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r H l JJ <
j n
f tI Yt m f > THE SUN MONDAY I AUGUST afc tt92 y y J1T 7 I I 5
ma TAtK mm coxanEssntAtr novcic
CM th XtiHibllstM Mnk 110 of OilY
i flnbnRnuiflaport Ileatnaad t 10
rrtildent LeU r of Aec ptan eMr
nrriao 1TI11 Visit P Thl Week
Hopulilloans who tiAva boca abusing tho
partY National Committed because It was
not doIng work enough for the vary and Its
candidates should have soon Chairman
Thomas Henry Carter y terday Col Bhopnrd
also would have boon Interested Six dais In
tho week IB not enough for Mr Carter Ho
had noarly allot ttio stenographers antI typewriters
writers from headquarters In his rooms nt
the Flura Hotel and kept thorn n busy as
bees the bettor part of HID afternoon
Ho also received visitors who called to talk
polities among whom was Concrotsman John
C Houclc of Tennessee Tho National Com
mittees of both parties haTe had loullnc politicians
ticians from that tHRtO In this city for several
ilnys and It Is understood that they donlro to
know just what effect tlio miners troubles
and tho ludcpcndont candidacy ot Clov lu
ehanan may huo on the result in Tonnossoo
Mr Houck Mho Hiivnt n lone time with Mr
Carter yesterday rcrrtvcnls the Second
ro rCIrt Clla ccol1 or
Knoxvillo lkti let In Conurosit n district
Which Includes the counties hero the minors
fought thoir recent bitttlu with thu uiilltln
It Is l believed that Mr Hnuck Is In 10 I Intruntcnl
t with u mission to olUct an iilllunco with Clov
t lluchanan and the Third tart v to ecniiru tlin
I defeat of Rnt iomocitli olcitornl ticket In
t TnniiDSsco I ioiIhIe i >
Tho fact that Juhn I Iinxcnrort Chlof Su
J jiervlnor of Kleitlnnx Is I ki > viilni quiet and
contenting hiinsiU I with nn oTiiMorul I line nt
the local 1opti hi leo ii urcmlziitlon i i instiiKl I ot
J resorting hiM iiHiinl tuctlis ul Issuing hull
dozing stattinonlsns to what he ropooH > to
do to provrntfrumlii on the franchise IH
polntml to iu Mgnlllrtnt lcmirklnir on It
rostordny u ecntuman oonnectod with llopuli
ilcan huadiiuirtom nalil tucpidtUcly Jho
1roHldont hasnt pnblislieil his Htor l ot acceptance
ceptance yet When that lit done It
may ho BPIMI why Cavunport IH I kept
In the bnokcrounn Davenport u the
confosBod ntithnr ot thu Iorro bill and
I Is understood thai Mr harrison Feeing
tlio latency of hit 1 oreo bill l fuI Rcclnl
sIres to put It to tlio roar To do that iMvcn
ort whoso MiAthoilh at nlcctlniin In this city
when ho IH permitted lounn thninliitViMilwayH
buun of tlia IOICH hill onlir Is I ijuulchnil for
the tliiio liltu nod may not I bo co actlvuly
offensIve In thin us In funnel uimimiuns
TlioPrcRldont will 1m In New I oik for two
ar threo d > a thlM wok stub during his itny
J wIlt ho tho gucst 01 Whlti > lnw liold his run
J I nine mate on the notional ticket Ho is 1 expect
f ld on Wodnesduy IIglit and vill romnin over
1 Thursday and 1ilduy Ito lll riturn to loon
1 Lako and romaln tliero with Mis Harrison
until I I lout thu t in hid lo or Hnptcmbcr wliiii ho
Will CO to WashlnBton Wlilln ho Is hero the
letter of accpMiinco which ho linn licon itictuu
ing In the Adirondack woods Will bo Klvon reI111
thn public < < wlJLo I 01
This vIIt I 01 tho Preslilent Is I Mid to have
been nrr ngod by hnlrtnnn Cnrier i > f thu
National Committee Chiolrxunn William Brook
flida ot the State Commltto ami Mr itclil
It Is wore than pppsluiotlua Mr Ilarrisou may
meet Thomas C Plutt during his short clay in
tlio city Tho project to give a dinnnr In his
honor And hold a reception at tlio Union
Leanuo Club has been rniHctuil by tim inuia
Ecrs uf tho CAiiipalcn They say that this Is I
to bo n campulcn of hard work and that swal
lowtail coats urn out of piten in I
After 1rtbldent Harrisoud islt nothing
further ts oxpocted to bo hoard of Secretary
Tracys Intcrforenei with Klnus county local
politics or of Secretary Klklns as a director ot
llepubllcan affaIrs In this State
KxCongrcaBmiin Charles I Orosvonor of
Ohio who has been In Maine nsMtlnc the llo
osislnl lo
puhllcans with his voiio In their state cam
paign was at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel yester
day Ho predicted u big victory In tho line
Tree State for his all Ho said that there IH
no doubt that tho llepubllcan state ticket will
have a plurality of lOW and It may be much
cI United States Senator Watson C Squire of
Washington who Is In the city on a brief visit
took occasion yesterday to reply to the state
ments made by the Democratic National Com
mltteeman from his State Hugh C Wallace
regarding the possibility of tha Democracys
carrying Washington The Senator said It U
true that there Is much jealousy between tho
cities of Seattle and Tacoma but that tho
jealousy Is of a business character and has
been shared ns much by Democrats as by Ito
I publlcans Ho thinks tho Democratic State
Conventions declaration against tho proposed
canal to Lake Washln ton hack of Seattle will
Icatto wi
cause disaffection In tneparty
L James F Burke President of the Republican
league of College Clubs left for Jamestown
last evening address a mass meeting In that
city tonlhl
The Force Bill Colic the Democrat of the
Chairman Harrltr of tho Democratic Na
tional Committee unlike tho boss of tho Re
publican Committee finds time to met on
sunday and pent yesterday with hU family at
Long Branch There were Democratic politi
cians from different parts of tho country
the hotels who mindful of their
hotls partys in
terests kept the canvass lively with talk on
the leaues of tho day Among these was Gen
William I Jackson of Tenofsnoe brother of
exUnited States Judge Jackson who was
elsvritod to the United States bench during
Clevelands Administration
Tho only element of dancer to tlio Demo
cratic caubo In our State said ho was
found In tho independent candidacy of Qov
liuchanan but that possible danger has buna
Q eliminated by ovonU attendant on the recent
SI trouble with tho miners I have no doubt that
the electoral ticket will havo u greater plurali
ty than In 188H Southern sentIment generally
is aroused to the paramount nicun lty of pru
k tectlne our local elections and Uovoinment
I against the Force bill policy of HIP ljupubllcun
party which I carried out would lnolve I
substantial rofRtabllfehmont of alien
subslantal rolstnblbhmult alel carpet
bag rule would destroy our prosperity and
prevent thll profitable development of our re
Further testimony regardIng the effectIve
nosH of the Force bill issue was given by Adill
ion O timth Chairman ot tho Uumocratlo
Blat Committee of Alabama
Tile elements of tho fusion In the recent
gubernatorial contest cannot hold together In
the fight oil national Issucc said he be
cause so many men am Irreconcilably opposoil
to Itormbllcau doctrines and practices In Foil
eral lnlTairs Alubuuiu will not voto to Hurren
dor hOI rule covernment and tho control of
her own elections to any oxtoiior authority
Many of the members of the Farmers Alliance
who nave Democratic antecedents suuported
Kolb because although the nominee tile op
I posItion to tho regular organization they bo
I IlcTed that In votluir for him thy wore voting
Torn real Domocrnt Tliuro are indicntlons
1 Bow that tliero will bo a fusion between a part
of the Kolb men In the Thiid 1nrty and the
Beoubllcans but n very great majority uf the
Democrat who voted for Kolb will refuse
follow him Into the ItepuMlcan rnmp and
there are many negroes In thu Stuto who
< would rather voto tho regular Democratic
ticket than for such u combination us U being
organized against It A union I to bo effectIve
must be sympathetic That IH to say the ele
ments must have natural afllnlty for ouuh
other There no such affinity on n imtloniil
Issue between Alliance men naturally Uoiim
cratlo or Democrats who have bottod tho
Dtato ticket sImply on account of minor local
grIevances and thn llopubllcan party whloli
when It possessed tho Uiml of power It IH now
trying to tolti agaIn with thin Force bill to
ttrrtbly oppressed tho of
trlblr people our State and
erushed out the free expression of lie popular
V William H Washington one of Xashvlllos
lending lawyer gave similar aiaiiraiiio as to
tha beneficial effect which the imuo Is linlni
In Democrats cementing all dlrtcroucis among Southern
I so btsiiLE jttruariciy DISIUEH
crcncc ID Ilrciird 10 the Reprtitnlnllon
IB Cores llldrlct toiiTctdonx
BocntflTin Aug JR John II Camp of f
Lyon has called a meeting of tho subcom
fcltteoof the llopubllcdu Btatn Committee at
f the Powers Hotel In thlu city at 10 oclock to
morrow Tills In tho commltleo iippnlntod to
Mttln differences that have arisen In Congress
districts under thu now apportionment The
commutes will meet IIportonmClt differ
Sores among tho I Hepublkins of tlio Thlrlluth
outrlct auto tho re jii equitation la the Con
gress Convention also to Issue r i call for the
Convention no provision hintIng been
I ado last y ear for culllnc It undor the
I i ew apportionment Congressman James
A WajUjjorthof of lonel06 WIll I be ronomlnuted
In tin Th rtloth district llu has no opponent
J 10district now consists of the counties of
f > lagaru Livingston Wyoming lunenco and
Orleuns Some of Ito llrimbllpun leaders In
the district want tho representation In the
Convention bused upon ten dclegutea from
ach cOunty while other want It bated upon
the Republican votiiof each county J lila Is
thoi nuottlon that Mr Camps committee will
j settle tomorrow wil
ContrroHsman rinrono E Iavno of Auburn
urncil up ut tho Powers hotel this evening
31o Biild Ito was not hero to attt > nd the commit
leo m tlr toOorluw 111m I tryIng n case
n bhileItil iorni tomorrqw thutt whY I uni
UrnbuldMr riiyno 3lr Iayno N tinting
holv crran with John Itnlncs of Can inlaltua
Jull IRIIIM lfnillahul
for I hi hiepti hI Icon iiouut I tout ion In tiiaTwontv t
a nventh district 11111 I no mipobltion In Cay
JiKaand Wayne countlni und tortlaud county
1 friendly to me said Mr 1anie
t f
A aronr of ponutrr
Three DolUn Colleet for u Old CNp1s 1
f a Ferrjkoai
A palofaofld hollowcheeked old man
poorly but neatly dressed and showing ovl
doncea of having just recovered from lovoro
illness applied to the ferry matter at ono of
the Wllllatnsburch forle yesterday ovanlnc
for a free pascncc to Now York for himself
and his need rrlfo who accompanied him
Ho was allowed to co on the boat Tho oh
couple attracted attention when the on
terod tho ladles cabin The woman had no
hat on and she looked A I she was about to
Kink down from hunecr and fatIgue The old
couplo whispered toeathor and flnallr tho
man with some reluctance turned to 8 well
diosBod man who sat next to him and nuked
him to usolAt him as he and his wIle woro
actually Htnrvlnc
On being iiucstloneil ho saId that through a
severe Illness hy was compelled to heave hU
wife to care for herself and ao to a hospital
whom ho was oblIged to stay for over eight
months During his abicnco tho household
lalonclnal l woro sold iilono br plooo to bur
food Ilimllr everythIng had been loll nud
lie old woman was turned Into tho street with
only I few pieces of clothing Inn bundle It
was In tho Hlroet sitting on the stoop 1 of thoir
former homo that thu husbnnd found his wife
on Saturday when ho was discharged from the
Taklnc a dollar from his rocket tho man
who had been appealed to made a round ot tho
cabin and collected a i for the couple
lie r Decks Hwrpl 1 Giant oa
The lied Cross line steamship Portia which
arrived rostordar from Newfoundland and
Nova Section ports had a hard tussle with
henvr peas off Cape Cod on Raturday Thero
was IL thick fog and sounding woro made
at frniuont Intervals The leadsman suddenly
found tho vessel In only twontytwo foot < > t
water Cant Ash Immediately headed her off
thus bringIng her broadside t the tall seas
one of which swept chRr across bur Horernl
oxciirslonlsti who had been to Pllloy Island
narrowly escaped being washed overboard
htnntor llrlcc Vl Iihta Mr Clcvlnn4
BUIZAKUI HAT Aua 28Mr Cleveland did
not co out today A part ot the day lie do
votod to bis family and a part to entortalntne
Senator Culvln S Urloo and C U BaldwIn who
Binlit I few hours with him I was a social
visit It was said
ISA ATZOn Aug 0 1882 at Newark N J Jacob
Unit aged 711 l yean 1 moiitha and 7 days
Friends at milted to attend the funeral from his
late residence 3S8 South lah at on Monday mon
liiir Auc 31 at Itno oclock Interment at the
Cemettry of the Holy Sepulchre
lIAITIMTrAt New Itochelle on Sunday morn
InC Aur 28 1812 Marie Celine widow of Jobs IL
llapi lets In her 73d year
Funeral services from the residence of her brother
InI law Hobcrt I Raptlttt IH Kim st New Rochelle
on TIdy Anir 30 nl 1 AM Carriages will be
In walling on nrrltal of lOOt A M train iroiu
tlrand Central Depot i > Funeral party will nrrlTe A
42dst I nt 125 1 X Interment at Cypress Hills
HiHOKXAl New Utrecht L I on Aug 0 1892
Rebecca Ann Hergen widow of the late John Cole
In the Ulith year of her ae
Friends are Int lied to attend the funeral from her
late residence New Utrecht 1 L on Monday
Aug 21 1 at 230 f M
JtKriIKN YOn Auf 251883 al Newark K J
DomInick Breheny
Fricads are ItiTitedto attend the funeral from bidet
residence 82 Camden I on Monday Aug 29 at
830 A M Interment at Cemetery of the Holy
5pulc lire
jBICICUSOn Ant 261882 at Jersey City ate
1 Uriels niece of Theodore and Emma Howe 11
her 24th year
Funeral ervlccs were held at the residence of her
nnrle 8 Forrest st on Sunday afternoon at 4
oclock Interment on Monday at Plttston Pa via
53 VI train Central Itallroad ot New I
11 A or CDlrallUroad ew Jersey
DVUIINOOn Ann 20 18U3 at Summit N J
1ercy William Hurling son of Dr J and Ann 8
Purling aged S years and I months
Friends are invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of his parents en Monday Aug 21 at 3
r M
CVKIFYOn Auc 281812 at Jersey City NJ
John Curley aged 12 years
friends are Invited to attend the funeral from his
late residence 5TO drove St on Monday Aur 2D
forenoon all oclock and from St Michaels Ro
man Catholic Churcn where a solemn high mass ot
reuulem wIn be offered for the repose gf Ills soot
oiDflGrAt Ml Vernon X Yon Auf27lBOX
Tlllie daughter ot Andrew and Eliza George
Funeral 1 from the residence of her parents Elnes
tirlcze road 1 Vernon on Tuesday Aug30 at 3
oclock r M Interment Woodlawn
UtTHHTOii Saturday Aug 271882 Mary E May
younKer and beloved daughter Charles and the
late Catharine Hurst aire < l 22 years and 3 months
Funeral services at her late residence 771 Putnam
av Brooklyn on Tuesday evenlnf at 8 oclock
lulatlves friends and lh class of 1800 Rocktand
Collfc STat N Y are respectfully Invited to
attend Interment In Mount Morlah Philadelphia
on Wednemtay
IAOiLsUn Aug 26 1892 at Hoboken N J
Claus I Ja elii uKcd r ears I mcnths and 17
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from his
late 1 residence 1O02 Willow av on Uonduy
afternoon at 2 oclock
alUDOOD oco
KIiu > < TEAl > un Aug 2 1 1892 A Franklin N
J 1 Helen E Kierstead wIfe of Jacob Kierstead
aKed 57 years
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from ber
late residence Prospect st Franklin NJ on Mon
day Auc 2 at alII M luterment a Cedar
Lan tciuetery
Mi > jiMAOn Aue 21 18112 J at Jersey CIty
1 J Mary A Musselman aged 22 years and 21
da > s
Friends are Invited to attend tIC funeral from her
late residence Kl White I on Monday forenoon
Auif I alI oclock and from SI Patricks I C
Chutci n here a solemn hIgh mans of requiem will
he offered for the rjpose of her soul Interment at
tbe convenience of the faintly
JMcAVOYOn Thursdiy AUK 21 at 240H Oth 8
Jersey City the Kev Jmics E McAioy late I pastor
of Ht Leos Church Irvlnjlon NJ
Irlends are Irulled to attend the funeral from St
Miclueis Church Oth at on Tuesday forenoon at
1130 oclock
BIctOlttlll K On Friday morning Aur 1 after
a blue lllnist Ittldffct Duff widow of the late Put I
rico McCormlck native of ccuuty Wertineath Ire
Funeral will UU place from her late residence R2S
2d I av on Monday Auir 3D at lUO A M thence lo
1 < ilabrlels church East 37lh St where 1 solemn
msss or reijulem will be said for the repoaa of her
soul Interment In Calvary
NI IMOOr Aug 27 MarKaret widow or Cor
K Mm mo aged DO years
funeral from her late residence 111 Dist 31st it on
Tuesday AUK 30 at I oclock P M
riiHKIIOn AUK 261R 2 at Jersey City X J
Catherine belot ed wife of Michael Purcell aged K
Friends are Invite to attend the funeral from her
late residence 187 Newark ar on Monday Auf
211 at ll oclock A M and from Sl Marys I C
Church at ID oclock A M 1 wtsre a rciulem mass
will be ollered for the happy repote other soul In
terment at Hudson County Catbollc Cemetery
It A rIon Aug 28 1812 Bloomfltld I J Bene
dict Rail aged 09 years
Friends are milled tn attend tbe funsral from his
late residence 57 Osborne st Blootnfield X 300
Tninlay Auc 10 at 3 oclock P M 1 Interment
in IIloom field Cemetery
BEOANUn Aug 2H 1HD2 at Jersey city I J
John Recan aged 60 years
Relative and friends are Invited to attend the funeral
from hlslate residence fill Newark at on Monday
forenoon AUK 1 at 9 I oclock and from st Joseph1
IL t1 Church at 10 oclock where a solemn high luau
of requiem Kill he offered for the happy repose of
his oiil Interment Hudson C C Cemetery
IIIIiVOn Kalurday Aug271812 Francis Illley
Irlsnds are Invited lo attend Ito funeral from 215
Clinton st ou Monday Auf 1 at i p I M Inttr
nieut > at 8aiiKi riles
I SI N aEllr4 Into rest Eatcrdsr Aug 37
Emma A beloved wife of Itrrln II Sumner
Funeral serrlces at her late residence filb av
Rosslle N J Monda Aug SO at I oclock P 1 U
Interment Tuesday morning at Greenwood
WAIliKltOn Aur n Ir02 at Newark I J
Lemuel K Walker aired 50
K e awelO years
Funeral and Interment at New Hruninlck N J on
Monday Aug SD
WAKNeRAt 213 Clinton av Newark I J
Harry T Warner lale of Omaha Neb eldest eon of
John and harsh 1 Warner i
Funeral services will be held at Grace Church Sw
art oo Tuesday the 30tb host at 3 P M 1 Relatives
and friends Invited to attend
5ptciitI 31otir
OKOls DLNTIFRIVK Is His best tooth powder In the
I orMfif pr servniK the lerth Klliililltsu AMI
IJbUt1llV m ulhectiils A bolilc
3rt tIbIttttotl
t LAth TIlE V0It4AlPN Christ opr Talpos
Urjtn OLInu Davenpo Uunn Hour
ant tin L105T1 25 11th as
Atchison Topeka Santa Fe
Railroad Company
P O BOX 346 No P5 Milk Ft llotton July IB 1532
A tnbttantlal majority ol the liolUnci nt the fun
OOOOOO Income Bunds hating absented to the cons er
stun proposed In Circular r > f the lIon Kits been ilo
clared fully effective by the Directors or the com any
To avoid Injustice to distant and absent ImMcrs of
Income Bonds who hose either not bet omo nciiualntrd
with the plan or through circumstances have been un
able to avail themselves or It in tho limit uimed In
Circular 68 such limit Is hereby extended until Aept 1
Income Bonds will be receU ed for exchange Into Fee
and Mortgage Honda Class A until Sept 1 lbU2 by
the following appointed agencies
At Offlcp ofAtcblnon Co
96 Milk St IloMlon
SO Uwari New York CIty
B Il hoi CAtelltiln London 1 C
Pending completion or engraved bonds Negotiable
Certificates will be delivered Income Bondholders to
be exchanged without unnecessary delay for the for
lEer In due course
Thrsje Certlflcnteis liaTe bcen llfftf on the
tock ExcbunBW In ISoshon New York and
Income Bond ScrIp of any clans will be received for
exchange the same as the bonJs In amounts not less
than 100 and In even hundreds or thousands
Holders or any or the bonds railed for exchange
under Circular 13 or Oct 15 1SHD upon presenting
their bonds to any or tho agencies mentioned can
enect the original and present excliangiiiit the Caine
plan and applications for circulars and blanks for use
thereunder can be made or any of above agencies and
By order of the Board ot Directors
7 IT REIN II ART Vice lrrsldmnt
CAPITAL 1000000
Guarantees tho payment of Bonds null
Mortgages on real eulaU lu Nitty Yolk l and
Kings Counties
Offcrei to Investors choke mot tango in
vestments with payment Kiinrantooil by it
George O Williams Orinndn It rotter
Alexander II Ocr tilliainM lueraMiJi 1
Jacob II tchlff JohnJ Tinker
John W Merlin Vlliai luinmis
Charles K Henderson James li lynch
E II I K Irifn II njnmln ft I Hicks I
Charles K Prawn Jnllen T DevIce
Frederick Totter Foil < c fuinibell
rlllO Mllmnis
IrrMilcnt Vice 1resldent
CLARENCE II KKlSKV 21 TlcerreilJent
Fccrilnrr I Treasurer
0yER BOok
234 HI Til AESUS Coil 27TII tiT
Branch IH Mull til and a Nassau Ht
Isitrrrxl nlloueil on ilrjiosUi Check pass
Ihroitli IlrarlllK Home mine as on City llnnks
Acts us hifiiitiir ur Administrator or Estates and
atuuardinii Knrltir HoiiUtrirTniiKter Kinatf
cUiAgiiit lorMutts At rullroudsaud corporations
JOI1N I1 TIlWXMllMl Irfslilcnt
fiiAKiih T IIAKMV vicerr sident
JUaHIll T liKDWN 2d VleMrtlaaot
ItllllEIIT li KKMKCN 1IAMI II lilt HI 1
lIExio St I MAM HliilKHOKllllllll l I t NK
lbS 111 J MAllhi MVAIIIMMIllll
ALIihEu I tbilhf1
fitEDK U 1 KIIIIIIliiiK trcrelary
J 1IKNI1V TIIUNHUNU Atst Secretory t
Money to Loan at 4 4 and 5
Iarco or Small Amount
IloaBonablo fees for examination and guar
antee of title Noutrib for searches
rrj Liberty st X Y
Offices j X E cor Mill tt and 7th av X Y
Uo Court at Jroolln
Deposits nf Iionilt under the terms previously nd
Tt rtlicl HI lie received lay he 1enlrul Trust Coiu > any
if Xtw > ork until and Including Btl 1 It 1C
NEW volts Aug 1 1BIIJ
lly order of HID tuuimlllee
IEV1W r WIfMO1 ecrel rr
Minneapolis St Louis
Railway Company
ore lirrcliy Inrnrinp ttiisl Slip trnnaOr honks
nrflir ci ntlMins ulll toop net hrit I t lBt > 4
or iii niiTHis VIIITAKI riACR 1
ltrlt 1SD2 I
llolilcrn iirttnlli the tirffVircit unit rommosi
ntncU Or I Pin cnniimny 1110 rrqllcHleri lo I eo
operate nt ancp tllh the llndrmlcnvil not
big NM n rnntniKtre los tile protection of
tliclt interest lit ilti n lttnie theIr holdings
ttllli Ilir CVnlriil Isiiol Cnniimnjr of New
Tnikiini1 sighing nn ncrermpnt itlitkorlKlnB
the rnramlttefj til rrtre cltt tiled end lo laksi
mirh iiellnn tn he irrml > e nn may In thai
Jilittticnt 1 til unlit cominlttpp liu nvee anry
THU ciTiti TKVST roMiANr
vni lMeIIE ITS itrt < tipTH FOR
MioiK i irosiTri IMPLICATION
HAS nri MA in 10 I Ill II N 11W 4
Dated 2eW I oiL AUK 1H1HU1 5
as 1 iti AM A ft rt u
A viiiiiT IIII IOT it
AVI 1 1 1 AM I lUM I ii
if aylaifl Trast Co
Bankers and Stock Brokers I
IK Wiill hitrcet Nonr York
traniart a rfsulir bunking busIness includIng the pal >
cbai nnd tale on cotntni iluti uf ccuntui dealt lois
tlt New York SlorL Ecliiinie
JOiviilnuls and jlntrrest
Tho Point or DlrertoM hucs lniiliclareil thtt the IM
fOMi lioll llliL4 of tIle Iuuipoliy ICe entitled to 1
Uh Ili OIST INTKIirsT in full from remit of
opcratiotH for the Inouino period co > retl by coupon I
ho 8 uniltillune10 IMC such Intrrett vlll be pailS
on unil alter e3t 1 prou at HID Allied of
ndonnl Hunk nrNorth Amnlcn HoitOB
Vnlnii TiiiHt Cunipuny Neiv York
Hit lug ItriitlurH cl Coropuny ldt London
C1 IIS lcoiiel < l uihlor IllltUIAK l lIH 1 will be turitndcrel
to llm Auenvy musk IliC pi r nient
llnllermr i ollOS M nil1 bt the above bond Issue
entitle In Interest Sept 1 thiiuM preient theIr scrIp
cfillllcaten with coiinms uttaclieil for collection of 4
IntfitHt rnncchntlon uf lie I ronponi nnil endorse
ment of the cvrtlllcntc nt the olllcei lusting the pay
Interest on IIRrilSTRKCU 1IONP CERTIKlriATHR will
be rvnntteil to holders by the Union Trust Company of
New York c
1 IV It EIN ii i ItT 5tIceIrcsldent
oKnri or SItE
Enterprise Mining Company
83 StAt ST
NEW YORK AUK 23 1891
The regular monthly ilhulenilcf JWOOO beIng two
per cent or 10 cents per share lias teen declared tbla
day by the Directors of the Kutcrprlie Mining Com
pany pa able Stpt r Transfer bjuks will be closed
Sept 1 and reopened Sept II
tiIOltt0 riiAwronn Secretary I
The third itmrier > In idemi r lti per rent on the
Fret ret Slurk er National load 1unipuny will b
pnil Scot ir isiu to Abel liiiheru < > r reiord Auic 3D
JBi2 Trntnftr 1 InoU InC 1refrrrrd Muck will clos
Auv lIt 1BU2 at U 1 M and remain closed until Sept
JO luil I
li > order ot Boarder Directors
jus 1 McllIltNKV Trtuurer 13
TIII iiormsTiii ANII IlT1invKG l
The frnipom of lirst 1 Murtiriutl Bonds of this Com
rum ililt c < pt 1 1812 ulll he told n und after that
ilulp Ut the lallUtlu > atloiml Bank 1U IA nil St feW
2rk tifci IJ CIUNK Treasurer
IuQrtlMflr IltttIe llIltltS A
Notice U ntrfby filet that tilt lnteret im this Cora
pIngs Ioiifiimtut ItoinlM serivM A uu Sept 11NH3
winbopnid at Die liiiili rig llniuuof I > les rs BarIng
Jtufoun i Co 15 Wall ft Ne York
J 1 W RI1N1IAUT lcelretldent 1
Ncn Yorlc Auc 25 18112
Clcctiou5 and tcctit
40 T1t1 IW yliliK lttNChll C Ilmitee
t nene for the ensuini > ear Hill be held at the C 4
CIII llroHduit and Hli M New York cite on the
huh ttiy of s > Iliinber 1MI2 ut 1 oclock 1 Jl
Hi orueror the 1residiut
A II nrrnfCK Secretory
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for vlnner aitdudanced students mechanical anil
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belt 1 from u A M ID S I1 I M and 7 to U r M Sitar
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ship IJralM itirl i fir IM i kiniicrii
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On Ti esiUr Sept t the Tacfcaril College and SchM I 41
fMincKraph 0 ill resume Us work Applicants fee
Seats 1111 lo reirUUrrd In the order of their applloa I
Ill ii Thcolllue v Ill be nien from is I to 4 ttoin the 20tk
fcl I August Send for circular
S S IACKAHD fresldent 101 Fast lId St
41 huller st near Court Hrooklrn
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I 53 L
t 1 I
Throo weeks ago I commented briefly upon
1 synopsis transmitted b cubic ot n scheme
proposed br the learned Dr Adolph Roet boer of
Vienna for tooreasina tho uso of stiver ns money
by substItuting coins of that metal the place
of tho sold coins now In circulation below the
value 1 of two dollar each I pointed out that
no gold coins smaller than the French ten
frAno ploco worth about two dollars were In
oanywhere In Europe and eiprossml toy
Inability to comprehend what Dr Bootboer
wa aiming at Slnoo then I havo learned from
foreign newspapers and from a cony of Dr
HootboorH own Memorandum that the cabin
synopsis of his plan was Incorrect In put
line tho minimum ho proposes for gold
coins at 28 Brnmmos whereas It Is 58
Grammes or nearly double tho amount Tho
first effect of tho measure I adopted
would therefore bo t retire all tho ton franc
ten mark half sovereign and tU50 cold pieces
now outstanding leaving only tho pI6cos of
twice their value nnd upward Dr Bootboer
would also 1 havo all tho exIsting silver coins
above the value of twenty or twontyflvo cents
called In and melted up and their place sup
plied by now ones coined upon tho ratio of 20
to 1 With commendable candor ho acknowl
edge that tho Idea underlying his schema Is
not original with him but was suggested In
1881 by Dank Director Moritz Levy tho Dan
ish delegate to tho Paris Monetary Conforoneo
of that year In a paper prepared by him for
tho Conference and that It was aealn put
forth the following roar br Herr Deehond
President of the Imperial Dank of Germany
tn an article published anonymously In a Gor
man newspaper
The now silver coins with which Dr Boot
beer proposes to fill the vacuum created by
the withdrawal of tho present small cold and
tho old silver coins ho would havo coined ns
I have said at thin now ratio of O to Instead
ot tho present ratios of 10s to 1 In Europe and
10 to 1 In this country lie would havo them
made a local tender among Individuals and
private partitions up to three times tho
value of tho smallest cold coin permitted un
der the now system but receivable to an un
limited amount by tho Government In order
to avoid the necessity nl carrying them around
In bulky and heavy quantities ho sueBosts
tho Issue of certificates representing them In
denominations of not less than the halt of tho
value of tho smallest permitted cold coin and
possessIng tho same legal tender quality as the
actual silver coin The current small change
ho would not disturb
Dr Bootboer frankly concedes at tho outset
that bimetallism Is dead and a part ot his
scheme is tho establishment ot a common
unit of cold n the standard of money value
Ho oven says that no European Government
would join In a conference called for no
other purpose than to consider bimetallism
Fortunately President Harrison In convening
thu Monetary Conference shortly to bo hold
has sueeestcd tho new tonic blmpl y of Increas
ing tho use of sliver as money and this topic
Dr Boctbcer expects to be respectfully con
sidered trho loaders of both political parties
tu Great Britain have pronounced against bi
metallism Germany is camlly opposed to It
Austria has just adopted tho single cold
standard the Latin Union has lone ago aban
doned silver In practice though not in theory
and tho recent defeat of free silver coinage In
our Congress shown that this country too will
adhere to cold All that Is possible Is to pro
vent silver from being still moro depreciated
than it now Is und it Is to aid In accomplish
ing this result that Dr Sootboorhas prepared
his Memorandum
Should his scheme be adopted by the lead
Ing nations of Europe and by tho United States
Dr Bootbcor computes that it would result In
adding to the bank reserves of the com i
mercial world COOUOO kilogrammes of cold
worth about 400000000 and in tho employ
ment In Its lace as currency of o correspond
ing quantity of silver which at tho proposed
new ratio otJO to 1 would be about 400000
000 ounces lly thus Increasing the gold re
serves of the banks and simultaneously de
creasing tho surplus stock of silver pouring on
the market the relative value of sliver to gold
ho thinks would be Increased or at least that
tho evils resulting from Its further deprecia
tion would be prevented That ho has no hope
of restoring to Its ancient position Is plain
from his suggestion that the new ratio bo es
tablished at 20 of sliver to lot sold and oven
this he Is willing to have reduced
An obvious objection to the plan and one
to which I find no answer in Dr Soetboors
Memorandum is that the olTcct it would
produce would bo only temporary When
once the existing stock of small cold coins
had been fathered In and stored away In
bank vaults no more would remain to bo
drawn upon nnd when once tho channels of
circulation had been Illled by tho proposed
now silver coinage and silver certificates this
means for the employment of tho surplus sli
ver rained would bo exhausted and tho
downward course of tho value of the molnl
would recommence This bolnc FO I fail to
sea the inducement to taku the Imuivn
trouble required llrst to win over tho Gov
ernments whoso cooperation is I essentIal to
the success of tho scheme and then to exe
cute It In detail As Samuel VTellors boy said
of learning tho alphabet It U I hardly worth
while to no through so much to cut so little
Even If thi decline in silver could bo urrot
od permanently by Dr footbeors plan or by
any other and tho valuo of the metal as com
pared with gold were llxed at somewhere
near 20 to 1 or 24 to I or whatever might bo
decided the result would fall to content
those whose Interests demand tho restoration
of tho old order of thlncs The outcry In be
half of silver money comes chiefly from tho
Western and Southwestern citizens of this
country who want a cheap dollar with which
to pay their debts and from the UrltMi resi
dents In India and owners of property there
whose incomes han been diminished by the
decline in tho rupee If thn cold standard in
still to bo maintained In Europe and In tho
United ftates and tho ratio of silvorreducod to
20 to 1 1 as Dr Roetboor proposes those peoplo
will Mill bo dissatisfied
It will bo eaid probably by Dr Sootboor
and by the other advocated of the use of sliver
money that gold nlono clots not furnish
enough currency and that It must therefore
be supplemented by silver In order avoid lie
evils of A money stringency Tho prices ol
commodities being regulated by tho volume
currency In circulation they ire low whrm
that volume Is scanty and hIgh when It Is I lull
WuUlDu the discussion of the iiuestlun
whether low prices are a curse and hitch prices
a blesslns Is enough to any thnt the volume
of a currency can bo Increased as well by tho
addition of pqper money the valuo of which Is
derixod from Its prompt redemption In Ihl on
demand as by silver coin which li maintained
at par with gold only by being rmlnomahle
like purer In gold at tho will of tho holder
ror example we have In this country at this mo
ment about 800000010 of paper money In use
In the shtipo of greenbacks silver cortllleutos I
and coin note Issued for the purchase of sIl
ver bullion under tha act uf July 1UOO This
mace of currency Is rudaeranbloclthorln silver
or In gold at the pleasure of our Government
So far tho Government has redeemed It In
gold on presentation and therefore It Isac
copied as en mil to gold If the Government
woro to refuse thus to redeem It It would sink
lit once to the level of Its bullion value us sil
ver whatever that value might bo If too
while tilt redemption in gold continued the
whole mass of sliver In the Government
vaults were to vanish Into eraoko and blow
away leaving only the gold there the value of
thu paper would remain unimpaired It Is the
gold hold by tho Government and tho faith
that the Government will maintain cold pay
ments that makes our paper money as good
as gold and not the silver In tho Treasury
What this country Is doing any other civil
Iced country can do likewise Taper money
redeemable on demand In gold U made no
moru valuable and adds no more to the vol
ume of currency by being issued against sil
ver than It It Is Uiued on Its own merlin Tho
security apparently offered by the silver Is II
0 10
lusory since It an attempt were to be made
to sell that silver In any largo I Quantity for
cold It would either produce a 1lInlo In the
money market or else could not bo sold at aft >
There Is only so much gold In existence and
swapping 1000000 ounces of silver for nay
40000 ounces of gold would not Increase tho I
stock For pocket mouoy silver coins may bo
moro convenient than paper but then nickel
coins would answer the same purpose and
cost much less
Tho moro tho subject IA i considered and all
tho facts connected with It aro taken Into no
count Ito plainer It becomes that tho earner
of silver ns a precious metal Is approadilna
Its end Tho forces of both nature and of civ
ilization are tending tothls result Tho worlds
annual production of silver has Increased br
over 50 percent within tho Inst eight years
or from 80000000 ounces In 1884 to rj8000
000 In 1800 and a little moro In 1WU and It
goes on Increasing Every day tho cost of
producing It cheapened and now supplies
of it discovered On tho othor hand Its placo
in lie arts has been largely tilled by nickel
and aluminium thoir alloys and Its manu
fanturlna consumption Is therefore reduced
1I9Y paper money has supplanted It In the
currency Is evident from tho fact that tons
upon tons of coined silver dollars Ho stored
away In our Treasury vaults because they are
not wanted for use and are not available Ilko
gold for the redemption of paper and for tbe
payment of debts In foreign countries Sliver
going tho war of sailing ships canal boats
homespun cloth handmade nails and other
oldfashlonud contrivances Iouslbly too
told will suffer tho same fate after a time for
It is by no menus a perfect standard of value
and only keeps Its preeminence because
nothing moro nearly perfect has been found
to displace it Hut at present wo shall have
to stick to gold In suite of Its Imperfection
and certainly wo shall not surrender It for sil
ftXA CIA 1 A Xl > VUitMUi II
New Tork Mtoek Emclinnsf H tee anst Kunei
or Price of All Hecurlltea Ilgult In Slur
Inc tbej Week Endlnc Auc 7 18UZ
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lOoOAIaUassA lot 101 llll 101
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llooosur Inr fil tax
daks 3U 4 3U 4
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31000 lana bet as 77 II I nH 77
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liOJ r E A western 244 lISa 24 24
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li U Norfolk A West lit 4I 434 41 411i
110 Northern Pacific 2ivw 4114 20I Oe
i22H Northern citlupf etct 67 5f4 CD
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lW Pactllo Stall 81 i 133 13 38
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2 UJIICh AW P pf 4014 41L 1 l7 87
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r61L A 8 wl r 17 hlt 17 Isis
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7750 Kt Isol Adraaha 5214 tt 52 12
4HS St Paul A Omahapt121 l2l 1214L 221
4Olhl Paul M A Mllrlj hlt4 llr14 2164
2SDO Southern TaclflO SSts 37 3531 30
2lISloiuttu Cot III 112 11214 III ill
1300TenncoaVA Iron 84 tr4 84 11
luTeriti Coal a iron pfloo 100 110 110
luOTol AO C 47 47 47 47
15OliTexas raclflc Laud 18 4 13 14
1283J Texas Isclnc 51 l > hllj 144 lh4
1XU5 Tnl Ann A A N M 2H 2114 28 Iii
M2UI Inlon Pacing 3HW 40te 8514 itIll
8V42 Union Iscldo O A U IxU 204 111 Itt
121 US Kxjiren r7 ti9 17 114
328WtLa 1314 Ill 31 114
1KB W Si L A Irif 25 211H 25 2514
US Wills rurga Bxnross140 145 143 244
277O4 Western Union TeL wa 111114 1174 9771
TIM Wheeling A L K > 7W 2M 2714 2
JWO irStellng A L K pf UtI5 7014 ili rniIi
luo Wisconsin Central 17 17 17 17
ks dividend
Total sales 1227867 shares
I 0104 21iq5 Ioo SM
rep 107 5 M i7
JiitflNS Amer S It 14 lhrIt I I 154 1124
55110 Amer 8 it Co pf 111114 1o7 2034 1t414
724051 8 Ist 4 41 411 43 44
34105 N Lend Co Ir 1IIj iil 117 117
1450 biil S S t Alt 15 I47 hUll I
501 lJui ii 44 4 All pt ut an 82i 34
SOON Y Pa AO Pf I 14 34 114
37U rostalTel IalneCo 7H H71 78 874
loo Men A lielchT 135 l 135 131 1115
oil 401 Rntsrprlse Mln4 OO 401 4IO 4l I
W0fendtflle14 14 14 14
160 Pbznit of Arte55 15 1J ri
0V1JlJ4iteLilieCUl 5614 51134 Cd 511
0A3 STto l5
i I I I
0 F 4 1
f 1 Rank of Commerce 10O lilt iro 1145
07bIrd 112 112 112 112
I Fourth 2104 2lXi < 2INJ1 lTl
M Wesurn National l2 ° 4 h214 I 2i5 Ill
UD American KxrhauKe 1t7 150 1127 Ifjl
23 Merchants Nil 1411 1411 149
llslieoatnl Iiuliitr IO 153 150 155
Tile Kum of thin Tifaitiry balances at the
cIogoofbuMnoss on Sitttll 1111 WaS 12001701 U
o decrease as onpareil with tIll proloin
Saturday of 541 > T7 National bank noto
circulation outstanding i7Lyi 08iJ4 Bal
ance of diioslis tn rudoem national bank
notnpfJfJOiyr an Increase for tho week of
Stntlstici relating to silver bullion certifi
cate dealt In on tim Stock Exchanee areas
follow1 Silver bullion on hand Aug 27
lOHoau ounces n uecrenso 01 oiuiii ounces
for Ito vouk certificates outflandlnt 1048
Till > dviilings for HID wook Vera JSLOUO
ounces at 84rS82 closing nt 81
lliovseekr bank stntomont shows
jti < r 20 A if 27 rlmMr
Loans Clliltr41i00 4IOI14I7724 lee flawiitiX
lieslts KH4tyMl Dl < CWlmO dec TJMUKOO
Irculafii a40444t5i WWWOOii itc i II 40 l
liiii nids r73ttl600 r7w uixi uc IIOD
sueile KOOMaOO MITI > 3UU dec 43250w
flesrveI4ldNlI1O lRtirMzw lec fuoo
2tc roil Ia1hlCtO5 lill27U 35 dec 1S3370O
Surplus 52874575 lHH7H7I dec 24UIOO
The so i pins a year ago was > i7 > tR25 Two years
ago UietC was a leliL II of I0 0n5
tmiiirM iN4lilCTItI DOT
lurlss 6 24 I Cnn sets It 1 371 I Moon sets 0 Ou
inrii waits run nr
Bandy Ilooti uo I 1011 Island 12 1X1 I Hell date 1 513 <
ArrlvrdBiiiur Aur 28
MArlona Brook Liverpool
ft lervlii Intion yuientiiwn
Kl LlatKliiIt City Ill I hwalisea
KsEnlUo Munari Irvln Iondoa
ft Horrnt Jownsin Antwerp
lii KaBliate Tliiuni li Iroreo
f s Kanawh Ihrs Newport News
Mil CitY oi AIIUUMII Ciiiherlne Havannn
all liutanUiite M Hiker Norfolk
staim s e Until ° 11 Charleston
SsVyomlnK Bluby Uiieeiisliiwn
ts Titr of Atlanta Dole West Point Ta
Chip trelsenhorn VunTuultn Stockholm
Pof later arrivali see Virht Pajs
iibCiiKG simiairs
ott 7tlav
Mutt CTost Vel Suit
Ilis itrrolnrham Savan
Ct CIIarleIiori 01101 I tl
jf Jil Ti mrtrriMJ
reliifet > u en 7 no A M JO ml AM
l > i jKVana 2 M 2I5PM
cnf i > arV Colon lOOUAM 12OOH
csr Orieans uuul
I 7blw
ialaai hinnslon Auir 17
rfSa liibraliar AUK 12
Jnlrlrx Bremen AUK 17
CUklsjula lllasrnw Aun IM 1
sitsof California ciasuow AUK lu
tec nlc i llmiiool AUK lu
Matt Bremen AUK 211
Alvetia Iort Llmon UK 20
YfCaian Hatana AUK Iii
Colorado Hull Aii14
Poe Toliy As 70
Frlesland Antwerp AUK CO
Polynesia lluuiliury AUK 14
XewMrt Colon AUK 23
all HVf > sif < ii Aug 31
feototlo Llterpool Aur 24
lehn Uremen Auc 21
Veendam Kouerdam alit lii
Muriel St Kills AUK 2J
PA ThnSv 07
Island crirUliansaiij Auir Hi
City of WsshlUKtou nTsns AUK 28
Jiii IVtl in > i l S
Cit of fleyhla Lltrrnoui Auc 34
KnKia Havre AUK 21
humps o i lend I n AUK 21
Kantlago Nnnsau AUK 27
iJa liWrtl Upj 8
Normannlftk llaiuburK Aug 21
UmbrikI UverDnol AUK 17
11t7 Cf Rome illoMow i AUK 25
Kuifia Hairs AUK 23
laloa UvenHxii AUK 23
btubbeobuk Umbari AUK 22
A CrfTKMa In One f thr Month of the
Mlxlsalppl that Hurt Hern Ctonril
NEW OrtLiUKS Auc 28A crevasse Is re
ported nt Inniio a Lontre ono of the mouths ot
the Mlpslpslppl Tho pass was In lisa ni ono
of the entrances of the Mississippi hnlfacon
tory ago but shoilod un When the llads jet
tied voro constructed Ito pass was neatly
closed In order to force a crcater ninoiintof
water through South lten In 2 hlch thoiottlct
aroconstructril and Hum Hush tInt rhannol
nnddwiion It ThecrcvaRsoat Iassn a lonlro
has undono this work and threatens to re
open the tmss Tha Itado Jotty nnliany urn
nlnrmedat this and ctuttrtaplato hillIng It In
but this I iToitld Im very oxpinslTi >
Tht Inllcd States engIneers do not think
that t tho I cniviBse will dn any uioru tiltIti ttL Ii
the chnnnel In tho jetties than tlu slmlhir
break nt Cutiltn Iass itIst aliovo thnso works
or Hint It will I I I milieu ill 0 depth of wick er itt tlm t
entrance to thu Mlsfllsslpnl Owing to tlm
hlKh water of this year thoorovaBis liavn
been allowed to run loniror thnn t shIll and
Imvo conupquentlr di > i < pfiii < d Notwltlislniiil
Inc hit icportof the unKlncor tlio lladHCotn
party will Attempt to close Passe a Lonlro
The rdltnr Think There 5 Frnuil
JACKRON Mich Auc 2RTho W T Cow
ham fnllnro hits dnvclopcd Into lie most com
plicated and serious wreck that hnR occurred
In this city Creditors nro nrrhlne from
various parts of tho country and hero aro
now reprcsontnthns of 100 of them In tho city
Their claims will roach iir > tltl0 > Tho credit
or Imvo mailo every effort tn crt their no
count of goods Imt In nvrrr ln tanro a hiiun
share of stock has been dlnposud of TIle
bonkn show that many of the cooils hays twii
shipped by thn t COil liaIY and tho emil it irs
havo secured lawyers nnd on Rnturday t welt
ty suits were Pectin They belIeve they will
tie able to show fraud and iiroposo to push
the vase to the end
The National O A R Encampment
WAHIIINOTON Auir 28The question of clas
sification of corps at the coming grand en
campment of the O A II In Washington has
been settled The Committed on HounloiiR
hare devised n plan of holdinc all the reunions
on the great mall lying Lotwcen tho White
house and tile WashIngton Monument tpnn
this will ho erected srimiiH of tints fur nil thn
old corps of tile army and for lie nnvy hum
will bo a hoadnuartorH tout for oarh corps
and in lint behind ItmnnllnrtontB I fnrbrluiuliw
The corps tents wilt bo dlstliiKUlshod liytho
familiar old corps hncleoj lrnry xotornn ar
rlvlnc In tIle city will c < > to his corps head
quarters und thoro bo directed to his brigade

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