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j rlV iYTjr nucoitAizojr DAY
Ihf Itrsn1 Retire In flood Order from
I the Hllllnp FnvorltM and Hcond Choice
llorr Cuptiir All the Preis at the
In ln < liil > Hlroeco > Jlnni ft Greet Knee
Tho last day of tim spring meeting at Out
jfnburgwn t n sort or gala day for the tnlon
which Includes tho great throng of regulars
Three favorites won for their backer
tlior throe colcc to heavily played second
thule horee
Tho first race with a fold of eleven raaldo I
sheared like a puzzle to the talent never
thresi the bookmakers rated the horsoa prett
near to form Masher second choice won
l isily by two lengths from Clement tho I to o
favorite Control at odds of 3tol flnlshln
third three lengths away
Nick Kandowne and Tom RJtldraor cnrrled
about all tho manor hot on the second race
Eamlowne outlasted Nick In the driving finis h
and won by a length Marguerite third three
length 1 nwar
1 thai the talent could pee In tho field of
ten twoyearolds that folrMl lathe scamper
of half n mile for thu third pur e wa rcder 1
Ics aud mlo Cosby 1rokrlcVn IeiJInc the
boards at I to I against nntl Dr Cob carry
Ing many thousands at 1 point better odds
Fredericks hnd everything nI N IV Tv after
II wlf
thoopenlng strides and running like a wild
theopenile Plt U strllca half mile In 411 ooonis
unit won by a length nnd a hall nr Cosby
beating Jcnn o T two length lo place f
Sirocco outclnseil the Rfl8hI I flelct that ran In
tho handicap nt or ii mile In
the fourth race lt Tim ileetfetei celllngWon
tati fOlrth t faorlto at tlio III orAl l odds of 8 tor
from the
against and mJo a runaway race Irol
start flnl hlng In H gallop six lengths In front
of Lord Hurry 31 v iris a rln third
Flrelly lift oliolru In the fifth race was frat
Irolr IIt
away pacing lie gelding In a low stride fol
lowei hI Iolrdora rircfly took to the traek
acnln at the head of the liumebtrotch and out
lasting the nthersl won by thrco hart 01 n
I ffnelli llnlbrlgiun taking tim place from
Fnlydora br n bout
Tim meeting wound up with a mile and a
Culartr rnca over no litirdlns Four started
Sly Fellow hewing the letting at I to 5
against St John second choice won the raoo
hands down by eight lengths St Luke getting
ting cOconut mono hy n length and a half from
LnnriRoer My Fellow trailing In forty lengths
behind Summaries fallow
rinsT nice
I rnrie 1400 for mnlJcnii leltlnc On and a halt far
h e < LIOn RUhlfi b n Masher r > by The III Used
NUiditlim lird1 I I Itnjrrr 1 1
W lcott 1 C mplll > < I it Ulemeni 1 loOUootlalt 2
W II Knlltri tir c annul i > 4 tirimnl 1
IIM I colt iltklann 1 Trophy 1 Cooper Max UHJe
nA y Ty and Auburn al li ran
lime liiJ
liettlnc Thlrleentoa lo 4be Sin r CImool
a tu 1 coutrol
rorrc Sv > for three jrrar oMi fIve farlonr
Trnmiiand Iabl i ch I lownt l > r bpindthrlft
I Zultllia 10ilN mill 1
Olrn lulantl Stat hl i blk c Mri lO F I lao 2
J II MiOiruiliVichr ilarituerltr lO Hrn kil 3
Our Uaffffle I urn Mtlutore and MllttlA filly also rn
Time lim t
BiltlntrNIn tn ncninit huodownc even money
ll nt
Kick lo to 1 aralnit Marnucrlte I
rore SiOof for ttrnyear nttlm telling half mile
Gin Iilmil Rtuhlti ch I Frederic if Utcdutr
ltetltUtte linHU I Jonm 1
1 fbltllCub r Lr fonby li 1 Cirlltlnl 2
1 J Uitliiinryi 1 I f JrnnleT lr llonohar I
DftrU ffelillnir Annt HMle Com llonia LaUy Love
rhiou Larry 1C and ivntril IirL also ran
Utttlne Klebt to lime A agalnd 04UHi rederlck 9 to I Dr
b1 to 1 Jennie T
lUndleip purse 11 thrpe < in > rteri of a mil
J I rniiinx1 b f blrocco 5 br kuiperor Breeitt
II2l tunteelt 7 1
> IIN I 3 hj riiirii I1OT Klynn i 3
reestor Stnblen b r MyGrni 4 0 II Jon a
Llzzio And StratbmftM attn Rn
lime 116
Ilf lilnir Eight to G1 AgaInst oirocco 0 to 3 Lord la
n e to 2 Hy UrpL
llpLrIFI nxcr
Pane SoOO Belllnff six ard A half I furlongs I
J Pf HcCormirkt m r Hreny agea bj Tbe IU
UsedPsi Kollel 1O4 T Flynn I I
M J IMljub I f HalDrllt An 4101 ir Uoane i 2
l lll ln icli m loll doru r ID I J LmnbUjr 3
Doable Croft lnnotion Hen March BelteD Joilo
Wells Oxford and llemet AAO run
Time lUIH
Betting Eren manor Firefly I 4 10 1 agaInst Bal
brlffffan 15 to 1 lolUora
SIXTH nxcy
Puree SVX > hindlcap one and a quarter miles
A fcalrlafcb I St Jon nwed by Botheration < lam
br Victory I4lt < l > onman > 1
eb Uirsch glt Lute aired Mi M Lrurn 1
i It iMeis Jri eh l Laudieer afed 13U riDes 3
My Fellow also ran
ranTime 223t
Ktttlnc 1 wo to I against St John D to 2 SI Luke 8
Free Training nt llrrkeley Ovnl for Decors
lion Day Ctm > tlllom Atlilellc llrauche
Frpo training nt Berkeley Oval Is the latest
prhlleco secured for tho athletes of Cat hollo
clubs supporting the archdiocesan games
A competitors tlckut Ia l the only requisite for
aJmlaslon to tho grounds from now until May
M and title will bo Immediately Issued on re
ceipt of every duly certified entry
Tho tow clubs not ret afllllated with the
central body can become eligible to compete
by forwarding their applications credentials
and entries before next Saturday to Secretary
lionth 321 West Fortythird street The moro
recent recruits aro St Monicas Union 331
East Elchtyfourth ft roc t bt Jerome Ly
ceum 180 Willis nveuuo and St Jamess
Union 27 Oliver street
The outing branch of the Catholic Young
Mens Association of 04 White street will open
the season next Sunday In gala style at Som
leis Pivlllon Grant City I I Tho field
vents scheduled for the excursion Include
ennt Bchedulel excurslol a
football between tho fat and lean
feetbnllamu mem
bers and a baseball match between thu
muffs and bluiTb Tho latter Item will be
productive of much moro science than tho
humorous title Indicates as the layer In
vliiiln many export amateurs Alter tho
healthy anpetltua thus engendered havo been
eaUTud to tho social element wil have un Inn
lug unj tho uloii club will render Its sweat
t meludlfH J lie ladr friends of the mem
bers are expected to trace the occasion with
their preftrncti unit their comfort and amuse
mint will bo especially looked after
At n special meeting of tIle members of the
llolyCrohs Lyceum on eJnesJiu night nn
athletic brunch was formally founded with the
following oxuiutho Jams lay Irofldenti
Junie hive becretary W C Booth Treas
tiTer Thomas i Uonneff Captain and John
larrell Lieutenant irounds lm > o been
leaeml In the vicinity nf the Ulllmmsbrltleo
atat on on the Hurlom Hirer llalhoail
A ball gaunt a howling match and possibly
a few track o > ents will bo held at the Holy
Cross fn tlval lit Lon lark on Thursday otter
Boon and evening A special meeting of the
members will hiu I hold at the Lyceum 3H
nsst rortjthird sired tnmorrow evening to
nic tlnai arranc ment Imorrol a rousing send
oft 10 tho reverend rtBlilent who will sail
horty for IUI wil sal
LuirnrbvS Q atjr8ls Catholic l Club and Tatlan
LIterary Tatan
Lllerry 1110 maleiiinatejil under the
pain 01 tnu Titian Cut ho lo Club with
headquarters at217 East hirtyn nth street
At I reiiilar finding on May H t
th U elnl a majority of
SSb OrlAnlo tile Tatlm At reto
and Club field ant sport iro IUH to co In TllIlln for track
leld Iiot will uutitly
nnvluII1ly iliember
shIp In thu Mutrotu hltii 10rlemLr
tlo Iotrl
allho necessary trudeitInls tssoeftlon can 1m Irafluttud us soon
The niemliers nlroll
roll Inellls
Jruady well known In several names
el amatuur
short and
there seems to ioa brlulu lu Tor
seoDs iutiire i
Irltht lullro in store for
the rub Worl t la iruiiifc lnir ratldiJ in the
new oymnaelum and bSSf fllly
tuuwhjng itlys
InIIwlnl nrt they
wl lbe Lie XavlorA ready for would life in I coiirlo ol mouths theJ
Tommy ConnyfT 115 ubruiMy uHther to iequ lost red
him but nothing oniciaU inownon acquired
1non tUli
heeL beyond the lact that he hs been iVpiwInt
a captain of the holy Croii lenni t lYviii wUh
tho exchamp out tho cherry Vtomti
out eomtl
tiiiu nation season will bo very formidably In stance runs
A J Walsh W OKoeffe A Dunlap an4 the
rest of the old reliable are roundini into tape
rapidly while tho Ilo Ihale
whl raw material promlsoa some
surprises All are training InduMrlouslv at
the StarAci ground and should raiiko lt
creditable showing wherever they elect lko run a
on Decoration Liar
John Nolnn the professional runner and
trainer who handled the 1nstlraes so well a
Suille during 01 the years lao will look after tho loam
Amouic be Cre
CTOOtIYit W iu b t beii elected l 1 Secretary of tbe Bouili
111 Cruclel Club In else t LI CbhiIick wbo
tsWorsry Sued lius lee 1 Cbllick
r us who h known as A Ths Old SuIr
sburur Bure
Miuttot crickel I is piay4 is uiaw located si iyilon
uVrv b JV lisle alIhUufti lii rise Old is alb ale and
imrIi r LIII u tllll
11 au enliiuulto lour of tbe xam
° IiIIiill The Boot IrookYI CrlO Club one of bite smaller
or lb
L4 ilt ileiruqoiuiau district hi sirialni
us 1 orcaulloluIlouu to a biller i vm
lutes ao1 to I t Ytn clubs Ti 14 ground posiiLon a hay
culls 5 Inn aiaflhtiol I as lb clulu eupects II to
n 1rii1s1 ln pitch 01 Its old Ol ot br George a 1iO
lair Foa eel nolan elrkI are Ingaged at Ih World
Iby Inld I lurlIl i a club l wllcu U ii I
fdA llb 111 < ex
LI I 1 I I
II jIve I iUItli
ISfltUltoii r airnulger litais any or the or
C 00151 u i are It T I 001 olr 1 Ito Ih esui tie
I WI I OIIIIUICuier hr h slOth
C1 ot lb fuuiniis is it Crime 11111cr Ilu lii projeri J an4 ii JU V
ItIwa I lUlu ho fil
With Ih lislueries To hailer I monad I
a1 deja U uncut Ti II hlular Tnl
5411 auuIIter compost of iou 05 Cci m juan 1111 I rOlr
the r DOnt 1 01 wOum aT urn al Ih rote D
Il4Uhltt raided si I punii to Walt Iii lub
1 Ih 01 celf tor wok II clubs j
Briiip comfort nnd improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
used The who livo bet
rishtly uri Te many lvo bt
ter than others and enjoy life more with
less expenditure by moro promptly
adapting the worlds beat products t
the needs of physical being will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced i tho
remedy Syrup of Figs
Its excellence is duo to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
nut to the taste the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of n perfect lax
ative effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds headaches and fevers
nnd permanently curing constipation
It baa given aatUfnction to millions and
met with tho approval of tho medical
profession because it acts on the Kidneys
fda Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 60c and 1 bottles but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
C only whose name is printed every
package also the name Syrup of Figs
and being well informed you will not
accept any substitute if oflercd
c qre 11n t i Ar ntrntnrnllr rrnmTid by
tlrririclt Unrk unrdiitrtil
f IomuUMlnn fret < mil rantldrntUL
Vested Circular 11
Im 4u WT Kilt T
Do you need anything for your houso 7
Docs some room need a new carpet
Couldnt you easily enhance the beauty
of several rooms In tho houso by adding
hero and thorn a bright piece of furniture
Perhaps you would like to furnish new
Whatever you need one thing Is sure
we Ire bettor prepared t serve you than
any other house In the city
I you dcslro credit BOO the easy terms
wo make
Me weekly or SO > rnonlMr on SM 0
7fic weekly or S300 monthly on f SOOO
II no w ekljr or MOO monthly ou o
t I2C weekly or f rtio monthly un ISO 0
II6O weekly or tu OOmontlilj on 1100 u
Ijirs r amount on trw to salt < purchasers coarta
408 to 416 Fulton St
Ffllton St opposite DeKalb Aye
The best lighted best ventilated and
mOt perfectly appointed store In
America Our assortments aro larger
and better and our prices lower than
those of any other store In Brooklyn
Convince yourself by asking for sum
plea Anti prices
AIt Embroidery Department
Second Floor
4000 yards of Chonoy Bros very best
roods never before boon sold for loss than
H5 cts We think wo Ire within hounds
ii cB wo say that such nu opportunity has
nl vcr bvlore boon offered They are es
pecially adapted for Pillows Summer Drap
eries aud Decorations
10 dozon Hemstitched Tray Covers
stamped In the newest designs 25 eta each
Momlo Scarfs with drawn work 0 aud
6 ota each
At Prices Which Should Inter
est Every Woman ill
200 dozon Ladles Fancy fibbed Lisle
Thread Vests pink blue lavender ecru
nnd white handsomely trimmed with silk
ribbon at nock and arms our regular 3 nnd
3J Monday eta quality only reduced to 19 cts each for
150 dozen Ladles fine quality Fancy Cot
ton bite striped uppers with stainless
black boots alto line gauge black regular
price 2 cts sale price 19 cts per pair
219 dozen Ladles colored Cotton Hoso
extr quality tan and Blat Kiehellou rib
bed uppers with colored and stainless black
boots also double solo black regular price
s eta enlo plo 2 cIa per pair
135 dozen extra lino ribbed Lisle Thread
Hose tan slato and fancy colored uppers
with colored and stainless black boots also
fourthread Ingrain black plain and Rich
elieu ribbedregular prtco 5 cts salo
price three pairs for 100
79 cts instead of 150
Goods taken from Our
Regular Stock
10 yards extra flno fourtone Shot Taf
feta woven designs In fancy stripes and
small seed effects all this seasons Importa
tion made to retail at 150
ton retai 15 per yard re
duced t 79 cts per yard
High Novelties at Very Low
Only single dress lengths each Imported
expressly for our special order department
never shown elsewhere A great oppor
tunity t secure the extremely fashionable
weaves at the prices of ordinary fabrics
27inch Broche Lawns fine printings In
email designs reduced from 15 cts to 10
cts per yard
English Kstamono Surges In navy blue
and black fast colors correct weight and
texturo for travelling dresses 8 cts to 150
per yard
Allwool Storm Serges navy bluo and
black r cts to SlSI per yard
Cleiirlng Halo of Dress Goods remnants
iy to 7 yards In length at onethird t one
half less than regular prices
Extra fine quality nilwool Henrietta Jot
blnck yard regular lAi goods at 93 eta per
For Travclliug Seaside and
Mountain Wear
Just received entirely now styles In
Serge Dresses with extra wide circle and
Spanish llounen skirt trimmed with satin
folds and braid In shades of wavy bluo
green black red mid white
Also a complete stock of Wash Dresses In
Galatoas Linen and Cotton Ducks Fancy
Dimities and Ginghams
Ladies and Misses Sailor
Made by mens batters In tho finest split
satin Milan sonnet and fancy braids 89
eta t 375
In tho finest quality braids and all colors
29 cts 5 cts and 75 eta regular prices
75 cts to 223
48 cts Instead ot 08 cts
6 pieces finest quality all silk Gros Grain
Hash Ribbons 9 and 1 Inches wide In
white and cream ouly H eta per yard
regular price 98 cts pr
01 Misses Jackets and
Misses Cloth Jackets 498 593 fO9Q
7oa 1275 reduced from 900 1000 1150 and
Reefers nt similar reductions
Misses Capos at onehalf of original
Misses Eaton Knits navy block and
brown 875 973 S1050 1293 1499
Whlto Lawn 1rtbsts trimmed with fine
embroidery for anniversary 179 198
249 203 1350
A Now Assortment
of Block Bouidon Laces for dress and capo
trimming 3 Inches wldn 25 t 75ctn 7
Inches whlo U5 cts toSl50 I Inches wide
98 tts to S1S5 I IndiiS wide 100 to 25D
Now patterns In 1olnt dlioland Ap
plique and Brugo Laces cream white and
bnlKP at special prices
18Inch JUoD alltie and Jlolro Chiffon for
millinery purposes pInk Nile maize
cram and black 6 eta nor yard
Dotted and plain Veilings latest nov
An excellent linn of 45Inch Embroidered
Swiss Flounclngs 60 eta to 160 per yard
Flounclnlsl5 cl
hal of regular prices Pr
Good Initial Handkerchiefs for ladles and
children 5 cents
LadlesSwIss Embroidered Handkerchiefs
12 J and 1 cts lnndkerchlcs
Special Sale of JPcrsiini Empire
Embroidered Bands
6 yard yards reduced from 5 cts to 2 eta
per 2ou yard yards reduced from 125 t 75 eta
81 yards reduced from 165 to 85 cts
per yard el
per ISO ynrd yards reduced from 175 to 95 eta
t yards reduced from 225 to 110 per
Also Block Ribbon Trimmings reduced
from 95 to 49 cUt per yard
Block Satin Folds nil ready to bo put on
I dresses 3 45 nnd 6 eta per yard
10 pairs of Z Z Corsets long waists fine
French Hiitlne white and gray 109 vcro
2 uj
The celebrated Fasso and Couronno Cor
sets In all styles sold only by Cr
Bodice Bolts thrco styles In colors 69
cU Instead of 93 ets
Assorted styles of Belts nil now shades
covered leather buckles 39 eta
a t
Leather Shopping Bogs 29 eta
A great variety of Tourists Articles at
popular prices
fiti per cent Discount
Our cntlro stock of framed Water Colors
Engravings Etchings Artotypcs Piiatels
nnd Photographs at 2 per cent less than
regular marked prices
Sketch Books Sketch Blocks Canvas In
rolls or on stretchers Bnifthcs of all kinds
Japannod Tin Boxes for oil Water Color or
Mineral Paints Mnrschlngs and Cooloys
gold for China Paintings full assortments
popular prices ful nsortments
Fine quality of Wove Papers ruled and I
plain all new tints of cream azure white
rose gray violet and cafe 24 sheets for 5
eta Envelopes to match 5 eta per pack
ago I
Seal all Initials 7 eta
Scaling Wax all new tints 4 eta
Scalng al tnt8 ot per
Staffords Ink 2 eta per bottle I
Lap Tablets with Ink bottles 48 eta In
stead of 8 eta ctln
We call special attention to our facilities
for Engraving and Printing Invitations
Announcements and Calling Cards also
embossing of note paper from crests mon
ograms and address dies Wo make a spe
cialty of cards note and letter headings
etc for doctors lawyers nnd professional
people generally
A wo do all the work In our own build
ing wo are sure that it Is better and more
carefully done thnn Is usual I i
For Monday
Fine Glazed Kid hand turned pointed
patent leather tip Button Boots Just tho
thing for warm weather 5
Fino Bright Dongola Button Boots light
weight need toe with patent leather tip
hand turned especially suitable for tender
feet 0
Ladles Bright Dongola Button Shoes
pointed to with tip 250
Ludiet Cloth Top Shoes best patent
French Calf foxed with tip now and sty
lab 500
Lenders for Monday and Tues
10 patterns of superior quality Ingrain at
G cts pi > r yard were s cts
8 patterns of best Tapestry Brussels 65
cts per yard
18 patterns best quality Blgolow and
Lowell I Brussels 115 per yard reduced
from 3135
Wiltons Axralnsters and Moquottcs at
attractive prices
Chinese prces Japanese Straw Huttings
whit red check and fancy by tho roll or
cut nyt to 50 cts per yard
We repair and regulate watches and repair
pair and clean jewelry of nil klinis at prices
much below those asked elsewhere Watch
makers ofllce next t Bond fatreet entrance
WO have superior facilities for the storage
of Furs India Shawls anti other expensive
garments They will b thoroughly cleaned
before being put away and will bo insured
against ire moths and all dnmago at a
small charge according to their vuluo It
will be to your advantage to have repairs
and alteratlniis of furs attended to In tho
summer Wo mako no charge for storage
or Insurance on garments left for repairs
Our Dyeing and Cleaning Works have
been entirely loflttod nnd greatly Improved
since tho llro which occurred In them and
are now in full and thorough operation
Particular attention Is paid to dyeing In
any color or shade and to cleaning gar
ments curtains blankets Ac Curtains
are denned without tho use of lime or any
other injurious substance Blankets sent
to bo cleaned will be wrapped In mothproof
nn and stored during the
proof lpCl sum
mer without charge
Positively tho only Carpet Dealers
In Brooklyn who pay no commis
sions fflro no estimates and who
adhere strictly to Ono Prlco un
der nil circumstances
Our vorj oxtonsivo lino of
C I Special Patterns I in thor
oughly reliable grades of
Carpets offers 1 rare oppor
tunity for purchasers to ob
A tain desirable goods at tho
following prices greatly reduced
Allfool 1 Ingrains 8
p A 65c Por Yard
Marked down from 800
E Roxbury Tapestries
At 65c Per Yard
Former price 100
T Five Frame Brussels
S At 110 Per Yard
Reduced from 145
Atl15 Per Yard
Recently selling at 150 A
N BAboo quotations
do not apply to entire stocks
but to Special Patterns
all of which Ingrains ox
cepted are sold at adver
tised prices with 58 bor R
ders and direct to consum
ers only
We are showing n com
ploto assortment of fresh
from China and Japan at a
slight margin above cost of
Superior Window Shades I
Op Efenings Until June 1 1 T
The following lines of cars pass
our doors Broadway and Reid ave
Sumner Tompkins
ave ave Nos
trand ave nnd Crosstown Drlggs
ave L station Is on our corner
Our Now York patrons may readily
roach us by Brooklyn Brldgn and
Elevated road to Urlggs station S
or by ferries from Uoosovelt st
Grand St and East 2JU st to Broad
way Brooklyn
and m
Drew Goods A special lot of Vlfrourcaox
Suitings excellent for travclllnff all colon
C5c Also 1 complete assortment of Im
ported Fancy Cheviots medIum and light
weights 76c reduced from 100 and 160
Tho most complete Block of Storm Barge
ever shown nil grades Ma to 175 Among
them vlll bo found a line of 62Inch allwool
Serges In blues browns and
eo II groans grays
at 750 An endless variety of French Chak I
lice now designs just received
Cloak Drpt Silk and Lnco Wraps and
Mantles reduced t 1000 and 1500 one
halt the cost of
hll Importation Our finest
Imported Clay Diagonal Jackets with now
est plaited skirt effects 1760 reduced
from 2300 Capes In heliotrope brw
blue and green reduced t 575 and 1009
Imco Dept Point dGeno Laces In Black
Ecru and Whlto at extremely low PrO
Black Clmntllly all widths from narrow
to doml flouncing
Upholstery Dcpt Whlto and Ecru Lao
Curtains In Qulpuro Irish Point Tambour
and Brussels effects DOe t 700
lluffled Muslin Curtains 200 to 000
Tambour Laco 175 to
Tnmbolr 45 3500 Cluny
Lace 5 upward Chenille 400 up i
Furnlturo Coverings and lightweight <
Draperies all prices Anatolia Japanesflu I
Turkish Persian and Smyrna Bugs ai I
greatly reduced prices Travelling Bug
and Lap Robs
Mens and Boys Furnishings Ncgllgft
Shirts In Cheviot Oxford and Madras with
starched collars and cuffs at 100 123
and 150 value 2 t 200 each n
Fancy Flannel Shirts our own make At
223 and 250 each Those goods are bottfll
valuo than can b found elsewhere Bhlrts
made to order Qt guaranteed
The Mothers Friend Shirt Waists new
pattern Soc 75c and 100 onch Novelties
In silk and cotton neckwear
Hosiery Dept Ladles fine Gauge fast
black Cotton nose high spliced ho ls and
doublolsolcs 25c per pair Childrens fast 4
black Ribbed Cotton Hose double knees
heels and toes sizes 54 to I 25o per pair
Ladles genuine Swiss Ribbed Cotton Vest
white and ecru silk ribbons 250 each
Wo have now In stock a full line of oui
Specialty In Swiss Ribbed Corset Cover
Llslo Thread and Silk
Leather Goods Travelling Bags Eng
lish Club Cabin Gladstone and Teuton
shapes In grain seal and alligator leather
A special tan grain English Club Bag
nickel trimmed Hlnch 150 15Inch
175 10Inch 200
Dress Suit Cases sole leather 20 2324
Canvas Extension Cases 14 to Inc
All Leather Bel tsTrunk and Shawl
A Lather DeltTrunk ShowlStrp
Glove Dcpt 1lmtton Russia Tan Glace
black trimmings 100 per pair warranted
Choverette Suede Fabric Gloves 25o
26 28 30 32 3436 FLATBUSH AVE
315 317 319 321 LIVINGSTON ST
444W I
a S 2ipt p
Velvets 72 d
Brussels 41 I e kti
kOiir nbmmdt In the linnilsomrst nnrt best that the market t
h every department niTorui I
TERMS THAT SUIT When Credit is Desired
O lrI Jo hue IIIR Uolorl 111 10 0
I 100010 4OOt
Sill IS > tr
SUlcIS I For the llilliV Inmhr 501 10 1SVOt
WUJIU ior this I VTlU lltlulnt 101 10111
M U R R A V J I rj g I 588540 Nn rUJro A S1
CONWAY 1 1 i = = 11 nilANCII 8TOIIK
4042 MYRTLE Am
COMPANY Lj 1 or P rl llre
The New Flffe ISont n Hie Bueeeaft and
ProratiMi to be a Winner
FVnm tht IJnirm HfmlJ
OounocK Scotland Slay BTho Clydes
paoplo about Qourock were astir today earlier
than usual on account of tho first trial trip of
the Fife cuter the Cnllunn and there Is no
disguising the fact that tho people hereabouts
wish her well as against nil others
To begin with cite IP the handsomest of the
three Clyde creations and her lancollke bow
anti finely tapered counter combined with her
graceful shear and beautifully rounded upper
body give her tho look of a truly thorough
bred racer Fife never produced a handsomer
yacht and you Americans have soon some of
his handiwork
Mr Donaldson and nil thn other members of
tho syndicate which built the Calluna came to
this place on Saturday last as tho boat was
thon to have a spin There was no Ind how
ever and after a short sail tho trial wns given
uo and tho Cnllunn returnod to this harbor
Tho syndicate patty returned to Glasgow
Early this morning all came back again and
shortly before 10 oclock everything was in
readiness Mr William Fife Jr was on
board and he looked after the stretching of
the canvai and the setting of the sails
The conditions were perfect for the maiden
spin There was a good southeasterly wind
blowing of considerable strength and the sea
was hobbled up a bit Th Calluna had all
her lower nails on nnd the spread was
rather surprising to us for although her boom
IB not ao long as that of tho Navaboe or the
other boat she has the great hoist of sixty
five foot so that the area of her mainsail mist
be fully up to that of the Navahoe because
Is loftier
Fife had tho tiller when she filled away and
ho noticed her every move After 1 short turn
ho jan up the helm and took to trimming all
the sheets When the sails and sheets were
set and trimmed to his liking ha busied him
self about tho boat seeing how sho acted A
mile out from Gourock with sheets hard In
she was sailed on the wind and she lifted out
to windward grandly Itotnarkably clean Is
her wake she makes no disturbance what
ever She Is very closowlnded and goes fait
too nol her great beam gives her sufficient
power to carry her sail handsomely Dy the
wind In the good breeze she stood up like n
house and she had a good piece of her leo
side out
With sheets off she surprised us all Him
reached well ant nt a great race She turned
UD the water just under her leo bow and took
this sea very easy The only nnt tho
water was several feet forward ot her chain
plates and It was not tho bnilly broken water
usually seen under our bents but a Ijimih of
wnter rolled up making 1 wavo smaller than I
nn wave con under tho big racing cutters
hunt during the peSt years Hhe has round
easy bow and shut seems to slip ovor the
water and not break through It Thero Is no
hollow In tho water about hor waist and she
makes but tile one break that at hr bow
Thorp can bo no question about her being
fast with ehoolH caned a bit She went by the
land rapidly and this was remarked by many
oh yachtsmen who watched her from the
lourock shore Iht had a good try down tho
Firth to Wevmss bay 100 wind gaining
rttength I the day and rht sea coming up
with I though the water wns not what might
ho called very rough In the stiffening breeze
she stood up well tlfos countenance told ho
story on the stability question and ho wait
quite sutlMled that slit had all needed pow r
< hn was tried on nail off the wind and lie
laved splendidly huch big sail spreads aro
nn experiment with us but Fife Is pleased
with the results of the day Her mainsail bags
some and just before reaching this pert It
WitH lowered and the was toned back here by
n friendly Captain
1 Raw the party on shore after they landed
and they ort all well pleased with tho Cat
luna Flfft In his first big boat appears to
have struck I nicely Capt Ilouarth tells me
hat the behaved splendidly and II nicely
ialannd She Iscoodevery way Rne 10 snys and
on n reach U 1 very fast Ho says she point
well nnd keep going and from what he heard
the members of the syndicate drop they aro
certainly well pleased with her
Without exception all of this crow havo a
Cool word for nor
While the old saving Is true that a boat
Bal fast by br lf i still I have seen a good 1
many yachts hereabout moving and none
seemed to sail as fast as ho Calluna I
Home 01 thin crew have bean on the racing
yachts Thistle Iverna and others and raclna
all agree that the Calluna went by the hills
Bordering on the Firth faster than any yacht
they wee over on
T Ie Calluna can carry more sail I needed
All accounts of Ibo doings of the Navahoe
eagerly sought for here and I the Nava
hoe Is fast on a reach so Is the Calluna
Fife returned to Falrllo this afternoon and
th members of tho Scotch syndicate left for
their homes about Glasgow Thn Calluna
wil have frequent trials from this on and
uch changes as Fife thinks necessary will be
miule Fife Is putting his whole soul Into the
work nnd ha Is sure to move cautiously
There will be olcnty of sport especially
houlil the three Clyde boats have It out for fun
Mr Donaldson this Chairman of the syndl
Ito which built the Calluna hRS hal on rod
for the Cape May and Jirentons Heet cups
I he Calluna is sure to win and she will be
hallonired by the fleetest of our four boats
nor the Lot havo been well tolled Dy this
say 011 working our best yacht will meet the I
vivahoe for these cups
OdrU sued End or Spot
11 rrill > le that Jack UcAulIRi will not be Clinton
AblOI east rPTim In a ilnlih conleil after aiL
The t o lhlal do not teem to be Inclined lo wait
Mil ho I hear tlOu lb jtghtwirbt rbamplon In r
od to I a rotr Abbott says I does not underitsd
Why rAulll ho btno silcuuL Teddy I luau who
J Is iOokIi ii for AbIuits inieriats loli aVe reporter
r l1ll
Issi light If he 414 IW any word from Mc
AuUr IMI01 Atboit would b matched with till
next b1 maim i istb ihtw gMclass
The foInwIny dtlllisQgC whit 4itX forfeIt was t5
loo wlh 10 tnrtl T
at IU j j t 41 omu lulrday Siotey
CLrMiuss MIcA lls CNOtIng flue tae IUA AustIn
lbbn I rru4 In fight 311y Vsrnoo lb
It nol
Inrua lrlkmA bru ill cooIIa r
non ouiclauI I ii ike In match Toni XCII Ih
lobkl y < lone alI enon I herewith < n < lol
elite forfeit rol 81d oclil Mel Kelly for ILlll
ternon it arpl this I challenge II is npa In
anT ne the 5015114 I desirious 10
Ial champIons am 1lrl
lach rOI Kill1 eIuh any miii Sin wIghit aDd will
bar k hint lal Wil
< her
blli anr amount ap 10 1000
OJ 1 laoL
l nxlO xo ins nEm
Cycler of sIn and InUld rrsta B
rbr Their AmeHeim Trip
The bicycle organizations of England and
Ireland are devIsing schoraei t raise money
for the purpose of sending their representa
tives to America to compete In the Inter
national championship races this summer
The Irishmen already have nearly received
enough subscriptions for their team The
National Cyclists Union of England have not
ret decided upon any plan of action but It Is I
likely that they fflll adopt the same methods
A tho Irish wheelmen Both countries art
imiu a
It C 1
111 M ft
V I8 V1
Itt I
determined to be represented In the Inter
national events and will leave no stone un
turned to proouro the funds necessary to send
teams to this country
Tho Connecticut Whetlmnn are sanguIne
that their efforts to havo the AntiFool bill re
pealed will bo successful Tho officials of
the L A W have circulated petitions asking
for tho repeal of tho bill and they are confident
that they will be ablo to hold their annual
race meets
Harry Wheeler who rodo for the Manhattan
I A C last reason promises to rank among the
leading racing mon this year Wheeler al
though only 2u yearn old has been racing for
1 number of yerrs Last season ho rode
In good form On Wednesday nt the
Kavnnnah races he defeated Johnson
the Western crack and on Thursday last he
broke tho onomlta record for competition on
a quartermile track riding tho mil from
scratch In 2 minutes and 22 seconds Wheel
er defeated Zimmerman In three races at the
Savannah tournament held last month
Tho Brooklyn Good loads Association ex
pect to commtncn work In laying out a path
along the Coney Island Boulevard next week
Tho llrooklyn lark Commissioner has agreed
to lay half a mile of this new pathway Mon
are now employed to clear I obstructions
that are likely to puncturo pneumatic tires
Itldors at present can uio the side path to
Coney Island without fear of damaging their
wheel The Hoads Association also Intend to
take steps to hnvo macadam substituted for
the block pavement on Kchormerhorn street
The Racing Hoard of tho New York Slate Di
vision of the L A W has taken the initial
steps to promote longdistance track racing
this season I Is proposed to have ten and
twontyflv mile championships The National
Rnclng Board Is also con lderlng the advisa
championship bility of running P twantyflTomlle national
The New York State Racing Board has al
lotted the following championship races for
the spring circuit One mile to Buffalo ten
lrlnt mie
miles tn Lockport quatter mile two mil
twontyflvenille safety and one mile tandem
to Syracuse threemllo race to lllon live
Wheelmen miles to Albany of this half city mile to the Riverside
Row Their Report Hay He Colored by the
Hoipltnlltjr of the Barkeeper
There has been much laughter among poli
ticians over tho report first published In THE
BUN last week that there talk ot
wClk thlt was some tlk es
tablishing a pension fund for exolse in
spectors for no clams of persons In tho city
service it la probable cot bettor nay for loss
work or has less need of pensions There
aro eighteen special and forty regular Ins 100
trs The pay of the former ranges from
1500 to 2500 tho latter receive 10 a
month One of tho rules of tho Board of E
ciao thus defines tho duties Inspectors
Th duties of An Inipeetorof excise 1 are continent to
maklntrtuch written reports to tile Board at are required
quired bjr the rulei or by tbe direction of tbe Boards
These dutlot are therefore purely minis
terial They visit Icon oc saloons for the pur
pose of reporting what Is their general charac
ter by what class of persons they aro fre
quented whether the license is displayed con
Hplcuoualr as the law provides I the regula
tions of each license regarding what beverages
may bn sold are fairly observed and If In the
ease 01 n new place the public demand JUU
led tho granting 011 licence It Is one of the
ruler > of the KxcUn Hoard that inspectors
should transact no business with dealers In or
about thai Hoard I Ix I their duty to visit the
applicants nt their residences or places of busi
ness when necessary In making their Inspec
tions Thn Inspector are hlgngrada mo
neneers Their hours are long but the duties
to be transacted lure few Usually such ap
pointments nre given to former district poli
ticians who havn outlived their period of
greatest physical activity If not their use
fulness and all thnlr political following An
Inspector should have just such knowledge
of tho condition of city life as nn expoli
tician of nil mon would bo most likely to
possess The teniptniloni of the place nro
many for nn Inspector may bo called upon to
visit twenty saloons In one day At each ono
he Is Invited to drink nnen or oftener by the
proprietor or the barkeeper In charge
If the Inspector is of a jocose and
convivial turn and is I Incapable of ra
nilline the mnnv invitations he roo
elvel his official tenure IR I short I on thn
other hand he I not n drinking mnn or M I not
too susceptible to the effects of strong drink
his prof poets of n good time among cheery as
sociates at the public expense along with the
performance of his ordinary duties may be
sold to ha remarkably good I Is against tho
rules of the Excise lloanl for nn Inspector to
accept any fee or gratuity and the penalty for
so doing Is tho losn nf place but It U well
known among saloon keepers that u crisp wel
dollar bill often excepting In flagrant cases
unlnspectors has an olouclnous report effect In favorably coloring
A Qnecllon or Priority
From Pvfk
Bossle PrimYou mustnt eat with your fingers
ers Takes fork
George 1rlm Fingers were made before
Bessie Prim Yes but not your fingers
The Tiger of the BrookS
Ymn At Atif Itnt4 vti > it Jauntd
fluzvilms BIT May Itome people think
that eels dont eat trout In clearing out a
brook tho other duty I had the luck to nook on
the tine of 1 clam digger u twopound eel In
his mouth 1 found a threeInch trout which
fell out hardly dead and on eleanlng the eel
I found another trout of the Mil fire In the
stomach The eel Un cruel fish to his nolh
hors > seems to bo very fond of trout and will
lie hidden In tho mud as lung he t next wi
watching his prey Hirlmmlng over him when
ho luizo him from below
Andrun Vnloiinoe In Iruiitlon
rom ii A < riiniini tar tin f rrail
Thp volciino rnlbuco following the example
of its nolghlinra thu vnlinnocH Jlaucu nud An
tuio tine entered upon n jorjol nf nctlvlty
t hue Incnpiiblu i of doing l much ihimngu nn ito
count ot its remoteness frjm the nonuluted
country its etc rtions stTortl occasionhIy spec
Uclia ot mat InUrelt nod tolendoc
Year the Fet or the Geary Law
Vtfm I A rnrtlanii Orfffintnn
AsTontA Or April 2tHomo of the cnnnors
are beginning tn feel perplexed over thn work
logs of the Geary bill The Chinese help em
ployed tr thorn Is not only dumper than any
other lalor that could bu hired but Is also ex
cullont methodical and cleanly Today word
wont out amOng the Celestials that an In
spector would noon arrive in Artorla to enforce
the Ileglstratlon act and though there was no
Immediate danger of hlRcnmlng the men gave
several of their employers to understand they
did not Intend to be photographed registered
or anything else If they rtlelc to their deter
mination the canneries will be wofully short
nf mph l and though It seems like borrowing
trouble runners are already looking for some I
way out of the possible difficulty
Hewer Washed War Beer
FIA i Button Jtmrunt
SATKM May 1TodBY was virtually tho
beginning of the year of no license although
the local dealers dOled their doors to the pub
lic at 11 oclock sharp Saturday night But 1
two drunks wore arrested yesterday and none i
The general supposition was that the deal I
ers would give away today all the beer they
had left over and tlmt all the rounders would
he found drunk Not a drop was given up I I
however the dealers preferring to lit the I
ardent flow unmolested Into the sewers Tho
course they pursued was a biter dlsapnolnt I
mtnt to those expecting free beer
Where the Sleighing Wae Bad
Fron t Patty fcutern Arffta
A friend of mine who has boon an operatot
nt Kkowhegan during the past winter tells me
t hat he met several people down tnat way who
lever rode on a train This seems almost im
probable In this hustling age but nevorthe
ass I have no reason to doubt my friend
word A very amusing Incident happened In j
a grocery storo during the last heavy snows
storm One of the old settlers entered and
was asfcod how the sleighing was between the
grocery store and the further end of fikowhe
gan Darn good between here and the other
end of tho village he said but down be
yood Mkowhplnn taint so good sleighing I
wuz down that way this mornln and saw tho
train come In on wheels Then he took a
fresh cud of spruce gum and whittled away
with renewed vigor ii
Catching Salmon In Ca ra4
ronfx Fortlaiul Old
ARTOMA Or April 20Flsh came Into the
different canneries In very good shape to
day and tho river was dotted all the afternoon
with hundreds 01 small boats I la I estimated
that there are now on the water from all the
canneries 1271 boats Mince the season
started and up to today 521110 salmon have
booci caught enualling llr > 00 cases Contrast ting t
bon April pacl with all of last year these
Ilgure show that the canneries are thla month
lust 200 eases ahead The pack up to the pres
ent has been In every way an Improvement on
Previous years Owing to the prolonged cold
and stormy weather the flesh Is harder and f f
far more solid than hal boon customary and
altogether the grade ot salmon 1s very high
What Pouted Dim i
I 1
T nnlyo Lit > 1
Its the little things that puzzle Mr 8oakf I
1t night for Instance I
Thats so Now last nIl ru7zl Itl
had no trouble In finding thehouso I lived In
but blame mo I 1 could find the keyhole t 1J frI

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