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Jr Rxxrwrpuxo JlllrLl UIP n4
roitiutcnvncii THOVIUK
It D elar nWVer tbt HI Ilearr flee
I lor I to jpreaeh In denann a Well aa
r am > i at the Meeosd HFalbrr KM
z I teen Read It and Make No Comment
b AhtlcjpkUon of new developments In the
I c troubles oi the llonmn Catholic churches of
q liaynnn add desire to hear read the official
f Wnlulilrnt df lllshop Wlggor concerning Arch
1 MiltliopfiatolliSclilon led to the thronging
nt both edifices at all of th mass celebrated
7 iyeltvrdhyforenoon t Henry being the
mr affected liy the decision of thin Apostolic
j s Polfiralci and the Interpretation of that dou
1 J a rrcnt the larger rongrecotlons cathercd In
t Unit church at Centrevlllo
Only two masses were celebrated there The
tfl re < lor the Ifev Father Dernard W Ahne of
r lit f l both Owing to n heavy cold which
made II difficult and painful for him to use his
t voice long Futlior Ahno did not preach nt
cttW service He read the Gospel nod the
drilers ot Archbishop Corrlgan concerning the
ohl rn ot Lent llrst In lingllsh nnd then
In German lllshop Wlseers letter was also
4 7 reM both services It Is at follows
J fir liiln llis
4 Dun Tier Bin Having had conference
v on the matfer with the Most leT Delegate I
Arontollo ArMiblshop rntolll I hereby divide
4 s St Jfnrjs parish ns follows
Tho limits of St I Marys will extend to St
I Henry Church Twentysixth street Tlu
1 paHMi to be I railed the United Churches
J t ot Rt TliOmnKs and Ht Henrys will bccln
4 I Ft Itrnfyn Twentysixth strent I and thento
t tun northvvfttd The Itev Falhor Ahno will I
4 be rectordtlhe now parish nml tho conzrega
I lonwIllwiirshlplnSt HenrysChurch OnSun
F q rlnyn tbc rdctnr will preach in Kncllsh at thin
4 tlienist rnrsr not In lncll h nnd German nt
second is hv has tlone In thin tiitt On feast
ar I tint cnrRiecallon rovclsh the rcctor
I 4 will tit his discretion ray mass In Bt
Thomass f St l Thomas will henceforth bo
tasod exelurlYely for divine service except of
j i course thu four class rooms which are on thin
nrst noor
11 Plessh rend this notice to rout conerccv
4 tlon nt every inr next t Sunday i sell a
3 Umllitr luitlce In Father KIllHen Vllb best
I Wishes I remain > ours vnry sincerely
MV I M I WIMIRP flisliol sit Newark
N R Tlio ll hP also iromlrc I that In
j case of Father Iinis ilpfttli or his removal to
1p inothortmrlih lie I vnll appoint an Knill < li
ijienklng prlist W M I W
t RErtA Hi 1 fnitniir Tn I
Alter llm PI 1 ire In St t llinrrn Church IhA
llev Father Alm withdrew tt thn inetoryail
joining fie cdllT There Ri vinil reporters
railed I hit I Id I I faiil hut I nn mnn was moro
t HionL I I In ll ii nndixiiiaticiti I I tr f tu ttlnij lor
elcnlsru In tills i iiiilrMhnn hlin plfulthougli
his lln if > lrl1 I blrtli nnd eiltirntlnn i tit
k hnil liown er IICI In thin ciiiiiitrv an prlit
d fur turn llinil clylilcii yirs nnd In llnmclit I
and lutlnii < vita a thniiniKh Ainerlnin He I < rn
vmphntlc In I IIIn I tilnn i tlmt 1m vIll s ten k
t c ierman in I Ills I eliiiiih vrr hinuliiy hertthr
at sanctioned 1 by Jllklmii Ulcceia Inlfer lbs
i ull nlclol SIn hi t n eiuist trlni t J it liar hlllepii i I J
or yt 3111 Church Wit I a stieelal i luwto
Its puMlnitlon I 115 inaie tin i lolollll I I itittt
I menu KulwliintlBlly be nnin IIB an vplnnn I
tim It I nllll during tho services ti > Ills con
rrn nil t probablllv this ll ltop and mr olf
will I he Its C ii scsi > if i f rrili ns1lsin Mint 10 l In c
t nltlsm 1 Ciilion1 lni iiiiro tnt l flmplo
means nn enrncat offnrtnnd mlon or to keep
Immigrants from fulling nn v frllho CIh
lliCliurvh byclvliicln iru > tl < tnRanil extorts
Ion In the only laneuazo thr > undiTKtmil
their natiutoiicup nv one rlio lnou this
t i T itluii or n slight isoiil lor wlileh the Son of
Unit diet on tin < roB will nut lilimc u Illrhnp
or re < tnr for tluplujlni tint only means of
keerliiK thom vhlh I tulle Inc 11 them In their
langUHce I tspoiMnllf I nhcn he cnnsMiMS I i tho
r doctrine Inlil down bv our Inrd hlmelf In the
rsrsbln rf > the Iot hhoep I Me loft the ninety
mine unit went in search > if f tin lust I lie In tint
j lives of lie I great mlsolonarleo we read thnt
tliey won nio t iinxlmis to mo smilx I only
few peitpt could 10 I rencltpil Tliti for In
iince St I Irnncls l Its Hales once itrtiichcd tn
itt r Hit of which lit inado anA rnnMtrt And
I he had dnno nothing cirs but tn saio that
one he I would not Inivo lived In vnln
l Kpenkfne of nix nun church tint that nf St
ThomiixV Fathxr Ahnesald tliattho Ort mae
in ht Henry wnis nttetnlrd br about 45U pa
rlslilnner while timer were fully KM present
nt the twiind muss For IMC this recnlptn of i
4 I St Henrys Iluiich aggronted S5OI7iS4
niriilrmt dlsliursetnonlx imonntlnx tn
MMII14 In IrtM the receipts of Mt
r TintiiiHS1 Church nmoiinteJ to tllKX7K 1 I
ugiiIntn dolt of IOioti Tlielcht u 1lt l
l to I the new Irlh 101 a leuney 1nto his t 11
k that IllMinp Wfgger clnspil tin ciltIe M
ThnmiisitChiircli ii Ht I bll41il < n IknrrV
Church lie eonHlileiiil S oiy iris rr sic Tliu
I 1 edifice rectory innl HlinnthnucH cost > J4K >
ami In two yours this debt hid boon reduced
ls to hii20i1 ot
hi Three nineseis were celebrnted in St Marys
Stir of tliu Hntihureli at Unron Inlnt In the
mnrnlng The < ev Fntber ThnmiiH M Klt 1
ben the rector nOUlatid at tliu Ires holnc
i HStlstpil by hIs iMiritte t tint Itev Father Nolan
z formerly chaplain at this sriiiyent In ollsn >
N J At each nmst Fatlntr Kllleen far IHshnp
llfKer letter lint us he annnnrioeil on Nit
uruay ho refralnptl trim mnklng nny ell
h uent cnneernlitu the saFe Tlie Ipiter oils
tt Identic with hit t cent tit I ittlitr Aln I exiijt
In Ih I auldresi ii nil tlie t nl list tiluiiin t t of Futber I
I 1 Ahnux iiauii lot thin < tt 1 Fnther hllleen In the
nntlco of the duplicate letter tn Father Ahne 1
I liav ui nntlunu ttxnr filit hither I Kllleei
when Intervluwetl diii hug tho afternoon In tliu i
4 parlors of his rectory tXritt that the I Bl hop
hal mails rv statement which I tin not euro tn I
5 contradict becniifn 1 tin mt > wish to hrltig l my
i ki Dlshon Into contempt The IMioii InterpretH
Iho I Archblfbnnn rlccisliti ilifTerHntly Irnni thin I
S Interpretation telcuiailiml from blncion
after the conferenett tliBe but Inter on I ex
pert the Aposlollo DeletHte will make 1 1110
z ment which will satisfy the publln rcizirdlnu
t hj Interprttatlon of III own ilveNlnn
1 Furllier than this Father Killed would
vouchsafe notnlng 1 IA 1 irenernlly under
stooil however that bo will renew without
j delay bis battle against Fih p Wgeer in the
matter of St Thomas Church
Itlxhon Wlcgers letter Is 1 so ircoiitrndlctory f
nf come of tho six arifelu leirnpliecl I from
d Washington at the odlulal ilocMoii or Arch
bishop batnlll hut many nf lather Kllleens
I nhr lllen
I leadlnjrparl hlnnrr < ani prlnclpil frlcnU are I
ic somewhat > lumlniiidi l Deipltn thn I stnle
n ment ot IJlibui Wlgger they still Insist that
I thin llged declslnii iolrar spited frotM Wash
ington IH norrecr ilni that Father Kllleeo < sittlI
nnTe It to should hu dnru Ilk nubile I 11 Irtler I t s
1 in I reference to thin mjiter which hu recvlvmJ
gJ sovernl day ncn from Mar iNitnlli
The Herman Catholics r liayonne the par
slilonersot St Henry Church I uml the Ilr
I ponents of Father Klilnen an very jiilillunt
iTur the VIew of the oiun prrtented by IJishnp
i A Llecers letter Tlieya ert that nn analysU
it f the nishdit orders and a eoniuarlson with
lie Papal Jozntes allejreil 1 decision Iud wih
hat tlio report of tilt decision wa urroneoti
nd that Instead of f bnlne rroneOIO
barges against the Ordinary the Newark
Ioeee thin rector of M Marys was virtually
tffeated The gSDtrul opinion thrnnclioiit
uyonne IK that th mutter IK I jot fur
4 rom un amlcnhle ittleritit nash that
irchblshop hatnlll will bo I eomrelleil to
wil II
s lake pnblla his own Interpretation of hula us
iflon and yet time Illshnp preinc hU letter
end with the ter
Ilul today ylh word Hiulnc had a
eonferonta on tie matter with the Mont Ilex
electe Apostolic Jf I Mils conference took
f cliice recently It would appear probable that
riolllahop hat warrant fur his Interpretation
t tlii deoUlon 1 ohm fit hllntrrlnlon rl
era to the previous confernnco when loth he
ind lAthe Jtllleen went tn Wnohl lon the
iyitt r mal ftlll be roctrdod as fairly In enn
pivcr y Dell will bo fuund thn six articles
tlferred tn above ns this ofllclil l decijnn of
Afgr Batnlll Tlu main discrepancy I ttween
them and the t UishopH letter will 1 found In
tlieflltharllclo They are us follows
Tin Illrht Rv UUbop or 1 werk and Hi pailornf
i it Uarri hereto Ioml I N J rattier hlllern tama Ii
I nJil
u lAyto WaJOIrtton oo citation I br lb tloil Rcortml i
I i ihoattftlfl ucUtfatr and In Ibm praaenca li I rcnUarcd
1 1 a rolIowlaM dtrlalAai
11r14tt L Horra perish chili axland to Twtntyalitb
tpt I that U to sty m > to M llanrra chiirrh
itciudA naw pariah i l formed n lb r Iwo churches
i KI Thntnnna and St lltnrys th fourcli of st
t home btlntf tin Mlncipal ami tb Church of SI
ci nry the aubirdinate
s Third A there la su parUh raaldanra near St
hoinaaa Church this paatorot I llbu parish fnrmad nf
0 I If Wfl blt4 ctiurctie i will rtakli lor lbs ritient itt
nitrlh Th rhnrch of 81 Themes ahall b r > tored
lid rftpp nl l anil 1 rn bttntlayn and liolMay ths ra4
5th l princIpal 1 inutaalial be raabratrd In hi Thimata
A rlfih AU union ana Inatructlnn not only in St I
tipiiti p but at Inln M lltnrra tln rcli han bs irlren
n jlie ndlil ianciiaiceil ire Liiie b u fsw i rnitna
r pTt tietiupi Church Utven I those fc < iimlrrrland
c5 n Xnzllli
c uJtIiTii5 prirnt raccor flow reiHInr at M I llanrra
litoweI l in remain lint nit
< aucre nt siisl t < he l an
nirlutitntaklBYtlertfyniah This ronceiaioa ta cede
u viau of ilia promt scarcity of prleala hi tie iliocai
I dl1 Chbia Ff a riedKr r > om Uoj
i I Uetelwta l I1ly Order
WAHIrINUTOS r U1 > Carlnll l Gibbons ad
i ilttlitcrodtlin sacrament of
thIferlmenl confirmation to
t i in persons it the Church of the Holy Name
ii immfdlatcly atlor Jilcli mass this morning
I 1 ex Fftt six wore children Of those merely
chllrn IhoA
II tile > hob orders but lilly url Ion l and
S fron pldC Iheso t Cardinal exacted tho folluwlnc
I prmie wlb ths help or God tn abttaln
0 frQm he Ul ofahl IntoXtitlg drinks befQro
1 I lac the ofallnlollortDI beoro
u u J
war nine finned IXm the Flortnt
Mllnn In ntceektr Htrcet
There was burled yesterday old man who
bad spent sixty years In religious work among
fallen womn and degraded men Ills name
wa Kdward Ellng and ho had lived tfl years
He died on Friday at the home of his ion and
daughter 04 Fast Fourth street and In his
last moments he hummed the air of Shall wo
meet beyond the river tho song ho most
Inred tn Ing to the men and women among
whom ho workod
Yesterday afternoon thai boro his body to
the Florence Mission In Illoeckcr street with
which hit had been connected for the List ten
years Tho Inmate of tho house and many
people tho neighborhood sat In the main
room In silence It Is n long gloomy room
and WAS lighted for this occasion by a dozen
flickering Jnl Jeta Tho coffin wa put In thin
ceDlro of thn room and flowers wore henpod
upon It The Itev lr Hobcrt Woodruff whose
hair was ns white ns the hnlr that could bo
seen through the coffin class arose slowly
antI said
Denr friends Father Tllng hat gone from
us to another world but we neil nut niniini
For wo who knew lilt llfennd hit work tho lon I
wlmm he knelt with In thus gutter ninl praved
ansi whom ho led tn a better life nil tlieta who
know him know now hint Ills 10a work hue
received 1 its eternal eionn
rtil ani nvolrlan nl ho was but dod In the In
scriitthle wlsdnm I of fIlM provldeneo hat willed
It that I yit remain upon oiirtli I will nut he
for long thnugh Nature In I few yours will
hlI run Its uourio unit thin eiirlhly life will
have ended for me Hit niyilonr ft ltudo as I I
Ilkn the taut turn In thus iliflO of life I turn
buck to beckon jmi nil onward tn Hint clnrv
nnd l exerlasllngjov i that I llo I hnfnro flu is All ii
liil I inc m gui iii friends it hn I enter the I ali
tell I olr Ihrnrh1 I frleml wln > iiwnlt A me there t
hint t nil I of iou nil I t iuosuo Wont el unit tune I e men
that hn loved and you stntntrer wlnt Knew
him I not Lu 11 I know him In tinworld I thnt
IH tn come Hint t till I sit yu are t 0 tilnu I roniliiir
coinIng Unit utt the hill to meet him In that land of
UOihNitnr nr Iho women In the room were cry
ing I softly nnd when the I nrtfnn hoirin to plnv
they all joined In I the I oOls TlierttlNoanoj I
by There Moxernl mnn Mini wniucn tlivn
miide short addresses ol exhoitntlun One of
I hem sniul
Father nines life was uneventful Ills
history In Itself II I unlnterestlnc His works
am beyond tho power iif f words to tell Ho
lleil to sive I fowor nnd thniigh tin leaves
101 gold nor 111 buhinl him In leI
hi ii mu I reds of Inipiiy heart W hat man cnti tlo
ii ore i
The Kev Dr WondrtltTa ked the t girls or thn
mlnslnn In Ilther around thin cnTln and sln I
hlnill we mtet Ollt the nnrr Twenty I
young woinrtn arose fmtn their Hcatc nnd with
solemn frtctft mnxoil towiril t I Ihl I eoflln Tlpv
vert ST i men who lush l lieen I itt cut from tlio I
olpl lr thin cast sbltt by I Pnllier Illnjj anil
ed tn rennuncn their t pus life They wen <
nlnsheil In thu presence Jnl r striuigei s and half
nsliHined tif tint tears I ilmt I piimo to their I I eyes
when tliev looked I upon tht I fife nf f their nld
ft ilend They Ilnwileil i 1iqis around tho I coSt
ii iinl 1 fastened their t eyes u non hiss t hymn books I
wlltl u tluir t lieli tint crc t hum I lien I u ainnn
ulrl tiultu young with short curly vellnw
inlr I who Hail I nleu of r weet t iiunllty I I but mi
duet It I t ro c e IIDOO all h the others Alter
hn Miciiil slnn7a the singer stoppeil and
hurst into teaH The nrgnn necnn again situ
ln > other girls In strulnud volcef touk UII the
The Iev Ir WoiilrtilT pronounced a bene I
diction uml thin services word ovor
A X IV111tro L4 U UE JURJ1IJ
Dr wmltH Tell III Colored Xlrurrm that
tin Tim lln Cnmc for Them to Act
The spirit of John Irown Is sllll living and
rrla nut for nr end to the barberous lynch
logs In hue Mouth
lucia words wore applauded by nn audience
of r colored Pnplo yesterday afternoon In tim
American Union Methodist Episcopal Church
In Weft Thirtysecond street The preacher
Wilt tho pastor this llev Dr G I N Smith
residing Oder and exMinister to Hart
Tho time bus cnmo when the colored pen
rio should tako action ngilnst such outrages
as the recent lynching of poor Hinith at Paris
TeL the minister went on
EncourazeJ by lie enthusiastic approval of
its hearers Dr Smith said
All those In tavnr of formlnc an nrsocla
ion for that object will nrlte
Every man and woman rose
That will do said Dr Smith I pee that
you mean lnialnos Let us not stop this
movement till we hare touched thij heart of
Ih nation and knocked at tho very doors of
Congress to bo hoard I
In his remarks Dr Smith had said that ho
md not realized all tho ravage clutnlls nf tho
lyncIID at 1trK Tex until he had heard
thtm frotr the lips of the Jot 1 Primus King
n colored Methodist iirencher who had bocn
an eyewitness of the lynching
Tho Irish citizens twelve years aco Dr
Smith sail holRn In agitation In thIs country
ortho better treatment of their peoplo at homo
Rn1 sucocpilMil In securing better laws for Ire
land We can do thin enine for hue eolorcd mutt
of f the I South
The next speaker was this llev J 1L Ferrell
who ° situ tlmt nltliotich Garrlsni Phillips and
limner were dead tlire were men still living
rim would too tliMt Just Is I ilone the negro
Alter Ili3si I > speeches u temporary orgnni7ii
thou WAS effeeted The liev Dr Smith was
lected Prenlilent I INhnp h Perry Hopkins I I
Ielreihlent nfl the lle Mr 1errull Soe
etnry Th iitn will he ror the present
This nllIvnelilnB I engue
This resolution I oas ndoi tetl
tin rim recint outrace at Iirln Tex has
hotLeil 1 iniiiain I and > botv in what lenirtlia lawlca
u len ulll ki >
nir > The ereateat aitfeniinrd for Ilia rniiteul rare
I it nsrauise > unii < r sit J iuts cry Man ihf ucmu ut
aKe i > tit <
I r I Tint nil nillntlnn be I p mmenreil by lli
oljreit tnr mid I rarrIM nn tuittlttina > nitrf if iiaifiilii l
nn r r f II
Ait anil 1 oriler tiled nrffrohnclntita liecontotliluo II
r iiieaniiiirruiiiai u
When Ibis re ollltlnn was read It was
with dinionlty I lout t Dr Sun It ht cttuld I restrain
lie eloqiuiicM tf half I dnvn orntorfl who were
sill their feet nt the I snmn tliic i I
li Smith aid Hint t t IIH Itev l Mr Kins I I would
peak sit l the t rueetlng h next Stnulav nlsnr I Tlio
uuech hog Ihl t itijulu rind hOt for n long tlmn I
kuurstt of escltuit talkers lingered about tho
church entrance
Dr Smith lives nt yf pet Fortyseventli
8Ir01 lie wan thu first Mlnjslnr tn llavtl
I eing sent there in IHiitlhr l President Grant
lIt cnmranlod Grant In his tour around rnt
wont ns IiIs iironil servnnt taking euro nf
he Geneinls mnnuy and lel tie emrats
horse t1 lilt funeral He was Mrs Meutnnnnt
of f Company 13 I Fiftyninth IIUlnt
rhlllo Comlany I FUnlnth licclmunt of Masaa
Tim IBV T Prlinti Kins Is I the real orlg i
nntorof tlf niitllynchlng feeling rrnlorll 1
como North to buirln tho crusade
ni Aniwrm HIM APIuwm from III Inlptt
AcMtDMt llh flhusliop Adtlt
IlocTtERTBr reb 12St Iatrlckh Church at
fount Mori Is iris rnwllo tn tho doors nt the
it oclock honlcoH this innrnlnu by people who
md been attracted by tho declaration of r the
tov Cliarles Fluheity thin pastor that at that
hour hut trnuld makn n btatoment in reference
otlin Indictment found against him by the
Ivlneaton county Grand Jury for criminal
ssaiillupon Hiyenrnld Ian hweeney
nH night Father Flaherty recelxed from
Jllhr Irty
Ittehuop Miyuiiloaleltur directing him not to I
mulct any statement holt th case In tile
hureh Father Flahitty howetur did not
follow thin lIlr of his Illshnp hut talked for
twenty minutes nouht his CISe He mentioned
Jl mentuned
nn mum s In hilt address
Hit declared that the deputy sheriff who nr
retied him extnrted Sllio from him which ho
was given to understand hn would have to pay
or go to inn on the night nf f tilt arrest and
without having nn opportunity tn obtain bait
ha neseribed Mary Hweoney as n brazen
aced trutnpot declared that three persons
were conspiring to ruin him and that the wife
of t luis aeciMer had complained to him that her
husband wits Intimate with tho girl tlt
Arelibtibop Olhbon In n Paitoml letter
Dwell on thai Iope Churnclerlidei
DirTiMonn Feb 12In all the Catholic
hurches of tho Archdiocese of llnltlmorc
churchel Archloreo IRltlmore a
paper sI1 by Cardinal dlbbons was read
oday I relates tn The annual collection I
for Our Holy Father the Pope It contained
Ih > following taken from the paper
The life and reign of Leo XIII will form
one of the brightest chapters In the Clmrclir
history Every part o the world has foit tim
Influence nf Iii enlightened judgment nnd
HID Impulses which lie has given will forage
to cnmu sttruulnlu tbiT various vortions nf thin
Church to earnest and Intense energy In ite
roni Ill Isluitu g the I mission which her divine
fnundvrioiumltled to her Tbo brightness
< Tlo 1
bin Intellect undlmmed by net uml the
breadth of his policy his wisdom mind piety
liii Hcl ltynni zunl will win for him poster
Dys truest nnronilums and will prove him to
have boon the light from heaven
tttw fist line lo Ottawa vlk 1 Jt w York CiatlaL J
Through iluptag clAh a
< J
Jilt Letter of Aeeeptnnce Already la Mr
Cleveland llandIt U Maid t Contain
I CnndlllonParlarr ninrll and Iloke
Hmllli Are Alia To rater the Cabinet
L srwooD Feb 12lt may now be stated
authoritatively that Judge Walter Q Oresham
of Indiana Is to be Secretary of State Moro
than two wunks asoTittc SON announced tho
fact that this portfolio had bean tendered him
Judge Gresham hesitated about accepting I
and Don 31 Dickinson wa sent to Chicago to
do a little missionary work with him As the
result of those negotiations Mr Cleveland re
ceived In lastnlshts mal a letter from Judge
Urcsham accepting the Secretaryship of State
This Is authoritative and comes rom n man
who hat read thus letter Moreover lrCleeland
received yesterday two other letters of accept
ance from men whom ho has Invited to t enter I
his Cabinet and he correspondlnuly happy I
today Those lettor were from Hoko Smith
of Goorsla nnd Wilson 1 llss 1 of DufTalo It
Is supposed that Smith who M I said to know a
heap about hominy and chickens will succeed
of Agriculture and
Jerry Husk as Secretary Alrlculurl
that Wilson I Ulssoll will be the nuxt Post
At any rate tho Cabinet fixtures up to date
are Carlisle Lamont GroMiam Smith and
llltucll With these certainties this slate to
ntht U
Secretary of State Walter Q Gro Iinm of
Indiana Secretary of the Treasury John O I
Carlisle of Kentucky Secretary of WnrDnnlol
1 lmont of New York 1 Postmnstorlionernl
Wilson S lllssell of Now York Secretary of
Agriculture Hoko Smith of Georgia
There Is a possibility that JJr Smith may bo
slntotl for tlio Seoretnrvshln of tIme Interior
Tlioio Is also talk of Congressman William
liam 1M Wilson for this place Tlio prob
ability however that I Congressman Hilary
I A Herbert of Alabama who has been
Chairman of tho Naval Committee In tlio
House will receive the Secretaryship of the
Navy M looked upon hero ns nn Indication that
Mr Smiths portfolio Is that of the Ucnatt
raent ot f Agriculture and that thin Interior
Department will bo placed In thin hands ot nn
olhor man Mr Ulssells selection tor
n Cabinet office I I not n surprise to
Mr Clevelands friends and It his been
generally expected that Hoko Smith as the
editor Ion of the Atlanta nurnnl and tho original
Cleveland standard bearer in Georgia vrould
receive n substantial reward but until today
there have been few politicians bore who have
credited the report that Judge Iro < ham was
to he JlrClevelands right hand man in tin
net Administration Thero hl9 been no
< iue tlon raided as to his ability hut there has
liHun much surprise expressed that Mr Clove
land should olTur this great honor to n fresh
rrul wisdom and justice of It have been
mentioned ansI now that nil doubts ns to
J 11 tonI hnms accepting huvo been settled
COORS very conllletlug opinions hnvo been ex
p erl I Is remembered that Judo
lircshnm was HIP most conspicuous llguro In
Hie I revolt against the Ilvpiildlcim party that
mum It nnsilhle for Mr Cleveland to carry a
number Western Mains that have not voted
for a Hiimorratlc eundliluta for President since
thn war Mr Cleveland was not unmind
ful of thIs fact when ho began to
look Hround for Cabinet materiel It
has been stated that Judge Irosham did not
i IA l tiI I
wax iiMHied that thu nominee of the Deinn
rnitle party hud not given any pledges to
Tamnnnv hull at thn Hotel Mvtnrla dinner
H t is I ruinorod horo tonlsht that Judgu Qresh
huns letter 1 nr nceeptnnee also has I string In
the shape of a condition attached to it but the
nuturt of this I condition cannot bo learned
His hesitancy about accepting this otllco Is
variously explained henJudcn tinshams
name was first 1 mentioned In connecilon with
thin iremlershlp of the next Administration
hiss Ie l ret ion fit to hare sild that t Mr Clevcliiml
foil iii not afforil I lo I give him I this t plttco and that
he could lint nfTord tn accept it
To enter the Cabinet Judge flresham must
I give una life appoint ment on the beneh where
bit was in tim line of sure promotion and ho
it I comparatively n r poor man Moreover It is I
said iUat I ho hai eared that his aniointraent
I to u Caiiiint otllcn wnuld Lo regarded as atm In
dlentinn of I bargain last fall
Tho cIrcumstances nf Judge Oreshams
giving his support to the liemocratlc party
liht fall nld ono politician tnnlglit will nf
cnurhH cauo cnine people to bclinvo that
then was nn understanding when after per
emptorily declining time Populist nnmlnntlon
henunnuneeil that In J fliould vote for Clots
land In other words Judgo Oreslinm 4 has
known that his acceptance ol a Cabinet port
folio would lay him open to the accusations
that iiiKjiieMlonnlily cost Henry Clay thu Presi
dency Adams was elected President by the
support nf r tint Clay mIl in the llnuie of Ret
Slut reHtntatlvoa until Clay became Secretary of
Itvvnri nlaiislhlr denied that there was any
Inrgain and yet 1 tho suspicion or it was fatal
to I liyx iinttiltlon That such n suspicion
would be Krnundless In the case of ludga
iresham 111 positive lint this bus been ono
nf tho Influence that Imvo caused him tn hot
itntx about rtcehlnir the honor thai Mr Cluve
jnnd I offtred to hIm
j Clevelands selection of lilt old law part
ner Wilson 1 llls ell for a Cabinet portfolIo
probably that nf PnstronsterCieneril looked
upon here as cnnclislvo evidence that Isldnr
shii M rails has declined the PostmiistorUonoril
linn Diekinsnn who limit been noting as Mr
Clevelands adviser and special
In1 rlcl1 messenger
spent today at ihr llttlu White hUl9f D8enlr 11
Co to New inr tiiinnrrovr morning I
i litveland hovvevor will remain In Lnkewond
Nathan ant Oscar htraus who hive been
ponding Sunday In Liikwood botli called on
Mr Cleveland tndny George I Pnrker sic
eornpnnled ORr ttittit in a call on thin Presi
dent elect It IIIIH been tad Hint Mr Parker
wan anxious to become Mr Chvelnndn prl
tat secietary Ho hint bnuii lils lilnginpher
and it tM l known that Mr Cleveland has n high
opinion nf him Mr Parkers friends say now
that ho does 1 not want tho nrlvatn secretary
ship ansi that ho will receive nnothornnda
better appointment
Mr Oevpainl had one unexpected visitor I to
Inv Joslnh Uulncy of llnston wee so nnx
Inns tn iiinko 1 social call on thu President
elect that lie chartered n special train and
lime tiring into LiikowooU thl afternoon
There are no train hero nn Sunday and Mr
Jtilncys Impatience loft him no other eholce
Amos K nnv nccomnanlml him It Is not
known what his obiect was In calling today
Mr Cleveland In speaking of it said
Mr Qulnev hrprened to bo In J cw lork
and IPM me he thought ho would como down and
I Is I supposed however that Mr Qulney
aine hure tn dl eiis tho silver question Ho
bus been 111 I Washington I apparently I with tile I
nppiovnl nt Mr Clevelnndto Influeneo legisla
tion on Hint t subject It < Is no secret Hint Mr
Ceve nd Is I just now about at much Inter
ested in the silver iueslnn at In Cahlnot
problem Mr Vulncy returnnd tonight on
hilt special train Mr Cleveland expects to
upend this week In Lakawood eXlocte
711 c rH v WONT nacoxstimit
A Mn0iItv Oipo ed In the E rltlilnn of
otlri > lilent fMnnilliln AVohUmen
The bill of Congressman Chlpman ot Detroit
to prevent nonresident Canadians from get
ting emiloHnenl barn ami ppindlng tholr
ell nlDcf Ol or Otis cnuntry caused another
furious wrangle at the meeting of the Central
Labor Ililon yesterday I wait thought vvlion
thin meeting Slt on the bill lat Sunday that
the matter was ended Delegate Feency of
the limits worker lugged It In vcfteidiy by
making a motion that the meeting should
muklnl mntnl mltnl re
consider Its action nf last Sunday
Delegntn Damp of tho clsarmaker opposed
the reconsideration raying that tho action of
the C L U was n proper one
Delegate Foeney Insisted that Canadian I
competition was lowering wages In many I
cities especially In Hi racial trade Ie men
Ithmle Honed Island Detroit Ilutfalo and some cities of
The speaker got Into deep water on the sub
ject of annexation and used such bIg words
that on admirer shouted
Archibald not in It with this man I
George arney of the tin and sheet Iron
worker opposed reconsideration He sold thn
people hail IhIh I to blamnlf I f lucy I puid
higher prices for tho cost nf living hero high
protection brought tlmt about Hero Jgh
vnrney also cot Into deep water nnd began to i
flounder bOlan
I acknowledge he nldthnt I may not
late o grunt den of brains cries of Oh
nolJ but 1 know what I mean
lie went 1 10 talk of monopoly and the
Chairman called him to order
llneer Harrison of tho eccentric engineer
said that thn organizations wpr getting
ruined In several cities He began to acllnt In1
the volunteer lire departments when Varnoy
shouted that hn rhould be called to order ton
After I lone dispute In which all the speak
crc got wofully mixed uptime motion to recon
elder wan put and declared to be lost
Tb r na ylrnnla llullroads Through
Train to the We at I
alba test xamplaa or modem railway larrle Tb
bonriofdaparlurtand arrival ara peculiarly adaptid
10 IIIUIUIUltot 11lranU pllloi
DEATH 01 DR yonrnr OnE
Tb rldent or the Yetera 17ale Cam
ray Iac Away In Ionl111r
LouMvitAE Fob 12Dr Norvln Green Free
Ident of the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany died here this morning
Dr Green 8 born In New Albany
Ind on April 17 laIR Ills parents
removed to Kentucky while he wax I
child He chose inodlclno ns his profession
tutu wan graduated with honor from the med
ical department of the University ot Louis
NOIIVJS oitsts
via In 1510 After prictlslne privately ho
bocamo phyilclan ot the Western Military
Academy at Drennon Springs Ivy where
James G Dlulne was then ono of the junior
Instructors Dr Green a n natural ora
tor and had also u Intent for politics for
which ho llnnlly abandoned his profes
sion Hn was elected for several terms to
tho Kentucky Legislature antI In 1H5S was
appointed Coin fluiuuuloner of the United States
In charge of tho national building in Louis
ville While holdIng this sppolntmcnt he bo
cattle reeunlarlly Interested In several local
telegraph lines From that period his life was
Identified with tho history of the American
tclcuraph When the lines In which lie wan
Interested wore mersed in tho St Louis I and
New Orlean Company he WRS choton Seem
tnl 01 that organization and soon after ho
was elected Its President Ho was VicePresi
dent of the American Telegraph when after
absorbing smaller lines II with tho United
States Telegraph Company was absorbed by
Iho Wettoin tnlon In 1WR lie was chosen
YlcpPreMJent of tho consolidated com
panies flush acted as sucli until IHUli
when hn accepted the Preuldnncy of
JI I I IIB Lotilsvlllo Cincinnati and lexington
llailroad Company During Slut threo years
lie held that olllct ho again became a 1 tlguro In
Kentucky politics and nt ono time ho was
iireod by a iarco delegation nf the Kentucky
Legislature to enter thus Held as n candidate
for the United States Senate Hn would hare
been named hy the caucus Mr for a clerical
error In the count lloturning to Ills duties as
YlcnPresident nf the Westurn Union Telegraph
Company in 1HT3 ho heroil In Hint t capacity
until liTH when he was elected to succeed
45 tlitarn Orion cloceasil as President In thin
Iftesn years of hilt Presidency tho interest of
tint inammouh ortruniratlon wore lilt own
Dr Green prosorvud the vigor nf comparative
Iouth almost to the very last This was per
laps due to the outdonr life he let when a lad
le was then renowned as I jumper When be
tweon Iii and ID be could make n tenfoot
standing jump forward und then without
turnIng jump backward to tho core mark
Jo was very proud nf this accomplishment It
was when he was HI that begot a llatlioit
and fllllnc I with the heterogeneous eollec
lon of articles that sirs found In country
stores went down the I Mississippi with
a companion to trade with thn lumtier
lion on tho banks of f thu great river
Time venture tvuis a financial success
hr Green was I member nf tilts Union Club
When In this city he lived nt the private hotel
at > Madison avenue His widow who was it
Miss Kncllh nf Kentucky and four sons and
two daughters survive him The oldest son
James n 5 Green married a daughter of Abram
Pu Hewitt and is In lau France The second
son Pinckney H Green is I a lawyer In Louis I
ville limo third son John K Green In I con
ected with the I car whcol works of Louis
IIle and time youngest 41 arren 11 Groan
was American Consul to Japan under
Iresldunt Cleveland Time two daughters
Susan and Grays Are unmarried A
0 In01 tlio directors of the eAt
er Union Telegraph Company will be
hold nt noon today to net on lr Greens
leath The general officers and many of the
llrectors will set out for Louisville tomorrow
10 attend the funeral which will take place on
Vodnesday or Thursday Humor lint alrolr
named ben Thos T J Kckort YlceProsident
of the company as Dr Oren successor
Obllunry Note
William A De Grnnf died at I oclock yester
day morning his home 2152 Fifth avenue
or pneumonia Ho was Mcn1msldent und
Treasurer of r thus Do Irnaf V Tnvlor Com
pany now of 47 Vest Fourteenth street The
company WHS founded thirty years mo by J
P Dulliuaf tho father of tho deceased who is
now President of the flowery Savings Hank
rime dueeised was liorn In Ciiniijonarlo and
was 41 vuarn old Ho was n tblitvsucond do
creo Mason und n member of Constan
tino I Coinmand He was also Treasu
rer of thin New York Stale division of
flue League of Anioilciu Y hcelmen At otto
ime be was a moniber nf the Lotos Club ana
of thin Manhattan Athletic Club but ho re
signed fruin both of then orianlratlons Mr
DuGrant contracted a cold in Ilontou and wits
111 nutty four days He leaves a widow and
four ihlhlren two clrls tutu two boy Tho
eldest ehlld Is I a daughter 17 years old Fu
tier II services will bchnldouTiiexdnyevonlng
and thin body will be taken to Hchunoctudy on
Wednesday I for Interment
Albert Jnurneaydlud at his home newel
street Wlllliitusbureli yesterday 7H years old
Hn titus a < > ouln 11 Henry Juurncay of tho dry
goods firm oflourneay t Burnham of Brook
lyn Hu was him nn htaton Island and when
It years old wont into the dry good business
in Heaver strtut this city lust fortyllireo
jeari ago yestordny hn married Saraii Jane
Harsull For 11I010 than twenty years ho wan
In tbe dry goods businesh und then embarked
in thin rent estate business Mr luurneay
founded the Seamans Mission at the foot of
Pikn street this cltv He was the first I met
dent of Ito Stntcn Island Itallroad lie assist
ed i in tho t building I of lie I Church of ttio t Holy
Comfortur on Stutun Island Thirty yearn sign
he roiiied from business He leaves a wife
and four children
The Itev John 11 I Searles a veteran Method
ist minister I died b I on Saturday night at bin
home 14ii Viiclllu street lirnnklyn In Ills
ilth vinr lie was born nt lledford West
rhlsltr ion n I t nnil been iii a Methodist min
ister tlfty jeiir ago His first charge Willi In
New lliivenand In was nhvn H connected with
tho Now Jorl Lust Confoience ills minis
terial labors Imvn been eonllued to New York
eity iitnl llrnokljn and hN pa torntes em
braced thoold Sands Mroet Church Wishlng
iou street Church Carrnll Park Church mind
this Ilue lInen rimrcli which bo founded
and maintained almost at lilt own expense
His biiltli failed I until a year iigo anil last
spring ho rotlioi from active patoral work
Ho I leaves l II widow and thieo children file
iildest lielnu John I henrlvh Jr 1 this million
I lIrA 1 itusurer of the Sugar Helloing Trut
Joseph I Loivry ono nf tho lieslknown ell I
renfl i of r Piltsbiircb and distinguished I us n
moclianliul engineer hy the Invuntlon of
ItuniPlns engines died ut lila homo In Alto
Klieny on Saturday ulcht from pnralysU
ngod about 10 At till t IImu t I of the liii ii ii I ng of
tho new water works which cost 70001100
Sir 1 ljwry was ulected nncliunlcnl englnoor of
fIle city toil tbo silt direction of hi work
won plueed In bin bands While tins engines
vvero building n newspaper on nilnntlflo sub
jettH showed hy nuren and niimnrous dln
crams that the onslnei would 1 never turn
over Mr Iowry mid nothing but at the
first trial the engine did turn ovor and
tho Croat pumps worked smoothly
Capt Henry Fargo Is dead at Norwich Conn
at tho age of 70 He was a wellknown New
hnglund pea Captain During the civil war he
wan In command of the Government trans
ports Decatur Chase and Whirlwind and
moved many thousand troops and ton of am
munition cliully between Now York city and
Clunapeakn Day Afterward he mad two
voyages to the Arctln Ocean and liittorlyho
had liten engaged In thin Wet India trade
Nearly all his long life was spent at eon
John Keen Cornell tho eldest son of John M
Cornell the Iron founder died yesterday In
his sixteenth year at Cornwall on the Hudson
Ho hat bucn III since Christmas with rheu
Thomas A Sliarpe dlud yesterday In Indian
spoils ugeil HI years Ho was n personal
frlond of Pro < ldent Harrison mid 11 membur of
thu banking llrm of Fletcher V Sliarpe
Teucmrut Vorkaliop
The seventh annual report ot the State Fac
tor Inspectors which has just been Issued
states that under thin Itoescli law regarding
workshops In tenements SCO permits have
been Issued for factories In New York 1711 In
Brooklyn and h5 in Iluffalo About tWH ap
plications for permits I hnvo been refused and
the tenement workshops occupied liy tno per
sons applying will have to ba vacated It Is
recommtnded that tne weekly payment law
I be amended to reQuire that wages shall be
paid la cash
aoI 1
1TAUAX 2ftN21szzNT
The Victim Die In the FlatbUsh no
r Co Rtiou lltneTa linens lie
Lived In I Iromptly qvarantlaed
A fatal case of typhus fever baV occurred In
Brooklyn tho first visitation of tho dreaded
malady In that city for several rears The
victim was an Italian laborer named Alphonso
Vendotccl 24 years old who lived At HI Front
street In the heart of nn ItalUn coionyi lIe
occupied a miserable little room by himself oh
the third floor of the frame building which
wax packed from root to collar with fellow
Vendolccl moved to the housofrom South
Brooklyn six weeks ago Hn wa taken sick
about a week IIRO but It was not until Friday
that an Italian doctor was called In The Itt
tnr suspected that the man was suffering Irom
typhus fever and on Haturday mornIng ho
called at this Fulton street police station and
reported the case He wet leterrod to the
health authorities and the hitter took prompt
action Two Inspectors confirmed tha disc
ansI of tho Italian doctor and on Saturday
afternoon the patient was removed to the con
tagious disease hospital recently established
Flatbuah Thin man tiled hire cutty yes
lorday morning Within a few hniir the body
was Inferred In Iho paupers tmrylnc ground
Hmiiltannnuiiy with th removal of the
patlont to latbusli the Front streot haiti
was lumlgateil und a strut iiimrantlnn was i
Piueetl on mitt promises Tlieio are thirty I
seven men women unit children nil Italian
Ii thu houin and the room weu < filthy In HIM
extreme mm III vpntllatod Police Captain
Lasoti was Instructed to takn the utmost urn
eautions to prevent nny ot the occupants leav
lug the house and nlsoany personiJtrom com
municating with thorn Irom the nutstffe Wo
acompllsh lilt the Captain plae il uie man
on thi roof another on guard in thn fronCaiM
another In the rear of the house and ouch will
bt > relieved itvory tour or flvn hours
Mitch excitement prevailed In the neighbor
honil over the breaking out of the dIsease but
no ohstacles were placed in the way of time po 1
lien In estiiMlslilng thus extraordinary quaran
tine regulation Health Commissioner Grit
llti nays that there are no Indications whatever
that the dlseuttis hint fnund an7 lodgement In
tIn house Tlio neighborhood Is one of the
Itlilestln tins city
Three now ruses and four deaths from
typliii wore reported yesterday
J ho deaths wore
AIUnltniiUYeil > removed from IDS Bowery
Ioibirt Andrew 48 taken rein Believe lloipluli
lfet M 4JH Second avenue
uirerl J nh r > 4 tcketm from 34 itsyard strait
rhol > alil Isaac 40 tnuielex
Time new cases were
Allen Chrlt II 21 wlk < l Into nUtvu hospitaL >
Jnrdnn Willnm 4i orderly lit Rlrerdd llnpllL
Roikalowikl Samuel taken trout tlouni ainal l Itoi
putt live si 1S rik street
There Is every chance now that Father
Gerard Rplelmann who Is III Of typhus fever
Inthorectory nf St Ansolm Church 151t1
street and Bobbins avenue will recover He
has been Ill for twelve days and the crisis bus
been pa sed The work he began on North
Brother Island has been taken up by Father
Mcintyre of St Jerome parish who visits the
Island regularly
About OOOO Exhibitor let 410348 Square
Feet or Space
CHICAGO Feb 12New York city and State
lure credited to date with allotments for space
at the Worlds Columbian Exposltlonfojr3000
In most ot those exhibits there will be two
three or half a dozen displays The number
of square feet assigned to the a xt > lbltors
and accepted Is 413348 squara foot Follow
Ing are the figures hr departments
AKrlcnlture Space anlirned for collcctlT dUilt
State of New York 4048 i < tuar > rut tohrtrTfdnal ix
ilbltorp 42774 fiQtiara feet
> or itry Collecllre exhibIt 10S3 iqar fact ID
dividual exhibitors 16AD pqniire feet
Electricity Indh Idnal cxhlbltori 3P2f > 8idn r feat
> tln < > and Mlnlnc LollfctUo einlbit 18B1 iqoan
feet individual rxhlbllort 11811 > iuare feet
Fluhf rln Initlridaat exhibitor 14I Became tech
Machlnerr Individual exhibItor 40221 tqtiartf
Manufacturei Indlidaal exblbltori C301I3 iquart
Trantporlallon rolltcll ililblt 24O square meet
BdlTlanal rxblhitnri < itn MX unnara feel
Ubtrai Ann Collrrtlve exhibit IO310 iqnare fttti
nilU tilual txlbltiin ill mO iquarr feet
hthnolnny Ac fnllietm exhlbUt 12MO iqnar
feet ln < ltnlualrx iihltori > 1S7SO square feet
lioruiciiltuceCoh reins exhIbit UOoOianaH feeui
ndlvldtialtxlnbilnritnx4ix >
Km Arl Initlrlilual exhibitor 21XV
Iliirral Artu tuluinblaii IntiegA Va < tr Trail InttK
tOte foilrufl of thp rltv i if ew York tollare for the
Tmlnfnif or Trarlierx nH5elaor lteclmlo Inftltuto
or Troy Tralnlnff srhool for llfiyf Art hrliol or cooper
rifttltule Art > iinUn > Lraitue rhautauqria Unlrar
cliv New York charitable and correctKnul institutions
aquare ted 2VO
Ilygela anti sanitary exhibits 2500
At tho Manufactures buIlding two great
streets intersect In the centre At three of the
corners tim nations of France England and
Gorman are eructlne splendid bulldlncs
The fourth corner was reserved for the
Unltod Ktates but no appropriation was made
and two lauding New York firms Intro agreed
to build a structure equal In mncnlflconco
those built by time throe European powers
In Mbcril Arts Hall Now York hiSs 20 per
cent nf tho FPIPO timid seven out of fourteen
of tho choicest locations In titus Transporta
lon liullillne there are represented the fol
lowing exhibitors Vehicles 13 railroads
iH marine 11
In thin Electricity building New York and
Brooklyn have ciptured the very head of the
structure and oxorshadnw everything else
In the Fine Arts Hall New York Is recounlzod
as thin great art rontrc and eels tiOOOO of the
OOOU squuro feet reserved for American
In the Horticultural bulldlnc Now York has
morn space than any nthorMate In everything
except California In vine culture
In Machinery Hall Xew York haw forty per
cent of American space Onotonth of the
Space reserved In Afrloulture Hall for this
country goa to Now York
In thin mines nnd ntlnlnc department New
York huts thirtvseven oxhlbltora and 13524
quara feet of spaco In thin llstiorles the ex
ilblts are Individual ami fiimll while there Is
a creditable representation In the depart
ment of ethnolncv and forestry
Dlrcctorflonerul Dnvls says Now forks
claim as the Kmplin State has ever been
recognized In the allotment of space andiaall
other mutters
The Notice of III ConUemnntlom Sorrrd
ITpon Him oil Kntnrilay
LONDON Fen 11The Paris correspondent
of the 7MHi CLrmxclf says that notice of the
sentence of Ferdinand de Lesseps was given
to him on Saturday
M Monchlcourtth Judicial Liquidator says
the same correspondent has sent a circular
to the Panama stockholders to tho effect that
ho law will not allow him to satisfy thou
claims an It it I applicable only to smaller con
cerns lIe advises thorn to ngitafe for a ro
forgo nf the laws hearing upon buoll eutsos as
hntnf the Panama Company
Thnatliuks of time Frnnelu newspapers upon
ho untying bunks caiinoil flit withdrawn sf f
iiiKiiij < i francs In ocog of dcpoolts bo
ween Inn 1 and Feb 10 Tliw panlo Ib now
Tho Purls correspondent of the 7nijM roll
crates his statement hut tin trlaUiid decls nn
In the 1Hnama case ware Influenced liy politi
cal considerations < iuoto current aoMln
In Paris to prove tho correctness of Ills bullet
The decision was altered he says aifurtius
speech of M Cnvalgnac so fIlet Hf lulKhr
weaken tIme effect of thus speech by surpassing
Cnvalgnacs ileelaratlons In Integrity honor
and national pride
On Thursday hours before the readlnff
the decision Si FJlfel was Informed that he
bad heeD acquitted The decision had been
rornpletod originally the night before but wa
so hastily and generally altered shortly I before
It was delIvered that Judge Perlvler could
PAnts Feb IaThin Ficaro ears that
Charles de J sseps has obtalnevl permission
o visit his father and will go with two deteo
then to La Cliesnay today
Am Expcdlllon To Oo North With Vsiu
loner Land OB Ila fleer
LOXPOK Fob 13This mornlnx newipa
porn publish the plans of Frederick Jackson
I It G H t to make an Arctla expedition Ho
rill leave next summer with a patti of eleven
vlll etiitll h a depot nn the southern cffnt ol
Iran Jofol iJinJ and from this doput as 4
> nsoof operations will explorvnortlurnrd the
rest of this sumnnier lie will returntu thus rle >
rot before winter anil u your from next apriuig i
rill go northward again eetubllshlutt bong
iii route n serIes of demote unill llo reaches
latitude I HI or HJ whero he and tile prtf Stilt
The Italian Ilnnk HrauJial
ROME Feb IJ Slenor Peralta the artist In
whole name n current account to the amount
of f 2000000 lire was recorded in th book ot
the Bank ot Home baa been arrttted lit Is I
sUPPOsOdtihftvbOeli the tool ol Blgnur I
auaroL cMhler o tbo bank t
Hood Cures
Ur Elmore Y Slielt
Ot Akron hid
I Cancer on the Face
Entirely Romovod by Throo
Bottles of Hoods
I wish to make this statement for thin beno
fit of people that may bo suffering with that
dreaded disease cancer For llvo year I have
had one coming on my face I tried liming It
Imrnril out rind several other remedies but
nil of no avail until I wan Induced to try Hoods
Bar aparlllo While taking the first bottle I
could Men marked chnngoand thin third bottle
oul entirely rOlo1 the cancer 1 cant
say too much for llond Sarsapaillla lor
your I had lo bt direful about IV diet lint
itow I can ent nnyJiini ansi digest it nil right
sleep well ut nleht nnd In rat feel hike us now
man wcl KUMOllK Y BllUIr Akron lad
The above testimonial Is wholly unao
licKed I Bold Mr Bliolt
Hoods Sarsaparilla
and can vouch for the truthfulness of his state
ment He Is I an nld soldier and a respected citi
zen J K UAIUVOOD Druggist Akron Ind
Stood Pill are purely vegetable nnd do not
purge pain 1 ftrlpt FioU I by all drugRliita
flubilnnllnl rrnurrXH Made Toward an
Agreement Kritardlnc Annexation
WABniNOTON Feb 12It Is stated tonight
that the Hawaiian annexation Commissioners
and Secretary of State Foster have marie sub
stantial progress toward an agreement upon a
basis for bringing the Islands within the terri
tory of the United States
It Is believed that at the conference yester
day afternoon most If not all the points under
consideration wore incorporated la the text of
the protocols
Those points ore moro numerous and per
plexing than might bo imagined at first and
present several questions which have never
before been considered even In the history ot
this country
Hawaii has a fullfledged Government In ex
istence lImo revenue of the country arss de
rived from various sources How to divide
them t > etween tlie general Government unit
the local government is a difficult question
f Time differences experienced on tills point It
nJtellevedlmvn beau Imrraonlod and n prac
tldnicnncluslon of thin conferences Is looked
for early in tim week
In cute annexation of the Islands be recom
mended by time Executive the method of nc
rornpllshlnc It remains dncldedThe ques
tion has boon discussed by those most later
t > eted and it Is undeantood that only two
modes of procedure are doomed feasible
Ono Is ny treaty which the Somite alone
may ratify thin other Is by ordinary act of
Congress requiring joint action ot Senat and
House It Is bellnved that the former method
will ho adopted If favorable action upon the
proposition ot tho Hawaiian Commissioners
bo determined on
To make flue treaty effective of course the
House would hnvo to appropriate tho neees
sary money BO that while thu ratification of n
treaty nnnoxntlon by the present Honnte
n possibility thin execution of time terms ot
trontr will be n heritage for the next Congress
and Administration
Another meeting nf the Commissioner and
Secretary Foster will be held at the State De
partment tomorrow
Both Bide In flee Hawaiian Controversy
Hare Tntka with Him
SAN FRANCISCO Feb Vi Some interesting
Facts about thin movements of Paul Neumann
the Hawaiian Queens envoy leaked out after
his departure from hero last night Though
hue pretended to bo so pressed with business
that he could onlyclvo five minute talks with
the reporters yet ho spent nearly a halt day la
consultation with sugar millionaire Claus
preckols and his eons It Is a curious fact
Imt the provisional Government Commission
ers wore closeted with Ereckel nearly all one
day when here and than comes Xoumannwho
lolds long conferences with tho sugar million
aire Spreckels Is known to be on ardent an
nexatlonlst although ha pretends that he Is
still undocltled
What Xouminn proposal to Sprockets was
cannot ho ascertained but It was doubtless
some big concession for him to keep his hand
an and not try to work nny lobby at Washing
ton In favor of annexation Paul Neumann
lore he left hurt said to friends that the re
Ktrts that lu carried any agreement from the
Jueen tn sell tIme Ulands wemtu absurd lio
adJo I
Queen Lllluokalanl has not given mean
such authority either written or verbal and I
nm not going to makn any overtures thin
American Uovernment for money rime Queen
is merely asking for her right to he reinstated
usUusen She Is asking for no money Is not
bartering her rightful crown nnd merely ask
of thin Government of tbe sited htates that
uotlco his done her In thin matter I did not
linT to anvboiiy suture snillng for San Fran
cisco that money would hn asked for her
crown and that I had such agreement In
view These reports emanate from friend ot
the provisional Government in Honolulu but
there IB nothing In them
lie Hnirallnn Throne
IXKCDOV Feb 12Mr Davis formerly Con
sui at Honolulu for Great Britain said In an
Interview today tnat the provisional Govern
ment of Hawaii wits composed of men of pru
dence Intelligence nnd property The ncces
slon of the Trlneoss Katulanl to the throne ho
Says Is tiles trim solution of the present
trouble as thin Hawaiian wonld never con
BaDt to annexation ill thinks It n pity that
Inglaml did not Interfero in the Government
nf the Islands some time auo and thus avert
tile present crisis
Episcopal rliorrlie Unite
Thin formal merging cf thin Episcopal Church
of thin Fpiplmny of Fortyseventh street and
Lexington aomio with that of Ht John this
llapllst nt Thlityllftli etreot and Lexington
ivenuo isna celeliratod yesterday morning In
ha latter church Tho old Kplplmny Church
will hereafter bn known as lie Tplpliany
tiapel Services will bo held thero In hIm
evening nnd the t morning I service will I I be held
lit Sf lolmv Or Cornollii llnorevelt Jlntllo
ho nnstor of St Johns will remain an pastor
of the united cnngrepitions assisted by the
11ev Mr llrnadnax Yesterday services wore
conducted br thn Itev Thomas A hid of
loston owing to the Illness of Dr Duffle who
noverlholoB was present The Btrmon was
ireacbetl by Illshnp Potter The church was
well Illled unit the music had been specially
arranged for the occasion
Tbe inch National Leusue
A special meeting of the Executive Council
of the Irish National League ot America has
ust been held to take action on the report of
the IVaco Commissioners soot to Ireland by
he Lencuo last year The mooting began In
JlcCoys Hotel Chicago on Wednesday last
unit enled on Friday An address hat been IH
eiied calling for subscriptions to the Amnesty
fii hush and thH fund for nlrted tenant p Tim
Council ii cci arts for JrUli nationallm I I I Imli I
jepoinloiit iiLsnlutely of Jtrltlsh intliieinex
lierenirt of the reau ConimlselouiTs wis
ipl > roou
Locked li is Itjlns Alan
Fniitnnrni Fob 12lm lug n scrImmage
following his nttompt to lnteifer ln hehilfot
a friend who was hvtne Hrro tcd Walter llc
lUlre aged 21 of 247 lfferusn > htreut was
fatally shot tnnlght by Pollvoman Tustm of
I h us Tenth district
The wounded mnn was hauled tn thai ttnlnn
lonsiIn I his i atmt wagon nnd thrown Into u
fell the pollen claiming tlmt thai did not
know hewss shot Soon afterward file father
came to see him and then ho was found uu
ansclous and dyIng In a pool ot blood on theft
At t1tu44
owr Cnmtgt t
ODct whin tue etinrxeii will lw I rr is ihee M
the main elect
Handy Vacona in paint and natural wondi Dannar
Juuuggtco with four alylei ot bodies and the aitat
riding aprln ever lnentd Surrey tanaloi To
Dd RuKlei Two vbeeleri that ar abaolalaly fra
from hone motion lioad Oartatbal ara mala I to artl
people l
nnnrI v ro 14 ivvnrtrN HT
LI hA ill ii ztxq izmzr
Reeneil t > r Firemen rrnm n PtrehIIslfWy
Ilnvvn rllxttront fllff
n J j
Id ward Hazon 24 year old ot 524 Newark
nvenue Jersey Otj started out yesterday <
afternoon after dinner to take n walk Ills
brolhor James Is I n iiuarrymnn and was net
ting out rock nenr thu bluff nl Palisade nvenu
ansI Franklin street rite distance from the
top t of tbo bluITnt flint point down to the Juno 7
tlon linllrond track which runs along the foot
of tho hill on flue Itttersoctlnc lIne between j
Jersey City nnd Hoi okpn Is about sixty feet A
The quarry Is just nt the brow of Ito cliff a J
short dlstnncn from flit lone flight ol steps N
loading from the foot nf flue hill to the top and
opoiitnc out on Franklin street There ire
about 150 steps in all and It Is considered
quite an athletic feat to climb thorn all without
stopping tn take brontb
On tho way over from Newark avenue Ed
ward flopped at several resort and when ho
reached tie quarry lie was drunk He stag
gored across the short space between this
street mind the top ot thin bluff and looking
over shouted
Hello Jim Im coming down to see yen
At flue Fame Instant ho lost his balance and
fell over the clIff Ills brother and tho other
workmen with him fully expected to see him
dashed to pieces on the rocks sixty feet
below To their surprise he struck on
a projecting ledge of rock about thirty
feet down and remained there The
fall sobered him up considerably and h
erasp d tlio stump of some shrub and olnnir
on lie shouted for help Ills brother called
to him to hold on and not move Then ho sent
one otho workmen for a rope Ho ascended
tn thn top of the chIll anti with time rope fan
toned under his arms the quarrymen lowered e
him carefully but the rope proved to be about
ten foot too short ami ho was pulled up again
Hnally Truck Company of Hoboken and
Truck CompanyI of Jersey City were sum
moned by Policeman Walsh and they cams
with theIr apparatus There wore by thattlma
2fiuilhisIOpils Inoklng on
The lloboknn llromen began to raise ladders
The rorspt CIty llrnmon lowered ropes The
tin one shouted to huron to hold on and
ho would bo nil right The ropes lowered br
the Jersey City ilremen over tlio precipice
dangled within Hurons reach but he wa
afraid to let no of thin shrutm At the end of
about two hours the Hobokon firemen under
the direction of Capt Stanton reached him
with ladders anil cot him down ttafn
Atter being rescuud he wan forced to climb
up the ono hundred and twenty odd steps by a
policeman unit wan locked up In the Sixth
precinct rollco station In Jersey City on a
charge of helnca disorderly person When ha
was raIniest ball ml be evening declared
with an nmithaMi which carried conviction
thnt he would never drink another drop as
bug as ho hIve
The Steamer Itontonlan In Grent Dancer 5
the Recent Atlantic Onto
BOSTON Feb 12The steamer Bostonlan P
which nrrlvodnt this port on Saturday night
from Liverpool experienced a very tempestu
ous passage
font McConkey reports that he sailed from
Liverpool on Jan J1 iu and encountered n suc
cession of terrific gales and high seas during
the passage
On Feb 4 when In latitude 40 IT north
longitude 3t 28 west he encountered a nur
ricano during which he shipped a trenton
dous sea smashing nil three of the starboard
lifeboat and carrying away ventilators and
doing other minor damage about the decks
During him storm at n oclock on Hint lay
the barometer registered 2HUO
On Fob a a
similar hurricane ouranc up during whloh a
mountainous sea came tumbling over the
morn Biriiiincwitn torrlllc force and crushing
in the after part of the poop deck The hoi
made will moasuro forty feet
flue deck Is constructed of fourInch hard
pine board and Is held together with heavy
Iron girders The deck foil In on the steering
apparatus nnd jammed it so badly that It
could not be manipulated
Tho steamer then fell off In the trough ot
the sea and llvohours was unmanageable
rolling and pitching In a most frightful man
nor but nn further damnge was done
The wrecked portion of thin deck wat finally
lifted sufficiently to enable the steering gear
to be operated aftor which the steamer was
kept away on her course From Feb 5 until
reaching port she had better weather
Taken to n Hotel to lie Nearer Court VThtm u
Ifer Testimony In Needed
Mrs W It hayes the wife ot Cob Eaves 5
who Is being tried for perjury was removed
from her homo 30 West 127th Btreot yester
day to a hotel down town She has ben suf
fering from nervous orostratlon brought on
y the excitement ot the trial of her husband
t ho wan takon down town BO that she might
be more convenient to the court when ihu >
called upon to testify i
Mr Henderson who accompanied Mrm r
Hayes refutes to tell whore she wan takenta j
Merely Kxtmdltlon Treaties
WtanlNaToy Feb 12The publlaatlon of
despatches announcing that there was a hid
den significance tn the extradition troatisi
recently ratified by the United States Senate
with Ilussla and France occasioned many In
quiries to addressed to officials hero and to
members of the Senate who would be In t >
position to know the facts
One of thin Senators who participated In the
discussion of those treaties has since publicly
expressed lilt opinion that the auallflnatlon of
these treaties would be regarded by Ilussla e
and trance as a tacit agreement cementing 1 ut
tlioBoaolont bonds of alliance which had lea
France to aid In our revolution and had In
duced liusslatoeena Its fleet to our moral aid
when Napoleon waa trying to Induce Qreat
Drltaln to recognize the Confedracy
It is I polntprl out however that though these
views may have largely Influenced nenator
In this ratification of the treaty and though
some Idea of time same kind may well have
boon present In the minds of the high con
metIng powers there U a considerable apaaa
separating the renewal of friendly sontlinenU
from tho negotiation ot an offensive and de
fensive alliance
Hr Htockwell Hay He ii Comlnc Hack
KOTITII ADAMS Mass Fob 12Pr Stock
well who Is accused of Improper conduct with t
patients at DoltoMie Hospital Xew York has ft
linen In North Adams for two days and say j >
he loft Now York beforo HID charge aaalust
him was mode Vt
He intends to return to Nnw York tomor
row stud threatuns to stir thlnizs that will
cause an uproar in thin hospital lie fays bo Is I
ubln tn nciount for time circumtancoa that i
caused the tcundal t
Tlio Her Ilr r rkhur t Need Ru
LiKEWOori N J Feb 12The Rev Dr
Parkhurst of New York and his wife came to
Lakowond yesterday for a rest of heveral days
They ann the guests ot Francis P Freeman at
Ms cottage lie U not as Iii as hat been re
portent In fact lie look well ami strong lie
id tired however and noods n rest
j Full of Pains J T
If 1MsU I it the first and only
inslantarcous painKilling
strengthening piaster In
± j ONK MIMTE it relieve
i aching tides and back I
nip kidney snil Uterine luins strains and A
weaknesses rheumatic sciatic sharp and fiery JW
liii < pains coutjhs colds and chest pains J 1
Odorous uith balsam spice and pine it is
the sweetest as well as surest safest and
best plaster in thc world
Pricit ec dTci too At all druggist eb7 aij
rmu 11 ID CI Iacnaobl
1t 1 I t

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