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I e ufficSUN4 SNUAAOlI io 1 ti
III i T k l
lila CYCLING iumxirAK AT MAN
IlfIrn Tftwaoal Wireu WIMMi ths
IA B iy Tra INvet lUeer
M iakUKT > UrBb wa I1U M tlU B 11
I Sk > rt UMl XrtBg BIIIM J flVu
abi 1 > CkarMtor file frlaM
The bicycle U I certainty tlalne In the van of
te procession of popular port tied the
splendid a8embla at ManhatUn Field yes
terday afternoon WM strong testimony to the
ttractlrenen of the runtime The mammoth
crud stands of that iret theatre of athlotlo
Cootest were niled to oTorflowlBK by the
enthualastlo devotees of the ellent steed abd
their plaudits awok the echoes of Washing
ton Heights and spurred the swift riaers ot
the twowheeled Dyers to new achievements
Tally 15000 persons a large proportion ot the
gentle tex saw the strunles of the kntfihta
of the wheel and entered the rlotor I ad
flltlon t the appnfVlDB ehoute of the crowd
the neon bad other substantial reasons for
exerting themselves It certainty wxs a ease
of the victors walking off with the spoilt The
prirea Included such useful and ornamental
articles as pianos town lot sold and sllvxr
watch brloabrae and bicycles of every
At ft result of his efforts youce Taylor the
Cherry Diamond phenomenon will bo com I
pelled to send nn express wagon to cart off the
piano and two blcyelas which he captured
Banker of the fame club will haT to claim a
T lot In Deer Park and Pl Berlo the strong
boy of the M A c will look after a lot in Sher
Lan Park The other riders eared off pro
portionately valuable prUea and aoonaeould
find any fault with the M A G on that score
The raoen were sent a way with systematic pre
cision and the harmonious strains of Cappai
band added to the enioymtnt ot the orcaslon
From the racing t olnt of view the effort of
the riders were somewhat Interfered with by a
least track the result of the let rain
terms and no records were mae The
content between the riders however were as
exciting a could b asked for
4 The feature of the day was the work Ot Tay
lor Aftercaptnrlng the twomile and quarter
mile open races showing his superiority as a
printer against noted rider he crowned his
efforts bY winning the fivemile race in handy
sty e boating that sturdy rider Berlo who was
generally retarded a the man to take that
vent I na not a good day for Wlndlo who
roanngod t let to tb front In but one event
the halfmile open In which Taylor did not
tart The open races were all very exciting
opn ver
the rather Revere handicapping dentroylni the
Intercut In tho handIcap events Winnie
started In the first heat of the onemile handi
cap but son dropped out when he saw the
long procession ahead of him
The Cherry Diamond officials were very In
dignant at the failure of Zimmerman t r ap
pear and aaiterted that In view of his detlnite
promises to do so his action waa very shabby
Otherwise there was no reason t complain as
the meeting went oil wil a rUsh The first
crowd vent was went aturtvd homo early promptly on time and the
Trip first event that aroused any enthusiasm
asthe two mile open In which Taylor herb
Ethe and H 8S that greatituartotof Cherry
mond flyers wIre starters A a Watson
of the Union County Roadster also got away
with the field but dropped out on the third
lap There was a two limit of 5 minutes and
50 seconds None of the flyers coveted the
Inrs coeter
honor setting the pace but Berlo finally
weut ahead anti made the running for one
lap In the second lap Taylor moved up After
Watson dropped out the remaining four loafed
until the hell i rang for the final itxnstrlr In
tho rnMi Tnrlor showed In front with Jterlo
and Banker close up Taylor gradual draw
away and finished n winner tS two yards
flanker United ncond a shade advane of
Bvrlo and tlt > t > was close up The last ijuar
jr was made In 33 4j seconds a new record
Jr the 11 A C track
Tim qimrtormlle open was Interesting be
Jhiuso of a stiff brush between Winnie and
Taylor and the latter showed his superior
spend He ran away from Wlndle easily and
won handily Wlndle afterward put In aolalm
I f foul against Taylor but subsequently with
L ew Urn protest
In the onemile 225 class there was a time
flmlt of 2 minutes and 40seonnil Theatart
Ira were Bunker OiirapnvIL 8e ly KeDulTe
and Hess o the M A c Connolly of Mt n
and Mulllken of Baltimore Connolly fell on
the third lap and WR badly cut about the
ear len le for three Ipl when Hanker
took the lead and heldJt tot he nd MeUuffee
second and Hess third The time was J
minute 44 45 seoonda and thn race was or
ahred to be run over ueuln On the second
trial Banker Mr DurTee and Campbell were lh
only starters and they finished In that ord r
in 2 minutes and 46 seconds Tho judges de
cided to let tho rae stand Judies
Tnere was also a time limit of 2 minutes and
35 seconds In the onemile opeo On the lint
attempt the time was 3 minutes 4015 sec
onds wheeler M A c coming In first herb
econd and C 5 i gt dma Hartford Wheel
Club third On the second attempt the limit
was raised to 2 minutes ami 45 seconds and
Berlo finished first In J minutes 37 l5seoonds
In the halfmile open Wlndle made a rush at
the beginning of the second lap an I ran away
tram the others Banker spurted In the stretch
and finished a good second Connolly who
got the bad tumble was applauded when be
came out for tho fivemils Ico He showed
evidences of his mishap Taylor won In a pun
ishing finish The men stayed In a bunch till
the last lop when Taylor went out Then
herb made a tremendous spurt but Taylor
answered the spurt and came home three
yards ahead of ur
Folownl is a summary of the various
events vrou
Onomll Handicap Pint bait won by C B Thomp
son Mercury Wheel Club 170 yard 1 1 Arnold I
A C 6u yard i ecnd U 8 Brandt It A o IHU
yard third Tim 3 m > nutes 28 26coBda Be of > d
I ul won by I c n neeler U A C SO yard I S
Cal bll I l AO M > aril lecond K A McDiiflee
1 A U 40 yards third lime 3 IlnDt 27 lr sec
Ddi Third heat won hy P uroich Oral Whralmei
31c lend Durant McLean King County Hbolmen
3OO yardi iccniid I C Shinier Kind fountr Who
no IHOjrkrdi third Time 3 rnlnalei J7 46 eondL
rlnal beat wun by Tliomptno MeL ui second bbtmr
rrb fnT
tblrd Tim i inlnntei Jf > 15 eecondi
Twomllf OpfnWon by Ueorc f Taylor M 40
Morn A Hanker M I 0 SeCond PJ Serb Jl l A C
tbtnf Tin 6 minute 44 16 condi
Maifmlle llandtcap yirst best won by I I Toni
quO M AC Jo yarS I lUwihon Oranie A II
1 yard leeond A C Wahoo Union County Read
ten lloyrdttlilrd lime I mlnul8 46 Mcnudt
fitoad hat won hy O W Sbinnon Proipeot Wheel
nen IOU yardi W 14 Clpp l lou yard seroad U Murphy
V urphy RIng County vbelmn 40 yar > l third
Tin luilnuttV 1fi itcoudi Third beat eon by U
11m I Tbonirieou Herrnry ILI l Club 10 yard O S
irandl M A C 10 yard Mcoud a V loyo PHI
tluie A C 10 yare third TiD I minute V woondi
Vmal halt wnnby ThamyMn Wat en Mcod Town
end iblrd Tim I DlnuioH eennU i
Quarter Nil OMnWon by ieorja 1 Taylor M 4
O W W WHMr I H I A IL ttcoat P J rloI A U
ttlrd Tim 86i eronili
4 Tm
On Mil I Zi SOaii 240 Limit Won by 0ergs A
Baatr L A 7IU K A MtUuiUe U A 0 ascend W
eid MrapbelL L A 0 bird lime 3 mtnutu 46 itO
irx I Opin Unit ef 2i43WC5 by F J herb I
A C II C 1 nerlr M < 11 leennd O E Siadiuan
Ilartrord Wheel Olub third Tim 2 mJnutt U72 6
llnruitle Op nWon by W W Wlndl X A C
O arge A UanCer U A U ttaenti j 1n B Kick I StateS
ItlanJ 10 tolra Tin 1 mlBttt I 4r > Moonda
Jland mil rati rnCbauiiiunalp Wo by Utott T
Taylor M A tT K nfhrlunJJpwo aeoaii A a
Kich Kineu i liUnci Atlhlr4 Time 14 mUate
6 OS ttcunda
The officials wore ns follows
Refer LI K Raynond Judge O9org9 W Care d
V Luicoinb A H CurtU T A M < Kai Timer C 3
Po he Eden Van Bcbalck U A Asecy I Uitrk or
Ceurtt I a Uloiinncid MIe Wi D rarest Host
wick I ala Anuounter r W lao MartaU D Arthur
Wboct B lit rhlliil blii
fniLinicuau Aaf 1Tbs winner at the Qvaktr
8y wiiielmtnirac meet today were
O eixtfls Ordinary UandleapO S 11 Q Q W
ICO yard iron Join Drpe1 C S N scratch MO
ed C t Lctap 40 yard tblrd lia 2K8 > a
Onemil Safety Itecord Sacs Tim Unit 2ao W W
bxlLIWWwoiUQTyr 4 9 JS jrt mdiT
v 7
1 1v
lelpba ralblrlm60I
Osemils Taatl alla 4lcsp C R Ely and JArtmia
I o w WO yar4 woBiU Buyw w4 J C D nBUy
W Mratcb tecond Tline 238 p6
OnIBrd Mil Uiodlcap rlual bat Btn WOOl I
Bailey cod Martin I r Tim 6l 2t aacoad
Unmll Ordinary Handicap II Haiti I Q C W
260 yand WOO Joba Drawr 4 0 a K cruk etc
adj 4 a L Loll Inatt 4lI yaraa bird Ttat
One milt Sufelr SilO laiO Tin Limit 1 JIB
Rich Jr L nit t won Joliu krett recstoacoui
Time Sltl 44 <
tllle I tafety l handicapil mljrew r A W dO yardt
won 1 1 11 llaiieton K A C 66 yard lecoodj L Ug
lr c vv 116 yard inird Titus 21 8 86
ODIIII Mletr Cb mpioDikl rraatlord Wbwlinen
II rraukiliKw won II S Arrltou lecood Tim
MiOnemile rarely Quaker Pity UaodlcapJ A Mead
Mi s eb won Joins Ariraan 60 yard lecondi V Z
Mia hi iJI tardi tnlrdt C K Klyiao raid fourtb
> auto T leltg Ux yard fifth 111 tdg 4U yardi
atxtb Titus JiMJ Jft
tinrmll bilety Qukr City Cbamploniblp Jobs
AUed oonU Z Bablnccod Tim 5S446 I
Oaeuiile Barely Novice r wai Ueat Rich wen Fret
secnni llui 3t07 t 26
< J arlruilie bafrly Klnal lieuTyler won Wu > lr
eeond llaclton tbird Time 8A condi
HalMuil eafety Tim lliult I2W W Taxi P A
W5C53 U U > lr b B O scead George o Smllo
Rff third Tim 136
Ike Tkrerrearold 31OOO Ntakci
HASTTOBD Conn Auc 27AJ1 class races
ye abandoned the 110000 Threeyearold
are to be troU 4cn itonday the weather
1 UAac
pY r oj 11
QTgTxioanr Acrtta roit PhD IIo
Tal a i Rtitftai Iope t
Bob of the amateur yachtsmen should
have been up to Larohmont yesterday when
the members of the Larchmont Yacht Club
ran off their eighth annual oyster boat races
on Long Island Bound If they had been they
would have learned something about vailing
a boat a tt should be sailed from men who
are put masters In the art of handling small
boats They do not put on many frills but the
way they handle a boat U a caution
The members of the Lltohmont Club have a
kindly feeling for these menwho aro out In all
sorts of weather In their llttlo craft and thin
year RI hat been the custom In the past the
subscription list was liberally subscribed to
ad cash price aggregating 350 were offered
to the Oral and second boats In each class
The condition ot the race wore that all of
tho bouts should bo regularly engaged In the
oyster business Boats used for taking out
pleasure parties wore not allowed to enter
There waa no entrance fee charged and the
handicaps were based on a load waterline
mcaiureaent In the matter of sails the
sloops were restricted to jib mainsaiL and
working gafftopsall and single mainsail for
eat rigged boats The boats wore divided Into
five classes The prizes wore Class t first
prize > SO second prize 125 In all the other
classes the winning boats received 40 and
the second boat S25 >
The course for all classes was from Larch
mont to a stakeboat anchored In Hempstead
harbor thence to a stakeboat anchored one
half mile southwest three quarter > south
of Captains Island Lighthouse thonco to
and around the stakeboat anchored In Hemp
stead harbor and home n distance of twenty
miles The wind which had been quito fresh
during the early morning hours dropped to
almost nothing all the itrtrtlng hour ap
When the starting signal was fired at 1145
A M there were some twentythroe boats
manoeuvring for position and ac the start was
what U I known as tiring onn there wits quite
a siramble for a good windward betth The
wind was light from the northeast nearly all
day and In conseuuence some of thu larger
cabin sloop did not finish until quite late
The open sloops however ieemed to find the
Wind to their liking and made good time over
Uie course
The boat made a beautiful start the whole
fleet crossing within four minutes of each
other The wind was tree on their port Quar
ter to the first mark at Hemtistoad and they
crossed In the following order loco first
followed hT the Jennlo It Claudlo M Minnie
M Delphlne Amateur hover Stella May and
tho other
From Herapstead harbor to Captains Island
It was a teat From there back to Hompstead
again the wind wnsf ree Here the wind shifted
a little whlih allowed them to come home
before the wind again The Jennie A Willis
owned hy James A Willis of Cow Bay was the
first boat to finish nt 4 SlU Shy was fol
lowed by the Claudia H of htamford the S f a
Bond of Bridgeport the Amateur of Bridge
port and the rest of the fleet
The winners and second bouts In the various
clauses were
Clans 1 Jf nnlo IL owned by A I Ford of
Stamford second losco owned by H D
PniiFCh of Port Chester
Class dandle M ownrd by A Lumsdon
HUraford cecond Amateur owned by W
A Lewis of Bridgeport
Class 38 C Bond owned by A A Bond ot
Bridgeport second Stella May owned by U
T Smith of Cow hay
Chiss 4 Jennie A V111U owmd by James A
Willie of Cow Bay second Agitation owned
by Charles T Wiggins of Cow Bay
Clans 5Uncle Dan owned hy William Ford
ham of City Island second Uolphlne owned
by A K Smith of Cow linv
In addition to tint roculnr prizes the mem
bers addition suhvrlliod about StltiO allot
which will hedlvldedamnngtho leading bouts
Tho boats from Cv Bay Brlilcur > < > rt and
HtamFord divided about nil of the prizes he l
mpen thorn and left orr little money for the
other towns to make merry with last night
A summary of the race follows
GolJ Ort4
Ftoitt 11010 fin 11 t
Vfi n M II M s ie I sc I
SarvylisII 4X OS fl Ol It 01511 H 10 11
LOUIs V sell11 04 04 it III 04 II Tl O7 g gJ
Jinny R II 48 1ft 02416 5 88 00 B Z9 13
JOIOO 11401 545U3 6 61 21 B 6O 61
ot11 48 30 COt 16 61848 B IS 10
RIITCT 114742 Did not flnlia
Amateur 11 47 Of 6 M 2V 63121 E 26 61
Pllen H 48 so Did not cmh
Ally Ray 11 48 3U Did not llnlih
ri > awar 11 47 65 Hid not flnlrG
1m I
i ff g
Besie i B 11 47 47 Did not Snub
BC Bond 114814 I 61012 C i SO M f HO rS
ElellaMjy 114746 6 W OJ 61024 8 Otf M
Jennie WI1UI11 ro 47 4 68 10 6 07 23 6 07 28
Arrow 11 4H7 Phd nut tells
Agitator 11 DO 00 P s l 82 643 112 6 40 M
Unel Dan11 47 OR r 3S 04 04060 8 40 60
Unuy M 11 40 OJ Did not fnlih
0lphlB 11 47 BU gin 00749 nasa
A XSle RoEikCtn and a SptfGlnl BMC for
l clint neri to Ho Decided f oon
The Lnrchmout Yacht Club have decided to
bold two moro regattas before they wind up
the yachting sen on of 1802 I
The first event will bo tho annual fall regatta
of tho club which will be hailed on Saturday
S > r > t 10 This will be followed on Tuosdar
Sept la lIT a special raco for schooners for
the LnruhuiontCupot 1BU2 The cup Is valued
at 500
The first regatta In I open to yachts belonging
to the following clubs hew York Eastern
Boawiinlmlta Corinthian Atlantic Corinthian
of New York American Oy ter Bay Corin
thian New Bedford New haven New Bo
rhelle Corinthian of Marblehemt Hull Dnup
Inston Indian llart > r nnd lllverslde Yacht
club Irlzvs are ofrvrad eluhteon classes
and It prnnil es to do one of tho largest ro
gittlaa hehl on tho Hound thii eoiion A sec
ond prize will ba given In each alas whero
four or more yachts start All cabin yachts
are clusalflod by racing length
Corbet I Happy
Corbott received n sot of llvooiince cloves
today which ho chrlstonod In a hard setto
with Daly To a BUN representative Manager
Brady said Mark my word and remember
It on Sept 7 The fight will not last over
eighteen I rounds It will look like Sullivans
for the first six rounds but after that Corbett
will have evorthlng Ills own way lie will tiro
Bulllvm out In the early hart of tho contest
A conferenci was hold with lull Dwyor and
Mattle Corbett and other bankers of Corbett
yesterday at which It was decided that Billy
l lnnoy will stitnd behind Corbott In the ring i
Pillon and Daly will assist him wbllo Mike
Donovan will lonk after tho bottles
Corbett was shown the hmttst picture of Rut
livan and said That looks as If f Hulllvun was
In condition and I am glad ho is
rAulIVo battle Vnldbe lloxer
Bay it loon Anf 27 Jack McAnllff baa quit a
time allowing officious potions their placet There was
certain man from New Orleans wbo prided Unnielt
speD tie boxing ability and ho took tbe trouble to
bring bit tight to tbe bay to thaw his kill In time
nanly art II dreaied fr UoAultU and Jack tended
htm a blow that daaed him nnd road bu partner run
ut or III gyunaimui bowling for Carroll
Jack workd In tba gymDamum this urternoon from
1 oclock until 4 oclock doing bearjr ball work ipar
ring nd rop i IP
jbnny Ortnla arrited br this cvtnlng looking
wllaudttrong II is will gnout dally on lbs road witb
Bkelly and spat with aim In tbe f yuinatiuin I gkilly
wa ont for a lennml spin I before breakfa Kid
Ilogan says wbn II Chad < 10 wiud lie bat lbe call as
tile wind never seems to get burL
llogan is i gelling I rtl strong and IMJII1i
bonenoon ol able to lien bfm against I Hilly film
Let kkUyp rr < d Kobertmn MOSMU and Jack Mo
AutOs today ID I addition to hesmy ball wurk and rope
JOO l t lr
atlipiM II If wslgb lIe pound and > ari b feels
troiir and good cnuugh 10 cuter 1110 ring at anytime
U called
Bkallyli I lometblngnf a runner blmielf and dotia
lot of II early In the morning and Isle at night hilly
Reynolds ba a great lallli la Nkeliy and tar be think
U r
aU ion y U asIa
Mtumllm of lbs Iliirlcm Yacht Club
The fell regatta of tbe Harlem Vacat Club lallid on
lbs Sound cit the clubs house at College Point was
flntibtil In 4uknI1 night and the winner will
not be known until today The itartirs In lbs rae
Cltuli A and B cabin iloopiSO feet and ererAgnee
6 querIes I Weld Katie i vOile Culirnlty feerlei
Clan O cabin 1001 e 2R to 3d feet Una
Uiaee D CabIn sleeps under 26 reel Oriole Cbrlitlna
Class K niien jib and uialutall our 26 IV Kcp
tun > land U
Clau P open Jib J aid malniall 1 Jr to 26 feetAlt
ClamS fl opncalboat I Jtn V fe > tJe > ele Tyrant
Class I open catboat la to 22 eel Augelny
ClaM J open jib and uialotall under 12 felt Sophia
Gypsy lees Heglna U epn eattoati under 18 teetAiuarantn
Tramp Ida K Keitlcit
They all Vi off ibortly attrr I oclock on a rtbraa >
wind which bew in uncrrtaln putlrt Six and a half
cl VII1 hllu
Sour wa lbs lluit of time 1 In which tb course was to
M U4 to mat It a race Tbe yacht wr nn r
ban ball IbIs Hue m kloi tbe nm bill ot tbe enurae
It I wa more ot r a drilling than a tailing match
aad bad It not l bar that the tide wai fNVorable tt f is 1
probble Mine of tb jrarble would not bar CoVered
Lair la lletanc When tbe ileamboat with I e
ledges and guests of lbs club un board got back
to lb dock at colltg folnt Itwae too dark lo JUun
nUb a boat any dUtanc awr II was decided to gel
tbi BnuhlDf lime ot time jacliu t4ajk
60 pieces 86Inch Bouclo Striped Camols Hair
37 c a J regular prlo COo
80 plecee yerr fine Camels Hair Stripes rough effects
58Cij worth 75c
200 pieces lYrd vide allwool Cheviot SulUnjrs plaids aDd stripes
n Q A worth 9100
C Fine French and English Felt Hats
Misses Cloth Gretchen Cloaks in desirable plaids and plain colors for early fall wear I
148 325 490
Misses Reefer Jackets for school wear 11I148 92115 9325s MUCH BELOW
v U nA TnlCc eA vnta fIu Tft11n TtIAr TRkAt formArlv RM I
asuIun JJaav uaJww a vv v v n vvv
425 Tan Color Reefer Jackets for faU wenr 9390 400 050
Built Exclusively for E Ridley Sons
Equal to the best Sowing Machine in the market
8 Drawers and drop leaf oak or walnut finish with all attachments
B Drawers and drop loat 22 00
7 Drawers and drop leaf 925 00
A blftiarm lockstitch boll and light nnd quiet running machine ToilttT fourmotion ted no
print It I Mlftbreadinf only two balsa to thread The khnttle carrIes a lari bobbin Mlfiettlnr needle
no screwdriVer nied petted tension patent uiilon releaser Bobbin winder 1 tonrenltntly located and
can be optrated without running the maenln The itltch is I regulated by a thumb screw on lbs face ot
bbs arm operating on an Index plat which Indicate the length of stitch being made
No pad required to deaden noIse tics a iclMubrlcatln needle bir caTer run dry or permits oil to drip on
the material
A Tent Scourge
According to European cablo de ratchoa the
Asiatic Cholera Is lie fearful tyrant who levies
enormous tribute of life In Ilambura and our
near transatlantic noluhbors All may well
tremble at the Imponillnc danger for In KB
wake death Is no respecter of persons and the
classes han no more Immunity from Its grasp
than the maosos
for It you are thoroughly saturated with
Ozone not only otto you imperrloui to its
effort but your healthy magnetism will ward
ItofTfrom those yju come lu contact with In
fact no medicine extant can cure to many
different forms of disease does
A Tory prominent writer the editor of Bel
fords Magazine baa repeated tbe statement
scores of times In my hearing that my treat
ment lIes lifted
If It can truly do that much for one ptrson It
can do It for all Dont yon think so Dont
you think It mIght pay you to take one tree
trial of It at my office
omce1N tN
N IIEIfEn Chcxlt
q IIIIt Broadway H < mtu
esel Curser lth Hi
New York City
Dr 8 ttllMBKX PS
Nrrln Mt
rut 5 SIr II M DICK
IN HUN Salt f sIrSid
A vs
Sole Accat for Ohio O7
EaetMroad HU Cvlmav
I 14 b 0
I Wtt ApDrnoiuti 11
ton MAY COT KAV form
Ollloe Inn our lilt et AdvertlsirmgAenclas YOU
do not lisa one tonTtnleni
A A4A4
lo whom w o can offer good pa j and Head work
C IIEC1IT CO 114 Ins 118 Prune it
A lancy FeatberU UHZHblinElt A HlrilT ni
Broidwav dinr more tp rienced and reliable help
bet workroom good wages and must iteady em ploy
AITRENTICCB II wanted cliche tltt parenti mires
a mating taught iewlnir ruttier llttlng clue I ladle
to learn I Trench tailor rule trlnl hemline
pits McDAUK 300 nth ar
ARTIFICIAL FLOvnRSA Inree Imrorllnr I houin
want nrtclavi I lower I designer who u capabM nf
taking charge of di > me > tlo 1105 It dcpartuiciiti cry
liberal scary to tint early Ad Ireis
MANUrAOltnMI box 1DO Pun chOre
A RT1F1CIAIFUVI1H I i rrst tclaM eauiiile > l
V makir ror a torn minutarinrer Aliln tt
UAPCUM bot X4i dtiu omc
0 f
A A operator and trimmer on clMMnut nlk
and pnh can
A1MIIIIO 1ItnEJ a JACOnsON rl 1 nreene it
AS OM ui < nil NO to become a leirraph operator
J1Vjlt01 an llllthnri on itt by amid reihg
LXf IRT TELhiiBAf lien box bJ4 uju tii cml 2iim
A A A orE R = CTRlCliUIllllil
A IIKCI1T UOSHroadway want fltetclitsi halide
In I all brncbu Apply nil week
A XXPEInIPNPtm ltANf wanted on ladles suits
1 1 e ami gowns XV1QI1TMAN A Ud loiS treeS tt
B 1R1MIIT i LADV AIIENT8rairinTablic mnnejr 111 our
UDurban propertri nnflxnerlenre nece arr
T B BllOUKH IfU HiT RrolIwuy room 211
BOOR FOLDCRB Ixp rlxnce < l h book fooler
wanted IKSKOSli 1 IKIVIS 27 Ro e it
B OOK FOIIIEBS wanted kleady work IIOo1 rnv
JOKES MANtFACTthlSH Cli t l 10112 11th cc
DOOK FOtDEns wanted at
DREPJM 4 woman wntM lo rnanai a
workroom of thirty cirli Adilrox Hntlnr cxinrl
enc anti salary reiulrd IKIVATK ORIiDriMAKIIll
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Office If In our Hit or Ad > irtlting Agencies you
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GLOVES 15111 l to application unleu wIth previous
xpemnc AiMrei natlng age and qualifications
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nl iaarr paid wliilo lenriilnir Apply at 201 Kail
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LIOUSRKEEPERA perfectly reliable Atnerlcan
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YdllhO atbnnt Miss Brown bellOixlE 11 that
TfOUOO OMAN for general homework rand plal
z cook washer and Ironer Call 318 Enit 2lh tt
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OKNTIKMAN oiunectrl vltli a leadtnir daily
A would cbaritf for A position hIlt requlrmir abieno S
from hum tamtlljtr Cliii otret > oniUuce and silver
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JOUNO NAN tIll < denim work In lithograph print
1 lug bouie an stuns grinder van inuk ulinselfoa
fullnohr snaps wceeIUi relerence
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A VDLxo MAN employ I ilurlne tbe day would Ilk
A eveniiiif OHition lu > ar from 7 I1 M
A It I box KG hun ui > towu otHce 1H5 broadway
5 TAILOR MHbe posItIon a trimmer In a tailor
A store A K box 1UI > Bun uptown offlc 1205
DOOICKMItPrRextert In double entry toriEs and
BOOKKEIPrR chile mauntcrr of xi > allnilt experi
ence desIre eorrefpondeuru relative lo an engage
ment uttermgoppi niinlly for rubcquent lnviliuent
orltiiret young American salary 1too
J K aa COurt t Brooklyn
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LI business kuowiedK of lurth would like positIon
miLIAM LAMB Foul luteS
IheIXltFlrstel5s foreman wantn a iTeady place
JJ on broad aId rolll F L OKI hail Sib II
rsliligr EMBROIDKIIV first cloec Vail lltoa
D lion B OLATloXV 310 West Cllth it
ExrritiENciii IHIITKNKKII wuiina poiliion ha
La oven year experience Addresi Al box 17 SOB
wlbe more work by the day or Job Ad
GltAINTlt lIr Jails Cl OreenpQintHroo klyn
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i cake three langu ceii F11ANK IIILsKY Wa lIsa
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ailbranclijof loirnaliin seeks reeugaMmenl
on I aflHtcla luonifmri ruinlnK iifwipaper In any
can icltyi prnfemlnnal ihorthnnd writer presently am
plot ed a i night editor on an lutciu morning Jpurn ali
atlitnctory reatuui calm In given for aeilrlag ft
obajlge Address R II box 337 hun ufllca 0
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W stands all part of time builneii thoroughlri tour
years wllh present mployr Address U ear Jno J
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MAN wlibe poilllon at anjtblqg Address
YOCNO toil 67 Bun ofllce
will ill during the next SO day at a laerlDt for cask
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faolnr be oai of whICh baft been butiUgbtly daw
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10 Fr t 14th ci U near Vlois Square
excel In tone beauty of flaUb an I durability slb
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Brooklyn Opoth ventng
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Warerooms Stick Hull 11 lest UlUit Full assort
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torei flano to rmt
ABB THE BEST Root term Kent and eichan
L 7 Ml DII Unlvuitr flact and U East lila Ik
Judd Buliy Win the SBOO Stall ror
tills Trotter
INDEPENDENCE IL AuB 211wo thousand
people came out today and saw good racing
Marlon Wilkes sold at odds of 100 to 70
over the add in the fouryearold raco but a
bad break caused him to be distanced In tho
third neat and a rank outsider driven by C
W Williams took the three deciding heats In
an easy manner
In the 235 class first monoy was con
ceded to Azote and It showed good
judgment on the part of tho other drivers as
Azote worked a mile In 212 durIng tho pro
gress of tho work With Azote out Judda
Baby landed the event In straight heats
Jock Jewltt was favorite at S25 to 12 In the
224 pace and he won pulled up every time
after losing tho 2rst heat to Lent Wllletts
The 210 olase was a kreat race and gave
considerable dissatisfaction Stave Whlpplo i
comIng In first the second hoi nut sot back
for swerving In the stretch 1 iio decision was I
hissed Bt Vincent who was favorite at 100
to 80 landed the event In the fifth float
Vbtpplo breaking in the stretch t
Foorrearold 280cla trotting puree 1100
Ellardb i by Cbarll Wilkes 8 8111
Kena llolf b m by lterno 1382
Martha II ch m blr Ermont 2 0818
Km H ch m by Huperlor 7 4 4 dr
Marion Ohlkce ir a gr iciest Wllkei1 2 dn
VIce Wllli lilt In by lilly Wllk JJ6 dlt
flm21 J23 2tj4 1124 228
285 cU trnttln 1 puns 1500
Judo Haiiy oU in I by oVoDltllnl > 1 1 I
Le Russell ur C br Lord lloaMll a 8 2
rank Quite rn g rt Commodore BelinontB i J 4
Baron Browne b 5 by Citron Wllh4 a 3
Alaikabr l Uectloneer II 4 r
Vr ky B U 0
far Le dli
Tim 2iU aiiua2JM
554rla > lacing i purse JlOOU I
Jack Jawett a 1 J 1
Lena Vhilelll 3 > 2 23
lL lark 0 4 iloilo
Well Ahead 4 V 4dl i
Timc2it854 ZilVM a20 217
2l9elaes trnttlnit purse 1000
HI Xncentbjr Wllke B < iy n 1191
Hterr Whippl i J 2 1 8
One Wllkei 2 J J 3 J
flara f 8 8 2 n 5
elitism l Ij itii 5 4 01 4
4 1 7 7
1I1br 2i cijiI jWili i2ii46J1o7
Club Mea Knjoj a Clrtmbuke
The annual clambak at the Trateri Island hem of
the New York Athletic Club wa celebrated with griat
success hail evening When Chairman George D Pbll
lip gave Ohs Brit cue at 030 oclock tbero was
scarcely an old familiar race mlaelug Among tb 1GO
persons who eat down for a practical analysis ot the
bake wri
Exrr ldints W 4 rrlmi Byes Van Vfrck and
w o Sebaylir Xew York A C i Preildent D O WIt
lIam National Cron Country ASsOCIatIOn Col Dan
Appleton irantb Biglmant Bickwltb ei1reil
dint LaD at American Wheelmen Or Kelly Col
Homer W r rck Jobn T Brlgg II 0 FIsher a n
Hunt Theodore Guns Uarruon Oicar Bcbwerdiiky
and aucb iblnlng tlghle na Change aa her K B Whit
more K U Connor and a V lloaman
mT fuel was uamd no the plaits which was attract
iTely decorated sub bunting and Cnlneie lanerni
After lbs last clam bad illiappeared all adjaurncj to
the mID hall or lba club boute where a atag and
non dramatic cUed bad been Ingenlonrlr Impro
vUed Her lb ullnt miillo of Noinriorchitra
the clever tinging of a colored mmblnalinn aad tome
ileinpore oration kpt thvparty In nprtianoue humor
ntll I lung after lbs riandard atbeletee 4bg time
rapt Glantnnl I btartlenly I debarred lbs Chippie I
criw and the Athletic elm Irnin seltiry loch a
golden oppurtanlty for a change of diet a d even time
anil rloloue frown of Private II I nillingi Jr Twin
triecood Riglmenl fallnl la Irapreu lbs eiclmiv
doorkeeper Afterward boo nor time reilrieilnu wai
memO CU and lows of the heit unrehearsed iremeof Ibl
entrrlainment were ronirlbuted by i II Mitchell E r
Carter Ueorge schwigler Lw sharp II Irl JII
hues and Thorpe
The Kniertalnraeut Committee consisted of Oeorg D
riicilnt I Chairman F M liana leg K W Kemble and
W H Haunt The frrI ticeptlonally luccenful In
duptlratfng the recIpe which Ur Ratnun luitire tin
ported from Shed Iiland yean ago cbK and all Jar
lbs original lean
A for icr < 1ra Man Hoe for Divorce
George F Mitchell a contractor residing at
Hath heath L L Ie I suing Louisa Willhemlne
Mitchell for absolute divorce In his affidavit
ho mention Frank Eempton of Providence
Jesse Hitch a traveller for a mercantile house
and Harry Wood who Is I connected with the
Metropolitan Hotel on Coney Island
Mr Mitchell was In tho circus business
few years ago under tho name of Iorulto He
Uw known In Uath Poach by that name now
Mrs Mitchell Is I a handsome I londe about
yearn old fhey were married In 1rovldvnce
In January 1B70 They have two children
and have been rewellnte ol till State tor
even rear
The Atlantic Boat Club WI the nobokejn
Tbe regatta to decide tb champlonihlp among tbe
boatclnbiof lloboken was held yntvrday afternoon
oVer a mlleandabalf straIghtaway court on the
nodion Hirer oppoNlts Onttenberg The Atlantic wr
a y winner or the esMy Jftw cballeng cup They
captured no lets I than fife ont of the eeven
race and took second puce in lbs two re
maining one which gar them an nat of 3
point The Aotlroi were eccond with 11 lime Valen
cia third with 10 and the Boitdale bad 9 Eacb
winning oArsman received a gold medal and lbs clubs
repreienteJ by winning cr w illlc bonnets ThO roc
were rowed with tIme tide but a driving wind beat
against the tncki of the oanmtn while the nater
during the early rare wa a bit ruavh
The Starter in the nlor sIngle I gig rare were A
Waliheld ln elal B C A llfyn AtlanticnU ixm
O K Sinus I eticla U C The Utter led At the half
liy a len tn Itoj no then pulled 1 up even and a hot roe
rg a
rnsunl II between time two untl th mil waiMochrd
lleynu llnailr won a hn pleated In 10 minutes o nee
ond Wniitliel l woe seond
The s criers in th i Bfnlcir ftlnaleihetl rac were J F
Fuerseil HoKf dal It C and II Co Kuiltlcu Atlantic fr
r lh latter ted trom the tart and won by three
Icnirtliii Time H minute ftOnecondi
Vh < re were three cr05 K to start In the senior pair
eared tttg I event Ill Af tlrei b1 > l the lead at the half
bUllbol pare wa ktilmc and at the ratio the Atlantic
dcv up seen The latter then went tll the front and
won by two lensthstn II minutes tecoiidl The Ac
then I were second Th ulnnlug chew wre II C
Kuillicb bow Mlllam Trenkamp itroke U font
lb IUllior paircited gig tars brought nut three
Creus time Aetirea Cere 50011 In front and Iboy won
br 101 i henmttme I I II the Atlmmnlics 1 Icing 1 hrocd and Vaien
Cia hlI ITO I 0 lelimulsl 0 eronmhs
The whnohgrrew Icr A nn boor G Ooaon
strnime J Brow coneemtifl
uimesoilordoulde I scul macs with cozassine vu
root ci by three crew lbs Atisnilce and Ito
dales hJ blUite A are un the last haIr bit thu lonimsr
nnnlly won Ioy a length In 4 millaic and 62 remonds
rime ii inning raw Web C W lolllr bow II LIIIIIr
menu alrob fell Anhlm coxswain
I he junior rOllroarlloor rata wa lIme most hotly
COflielTemi that ha becflVeim In thIs IlCimmIty for some
thur Tbs 411lItiro rrirarilu ACTIea arid alcn
ties Were the rhlll rtbva Time hod bpI well togetliat
Ioroulloul A hnlr1 torts from the finish the AC
tlves Wrr a yard ahead or the Allonlle ana this iettsr I
wo lime pan 1Itnl ah4 or lbs VaIcnri The
Ailsotire smicreeded In p11111cC OUt A olclciry in tile last I
tI W Ir IU j III 1 u1flI
1 nb
rev strokes by a awl troth lb Aelya wie beat IS
aeIlI bT iie fI 111mm II mlflils Th wlnllllll1
crew bers Luke IIrndr low II A RobIns 2 leorge
1Ilrmlln I C I laigr elroke 1IIver 1 OXwalli
Tv crews tUIII hogtlbr In the es lot lourared
hens ramp Wirn thu bolt hub 1rd woe reacted It wise
apliarent ifiat time Vmsencias Voimli wIn a time Uat
crew aimpeercO rllguI Tile al Ode crossed tb
lie ahead in Ii minutes ir tom do 1 be winning I crew
were T y Selmnrie I b0W C oR ilorwood 2 IIf nor
0113 C lIorollll stroke II Kilian coxiwain

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