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Very few People HUT tn Berlin Though i
tli FhMtM U Ther lBtere tlna fenture
of Ik New Arm lintEmperor VTIIlUa
doles to Sweden A Bereaunt to be Conrl
martlalled for Making Him Men March
JHMefbotA Hemitrkible Htrlndter
BERLIN Aug 2In splto of tho spread ot
eholora In Germany tho panle for which tho
ensatlon mongers have looked ongorly for
the last week has failed to opponr One reason
I lor this la 1 tho painstaking earo of the munlcl
11 1 authorities to suppress news concerning
the progress of tho disease Anothor is the
confidence of tho moro Intelligent ells In tho
effectiveness of the minute precautions ob
served by the sanitary official In all cities
herI tho disease has shown Itself
Even in Hamburg whoro tho disease Is nt
It wore there has been no panic and tho re
ports of terror and flight aro mostly tho notion
of the Paris newspapers Tho streets aro not
dorfertod and the shops and exchanges hnvo
not been depopulated In fact everybody has
behnvnd with a calmness which tho virulence
and prevalence of tho disease hardly warrant
As soon as tho municipal Authorities broke
their silence and admitted that choler was
already numbering Its victims by the score
I the local press lor a day or two published
er ply exaggerated accounts of the spread of
the plague Tho reports woro received with
doubt When they wero found to be halt true
molt pt the wealthy Idlers all the tourists
and most ot aristocracy left the cltr The
Brett majority of merchants shopkeepers And
conspicuous publlo men however remained
In the city most of them because they appre
hended no considerable danger for themselves
Ai and their families other to set examples to
the rest of the people
I Berlin the people seem hardly to realize
that the disease is among them Probably not
a hundred persons have left the city
lerons clr on ac
count ol the threatened danger and the city
officials are trying as did their colleagues In
Hamburg to conceal the fact that Asiatic
cholera Is i threatening tho wholo population
This policy I persisted In will Induco the
same general mistrust as In Hamburg The
Emperor became convinced today that
mperr oODlnced sev
I eral l cases of l tho worst typo had boon found
ali lib is said to have expressed his intention
of IS8ulni nn order should more cases bo re
ported that tho city Government must Fend
out bulletins twice dally concerning thn prog
ress of the disease Ho foots that Berlin as
ono of the cleanest and bestdrained cities
q of Europe has little to fear from tho cholera
I the people bo properly warned and Instruct
o how to fight It Ono of the duties of tho
I sanitary authorities coxt week therefore will
be to have brought to the notice of every i
ii householder the best approved measures for
disinfection of houses and treatment of pa
14 tients before medical help can bo summoned
ij Upon tho householders then will rest the re
V sponsibility of communicating the measures
to their families and tenants The suggestion
that prayers for the abatement of tho disease
be ordered officially throughout Prussia has
boen vetoed by tho Emperor
Since this morning no fresh cases have been
reported In this city and thero seems to bo
every probability that tho existing cases will
remain Isolated Nevertheless the heavy stream I
1 t of travel between flits city and Hamburg Is a
r source of danger So far today the railway
trains have brought In nome 300 passengers
from Hamburg of them citizens
some citzens fleeing
from the stricken city but most ot them non
residents Four men who arrived from Ham
burg on an express last night complained bit
terly ot the sanitary measures taken by the
authorities at Hamburg as Inefficient and In
effective Tho men ear that they will make
representations to the Home Office In
ti order that the imperial Government
j may bo led to interfere They say that the
health officials did not report the first case of
Asiatic cholera to the Imperial Government
until four days after it had been brought to
their note I I not probable however that
the Imperial Government will notice tho
w1 notce ap
peal for help as the Hamburg authorities are
understood to be acting with all possible
actnl al en
ergy This afternoon cases of cholera are re
ported from many cities In tho empire but all
have been isolated promptly and there is
nothing to IndIcate that tho disease will be
1 come prevalent in any town except Hamburg
Tho nbsonoe of apprehension of tho cholera
has loft Berlin editors free to continue with
a out their discussion of tha com
I ing Arm bill and the Emperors attitude to
ward It On Thursday evening the Aafionol
eitano ROT prominence to a paragraph say
ing that the general tenor of tho now bill hud
been determined although it was still nn open
question whether It would bo laid boforo tho
Reichstag at Us next session or in ItilU or
1801 Tho ilnnl decision will bo postponed I
tho National Ztilnng said until after the reas I
sembling ot tie Prussian Cabinet Ministers I
who are now on tholrvncatlons The now la I
the editor addod would not embody explicitly
the principle ot the twoyoar term of service
but would nevertheless reduce materially for
L thq Infantry the obligatory period of service
I I with the colors Tho annual number ot re
cruits moreover would be considerably In
creased and thus the standing army would be
enlarged Those chances had been planned
to so effect the strength ot the army that the
reduction ot tho service time would be fully
eounterbalnocll by the Increase in tho num
ber of troops
Tho execution of this plan would depend
doubtless upon financial considerations as it
would necessitate additional appropriations
In the military budget The military authori
ties direct special attention to the fact that
the bills main object Is to strengthen tho sor
Tlce by Infusing younger blood into the first
fighting line and maintaining the quality
while tho of the
Increasing quantity troops
On Friday tho AortMtuttrht AUgemelne Ztitung
p confirmed tho truth of tho Xalionali state
ment adding that tho Prussian Landtag prob
ably will be convoked during tho autumn so
thut it may have time to study and discuss
florr MlQuela proposed financial be
r t l lore public attention shall be diverted to tho
l military bills
Both of the Indicated declarations may bo
regarded a authoritative They explain the
Contradictory reports of Emperor Williams
g speech at the Frunz loriof banquet anti place
at rest the rldlculou reiioita of the French
dallies that the Gorman Government contem
plated Increasing the standing army to 050000
or 700 men As regards the most pro
pitious time for bringing forward the new bill
general opinion favors tho Parliamentary ses
sion of 1B03 or of 1804 In the latter year tha
Beptennate act by which Dlsmurck got the
army away from tho Itclchstags control for
I seven year will expire and the financial
II 1 questions involved In the new organization
can bo considered moro advantageously
According t the existing law the peace
strength of tho army Is fixed at 1 per cent ol
thu empires population The military bud
gets however never havo provided sufficient
money for the enrollment of tho full 1 per
cent and the actual peace force under the
Heptennato has remained considerably below
tho force contemplated by Prince Bismarck
and the members of his regime1 This state ol
affairs has given rise to several highly unsat
isfactory features of the ruetent organization
Muny of thu recruits Instead of joining tho
insular ctinllns nrmy had to n place lu tlio
special reserve known n the Ersatzrcaerve I
and A certain percentage of the army wns
drafted nt the end of the second years service
Into another reserve known as the Dleposl
Tho new army bill will reduce the Ersatz
reserve and Increase greatly the DI oslloD
Urlnubor thus practlrallr introducing tho
twoycnr term while recognizing only the
throeyenr term Emperor William believes
that this Innovation will leave tho efficiency of
tho army as a whole unchanged while render
Ing It more homogenous nnd relieving the
burden upon the younger generation of Gor
man men
Admission to tho Ersntzronervo has long
been sought ns n special privilege and many
abuses have crept Into tho recruiting service
In consequence Those nbusei have rested
most heavily on the rural districts Recruits
are generally too numerous In the cities and
too scarce In the country no while city young
mon wore securing all the benefits of the Kr
pntzrcsorve a peasants sons who wore needed
at home to help support tho famIly have been
obliged to hour tho full burden of tho service
In the standing army According to the now
plan only those who lt the end of two years
show insufficient military knowledge will bn
compelled to servo tho full term the rest will
be drafted into the ranks of the Dispositions
lJrlMf bet
Jtiom n political point of view tho new hill Is
regarded as a masterpiece Granting practi
cally the tworcnr term It pleases tho people
nt largo reserving for the Government the
right to tho threerear term ns n guarantee
for the officienc of tho army It satisfies tlio
military authorities Tho opposition to tie
bill Is bollovod to have boon minimized among
Deputies to tho Itelchvtag As usual how
ever tho Radicals and radical LlboraU want
to eat tholr cake and at the same time have
It They say that they cannot see clearly the
advantages of a scheme which by increasing
the number of recruits will also increase
taxes Count Caprlvis friends fully approve
of tho plan and eventually the uncompromis
ing opposition probably will be limited to tho
ranks of the Independents Frolftnnlgo and
tho Soctnl Democrats who oppose everything
On Sept 4 1tuporor William will start for
Gothenburg whore ho will meet King Oscar
The two monarchs will go out for throe days
elk hunting after which Emperor William will
proceed to the manoeuvres in South Germany
and Alsace unless cholera should render a
postponement of the manoeuvres advisable
At Potsdam court life has been very quiet
during tho lust weok on account of the ap
proaching accouchement of tho impress
which is now but a few days off Tho few fes
tivities still allowed are confined to u small
circle of the Empresss most intimate friends
Emperor William has ordered that an in
quiry be mado Into the conduct of 1 sergeant
accused of abusing men under his command
in the recent manoeuvres near Berlin TOo
sergeant commanded a detachment of thirty
foot soldiers ot tho guards to remove their
shoes and march barefoot along the blistering
highway The men obeyed After thoy had
passed through n village two Indignant old I
men drove back over the line of march and In
formed several commissioned officers of the
affair One of the officers galloped ahead I
overtook the barefoot company and shouted
t the sergeant
How dare you make his Majestys soldiers
go barefoot 7
He then ordered the arrest of tho sergeant
and commanded the soldiers to put on their
shoos The sergeant Is awaiting in Berlin the
court martial I
Several crack cyclists have arranged to start i
from Berlin to Vienna early in October The
eyollets say they can cover the distance In half
the time required by the horseback riders
Tlio Berlin police have information from
Paris concerning the arrest of tho International
swindler Jacques Hoffmann This fellow al
though tho son ot a glassblower can assume
the manners of a nobleman of any civilized
country In the fprld He is 50 years old and
has passed halt his life in duping persons in
Berlin Paris 8t Petersburg London Vienna
and Homo Ho has dozens of aliases but ho is
most widely known as Baron Courtier Ho is
now In jail for the tenth time In 1870 ho
mado his first tour of tho world paying his
way with tho fruits of his swindles In St
Petersburg he pretended to be the Consul ot a
petty South American State and won the hand
of an heiress Shortly after his marriage
the city became too hot for him and ho lied to
Berlin In the latter city ho spent large sums
of moneyj which he had secured from his wife
wore fine decorations and circulated in tho
best society plucking tho military and nobil
ity right and left He was arrested but es i
caped punishment on a technicality Ho then
went to tho British Ambassador with a stolen 1
British passport in his band nnd demanded i
redress The British Minister
Britsh forwardcd his
claim to the Foreign Office here but tho
Baron did not wait to learn the result Ha
vanished from Berlin to appear a fow months
later In London There ho played the putt ol
a big Bohemian mine owner living In great
luxury and throwing mound In
luxuryald money mag
nificent style Ho tiled to form 1 mining
company among London financiers but was
threatened with exposure before getting fur
along with his scheme and fled to Vienna
Ho arrived at the Austrian
thl capital In
tho spring of 188 and before long
was in an Austrian penitentiary where
ho spout seven years His trial was highly
sensational It was shown that ho hud
swindled high ofTlclnU aud noblemen out of
JCOOOOO guidon He had obtained a conces
sion to build a railway In Hungary had formed
a fictitious company and had unloaded the
shares ou banks London Vicuna Paris and
Berlin Among the victims of this scheme
woro tho Minister ot Agriculture and several
princes connected with the royal house Ho
lived during his short period of prosperity In
a stylo which excited tho amazement of his ac
quaintances Ho lived In ono of the finest
mansions gave the most elaborate dinners i
and drove the fastest horses The big Don of
Vienna crowded his house and enjoyed his
Alter his release Uoffmnnn went to Zurich
and entered society as Col Courtier Ho got
his living by swindling and cheating at cards
but kept his methods so carefully concealed
that nobody huspeoted him Ha was about to
obtain an appointment In the Swiss army whoa
the Zurich police received warning from Vien
na Hoffmaun roaelved warning nt the same
time however and when the police went to
o him ho was gone
Finally Hoffmann went into partnership with
another rascal who calls tilmsulf Durrlch nnd
who started a discount bank In Zurich where
ho was able to utilize tho experience which
Hoffmann hud gained In that city Hoffmann
became his Paris agent lloth men did their
best to get by hook or orook us much money
as possible out of the ooncern The bank col
lapsed and the gross frauds of Durrlcli and
Hoffmann wore revealed Durrlch was arrested
and a description of Hoffmann was sent out to
all large European cities His capture proba
bly will be followed by so long a term of im
prisonment that his career limy now be re
garded as closed <
Snyn He Wn Abuaed by the Guard
Henry Aleman a Cuban clgarmaker who
lives at 337 East 105th street I Indignant at
his alleged ill treatment by Guard 851 on car
ti0 Saturday of the Sixth avenue elevated railroad on
He hoarded the car at Fiftieth street and
found U so crowded that ho had to stnnd on
thu platform Ho gays he accidentally trod on
the guards foot and was roundly abused by
him When Airman threatened report the
nriti ho was Put itT tho tiuln Now lie bays he
1 lll eu < j tho cumlau or I I I 1 ICS
lie Is nn Anslrtan Tailor and Ha Urea In
This Country but JKIcchlcen Day Fhysl
clans Think 11 Ailment Trlllns bat
Arm Walchln lllni Cloielr Conference of
fll j AuthorltletWe Muy Slave to Gar
Analnit the OUease for Two Tear Tel
A foreigner who could not speak English
accosted Policeman Qulnlan at Second avenue
nnd Fortyninth fltrool about It oclock yester
day afternoon nnd by signs trlod to make him
understand that he was Ill and nocdod help
As hn looked pate and Boomed In pain Quln
Ian thought it would bo worth while to get an
Interpreter When tho foreigner had Mid
what ho had to say through tho interpreter the
policeman put him on board tho first car that
camo along and took him to Bollevue Hospital
There tho man after describing himself AS
Anton Potzel aged 40 an Austrian by birth
and a tailor by trade said that he had soiled
from Hamburg In one of the Gorman steamers
on July 23 He was troubled only by seasick
floss during thn voyage and hud continued in
good health after landing until about
hllh alor Inndlnl untl noon
yesterday Potzel could not tell whoro ho hnd
ludgod but snld ho had worked for Gus Cohen
a tailor at 101 Greenwich stroet
Ills symptoms would have boon thought
little of under ordinary circumstances hut
combined with his statomont that ho had re
cently arrived from Hamburg thoy woro re
cnrdod by Dr Kussull HulUmy tho receiving
surgeon as worth of more than ordinary
attention Accordingly ho had the patient Iso
lated in the tent used for those having con
tagious complaints where Dr Washburn sub
sequently examined him Dr Washburn
thought thero was nothing suspicious about
the case except the fact that Potzol was com
paratively fresh from a cholera centre but he
left tho patient in tho tent and gave orders If
any suspicious symptoms developed to have
the case reported at onco to the Health De
Dr Washburn was perhaps led to take a
conservative view of tho case by his experi
ence with a patient on Saturday night This
patient was Simon Blddulph a steel worker
from Baltimore who had gone t Gouvernour
Hospital for treatment When his symptoms
became known they wero deemed so suspi
cious that he was at once taken to Bollovuo In
an ambulance Thero It was considered best
to got the opinion ot an export and Dr Dll
llnglmm of the Board of Health was sum
moned to make a diagnosis Ho pronounced
the case ono of ordinary summer complaint
and tho Dellovuo doctors resolved not to send
for 1 Health Board export again unless they
were sure of the symptoms
Tailor Cohen said last night that Potzel
came to him four days ago and said that he
had been out of work for four weeks and had
pawned everything he could for money to live
on Cohen gave him work and yesterday
morning paid him oft Cohen thought that
Potzel had lodged at either t I or 7 Delancey
street No one in those houses each ot which
harbors several families remembers Iotzel
Somo of the tenants take transient lodgers and
he may have been at one of the houses a day
or two
The only boat named In the Maritime Btgii
IP that sailed for this port from Hamburg on
July 28 was the Marsala which arrived on
Aug 11 She brought 325 steerage passen
gers and no cabin passengers
Arrangtnc to Cure for Cholera Pat t ml a A
Whnrp Lookout for Two Tear Yet
Tho most Important conference yet held by
the authorities of this city regarding the Im
pending approach of cholera to New York took
placo Yesterday afternoon In Health Officer
Jenkinss office at Quarantine It Is now
believed that cholera Is surely drawing nearer
to Now York and that It Is only question ot
a few weeks perhaps a few days when it will
bent the gates of the city
Those at the conference wore Mayor Grant
President Charles G Wilson of the Health
Board Dr Jenkins Dr Charles F Roberts
Chief Inspector of tho Bureau of Contagious
Ulnonses Quarantine Commissioner Allen
President of the Polico Hoard J J Martin
and Dr Henry L Bleneufeldavlio is In charge
of Hoffman and Swinburne islands I was
understood that among other subjects dls
cussed was tho inspection of Hoffman and
Swinburne islands with view to mako the
appliances for the care und disinfection of pa
tients ns effective us possible before tho ar
rival of cholera
Lato on Saturday night President Martin
telephoned to Quarantine Commissioner Al
len asking for permission to uso the Juaran
lno boat on Sunday This was unusual but
the ordinary routine was waived for the
oldtnnry routno WIIYod oc
casion and the permission was given Presi
dent Martin and tho rest of the putty arrived a
little utter 2 oclock The conference lasted
about thrcoquartars of an hour and then
tho party accompanied by Dr Jenkins started
for tho Quarantine boat State of Now York
which lay at the little dock Before they wont
on board they wore asked by a SUN roportor
what they had decided upon ut the conference
All hastened to suy that it had only been an
informal discussion and that thoy believed
that everything ponslblo WHS being done to
ward off the acoutce They admitted how
ever that the matters dltcussed wore of vital
IDIIorllucel vlnl
I think said Mayor Grunt thattoo much
precaution cannot be taken As nxoHlnlo
Quarantine Commissioner und as Mayor of the
city I foci It to be I my duty to make myself ac
quainted with all tho details ot tho plans by
which the best system of quarantine bo
in Hint nl nod Under the very cillcient direc
tion of Dr Jenkins I believe that everything
U I being dODO possible to 1 Insure the safety of
the city Wo will try It possible t brine tho
Quarantine system to iieifoitlon
1roHldont Wilson of the Health Board said
ho was a strong believer in Immlgrutlan being
stopped on all lines which piled etween New
York and InfoctcddlstrlctH there was tho
slightest diinuor from cholera Ho believed l
that tho greatest risk lay in cholera couitng
from othur ports wliore tho quarantine aye I
tem was not in rigid as In Sew York
Immigration could bo flopped lie said
by making the Quarantine regulations so
severe that Ills companies would be forced to
stop lu any case the companies would stop
of their ol accord I believe If there was a
general feeling expressed In that direction
As to compelling the companion through their
representatives here cODlnnloR sending Immi
grants to this country wo could not tIn that
except by special act ot Congress und In fact I
do not know that Congress would have any
powarto pass such an act Tho health oillcer
IioWHver has power to mako the regulations
HO stringent that the companies In their own
Interests would be forced to discontinue send
lag Immigrants lie could detain vessels us
safety long ns he thought necessary for public
Mr Wilson told thin reporter that he had not
made up his mind what to do regarding using
Hikers Island for 1 hospital In case cholera
should appear Ho would consider the matter
very carefully ho said tor
Health OrXcer Jenkins said he would con
tlnuo tInt quarantine regulations UK present
enforcedifur at butt a year and perhaps for
two years
Even If cholora does not como to this coon
try soon hoi said it will be necessary to
keep r strict watch I It koe lecosslry aWI for
month there may be f rclaxtlon of vlgllnnco
In other ports Loth hero und abroad which
will rondur It all the more necessary to be
vlcllait bore In any case I do not think that
wo Brjuld consider ourselves secure for at
least I t two years
< The report of Dr Blcgs consulting patholo
gist U > the Board of Health of his Inspection
of tUVcltlos I where cholera ls reported to have
appnarpd vUll bo mlle public some time this
week It is understood that the report is a
very exhaustive ens
Just before the party entered the State of
New York to visit Hoffman and Nwlnburne
Islands Dr Roberts SAid to the reporter that
hu agreoI with Mr Wilson that the greatest
dIHIr of uhulera reaching this city was by I
p 0
way of other ports He tiellnvod Congress
should tie asked to Issue Very positive orders
about the quarantining of port Dr Blonen
leld did not go on board the Quarantine boat
The conference which took place In the office
of Dr Jenkins was resumed on the way over
to the Islands Every part of the Islands won
visited nnd tho methods of tutalgallon nnd
dltlntectlon examined The arrangements
were approved but It wn understood that I
some now suggestions nro to adopted < I
Dr Hlencnfeld who has almrgo of the ls I I
anile toll Tim SUN reporter that I nil suspl
elnus oases are to bo detained on Hoffman
Island nnd when unmlBtnkuhlci evidences of
cholera theY are to be taken
appear tnkln to Swin
burne lllr
Both Islands ho said am amply pro
vided for all contingencies There Ire accom
modations for 800 patients on iach und there
ate very few patients them now
Many pooplo who ported friends from
Europe visited fJllrnlUIO yesterday anxious
to know when thu cullS on which they Hailed
were expected Many ships from the Infected
districts are on the way her
Among tho xtonrafdilps which arrived yes
terday was the Sorrento from Hamburg She
carried U48 steerage passonrreiH hut there
was no sickness on bqnid Ivvury piiBscngnr
had to run the gauntlet of hl 1IlsenIAr
Quarantine doctors and tho I aigiign and nf
foots of tho panscngers were disinfected bv
steimi Other rhlpn which arrived wore Kl
Calla from riudad Unllviir with four 11
senqors the hastgivtc from rrottteso Spain
with two cabin panstiucei thn Llamlnff from
Bristol with ultiu ciinlti pitHenKors fODI
terln from Liverpool tho Othello from Ant
werp the Portia from ht Johns Nuwlound
laiul the Lydlan Monarch from London and
the Halcurrns Hiookc from Santos
No disease was found on any of these ships
and after tho usunl disinfection tho ships woro
allowed to KO to their Ick Ciipt hart isnit
of the Dulcarres Iltooke had yellow fever und
nftmllpl xduiInBlliuvojiiBc Hiwas nurt d
durn 011
hy Ids wife and was quit I well when tins t ship
arrived hare No passengers ero on board
The Immigrants who arrived bore on Satur
day on tho steamships La rouralne Iltissia
Gullert anti Aumistn Mctorlawern landed yes
terday ut Kills Island AinoMi the pasnuncors
on tho Gollert were fifteen Herman artisans
nrl lns
going to work at Chicago for the German n x
built ut tho Worlds lnlr 1 As they held certifi
cates from the Treaiury Department at Wnsh
borer i nut on they were not detained as contract In
President Wilson of the Health Board said
Inst night that tho result of the Inspection was
lost satisfactory
Wo vl lad both Swinburne and hoffman
islands 1 lie said and we found everything
In H llrstclass condition I feel sure that
under the present condition of affairs should
cholera visit Quarantine Dr Jenkins will bo
well ublo to tako care ot It
He Bays Local Control Quarantine I > a
Helle or felate flight
ASBUBT PAnE Auc 2a Four thousand
people assembled In the Anbury Park Audito
rium at the national ferv lea this afternoon to
hear Secretary of tho Treasury Foster and
Gen Dussey Assistant Secretary of the Inte
rior Whltelaw Ibid was expected to speak
but ho telegraphed his regrets The service
was opened with prayer by the Itov Dr Me
Cosh exPresident of Princeton University
Tho subject of Secretary Fosters address was
announced as Holglon in Economy In the
course ot his talk he said It is popularly
supposed that the Treasury Department looks
after only the finances of the country but as
a matter of fact it looks after many other Im
portant matters One of the most difficult
duties of my department Is the proper admin
istration of the Immigration laws It Is hard
to determine absolutely whether a man is
brought her under contract or is likely to be
come 1 public charge A young man without
a cent In his pocket but strong of heart and
limb Is often less likely to become a pauper
than tIn weakly man with his pockets full ot
money One of tho most Important duties of
that Treasury Department ut this time
lrelsurr It thll tmo Is to
curator marina hospitals at all ports of entry
to this country My only regret Is that tho
general Government does not nave more
complete control of all these avenues for the
introduction to the country of cholera and
other infectious diseases Iho local control
of these quarantine stations is n relic of the
old Htato s rights Idea However we have
undertaken vigorous measures for the exclu
sion of foreign rags and imbSfnsern from in
fected ports ral the full I power and intelli
gence of the Treasury service will be exerted
for tho safety ot tho country
A reference to Mr Blame I name was loudly
lon llussoy followed with a short address
He said that all opposition to law whether b
ole man or by an organized body of men
must be crushed just as surely and us
promptly as was tho rebellion of the Southern
States He was heartily applauded when he
ad thtt most radical measures of treat
ing the Anarchists of tInt country
Toledo Alarmed
TOLEDO Aug 2KA largely attended mass
mooting was held in the City Hall last even
inc at which much alarm was expressed over
this spread of cholra in Europe Toledo Is a
sort of halting station for north and west
bound Immigrants nearly nil of whom for
six months past have come from Germany
and Poland Health Officer Faher read a
Government report on tho subject of cholera
and the thorouchlyaroubed citizens spoke in
very plain English to the city officials present
concerning the piles of rubbish and garbage
throughout tho city I WHS voted that no
moro hogs or geese could ho kept In the city
and a formal request Ins wIlde of every
householder to clean his
r hil premises thoroughly
ouhl sanitary police force was doubled and 1
hoUHotohouto cauvus will be made Work
on the now pent hotiso > va ordered rushed
with all poKslblo haste lutteis tushd
ni lolslLlo IISlu LUeI were ad
dressed nil ito I Polish priests Asking them
to request their parishioner nt church toduy
to make extended efforts ut cleaning up The
Mayor has called u meeting ot all the city 1ho
ciy on
daIs for Monday when tilt mnchinory for
cleaning tho city will bo set In motion
New Orleans Mill ricuu Her Ntreeti
NEW ORLEANS Autr JSThe talk of cholera
lias aroused tho city authorities and a large
additional force of mon has been put to work
cleaning the streets The prisoners in the
parish prison will bo divided Into four gangs
and put to work on thn streets Tho Board of
Trade bus Issued a cull for ull the commercial
bodies to mocl In conference nnd see If some
plan lor the proper xunitutlon of Now soro
leans cannot be udoptod and how the funds
which may bo needid for this purpose are to
l raIsed The Sanitary Association will tuko
chnrgo of the work of Hushing hut gutters Its
pumps being sufllclent to furco HOuouoo gal
Ions ot water through them dally IOUOU Ial
No Cliolern In < Jiunebiiic or Helmetta
New BRUNSWICK Aug K Another report
reached horo today of DID appearance of or a
dlseaso among u number of icsldontbof Hoi
motta nnd Jamcsburc nior here and It was
said tho symptoms recomblod cholera Thin
writer Investigated the report und found that
the physician there ridiculed tho Idea of
cholera but however was tattling with sev
eral cased nf dysonteri Dr J l Suydam
said thin iliscnsn wifc similar to tho recent
ciiKO unions the Hungarians at Heimottu
Whon the disease broke out thero false re
ports gulnod circulation that It was cholera
Helmnttu and Jamesburg are adjacent vii
lages and many who are employed in Hel
motta live In Jnmesburg
Bark Iadrn ttllh Hue Detained
NKW HAVEN Aug 2HTwo Italian barks are
in quarantine oil Hranford beacon The
quarntlo Jrnnlord yes
tels are loaded with rags and are bound for
this port lhe authorities will not allow them
to land on account of this cholera scare The
ships vera placed in quarantine by a revenue
cutter and will remain then for the present
Dropped fiend In Church
ViNEViiin HAVKV Mass Aug 2aCopt
William Cook a retired son captain and a
prominent citizen of this town died suddenly
at Grace Kplecojial Church this morning of
heart disease Capt Cook had walked from
his homo tothc church l11l had lust arrived
when he dropped to tho door expiring Imme
diately us the morning service waR about to
begin Tho congregation was dismissed
Capt Cook was widely known in maritime
circles having for many years sailed out of
New Vork on foreign voyages lie was about
Uf years old
Len tbe Omm Ut and a Indow Open
Joseph Jensen and Powell Zolglor two t young
Norwegianshired a room In lOBleeckerstrcet
a few days ago They left the gas burning
when they retired on Saturday night and the
wind blew It out while they slept They worn
almost suffocated when found yesterday and
wort taken to tt Vincents Hospital
Facts 1TIII Nat b Concealed from the
PeopleOne Hundred and NlnelT eTn
Dh la Ilsmbarc on H SurdT
HtreeU DcmrledA Choler Patient Dies
is KnclnndFesrs that It Will be Hard to
Kop the Plague Out or London
DrRL Aug 28At a conference of tho
Ministry of the Interior yesterday It was de
cided to publish dally tho number of cases of
cholera reported throughout Germany This
fact became known this evening and will be
made public odlclnlly tomorrow
The Ministry of the Interior took this action
at tho suggestion of tho Emperor who Le
haves that the plague can bb fought most ad
vantageously I the people understand thin ex
act nature of tho peril to which they are ox
posed In Berlin especially such a course Is
carded ns advisable because a panic can be
averted by tho publication of nil tho facts
The city was never cleaner or healthier and
with proper preventive measures it prob
ably can be kept conipitratioly Iroo from the
Infection For the last thirtysix hours no
froth cases have been discovered A general
order will ho given nut 10 replace all general
order t railway oRlelnU In tho mittor of dli
lot cation
llcports from Hamburg show that the uneasiness
easiness In that city Is Increasing There 1ms
boon no panic as yet and up to this afternoon
comparatively few citizens had left with their
families TIde tvonID however I Is reported
that an express trnlnhns arrived with 400 per
sons from Hamburg The former policy of the
Hamburg authorities in suppressing the news
concerning the disease is to a largo extent It
is said responsible for this exodus The
Inll peo
ple place little confidence in tho reports
now given out believing that the number
ot victims Is purposely misrepresented
and that tho mortality Is Increasing
rapidly In tho absence of n record which
thin people can trust exaggerated reports
have been circulated since last
ciroulltod evening and
many who had resolved to stay at homo have
suddenly moved out with their families The
persons arriving this evening suy thorn itt also
general suspicion that the sanitary authori
ties are inefficient although such an authori
ty I Pro I Koch who was ID Hamburg several
days approved 01 the measures taken by them
to stay the progress of the disease
From other parts ot Gormany reports of Iso
lated cases of cholera or cholerine have been
received today but titers is apparently no in
dication ot a general spreading of the disease
A regiment at Mctzls suffering from cholerine
The principal cause of apprehension now Is
that n panic may develop in Hamburg and
tho 1 partial scattering of the citys population
to other parts of Germany may produce In
fection In districts hitherto untouched
HvMHuno Aug 28The number of fresh
cases of cholera on Saturday was 4UH Ibo
number of deaths 1U7 Incomplete retmns
tor today show that there are at lowest r > UO >
fresh cases Tho number of deaths hits not
yet been ascertained Thl mortality from
cholera has raised tho number of funerals
duly from un average of 8 to ULO The city
Is not yetpunlostrlckon but the presence of
the IIIOKUO is I apparent everywhere The
streets today have been deserted for the first
time since tho disease became prevalent The
usual Sunday excursions were abandoned No
excursion trains were run and the steamers
which usually take out parties lay Idle at the
docks Theatres circuses and music halts
were empty hul9
Most merchants and shopkeepers still stick
to their business but tomorrow or Tuesday
may see trade practically suspended and the
men who constitute the bulnes world hero
leaving with their families for other parts of
Germany The persons of wealth and no reg
ular occupation lmo gone already to Rostock
Imheil Flanstunr and ether seaside resorts
Dissatisfaction with the measures adopted by
the sanitary authorities and with their policy
of trying to hold back the worst nows Is
UrKely responsible for the growing unrest
which may culminate almost at any hour in a
panic Iho sale of fruit In thu city has b
come a dcid branch of trade Dealers who
hindlo southern fruits find their stocks prac
tically n total 10s8
The funerals which take plnco constantly are
conducted wlthoutthe usual ostentation Not
moro than two or throe carriages follow a
hearse and In many cases the body taken to
the crave without a friend or relative to
accompany It The services are limited to a
prayer or at most to a prayer and hymn This
simplicity of ceremony Is the result of the re
peated warnings of the sanitary authorities
and private physicians
The Haicburi Senate has requested an ex
tra credit of liouCUHMJ marks for medical pur
poses At Altona jut below hero tluiro have
tlrd 11e
teen fortysovon fresh oases today and nine
teen fortIsovou
LONDON Aug 28A sailor died of cholera
on the steamship Oiorona at Middlesborouch
today TIme steamshIp has been inarantlnod
as h other cased are saldtobodovoloping aboard
Ir Thome Chief of tho Sanitary Division
of tho Local Goernment Hoard says he has
grave doubts of lie ability of the Hoard to
keep tho cholera out of London Ho says tho
great source of dancer Is In tho East End It
IB Impossible to watch and locate indigent
Immigrants who naturally gravitate toward
the hunt End on their arrival In tho country
Titer 10 not know themselves whom they are
going and tht > ir uddre < < os cannot be register
ed They have no work In prospect and no
friends to receive them und they drift to the
slums and are lost bight of J hey are of
course subjected to a medical inspection at
the port of arrlvil but they might pass this
and yet bo Infected with cholera In the incu
lnlnn ftlllfn loh 40fMllH llflVtlrm aftnmwnvlil
Ordinary < trixolleis rib watofiod for any
dolrcd length of time after arrival as they
have destinations in view and can give their
A tho instance of Dr Thorne all the leading I
medical officials umcr the Government met
yesterday todlscuss tho situation I was re
feolvpd that more stringent niLasurestlmn now
possible should bn authorized Thorn Is a
growing toolIng that Mr Gladstone should
convene tho Ministers and pass an order on
thogioundof public expediency empowering
olllclals absolutely to exclude immigrants at
their discretion so long as tho danger from
cholera oxistB
81 Jumtiiunfi Auc ADr Obermuellor
body physician or tho Czar riled yeoterday at
HID nun of 55 It Is I said that ho died of Asiatic
cholera I
I1 I ins Auu 2HTwo deaths from cholera
aro reported from Saint Lull Hospital A
womiin named Hay who lived alone was
stricken last night with a dlselse which HIO
tlimiclit was Asiatic cholera
Today she tried to walk to her sons house
to get proper care SIte fell In thin street and
died whim being convoyed to Iho hospital It
In cnlil that If the cholera continues tii spread
In llavio and olhar French Pities through
which thorn Is much travel to thin United
States flit steamnshilns of the French line will
CIO running to Havre and will touch wi
Ulead nt SOl Lnglllh port probably South
I l > I
I AMtE Aug8 There were 71 fri > sli panes
of cholera lu this city yesterday and 25 deaths
The fre Pls sIe the Town but Fall to
Take the Fort
PANAMA via Galveston Aug 28 Puerto Ca
belo was captured by the CrespUts on Aug
22 The storming force numbered 2500
There was lltllo opposition except at the fort
near tIle entrench of the port The garrison
repelled twoattl < mptH to take ths fort by as
sault and according to tho latest advices Is
Mill In possession Jour vessels with Govern
mont troops liuvo been sent out from La
Iulr > to aid tho garrison In recapturing thin
port Tho ttrainshln bringing this news did
not commuulcato with the rench manofwar
oITls luayra
Caracas wan still hold by tho do facto Govern
ment on Aug 25 Statements to the effect
that the city has been captured by On trda
neta Hliould be discredited Gun Urdaneta Is
a Colombian and may not take part in the rev
olution BH has been represented
A Negro Assaults a Woman
MiBcouiAH III Aug 2a Thomas Wilson a
negro called at the home ot Mrs Balms Mil
ler an aged widow yesterday afternoon Ho
asked for food and It was given to him After
satisfying his appetite he struck the widow
down with his list assaulted her and robbed
her of t2b
He was captured a short time later and
name near being lynched The Hhurlff finally
landed the man To lie county jail ut Uelluville
THUKK sjttvaatisa IN THE D4LlCIf
A Kxcltloc Be rue ilneaeed IVom lie Iron
Pier nt lonejr Itlnuit
Thomas llork II years old of Sixteenth
street and Fifth avenue llrooklyn came near
drowning at Coney Island In front of St Nicho
las baths near the old Iron pier about i1U
oclock yesterday atlnriioon Hn hired n lath 1
lag suit at the west end of tho island and
strolled along the beach until hu cot down to
the tit Nicholas baths whore hu wont Into the
water Capt Illnman the lifo savor was In
his boat wltii n frlyid MIssQueenlo Christo
pher The boat was at anchor Ho warned
Ito boy to co back The boy wa caught In ho
strong ebb tide mid wn being carried out
when Capt Illinium drew up his anchor and
Rtartud to pull his boat Ono of the oars
broke and ho then leaped overboard and
swam about llfty feet and caught hold of Ito
boy Just then n man leaped from tho cud of
the iron nlur nupnrciitly to go to their aid but
when ho got Into thin water ho reemod to lose
his head and was In need of aid himself lloth
ho and the boy caught hold ot lie Captain and
nearly drowned him
In tho uiuun time Miss Christopher was try
log as hard ns ho could to paddle the bunt
tithi tIme remaining our to ide < rescue While
she was making good progress Life Saver
Glrard and Boss Dmlln came up In a boat and
rescued all three ot lie men Ono of the
Coney Island boats had just landed her pas
singers and many persons witnessed Ito
Tilllor Wins ned Cnritcnter Mutrhrtt hn
HoclullMl abar Nntlnnnl Ticket
The national Convention of the KoclulistLa
bor party was held yesterday In tho Labor
Lyceum 25 Kast Fourth street and for the
first time In tho history of tIme party Socialist
candidates for President and YlcoPreUdent
ot tho United States wore nominated llopre
sentatlves were present from tho State of Now
York Now Jersey Massachusetts Pennsylva
nia and Connecticut David Taylor of Boston
was Chairman of the Convention and Harry
Glyn of New York Secretary
Simon Wing ot Boston a tailor was unani
mously nominated for President and Charles
II Matchott a carpenter otlirooklyn for Vice
President The 8 L P Is to make a hg effort
to elect Its nominees An appeal will bo sent
to the workingmen throughout thin country
asking hunt to vote for tho Socialist candi
dates and to contribute funds for the cam
In 1880 the SocialistLabor party endorsed
Weaver on the Grewnbaek ticket They are
opposed on general principals to having a
President nt the head of the Government ho
having that thin country should be Koterned
hy an Executive Hoard They cannot hay nn
Executive Hoard however without a change
In thin Constitution nnd as a Ilrst step toward
making the requisite chances In the Constitu
tion they have decided to elect tliolr own Pres
ident In fIfty years they expect to do ao
The lenders said yesterday that they expect to
roll 100000 votes this year
Her Attention to Tonne Bancroft While
lie Was III Cnniird Him to Lore Her
LOUISVILI Aug 28J H Bancroft and
Mary Ridge ore secretly married at JolTer
sonvllle on last Sunday Bancroft Is the son
ot a lumber dealer in Chicago and his bride
was chambermaid nt French Lick Springs at
the tlmo of tho marriage Four weoks ago Ban
croft visited the springs Intending to spend a
few days The first day of his visit he mot the
girl The following day ho fell and broke his
hip necessitating a long stay at the hotel
Wlilln confined to his room the girl was tire
less in her attention to him and on last Satur
day when ho had recovered ho proponed to
her that they go to Jcffcrsonvlllo and be mar
Miss Bilge consented and the ceremony
was performed The brides parents reside
In Jofforsonvllle but as they are Catholics
site did not tell them of her marriage She
pretended to them to have been In JclTorson
Tllloona visit Till facts leaked out and the
parents have demanded that the ceremony bo
performed by a priest
The Roy who la Accuird of Stealing Bl
Celra In Newark
When the doorkeeper at Police Headquar
ters in Newark wont to give Walter Wood the
alleged bicycle thief his supper on Saturday
night the latter refused it and hold up nn
empty bottle marked Laudanum Dr
Clark Iho police surgeon was called and ha
administered an antidote It was found that
the boy had not taken much laudanum Ho
had recovered suUlciently yesterday morning
to bo committed to thin county jail for the
Grand Jury In default of3o0 ball
There are numerous complaints against
Wood who Is only 10 year old and who until
the death of his mother was well behaved Ho
Is accused of stealing roller skates InLllru
both and Is also wanted In Iatorson The
complaints for stealIng bicycles In Nawark
were made by K Al dorf A Co Robert Young
Johnson brothers anti William Lldrldco O
Fischer a costumer accuses film of stealing
n tailors suit Ills plan was either to biro or
steal a bicycle and then pawn or soil it
Two Death the Knult ore Quarrel
CINCINNATI Aug 28Dr Samuel A Henry
and Dr J W Henry rlal physicians of Bar
HA Jackson county quarrelled over charges
of cutting foes A few days ago Ito former
shot throe times at the latter missing him
Dr J W Henry knocked him out with a brick
and had him bound over for shooting to kill
The next day Dr Samuel Henrys fatjior
dropped dead on account ot the disgrace Last
night the son coininltttil suicide with poison
Nancy Hunk end Martba IVIlkea to Trr
fur u New Trotting Record
IN1uElrilywz la Aug 2aAmong the
many gool things billed for Hush Park this
week are tile effort of Nancy Hanks to lower
her record of 207U on Wednesday Tho next
day Martha Wilkes 200 > will start to lower
thou world trotting record
An ulYort Is being made to arrange a match
race betweon Nancy Hunks und Martha Wilkes
for smo day later Dobln will pilot Nancy
and Marr will drive Murtlu Wilkcs In case ito
race is arranged
Fill Tlironcli a Tiap Door la the Dark
Policeman John U Homier of thn Leonard
itt ret station found the hull door of a liquor
store at 2r 0 West btrect open nt I1 oclock
ieruiy morning The proprietor had cat
ilnnlli forgotton to lock It Horalerenteredllio
linllnit to Mii If them was anybody I Inldc
and In thu darkness fell through a trapdoor
to the cellar Ills ankle wan sprained nnd ho
wan otherwise Injured Intiirniilly Another
piillccninn who watched outMrln iiliile liii
inlerHiiiruliud thin hall eairkd him out and
took hi in to t liat hors htrnit Ho4iltnl I I 1 Sur
geon Mcluod placed Homier on thu nick list
inured bj an JUUclilc far
Dudolpli Dcrkahn aged Ml a conductor on
Vanderbilt avenue surfuco car 1 8l 1 Brooklyn
wits knocked from his cur by electric car T8
of tho Smith Direct line at Ninth avenue and
Ninth street late ettrilst afternoon and his
right leg wits so Imdfy crushed that It was
amputated nt the knntt llcrkuhn was on the t
slut rail of hilt car which was an open one
nfl he hwuiig himself M > far nut that the
trolley cur which WHS panning struck him
und knocked him off Hu I I llxes I 1 with his family
at 107 KoMMith avenue DrooHin
Grubbed M lock thuok find Rae
Mrs Ilnmlettu Canute of Cunarelo Long
Island wan gittinK on u train at East Now
York yoMorduy attornuon wlion a young man
who was standing buIlds her grabbed her
pookotbook containing lfi und ran Police
man Herbert of lie Liberty avenue station
saw lie act and started In pursuit of the thief
whom ho overhauled after a chase ot three
blocks In thin polloo station the inim said ho
wait James S lItton aged 22 years and lived In
this city but ho would not say where
Vp its lludtonln the r ariy mornlnc on this Empire
StAir ejnre li one uf the unit Utllgliltul raiU ad
tilts In his worW 4L
lovaits ASSAIL nivcir AND A YOUNG
Ii i nu > Ul If hEll itiiKNim nut
MntitrMekl Thrashes Tongh MeCunn as4 i
In Hhilil > iHe IMr n Few hours later
In Hi ttnlWlio felnhhrd Uu1lasliert
Illclianl Matuo7nrkl the young wood carver
who was stubbed In the abdomen In front ot
the saloon nt 3111 East Fortyseventh street on
Bnturdty night dloil nt J oclock yesterday
morning In I llellnviio llosiiltnl I The affar was a
witnessed by John Ball n painter of lW East
Fortysevonth street who gave a graphic no
count of It when young John Mclnun the
munleror anti Illgsby McKhuilnnn accessory
who hud bean arrested were nrralcned yeS
torduy morning In the Yorkvltln Court Both
boysthey time but 17aro ot tho specie
tough McCunn looks the character more tlmn
his shin pnrtner but Mcllwaln hut A nlvk
imine of the t sort popular among toughs and Is l
known us Ilgy Mm
Dull was iitl ltig tin his stoop About 10 oclock
Saturday night talking with John blienlmn
ono of his journeymen when ho heard lUKry
words und noticed u llltlu crowd gutkprlns In
front of thu siloon nenrly opposite ho crossed
the street just In thou to Ken Matuezerxkl Il
terliic In bthnlf ot tin old finn named Ailnm
It inch hivit K nt TUEust Fortyseventh street
who wit I attacked by t Me 11111 and It I guy Mao
nshecnmo I out of thi I > sal ott w ith u mil I i ot
l cr i hny tiled t tub ilto pall rmm him
nnd beat him when he loelilv insMml ThT I P
were wrnnclilnir tho lull fruit hits grIp i Kplll p
Ing much of tin bear In thn urocthH wucn
MutncroiMki I ci ru lo tin lo I them I saying
What i a 10 i yur dotn iv lil du old man Leave t
him be u
Whnt It ten you what were dotn re
tort it McCnnn
erll oon fot Ill I I punch ycrhend If I t yor
dont lenvo him I ulonr
Id like to see yor lunch my heath Kald
MeCunn 3
Mutuerernkl Bhiiped hIs Ifiee until ho uw
nturs Although Matuerenkl beltiK two yearn
older vita Hommvlmt Miongir 1 t McCunn rn
turned tin1 blows IndiiiL he wan uettlni flue
worst of tlm encounter Mi1nun llnnilv drew
u knife und stubbed Mutmvertl In Mm no
Im Mnblmd cried Malucrorskl stagger
Ing buck whllo McCann belorn any one could
stop him broke through the crowd and dlai
jiearod In the darkness followeil by MeFlwuln
Ilull I und Sheuhun supported MatueKcrnkl I to a
neighboring drug store where restoratives
wore ii ill itoh until nn umliulnncn I camofrom
Jlelluvtiti Hospltul When hn Arrived there U
wait nt once xenn that his tiit n wi n hoiieloss
ono und u Coroner was summoned to take kls
untemortem statement
An hour niter the youths death Ills mur
derer was arrested In bed nt his hom ntUTO
hat FortyRovcnth btroet and soon afterward
Motlwnln was found at his homo nt JlJ Kct
rortyfourth street Thu reason McUlwnln j
was urrosted was because tho knife with which
McCunn killed Mntuererakl was his McCann 1
triad to mnke it appear that ho had borrowed
thin knife to protect himself
1 cut der bloke In selfdefence ho said
Ho wuz hammering mo
McKlwnln said McCann nckod him for the
knife before tho fracas with Mntuezerskl be
gan McCnnn threw away tln knife after
stubbing Mutuezerski und It had not heea
found nt lust account McCann and Mcrl
wain wvrn held without ball und locked up la
lie prison attached to the Yorkvlllo Court
The call for a Coroner to tako the nntsraor
tam statement of Matuornrskt wan not re
sponded to untl 11 oclock yesterday morn r
ing when Coroners behultze and Messemer
cumo along the first a fnw minutes ahead of
the second In lie interval Matuorersk had
died and Matthew Gallagher u young brass
worker llvlugut i2 Second avenue had been
brought to the hospital with wound In his
nbdomon similar to that which had proved
fatal to MutuererfikL lallngher was for a
tIme In such a state that it wait thought hs
wouldnt hIve and shortly before 11 oclock a
call for u Coroner to tiiko bin antomortern
statement hud been sent to tho Coroners
The man to take whose statement he had
been originally summoned being dead Coron
er Kchulte hoard what Gallagher had to say p
It was nut much Uallaghor couldnt tell who
Rtubbnd him or how ho got his wound All ha
knew was that when ho reached hlsliom P
about 3 oclock yoBterdoy morning Ms cloth
ing was bloody and the cause of this proved
to lift the wound in his abdomen TliedU
coven was made by his sister Gallagher be P 1
ing too drunk to fool the wound or notice ths
blood He bad no remembrance of having I
quarrelled with any one and he had parted
with n friend shortly before he reached home
on tile best of forms
Gullugher milled after telling this and the
doctors believe no will live
An Eiirly Morning Fire In ITniier llrondway r
IVhlcb Looked JJiiotrou for H While t
Pop Botjer keeps the Homestead Boer Gar
den nt 11341 Brondwny Hn also leases the
block between Fiftieth and FlftyOrst streets
The Homestead Is n twostory frame cottage r
In the middle of the block Thero Is aglaa J
pavilion in the rear in which there was nn
orchestrion nnd nn openair gurdon on the
north side On tIme south nldo Pop tins a lot ol J
onestory sheds whim he sublets as stables I
Hoonoy tho roofer has his shop on the Fif
tieth street corner and Dun McAllistet has a
blacksmith shop a few doors ubovc The
rest of Pops block Is jutnmed full of grocery
Ice express und vendors wagons I
At 41 oclock yeMordnymoinlngu fire broke
out In tlu > stables and thnllanies swept a big
hole in Pops block When the firemen
Irlved there was a roaring bonfire that threat I
cacti to destroy everything on the block On
account of lie narrow and intricate paHnnses
leading to the stall It was useless to try to
snve tho horses so the Dromon confined their r 4
efforts to keeping the lire from pprcndlujr a
After half an hours hnrdworktheysiieeeidea t
Twentylive hortes wero burned to dcntlu I
TtVillM nf tlinan tAr rAiinnil tv Vfiptft lrin
mer who tins a number or street sprinklers
unit four others hy Anton Wolnlng a butch
Tho rest were the property of grocers and ex I
pressmen t
The fire melted Ito pipes In lie orchestrion
and Iops customers will huvn to drink their t
beer without musIc for sonm wcnka to come >
1oji Buys he Is not sure whether the Pro broke I
out In Schneiders or HugonliachnrH stable
and cnnnnt Imagine vvhut cuu od It Tho loss
was about 50OO I
The WtMilhrr
Of nf rally f sir wfntlirr pretalird yciterisy t utTer lb
lake refloat toil lljo inliMleAllantlr slut Meir EnKlnd
Stnin die to the liluli prvmtip tolling In met this S
illitrirU A fca Unlit 1 pw en ftll on lbs loutb Atlan
tic I unit
Ihcutonii vhlrh wAs iti tie lacer Mliilnlppl Valley
mi Llalumidiy t tiiJtliBtlp mite NortbwMi Jontd yeittr
tlay stil l vert central Uit nlirlit lit AH ares covering
noriliTii TIMI niil kania tutu tat prevaIling over
tbe toutuei t titutm ami maui falling la tin Dakota
MlMiimln ami brseta DrcldeJIjr cuMer weather
iprml I doe n from the > > orth cit The temperature
let rrom MtoW I In tlio Northwnt Statia toueblsf
ail Im K naWm llelonn The Umperaturc In the Hit
iiiipli alley g 5 ilighill blilier I
In thin city lbs day w an Mir sum root hlbed ofllelal
trni > rruiur > 7Z Imrmt Ulij at erase humidity es
p r nut l Hiinl nurtlinvkt mirage velocity savaa
unlei an IIULC I
Tlie Itifruiomrter at 1errya pharmaey In Tni Bog
bull4imi recurdcil this temperature yesterday faltowit
las 18 1 last
SAM n lu aaopll 4 7lJ
ll IA ii 74 1lJ5 ut I Ife
ll A M 74 > 11 W I St 7 lle
I ii Til1 tIlt IZ Slid Gl ese
Average I 6f
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