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With Great Britain once In possession of
the Sandwich Islands tho koy of tho North
Pacific will novor b ours except as tho
prize of a fiucccssf war
That groat Power gets what It can and
keeps what It gets However obtained
territory that Is useful t England com
mercially or strategically Is novor phllan
throplcally relinquished
In Hawaii tho story of Gibraltar would b
r repented at our expense For a century
should look
for two centuries perhaps wo
across tho water from our western coast
to this British stronghold ns Spain looks
from San Boquo t Gibraltar
Shall there bo established with our ac
quiescence another Bermuda In tho Pacific
to match the Bermuda of the Atlantic and
t complete the hostile cordon around this
ar republic
To England Hawaii would bo an Im
mensely valuable link In tho chain that
binds her empire The islands are the first
and most Important station between tho
western terminus of her great military
railroad tho Canadian Pacific and both
Australia and India
c To us Hawaii Is the natural outpost In
the Paclllo of Americas system of na
tional defence the safeguard of Americas
western commerce In the Twentieth cen
tury tho station of our war ships and the
g refuge of our merchant marine
Wi England hesitate I she gets the
chance Not an Instant But shall she
I havo tho opportunity which circumstances
for onro In close accord with natural right
I national policy and manifest destiny
bring first to us
Ships Available In the Pacific
l I was fortunate thaI Secretary TRACT
send all the
II resisting tho temptation to al
now ships on the Pacific station to tho
coming naval review in Now York harbor
Honolulu Her
i retained the Boston nt 10nolulu
value In keeping order there and In pro
a venting what might have been a bloody
race conflict in tho lato political crisis can
r not be overestimated
But the future of Hawaii is still to b de
i termined and as we may seo tho ships of
various European nations hurrying to
Honolulu it Is well to know what wo havo
L h available for guarding American Interests
The Boston Is a steel protected cruiser of
SIR tons displacement 156 knots speed
4 and a main battery of two 6Inch
amid six inch breechloading rifles
Her secondary battery contains two
6poundor 3poundcr and two 1pound
er rapidlire pieces four 47mm and two
37mm Hotchklss revolving cannon and two
Gatlings dipt G C WIITUB Is in com
mand and was responsible for tho prompt
landing of about 300 bluejackets and
marines on tho appeal of tho foreign resi
dents Capt J F DAY had received or
ders some time ngo to relieve him taking
tho steamer which goes this week
Next In importance Is the Mohican a
wooden vessel of 1900 tons displacement
and loi > 5 knots fenced under Commander
Ntcofci LUDLOW She is tho flagship of
4 Commodore J 8 SKKItHETT acting Rear
Admiral who was put In command of the
Pacific station only three weeks ago She
loft San Francisco for Honolulu on Sunday
An oldtime Hhlp her main battery Is also
oldcontenting of eight flimieii Iloth bores
one Rlnuh imiKztolondlng rlllo nun n r
pounder broechIondlng rlllo Her com pi o
mont Is 21 ofllecrH nnd 1JJ men
A third craft nvnllnblo is tho Ranger of
10JO toils displacement and ten knots
under Coiuninmtor E LostisirKiii She
was ready fur Mirvlco at Mare Island liko
the Mohican whim the news from Honolulu
came leI complement Is 21 officers and 127
mou Then wo havo tho Adams a wooden
hip of 117 tons displacement 98 knots
speed under Commander THOMAS NKLSOV
nI Kho had bon lilting out at Miiro Island for
t aciulso to Samoa and will soon bo ready
to follow tho Mohican and tho Bangor Her
complement Is 2 ollUcrs and ICO l men
Those four vessels nto Immediately avail
I able The Alliance now nt Samoa under
Commander W I Wn ITINO hits been order
ed homoand would take lu Honolulu on hor
way but perhaps is I waiting for relief by
the Adams Sue is sister
a ship of tho
latter having 1375 tons dlbplnremcnt and
1 about 10 knots bpccd and carries six guns
i of which four are 0lneh binoolli bores one I
k an 8Inch muzzleloading ride and one I 6
pounder breachloading rile Her eomplo
ment is 18 ofllcers amid icu men There is
DO need of Including tho Thetis Commander
c G GRKiTEit the Arctic wooden craft of 1850
tons with trivial battery and low speed
Dow engaged in surveying duty on tho
lower coast of California
Were there an actual necessity for Its
presence the coast defender Monterey
might bo pressed into service and soiit to
Honolulu She IH a low freeboard nice
vessel of 411W tons and carries tho most
4 powerful battery in any of our ships afloat
two 12Inch and two 10inch brccchlond
fag rifles Her secondary battery contains
fix 6poundor and four 1pounder rapid
flre guns and two Catlings Her bunker ca
i pacity Is not enough for 0 voyage to lion
4t olulu but a convoy could tko coal along
I i t or cal could b stowed on her decks Her
T4 turrets however are not yet complot
A and In any case she might b moro useful In
1i her legitimate service along tho coast
elnco un exigency which could require her
I at Honolulu might require her still moro
at Ban Francisco
And we lao the other side of tho Paclllo
t draw from I necessary Admiral HAl
I WONY commands tho Asiatic station and
bas under him tho Lancaster Capt A I
MoCoBMiCE commanding a wooden ship
of 8250 tons 96 knots sped and ten
Blnoh muzzleloading rifles the Petrel
I TjleutenantCommandor B 8 MACKENZIE
Lutatmmador Cz
0 t sftMl gunboat of 8 ton and nearly I
12 knot carrying four 0lnch breech
oadlng rifles tho Marion Commander 0
V GRinnEr a slater ship of tho Mo
ilcnn of 1000 tons llj knots eight
guns and n complement of IB officer and
liG men tho Alert Commander G R
> unAKD a sister ship of tho Ranger of
1020 tons 10 knots four guns
and a complement of 21 officers and
127 men From these leaving out of view
tho Pnlos and thoMonocacy one or two
vessels could easily b spared for Hono
lulu But there is another source of roll
nco should serious trotiblocomo out of the
Honolulu affair Admiral GiiFJiAttDiH fine
squadron now on tho South Amorjcan
coast can bo turned back to tho Pacific
lie has with him four fine modern steel
protected cruisers Theso are tho Balti
more 4GOO tons tho San Francisco 4083
ho Charleston 4010 nud tho Yorktown
1700 They are powerfully armed with an
aggregate of thirtysix 8Inch and Glnch
riles and all but time Yorktown aro very
fast Our naval forco In and near the Pa
Iflo Is adequate for all present needs
The New Homo Rule Hill
By far the most Important and probably
time first measure to bo Introduced In tho
csslon of tho British Parliament which
begins today Is Mr GfcAlwTONrs now plan
of somllndcpondent government for Ire
land A synopsis of tho bill has Lon for
warded by cable nail vas printed In TiE
SUN on Sunday Wo defer a thorough study
of tho project until the full toxt Is before us
and until wo hear Mr GLADSTONKH Inter
polation of certain provisions which ns yet
seem obscure Meanwhile wo may direct
attention to some features of tho scheme
which indicate that tho speclesof autonomy
to bo offered to Ireland Is less extensive
than that enjoyed by one of our States and
hat ns regards tho stato of things existing
In the day of GHATFANS Parliament the
new regime involves In sOle respects a
higher mind In others a lower degree of in
dependence Thoro IA no doubt however
that the proposed legislative and admlnls
ratlve system mnkes larger concessions to
the Irish Nationalists than those embodied
In the bill of 18SG which II PAKNFrr was
willing to accept
I will bo observed that under the new
scheme the Irish Government can exorcise
control the Irish militia it
no over mltn can
make no laws affecting naturalization or
quarantine and it cannot nuthoilo any
banks of Issue In all these particulars it
ios a moro limited authority than Is pos
Besscd by ono of our State Governments I
Is also debarred from enacting any law re
lating to a regency Now in GHVTTASS
imo the Dublin Parliament refused to pass
an act Identical with tho regency law
framed by WILLIAM PITT with tho jesuit
that had not GIOIICIE III suddenly recov
ery his sanity his eldest son Mould have
been Invested In Ireland with functions
cry different from those which would have
ben delegated to him in England This
was one of the incidents which convinced
iirr that a separate uovonimcni inr Ire
land was unworkable nnd evidently Mr
GLADSToNE Is i determined to avoid this
source of possible embarrassment It will
also b remembered that GIIATTANH Parlia
ment had control of tho Irish militia and
volunteers so far as control could bo exor
cised by tho legislative when divorced from
the executive branch of government Leg i
islation In reaard to land also which per
tamed to GilATTANS Parliament and which
lies within tho competence of our Stato
Governments Is withheld for five years
from tho Dublin legislature but this Is to
assure tho execution of tho several land
purchase acts which now stand upon tho
statute book
Tho legislative power Is t b vested as It
s In the State of New York In two chambers
Tho upper House for the present is t con
sist of seventyfive elective members with
tho twentyeight who
peers now represent
Iho Irish peerage in the British House of
Lords but after tho expiration of thirty
years the places of tho twentyeight pOOlS
aro to b vacated and filled with elective
members A relatively high property qual
ification Is required for those citizens who
arc to tko part in electing members of tho
upper House and I still higher qualiflcntlon
for those who are to bo deemed eligible for
membership Similar provisions in regard
t the State Senato obtained in the State of
New York for some forty years after the
adoption of our first Stnto Constitution
The popular branch of tho Irish legislature
Is to consist of 204 members or double the
number of Irelands present representatives
nt Westminster except that tho
tUt represen
tation Trinity College Dublin two mem
bers remains tho BHIIIU The parliamentary
franchise is unaltered Tho two chambers
will sit bcpaiatcly nail lu the case
of a disagreement which cannot bo
Betted by a reference t a joint committee
thu specific question nt issue may bo re
ferred to tho people Whether this application
cation of tho Swiss referendum Is duo to
Mr GLADSTONE himself or to Mr liuvci
who Is said t havo boon largely concerned
In tho formulation of tho bill it is shrewdly
designed to propltiato tho Irish Unionists
without alienating tlio Irish Nationalists
for it assures t tho UnioniSts nn appeal to
tho sober second thought of tho people
while at the same time It gives to time
Nationalists tho vantage of tho nunicrlcn
majority upon which they can usually
count As to Irelands representation at
Wcbtmlnbtor this tate remain at its present
figure 103 but tho same men may bo re
turned if tho constituencies 10 desire t
tho Imperial Parliament and to tho Irish h
legislature Wo should add that tho 28
Irish representative peers will continue to
Bit In tho House of Lords Au attempt is
made In a clause of tho bill to define explicitly
plicitly and exclusively the questions on
which Irish members of the British House
of Commons may bo allowed to vote Tn
this which Is ono of the crucial points of
the scheme we shall return hereafter
Now for tho particulars In respect of
which tho now bill must bo pronounced a
decided improvement tho measure which
met with Mr PAKNULLS approval Tho
Irish Government ISlt the end of five
years to have exclusive control of the Irish
judiciary except tho Exchequer division of
the High Court of Justice vacancies in
which are to bo filled by time Crown on the
joint recommendation of the Lord Lleuton
out of Ireland and tho Lord Chancellor of
Grout Britain The Dublin metropolitan
police Is not t remain permanently under
the Lord Lieutenant but only for 0 period
of live years or until tho Irish Admlntstra
ton shall establish an adequato substitute
Moreover tho Dublin
Dulln legislature may pro
vide for tho formation of a police force in
all Irish counties and boroughs t b un
der tho control of tho local authorities and
apparently though tho telegraphic synop
sis Is somewhat vague on this point this
force is t bo ultimately substituted for the
Royal Irish constabulary Finally tho share
of tho Imperial burdens which Ireland must
bear is only half as large a the quota t
which Mr PABNELI > assented I the cue
tome and excise duties collected In Ireland
by the Imperial Government exceed the
fixed amount which that country U t con
ti but t the Imperial revenue the excess
must b turned over to the Irish Govern
mont To appreciate what this may mean
should Ireland become prosperous wo need
only consider how Immensely tho State of
Now York would profit If It had a right t
all that part of the customs and excise du
ties levied within Ito territory In excess of
It tes proportionate contribution to the Fed
eral revenue
lu ono vital rcsncct tho now mcaMire
like tho bill of 18SC represents a vast nd
anco upon GKATTAXS Parliament A
hundred years ago the Irish executive was
In no sonso res responsible to the Irish legls
aturo Now tho Lord Lieutenant of Ire
and like tho Viceroy of tho Dominion of
Canada will govern through Ministers
directly accountable to tho Dublin Icglsla
uro A veto power Is reserved to the
Crown as It Wn pwer 1880 and wo are told
that controversies regarding constitutional
questions will bo referred to tho Judicial
ommlttco of tho Imperial Privy Council
Vo must wait for Mr GLADSTONES exposl
ton of his project to learn on whoso advice
ho veto power will bo exorcised and
whether In time Judicial Committee of tho
Privy Council Ireland Is to b represented
In proportion to her population
Tho friends of Ireland who are not holy
satisfied with the now scheme should com
pare It clause by clause with tho measure
proposed seven years ago Then let them
ask themselves whether any larger 1m
irovemcnts on tho bill of 1880 would have
any chance of being ratified In tho present
louse of Commons where a change of lei
linn twenty votes from one side to the
thor would extinguish Mr GLADSTONES
narrow majority
Protect the Pnrlcs
For moro than thirty years the public
parks of Now York have been planned and
undo and their affairs administered for tho
mOHt hart under the Inlliionco of the same
wise and experienced understanding
lint In Iii began the Central Pnik As
heir territory bus expanded there has
grown UD In tho community nn admiration
of their beauty and an appreciation of their I
sentiment that liltheito has stood as a do I
enco ngainst their diversion to foreign
Ideas and purposes or to Irresponsible and
conlllctlug Interests This barrier appears
to havo been overthrown Tho Trustees of
time American Museum of Natural History
mvo succeeded in overriding tho plO
test of tho artistic director of tho parks
and in getting placed in their own I
lands tho determination of n question In
volving an nrehttoctuial addition to tho
rnrks of the largest magnitude It docs
not rightfully belong there nor evidently
could it bo nor has It been properly deter
mined thcro
Them is a serious public outrage not to
say vital injury to the parks contained In
time existing plans for adding to tho
niiseum lu Manhattan square They
should bo withdrawn and tho situation
approached unow with duo repaid for tho
several points of public Interest that have
lwen unfortunately suppressed front con
Counsellors to the legislature I
In an article on legal ignoranco nt Al I
auy our esteemed contemporary tho I
Brooklyn Knglr says that a capnblo lawyer
who would scrutinize every bill to be intro
duced in tho Loglblatttro before it wm
offered could save mill timo for the Sen
ate and Assembly as well as for tho Governor
and the courts and then
ernor cOlrts speaking
of the aid afforded by ono of tho members
of the Statutory Revision Commission in
this rspect It says Tho service which
Prof CoLLix renders to tho State because
of his familiarity with its Constitution is
appreciated by lawyers I by no one else
In making this statement vro think tho
Eagle which is usually well informed nail
wise hnsovei looked two notable perform
ances of the Statutory Revision Commis
sion of which Prof CHAHLVS A COLLIN of
Ithaca is tho most prominent member
Tho Legislature of 1892 repealed the law
against holding court on election day with
out knowing that they wero repealing it
This was done through the agency of tho
Satutory Revision Commissioners Tho
fact of tho jepeal was so carefully kept from
tho public that as late as tho fourth day of
October lust the Court of Appeals handed
down a decision in language which unmis
takably bhowed that tho Judges of that tri
bunal supposed tho statute still to be in
forco although If fact It had been repealed
months before
At tho Instance of tho same Commission
with Prof COLLIN nt its head the Legisla
ture of 1892 repealed the statute which has
been in force hal a century providing I
summary proceeding before a Supremo
Curt Justice to compel an outgoing public
officer to deliver over tho books ami papers
of tlio office to his successor This repeal
passed unnoticed until an attempt was
made to proceed under tho statute In the
Long Island City Mayoralty contest when
it vifis discovered that the law had ben
abrogated by tho enactment of the Public
Oflicors law of 1892 Tho
Onkorl summary pro
ceeding to obtain olllclnl books and papers
from a person usurping a public ofllco Is as
Important it over was and wo do not bo
hove that the Legislature really intended
to abolish remedy which tho
Ibolsh a legal pub
lic nt largo as dlbtlngulshud from private
litigants hnvo so vital an Interest
Theso examples of what has recently been
accomplished through tho Inlliionco of per
Sons who Bland in tho position of legal
counsellor to tho Legislature aro moro
suggestive of tho ovll than of the good
which would bo done by permanent oflicors
exorcising such functions
Learning the Language
Wo assure that distinguished prelate
Mgr SATOILT tho immediate representa
tive of Pope LEO XIII that ho can very
quickly learn t speak tho English Ian
guugc which ho desires t make use of nt
times In this country From onethird to
onehalt of all tho words employed by ordi
nary Engllbh writers aro of Latin origin
iinil even if TVO have bomowhnt changed
the Indent form or bound of ninny of thcsi
words they aro bllll apprehensible by any
Latlnlst and wo think that Italians espc
dailyItalians of learning can acqiilio a
knowledge of tho English composite speed
far moro readily than It can bo acquired bj
people whoso native parlance is radically
unlike the English
Wo do not doubt for example that it Is
within the power of Mgr SATOLLI to learn
to speak and road English very well within
thrco months from the limo of his begin
ning I wo had tho leisure to put him
through his drill wo should like to do It
I is singular that so small a proportion
of our Italian immigrants mako Imsto to
learn the language of this country but
prefer to live hero under very grave dlsad
vantages Wo advise them to tackle our
speech I they want to get alone well
They will smile with happiness when they
notice that so very many of our words bar
a family resemblance t their own The
English words are not always a molt
luoua M their Italian but
luol te ltan ooogenon iro
cant help that Tho ancestors of the
English were mero barbarians to the
tomans at tho time when the ancestors of
our Italians were enjoying tho elegant
numbers of VrnoiLius
It Is singular that whllo BO many of
our Italian Immigrants aro negligent of
English nearly nil our Jewish liiiMlgrnnts
trlvij t master It as soon a possible after
they como hero though tho learning of It
s very hard to people whoso native tongue
Is Hebrew Not only tho younger persons
of tho Jewish Immigration begin to grapple
with English upon hell arrival but
likewise men ot all ages nnd pursuits
amid thero are scores upon scores of evening
lasses and of garret or basement private
night schools in which grayhaired Jewish
veterans from eastern Europe can bo Reel
nhirg tliolr first lessons In English pro
nunciation and spelling anti reading and
writing These astute people aro aware
hat It Is advantageous to understand tire
language of the land where they dwell
I begins now to look as It tho opposition
to Tapld Transit woro of tho nature of simple
blackmail Tho lurfnco roads n wo are In
formed havo practically withdrawn tholr
A correspondent who used SOLOMONS injunction
unction not to removo tho ancient land
mark as an argument for loavlnc tho City Hall
standIng ban led annthor to tar that HOIOMON
was merely rcpoatlnc ancient law In Dou
toronomy xix 1 It Bays Thou shnlt not
remove thy neighbors landmark nail nt
xxvll 10 wo read Cursed btf he that romo
oth hUnclehbors landmark Jon says xxlv
2 There are that removo tho landmarks
yot I Ito whllo and they are cone Yon
they aro brought low and aro cut off as time
tops of the oars of corn Hut nono of thcoo
solemn prohibitions applies tommy point ot tho
question about a now City Hall for Now York
InnlmnrkBlllnt1lrchnl days meant land
marks simply Thoy laid oft tho boundaries
of f nations or of I mans farm tho scat of his
livelihood I ono removed n landmark It
was like stealing title dacds It mlsht
load to war It mlcht mlsculJo a traveller
It wan a villainous and cursed act Our Ily
lull Is not I landmark under time meaning of
MCMS or lzit as the caso mlcht bo or of
Jon or of SOIXIMOX I Is tho ail in I red prop
erty ot thin city of Now York to bo dealt with
entirely us tho judgment of tho responsible
municipal ofllcers and tho exigencies of tho
situation may prescribe Tho wiser courso
would seem to have It give way to another
build ln
Wo nro iitmblo to confirm tho statement
of a contemporary that 1gypt Is the favorite
resort of American tourists In theso times
Tho lii > lil fins Tho Ilhloru Is no longer
tho AmerIcan vogue it Is moro correct to go
on to Kcyptand tho Nile do to < alro Very
well Wo are attic toafilrm that there U i not
In all tho world a moro interesting city than
alro In 1gypt At tho same time It is I true
hat In somo respects Jerusalem Con tnll
nople and Homo mire even moro Interesting
than Cairo though there Is I Ih pyramid any
where near any of them What a pyramid Is
hat of Khufu
Wo mini indebted to tho OintirrputionnlM
For tho Information that them ItO in this
country outido of the Itomaii Catholic
Church 1411 religious communions There
aro twelve kinds of rrosbiturlmH seventeen
of Mcthodibts twelve of laptUti > several
iplcomalhana nail four of Quakers Thnrn urn
three sects ot Mormons two of DunkanH and
a dozon of Mvnnonlto besides tho Schwoln
furthltofl tho Winnebrenaiians the Schwenk
feldlans the Slrltualists Thoosophlsts lth
leal Culturlstfi and u whole lot more Is thero
any othor country In tho world which has as
many religious bodies as thero arc in time
United States
And yet the hiv WILTON M SMITH In nd
drosslne the Younc Mens Christian Associa
tion at Its anniversary meeting hero last week
reported that of the DOUOOU younc men In tho
city of Now York not moro than 75000 ever
enter church Wo do not Know how Mr
SMITH procured his statistics hit wo suppose
they ere collected by thoacuutsof tho Young
Mens Christian Association Can It be pos
sible that they are correct arid that throe
fourths of all our young men loss thnn 21
years ohllnevcrco to nny church It Mr
SMITHS figures are to bo truMeil they deserve
tho thought of clergymen of all creeds
PAlL Du CIIAILLU has lived to pee tho
geographical world admit that tho stories ho
told about the corillas and dwarfs wore true
Ho Is moro fortunate than some other ex
plorers who have had justice done to thor
only after they woro lend lIe CjmiLU how
ever had to waita lone tlmo for justice I Is
only three or four years nlnco thoceocrnph
Ical periodicals recordlnc now travels In ro
clons where ho had pioneered the war hpgan
to boar testimony to tho fact that
tostmony rlct thlt recent ex
plorers wero ronllrmine Du Ciuiuus asser
tions Yesterday tho American loouraplilcal
Society did a Graceful timing in recognizing his
services as an African explorer
The Ilov Dr AnnoTT of Ilymouth Church
makes tho declaration that though ho has
sometimes been npplaudod while preaching
it Is not the habit of his lock to cheer those
passages or his sermons which they like Wo
stilt maintain however that If cheering Is to
be permitted In church at nil it mint be
brought under knowing leadership nail In
dulged in with modelullnn It must not ho
boisterous or exciting exhausting and any
thlna penalty like of n extrusion catcall must bo prohibited under
Time literature of Iltissia In BO far ns It
has boon put Into Knsllsh or Trench or Ger
man Is more sombre all depressing less
proud and mettlesome lens agreeable when
retrospective and leIs Inspired with hope
than the lltornturu of any other country of
Europe As lor TOI TOI ToiuiKNiKfF and
others of their kind tell us not of them I
Is enough to break ones hvirt to listen oven
to the folksongs of Mine IISKKK who reo
cently gave two HUlln concerts In this cltr
There I 0 plaintive undertone In tho liveliest
of them all There are no heroics In any of
them Yet we must praise the Irt the temper
and the fine voices of Mme LIXKFF and her
Worthy company of Muscovites
All tho emperors kings queens sultans
and othor ruloia of foreign ports are Invited
to put themselves on exhibition lt the Chicago
Fair I they wero to do so it would bo worth
while to vo to tho Jiir I Is harassing to
learn that them has
not ono uf accepted
Chicagos Invitation
Wo cannot possibly express I dcslro that
the challenge which I sexagenarian Scotch
man of Newark hax sent to a Quadragenarian
Bcotchman of the tamo place will be accepted
The foxacenarian who received an insult
from tho quadragenarian offers to meet him
on tho field of honor with sword or pistol un
dot the code and If theso weapons are ob
jected to ho offers to fight him lathering
under London rules I Is un Interesting case
and we ruminate while reading tho challenge
sent to JosKrii Hoiiusby AAIION WILLIAMS
Wo decide at onro that wu cannot approve of
tho duel with deadly weapons 8 duelling Is
prohibited by thin law of tho Mate of
Ntnv Jersey but wo mire disposed to
decide that If thoro must bo a fight it ought
to bo in time ring with muwleys more especial
ly I as the sexagenarian boasts that ho can
whip thn quadragenarian and stands toady t
put up a forfeit of 510 under the terms of
the challenge It U l perfectly abiurd for
HOLMES to car that WILUAUB Is too old t
engage In a flit fight under London rle let
that point b decded by t chalUnger I U
net always thi rounxttt 1 DU who coat off
first bent In time rinjt and ft Scotchman who U l
only sixty mnr be In better fighting trim than
another who Is 8 old a forty
I It bo determined then that these two
Newark gentlemen must moot In tho ring wo
shall wntch tho rroccccllnci with Interest and
limy tho right man win In tho font that
people can BOO tho Unlit without pitying gate
joy money It luicely wo are sure that I hufco crowd will cu
I tho now Brooklyn paper stands up
bravely firmly pertinaciously anil to some
purpose tor tho renter Now York It will bo In
so fur deserving of tho applause of Brooklyn
There Is i no question before tho Brooktynltefi
of moro Importance than time cront New York
lll UJlr TlrCI 1omcr
NllvJr Mud IVnHnn MrMTlie TniInT of
Secamliii1 InlrlTMt
I ornie TIiN
A prominent Democrat of this State who
I national reputation had a clint with Prcst
dentelect lovelantl yesterday in time course
of which Mr Cleveland told frankly what ho Is
now doll nnd what his policy would bo In
respect 1oilornl appointment
Jlr Cleveland Bald this Democrat In
thlnklnc now moro about tho repeal of tho
Hhcrmln Sliver net and of tho nettlomoiit ot
the silver problem generally than ho Is of
Cabinet appointments Jut tho Cabinet ap
pointment us well as all othor 1odcial
appointment will bo larsoly covornod by
Mr Clevelands ardent desho to stop the
rolnaco of time dishonest sliver
rolnco present sler dollar
Jlr Cloveland regards tho silver Issue R tho
paramount one flow In politics supei lor even
to tho tariff Issue Time settlement of tho
Ooonimpnts relation to silver therefore will
have time proc llonco to tho settlement of tho
tariff Isfuo Tho Sherman act In hit opinion
Is a peril to the country anti It must bo ro
pealed before anything else win bo done with
fitfoty recline mis keenly as ho docs upon the
matter Mr Cleveland cannot but obsorvo with I
astonishment tho conduct of certain Homo I
crutlo Conuresbinon who after a visit to i
him Ill limo purpose of pushing the ap
pointment of certain friends of theirs to
liltth 1udernl olllces return to Washington
and do their utmost not to
IOt only prevent
tho repeal of tho Sherman Silver act but oven
work Ilml to IUISH I frvocolnago act These
conticmen will leant l before another yen hns
packed that Mr Cleveland doeR not Intend to
hut In hlch iuvornmnnt positions men who
will attempt to detest his policy In respect to
silver and that ho has observed tho action of
such Democratic Conurossmpu at Washington
who protemllni to be his friends
1rol01Inl steadily fa
clln COl 11110 minim on tho floor of time SOl
ato nail house of Koprc ontatlxes tho freo
colnng > of silver
Vbat Calilnct appointments has Mr Clove
land thus far doclded UOII asked tho
Iriliun reporter
Only two John G Carlisle of Kentucky for
Soctotiiry of tho Treasury and Daniel S Lit
mont or Niw York for tocrotary of War lioth
or thoH appointments iw in tho line of Mr
I level mtmmmi policy of uureluutfng I hostility I I i t to
tho IMcent silver dollar Mr Carlisle as Sec
retary of time TiiMiPUrr of course 11 be called
upon especially to carry out time 1iosldent
uleits policy In respect to silver Lit Iol I lu
I ont al also bo depended I upon to t enfoico
loyally this feature of Mr lotelaiids policy
ill I Inmont I I hell I Is i placed In tie
War Department by Mr flmelaml with
the aim by tho latter of hivlnc a thorough
eXRmllatnl of the pension rolls made
mind the dlsliouot receivers of pensions
weortcd out Of course time 1onslon Ilurcau Is I
In the Interior Department but tho War
Jini itt r immim I him rem t ai ii books I which will
enublu Col Inmont to do this work in a thor
ough manner Wllllum Whitney his said
that he thought a man might make
tulht mlllllaht a national
reputation In tint Cabinet who would go over
time pension lists and detect time fraudulent
pensioner Tho nation ho thought was
gladly paving pensions to tho honest pen
sioners but was discontented over thin sus
picion that ninny of the t claims I which nail
Leon granted under former Tension Commis
sioners Democrats and Republicans wore
I presume Mr Cleveland will mako a largo
number of appointments to office In Now York
fctnto as soon as ho is sworn in ns President
Upon tho contrary ho will mako cry few
and ho will not miko a largo number of ap
pointments In tho Stato tho t first year of his
Administration I is his Iloslr to select busi
ness men for thin 1ednral ollls lt his dis
posal anti of Cur e this cork of selection
from among them will take good deal of
time far moro so than If he made his selec
tions from an oxrlushely political class
Wimitmnkn mid I > ron
Trt Tiir rpiTiB or Tint iifr In II pnsilbe that
liar lines mre III urrcctly In I Iii s bi tlili I inurn
lug I
And If n A tin hit trait the Mil
I her rietiT > < > i wnt human I power
Hut eon hi d piik I 1001
Thi paiiiiil illicit Hit a tikil IHiir
o bun l ho Ire iure IIP I n urotij
IT It In I ncTftt nnntdilon liotrtrnn jnu explain the
fact that liar liniM have trn i fnmoui f It does nut
pem to hl trim tint thero I we rutra liumHii jowrr r
thai I eoull not Anuo I palloul wutch or een n mont
vlcll I Amlnh l IIIMII n pownr ori ne cr team un
0111 m witrli or n I iffllT I mint ttmttta tlmt my
tnvtnory In I 10 liojioltiinly ronfiimr l by rftnltnif my morn
inn s per thnt I JIIM unnble to real the linn u I ined m
to think they Merf DAUH A IrnriK
Th quotation or rntlinr tho ralsriuotntlon
Is from JJyruiia Inoppo The
rrm ln7olll correct
version Is
Auil If vre lo hut walch tlio hour
There novor > et wait human power
V tilth routd cu eLie l if i tinforific
lint jmtknt vearrli all vigil ions
Uf him w ho treaiurci I A wrong
This Uvlmt a IMilladelphla correspondent of
TUB SUN idiot at but didnt lilt on Monday
when writing of the good Mr Vnnamakor and
the wicked stat Bman Jamos McMancs
MnnkatlnnsVt Bet Tnken
To THE EMTOII or TIIK 5SfriYour cnrrtirondcnt
Manhattan for Rome reason Afraid to sign himself
Tammany sayc that not moru than 1tiV per rent
of ui are inter I contradict him slJI hr takes refuge
In offering to hot IQOon It Itnplnir of cour e that I
will not ko to the trouble ortnquirlnir K ttlnr antdi
lti or cxauilDliifr hit of rcifUterid voter How
antartfl be will be lu rent tlmt 1 accept time bet tie or
len ID to day tins rexrettln italy thitt II J not f Mh >
which I offer him If lie prefer I Sims I > will not pay
for the trouble on the con < lltlon however tliat time
mooney ihall tie pisee4 l Wilma Tin Sri and thn bit ite
cltUtl am I publivhfl liy TIIK Dma Murk my I word thu
wilt be tile end of him him Hfi it or Cirr ItatrnRw CLLB
Ilrnlnc Ilruvltr finn CiiTleHi
Tn I TR I IPIIOK nr Tim SrSir Apropos of brain
weiuhli my notebook gust both Cromwtlls ana Tur
ienlcff ai grester llnnluvlcri being 1 land comm
gratnine reipectlvely C agalnit 1HII1 1 gramma
ir 3a Kralni orO03 > l7 eu Mtolrdupou ralll
Itosiat Um iiuir
The IlrllUli Agent In Honolulu
row Mf tn Jrtnfitm Clirmiirlt
HCIIOIIMP Jan lTlae HrllUh Uorernment Im lJ
A necret aernt here fur ome home watching evrnti
Tho proroml Vancouver Quornilaim cable mutt loud
either here nr at Jobnions Inland but the hneliih do
not fancy the lilea of being depciuleut upoa any comma
try for A station For tbli ron sbe I watching
Hawaii Terr closely Hawaii Is I Ibt natural landIng
point ror A IAClOo cable but It ihouM belong to the
country that owns tbo cable at leait such Is I thought
to be tbs belief of the Brlllin onlclals her
Indian Polyelot Mentor
J Von lit S Paul Wi i Glo
Benalor Turple who bas been retlected by the In
diana leilslature ls I said to hale eight laniruaies at
Ills tongues cut Mr reads Latin Cr ek ana Hebrew
Almost as reudlly It Is averred as Ingtlsh and he ha
a nuent command of Ircncli Oenuau bpanlsb amid
A LUlruito Opinion us 10 Tho Sun
I From cA CHrage Pi MilrA
Tu > Ecx Is the sWeat paper In America
Tie Secret or Longevity
ftnt BnoUy Lfft
pro IntsrTlswInr aged negressAn4 they
UU me anntr you are IJO years old how howdee
it bappea you fear Lived that long t 10
Aunfobetw Otal know laoly bat ipsal Ui kUI
I fttvtn < MA
raulnc alone either of the great uptown
venues one cannot help noticing the beautiful
display of orchid flowers In the florist win
tiows A dozen years ago err few of timee
I orgeous llossoms found tholr way to the city
oriels ThoRo then grown In the country were
mostly connned to prhato conservatories and
tho ntirsorymon ns Such of Now Jor er and
iaulot Washlncton who dealt In orchids ro
used to cut tho flowers host doing so should
detract from flit sale nf tho plant Now how
I over this order ot things has chanced and
rchld blossoms havo become ns much a ita
I ide > commodity In tho florist shops In tho
noro fashionable parts of tho city ns have
rote or carnations only In smaller qttantl
thee Tho aunntlty however Is I only limited
by time production of tho growers every bios
om raised of do lrnblo kinds can bo sold at n
air price At this time ot tho year tho supply
Is not equal to the demand rot thoro Is no call
for Insignificant varieties
or poor or InplJnlcnnt nletol
1oslorman or Long Island Blobrecht it
Vudley of New lloohollo Matthews of UtIca
Itchcr and Manila and Do Forest of Now Jer
sey are among the largest growers of orchids
for market and besides those Mar Asmus
Taylor and several other successful rose crew
era around Now York havo also started Into I
the business of growing orchids
In private greenhouses all manner ot or
child nro grown variety being one of tho
ilotsuren of tho connoisseur Not so with the
florists who raise orchid flower for market
They restrict their selection to easily Brown
reobloomlng wlntorflowcrlni kinds that
mvo largo showy blossoms and this Is why
while time display ot orchids In tho florists
window is gay tho variety Is i limited Just
now It consist largely ot Cattleua Trianit and
r Vrrirafana Calanlhf vftltta and Its varl
ties and I VeilcM mind CuprlpttUum intlgne
There are also n low blossoms of Caltlrua
rllril < antI C WanceiciciU i Tho lalias look
much Ilko rattloyas and man of them aro
cry bountiful but F f anceps and Its varieties
thouch I th showiest now wilt rather qutjkly
after being cut Tho white 7 allitila and
rosepurple A antitmnatin both dollghtfully
fragrant also appear In tho windows They
ire on long stems Cupriiirdium iuxignf Is tho fa
orllo market kind because of Its easy growth
nail treeblooming nature and Its stout stiff
lowerstams and lasting qualities few other
ncclos stand imp so stiffly Besides calloium
iltomiM Jlarrltiiamim and some others that
might do well dont como In In quantity > Spf >
f CihChtiLUt Is very striking so are ptirmrafum
and many others but they are moro sorvlcea
bio as small pot plqnts to arrange among
urns than us cut lower Tho white clusters
ot Ucrloauup ciiftata are very pretty but the
bloom wilt noon and an specimens In f flower
ho ulants have too aunt an appearance to be
pleasing Time calanthcs above mentioned
are now deciduous and only fit for cut
lowers lutattf Xkinnrrt Is used cut and as
plants In about the same way as are cyprlpo
Hums Jifnilrobinin inltannm U In good
bloom and n few of tho earliest mobile havo
appeared half ot time stems are cut with those
flowers They mire usod for baskets Species
like cltru otvjrini and Farinrrt are used among
ferns Time color of the blooms of I macro
iliiltnin rrrintlania anti Iirrantil Is not dls
Inc enough for market flowers
Among oncldlums riricninm Is past t but
larintiin Is In Duo condition so is the airy
iriiiUiiniiiinmiu and tho bold Ciivemliiliianiun
Among odontoglossums iritpnm or Alfian
Inr as It Is commonly called Is the most
esteemed of the genus only I few have yet
appeared but In n week or two they will be
moro plentiful Bo highly this orchid ap
preciated in the market that one of tho most
extensive growers his resolved to add a few
more thousands of it to his collection for cut
flowers for market Although these com
prise the most popular orchids other species
1 Vaiida Scltninliurgkia Epidendrum Vum
tiidimtmim llarktria and Anaraeum are cut and
brought to market as they olen
liy Intelligent manipulation the florists are
enabled to havo their orchids In bloom a
month or two earlier or later just as they
wish for Instance by extra warmth and hur
rying tho growth of Vjpripetlium inlgne In
winter nnd spring It can be had In bloom In
October or by cool treatment tho blooming
time may bo deferred till the end of January
Orchid blossoms are usod for almost every
purposo for which the bast kinds of other flow
ers are employed Lovely hand and corsage
liouqucts are made of them the finest kind of
ublo decorations aro arranged with them and
ho richest baskets filled or trimmed with
them and they aro usod even In funeral deco
rations Asiiniajna plniiwfui commonly called
fernleaf asparagus Is tho green that Is put
with them because Its beauty rich effect and
lasting qualities on time other hand maiden
hair fern fronds because of their juick wilting
are not associated with orchid blossoms
At weddings receptions and at other times
when there Is opportunity for elaborato floral
display orchids play an Important part both
plants In bloom and cut flowers can then be
used to fine advantage Tho plants mar bo
banked among ferns mosses and palms on
mantels or elsewhere time heavrhablted
species as of cyprlpedlum and lyeaste kept
pretty well down to the ground line and the
airy sprayblossomed oncldlums and phnlro
nooses raised moro prominently Into view
drown in neat woodencabin baskets or In
comparatively nmall pots and with good foli
age time plants can bo sot < o display time blos
soms to bettor advantage and in a bolter and
moro natural and elegant way than the cut
flowers could he arranged and there Is I less
likelihood of the blossoms wilting by reason
of tIme heat gas or draughts In tlio rooms or
for want of water Time pots or baskets are
hidden among green ferns airy pains or
other suitable plants or among cut fronds of
fernluaf asparagus The vivid masilvnlllaa
airy oneldiums chaste ojontoslossums and
elegant phahrnopsos make up beautifully In
this wav and so too do tho bolder cattleyas
ami dendroblums Individual flowers mas
challiando not make much show alone but In
quantity they am lovely The heavy racemes
nf paccolabiums are difficult to keep erect and
In proper place without stilting them the
clutters of trlchonllia spread out In drooping
fashion over time sides of the pot and the bios
AOIUB of dondrochllum hang perpendicularly
In long chalnllko racemes from the ends ol
hard wiry ptems In fact any kind of hand
some orchids of which there are only a few
can bo used as pot plants In a bed of greenery
ttlth ploaeing effect whereas were their bios
Bums used us cut flowers
they would have a
meagre appearance
Considering rare and beautiful orchids
are and how limited Is their supply the prices
of thorn mire not exorbitantly high Cattleyas
hillas and cyprlpedlums are Bold for to much
an individual flower say CO cents for a unfit
bloom W > cents to SlDO for each cottleyu bios
som and about 20 cents to 85 cents torn
cyprlpodlum Much depends on the clearness
size form substance and nhowlnrBb of the
blossoms The general public do not dis
criminate in cut flowers between the bloom of
a priceless unique variety and that of a com
monpluco species their choice in the loneliest
blossom no matter what la the value of the
plant from which It has been out Orchids
that bloom In sprays for Instance calanthes
odontoglossums oncldlums and phalamopsos
cost so much a spray fay from 75 cents to
3fiO according sIze fulness and Oneness
of the spray and n good deal will depend
upon the kind For Instance a stem cml
DriiJiolium llimmimm will cost more thane
calantho with the same number of flowers or
it and a iilmltunopsls will cost more than an
oncldlura Sprays of orchids mar average
from 10 or 13 cents to 25 or M cents a bloom
while Ihiilanopsls and tins Alexandra odonto
clossutiift may run alltllo higher
It would hardly be fair to compare the
prices of orchids with the prices of roses car
nations lilies and other standard flowers bv
cause of the frequent and often wide varltv
tlons In the prices of these caused by apply
and demand A little warm sunny wMthw
hasten in the roses floods the market and
lovmthiptiOMt onthsothskussIg
cold dull weather checks the supply deter t
rates time quality tightens the market and
raise the prices Orchids are very little sub
bet to suoh fluctuations American lloautr
roses are the highest priced In thin market
they run from I h cents to Jldll cacti blossom
the price being governed by tIme clze fulness
freshness nnd tine coloring of time flower It
self the length and strength of the stem mind
cleanness and vigor ot tho foliage Other
roses range about i > cents each to 4 si
dozen for time new pink Ma lame Carolina
Tcslout 1a dozen for time dclbhtfullr Ira
grant to Trance lf > 0 n dozen for Hrldos
nald Catherine Mormot Madame da Watle
vllle and Maditmo Cusln and Sin t dozen for
orle dcsTmdlns mimI 1iipn ftontlor
Most of time roses and other llowerJ sent to
low York nro consigned by time growers to
commission florist who in turn wholesale
hnm to lImo retail florists Wo may except time
wholesale flower market nt Thirtyfourth
Street Kerrr where hue grower nail time re
alter como together without time Intervention
of the commission men In time ease of or
chids the large growers make permanent ar
rangements with the loading retail florists for
he disposal of their whole crop of flowers
but the small growers who have only 11 fow
orchids now and then usually consign them
to the commission agents alone with their
rnos and carnatous I
Florists propagate nail plant n fresh stock of 4
roses carnations nnd violets every year be
cause tho young plants keep healthier and
boar finer blossoms than dn the old ones This
work of propagation is now going on To r
ward the end ot spring those plants will be
cleared out of the greenhouses and time soil la
which they woregrown emptied out and after
the glasshouses have boon repaired the
jonclies will bo filled with rush earth and tho
young rose bushes planted In early summer
md the carnations and violets in early au
11 ran Cyclamens Chlnoso primroses and
cinerarias are treated like annuals and raised
from seed every year hyacinths tulips
trtmrnpot lilies and llllnaofthovalloy are also
grown on the annual system that Is fresh
roots are Imported for forcing every season
and as soon as the flowers are out from them
ho roots are dumped Into time rot pile for It
wouldnt par the florist to grow them on
another year Ireoslns aro an exception to
his rule however Even azaleas cytisus and
lydrangoas are easily raised from cuttings
and the supply Is I always just as plentiful as
he florist chooses to make It sometimes
however large plants of azalea are scarce
butthls Is simply question of ago
With orchids however all Is i different The
old plants are perpetual and time greatest
diligence Is exorcised In prolonging their life
Cyprlpcdlums are propagated by division
dendroblums by division or cuttings of the
nature stems and calanthos by multlpllca
lon of time pseudo bulbs and yet orchid
cannot be propagated with the came facility
as other popular plants Indeed their in
crease by artificial moans Is exceedingly
slow The supply Is maintained by heavy
importations from Central and South America
this East Indies and other countries where
hose gorgeous exotics are Indigenous This
must forever prevent tlio prices of orchids de
scending to tho level ot roses or geraniums
Should the Sandwich Islands realty become part
of time United Mates they will be the amost plcturesqns
feature Ih great republic They doerre tb Otis
Flowery Kingdom perhaps even better than Japan
since flowers bloom on tbs Islands all the year round
nd ar peculiarly belored by all the inhabitants Tius
foreIgn residents and even transient visitors catch
the nath e fondness for flowers and At times people uC
all sorts go about garlanded with abundant blossoms
Penh Am bur Is the repository of some of lbs haul
old colonial furniture In nil bit reclon The city
which Is I one of the oldest ports of entry In the Unlte4
States still retains a few of Us aririlwelllngs cog
some of these are occupied by descendants of those who
built the houses many generations ago The come
qusace Is that the old furniture at Perth Amboy ll
never sold say tttbe death of some venerable free
holder and even then Is bought In by vigilant relatives
or friends
Iatenon NJ has In the falls of the Panalc not
only the source ot enormously valuable water power
but a pleisj ol car natural scenery Unfortunately tat
the city however the land Immediately about the falls
has been almost bared of trer and rendered tbor
oughly unattractive According to a local tradition
resident of the neighborhood once enclosed ant beauti
fied a park about the falls expecting that It would be
popular resort One day It ws thrown open to I he
public and nest morning It was found lu a state ot
Many persons never knew and some have forgot
ten that William II
Vanderbllt once serloinly cain
templatxd the building of a trotting course on the
banks of the Harlem which would have been cnlnrl
dent at least III part with the proposed new Sleet
ayttr Vanderbilt got so far as lo discuss the lnil
ter with his friends smons the owners nf fast lior
and but tot his death the scheme nilplit haie linen
carried out The plan contemplated a scud club a
club house and a firstrate
track The chief rime
trttiutor noulil hae bern Mr Vanderblli and he
would bare put at leait JJOOooo Into the scheme
Ornamtntnl trrra rotu as a building runtrrlal has
not only been Incrcaitncly useil l In and about Sew 1 ora
for the past ten er lull lime
artlsllc quality of t urea
Cotta bas linen astly Ini roved The crudities or the
earlier American trrrn tout work are rnpldly cllaji
pearlng and designers of great ability Sri Undine a
profitable Held In this material home remit lare
terra cotta pieces exiculefl for bullillncs In this city
are reroimr as nnintig Ibo finest ilonlgns m tills ma
tenet pnnluird In modern times Uiatis true or terra
eotta Is equally true ot ornamental stone work and
tbe dry conventional drslenn In Ihn limnnstone nf
thirty ears ago are no meager seen in the heller class
of biilMlnm
The news that the Peninsula peach has nt mnerel
by the severIty of the present wlnttr l flat surprising
The really dunzeroiis lime for tle pemith him Delaware
amid Mactsni Is Hid rnrly
spring i hen the region is
subject to ilnngsrous fronts and slentsthat slay the
young bud after It bus begun Ou dir In Us n sl Thirols
a false notion alirosl ijy tin way n > lotlio lieauturine
peach orchard in lull bloom Thn natural or iinifrafiei
peach produces a richly beautiful bloisom but all the
large orchards are of crafted trees unl they do fbi
produce the slmwy blotsniu of the ungraftrd tree < ia
the whole perhaps the limit rhanulng anpecl of the
peach orchards comes In early prlng when millions of
young twigs red with the mounting semi uiuVo a tort
of warm uilst upon the horlon
An Indian Moccailn Hue 17 Nrnr 1lnlnrlrld
PLAIKFIBUI N J Jan iO ioorso H Foun
tain n local nrclurolottist while excavating
mound which he him recently found west of
this city due up iin Indian moccaRln n day or
two ago ISle dlHiovorr In a wihmbln one
only ono or two similar ones being lu the pos
session ot collectors
How HluKnnry > Vlcu Cuirlrd Iain Ojcaon
romrA V fsiuii ISttJJmiwiu
WAKIIISHIIIS Inn MAt it Lnnriuet of the
veteran Masonic hocntlon last nleht henn
tpr nolph of Onaori Intorestlncly sketched
tlio Introduction ol Masonry Into OreLon
Away hick In the 40s mild the honator
alit John HP logic doused thn plaint train
Mlsourl carrying with him limo charier of thn
first hnlito of Oregon It took him many
months to cot to time i4tmrte and ho hn to un
dorcp many hardships but h < > clinic lo thin
chortler sail mmhtimommgim nearly liii iii coo Intern
jest anmi many lime lie was In ilansur of
loKlnc his lift when ho urrlrrd at oregon City
thai little acroll wax with him
Prrillnund Wurd In Heelusion
I low fr Ilttlmltlikta Vr
A near rolmiihvc of hen Grants family says cc
hat Feidinaiid Ward is living not madly
In dlBKUisii lut an absolutely nooluiled life
that ho Reams lohayo plenty of money that
he has been rptftntly married and seem to
have no Inclination to take HP hiiHlnesH Affairs
again until ho can do BO without hatlne hi
experience flung In his lace Jt In reported
tlmat his is interested In a little printing offlri
lu Connecticut and occasionally amuse him
self lay goIng to tnot office mind setting type a
trade which he learned while ho wai la Sine
To the Memory of CLeric Ito Waro
fulirornlsi Votm
Vffi tAfin tioMcitettztaititfr
Mountains theIr rocks around
TOe deep U I yearning tours
JoftIrr unriU have srlilnm
UCla from shore to shore
Your mstnets Is a grow lug liAr
Tlui hou wiih iouiel lUmn
Aim the crush if Ullluv wurtls
tail slill Ise seen your naomi
You tot up work that others fssrtd
And made ymir elr a place
A witness In the cause of truth
The foremost la the race
Too weal out tike a lightning flub
When tanader calls amsJa
The lees tan never be repalie4
TBS wcria U aoi tki uae

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