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11 1
l j 1 1
bouts at tho tlmo of the murder of hor father
I J that lhA bad Bono to thn barn to get apiece of
iron ThAwjinom said that Ilzzlo had not
raid what she wanted tho Iron for or whether
she got It or not I asked her hero hti
mother was said Mrs Churchill nnd she toll
me she had cone out In ronponeo to a note 1 1
I Jut mr hamT on her arm as shosatontho
talrway and said
I Where Is I your mothorlf
Try and nnd her sid Urrln for I think
I heard her como In bhe said these Kama
words a second time whon Miss HuMallcnmo
In After she told me about her mother she
inked metogouot a doctor I saw no signs
of traoiH of blood on LizrWn lace hnndii
dresd or hair Him had nothing on her head
Her hair waa neatly done up ami was not
Ipote It was neither vvvt nor dlxnrrangud 1 1
1 aM tot notice her shoos particularly I and
tnctfwtar whether there wan blood on thnm
n tIt 1 Btw her ring down but 1 tlo not
tbntht her shoes could bo seen
n > II 8 Alc F Ituetolt Wn the noxt wlneel
Bnlstalranrt Btntolywlth white hair nnd n
4Drm strong face Bho Is I warm friend ol
Uraln Harden bhasald <
rlflorlon tho
1 Jiv In Dorden street aoo yards from Sec
nd street 1 havo known llzrle llnrdcn over
eleven years I mas nt homo on tho day of the
murdgr when Ilrldicut bulllvan called for me
0 U was then 1110 oVlock I changed my dreas
and hurried to the Bordcn houno I saw Li I
f e leaning Against tho frame of tho door I
et jaw no boo Uo then tl0 got Llzrlo to Bit down
Dr Dowon was rot thero then I dont ro
11 member how Llulo vas dressed 1 talked
i t with her then but I do not romombor what I
d I remember hearing her say that Rho
a oome In I from tbo barn anil had found her
father lying dead on tlio loln I aslid her
hllhl wont out to the lam for IIII Mid
I she went out to Beta piece ol Iron or who to
fix the scronn on thl door or on a window I
i Uyed at the houso two nluhts I On nlghtl
Upt in Mrs Itordona room and tho next
t night In Emmas room I usually went to tho
f llordens two or throo tlnipsu wenk I knew
the girls host and saw thonlonly InlvvMTA
> visited them up stalls and usually In tha
RDare room I never know Mrx Dordon to
have been in the sparo room within tho pant
Lawyer Jennings conducted thn crossex
amination utid began by asking Miss itussell
I to repeat her story of what took place after
ahe entered tho house Miss Itussell added to
be trot testimony that she hud rubbed 117
t rloi halls and batlird her face ns nho snt In
the kitchen Tha witness was positive that
there VAS no blood on tha face bunds hair
Ii or dress of tho prisoner bhe did not remem
ber about the shoes Lizzie was not excited or
1 rantlnr but Boomed greatly distressed Miss
Jluisell did not BO up stairs until I police
man came Tho memory of th witness
became very treacherous nt this point
i bhe recalled colng up stairs with thn
> i policeman of soarchlng a room and then
1 j forgot nil hat took placo until she was down
talrs again She swore that tharo wuro two
searches of tho house one partial and tho
other thorough Ihe could not recall any
Qtnor conversations of anyone with Llrzle us
J In so and many out policemen talked to her and hurried
8 3 Lnoy Collott was tho noxt witness Thn
prosooution culled her to show that no mui
darer could havo escaped over thu hack fence
of theBordeu yard alI I through Dr Chanc
nans yard without MSH Collott seeing him
il Miss Coliett said I 118 Colott Dr Chacons
house on the day ot tho murilor to attend to
his telephone for him I wont thero nt 10 50
M oclock I was 1045 when my fathers clerk
ri telephoned from my lathers drug store that
j t Dr Chagnon wanted mo to go to his houso
I I and watch his telophone as Ills family lull
j himself woro going away
I took me llv o minutes to get to his house
f f The doors wore locked ut the liouso so I sat
down on the pluzzu I was there until utter
I 12 oelock waiting for Dr Chagnon to come
back 1 was alone and wldu awake all the
r tlmo Saw no ono go either in or out of the
I 1 yard 1 could sue tho whole yard from tho
> i tbere piazza No one was in the yard while 1 was
> tbereVou are saying too much for this witness
r exclaimed Attorney Lawyer Jennings to tho District
Dont Bet excllod said Mr Knowlton
i Ill atop if its uuy comfort to you Ant he
i handed the witness over to tho defence Law
yer Jennings onco more took up thu cudgel
I j Miss Coliett wns not disturbed U1
I sat on the piazza bhu said with my
I face half turned toward the yard on thu south
I sat at the corner of tho piazza neniost tha
I yard I would havu eeon any ono going tn or
I out of either Ihe carriageway to the north of
the house or through tho yard on thu south
> When I first went to the houso I wont around
I l the yard to see If tho hammock was there It
was not up so I sat ou tho corner of the piazza
Ift J I am certain that 1 was at the housu from
r i 1050 to 12 oclock I got the telephone
i message at 1045 by tho clock and
J 1 IISIIO mo less than five minutes to
t t Bo Bronnd to Dr Cnagnons house started
r fort be house right off While I was at the
house ono or two men came up Third street
j end wanted Dr Chagnon Ono mal was Mr
Itoblnson from Somerset and the other mans
j name I do not know Sir lloblnson sat down
ft i and talked with me for a time No one passed
i through tho yard or around tho houso ut any
t tlmer
I Cur adjourned at this point until 2 oclock I
fti In the afternoon At tho resumption of tho
i hearing Miss Coliett concluded Ir testimony
r and she said that sho was sitting only three
feet from tho Borden yard and could plainly
> see the back fence between Dordonsand Dr
i A Canons ho one crossed over it vvhllo she
t The prosecution thon took up tho potaoninc
theory and Ictroducod witnesses to prove that
Llzzio Bordon tried to purchase poison on tho
i t morning before the murdxr According to tlio
testimony of Bridget bulllvan Lizzie had told
f her on Wednesday afternoon that bhu had beAn
f KICK all tho mornlnir and had nut cone out of
f her room but the prosecution has btronger
1 evidence In support of the poisoning theory
I than that Introduced today I his positive
proof that Lizlo Ijordun not JOSIIO
LizzII lut only tried to pur
< chase but actually did buy poison Kll Hence
I I a druB clerk was the Ilrstwltuebs In support
1 1 of this theory Ho paid 1 ntn a drug
I i clerk In D II Hmlths drug I storo
at the corner ot Houth Main nnd Columbia
> streets Tho day before the murder of Mr and
1 i f Mra Borden between 10 i and 1 oclock in
the morning Llzzio
to Borden camo in bhe
ralo lhe
t asked me for 10 cents worth of pruspio
f acid What do you want It for r1 asked I
t 1 want It to nut on a sealskin saciiue I said I
1 cannot sell It without u prescription alt
< asked again and again I llreICrlIIOI sell lhe
Bho finally want out Mr Hart und Clerk Kll
roy were in the store at tho time Uu Thurs
day evening at U oclock my attention Irs was
i called to her having leon at ourbtnre I WIS was
told then that she daughter
tJen Ihs wns a dlulhtr of Andruw
uorden although I knew her by sltlit before
Lawyer Adams crossexamined Iknee Th
Witness said I havo worked for Mr Smith
l for threa years I was In the front Rmlh
fl store oa the desk vvhunMIss llorden camo
f in Hhe wore a dark dress It was not u blue
r i f dress 111
Did she wear a hat or bonnet asked Mr
I f I dont know said Bence
I dont blumo you slid Mr Adam
J I dont know whether she worn gloves or
f carried a purso I dont think she woro a veil
I have seen her often before and she had been
pointed out to me frequently I told my story
only once at the Inquest I have not read It
Kr since nor have I had it read over to me
I new It was between 10 und 11 oclock when
f Ihe was In the store because I looked nt Ilia t
W clock a few minutes before sho eiirno el and It
was near 1 oclock I co to diner at llHO
H and It was over Half an hour aftor she hud gone
I whon It was tlmo fur mo to go to dlunoi I
IA never told any one that I couldnt swear posi
tively that It WRI Lizzie llorden who tried to
y the poison JlrJonnlngss law clerk Mr
J FBIIIIps camo to mo luxt baturday I weak ago
t told him to send Mr Jennings to mo lino
wanted to talk
JUD NEvnt soD rnussic ACID
In redirect examination Ilenco raid that
> russlo arid Is noldum called fur nnd that
1 Jusle Dordens leijuost for It was the llrst ho
lad ever had He ali that hu had heuid
I I Jzzle Cordons voice at bur liousn since thu
nurder and ho was sutlslled he was right that
tw she who asked him for tho ncid tlt
veotlflitd the prUoner as the woman w ho tried
Oh purchafo the acid Lll never juailod
stie sat silent and soomingly unconcerned
On further crossexamination Uoiiiosaid thut
the pocul arlty of Llzlo llnrdenx volco wnu
ta twroulousnesB Mr Adams tried unsuc
cessfully to break llm witnesn trutl
he nlt1nu81 WIA rrlnl Iho
tWillldll ktlhs drul taro Wllil 1 1I zhlluTlen
I tfl e to buy tho lrUBblo ncht no
J other he lorr trll 01 clolk who lrodMkk I urrlorlntt Ilrl tlU
Mlds Ilorden nlorod Iho r
Ileltle1 pllfl
1 JI corroborRled Clork unco
KI my II eory Ild budenL
dtlon welt hwk thul > In IlrUrullr tworj tho pr I I
Ii 111 hIIO hii
rowed llh Mlns CoHutlii testimony Mrs
McViV hiiil sworn that while Hhe vva on HID
1lt whie WI 1 Ihl
JOrtblrtBOf thuhfiiisu no ole xavtMi Dm
deb the had come or gone Mlsstollult rlnsuiluii
Iar aonuo 01 Ir h1
Queried on the fact that the vvest sldn of tlm
jousa was clear lliu htalo then put forward
Ihol rllnl
Jojeph DB ItosH to prove that theiiiurderer did
not escape by lliu couth Mdu of tlio
imp f i houso tD8 llofa way uull wlnn wood In
the back yard of
Uo Ylrt John Crowe r who
r hAS a Iher stable adjoining Dr Chaunun on
the north nnd commanding u vlon of I llio
P Fouth side ol Urn Borden houm
shl thnlorlll 101h und yurd Do
1111 url
lloia testified that hn hud KIVVHIwood in tliu
I haak yard of Mr Criwo irnm 7 oclock in thn
morning until Ili oelock noon on thu day tlf
the murdur He hud seon no 01 n the south
r o side ot the Borduu yard until Deputy tiheriff
i i Nixon appeared at 1140 oclock DM llosu
recognized Nixon Ui thn man ho taw Ho
wore positively that no person was about tho
south side of the yard or IIOUMI of Mr Horduu
on Hint morning up In 1 40 oclock
J Having hurioiuidod llio huuse the prosecu
Iaynl Urlldlllo 110 lrOOll
tion turned IU attention to lehoathliu lii dii
tall I thu happening within thu huisu Im
mediately alter the murder Uhuy also brought
J out several contradictory inturvltwa with
Lizzie Dutectlvo Horceant Iutrlck Doh rty J i
Waa tha ilrtt vrltuosa called from tho police
fiorgeant Doherty said I wa nt licndquarlers
when I heard of the murder Hwasthcn 1 2
oolock 1 ran up to the liouse meeting Sheriff
Nixon nt the Rnte There was onlyono person
there then Hrt was n reporter nnd was
Mltlinr Inside 1 met Dr Bow en llrldRetwaa
standing by the Ink In thu kitchen Wo went
Into the sitting room where I saw Mr Bordon
I noticed only row ot his woundstho long
out across the nose nnd tho gash that cut tho
ncrosl t
loll eyeball Then wo went up tho front stairs
to tho snare room Mrs Bordon was lying
faoo downward between the bureau and the
bod I did not son Il77le tho first tlmo I en
tered the house I talked to Llzzio the second
time sold lentoret tho house after tho loach I
Where were you when your father was
kl cl
clJ was out tn tho barn ehA said
Did hear screams or outcry Mill
Ud ynu any outCI 11
Uordon V I auUed i
No sho enldbut I herd a peculiar
noise I
noiseCan you describe It11 askod
It sounded Ilka scraping she said
I loundtlko ocralnt
Ilad I no further talk with tier at any time
Thin conversation took place tn tho kitchen
whon Mips llussoll and Mrs Churchill wero in
tho room
roomTHE I
h prosecuton hnll hen verbusthrouih
nut the noon recess strengthening Miss Col
lettn testimony as was shown by tho noxt
U werSyoii at Dr ChAgnona house this
non said thu District Attorney and I so
tell us the result of your observations
I was at Dr Chngnons house today sal
Doherty Fromlhn plazzn tn n worse posi
tion than that occupied bv Miss Collation the
lmn tmt
day of tho murdor I could soo forty feet of the
llnrdon back yard fenco I blood on tho plazra
within four feet of thu east side and I easily
saw over laity feet of tlm fenco Houlh of
ChaRnonft ynid In Crowoft stable Between
thn two minding Is the Chagnon yard sixty
feetsnuaru This yard runs back to thu Bor
dcn foiice A nrl sitting on tho piazza
throo feet from tho side could see over two
thirds of the fence and command a view of the
whole yard
wlolo nd
Under Lawyer Adamss crossexamination
Hergeant Doherty snld that ho did not disturb
thnlody ot Mrs IJorden nave lo bllghtlv ralsq
ono of the arms which he afterward allowed
to drop bin k to Its former position lie was
Rtirotliatlt I was not Inter than 11I2 oclock
when lio was notified ot thn case n ho looked
at his watch and made a record of the lime
Of tho Undine of tho axes In the cellar ho
Fald I was landing within twelve feet ot
Mullally when he found the axes I saw him
reach up on tho shelf and bring down thu
uioc Then ha thrust his band around a
IXOR aounl
corner niMir tin1 furnace nnd brought out tho
big hatchet Whon I Raw Ilzzlo she woro n
calico dross with blue spots or figures on It
In redirect examination he said that the
kholf ou which Mullally found tho hatch ut
ran east nnd weet along the wall near the fur
nace and was nh over tR six R foet hitch heither of
j Iollooman va a Mullally mn told of his searching
with 1olleoman Allen at nU2 oolook by his
watch Ho found Mrs Churchill Miss Itus
sell lirldgot Dr Bowen and Llrle liordcn la
the dining room Ho asked Lizzie
Where were you when your father was
I was out of doors and when I came back
I found my father dead said Lizzie
What did your father usually carryon his
person t
A silver watch and chain and a gold ring
elm said rIO witness said that Sergeant
Doherty at onco went to look for those articles
and found they had not been taken
III 11 there any hatchet or axo on the prem
ises V asked Mullally
Ves said ulalr Bridget will show it to
> ou in tho cellar
I than went up stairs testified Mullally
and searched all the rooms except Emmas
room llrldcot was with mO Whon we Jot
down Into the cellar Bridget went to the loft
wall and took two hatchets out of a box and
gave them tome bho then vvsnt to an apart
ment near the furnace against the south wall
and got two axe On the larger axo thero was
I small rust spot Tho handles of the axes
weni covered with ashes showing they had
not been uod recently I am certain that the
outside cellar door wns locked We tried It
1 left thn lives on the floor of tho cellar <
Did 1011 hnv e any further conversation with
Urzlnat any two asled the District Attorney
Yes said Mullally Rhe told mi that
sho had AIm a man with dark clothes hang
ing around tha housn early In tho morning
Ho was short 11 le was thon in hor own
room I also searched tho barn
Croqfiexamined again by Lawyer Adams
thn witness said that the largo closet in tho
front hall on tho second floor had been
searched and nothing had been found He
aw no blood on thn hatchet or axes when he
examined thor Dr Dolan camo down in the
cellar and looked nt the hatchets
After Mullally was excused Doherty was
recalled and said that he had taken nothing
from tho body of Mr Borden but had notified
Dr Dolan of the fact that toro were valuables
in Mr BordenB clothing
When Dohorty finished the Inatwltnenn of
the day was called Deputy Marshal Fleet
The witness said that he had heard of tlm
murder at his home 13 Park street and had
g dJr 19oatti1
reached tho llorden houso at 11 > 0 oclock I
Ho found Llzzio after hn had made a super
ficial search of the house Hie was ulttlnjf
with tho llev Dr Duck in the dining room
Who killed your father and mother he
askqd Lizzie
She was not my mother but my step
mother sharply retorted Lizle
day Did you see any ono around tho house to
I did not said Lizzie Then she added
suddenly There was a man at the front
door tilking with father at a little before 0
oelock this morning
What wero they talking about 1 asked
Marshal Fleet
I think it was about some store tho man
wanted to rent she said
Do you think that was tho man who killed
you father and mother f
No I do not thinK he did It sold Llzzlo
Do you know the man or would you know
him If you snwhlm now
No I would not I never saw him nt all I
leard him speak though and lie spoke very I
much Hkoan Englishman
Do you know any ono who had ever threat i
thlnR > ncd > pur father or who would do such a
No I dont think my father had an enemy
ntho old
Miss HUSlul whe had beon listening to tho
conversation then Interrupted and said
speaking to Ll7le Tell him nil LUIo Tell
dm about that strange man
Two weeks naldllrzle
weekslao lzlo aman camo
otho house nnd had along talk with father
Whel tho man went away I think hn was
ingry He nnd rar father had been talking I
about a store that the man wanted to rent My
lather finally dismissed him saying that ho I I
would not let Ills store for such n purpose
Mueli excitement wns canned ut this time by
Mrs Dr Ilovv en fainting The nourt room was
hot and stulTy Dr liowen Dr Dolan and
Mayor Coughlln attended her Tho prisoner
did not notice tho eommntlon nnd never
glanced In tho direction of Mrs Bowun When
the excitement had subsided Deputy Marshal
Fleet continued his story of hli interview with
Llrrln Who eluo was In the house he
asked of Iivle
Itrldget tliu work girl said llzrle
Do ion husneet Imrf asked Mr Fleet
Oh no said Ltrrlp Ilrldget would never
bio ilon thai Kho had been outside washing
t IIH window and she got through after my
father hail como In him wan upstairs to rest
Whon my father wuskilled UI
heredldyou I co when Bridget went up
stairs i
I went up In tho barn at once said
ID In tho bar asked Floor
ies up In thn bar My Inlher was then
resting on the sofa In tho sitting room
What do son mean by up
Why upstairs In llio
UIIstllr8 Illho bar of course
How long weie > ou up stlllf Iu tho barn 1
About thirty minutes salt Luzie
Where way your father when you went
out aHkiii Mr Fleet
When I went out ho was on tha lounge In
thn sitting room half asleep Whon I camo
back 1 found him dead just as I loft him
Aftoi tlilx convorHitlon Deputy Marshal
I lent conducted a partial nnareli of tho 1arshal
lie told of Bolnc clown to tlm collar
1 am url that Ihe outside collar door was
101lr wa
locked lie fold I UKO went out to tho
ham but I AII nothing I then wont back to
the lioiiuo and mid another search I wont
to IIloH room Dr Ilnwen held ho door
nnd told mo to wait Hn then talked to Ilzzlo
and came out and asked me I It was nOCeH8nry
II mnko the search 1 sill I was and told
Llzrln that I muM 1 search tlm house
How long will It take you1 BhA asked I
liopo rOi will dolt aulckly for all this makes
m < > hick1
When did you sooMlse llorden last asked
Mr Fleet About lloeloojc whon 1 was go
Int ilnvvii stairs said LizIn
Where did > ou sen her then
In hei loom as I pasted tho door on my
wnydoHii stair
In tlm tli t invercntlon with thn
II tlI 111 cIIll aton wih wllnofs
JI zll told him that Mi H llorden had received I
letter anil bud com nut In answer to I Did
Llrlo Hmdon know when she saw her mother
II her room nll I oclock that Bho was going
cm I kliii did how did sho know It t It olli
ilid 1 not know It then how could she have found
1 out hum vvliun slut did not HUD her mother t
Tomorrow morning I Is probable tlmt tho
1111 rtllr who bulled thn bodleb will betha I
Ilisl vvilneKH lie will testify I that ho took the
valuables from the ptckctx of Mr llordnn and
ciivn them to Ir1 Inn who In turn put them
In tho hunts of tho Court
A Smilcloun ConYer llon wlileli Morgan
Minium HUTU H lr lie Ilrnrd
A man who gavo his naroo as Morgan William
lam Davis and s lid that he win a locomotive
engineer from Columbus called at Iollce
Headquarters In Jersey City yentorday und
told Huporlntondent Smith that he had
tolt tullerlntondeDt Smih over
heard two men nbo spoke la a Busplcloui
r I v 1
manner about the Dordon murders I was
in tho Pennsylvania Ilrra < I ylrdlwild
Davis at about 0Vclock Sunday
9Tonlnaand went Int A oar to lo11 was
reclining on ono of the seats and bnd keen
there about hal an hour whon two mon cnmo
In Ono of them had a smooth shaven face
and the other wore a moustache The fctnooth
faced man said to the othor Did rou net my
lotten Tho other answered I Bot one
but not tho other1 Toll mo About
that murder In Fall nivpr Do you think
John did It naked tho first sneaker
lou know ho did was the reply Holt him
InDoston about ten days before tho murder
He was to alout Fal Ilver told Mm whoro
ho could find mo In New Xotk Ho khowod UP
at tho tlmn hn said he would and told me that
ho committed tho murdBrn Ho hoted me
porno spots of blood on hli pants and Hold
hnd tried to wash them out Ho told me ho
wns BolnB to rhlcsBo and would write to mo
but flmve not heard from him John Is tho t
luckiest man I ever heard ofsaltthe other
man would have been hung twenty years
ago If I had dono what he has1
The men then caught sUtht of me cpntln
uodDals and hurried out of the cor I
wont to the station master nnd told him what
I had hArd aUton toll two or three brake
men TheyadvUodmoto notify a pollooman
found DetGCtlves ballon and SforrlB am
they searched around tho depot nnd yard but
could not find the mon Two men answer ng
their description wore seen going out of llio
upper end of tho depot The men wero well
drassci I and seemed to bo SO or 35 years old
Superintendent Hmlth orossauostioned tlie
engineer but he stuck to his story Ho Mid
ha had been out of work for sometime and
was here In search of employment The
Buporlntendont ban sent tho man statement
to Lizzie Cordons lawyer
Bot In nnlterfleld Vnrn Arttrvrard Fonnd
AllTr but U erlou I
GOOD QnotiND Auc 20 Another chanter I
was today added to the unhappy marital re
lations of Jeweller X O Uutterfleld of Itocka
way Beach and tits wife Alice M This morn
ing Mrs Dutterflold loft the boarding honsoof
William Ilaynor In this place clad only In hor
night dress and was found this afternoon
bushes in cataleptic state
lying In a clump of a cataleptc
In tho latter part of Juno Mrs ButtorDold
trleii to commit suicide by taking poison at
her homo nt llockaway TJoacli Medical aid
was summoned nnd by vigorous methods
her Ufa was saved At that time Mrs Butter
field stated that the cause of hor action was
tho poverty whtoh threatened thdrn Tho
neighbors said that Mr liutterflold was in
sanely jealous of his wife who was less than
PO years of ago and good looking vVhlle ho had
passed 00 years
On July 23 the couple l liadBomo trouble In
their houso at Itockaway in which a pistol
went off and Mr Uutterfleld was wounded In
tho arm Mrs Uutterfleld was arrested
charged with trying to shoot her husband
When she was arraigned before Justice Smith
she said that the shooting was accidents Her
husband failed to make a complaint against
her and sho was discharged
Immediately after the hearing In court the
couple separated lra Uutterilcld came to
Uood Ground on money advanced to hor by
some neighbor on personal effects hho first
nouttoa boarding house kept by Mrd Oliver
Fanning but left there shortly afterward and
annlnl one kept by William Ilaynor < Her
conduct while here was exceedingly quiet but
pressod at times she seemed melancholy and de
Mrs Buttcrflcld retired early last evening
and nothing more was heard or seen of hor
until H oelock this morning I was the usual
thine for her to be among tbo first at tlio break
fast table but this morning sho did not make
hor appearance Mrs Itaynor nt onco sent 0
IPparance stairs to cal her The girl
rapped several times upon the door but thero
was no response Tho girl then tried tho
door which sho found locked This surprised
her as Mrs Buttorlleld was not in the habit of
fastening her door
tastentnl Ierl ran down stairs and told Mrs Ray
nor who after repeatedly knocking on the
door and receiving no response caused the
door to be forced open Tnero was nooccu
pant in the room On 0 chair hung Mrs
utterflolds street attire and a n examination
of her closets showed that none of her wear
ing apparel was missing with the exception of
a night dross
I was evident that Mrs Buttorfleld had left
tho room and houso by way of tho window
Hhe had jumped several feat to the eround
and her footprint wero plainly discernible
On u table tn MrA Buttorllelds room was
found a letter addressed to rl Kaynor
which was evidently hurriedly written It
stated that In all probability by the tlmo tho
letter was opened her body would ba at tho
bottom of bhlnnecock Bay lIr8 Butterflnld
wrote that she saw nothing but trouble In tha
future and that this was hor cause for not
caring to live A second envelope was found
containing a sum of money which she directed
Mrs Itaynor to take for her board and also
some change for a little girl who bad acted as
her maid during her stay
The bay was thoroughly dragged and tho
sand hills In the vicinity scoured t 3 oclock
one of tho party found Mrs Butterllold lying
In a elurnp of bushes but a short distance from
the Ha > nor houso Hhe was unconscious and
unable to movo a muscle Hor arms und
limbs as well as her head fell back limply
when moved and to all outward appearances
she was dad A more careful examination
showed that life was not nxtlnct Hhe was
carted to Mrs Kaynors and medical assist
ance summoned but sho has not revived
They Cal Vie Names UeClubi and Knlvel
nd HUB 1b > The Are Drunk
Patrick Fletcher keeps I dingy little grocery
store on William street near Wilbur avenue
In that part of Long Island City known as
Dutch Kills lie has lived thero for a number
of years and ever since he came there he and
ills family havo been tho terror of tlio nolgh
Dorhood They have been arrested a number of
lmes Tho neighbors say that every Satur
day night they get drunk and go around look
Ing for fight
On Saturday nlcht n week ago after con
suming tho usual amount of beer they con
ceived I dislike for John Walker it ho lives
just across the street from them Mrs Fletcher
armed herself with u club nnd want over and
knocked on Walkers door When Walker
cams out she belted him on the hat with
such good wilt that he has been laid up
Next door to tho Walkers In a neat Ito
cottage lives Hanry Sclpp au Industrious
bricklayer with his wife nnd children
nnd his aged father ant mother The neigh
bors speak of them as quite respectable peo
ple Thny always have a friendly word for
everybody and never took Bides with ntchnr
or his enemies Thin did not suit the Fletchers
ers and as tho friendly relation between tho
Walkers and tho helppH continued after Walker
had been clubbed tho displeasure of the
letchers Increased Tho crisis was reached
on last Katurduy night
The Solpps were sitting on their stoop when
at about 1 > t oclock tho Fletchers who had
drunk themselves up to lighting pitch came
put Into their front yard A man named Hhce
han was with them Mrs lotcher 1 and another
other woman leaned on the fence and liegan
calling old Mrs Hclpp vile names Young
halpp got angry and remonstrutcd with the
woman Ho had hardly begun to talk when
I letcher followed by Hheelmn ran across tho
Ptront Flotchnr mada I poke at hoipp with
his left arm tietpn warded ofT the blow and
then Fletcher stabbed him in the left side
with a small knife
Hnlpp crabbed Fletcher and as ho did so
Bhoelian caroo up bihlnd him nnd alined n
blow at his hand with I hatchet helpp saw
the blow and ducked but nut In time to pro
Ant n bit of his scalp bnlng chopped off Then
nil three cllncbpd and fell to thn mound
horo they rolled ovnr and ov m and wound up
11 n corner with heipp underneath lying on
liinfaco Fletcher who was next on top got
Uulrps ear In his mouth und bit n piece CUt of
It Jiy this time a crowd had gathered and
whon somebody yelled Iollce ilotchor and
Jheohnn left their victim and run olf
Helpp was badly used up but not seriously
Injured Tho wound in his side did not
amount to much tho knife having struck I
rib letcher wax arrested Hewaxarrulgnud
was In Justlio held for KaTunaghB trial court yesterday nut
lllBbwny Bobber In Norwalk Conn
NonwALK Conn Aug 20 Armorer Iuthor
Whitney of the Fourth Heclment armory found
Charles McCarthy In the cellar
Charlel 1lcCArth collr of the building
yesterday morning In n badly usedup con
dition Ho llv OB In tho outskirts of the town
and while on his way home at about midnight
on Saturday night ho naa struck nn the head
with a sandbag or similar weapon us he was
passing the urmory In West avenue Ho was
rendered unconscious and when he recovered
he was in the cellar having been plated thorn
by his assailants who had apparently dropped
him through a coal chute Eighteen dollars
In money I new suitor clothes and the over
coat ho wore at tho time of thn assault were
taken Wh n he recovered consciousness Mc
Carthy made an effort to escape from tho col
lar hit mlto unable to do ii und h1 to wRit
the the highwaymen arrival of the armorer hire la no clue t
Kail iptclil tralnito IB AOUOoaacki TlaMcw V rk I
Btr Cd iijdH i
f T >
The Low Frier H T Olvt ttlals
Dont be caught
by cut prices
Dont buy spuri
ous imitations of
Dr Piercos niedl
dncj ut lens than
the regular prieoa
and think that
youre suvinc
money You
would be if vou
could cet the prntifn ffuaranttetl mcdlolnes
In that way Hut you cant Tho gciitiinti
medicines alwas have been are aoid ulvvnya
will bo sold nt tho following prii e
Dr Fieicos lolden Medina Discovery the
reuitxly for nil disuses umuijr from u torpid
liver or Impuri blood 100 per Imttlo
Dr Jlen a Favorito rrefrription for wo
mans woaknesscj und ailments tlOO
Dr Ficrcos Flcasant Fellrts tlie original
and best Littlu Liver Pills as ccnta per ial
And theyre worth more than that Tbejre
the cheapest medlcinos you ran buy at cniy
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to lienellt or cure or you havo your money
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Dealer not nuthoi Izotl to hell Dr Tierce s
ofniiuic medicines may offer dilutions im
Italians or sulistltutea at le than the price
jlven above B ware vl UJOB
at an
omc If in ourint ot AilrertHln Actnclti you
do not Utiil one runvvaient I
Handrail Co
372 374 376 BROOME STREET
1MMI SAli clllAIAchllT > p t a itentlt h n4
> nnu > iitin about 12 tmiitls liUli toti ptia ton h r
> II H miie whip lilankiii Ac tho compleltit b r
iaitieir uttrn i uwnr tuid tin ftirtber me Cor am
AUilrrMiiriallunJ BIMAN 70H Kant ISlhlt
AFiw Fiiofvvoitv TOl ncaatKS tM and an
7Unliini Uooilernt
rnuiltlrl > turn 111 u r e infiirlaUr rl n
< < trhtlinnl n In i luilurri IrK
n < l Wk il iiiittn i > nr jln liir ucrupimr
tun liult ttic no u of un ol j laliii l il beute l v
uu iiroot huuiUiiiiiF ilurable o tu fluu iOOO
iftteucti Vi ntt ivr ItUtiuivil cnulijut
ITS FATti Iff Yfiir rOn FOll TKAKH
Tie Director or tie immunllcd Mrlropol
I Oprift none to Or pp1eWMb tie
OjntetloB TadnyfleTeritl of Then H ld
1e > Fnar Ihe I4e of CanTtrllnK tbe
Fnihlonnlila rt > yinii > e Into a Hotel
I Is barely possible that this big town may
havo t got along without grand opera this
season and for several seasons to come Of
course tills Is not official but Is based upon
conversations with various stockholders of
tho Metropolitan Opera House Company yes
terclar From remarks made by them tho
directors meeting which Is to bo hold this
morning raihoofDco of tho company In the
Metropolitan Opera House Is a Croat deal
moro significant than appears on the surface 1
Uron this meeting depends the future of the
I has ben an open secret for a lone time
that tho Metropolitan Oporo House has never
paid Grand opera WAS given season after
season at nn enormous expense ThU expense
was mot by subscriptions Each box was
taxed 3000 n season The heavy assessments
ments which ware loloJ It looms caused
considerable grumbling A number of the
stockholders came to the conclusion some
tlmo aeolt Is ullceed that the opei house
was too cxpcnslv a luxury ant formulated a
plan to make It a paying Investment They
favorod altering it Into n hotel This scheme
was presented to the Hoard of Directors and
mot tho approval ot several of tholn In fnt
a director toll n SUN reporter yesterday that
tho Board hal of late seriously considered the
advisability of mnklnc this change From what
this gentleman Bald It Is fair toussumo that
the directors will give this subject a trout
tell of attention at their meeting today The
fact that that part of the building devoted to
tho stage was swept completely awixy by tho
lames on Saturday and that the auditorium
of tho opera house wns practically destroyed
so far as furnishings ore concerned will bo
urged by thoso faorlnc tho Idea of making a
change at this time Unas though that the
Seventh avenua wall had not been Injured by
the lire except at the extreme top u par of
which had been torn down whon tho heavy
iron roof foil in but yesterday tho Building
the wall dangerous
Department decided that ni was
gerous and a cordon of police was stationed
on Seventh nvenuo to keep pedestrians and
teams away from tho dancer 1 tho directors
should decide to ohanco the opera house into
an hotel society would suddenly find Itself with
out a posing place and tho musicloving peo
plo would bo deprived of the privilege of hoar
ing grand opera hero for somo tlmo at least
Tho meeting of the directors today further
promise to deoloi a misunderstanding
between the Metropolitan Opera House
Company and tho amusement firm of
Abler Behoeffol nnd Orau over tho contract
existing between thorn Just what the Ian
cuageot the contract is could not bo learned
yesterday A director liovv UN or stated that
the contract contains a tlauso which made It
void in the event of 0 lire Mr bchoelTel on
the other hand said that the clauso provides
that tho contract bhall bo void only I tho opera
house should be totally destroyed by flra In
the ev ent of its being only partially destroyed
Mr Schooffol said tho contract btlpulutes
that tho house sJntll be repaired In ninety dIY
Tho director will pass upon thisqueittiun this
morning and tho director w ho holds t lio oppo
site opinion to that of Mr hchoellol was aulte
confident that the directors would ctund together
gether on the jiolnt 1 they should decldB on
these lines Abbey behoollel RUt Uruu will
suffer great loss 1 ho monetary terms of tho
contract which have been closely guarded by
tho directors of tho Opera House Company
provldu a guarantee of > JtXJO a performuncu
to tho lessees Inthuutrlcal circle ycbteiday
it was said that Abbey bchooffel and Uruu ox
peat to get this guarantee from the Metropoli
tan Opera House Company oven if the play
house should not be ready for them
Mr bclioeffol the only member of tho firm
in Now York lit present most assuredly U
worrying himself I great deal over tho pre
dicament his Urna appears l to bo In lio mo
on from Boston on bumlay and looked the
situation over Ho oatnlnod the burned
playhouse accompanied by his architect J 1 I
McElpatrlck As I result of that examination I
Mr bchoelTol stated emphatically that the I
opera house could bo repaired In tlmn for
opening tho season on Nov I as intended I
J tho company will furnihh me tho CUlls Ill
take the responsibility of getting the work
done Mr hchoolTol said 1 built my iio
mont Thoatro In Bcston in four months and
the Metropolitan Opora llutiso In Now York
ought surely tn bo repaired by Nov 21 I Ilia
only thing which I can sen thaI might delay
tho Is ttine thu lion girders
woik of reuniting 1llnl II0n Ilnl
ers for tho roof Ihey vuil have to bo mado t
order and all tho Iron foundries nro pretty
busy just nOl But think tho order could bo
divided among I number of mills and in that
way wo would not experience any delay
lien asked what plans his firm hal formu
lated in case tho directors nt their mooting
thin morning conclude that they cannot re
pair tho liouso in time for the grand opera
season of 18UOJ Mr tihoelTel taid that ho
had dons nothing and would do nothing until
he heard whnt the directors propo ed to do
From another source howevor it was learned
that Muurlco Gran hud cabled from Lurlstadt
to see I his llrm could liuvo tho old Academy
of Music grand in
for their season opera tha
event of the Jack i took being withdrawn
There was a proviso In Mr Cirnu s cablegram
however it was said I was that thu all
boxes should which be replaced were taken out of the Academy
A prominent Btoekholdor In tho Metropoli
tan Opera House Company who doeflot want
his nanfe used sold to a M ps reporter jester
day You may state Unit It lspo slblebut not
probable that tho Metropolitan will ba re
paired In threo month tlmo To do BO would
require a large force of men at work day and
night Wo could not wait for anything and
anybody who has uver dono any building
knows that one has to wait for many things
This gentleman further stated that ho thought
it morothnulikely that the directors would
discuss tho Question of changing the opera
houan Into a hotel this monilni and that ho
Would not be surprised to hear that < they had
decided to lake tho change nt once He said
he know that It had tfn 1 dlfeussednt piovious
meetings of thedlroUoi and that soveral of
chnnao tltem were rod hot lo the contemplated
The scorched wall and roofless portion of the
opera houso on tho teventli avenue side still
atm t Lrout ctawils iesterday tho pollre
wero bUby keeping Ihl people moving Flro
Chief liounerand Filtillon Chief lleiiuol in
spected tho burned pirt of the building yostnr
da > Lhlor Bonner declared the Seventh nvo
nuu wall dangerous eclrlt tuuied It over to
Superintendent llnuh ur < > r tlio Dulldln Depart
ment Chief Homier eolluintod the lusson tho
building nt 5100000 No attempt wan miide
yesterday to clonraniy the debris In tho Mugo
Pit I was still hot hocrotary Mclnron of
the Opera liouso Company admitted that hit
had now no hope of MIIH any of thefOOOOO
worth of scrnory whUh was under thn Binge
llio oxact iimount of Inxuranco which thn
Mctropulltaii tJpori Ilimco Company parried
waK UOOO on thu building and MHJfiO on
Ihofurnlture sceuoi and cobtumvs This u I
llroctor told 0 HUN loiTtwr was deemed nut
Iclelt as the onori houuo was buppooed to
o allreproof I building 8UP10 <
llio ColunibUH colouration bannuot wlJleh
was tr huo btcm hold In tho Metropolitan
Ipera HOIIHO on Dot 1 I will takn place In tho
Curnogla engaged jCBturclay Muolc Hall lubtoud JIlt Imll was
llnllol Iiiw bclionl lit ren IYaI
rmrADKUiiiA Aug 20en 1rank llecdor
Mid J Marshall Vrlght Chairmen respect
ively of tho Itopubllcan and IJeroocratlo Htnto
Committees ngaln mot today with reforonco
to the form of the ballot for tho election In No
ember They wero to hao conforrod with
National Chairman and Secretary of tho Com
mnnwuallh Hnrrlty with rwfiMiiio to points
raUfd by OLII llui ilei but as Jlr llarrlt > wan
not In tho clu llui tn hnlrmon couli du
nntlilnir Kaoli Hlalo Chnliuiun U iiiixloii
tlmtoxury point shall bl IolUt l I IH l known
that all u > or Ihe htaleclubH and othtr drtian
Uatlunn of both partleitaro liard at Wl In
Btructlnu tlni Vdtern how to propam their bal
lots as rouulred by the ucl of Auuembly
Tlii Canudlun J rino AltllnK flilnoe to 1nmn
II I lie ncrj cr
WAMIIMTOV Aug 20 Acting BocrcUry
Bpnuldlng rne written E 11 Tuohey United
Btutes Deputy Collector of Customs at Mon
treal that United States Inupectors inform
him that employees connected with vha Cana
dian 1aclllo llallroad aid Chlnenoto van nor
that road from Canada to thu United Mates
dud that since MnylactJOOLhlnoso havctaken
thotmlnHat Toronto for points oti 11 Mlchl
tnn fiontlcr Mr Tuohoy I H ln triipti > d tn pre
sent thc > i fttcln to I thnonlclala uf llh Canmllun
1aclllo Itailtoad wlh u I > low to putting a
stop to thu practice
ZN sixa sixo of
Irrie < the Bond Forcer Entcm Upon it
Fonrlen Ycnr Scntrnct
IAectlvo Adams of Inspector Htpersn Rlat
And titato Uctcctlvo Jackson nrrhcil lattnlch
from Jefferson City Mo with Charles J 1or
rlnc the rnllrond bond forger who U also
known as Qcorso E Vincent C J Williamson
nnd Slovenennd took him to SlnlSlnl toscne
out an unoxplrad sentence Iorrlnu was re
leased from the Missouri penitentiary on Sat
urday mornlne and was roarrostod by the do
sates teeth os as lie was walking out of tho prison
Ierrino Is tho forgers real name Ho Is a
nattv o of Malono and his father is said to hav o
been Sheriff of tho county He has a brothor
Inlnw who II a Wall street broker Iorrlne
was llrst arrested about 1817 for robbing a
lacottoro In Walker street with Jack Uorans
alias Strauss Ha escaped conviction In
February 1809 he was arrested with Jim
Gorman for L tho burglary of Huirh McKays
BIIK euro la nowaru sireou Jtocoruer Jiackeii
sent Forrlno to Stato prison for four years
While imprisoned In Slug Sinn 1errlno bo
camo acquainted with somo famous forgers
nnd on his release again was formed In
September 1871 tbo gang produced and sold
over 000 000 worth of forged bonds of tho
New lork Central and tho Buffalo New York
and Lako Lrlo roads
Superintendent Ityrnos then Chief of tho
Ioteetho liuroau uurmlscd that Qcorzo
1 nglex who wns then at liberty was tho only
man capable of executing such a big job ana
ho and Andy Roberts and Uoortco Oleaxon
wore arrested They woro not convicted bul
cpent n number of years in tho Tombs and
Ludlnw Btreet jail Ierrlnu and alter K
Mieridan alias Italston and Steve llaymond
alias Marshal disposed of the bonds llay
mond was robbed of his share which amount
ed to nearly l00000by Jimmy Hooy and Hod
Leary Itaymoud was sentenced to State
1rison for life but was pardoned by tlov
riovver on July 4 last 1urrino escaped and
spent his money travelling around tlio world
While away ho prepared 100000 worth of
sovon por cent gold bonds of the California
nnd Orccan branch of tho Central 1aelllo
Kallroad Ha bold a lot of theso to Rollins
lirothers of liroad and Wall streets and was
nccotlatiiu for tho sale of more whon ho was
cauuht again Ho was tried nnd convicted on
throe countH before Juduo tilldorsleeve who
sentenced him to llftecu j oars in blng bing on
octu iHTa
A jear later n fire was started in the bake
shop and In tho confusion Ierrlnu gotauay
Ho wont to London In March IBTtS nnd under
the mimoof < Imrles Chunvood or bherwood
was nrrebted for forgeries directed against tho
Inlon Dank of London Ho turned State
evidence and Dan J > oble Joo Chapman and
Clutch Donohue threo other forgerjwere con
lcted rerrlnowas bent to Dartmouth prison
for ten years but was released in 18 1 in con
sideration of having given Mates evidence
1errinos picture given hero was taken at
this time and Is now 201 In tho llogues Jai
lors Thohandvvrltlngonthofrlato is his own
Hu returned to this country after his release
and travelled all over Canada and the South
1errine was scon In New iorlrln 1R84 and In
tho fall of that year turned up in St Louis He
obtained 53000 from Uio St Louis Na
tional Hank by means of a forged letter
of credit on the Now Orleans btote
Hunk Ho was again arrested and was sen
tenced to ten years in 1 8 > His boutencu wns
Ehottened forgooil behavior
Snrden llrovvn of Mngblng know that Fer
rine was to bo liberated from tho Missouri
penitentiary and arrangements were mado
for his apprehension lie now has fourteen
> cars to servo in Mnc blng on his old sen
tence und may bo again tried for netting fire
to tho prison anil got tvvonty cars more
1errlno is now in his fiftieth year Ho Is 5
feet a inches tall and wan In bis prlmo ol
handsome ilguro and pleasing address Ho
lias spent most of his manhood In prison and
will probably neer bo a freo man again
So II 1Tent to a Hotel ml Left IIli Homo
tn the Uurjzlnr
Marcus Illgelnbotham an optician and
joweller reported to tho police josterday that
his houso 33 Lexington avenue Jersey City
Heights had boon entered by burglars on
Irlday night nnd robbed of SiOO worth of
goods Mr IHcglnbothnms family aro at
Asbury Park but ho remains at home and
iilts them onco a week Ho attended soivlces
nt tho Jersey City Tahernaclo lat lilday
night nnd on returning home about lio clock
hlH latch key failed to work 1 rom fuleeiiueiit
developnieutB It Is evident that tlio umnhus
were In the housn then and hail put the dead
latch on Not wishing to d 1sturli thn neighbor
Mr Hluglnbutham went down town and tooku
room at Taylors Hotel On bituidaj bu vvtmt
downtrv Asbury Iarl and teniainul overMm
day When he mnt to the bouse jettirday
mornlnir he found that every room had boon
ransacked and evor > thmg of valuo thai was
portable taken away
Arrot of u > rrlril lljnimtlcr
MONTOEAI Auif 20 llio Montreil de
tectives this afternoon arrested two men and
n woman horo on suspicion of being 1rench
dynamiters Whon tho dynimlto outrages
took place recently In 1arls several of tho pur
tlclpxnts mado good tholr escape 1hoto
craphs and dwrii tiv > circulars weio sent to
all tlie largo oltkn In tliawoild Afctwrtuvs
ago tho Montreal deli tives ero notified uy
tliorreichConhUl il ilrnid that several of
tlio d > nunlteis weio aupposod to bo iu
WAfUir0aionB scnreh th dptectlvos this after
noon arrested in a small lOMnurant cm tho
wharf two mn a woman and two cdil dr n
Lt t ii L nn trt Ink I t lfM
Head uYlorTa d il tlr truSk were tho
oiiKhly KeaichLd but traeo of anything
1 ho norused pro
test theh Innocence lliiv say that they eume
fiorn IDLland on I aid tholarlslanandknow
nothing of tlm clyn imlto outrages Tho de
tectlvntt refuse to giva their names or any in
formation about tliuu
Illllfll U U llOR
NIVVAIUI Aug A huge Kngllsh mastiff
which forseverulyearohnsbeonupotof Water
Commissioner Albert Halm was killed yester
day because hn had bitten ono of Mr Hahna
childien Ihe child was running through a
darkened room at lir honin and Htoppod upon
one of 11 igs iiitts The animal simply
erowl dnt Ihe lime but has flnee been very
unfrlonilly towaid tlio llttln girl Yesterday
without iinv nurnlnc h sprang upon her und
bit her Tlio dog nUo bit her brother W lllle
If 1Vn Inrohcrrnl FntROt Alnnr of llti
IlnoMncI Irfl < ho Hlnitr Ahrnplli Al
Irlihraen Uo CViixy M mn 1 Inir Me Pnld
An eager and a ourlosltycoulrolloit audlonc
flllcd Tony Tastora Theatre last night i
good vaudoUllo bill had bean prepared bu
tho magnet was tho soenth turn on th
programme Tho once favorlto Celtic como
dlixn Harry Kernel whoxn mind has becom
unbalanced according to all reports of late wa
waited for anxiously to make his npponraiico
Ha ambled forth In his ou < tomnry hhlfdcss
way liut what a clmngol His wellwlrhors
could hardly repress a slch Thuro ho stood
n moro ultlablo picture than tho cadlystrlckoi
Bcanlnn tho poor holplons Hart tho mad
denod McCullough or any other of tho lonu
lUtof demented ontcrtnlncrg
Tho onco popular Hairy brother of tho
deepvoiced vigorous John Kernel WAS him
self no moro Thp fact was plainly lslblo to
tho nrlestbtrnngor Ho told a limp story o
two gave out a few tame jokos and than at
tempted to spin a yarn In his former Inlmlta
bio way about nn old Irish woman attending
a Mcttiodlrtt church Tho result wasuuldon
Inc Ho got IIH far as tho entt > rliu of thundl
lice Then ho Moppnd looked pleadingly n
hit right stauo entrance and In a tiak voice
Rttlpnd nut
Well hos like nil Irishmen They oro sun
posed to iro craxy HOIUO time
Tho elTfct of this upon tho auulencn was
distressing Tho remark was purely Ir
relevant A hiss loud and lone wont up
drou nine tho kindly ahcors o friends Harry
KernnllH cnroor had found a moro bitter llnalo
than that of any of his predecessors among
tho Htagu H sufferers
Ills follow performorR aided by tho manage
of the housn did everything iionslbloto COM
uptho ciimodtnnBdellniiuiincios Vet there he
stood through dnnco and song throuul
dreary quips nnd tho sorriest of fildi > iOl
convcrsntlon grinning foolishly halting It
Mop faulty In memory nnd most grievous o
all walking off without tho slightest vxouso
nnd at most Inopportune times
It may bo mid news for his myriad of ft lends
but the fact Is to bo told that Kernoll in in a
distressing plight It was proved by las
nlKhty public performance that he had rrmohcc
n condition vvhero ho xhould ho rH tralnn <
He was hlssud repeatedly and naturally th
outbursts of disfavor nta plaeo whore ho hai
long beencock of tlie walk ony served to
InnrnnHA IIIA nnnnimnnim fanuupr Snmlnr
son and Kernells associates wore thoroughly
upset at th nutcomo of the comaillan
recaption nnd It was hinted that last night1
performance would b tho last for Kernel A
any rate his Intimates assorted that they
thought It was tlmo that he should b takei
nway from tho turmoil of professional life
nnd rarefully guarded from an thing tending
to excite his already highly nervous tempera
in ent
Kernel cav a signs of mental collapse povera
weeks ago as ilrst noted In THE HIIV He ha
for years boon regarded an eomewhit occon
trie but his symptoms of latohnve been tin
mlstakable It was thought that last night
porformanco might rouso him to something
like his old solf but tha result was dlsaHtrous
All tho performers who saw him agreed tha
it would bo folly to permit him to continue on
the stage Uuoenie Vassar Kornnlls wife
playod In A Trio to Chinatown at tho Madl
son Square last night It was said that sli
would no longer hesitate to havo him oxnm
inod by specialists
InBpectlnc the ReBlon That lie Mav 1as
iBtelllnenllr on JJIII ITctlnE It
BAHINAC INK N Y Auc 20 Gov 1lovvo
and party consisting of Mrs 1lowor Mr ant
Mrs John H Taylor of Vntertown and Stonoe
rauhor X T York arrived hero nt 8 oclock
this evonlng from 1aul bmlthi liuvlnp mad
the journey by boat through tho seven ponds
After suppor tho Governor and party wor
taken for n two hours rido on tho uppo
Saranac Lako on tho steamer Siranuc They
werejolnnd by Dr S li Ward ofAIImny Mr
lovolandB iutlmnto friend F K Grisvvold o
Albany Louis iloy W V Kiddle ami D W
Klddlonf tho Sarnnac Inn Association
Tho Oovernor is greatli Intoie ted In the
preonatlon and dovelopinent cif tho Adlron
daek riLlon and ho proposes to BOO foi him
selfsotlint hn may pass Intelligently upni
Iccislntlon alToctinc it Ho thinks that tin
Adirondack Commission should l > o enlargoi
to at loiist sovon memberB and tlmt mm
ihould boBolectod as Commissioners who are
familiar with this region He taye thero has
bon too much slipshod work about tho
salo of Adirondack lands by tho Mute In
the jm t Ho thinks that Wubbs new rail
way xhould bo welcomed by all One hundrcc
and Illty thousand persons visit tho CnNkills
cvory joar ho sujs and H the Adlrnndacksaro
mado easy of access by proper railroad faclli
ties thu fnnio number of tourists will visl
thoRO mountains Tho Oovcrnor accompanlet
by Mrs Flower Mr and Mrs Taylor Mr York
and Mrs Wiley will start tomorrow mornlnu
by boit through tho haranncs for the Hole
Ampersand and the Algonquin He will pass
the iilght at tho latter hotel
Room hrcnrcd for < bn Suhoomrolttett In
Cnictno Aug 20 Tho subcornmltteo o
tho Xatlonal Commlttuo nhich is to conduci
tho Western Democratic campaign has at
last secured quarter Today anuncomcnts
were completed with ttio Unity Company to
lease to tho Campaign Committee tho entire
banking lloor of tho Unity building from now
till tho end of tho soar Tho leaio also in
cludes a number of prlvato ofllces on tho
upper floors of the building vvlikh will bo
ntrangcd for consultation rooms U his build
inn Is owned byI I Alteeldtho candidate for
Governor anil Is situated conveniently with
refirenco to tho headquarters of the State
Central Committee In the hliormau House
1 ho hulldini Is on Dearborn street It IB llio
wish of dlalMovenson tint bis law partner
Jamen B IhUnc of llloomlnutun should ba
appointed manager of tho Utnnocratlo Went
ern branch hnaduuarteia about to bo vfitab
IHicdln thiseity
It Is understood that the VlcePro idonlml
notnlneudoeB not appoint tho munaeor but
lis inteivst In thevvoik of tho RUbcniumlttee
s bo great that it is almost certain that thobo
who lime boon drawn by tho National Com
mittee to establish the brunch will cive his
Usdre th ctciitist consideration Thu fact
lowover that Mr Ewlna Is on the National
Committee may prevent his appointment
A Ilntrl Mnn a Iovcr xnd Ilrr Tribe of
Forttina Iellerfl MourB Her lr > Mrnre
Ollle tho Gypsy Queon has flod from Coney
sland leaving consternation In tho I roasts of
UT swarthy tribe who liavo followed her for
unos inroucnouiino Reason at esi iincnion
> ho also leaves creditors whoso clilnis ag
croiite 4r0
Ollle is a darkeyed beauty of about 20 who
protended to b very Intimate with the future
< ha pitched her camp In front of the SIM Iteach
alacuiljout two mouth ugo vvilh about ten
of her rate She did a landolllco lninlDess
with oxeuralonlntB Olllu looked tliUful so
eVorybidy tiustnd her Aininitf thos vvho arn
nournlng her depatrurn urn tin1 hei lieinh
alaie for rent Meyers Hotel for hoard n
over who looked into hor lliuid oib and
oponid hi purso strlngB a > ii > < truHb and
ier body guard of fortune lullxrh mong tho
ortiino tellers are thn swarthy bODiiound
K > iint > llig Kllza and iranii li > il nok who
mi passed through HJ Oegreo in irognostl
itlon At tlio Iotst Olllce It wnrf asvnrlulnid
hat Olllh had ordered her inul lit to Haiti
noro In care of the Monumentil Iheatre
hhol III Wife und Klllrl Illraieir
Mu clt Ind Aug < llioodore Illrd a
shoomakor this morning fliot blswllo and
hnn put two bullets in hln own brain I ho
man died at 1030 and ho woman js at tho
point of death with n bullet In her brain hliu
annot recover liird vuisa hard drinkvraril
van madly joaloui of hU wlfii Last night lio
hrentetitd to kill tho woman nnd she look
ier liaiik daughter and slept in the WLudt near
ho hiiiiHe hho hud secnrul u luvulver tn Plo
Itt herself and whon MM cMtirud tbo houso
IH moinlng Illrd took tlu < weapon from her
ind iiulikly rommllted the ijouhlo crlma In
I in preHnnee of their two littlii children a hoy
nd girl Illrd had Iclt n note Buying thu
voniun would not fei d tlu < rhlldrnn Tho
iplghborH said Illrd initieated tho unman
often heutliii hor iu a brutal munnur vvhllo bo
Tb rrnnnj lvnnlu Tuanrl lit IklluJrlpUU
ruiiApriniiA Aug 2fTlio ronnBlvnnla
tallroads new tunned at tho junction of the
main lino and the Now York division has boon
irnetleally eompletecl after more than a oars
vork All > w York division trains urn now
mining through tho tunnel and llm avuid
nu doliiisniusod b > tho Pihsliigof triliunn
hn niiiln line Tho oiibtrintii > n of llm tunnel
vas accomplished vvlthiul tliu tdlghUct diday
o tralllu at any tlmo Tho danger of ollUlon
With main line trains nt thu juuctlon U obso
utily done uway with
Aiiititatir tot nzovoo
The Srlljcmnn Inileutor tn Tnforco Xfcelr
tlnlni on I tie Iliilluck < V YVIIder Co
Deputy HherllT Yo received an attachment
ycfiturdny for jrU00 against the liulloclc Jt
Wilder Company railroad contractor of 40
Wall sticot In favor of Isaac k Leopold on the
ground tlmt It Is a foreign corporation It Is
undoistood tho claim Is for money advanced
to build tho Monterey nnd Mexican Gulf Hall
way hlch wont Into tho luindb of aroculvor
a low months ago
Uho llullook A Wilder Company was Incor
pointed undor Now Jorsoy laws In June 1800
with tin nuthorlreil capital of Mx > 000 all Is
sued In payment for Bullock V Wildors Inter
est In the Monterey and Moxlcau Gulf Itall
wiy vvhieh they upoited Ulioiuas 8 lul
lock vvis Uce1resldout of tbo railway com
panyind Victor A Wilder Secretary Tholiul
lock A Wilder Company was formed to pro
moto tho salo of tlio bonds of tho railroad
comjinnr It Is said that about 5
000000 of tho first morlcngo bonds were
golrt nt tki nnd tho Mexican subsidy bonds at
> Somn of tho bonds It l Bald worn also
pledged for loans and tho Mullock V Wilder
Companys Intetest it is said consists of tha
inilty In the bonds taken for construction
bejond tho amount of those sold and subject
to tho loans llm ilullock
> V iUloi Com
pany never had a iitingat Itiatlirirf The
attachment vvan served Oti thn Hullork t WIN
dur Company and also on tho Monterey and
Mexican duff 11 illwuy Cciiiiptny
Mr llulloik said last nluht
Isaac A Leopold nro mombers of tho J
W hellgman I inking llrm During several
oar tu t thn htlliniiin biothorH ol London
Imvudono bmlue > for tit in tho matter of
Klaeloc bonds und stocks to tho amount of
many millions of dollat For ponio tlmo thern
has hi en In disputu between tho holtgmans of
Lonilon and thn liullockWilder Company u
cerlal cuiiimlssion thu dlppnto concerning a
question of anount several months agotho
London hoiisii infornud us that unless w
Bottled on tho basis of this claim which was
61 > < > 000 they would attach us Ihls step
vvo being n forc > lcn eoinviitlon th y could
tiko vvitliout llrst bcRlnnlnK suit They did
BO yesterday Jho ellcmnna of tills city had
in their posMiseion soverul hundred thousand
dollars worth of property consisting of stock
and bonds Ix lonKlni to us and this proptrtr
was today attached by Isaac V Leopold at the
installed of the 1 ondon belltinnns
illlatnHJtlckettH has been appointed r
ceivii in supplementary proeoodiiii > for Don
ald MauLean railroad prnmoter on tho appli
cation of W U 11 Janes who obtained a judg
ment against him lor ilJ4i2 The Fanners
Loan nnd J runt umpany holds a check for
lf > 150vv hlch MncLe in Bays liolonus to him
1 ordlnand F Nutul and 1eter Vrambach
composlni tho Him of Netel t 1nimbaeli
mnrchunt tallorb nt 20 Last Twontythird
fctreet made an assiKnment yesterday to Law
lor Ferdinand A Thomsongivingproforeneei
for ti04 for borrovveil money and to holder
of tvvonotosforiri24 They have been In busi
ness as u llrrn for twenty years became In
volved In Januiry JUKI ami compromised
21000 liabilities at iO cents on the dollar
Albert I Darbior dealer In clothing at 001
Lltrhth avenue has confessed judgment for
24tLll In favor of llernlmid llutrtberir for
Inonet lout hon tho bhurifT ont to tha
Btoiu to make a levy it was found that Mr Bar
bier had given a bill of salo of tho business
Ho was for seven years In tho wholesale cloth
ing trade in the llrm of llindskopf A Darbior
1 liuy dissolved about two tars ago
Vn attachment for 2110 bns hoon Issued
nunlnst I Wolf Jr Co of Oreunvllle Miss In
favor of Herman Kratciibteiu for money lent
on Vui 21 JKbl
1nnna Almy dealer in coal at Tt07 to nii
J ist 127th Btreet maduui assignmentyestcr
iliy to Jeremy O Onse > dwlu 1L Almy who
eariled on tho bualuubs foi 11 vu juars died on
July 12 last
ludcment for S2410 was entered against
William Uelden of Jloldens Iomtln favor of
Knilllii A Tookor for supplies furnishod be
tween Juno 1 and 27 lHll
Judgment for slOjt vvaa entered ngalnnt
Daniel sully tho autor In fmorof llichurd K
Lox for balance of account due
urn jutiirfi cvrcAii JIOK
Stephen Larcy IIuil Hull n ftriidge Aeotnk
Him lur u Ilm rllnie
BTII RE ten AUK 20 A serious row occurred
onlght between John Drew ono of tho super
ntendents of tho American Impress Company
nnd a prominent roftldunt nnd club mombor of
lili place and hteidien Carey aKo a proml
icnt resident and llkoDrovv u member of the
club 1 lio two men havo borno each other an
old Rrudgo fora longtime onlng to some dis
agreement they had In club matters For
nontlis they havo studiously avoided each
ilhnr each feeling that a mooting would r >
biilt in u row
Tonlglit they happened to meat in Furor
load liouso They fame fau > to face nnd
glared at each other vvitliout ppcaklnir Then
arev beuan railing at Dnivv curbing him
roundly and endlnc liy fttchlni him u tnrrllllo
ilovv In tho face knocking him down lloforo
r n tin rttilil Ititii f 11111 fnrtr ImH IMmrtAil
ipon his proMrato victim and waa kicking
nm about thn head and breast
A friend who had accompanied Drew but
vho had not seen tha first of tlm encounter
an up and pulled Carey off thon ha belabored
ilm roundly ending by throwinir him bodily
hroiiKh a glass door out on to tho porch
arevianoiT nnd comlnir across Iollcaman f
llnch borrowed his revolver saylni that he j
ad a sick do at homo and wanted to put it 11
utof ItshuflerliiLS m
Carey then rushed back tn Furors place
iroko into thn room with tho pistol in his V
land and ran straight for Drew Jlefore he
ould icach him however hu was caught by
number of men disarmed and thrown out
f the place Drew nptiearlni lobe In Brew
ufleilm a physli 1 itiuas sent for On exaa
nlnt him it was found that he had sustained
fraUuroijf the collar bonn und the shoulder
lade Ho was taken to Ills hume where he
ow lies in u serums condition Physically I
rowwan no match forCurcy who Is tall mj
f athletic build Thuro wero no arrests
New 1 blikey Truit JltlKatlaB
BOSTON Aiif IiTho Whiskey Trust lltlga
lon will soon bo resumed President Green
ml who has been In Furopo IB expected horn
bout Sept 1 and tho capias sent out by the
nltod btntcs ourt In Boston Is in the hand
f olllcers In tlm ost who will arrest him as
o n as ho n Hirnc It l raid today that In
ormntlon h is bean received from thu Vi cat by
hn defendants that when thn casos ore called
n t lilcago the Judcu buforo whom thu mat
01 Is hi might will decline to go Into tho iiues
Ion of tho K jundrinss uf thn Indictment and
vlll hold the defondjnts for appearance in

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