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ttrsEcr YCIWIIltHJl
Anon > motii Thrciitn toMoUe 1 Hot4 1
Three llr in Two Wek Mrn d
y om ClftintxrlitK Over Itoofle nnd Itonrn
i Inddcra r fir Their Lite Dos and In
ttnorrnlnloxCover TheinrlT irltli Glory
Tho building In thn Dclmnnlco block on
Fifth aenuo and Broadway which was on fin
ralntoil tho
arl j sterdiy morning nswna
last edition uf yesterdays SUN Is l now deserted
Although tho lire out
by Its tenants mld wns olt
within an hour of Its discovery and under
control xxlthln half an hour so effective wns
the air uliatt In nldlne the progress of the
flames that hardly n room wns left entirely
uninjured and the lodcar cot out with no
tinia to pro
5 The building runs from COB FUth tveuue
through to 1128 and 1K0 Broadway I U I
onnril by Alfred 1 Darling of HitchcockI
Dnrllnc proprietors at the Fifth Aunu Holt I
and was soon to have boon turn down to make I
for building On tho basement
room a new bullnl Iu8lmol
I Iloor ofOH Filth nenuelsFrasortCosdrue I
toro vrhere tho fire started The first and
recond Doors are occupIed by William A
te ort t Cn tnllors nnd li Pnrmly Brown
the International Dontnl Manufacturing
company with some rooms for lodgers
A r < ox ore moro rooms fr lodgers
On tho Btoidvuiy side JllO on the first
Door In Uoodalo A CodS real eMnte ofllca Next
dnor Is the office of Him Walker Son
dlMlltors Lnpsley Bcekmnn > t Co stock
brokers and Mrs 1 Ooodln a dressmaker
occupy the second for Above them are
1 wore lodgers
Thn fltewnsflrot discovered nt 1CO A M
by an American District Telegraph boy who
called the attention of Abo Hummel and
Meyer Jonanson tho cloakmaker to a bright I
Unlit In tho basement where Fraser Con
store II Hummel and Jon onIon who had
I just left Delmonlcon where they had boon at
a card party ran to tho A D T office at
I Twentysixth street and Broadway and an
alarm wax sent In from thero
In the bulldlne no one was awake except a
I 11
little Maltese poodle named Don belonging
to Mr C II Bast a retired business man
I I who with his wlfo occupied rooms on tho
I Broadway sldo of tho third floor Tho doe I
I was kept on the top floor whoro the servants I
elect and In tho room with Mrs Basss maid
Agnes Perry Miss Perry was aroused b
I Dons barks and howls and whon she opened
her door a cloud of smoke rolled in upon her
Her shrieks aroused tho other servants eight
In number who escaped by opening the scut
tle nt tbe top of thn ntnlrs on the Fifth avenue
elite tlm roof of tno building nnd cUrablng through to
I Don tn the mean time bad trotted down
stairs through the s01010 barklnand bowline
uutll ho came to his masters door Mr Bans
uutl <
iienrlnc the noise Sot un und saw from his
door the flumes which wer now shootlne up
the air shaft Ho shouted Flro to route the
other tenants and then running back into the
room pulled his wile out of led Follow m
lie shouted dashing tin the stairs at the
Broadway end of the house When
ha I reached the scuttle ho could not
undo tho fastening Turning to tell Jlrs
linns to an bnck again ho saw that she
was not with him i own ho dashed into his
1 com where Mrs Haes stood at the window
waiting for the firemen nf 12 truck to mice a
ladder Tho ladder quickly wont up nnd the
woman wan carried down by the firemen Her
lustuncl followed How tim dog got out Is
something of u mystery hut he met his mas
ter nnrt mlstrers in 1 the street with manifesta
tions nf BNunernnl lay
tons rd had tho liases reached the ground
when Mr iiofillliMInd In a croon wrapper
emrgrI fiom hrxlndoxv on tho second floor
ovorlooini JltfnJwny edcid ilone the cor
nice until she roiehed Hiinm Walker t Sons
tiU 1 61n Intl ernwlfd ulonu that until sho reached
L eli end nnd nl then looked down as If calculat
in fhn iiitnneo I
lot > t jiinip xnull break your neck yelled
Inlilor the irnnvJ whlrh hud eitlnred Wnlt for the
A uroit ladder wns run tin TIMore the fro
t t Then fiiill hot fot f 1 on It I very much Intoxt
I thtti ran In adre < Mill Muck box overcoat
nml mil lint linl run up the ladder nnd clasped
In1 Ootiilllti I l In hi t anitp Cheers from ho I
1 rr 1 vM 1 1111 11loIIlu l ns ho < oironded with bin
Iiitlin I std t ° annijncomoul I got hur
1hal 4Iir
if MiIhtliMotho i fln f 11 been going for ten
r Inutis TIKI rIr thift was 1 vnlcuno of lama
ir ini toi I 11 liottnm lielchlne UP burt of tis I i
II it t ii All the roonH opening upon It
L w 0 illrf Tlit hitllxvn wr black und blind
tiih lue Imo sm u On the llrnadwny Plan
t IM Ktelts vrciv nioiililsrlni aol the fire had
I n inil in upoto
I tiin I olcts I woo HIJXT awnXo and were
ptfi Klti Ciroiiel the liiillxvnvs to find thu
rlnii lunilii to the roT Mlxs I Bradley u
in cli toi lier Mi W I Dunlnp an nrtlnt
irdMr Dunlnii If I W Miiullau nod V1 I
litiu 1 K i Nle I i > i nrtlof nit llxlne on tho liroad
J ir S4l 1 > > war tilieu nut hy tho firemen down
t I I liiJilrM J While unciiaod In the work nf
je t > h < vc tli llremun nenlit amo ncroas
I in1 ilniiiiii mcii in exenlnc Ircus At first
ii I i < Aliiinl not no pnrtmaded tn depart
I ivod me xMrinn I nantt civo nother
fill 1 If I Want t In I n tile savor Never
lf 1 I Hin ship till ohi inks
t iiinllr hOI ho xxii pursuaded that thorn
I I wen1 in iiinrw Jpopl t tu be I faveil ho consented
I1 un iluxnihn Itiider on cnrtilltlon that he be
ailiwel tn mol thu laiettnt xxith his face nut
t Mnil IhU lio illil to thu imiiilnaut peril or
S li1 I nenit tint In 1117
In I 1 hH Fifth nxi > iiui > sldn Mr and Mr E J4
i Inter nnd Mix ironn who live on the fourth
q I fin > r werHnvit > aned by the cries of the ser
IIK nn Iho top floor They ran up on the
i li 11 nn 11 hl flret roused Dr Men
nnleu il0Mirat I 1ml who ultli his wife und
> ller npi > uplo > > I gullti f ruuns on thu same
toor I 1r de I 3Irtroiliil was hut half axlvop l
I lixne been axvak nei a fow minutes hor
iiv thn oound of throe sharp exiloAlonx
others In tho uuilllne nft rward remoni
I cred liaxlnt tie I n axxakeiod < liy the
mil nilHi nlildlntr his wife and slater
to run tn the joof i tle Doetor who
IB I yiuns nnd trnnelr built vent down t the
third for lor ire Uiisxold n patient of his
Mrs rirlsxvulil who u aorhe ivy woman
wns nlnn > < t rttiuoritid Ihe vnune man put
be r nn Ills xhnulder and ulthnuuh t Un was
inrirly nlfled for wantof Air manneod tn get
her up htalriinnt through the ieuttle All 11
those who got out through this scuttle reached
r Lrnunil Merosslne tho root tn tile MaillRon
I HlUure HHik building I and enlne down through
thscuttle which wnH opened fur tlmt purpose
Uliin the Mrnnin eat n footlol IIJurpo thn
111lm they fnttnd that tho tire xvim confined
to the binement and the room ixhlch opened
I I the air liaft Ity hard work t they chocked
tlio epreaJ 01 the llarnos
1kw the llamas otnrtid is I a matter of Ion
L iHcturn Tho firemen hOI they began l In
iliH iirncs In the hnsetnont Another lUI
Uiotlun lHthit ens was escaping In the bane
men ond that a burner left lighted Ignited the
CUR The tenant had been complaining ot
trouUo xvlth the go < i
Many of Ihu poopll In the house believe
that tho flrx was of Incendiary origin On
hundiiy mnnlll two weeks ago A about
1 oclock there was a Url In 1 the aarna
iilb OnTuesdity last there was a slight lire
in tho kitchen of Delmonleos next door but
one Ammrmous letters have hut received
I during the past year by parsons living at Mti
u Ilflh avenua These letters contained always
I fia threat to make things hot for you yet
11 I wan owing to these suspicions that Dr da
MureliHl determined after the lira two weeks
J < A to have his property Insured Ha got his
E isurnnea policy on Friday last just in time
hiram Walker ik Sons cot their on Naturduy
Una employees of Hadf ru I Co nut door
forty in number are now making arrange
merits to have their lives Insured Itedferns
stock which n damaged about IIOIK by
WNtar on Hunday mornlne la Insured
This damage to the building is l about 7000
I Fraser A Co put their loss nt 10000 with an
1 insurance C T > 000 The police estimate
ot Fraiara Lope Is not above 55000 No occu
pant of the building escaped entirely without
011 Tbe wbollioa the police put between
tJSOOO and 3aOOO All the lodger have
ought temporary quarters alsewnera 1 and
yesterday a lanK of carpenters were at work
making repair
Hcvtatr O trcUd Feroon Ben Ucurryleg
Dow Fire Kuem tm
c Seventy negroes young and old ware asleep
Il In the fiveitory brick tenement at 237 West
124th street at 345 oclock yesterday morn
Ing when Policeman Callahan saw smoke
eomtns out ot the fourthdoor windows Ha
ailed Polleomaa Pay and rang In an alarm
While the anginal were ruihias to tha tre
i > fti f ±
Policemen Day and Callahan ran through the
building rapping at the door and yelling
Before tho firemen rotchod the house there
WAS cono of f wild oon fusion Tho fire had
Atnrtedlnthe cellarncnrtho dumb waltershatl
nnd running tip tho nlmlt hurst out on the
fourth nor fprovllne throughout the house
The Inmates had no time to ex en save their
clothing Ahoy euarmed on the Dreeseipes
unit tliroiizli the hallways clash only In tho
rlritlilna they slept In llnr of the children
who xvire tarried out by parents nnd ida
tlxet wore nikeJ
tlof len kpo
The house Is I on of a row of five Hnlconlo
MTviug as nm escapes run alone the front
ansi rnr of the row They enabled most of
the tfntntx to escape tn adjoining houses
Tin I we charms brought many engines anti
firemen to this scene but tho bulldlne was
Inn unit throughout snil the tenants Inst everY
thine they owned before thn proeressuf lie
flaunt eould lie checked Nn one was Injured
tho fire was
nnd tin nnnxvns missing when
finally snt under control Amnnii theo xyho
iwntieil xrcre Mrs Hulls who Is n white
8irrotd hnln neetess 15 years old und Mrs Ilaskln
Thelo s d1 the bullllne Is estimated nt
Mcti Tho tcnnnlR figure their JoB at
iOOlX The cause of tho Url t In unknown
its SIIM lie Vfnf Ilound Itllndfoldeil and
Slriine VI liy Three llldrotiit Ilcrllo
Chnrloy Tang is one of 1 colony of Chinos
farmers who raise curious crops on n pleco ut
Innd back of Steinway avenue Steinway Long
Island City known AS the Kouwenhoxcn I
farms KlncnHntttrday morning howover lie
has temporarily quit raising vegetables and
has been devoting all his time to burning
Joss sticks And making moon cakes He says
ho was attacked by three hideous devils
shortly after midnight of Friday who bound
him hand and foot and hung him from n
ratter of his hut and went away leaving him
swinging with his toes just scraping the floor
According to tho story told by Charley In an
awestruck tono to an Interpreter ho was
awakened from his sleep on tho night men
tioned by the door of his hut flying In with an
awful crash followed by three terrlblo looking
figures wearing black masks Before he had
time to recover from his fright a towel Wil
led over his eyes hr one of the devils whllo
fie second thrust a gg Into his mouth Al
though Chnrloy I broadshouldered and pow
erful he apparently was too much bewildered
and terrorstruck to make use of his strength
In another Instant his hands were solred and
pinioned behind his bock with the nld ot n
ploco otwnshllne and then he was hustled to
the centre of the room where a noose was
Bllpped over his head and I tightened
about his nock Tho other end of the
rope was run Our a rafter about six
cut above tho floor when the hapless China
man wan rained 1 up until tho tips of his toes
barely prevented him from strangling Then
the devils got down to tho real ohjoct of their
visit < and began turning the pockets of tholr
captive Insldo out As near as ho can recall It
luuley believes he had 1 nlid some smalt
chance In his pockets before the rold After
robbing their victim tho devils made n brief
Inspection of the hut Enraged at obtaining
so little booty for their labor thoy bolted oUt
I lite
of the hut without offering to release tho
lilnanmn who was suffering terrible agony
Ho had maintained stolid silence all through
the ordeal but now ho shouted and putting
forth I his strength he broke the ropes that
bound his arms and seizing the rope from
which he was suspended drew himself up
nod released the noose from ubnut his neck
A deep crease had boen cut around his neck
by the rope
Early that mornlne ha went to New York to
tell his friends of his adventure The scar
about his neck was offered a confirmatory
proof of his story and his friends finally came
to the conclusion that he had been maltreated
and robbed and yesterday the matter was re
ported to the Long Island City police Dete
tIre Kaxanngn wont to the hutand brought
away tile pieces of rope and the towel used by
the devils and he U now searching for the
iluvil themselves As they were all masked
and Charley a blindfolded before he cauelit
n cood glance at their outlines thA police say
It will be almost Impossible to Identify them i
they are arrested
tl The huts used by tha Chinese are built of
loose boards and covered with tar caper The
farmers usually live In Cairo but return to
New York during the winter months They all
carry knives and as it is known that thoy will
rtefonil themselves 1 attacked it Is seldom
they are molested I appears that Charley
had gone to ihe farm that day merely to ar
range for the spring work and It Is probable
the thieves were well acquainted with tha
I neighborhood knew ho was alone
HI WIn Wouldnt Give Him a Dollar ao
lie Aaktd for III Revolver
1ATcasoN Feb 12 George Miller a ribbon
weaver shot and killed himself In the rear ot
his residence 155 hip Van Winkle avenue at
220 oclock this morning Yesterday afternoon
and companion Amlel Hchwizor
I noon he I Hehlzlr
islted a number 01 saloons and In the oven
hog wandered down town stopping often nt
drinking places on the way Shortly after
midnight the pair started for their homes
which are not far distant Before separating
they agreed to go fishing today Arriving at
lila npartments which are on the first floor
Miller Informed his wife of how ha Intended to I
spend Hnnday and asked her for a dollar
When you Are ready to eo In the morning I
will clvn yon till monoy and not till then
replied his wife
rplell you wont have any objection to civ
inemomr Millr revolver will you my dear said
what do you want with It timidly in
quired his wife
I IN I n very handy article to co fishing
with replied tho husband
eolnl that he D determined to have tho
weapon the trembling woman took the revol
ver from a drawer and handed t to him
While removing romu blank cartridges from
It Mlllur masks another demand for the mono
hit his detuantl was again tefused Hn then
became very nncir and thinking that no I
might fihoot her Mrs Miller rnn up stairs to
Itt protection from other tenants In the house
Vhlle she was explaining her husbands con
duct two pistol shottf were heard
A male occupant nf the bulldlne found Mil
ler dear with a large bullet hole In his
1 lulll
forehead wih Je wan tO yearn old and had been
married only about six month Hn was
employed In Ielgrum A Mynrs silk roll and
Iollrlm nlk 11
was called by many the most export ribbon
weaver in this city
lie Will Aiitrrt that He Tried to Prevent
Murder at XloineHtcitd
riTTHnuiwm Fob 12The trial of hugh
ODonnell for murder at the Homestead riot
of July Ols sot down for tomorrow This Is I
the third murder case of the series and tho
ono to which most interest will attach The
line of defence will not be that of an alibi
but un effort t show that he repeatedly
endeavored to prevent tho conflict trouble
and bloodshed even at the exposure and
risk of his own popularity life In the testimony I
timony which he gave before the Concres
Hlqnal Investigating committee on July 13
lah thnt while ho was addressing
the crowd urging them not to use any vlo
hence volley was llred from the barge He
said ho advance I with a Sal of truce n hand
kerchief said tied to the end of a rifle barrel He
saidI flattered myself that I bad sufficient
power over our own people
Hn testified to superintending tho unloading
of the rifles and to sending the 1lnkertons to
the stalin < In tho care of the man that had
borne ritjas At one point ho Is I reported as
stating I lost mr voice trying to admonish
the men not to load anything as we ware re
Attorney ErIn for the datanra said today
that on tho ground of justification and self
defence ho could clear ovary man charged
with murders but that the plea 01 an alibi I was
worthless Bex orali of the jurymen had ad
muted that they didnt cpnilder the alibi at all
in the previous cases
Policeman emd Prisoner Boot Each Other
WnEiLiNO W Va Feb 12 Policeman W
F Chandler tried to arrest a negro named
Crawford at Bluefleld on Friday night Each
drew a revolver and hot the other dead the
bal in each case entering the neck and sever
lag tha jugular vin
H Admiral
Recognized merit ia the lever that has put
I this great cigarette t the front
Admiral is not made br a trust but the
people allow I t Uvo4de
t i
HE irrrr TALK irrr MOW or THEM
AT TIIK sviiTnaiavitr
t I ncllrrrd hat He Will Nell No Bond
Vnlrew Mr rirvrlnnd nnd lr Carlisle no
Well as President llnrrlnon Aitent to t
Senator Micrnmni 0 Per On a Bond nil
Secretary Foster of tho Treasury passed a
Quiet morning roster Jay nt tho Fifth Avenue
lintel In this afternoon a number ot bank
1rcslilants and bankers rolled upon him and
later he went to the Union Leaauo Club Theo
ho met President Tarren ot tho tiallatln Bank
President Perkins of tho Importers and
Traders President Cannon of the Chase Na
tions and President linker of the first Nn
tlonnl Dunk Tho Bccretiiry talked with these
gentlemen about tho financial situation tho
gold cxpotts and tho action of the New York I
banks In transferring part of tholr surplus I
cold to tho United States HubTreasury
In Walt street I was elicited at this
discussion that a number of bank Presi
dents In Wall itroot believe tlmtthe Secretary
oven though his official life is to close within
threo weeks should take store under the
Itofundlng act to sell bonds to increase the
cold reserve tome of tho bank Iresldonts
with whom tho Secretary discussed this mat
ter wore very positive In this position Others
equally well Informed could not BOB how tho
Secretary could adopt such a line of boiler In
tho closing days of the Harrison Administra
Tho Secretary listened to all the arguments
And decided to visit tho SubTreasury at noon
todav and discuss the matter with a larger
number of bank Presidents and bankers I
mar be sot down an I foe that ho Is opposed
to selling bonds lint ho does not beitevo the
contingency has coins for the adoption of that
policy by him but ho Is ready to listen to nil
nreuments either for or against and that In
why hiss will remain In town over today and
discuss tho matter with tho bank Presidents
and others at the SubTreasury at noon The
Secretary believes thAt nltogathcr too much
emphasis has bnen put upon the notion ot the
bnnkH In transferring part of their cold to
Assistant Treasurer ItohertB Ho believed it
was u cood thing at tho time but ho does not
believe It was absolutely necessary to con
vince I financial community of the solidity
of tim Governments re ource
It WOK admitted that If III Seoiotnry decided
to sell bonds ho would have to act quickly
The Hecrotary hoer will not take any do
clslxe steps In the matter alone Ho will moot
the bank President and bankers tnday And
hearken to their views nnd lie will then com
municate thethe situation to President Harri
son It was very pointedly said last night
that If the Secretary and the President de
cided I thnt It would Rul good policy to sell
bonds thoy would not undertake such a meas
ure until they had communicated with Mr
Cleveland nnd his coming Secretary of the
Treasury Mr Carlisle One of tlioso who con
ferred with the hecrctary yesterday said
Tho situation Is not one In which politics
should be considered It Is ono that relates
to the food or the American public I IK a
business < iue tlnn entirely Tho demand for
a sale of bond has certnln merits and then
again the Interest of certain people In de
manding the idling ot bonds Is quite another
mlndlnl These questions will be considered
by the Secretary and tho bankers at the tub
Treasury tomorrow at noon 1 It turns out
that the situation demandit the advice ot Pres
ident harrison It will also turn out that the
financial advisers nf Mr Cleveland and Mr
Carlisle will Ito consulted
One bank President said that I It became
necessary tho Harrison Administration would
sell under tho Itolundlne act Slo000000 In
4 per cent bond otnethlnc had been Mid
nlout tolllne MOlXOfiUOOO of those bonds
This bank President did not think It necessary
to sell such an amount He believed that the
conference betwoon Mr Foster nnd tho bank
Presidents at the bubTreasury today would
clear the atmosphere In financial circle ex
hibit the motives of certain interested Indi
viduals and eventually end In quletlne an ap
prehension which has proceeded mostly iicut
VABniNOTOv Fob 12 Senator Sherman was
asked this afternoon If the hU ho Introduced
yesterday to authorize the Government to
Mil three per cent liveyear bonds to main
tain iipeclo resumption had any sig
Tho legislation l soucht be accomplished
said Mr hhormnn hIS for Its object the sav
ing ot money to the general Government That
U the whole thing briefly stated The its
sumption act took place at n time when we
could not borrow money at less than tour per
cent and It was thought to be a very success
ful operation when I was tho Secretary of the
Treasury to be able to float our bonds at those
figures When tho Ilenumptlon act took effect
the bonds authorized by the Funding act wore
drawing that nato of Interest oDd f omn of them I
creator Those worn tho fortyrear bonds at
four par cent the ultecnyonr bonds at four
and 1 halt per cent and the tonyear issue at
live per cent It Is well settled that under
that act tho Secretary of the Treasury < can If
he deems It necessary Issue bonds but whon
tho Funding act was passed no one thoucht i
that we could Issue our bonds at three per
cent and the object of thin amendment Itr
nuthoilzo tho Secretory Issue bonds at three
percent I he finds I necessary to do so It I
simply saves the Government the ona per
years cent of Interest And limits the bonds to five
larS Sherman In general conversation In
dicated thnt It would exceedingly bad policy
for tho United htntes to issue loneterm bonds
at such high rates of Interest ns that provided
in tho Resumption ncl4 4Gor5 per cent
simply to tide ovor what he and everybody
else felt to bo only a temporary exigency The
ondlssulnc l powers ot tho Besuraptlon act
ho said woro Oestcned to meet some great
national emergency not a mere temporary
nalooa Imratarr
stringency Our present 4 pOI cent bonds
were carrying n premium of 29 per rent or
over It mlcht happen ofl If f t nr Govern
ment undertook to lisuo moro 4 per
cent bonds without the power to redeem
them nt a shorter period than forty
all that a combination of sold holders here
or abroad or both would bo entered Into to
brut down limo premium tl say 15 percent
anti titus tIme uovernment would beah ay
loser The only bonds time Government could
IMJH I undorlts present powers were 4 per cent
runnliiK forty years 41 per cent running
fifteen ears or 5 pOI cent running ten years
Mr Micrman declined to CAT whether ha I
thousht would hfcorne necessary to Issuo
any onds t > though hold not conceal the fact
that ho holle > ed it was doslrabln to arm lime
frnAIT Derartment with the power provided
by his amendment He repeated tint tbero
wits nothing startling In his proposal It
simply empow red tho Treasury to do what It
now hml a rIght to do but I at n lower rate of
< 10
interest and for a shortur term of years
The Prrildent Aulliorlzrd to Contract or I
If the Present One Proves Succcnufnl
WAHUINOTON 11b 12The successful tests
of the Vesuvius may result in the addition of
another vessel of the same class to the navy
The Naval Appropriation bill approved March
2 1 188 contained the following provision
And the President Is I also hereby au
thorized to contract with tho Pneumatic Dyna
mite Gun Company for the construction of one
mlo constrnoton
additional cruiser of the Vesuvius type of not
less dimensions than that vessel and t attain
a speed under sImilar conditions as to trial of
tw ntyona knots an hour with an endu
rance of not less 1 than fifteen dan at
tea knots an hour to bo armed with
two pneumatic dynnmlta Runs of 15inch cal
ibre InOlmlte fitted for such other armament
as the Kecrotary of tho Navy may prescribe
provldad that tho contractors shall guarantee
a snood of twenty knots an hour and hint
there shall bo deducted from the contract prlea
tho sum of 10000 for every iiuartcr knot that
Std vessel mill of machine the further ipecd
twentyone knot per hour and provided
twentrone hourE
further that tho Pecretnry of time Navy ba sat
isfied alter olllclol tests made with the Vesuvius
sled afer
suvius and her suns as to the eulcUney of tha
armament of that vessel nnd the cost of said
vessel shall not excetrl the sum of 1450000
It is I claimed that the experiment wllh tho
Vesuvius will enahlo the Nnvy Department to
greatly improve on the new vosbei l bliould aha
be built
Irlvate Trial of the Detroit
BALTIMORE Feb 12The new cruiser De
troit bad a trial trip yesterday by her build
ers to test her machinery steering gear and
central behavior As a result tho builders
say they have little doubt that the vessel will
far exceed the specified spool rate of seven
teen knots an hour Naval Architect Hlmonds
said Though wo did not make n trial of her
speed I am confidant that thavesi will make
considerably over the specified speed For
e ch quarter of n knot more thin the peal
nd seventeen knou the Dutrolt will gaIn tor
bar builder 550 premium
Vo rold at Nlauara ran Ue eSetta WMtoifuL
Maw York Central Ut llasAd lto
< < A 4
1 1
A Tonne Frenchman Slnrtlen 81 Vincent da
Paul Worshipper
Great consternation WAR created In 8t Vincent
Pauls dilhollo Church yesterday
cent do rnull Cltlolo Churh ellrdny
morning br a young innn who forced his way
Into the pulpit and began to harangue
congregation 8t Vincent do Pauls is near
Kostor t lllals In Twentythird street and Its
congregation is made up almost entirely of
French people
I was just altar tho ceremony of dtstrlbut
inc tho holy water Tho priests had retired
to the vestry preparatory to sayIng high mass
Apolomn stillness rested over the concrcen
too when a young man of rather awkward
colt arose from his sent In tho rear of time
church and made his way quickly toward the
altar Ho mounted the steps of the pulpit
turned and began to harangue tho concroen
ton said ho was a Frenchman and was called
of God to load his erring fallow countrymen
from tho darkness of Catholicism Into the
light of tho Protestant faith Thu greatest
Christian body In existence hu said Is the
Young Mens Christian Association and it Is I
In part as a representative of that association
that I am hero present pleading with my fol
low countrymen to Jorsako their Catholic
faith nnd embrace the trotestant religion
Beware ha said ot 1 the priests They
wilt drag you down to perdition They dnre
not Irnl you the truth They aro hound body
mind soul to thss Pope and the devil and It you
follow them you ton will bu bjuuj body and
soul to the priests and the devil
8011 then opened the Rlblo and laM ho would
rend from the Holy iopei I which those
priests whom you call iiuner ditie not open
to OU In its entlr ty
The congregation was dumfnundcd and
it WAS RON end minutes before any one sonmod
to recover his senses enough to ptote t Thun
there wtis n wild scene Men omen and
WIS wil
children rushed toward tho altar to evict tho
Intruder and not a few made fur the doors
Tha iirlusts teemed at a 1069 whet todo lime
young muD was loath to give up this opportu
nity to preach the Protestant faith from a
Catholic pulpit and resisted the attempt to I
dispossess him of his place of vantage Ho
continued his haranguo In 1 loud voice
The Lord Is b > mo nud bids me be llrm ho
shouted I
tour stout Frenchmen grappled with him
Da screamed and srucclol uud hit nnd
kicked to ni purpose TIme Frenchmen woro
too many for him and ha was overpowered
ansi taken to 11m test Thirtieth street poltco
tilon Alter the eviction the congregation
settled AIr Il normal calm and In a tow
minutes high mass wn solemnized as I nuth
Inc unusual hid occurred
When tho prisoner wan led up to the Ser
geants desk in the station house he fell flat
on his face before herecant Ilnlronl clasped
him about the knees and spoke to him as If
mldrosslnctht Ueltr I WM some little time
before any Information could bo got from tho
young man At lust he said ho wax Paul
Monty n student 211 years old and hived at
SOU Last Twentyfourth street I rom the ptn
tlon houe ho was tnken to liollovue Dr
Douglass said that them was little ilnubt that
Ills mind had hecpmndernnend from too much
thought almut religious i topics
Monty lives with his moth r who len I wl low
and his sister and her husbimd lie news of
his arrest made them hysterical with excite
ment They saul that the young man who Is I
a saddler had not been at homo nil night but
that this was not an unusual nccunouco Ho
had been at home for a lone time on hatunlny
alternoon and had entertained liH mother nnd
sinter by playing a violin Hit mother hurried
< > 1I to tho hospital 14116 and the rest of tho
family said they had nover suspected tint
Juul was Insane He was a young man of < > x
ceptlonally good hablU and lund always taken
crent Interest in i M O A work
Louis Ulehscl Secretary of the French
J i
branch of the Y M V A mild lost night
that young Mnnty had been a member > ot his
branch of the association UP to a fow months
ago but that owlnc to his fniluio to pay the
duos lately because he was out o employ
ment his name had been dropped from the
roll He had however been 1 regular atten
dant at tho Thursctiiv night prayer mealing
held in thus Toms it tlis agscciatlon at 16
West Twentynrst street
I had boon known to the other member of the
association for n year that Montrs mind wits
affected anti ronsldernble difficulty had been
experienced in keeping him from making him
self obnoxious In tho prayer meetings Mr
lilchsel said trmt many of the mctultors ot tll
French branch are Catholic snl that Monty
could not havo imbibed his antlCnthollo no
tions nt the rooms of the association Monty
too member of the Hf Esprit French Episco
pal Church In Twentysecond street near
Fifth avenue
The Explorer Loans nn Interesting Exhibit
lo the Central Park Zoo
Through the kindness of Lieut Peary five of
the six iinulraau docs brought to this coun
try by the explorer wero placed on exhibition
In the menagerie Central Park ycstorlay
The dogs which nro lusty fellows weIghing
between 80 and 10 pounds each were placed
In tho outdoor cages adjoining the lion house
and nn Immense crowd surrounded tho place
all the afternoon
The docs brought from Philadelphia
dO1 were brollht rhlndolp by
Mr Davidson Lieut Pearys business manager
on Saturday night all were taken to tho
Park in a wagon by their colored koopor ot S
oclock yesterday morning Llout Peary
drove these same animals 1400 miles across
tho Inland coot Greenland Throe of them
are black and two including the leader are 1
dirty white in color They are half wolf and
closely resemble that animal In aprenrnnce
Tha sixth doe Is In hit Zoo at Philadelphia
The names of the dogs nt tha Pirk nroHono
Motho Mntasan cnl Good Little Dog And
IIUB The animals received their names from
their former owners Mr Davidson says that
there are only about n hundred genuIne Es
quimau dogs In Ureanlaml and the a are of
great mil Thur are a match for any of our
Iret olr
doSs Includlne tho ferocIous bulldog This
is I due to theiriiulcknosH and their thick oats
Inder the outer covering of hnlr Is n heavy
layer which resembles wool nnd It Is almost
impossible for another dog to bite through
this covering
The docs were removed from the Park last
night to appear at Lieut Penrvs lecture at tlio
Union Square Theatre hut will ba on exhibi
tion at tha menagerIe today and on nut Bun
Hut III Customary Quod Fortune Don Not
lleirrt Him
Sheriff John Courtney of Kings county drove
down tho Boulevard ref terday to Coney Island
in nbuccy behind his fine bay team accom
panied hr his daughter On his return ho left
his daughter at his home 400 VanderbIlt ave
nue Brooklyn and started with the horses for
Itayroond street jail In passing through Wll
louchby avenue the horses took fright and
soon got beyond the Sheriffs control After
running a COUP of blocks the buggy was UI
not and the Sheriff thrown ont The horses
were soon stopped hut not before the buggy
lro ItOjpnl bUllr
was wrecked 10on1 repair
Although lie struck the cobblestones with
great foros tho Sheriff acared with A few
painful contusions Ifs I was taken to his horns
In n conch and tho doctor who was summoned
reported that he would bo ablejfolVoutlna
few days Tha horses lard the good luck of
the owner and escaped without serious Injury
ArrUul of time Orrnmnlr Elbe und Writers
Hind wllb Weather Hlorlrs
The storm which nearly overwhelmed the
All nFtato loa etcamshlp Pemoranlnn on Flb
4 made life aboard tho Bed Star steamship
Wetternland which cot to Quarantine yester
day morning very uncomfortable On the
nautical day ending at noon on Ieb 5 the
Westornland made only JUty knots She
snipped the crests of many sea anl carried
away on of the blades of her propeller The
accident did not materially affect her speed
for the rest of the voyaca
The Clarrnanlc of the White Star line arrived
yesterday mornlnc about thirtysix hour be
hind her uaunl winter time She took much
water aboard and her englnea were run at
hilt abard Feb 4 anrt 6 when the rn wee
phenomenally high The Germanic Western
land and Elbo all I ran throllh thunder storms
snow and rain squalls and electrical disturbances
HmokUg Goes by Favor
I The high favor in which Old Dominion Cig
arettes are held proves thin Best tot the
money Photograph In each pckue4k
nn WAS rronicixa TUB annnir GOODS
GAME ON TWO sovinEitynna
They AId by Appointment In a Poughkeep
ale Hole nnd IIi > d Not Ilecn Long In
Conference When Appo Cnme Ont of the
Room with Dined Hlrramlnp from a
Wound In the Hend lie tu I Notorious
Crook and I Hon or Qutmho Appo Now
I Hetrlnp n Term In Sins Htnc Prison
rOVomtEIPIJ Fob 12 There came to
roughkocpslothls morning on tho 10 oclock
northbound train n grayheaded Ira
whiskered man apparently 70 years old
and another IOU apparently 40 years of nee
with heavy black hnlr black whiskers and
moustache and piercing black eyes As soon
aB they alighted from the train they went to
the New York Hotel nnd secured room No 0
Thoy had not been in the hotel long before a
third man tmiulteil for them nnd ho wise
shown to the room After tho three hail been
In tho room about half nn hour 1 Iletot shot
was heard Tho proprietor of the hotel l Daniel
Madden and other attaches of lie hou e hur
ried to tho hal nnd saw tho blnrkwhlskcrad
man coming out ot room No I II with
n smoking pistol In his hand nnd
the caller sta eerlne alone thn hull
with his hand to his head und blood flowing
down his face The pistol wan wrenched from
the mans hand and tim wounded man was
taken to I room adjoining No 1 The police
were notified and a doctor and ambulance worn
summoned 1ollcnman McGowan responded
to tho call nnd took time blackwhlskorod man
nnd hlsgrnyhendcd com non Ion Police Head
barters Tho one with blnok hnlrand whiskers
gnvuhlsnnmoaslra Hogshead of Oreenvllln
gave hs noma ns 10luhend Orlenvlo
t n and said that tho elder man was his
fatherinlaw rphralmCaselo and that he too
lived In Urounlllo Then thai told their story
a k follows
Ve hnd been having a correspondence
with a man In New York city who givo his
name as James JlnnsIlelJ und he offered to
sell us 1000 worth ol counterfeit money
which could not bu Identlllod I as counterfeit
for 100 and wo made arrangement to moot
him hero toilny When wo left Greimtlllu wo
telegraphed him lint no had Ktnrtod mind when
wo reached Philadelphia on Saturday wo ole
ernihod him nalin Our instructions were to
go to tho New York Hotel Iouehkcopslo and
meet a man to take us to Now York We canto
up on tho West Shore road to Ncwburgh this
morning and then crossed by boat to the Hud
eon Illver Railroad ansi arrived horo at 10
oclock Wo went to tho New York Hotel antI
got room Wo hnd Loon In It holt half an
hour when the agent of thn lon wo hind been
corresponding with entered
I was lyltieontho bed reatlnc sold hogs
head and wo had n talk alout going to Now
York Tho man who canto to pee us wanted
us to co but wo wanted to stay here until
morning Wo said wo couldnt cet away that
there were no trains till night nnd wo didnt
IMO to eo to New York to stay over night Ho
wanted my fatherinlaw II t give him some
money to buy tho ticket with and we did ghe
him > but ho afterward eave It hack Then
tha talk continued ansi I his manner ansi talk
I were such that 1 considered my life In dancer
IHII I shot him thinking ho was going to mur
rlar nnit ml na
un null luu un
vl hen tho two men were searched at Police
Headquarters 10cshlIt hind l7IJconcoaieI in
his clothing und CaRtlo had J 4U concealed
niiont bin person Iho revolver uned was a
llritlh bulldog t8callbre and belonged to
Carslo but Hncfihoarl had tt In his valises and
took It from time rattle to shoot his victim
Itcigautoatl said thnt thty brought It along
thinking they might want to use It
Thu wounded man was shot In the nope at
the corner of the right eye He was unable to
talk miter ho was shot anti soon nlterward
be nme delirious Ho was promptly admitted
to astnr Hospital but before ho wib takon
thither Hr Lano attended to the wound and
went with him In I cnirlae to iiA I hospital
After ho bad been there a short time ho wits
able In air but would not answer nny ques
tions until Chief Mcfnle nn I Chief Humphrey
arrived Then hn said his nnm wits George
Appn and that ho lived in Sow York but he
w mld not say where he lived In that city
I They tell mo I nra shot he said Aral
Ho was told that he wits Ho then Mil
The momma must be > crazy to shoot me
Ho then tnld the Chief hunt ho wanted 1 wnrd
sent to Lens Miller 111 1 Sixtytlrst Mreer New
York second iloor his wle Ho Mild butt ho
was In this city to visit a skater miami that ho
luau become Intoxleated Ho said hit had no
green eooild alit that he wasnt in the room
live minutes before ho faR chot Hn stilt hu
mail no threats whatever He Is small in
stature welsrhlng about 1D poutulb Hu has
Kthlnek hall hike an Indian but no inous
tneha or whiskers
Chief Hiimrhrey Identified Appo ns a noto
rious crook He haH bern here M rvernl times
ansi last spring was ordered oMt of th eKon
House as u suspicious charmtor Ills father
Is tics notorious Julmbo Aiipu now mIning time
In hlng Hint prison Chliif Hutnihiey buys
that Appo came her nn Snttinlny nil It end
recl terod itt thin Now York Hotel
old man Canal says that when Iloeshend
shot < Dan lets latter nns sittIng nt thn fnnt of
tha bit on a Iller nnd Ilocnhcad was rlttlne
mi tlie bed with an open ale tlonuiildii nt
him und not Hogshe rcnched over Into the
vahio and cot the ltlIdol
After Casein ann hlohuenl had been placed
In a cell down stnlrn at 1nlleo Headquarters
thief McCabe went down there for snuiethlne
and found Caioln nn hula knees lu prayer
Hocshcad was also nn Imis knees alonc > ldof
tho old man with his ace burieil In his hands
A despatch has beet < hent tn Mrs Lena Mil
ler Informlnc her of the eliootlnsr A prelimi
nary examination will ho held In lime case to
morrow ornner Irost enduaxored to eel
Appo to make an nntemnrluni statement thin
nttnrnoon hut ho would not At times ho is
delirious Dr Inne I Ins not probed for Limo
ball but holelleest took u downward course
Arm Is time son of the dwarf Chinese mur
derer Qnlmtio At po hyatt Irlshwomnn Cath
erine 1 ItyimtrlFk Thn father wns in prison
many times always lor ilood of violence
never for heft Thenon has been ii limitf from
his youth up ind wits In Mptr Mac for theft
when his father niurdorml Jj > hn L hally In
187ti in tint Howe loilirlne house now the
Eclipse nt ii Chatham fmuare ljulmbo Appo
wore a reti wle and pretended to bo a half f
brood llefore be ytt5 sent up for life for ruur
ilerlne holly ho served len year for tabbing
to iienth Mary Fletcher nt 45 Oliver Street in
George Appo known also nn George Wilson
and Lithe jorg Is about 35 years old Ho
has served foveral terms lor picking pockets
lie is a dapper fallow arid a cood talker Ho
conllned his operations largely to this down
town products lid has not In the taut few
years done any crooked work In this city hint
drew lie attention of lie police to him Ha
was seen In West Twentyeighth Street about
n month ago by Detective Corcoran of tIme
Elizabeth street station
Death of a flick Fortune Teller
Euzaiizru Feb 12Mme Charlotte Itoulee
Churller a widely know n fortuna toiler Is
dead at her homo In Linden township She
was 70 years old She at one time owned hue
creator part of what la now this town of Itosell
and laid It out with streets which sho nnmed
after Catholic saints lItmus Cnarllr hind lived
thlrtyKeven years in Union county and was
worth nt her of death about 35000 She
belonged to a dlstlngulihod royalist family In
France and claimed to be a relative of Arch
bishop Tnschereau ut Montreal hue tactic
most of her money by telling fortunes Sha
jived a solitary life since time death ot her hut
band seven roars ago Her property will go
to an only ion who Is married sad lives In
Killed the Potmiter In a Street Duel
BnoilNOiiAM Ala Feb 12T T Kirk Post
master at Gum Marion county was shot and
killed ID a street duel at that place yesterday
byDoo Rides Thekllllnc was the result
of tn old feud One of btdesa brothers was
wounded in time fight Kirk was one of the
leading citizens ot the place and respected
by sJL
Coitaleol Through a PlateElaaa Window
BiNOon MoF bl2 WhIU coasting in Old
town last night a party ot halt a dozen young
men lost contrcl of their sled and were dashed
through a plateglass store window Fred
Lovejoy had one lee broken and received
other injuries which will result In Ills death
The others war badly out
1 I ct Rlpaot WOu aba u dlfiilloa Jai Tatialu I
i 1 1 t Q1 < rL f
Two Little OilIn Mmllit Women1 Dresses
In Cenlrul Pmk
A llttlu before 8 l oclock yesterday afternoon
Park Iollcemnn Connelly who was keeping
watch on the big crowd about limo large lake
In Central lark saw two ory small girls
elbowing their way from ono pinto to another
Thoy wore oxldently very much excited over
ometlilnc Every now and then thin children
would stop boilde n woman for n moment and
then dnrt Into time crowd nenln Thesn natIons
roused the policeman stiKplelons nnd ho fol
lowed the youngsters through tIme crowd
Suddenly a welldressed womnit lushed m up
to him and said thit sonic ono had been cut
ting n piece out of her dross Sims showed the
policeman xvhero a tcctlonof cloth about nn
inoli square had been roughly dipped out
from her skirt Two other women discovered
that their drosses hind been senoJ In the same
rnannnr The policeman pursued tIme two lit
tle girls through time crowdmil arrested them
Inch had n pair of silssors In her pocket
Mr Tohn Weiss of 145J Second avenue told
time policemen that he hnd Bean ono of the
girls cut at his wifes drees and olfered tn
enter a complaint against tho prisoners at the
Arponiil The children were very much
Trlghtcned when taken before the Sergeant
and had fo bo lifted on top of the high desk In
order to be sefl They bald tlmt they were
Mary Wnsl 11 years old of 14181lrst nvemio
and Mary Inoek 10 yearn old of 434 East
leventycltlith street and they informed Cnpt
Collins lii tho most Innocent mnnner possible
timid they wero collecting pieces ot cloth to
make a wardrobe for tholr dolls As they
could not got tho material anj where else they
decided to wake a maid on tIme women visitors
In tint lark
When Mr Walss heard tholr explanation he
deolnrud thnt lie lIttle things should not bo
locked ut 01 his account and loft the Arsenal
Word was sent to tIm parents of lie children
who luau In ito menu time recovered from
their flight and were asking lie Korgnnnt a
thousand and one imstlons from their ele
vated position on tho desk When tho bowll
tiered parents finally cnmo to the Arsenal they
received lecture on lottlne their children run
loose In the crowded park and were told to
take the little glue homo anti watch them
moro carefully In future
iORT UKIOSIT ix ittxacn
The CArrot Iri Gorge Ilrrnklne Vp nnd the
Ultcr In Rising Jtupldly
TORT DEiOMT Mil Fob I Tho Susquo
hnnnn hirer IH running wild tonight For
several days tho pooplo llvlnent Port Deposit
hove been preparing for time breaUnc up of
tho ice which was eoreoil nt McCaUH Ferry a
point about txvcntyslx miles above For nine
miles Ito Ice wits piled mountain high Port
Deposit was submerged In IfWil ansI the pen
plo know whnt to expect should hit break
come mini the leo nil to find nn outlet
Thrpuchmit today hey Imo boon moving
theIr belongIngs from the riverfront anti car
ring them to the lilllt Tho only hotel In tIme
place which Is far hack IM filled with women
and children xvhr wont them to Ito tnken to
the country beyond In case time water invaded
the hotel
At 7 oclock them expected break came and
by ii 1 oclock the lower port nf 1ort Jloposlt was
submereed Time ice Is now coming down In
great mosses mind pubblue its way through a
narrow channel
fhme river is alarmingly hlch and tho noise
mad > oy time Icons It coimm thunderlne down
would interfere with lcip even Bliould Ito
Reared InhntiltniitR do ° lro rest Hut evorybrulr
is wIde awake amid waiting for the end The
great mass of thin teem IM yet expected It may
roaeh hero ly iu oclock and pcrlmps oven
Inter Should the fl iw Inerenoe and the river
keep on rlslne Tort Deposit will bo under
water before morning and the dumaco hill be
A Kentucky Trnliilntiir With n Hill lets H
Irttcr from nn Albany Meaihrr
LOOISVIIIF Feb Rcpresontntiva W F
Peak of Now llodford the hoop skirt reformer
Is highly delighted nt limo approbation with
which the AntlCrlnollnn bill ho Introduced In
the Legislature hams been received Ho says
his bold stand has not only met with favor
among his cnnstituentx but that he 1mB also
received ninny letlITS nail other expressions
ofencnurnccment from Inrcoelites In thIs and
other Mates The most interesting comes
from u member of the New York Legislature
UTAH SteI tre tiy tortnja paler tliat jrn lime in
troilnreillablllto preirmtli mle iOtmi or assure
linoinlirl > Ail I am atnnt to Inlniln n ilnulir blil
In the > ew York Ieicinlature I with on would rend
in a copy of jour bill at once and oUlif rimre re
ipcrirulij tn4M u SVITII
Jf > 1cuk sent the copy of his reform meas
ure on nt once nnd expresses the hope that
ieuv York amid Kentucky will stnnd together
In the important movement His hill its very
simply I drawn iutt i he sats ho has the curl tire
of nile Iliwleuts tlmt It Is constItutional Mr
Ieaklsn lawyer himself as well ns a farmer
and thinks hw knows a tIming or two
iisxoii invsuri ix ma
A Mom Accutd of Arson ItiToliInn Two
Deaths CommIts Suicide
HAVrriiiiL Mass Feb 12Tho suicide nl
David I1 Collins In Exeter N II jnll this
morning Is considered euro evidence o lila
guilt In tha complicity nf buinlne n liuuno at
West Nowhury on Ian JO when James M Ad
dixon and his son William lost their lives
From time first It was clear that time lire was
of Incendiary origin noel that the otuoot wan
to get the Iiixiiriince xvhleli wih a great deal
al nve the value nf time building
The cnso wn plncod In llmlinndn I of State
Detcotlrii Dntchelder and that ollleor fol
lowed up every clue until he learned
whnt he considered sitillelnnt evidence to take
Into custody Osenr D Hnbhell on a charge it
being one of the men seen In a sleigh nonr
the lioummo on tlm nIght of the fire From him
It In said xxldeneu against Collins WAS oh
tnlnod causing his arrest Thti other man
nrren Dearborn said to be I In the sleigh that
nleht has disappeared but detectives are
after him
Collins was a horse trailer nbout 44 yearn
old Do lUeil nt KinLHtun Ilubbell Is young
mnn anti Is Minpoxeii to have been hired by
Colllnb to flru time bulldlni
A Woman lie PurrlinHrd of Her Haibaad
nil un IttillHn ActuHed of the Crime
POUT llnT N Y Fen 12 Peter Burlln
game a laborer was shot and stabbed at 0 I
oclock laut night in n lonely spot two miles
north of Port Henry Ho died at 0 oclock this
morning In hi antemorlem statement hid
accused an Italian Frank Julian who has
escaped A revolver of tho Mtme calibre as
the bullets In thee body was found In the pos
session nfa oman of tho name of 1ordv with
whom Hiirlincame lived and bite is under ar
rest Three clmmbcru of time revolver are
Flv yenrs ago lurllneime purchased this
woman of her husband thin tirlce being a cow
ansi Silt 11 has lived with her since nnd
lately the Italian immus teen l visiting her and It
Is iaU thuttho twoplzunnsd to got Durllneania
out of the xviy An autopsy disclosed two bul
lots In time brain one H i2 cnllliro and one a 22
enllbro This shoxvs detectives my Hint both
the Italian and lImo woman tired shuts at
Could Not Face Disgrace
CHICAGO Fob 12 Despairing because of
the loss of family honor reputation and
money Edward Harroer well known In com
mercial and secret society circles killed him
self yesterday at residence lwrj Michigan
avenue by taking pnlxon Harmer was the
Western rei > reantntlxo of J Blruu v bon
New York rntll Jan 1 lie tied been mnnnger
of the china department of Jainnn H Walker
A Co U Beams that ho was a defaulter and
could not meet his obllentlnnn and rather
than face the disgrace ended his life The
amount of his shortage Is not known
Kaate HUH riliaklaff
ATHENS Feb laThe island ot lent haa
been shaken today by sexeral earthquakes
and the panic among the inhabitants li I In
Good CODBM I lo Above All Price
1 Advise your friends to smoke Old Dominion
Cigarettes Fhotomrh jipsvkges4j 1
e < iY
Two IrftnsKlioremtn > Tere More lie Was
Knnhr lint Were Persuaded thai lie
ATitN Only shlmthnmeOa HAtnrdny If a
Stms Found Fmxen ShE In the Henrer
Porno time ago Donald Hums the animal
dealer at 115 Itoosovolt street got an order to
supply limo Chicago Fair with a complete at
sortuient ot reptiles They wanted two or
throe specimens of ovary kind of snake In the
world and Cnpt Burns has boon doing his
best to come up to tho order Ho has been
sending everywhere for snakes anti has been
Catherine them together In the lofts over its
shop whcro hu always has n pretty fair supply
of nnncoiulii corhras and lie like Two
woeka ago ho had nearly 200 snakes In the
boxos In lie loft Most of theta wore lingo
creatures from ten to twenty foot lone mem
bers ot the families of boas and pythons
TIme day before he shipped them to Chicago
onoofthoble boxes containing a taw ana
coming was loft open and triton no ono was
watchdog Iho anacondas pushed back time lid Jf
nnd crnxxlod sleepily and larlly alone tha
Iloor limo building Is old and has a good 1
many holes In time wails The anaconda
slipped throueh one of thus holes and got
out on tho loot nt nn extension of the building
In nil f low of thin rear ot tlio McAuley Mis
don Homo one loaning from n back window
of n tenement gave time alarm and Burns and
his nssdntunts wero soon out on the roof with
bags nnd lassos rime nnacondna gave them
no trouble In cold wenthor an anaoonda U a
pretty harmless creature with small interest
In what Is huppenlne around him
Mr Burns nindo a careful count of all his
snakes lie was a good deal annoyed when ho
found that ono nnnconda was missing hoot e
volt itreot IH a densely populated neighbor
hood with crowded tenements on every side
As long atm the nnncondn stayed In time open
nlrlt xvniiiildn no Imrm But If It cot Into a
tenement lint nnd collect Its hues hotly In earns
warm place until U was thorougnly thawed
out xxell Mr Burns didnt like to finish the
biieeulntlon Tho Mnncomla Is a constrictor
tenth Is virv courageous It will coil Its hugo
body around any human being n child In n
cramilo or a joan foolish enough to attack it
Ahout a roar ago Burns had had pretty bad
frluht nf this ort Ono of his anacondas tot
nxvar and could not ho found It had slipped
through n hole In thee wall and byornwllnir
between the wall and the plastering had cot
Into the kitchen nf tine of the apartments ol a
tenement next door Thorn wnn a kettle bottom
iipnnrd on tlie liner under time Pink and the
anncondx niinneed to slip Itself underfills and
iaek its toll meway until the kettle wns justfull
Time woinmeut nf the apartment came In and
was wnrklnc nt the sink She noticed thatthA
fit wi nlarmed nbout Romethlne nnd decided
that them was a mouse under the ktittle She
xxii3 i bras xvoman Ko smimo gave the kettle ax
inlchty klek wives n scream and jumped on a
ehnlr Thn kettle rnllud over and she easy
lint It xvas full nf finale Thu aeltntlon of the
nolehhorhonil caused hy her yells and shouts
did not MilKlde for several hours
Mr hums hnd this Incident lit mind when
be realized that ono of his twelvefoot ixnn
comhis xvns lou o In the neighborhood Ha
did not send out nn alarm because ho knew
that all loo exelt street would pick up Its
skirts mind enat tails and hnht s and fly and
return not until them snake wits found But ho
began tn seanli everywhere as bent ho could
AH they after day pasFod with nn news of the
nnaiotiln his a I inn grow Time anaconda ha
thought had found n warm place and was
erailually tlmxvlne out nnd cutting ready to
got Into the newspapers for homicide
The first news of it came the middle of last
week Them Is n snlnon a little further
itnxvn Ito isoxelt street xvhern n crowd nflong
shoremen Is always tn bn found Thoy are
stout drinker und toward midnight make
lloosevelt titreet vnrv gnu Thore is a gas
lump almost In mont nf the door Toward
U oelock time othei evening two of these long
elirTOtnen Imx InKfttken about nil thor could
carry putbed their way unsteadily into the
Tho iloor had hardly closed behind them
whim thisn on ttio Innluo heard two terrifla
yells Whoopnhooponcenl I and they
came tumbling back Into the saloon with their
eyes luileine
JV lints the matter saul everybody
The men couldnt speak for u minute Then
tii > y said A snake I
Thin caused l a wild shout of laughter But
lit men Hxvnre that tho snake was not of that
kind tVe taw It slipping alone In the gut
ter said one of them It wits about fifteen
feet lone nnd ivies as big around as any two
arias In the crowd But they weroeo heartily
lauehed nt that after n few more drinks their
derlded that they bad bean mistaken
NotIcing more woe heard nf the nnnconda un
til Saturday morning It wan rather enrlr
when txvn litiorora from time Department ot
Iublle Works enmo with their tools to the
nmnhilej nt Itoosnxelt and Front street They
took on tIc cover and let mlowiu a ladder Into
the sewer and one of them descended with a
pick rind shoved Hn attacked thn frnen mud
at tile bottom of the manhole Pretty soon his
roinpaiilnn nn the surface heard a curios of
miililed yells from thin bottom of the manhole
1 Wlinnp Whoop lllllly con I
Whnts tIme matter he aslod
Lot ilnwn tlmt ladder
lie let down the ladder and tn n lIlly the
other man vase on HIH SurfaCe Thems
snake down ther ho enld the biggest I
oxer see
flip two men consulted anti finally sent for
t lie lOni nilthmlty I I ton snake Mr ltum run As
soon no they told him ho knexv that hits nnn
conda had lieen Inund Ho went down tIme
ladder amid thine Burn ennnch xvis his ana
cnpdn frozen hnnl In thn mint Undue It out
and hrniieht Its still body to the surface It
wn about IJ fent lone with a head nhout 4
Inches lone Iti hotly was much tiwollnn ha
Ine nearly twice as luck as Its normal illamn
ter of eIght Inehen lisp mldillo of limo body
XXMS esteelally INtended Iurnn cut the
tin mm road i nptn nml found i In i tho t stomach the
Intl los nf hilf I f n t do en big seixnr rats which
thenniienoili hul not had mitt to digest be
fore It xxaK frnnn tn death
Tho txvn loneslinremnnxvern vltidlented The
nnivonUa hnd t I lion i ci t ppi tic sttii t t Iii streets I
antI hail llnnliy crnxtlul Into thn newer In
enreh of food Ir hash found nlonly of f fool
Inn It lied nlo found death lu time flooring
water The laborers took the body to one of
the dtimplnc scouts and It xxlll co down the
tiny Mi Burns felt much relieved anti sam
lie Is clad the knako died even If It xxlll cost
him about 1U
The Weather
its rnld wtalier was irreMly niollnrd In ill dutrieti
ye trdsy Tbu line of zero Umpcratnm was conflned
In a very imall part of norlhtrn UlnneioU la tIcs
ninniln while over Unntana ttit therinometur ten aS
hljlin < OMn tlts altcrnoou
An area or lest rreituru hat developed over the North
Well wIlds acsouoti for tics warmer weather This
depretflon will more eailward the wariuer weather
moving In It front
hiigb pressure are covered all lbs taiternhalf ol
the country yesterdAy with the centre over the Weir
EnvlaDH SIMM tlrjwlne ox norllitaiterlr wlaili
which were tell all atomic ibm Coast They cau e4 rala
between Florida and North Carolina And loose over
Virginia Maryland And Ihe Illitrlct of fultml > la Rlie
where the woathur WM fair but Itiere li likely toba
snow cc rin In this ndibtiorlioud tuJay unit sU M
change of temperature t
It wan fair In IhU city yeiterday BlfBett ometsl
temperatori iifiI loweSt 87 secrete humidity Ct
percent wind citiettied from northwest lonortheatt
average > locltr 4 muSt an hour
Tbs thermometer at Terrre rtiarmaey In Tai isv
DDlMlnitriconlil the temperature yeiUrday aifollowii
lt tuitl lltl ItH
AAM 31 111 BVir U IT R1
n A S ii 1 2il M N M wi
SAM 850 ii r M iu nft
jaw win aw as
Avcrf BSH
AterxeonFrb IVIKU3 4I
wjnn cii roaiciiT tot HOKPIT
For Maine Hew Ilamnthlre and Vermont alri
touthveiterlr stats
For Mauachuitla Rhode Iilaad and Oengeotlont
increasing cloudlneii probably folltwed tyiaowla
creating eaiterljr wInds
forfttritAix bi Kittrn rmnyr mifa 2i Jewy
iet Mavarf tviHulgtlowliHn vittoerr eirt
tot the Olitrlrt et Columbia Maryland and Virginia
threatening weather with snow or rats probably
clearmK b > evibloij tight rile la tem eralurti east
erly lnde
Ear vtfitern New York and neitern rcanijlranla
fair loutheaiterly winds lightly warmer in noitbtre
The Indlratloni are that threatening weather ant
rain or mow will nievall In Btatei on tho Atlanticoout
from loutlioru Vvw ttngtand lo Horlda with Ucroaalof
saucily omit and a aught rlie la tcmperatores wara
southerly wind and fair weather will generally prevail
In iCe xtitilulppl Valley and lake region Monday
followed by colder cloudy weather anti sale u tawoa
s a

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