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I 2 I n P i t UHEUN 1 MONDAY AUGUST 1811 L n
8TAKI > ABOUT tlZKtK lUJlttlUP f
jti miu Qne tlo Which Cic tlUlrlct Allorner
¼ 4 Bid Not A1t mid Which I Ibt Otfinr
g leered tn Overlook Mil i Kee llKle
7 nltb a Az u the Itng at the Murritrl
Fitt ItivKB Aug 2aIrldz Sullivan did
K not tell all she know about tho actions of Liz
L zlit 1 Borden qn the day of Iho murder when she
was on Urn witness stand In her cross ez
amination yesterday by Lawyer Adams Drldget
said that District Attorney Knowlton had lot
hur In MarOial Milliards and read
I IBrlmllllhlls room red over
I some of thn tostlmony shn had given at the
AI I Inquest This testimony Drldget said was In
I tirlntlnp on n shoot of pa por
Do you remumbor idiot that wanasked
J Mr Adami
I can nnly remember thnt I was part of
my evidence given at tho Inquest said the
r Did District Attorney Knowlton siy any
thing after hu had read tho words to you
S lie Ihl not said Itrldget
i Adams How many words II I ho rend askod Mr
Six said Ilrldget
1 Tho tiuo answer Is i sit questions nnd
1 answers and not six words The portion of
A g hr evidence that tho District Attorney read 10
Bridget Sullivan Is i sufficient the
Sulhllll lunclonl say prosecu
1 tion to fasten on Urxlo Harden the murder or
S tier father Lawyer Adami know that thn
servant lr know more than sho told nnd he
t struggled to find out what It was Time and
attain he questioned her about Llrziiis actions
and conversation Again and again he fired I
questions nt Bridget that seemed about to
4 brine out tho desired Information Hut he
worked without result Hrldget Sullivan left
the stand without making known the most
important evldunco agalnit Ilrzlo Ilorden
I will be remembered that at the Inquest
4 Drldgot Sullivan broke down This occurred
4 when she was forced to answer the sK ques
i I tions which District Attorney Knowlton did
not ask her yesterday nod which Mr Adams
S strove In vain to have hor tell
S Where wl Llzlo Ilorden standing when
S you tame down stairs nflor hearing her
cream t nuked Mr Adams
f Urldcet In the dooinnyot the dlnlnc loom all
Lawyer Adam might have followed hat
m question by unothnr asking whether or n tat
auy time and especially at that time BrIdget
Sullivan saw Llrio Dordon with nn Instru
ment capible of lulllctlns the wounds on Mr
S aall Mrs llonlen in her hand And ho might
ft have a kot her If she saw Lizzie trying to I
i conceal biich nn Instiument t In I tlm t foldn of her
c dress or under I sofa or any othor piece of
furniture In either tho dining room or sitting
1 rot or any r lno elba Ho inlsht havo asked
also If she saw any blood on tlm hands 0117
elo liorden when elms called down stairs Fur
5 ther he might Imvo aled Uridcet Sullivan
whether LIUI Itordon brought any Instru
m ment down tnlrs with hr when she came
down time buck stair way after laughing ut tho
servant when sho triod to unlock tlo t front
m door und Iit M I HOUIHII in at IOfi t oduck I
I I Inl liotlccallo thit Ui > tict Attoiner
2 Knowlton I t Ii I not iiueitlu t i < tSuIllviiii I In
regard to llii m luinllv tehilloiiMil f tlm llnidens
I or In regald to I any alleged to
f I havo 11 I I elm pine H belwriii Uridcet Millltan I
St and li7le Itoiden I in m nmiencf i I < > lil t rrpoiteil t
riinerenceh htipmother lvlncen hen > vll hui Inthor und
It I t nilLht bi I < aru < > dtliit 1 IIWM Adams could
S nut usk under tln t IIMS or evnlencii aiiv of I
i tliese qupotions hilt the t laws ot ividm e In
Si this healing m I are lux ami I Tut I Hus iui < iittf
was told byalauvcr todin that I even nmlerii
j 1 icid oburvanco ol HIM 1 lnuof evidence vi r
ta Alam cal 1 haviuif Ued thu iUrflloi The
lawyer whom thu reporter iiueitluimd In ru
Card to this said
11 Of course it Is alleged that time crossonrr
J Inntion fhonld not uring out any now facts
2s bite In greutor detail ot tnosc brought out in
I the direct txnllunllul i I ranted that ti be
t S trim District Aitriij Knowlton a i ked
Hriilget wheto iJo liordun vvan standing
when lie I witness gut doun ftalr < cttcr i tho
7 murder II f Mi r Pridin In nwpiuiBi to I thw
Irlsoners call lildKl nnswcrid that hho
i was standing In the dooivvuy of the illning
ii rum is hho crying asked Diitrut At t
torney Knowlton Mm m wns not answered 1
S rideet That question I nieiied up the IIY
2 lor lawyer AdaniK ith i t mimic < detail i I of I the t
t ppeurnnce nmiinur and poI Ion of the tins
Wi I miller njtcr I th murder lrouuht out bv direct
S F amlnatlnn Luwver Adams was entitled
z I 1 m ask and be I old all I I about thn I I aiipeiir i r
J r and 01 time 1110 at the time rufered to
t Hud ttliii 11 11 hi I In her liiind would havi <
1 en a till 0 tinit lot rl 19 I tile under thl lawn of
I evidence lime ilclence was ontltled to hsk it
C nnd had a rlgnt to in 1W > ni tin I Uctx hat I thu
S qcestions vrouhl have biuiiiht out I may
not have occurred to t Mr Adams to nsk these
i I ilueMions but I doubt it lllua Adam IK I itS
S shrewd lawyer and thuiu I was n riiior I > j In I his
suinnlnc nvir > luht
Itvvus remukeil lit flflflV thmnt Llz io Pnnlpn
llstenuil I to I no other wlttns t with tile attention
S hh gave 1 to Lrldei t Millivau When it was
4 over ghpHiink imck a ic I hOI1 I rcllevxl t I With
time Conimiiiiweiilth wltlibodini some or its
alleged iiIuuiIs lotlmonv nnd with the d I
fiice till unheard I o h tlu < prosecution and
5 the defence pnifiiMt to b1 I nalsllid IIIn thi
prnctehhiif tin examination nnd wltli mitt dis
clo un 0111 vvitnHH t is Tt 1 e Klatn t is I con
5 fident t hut it Is I proceeding I falilr I I t ID defence 1
IsuSHUrid that > t ivill provn tlm Innoei nec ill r
i Ihu aciiised All of r thioe ronnenrtd with
S the proHecntion vheth M in an 11 iil cMpa
i I ity or otherwise av tlir rti is ttioig
i enough not nly i to I 11 hut to < o > un > ueon
viitlon ol tin I planner They admit that It is
laruoly Hrcunisiuntiiil i t I I I lnll
I Tho hearing will K on tomnrrow t I I is I
Bald toniunt that I Iro mm ooii j wil I I gin j tin
IS Bland In the morning I tiM weh will di tlm
Hilt unv hn been I voven mini 11 I Ii7ln lor 1 i
dll Is mt rimizt lie n ii1 li I evidence I about polxon 1
Prof WocnlM story will le I nm 1rlln i t I I f llu I
1 poison 11011 t is i worthing the eheml ist can i do 1
nothing save tptlfy in thu limit of the nvldenco
given by Dr Didau
S Liz7t u Ilorden rn ted well tfday Tier sister
WAS with hit for some time The llev Dr
Duck ail i cal Tlix piNoner spent Rood
S tlnio Jiiblo on a soft near thn window uiding the
OAT nm Ji vr 1 v tin IwPtFflI
A Ncwbnrah PeridUr ecue Crt
liil 1 Pet farmer iintt Mmtter
Xedjln Mlrhlce 27 years old a peddler of
Nnvvburgli camo to I the city Saturday with
S1KIO to deposit in come bnnL He met a friend
In lha OrMoi Hi had flit fOO lied up In
a Allk handkerchief Late Saturday night hu
S Sal Vils Itlrnd went to a concert hall on thin
S lluwery iforgin ix onard n pcrformor fat
5 down with Sllrhlgo nt one of thu tiblet Ha
missed his money shortly nlterwnrd Hn ac
cused Georzln and she lan out Sllrhlgueould
iet no all i n1lu Itnui 1 i 111 t waller Isano l Nan
> Vnrt or 21i i Jll ibith htKiet nnd bO he told
Policinmn Ludwlg of the Siulberrr street sta
S tion of Ills ljss I IttiilwiK urrrdtod Ooorgle t
hor home I > 1iieea I ptrcit hho thrown paok
ugh cmntiiliIng f7r on tho flooi
iuilwlg round iMJti III Nan nrfs pockets
5 which Vun > Hrt could not nccoiint for At I lie
Tom Is ul itiiilay Mlrhfgo accused Gnurgla
and V4n Wart of stealing hit uionny and Jus i
lice McMahon helil thuiu In S > UKK BUl the
Sc Court of General Snssions Merhleuwas seat 1
tofhe House of Detention
ProlciU Acalmt III Wny or Colleellna at
i llnbl
J tllus M Poler of 07 Clinton street has a
I i method of collecting debts that Is i nil his own
Sirs Pnppi Suckler of an Vlllet street didnt
I think that IolzcrH scheme collecting was
I exactly proper and she had him arrested and
k arraigned in the Essex Market Police Court
t yesterday
Mr Suckler Is a jewolUr and so is Mr
Sc Pelior rs Buckler says that Mr Pelzer
is called at her house on Aug 0 and told her he
hud a customer for a pair of diamond ear
F tlQits Mrs Huckler leave Mr Pelzer the pall
shin was weaning
4 Polzor promised to return them that evening
I 01 give her 5270 and ho Door cams buck
S Jelzer says that Mrs Sueklor gave him the
Ii urrings as security for 400 that her husband
nwed him and for that reason hi kept them
lelzer gave bal for further lamination
1 JFrastcie to lltr WklU OB the TrPci
It DETROIT Mich AUK 2aGortle Carno who
I fell from a balloon and was killed here on
1 Thursday desired to te cremated leI par
ents eonsentod and the body was burned to
il 1 s L day The death of ionic Carno revives tho
Ret o S story here of hor encatomnnt to Aeronaut
S Walker who Is now making a trip through
India H Is I said that Walker was to return
Jnlld I WIS
r t about Christmas and would be married after
A ward He and Miss Carno met here In Hoptem
t l bet nnd made n double secension Ho pro
l It posed to her while on the trapeze baron the
way up
See neat bartalna In furniture offered fcr Ceo c
u mat Co 104 Weit 14lb at who bate made a finer
C5lt all Ihrogtti tbiir Immenie iu > ckJ < Jh
r ji
pf fe v T f > r riiT i r
I PJ 1 I A J
Hen train fnr llurlaln Ii l the tew York Central 7iSO
I tim tliiUkli lu miunii I Hi
llai ratahliahed ot Halj ln K I and While flaliii y
V Initltuui for the citrus ot Alcohollim Varplikt
and iterstie liueaK lur minute aUilten grcall ii l
J V olllf Inii iTih ik
ore rtIs c
o4n w151vt 8AVK
St ifl
Oftlct It In our lut ol Advertlttnr Af anelea voa
du not nnd oneconvament
114ThIitMIVELI mat
op 1
tAKfns OK nsr oAitntAOEs
ix ALt SiZiim or TUB LATRST rAsniox
rarrlncr ratten for and delivered without chart
WAttKllonkm AND CACTOnVOppoilta tba Bret
it nation ii I u I mid W II H NewariVN3
hrlao > hf r or natrelatr Hi Ferry
Handy Wagons In paint and saInts woods BaaMt
Juggle uhh four styli of Ixjdlei and be ultri
nllhnz spring ever Invented Surreys Axttntlott Topc
and HiiKKlen Ttrn irbeeteri tint are absolutely fn
from hares motion noad Carts that art made to carry
itnAnirv ir ro 14 w AH HEN BT
TIIK WASIUNdToN boarding and lIvery diStil K
L new stable lilted up mint elan JIM good rantU
tlon fouA aeroiuniodatlon tot Coaches track er
trairnnni horses ire kept by day weet ormontb mod
Stile temii Apply at the alable 00 WaiblDyto it
A rrw Rtiorwnns TOP BUOOIKS sso ail >
ti 7lmsnltmI Wooiternt
lliiriitiliiiiMl > Low Irliea IHIcat Hl > lel
INI ni riit s rvr ANSI IIOWN
> n Itrpoult 5 krn limaTlrav Is Not Wanted
ls rsssoMlIhc iso
dlii i iiNi lltij my imtmss
i1 iui i o iot A I K ggis N TI m
lletueelil tram mliii MjurreulHl rilj Hall statious Lit R
r iiii TIIIMJ KOK niiv KurKftNa
Jjopcili Kin Weekly or 2 per Month on 115
Saul fjixi or 4 on I6O
7fJ il erti on ITB
cmii Lii ilw or SC on lioo
8 Cooo jii ortu oaioo
Larnr mounts esun rate Also trmi matt itaalt
mreS + zi
ftrtmtn nt Iubnrer Dttftmm In he Raise
of I be Wonder Hirer Fire
The ruins of he fire nt Vooster and Prince
streets had cooled sufficiently ently yesterday
morning to permit men to begin time work of
clearing them away nnd digging for the body
ot Clara Macrz the seventeenyearold girl
who Is supposed to have fallen In the lire
The Job was given toContraetor T P Galilean
who cleared away the Hotel Boyd ruins and
early In time forenoon ho had 120 laborers nt
work under tho direction of himself and his
two son
Third linttallon Chief McGIII was on hand
with twenty firemen who first tore down tho
loose walls which worn still standing The
woollen goods hldetand leather owned by Iho
firm of licit lltitlrrV Co dried rapidly and
iusntlybitrst < Into flames TheM small
Ire were easily put out by tho streams of
water which Chief SIcOIII had played con
htantly on the ruins Chlof loaner also took n
look nt the scone of time fire
lly 4 oclock a great amount of material had
been taken out anti Contractor Galllgan said
ho expected to have tIme work flnlshod some
time today Lnto In the afternoon the men
worked mainly on tim ruins of what was IJtl
Woostor iAit I I 111 Wagner paper box
cstablishinent In this building that t Clara
5Iaei7 worked I seems well nilahllslied now
that shu WHS In tho building at thu time of the
tin OHM of Wagner cutters called on tho
gills parents at H8 ilitinIff street vcsterday
and until hat dm Ing lImo 111 ho saw her cling
ing ti I > something on the third floor nnd tlmt
he tried to save hor hit was lorcod to lenva
her in order to t gel out himself
Crowds of pooplt went Into Ito tenement
iioiie itt H IiientiE street ysterdiy and up In
tho top flour whew Iho family lives Clara I
Slaerz was good InmlY thollhi much
of by the pcnpln In time house She hud been n
member of I limit lie Wit Memorial tliiireh itt
HMnaton street slnci she was 12 years old
nnd recently sho had taken a Sunday school
flans n small boys and girls Hor parents bu
ll I let 0 hil Is I ilflflhi nnt
I illlnn I 1eilv of 11H Wnst 1271 ftroot n
book publisher lH Woo lor street wits re
ported I mls I ssh 111 by hl I a on Kcllv had not been
at home taturdav nlchl Ten mlnucs I aft or
you 11 Kelly I in titus his report at the Princo
street station Ilno father walked In
Some onu tied u box with a glns front to a
lamp post t IIWol ler amid Princn streets In the
toniif the box Is a i big slot and on the front
ino the words Iir I the Injured und Ihe lem l
Illes Mado Dostltuto by the Wooster Street
Firs Heicral his mil a lot of bmall coins
wore ilroiipetl into the box
Jatu In tho afternoon linemen began to
string electric light wires to feed three largo
lights so thit t tie digging could be carried on
all night
At n oclock yest ° rdayovcnlnc 125 men re
lieved I i the t men who had boon working i all day
Mo t of the digging was done about the cellar
011 1 1 I and at midnight the men hail dugdwn I
nlintit ten feet below the street level They
were Im podeil lit I tIme extreme beat from the
smouldering ruins and InS to work In alter
nating rung Thn street Is erv narrow and
hnvlni thrown time debris from the collar up
Into tIme street the lon hail to cloir I away
In older to keep tho car track clear
0 the IH rsous Injured In the lime Flrnman I
Stuck of Knginn J7 is in St Vincents Hospital
will flx sculp wounds a broken leg a broken
hose nnd poi 1 ably Internal Injuries He was
conscious i ii Iurlnl the t day and although ho
siHTciol 1 grcit deal he feetnod to Improve
nnd he will probably recovxr Mary loin
nezzo 17 years old I of Jld Thompson street
who wnrkc I In Wagners plnco nnd Willium
J 1 Sperry of Tompklns avenue Brooklyn both
of whom were badly burned wero doing well
and tho doctors thought they would get well
srHv sirs 1r is Mi HatvaatiK
Ih Iue and Trlnkl lie Brcncllt Were
lor f I PerBanul Une
Julius R Stern who was one of the three
pnsfencurs nn tho steamship La Touralne
wlilcli arm he1 on Saturday vvhosn baggage
was ci711 for attempting to smugcle goods
Is I I dealer In trimmings and dress goods nt n
It Twentysecond street and lives at 02
FnM FKtieth street IIo said yesterday that
ho bad not attempted t t to smuggle Inrlhlli I
I did not declare what my trunk con
tained ho said I ocauso they hell besides
my clothing nothing but things I had brought
oer for my own lire Them were feveral
hiindrod samples of laco and dress goods and
about an many miniature vapor patterns of
dresses Tho samples woro all tagged and
wore about four by three Inches In size I
would ho Impossible tn sell them except as
rage I also brought over somo laco curtains
for tnv house and n small number < if trinkets
TheiH wern about u laU dozen sllvorplatod
pencils that cost 1 qimrtor each on the other
tdile threw pairs or gloves for my wife und
two pniri for each of my children This wits
my twelfth neros the Atlantic and
twllh voyage nlo Alnnll on
vuch previous occasion 11 I ad brought some
thing mick with me and never had had tiny
trouble once or twice when I brought 1
raft of stuff I declared time
great rI dlelaud goods and
paid the duty
I know there were many other passnngors
who brought with them mom Iln 1nAAnlOra 1111
they were not interfered with I Is charged
that thu tickets of Mrs M f C Martin of At
lanti < a ant another maeneer i weru found
In my pockets That is not true
Mr Htern saul he Wuts not at nil worried nnd
the nuthorlticM could do as thiy chose I
will I i Pay i the duty ho said or they I can sell I
my things or lock mo up It they like dont
car >
carTh customs officer valued the undeclared
urtii le In Mr Hterns trunks at U untcolare1 >
J1 1fU 11
lie Went In ecnr be It el urn or n Hor
IT wit Unit tinil I dm II foment Only
Xnw Iosix x Aug 2K Chnrles Kelly mate
nf the I lug t Ailes of 1 the Thames Tovvbont Com
panv wts shot In I he inoiithonSntiirdiiynlcht
11 I 1 homas Ambioe a railroad I I employee in
ftont I of the t hitters I wldeticn in I Urntnn 1 lImit
bullnt lodge about two and half Inches bo
mm eat It the t tongue breaking i i four teeth t In I Its
pa ° aTP nnd making nn ugly wound Thn im
mediate I cruise of lie t shooting was lie t refusal
of Ambrose to return n shotgun borrowed luit
siring from Carl deorgo T leer of tlm t
schooner Franklin I Ilrce I I In I wliosc house i
Kelly lived m I Cnpt Goer having sent I Kellv art er
1 Then urns nn iiiiderltlni motive how
ever Amproi wife illnil iibotil f011 yiars
M I and I ho married itgnln I HIH second wife
kit him two vvtnks after thee married timid m 10
fuHt > d to I return hlneuthat time t I A mum I iioe has i
nceiisi > il nevernl I men IIrlull1 i I Kelly I I of
knowing something of hs wife When he bor
ruwt l thn I shot gil mm htit spring hn openlv I us
serfcil list I If I f lie iniight hid i y on hU promo limits
he would shoot him inliroBe It in jail await
ing I lie I results of the I wound I his afternoon
the iiiiirs extiactcil the liullet ansi the pieces
of I bone ind I unless blood ol nnlnl I fntt in
there is i a fair prospect of Kellys rucovoi
1111 11IW Inll
Ons FDI Ijfliree urh ImiUliudcil lieu nt
Atieilkvnvll Nnved
Iosiox Aug 2RlVirtythron of the men
Imprisoned hv lie it tiliw ion in the t PnrkElip I
mlno at Aherkensllc Imvo been found lo bo
all Thlrtyllvo I of tWi I halo boon taken I
out I thu othor eight i tire too weak to t hu
moved i nil are Mill I below I Fur I lie I remaining
JM nilnuis IhrI Is i no ho > Home H cretnry
Afqulth nrrlved at Al HArelll
Afull urn lnukmnmttg today mi a
special train Jlii Lord Mavnr has under
Ittkeii tlm raising of I a fund for time futmumihies left
Tnrlor Majn Utile Will tiu Drniocrxllc
SrniNonnjn 0 Aug 28Col W A Tailor
the Democratic cnndllato for Secretary of
Htatc was horn this afternoon en route home
from Troy where ho spoke yesterday after
noon He has nlieady been In twenty of the
elehtyflght countlos mid says that Ohio will
o Domocratlo this fall by aoUOU plurality
ito bases this prediction on four facts plural
A condition of Jhlngs In liamhitomi county simi
Ian to that in hOt which will cause the county
to go Democratic by 00 hocondlyA wide
spread conversion 01 both wage workers and
farmers to tariff reform Idols ThirdTho
bitterness caused by I the ForakerKhcrman
tight FourlhTho Force bill agitation
i lie SBBI Geld to New Tor
rUt to qurttions oatfd trl day ly On
funll and cilltfns of the Amrrlran mtlropolit
Bugitltioni to tiglJtftn and practical informa
tion far practical peaplr flit SII tciH piiimi m
fineor utt at Hit Colnmlnt Crlrlralion hell Oc
tobrr a > > l < tfiiiniiiie andpra rUral
lb romp Ilt an practical guidebook i
io flits city It 1 will teH rltitan iclal tlf tlghti
vt home t reach tlinn where to lujjr and board
white liert and the cost icliert to do irliotetale o
retail shopping how taatniine tliemselret inj <
rest tclirn tcearv of ttghlieeinj tl om le afrao
tirrfy printed flraiant to real and lie inbitct
mttter trill be divided and arranged fnatraito I
insure the bell results The retail price will be I
cents per copy The Sun Guide will alto offtf
tmeyutlted and exceptional opportunities to adotr
fliers Thottwho with further information on
I C lulled fhould address The Guide Hook D
ifrtment oS the Aro rork Sun I
4 5
L f
CROWD aft r VflM HIM
Yhr Cripple WAS Melplar 0 5ta Wime J1a
llrokrn VIe Leg sd lie V entmim e1 to Ak
the Policeman to Head for an AtMhiilemce
Peter Lambert a young man who lives at
312 Fowler street VllllAtnaburgh Jumped off
a Flushing uremia horse car near Harrison
uremia About 10 oclock lat night Ho fell
And broke lila leg Tho ear went on < and Lain
but dragged himself to rolffers Chemical
Work near by and nuked tho watchman to
send for sn ambulance The watchman nd
laotl Lambert to BO to the drug store at tho
corner of TompkinS and Harrison avenues
whom there Is a public telephone He cave
Lambert ft stick to help himself along and
Lambert hobbled off
Near tho corner of Harriet and Flushing
avenues Inmbert mot 10hn Oerry who in ro
covering from n broken lee Gerr had never
seen Lnmtert before but ha understood time
mans predicament nnd offered to assist him
to limo telephone
As liter were hobbling alone they mot Po
liceman Vllllam Bennett orhe Vernon avenue
station Jiciinott was drunk but tho two men
did not notice that and uskod him to fend for
nn ambulance A crowd cnlhorcd about tho
Injured man pending the coming of the am
bulance Bennett began shoving people back
prodding them with hits club when they did
not move Immedlatily Ho caught Gerry by
the fthnuldnrs and Kavo him n piiMi which sent
litm almost on his face Ucrry turnod and
83ll Im crippled omeer nnd cant more fast
Then Uennntt hltUernr on time leftarm with
life night stick I became nlnln everybody
thiintnntUennettwaBilrunk Honsnaultodmen
nil around him with his stick and tint crowd
closed In < on him mind held him Ho resisted
vigorously nnd cot pounded but was not much
Ioileeman Tohn T Halloran who was en
tirely solmr camo to llcnnatta help HOle of
llio crowd explained the pttuatlon to him Ho
pitched In to extricate Bennett and had his
club taken easy Ind IIB helmet crushed Ulio
crowd eecmeil not desirous ol seriously harm
either policeman
Inl merely wanted to restrain the drunken
one who had been routine llfo In time neigh
borhood uncafo since midday rime two po I
llcemrii finally cot out of the tumult and went
to tho Vernon avenue station
They wore followed by tlerrr hln wife and
pvinpatlilxlnp neighbors Aitlnc Captain
Kelly nntlceirBennett condition nndlmmoril
atelr suspended him and sent him to both As
Iollcomnn Halloran was taking him revolver
from his tiocketacartrldeo exploded and tho
bullet Indued In tho calf of his loft lee
tJlot ambulance surgeon railed from PI t
Catherines Hospital to dress Hnllorans
wound also examined Oerryn arm and found
supposod that It was not fractured as he had at first
Actlnc Captain Kelly will profor oharees be
fore ho I Brooklyn rommlsstoncri nealnst
Iteunott Oerry will get I warrant today for
IJennetts arrest for iissault
Ilcnnott had been pen staggering around
lie neighborhood of his post nearly all duv
lie had beaten a mac named James Snyder In
Troop avenue
lie wan boisterously drunk then Two of his
friends took him to u stable to get him out of
time I imlillo gaz and ale him n onancc to sleep
off hh load Ho AIIII como of this afternoon
ID saloon near Harrison avonue playIng pool
liero was n dispute over the camo and Den
nett drew his revolver and threatened to kill
ovnrvhidr In thn nhioe If he wero not per
mitted to have his way
Th ruwitn report that hn had shot otT his
revolver in another place Jionrjftt has ben
on active duty about thirty days He has been
altogether three months on the force
Iiurine his two months on probation ho kept
soher He la about 10 years old Is married
nnd him two children Ills wife nnd one of his
children wore with him when the ambulance
WHS summoned
Lambert whose unlucky fall startod the
trouble was taken to his home
A A7r AVtSFJl1 T
It r nic a Hunmwny aad Injure Dr Ftlcb
and Mr Krone
Charles Peltzsoh of 308 Kast Ninetythird
street Oeorgo Kclhcr of 710 First avenue
Otto Wold of 1018 Second avenuo and George
Schmidt or 108 East Ninetythird street this
city were locked up In the Astoria polico sta
tion last night on n technical charge of feloni
ous assault They left Now York city early
yesterday morning a wagon for Lone Island
City During tho afternoon they worn on time
Shore road In Astoria where they Invented A
amusement This road is a favorite drive
way between Long Island City and North
Bench and on Sunday is usually full of
vehicles of descriptions Whenever an un
usually fine turnout came alone the young
mon In tho wagon would reach up and swing I
on hue bouchs over the roud causing skittish
teams to shy nnd bolt off I
Hrmily Dr Neil O Fitch polico surceon of
Lone Island City accompanied by Charhis
Krone drovo along on the way to son a pa
tient Ills horse was unusually timid nut tint
doctor was unable to ilrlvn by tIme place vvliero
the young men were swinging The doctor
called out to them to stop until ho drove by
1 lien his horso got fairly underthe rosa tho I
young men started the branches In motion
HEiiiu causing the doctors horsy to dash I
wildly un the road The doctor was unnbln to
control tIme animal and It llnallt up ol thom cur
riage throwing the two occupants out and
dnigginkT I thtm lung the road u short dis I
tance Hr Fitch was picked up with his
clothe almost torn fiom his back
His left leg and shoulder wore t adly injured
anti hu wan taken to his homo In Astoria
Krn was unconscious and is aid to havu
received Internal I Injuries The runaway
horse was caught nt North llench where
ntttsof the caufus which led to the noldnnt
reached thu ear of Commodore altor C Ft
< er imeiiit lit of tho t North Dcnch ommm tinny
He despatched officer down thn Slioni load
whre thn four men sere found and arivstid I
Tbxy will probably lit l > held to t await tho re
link of the injuries of the two men
mm intsaiofr IMS rlU17T1 i
Peace tommlaalonpr Innbl Ito Tlrlne the
Irish Furlte r Ur
M n nnllngher Wllllnm Lynmn OXIIII I
Ilyan and GapI ioorco Swoonoy time lno I
CommNMoners sent to Ireland by the Irish I
National League or America to try to umulte time
warring factions of Iho t Irish Parliamentary I
party icturned on fiaturdar on the Germanic
They let tills city about two months ago They
have issued a statement of whiu thoy did in
According to this statement It was not until
nile the elections that active measures were
taken to I bring the t leaders of both factions to
gether for a conference with thn IoaiBloni
01 sloniM Thoy wroto to Missrs Itedinond I
and llntrlngtun nf time larn ml I lie faction and
Jles rh Miinrltiy Davltt Healr Koxlon h Uil I
loniuul I others fir time itmmti HlIlj lit e tin Mctm
thy t wing or tin let rt 1 Thu roinmlnsloniirs
pioposed that I I each fat Ion appoint u mtumum rim it
tee to confer with the Cllm onlaIIIwrll
Mr lledmond Ihcloumlsslonirs pay wrot
on behalf of tie 1nrnrlliteH that they had
appointed n conforonru committee liut Iho t
Jlefailhylles infiiod tonnmnn similar com
mittee Ear this reafnii time ecinleruuuiu could
not bohftld tutu thin OIllIIlIlolIlr were not
able to do anything to unite the factions
An rnritrt Wilt lie Made to Keiurrrcl lie
lllsereUIIrd Ordrr
IrnuNAioits Aug8The determination
of tIme visiting members of the Iron Hall 10
call a inuctlug of representatives of all Iho
branches throughout tIme country for Sept 1J
nnd endeavor to resurrrctthe order Is 1 causing
great activity among the local members und
they generally ncroo that something In tho
way of order may he hrounht out of lie chaos
There are twelve hundred local branches of
the order and thmee hate lenorvo funds ag
gregating 1300000 n this sum can b > <
utlll7 > d I by tho new order It Is belePd
It will bo maintained CX I H IVIblo
man who Is I nt the head of thin move
ment In this city said today that he ex
pected all tho liranchuH to bo I represented
at the meetIng and the first steps will bo In
the direction of making radical reforms In the
constitution If the innntlne agrees to con
tinue the order time supremo officers will bo
formally deposed ROil new officer fleeted
The meeting will then ask the four to re
scind thn several orders recently mado mud
restore tho property to the new order
A Hard Day far 1km Coroner
Sr Louis Aug RIhls has been ft mem
orable diy for tho Coroner Dnnlnl altert
aged 17 died suddonly at his boarding houpo
Annie lllchards a ildnv of 114 < years passed
away without medical attendance Carroll
Williams killed Illclmrd Anderson both
coloieil horsl ncclufriliilly vlill playing with
revolver James liohn aged ail wa found
dead In a stable having been kicked by a mule
Tolm Nuidlan whoso inulKiiMaH drowned I III
KniiruH rill m bist uenl Iii mill u Iaiir nllII11II
° t
= J
4 5
dFrAn truisK ty MA > a CLOTHES
1be Qneer Htorjrcfn TOOIE Waa r
on nn Fast Hid Pier
A nuoerlooklnz figure In mans clothes
loitering near thn pier at the foot of East
Thirtysixth street attracted the attention of
Policeman John Tlerncy of the East Thirty
fifth street station about 10 oclock Saturday
night Tlcrney had an Idea tho man was going
to jump overboard IIo walked up and ques
tioned him Much to his surprise n feminine
voko nnswcrcd I am looking for work
Tlernoy took tho woman to the station house
She wore n derby hat that camo down over her
cars an old coat with the sleeves rolled up
blue and white striped overalls turned up
at tho bottom and n wellworn seersucker
nhlrt Her feel wore In heavy cowhide shoes
that looked lIke boots with thin top cut off
Her faeo was streaked with dirt
Slum told the Hergcant that her name was
Il7ln Vandotf I anil that shin did not know
vhoro chic lived Shin was n servant out of
wort slip said Shut only romnmborod that
her last placo wan III Thlrtysevcnth street
but sho could not say whether It was Last or
W I fhlrtenlh atrlI Sho refused to talk
further unit was locked up Hhe was n good
looking woman with n nhnpoly figure light
hair largii blue eyes mimI fair complexion
Jllr honll end feet wire mnll and well form
ed She appeared to brt about 2h years old
blue looked MO much IIknll 011111 In herdlKiiulso
that the matron when asked to search her
blushed and bvcnmo Indignant
Time policeman got some coffee for the
woman but shu drank llttlo of It In one of
her pockets was u stain roll wrapped In n lilt
of paper After she had been locked up n
while she told the matron that her name was
Llrzio Von on anti that for II short time sho
had lived at thin etmon Home While out
one lay last week she said she met n long
shoreman who asked lIor to live with him
nnd sho accepted his olTor Saturday night
him camo home drunk When he fell
asleep she put on his clothes amid
wont out to look for work She went
to time docks thinking shin might get
n job on n canal boat lImo matron tried to tint
out tho mania > and address of this man but tho
woman said she didnt know whoro ho lived
At th Vorkvllln Court yesterday morning sho
told Justice Tnlntor that her name was Llwlo
Ucndorf and refused to sav anything else Hho
was committed to thin Commissioners of Char
ities nnd Correction for examination as to her
sanitr At imo t Wotmoic Home Vcst Fourth
street which Is II refuge for homeless women
It was said last night that no ono answering
time description of this woman was known
A nal roll liming I < ° m1 K Over Vn IB
time Combination oCCnplUI
Fraslus Wlmnns discourse on Capital and
Labor at Prohibition Park S I on Sunday a
week ago aroused so much criticism that yes
terday ho again addressed tho congregation
at that placu for tho purpose as ho said of ex
plaining porno of tIme statements ho had made I
It would scorn said Mr Wimnn that my
speech last week didnt eycrybodv I am
very sorry for that I but I firmly believe that
some of time antagonism displayed Is purely
the result of my listeners mlsumler andlng
what I Bald A wrong construction was put
on my nords and to set things right lam
here today to answer the throo following
1 mitt t > H ny that mIte Vinilcrbtti the W bbi and <
the t riifirttH IIIIIKI InKp rxriot ttitlr Dive prnpert
ttmttliey mutt nut oslcl > ilal t trooil I < o fettle their
2 M a nv iintlorHanl you toniy thAt you were dla
Ciinlnl Hint 3 iuiir tot lul II torn i to BnlTalo toilTfiid ttie
10 m I ur
U It not true tlmt thf nl tter > went to lluflnlo 10 put
don mci l lr < nUnninl to trip tlie te c < T II not tljn a
ituti 10 lie perfnnneil ti3 i its luSt eriu hue nm wtietber It
10 1 hue rottnueit or tile poor or tlie Murefaoutes And
tiAtacei r > f the mh that Are threatened I
a U iiat 01101 t > nn menu by saying tlmt the moat dan
rcroUR fit nil miton > mind roniblnationa were those of
rich men anil 1 rlcb rnrporatliiln that then were the
kind of ttiriLerK that neeiUuotcto bo reared I
I will take up time Second question first In
It I am asked whether11 expressed disgust on
account I my son having co to I It tTnl 0 with
his military organisation Troop A Mynnswor
la no 1 never said anythIng of tho kind I
nm glad to have a son ahlo ami willing to re
spond to the call of chit JJut 1 did cay and
repeat now that the calling out of 70UO mili
tiamen to mt down a handful of strikers was
unnecessary and hurtful That strike was not
put down on it merits but by force
About the first question I have nothing to
say excepting that I said no such timing
Now about time third question What I paid
last week was that a great change n danger
ous chance was eornlnc over us lIme com
bination of capital Is I tim I great ehanco mint
one wo must look out Inr If it was deemed
necessary to call out tho militia of cither
Pennsylvania orNew York to suppress a few
troublesome strikers who had organized to
demand an hour pav for nn hours work
vimi win It not necessary to call out tlm sol
diers to Mipprcss tho Infamous Heading coal 1
coin bhiie
Her Jmcneemrn with Yonntt Mr Gr ll
Broken Three Mouh Ago
For some time after the disappearance of
MIss Catherine Schaoffcr from her home in
Weehawkin street Union Hill over two weeks
ago her mother did not despair of her return
Sho now fears however that her daughter has
committed suicide When time girl left homo
she told her younger iister that sho las goIng
to New York She put on a light colored calico
dross a blue jacket and a black stiaw hat
She removed all her jewelry escort her ear
rings and placed It on a bureau Hor sister
asked her why she didnt put her other dress
and hat on and wear her jewelry She replied
that she didnt need jowelry where sho was
going This is why Mru Pchaeffcr now thinks
that her daughter iniiy have committed
Her daughter she paid yesterday was on
gaged to fieorto irell of this city irell is n
cake baker for H IS Cnslinmn of Greenwich
nvnoe Hid West Tenth Mrct Tho mother
iid they became ittm tinted about six months
auonnd appeared > to like each hor t very much
UIDI nignt about thice months ago Irell
wits over and niter spending 1 I i hit f evening In h
the t house he and 111 1t11I1I1I1 I went nut C irell I
ii lint coino to FIJI c her after that I Mrs
SchaelTenuistloneil Catherine about Orcdl
but h she I would not fn verv much Mm asked
Citheilnc I If I f lie still t I I I intended I to marry her
nnd IntherJnn culled that t sho didnt know
and didnt eire Mrs SchaelTer wanted liar to
10 over to t this I city and imiulro I about G mel I
This IlwlhllIlholl i h mu do 1or about three
weeks I heforn t thn ulil < ill alipearanco shn
teeined to t bo I fret t iim over something and
limit cinTiT thlnl she might havu been
troubled t over sotnolhlng I i which ithio did nt con
drell was out of town yesterday nnd could
not bo np A reiiort i wnh tohl nt the shop
where he vork tiiit I he I utitim ipeinline i the day
nt Collee 1oinL wit It n girl that lIves borno
where up tonn
lilt r elllptTrr ia21 I jeats old thin Is tall
and bus hrovn hall I and eje On the t day of
her dlhiippcaiKiicii simi 1 > vvi ° nxpected to to to
work for lleni I i Iliuie I ii Iiker I In I Va sit lug
ton umt reel Jim ii ih mum > I i i Hangcs said that t
tho did not call times
THK 1111111 Ill II II S31AT1PO
And tue Iliirtv iVn TiiUen AIVHV by IBtecrl
r I the Ilenllli Ireimrtroen
Thonins Itimbardn agid H months died
Saturday afternoon of smnllpox at r > Jl
liroomu bticet and lime body was taken from
tho hOllso In limo llnaid of Health dead wagon
lo leldolIrtorllon mind curried to the office
of the liurcnu of Contagious Diseases From
thoro trace of time body WB lost
Olnclnto Lumburdo hum resided on the
second lloor front 01 2i 1 Jiroomo street with
hlHwifn and n large family I of children for
somo months A month m go ono of his ilaugh
tmms Antonln aged r > years was taken sick
willi I I I a dlfeiisa wllllIIIIOIII I the t fathers do
wription i < m supposed to I havo beeii smallpox
flu uhlld WHS sent with its mother to Last
Wuvcrlv X 1
About ft week ago Thomas the boy was
tsken nick and nn Friday litbt Druokhl of
2H Union Street was callil In Jin prescribed
for thu pAtlont and left It Is I thought that he
then reported thu eaSe to time Iloard oj Heullli
Sir Ltm mit bui ruin said InI nlcht i that I ho fol
lowol ito t oily I of 1 his child I to f I01I Mulberry
street but coud not get iI unit lion went to
tho t Prince street station t m ascertain what ho
could do In order to got tlm body of Ids child
buck At tho elation house Lunibnrdo cave
ho vas arrested hut nibseijtiontly was ro
hoilalliin eild that home health officers
came to his born < and fumigated time pines
and took Iho t bedding invav leaviuu nothing
but bmlsl emuits ainl Mats tu I bleep on
A anlleil liy un Velsnowu Mull In III Unit
While passing an unknown man In tho dark
hallwiy of his house 70 Fourth street Brook
lyn early yesterday morning John Driscoll
aged HI was rendered unconscious by a blow
Intlictcit vlth foiiio blunt Inhtinrnent Ho was
attended by A mum immilarico tlilraeol lork but not
taken to it hotpita lie tai m he has no Idea
who iisHiulted him I
FoncKit ricnsoy
Pltehrbrki Clnb sad Knlre Vfre the
Ve ion and Meveml WeJrsqm In
JnredThe Onten Pernll I IBnore
The rubbish dump at Leonard street nnd
Van Pelt avenuo Wllllamsburgh has lone
been fighting ground between the Italians
and Germans living In that locality On Sat
urday evening pitchforks clubs anti knives
wore freely used In a battle and several hot
eons wero Injured Yesterday tho lenders
wero arraigned In the Leo Avenue Polico
Court on charge of assault
Mrs llaplmclo Casello 33 years old of 10
Itlchardson street Willlamsbur has held
the title of Queen of tho Dump lor several
months Karl Orottjean whb says ho Is J an
overseer of tho dump for Peter Blake neon
tractor hns frequently disputed tho womans
right to bo on tho dump on the ground that It
was private property Orottjean however It
was asserted had never Interfered with his
own countrymen when they were picking up
rags bones ntid othor rubbish on the dump
llecontly It Is raid Mrs Casello has given
permits fo hOI country people to gather rub
lush I h 1 1 there it has loen through heso con
Hlctlng claims thattho many cticountora have
taken place
Ill mIght on Saturday evening began when
clrott jean ordered Mrs Tasello and her country
People out thin duml Mrs Casello hud Frank
HItIO years uld alit his fathHr Valentino
hloll 50 i years old and John Lni US years old
all of HI Itlchardson street with her Them
rp about thirty oilman Italians present
lottlleb Saner iivlor Maupal unit Chtlstlan
Mnuer and other Germans wore picking rill
tiers near Orottjean whun ho ordered Mrs
Casollo to leave Lat resented Uroltjeons
order and It Is said Invited tho Germans to
fight In loss than n mlnuto n pitched buttle
was In progress limo Italian wero armed with
Pitchforks nnd knives while their opponents
hail clubs nnd pitchforks For about ten min
films time battle raged to tho dulight of sovrrat
mindred onlookers limo appearance of Po
liceman McUralh of tho Graham avenuo sIn
tion caused hostilities to bo suspended nnd
many of tho bolllcerents fled Half a dozen
others Including Mrs Casollo and Orottjean
wero lying on limo ground bleeding from
wounds in the face
Mrs < nsollo had tho loft side of her face and
her right eye badly cut Orottjenn got it lacer
ated wound In the right eye with ft pitchfork
which ho said was handled by Frank Shill
alentln Hlstl had his nose broken and his
cheek bono fractured while JIt nnd Frank
Mstl received ugly scalp wounds About
twenty othor Italians nnd Germans worn more
or less iniuremi but they refused to have their
wounds treattyl Mrs Casello Grottjean the
Shills nnd Lal woro taken to ttho Graham av
enue station house whoro an ambulance sur
geon drossml their wounds
Mrs Casello was hold for assaulting Orott
jean while Grottjeau was held for his attack
on Frank Slstl lnl was accused of lichtlru
When they wero arraIgned In court Grottjonn
Justice Connolly that Sirs Cnsollonnd hor
followers precipitated affray and said that
slit was determined to drive him and hli
friends off the dump Tho cases woro ad
burned until today
Id Prompt DlieoTery Averted What Might
Shave Keen n Herloni Illlaller
TROT Aug 2R Tho Fire Department was
called out nt about 5 oclock this morning
flnmna linvltur IMn Ata nvtA < 1 tn lia lmt > vim
of Tho Homestead on Fourth street near
State Tho prompt discovery averted what
would hmae probably been a serious disaster
as tho building was tilled with sleeping In
When the firemen arrived the flames wore
burning llcrcoly but wall dlroctod streams
Boon checked them Meanwhile occupants
were greatly alarm od and rushed to the street
In scanty attire After the flames had boon
subdued tho department officials made an
investigation and their discoveries led them
to believe that It wns a case of incendiarism
The polico wore summoned amid the lessees
of the Homestead George H Daring aud
Charles Mlllor wore submitted to a rigid ex
amination Their stories were so Inconsistent
and contradictory thoy were placed under
arrest on a chargo of arson and locked up
While on time way to lImo flue tho horso draw
log time lUnken hose wagon was seized with
thn blind staggers and becamo unmanage
able Time driver Charles Hurt dropped ono
linn and attempted by main force to turn time
hors aside On the wagon with him woro
cliarlos F Green Assistant Chief Engineer
Edward Green his eon J N Collins and
throe others
Dospltonll thatBurt could do tims animal
dashod into nn electric light post and disman
tied It AH It tottered the mon jumped but In
Its descent It struck the horse with full force
ruining it and severely injuring Hurt Assist
ant Engineer Green was thrown from tIme
wagon by the force of the collision and badly
shaken up and bruised
The force Illll Would Increase Knee Prej
udice nnd In I Not Ilanrntlr Meant
The Hev J If Hector the colored lecturer
who is n fullblooded black Is giving his en
ergies to limo interests ot the Prohibition Pres
idential ticket lie has for years been a pro
hibition speaker IIo has decided views about
time Force bill as n measure of injustice to tho
South amid to time colored peoplo particularly
On this question hu said yesterday to a re
rime Force bill Is not tho thing to benefit
the black men Tho ftiturn welfare of my race
can bo advanced only by education sobriety
arid religion I also beliovu that tho rewards
of citizenship should depend un time intelli
gence ot lImo voter
if you itt time North hnd so large a class of
uneducated people as they have at the Smith
you would take precisely thin same attitude
that lie educated classes of the South do and
you would not cousunt to any Force bill or
similar measure
Tho Force bill would ho of po advantage to
the black men of the South but n great injury
bncause it would rntso such a storm of Indig
nation and prejudice that time race ttoublcs
would bo extremely aggravated and progress
to better conditions would bo checked nnd om
barrassed In many ways
Aside from what tIme churches havo done
for us wo colored pcopln mini not much bettor
off than wo were beforu thin war in point ot
education mini time like It Is easy to under
stand that t such n class needs flue full benefit
of education
Thn hitpmmhi hen mu party washed Its hands of
honest efforts for helping the neero by act of
Congress when it defeated i I m lie I lila h r Educa I i
tional bill I That wns nn honest measure for
thu colored mans imiirovviucnt Tile Farce
bill is not
lllvnl lY min OrxnnlrifIon
At tho meeting of time Central Labor Federa
tion yesterday the Iiicmens 1nlon reported
that tutu firemen In the Tfitmne office would
not join lie union limit representatives of
Newspaper Piossmeit No 1 Mild that through
the t machlnationnof I tin I mu Knight J it of f Labor a
number of men of their organisation In th
7nfiuiehud to join tin Ilnnkliti I Association of
pressmen Tlmy mid ihn i Knights lird ac
complished this ihioiiili John I Mllholland
Their monitors had aln to pay an Initiation
feeofSfi each theysild for joining i union
vshlch they did riot wish to I join
Mote Aldrrmnn WlinU TIn Iliix
Wllllmu DoiiKheity a laborer Ifi years old
of 44 Second avenue and Danfol Dmihelm n
plumber IH years old of J5W1 Muillson ave
nue entered at IoVIuek i Kund yj iuninr lit 1 >
grocery store if Aldorman Jacob C I Wiind nf
filiftSeeond avenue ami took n tin box run
talnlnr J7 from the ilcsl behind the eountor
In the Vorkvllb > Court veslerduymoriilpg they
wero hold in slOUO bail each
A Kitugciou Wreck Adrlll
LONUOX Auc 2aThe Hteamshlp British
Prince Copt Boris which sailed from Phila
delphia ou Aut 17 reached Uueonstown to
day Capt Jlorln renorted having Been n dun
gorous wreck In latitudeao 111 NlooRituda
7a ° H7W The easei was of American build
and time hulk lies directly in the lIne of nitvi
A flr ornrred earl > jeMerday mnrnlnr In the liable
nr John r Hteoart ut Iml 1arlHi Street ihrra
linrvf tallied 111 all I nt lit m vrr liurnel to death
lie bullilinif Wll dallinvd to the extent nf ll uii J
151115 himmuy nitt ii Or oi Veriuoii treet tuft
nest ulcer mi iuiiimruitm mmtumiit me eimh un lii rritml iuiiui
ilelitie omit Cli iarimi tot lniu aioul nuuinigmn tie
I gel cii a t i aim St lurutri tatmitrim mm tbi tntli us urn tie
dirii bcture mniumicai aeimiiiCu cjuist iui tamcm
Titer ii ere 77 incIse arrest epterday
Wlllam Jennlnfiiil years uld of U3 riitl > tnt > lier
ttrert HA ttro nriljfat niiy afternoon sybIl tiallitiitf
In lliu s nit im hurt at tin 00 of item multi e > liect
Seven leather vorkert smut l oo rarpenter chatted
lyned rnnlrartt to work for K s hntniuun a Ininer
ot iesrtire prntilbltei from lending at Kill iienui
> eitterda They luaU been engaced at VVortni by an
aurlltorMr rnlntnon 710 will be rent tack OD hue
rrkcniUiii I Ulcto lironylit tncm litre
rhe Workmen itas for Their XITC aid
Mnjor Rlly ilumped Thronnh a Window
WATKnTowK Mass Aiifj 2RA second tin
successful attempt was tnnile at the arsenal
yesterday to cast time big sixteenton gun car
riage for tho government anti n dozen men
narrowly escaped serious Injury
Foiir months ago orders were received from
Washington to cast tho gun carriage after tho
model of tho now Invention and active prep
arations to that end wero boiMn by Major
Two weeks ago nn attempt was made to
rnnko time casting which tcsulted In spoiling
a mould
A now mould has boon mado which was
ready for the casting voslordsy When the
furnaco vas tapped tIme molten Iron fhot In a
stream twenty feet Into thu air Tho mon ran
for their lives
Major Itllcy director of time operation who
was sitting on a window sill throw hlrasolt
backwards into tho building nnd escaped the
flying drops of metal The workmen woio
equally fortunate
TIme failure ot this attempt Is Attributed to
time dampness of Hand which lined the reser
voir Another attempt to cast Ito gun car
riage will bo mado In n few weeks
Members of flllsn Post IM C 1 A R imii
lloclment veterans tho Swiss Central Vproln
German Historical Association Irlltll Voreln
and Maenncrrhor Society for time Itellef of
Orphans until Widows of Medic Mon and of
tho Physicians Mutual Aid Association at
tended time funeral yesterday Of Dr Adelrtch
Htelnach nt his residence J88 Second avenue
whoro ho died on Thursday last DrBtulnuch
was born In St flail Kwltzorland In 18JO and
came to this country In 1850 He lived In Pat
orson until tim outbreak ot the war when ho
came hero and joined the 103ii New York Vol
untIes lludolrhy of Hobokon died very sud
tidily yesterday afternoon nt his home In
llloomfleld near Tenth strout Ho was In his
usual good health yesterday morning About
noon ho complained of being lilt Medical
tnndanco was summoned but ho died nt 1 1
oclock Tho physicians attribute Ills death
to apoplexy Mr Iltiiloliihy was 45 years old
Ito wain member of the Hoard of Education
for several years but was defeated nt the last
election lie wits also a trustee of tho free
pulilla library lie leaves a wife and several
Squire Massle Hoisly widely known as the
marrying magistrate ot Aberdeen O died
on Saturday In Maysvlllo Ky Ho had been In
falllni health for a year IIo was born on Jan
i 1H11 In IHUil ho was elected Squire and
hold offlco for the remainder of his life lie
Bald not long ago that ho hnd married 6000
couples TIme majority ot theso came from
Kentucky but ho had married people from
Illinois Vost Virginia Missouri Michigan
Indiana several couple from Pennsylvania
and two couples from Now York State
llrleOen James P Blaiivelt of Xyack died
last night of paralysis at Mt Pleasant In the
Catskills where hu was spending the summer
with his family Ho was commander ot the
Hovonth Brigade N O R N Y oxMayor ot
Nyack ex1resldent of tho North Itlver Ktoam
boot Company and VlcoPresldont of the
Nyack Electric Light and Power Company
tie was superintendent of the Nyack Reformed
Sunday School for many years and was also a
deacon of thn lloformml Church Awidow arid
five children survive him
Thomas Woolcy Consular Agent for the
United States in Corfu died In Corlu on Sat
urday and was burled thoro yesterday
Alexander KIrkland of Chicago a leader
among ScotchAmericans died yesterday at
Jefferson Wis
Trnnble or the Flnnnatan
Edward Flnnnagan n bricklayer of 185 Har
rison avenue Williamsburgh was arraigned
in tho Lee Avenue Polleo Court yesterday
morning on a charge ot assaulting his wife
She IB German and accused him ot strik
ing her without provocation on Thursday And
also of throwing Juan down Flannaean said
in court that ho lived happily with his wife
until n few weeks ago when ha discovered
that during his absence she entertained an
old admirer On Sunday morning he loft his
house he said to attend mass JIo was Into
and returned homn Intending to be In time
to attend thin next hours mass When he got
home ho alleges hn found his wife entertain
Inc n stronger Hn thrashed the stranger
and then remonstrated with his wife She de
clared that the man wns an old friend and
his call had been entirely proper
The couple separated n tow days later and
on Thursday when Flannagan went to his
wifes house at 387 Melroso street WIlllamH
burgh she says ho struck hor Justice Con
nolly parollod him
Bid homestead Striker AssentS ntmt
HOMESTEAD Pa Aug 2aThe midnight
train on the Pittsburgh Virginia and Charles
ton on Saturday night brought William Welsh
a mill worker from Pittsburgh Ho alighted
at Munhnl and started toward the mill
Only n little of the distance had been cov
ered when ho was attacked by sovoral mon
and ariiBBOtl back Into Munhall Hollow
There hn was beaten terribly about tho head
When ho had boeu pounded Into insensibil
ity his assailants llnlhed their work by rob
bing him of S1230 and part of his clothing
WeUh was then left alone and wns not dis
covered until this morning Ho had to be
taken to time Mill lopital J in a wagon
Ho did not recover full possession of his
senses until noon Ho does not know time mon
who attacked him
Injured While Pkylnrkta
Henry Klrnan20yearsold 1202 Hcrklmer
street Brooklyn and Peter Jennnn 23 years
old of Weldcn avenuo anti Crescent street
were skylarking fn Thomas Burkes saloon In
Stone avenuo anti Somors streot early yester
day morning Konnan tried to take a hfimnd
kerchief out of Klrnnns pocket Kirnun ob
joctod tutu was thrown down His head struck
icalnsln chair and ho sustained concussion
of tho brain Hn was rnmoved to St Marys
Hospital Konnan said In court yesterday
hat KlrnanH fall was accidental but Justico
Connolly held him fur examination
Alderman Bailey Sllll Very Low
Spnixo LVKF N 7 Aug 2a Alderman
Samuel H Ballet who was stricken with
paralyiH last Thursday is in a precarious
condition Hn I I thought today that his end
was near and requested to havo his family
brought to his bedside hut with the aid of his
rleiid and rhyhiolan Dr Cooke of Now York
ho rallied tutu toward evening was slightly
Improved Dr Coolco has hopes of his re
Noldlrrfl nt the Crrrdnsoor flange
nine practice of theNationil Guard which wee In
trrruiti < l hy t lie recent call to sOul stat returned Sn
the Siam ranirv at Crecdinoor Patunlay u vraitne
third iulplnue nt any irarllre AmotiK the I roil Vet5nts
wern ijmny trIo lind returned during tha day from time
arenc or the strike ill lluftalo The vnthcr uui cloudy
trim mu ii lltfht wind Thei ore mt m lime uvmio aisle forty
mr hints pultun on the I 00 am toi nrds ramie titus
entltllnir tlifTii m ti m > tour itriarpMuiuter tnU f aril i
hiilirrtiimiiary Limttnmt 111 I Mil 4 >
mirm t Brim i Mill Vljjir David 1niikir 42
Oeslttli Iliirillifiit rrtvnli II N Tleiimnn 47 Prl
Thio I lodlMll i Cnpt W u Iihmr 4N serirennt
i lv llunii i 4 lilulf I I II Mivnicr II Irunte M
r m iifnniiiir 41 Irlviitii II A lii twrk 11 I Mrirrant
1111 rniiniion 42 rilvnti It K m kiunter 4 Im tile
A St iS ill > ii I Irltaie c r I i libin < 44 Ilui A
MI n iiuMil 4t Itijite U nli lr 41 iris sin A II i
Iliiiu ii srrmmm mm ii lii iiiite I ii
Mirtui M Irlmtel i II r V14 InvatiNtt ronl
J inside I I IMiiirtmi 4il item nislil 1 llwinht
1 r 4 ini S sum l iv IuiiItm 4
Iirhih ISevlniiiil hrriraiil1 l A Viclniky 43 Sir
PIMIIIA i vhrr 42 Cupi I mistier 1
rinririili muuruiui emit Iris ate i i > Mktn 42 Fri
Vllf U I > Xirrrttl4
fnrulv k > iund llrtflment IHiaie I W Colt 48
Srrceoi I > ti l 1hlllllKi 41
1 wenly thlnl Kjlnienl ferieilit It Findlay 44
Srldti > I II u > itiniler 44t Iriv u ° 1 K i Muimnnn
42 Krrceint il T > lii nm42 recant vv A Ilavrr
4l trgoaltI K liD ha 4K Ilent K Kraft 43 Jrr
ireantl W hltnianii 4r
fort MVclltli Krillment Pat II II Quick 41
dipt K ili Co ill 41 herktanl F N hobby 43
Lleni A P hiKelhari 41
Mil ninth IleiflmcntIlenl M l r Oreallib 43
TlioCondltlon nr Hilly Vyrr
RiFHinn Atif SDTha hurl Wi irk Hilly Myer has
l eniloln ii liai cai ed him in I Income ter > Irrltalile
Ih > lrull lie lulu mutsmciusi t bhapi Tin nay tinier
rule rutii liind i unrt t A idolS ttiroiiKh n mmcc punch
Ilillbiw v > lllniiiilii r el I MIIIH at tie Mill tiosi
Miotted thul i m s cry plaint Iy Mr m in < > f htF I sarI norLfor
thr ntiuliiff iiili li user nnd lu I ii l tat iu IhliiM fabler
HeUdniui 4 Inlllit pnuiiilp nttt ivieit ii 111 riinutn at
uln it mat hum until tin mini 11 mite I cut
At lilMmrlM n kiiiitli in uriulfiii ireel rvir >
timing ie I tit u Ktnie MI islit i ire < < irtii > i for IIN juurney
Mitith villlih hr m liririn i CM I lhurtlit Ihil > aitvnie
rarnf he Iniln nn si I Ii Ii lir I 5uil ir r I v ill be mird
up tilth a liming tU t nml imhiif i fur litht ei
There u nniieltinir i t ci i lie vtior I MiAnlirie rilit her
an all tli1 rtindM tn uht I arc Mjtriunnt
Planning far CoitieU Reespiles Tk
nlatfra at tkaJBity
New Omniss Attr 28Th Sontban Athletla dab
assures Corbett a bit reception Tbl dab have alre4r
tendered Corbett the use ot their flab home ana the
Invitation baa been accepted by him Tba stub bar
ass lecured for hIs quitters a handsome reildeaaa
near the club building In the cardan dIstrIct atlas
city Corbitt will bo la lbs commltteea handa
from the time of hit arrival at TiDO oclock
the morning ot Sept 8 until tba Ofht Aa
elaborate breakfait will ba prepared under the super
vision of Corbetta own cook Time club will lat ailda a
corner of the gymnasium for Corbatta special ma alt
the immense natatorlatn of the club la near by
The Southern A C hare also extended tbalr haaaV
talltlea to the New York Athletlo and anbattu Atk
title chats of New York and the Olymplo Club of la >
FrancIsco Time members of the clot are aranly >
Tided In their opinion aa to who will win uSe BMTT
welrnt nght but they strongly favor atBta 1 Mrat
ann titian ae tile Winners of the other two
ltd Thurnaer an cleat of W A Bradr OortM
manager and backer arrived hire raiuraay
atated that Corbatt had mapped out Ma Oman to fU
the big feiiiiw after a method Whirls ba cents will be
the most lucreiiful Neither charier Mltchalla Uo
tlm nor anybodya aliaiatyla whit I employed Cvrbatl
will lollow hu own system and win not ba turned
from It by the imylni which it Ii said SulllTan will ime
htm Corbett u certain that SulUran wlU lot ba able
to vex him
McAuilRelsa strong ballarar In Bnlllran and says
tbat It he sins he Intend to invest the entire pnias
110000 In beta on SulllTan Kelton says thai Mo
Alumni lit about three pound over welnbt Hi mouth
Ii a bit ewollen and lora aUoa lay tha sore an
fever busters
hkellr 11 ready to might at leait that la what besase
Aiinutif ne 11 unacr weicnt ne loss not seem to b51A
perfect form He leemi a irHa languid II Baa
worked hard however has been absolutely abtmlou
and means to BO into the ring and give an account eg
hi mi If fckelly expect to weigh AtllSpoonilL sad
from 230 oclocK until 0 oclock be will doubt pick
up a number of pound Johnny Driftta will boa of
biteUyi condB and beginning to morrow Grime wtu
Kar rikelly from iblrteeu to flftcea rfvlaf rooBAt
Dunn who It I at Bllozl thIrty miles away front
Ekellya quarters In euch condition that from BOW
on bo will 1ft up on hli work He weighed 116 pounds
this morning cud will be nadir weight witen he gets oi t
the scale
Todar was an off one In betting but some bets were
made Most of time money went on the combination
made up ol ulllran Dixon and UoAallffe the latter
lometluifi ruing way to Myer A large number
the Hinall bettor bare been pfaylnr the 20 to 1 cmbi
nations containintr Corbett and nkeily
Am Amendment to the A A 17 Costhli a
KecognlKlaK the 1ega
Secretary James K PiiHlvnn of the A > tT moved by
the earnest appeal which President Daniel UoOcnlfl
Secretary Jean J Tattler Walter B Hough and Cap
John B ChrlstolTel Jr the committee appointed bjth
Long Island Amateur Athletic League to aeek tog the
recognition of the big League br the Araatenr Athletlo
Union ha Iorwarde4 tul allowing letter to the com
rrtiitft ranlft 3ffGr > 1 < jt
UEJ 6m In response to year Inquiries fr rerog
nltlon or tho Long Island Amateur Athletlo League br
the Amateur Athletlo Union 1 do not see after a eon
Conan with illiain B Curt I Tresldent of the Metro
politan Asfloclatlon of the A A U and Treasurer of lot
A A U how we can Uo anything for ion under tb
present rules
Ac the next meeting nf the Central Board of the
Amateur Athletic In Ion howeter X wilt me
an amendment to the constitution of the unlom
rescinding the rules not permitting the rerof
tuition of any body or league by the Union Inaamnon
as It refers to the Ix > nir JslHDd Amateur Atbtetlo
Lracrno and think that It will be parried unanlmonaly
Upon the adoption of that rule I will mote the noose
nftlon of tho League which will restore It to Its fall
powers and allow it to hold games and boxing tours
meats as heretofore Trusting that this arrangement
will be satisfactory to you I remain very reipeetfnlly
yours JAMIS K bcuiTA Secretary A A U ot U a
Tho victory of Berkeley oser the New Jenef A a
Saturday game the Morris Heights Club the chantpfom
shlp of New York bhoutd the New Jerseys win both
the games they have still to play their peroentaf
would be only 750 while the Berkeley bar CnUbe4 1
all their games with 777 The poor showing the
Manhattan bus atontsned every one and U 1s now
very probable they wilt flnlih In last plaet la wnlelt
case they will play the Newarks for their position In
the Oral section next season The recordji
rico SiCTlOW
Nati1 Won Zoel Drew
Berkeley 10 7 9 j
ew Jersey A C it 4 3
immaten Island U a a
latereOmu 7 ii 4 0
jirootmyn It it 6 3 4175
Manutattea H 2 Ii 0 ao
ucso szcnome
Newark Jj 10 1 0 0
NewTerk 1 6 5 0
Sonsotsttleorge 13 Ii mi 1
a a o
Kings 4 5 1 44t
South Itriunklyn ii a a i 250
Si tieorges A l 4 U 1 j
s1Tmsg gvnIiclirigsT curves No1 A
Ml tscii
Iiig me eeg Ria Ant
5 8 roth i 292
Ii N Townserdiitateaiid 1 78 206 25
J iimrt latshsttsn 1 10 117 2340
A iiiflid 5 J A C 8 Sm 117 45eO
1 ml iAi NJ A C I mu 121 oie
liearie liraokijmu n ret ra i5
i mm m Staten lland mii an lso
y Greene lirookhyn ea 87 2740
mm i larksin ilerlosey at lie 2S57
5 ii Horton Staieo lsmend 1411 315 laCa
j I miitnery lieriemey20 umt 325 2587
i I moim temelm Isiani 7 44 14 2450
1 ii iAinmiiiii Simiten hid rut 5 24lt
iv ieltimi kusieron 7 i 43 102 2s7
ii I ttaikr HIrkel U I 85 85 115
ii 4 Tmnimer t 1 A il 0 at ne
it A iuiii 4 1 A C Iwo 711 1511
1 Itus Msmitsusmten 45 142 5l
u Vitiersjmoan Staten liii 1 46 25 laSo
mm lloiins itrioiiyiu 1 1 114 129 15110
N S tValierJritalen hsli 7 44 77
A iuummisJdaatattemu a a suu 1226
mu it iOlie Minlmiltan7 1 12 55
I is iitties t J A U U 27 12 1200
ml limods J A C ii 2 12 23 1200
i r ilimi tsten liand mu 0 4Z 70 16
n u Claris s J A I r ii 21 fIll 1120
ii U iilieuimii Msmibittiumi ii 1 01 78 111
A lmroaiimroIiy 11 y ii ime uoo
I t cider 15 J A i Ii 1 37 711 30 55
I em ma > ie ItrLiey 10 0 84 1045
yJPrendergaatumiihVn h U 4 8
IVC0SD annoy
p v Itirmutford tiwYork 7 8 40 112 2505
I C lurch utwork 4 1 ta aim 1555
A ii itrsttnnii ewarkj5 U 1i2 211 l3a
ci hiriutumin iswan 4 1 L 47 3555
WTuumersommsotutit3eorel3 ii 414 1113 1310
7 Gihent isrk It I iii 121 1350
a ti it lilminsu harlem ii I 33 10 2500
F A itlyise ew York ii 1 4i 04 1175
tm Chitmiek Sniuth liroollymi it 2 23 07 3tle
ilJortmiuif eecrk S 3 20 67 ILls
1 liuIiow iisdefli 11 I lIt 7045 10110
us llanaml uS ut ill ige1i 2 545 g5 10la
it ttdio henna a 1 1 113 1040
J Li Itourbe iew Verb 11 1 atm 102 1030
1 iwins nwer a I P 20 IOtJ
ot out
Court Calendar Tola liar
frmn roritTCBiiiaiaiMotlon calendar Xaa S
5084 called at 11 ocloci
BBaaooini oisrFor pmnbaleWmlme of Louis lab
Ciuiieti Yari michael hacker Slirtha 1 Cant a I
A it ITeit jiuufley Mdcii it uvoston Emily Mel
la ISiyiiiimi Cci all A iintl it at I 1130 A U

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