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I1ri THE SUN 1MO > iXYYVUllGUST I M 11892J lJ x T
= i w j I
L < z
Jt UU i
Niihecrlpllon by Mull 1oislraM
ULT Vsr Mnnlh O JIO
AlLY Pr V ar n on
ilMKV Per Year 9 on
AtlV AND StAY ret I Year t 00
KKKtY r < r Year 1 OO
Pottao to Forelitn Tounlrio n < td d
tit HUN Sew York CUr
Si tif fittntl Nl filter M tfttt IIr rWrI
I r iiel r hy i 0 10 1
1lor tnt juJ
i TI e Sri fin It Ail if Vnr Fm < jlhtli 4 Co I
dIrcug I I ru n
b 1 Vo Cnn Spnrn Ttiiin
Tho llninliiirKAtn ilran Iukt Company
ifcas roootiBliloroil Its llc lon to ronllmio
tho stcornco troniu liotivouii tho Infcilinl
port nnd Now Vnr willo runnlnir Its
tenmors for flrstoln M truvil only HA for nJ
Boutlinmiton That oNtiaordhiniy I i i p1 llcy
was nnnouacnil tliiet or Call iluyo nioby
thonrtentof the Inl with thi nxplntititlnn
that with projicr irceaullniinry imnmirci
jcn HID pniti t d tho coniliilivia t lliiiuliur
and duo ulnll ni tlm t i pint of i our own
fJ Quarantine ollleers no danger ncotl licnp
f prclioiuhd lien1
Jrhondlllllr the mne frcntloninu nn
1 noiincnil Hint lil < roiii > I bad ilctirintpoil
< to stop oil I Imiiilfrrnnt I t ioivico from lliuii I I
burjj to XII YOII k na lone os tho t rlidlcrn
JKttstH In I tin lonniii purl Vo liilltuv I i
ri jttjii Mi111OA4 i now that rmltrnl raifsiin
tae tloiiiiinile < l to pnnont tho t Inticiiliuitoii I I I
T > of oliotiMii Into this toiintry Wo nio ito 1
termlnci hot t our llin > hliull not hno tlin
cxlluiu of ldnllnl i lluillisst t 1 init i of r fhourn
nto the Cttt cit Itli
J ipIi neetl not t stop lo iiiqulie vht1i r i
thl tiililiii ehmgp of limit and plan m
i Ithl part of Hie I Hamburg shipowners ju l dim
4to phllantliKipj or to iiiowuip fiom official
v utlioiy mil fiom L public opinion In tin
i i former case XewYoik lsery mneli I obliged
J to the Iliimlniig Company In I thi t latter
f CQH the COllpllyf t prompt ncrm I I licence is
rrnroftil and I I oieilitaUe 1 I to t its I good sent °
i i tcpflnln It I In that t with 1IIImlIHt i i bui l
BcgH b l yiy if r JnIIJIA 1 UMpi ndetl whilo
ti t 4 the danger lusts I tn ehaiiti of SUCCPIH in
the oxoliibion of the t pesliloiicn 1 I I ire eonsld
b ernbly Inercasptl
U erii1t I would be I good tiling If I immlgni
tlon from Kiirolienn polls enuld I slopped
for the next thleit I months The steady
stream poiulng I I toward tlin Ildtiwl I State t
q J r from Koiilheasteni I 1t1 t ape liringV I ihniKer
no matter nt t tIiitt pott or by lmt t line I I It
f r t takes hhlp
h llyshutting Ihl gnlpq at ltlll I land for ii
i r time this rot i it try might lose fiom seventy
live thoiisantl to ahJt iii I red thousand fit to nt
l citizens but wo think cal bti spaied
file 1rrMilont tutu the Dominion toy
5 r eiituiftit
7 Vhen President HUMIISOV irqnosted Con
f1 1 t f sriSB to I satiet iou a pulley of net u tt itt ion
egnlusttho Ton Joveiniiiont at OttnMiihe
f 5 tnuet presumably luive contemplated nn ef
tective unit not aslmmietaliullon It ISIor
j j tain that tlio Federal legislature had no in
i js t tenllon of cooperating 111 farce Yet Care
11 3 i I cal tho proceedings thus fw laken by our
t national Executive t I undoubtedly I appear In
view of the contemptuous lUUttldo I main
r i tnlued by Sir Jons AnnoTT and ids col
jj leagues Knowing the PuiUcait to bo om
s i powcied to Impose I u toll I I of tti per ton unt I
r t per passenger on vessels I Iravorbingthe I
i Bt Marys Iulls I Cunal I nnd Imunil I I for
i Canadian port they Hinllcd vhen I
levy of Urn mluimtini I toll I of tuenty t y
f cents per ton wax threatened I in tlin
beginning of Aujjust When after nn in
terval of three weeks the dreadful threat
2 was executed their Kinllo broadened Into n
y grin As to the abolition of tim discrimina
tion against Amorlinu vesselH on tho Wel 1
land Canal that Is now further olT titan
ii ever the Ottawa niithorlties having lu
4 formed our Sloth Department through tim
t BritlHh Clntrge dAITnires thut their promisn
i tornmovn the discrimination next winter
4 l Would bo rclrautcd in casi nny pressuro
wore exerted by our oernment
Now the Presidents proclamation about
the St Marys FallbCuiiiileitliercoustltiitoa
prosmmi or it doosnt If it doesnt what
> wa it Issued for If it does It his utterly I
j mlscaiiicd and loft tho intuutlnn worse
than It viih before thi ottawa tiovcrnmcut I
r being committed by tho menace uttered
through Mr llrimiivi to io on dlhcilml
American vvel8 tho
I liatlug against AHlrlrun cll on
Wollainl unit for 1 Indefinite period
Does President IlusnibOv cimlcler Itt
i he Inw thus fu nuytldDg to bn proud ot in
this retaliation hnsinras Does ho tliiul
that ho has doan anything towiml tlo ac
oomplUlniHiit ot his purpose to protect
S Ameiican Inleicstd I tho purpo o for which
5 t he thought It nendful to request the sup
t port of f loiigr ss V Does ho hiiiiposo that ho
4 I Ilrl thlnlll tho hold xvliich ho ctid nv
JJ J I ored to obtain ou nil patriotic AiuericnnB
K without distinction of party by his high I
t spirited uud vigorous coiiduet lu tho Vulpu
1 rabat nITa I Does ho not know that tho
C U DeiuiKiaiio iimlUlntu for the Presidency
MI lLirciAMi Is on record as hay
t log tulvouikd dut trig ills AdmtuiH
t tnillor Mia dealing of tho ono decisive
J L blow which would I bring tho Dominion
iff l Tories to their Unees to wit tho abolition
A of tle trop hlIClt or goodtu In bond on
the Canadian railways Is Mr Huimsox
i Dot owaro that the withdrawal of privi
t < leges which cnublo foreign railroads to
i Underbid their Ameilciiucompctitorswould
q bankrupt the Canadian Puclllc and thUR
trip the Tory Government ut Ottawa of
I i ts corrupt Ion fund without which It could
I not llvo u day I tliu President knows
these thing why doesnt ho turn tho
knowledge to account J there Is any
i c Sincerity In his professed desire to relieve
v American cltlrons from the burdens to
1 which they are unjustly subjected on tho
ti Wetland Canal why doesnt ho uso for
them the irresistible weapon which lion
feaily t liln hand Does hn want t con
vince his fellow uiuntrymnn that for I stat
I wnrtupholdlug ot their interests they must
I wait u changn of administration
t hut it be wild by those
Jut II may who seek a
t protest for submitting meekly to tho vie
f Inuon or our treaty rights by Canada that
> Congress did not eipiossly authorize the
jcskJouit t withdraw the privilege of
ll transshipping goods in bond on Canadian
railways The President did not need the
t Authorization of Congress for an act that
4 1 Ics wholly In his own discretion To sus
1 pend tho Immunities from our customs
I regulations nt present enjoyed by Canadian
railways jtr lUmtisox needs but to Issue
t sit order through his Secretary of the
y Troneiiry All he needed from Congress
yus what lie got namely a formal declara
I 1 tion that I grave wrong had been In
flicted ou Amotlonn citizens and that for
t 4 tll pirpnMt of lighting It tho Presi l
dent hi addition to thu powers already
I ttteJ in him cliOuld have authority to
r levy certain discriminative tolls 1 Cana
dian vessels using tho Kt Marys Falls
Canal Tlio specific remedy suggested hay
IIIR fitlltid and tho wrong donoimced by
Congress remaining uurudrossod it Is tho
plain duty of tho President t fall buck on
his discretionary powars and use them for
unlllnuhlng anti crushing rotallntlon
1 President IlAltiusoM stops short ot his
flint farcical demonstration if contents
himself with tho fooblo attempt nt icprl
Biilt which has only T > provoked derisive
Seoul from tho Tory Government at Ot
tawa ho will liikvo reason to bitterly regret
that ho over count the nttontlon of Con
gi I ess and tim country to tho Domlnloud
violation of an intnrnntlonalnRroomnnt
For the edification and Instruction of
certain inlsttiidid Uemocratfl nnd for their
rcdatnatlon It piHKlblo to thin tranquil
patlm of pulltlual sanitylt will b prollt
oLIo to iiioto sumo part of I description
which nu obsorvor furnishes to thin Uhbe
< niurrtif of Ht Louis Jnli l writing about
tutu inlrngn land of eastern Tuias where
you can hon what you want without acting
for It nnd without Jlt lag It
In that w > rtoit of thu Mtakud IMnln which
KtietiluH from thu Iwoa liver to tho Pan
II alt tile t hit iitnuwplion tlila t citizen ro
I torts plnyitodil fleaks und niuUos slrnngo
roviliitioiiB When the t sun IH ut tho propor
nngli for thn purpo1 It Is posilblo to BCD
n bolt I I of tlinbir where noun exists A
raiiih tuny bo lifted out < it I valley and set
out n hill A si sheep lierdnr grown Into glgan
lle I propntttoim tutu lila InnibH becoino
t1 ipla itt iuut A tal I mail train In tho dls
taiiio loomi tij 1 hundred fret high nnd
appears i to UI about Ito mlloH 4 long I Tlneo
tu four miles to tilt cost of tho town of
Midland i if I f it I t bn about noon of n sunny
day HID stranger will sou u hue little city
In I I la Ill t of I gllotnnliig lake The sit
vir water inoviM lu Rontlo ripples tin If b
I fort a IInUi biviM J hout three hundred
wlllml1t i I uio apjiarently in motion above
tin1 city und It does not seem that tho tract
they land upon ean exceed n mile square
Aiounil till oily und tho lull Is o fringe of
dink green timber Beyond tho timber Is I 1
< iiiiansiof green grass On tho
pintrto ealtlii may bo uoon gracing As
HIP train IIIIIIPH nearar tIn cows appear t
I iicoino ininiodoiH Tlia sheep seem to bo
woolly hnrbpi Tho tiultdliiRA shoot up
into tim heavens Tho wtndmlllt boeonio
Kirrnij towers standing on nothing Tho
peoplo 111 across tho street trend on
air Tlioto Is a general repeal of the law of
gravity Tho lako has suddenly illHiip
peaicd tim olty vanishes tilt trees be
uoinu men mill tlin t mpntipes
Then till travtllor htop upon a rent
wooden railway platform and nut Into the
dust t r bllll thoroughfare of n Touts town
lie experiences of u midden all thn dis
heartening hOUbatlon with which the ruin
bow chaser Is familiar on election night
To tho overheated Imagination of the po
I t I I tobago luintew endless cavalcades
of Democratic leeruits deserters from the
Itepnbllran eamp nro constantly march
lug to thi strains of Inspiring music to
ward the Democracy In Iowa Illinois
and Minnesota
Wisconsin Nebraska Illotl
Theso States ore atlanta with oxeitoment
and enthusiasm Tho Democratic vote Is
growing liko JACKS bean stalk and tho
Kepubllean voto Is rapidly sinivelllng into
A tariff reform circular expands until it
covers u wholo Stat like n panoply A
Free I rude speech uttered In shrill and pip
ing accents to an audience of three dudes
n small boy anti alt unnattirnllzed tour
ist from Canada becomes I trumpet blast
iu tones of thunder reverberating through
valleys and hillside and calling myriads
of t political voluntcoiH from forge loom
anvil work bench nnd factory Uy this
mirage a member of tho Now York Reform
Club appears to b six foot high His
placid eyes dilate with tho fury of battle
Ills piketail coat becomes sharpened to a
point und ho resembles tho devil oC I fel
low ids bangs turned to horns and his
crutch cane a phantom spade with which
hp hurls tbo whole Republican vole Into the
bottomless pit of oblivion
At closer vision things change and this is
what appears to the Kobermlnded citizen
divested ot his mirage phantasy
i ItepiiMlcin niorliy isit 19773
n i l tm
I owA i Ueuubticau majority 1883 317l
UcDiilillran majority 1SS4 UHUH
Wiicoi n I j 1 i neputiaan majority JHSH 1321
I HfriiibllrMi uajorIIy lkH4 2t21
Ntfimsiu 11 Xopublcau ublra majority L541 Iti3
I RIbUra i n iiualority 1WH 8IO5
Micmrav I 1t1iuaau majority sJ 2ult
j Itepiibllran inalnrltr 1XH4 01274
1 iKepubllcan I miijonty 1SSS fonu
No Dcmocrat should misuse valuable
Unto nod needed political ammunition by
going on n nilrago hunt In the West this
and before all tho
yvur Abovo beyond In 1eoro 11
eisorgles of the National Democracy should
In ooucontmled on tho winning issue of the
Force bill and upon the States which aro
to decide the contest
Smuggling In tile Northwest
Tho operations of tim schooner Halcyon
furnish I fresh Illustration of the scale on
which smuggling is prosecuted along the
Pnelllo coast Tho high duties on opium
and tint grout demand for tho drug make it
n ptincipul subject of illicit importation
Victoria in naturally tho bnso of this busi
ness and it was from that port thut the
Halcyon reeontly started Tilth a cargo of
opium valued nt 830000 Tho success of her
trip to Hawaii whero she smuggled in 1
30000 worth ot It no doubt stimulated her
present exploit which is bellved to bo
t land her cargo In Oregon or California
But this bold attempt ou 1 largo scale Is
the ers usual form of the smuggling
Opium is brought into the United States
oftoiior lu smaller quantities and by a ro
sort to tho moat Ingenious devices Piiget
for smugglers The
Sound Is I paradise slulllen
run across from Victoria and Vancouver
being short and usually sheltered may be
mado by all sorU of boats The sound Is
well studded with Islands and there ate
many opportunities for concealing I night
voyage from the revenue cutters and of
landing at points hidden from observation
The sal craft can take t shallow waters
where thcro Is little danger tho revenue
steamers prowling about after them There
is alto emiiKRlluff sometimes It Is said by
passengers or others on thu largo craft
plying regularly between tho ports of
llritlsh Columbia and ours
The smuggling of Chinamen Is carried on
iiidnsti busty also iu this same region as tho
recent arrest ofToutcd by the cutter Wolcott
indicates In this case tho smuggled art
des aro a good deal bulkier and a some
what different mode of pperatlng Is re
quired Yet it Is evident that the peculiar
ities of Puget Sound lend themselves also
t this form of illegal trafllo and the
rewards for success aro so great that It is
prosecuted at all risks The Vancouver I
boatmen are tempted by the high foes of
forod and the absence of international reg
ulations increases tho extent t which this
business is carried on
Of rcuTOo for tho smuggling ot China
moa t1tt3 mime many other i > jIP < jipoituiiltes
throughout tho border region aa far Ota
It haa boon
a Ogdonburg and further I ha bn
Bald that oTen the Colvlllo Indian reservation
of the State ot
tion In tho northern part Iho Blte
Washington has furnished facilities for
settling of somo
this purpose through tho soltlng
Chinamen there Hut if a la known to bo
tho case tim Importation of Chinamen has
been carried on at Detroit itself It Is evi
dent that on the long stretch of boundary
between tho Dominion and tho United
States there ore plenty of places where It
can bo tried
The bold operations of the smugglers on
tho Paclflo const suggest the need of o
stronger force of revenue vessels In tho
last Congress preliminary steps were taken
to Increase this force both on the Pacific
and tho great lakes The Treasury Do
pertinent has called attention t tho ex
cessive amount of work imposed upon Its
cutters through the Increase both of legiti
mate trado and of smuggling besides tho
demands for the patrolling of Uohring Sea
tho Senate for
The bills already passed by SOIUtO
the construction of four now revenue cut
ters two for tim racllla coast and two for
Iftko service should b promptly concurred
In by tho House nost winter
The Trotter A D 2141
Nancy Hankfifl trolled mile In 207J line
brought to light n record of scientific calcu
lation which shows that tho font was not
simply nn Instance of natures apparent
frcaklshncBri for suddenly producing n
creator of monstrous superiority t its
kind but In accordance with n regular and
normal evolution for which tho higher
mathematics can furnish with substantial
accuracy I table of progress A professor
of Yale and another of Washington Uni
versity have turned a little scleutlllo at
tention to the history and prospects of
tho American trotting records and ten
years ago as our esteemed contemporary I
the Turf Field and Farm shows nis l > rof
NirnFK of Washington published the fig
ures which by his calculations ttio past
predicted for the future carrying them for
ward to thin time when the trotters dovol
opmont should be approximately completed
like tIm running horses today
The llguro of two minutes for tho mile
which since Maud S dropped below 210
has loomed in tho distance of tho Imagina
tion ns perhaps the ideal trotters ultimate
limit gets a place In Prof NIPIIEIIS reckon
ing only ns a I stop in tho march to a goal
far enough beyond to put tho twominute
trotter hopelessly out of nn ordinary free
forall Starting from 1818 the year
of tho that threeminute performance
and observing tho spread and reduction of
records since the oscillation has been made
that In the course ot another century and a
half or in tlio year 2141 tho trotter will
have fairly lapped thin runner and will bo
good for a nub in 141 I Doth divisions of
the equine race will finish their existence
with powers iu the neighborhood of such as
they have then
The argument for Prof NrpnEns espoc
u I i1 sv t
unions rtio most sutisrying is tnat in
Ids tables published ton years ago Which
showed that from 1851 to 1881 tho mathe
matical curvo representing tho Increased
speed calculated for every three years coin
cided with trivial discrepancies with the
line of development In fact the record
foretold for 1892 was 207 Nancy Hanks
has made 207Jiand the year is not over
The record given for 1900 is 204 Who
will bet that it wont come t time Wo
must wait and see Meanwhile we havo
pretty powerful hopes
Verdict and Sentence
For good reasons of his own Mr DONATED
NICHOLHOK of the Tibun declined to ex
press an opinion concerning the honesty ot
tho Now York World Such an opinion
however now rendered In very emphatic
of the United
fashion by tho newspapers UDlte
States without regard to party
Tho response of the press is a verdict
from the highest court I is only necessa
ry to read tho comments which we are
printing from flay to day to understand
how conclusive is tho evidence that has
convicted tho swindlers in Mr JOSEPH Pu
IITZEUS employ and how hearty is the
contempt In which he and his methods aro
held by honest and selfrespecting journals
Not tIm least encouraging feature of this
impressive and indignant verdict Is its
unanimity So far as we can discover not a
single newspaper in tho country has lifted a
pen in behalf of tho swindler or ventured
1 single word in denial defence or exten
uation of the frauds of which the impostor
stands convicted
We may say that this Is precisely what we
expected when wo referred the case of I
JOSEPH PULITZEK and his Now York World I
to tho profession which ho is doing his
mercenary utmost to disgrace
Did Mr CLEVELAND as tim New York
herald alleges volunteer his advice to Gover
nor PATTISON of Pennsylvania and Governor
FIXWKII ot Now York concerning tholr course
with regard to sending the militia to Home
stead and to DulTulo We do not bcllovolt i
Gen BiDWELis letter accepting tho Pro
hibitionist nomination does credit to his cour
age Ho accepts not only prohibition but alao
woman suffrnBo The Hon IZT Y W Bum
himself could not do better
I goodly florloni iblnlng Hun
Come take a drink with me
Yotive made me feel quite young again
So cam I What iliall It b t
For many long end weary r
Ive waited to ie tbe War 14
Shown up In all Its scoundrel tricks
III dirty banners rlt
At last Itl done 0 happy hour
By Irathi rlcb golden ray
Which yon will cur repieieit
Through ererlaitUg daya
Bo come on the run 0 iblnlng Hen
And bring along your tank
Ill toast you mill 13 1 I
With tb beet you ever drank
Tb World tb flesh aud the Pevll
The three great churns will weep
Anil well ling Ta rara Ooomdiay
While fulltrer tries to ileep I
True New pns > r Independent
Ftm itt Doe cDoI
Tventytbrt buslnesi men of Cleveland 0 liar
addressed a loiter 10 tbt editor ot Tin fccx In wtilch
they say they do not agre with the politics at Ibe
paper but 117i
We do bowet desire to axprese to you onr feeling
ft satisfaction that o inn public qtiistlon In I which
the bor or security d the country li I InroUed your
Iper rises abc mere partlstn politics still fearletsly
cud ably advocates principle which are vital to lbs
lately of tbe republfc
II la I tor title reason that we ai Americans and not ai
partisan dnirs l I a Income subscribers to Tut Suit and
we ibould be pleased to bevf you enter our name as
inch ana forward your paper lo our rtipecllv I
ilressei let out below
This lea just tribute to a really Independent newt
peptrai every rude ot Tu Sea mult aoknowleifge
Titers ass so wan Journals maiqueradlng under lb
Ilt Independent that lbs genuine article 14 t
louetblogof a novelty
In 1 Orchard
I V n n 1i
H < llnir ibe trees itre mosnlna and silting to day
ilie kn vvinu i vu If I j 04 a en I full of frtsn uppUs
as Ibu tie
Its Actvaalaiiesi e > nd Use Vnrlona SIte Pro
posid rtor I
WAunneoTOX Aug S7Ono of tho taiVn sa
sIgned to tho President by Concrcsa rtt IU
rooont session was that of appointing a Board
of three array and three navy officers to ecleot
a alto for a new ordnnncb factory on tho Paclflo
lopo This Board will have to be constituted
lon I ltd report In to ba ready for Congress
at the noxt session Tho reason for Including
fly with ArmY offloors on this Board Is that
tho factory Is to be avnllnblo for furnishing
tho battorlos of Bhlpa as well as forts Bonie
nrmy officers do not rollsh this prospoct of
sharing tho new itabllshmont with tho nnvr
Thoy urge that tho two sorvlcos have sonarato
run factories at West Troy nnd Washington
and that the Qun 1actory Board of several
roars ago nrosontod cogent reasons for keep
ing thcm distinct Thoy argot that tho guns
used aboard ship aro different from thoso of
tho land service nnd that I divided or joint
administrative control Is not wise
I may not bo well to Insist too strongly < on
those objections The establishment of tho
now gun factory will bo opposed undornny cir
cumstances by tome Concreismon and atf
cordlnely It should hnvo In IU favor n Inreo
prospective sphere of public uses Apaln the
navy Is very popular In Congress BO that the
army should bo cautious about rejecting this
valuable ally Finally tho foils would In any
case got tho chief uso of tho now factory
Tho Washington ordnanco yiird now llnlshoa
all tho forglncs that the liutlilchom and 1itts
burgh foundries can furnleh ant that tho
lidos raaulro Tho largest calibre likely to
bo needed for cruisers In the present views of
naval ordnnnoo aro tho IllInch which can
probably be ont with safety by rail to tho IV
clllo for tim few largo ships built there Hence
though Congnm Is planning 1 joint army and
navy factory the forts would bo most con
cerned with It
Turning to tho question of site It scorns
likely that Itcnlcla will bo chosen Oregon
and Washington dispute with California tho
possession of tho factory and tha Chamber of
Commerce of Seattle has urged upon Cun
groas consideration tor establishing It
nt that point
Iron alA cettt eurelint quality abound this city
and the i inn are mil Hiirssibio Ininl Siallle A Inrss
part of the urmanient for ito cuftet must i > used on
1ujet Sound anil tbe entitblirtiuirn f thC founitry
here would s great expense in transportation Cali
fornia proitus no jilir troll and the location of tile
fonnilr atHenlcIa would intnUeifrcntnnliiixUcsiux
ppns in the iransuorlatlon tout > I tho rnw lunterlal
and the nnnriPd proiluot Tie Miiee Sir fonipany at
Klrklniil r on Lake Waslilnirton I l erecting a nrsueiaes
stevl plant on irblcli WOIMV 1 lia Hlreaiiy bn spent
and wlilcb irill b completrd trltliln n enr llespotul
ble parties guarantee a sultnljle ICKUIUU on Lau
Washlugton for ftc ilo ernuicnt jnilry
But It Is doubtful whether tho possibilities
of producing pig iron In Oregon and Washing
ton will form an Important clement In tho se
lection of tho factory I Is clear that a great
part of I the manufactured ctlr would i > y used
nt and near Han Francisco In fact tho only
points of much consequence for harbor do
fence outside of California are 1ucut Sound
oulslro Cnlfornll lulot
and tho mouth of the Columbia Accordingly
It Is not I vital objection that tho rough forg
Ings would Imve to be parried to tho neighbor
hood ot San KruncKeo lorllnlahlntand n om
bling the no mil Indeed I the t > Mnhll hmint ot
a gun factory on the 1aolllo coiit does not depend
lllctu rc
pond upon tho ability to produco tho steel
thorp rho argument for llenlcln wai presented
sented by Senator Fnlton ut a hearing hold
during the present year befom tha henate
Committee on Coast Doftncoa The town Is at
the head of Knniuiroa straits a deep channel
tlrlis I dlol
connecting tho bays of Han Francisco nnd
conneetnj is about thirty miles beyond the
range of guns carried by 1 hostile fleet supposing
ranlo Iunq
posing that tho defences of San Francisco are
not fvrced and Is also protected by mountain
ranges Vessels of deep draught reach Its
wharves and tho railroad connections art
ample It has perfect facilities for a proving
ground adjoining tiltl arsenal and Its
proximity to San Francisco aids It In procur
ing both skilled and unskilled labor San
Francisco already has oiionheurth furnaces
capable of casting a 27ton stool forging
However tho question or site will bo care
fully considered by thl now Board Besides
Uonlcla and Koattlo the claims of tho mouth
of the Columbia for this purpose have been
presented Two years ago a Board of three
army odlcers was appolntid I to examine thin
subject In connection with possible sites In
the Mississippi aiiov and on the Gulf coast
Itreportedln favor of placing the factory on
the racillc coast but since Oaalclawns HDO
daily Indicated for thorn to nxaralno they did
not Investigate tho ntnoss of other points on
that coast so that tim now Board has this duty
to perform
The argument a 1nclflo coast gun factory
whatever site may be selected rests upon tho
great number of guns and mortars needed for
our coast defence and the Inability of Wntor
vllet unaided to supply them except after a
groatman > cars Of course assistance will be
given by tho 100 heavy guns and tho lllnch
mortars to bo made under private contract
but ns tho total number of guns ultimately to
be required on tho Paclllc coast Is l estimated
at over GOO It will bo seen that there Is an
abundant Held for u new factory there There
are also curtain military advantages In having
two gun factories to count upon with one of
thorn situated on the 1aclllc coast The cost of
labor and of fuel on tlmt coast lure great draw
backs to the present plan but may bo offset
somewhat by saving in tho cost of transport
ing tho finished guns by rail across tile continent
Maria and Tbe Nun
To TIII EDITOR or Toi Rex Sir I have taken Tie Fry
every day for twenty years not becnim I admired
your politics but because It was a meins of keeping
peace In the family Maria would have bail a divorce
If I badnt I have had In that time copies of Tug KM
that cost me 5 When I nouM go to town and come
back wIthout Tin SLy Maria would start roe back after
It and on three occasions I bat e been unable to get
I thIs 1101 Tin Sex olllce
In that twenty years I boo noticed tome bad breaks
such as two or three jearsngo when a bIg clone rolled
down the aide of a mountain ont West struck in the
bed of a rIver knocked a bole In the bottom of the
river and atone river an1 all disappeared tinder
ground UuUorlo stones filling nut West embedding
themselves tbree quarters of a into In the earth and
10 hot you couldnt get within a mite whero they
struck KjTrcasurer llyutt and the sea itrpent Ac
and when I would ask Maria after reading these things
to tier If etie was still goIng to tae lIst paper she
would lay that Mr Dana was In California or some
thing of that kind and ttiero wet no telling what those
young men would do before be got back Shed Hick
up for TUK Srfl eer > time
But about a week ago I read her an article from the
edltoilal pace of Tint Six In regard to lreildtnt Ilarrl
eon relollatluc against Cansdo and what be might If
compelled to do In regent to Canadian railroads and
Maria said Cjras I lustlie right rind but Mr Dana
may never have thought Hint there U I no more prob
ablllti of President Ilarrljn duinu tnt after what
Cbauncey Depew bai dono for him than there li I of my
Joining the Ilaptlst Church
Maria tiring a i rank Iroibjterlan dead let Bgilnit
revision will be mightily disappointed It you dont
cbange your tune after reading this
Hnvciiu I J 1 Aug 27 Cm vii lou
Tlie DIscnuntluE or Office Muyis Not
Item A Jielo 11fJ r
On the whole the bearing during the Maverick flank
Investigation have been Interesting valuable and Im
portant Although devoid ot sensational features
there has been a ifeady outpour of Information regard
Ing lbs way In which tbe affaire of the wrecked 1 bank
wee roanagd I wa known before that the Haver
Irk toads use of wu of straw to sign accommoda
tion note 10 that tbs officers of the bank could borrow
be banks funds to a greater extent than that allowed
by law I but It was not realized 10 M hut client Ibis
practice hail been carried on Tbr was a very effec
tive object lesson given to the public upon this subject
at tb bearings of the committee
Young men unooth faced and under age messenger
boys and lads wba were In charge of elovators cities
boys rlerks fcutlAai men all came upon tIle stand
and told under oMb bow they hal signet notos for the
acrouunodatfjwi Of tbe ofllcenof the Maverick nolui
that they e imo condition to pvy at Ibe time of
signing nor In I condition to pay now One fact brought
out at the bearings was that in most of Huso ruses
especially in those I of th boys the persons who gale
their signature C ivllllliily and widely knew nothing
whatever nf the reason irby their slgnaturei were
desired They were laid lo ilgu papers told that It
was merely a matter of form and thus blindly put
IbemieUea under obligation to pay thousands of itch 1
tars Unconsciously Ibey loaned their credit to the
blnklpcUnr i never 10 beirnf the matter again to
lie rudely awakened from their dreams of fancied ease
by a demand from lh receiver of the wrecked lana lo
pay the holes which had been found In his bank bear
Dgttelr signatures
Warned Again Vnwli Koonomy
Jon fAe Stmtrllth 1 Journal
The new postal cards will be made II > go through Ibe
mall twice once with the message sod again itih the
answer If a girl get a proposal on line however she
will do better to send her anewr on another card Tbe
drat card may be useful as evidence touie day
Womans Curiosity
> en fife
Jobny the said a trier left the soda fountain
Uani fiftrenxient a gool deal I pay for a glass
ofiur JparlUat
XII rxnoior OF rats aottxsr PII
Dbl Costtesapl from ssllMtdea fbr the
HwliUlUB New Tack World
JVon 10 Qlr Drrdc
I was a bluff of tho very Urgost magnitude
nnd on n scale commensurate with Its regular
line of braggadocio that tho AVio York World
attempted la publishing several alleged In
terviews with Bismarck the exCliancollor of
Germany and Schlaparelll the greatest of
modern Italian astronomers But Tie BUN
saw through tho thick woof of tho deception
the World was trying to wcavo and mndo an
Inglorious exposure of the trick tho World was
palming upon tho public The thickskinned
monstrosity controlled by Mr Pulitzer was
not content and wlun TUB HUN oITured to con
tribute one thousand dollars to the TViount
frsh air fund provided the alleged World In
torvlowa wore genuine I auuln resorted to Its
wollworhRUbterfuim of hlulf and tried to de
lude tho Tribune Into bellolng that tho pub
halted Interview lout really taken place nnd
had boon actually forwarded across the water
by cable despatch This time tho job was
larger than tho obedient nconttt of 1ulltror
lund conceived nnd TUB flux with tho usiuil
thoroughness which In I characteristic of It
probed tho cntlro matter to tho bottom inane
n full exposure of tho Plot and so thoroughly
excoriated tho HurM that I It possessed an
Infinitesimal sense of shame Its bluhios should
1 suffuse multitudinous seas Incarnadine
and cover It with a sllonco that should bo
palpable for several moone
from It > JftMvrv Mrfatrri
Dana lias just convicted Pulitzer of tho World
of tho most flagrant faking known to modern
journalism Danas thrust at tho World It I as
deadly as that he mndo Into tho Alger boom I
early last spring When the sun of tho sago
of Now York journalism shines tho air Inapt I
to got above summer heat and something
melts Ho writes caution with vitriol nnd his
blasts can cither draw forth tho tones of an
JKollan harp or blow over a row of buildings
as tie case may requIre
Irrnn tip Vir lirl niirnltli
Tar SUN has rendered a valuable iervleo to
honest and legitimate journalism b its com
ploto and conclusive exposure of the Worlds
fraudulent Interviews and bogus cablegrams
Newspaper men have long known the Quack
methods employed by tho World but this Is
tho first time they have over been held UD bo
fore tho public Newspaper readers them
selves are vitally Interested In honest jour
nalism but hardlyas much as those who
make newspapers
Pulitzers bunco methods hnvo Injured jour
nalism and wronged newspaper readers In this
city more than can easily be computed They
reflect upon tho honor of every newspaper
man they havo tondod to bring tho employ
ment or calling Into disrepute Every jour
naljst should rojolco to see them exposed
Nor aro the Worlds efforts to cover up Its
slimy tracks marked by any more prudence
than Its fnklshneas Its plan to havo the bogus
cablegrams sent from tho other side to try to
provo they were originally genuine was bird
wlttod I waq a subterfuge characteristic of
those who toy with buzzsaws and shake
hands with cyclones Only those who have
been romarkaoly successful in frauds would
attempt It I proves tho ok maxim that
fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Tho entire business of fake fraudulent and
fictitious Pulitzer journalism Is so nauseating
and dlSgUStluc to thin RVorairn Infnllloan
AOc that It Is a n wonder t has ever boon attended
with any success whatever The sooner hon
est newspapers rise up and expose and de
nounce It the better
from Me Cliea ITtratd
Tnr SUN convicts the World of manufactur
ing cable specials beyond possibility of er
ror The Worlds pretended cable Interview
with Rchlaparollt on Mars and Its pretended
interview with Prince Bismarck
Dsmnrck are proved
never to have taken place and to have been
cabled only when exposure of Us fraudulent
news service threatened Thon the Inter
view with Bismarck printed a month pre
vious was cabled to London and ordered re
peated to the World Tho exposure forfeits
ho New York World right t ask the rub
les confidence
108 confidencefrom
from rte Bristol Aevs
The evidence In apparently Indisputable
form is coming to light So far as TUB BUN Is
engaged In an attempt to expose corrupt
fcnd fake it should the
journalism hate hearty
support of every newspaper In the country I
the New York World or any other of the sen
sational sheets of the day manufacture Inter
views and socalled news specials It and Its
ollpwers should be held up to tho world as un
reliable denounced frauds and condemned
as unworthy The fakir In journalism must
go or reliable newspapers will lose tho respect
of tho reading public
from the Iktlllnori Work
Just now TiE SUN is cracking tho ribs of tho
Pulitzer windbag tho World THE SUN seems
to bo getting down to hard plain facts too and
doesnt hesitate to denounce tho World as a
swindler that Imposes upon tho public by the
publication of alleged telegraphic and cable
news which had boon made up In tho World
office Apparently TiE SUN has caught tho
World In a nasty piece of Imposition upon the
public Just how tho World will avoid tho
issue remains to be
ssue le soon
From Its nu invon ool
Every wellInformed journalist has long
known that the socalled enterprise of the
Now York World In K foreign and domestic
correspondence and reports was a sham and
a fraud on the public Many of the tricks of
also protouco wore from time to time exposed
but denied with characteristic audacity and
unscrupulous lying At last this piratical
trickster that hiatitunhly caters to tho most de
praved appetites has been brought to book
of base practices
with a dnmnlng exposure laso Ilraotces
which dishonor reputable journalism and from
vhlch there Is no possible escape consistent
with truth honor or common deconcy Tho
pride of honorable journalism Is honest deal
lag with tile public which tho World has dis
graced by its corrupt and reckless disregard
of all hue recognized principles of the profes
sion Money is tho only god It worships Tho
advice of logo to Iloderigo Is the creed that
rules all Its actions and for which family and
friend would bo freely sacrificed
10n1 11 SiirfM landmor
The New York World seems to have mado a
great mistake In not accepting tho criticism
of U SUN In an humble way and endeavor
ug to profit by It without retorting It Is hard
to conceive of a more torrlhl calamity to a
Bolfrespoctlng newspaper than to find Itself
ho victim of deception from its correspond
ents or from outsldo sources where Imposi
ton Is sometimes practised I Is far more
orrlble for any newspaper to bo detected and
convicted of base Imposition itself conceived
and executed In Its own onice and for the
single and express purposo of deceiving and
imposing upon an honest public
TUB SUN has certainly fastened upon tho
World the charge of manufacturing bogus In
orvlews and calming thor off on Us readers
as honest cable despatches Tho strongest
recommendation that a newspaper has Is to be
ollublo I Is better to havo no news at all
than to havo spurious news nows which has
no foundation In truth or which has merely
enough basis to build a largo superstructure
of fancy upon Having the knowledge of the
truth of the Worlds tricks wo commend Tnt
SUN for Its boldness exposing them Wo do
not believe that newspaper ethics require
silence to bo observed In cases like this I Is
I right and honorable and It Is duo t tho pub
ic as well as to a distinguished and useful
profession that vlllauy should be exposed
rhothor committed In high or low places
The World In a position where a suit of sack
cloth and ashes would be very becoming
from the So union That
The burden of proof rests against Pulitzer
and ho cannot brush his responsibility aside
by pretending that ho does not wish to ad
ortlseTiiR HUN In this Instance TiE SUN
doesnt need advertising half as much as
hn World needs vindicating and If the World
is I not cullty ot the grave crime alltged against
It by Its neighbor it owes It to Itself t Its
reader t Its contemporaries and t the pro
fession of journrllsm to make tho fullest
fairest and clearest explanation of tho matter
III The 7rui Is slow to
at I command 7t1 con
demn tho World but as the case now stands t
behooves the World to defend itself not mine
Ingly vigorously and bravely ngHtnst tho
attack of Tnr SUN one of tho most damaging
attacks over made by one newspaper against
Fiom IK fiorlinilrr tale nn I A frf firr
Vtft bellovo that this proof oMnlillnhps tim
charges of THE 1 HUN Wobellitve too tlml I in
undertaking tbo exposure ot tho methods of
tho World THE HUN has porfnitniM a great
SPIV Ice to the nubile In general and to jour
nalism in particular 1 has bouu lone known I
I that tho World was Iolnl mom thiti any Ilos
I dllo agency to demoralize jomnillsm 01
this Cahill
Could hIll hArl from this kind of journal
ism havo boon confined to tho HorM and Its
readers thcro would porhnpi bu no griiit
reason to deplore It It lucy preferred fiiko1
news to a moio trustworthy nUll Milistnntlii
< lot no one else Imd 1 right to comilnln Hit
tho t phenomenal nuccnss that t till > llorM up
neared to have won through Its rascality pro I >
duced on offoct lint txtonIil far beyond tho I
renders I turned tin heads of young editors
and Thoy bp I
young nowsvapur minngots lloy hI
cnrao possessed of tha I hollcf that the Win It
was tho Ideal newspaper that no other meth
ods than those of tho mld > < would guarantee
success Consequently tholr tinibltlon was to
create other World antI to create thorn In tho
way that the World Imd been created In
stead of exhibiting honesty hliicurltv sobrie
ty dignity I nnd Intclllgnncu In I Ito I papers un
der their direction they emulated all tile
characteristics that tnnku tho World an of
fence to decent and upright journalism
If Tnr BUN cnn chock this demoralisation
if It con bring adequate punishment for the
Injury done It will corn tile everlasting grati
tude of honorable journalists anti of an Intelli
gent public tlmt appreciates their work
Fri It Oetpot IMIZyJornol
On the heels of Its fair conviction by TUB
BUN of deliberately faking European do
patches tho Utirici now stands Impaled ns ro
porting a pretended conversation between the
Borden sisters which never occurred
From the Roeltttir Democrat nut CrVriMiMf
In another place will be found the final coup
of TUB BUN to this WorkCt bo mm cable news
factory The exposure will be road with In
dignation by every honorable newspaper man
In the country THE SUN Is doing a publla
service The newspaper press ot the country
must bo saved from the disgrace of such a
swindle as the World attempted The publi
cation ot fraudulent news should never be
come a reoogatzod business In this country
The World Is only It for Hottentots
From IA You9 fttoten Eetnifig Telfffram
Every reputable journalist who has a de
sire to see the honor of his profession uphold
Its reputation unsullied and Its veracity un
impoachod will take a personal pride In the
recent achievement of THE Bun in which the
bogus practices of the World woro so fully ex
posed THE SUN has succeeded in again
demonstrating that it is a great journal and a
Prom It Kofftttttr Ftat Exprttt
The World has been detected in an attempt
to defraud a contemporary out ot 1000 We
say therefore that any man is a fool who wIll
Ventura to contribute a dollartotha UnrM1
alleged campaign fund What guarantee has
a member of the Democratic party that the
fund gathered by a disgraced and dishonest
newspaper will be used honestly
From fAe St Ionic CkronMt
This adds another to the long list of Pulitz
ers crimes against decency in journalism
From Ae JlarforJ burant
THE SUN has now completed and clinched
the proof of the truthfulness of Its charges
that the Now York World first foisted bogus
cabled specials on tho public and then
when menaced with Ignominious exposure
tried to save Itself by cabling the stuff ore
portion ot It to London with instructions to
have it recabled in hot haste to New York
What the World will deem it advisable to
cay or do now we dont know nor la it a mat
ten ot any particular consequence Very likely
it will continue to publish large editions and
find purchasers and readers and make money
But a very serious thine has befallen It
whether its proprietors are conscious of the
fact or not Its reputation has now definitely
followed Its character overboard The World
may not miss it much at first but it will feel
resultant inconveniences as time goes on
TurkIsh Official Trying to Shield the
JUollem Offender
WASHINGTON Aug Constantinople de
spatches saying that the burning the house
of the Ilev Dr Bartlett the American mission
ary at Bourdour Asia Minor for which prompt
reparation has boon demanded by the United
States has been traced to the carelessness ol
an American servant aro quite at variance
with reports made by the American Board of
Commissioners for Foreign Missions and
transmitted to tho State Department and are
also contradicted by despatches received from
Mr Pendloton King tIm American ChargiS d
Affaires at Constantinople
The experience of the American Legation in
Turkey in tho case of numerous preceding
outrages of a like character has boon that the
facts in each case have boon mot by denials
from Sold Pntiha this Turkish Minister of Jus
tice sometimes In the taco of the clearest
proof and some plausible excuse like that in
the present Instance has been assigned to ex
plain away the occurrence Minister IHrsoh
has more than once put on record In his offi
cial despatches to the State Department that
though till Grand Vizier and the Minister ot
foreign Affairs of Turkey wore willing to do
justice to American citizen when wronged
Jald Pasha by misrepresenting the facts to
ho Sultan had delayed redress
The present explanation of time Bartlett out
rage Is regarded ns a repetition of Bald
1aslmn adroit manoeuvres to defeat tile ends
of justice and to shield Moslem offenders
against the treaty rights of Christians It Is I
understood that the explanation will not delay
tue peremptory orders given to tho gunhoutn
Newark and Bonnlngton to proceed from
Genoa to Turkish waters ns soon as possible
after tho ColumbiiH celebration of tho 1st
instant to support the demand for reparation
Montezuma und Ouatemoxlo
To rIle EDITOR or Tin fvi SIn I WB5 InterfMefl In
your editorial articls regarding the celebration In the
city of Mexico commemorative of Oo teroozln last ot
the Aztec Kinperorn ami nephew or the great Monte
zuma AH you call hint
Is Root true that American generally have an arm
mucous idea with respect to the true position that Mou
tzuma occupies In Mexican history t Influenced
largely no doubt by the reading of rrescotti Con
quest of Mexico and Wallacoi Fair God they sunn
to regard Monteztima as a grist hero whose nauit amid
taut are dear to the Mexican iieniile
This exact reera n Is true his is regarded hy M teet
ran ai n desuUMhlo traitor and hit memory Is eu <
crated wlilii that of Hualitiuuzin li ereurrd
I do not believe t iOF > In all Mexico a lnglt nillI Inc Ml
or stone rnimnemurnlii or Die great Mont ainns
I an be found at least ho t writer has neur heel site > lo
llscovsr nr hear of any when travelling there anl he
has teen assure t by Iradlnic Mexlrant that tIe tolPi i
of Mexico could not tolerate anything of the kind
This may seru to correct it popular error W I A
Li > xs uKu alasc Aug 2U
The llrooklyn City Court Clerk Ofllce
To ini Enron or Toe KmfHn My clerk attended at
hi office of the Clerk of the City Court of Brooklyn at
2 oclock r I M today for the purpose of entering Judg
men I by default He found the Clerks oillc closed
and tas Informed hy an attendant that the olllce al
ways tlosed during tuo summer at 1 oclock on every
day exrept Saturday and on riatnnlays at noon
Section MS of the Code provides that the ltly Court
of Ftrnnklrn Is alwn s open for the transaction of any
tuslness for which notice Is nut required to te klteu IQ
an adverse party
rnanlerwi laws I of JMH7 prnvlle that the Clarke
offli lstohelBitipeii on the iljys mid iluri nit hour
hal the County rleiVsulUco is opened by the Super
Tha County clerks oince Is open every week day
from UA M nnliur I Hexceptiin aiurdye when
be onlc closes at noun
Can > on Inform me whether the llork of the Cliv
Court of Urooklvn lies n dUr > nsailoii which nvrniili
lira toopaii and nun hit olllce at tile swe t Mill
New husx Aug vs It A B
Dry flood Genius
Clsck How shall I mark these goods t
Old Tawardlu figure nut Oily per cent pront
and 44 seven oil cents so lb w < ne1 will tklne Ua
a bamgeiai
No AHempt Mado Tr in Kxnmtno th
HlomBe fleer In ho llnement
Looking at the Metropolitan Opera house
from anyone ot three sides yesterday one
might easily fall to Info a sign ot Saturdays
fire which wrecked time ctngu nail auditorium
Thin four walls ot the big building looked as 1
perfect ns tho day they were completed and
from the I tticottheru I I u ns nothing I to Ihdlcattt
that thin root wan missing Hut the immense
door on the Sovcntli nitniii lilei was gone
andthrouch lie halo n putt ol thu wrecked
Inildo was visible Tho police hud ctrotchod
it rope itlonc hint curb lino for the wholo block
on Knvonth MOIIUP nnd thorn wile a largo and
constnntly cliiinulng crowd limmlng bu this
role nil tiny rue maV Insldo tint building
three brlcl walls as cldinnn though they had
jtHt bipu sand papered antI washed Omit of t
two of Ilium they fnw Iron bonmi ntcllng
TIm Iron wilt twisted nnd bent Into fnntaitla
shnpoi timid wni wound about with wino until
It looked almost lllo n liLt
Not moro tluin ncore of ncrpons worn per
milled to maUo n uluar llisrcctlon Tho In
terior of tho building looked rather ns if a
Ijelonulind Rtruol It I I tliiuii I lire rite ruin of
tlin wondwoik Imil boon HO compluto that
there t I I nfi hunlly I till y cliarrcd tilecos lying
uruunil h They I had nil i i been rrdueed to ashes
tIll Oil tiiii Ilin had totiihcd tho wnllB the
plnstur MH iiilMliii I g lcnlim i only I tha brick
which I I for Miinn I rKitnon a its not blackened us
brlik I < iiiunlly I I blackened by lire Down
flitlrt In I tin I Ilrst row of lioNel everything
had I lioon destioved In I the t l > oiB thuinnelves
but not u thing I i hud I heen I damaged lu I the ro
eeptlon IOOIIIH In I Iho i tar of thu Imxps Look
log UIIVBCH hiiiiRinu on thin wall were not
crneked nnd the costly curtains were not
polleil Tin hninu wn true In tho first tier ot
boxes Hut above In thin drustt clrelo and In
the gnllery overt thing uns gone Till wood
wnH lilt ru ud and tlu I < Iron tutned and twisted
by thin hi at S hero tho htniiu lutd been was a
me opening Thitt wise nil Mumhers of tha
111 I < patrol Htnlked about In I Uiu ruin I but did
nothing toward vlimrlng It up Two streams
of water from the hxlrnnN llowod lu and add
on 10 uio noon in hut tinsomimi
Secretary McLaren of the Hoard Directors
camo down to tint onoru liouso early In tim
momma and stnyed thero all day Ho half ex
pected to ten gomo of tho directors lint none
came Thov are nil out of town Mr McLaren
spent n gooil deal of tho day trying estimate
tonnes but ho said ho could mako no estimate
until hn found out the rlainago done in the
basement under tho stage where tho scenery
WUH stored Tile tire patrol would not lot hint
send men down thcro fo clear up the wrack so
lart night ha was juntas Ignorant about the
matter us ho was on Saturday night Not In
cluding the scenery In tim store room ha
thought that damage would bo loss than SJOO
XXTho most Interesting question now Is can
the building bo restored by Nov 1 the day set
for the opening of tho opera season Mr Iso j
lin tho only director who has seen the wroclt
says ho thinks It possible to refit It In time
though there may bo u delay ot two weeks
or so
soo official statement has been maths yet re
garding the insurance on thuG building or its
JiEsoriTixa IUK WIIIIE novas
The Colonial SljU or Decoration In tha
Main VcBtlhuta Motored
VAsnixoTON Aug 28 When tho President
returns to the Whlto llouno ho will find further
progress mado in tho work began last year of
restoring thin interior decorations of the Exec
utive Mansion to tho colonial style so as to
conform to the essentially colonial character
of tho exterior architecture Under tho hands
of Mr Henry V Dabclstoin artistic decorator
ot New York tho heavy Eostlako or arabesque
decorations of tho main vestibule and corri
dor whflro tho Mnrlnn Ilind Is sfiHnnnd nn
State reception days havo boon replaced by
light traceries In ecru and oronni nnd terra
cotta and old gold in tim fashion of George
Washingtons days which in turn was taken
from the French A beginning was made In
this direction last year with tho State Dining
Itootn and lllno Koom and thin result was found
so satisfactory that It has been followed up as
far as appropriations would permit this year
Plans have boon drawn and accopUd to
transform the present pombro Rod Room also
but want of funds has caused a temporary
postponement of this work Mrs Harrison
before her illness actively assisted in the res
toration by unearthing from forgotten corners
of carrots many quaint and Interesting arti
cles of turnlturo and of table decorations sev
eral of which were purchased by Washington
himself and all having most interesting his
torical associations Those have all been
renovated The general effect ot the change
made is quite striking and pleasing
Convicted Ballot Box BtnOera Much Inter
eated la Judgo Hoffman
Albert Hoffman a lay Judge ot the Court ot
General Sessions in Jersey City whose return
from Europe has been anxiously awaited re
turned home on Saturday evening The per
sons who have the greatest Interest in him at
the present time are thin twontyono ballot box
stuffcrs who are awaiting sentence Whether
the sentanco will bo Imprisonment or line de
pends upon Judge Hoffman Tim convicted
ballot box Btullors havo been arraigned twice
before the court to be sentenced Tim court
is composed of Judges Llpplncott Hoff
mann and Kenny Llpplncott Is the law
and presiding Judgo amId hoffman and Kenny
hit lay Judges Judge Lipplncott decides
all questions ot law but his associates
howe an equal voice with him In fixing sen
tences Seventeen of the defendants were to
have been sentoneod two weeks ago Judge
Llpplncott wantod to Bond them to prison
Judgo Kenny thought a lino would be suffi
cient punishment The court being unable to
agree sentence was postponed until Hopt 5
when Judgo Hoffman would bo homo A week
later four mart ballot box stuffors wore to bo
sentenced but sentence was postponed until
bent 5 for till same reason
A Sun reporter called at Judge Hoffmans
IIOUPO In Hoboken yesterday afternoon The
Judgo was not nt homo Ills mother said ha
had gone away and sho did not know when he
would bo homo Thero will bo great political
pressure brought to bear upon him to save the
allot box stuffors from linnrli > onmont What
course ho will take Is n matter ot conjecture
A Hand Organ as a Timepiece
The first notes of Tnrnrn lioomdeay
were struck on a piano organ just outside the
windows of tIm Republican State headquar
ters In Twentyfourth street on Saturday
afternoon Twenty minutes after live
shouted KergeactatArma Anderson Law
rence nail he produced his watch as did
every ono else In the rooms to verify the
Hlatoment Lawrence wasnt a minute out ot
the way by the testimony ot any of the time
pieces and his own corroborated his stats
inont almost to tho xecond
That was a good guess Anderson said
Messenger ieorKo Hinith
No guess about It retorted the Sergeant
atArms It wan n dead euro thing ive
timed I that piano organ every day since the
loadijuarlnra wax opened That Italian Is the
most punctual man I ever saw lies wheeled
into Twentyfourth street nnd started his old
music box recu nrlir atfuJO oclnpL vnrv f
ernoon Ho i > hks up a pocketful of smallooln
brown to him from the 1IItli Avenue llotet
ho Albemarlo und the Hoffman House
The Won of Best
Slateimen may state and poets slag
The pleasures of the man of toll
They say the worker li a king
The actual monarch of the aolli
The one through whom the world li bleat
Whose life U sweetened by his sill
But I prefer the Son of Reel
Wlie neier worked and never will
Our order li ai oM as Time
And every year but spreads III fame
Our members dwell In every clime
And everywhere our creeds the tarn
for us kind natures bounties blest
Fill every valley plain und hill
ti and therefore we the Sunset Beet
Have never worked and never will
We bold that property Is wrong
have when It happens to te ours
And that lo ui alone btong
The rldhtful wealth creating powers
We scorn the treadmill lives we soc C
Where rrtolt battalions drills
They spin > ind hew and drcddj hut we
Have titter worked sad never will
Weve labor leaders In our crew
Whod rather die than work a day
And politicians nol a few
And crnlors Hlth much to say
IhlU > soiher > who u k wllli test
of MK I spun thtorlis until
They chnrin the listening Pun r > f fleet
Miu nutrr workcdanil nmcr ML
Mm mar make lass and gather cold if
And tiulM and leeisate and huy
Hut noon theyre t imlrrnrath I lie mould
And none will lull to hemo it at4h
WhIle vie by Mamincn unraressn I
Iounl void and greed as dross in I ill
We gtory In tour creed if Itesti
Wi utter worked ana never will OHI

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