuiH 2
V t IU > 4li li Cjliiiire inri IDUInmldfM I a 1
11 II ot t llaelhurit riruiijnlla unit 1 Alnhuft alv
Tnnr I t2f
Hettlnc lllllliit try tMt Nln 0 i r no < ure 4 tn I
Klrkoier I H I f llnrlhur > l Wh 1 Alr I > haft H to I
Temnle Ill to I 1urauiitU 12 in J Muluali paid
133 0 3 71
Klllrd IIImieT Ilrlore Ha > Molhrra tjf
WICHITA Kan Aug 27
2lhomIl5 Drow com
mlttud Rulcldo hero today by throwing him
self in front of an express train In tlio pres I
ence ot his old and infirm mother He was LT
rears old 1 and had a pleasant homo close to
tho Missouri Paclllo trnckB Jfo had been 111
for somo Umo and was somewhat despondent
At noontime he was sitting with bin inothor
whnn he heard the nppronehlng cxpresM rain
and with a farewell I gesture toxvard Mrs
Drew ho ran to the trucks und laid down with
his neck acroB a mil Tho next moment tho
rupldly moving train XIIH upon him Jlrn
Urexv tho niother fnlntei 1 on thn door > tep
and It is not thought that Hho will survive tho
rulOMAC SIORlCLIo onl ICOKAUhlI yeitenlay
at MIINMOUTII nd one loier ritKI 1AI1AI
Al OlOrtKbTKIl till AliKNOi K > e aiINMOlND
to 1 VKTAV 6 lo l anil lIUbTKEI S to 1
Aflir tli flallerlnr oalf column editorial publliuetl
In rralit of tb AOESCV In tb < 81iniT OF TUB
HUES of yaiterday II li ntcdleis la deicant on
Ida merttl of Iblt tmlqn < orgauUatlon Wliy longer
pat oS Itklni advkDt > of lUt only sort mtans
f vlnalnf on tbe Turd nbscrlberi ar aiatn nrftd
to ibav tbelr msnafes to tbclr frltnda To
Ive all n of portunlly of mtloi tbe raloe of Ibe
AflENRV8 tdTlre for Ibis wtek onlj fitlcctloni for
t o days 110 for six tfayi rOillllXAIION mete iie
ame Itrtus IUuieuit > r only ou liuri sent fur cadi
rar all wires prealil and a ropy of tbe HAFKTV
nAN wtilcb if followed renders lets lmposilt > l i
furidshsd la all siitiscrluers Out of town ordere
aecouipanUd by reuilllanca teccjre prompt alien
tton rrosprctua four pages rlearlr rxplaliilngbow
to win uontir ou the turf eeut > o t free ev CUB
tomcrs write today or call er end early for jroar
atssacte to morrow aod arold tbe ruib l > eweaa 12
and 1 Xltccltre omcei 101 EAST MD IT hBXV
Are Showing
New Fall Styles
For Children
We Commence wlilitne Baby and Include alliUci for
Ro i and Ulrli to U years
6063 West 23d St
The Atloiner or th Nickel Plste Rod
1Ir Out Wrrt t for the Arr1 of
BIMker Who II T Hem Commlltlnt
AeO of Tlnlence Thr > HhoollnE fYonnic
nrodertek bj n Delnchnsenl of th Hd
BttrrAix Aug 27The Fourth Brigade un
dor command of Ion Doyle comprises tho
military romnlnlng hero to cope with thn Inxv
less element Gen Doyle has decided thnt the
outoftown troops belonging to tbo brlgndo
can bo snfoly withdrawn Thn following left 1
nt 1 P 1 M Hepond Sepntnlo Comrnny of Au
burn Thirtyfourth Separate Companyof Go I
nevni Fortyllfth Separate Company ol Cort
land Fortyoluhth HopnrntoCompnnyof
go Fortvnrst Kepnrnto Company of Syracuse
and tlio Filth Unttory of Kvracuso
Vo hope snld Ocn Doyle to Bend homo
this afternoon tho Thirteenth Hcpnrnte Com
pany of Jnmestnwn TwentyIllth of Tonnxvan
dn Fortysecond of Mognrn Falls Forlylhlrd
of Glenn Fhst nud Klghth of llochosterTwon
tyelxth nnd Thirtieth of Elmlrn aDd Forty
seventh of Hoinellsvlllo leaving only tho
Blxtyfllth and onlyfourth roglmonta on
duty They xvlll be split away If nothing Imp
pen In the mean time to indicate that It
would bo wise to keep thorn
Tonight Sheriff lloek snld thnt ho hnd
sworn In no moro now deputies but he hnd n
list of good men rondy from which ho eould
drnxv ut any time when ho found It necessary
I am not going to take nny more xolun
tocrs but will elect good hush men Irom
my list snld ho Tho Erie has nopenlnd
moro npoclnl demitles to guard the William
dn Qol It t n tht hp
V u q nu
companies of tln Xiitlonal tuard nro there
nnd so I dont RO the need of nny more
Aro you going to pny the special deputies
who inn awnyr
No sir they wont get a cent I tworo In
ninetysix Oeputkt nt first and about forty
BU of them mil nxvny while the other hnvo
worked on well Ihavn fourteen or flftoon
hpeclnl iloputlcD fitlll on duty
franklin lJ Iocke nttornoy for tho Nlokel
1Inte road went to tho police court today
and swore out half a dozen xxnrrnnts for strik
ers xx ho he car hrtvr been throwing stones
ut nonunion men throning switches nnd
committing other dneds of violence
District Attorney Julnby XVIIH been In refer
ence to the nctlon of tho Coroner In the nat
ter of the shooting of the boy Michael llrod
crick on Thursday la1 by a detachment of
tho Txventysocond Iteglment Mr Qulnby
It Coroner Hnmsom Is I In doubt liS to his
poworn ho cnn come to me He is n county
olTleer ami Id processe nre serxed by tho
Sheriff and hlR deputies whom he cnn require
to nfBist him In procuring evidence AI lo the
police Chief Morgensteln Is not obliged to I
furnish a list of wltnofbiv to tho Coroner but
hPM gentleman nnd alxvnysnITordx tho Coro
ners oftlcp nil assistance In hlfa power l
With thO Txvcntysccond In New York
when the lniiio < t begin next Tuesday wont
the lnMntlation Eaxor much of humbug
It should not It dont matter wliore tbei
nrlxnte or uttleer of tho I regiment i may bo if
1 I I It I 1 Klln f Viv YrttL KAV ru
within i tlio jnrUiiiition of the Coroner > u
Hos tin fuel that tbu boy I xxas shut by tho
military affect the matter
Not 1 in the lightest A man In uniform hn
no more light I In I onimlt a homicide than a
mnn out of it nnd tho unllorm cannot Mndd
him The law dollnus for nil when man em
kill in defence of hi own life his own prop
erty or tlm pioporty of other Intrusted to his
en re It III I the same for the mnn in the uniform
of the National Uunrd it for the man out of it
They nro both liable to arrest by the cixil nu
thontlos nnd nniit justify their nets before
till d I eoiiu
Hnvo the parents of tho unfortunate hOI
nny redress without waiting for the Coroners
juryCortnlnly Thov can swerr out warrants
npnn t any oflVer or man concerned In tlie
shooting find have him nrrpstid
All tho lncknwanna men xvho xvlll I o taken
buck have resumed work und the road IH now
doing Iti normal business Work wns ro
fuhpil ndoxen or moro ttrlkors who wow sus
pected of rlotlnrr
ienersl Superintendent fiartlett of tho Iluf
fnlo UHhester Ilttuhurgh xvlll not apcppt
the services of thn men who xxent out on hj
road and ho gives notice that it will ho n
xvnMo of time lo npply Mi Daillntt think
thnt hli road X7is unjustly tiented Iniiinnch
a ho netpiled to the sxxltclunens demandh
nml receivet assurances thnt theio would bo
nohtnke 1 Mtiout giving him xvurning the
men xxent out and tied tho road un
Superintendent lirunn 01 the Irll I frays that
work xvlll be given many of th men Tlio
onesMi r < cted of 1 robbing nnd rioting lnm
exer will haxe to piovo an alibi I oforo their
names will hf reinstated the JII roll 0 Jeti
priilSupniintonilent Hull of the x extern New
York und IVunsxIxanin feels mieh thu came
as Mr llnrllfdt rulitlvo to the return of till
men Th und Inn then what they asked
for nnd expected to avoid a tieup Hut a
lUJIl n WII IImlI 1111 till rO1
waq ohllId to sulTiir xvith th ntlier < Jliii
of the old 1 men howr haxe been reinstated
and by Monday thcro II ill bi no xacancles
in the yard
leneril Allnt I KnlMoe of the lliitfnlo Creel
Iinllril will not biro thn striker and hits
a ked prolection lioni Mayor HiKhop and
MieiilTlpek for the nonunion men at xvorU
No trains xvoro moxed ypst rdiiy on account of
the wlthdriwal the troopi The new men
feired 1 xlolpneo nnd refused tt I 1L0 l tho com
IIIIIIVM boarding houso tvltliout H gnnrd of
pollre orsoltlbis The IliiLh Xlekel 1lote
LnkeKhoro and Wo > t Mioru me xvilllng to
hire the ttilkiuM ns soon 1h they npply for
work No trouble IIIIH been reported today
enbur2h Soldlera Reliini finni KuOTilo
KiwniTiuiii Aug l7Tli Iiflh nnd Tenth
hepirate pompnule nfter being on tno t rond
tw ntytourhours reaphed homo from luiT lo
at J oelonk this afternoon x in Nexv York < > n
trtl Thny xxiu mot nt the frri by the ill
7en Hnnd and tlia Illaino riruni fnri inpin
bers of thf O i A H I niiil eniembd of thn
1lfth and rcnth pompnnles mil escorted to
their nimory on llrnadway Hiioncli Hlreets
profusely decorated with ltdgf > ind bunting
Inn Liirefoitilil itiidlfn
Two tlend bolIi lie on niljieent marble slabs
InrFlonh moigtiu in Hoi oen Une Is thit
of n vomnn of inMdlo 1111 clad In n calico
sklit bliuk Blorklngs and u coret Tho feet
wore without shoos The body had evidently
been in tho xxator for somu time llirt dead
xuimnn N f suppoxod to Imx xxuiled on a eanal
boat nnd tin hellnxed she fell C Into the river at
sumo point up tho fixer
The othiir body li thnt of r n man nnd wn
found nttho llnuiiPiipier lux ing I ecu brought
lo the surface hv I the xxheel of tnglont In n
lioiket 1 of thn poit XXHH a latter addiesscd tu
ritenhen Ixrynoxek and signed Anna Itxnm
xxiitten In 1olish Tho wilier bald l clio had
sold all tho proierly cho Innl 1 in order to ob
tain food uud that filio and the ehildieu wero
UnrUng Appniently the letter hnd been
written In reply to ono from tho t dend man
telling her timt t ho could llnd no xvork in
America The man had been udxlsed imply
toMr loplelar7nHairrt > vllli > N 1 or to Man
Ihlnus Ioacik of Johnstowo 1u for work or
aid There xvns also found on thodrudmnn t
tho ough draft of letter to Mr Loyaclk but
nooldonco that letter had been sent Ills
bellexod that thn sufferings of his xvlfe nnd
children Impelled the III nil lo suicide
Editor Totldn Trinililr
Kdltor Thomns H Todd of I ong Island City
ndmlls thnt he became In 1lltllnlltnnilltJohn
von Harder In the street liida ultenioon It
xvnn simply because Von Hauler In passing re
mark IM like to cut his beard off
Jlr Todd has a mnenlflcent bennl lil
llor Leo of the Qiieent Cuiintu llrralii iifcompa
nled Mr Todd nud Miccevded loading him
axxuy before any blows bad Doen struck Koine
things which had happened beforn this 011
eountcrlnid excltod Jlr Todd who admits
that ho has had domeutlc tiotil < ei > mid that ho
does not llvo with bin xvllo Ho r > ldes with
his two sons and Phe with their two daugh
ters When early In the afternoon Mr Todd
lucceeded by a ruse In gcttlnc an Interview
with his younger daughter Lucy It wan not to
IIbd not her h rays but to try to rvrsuade
her to go away with him willingly Hed ne
that he laid hold of her or that h spok with
undue vehemence to her rnothtr who called
on htm afterward to protest yon Hardirs
InteroU In clipping the editors beird arises
from tlmlnct that he Is to marry tho elder
daughter on Wednesday at HI Anthonys
Church Iroonpolnt
BIllrion County Itiior Ucavlrrv
Tho Hudson County Liquor Dealers Associ
ation has elected 1ranoln Moran Bocrotary In
placo of John Hart who died about ft month
ago of tho eir Pt of heat Th association
alao appointed Iatrlok I McArdle Matthew JYal
Ithee and John Foi commltt to nrrancs
for the meeting of the btate Conrentiou to
bold In Uoboltoo on Btpt JU
Sctnlls of tke C l bralleai fVllh Which h
City tTIII Cclibmte Celnmbua DUcovtrr
Th Triumph of Amerlcn Isthatltlothnt
has boon clvon lo the municipal Columbus
celebration lo bo held on Oct 1J tho pro
gramme for which Is now almost oomrloto
The display will bo tho most elnbornto oxer
attempted In New York and will be under he
general management of Col John J Onrnett
assisted by Cart Alfred Thompson who hvl
charge of tho ceremonies commemorating tho
cloxon hundredth annUersary ot tho city of
The Columbus pageant on Oct 12 will bo
prncedad by twelxn heralds mounted and In
costume xvlth trumpota sounding a fnrfnie
These will bo followed by a band of nnielc
xvhlch xvlll bo followed by Iho general mutin
eer und his slnrt In tho uniform of the Aus
trian tlunrda Then will coma thocnr of Fnme
preceded as all tho ilonU xvlll bo by n mounted
bnnnor bearer on whoso banner is tho nnmo
of tbo Ilont which follows Thocar of Fame
xvlll rcprosont thowoMorn homlpphorc with
Jnmo hovering ovor America and at tho four
corners will bu seated Ihiropo Asia Africa
nnd Austrnlln Tho car will bo followed by a
group In thn eostumoHof theonrllost Inhnbl
tants of thii hcnilshporp
1rnhlMorlc Anierloa xvlll bo represented by
n car of cnvedxxpllorH exhibiting the Amcrl
rnn mastodon and tho glnnt fnunn nml tol
loxvrd by n group of Northern nnd Mexhnn In
dlniio The rest of the Hosts iiccortllng to tbo
olllclnl progrnminn sent out yuhtordny will bo
placed fn tho folloxvlng order
n Th Aztecs nn < l Win un Vnrshlppnn shnwttic
ItieToitec p > tnii1itsanil tlie Temple nr tho riun with
FitRMIIelalritej An lollnweil by group nt llrnoe1
Mianl < h
4 i orieiir of lerllnanil nn < I Imleln heneatli
a eannp ami ArroinAnletl hy A nioumet atfr In thn
coatiiniMtif ttiu Ivrio I
ailori r Molilot At tvliim c rn vet carrleilliy Coumbn >
H far nr LolumhiK aceonlpanleil by a group
reiresentin ioru inil tait utounteil AmerUo Xen
rnccl Ac
7 Tlm Pplrjt Llherty
rerrc ntlnf tti
rult the birth ni A nett IMIIOII HIM the light of Liberty
enliirlilnnliiit Hie Horld Ionl CurnxtallH Olfora ana
nun Itnvnirf merlrn
8 itu X aiilnKioti ant staff mounted Rroup
In nniiirm i > t ttu peilo I Ac
1 Ilm moilel ot the iapttnl at XVashln ton nn A
rar Mmouult < l liynlrittiiirlniihltlit < ulth Ilie coatn
nf arms nf the fortjfniir Mite
lo ship of Sinti Colnmbln Car representing the
Shlpof htnlri irijicleii by imtH lit the liiimli of th
Presirlcnts of Hit tnlta < l biatei frum XXaihiiiKton to
drunt v
11 Ireianf AmerlfitCnr illmtritlni th poner ot
tlte pie n as well ah the rrmittlxe preit In operation
1L Carol roeiue < liow Inir the iuimriait strliltn In
thi il rirtioli tho Ilclc teleicoj e ranleios ami Kcichs
It arpliminif Ihe supremary of women
14 lie Tar of Milnli w th rherilM ulnKHU
In tlie far if Ti ttr nil t Lttcratuie Iboirlnif t14
itetel iiuneiil finni XnihiiitDn Irxlni f itufelotv antt
IVe to tlm pr Sidt lierlutl of ioilllc rleri
111 Tlie llcenin nlil tLble Car khuvlnz tho tiro
jcreit occunit an > l llie Atliuitlo tble
Col Onrnett expects thnt there will be a car
of xxpiiltlito bo provided by the NPW York
block lxeliunce onoof mines nnd ills to bo
provided by tho Consolidated Stark Kxcluingo
onoofthostcnmhhlpllres provided by thorn
nndnirrnnil elect rifitl ear showing the proc
re s and pnwoi of electrieity Ihe wholn pn
gpt > nt will be lighted hielectricityxvhlch xvlll
l > inled In htoia > hntteilei on the Hunts
and sut > ppd to torches of UK candle powor
lioino by niii xvilklng on either Hide of tho
Moats Thlsxvllll be thp lira time In thn hls
toiyof the xxorld Hint a proreslon In tho
btreets has been lightPil by nlectrlcity
Tho pigoaiit will Tiubably ho preceded by
filKMl cyelit Imnrlng besides their ordinary
Inntems colored < lino o Innterns suspended
from a small bamboo stick Tb ordnrof Hod
Men haxp promised to turn out to tho nil in her of
WtiO in thocotiiiiies Rpproprlntoto tbolr va
rious tiilies xxltb their chief mountrd biro
buk Tho Insti uctors ut thn riding academies
hxxn protiiiil tu appear In costume and nor
form lntort tlriLf foiiaof hnr nmini lilii > nin
on the mnrch
In orter to lend gronter brilliancy to tho
scene residents nlong the route of the proces
sion nre reqiiistod to illumlnato the exterior
of their stores and houses
Tbo Report of the In oT Illn Yacht W
S nt Oat by the < ook lie Hiid Illwrburrril
Jlovrnixu Aug J7II W SILlejtho Xexv
Yolk ent itUUt nnd n pnrty composed of his
xvife son nnd d tighter Mrs M 11 Pond nnd
Misi F W Dui bin of Uochester N Y nro at
tho Windsor Hotel In Montreal and not at tho
bottom of the 0 orgian Max ns reported Mr
Sibleys xaclit Wapiti left Macklnaxv on tho
21st Instant and after nn extremely pleasnnt
trlpronch ° d Colllngxvood Ont where she was
left In chnrso of tbo crexv
The party pamo on to Montreal reaching
hero lust nlsbt They xvcro greatlynstonlshod
this morning xvhen thoyrrnd In tho papers a
storv that the yacht had foundered Inngnlti
yesterday off Colllngwood harbor nnd havo
been bus > TT31ographlng thoir frientls assuring
thorn of Iho partys safety
Askod is to hoxv such n false story could hnve
oilglnitrd Mr Hlhlmiild thnt ho could only
nttrltiute It to n malicious deslro on the part of
tho yachts rook Cienrgo Sherman to playn
cruel boi on the pnrty Healsosoxerelypen
hiiretl tho lady toe rnph o rntor nt Colllng
wood tor nlloxving the POOLS mostngo ho pal
pahl false to pua through tho office
Mj yiieht said Mr Mblev Is lying In
front of the tclograPliolHee In plain sight nnd
mi njjiiiir mum limn huun n umv mure xvas
no truth In thu tolpgium bent to rnglnnxv
v lilih linn glvoit il o lo the report ot HIM loss
ot thd yacht nnd her occupant Hoxvever I
am leaxlng oiCoMiiiiixxood this evening und
I propose to maku It hut fut both tho cuuK and
thn oporntor
Immudlntely upon rpnling tho account of
thnlohof the yneht Mr Mhloy telegraphid
hi nn llipr ngpd Hi I xvho reside In ltoche ter
S Y that the xxhole story xvas false nml that
lie and hU companions xvcre Fufe Ho fonred
th < hoek might kill lir > r r < hi too had read
the Htory hut roplied to blx tilegrniu congrat
iilntlng IICT son on his infety
Ciiii iMivoon Out Aug 17 The rpport of
the loi of Mr HblmH yacht oilginnted
tlirongh n nn hag mint In roxengebythe cook
of the yacht vim xvas illschnrgpil here
loriiisiiii Aug The following do
Fpitfh xvas rsiilvfd this morning from Mr
llr IIrim flff llnrtnn
Ileporl In niiiruinr ne spnper an absunl ranarl < tt
well ami haip Uime here lu meet Jir Koe iteiuru
to ncht oi xlonil i lluuM
When thii morning pipeis appeared on the
street till morning with tlie doUDlelivtded
story of tlm xvreil o Mr SIMeys xacht In
ieoiLlan Hay lakii Huron an < l thodrowulng
of nil tbe passengers esceptlngtxvo of tlm
crexv the eltizont ot liophestei xvere shorkud
Tiie relitlves f Iho family llxlng hero xvoro
routed niit of lied at 1 oclock tlm morning t > y
reporters and Inlormud ut the nwxx > of tlm ac
Mr Slbley nged mother U In poor health
nnd it xiih decided not to tell hor mill tho IP
port Mad rcrolMl further eonllrmntlon The
lelntlxeq espeeiully Mr Millers HlsterMrs1
1 W Wntcon liiblsicd tlint tlm tory could not
bo true At 111 ofloik tlili morning
when Ml Mbloys motlicr lerelxed tho
telegram fiom hrr si n iylng Hint his
natty < riis Mife and xvill In Montreiil
Ji l nvoiuiP In fiontot the leslilences of Mr
Hinliys niol hor nnd KISIKI va blurked xvlth
irrliike vliih bad binnglit frlemln to rt
PIUHS Ibidr bin pat nip Tne siory xv h bn rd
upon a dpHpntel sent bv n i 011 on Ilio yacht
who had bejn dlseharged by Mr Siblrty
Miss hrniipcs Durbin of Monklair N J and
Miss Mary 111oiul of thlr < My were members
of tlio Mbley parly Mls iurbln l a nlecu of
Mrs tiildey und MUs Iond is a dnitghtor of
Col N I Pond one of the pilncUml owners oj
tho JiniMtral and Ciioniiir
Tbe Annual Fruit Kxblhlltnn Mon laitk
The second annual fruit exhibition nf tho
Fiult Dealers Association III bo held at Ilon
Iurk IDhtli street nnd Ninth nxenuo on
Thursdny Kept 8 Medlleiranean nnd Cali
fornia fiult xvlll bo pioinlnent feature of tho
shew linld and Hilxcr medals xvlll be uxvurded
for the beet cxhlhlts
< iox Iloxror Is t r ctnl to nttond nnd
speeches will bo made by Jlnyor Grant iresl
dent Louis Contonrin of tho Italian Chamber
of Commerce ConsulHoneral 11 HlxaPros
Ident Ituhlmanol thu 1orelgn Fruit kxuhnnge
and others
The TivorcurolJ tiny llawkcr Troll
Ki 0 U4
> lAYnniiK Ky Aug 27The Itrottlnc
races closed There today with an inter
esting programme The weather waa
fine and track fait The sport was line and
the meeting has been a grand success
iolioxving aro summaries
Cincinnati tTartbonM stakes or twortaroldi mils
226 class
rurse 5i HX
AUI > cutter
J lk Unut
Electro BeDton br Ilectloneir to txtt 3W
Time 2 16
Ultra kjjr KtUrt to but 34S
TlBta 2 17
roityMTtn Mm rm Kteap Allr Ami
3r nt KeJuleUc
LONDON Aug 27AII through the night the
explorers In Iho 1nrksllp coal mlnontAber
konflg labored for tho rescue of the Impris
oned minors Crowds ol men women and
children remained nbout tho pltn mouth
engor and sleepless wnlllng fornowa of tho
fnto of tlio loved ones below Womrn with
bnbos at their brrnstA refused to RO homo
when urged nnd whllo tho llttlo onea slept In
Iho mothers arms tho mothers watched find
waited During the night there was nothing
tornlsa tho hnpi8 of tho watcher The ex
plorers wero driven more than onoe to give
up tholr xvork They xxoto mot by suffocating
gas which mndo It nearly Impossible lo
brent he nnd some of thorn nnrrowly escaped
About H oclock In Iho morning ths pa
llcnco of tho wives nnd mothors wnn rewarded
by n joyous shout from bolow Nineteen
minors had been tound nllve and xvoro brought
to tho surface Tho men woro in n wonk and
exhausted condition but conscious Thn
scene that ensued wan most pathetic Joyous
crloH mingled with tcnrn as women and
children fathers nons nnd brothers recog
nized members of tholr fnmillo Friends of
thoso who hnd boon saved foil on their knees
nnd offered up prayers of thanks wlillo others
prayed bctxvceu hopo and fear that tholr
dear ones too might hn snvpd
Thern watt an evident revlxnl of courage
nftor this upland Thnn nn nftrr enmo
sndder spono1 nnd about u doan bodies worn
brought lo Ihe Mirlnep Theso xvnrothe re
innirs of nipn XT ho hud evidently not been
killed by tbu en explosion It xvns nrldent
Hint after tho etdo ion thi y had mnde it rush
for thp crank Oinft nml had hoon ovortakon
and milTocatcd by the drnillv gnset >
Ihomlneis who pscaped this morning took
refuge In nn IntHnpil rnlurn xvay which was
not Invtdpit either by Iho deadly gasps or by
fire nnd thxro Iho Innre numbeiortlinm wnlt
eu until tun outer wnrklnuq xvoro safe Thron
of thorn xvho WITH Impatient got awny xon
tured premnturely Into HIM diinanrons n rt of
tho mine and lost their llxe Tli others pa
tlontly nxxnltod reseiip They knocked on tho
toot and hides of their prison to clxo notlro
that they wnrnnllvn nnd to Htlmulnto thonrt
ongigd In the xvork of irsue Tho rescuing
patty hpitrd thn knocks nnd redoubled their
nxortlons until n way xxas secured for the
miner tn osenpe
Txvpntyelght morn of Ihe minor havo ho n
rniciiPdnllxo from themlno ntAhnrkonllg and
knocking continue to he lionrd xvliloh glvo
notice thnt otliers nre allvo nnd waiting for
rescue Theocltpmeiit nmorg tho people nt
the idts mouth Is Intense and every irnn res
cued In hulled xxlthn sbout of dellulit that
echoes among the adjoining hills
He le Commltlrd on Chars of Murdering
Four London < ltrl
IiONnoy Aug 27 Thorn s Xplll Cream wns
brought up again today In tho Dow Street Io
lloo Court on the charge of having murdered
Mntllda Clover by stryphnlno poisoning John
Wilson MuCulloch ot Ottawn tvatlHed that ho
h d mot Cream In Uuebec In February last
Croam tnlked of tho sprees h hnd hnd In Lon
don and displayed to th witness poisons
drugs nnd capsules which he carried with
him v >
Mr Tohn Bridge committed Croam on tho
four charirps of murdor by polon namely tho
murder of Mntlhln Clover of Kllen Donworth
nud of tho girls Hhrlxcil and Mnrjli Nolll
WHS nlso conimlttBd on tbo charge of having
attempted to murder Louisa Harvey by giving
her capsules xxfth Ntrychnino which niiu pro
tended to take but threw nxvny nnd of having
attempted to blackmail Ir Joseph Harper of
HniiiMnpIn by Pending him n letter phnrglng
that Dr Unrpers xon hnd polNoned the girls
Marsh and tShrlvell and thrtntonlng lo ruxeal
tbu allcgud fnet tn tho authorities unless
money was pnld to him Tho cases now go to
tho Grand Jury
ISIiot Two Women In a Cemterr
LONDON Aug 27 Two women while plac
ing a wreath of flowers on tho grave of n com
mon friend In Urompton Cemetery todny
were alarmed by a pistol shot near by They
started to run but one fell fatally wounded
before she had gone n dozen steps Tho other
xvonian xvas pursupd by n mun and shot dead
Tno man then shot himself four times In the
abdomen and throat A man who heard the
shots gavo the alarm but beforo tho police
could revive tho murderer he died without
having revealed the motlxe of tho murder
The xvomnn 11 rut shot xvill probably dlo before
Arrent of at Forjrer
JXINDOS Aug 27 Cnpt Francis Sanders a
member of thu Lyric Club and a former officer
of tho British army hns been arrested on a
West India stenmer nt Liverpool on tho
charge of hnxiiig forged the name of the Karl
of Londpsliorough ton check for 3700 His
believed that tlio total of tho forgeries porpo
trntpd bv Sunders will amount to 200tKlO
The Karl of Londesborough was born In lUi4
nnd IH married to a daughter of the Duke of
Mln lona > rjr lliirlljlt In No Uuncvr
CONSTANTINOPLE Aug 27 The Iorte has
caused an Invetlgntion to bo held retarding
the burning of the house of thu Itev Mr Bnrt
lett an American missionary nt Bourdourln
Asia Minor nnd n report has boon received
showing that It was duo to tho carelessness of
an Amorlcnn mrvaut nnd not tu the fanati
cUrn of tho nntlxes The report nlso snys that
the stntement thnt Mr llnrtlptt I in dnngor of
being killed by fanatical Moslems is lalso
> otcs > of Kornlrrn HnpjivnlnT
The South City Markets In Dublin were
burned rfSterdny Loss 500000
DupllpnlPH of Ibiphiels cartoons have beon
uiscox ered In n ininslon In St 1ctorsburg The
price nski > d for them Is 73000UO frnncs
Tord Hnllshury offered apeeragelt U snld
tn Mr Frederick Lolghton President of th
Itoynl Academy hut Hlr Frfdcrlckn hrothur
ucnilemlclans advised him not to accept It Mr
James Anthony Froudti also declined a nrol
for d baioiiPtcy and Mr Alfred Aubtln rufused
tu bu n knight
Coluc In Csirop at < l tt bura
Pollpoman Patrick Bolgorwas missed yes
tpiduyfrom tho bent in Third nvnnuo from
Ninth to Fourtoonth stroot xvhlch ho linn pa
tiolled for olghtncn years 3nrly In tho xvnr
ho xxent off xxlth tho Irish Brigade nnd got n
likini for camp life For years ho has been
spending hln vacations with his family in a
soldiers tent Which he hns nut nn In nttmn
tivo spots ncnr the Harloin or olsuwhoru in
this vicinity One of the most Intoiostlng
phipes ho found xv ion he xvns truvolllng about
with tho Irish lirigiidu wna Hettysburg nml
this year ho resolved to do bis touting on Iho
fniioiib biitllellnld and tnko n look at the
sernis of xvhleh ho was onco n hlgbh intei
e led hpeetnlor Aecordlngly ho started JIM
trrdny wlh his trnt nnd txvo or thioo of hit
nliliu cluldiiii and todny xxlll seo him amp
ing on or near Llttlo Jtound Top nnd eontem
plutlng the old IVarh Orolmrd nnd the road
vhlvhdon Plrkott took to tho fumoua Clump
or J rocs
Bar on fsellllere Fanerail
Low roqulem horvloea woro conducted by
the Itox Fnther Murphy this morning at the
funeral of Itnron llognr do Kcllllero of Iiris
nt Kt rntriPks Cathedral Only members of
tho family xvero present
Tlm body will bo sent to Franco this aflnr
ruon for liiliiriiioiit ut thefamily chateau of
Milln ain SellllBra WIIH tho eldest son of
llaion Ach I i > Seilllrre and xvan a drif mute
Iludexoted his tliuu to Btudy and tiaxel
I lEblitlnc Amone lacurjMr
A Inrgo finme building an annex to the
Homo for Incurables nt Illdgawood N J was
struck by lightning on Thursday night and
nvory room In tho building xvns mom or le s
damaged Thirtyfour women wer In the
building but m > one was Iniured One was In
the attitiid ot prayer Ilm honso did not
tnko nre hut splinters and plaster Itoxv In
exory direction
Irlre ofionl la < hleugo
CHICAGO Aug 27 The September price of
coal Is CO cents higher than the present flu
ure Tbe Eastern wholesalers made an ad
vance of 25 cents yesterday and the Chicago
markot raised another 25 fonts making the
consumer par an Inortnseof 60 cent The
price for n xt month thornfore Is 725 per
ton for large rgg and 7u per ton for ull
other giudub of coal
Thri Cltn l Out ffTliry OUe Itatll
JudgnOllrlon in SupremoCourtChambers
ho ird yesterday arguments on a writ of habeas
corpus In tlio cufo o William II Iloberts and
Neil MoCallum who are accused of running a
boeui banking business at 10 Wall street
Judge OBrien reitrred deoiilon but If 1600
ball for caoh is urolthed the men can c t out
ol pritoo
He riatfi Oavld Whllchciid of Tan T < axll
M liner Atrar from IloraeAtl of Mr <
Iutkla rholoBriiph nnd SOO 6e A
BATH BEcn Aug 27Ahram C LutUlni a
hulldor io liUng In Ioffcrts Park In the town f
ol NOXT Utrecht believes his wife has eloped
with David Whltohprtd of Van Pelt manor 1
Inking with hor JSOt Whltnlicnd It la said
leftawlfo and two children Lutklna U 37
yearn old and has been married ten yeirs
Ills wife Is n strikingly handsome woman
with light hroxvn hnlr nnd blue eyes
She I J8 years old They hnvo a boy of 8
yearn Iutkln xvont to Leffeits Park two
years ago nnd built a cottaco on Seventythird
strrot About n yeur nco Dnxld Whltohcad
who lives In Jlaln ntrtct Van Pelt manor be
cnn It Is snld lo pay Mrs Lntklns marked
Ho Is 40 years old has light hnlr nnd mous
tache nnd blue yes Inst Thursday he wont
to tho Fort Hnmllton Building nnd Loan Asso
clntlon disposed of the mortgage on lilshoUh
and nold bis own shnio for nbout SlOtKi
Mr Lutklnh bus just finished a cellar fora
now house In Wpst llrooktyn nnd diowr > OO
from tho bnnl to ntirohnKo tlniboriind pay
wngen Ho left tilt money xvlth bin wife yea
terilay morning xvhen ho x > nt to xvotk
Khorlly nftor his dopnrturo Slrn Lutklna It
Is snld Mint her boy out to nlny with nplgh
bora ehlldrnn She dtensed herself In hnr best
Ilk took the > 00 und xxont out tho back
yard iro s thp tlphls toxvlrd thp rnllroaa stn
tlon tin Ids nrrlxnl home lute In Iho afternoon
lutklns found bis llttlo boy crying lor hln
molber A nolghl or xvho hail wltnoHson Mrn
lutklnss ddnirtnro Informed her bust und
llo looked for his monpv and fuuntl it tulss
ing Mis Lntklns had tuKon xvlth hnr nlsn
every photogratdi ot henelf that slip hnd over
hnd taken sotlmt herhnsbnnd titmot placo a
likeness In tho hands ot ileleclhei
II r LtitLlnx Kusptvting xvho had arrom
pinlptl his wilt hiinled to Whltehonds housn
und found thnt Whltohrid hid gono off tlm
night beforp leaxlng bis xvliu nnd Ihlldren
xvlthout it cent huliseiiuen Inxostlgatlona
roveulfldthofvitlt Is sild tlint hn had sold
HIP very roof over their heads lutklns nv i
ho thinks Hi ooiiph haxo gonu to Jialtlmoie
Ho will sno for it divot re
The Cfaarce Maile Aicnln H > Te r ld TTul
ter AVotd nrNrMiitU
Wnlter Wood who xxas arrested In Newnrk
on Friday night for etenllngn bicycle hnd s
hearing yesterdny and before Jti tp < > Hayes
opened court thcro xvern four complaints
agnlnst him and nnothrr promlbed It Is snld
by the pollco thnt Wnltrr who is 111 yenrs old
nnd HVPH at US Rrovo Htreet Newark has
adopted the profession of bicycle stealing and
IH fust milking un art of It Hn Ims stolen nt
least halt u doon machines tins yeur thoy
eny nnd to ur > tho perfoimnnco ho Mole It U
nllpgndn lot of roller l > ute lit llbuhilh for
which erimo Is noxviindtT bond lttstFebru
ary It Is said he hlroil n snllor suit nf C Fish
er coslumer nnd pnxvnod It
Wood Is u tnll slim and xvelldresied youth
with u wonderful gilt of speech Hid parents
nro eminently ipppeetnhlp Ho Is accused of
hiring borrowing or etonlinc wheels outright
ns opportunity olTored Ho xvnst rnught
throncli nn attempt to sell n pnwn ticket for
xhorl bllo lounging near thopaxvn fhon
wnltlng for his pionpcctlvn eustomor to In
Kpect thn wheel und porno out ho xxns picked
up ty n detective It xvas n wliRol xvhlcli stood
In front ot I AlsdorfV blcyclo store half a
block from tho pnxvn shop Ho trundled It
nxvny from tho store In Academy Btreet It Is
snld nnd nfter trvlng to prll It nt snvnrnt
plnrps on tho block took it to the pawnbroker
nnd received Sl on it
On IeKYlnz Hbe s ld Jewelry tTonld Not
hn JScrrird Whero Slir IVm Gotnc
Catherine Hchncffer a prrlly blonde 23
years old whose parents reside In Ycehawken
street UnionHill dressed lerrelf in a calico
skirt a blue jacket and a dark straw hut on
the morning ot Aug 13 nnd told her mother
she wns going for a walk Her mother told
hor she was not dresiod properly nnd should
nt least put on some of tho jewelry she had
laid out on tho bureau
There will be uo need of jewelry where I
am going snld the girl carelessly Thenshe
left thu house Sho has not been seen nines
by hor relatives Her pnronts did not report
her nbsence until vetenlur when n police
alarm wan cent out through the neighboring
towns and cltlos Hor parents now fear from
the remark she made that she has committed
They say she had been despondent for FOY
eral weeks though they know of no causa
Sho was engaged to be muriled to a young
mun of good eliarncter nnd prospocts residing
in Nexv York city and they fully approxed of
hor choice Tho young man they say xvns do
voted to hor and Mho was eriitflly fond of him
At tlie Muiriunft
When Jonathan R Bans known to the medi
cal fraternity as the Lockport osslflod man
was first exhibited In Nexv Voik nt IIlibers
Palace Musonm he wns examined by many
plUelclnns Ho xvas pronounced ummnlilledly
tlio most pncnomtinnl human lining nllve Ha
xvns almost n mnn of solid bone then nnd that
xvas two yeiis aco Ho eould mine his right
hnndatritle and open nnd close his eies liut
ubido fiom these was as rigid asastntuo
Uiuco then ossification hns proriesscd until
noxv ho hns but ono power left npefph His
tlebhisshrnnknn fufctto bin bon < > < and Is as
bind us rook IHh brain is healthy nml nitlxe
howevnr and he Hill lectures nl out himself
Hoxvillbe tho Hi iff attraction this xxeek nt
llubors fllqnot and xvife sv > rd swallowprs
Dot onxvell nnd Imr latllesnukes Iml Mat
tbewsH aoalClrciihand other good feat tiro
In splto ol tho miigsy xxenthor Iho great
AmerlPan thoxvumn UK pvemplltled by John
15 Doilsof Horihs jg hlghtli AXUIIUQ > lnsoum
still Kaps n vlgoious xvlng Tint show nt his
popular resort continues us Mrong ns evet
and tho number of gentlemen I bo seen theni
this wcik xxho by ieason < f tlio xnirurleR of
nature have either boon borngioator hnxn
had grcutnoi4 thrust upon Ilium I alisdutelv
nlurnun Major llttlellnger nnd his xxlfe
nre n couple xvho xvere burn great thit
s taking grentnoss In Its metaphorical tensc
So wns litla Lake the nlnMl Nkln woman
xvhoalso nppearx thivieek 1 r < WHIN th
tnttooptl hnlf mnn hnd grentiiPSH IhiiM upon
him by n tlieiilir > > iw xxlilrh parnduxl
rally pnotih ln sen d dln by HX
nrtly onolnilf inn lopoitloniilelv Ini riaseil
his moiil slatuio and iin oilaiiie Itesldes
these and nrinv i > nolillltlis thero nro
two spprlnlty roiiMines cllng hourly i er
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