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I IsrapInr 1 Halre4 or the Itnrft otfl
Amo f MerklnK Men The Celebration
I or Joly 1A BteUrcd to b no L < mwer
HlemlMnat la the Vbo French People
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o reals Policy and the French Cnthollc
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4 PATtI Aue 12For the second tlmn slncn
L the commencement this year tho electors of
Franco havo now rocordod a vole which has
put them In motion In nil pnrts of country
In the month of May thero was a complete ro
nowalof tho Municipal Councils On the 31st
A of July tho Departmental Councils wero rUT
need by onehalf according to the law which
oils for their election onco In throo years
As usual tho day passed off calmly and per
f ot order never once coned to mark this sur
prising character of our elections which has
existed over since universal sufTraeo was sud
denly Introduced Into Franco In HUH As
usual Also the votes have given Increased
l I majorities to tho republican party t and at
tested tho continuance of Its progress umonc
the electors After this defeat which has
just been added to nil tho others that they have
suffered for tho past twenty years tho repre
sentatives of the old parties aro now nothing
more than scattered fragments Almost nil the
departments where they still havo presorted
supremacy kept up by old traditions Are slip
ping from tholr bandit Another stop In ad
Vtnee has boon mado toward national fusion
from the political point of view
J I roport this result which Is only the nat
ural effect of the march of time It Is because
circumstances lend to It a more than ordinary
Importance I elves testimony to 1 reconcil
iation which wo Worn far from foreseeing a
few months acowhen tlio war proclamation ot f
the Bishops was Issued At that time It was
apparently quite the contiary that wo had to
fear on account of tho resurrection of relig
Ions antagonisms I Is to the Pope that wo
are Indebted for warding oft this dancer tho
eonsoiiuoncos of which might have cone very
far The pacification which wo witness today
Is exclusively tho work ot Leo XII and of the
repeated counsels followed by formal orders
by which Im Imposed sllonc upon the agitators
of Catholicism All his llrmnoss and all his
authority worn necessary to forco thor to bov
to tha republican Government Tho elections
a of tho yist of July prove that t ho has succeeded
I f At tho same time T should not deceive our
selves with the notion that all animosities are
extinct nnd that tho ultraCatholics may not
I again raise tholr heads on thu first favorable
opportunity I Is with nu undUculdod bad
grace that many of them have changed their
attitude and that certain Bishops In particular
have obeyed tho Imperative order from Homo
and consented to separate politics from ro
Hclon I nn cvort which tin great nso of Leo
XIII renders possible at any moment should I
cause tho tiara to pass upon thin head of a now
1ope less active nnd loss llrni wo should soon i
witness thn reappearance ot the militant I
spirit of I portion oftho high clergy against
the republic Hut fur all that It is so much
time gained and tho broken Hues can be only
J d partially reformed even supposing that tho
3 otstinnto prelates should later on receive cn
I couragomcnt front a future Pontiff
Tho confusion thrown Into the monarchical
ranks by tho pnral Intervention which has
taken from them the alliance of tho religious
element becomes apparent especially In the
lunguico of tho candidates For the first time
4 thu electoral programmes have been exempt
from hostile tirades against republican instl
tntions anti from tendencies to their
tllons AnI tlndonclos over
throw moro or lees Immediate Out of throe
or four thousand candidacies we cant count
ten that have not accepted categorically tho
existing rtctmc Certainly this submission
has not always been exempt from reserves
respecting tho mannor In which public affairs
are conducted but the essential thing is that
the principle is now recognized In spheres
where they refused up to tho present to admit
It even with the lips Tho Government still
bas a opposition but this opposition must
henceforth bo constitutional UD to the pres
ent time it has been uncompromising Irrecon
1 cilable and factionlst
I regret to say that the success obtained In
the elections of the 31st of July on tho bide of
the political parties Is not to be found in the
circles In which the social question is act
I fated This aspect of our situation tends
I rather become darker Without loslngnny
thing of the confidence that the futuro has
always Inspired mo with in regard to tho labor
Question I cannot ignore the fact that it pre
I sents some points of anxiety at tho present
time The fame clven to anarchism by the
exploits of Itavachol has not finished with
him as wo might have expected That kind
of popularity which his crimes have brought
around his name bus created proselytes at
least in words The men who shout Hur
I rah for Anarchy I without knowing what it
means or what It I may lead to havo bocomo
1 multiplied in an exlriordinary manner At
present certainly they make more noise in
words than lu actions and have acquired I
neither the forco nor the cohesion of a party
Hut the increase their numbers and tha atll
tudoof dollanco which they assume are suf
ficient to revive nnd keep up a certain amount
of uneasiness Tho timorous imagine that
behind these Anarchists in appearance thoro
i u mysterious Influence and power of per
I turbation much more threatening In their
mind tItan thrf reality presents The daily
commentaries of the press nnJ tho place
which Anarchy has taken In the preoccupa
tions of the police contribute to the Incroas3
of f Ha importation Tho result is that appeals
to hatred and calls for social reprisals find
many echoes and thoy are becoming some
what contagious
1 Up to the > io3ont tho warof classes has only
J made Its appearance in Franco in speeches
of the Anarchists I has now boon inserted
lu thu socialistic programme and that on tho
occasion ot I the national festival consldnrod
I until now as a dayof concord destined uclte
all republicans In ono common celebra
Y tion Tho 14th of July wis chosen for
this fobtlvul because It was a day recalling
only the recollection of universal liberty with
out avokiUK tho memory of any unfortunate
i event fur any party The destruction of the
Usstlln on tha 14th of July 178 simply
miiked tha ond of tho reign of despotism
without any 01 the UXOHSJJ tnt the revolu
tion brousht on at a Liter period Accoiu
plNiad suddenly In I moment of popular ex
altation In which the army became assoolatod
by the corporation of the French Guards this
i first outburst of liberty wits for the entire
f world like thodavn of u now oru saluted brail
t peoples with tho same hope Wo have wit
1 liussod how tho hundred ynirsthat have rolled
4 by I sro then have roillod the promises
of this first victory of liberty over
J the ancient regime Nobody could foresee
r that sueh nu anniversary would recall
anything moro than tho foundation of politi
cal and social opiallty tho anti of the privi
I leges ol tho oh tinios anti tho emancipation of
labor At least 1 It wis hard to believe that Jiio
Idea of latins this date to appeal to hatred
and division among citizens could ever figure
anyvrlure except In tho furious provocations of
n few asltators Hut the reverse Is tho fact
Franco al just hid the painful surprise of
t 1 seeing the 14th July repudiate In the name
r of popular progress and transformed Into a
pretext for denunciation of f the bourgeoisie I
1 was the Municipal Council of Marseille
where the Socialists are tu tho majority that
gave tile slsiul by refusing to vote tho usual
appropriation for the celebration of the na
tional festival In another city the United
Workmen proclaimed that the laborers now
only recognize the let of May as a national
festival j and that they leave the care of cele
L brating the 14th ot July to tho bourgeolslewho
t Mono have profited by the capture of tho has
a t tile Tlieto manifestations not been tho
o I only ones dictated by the same spirit We must
a note especially the class workorswho having a
U congress on handchose for the commencement
I of their deliberations July 14 order to take
advantage of the day on which tho bourgeoisie
and tho well to do spread themselves celebrat
ing the privileges which they enjoy nt tho ex
pence of tho bumble and disinherited
I Is truo that examples of language like this
havo so far only been exception but It Is to
be feared that the Idea thus scattered among
tho people may flnd too much echo With our
temperament and < 1 the present disposition of
tho popular mind everything that urges on
the classes who possess nothing ngalnst those
who possess homethlnt contributes to render
still moro difficult the doslrnd solution of tho
social problorc I persist In my belief that the
results can produce no great material danger
but tho thing certainly lucre lies tho moral
confusion by adding antagonism of sentiments
to tho struggle of Interests Isolated ns thoy
have been tho nnttboiirgcols manifestations
of which I hao just spoken and tho ndvlco
given to the workmen to hold themselves aloof
from tho Nntloimt Festival have had their Im
mediate mnlreanip In tho marked coldness
with which the 14th of July was celebrated
even In 1nrls whore the population Is always
In such n hurry to seize upon ovcry occasion
for enjoyment
Meanwhile another commomoratlvo festival
Is just now preparing for the iiJd I of Sep
tember It lspiopo cd to solemnlsta tint can
tonaryof tue into of our first republic Ono
curious particularity Is noteworthy In this
matter and tlmtls tht itt lTlE2 there WI no
explicit proclamation or regular Inauguration
of the republican system Its Installation was
simply tho natural consequence of tho aboli
tion of royally Nevertheless two rot pro
cessions accompanied by allegorical chariots
oro to pass through the streets of 1ans on thin
coming occasion and military displays are
also In preparation lu order to vary somewhat
the monotony of Ito regular programme of fes I
tival days Now will this exceptional cnlnbrn
ton ho finally turned Into an nnnuil celebra
tion I dont think so hit the adversaries of
the 14th of July will certainly try toohangotho
date that they no longer want because they
claim that I Is too bourgeois for tho com
mamoratlon which they seem to consider
moro orthodox from their uolnt of view Tho
Municipal Council ot 1arls whoso Itnnclun
ton Is always at worc has even tried logo
still iiirthor I wanted to t miiko I festival of
the but of August to recall the day when the
populace having Invaded the TuilerIe made
n prisoner of Louis XVI and brought him to
tho Convention whence ho passed into the
Temple and from there to the scaffold
This would have been essentially n revolu
tionary fustlval Tho Cioieriiment opposed It
becaubu tho 10th of August 171t2 > was a bloody
day accompanied by useless mas ncie9 and
its celebration could only recall the sombro
side rather than the glorious side ot tho
French revolution I thoy woie permitted to
travel upon that road them would bo no lea
son why they should not celebrate also In 181KI
the centenary of the 21 It of January the de
capitation of Louts XVI and then that of the
execution ot Mario Antoinette What advan
tage could be gained for tho solidity of our
republic by ceaselessly stirring up old 1 recol
lections that are painful or odious for numer
ous categories of the nationand tho perpetual
evocation of which only sere to keep up and
revive tho old animosities Btraugers mil
reasonably bo astonished at thn that ilo per
sistence which wo display lu otornhinc In this
way our subjects of division nnd they may
wonder what Importance questions of this
nntuie can have In our political advancement
hut this Importance unfortunately only too
real I is tlicso perpetual returns to the past
which supply tho agitators ot every denomina
tion with the material to stir up passions and
transform Into discord what otherwise would
simply amount to disagreement nnd misundr
standing ot a passing nature We have tho
poor privilege of pulling all our history at
slake and bringing nil our futuro In question
In the choice of n day of fcsttvil Tho mania is
not of today I has appeared under all tho
r lms through which wo have traversed for
the past hundred years and Heaven knows
how they loire been varied But t thought
that wo had finished with the retrospective
discussion In regard to dates on the adoption
of the 14th of July as a national holiday unit
ing as it does the same conditions as the 4th
of July in tho United States
nth war of classes were confined to the
sulkIness a number more or less great of
those eternal malcontents who pass their
lives in protesting against every kind of social
organization that does not tako for its basIs
their 01 t supremacy Ito evil would not be
very crjit We might just lot thorn talk
knowing that for this kind of reformers tho
only acceptable reform vvould bo that t which
would make them the sovereign masters ot
society which they would fix according to
their own fancies Hut their violent recrim
inations and their affectations of generous
llnlsi by producing tho
anger may Inlsl prollehll among
peoulo a dangerous effect thai will pervert tho
direction ot f thu social movement At least
such a thing is 1 to bo feared judging by tho
symptoms manifested for some time
It Is in this manner of formation of the syn
dicates anti I in their stylo of proceeding we
must especially study thee mptoms Taken
lu their primary conception the syndicates
aro simply oommittcns or associations of
workmen of ones specialty having for their
object tho grouping together of Iho itroitost
possible number of their comrades to collect
thllrcomllnlnt nail ltecotiiothteirintorpreters
before tholr employers and also it necessary
to oruanizu iesistuico I by strikes when the
means of negotiation and conciliation have
become exhausted With n I few differences
in form I is nothing morn than thin or
ganization of thu trades unions of Kncland
and that responded to a real necessity he
cause It Is not to bn I disputed that our secular
habits of subjection In everything had Intro
duced into our manncis the oppression ot em
ployees by tho employers Tlm law giving to
all classes of citlons tho right of association
which had previously been refused to the
workmen faioro I tho multiplication of c syndi
cates alit enlarged their action Thero fol
lowed tho llrst effect which always uo
companies universal liberty among t I oiu
people who not havliic been used to en
joy It do not know how to uso it with
out abusing It 1lacud In a position to ha
able to negotiate with their employers upon
an equal footing the associated wotkmeii
imagined that they had htmcafurth tho rlgnt
to dictate thnlr I conditions 4 ami impose i their t
Will From this clmo violent conlllcts which
broke out I tow years ago fomented by I Instigators
gators foreign to tlm laboring population who
had slipped in among them with tho i low only
of iullunlui their usiiitmont and creating I for
themselves an easy popularity which hey
cull < tutu into political capital This I llrst
period onlylaMid u I short tlmn The genii
inu workman did not take long to discover
that they wero allowing tlrjinsclvos to bo
broucht too far by leaden who wore not really
of tholr number and that thor could not ac
complish the impossible The reaction toward
a moro exact < comprehension of their Interests
and their rights was seconded by the spirit ol
justice which the employers on their sIde be I
gan to display In their dealings and In tha set
tlement of tholr difficulties with tho workmen
Disputes arise always but the cooling down of
old animosities renders them moro easy to
be settled especially when each association
confines Itself to its particular complaints
according to circumstances without com
pllealipg thorn with general dlfllcilltloi Hut
things took on unothur aspect alter the crea
tion of the Labor iclmnctM as their Inllu
onco anti also thulr boldnoss Increasud with
their number Theoretically thosu exchanges I
are simply the union In ono and tlio same
building of a number of syndlcatm There
they establish ofllcos for their headquarters
and find a place ot assembly for thulr delibera
tions In reality lucy become the hotbeds of
agitation ilovr of the contralUutlon of a
common movement on tim part of the work
ing people ngilubt nil thu other nodal strata
I Is thoro that the programmer are dnitrn up
in tho nature of those that I htivu clod at the
commencement of this letter and In which
are Infiltrated incitements to hatred among
citizen which havo been broucht Into fashIon
by the Anarchists Without In any way mak
ing common cause with thorn and while con
tinuing to repudiate them In all sincerity
these Socialists hnvo borrowed their phraseol
ogy and helped to sow the Idol of social war
under another form with a different name
but almost in tho sumo terms
Tho number of Labor Exchanges Installed at
present In Paris Is l I think fourteen or fifteen
Naturally thoy have their centres In the groat
cities 1arls Lyons Marseilles Bordeaux
Touloii Ac Ilocuntly A general congress of
their delegates was held nt St Itlonno with
tho following programme First to unite
and enforce tho claims of the working syndi
cates secondly to extend and propagate thin
action of the Labor Kxchangcs In Industrial
and manufacturing centres thirdly to ap
point delegates to form I general headquar
ters of labor llosolutlotu conforming to this
programme have bon adopted especially that
which called for a congress of special dele
gates appointed hy each Labor Exchange to
meet once a year In a town to be flxod upon
To this congress will bo admitted tho ropre
nnntativiisof certain soclallMlo organizations
which nro already funned under thu follow
ing titles 1 1odorntlnii of tho Labor Ex
changes of Franco J National Federation of
Syndicates sal 1 Worklngmi Societies of
Franco a l Central Revolutionary Committee
4 Revolutionary Worklngmens patty I Tho
Federation of tho Socialist Workmen of France
l I Independent Socialists 7 Worktngmons
party This enumeration Is more formidable
in aspect than In reality The groups that It
embraces only represent for tho most part I I
rather fee bio numerical contingent More
over I havo already sill that they obey lead
ers wlota rivalries are shared by their re
spective adherents anti who reciprocally
neutralize their influence A final cohesion
vvould ho dlflloult ot attainment between ele
ments often moro Inclined to fight among
themselves than to become united Xovertho
less Iho attempt to amalgamate them Is worth
following with attention In its development
because I may prepare now and unforeseen
llfltorn adjourning the congress which was
held at Saint Etinnno Issued a manifesto
which resumes In these terms thc ideas 1 of its
reSllcq < Is
Initiators The federation of tho labor ox
change that Is to say of tlio wage earners Is
an accomplished fact Around them thn pro
letariat will be able having an Independent
force of its own to occupy the first placo In
the conquest of tho future And this maul
footo his for its watchword Professional
elections Instead ot political elections the In I
terests of the profcsslonalsand their demands I
to bo sustained by professionals Taken literally
orally and at first sight this formula seems
to liavo nothing In It that Is not correct
Whllo suggesting tho formation of a
distinct party composed exclusively of
workmen anti recognizing nothing but
the proletariat It only suggests electoral
contests It leaves nevertheless clearly to
bo understood that tho professionals are
to form themselves outRide all other social
categories and that all those who work with
their hands are In absolute antagonism with
thos who wont with their capital or tholr In
telligence Tho line of demarcation Is precise
In order to mark Ustlll more clearly nnallona
congress has just been convoked at Marseilles
for tho month of September The men who
drew I up this call expressly Invite their followers
to hold aloof from all bourgeois parties and
to march to tho conquest of power for tho col
lectlvo appropriation of ito mean of produc
tion In clearer terms It Is uo longer a ques
tion of tho amelioration ot the condition of
workmen but it Is a question of the over
throw for tholr profit of tho old society and tho
substitution of an ardor ot things in which
they alone will bo tho absolute masters of
everything Instead ot being only pariahs
working for tho enrichment of people who do
True there Is nothing new In this kind
of talk In Cact we bavo been so much
accustomed slnco 1871 to hear Incendiary
speeches that we have treated them with a
growing Indifference which I recently record
ed Coming from orators known to havo made
a spcclnlr of them the most violent e
pressions used at public meetings and in the
discussions of the radical press wore
treated as slmplo exaggerations of language
having no consequence Hut In what we wit
ness today thorn are two now facts of a nature
to force us to look upon things in a different
light The 11 rat is tho direct appeal to the war
of classes substltutjd for the general declama
tion which remained without much echo be
cause it did not give to the popular animosi
ties a precise rallying cry Tho second Is the
strong organization which commencing with
tho movement to unite the workmen for
Iho simple defence of tholr Interests trans
forms itself Intoaloague unftrlingthe banner
of social revolution Between the methods of
procedure of tho chiefs ot this league and the
means ot operation ot the Anarchists tho dif
ference Is as yet very great Tho two doc
trines have not tho same formula but at bot
tom there appears between thom I similarity
of aim thai ono might not suspect or that at
least was not apparent Tho reprobations
aroused among the Socialists by tho crimes of
llavaehol had no affectation in them As yet
they aro entirely sincere just as they wero
six months ago when the Anarchists added
tu their programme the employment of dyna
mite Nevertheless tho Socialists have mndo
nn enormous step in the direction of revolu
tion by writing upon their flag the word
hattie Instead of the word Reform for
their official device Iteforra implies the
idea of progressive changes but Battle
awakes Idea of violent conquest
mmkls an and a
division or the spoils
I havo not ceased to remain among those
who believe that this fever will pass away
like others of a similar kind that have pre
ceded it Nevertheless the fit will be one of
the gravest through which wo have passed
Tlmro are nil ho present time In France 184
worklngmcus syndicates with an effective
force of from throe to four millions In number
Thn Labor Exchanges which have placed
themselves at the head of the movement con
sequently command twofifths of the working
population of France I they acquire over
this popuatioti a hold sufficient to drag It into
the current of violence and set It against the
bourgeoisie the danger will become real nail
It may bu nearer than it appears
E MiBsrius
1ooit VUTIU AJXvvejvs
Hard Time forI him In FncUnd Talk of
llcducluc Wee I
LONDON Aug HThe crisis In the cotton I
trade Is Increasing In gravity The loss sus
tained In tho operation of certain plants
amount to a fourth to threeeighths of I
penny In the pound Tbe operatives refuse to
accept l a reduction In wages and maintain
that a I reduced output Is the proper remedy
rIte Hilton tarlorv Titnei commenting on tho
Proposal lor hOt time with reduced wagon
sats It believes that If tim workers hud teen
ooiihUlted at tho outnet they would have ac
cepted It but It Is doubtful I they would now
A writer In the Manchester luaulian < nays the
chief dinictiltv Is to ho oXoclod from tho par
venu section of r employers originally workers
themselves who seem bent upon crushing tho
unions by exhausting tholr funds In strikes
rite tiuaritian deprecates such an effort and
holds that experience loaches employers and
employed must cod perate II I reaching I a mOil us
vivunillHonnnr or Intr I urges employers to
Hccuro tho cooil will of that workers at once
believing that lie t employees will bo willing to I
assist in minimizing disaster 1 this course
had been pursued earlier I hit eight hours
agitation now such nn absorbing problem
might havo been avoided
IIIi lntber1 abe KnzlUli Army
It was learned yesterday hit John hose
Fitzpatrick 1 longshoreman who was
drowned while bathing In the East Hlver at
this foot oC Iiclflo street UruokUn on Satur
day evening was a son of dipt William Vita
Iatrlk or Ito tevent r sIx I Ii H l i i id t I 1n gush
army who is now with lit < u iml in Iho
West Indies Young I i imo to
America about a year UI I < i virk on
the wharves In lirooklyn to have
had trouble lu England un fMltatod
Ida leaving the country Tbu body Is btlll at
the Morgue and unless claimed It will be
burled nt tho expanse of the county to
oorn monisn iuotiia viAto TiE
A ReinarknM Find Ncnr Ynlr In I HrllUh
ColnmbhiODta hearts Mlnlnrc In Idnho
Illmrlct < iiet Once Were Rich rer
lBlncICIch rinit Ia New Mrxlcp
SETTLE Wash Ann 20The IMt few weeks
have witnessed 1 number ot Intaruatlne do
volopments in the mining Holds of r which
Bealtlo Is tim nos centro The product or Ito
gold plactrsln Ito basin of tho Yukon Htvor
In Alaska In much larger than during
nlch Illrlor tmn any
previous season Tho steamer Nt Paul re
cently brought down In payment for mlnnrB1
supplies cold dust to the amount of flSOOUO
which hall bonn colI1 ut St Mlclmolfl hear
tho mouth of tho Yukon Two years ago tho
number of minors In tho Yukon was not over
100 but today ovor GOO nro busy there Next
Reason a line of mourners will run direct from
Seattle to St Michaels and thence JUOO miles
up tho Yukon With thin Improved trans
portation there will lie 1 large Influx to tho
Yukon fluting this summer rich lap have
been struck in Flail lllver and Ilirtymllo I
Creek and In tho tributaries of the latter I
stream some of the minor have Indo much
money I
The construction of the Everett anti Monte
Crlsto Itailroad Into thin Monte trlsto mining
district on this sldo of the Cascade Mountains
Is oInK steadily forward Trains will bo run
ning early thin winter and everything will bo
In readiness to begin bringing out lie silver
lead ores enrly next spring Workmen are
also busy Betting tho minus ready for opera
tion To get at HoMiral of tho principal leads
It will bo necessary to go nthousand foot uo
the sides of tho motintaln and accordingly
much or the ore will liecairloil to tho railway
by a wire rope Joseph I I Colby of Cleveland
the Irosldcnt of the principal mIning com
panies operating In tho district and head of f
the Colby and lloyt syndicate which Is build
in B the lullruad recently saul of tho Mouto
Cristo mines
The body and position of tho ores remind
me of the Iron deposits I wo have been working
alone Lake Superior About halt or the pro I
clous metal In this ore is I cold Sixty pur cent
of the ore must ho concontintod For this
latter purpose a concentrator will ho l > troctcd
nt Monte Crlsto Mr Colbv ban selected Uvor
ctt tho Sound termlnub of his railroad as a
site for his smaltor A company has been In
corporated with 000000 capital
In tho lluby Crook district which lies In the
Cascade Mountains noith or Monte Crlsto
there Is nlo much nctlxlty Tho trail Into tho
district Is now completed with thrvo wIre
bridges ono 254 feet lone tho second III l I et
and the third ICO feet across the Itnpld Jtlvor
1 ito wire luil to tie itit Into plices of ItlO I
nounils each ami carried up by Indians
Neatly all the land thong lluby Creel Is I stukod 1
out In mlnliigIjlm > mot ot them cold pla
cers and uno hydraulic i inlno Is I now in I opt
Ion I evcril i rich ledges of frey milling i i lull
ijunt < ti hie also boon tound around the head
5 ittLt In the Cascade dIstrict Donald Ferguson has
bought I itti llluo JJoUl claim fur SKIOUO I
MIMIt A McKay hao itruck thu lead in tho
Kldorndo alter going In si onty liet h In ito
cross cut ihu pay btrcik Is tvntytwo
Inches and a streak ot eleven Inches is I ciy
rich Thin ore runs flora J to ft a ton In
silver cold and lead
Gold tins also been found In the foothills of
the Cascades Wit than too miles further
suutli InTlmistun county On 1ortcr Crook
prospectors have discovered cold OKI ssiy
froecors ton 1roe mlll1 t Bold ii its also
been ttiuck mi Orca Island In tliu nnhiind
ago at tho north end 101 Iuget hound On lie
lliclllo Ocean beach I llillo south of tip <
Flattery biteral minors mo working a gold
placer which with the must primitlxu means
ot operation pays tliom H n day each Iho I
cola Is lound in black sand as lliu < as gun
powder all very close to ito water It Is t
thought that land slides trout Ihu his brought
the sand theic
tt eastern Washington thin main nativity Is
tllslem lshlnlton
In Ukanogan county north of the contru ol tho
btate Tim Camidlau 1acltlc Hallway has now
open allan I Into the recion and ladoinc I largo
tralTlo In passenger supiilles nml mining i
machinery The rattle Is i from Slcamous uu
the main line oftho Canadian Iaclllc llftyona
miles by u branch to the head of Jkauogun
JaLe eighty miles by steamer to thu loot of
the lake and thence fortyiulles by stneoto tint
International boundary or sixty miles to
Loomlston In tills blat
from the Hloian mining district in British
Columbia just north ot Idaho the llrst tire
has been shipped Itcamo from J K Ward
ners Freddie Lee mine and wits bitugltt In
Packs lredliu barks ot millet to the olumbla
Buyer by bOot to tho Little Hillos in this
State by tho ipokano and Northern llallroid
to Spokann and by Inl Northern Picille to
Kast Helena Iho transportation all treat
ment ot this oro cotts itt present fTi a ton but
since the nerae assay Ib l VJ14 I ton theio is
a mann for pro lit I Itimately tho product of
t ho hlocau mines will cooler tho Canadian
1 has
Iacitlcto 1tieot Sound Tholtovcrnniunt
reserved a town site at Nuiv Denver in this
district and at recent Uoinruuiunt sale hid
tlstrcl lul
ol the lots brought sJiB each
W 1 Harvey ol Victoria the llritish folum
1 Inr
his provincial assayer recently ieceled I liom
Yale a Mutton on the Canadian racillc a pack
act tif ore sample which contained n remark
attIc find hit of the specimens Wit a tart
comliination of r native cold and anmlnunited
mercury and its assay value was tf > iiiiiii to
the ton othlllc is known as to the extent ot
tho vein from which the I sample i was taken 1
and > o far as can bo learned this is tin llrst
discovery of such 1 nature i > ier made in Cana
an The assay Is probably tho highest nor
If tho veIn Is found capable of development
t loult may elicit tile recent loss of r5ii0ll
by the bid Uiaiel Syndicate This compan
composed it Knulish capitalists aciiulred I I a
claim nn lllc I Crock opposite iile h I t on the
Vraur Hlver md brought lion I lncland tin
e to ii eh e plant t for hjdraulle miniiiL i t Fur
two ears t hero was ii teit Start t out Itt y tf money
and no returns ilieti tliottockhiolilers sloth ed t
hendlnc funds Tim IIudsi Hay Comiiny tu
which the sy ldlcILtl OtVtil S1 11001 I forxiiiipilci i h
hat the plant Mlred I I and sold by I thn I bIt ci t iT
Machinery valued at slltiX0 wont for lu > a
hvuniody in out of pocket anti the syndicate
is dead
Thorn is a report that rich cold 1Iarl has
been found in lexaila t 1lanu In t lit titill of
leorcla I a tail cold t lulrt1 t and alsoiiuicksllver I
oro uluii China Cre > k on tlut went cnat of
Vancouver Inland I I There in I a good deal I ot
Iron and coal i In i Tcxada L and in 1M I tie dis
covery of irold hero t btouuht a rush of pro I
poctors tothe Island Most of thorn were dis
itppointed liowover but this I AU iii tit ir pro
iiectois are HLiilu 1 collie Ocr the island wldch
Is nine milea wide and thirtyIllo hung
IDAHO CIT AUK lit While making a tour
throuuh thn central portion of lie Mate to
locate wakon roads to COllect nurth and
south Idaho and develop thousand of r miles
of comparatively I linux iloitni country > till r
correspondent visited Florence and Vi arien
two old plainr camps that IwuiitvMm I > IMIS
IIKO supported thonnaiids of C people but which
nro now worked < 1 Out At airens deoiuo
lllubold Isrunnlnif a allontani > mill on lllilu
ilant I ole iitiih gel tint rich Uov N I 1 11y
is nisi WI It lag 1 mini and llvustamp nMl t I
near the Little lllant 1 wit Ii 1 it 011 lutnlll dirts
hUe just CUllolel Hunruhlnc Cur IUIUlz 11
earnest hovoral locations liavo been I lade
lately and alttiouch but little deelopment
has icon d 01 on them they give promlsn of
turning out to be lino mines In fact the
people ol that section are very oonllilent that
muoh will 10 donu in thin wav of dvvlopment
work and rinlni within tIm next > uir as
capitalists are already looking that way and
somo InvohtmuDtH have already been made
Flornnco northwest of Warroue is now almost
deserted nlthouch at time It tiltS
most d80rtotllthoulh one I IIS
thu richest placer mlnlni I OIU I thu world has
over known UH hlwli t an iM00 hiivl lit been
taken out In ono day Dy the Ilrhnltvc i loekcr t
and tho labor of ono man It has been dis
colored that these placers wore foil by decom
posed lodLoH that cross tho culches and de
velopment work goIng on In two or tin en of
them At ono place u shall is down tliirty
tlum and the soft ore tuken out Is I very rich In
free cold Ilorenco will undoubtedly be I
great cold quartz district and her ntrci Is ho
again tilled with 1 large nnd busy population
11I1n Idaho City the company formed lot thin
purpose of KlnVliiK through the false bedrock
to ascertain whether there is cold in tilt bot
tom of thin pothole have the shaft down thirty
felt all day and night shuts are at work
Richter ore than ever beforo found In tho
Wa hllltol mine Uambrlniis district In 1 now
cotitilig out Two or three duyn ago tsvunty
tons tl wry rich silver oro were shipped to
Omaha for reduction Th tonstamp cold
mill at the tniiin Is running richt alone
Pincer minors of llolso iluain haiu had n
much belter water season than I for iiniuy i yems
iust and most oft hem have done well
In 0061
The trouble between th 1 our dAleno milo
owners and thin Minors Union Is settled the
miners havinc been foicod to yield by mili
tary anthorltI after they had commlttud
many murders No more trouble Is feared
nllY mines of Beaver district between Idaho
City anti Wannerare loolilnc unusually null
and some sales will undoubtedly bo consum
mated within the next few days
Tho llluluo tunnel at hiRer City Is In 1475
fool nud saute Ir thin ore coinIng out Is north
JMiO per ton whllo the I Trado Dollar is pio
Is 7io
ducloK line ore The Menus tunnel In
feet Ino will cut tho lodge in a few days
Work In going on In thn Norton shaft t a ° cer
taut tho width of the ledge nnd assay mnd
of the oro eonilnc out dhows it to nvernffo
JH710 In cold and SUO In silver A large
crushlnc will bo taken from this shaft
l London company has bonded thn lllsrlm
croup ot mines nt Deadwood thlrtytlvo miles
north nt Banner Six men have been employed
to fttt liter develop tho property Axsayn show
tho I tire to bc < worth from 100 to 120 per ton
In uoM nnd silver A crossout run lOll feet
failed to I llnd tlu t < opposite wall I and t Ito lodge
Is thouitht to bo ITiO feet wide
Tho machinery nt the shall of the Silver
Mm milt nt sawtooth was accidentally de
stroyed tty hire a tow days lao As thn mlno
had to bo worked from the shall nothing can
hi l > n done In It until new machinery m riven
jIt ore arc Imwcver lOtiO tons t of ore on tho t
dump BO that the concentrator can keep nt
again work until tho mine commences producing
xrvv MEXICo
RttvEn CIT Aue 2RThio now electric oro
reduction III lnt 01 AlluijUcr I < iuc hns been In
operation I for several lays and It IQ l believed
It will fullv meet thnoxpcctntlniis of Its pro
jectors Tint wok dono so lar has been ntls
lactory I In asserted for this process that I
extnicti prnctlcnlly nil the rnMal I and that It
can be I done at I s mll I exiiense 1 I Ito ttit of
treatment t by this method does not exceed tho t
cost t of reducing oro hy other methods which
ale now In operation iii thi Toirltory the
pmllt I on oro mined In Now Mexico will be con
siderably Increased I ate soon as n ultlelent
ntlintttt itt thesotdanth I ran bit put In to handlu
the ore mined Less I than SO Per cent of thu
melnl I in rs IB I now ivd I on an average
1 hut liretnen mill hero Is I runnlni on ore
from the Sherman mine nail tho lh > t bar of
bullion ivihi be turned out this week The mill
Is i treating t I about t IWlnl I ihs p tons t ofoie f a day
and there t are suvotal hundred tons of oro In
the mill
Tim strike of lead carbonate which uns
niiide at Looks 1eak < I tow week I ago is turn
Inc out IdIot than was expected when tho
strike was hind mado Development hoot ho1
that this I Is I the t most important I carbonate
strike over madu In i thn district It I f not lu I tho t
ltlrni I tiny I lie oro body I has been followed
li > 0 fot on the t summit and the I same class of
on his been found In tlo Monteumii which
IK Hie I adpdnliu claim The r body Is be
lieved to be continuous and If I should prove
to I I o soil i will I I be I tv far Ihl t I larueM toil of
lead carbonate cvor found In Now Mexico Tlio
01 ri runs overI l I per coiil lead and from eight
to ten ounce In iilior
1egular shlpm nt of matte
1111111 co per lattl nro
Ill made I om that llillshoioUhh smelter to
Denver wlieiii th t nmtto Is icllned t rae
smelter Is I tim oilimel ttg about twenty tons of
nmtto I week
The lIt ocit iii titi mill 1 I I nt lone Mountain was
stniUd t t up t last week on ire from HitLucky
inini i i > Only t I t ten t stamps nro In I operation t hut
tlieie Is Ilentv ol room in the i mill for nd
itltlonal I xtttt lee which will be put in us
needed Development work has been cuing
0111 Iho I Luck mine fur morn than t a year
and n lame nuanlity of oru has boon taken out
In doinctliis wot It I
ritlithe t slump mills itt Gold Hill am closed
down fnr tClttt Its but tlm Custom mill will bo
11 I mi wllhu
stalled In I u few davs t on ire from Tames 1at
tersons mine nnd thn Mandanl mill will soon
coriinenco a inn m on ore II nm thin lleservatlon
mine Thi < production of this camp Islneieus
hug but the output of thin mine Is not suf
llcient to k l > ep i tlm mills them innnlnu
A Iich t 1 strike has been made In 1 MoPer
moiti < m I mi west of Carlisle I fit at mlno i has
bcon woknd in a desultory way for several
years and has piodticcd considerable pay ore
flit iii > > vvhleli Im just totai I struck inns over
I lOOI 1 tr t m in i Bold I and silver
H l cllrllll I I A llakcr I lessees of the Cecil i I
minn at I ierra < lllanca Ituti o taken out two
tuns of very Illh i multi silver oro and burn Is
more in slcht In the mine The mines In thn
Jieria lllanca distiict have I never attracted
much attention until this van but some rich
discoveries have 1 een made thero and lie t dls
tint promises lo become a cood producer
Tbti manager or the Placier works hero hns
not > et been alit to make contracts enough
for Ire to keep thu I works tO it at mig and It Is
not expected that the works will be started
soon Hher miners who are producing pny
ore nro not wllline to < Mill at cm runt prices for
silver antI many of the low grub minus have
been shut i down because I they I cannot bo I mido
to pay home silver producers here are liold
IIIK t their ore in i tlm hope of better prices In h a
few mouths but most of them are obliged to
ship their om as fast as it Is produced lu order
to pav ctirient cxncuos
More attention is huh a g p tid to gold mining
but tho t production I of r mdd I is i not Increasing I so
lapldlvas tho production of silver Is decreas
ing Thn piuductlon of tlm cold mines at
1inns Altos Is Increasing slowly and will con
tuttle to Incman him rest of the year but it
will hardly reach as largo a monthly output as
thn monthly I average last yeir 1 he output t
Hillshorouch I I and Gold Hill i I I has increased I
innterlallv I I whim i i the I cold production at Car
llsl and Silver Creek has been about the same
as last year
Kor > TNVY 11 1 P Auc 20Two months in
v tlciition has proved this section of the
Ivootenay country to havn the richest surface
showing or high uradn galena ores deposited
In elate and black lime between porphyry
di kes antI mostly true llssuro veins carrying
from iJO to HOI ounces silver The veins vary
from two to twenty feet in width
James O Wardner loss secured the Fred
din Lee and is puttingout ten tons of ore per
day valued at frO per ton antI having It
packed out AnioDiitlut several new discov
eries lately sold i II harton has purchased
tho llicoand D I I D 3 lamon the llluo
irdnnd mut tivn I development U I colnc on nt
r tliu Slocan Star Dunaura 1reddio
Le and 1aynu
The immcdlatu building of n wngnn road
Into Ito heart of this < oiintry by the Govern
ment is under consideration Already good
pack trails exist and MO animals ue now
packing I 010 nil supplies I on Xukusp trail
All mining men who have visited this section
has uioiinunccd it tlm rlehnt mlneril belt
yet discovered i I I alTodmi t nlaru Held for Ito I
prospectoi of unexplored territory and being
easily aeeesi
Toad Mountain thn great copper camp of
the hoodiiay Is I openinc uu with bin sale of
tho Mlivr King for jtiOOOOO This will
stimulate i lie minion good claims in the
eunp A wellknown uxpi rt Fay ho looks for
rich veins to bt < develoi ud on the parallel
lead Nelson bids fair to lie lie Hutto of
Canada I with i its I t large h outcrops of hthghi grotto
cop or ores and a good belt of goldrnarinc
country undeveloped Such camps as Nelson
ami locals t aio hound to I make one ot Ito
greatest mineral centriC of the continent
From New York to tie nmmU cf the Celtktlli In loot
brie bouts TU N w Vcik CtBtrel etad < tOt Kiev alm
MelIrsI S ¼
Tb loadIng Eaaihtsb pepsrs refer ta the New York
Ceo IriTeiineurpeiMd train 5rytS M tb nurtl ft
tall iiofrtillTI 5gbSd
i I
JJM KCllENCJitl Hook OB Cosuap
LIver COMplalBt cad Ujrptpd seaS rse
BB J iCHENCK JON PMUdtlphli fj
Who would pay BO per east more for a thlag
taaa the earn or an equally food article ceal be
piocDred for I
Yet Ibis I coBttratlly b > l > do by per
sea wmtUc furmltnrl froa lack erkaowU
edge cc to who MmflMtBre mad who do
Li manufacturer we offer our goodi at thli saving
Plain furniture mediumcoal furulture ana ibe moil
elegant that can be made
BTOBKBl 104 1S iss WEST 14th uf
S is
The rruittlon of Ml Ine
Ifin the Aiiurf > u Ttiufi
rTsii Aug II It is now four weeks since
Et flit began lo giin evidences of the outbreak
with t winch It i t is I being I convulsed and during
HID I Intervening I I 1 period it t has been in a con
Miiit but virving stUo ot uruption For tho
mint three weeks thu progress made by tho
lava stieams was 51 > conldorable ana the
damage done t was so wtmhtisimi cal that tho
gnu ot aniety was foil for Iho safety of the
vaiious t I I villages I that lie at tIle base I between
Catania nail thn beat of the eruption Nicolost
liionln I and I tel iitliO wero at onutlmn I In Im I
minent I danger i of Itch mig Invaded I nuil over
whelmed hv the incandetcent molten streams
hint I toll red down in I their t direction
iJnthu t 1st I I tOO tlio oruiitlon showed signs
of nhatiiinent and during Ito following three
diivt it lesened to such an extent as loclvn
rlsn to hopes among thi frlahtuned peasants
that I tlieir I hour i of trial had passed On thu I
4 llli I lnt how ovor a sharp shock of earth
it iuike WIIR felt nt Catania and Immediately I
afterward Montn Grossuwas seen to break
oiilvvith incroised vlol nce The wholo ills
nit I was convulsed with spasmo lie Hindis
and thn musphorniviiH tilled for miles aiound
with us limit maddening dust that continued to
fall I I for several hours and wrought grout t I tint
ngu nmom tho t vines anti other piodiiee I I
Masses of incandescent lock of considerable
sle were ejected tonhclglitot half f a mile I
anil I I were accompanied by I i deafening I rim
tilings and hy sliownrs of volcanic bombs I the
iioi nofiixplosioiiofvvhicliau It echoed nnd
reieliood amid tIle gorges and mountains
around reminded ono of nothing so much as
that which usually farms the lluulo of u glgan
tie pyrotechnic display
Kir George Mill lu a lick Trouble
Jlflmlle Nin tlfixtltfaCtiiontcte
For goodness sake como In and take n
shunt of our domestic doubles exclaimed
SlrUtmrco m Dlbbs Triiuler of tho colony ot
New South Wales as bo sat yestnrday In a
huge armchair surrounded by n mountain of
baggage buffalo horns and curiosities picked
mi by thn way
Man Is born to trouble as tho sparks fly
upward Last night wo clambered ovor sev
eral fndght trains on n voyage ot discovery
searching for our train At 5 oclock this
iiiornlnu wo had a collision at Sacramento with
a freight train Doth engines were knocked
out of running and wo wore delayed two
hours No no one was seriously hurt but wa
were humped about and my arms are sore
i our railroad management Is abominable
and I ntis surprised at a business nation per
mitting It Look at thin iiunntltles of Ameri
cans who cooler to ruropo to spend their
millions In European travel Not only do you
dlscouragoKuropeanB from visiting your coun
try but you drive out your own wealthy
classes You lose lots ot money that way
This policy of every ono for himself and the
devil take this hindmost in railroad travelling
loses you a good many million dollars I
At this moment Sir Georges valot an
nounced thu loss of three trunks including
his own
Well Im clad youve lost > our box George
it will interest you morn in thin pursuit of ours
W Yhatsthat I Twentyllvo per cent extra to
gut our linen I washed by tomorrow morning I
ray it iuorgn dont argue pay out all we
have wo must cet homo
When Nature
Nrfdn iiiliUncMt miyb but to renderlt promptly
but one ibould remrrobfr to me even the tnoit perfect
remrdltt only ivliru neelet < t The but anil moil itur
iie anti teiitim rctnidy to this Syrup of lOgo tuauufac
ureil by tUo CalKuruu 1ig syrup CoJj
2I1K fntr stay AT IIOMKSTKAD
The Rer Mr flank FnlU to Verify ODcn
aifl Ktnrlrn About Them
Frrm ikr lnJaitfi IXfatr
The Psi Ix > uls Albert Hanks of Boston an
eminent I divine I I who Is famous lie I country
over us an unfaltering friend of labor and who
within t I rocent t years has attracted widespread
ntteutloii hy his I exposure and asault h t upon
thn I sweating sysleiu In I Mm t t Now hit ghtini In
dustries vvns in I 1ltthui t iiIi yesterday on Ids
way back finm Homestead I Mr Hanks I went
to Homestead on Thtlisdav 1 nltoilmon t
I camn from llnstnn to I Homolead I I I just j to
PitUfy my ourloslty Mr Hunks said vester
day before lenlliu for his home 5 hen
Iluuh I I O Donnell I and llurce I s Mclnckie I were
In Hoston somntlmn neoTwent I to I hear them t
tell I of tlio I Homestead I strike I heir stories
were IntpreMliiK and from what they nnld on
the I subject I I was positively I convinced i I that t Ito I
men who had mine Into thn mill to work since
Ito strlkonro being Imdlv trentnd and IP fact
arm being subjected to t nil I I soils I of outrages t 1
lid I nied that t men vveie belllL chopped to
pieces by tho great saws In the I mill and I had
no doubt that thn t now men wcin ii inihlo to
opnratn tilt Bmat concern Howevet 1 eamn
to sen for myself and now 1 am heartllv clad I
Well toll mn what you found there Ito
reivirter siiKgested
Well I am going to writo nLnut what I
found at Homestead 1 can sivliouivithal I
I did not verllv the stories told In Itoston by
ODonnell and Mlttckln I lound the gnat
mills running Tint much must by L admitted
1 am not a steel expert but In my judgment
thn work holni turned out Is llrt class
It wis lust noon when Igotthernand I at nu
own rruuest I was shown I through I the t dlnlne I I I
rooms and I examined I I the t food as it I t was being
placed upon tho I tables ltvva > substantial
enough for thu workmen and It appeared to t
me to bo aty I oxumlnuil liLt kltcliuns and
they appeared to me like the kitchens of n
Urstclacs hotel
1 made a careful examination of the sleep
lag apartments I had the bunks opened for
lit 1 Inspection nnd 1 can say cheerlully that t
the bunks work clean and comfortable
Another mutter and ono In which I was
thoioilglily I t Interested I was Investigated I by
me Mr Hanks mild W wore told in the
East that t the t company was running I a speak
easy In 1 Ito I mill I I I for thn bcnelltof thu t working i
mun We know hut little I 1 of spcakeasies In
the East and I was anxious to see one I
asked to lie shown to tint place but I was
told by thn authorities that they did not
have a speakeasv on thn premise 1 was
slow to bullevo what tliey told mo in the
faca of hum other slories told u
and I decided to lnve tlgato the matter
on my own account I took Mr Catch Into mv
contldoncp mid 1 had him go to Superintend
ent 1otter and if possible secure for mo a
small drink ot I Iii nor Mr i t lnttur wits anxious
to send up town and got thn liquor for me but
ho insured my messenger that Intro was nom
In the works That convinced mn that tho
speakeasy story was not well founded
However tho lIeu Mr Hanks concluded
thu I mills I nt Homestead am working I and I I
am clad I went there and saw tho conditions
for myself
1oIofthLL lION JOfl 2E4 CIEM
Borne HurprlsInK nepllen to Thrlr Iiamt
nn < lon Inppr
I Vflm the floS ommnnirf < tltt >
Some tIme ago a little hook with the title
Faicllsh HsShu Is Taught was issued by
one itt the largest publishing bouses lie an
con > cious wit surpassed the I otTort of thosn
who would be willy homo Indeed thought It
thn work of a great cell Ills In humor Hut thn
hook was what 11 claimed lobe answers clven
bv than children of our common schools lo
nuellons put lo them al examinations
Yvhilolhn writer was ono of Ito examiners
for teachers for county In thn statuof
be on examining tlm papers ont lu by would
On leachers found answers which equal Ibuso
of Knulish as she Is Taught Thus
Qhtat invention aided lu making possi
ble Die discovery of Ameilca
AIhat inveiilinn of thin steamboat
QNitatio flu e of this most prominent cities
of the Nit tltwest and state ito cause of the
Importance I of each
A1a rosen Fonduloc Milwaukee Haclne
Cincinnati All but Cincinnati are noted for
their water w irks
y What were some of Ito principal causes
tf the America Involution 1
Ajhtt opposing principals of nopllar and
aristrullc government score at the bottom ol
all 9Name five countries represented In the
AllAmerlcan Congress
AIapamt France England v enozulla Gau
tarn alhit
QWhy have thin Inhabitants of the polar
region six months ot day and six months ot
ATbio earth revolves so slowly at the polls
the earth bring smaller at that point
Another cave this answer
AThie earth revolving on its axis only
reaches them once a tear
And another cave this answer
A ISocauso It Is so far from the centre of
the earth that the sun Is on the other side ot
the world six months
Q Whatisn dlphthone
AA sound produced by the vocal organs IB
a diphthong
Meaanxei from Veaiel Mt Ken
Floe thf Ilnlit Ittphii tuHir fe leer and tuftu TrantntpL
Mr George W Cliilds has earned ninny
thankyous in Ills timo but never n morn
sincere one than wn gave him today said an
officer of than navy yesterday who was ordered
to report on board I ho Constellation when in
lie Chesapeake
And why I liecause lao message brought
by the pigeons yesterday told that tho vessel
was Becalmed oil Cnpn Henlupun I and instnnd
of passing Capo Henry us was expected it
would today it would do well if It was there
by tomonow or even Sunday and thin knowl
edge allowed Ihosu on snore beloncing to Ihn
vessel to spend tlm mean timo t I among f lends
or at homo I Instead I of f waiting i in I unccitaintv
and suspense among ttiangers In some town
on the bay And the knowledge was gained
by the offer of thn pies which brought the
birds Into service
It was so entirely new for all concerned loLa
Able to count upon Ito movements of a vessel
at sea with any degree of certainty that It
almost amounted to a revelation Hut thu ad
vantage there was in It was appreciated to that
fullest extent The Constellation ban been out
for four dais and tho Superintendent of thn
Naval Academy nt Annapolis has had tho re
port In Capt Chesters own hand of the whoro
uPouts of thn vessel each mornlnc thn prog
ress Hindu during a tlm t preceding twonlyfour
hours and llm t outlook I for I ian following day
Thn result of lao erpeiinient has been so en
tirely satisfactory that it is exceedingly doubt
ful if ho allows thin vessel to again go out of
sight without Its complement of winged mes
sengers to bring the dally reports to shore
Glacier In Idaho
Fioin rASil ymncitro Cltrnmrtt
HOISR Aug 15An immense glacial field
has bean iHnoxered in the unexplored region
of Yntinl Idaho by F 1 U churmirliorngeolo t
gist nnd mineralogist Under the date of Aug
a 1m wrItes as follows
As 1 ciimo ovor tho divide Into lug Crook I
onwnwav to the xvcst among the high moan
taunt xvhnt npiieared to bo a glucinr Inquiry
at JOg Creek developed the fact that though 3
two a of m the t men in cump bad llvpilthoro I several
years tliiv hail minter been able to got up to hiatt
xnoir They also told me many hud tried it
and failed All had tiled tn take horses with
them I determined to go on foot
AH I advanced lie signs of tho white man
decreased until they disappeared altogether
The country through which I made my way
was the wildest and roughen of any through
which I over travelled In point of grandeur
and plctiire iu beauty The slow from the
peakH rivals anything m mountain scenery in
the United Status
Jlencnth tbeglaclal field I found a serIes of
glacial lakes The glacial fields am qultu ex
tensive They probably cover nearly us great
nn area though not BO thick HH him great
glacial Holds ot thu Alps I examined sixteen
terminal moraines Of title number eleven
xvere receding four stationary and only one
advancing None that t saw extended more
than yOou feet below the snow line
The writer Bays that tbu glaciers are located
about tliirtyIIxe t miles houthuiu t nf Mioup
amid a number of very high pouks that are not
down on the IIIUPK
III Name a lluueeliold Word
fntm lSf < mf tlfitffr I <
Years and ears ago said tho loquacious
travelling man as he reste his fiiet on one of
the best chairs In the lobby tlicro came to
this country a man who had not a dollar In his
pocket Today hIs name Is hoard In every
hamlet In the country and It is familiar to
very school boy and girl in the United States
The queer thing about It Is that he never did
anything of a sensational character1
It must have been Carnegie said the shoe
souf was Jay Gould said the clothing
Youre both wrong It was Christopher
Columbus said another
You are all wrong said the first speaker
Well then who was it r asked the clothing
John Smith
nstonr OF coMatrmnnxvn FKCK oj
211ff LA 13 Oft fl tJIWt t
He OtTn MlnlUdc KhoTlnc Tat DaHtMM
tile Firit Yrnr nf tbi McKInley lllll Cbs
Net IncitBe cif IVnico In 7T lndailrle1
In This M nte Wni tHltt77tI2 nnd tkel
Net Incrn In IVorttirllnii SHI3161 I
AWHNY Aug LR Clmrlos r Peek Commit I
Bloner of Labor of New Yoik Ktnte gave oinl
bis annual report tonlehl A Inrgo imrtloeU
Is devoted lo figure of Internst In relation tH
thutiirllT In order tu iiroxu whether pro1
tcctlon tie islvocitttml by uric political party or I
tariff for rovenuo only would proxe of nd >
vnlitngc ftalliitlcs lunn been Kntherod to I
Hhnw In us cry Industry fn the I tmtte the In I
crcao or dncrcnso of production and comI
Pnrillvo Increase or decrease In wage Tht J
repoit t tilt Ys
Tho iierlod roxered by tm InvrstlentlonJ
Innl I ililes tlu I I > year I tin > i1ltti < lr Prior to tlio en I
act metit o w lint Is tit naeih tlm SIiKlnloy bill1 I
nnd tho yeir Imniflilliitely fullinvilig ltd bo
coming I a law That t i tlio I I I data upon tvhioh
tho I I a riioit has been imtde sin i for tlio yearl
Co fit iii lii citig Sept l 1 Istflt I t I uji to h and I Including J
Aug il 1SK 1 t t 0 ti nil tlui t i year commoneJ
Ing I Seiit 1 IKHI I tin to and Includln1 I
Aug III 1 1 1MH I I Tho tit ot It oil i eta hiloyed
lo ecttro lie neressuiy data wero nl I
most entirely HIDHO of tlio blank system <
It irtiti not that original purpo nor
In it now pretended that I tho t data nail static
tics t I present anv but p ti i ely lioloxulu munui
faituiltig totnttl I sIt tin tmits To havo under
taken to cover tho retail and custom itmnu
factuilngcstilillsiimenls I I I I I I of hum t tit at o would
hiiiii been a physical I and Ilimncii I Impossibil I
ity homo HOUO bhjnks woro nddroKsod and
mailed to I as many sopntutc establishment
throughout tho I Unto and of this number
tOOO l t or 7 i percent ivoto rot it rtimiml fully and
curt eel I y iinsvereil
Imm t nn tallies I I It oiiiieius thnt t thoro t was s
hot im reaso In nges ol siliuritiil In the
Sour INU US compuml with llio I amniint paid
In IK o and n net ineieavi In production of
MlliKilmtH in tln > > ear INU oxorthat of
is 10 A simiilo I auulylHor I f thlstiildo t I further
demiinxtiatei I hi Inlerestltg fact that nf the I
hixtyoxeii Indilstiliiseuviieil i i l t t 7 i < percent ofI
them I hoxr un IIIIIIMMI either o if tho xviigon nr I
prodiiit iii limit It and that them xxero notes
than M i u instances ol Itiiltxliliiiil IncionpfiS
nf xxiige dining tlm shine year While
the lulutries urn but 117 in number tho total
trades reliireiiteil amount In lrl I mill nlvn
employment I to jSitHKi I working I men and
women lllthnliT t Industries Included75 per
cent of them t show an Inoivascd I avrags
yearly earning In thu year IKII ithaihmi lie to
till nvuragn a Increase h of jeurly earnings I of the
lMtlt > 0 omplovees was S 2 11 I I Thn average
IncreiisK of Muly enniuigsot i f the t m employee
in I tho Til I rile t showing t an Increaso I was
S41 II in IWU I as compared with IMHi
In addition tn tho I investigation ot this
special subject tlio t bureau has continued Its
annual Investigation of all labor disturbance
occurring In I tun i Matn t during tlm t past year
The total number strikes icpnitid for th6
year Iitlh was iill us agaimt tlrirt occur >
llnglnlho I I year I H1ti I a iKorcasn of 17HH I Ot
tho total number of strikniH J17 or 5l per
cent of th t m vwro in I t Ian iiulbllni I I trades t a
fait that scums lo follow in natural sequence I
tliu I ic m > iills obtained I t in thn special t I I n vest lea
limo of tInt elliot of tin tariff on labor and
flit report closes ns follows It has been
my excellence us 1 douiit not It has been
that of cvciy SIi ti tieiitn multi or less that one
olten tlmls himself tnmpted unconvciously
lerlutpsto t purtin an investigation t vvitli a
view to m establish it i lirconicivcd theoiy Itow
often failurn and poltivc di > eomllturo follow
I can Milidy hits to thosn who liavo engaged
In tho fascinating study of statistics To tne
true statlhtli bin him over U ma hit lhttnmatI by
social or political considerations than pro
fession Is an enviable one and carries
with it duties and EnImoittt 11 h it Ics of the high
est order To him theories urn IIH nothing
Without factHto support them they become
misleading and theietoro worthless Fact
and truth are what he seeks and having pos
sn < sed himself i f of Ihnm he idices them I hard
nnd cold as they oftentimes are beforo the
public tatlslled that be has done but his duty
and thereby attained Ids Itigliemut ambItion
Iubor end Vnaep
The Waiters and ftnrtcndors unions yes
terday reported that they had endorsed the
Central Labor Unions resolutions advising
members pf labor orgininMlons not to join
Ito militia The piano mnkora made a sim
ilar report and the silk ribbon weavers com t
plained that some of their members who were
In ito militia had to go to Buffalo to shoot
down poor htriken They Mill hold a meet
ing tomorrow night nt tin Went Slcio Labor
JKCllnt tn eonliler this matter
Tho electric xviremen repnrtnd yesterday
that they would piinido on Labor Buy HOO
strong und the I luundrymnn reported that
lacy would ieml riiii I men to t jOt nn t It o parade
llui Central Labor Iederution will havo no
parade but will bold a picnic Instead at
Itiommernlniiin Iirk I lid itt root and VIlhIe
axeiine at xxluli 41 hinging Hocietles will be
presnnt All the suuinlihllu orgauizatlons will
alto be repiiMinted at tho picnic
A letter was read nt hIm mnetlni nf the Cen
tral Jjiior Union yestorduv from Jihvan King
cit t Ii u Fpn rounders 1 inxillng I I tlu I > delegates
in the name of that Central Labor I nion toat
tond a tervieu of thoChurcli Association for
the Adviincomtiit of tint IntereMs I f Labor In
Trinity Chtu rita next Huiulnv evening Tho lit
Ilex hitch Miller Thnmiisnn D I I LU D
lllwliopof Mississippi trill preach that sermOn
and the xvriternf llama letter stats that bu Is a
Very radical Bpeaker Than inUtatiou was
IVomen ArmMl wlih Ax
Tirrox Ind Auc JR Sinco tho arrest of
Mrs Don Vic nail Mrs Irnnk Touch at Wind
fall on Friday far demolishing tho front of
two saloons another woman has boon added
to tilt list On Saluidiy morning Mrs Illoh
ard Huslon was put under bonds for the same
offence Ihthmii icon inndn on the saloons bf
these women timid imili tlmo I they left abun
dant evidence of thdr visit Tlm women were
armed with axes and they attacked tho glass
fronts coinplotnly dntroyini that large win
dows Thn bartcndeis ivurn diiven Iroro the
plices and several kegs of whiskey were
spilled I ahnit I thn I floor In I ono of tho saloons
a costly I sideboard was ruined I That bonds of
llm women were placed I 1 I at tVM In ouch case
bill limy had no tumble in llndlnc plenty ot
security II I Im itt It iota men ay they Intend I to
fight the t casn to I t tlm I bitter I I I natal but the friends
of tho w omen do not seem alarmed
Homebody Jlirrw n fetonn at the Train a 11
At a > oclock Saturday afternoon some one
throw a stone al a southbound train on the
Harlem branch of thin Now York Central and
Hudson Iliver Ilallmad as it was nearing the
Iordham station Tho stone crashed through
a window at which an aged lady was seated
Tlm broken glass cut bur face in several
places The person who threw the atone bu
not boon urrebted
Uurnlngofu Big Lumber Mill
Favossay Mich AUB 28Fire started yes
terday morning in lao lath room of the North
ern Michigan Lumber Companys factory at
IandHrage seven miles north of Petoskey
The llames spread with great rapidity It O
Iotnrs Is thin principal stockholder In the com
puny witltla emnithoys ovorltJtJ men The losi
will be ostrSiOjOO

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