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1 n l J t J r 1 ff f f ili 11 d
j J or un QJ bc yaun OIb SMtofa UU
All VI fromSfeeled District Aro to
fce Held lor from Two to Five 1 Dayi aad
the Paiaeiger Are to RerelTe a Bath
I Caalcra Patlemli la New Tork Aro to be
Take rrnmptly to Pelham liar Park
Tnaanrr OMetali Now Ilellere that the
Keonrce Will Reach Thle al mad
t Local Preraullooarr Meanireo
Th Preeldent May Poaalhlr laaue a
JProtlamatlon Btopploa All Iramlcratlem
The Quarantine Commissioners and the
Doan of Health ore making every effort te t be
prepared for cholera when It arrives Kvery
one U confident thai Health onicer Jenkins Is
doing all that man can do to make the nuar
ntlne system here as perfect as possible and
It might be said tint ho knows no rest night
or day Every fresh alarm that comes by
cable or otherwise Is I the signal for still
stronger action In order to make assurance
doubly sure
Dr Jenkins early In the day yesterday Issued
the following order to the representatives In
this city of the different shipping lines
AUvitieU from cholera Inlected pone or carrylnc
Iteerafe puimierl from Infected localltlei will be
subjected toQuaranttne detention from two te fire
dayi rauaniceri and their liaitcaite will be Irani
lured to Hoffman bland where they will receive a
featn while billie and clolhlnt are dlilnfectei by
steam < Immediately after such tramfer iteerafe and
carte will be dlilnteoteil The piineiiieri will be tben
returned to the veinl 1 which In the absence 01 any
development of luiptcloui cases wilt ke allowed
to proeeid to her dok Thli regulatIon 11 In accordance
I wttha telefram tent to the secretary or the Treaiury
requesting that the tame regulation at the port of
¼ departure be enforced under the direction of the
United Statei Consul I the Health Officer n laturted
upon Inveitlgation that such regulation have been
carried om al auch ports In reitnrd to emigrant the
above regulation will be modlfieil The aboveregu
latloni will entail on this department an enormous
mount ot labor but by the cooperation ot the Iam
ship companlei It will be I accomplished
Representatives from tho thirteen transat
lantic lines were luvltod to moot Dr Jenkins
yesterday afternoon for a conference In refer
ence to thia order The conference took place
In tbe office of Lawson Bandford Becrotary of
the Continental shipping companies 1
Broadway and representatives from all the
lines were present Dr Jenkins explained
necessity for tho order and convinced every
one that such a course was demanded by tho
gravity of the situation All of them admitted
the force of his arguments but It Is said that
ome of tho agonts did so with apparent un
After the conference of the
some representa
tives of tho companies were asked what they
thought of the order
I I do not propose to say anything said O
Bchwab of the North Gorman Lloyd Company
Dr Jenkins has full authority and I will not
undertake to criticise his orders
I think It Is a little harsh on the whole
Bald R J Cortls ot tho Hamburg American
Packet Company Four of our steamers have
already gone through and tliero have been no
signs of sickness
Here the Health Omcer broke in and said I
havn no Intention of taking any risks Mr
Cortis It is not a good thing to let the horse
out and then lock tho statilu dour
Mr Crts then said his company was pro
pared to go any length to cooperate In ward
Ing off 10 danger und Dr Jenkins said ho
had no doubt of I There was some grum
bling among the other agutits but they would
say nothing to tho reporters
Dr J nufls said afterward that though the
regulation entailed a loss on the companies
they assured him that they wore willing to do
anything to avoid the risk ot bringing cholera
oreI think the State Hoard of Health ought to
not now and I beliuvo < will act he con
tinued I would be vvnll I orders wore Is I
ued to tho other seaboard orlers thn State
and along the lakes to maku the quarantine
as rigid us It is in New York No ono ran tell
how cholera may Ilnd Its way into this city
livery possible avenue should be guarded
Dr Jouklnl was asked about tho choice ot a
hospital for the cholera patients should any of
them como to New York Ho all It was a
matter for the Health Hoard to attend to In
ease it came by sea those infected by the dls I
aase might be kept In u hospital ship ur bout
to Swlnburno Island
t As to the EmIgrant Hospital ho con
tinued it Is out ot the question as It is being
used as a hospital for moan patients I un
derstand I There is I the hospital ship Samuel
D Carleton which would hold from V thO to HOO
patients 1 havo no doubt tho Hoard of Health
will make suitable provision fur New York
Y wl was a busy day at cjuarantlno yesterday
and for the next few days Dr Jenkins and his
assistants will havo their hands full oamin
2 log Incoming steamers as a number of transatlantic
atlantic liners are duo todrt tomorrow and
Thursday The steamship Arizona from Liv
erpool the America from Hamburg und tho
1lequa from Mediterranean ports wero over
hauled yesterday forenoon by Dr Jenkins and
his assistants JJrs Tallmadco and hanbotn
The Arizona arrived after sundown the day
before too late for Inspection that day
As she carried some passengers from
sje great anxiety pabRlnlorS lest
mho should havo cholera patients on board
and It took several hours to satisfy Dr Jen
kins that Bho could ho safely passed Iho
Arizona had on board 154 llrst cabin and loo
second cabin passengers and 4BO j stcoragu
passengers Most of tho steerage passengers
vaseueera camo England and Ireland but thero
was a good showing of other nationalities Including
eluding Russians Tho passengers were In
exceptionally good health and they were etr
f much averse tu being examined and to havIng
tholr baggage cooked by steam The baggage
was disinfected thoroughly at IKIO oclock
and the vssol received clean bill of health
The Inspection ot the America was longer
than that of the Arizona hho curried 100
Dasseneors less than lie Arlona but she
sullrd from Bremen r < n Aug 17 the day be
fore cholera was discovered In Hamburg
It took several hours and several visits to the
ship before Dr Jenkins mado tin his mind to
Hive the ship a clean bill health
Ilve tholhlp War liner Frieslund and the
steamer Polynesia of the HamburgAmerican
line are expected here to day Iho Polynesia
is a passenger steamer and she carries princi
pally Immigrants The 1rlesland will lie the
first vessel to arrive here from Europe since
the outbreak of cholera In Antwerp
Mr Wright of tho Inman line and H Malt
land Kernel of the WhIt btur line said yester
day that their lines had stopped taking continental
nental panengemand wore only takIng DrlUsh
aud Scandinavian passongors
J Tor Kuileot tho ruuru line said that his
company had given orders in Lurope to refuse
11 IfusMaai
Chief Clerk Kecley of the passenger depart
mont of the AllanMate line said with refer
ence to thn cable report that cholera bad ap
peared In Dundeo Scotland
lerod ships sail from Glasgow and I have
Co doubt the matter of fumigation will bo at
tended to them Our representatives will he
fully allvo tu tho situation Wo have recolviid
no cable despatches hero as this Is not uur
Itoad ofhlce
la once of Health yesterday practically
elected u place for hospital purposes in caso
31 an outbreak of cholera In New York Iresl
dent Wilson decided that Hiker Island was
out of the question After a conference with
the Park Department 1elham bay Park was
hoten The health authorities say that It
oen carefully Isolated
Over 100 complaints were received during
tie day of tenements In a filthy condition
Which would prove hotbeds for disease inCase
case of an epidemic Orders were Issued that
V they ihould bo cleaned at once About twenty
r aneltS of eollll who sold Impure milk were
made and the health Inspectors wore cau
tioned to kneii a close watch on the vegetable
and fruit stands especially on the east side
A Quantity ol decayed fruit and vegetables
WAS felted before nlchttall
A communication from Postmaster Van Cott
Was sent to the Health Department stating
that In view of the prevalence ul cholera at
torts from which malls worn revived It
would bo well tu bay the mails disinfected
PresIdent well 101 uf the Health Hoard was
een In reference to this Hu said that If the
means of disinfection were provided the neces
sary disinfection > ould be made A r ran ce
ments for disinfecting the mal will te t made
The anonymous crank turned up ie terday
He sent the following letter to the liourd of
To Ae Saanl otftehV
One of the belt unitary precautIons telnet tbe
tholera would be the pobibitlon of the publication of
i II nyaiwipiperdiriny Ite endemic Dont I you foriel
The official circular of the Board of Health
to reildenU when cholera appears was Naln
JU 0
revised Nothing will I hn known ot Us con
tents until cholera I appears here
Health Officer Jenkins thinks the first CIO
ot cholera Is morn likely 11 t como horn by other
ports than by Now 1 oik but Ito Is still In
favor of I total suspension Hr Immigration
from Infected districts The icmrt ot I Dr
Biggs of tIle state of the Infected titles In Lit
rope Is i prepared but It Is state I cites tlnt It will
not bo made public for a day or no There aro
dally consultations between Dr Ilium and the
other olllclnls connected with tin lleilth
Hoard I Is directed that some now regula
tions of an Important nature will bo mode
A dispatch was received horn last evening
stating that the Hcamlln Capt KoDff ot the
HamhurgAmorlcan Packet Coin any Railed
from Ilatnburir for Now York m Sunday with
72 steoraga and no cabin passengers The
company on Saturday promised to suspend
their Immigrant traffic With such A load of
steerage passengers the Hcandla may bo a post
ship before she roaches this port It has boon
necessary to protect agaInst themselves many
of the Immigrants who have been arriving
lately They are opposed to clennlln and
tho germs of Asiatic cholera among such a
lond of Immigrants would bo nmoli develop
with fearful rapidity The Wleland Capt
Ivarlowa sailed from Hamburg on Sunday
With 157 cabin but no steerage passengers
The health authorities of Jersey I Uy and
Hudson county are fully aroused to tho lee
city of taking precautionary measures to pre
vent the spread of cholera In ease the scourge
should roach this country County Physician
Converse says he does not anticipate that the
disease will gain a strong foothold her but
ho urges that every precaution be taken to pro
urlps Irecaulon
ont It gaining any foothold whatever He
recommends that the people be partlcu
larly careful about tholr food anti water
Meatl hu says should be well cook
ed and vegetables thoroughly boiled
before being eaten Dr Converse thinks that
n uontlnuanco of the present cool wcathor will
be of material assistance In keeping baek the
disease 1 but ho suggests prudence on tho part
ot the people and extra precaution on the part
of the ofllclalii Ho also suggests that It tho
disease should reach any part ot Hudson
county the health ofllclals should endeavor to
make au urtangoniinl with the New York
authorities to have tho patients taken to tho
place which they purpose devoting to the re
ception of cholera patients
The Jersey City authorities am preparing
for emergencies with n great deal of energy
They will allow no rails to be landed from any
steamer landing In Jersey City or Hoboken
Jho old mattrass business will be entirely
suppressed tit has ben the custom to take
the inattroses from the steerage of steamers
and cart them to a dealer at the corner of fif
teenth and Erie streets The dealer Is to BUS
I end business until the danger ot a cholera
epidemic Is officially declared to be over
A complaint was made yesterday against
Nowlanu V Snyders albumen paper factory In
Ogdon avenue near Terry street Jersey City I
heights Stale eggs are used In tho prepara
tion of tho albumen and it Is said thousands
nt I egg 6 htthle are thrown out In the adjoining
lots creating I great stench Tho authorities
will make alt investigation
Tho Herman 1loncot Vcreln sonta communi
cation to Mayor WAr ycstenlny asking him
to have the streets und sewers cleaned and the
garbage t remopil Street Contractor Henry
Jtyrnes will employ an extra force of men and
carts to give the stieets especially In the tene
ment districts a thorough cleaning
The Collector of tho Tort has asked why
Capt Burends of the Augusta Ictorla allowed
seven persons to go on board his ship with the
Quarantine officers on Saturday night
Commlsslonor Ortflln uf the llrooklvn Hnilth
Board refused yesterday to allow the officers
or f the steamship Sorrento wlil h arrived fiom
Hamburg with a cargo of hides rae and
skins to discharge tho cargo raIS vessel
Ilns sod Quarantine all right after home disin
fected < and proceo led to er uler In Brooklyn
The health authorities refused to give n per
mit to tako tho cargo away Commissioner
Irlllln believe that maIn ships are discharg
ing their cargoes In defiance of the mini au
thorities lie his men watching several
warehouse whore hu says rags have In en
taken for storage until It is considered safe to
move them
The Anchor line steamship Clreassla from
Glasgow witnlMl cabin and steeruue >
Glaslow Ino tOtolal pas
sengnrs arrived at Quarantine last nIght Her
selgr IUlrlltne lr
passengers morning will not be Inspected until this
They Fear that Cholera In ComUc to This
Country and Mnffeeot Precautions
WASHINGToN Aug 20 Treasury officials no
loncer try to conceal their fears that cholera
may be introduced into this country nt any
moment Acting Secretary Spauldlne ad
mitted as much today after receiving a cable
gram from Hamburg via tho Department of
State to the effect that the disease is still on
tho Increase Ills anxiety was apparent when
ho read the cable mm In Tu > HUN from the
Iniected districts
I is possible said he that cholera may
make its way Into this country in Plo of
every effort we aro maMng to prevent It Tho
Government officials will exercise tho utmost
> vIgilance far as their jurisdiction extends
but the local and municipal authorities also
have an Important duty to perform Tho local
authorities in Now York and In other cities
where Immigrants aro landed shoild at onco
proceed to clean up the city and wipeoutthoo
resting places cholera would frt seek if it
once obtained admission to our shores I
seems as if the dread disease were making di
rect for this country and it becomes a matter
of selfproserntlon for us to remove every
pretext for it to linger with us should it come
as an unbidden guest
BurgeonGeneral Wyman was an early caller
at tho Treasury Department and ho had n
Ions and earnest convocation with Mr
Bpauldlne on tho subject The doctor said
the situation is becoming more ierious as the
disease spreads Ho had hoped that todavs
reports from abroad would show 1 decrease In
the number cases Dr Vinaii was ques
tioned as to tho statement recently attributed
to Dr Holt in which hn sore
As for Now York and other ports alone tha
Atlantic seal oard excepting Charleston their
methods and equipments are olully inade
quate to their necessities I hoy are in fact
A ruealed by till emergency more political
officerewarding stations whose methods are
a perfunctory maliebellovu to hoodwink the
pu bIb with a show of Importinc I while iu
tact they laok vOIy essential uf scUntlllo re
quirement and trustworthiness
lie declined to comment upon Dr Holts
statement Itirthor than to say that New iork
has a tlrstclussauaiantino plant and it Is in
charge of a capable physician Dr Jenkins
lloston Philadelphia and llalllmoro also have
wellequipped quarantlno Millions Charles
ton probably has the best plant of any of the
quarantine stations along Urn Atlantic coast
because of the fear of low fever coming up
from the South At New Orleans and Charles
ton the greatest dread 01 yellow fever in I con
stantly entertained and at those ports no
chances are taken with a vessel pot COIOS
from tho yellow fever district I thorn Is I tho
slightest suspicion of o ellow Jack the crow
of the > busrlclOI I passengers and the citrgo
are thoroughly dlslntocti and should any
ymptoms of the disease bn dlpcovertd the
nip is at once sent out of the harbor to the
National QuarantIne station at lllackbnd
Island off the coast of leoruia whIch Is the
general rendezvous for the botithorn States
hlle them Is no disposition at t this time on
the part of thopromlnintolllclnlsof the Tress
uiy I to criticise lie I iiuarnnllie 1 I h cybtem t ro
vldVdbi the seveinl tat them Is nDveriho
Is I a general feeling hint a national quaian
tine stom would piobnbly be Inure ellcctlvn
In an emergency like that now threatened
Local quarantine olllcers art frequently I
Iccled as a reward for pnllthal sorvlco ren
dered and it la said that t Immigrants are
eomotlmns pas oll through < nmraiiline
at the Instance of inlluetitlnl politicians
Senator Hlscock of New York was one
of the vIsitors nt the Treasury Do
iiartment today Ho called to see Actinic
Secretary Hpaufdlng with reference to the
cholera Dr Wyman was present at the same
time and the precautions taken by the Gov
ernment were fully explained to the h nator
and he appeared be satlsllod that theTreas
ury ofllclals aro doing everything In their
power to keep the disease from Icing halt o
duced Into this country Kenator lljscock said
there Is great anxiety felt In Nw i ork on the
subject and he assured Mr Kpuuldlnc that
the local authorities are cheerfully cooperating
nUlhorts choerrllY
operating with the Cioverriment ofllcers In
the enforcement of tho immigration laws and
rtgu hat lone
There appears to ho some confusion In tho
minds nt many people as to whether the
Irreldent has the pnrei to issue a proclama
tion prohibiting Immigration Acting Becre
ton Mpauldlng sOfa that the law on the nub
joct of immigration In perfectly clear I
provides for tho expulsion of aliens from the
united State In accordance with certain
regulations provided for the act uf March 11
IMll the 1reildent has no authority to say t
a friendly nation lou shall not send your
ships to our port but Congress has the
power to pass absolute exclusion acts
or It has the power to confer upon the
PresIdent authority to prohibit Immigration
whenever the country Is threatened with a
bcourgo 1 th absence of au authority on I
the part of tho resident to IRSUO I a proclama
tion the Government officials have wide dis
cretion In framing regulations to be observed
by those seeking cItIzenshIp In tho present
Instanco tln steamship companies havo prom
lied I that they will tako every precaution to
present passengers suspected of coming
pISOrnl1r comlpl
from Infected districts from < taking pAb
flngo In their ships At Hamburg anti
nt other points In Europe largo bath houses
Imvo icoit I erected and every Immigrant
who applies for I as < aua to Ameiloa must
submit to the bathing process and In the
mean titan his clothes and bnggaRo Is disin
fected I by any moans I cholera intlent se
cures passage In mo of thtso vessels tho
disease develops before the shin reaches tho
Unlteil Mtatcs hon 1 the State quarantine all I
thoiltlns t hno to pass upon tho ship I and Its i
contents and even If tho patcongers got I
through the linn at the quarantine station
they are apt to bo stopped by the inspectors
at bills Island Thus It will be seen that I
the Immigrant has to run tho gauntlet
on tho other ride of the water and bo
subjected to two examinations on this side
before he I permitted to land on our shores
I tho regulations aro rigidly enforced It Is
dlffipiilt for diseased poraontt to pace this In
spectors Negligence Imposition and deceit
thou my be practised and In that way cholera
may be Introduced hut It Is not to be pre
sumed for an Instant that the health authori
ties will relax their energies until all trace ot
the disease is I wiped out
lth a lovv to gleaning further information
on the subject a reporter of TilE Huv called
1101 V D Owen hut Superintendent ot Im
migration who was appointed under this last
revision ot the Immigration act Mr Owen
has been absent rom thu I city on his vacation
hut rwturund to duty In view of tho pending
dinicultv With rosect to tho attempt at tho
last session ot Congress to further revise tho
Immigration act Mr Owen xntd that at It list
twenty dllTwrout bills were introduced in tho
HOUKO and henMo and tIm principal feature
of nil ot them was to provide for consular In
spection abroad Thn bill prepared by Sena
tor Ummllor and Representative Stump beth
ot whom took I I very dncp Interest In I t he sub
ject ot Immlciatlon dlflcrod from the other
propositions in that It recommended no ma
terial change in tho oxlutlng law < far as In
spections are contented A similar report
was submitted hi the Immigrant Commission
composed of Col Weber Superintendent of
Immigration at Now ork Dr Kemsto who
was one of the medical experts in the Uul
teau trial Sir 1owderh a brother of the
V orklngman friend Mr Croisot St tll
and Herman Shultiesvvho rendered himself no
torious by coming back from Europe as an Im
migrant I CommIssion wait sent 10 Europe
to make a thorough Investigation the Immi
gration question and Its momborsdld not rec
ommend any changes in the present laws
Alter duo consideration It was decided that
the Consular Inspection system could not be
put In operation successfully so the United
states unornment has entered Into an agree
ment with the steamship companion inter
ested and they as 1 mater of selfprosarva
ton see that tho Inspections are faithfully
mado There Is an impression In urlous
quarters that the steamship companies do not
caro for tim health of their passengers 10 long
ns they can secure tholr rare Mr
Owen says such an Idea Is not well founded
for the steamship companies fear quarantine
as it means 1 loss of about 3QOO 1 diu while
they are tied up rIte United Stxtos lovern
melt virtually says to the steamship com
panies You derive tho profit from Immigra
tion so you hilly have an Inspection system of
jour own hue steamship companies aro
waking up to the fact that it Is important for
them to 10 I particular In making their inspec
tions and thofo who have mudo a personal In
vestigation of the subject approve the system
There IN still some misunderstanding among
the xhipplnc menhints and steamship com
panies as to the effect of tho recont circulars
that have been Issued by the Ireisury De
partmrntln connection with the precautions
against Iht t Introduction i of aholiia ior in I
stance the Niw York Shipping Company to
day lecruphod the Secretary ot tho Treasury
Inquiring whether tho circular of tug ID
relative to the t absolute prohibition I nt i rags
from tInt Infected districts also applies to
wool buggIng hides and furs Tho Acting
Socroiary ruled that tho circular of Aug lit
idols simply to rags I was the circular of r
Julv I that provided that no vessel having
rags furs skins c hailing from an Infected
district shall enter the United Mates unless
provided with a kcnrtlflt of disinfection from
n Consul or an officer of the Jlarlno Hospital
Set vice
This afternoon Mr Dosprer In charge of the
Trench Legation forwarded to tho Mate Do
pirlment a copy of a report made bv n Board
of French 1 physicians upon the cause of cholera
In France which show that it Is I dueto drink
Ing polluted vater from tho lilvor Seine
Julta a sensation wis occasioned here to
tiny II tho report that cholera has reached
llasgow with Itusslan immigrants destined
for tho lilted States Ihu Consul at that
point was Immediately I cabled to adhere
strictly to Instructions contained In Treasury
ciiculurs prcvlnuxly transmlttod to him
Private secretary Halford has suddenly dls
appcaied front Washington and It is said that
In has tone to join tho 1resldent to superin
tend the distribution of thu letter of accep
tance I is also said that ho has with him
official data upon which tho 1residant may
has I proclamation with regard to cholera If
udviable an Hxecutiv utterance at this time is deemed
Jill orncnra AIKRT
CommlBMloner flllrn > o Instruction to His
Mayor Grant Is omitting no precautions to
protect this city against tho invasion of chol
era Ho held I consultation yesterday with
Ircsidont Wilson antI Dr Kdsonot the Board
of Health and Commissioner of Iubllo Works
Gilroy to discuss the sanitary condition of the
1 ho Street Cleaning Department hired
thirtylive extra men Hester und some of the
otherstreots in tho downtown tenement dis
trict ate being swept twice a day Comptroller
M > ora Informed Jlayoi Gloat that he had Is
sued orders to have the market carefully In
spected and President Porter of the Board of
Charities and Correction said that special ef
foils were being made to Improve the sani
tary condition of tho public buildings in Ids l
Commissioner Gilroy has Bent this loiter to
the heads ot tInt various bureaus in his de
partment le
Ultlll 1 lUMCFIfi SritkKT >
SLW VetO tug ii 1 JBI2
mm 1 f Ilmth nf Fvrmtit Uj
lll honor Iho Mifcr has rue my nttrnllnn to the
Uhll ttlnrui In t nnarijiiome uf tie I niltr ak and
I prfftd til itiuleni In 1 iiruntrHii neAportt ulili lI i are In
fUll I y t MinmiiMK I Atlou ultfi thin i > n mil I tha reiftonn
bic pprrhviikion item ilu ilrc Aui < t ffilUFiiiii lumy mil
ett treat e cut loKuitntln tilt ui iiimu U tn it ell
I innut ot iuiiiilrailiii UIH inrrcluiiiliiaor evtry
1 den ptleti II I atil t Del II lilfon 1 frcui all iart nf due g J
H hlcli litLt il lt irectill lot try lnpl ti roe
III I ttili nutter t ic colt litloiit 1 I eI ili water fiippiy
the uveiiHiitii to I lie hrvtriH HMil rlrAln I lie c rlnu
itrttft linpriviii I nt ibrkK I 111 eiiHiattoiii aM con
tlriKtloii ol Irl ins c < rivr4llui mil inJnl Ii lualiln
tlie pulillu mrerl mui 1 tim irru I iu tile hob am mi
lot liIL und eiueiuml cleat emits
Horlb purpina or iiliclnir II emit > 1 In the belt poe
ilbl orilei In H Btmuirj pulntor ii J eu tin I title clog
urdtrft itch lit em ructtil Mi IMHUFI and tOilet be
prmuptly I dt liupllrill I h larrlrd out
P11 t tiiiff hnuititer of IUc tittiil I Aqueduct wilt at
once report to UIH ill 0 ronilltlii and quantity oftli
ii uUable water ditty in Urn nnl tilt t atmlicJ mid
Oi briber anti la wkm extent In Ills I tti I mien in > pTioll
cul I nimbmif uf treet pavemtnu cut 1 or for Itio
purpuic ui cleanalni them Is I warranted
lie wilt also ee ibat on all nmtrucu cal aayi work
under till bureau s tutu Involve ezcat athens In the
pubic ilrerti tile fratltni bs kept open for the
briefed puitibla period and tie reHll J tUb tile ut
01151 pratt im tiinde amid that irtiern fltilnfeLtanti ere
JIr b3
netdid In tleltruv tie effect or deleTerious 1 materials
th llrulih Iiep4rtmtnt tie promptly I notltlel
1 he Water 1 tinf > or rhl Irollrly cause an examlna
linn 1 to be mail of lie pavement In aver Street wuh
u iiiai > ei < ni tni tuineirnt force nf Iniprclori and fore
men Iu aarerlalji and report every pllfe or plot toilers
tin 1 re n adeprrwlnn I ur detect itlilcli i uses stcumi tilt
turn and kUifnatiniiof ale ant IUh I and 1 proventi
eflctite curia e drainage and will promtd eneruetl
call > wih alt the avaiUble turtv and curb additional
flirts at he mai rfiulie in remedy aI > m h detect In
Ills iboneii poitllili i lila II tdY mil alit testis Iala
ruilill eniorceibe DeCeeary rdot In atrmeni t ron
tractum in reference 10 Ihl dUtodllon of pavlnic lOa
tend tue extent of eKCAlAtlnni nf rnadbedl and ten
cral condition of work to jut them In ai good ScOt I
lacy condition aa ponlble and ti tednre to tile lowest
radical limit tile dlaruptilin of Strict turfacei and ot
ktructlont to enrfair Irainaye
The eflerai ln > neclorol Street OpenIngs under the
dII hl
direction nf Hit Haier fjrvejor will main an Imuie
elate and II oro itrb lull I eel ion w Itli all tbeforctactlnc
under M I direction I It all the excavation I and con
ructon of i mate cOIoralo and Indlviduali In
The pnblir Street and of the raiement fur the comB
lion rl nub they are responsible le
alll a 111 order tneui Inlnuueiliately I OIl II np and repavn
all exca chats w inch I are not abiolutet necessary to
be I kei II open hoc the rapid promutttn completion
cl llho respective work aud to puoll lljeir pavenientt
In itrd condition at our
Jle Hill promt ti repjrt to me any neplect or 01 lay
In couillnf with tucU otters hut effeclive and sum
uury mi uttiiren ma ii tukeu to enforco them
IbeciiKineer aW charge of severs w III ll Immediately
prtcerd e rlr all tlir I furce at tl hits crmmand it make
r ttiorninti examination of alt ewer drain rill
erie cfli 1 reed heir bozCc and put to work tile neie
set > forte toclean In tie sitliriest I pottible i lime I tver
C tMerand batin which reijulieK iee tithe and tu re
move site all obitructloui lo erlective fewvrake and drain
lie will alio Issue and rUldlr enforc order to al
sell cc contructi to nt tmie nil 1 in toeir trenche and
excavations 4i closely ai It < nlble I to the I actual letver
work and keep thorn rg fuel I m VVhero nfeclanii
necesSary tu dolrnr the eitectinf ilelrtnliiuimu l
melt tend ti lu pruwptly nullty the Health I IJeiiart
Tht boperlntendent of Street fmprovacienti will fol
low and pronipl carry out the forexolnf Initructloni I
en tar es rrhotp are applicable to trII of rtiulatlDf I
iradlnr cuiblnr and il sKinr treeti and sidewalk
The fuperlnteudcnt or Mreeli alit at faire proofed
Pub his Ieir lorclo repair all dtpreiiloai cadge
feels In macadam rnadnayi and nnpav ed streets which
all the arcuinulatlcn and lieiltaiton t of turfac
trot antI I hub
to 11h
The ntierlnlendrnt ot Itepolri and Knpullf will at
once report to mile thn mnltaiy condition < > t each of the
fifteen free floating I bath and nf the water In ant I
ariund them with th catiien nt any niement ot the
water or other clrcumitancei detrimental to tealth In
order that the tame tna be at oncn remedied or tha
I athi removed to more suitable halite or closed for the
01 lit all the e batten the officer herein mentioned
will make full report to me within three 111 and fur
ther rOIorl from IIIUK I > time thereafter > the cir
ctimiktancei n1 I the condition of the respective works
suit Iniereni may reijnlre
The Omitted coerce and 1 real are upecled and required
en the port of ottlrern I slit 1 lnhnrdlnntei for the prompt
and taitbiui eircutlon of then nner iteipeciliilh
Tau I e Utiiiuv CoratnlHloner uf Public Works
rnviiiriT IJf lan nON
Public ISrnllmrnl fitTorliic Itadleal Mics
urea to Ir vCBt Infection
5 Tho threatened invasion of Asiatic cholera
I the gravest and most serious question be
fore the notion today aid Dr K A Bayre t
a BUN reporter yesterday
5 Does the gravity ol the situation sugceat
prohibition of immigratIon I was asked
Certainly absolute prohibition unUss
perfect and continental qunrantlno can be as
sured Hut I must bo permitted to etplaln
what I mean by quarantine added Dr Hayro
5 for I went through I rather unpleasant ex
perience In this mater in 1BC5 through not
being understood
When the reporter called on Dr Rayre at his
ntth avenue residence he found him at work
on a magazine article on the subject of the
intervIew Itoforrinc to a scrap book of news
paper clippings rnd a report made by him as
Resident Ihvelclan of tho city of New York
he continued I seems hardly credible but
I was denounced by our Academy of Medl
cilia by tho Sanitary lommlssloners by doc
tors and nowspnpors lathis and many other
cities In 18U3 and 18bU because I declared
cholera portable and contagious I Insisted
upon not only the Inspection and fumigation
of all passengers and baggage from infected
portsbut upon their isolation pick suspected
and well and see here is a paper calling me a
rovlv er ot the methods of tho dark aces The
world agrees with me now and I only I refer to
these bygones to emphaslre If I can the need
ot the Government taking bold measures no
matter I there are those who object and per
haps rovllo So quarantine must apply to
every arrival from Infected ports and to every
port on tills continent and be equally ofllolent
at every point or else immigration should be
prohlhle can we should make Immediate ar
rangements with Canada to adort a conoral
Plan of strict quarantine I we cannot we
should prohibit all Immigration Irohibit It
not only at every iKirt but by patrol of every
mile of our Canadian and Mexic in borders
That cholera follows the line of r > umm rce
and travel U so well understood now that you
should ilnd no difference of opinion us to this
nllb ltv for which I now contend in 1W > It
was not understood and when I hurried to
tNahingtnn to nnl I iiuarantlne station
from the Government I had ditlleult in Rot
till Senator Chandler to call tIm Commerce
Commlttcn together even to listen to me I
recolved the Unvernnients consent to use n
portion of Sandy Hook below the fort for our
talon but the oYernOr and IcKMaturn of
Niw Jersey mlle such objection that that
plan was abandoned and vvo established
quatantino on the hulk Fioruti cit Nightingale I
whore every passenger from Infected potts
sick suspected and well was detnlned at
least two dais und the ships they came In
vere fumigated Xo case of cholera entered
this city then You cannot Properly fumlirato
I ship vvhlli the passengers are oji board i ho
kind of fumigation that kills cholera germs
would kill the passengers I repeat thatunless
wo can be assured of that kind ot quarantine
in every port on thecontlntnt the Government
should absolutely stop lmtnration
Dr loseph i Bryant Cummissioner of the
Health Department was next asked to give
his opinion of the policy ot prohibiting Imml
inution from Infected ports Do answered
I vv e admit that a cholera Invasion is threat
ened by tho binding of Passengers from ships
Kalllnl from infected lorts I then the prohibi
tion ofsuub Immigration is tho logical conclu
shut Imnilgranti are thiti carriers and breed
art of disease germs We try our best to
land Immigrants in a healthy and unin
fectvd condition hut there are loopholes
and Haws in men the best possible scheme
Iho health and quarantine olllcers are to
Borne extent dependent on tho word of others
and vvhilii those others may be sincere they
are fallible both in their judgments and dlac
hoses Nut only thai hit thos wo have to de
pend upon are biassed and with such possi
bilities to nullify efforts It does not
hlito8 nully our torIM I seem
to mo that wo should endanger the health of
tim whole nation whun vvocunalraostcertainly
socuro immunity ity prohibiting immigration
from Infected ports I am in favor uf such
Dr Charles O Wilson President of the Com
missioners of Health said
hero can tie no question that the prohi
bition ol the landing of immigrants from In
fncted ports would bo a most excellent thing
I there are means of securing that safeguard
at this critical period those means should be
Dr Cyrus Edson of the Health Department
also favors thu prohibition of Immigration as
a preventIve or a rliol > ra epidemic In this
country Uo said I believe in the absolute
piohlbltlon ut Immigration so long as cholera I
threatens us As to tho mothud of effecting
such prohibition I am not prepared to speak
but as to its desirability tliero Is no doubt in
my mind
Thomas F Gilroy Commissioner of Public
Works oxpressod the opinion thlt thllrohibl
lon of immigration would be a serious Slit
drance to commerce roods < as well as poi
sons said hu bring cholera germs and I
am afraid that the pronll Itlonof onn would in
clude thu other However I It Is tho opinion I
of r our health oIllcorB that tho continued land
hug of Immigrants from infected ports lul
menace to tlie health of our people lam in
favor of such prohibition no matter at what
cost or Inconvenlouo Canada too must ho
watched Lyon railroad from that country Is
u feeder to tlto stream of mimlgiuUou Into this
country ali that stream in I supplied by tho
heavy Montreal Kuroptan Immigration to Quebec and
A number of business men among them Im
Portent were len who piictlcully agreed In
tho opinion that tIn danger was too great to
warrant any delay in adopting even the meas
ure ot prohibition If that be iloemed neces
sary As to the power of tho doverninent to
tllHCt tin stoppage ther was no question al
though the attention of those Interviewed was
railed to I despatch sitting that the State
Hoard of Health uf Illinois had been legally
advised Ilnergonei that the President has no power In the
Tho President should tomorrow Issue a
call for the assembling of Congress if he finds
lie lacks power saIl om > gentleman whoso
opinion entitles him to authority Congress
can act promptly and inVctlvely under tho
general welfare clause of the Constitution It
Iq 1 a case where prompt act ion should betaken
J Immigration nom Infected ports threatens
the health of timls cIty IliU State the nation
and thu physicians Ire that it does so
threaten it should be stopped
relict Ulecliururil Iron UetlcTar
Anton Potzel the tailor from Hamburg who
was Isolated from the other patients when he
was received Into liellevuti Hospital Sunday
prlnelpally because lie had recently arrived
from Hamburg awoke yetterday morning with
such nn appetlto for breakfast combined with
In absence of alarming symptoms of tiny sort
that list llellov no doctois I cone uded that noth
ing very serious had beon thu matter with
him Accordingly is bnaklaHt coinmensiiratu
with his appctlto wax furnished him and utter
a Health Hoard I cholera exlimrt hail titkona Ilor
at him he wan told he might return to his
llorl I 1 I
lelisecita < K to Climramtln Station
CoLUMnuH 0 Auc Heorotary Probet of
the State Board of Health has returned from a
meeting of the Executive I > Committee of the
National Conference of Boards of Health
where the question ot a visitation of the
cholera was considered Dr Probst Bar
hernia measures should be adopted to keep
thodlsellso out of tho country ind the addi
tional Commission appointed to Insrect the
QuarantIne station allrolnlod work on n ednes
Quarantne ftaton wi
day Tim Commission will meet at Toronto
old niaku Its llra Inspection at Montreal
Tho condition I IrHt Ito sn > oral stations will is l >
made pulillc at once They wil be engaged
for several weeks
Inkluf Tint its the Forelock In 6t Icul
Kr LOUIH Aug mChlef Sanitary Ofllcor
KrancN today addressed a letter to Health
Commissioner Ilronnun in which ho culls
attention to tho telegraphic epurts i ot cholera
In European countries Ho advises as a mat
ter uf precaution that a thorough houoeto
house inspection be made to protect the ally
against the scourge The general sanitary
condition of the city l good but the authori
ties will take energetic measures to priTent
the dIsease from obtaining a uothold
a L i a
A Crew flora llnmbnrc Allowed to Scatter
to Their homes Bud One or Them Hick
stoppIng ImmlBr tloa from Infected Port
Street PliieardK GivIng Advlc to tile
Berlin Pnhlle Unny llmlbi I Kiiaal
IxjNnoN Aug 20 Chief Engineer Walker of
the stonmor herons which arrived at Middles
borough from Hamburg vas reported to have
dlod of cholera today at Dundoo Tho now
created a tremendous sensation not only In
Dundeo but every whore else whore members
ot tho Geronas crew have gone Hwos learned
later however that ho was still alive The
national sanitary authorities InquIring
nntonal sanlnr authorlt are a
to the remainder ot thn crow
Alarm and indignation have been caused by
the announcement that the crew of the Gerona
wero allowed to scatter to their homes The
Oeronas crew appeared to bo all right when
thoy landed
Tho population ol Mlddlesborough Is unfor
tunately In altogether too favorable a condi
tion for the spread of cholera owing to tho
dettltutlon and want and consequent physical
doblllly caused among thousands of tho In
habitants by tho recent strikes In the coal
lablnnts ly cOli re
gions which supplied the Iron and other In
this trios ot Mlddlesborough
The local sanitary authorities are now doing
what they can to prevent any serious result
from their carelessness by tracing up and
ascertaining tho condition of every member
of the Geronas crow
Tho steamship companies at Glasgow have
telegraphed to tholr European agents to sus
pend for tho present tho acceptance ot any Im
migrants by the Glasgow lines for American
and other destinations abroad Considerable
apprehension already exists In Glasgow in re
gard to the Russian and other immIgrants
who have recently arrived there to take pas
At Gravcinnd today two emigrant steamers
arrived one from Hamburg the other bound
for Hamburg Tho steamer from Hamburg
was tIme Portia SItu was subjected to an ex
amination and all tho passengers wero mus
tered for medical examination Not a traca ot
cholera was found This steamers physician
reports the death of a baby on the voyage and
this occasioned alarm Later It was found
that the child had died from some Infantile
complaint All the emigrants were allowed
to land at Tilbury opposite Gravesond They
all belonged to the poorer classes
A London house has received an order from
the authorities of Hamburg for J1SOOO gallons
of disinfecting ibId and thlrcyllvu tons ol
dlslnfuctlng powder
Dr Whltcomb thn sanitary offlcorat Graves
end denies that the disease brought by tIme
steamer lemma was Asiatic cholera Ho at
tended all three of the victims In tho hospital
and anys that they died from cholerine and
limit the emigrants on tile Gomnia were not of
tIme oorcr but of a superior class Ills urged
that llrstelass passengers should bu subjected
to tho same treatment as Immigrants as
ciiualli liiiblo to bring disease It is said that
some of the Immigrants from the Portia have
already arrived In the east end of London
iho chief steamship lines at Hull have tele
graphed to their agents 011 time Continent to
reluso all applications for passage from In
tending emigrants
A death frtiin cholera occurred today at Bol
ton Lancashire twelve miles from Manches
ter It Is not known whether thu case was one
of Asiatic cholora
Ida Minn an a Uusslan Polo from Hamburg
was admitted into the London Hospital today
dylnt wltb a disease believed to be Asiatia
cholera Caroline Lane au English girl apod
lo > fin 5 wan also admitted to the London
Hospital believed to have Asiatic cholera
him sr Jninn Gazelle which has heretofore
In en lukewarm on the subject tod y joins
tho 1nnmaNor and Jmt and other news
papers in I atruadf ugalnst the I ludlscilmi I
nato admission of Immigrants fromo those re
gions of hurope shown to be tainted with the
< l < mdh I Inlcctlun I i and titi iii and e that Mr Glad
stones Ministry taknactlon toavert a national
disaster II wo contintie says the V tauitt
uttz r srt to allow foreigners to settle In our
midst wo will huvu fiuuuent epidemics that
will lake nil the resoutcos of sanitation the
iiipji uf doctors the wealth of charity and
the iiioial I lourign of tho notion I lam tmurg it
moan polio of concealment hint brought nun
ishmont on tim people of Hamburg them
fHlvis and has caused delay elsewhere in the
adoption of necessary precautions
Ihoivcning A its null lbst t says What we
haiti long prophesied has come to pass Sev
eral persons are already dead from Asiatic
cholera on our attire and scores more direct
fruit thn I hotbeds of infection are binding
vvhilo thn liovernmont Is idle
On account uf tIme eholora the steamship
service uf Donald I Curiio V Co I to t I Ham
burg Iliislilng minI houth Africa has been
suspended ihe < umpati moreover will not
book imsbDngi for Madeira or Las Patinas
LIVHIIOOI Aug lt lhe health ofllclals at
this port hay begun applying highpressure
steam disinfection to tIme baggage of all emi
grants from districts Infected or suspected of
Infection I A lirso patty of Scandinavians h m I
were passed tndavns I iirmtlthi y ii mum igra mute Tho
boarding house no ir lime docks are crowded
with emigrants I invaitlng i t lii lekta rOt ri of the
Wednesday and Jh it usual boat tim Hundreds
who woin booked bcfom the cholera scare to
sail fur inerlcii expected to arrive hourly
bcfoio thu ho its sail
Hums Vug Ilit In accordance with tIme
announced pnlici I of I thn t halser tit t I let the pub
lie know all about tile progress and extent of
t ii U chuI > M S lhtmtt I tin official placards have
hi en posted tluuughout the city announcing
that Asl ttla cliult ni exists here and contain
ing I exhaiiHtlvu I I advii to t thu pim hi iti on t he sub
jrct of sanitary arratiKiimonts The authurl
ties are everv where enjoining tim strictest at
tention and obijdiiMico to sanltai y regulations
and stnfts aro being cle mod with more than
usual tliurnughltrx
Dr I Hiins I I iiiiilinm i m i an American physician
sit uI tu t have hud icp < ri > nctv with the cholera
in hi rla Is omuiiini the medical students to
act as itsshtants und nurses sliould cholera
becoinuepiduitiU in ISurlin
A lentil correspondent cavil that trouble
helwiMi the I lluisliui I I anti lloumunlnn Govern
mnnis Is likely tu rHiilt from the attempt of a
Uusslan I I steamboat i to defy the health nithorl
tlosut Fort I titihmuit Ihu Captains vessel was
susiected t I of cm ru i ylng i men Infectid I with cit oh
ITU and wit i Hlnnallud to stop at quarantine
1 he I upturn Ignored i tho I order and began
str ming altec I ho Iloumanlan gunboats at
Iort riallnii therntipon pioparid to lire on the
lluslan The Captain thenileldnd t I mm nil sub I
mlttrd Under ptotcnt to the uamlnttlon of
III ship I I I No cholera was found on lio I ird
to day the woman 1 router wimmt mtrivoml from
Ilimlurg on riilaj 1 IIIKI died ul Asiatic
cholera at thn Moal It Hospital
Aim imtmtiitmtk of Asiatic cholera Is I reported
from iUsonset nsubiirb of time city Time
numbnruf sutpected caeca In tIme whole city
todt is IHUnn Mnny persons contliiuo to
urtlvo I from Hamburg and n few frnni i A ii non
limit imimm 1 ermhr hits hot Yet doiidod whether It
will I Li iiisarx to t stop tie iiuluinn i nnnnu
vnM on iCCLTi itt of thu cholota 1etlllcns I I ar
rivi at thi I alue dalli praying for such post
ponenu lit t 1 liro I i Is rn if > on to feat r that t l munnr I
oils i mtWilS an1 i onceallng the fact thitihulora
exists within I tliilr t buiders ll 1 Is mel I Oil that I
thu disease oUts In Iiro lau 1onen Colyguo
Irovii Nuremterg and 1forzhelm
lluth PruFihi and JUvarlu have prohibited
the autumn agricultural shows and similar
meetings Prussia hag alsu forbIdden tha
usual fnstlvals on this anniversary ot Ihe vic
tory of bednn Sept I and 2 HO fur as the In
fected towns are concerned
Kiel University has sent out lO physicians
under special instructions to work In the
cities where cholora husappearod About half
of the more advanced students in the medical
del artmont are among limo number
heveral case of cholera are reported this
evening from Itendsberg eighteen miles west
of Kiel Oldcflou about an hours ride from
Hamburg und NeumllKtor seventeen miles
southwest nf Jvlol In all these towns families
from Hambuig are said to have taken tem
porary residence within time past week
lUvnuui AugI Tho reports today show
that them vvuru 2 T i3 deaths by cholera on
Saturday Ilia I inajorit of the irtlins worm
females The Govirnor of Hchloswlgllolstein
has prohibited the holding I of markets through
out the province during tim cholera opldemio
During tim week which ended this noon
timers has been JHJ7 case of cholera In this
city and llW7ot them have boon fatal Tho au
thorities express the opinion that a climax
has been reached and that a steady abatement
ol the disease may now be expected Their
reasons for this utdnlon are nol given and U Is
thought they are merely trying to allay the
fears of the people
The sanitary olUclals announce that the
spread of cholera in Hamburg In directly
Uacvablo to the use of the Elbe Water fort
drinking Tho water Is filthy they say and
so Impregnated with poisonous matter that It
constantly menaces the cltv with epidemics
The presence of Hussion emigrants In limo city
Is pronounced to have born of but secondary
importance In spreading the plague Had lImo
health of the people not already been un
dermined by Impuro drinking water It Is said
little or no damage would Imvo attended tho
transport through the cIty of families from tho
Infected districts ot Kussla Nevertheless thin
Local Government Hoard has ordered that
dirty and ailing emigrants shall not be al
lowed to land unless they glee theIr nammrne
occupations and addresses so think they can
be ashy followed und watched
Thn assurances of tho municipal authorities
that the cholera has done Its worst Imvo not
received much credence Men who have no
btmhnet or are at liberty to leave their busi
ness for n short time continue to leave the
city Although no general exodus Is apparent
the railroads today hoxii carried 40 percent
morn passengers than their average Most ot
the fugitives go to the coast although about
r > UO passengers have left today for the In
Tho epidemic has abated somewhat today
The cnsns reported today number 472 thin
deaths 117 ISa I Spltaler Mrasse having r
population of tXUOU persons has been found
to bo Infected
ANTWERP Aug 2fl Seven cholora patients
are In the hospital here and deaths are ex
pected Two new cases havo been reported
since Irldny
AMBTEIUUM Aug 20A stoker of the
steamer Urania from Hamburg has died from
cholera in this cIty
hoUTHAMiTov Aug 211It Is complained
here that the authorities firs not taking pre
caution against cholera jMshlngos from
Infected ports Ilko llavie enter Southamp
ton Ithout any Inspection
lltiEMtv Auc 2H Thirteen cholera patients
have boon admitted to limo hospital hero Elvo I
wnrosald In liivo Asiatic cholera thOu ileil
PA MS Aug 29lrot Peters the head phy
sician ot one uf thu hospital assorts that
thorn have been case of Asiatic cholera In
Paris Twenty persons sulTuriiiR from tils
cases ot a cholera or cholerine character nero
admitted to the ho pltals yesterday
lUvnr Aug 2itSity fresh casts of cholera
have been found litre today and twentyfour
cases have ondod fatally
VIENNA Aug hmperor Franz Josof has
ordered the Had Cross SocIety tn organize for
the cholera senIco throughout Austria Ten
hospital barrack ann to be erected In differ
ent parts of the empIre and most of these will
be under the suporvlslnn of the lied Cross
The society also will undertake tile transport
service it is said convoying patients from
their homes to time hospitals
Time War Department Is sending out Instruc
tions to all commanders of garrisons In tIme
larger cities to have their sanitary service in
readiness to fight tha plaguo In Gallcla es
Peclalli energetli action Is urged At all time
uallclan fortresses near the llusslan border
cholera barracks are being prepared and tho
disinfectants and medicines necessary to com
bat the disease have been distributed among
thorn by the Department of War In this city
RBiriiFwiFRU Aug 2H Throe hundred Ittts
slan Hebrews attempted to cross the Bohe
mian frontier todav to tako a train at Ittnu
for Hamburg Tho attempt was motto near
Kratrau Tho emigrants refused to answer
the questions of the customs ofllclals on tIme
border as to their former place of residence
and when ordered back about 200 of them
made rush to get beyond reach of the guards
They were overtaken but fought tho officers
who tried to detain them Moro guards worn
summoned and the emigrants were forced
back Tliero Is I no known case of cholera
among them but several are ailing and all
are dirty beyond description
hr PriEKHiJuiKiAue 21tThte official cholera
returns show that on Friday 4707 new cases
and 2324death wero portcd In the infected
districts of Kussla In St Petorpburg yesterday
12r new cajies were reported while thn deaths
numbered twentylive At Cronstadt three
cases and one death were reported
PANAMA via Guvfxinv Aug 211TIme Fed
eral authorities of the United States of Colom
bia today issued an order closing the ports on
the Atlantic coastof Colombia to all vessels ar
riving from ports infected with cholera This
puts a stop at once to commerce with Ger
many Prnnofl and llolglum so far as con
ducted through Antwerp Hamburg Havre
and other places whore cholera is known or
suspected to exist
Wall Teat t Btt Asked from the OnverK
moat In 15 Cholera Hbonld Come
PHILADELPHIA Aug flThme Board of Health
today rondo a request on the City Councils for
an appropriation of SIOOOO to the De
partment of Public Safety Bureau of Health
for expenses to be Incurred In preventIng
cholera from reaching hero Health Officer
Veal stated to tho Hoard that ho had been no
tified by the Treasury Department that a rev
enue cutter had left for this port to be moored
at the breakwater The Board decided to ask
the United States Ar ° onal authorities for 200
wall tents to ho usenl In ease a cholera camp
should IIH found necessary
The British Princess whieh arrived today
had no sickness on hoard and reached the
quarantine station at noon All time passon
gene were examlnnd by Physician Herbet ami
Port Ph > slclan Leffman and their bagcazo
was removed lo a covered barge and disin
fected with sulphur each plcco of hnggneo
being sulijnctcid to a livehour test Thus
vessel was then fumigated
After tho British Princess Is rotessml <
from quarantine sho will again be subjected
toon examination In Inllcd Mains Commis
sioner of Immigration I John J s llocersand
the physician under hi charge rum the Ma
rino Hospital service bofor time passengers
will he permitted to land This llnal examina
tion will takt place about Thursday when tho
steamer roaches the International Navigation
Companys plorat the foot of Christian street
DIsnONP 4T1 ix tin cusToM IIOVSE
Fraud DlaroTereit In Sutrnr Wrlghto lm
porter und Vrlchero Involved
The Investigation that has been going on for
sonic time In the Surveyors department of
the New York Custom Houso has unearthed
Rirlous frauds accomplished by undorwelgli
inc sugar Time evidence HO far Implicates
eight Importing houses and a number of em
ployee of the weighing department
During the eight months from Aug 11801
to March 1 lHi2 when the duty was taken oft
ot sugar examination showed that there were
about 4000011 pounds not accounted for and
that the Government had been defrauded to
the extent ot ik > OGOor 75000 It Is plain
that during time period named there were sys
tematic and continued frauds In weighing
sugar The examiners did not go back ot
August 1KH In their search because ol a
curious omission In ISo law bearing on the
case TIle old law read that In a suit by this
Government the goods could be recovered or
the valia thereof In the act that went Into
elTe t on the date name the clause or the
value thereof was omitted anti hence there
could be recovery only of lImo property
All names were refused yesterday at the
Custom House but tho matter has been placed
In the hands of the District Attorney
JMV TIIK HllHiiatlMi OlT
Amaanf tile Escorting Iurly Sse the Father
of TlinimiK Nrlenn lmsa
ItiriiMovp Aug 2iSeyerith Mornon elders
recentli settled in Hunover intinli about fif
teen miles from till I Is city and luiin making
con vert sat a lively rate Intollii nee has just
been received hore that the citionsof Han
over held a meeting at heaver Dim Depot to
take action regarding tIme matter John W
Moody was Chairman and Major John Pngo
Secretary rime following teuolutlona wore
unanimous adopted
Itnottfil I hat with Gods help this shall
remain a ChrlstUn community
Jifsohnl That wo will tolerate no Mormon
Ism in our mldfat
A motion was carried that the body act as an
escort to accoinpan time Mormons to the bor
ders of the county Major Pago was elected
to take rhiirgo of time expedition
The Mormon elders hid In a tobacco house
near Tonet Cross HoaiK They wore promptly
escorted to tim county bordnr and having
promised that thin I would not again enter lie I
county scar pnrnlttetl tu leave There worn
some seventylive men In tIme lino uf iHOit I
Though their nitlnn wan haractcrbed i by
freedom from violence it I t tat I 4ihmi I the i sOil er
and thrlr suppurtois tlmt the nilghloi hood in
tended tu srity rid uf Murinonlniii Maiur IaKi
the I voniirtlilo Scritm olilix m I ineitlnu I l it the t
father ofJlioman Ntdson huge the author
lllaorou IUMPCC Ion of Fruit
Drs H TrltC and L Tyler were appointed
fruit Inspectors by the Health Hoard yester
day They will begin work today on Dr A L
Beebes staff The Inspection of fruit sold in
the street will be more rigorous than ever
now aad raids will b < mad ftruntiy
i e I I
POST Jim rJMrMovr THA r sns ritno
jo nur rnvviic Aczn
Strong TeatimonyAIo that It ITonU
lave Item ImpoMelhle for the Mair l rev
to Hare > cnped Without Being Ba
Vnrloua Contradlctloiin In the DefeaeV
antc Htatementa an lo Her VUlt to the
lliirn IlroiiKhl Out None of Taolei TTho
Kenched the Iloiiae Flrat Haw Any nieo
en the Prleoner nnrt Two > ° lln MeB Bay
That tilts Hhowed Illelr Thro r r
one Htvear Thnt on Site liar Before tha
JUurder Him Tried to hey rrnialo Aelel
GivIng ss An Kicuae That Mho Wonted
to Dun n Ilttla on a Healakln Bacejaej
FAtt IlivKn Aug 20By means of the wit
ncssos that were examined today In the hear
ing of Llrrlnliordon the prosecution showed
that tho llordon house nt tho time of the mur
tier ol Mr llordon at least was surrounded on
all sides by persons who would have seen the
murderer had ho hurried from tho house
Kane of these witnesses saw anyone enter or
leave time huuso about tho tIme of the killing
of Mr llordon TIme Htmtte also produced wit
nesses who swore positively that the collar
door was found to bo locked Immediately r > ltor
the discovery of time murder Throe police
men testified to time Undine of time hatchet
with tho alleged blood on It and the two axes
and smaller hatchet Witnesses related con
versations held with Llrrlo Bordun regarding
hue murder and in many Instances the state
ments of tho nccu cd as told by tint witnesses
were directly contradictor Two drug clerks
and a medical student swore that on the day
before tIme murder Ilzlo llordon tried to buy
10 cents worth of prusstc acid
Time prosecution also went over the detail
of lie happenings in time house after the
murdor and the demeanor of tIme accu > od and
the actions of tho Investigators themselves
All this ovldonco was presented with careful
regard to details II is Bald to mold a pre
sentation of tho whole cam by tile prosecution
Thorowasa difference among the witnesses
us to the demeanor of Lizzie llordon Immedi
ately after the murder Bridget Sullivan
when on time stand last Saturday and three
policemen In their testimony today swore
that IIzzle was cool collected and did not
cry Two witnesses today testillod positively
that Ll77lovvis great lyngitated an d distressed
But whatever ugitatlon there was about Liz
zie Bordun Immediately after tIme murdor ol
her father there was no trace of nervousness
about her this morning when sItu entered the
courtroom It was oldont that tho ordeal ot
facing a throng uf curious spectators day after
day Is extremely distasteful tu Ilzlo Uorden
Sho left her room at 1040 oclock with the
hey Dr Buck Sho smiled and spoke a few
words to time minister before thoy entered thus
hallway Tho tuinuto sItu saw one of the
crowd that lined tIme hallwai time snillo van
ished thu cold look catno Into nor face
and with head thrown back sho walked along
tIme corridor The stony look was supplement
ed by a fronn that mow Into u scowl before
tho prisoner reached hor scat besIde Lawyer
Adams As elm sat down Judgolilalsdoll took
his seat on tho bench With the opening cry
of Court time audlinco arose but lie pris
oner sat still novel ovon glancing about her
Blue had on the same blue surge dross she has
worn since tIme opening of thus hearing and
also wore a heavy black jacket most ot the
time SItu sit with herfaco burled In the folds
of hue coats collar District Attorney Knowl
ton called Mrs Adelaide Churchill to the stand
Mrs Churchill said I live next the for
dons on the north side That Is tho side that
time sIde door of th Borden lmoueo IH on The
first I saw or hoard about time murdor of Mr
Borden was vvhon I saw Bridget Sullivan
coming back across tho ftreet from Dr
BOWOILS I had been to time meat market and
was just ecttlni home I was opposite my
gate when I noticed Bridget In the middle of
the road Sho was palo and was wtinghng her
handi I went on Into my houqo and back to
my kitchen My kltchnn Is I on time sldo of the
house niarest time llordon house There are
two windows on that tilde of my house which
are directly facing tIme side door of the Borden
IIOIIHO I looked out of one of these windows
and saw Lizlu Borden standing just Inside
time screen door She looked so distressed
that I raised the window and called to her
Whats time matter
Oh Mrs Churchill she said Do come
over Someone has killed father I ran over
to their yard and hurried into tho house Llz
ate sat on tno cecond stair by tile doorway
Hho said to me I was in the lurn and heard
n distressing noise I eamu hack and found
the screen door open and my father dead
Itrldgot hind gone out again before I got to lie
house I am not curtain wlmt Unit It was
when I reached thu houo I loft my house a
few minutes befuro 11 I oclock and went to the
meat market I staled thorn a few mlnutoe j I
and then camo right back Tim moat rrrorket
Is flvu blocks anal After Atta had told me
that she had iieou In tIme barn I asked her
where her mothor was
Mother had a hole lo gosomowhoro to see
a sick person I wili somu ono would look for
her She did not seem well and wo all must
have bnen sick Hie milk must hava been
poisoned Ileasn un for u doctor1 said Lizzie
I started out for thus doctor I went down the
street until I mot homis I ISowea whom I sent
for a doctor I then I went back to the house
Dr How en was thu unit onu 1 remember bar
Ing seen whnu I got buck Llrzlo Borden
Bridget and 1 went Into tim u dining room Dr
How en mini In 111 room and asked fore sheet
llrldget and I went up stairs to Mrs Borden
room and ohio got a sheet Dr liowon took ft
and left us
inn lotM Mule JIOBDFX
Then Miss liu = oll came In and soon after
J iuMiidiualnlollnd niymother Biidcet
and I vvulkid through the parlor and WMt
half way up time runt f staIns 1 could then
Ieionil I mo tho I spare mum the lied In It and
th body of Mrs liuidvn lilngattheotharsldc
of the lied Myuinsvvnrii then on a level with
I lie hinor I turned and ran down stairs Mill
lfu I < sill nml I izii it it tilt still i I I in I iSo dlnlnc
room and as I Ititrred Mists llussell esjdt
llnvn you found another ea said I MtTs
Mrs llordiMi hizzit did not change percept
hilt Then Dr Jluvvenuud Mr Sawyer ana
jolhnmiitmm ti liii iii
5 fun hmil timo T I saw Mr Ilorden alive was
at II I uuloik that I morning I i when I saw hln
leave his side duor to go downtown I also
saw llridci washing thin windows later I
was In I n iiodiiiom In I my house and saw Mr
plainly through tho window I saw no OM
isi go out uf limo house or around the preti
ISHS bofoiK I left homo to go to the market at
about 11 I oclock LIID vvas cool and collected
all thn thom SIlo told Dr llowen to send a
tp irim lo 1 nima telling her to corns nolle I
but not to tell hot the worst us the Ibock
mluht ipitirt her Then sho told mo la the
kitchen Hint she wan led to go to the cemetery
herself und attend to thoariangements for the
funeral J replied that the undertaker would
do thnt
Did ISrldgft Bulllvan toll you anything
nbout B ro1itrmhmun being out of the house t
nskeil Mr Knnwlton
Yes lirldtii wild that Mrs Borden had got
n null vvliiln sho wan dusting Ilin Hitting room
and lad hurried oil vvlihuut telling her about
it and thut Mis Borden Usually told her when
sho went out
liatklndnt a dress did llizlu Imve on
wit cii iuu billY lion I
him woro a blue and vvliiln cotton calico 0
dross with I I a navy Iduc fig ii ni In I It I am not
erliiln vvhtllit the < skirt und unlit were the
sanidklnd ofcoods
Ilit tot JennlngK conluotel the crot ex
it lii I iiitt hIlt uf Mrs t Inn lull I I mgln clog by try
hit to change Mrs Chinelulls statement as to I
when she left her housn tn go to the meat
market anti wlmen sho got back He tidIed Irj
this Mrs Churchill rvprateifber etbff ani
xplitlned further that Lizzie Dprdtnnad toll
bsrtmhthsiroqnvsrestioaabettl rJitlT iTrtn
J a

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