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vrpy < fW VP8 WW o tw ftg r W Wt w pppWI fJ p r 1 M t
I V y
A I j
7 bt hJ IO 1 n W UU ± o IT 80 n j II
Vht c ks Fare nil nod numhltm Rnt
Mlolfjr I 0 he Month A lUvtrw nfthe
1 Crime Comoltlrd bJ CrpethaigeF
BtDAitA Mo Ali 80A great Democratic
rally occurred hore toilsy More than twenty
the cities nnd towns woro represented In the
procosslon and there were 2500 men In line
Mayor E W Stevens was Grand Marshal
Gen Stevenson was ono of the first to mnke
his appearance on tho speakers platform nt
Association Park He wns at onco recognized
and wns creeled with n prolonged lout
Amopg thojo who accompanied him on the
platform W < TO Oov Francis I Congressman
Pard State Truasurar I V Stephens and tho I
Hon W J Stone The grand stand with n I
entlng capacity of f 10000 was crowded In
h v ry part toy Francis onlelnted ns Chair
man and Introduced Gen Htuvonson to the
great nudlonen Here aro soino of tho things
Ucti Stovanson said
p Tho flontost upon which wn have now en
tered Is especially Important to thu pooplo ot
the Southern fltatcs With them I Is I not
inrrcly n iiuertlon R to who uhall hold the
office of President of the United Slntes but to
the poopln of the South It Is I a iiucMion us to
whether > our Plato Governments will renuln
hyour own hands or bounder tho control of
the Federal power Klthor Mr Cleveland or
Mr llnrrlfon will la elected Prealdont nnd
the llopubllcnn nr Democratic party will con
trol th6 next Concroks In this contest thcra
I Is 1 no placo for n third party IApplnu ol
11 If deslro tho or the Foroo
I I yon oniictmont 110 o o
bill cast your voto for tho Ucpiiblleiin ennUi
dotes but I you deBiro tim iiiicn that eomcs
from cooil government then lot me fny to
g you that your cnly I plaeo Is I nmonc tho t ranks
of tho Democrntln Inrt Sometimes whan we
liftvo escaped evils WI aro apt to fonet thorn
1 Let me call to mind some ot ibm evils
through which the peoplo of the South hnvo
Missed during what Is known In history us
tho reconstruction period Some of you round
men do riot know It but tho older mon In this
audience know whereof spenl when r robe
to tint era of cnrpclbng domination nnd Uc
pubjlcau mlbrulo In the Southern Ktato Let
me call your attention first 1 to tho Stnta ot
I Alalnlql
I I Tho Republlcnn pnrty had oompleto con
I J trot of Alabama from 18I1M tolH74 Thn best
eltlzons of that Statcwero disfranchised They
bd no voice whntovor In publl itlTalrs They
Were utterly powerless to protect themselves
I gainst those who under tho fnrnis of tho law
ought to rob thorn
1 Alt dopnrtrnont of tho State Government
k sro In tho hands of tho o who prostituted tho
i L Ulutorc and courts of justice to their own
Hlflsh Tho that the
tI purposes rennon wns tw
y ptoplo already Impoverished became literally
1 tho proy ot those who under Itcpubllcnn dom
f ination were Ant to rule over thorn
During this saturnalia of misgovernment
the plunderers ot the pcojlo were those who
i In many Instances held high place nmon
them Diirlnc the porlod extending from 1SC8
p to 187 4 tho Jitato debt ol Alabama was by a
r ItoDUblicnn Legislature Increased from t H
OOOOOU to moro than 2JOOOtH A largo
part of this Indebtedness was for the purpose
of building rallroails not I slnule mile of
which wan overbuilt In addition the muni
cipal indebtedness and county Indebtedness
wa enormous
a How did tho pooplo of Alabama ofcape
Thuy escaped only through lila uiTottK of tire
Darqocrntfo tmrty that cumo Into PUtt and
timed the plunderers from their places lap
plauseU and tlic result wns thut twclvo years
t ttorthe Democratic pnrty camo Into power in
II Alabama onolmlf of that Indebtedness was
paid Oft and tho Unable property of Alabama
lied Increased more than SloOUOOOOO 10
I you think the poopln of Alabama would like to
St 1 turn tinnllnAii I agate l mlsrtllnV to carpetbag domination anti the
In tforUi Carolina under < ho reconstruction
policy of < rlinl party carpet bug itila I
WM In J08 lubstituted for tho government ot
fr the ceopte From tho mountains to the sea
tlelut was tn the olutclwjs of plunderers
Daring the flrt session ot tho Legislature
but h branches of which had largo liepuullean
ioritlos tbo bonds ol Nnrth Carolina were
tatred to tho amount of Jcr > ir > OOUO and not
tned le mile or railroad TaB built in
I response to 14000000 of bonds that
r I under tho Itcpubllcnn Legislature woro leled
F s for that avowed purpose I would liko to
T know t the people of North Carolina can fur
f get that tho first session ol tho Uepubllcan
LeeMnture In that tttiito took MiMMXI of
rj r bonds that had boon held In the Wilmington
bndB 100n
antI JUnejisBtor and the Wilmington nml
Weldon Railroad Companies for the pur
pose of educating the poor children of I
that State 9 1 wonder I tho pooplo ot North
+ Carolina can forget that tho Legislature tool
those bonds and hold them for 158K0 for
I nnr
f the gle purpose of paying tho expenses of
that Legldnftiro thus robbing the poor chil
dren ot the lato or that which had boon not
njart by former Legislatures for tlio purposo
of eductton
oltucatnn of South Carolina was openly
plundered Official corruption rcaehod the
Ighwntor mark Tlio State was literally
prostrated and the robbers were those who
But In the high pieces In the Inc slntlvo hnlls
abd the palaces of justice I will cite to you
now ODe Instance to show you the pro lacy
tue corruption that came In that State
tlt DurWsovontyolcht years of Its history
I the Dil Ire exOenses of tho prlntiucof that
thaW wero only about OOUI and during
at carpettiajtriilo thoexpensn for
ii eight years of carpetbait riio expense
I prtntlne alone exceeded JlOOOOOOmoro In
f e Ight yenrn than It had been during the pre
t I vlous seventyeight ot tho history of the State
under Democratic rule
What occiired In your own State of Mis
uiQttrL7 Hnvo tho pooplo of Missouri forgotten
the Bad lessons of tire past J Nono I The
herltngn of debt left you by Hepublican rals
rule will he n constant reminder always to the 1
wIl tho evils through which they have
ols tlroulh
panned and of the pleasures und delights of
recnntructlon I ban n hesitation in snylng hatposBlbly
at no period of hlf tpry his our Kngllshspeak
Ing race boon subjected to grosser humilia
tions nnd grosser outrages than were the oo
pie of Missouri under the Drake Constitution
when It IMKolrl operation from 1BU4 to 187i
IVoioo Thats oJ
Tire reconstruction period was to the peo
ple of the Kouth a dnrk night of Injustice of
wrong and of outrage In many Instances I
1 lllurnte nnd corrupt men were the sworn min
liters of the law The ndmlnlntratlon pf jus
tlco wns the merest mockery
tro Not content with robbing people of their
jJ substance In many of the States every attempt
Wft o made by those In power to foment discord
bulwon Ly two raos I is I needless to nay
that tiuring lie right yonrhot carpet jmg dom
ination emigration avoided the Southern
bmtos an It would the valley of death
From the hour of Its redemption from the
curso of carpotbae rule which wan but
another nnmo for Itepubllcan iiilsrule the
t Sooth hR nnlo red a career of nrosnerlty under
DninocrHtlo r rule 1
The rights of property and or tho people
wore alike enforced during ISo four yours of
arannrntlo adnilnl trntlon of the national
lovernment Northern Iminlgnitlon and
capital have found their way to tIre Month
ce111 1111
The question Is I shall this contlnui y Lot
not the people of tho South ho unmindful ot
I tho danger with which they are menaced by
I thu passage ot the Forco bill
TheovlU th II Forco bill would bring upon
you would tlnd their counterpart only In those
through which you have already passed As
you all know the Force hill 10 1 aimed espe
cially al tho people pf the South
claly purpose Is by Intimidation to control
the election of Itopubllcans Congress This
f is to be accomplish by substituting Federal
officers for tho election for officers provided
for by your rituto laws
In other words thn ofllcers you have so
lo tod are worts dlsplacod nnd little places
St tukjn by agents of thu Iarty In power e
Ton need not bu told that such legislation
I arcuel unmistakably n lack of nonlldence In
I the people and when the Itepubllcuns tel rut
tuoxaro not In ravr of the bill remember thai
s the bill passed tho lioptibllcan Houso of Kep
rlnlatH I I
MtKUley tpallli Vermont
nUIrIIUTO Vt tIC JO There was a great
I Hepublican rally In Burlington today Goy
MuKlnlcyof Ohio was the chief ipoaker He
was groitod an audience of over 5000 en
thusuistlo Vermontors I Among the notei
visitor wore JOy Jnsie ficnntorTroctnr Con
grossman Powers nail many othmk A train
Inmocrntic rally will be hold in this rlty to
morrow flr Ihtt lon John K 1 Itussill n f
Mnratchuxett will epvnk nn turllT t rclnrni unit
1 hI Hon V I J Tlalps oxMlnliter tn Knsltm I
will proldc
To Come tn Town Curly Ic I October Good
Word a from North > md Month
Tho Irrepressible Mugwumps would not trays
boon pleased I thoy had heard tho comments
mado upon them yesterday Chairman Frank
Hsrrltys National Democratic camp Tho
virulent attacks on Labor Commissioner Iock
and tho annual report which In his capacity
n n Ktnto official ho has made woro not how
ever mnde topics for discussion by Mr liar
rlty Mr Whitney Mr Gorman or Mr Uric
Mr Harrltyn bluu yos looked heavenward
for relief anti Mr Whitney pulled his gold
rimmed glasses down over his nosu and gazed
quizzically through them Tho Mugwumps
announced that Mr Ilarrlty1 literary bureau
wee preparing a statement In refutation of
Mr 1ecks report Neither Mr Ilarrlty nor
tiny ot his associates has directed nny such
prorraru are
Beyond this unpleasantness Mr Harrltys
camp was In good order Mr Cleveland It
was mndo known will leave Duzrard Hay for
good In tlm first weuk of October and will
como to Now York Ho will register and vote
In his Assembly district and will remain In
tIre city from that tlmo on until after
election dny According to the present
programme ho will not tnko tho
11lllmO wi
stump Ho may ho Induced to speak
In several of the larger cities of tho State but
I Is not now the plan to have him go beyond
Its borders I Is proposed soon niter Mr
Cleveland hal returned to town to arrange for
n reception of tho Democratic lenders similar
to that which has been arranged for Tresldont
Harrison at OpIne Farm today t
Gen Austin Lathrop Huporlntendent ot
Rtoto Irlsoni was one of Mr Harrltys most
welcome visitors Ho Is an old war horse from
Corning and Is familiar with Democratic feel I
Inc In the southern tier of counties
When tho election comet on you will find
nn skulkers in our part of tire State he said
Wo mar ban little slow In moving but that
does not Indicate any unwillingness on our
part In Btoulien 1 have always found short
nail sharp campaigns bring tIre best results
Twelve started In for Hancock
yearn ago wo 11 lnncock
early ind with 1 rutlr Thirty days before the
election wo had the State carried Then thu
enthusiasm gradually disappeared and when
the votos wore counted we wore In tire mi
nority In my section of the State we shall
this year give n goOn account ot r ourselves
It Is I true that n majority of the Democrats of
our county worrIed > rnutur Hill nominated at
Chicago Ho Is our own neighbor and we havo
great admiration for him great appreciation
tar what ho has done for tire party mm for ISo
State We aro naturally somewhat disappoint >
ed nt tho failure of tho Chicago Convention to
nominate I him hit nil I I tho IUIII are curling
unit there will ho m stragglers among us Wo
are Democrats as HenMor Hill I n Democrat
nnd to a man wo are nil for tho national
tot John It Fellows told ot his trip Wnst
since tho adjournment ol oncriM Ho mnde
speeches at Lone luck Tackou cull M I 1 >
in ongro8htmiiiTnr neysdistrict with 181100
present Another speech at Holt In Congress
man Dockerys district nnd others at Kansas
City and Lawrence City Ho found thut nil
eros were turned on NVw York Ho told tire
Kansas Democrntithnt XewYork carrot v wuirulti
roll up V 1 > ooO miioritf for thu national ticket
I and UI loft for the East ImpreSDOd with tim
opinion that Kansas wns by no means snio for
Inrrlson Col Fellows says that from now on
ill whole tlnif is I nt tire disposal of tire Demo
cratic National Committee
crnto Xulolal
Congressman Herman Ntump of Maryland
who rattled hU vigorous investigation of Kill
Islanti expenditures about the ears of Hccri1
ury Charles foster und his subordinates In
thu Treasury Department stopped In tn fay
hat ho wns on his way to I Europe but would
return ortnlnly by Oct L ready lc spink
In Maryland saId the Congressman wo
shall have a larger majority than for matte
years past on any national lose I Wo shall
lot lose 1 Democratic rote in the youth Tho
force hii luue I nothlii else wIll olto
hunt it lntldDnt hanson and Speaker lter r
thnt been PI unxtool tt pass the t Force hll
In the Fiftyfirst Coulrt o they mhtht nuI
have some little chance In Noith Carolina and
osslbly > In West VirginIa As it K I wo Miall
suiTor nv losses nnpwhciP In tho Boiith North
Carolina will be tho scene ol u spirited con
wi Lo
tt hut I have information which leads mo to
belle the Mitu is I safe for Cleveland and
l ngood majority
Stevenson by n
oOmlottIY L u
nov trnnic iirown 01 jiaryianu comciueii
with Mr Stumps vlows Mirror W W Screws
editor ot the Montgomery Ailrfrtturr speaking
oUlar f recent election In Alabama and ot the
mediate future said
The recent election in Alabama did not
bring > out the full vote ot the Milo Them are
107000 white voters In tho State and KIDOOO
colored Governorelect Jones received about
wothlrds of the white Democratic vote Kolti
who claimed to be a Democrat and who mad
ills canvass ns such reclvt perhaps 40X > 0
votes of men heretofore Democrats To this
should bo malibu votes of white Itepublloans
of Greonlaekef Independent and men op
posed to the Democracy generally amounting
to say 0H0 Thi would glvo Kolb
110000 to 05000 white votes to over
WOOO whlto votes for Jonis This shows ery
clearly that the great bulk of the Democracy
sided with 00 Jones Domoornts who voted
for Kolb claim that they are nono tIre less
Democrats on national Issues It Is I believed
that thoro will bo h but one electoral ticket In
opposition to the Democracy and If not nt tho
start before election day some of the names
on it Will bo Itopubliam This will ot Itself
cerise many of holbs supporters to vote for
Cleveland rind Stevenson electors In the Mo
bile district the presiding officer of the Kob
Convention has come Into titus
Mayor Patrick Jefferson Olcnson of Long
Island City brightened the day still mol by
tolling oltho banner raiding In his part of I the
world Chairman Hnrrlty received notions to
the effect that twfntyono additional Demo
cratic clubs In New York New Jersey and
Connecticut havo joined thu national associa
tion r
They Nominate J Nterllnp Morton lor GOT
LINCOLN Aur 30The Democratic State
Convention was called toorder hortly bolero
noon H Gearing was named temporary
Chairman The Convention after tho usual
committees had been appointed adjourned
until 2 oclock
Alter recess W I I Thompson of Grand
Island was chosen permanent Chairman A
Committee on Resolutions was appointed and
alt withdrew a motion was carried to proceed
with the nomination of State officer
8 M Wolbach of Grand Island Frank 1
Ireland of Nebraska City nail J Btorllnc
Morton of Arbor Lodzo Otoe county worn
presented for Governor The namus of Wol
bach and Ireland were wlllrdrawmi nnd Morton
was enthusiasm nominated by aiTUumiUJii nmld thu widest
J H Morton has Ion n prominent figure In
Nebraska politic for pxeriiiiiiirtir of 1 Ion
NeLruka is tine founds of Ardor Dny whIch
tlry 10 nutrIa a lezil holiday In Nebraska
and which Is now I l cnl holiday I I In I 1 majority
of the States Ho Is wldidy known as tho
Rage of Arbor LddKo Tho other noinlna
tlnntt nrA AH fnllOWS
LlentinnntCiovernor famuolM I Wolka of
Grand Island t Hwritarynf state F 1 M Crow
of Hastings Auditor I1 I J l Ortiilllvnn of ost
Point Troaurer Andrew llovkmnii of Hurt
county State luperlnl nhl of Instruction
J W lloriiburgT of Mndlson county Attor
noyUenernl Jfll I tiering of r Cass county
Commissioner of IuMIc Lands amid llullillngs
Jacob Wlgglni ii f Hay I county I
The platform renews tho fealty of tire party
to the principle and policy of popular govern
ment asxemi > lllled all e tho days of JilTer
son endorse the Chicago Platform recom
mends the adoption nt the consti
tutional amendment now pending cre
ating an elective railroad Commission
favors laws regulating freight ehnnros advo
cates the election of Hpnators by direct voto
denounces the employment > of I Ilnkurtonsund
favors compulsory
fayorllomlulsorv nrllrlon olIorA was chosen
and at 7J tire Convention adjourned
fnnnrellcnto Irohlhlllo Convention
IHnTyoni Ali OThe opening session of
the Strife Prohibition Convention was held In
this city this afternoon State Committee
Chairman Chairman Allan l Lincoln was temporary
No business except tire appointment ol com
mittee was nivnripllshcd This evening n
banner was flung across Main street arid ut HOrI
oclock them was I mass meetlnc at Unity
Hall addressed by cxOov tt John ol Kaunas
America Cnlc l flouts
Ietlftrh Vatev ft It Itratllltf rIo New line
I rnninienrlnir Tbnrtdaj hrii I xvr Virrk to lob
IIT liirtttl slot 1 Madura Iulu titli ttiniiith steritr4
> Si nl I riiitir tti rain Cull mrikiinr > meiI 1 to 13 lnonl
I The fait line for Loon lake Iaul Hmlthi San
Chllaooll suit Tiirp r lV tie New York Central
aril A suit bl I 1 llaiiirav II aiur ilctpnj VT54tf
I < o
nn iHiLconrn f I nut FARM
Preilrtent llnrilon Due to beech Molt tin
Ten rinrlr Till lornlB Mnny Fmthn
lnllc Montherner Arc Mllll Knocking
al the Ilonr nfTrencnrrr Itliss Hfe
Tho loader ot his PartY tho President ex
pected to arrive from Loon Lake at Mott
haven nt 7110 oclock this morning Ho will
proceed Immediately to the country residence
of Whitelaw Hold nt Ophlr Farm four miles
from White Plains
Tho Provident will ho accompanied by his
secretaries Mr Hnllord and Mr Tlbbetts Ho
will remain with Mr Held just about twenty
four hours leaving Oohlr Parm on his return
trip to Loon lnke tomorrow morning at ii I
oclock Tho Presidents car Is I the Tray
oiler and the Itinerary ot his return trip as
announced last night Is as follows
Eept In
Ieare WhIU Clams C 0 AM I
Kpeclalto Mott llartn Junction 630 AM
Follow So lot
Arrive roaKuVeeruli 113 A M
Iao rongliVcepite 115AM
Armallnilann Htor 1 t
Uavelltlilton 100 P I II
Arrlte Albany 1451 1 M t
Lye Albany t 200 PM 1
Arrhe Bcheueclmly 3IO 1 VI l
Leav Kflienectady 140 PM
Arrive Amsterdam 801 r t SI I
Learn Amiteriliim aria I M
Arrive llerciuer 42011
Remain at HrrVluier over nlfht
Kept 21
Leave Ilerklmer 1000AM I
Arrive Ltlca 1010 A M 1
Lon Vtlca 1155AM
Arrive Itoonvllle IrUOP I M t
Leave Boonvllle 110 r U I
Arrive Lowvill 145 P M L
Liar Lowrllle lGI r U
Arrive Cirtliaire j 2l3OP M
IAV Carthar < 2351 I M
Arrive Vfaterlown 2ftsr M 1
Leave flaterluwn 400 P M I
Arrive Oclaniburn 0001 tI 1
The President will speak nt most of tho
stopping places > In tho schedule Probably
the great event of the trip will be nt Horkl
mol tho home of exSenator Warner MllUr
Mr Miller with exCongrosflmnn Henry 0
JJurlclgh lull Vnobec last night in tlmo to re
ceive the President
After breakfasting with Mr Rold this morn
ing tho President will be nt homo to the De
publican chieftains No formal reception ban
been arranged No Invitations hnvo been sent
out Mr Hell in explaining this feature ot
tho Presidents visit said last night that tho
President had advised him of his Intention to
crime to Ophlr Farm two or three days ago
Mr Hold l had then waited to ascertain with
certainty haw long tlio President expected to
remain On Monday ho found that tlio Presi
dent Intended to stay but one dab Under
these circumstances It had been thought best t
1 I not nbi > olutfly nerfar to omit nil thought
of tendering a formal roiptlou to him
No Imitations Ihernfoio hn < l hesin l > extended
for any particular lorm of cntortainnicut Mr
Held thought it t alloKutliitr p riuha tile that I a
Ira I her of gentlemen Ollo I Iall I dnrini thu t
day anti nilded that thosu of r his I the rrcsl I
dimts frlunds who desired to pay their re
I spiulH to tin President could bo nisured of a
hospitable welcome
Tlio 1roMilmitH visit subordinated all other
niattnn nt the lon Thomas Henry Curlers
National Headquarters yesterday Mr Carter
Treasurer llllss den Clarksun and others
had n short conluronce In the afternoon Only
rouilnu nffulrs wero dlscunscd These
contlninen together with the Hon bnm
Festndou Chairman Urookueld Chnirmun
Hacketc and several others will be
nmonc the Presidents callers at Mr
lilA home today It Is possible also that
exSenator Thomas C Plait will be among
the throne It Is an occasion when nil tho
O 0 P chieftains of this and other Ktates
whence In town will frays an opportunity to
grasp the hand ot their leader sliould they so
desire Chairman llrooklleld will accompany
the President on his return trip
A delegation of Virginia Itepubllcans was
the attraction yesterday ut Mr Carters lln
reau I consisted 01 I do l Clay President
of tire Htnto League Judge Edmund addlll
Jr Thomas 1 With kr Col George I Huwdrn
1 W Southward Mate Senator A V Harris
AV 1 Uravcrly A H Asberry A H Walker J
Ambler Brooke 1C H Walker W C Franklin
and J W Oast
All were convinced that Mrginla with a
little help this fall would tumble Into the
Peeubllcan column Iart of tire delegation
returned to the Old Dominion last night and
part remained for tho purpose of convincing
Mr Carter of tho sincerity of their enthusiasm
Mr Carter will have more time at his dis
posal after his visit to Ophlr Farm today
Postmaster W W Johnson of llaltlmore was
on hand full of the idea that Maryland was to
follow Virginia Into the llnpubllcin camp
iliore were echoes of a disagreement which
recurred the dar before between Secretary
Charles Foster of the Treasury Department
and J T C L Harris a Republican hustler from
North Carolina Mr 1 Harris has been a lie
nubllcan in that Diiinouratlc State from boy
hoodand when at MrCarters headlunrtor ho
outlined tho plan of battle to be made by the
Knpuldicans of the State
I did not Include the running of a Republi
can State ticket This was to bo loft to the
Peoples party while the Itopubllcans nnd the
1 P joined hands heartily In support of tin
llepuDllcan national ticket Mr Harris wits
convinced that this would be a winning play
nnd that the Mate would bo handed over to
Harrison and Held
Secretary Foster objected to Mr Harriss I
views He plainly aid so and Mr Harris
fftillue tooonvlneo the Secretary of tire sound
ness > of the proposition Informed tho Secre
tary that the Itopuhlleans > n North Carolina
know their own affairs quito as wall as any
OJiloanand furthermore that they would not
bo dictated to by the Secretary of the Treasury
Chief Spellbinder llnhn returned from Ohio
nnd sent off post haste to Muino oxConerpHs
mnn len Iiuttprworth len George A Hhorl
dan and IMwurl IlUwllllam They mire ox I
p iteil to make Iii > > wnlkln ring with their do
iitieiioe and to get out every Itepubllcun for
the coming State election
nil iiuniiiTY sun IKFT
A Younc Sinn Kiln the FnlliPror IIIn Dnd
CHICAGO Anc ohi Phelps liar has begun
a suit to recover from tho father of his dead
sweetheart tho property the lort consisting
her bonk jewelry and keepsakes vnluud nt
S0 nnd real entato worth 1000 George C
Ihiltis of Knglewood Is the defendant his
daughter Inc who died on Juno 24 was
IRs hotrothod and hu assorts that they had
agreed to own their property In com
mon Tliero was to he no rube everything
each could claim was known as ours
hon the young lady died her father refused
to rcoKnlzo the lovers right 10 her poss s
Alon Pholps practical man that ho Is stilt
lint C1fili t nn 1ini1i ctiiniflncr ml I lit llll I All rfcrlil
vw R
between lovers hit he would have nono oll
So ho kept tin property ns Inez died Intes
tate anti youn liny bring aunt 10 roeover
ThottrniiLtt ncrunmrnt to jointly own tlulr
Imllvl bill JuurpObBuBsloas U titus described H tire
Anrl 1 ilin In the furrier ronilJtr llon Hint Ihtnie
foraurd uflcJi Mhoulil ime lii < lu elii common cc taint
nunrrit iIusrsot sit the lnimUr I the rest l situ per
ennui iropert tUen suit there Seine ovrueil by tlieiu
Hays says ho I afraid that Phelps Intends
to soil the porsonul property of his daughter
nmluKks for an Injunction restrulnlne uch
notion Thn lover ox In hit a ft lot of letters
Milstuntlutlni his claim rccurcllnf the eon
tract which his attorney Fentlmentnllr
labelled the growth of love from Jan JO
1MHJ as follows to April JO 18n12 I Uno of the letters Is
folows TlMnT Mna ivo Dec 7
Thl li I for irnml hy tinlll I re you Urlinir II tel
limy br dells but It I 5 our tuiy end gied l In mrs
Ciirnliiniloiic ll I I lu i cii 1 ut Illllo ihtiici I > ranny trust
my hHn1 ha e tourlinl u the making but u y heart
hiss bests warm wltu rove I In the lining
I hail a rhrtliuM lesser yrtvnJay Im anxiom to
show It to you I think It ii lit Le Urge when Iran
alters It will jolt iirecluiii tr nil mine II I thIn and I
liii yiii liimturte I you New tuoniilili will roles
The life uin lore luiul tl larger OU Iatbcr airenilhca
b tot o I 1ul all inure
The couple became engaged some months
rice hut kept tho engagement secret
I There n IIIU Deli In I Airw Knl ndf
PiiiMPKLriiu Aug 30t was nnnouncec
on the street today that the how York anti
New Knuland llnllroud Company has just
made n contract whlrli will surpass In mainl
tude tIP the n float deal luLu by the Ileadins I
The Mother the Pnn not trrr Under
Vrrjr reiilliir CMrciimitnaceti
Tho matrimonial adventures of Daniel Tear
calls the Iwuntytwoyvarold lon of the late
Broker Daniel Poamells have caused more or
less of n sensation in Queens county Since
ho death of llroker reutcells less than six
months ago his widow hal remarried under
extraordinary circumstances nnd his I son con
ructod a matrimonial oneaccment In n po
caller manner
On Aug 0 1 young Penrsolls wan sued by Mrs
Susan Johnson a widow 1 of Oceanvlllo for
tlOO damages for alleged assault and bat
tory She accused him ot having beaten her
and threatened to kill her unless sho con
sented to marry him A couplo of weeks
lao PcarsolU and tire widow who Is over 40
Tears old drove to tho hUllo of Uoorgo A
Mott Mrs Johnions lawyer nt Uollmore
and Mrs Johnson explained that elio had
called for the purpose of withdrawing the
calod Inasmuch as Mr Poarsells had offered to
marry her
wlrr Poarsolls acquiesced In tho widows
statement and the couple drove oft without
enlightening Lawyer Mott an to tIre dnt fur
the wedding MrPoarsellssengnicoiuouttothe
widow provoked n quarrel btwon him nnd his
mother nnd during one ot thulr enntrovorslos
Poarsells Is alleged to have truok his mother
and then had tier firreetcui The trial took
Ian before tine lrrc Jtistlco nt locklo
Contra len day ago IUt drew a large crowd
or spectators to 010 court rOI I resulted
In tire sons eeQilltnl
During tire examination tire heat In the room
was RO Intense that many ot tIre spectators
wero almost overcome and tint widow Pear
sells was among those who ututTered most from
the heat Horoondltlon seemed to excite the
sjunpathy I of Thomas Grady an old resident of
tno town but without any business or social
itnndlng Orndy opened tire window nmr
which the widow was sitting and handed hor
a fan and class of water
Although this was the first time Mrs lear
sells and Grady had over met each othor A
sudden nnd remarkably warm friendship
sprnn up between them and at the close of
tp antnt
the proceedings they left I the court room arm
Jn nrm On the same evening they were mar
ried by tho llev Mr Sparr tOe pastor I of the
First Methodist Church In Itockvillu Centre
anti on the tire following day slatted for Wash
ington on their wedding trip
The couple returned week later hit when
they were driven to the Pearnolls house at
Oceanvlllo young Mr PearstlN refused to ad
mit thorn He said ha was < ruDe willing to
open the doors to his mother but that ho
would not allow her companion to cross tho
Irl tirady refused to accept these condi
tions and with her husband wont to a hotel at
Southvllle where they nro still stopping On
Monday Mrs Grady through Lawyer K 0 I
Snhnfler jrI Drooklyo began I suit In the
County Court of Jueons county ncuinst hor
lon for Ihl recovery of hor uowor right in hor
husbsndB estate which Is I estimated nt from
7f > 000 to 110100 < and thn papers woro
served upon Mr IVarsells yesterday
Inul 1nrgc Jlookkceper for the Frank
Strewing Com > nr Missing
Paul Knrce head bookkeeper of the William
J Frank Drawing Company bettor known ns
tho Telconspan lirewlnc Company of Hid co
wood L I and a prominent leader In Gorman
society and clubs In Brooklyn Is I reported an
missing So is between 1000 and 1DOO of
the brewing companys fund nnd the suppo
Mtlon is I that bookkeeper antI money havo
ole oil tosethor
Mr Knrge was employed six months ago by
Sir William 1 Frank Mr Frank says ho
well recommended and Implicitly
canto iel fcolmenllll a Imlell
trusted by the company When Mr Frank
left tho brewery ofhVo on Friday night he
says Karge was still nt work Hu failed to
put in an appearance nt tho oflico on tire fol
lowing day When tire safe was opened nil
tire money brouitht In by two collectors the
night before wax mlssl ijj
Tlieeh cks find ilrnf i Iio tho safe wero not
molested When tho oOlenrs of the company
became convinced that Karge had absconded
they set about having him apprehended
Mr Frank says it is i Impossible > to say how
much money Is I missing and nn export ac
countant Is now at work on tho books
Mr Knnro was notr known to live extrnva
gently and It is I sail undid not Gamble He
lived 1 in n lint In JKHllalpb 1 iivonuc llrooklyn
wIt ii niii wne nnu inur cnunren I jie was
abotittl > ynirs old nnd had been In this coun
try slpco 1H7U His wife appears to know noth
ing of his vrhnreabouts and has been to see
Mr Frank Knrge was President of the Turn I
Kezlrk of Brooklyn and was prominent In I
other German clubs
The Pistol Kenorlrd la to Mettle the Differ
ence ofTivo Young IrItens
Thomas Mitchell ot 04 Oliver street and
Thomas Welsh of 51 Rutgers street both
young men were sitting on a box at Oliver
and Oak streets nt 010 I oclock last night
when two young Italians passed by engaged
In 1 heated conversation Before thor had
gono far they began to fight and one of them
drawing n pistol shot the other The wound
ed man foil and the other shot him again as
he lay on the ground Then he ran into n
doorway with Mitchell In mirittlt Tho Ital
ian threatened to shoot but Mitchell wrenched
thn pistol away and aided by Welsh held
the Italian until I policeman came After
being identified by his victim thn prisoner
was locked up In the Oak street police station
An nmbulanca look the wounded man to tire
Chambers Street Hospital Thuro it was found
thut one bullet had onterod tint back just un
der the right shoulder blade In the region of
the heart Tho other had pal ant 1 through tho
arm near the olbow iho Inn s name Is
Gherado Lnplnv 21i years old The pollco
101 <
could not learn when he lived
The prisoner IK Angelo Cnponloof Til Oliver
street He would not toll what tho nuarnl I was I
nbout He said I they both worked In a shoo
shop in Bocrum street Brooklyn
TWO ciinnnix KII > XAI > FEI >
llnrlrndrr Mmrrole Tnkc n Hold SIp to
IIcase Ill Mlirr
Philip Seldel 1 Jr of 10 Stevens avenue
Greenville nnd his wife separated about threo
years ago Mrs Seldel 1 disappeared from home
leaving their three children with her husband
There had been freluont quarrels prior to tho
separation Soldel accused his wife of undue
Intimacy with George Meserole a bnrlendor
Ho alleges that after his wHo left him sire
went to live with Memrole Selilol employed a
huusokooper and din not display much grief
over the loss of his wife
Last Thursday Meeorolo I and Mrs Holdel
were out driving in a bU nnl IY They drove
through Stevens avunue Two of thu
Mderchlldreu wore on tho street playlnir
Musorole topped the wagon lifted the chil
dren into I tolled off The children ohl
can to scream nnd tholr screams attracted
Inn attention of Kuldel who ran out In time to
see the bUllY dlMnppelrln around thsorlr
A tiny or two nfturward Heidel went liefnra
Justleo Aldrldgo and f procured a warrant
itsi rnia a nrrrov uu iiii uiKQ ui iuuappinK
tho t children UlalII
Constable Archibald arrested Mnsorole on
Monday night anti he was committed to tire
countv jail Yesterday Menerolo was ndmltted
to bal Mrs Seldel still has the ndrlted
tToptn mm A oiiEAttaiEn MAX
Ja Brown Woulitnl < Jlr Vp Ilrr Lover
UripKe liis Mlilartnnr
NonwAiK Aug 30Soon niter H oclock this
morning William Olmrtrad n young carpen
ter wont to Unmlos livery stable nnd engaged
a fast horse until carriage to go to Iemsboro
N Y Ho told tire liveryman ha was going to
ot married Alter receiving tire congratula
tions of tho liveryman he drove to the house
tona O 1rYlon met Miss Eva Drown
MorreUB stepdaughter who a awaiting him
In the orchard Hho entered the carriage runt
they drnvn off in icroat haste It was
then II 1 oclock Mrs Morroll saw them nnd
suspecting an elopement hurried down lon
to her husbands placo of business Morrol
hired a horse at tho sumo static that Olmstcai
I > atronlzi > d and started aft tire young cotrtit
As the latter had over an hours Mart I Is
Hiippofod they reached 1emsboro anti were
married before their pursuers got there
Olmstond is u sober steady young fellow
He used to be a carpenter Home time ago ha
lost iris left arm by an accident and on this
account Mrs Morrell objected to his atten
tions to her daughter Miss Drown Is t a hand
sonic brunette 1H years old nnd has vowei
that she would not give Olmstesd upon ac
count of his misfortune This Is the blxth
I don einent from url ulk tInS > year
r 0
JLnwyer Elhler Flail Her of Letter
Which Disclose the Opllty Jtelnllon
netnrca III Mlf null Father Oulhnl
The lliiahkiid < nnrpie Ills Wlfo to l > nTe
lit IDa a nd She I In M Convent
MONTIIKAU Auu 10 French Canadian soci
ety Is greatly shocked by a scandal In which
npromlnunt priest and the wife of a loading
French Canndlan lawyer nro Involved Tho
pflustls Father Oulliot n member ol the Or
der of St Sulplce trod tho woman Is I Imo
Ether tire wife of Michael Kthler a lawyer
Ten years ago Father Gulhot then nhnnd
some young priest ot between 20 and 80 camo
hero from Franco and was Installed as 1 mem
ber of the Sulplclan Order Ho was soon ap
pointed chaplain of the St James Church on St
Denis street tho most aristocratic In the city
only the old and wealthy French families wor
shipping there Its members Include Judges
legislators and prominent citizens Father
Gtllhotn able and loaent discourses woro a
revelation anti lls I popularity reached tho
highest pitch
Father Gulhot conducted a special re
ligious class for ladles which was at
tended only by tho wives nnd daugh
ter of tirti very best people Ho vas nt
this hlld of many religious organizations and
charities and his endeavors for tire Ad
vancement of tho Church wero always
assisted by tire ladles with whom ho Was In
constant connection Ono 01 tire most promi
nent members of his class was Mmc Fthlor
Hno was a wellknown society Indy
stylish and handsome lieloro mnrrlaito
sho was Miss David daughter of ox I
Alderman David who nt ono time
was 1 candidate for tho Mayoralty hero and
who was very wealthy Mme Kthler was con
nected with the Society of St Vincent do Paul
tho Society tho Sacred Heart the Society of
tire Infants of Mary nnd n number of fashion
able French religious and social societies
Taking such nn active part in nil church
work Mme Kthler was thrown almost dally
Into the of Fathor Gulhot who
society Gulhot was a
constant visitor at her residence and was in
deed an Intimato friend of her husband
Tho latter had no suspicion that anything
was wrong and although himself a tree
thinker always encouraged his wife in hor
philanthropic work
Tine denouement came a few days ago Fa
ther Gulhot late In June wont on a holiday to
Franco Last week Mr Fthler saw a letter
addressed to his wife In Father Gulhots
handwriting Unsuspectingly he read I
and was amazed at the lovorliko tone
assumed by tho priest to Ills wife His sus
picions aroused ho went to his wifes writing
desk and hero discovered a package of sev
eral score of letters written to Mme Ethlor by
Father Oulhot They proved beyond I doubt
tho relations that hal existed for tho past
seven yours between the couple
The discovery of his wife s unfaithfulness
drove the unfortunate husband almost out of
his mind lie sought his wife and bade her
leave tine house tilts wont at ence and took
refugo In a convent bore
Tho letters which Mr Ethler found were of
n most Incriminating character They re
ferred openly to the relations between the
woman and her priest In nil of them tho
fondest expressions of endearment wore used
The I reach Canadians nr greatly excited
the discovery of tho
over 1 co rY priests mlsdolncs
and so bitter Is the feeling that there Is littlo
doubt thut It ho over shows his faivhero again
he will be i summarily dealt with The great
est sympathy is felt for tho husband who un
til the discovery was nmda was entirely un
gusplclousot anything being wrong
The letters which the priest wrote to tho
woman wore of the most candnlous nature
and mentioned several other leading French
ladles Tire correspondence wan Illustrated
by freehand drawings that aro indescribable
Fortunately there are no children to share the
womans disgrace
Tire husband told Komo of his friends nnd
the story leakeil out Vthen I hocamo known
siernl piominunt citizens waited upon the
directors of tho Seminary of t Sulplce and
told thorn that tho priest had better bo pre >
vented from rcturmug to tire city I Is be
lieved that he has been warned not to return
to Montreal and that he IK now In New York
Previous to coming to this city he was con
nected with tho Order of Ht Sulplco In Paris
He Is hlchly connected in France and Is re
puted to be wealthy It is bollovad that the
priest contemplated an elopemuiit with the
woman ns one of the last letters Cent by him
was from Havre In this letter ho told her
that ho could not live without her and sug
gested thut sho should go to Now York
Three Men Killed Outrlcht rind Another
Fatuity Injured
BunusoTov Aug 10Two trains on thus
Camden and Aroboy branch of the United
Rntlroad of Now Jersey crashed together nt
Whltehlll tonight and four ot the train hands
were killed
Tho train were No 342 east bound due
hero at 820 and t Long Branch special drawn
by engine 10211
Whftehlll Is a small place about nine miles
cast ot this city Tho road is a single track
one amid neither engineer knew of the others
approach until they were within a few yards
of each other Doth engines now He across
the tracks badly wrecked
So soon after the engineers caught sight of
each other did tire crash come that neither
had a chance to jump Tho passengers on tire
casthound train received n severe shaking
up but fortunately noneot them were Injur
ed The dead are
ltwli Itlcbanl I of Mount Holly conductor of the
Hull Vlllltin < > r Camden onelnrr of the specIal
bhlnn tiacitaf matter lin l tire specIaL
The bnggnce master of train 342 was so
badly Injured that itt will probably die and Is
unable to give Ills name and Is n stranger to
nil of tIne railroad men on tire saline
The passengers ami tire uninjured train
hnndrt set at work Immediately sifter the acci
dent to takH the dead from beneath tho engine
and wrecked bairgago car
Medical asslntance wnSHiimmonrxl from thin
city and physicians went out on tire wrecking
train Their assistance was of little use us
three of the men wore bnyond all nld and lit
Ia can tue tlono for tine fourth oscept to ease
his sufforlnes
Who Is to blame for tIre accident Is n matter
which cannot be determined loulcbt Some
ins It ideally blundered badly but whether tho
train donputchor or ono of tine engineers is not
IwO Ncorro Illnhwaviurii Afliicked Him in
Iliilbunb ud Took Awny ills Monry
Arthur Fustnce Ifi years old of 208 Hanford
stroot llrnoklyn went to Flatbush yesterday
to buy n billy goat He saw n boy tending cat
tle in a llclil and ho stopped and swapped sen
timents with tire boy on tire subject of goats
Ho told the boy It was tire nmblllon of his
Arthurs life to havo n gout and that ho VHH
going to buy a little one In Flntbtish If the boy
could tell him where to go Tire buy did no
and Arthur started off ti hind Iris goat
Two young negroes who had parsed along
tile road hoard Arthur and the hoe talking
They hid and when Arthur canoe along they
grabbed him from behind anti throw him
down tine held his hand ovortho bars mouth
to smother his cries and the other went
through Ills pocket
It must have been a very little tout Indeed
that Arthur was guini to buy for ho had only
Ility cents Tim sinnilniiss of their llnd mado
the negroes angry and they bent the boy liii
wnlknd home having no money to ride ann
told his parents who came out to Flatbuth
and told the police
From the boys description of his assailants
Detective Dohorty decided that they wnroTom
Williams and Jumea Hamilton < dwellers In
Chicago row Crow Hill ana exconvicts Thoy
wore arrested Arthur will co out to Flatbusn
to identify thoin today
Whore Toloidnv Fire Wet
P Mt > 30 JC8 Weil Thirtyninth smut no damage
A Inrcr < on rvatlve loin In the Bolllh
Cnrlln Irlmnry iTtretlon
CiuniViTox S C AUK 80lletirrne ut tire
Democratic primary election from tIre Interior
of tire State me very Into neil the actual result
will not bo known probably for several days
The Conservatives hivo undoubtedly in ado
Brent gains all ouir tire State but It Is i doubt
ful If lucre will bo Miniclent to net n majority
In tIre Stato Convention
In Charleston county tIre Conservatives won
a sweeping victory electing their State
county and Congress ticket byu majority ot
more than 2000 Drnwloy the cnmllclnto for
Congress In the First district lenves tine sea
coast with IIOOl majority over Stokes tine At
llannu candidate Mokessvoto In tine country
can scarcely overcome this
Ferguson tire Conservative candidate for
Sheriff against whom thn Herman citizens
combined with tho reformers Is clectod by
1500 to 2000 majority Contrary to nil ex
pectations tho election wan penccnbtu and tire
vote will ho tine largest sinco IHTtl
Tine Tlllmanltes claim tire State but their
claims ceo disputed The Conservatives mayo
expectations ot getting n sufllclcnt strength In
the State Convention which will nomlnato the
Governor anti Presidential electors to pro
vent tlto packing ol Third hartS elec
tors on Ito Democratic ticket ol which
there was some fear In tin event of an over
whelming Tilltunn victory Tho Conservative
victory In this city Is I being celebrated to
night H will bo Impossible to gel the Con
gress vote for several days
itiDicviovs NAT oor rtoirrc
The Story that Mr ClrvrUnd Asked Him
10 send the Troop to llnfTnlo
SATJASAC ITX Aug 3ttOov Flower Inuehcd
when n SUN reporter called his nttentlon to
day to the statement In the IteraM that ox
President Cleveland had asked him through
exBecrotnry W hltnoy to send tire troops to
Tine story Is ridiculous said tire Governor
Mr Cleveland mude no such roattestot mo
I did what I conceived to be my duty and I
deserve jo special credit for It As Governor
of the State It was ray duty to stop lawlessness
and violence and to defend tho property ot
citizens against rioters I am glad the trouble
Is ended and that the soldiers have been per
mitted to return to their homes Their con
duct In this emergency was exemplary and
deserving of praise
Only the ChnrredTrusk RrcoTercd from the
DebrIs of the fVaoater Street Fire
Tho body of Clara Mare the girl who was
burned In tine Woostor street fin was recov
ered yesterday At 4 oclock ono of the Italian
workmen who was digging In tine southeast
corner of the ruins shouted that he had found
a part of the trunk which had been preserved
by the corset steels and a piece of tire skull
The remains woro placed in a box and taken
to tire Prince street station Sergeant Cruise
sent word to tire girls mother nt her home 8H
Sheriff street and telegraphed to the Coroners
office Deputy Coroner Donlln arranged to
have tire body plaeed In n neat coffin nail loft
word that the mother should not bo permitted
to see It
Clara Mnrez was employed In R A Wngners
paper box factory and nho supported her
widowed mother
H I the People Party Cnndldnte fer
OeTemor in North Carolina
RALEIGH N C Aug OA special to the
Stale Chronicle from Goldsboro N C says
Dr W P Kxum tine Third party candidate
for Governor was arrested last evening for
using profnna Innguaco In the Post Office In
tire presence of ladles He was brought before
Mayor Hollowcll and although Postmaster
Hlllllll tARtlftnil linrfnr nnth thnf nnrtnln in < vAn
tlemnnly remarks were made by Exam tire
latter swore positively that he did not make
them A fine of 71HJ was Imposed upon him
niter which ho departed for Itnlolgh
A warrant for perjury is now out against
him and will bu served upon him when he re
Three Month for lumping from III ah
Frank Gaylord ot 17 Itenwlck street who
jumped from High Bridge on Friday last was
well enough yesterday to bo arraigned in tire
Harlem Court Ho told Justice Wtdde thnt ho
couldnt say what Impelled him to jump from
the bridge Justice Weldo sent him to tire
Island for three months
New York World Fiilr naUdlnc
ALIUJT Aug 30Tire general managers of
New Yorks exhibit nt tire Worlds Fair trove
decided to dedicate the States building on
Oct 22 Gov Flower will deliver an address
and nn unknown poet will have a congratula
tory ode for the occasion
Tire Weather
The alarm which tinned over Iowa sad Wliconiln on
Monday was central yesterday over the Lake Superior
region anti wa irror tOrT Into Canada It bad greatly
Increased in power and magnitude mali winds were
blowing within n ralius of OO miles of Clue centre and
were rnont surer over northern Illlnoli Wlscontln
and Mlnmsot1 with rain falling over the puree area
Haiti rent 1 Alflc In true Mii > BlB lppl and Arkansas valleys
mere U a ircf nd storm moving south over Montana
The cool wave > > rcnd over all the central Stales The
temperature tourtie < treerlnir nolnt at Ht Vincent and
nan 3 below frasrlnirat Mlnnedosa lire front linn
reached uM r Mlnnisotu the Dakotas Wyoming ant
Nebraska and there m < ty ba frost this morning la 1
Ion a Mlnneiiota and Wisconsin
The high pressure covered the Atlantic Slates where
the xeatberlreinulned fair
In this city It was partly clomly anil at limits threat
tnlnit hlnhest ottlclal temperature 78j lowest 07
aii < rnit humidity 18 percent wind from fast to
snuihrasi average elorlty d I miles nn hour
The thermometer at Perrys pharmacy In Tire 8cs
bulldlnirrecorded tbe temperature yenterday as follows
IKftl tens ivrm ten
a t M ii 7i > sao i M
II A SI fill III If i M i uts 7 <
n M a3 7t til1 M tnt 70
iaM us1 77 la Mid til 7ru
Aicranc nn Ante M 18U
waltuuTot nrTiycuv run it rnv suiT
Fur Maine NVw Hampshire and Wnnum ilionfr
n Wrdnenclay nlghtj showers In northern puriloiu
s e > lncsla > cooler by YitnmJay ntlit xnllnjit
rhlftint tosoiithwist wlnili1
Fur N eschu pelts Itliode hermit a n I rnunrrllciit u
eliot ccc and cooler by Vednesdny iiinlit Miuiiieasl
hiltlnit t to snutliwrst winds
Ir enu 1 fir id gignrr m 15 uueinflijn
niAr utuiteri i it nnrlhtrn > 4rllun Mntitifj I trtn < l ilttjttKtf
Iniiltt tit
Ior eaittrn IViinnylranla New tin nod Drlnware
Inrreaking cinidtniia and ihurt era iiUlilly cooler
nlndl ililttilig to luutlmi em
Car llutriil < riohinl > li nnd Mirlan < l ilioweri hr
Wednenduv nlnht allghtly coolrr nitlmfnt windu
For vtcat Virginia fair j > rccrilr < l by ihun era cooler
wet wind
For writern l > iiniyhanla simmers cooler neit
For western New Yinur < honrri cooler fresh to
hrl L aiuthwr ulntlii
lirotr tuHilitmttiHt itfttmt I 1 ° e The itorm cen
tral I Tuts Jay nliiht over Wlicnniln hatuixel I fort it at
IaVe Ilurua nllh an mrriUke ul slrenirth lire bare
mrlrie jjreK iiie i cunllrue n t i l < iw In Ihr r lisaLaiclt wan
Vnlry The urea of tih barometer central TuetiUy
nliibt un thpiiiddloiat n cr0 slop nt t he Hut Mom
mini hat I n < d < uutli aitward innS the pnnure U
Mtfh rtoin tile luwrr llnaounl Vule to wretern Texaa
A marked tail In trmimHiitF trite rccurred In the cm
Iral r allfji In the llockr Miunloln and plateau
rritloiif Hie trmpeutiuo hat ritU sties lucre the tem
perature change hut e been Light Italn and IIIKQ
wind trait prr all d over tirs greater part oil th lake
resloni snttl unto ira aro reported from bus lake rrflcu
to the rioutti Atlunllu and hull Quails Increailnv
clotdlneif cooler nualher and thowera are Indicated
for New Fngland New Yerk and fennihanla U I
the central valleys and the waitern lake region tbe
weather will ta warmer and fair The follonlng bury
rainfalls Un Inrhei were reported during the past
ta enlyour bourn n CtrrplsWe lsjj GoUiboroufb
op hJLt2Of1 IMPtlf
I i
Over MOO Nrvr due In Ilnmbnrcj Yealer
dny IHmp and OppreftMve Wenlher a > v
fhnleru fentre The Ilusne InerenlitT
In lInueSlope flee In Knalim1 losid
Much AI nrm In Anlnerp nnd Purl
lUMtiuno Aug 30The stillrlnc of the
atmnsphnro since carl last evening hat
caused tho cholorn to spread with Increased
rapidity and hopes of tIm near abatement of
the dlntato hate receded a chock Tonight
Hit now cases and 8111 deaths are reported for
tho day Thu number of Interments ycster i
tins was 2IK nltuost threo times tIre average
In healthful times Many of thu burials now
take place at night ns then them Is not only
less danger of Infection but also tower per
sons abroad to bo panic stricken by this appal
ling frequency of tire funerals Most bodies
are umrcompnnled by friends or relatives
Persons of the poorer clasn tIring In hospitals
are burled without any attempt nt ceremony 4
and without having been oven scon by their tj
friends or family 7
Tine longexpected panlo scorns to have jj
comet Tim oxodus of families of property U
continuous and Increasing The railway sta
tions are full night anti day and thorp Is diffi
culty In finding porters enough to transport
the baggirgis lluslness Is dcsd Most ot the
shops not dealing In dally necessities are
closed Those that remain open do hardly a
tenth of their usual trade Tho cafes are de
serted Tho hotels today received but twenty
nlno persons antI most ot thntn are virtually
empty Tire loss ot trade in the last throe
days Is estimated to bo In the millions The
celebration of Sedan dav anniversary of the
surrender ot Nnpoteon III has been forbidden
Six cases of cholera are reported this oven
Ing from tine military camp nt Lockstodt In
holstein Many of the soldiers are ailing
nnd a temporary hospital for handling victims
of tire plagiu hat been established
IlEHLtN Aug 110 Thonlr Is damn and o
prcsslvo Tho ofllclal placards on the bll
boards this afternoon announce that In Ihti
last twentyfour hours nineteen fresh cnses Of fj
cholera have bion discovered Tire pntltnti
havo boon taken to tho cholera hospital In p
Moablt TIre course ot the disease Is watched
with the most minute care by thus authorities
antI by tire official physicians who have been
engaged by tire score and placed on duty at
tire police stations tire railway stations and
public Institutions
All persons arriving from cities suspected
of Infection are carefully examined and their
baggage isifumigatod So far the progress of
tho plague has been too small to affect very
noticeably tire citys daily life Only befor
tho bill boards where the official reports nr
posted and on the street corner where sani
tary Instructions have boon placarded Is any
variation ot Ito regular routine to bo ob
served At those places email groups hart i 4
Bothered all day A laborer In a group near a
bill board near the foot ot the Friodrioh
strasse this morning wan taken suddenly III
and toll groaning with pain to the ground At
tIre pollco station threo blocks off tire physi
cians pronounced tire laborers case to be one
ot Konnlno Asiatic cholera and the man was
removed to tire Moablt hospital
Tire authorities of Welssoneoo a suburb ot
this city yesterday ordered a show woman
named linihn who was encamped with s 4
number of other show people on some waft
land In the suburbs to take back her 10year
old son who had just arrived from Hamburg
The mother had been three months at
Welssenscc and the boy had brought wi
him clean bill of health with his passport
Tho mother therefore refused to take the boy
away from Welssenfce whereupon the police
seIzed both mother anti son mind removed
them both to tire cholera lararetto They
made frantic resistance and tIre other show
people hurried to help htmL A riotous seen
ensued and the police had much difficulty
quelling tire disturbance
Hoports from forty towns In North Germany
exclusive of Hamburg and Altona show that
In oach cages of cholera have been discovered
In none of them however Ims It become epi
demic and in all the cases the victims have
been Isolated The Berlin health officials pro
fess confidence that the country has seen the
worst of the plague
BiiEiiEX Aug 30Tho North German Lloyd
Steamship Company announced today that
each ot tire steamers ot that line will carry two
doctors during the prevalence of the cholera
epidemic All their vessels will be disinfected
twice dally and nil baggage will bedlslafected
In a special shed before It Is allowed to be put
aboard tire steamers During the voyage only
water that has beon boiled or mixed with
muriatic acldwlll bo supplied lb crows and
passengers F
VIENNA Aug 10A cholera hospital with
080 beds which can bo rent to any part of the 7
empire has been constructed here I
LONDON Aug ItIda Hamynn tire four
yearold child of llusslan Immigrants who WM
taken to the London Hospital on Hunday ens
Pectiid of having cholura IK dead The post
mortem examination revealed acute iodize
mation ot the bowels but not cholera
Another of the crew of tue steamer Gerona
from Hamburg Intuit hci > n nttaolrd with chol
era nt Shields Tho port authorities are ask
ing the Ooviriimint to mpowi < r thorn to im
pose n uuariutlne of four days on European
Two nassoneers from Hamburg who had
passed tIre torsexamination as being < r lU
wore ftoirxl with sjmptoinh of Iliolora atthtlr
homos In Ihllngton todav e
Tine choliM news fiom various quarter r
continues alarming TIre bark Helen which
bit lliuiihiirR on Aug Ill for America KM
been dutalnndat I intuit on account of xlcknes
on board Last sr i cnlng tire helene was towd
to Irnvihinil and tivn of than crew afflicted
with AlitlnilKilira wvrv token to land and
put In tIn t > hoHpltal
Tine lilcht Hon Jnmes Lowthor speaking
llnniscil1 toduy urued that the public Wei
fan1 diiniinded that tine Oovernmont with or
nllliout warrant of mitt should ut onco prohibit
Immlurntloii whllii tire dnnsor from cholera
inunncid treat llrllnln He would pledge the
support of the Conservatives should It bo
nifisrnry to Indemnify thin iovornment for
rIms tuitIon It might tnki < In defence of the pub
lIe health aualnst tine cholera scourge This
declared thu speaker was not a time to be
pedantic or to stand on iltni letter of the law
In face of a great putillc dantror
Donald Currlu 1 Co announce that the >
Mourners of the Casthi line will henceforth
censo culllnir at Ilnmburir tumid Flnalilncf an
route to Africa and Hint they have ceased
booking passungers for Jludolra and Mt if
Four omlgrnnts from Hmsla on their way to
AmnrlMi and who Intended to suit today
havo hoiii stricken at Liverpool with what ap
pears to lie chol rn They were petit to the
hospital > rumlKraiit ant being closely
liiripeted both for local sariltnry reasons and
Leciiiiho tins strMUnchtp poDipHtiles are anx
ious not to earn nny who are likely to ensues
trouhle In Iniiillng
Htcnnihhlp agents nt Uueenstown have been
ordered tofumigiitu the luggnee of passengers
on tine threo steamships that will touch at
that port tin route to Now York on Thursday
AU TKIIIA I Aue UOA man who arrived at
Tire Ilftnua rcMonlly from Himbure wire at
tacked with cholfra Inn night lie wan re
moved ton hospital nnil the hrouce wiroro ire I
was living has men dHintnrtcd
HnnwEi Aug hOTtvo persons stricken
with cholrntliavM been tukt to tins St 1lerre
Hospital and ono case has already proved
ANTWKIII Aug DO There hnvo been two
morn deaths from Asiatic cholera Uetldoi e
the twentyfour cases of Asiatic cholera In the
hospltnl there are huwrai In private houses
ThunuthorltlnH ImMi been aroused to vigor
omit uilortis tontntnp out the cholera and now
they no longer deny lib xlKcnco The rut
turns show nvvvntytwo m < w rnscs sineo yes
terday and four deaths tire dUeaon appears
to bn sprtUdlnir The vessels iui > pi > cted ot In
fectlon aro reiiuipd lo moor In midstream
when 1 hey arc lumigntrd and otherwise all
Infcctod I
IAIIIH Aug 30 The hostiltals are lining put
In condition to meet nn epidemic More case
Imvireoinu to light unit nro iupmetoth ot being
iris genuine Asiatic choleru There were four

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