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t r V rPr1I i WJOIf r
31111 JIIOL Axn Ul nAironJir STOP
uc FKAV 1 rnsx f111LE
r Tn n Montreal Andlenee Abont Their
Miurereneei Aflrr Which he Interrupt
cd Piny U 1U limed The Two Hide
rONTEA May iaTlio Froth of Socleti
company with Mr Joseph Haworth nnd Miss
Emily Illglns leading player his come to a
sudden nnd rather dramatic collapso In tbs
J ellr Tho company which camo from Now
it York has beon plulnc her during the week
jtost night In presence of 1 crowded house at
the Academy of Music n scene occurred that
was not on the programme
Trouble hn been browing for some time be
twcon Mr Haworth and Miss lUnl and It cul
r minated during last evenings performance
While n love scone In which Haworlh and
Klgl wero Iho principals was In progress Miss
Itlgl who appeared to bo laboring under great
excitement suddenly tore herself from Ha
worths embrace and advancing to the foot
I audience lights commenced to address tho astonished
Iho declared dramatically pointing nt Ha
worth that hat man hint for tho past olght
wooks made hor llfo unbearable That ho had
j done all In his power to nnnoy hor and that
she would stand Itno longer
Haworth who wns evidently as much sur
r prised as the nudfinrn stepped fnrwnrd nnd
explained that Miss Illttl had no right tn make
such statements that sho was simply ou
traged fir her part whilo ho was I partner In
tlio iilnnaitH conipiny nnd hnd n iluht to do us ho
VTIIat la false Interrupted Miss nlel with
tzrrat passion Fortunately nt thin point tint
f ciirtnln was rung down anil tho disgusted
itUdloncn wns rrllovod from furthnrnnnoynncc
f A tmnpornry sottlument was arranged and tin
performance D concluded Tho scono cre
ated agr < intdeiilof I talk
Inch of the I principal actors has n different
Htorr 10 11 nf the nlTnlr hit I seems that
t foatousy U nt tho bottom of tlio whole trouble
mils Itlcl declares that Haworth mado violent
love to her ami wont BO fur ns to ask her to
1i t him when their present tour was com
She found however sho says thnt ho was
inalructlnu his nd > nnco man to keep her namo
In tho background Nho also clmreed lla
worth with constantly taunting her nnd mak
ing fun of her both on nnd off the stngo In
Inet sho says his comluct boeamo unboarablo
nr < l she could stand It no longor
Ilavrorth told an entirely dimrent ston Ifo
aid that ho was a Iurtnrr In tho company
and drew no salary nhll Miss Itlgl vrnfiKlin I
ply oncncedto play her pnrt for the season
und hnd no claim to bo starred Ho declares
that he did alt In his power to advance hor
> nod Is at n loss tokuow why aho acted as she
y dliL
diLMis RIll denies nil ITaworthA statement
I and refuses to play with him any loncor Tho
oomoanr concluded Its oncagement hora to
night It wni to hava iiopiarod In Ilo < iton
t next week but o wine to tho trouble It will not
fl the engagement Tho company Is said to
bavololt hCAly sID co cnllnnr York
niiianis jv A DlEUH
l Custom Tnllom Cnnt Ilcrlite Ifovr Vnrd
MrAIIUtcr Hhotild llr Apprnnchrd
I was announced yesterday at the head
I quarters of tho Custom Tailors Union that
Delesatcs Gunning nnd Turcck who wero ap I
f polntod n commltteo to cet tho McAllister 400
to wcur tho union label on their clothing had
Dot met with succea They are both yery
much disheartened but tnr they halo not yet
exhausted all tliolr vlan
Annltempt tocapturo a few elided youths
In order to ret thor to start tho fnshlon
iroved n failure Olio young Inn drditrtrt
hut tho fanhlon of wearing union labcN wnn
Jot English nnd nnotln < r confounded th < t
onmniittoempn by uaklcs Tfhcro tho label
ought to be put
Funning and Turoft It appear sat up an
> entlr night < Ilscu > lug this subject They
couldnt oldo bother only one Inbol ought
to b8 used for a suit or a label should ho at
J tached to each garment Another look has
been granted them for consideration
lo ono could b found who hnd thu eourngo
to approach Mr McAllister with tho proposi
I ton to b como an honorary mnmbvrof the
union Kovcral lettora Intended to convoy tbo
l proposal wcio drattn but none was consid
J ered sittUfnctory Tho commltteo ortild not
i decide whether Honored Sir n Iteipected
t1r was the proper way In which to nddress
tbo creutchlottnln of fashion
t 1 1 rGHr JUT OllL
I Hah a Btabhrd by Thomai Stacker
In the llr M
f HDurnroTosf I I May la James Mayhen
colored and 27 roars old lies between life
Uddoatli In the chanty of a friend on Crow
1 Hill Intho suburbs of Huntlngton He has an
I ugly knife wound In his broast and one of his
lungs Is lacerated
Dr Gibson who la attending him snrs them
J no hopo of flu vine bil llfo Thomnn Blacker
i n mulatto 00 years of ago I 1 lockod up la
Dantlngton jail accused of stabbing Mny
hop On Thursday afternoon Mayhon called
on a young colored woman at Dlx Hills with
whom Htarkor was living They had soveral
UJ8 of cldsr
When Mnckercnma home n fight ensued
during which It Is nllcgod btnckor plunged a
liockotknlro Into Mayhen ahdomon Tho
wounded man boltrd nut into the street nml
i inado his way to Huntlngton nine miles dls
tnnt Jeavlnc I trUI ot blood behind him
htachor was arrnnted nt his home nnd nr
iralgned heforo Justice Hendrlckson at Hunt
InKton today llowim held without ball to I
i uWllt Ibo rOtult of Mayhons Injuries I
711 aiKixivr JIJJT WILL GOt
Bo tiajf Hrnntnr Qnny lint lie DoeuBt Look
1 for I lludlnil SnbHtltiitr
riTWDrnn May iBenator Qnay In nn
Ii Interview hero this evening remarked that of
course tho McKlnley bill would bo repealed
f Jie retarding that an n foregone conclusion
f but said thnt ho did not look for n radical
substitute Concerning tho opening of the
If Whirs 1nlron hundny hnsald
The Worlds lnlr mnnncers nro picking
1 tlio pocket of tho people Mo Bald they
crowed monoy fioni the Jovornmont on the
Q consideration that thoKnlr wouldnt bn open on
bnndny J wns n ijuitlon whether they worn
I not breaking Hint agreement and he nsof
the opinion thnt they cnuld Io made to rufund
IUl < iuch Imdldnnt knowtlmtanyulTortwould
b mado to have that done
t Hondlcd thnt nobody could object to open
Inetlio rnlrcroiiiulu on hundny but hu did
i ma think It wnsfnlrto chargi nn ndmlselun
i The grounds were like u pirl nnd ought to bo
free to tho pvophi on ono duy
f Don null OlIHpn Sink I 1nor Slinwlne
< rniHiEirjinMavii IJketho burned child
Who dicadfl thdllra the public seem chary of
the Academy of Muslo boxing shows hero nnd
til contest botworn Ooorgo Jaw on of Aus
trnliand Al Ollrlcn of this city drew only 1
imndful of pooph > and thoin who did attend
i did lint net much nnl their tnnnny
i19 ninny Mortlnu men who cnmo from
I JVv fOlk td sUo up IIOln must have felt
barfly MTlndlod fur the windup was a vary
UUaplOlnling nfTnlr hanlly n blow bflni
trucK that would have klllod a fly 0 Jlrlen
< Jd jnost ot tlio Irudlng but seldom landed
v Ua > v on seeniilto I iuM > rf quick at evnslro
work nnd had I food left Lilt hit right did not
uppearto bo iry etfoctlve Tho crowd cheered
m thu ctarn when Ihll etcnped Into tho ring
but 10 oclock nnd niter tho four timid
rounds wero fought iho reforeo nttamptcd to
JAI n siioech Lit tho crowd would not let
himhlsslnu him Ironi t oslo
C VUMrctraent ofllie Iiirvln I he CHIC of Sir
HAl FniKciscp Mar 13The jury In the
ease of Wosley C nippo > charged with a murderous
iou assault John W
derous on Mackay disagreed
today utter six hour of deliberation and was
discharged Hlpptys second trial will begin
I on Way 10 Tho jury stood six for conviction
ofan assault with Intent to commit murder
r foracQulttal five lor assault with I deadly weapon and one
The solitary voto for acquittal was found In
i every one of the numerous ballots and was
cast h1 A Loprosfl a restaurant keeper It Is
j said that Lpprosti Ilka lllppey ha lost largo
sums In mining clocks and that he secretly
rympathlzod with the old man who tried to
uurdortho Comstock millionaire
1 jMiilmm Mulltr Killed by a Hone Car
LouUm Mailer agsd 7 years whoso parents
live nt 103 Bay stre t
lT Da street Jersoy City was struck
borle car 152 of tho Erie street line while
lne whlo
walking with her mother under tho Ionnsrl
llla Itallroad trestle at Newark avenue last
awning The child was not run ovor but the
j faratruek I on the head fracturing Us skull
lTr i Uallor took tbo child In her arm to tho
lrt t nrt > elnet etntlon house whero It died ten
minutes later William Bchwltzor tho driver
of the car was arrested
VTb i Testerdaya Fires ITere
r X 1 18 W and r7 Canal ttritt Unl l fiirdntr I
< < m AtrIDIc 11 OKX 27 K > tt laulb itittt Auitla Wlno
mutt Worlitt ralr Sptcut U H < ir Tore C BtlH I
or Cbtca o Ipl4 aod alellca o 1or Catrat
yjantineiCo A A
Jjpwase J ChInese Turkish and India Goods
07 070 roncAY
Commenclns MONDAY MAY 15 and contlnu
Inc all weck
Even marked In plain figure
regular prices
on which we will offer tlons the following rcduo
120 styles One
x a
ranctnc from 425 to
15 eaoh
30 different stylos very fine specimens ot
JARS and
rancJne from 10 to S50 each
200 styles fine Japanese
20 Rlle tne
Cloisonne Fnntnoilod
sizes 10 In to 0 f 0 In high
ranging from S15 to S7U
G different styles I
jnllng from S3 to S3750 ca h
150 dlffsrent styles very flno
Toklo Hronzo
rtoglna from each S7DO to 200
3941 WEST 23D ST
To thos3 interested in
Furniture whether luxuri
ous for city homos or com
fortable cottages a visit to
our warerooms will offer
many suggestions
= 4
We iiJi tM r yfj
are prepared to supply uEolians in a fi o o > 3L 2J L5 jSJ
3K2 i
large assortment of E3KSiSa =
carefully selected and
i unusually handsome Hungarian Ash and
American and English Oaks We have
these in a variety of finishings to corres =
pond with interior trimmings We are also
showing Eolians in different finishings of NEJ
Mahogany Rosewood Circassian Walnut Ebony and White Enamel
and Gold =
l For the benefit of those who have never heard the Eolian and arc therefore
unfamiliar with it we would say that it is the ideal instrument for a country house It
will ply any piece of music ever written and thusrenders availableat all times concert
and operatic selections as well as music for singing and dancing The A Eolian appeals
to every member of the household for in addition to plying every variety of music to
suit all tastes it can be played by any one even those who have never taken a music
lesson after a few days practice
A knowledge of this simplicity has led manypeopleto assume that the Eolian is
merely a mechanical instrument and as such not worthy of serious consideration This is
a most decided error and one that is only committed by those unacquaintedwith the
splendid qualities of the instrument
Senor Pablo Sarasatc the famous violinist has said of the Eolian a a musical
instrument it is artistic in the true senseof thc word To his endorsement ha musica
added warm words of commendation from Anton Seidl Luigi Arditi A Vianesi P S
c Gilmore Jean de Rcszke Jean Lassalle Vladimir de Pachmahn Frank Van der Stucken
S B Mills Sofa Scalchi and many others of equal note
l We extend to all a cordial invitation to come and see and hear the Eolian It
is on exhibition at the following places and music dealers throughout the country A
t descriptive circular will be sent on application to those who cannot conveniently cal
= The Aeolian Company 18 W 2M St N Y City =
Boston Mass Mason < Hamlin Piano and Organ Co 155 Tremont St
Chicago II Lyon Healy State and Munroe Street
I Philadelphia PaC J Heppe < Son 1117 Chestnut Street
A h 46A64 A 46 64A 466
Ooo4 Ihlnri b fo al l Ti be a Cannt rfilt a tat
1111h4rlolu wltbout mertlnrr
W a MutlODCd yon l tw < tk rilnitthelmll tlorn
Nobody Him to be atc r 4io 4n forttt tbt
Indit upon hfIDIOjTEaS ana 0 thai rO
e tblm
DOD lorjit lb e ntltn4 at b dlult
Email Pill Small DOM Small PriM
Discarded Forever
Nor aro nny otlmr supports rcquir
ivo weeks troat
cd aftpr 1 two to
mont bv tlio JIctVXDLISS method
for the KAWCALwid PKllMA
NENT ctuo of rupture doton
Hon from Usiuess Written gunran
too of nlsoluto cure Examination
free ail or address for pamphlet
857 JJrosulway cor Uuiou Bfua
and 17th st Now York
Dtmlroni Foml fin Ntmr Imk ea
koakeiut Tx a IUad
noNKoxxo > ii U To Mar 13 Forest flr baT
been rAclne In the country aronnd Lke Hoc
konkoma since Wednesday and miles of terrl
tory haT been burned over and thousand of
dollar worth ot proper destroyed Thi
flames started near tho Lone Island Railroad
track at Central Isllpand It Is thoneht the I
wero clUed byn srark from 1 locpmotlr
The undergrowth was Tory dry and the nro
was fanned by a stronfr southeast wind Tho
countryside turned out to stay tho progress of
tho conflagration By nlitht they seemed to
have eotten It under control
Karlr next mornlnir however Farmer Role
ston who Ilrei on the shore of tho lake saw a
wall of fire bearlnc down on his vUed Ho
wont to alarm tho nelehbors and debt the
flames but was cut off by them fcr A tlmo Inl
his family hollered that lie hnd been burned
His home which Is In the centre of n iKriro
clearing was oaved by bant lighting nnd the
struggle was k eDt up all day ijy the farmer
of tho neighborhood The Queen Anno cot
tago belonging to Alhert Cable canght curly In
tho day and was destroyed Hrvornl otnor
honro narrowly escaped nnd In somo In
utances tho outhouses nnd barns were burn 011
Tho Icehouse I and barns of Mr Townsend
who owns the lao wr burnod
Tho llonkonkoma Fishing and Shooting Cub
which hat a cluti house near Ihl lake and
Icasni n larire part ef the surrounding woods
it I heavy lour Its Icehouse was destroyed
and tho hunting for many years to como I
ruined Tho reulon was one of tho best on
Jong Islnnd fordtor and It Is raid that many
of the animals perished In the flames
Tho burned district U olght iniloi long hy
three wide imd ictrnds from Central Isllp to
bt l James The llro Is now under control
Minn Kfrn Prcdlcllon that Hli Would
lie Dead In B IVtk FulHIIrd
William Kcegan ftn old resident of tho
Eighth ward In Brooklyn died last Sunday
night it his home 034 Third aronuo In that
city During his last Illness his daughter
Sarah Koegan aged 33 watched by his bed
side night and day until her own health broke
down under the strain When his death nc
currod sho fell In a swoon and was with difficulty
culty reUvod On recovering sho looKocl at
tier drad father and said
Thnros papa dead Next Sunday Ill be
dp d too
Tho daughters prophecy was verified On
Tuesday on returning from her fathers
funeral she took to her bed and m spltopf
thoQlTortsof Drs Itoooer and MeCorkellto
save IOr8 life she died on Friday afternoon
Tim doctors found that one of hor lunl was
seriously alTected and admit that her death
was hastened by Brief for her father
A Great Canal In the CrlrarB Tbat t > One or
he AVorlda VTondrr
r VmU 1HaJflfHt Efitu Zrnlts rloap l
Tho croat Russian engineer Melnlkoff
writes from Odessa to tho Smithsonian Insti
tution describing tho ruins of an an lent canal
dlxcovered In tho Crimes which ho regards as
ono of tho wonders of the world It Is certainly
twentyseven centuries old and among simi
lar ancient objects of historic Interest h
Fpcond only > ago to the creat pyramids
Tim hanging gardens of lialTlon and tho Co
losus 01 Ithodes aro shrouded with no deeper
mysteries tuan tho existence of this great
ditch wtinse ruins can be traced for a long
distance through the Crimean plain Whether
It was n waterway In tie oldon times nnd the
pathway of ancient commerce between thu
JSIick ea and the Soa of A7ov or a means 01
defence forwjepeople llvlni In its rlrlnltr Is
a nuestlon which wise len supposed to know
all about nntlqultloi cilunot explain
Xnnorihon the distinguished Athenian who
conducted the retreat of 1UOOO reeks front
tho upcountry march socalled writes of
ditches which wcro dug by Inhabitants of hos
tile territory through which they passed as
an impediment tn their march Water was
often turned Into theo so that crosslnewas
tendered more difficult Ierhaps the ancient
and wonderful canal aerrd the same purpose
on a Tory largo scale While It was of grand
proportions whlohat that early day surpassed
tlio engineering feats ot tho Mucz Canal the
fortifications for Its protection aro no lee in
torostlng At each end of the western side
there waa a lolty castle tho ruins of which re
main to this day the cubical contents ox
ce dlng 75OOOO metres A part ot these
stones a well as those with which the bed of
the cnnnl was pavvd its entire length wore
romovoi some time ago to bull a town which
> During tho Crimean war some ot th stones
romnlnlng wore utilized in the construction of
hospitals for the wounded soldlors which
structures are still standing Alone the bAnk
of the canal there were once nt least six tow
ers but what purpose they served unless for
defence Is uncertain Thure sere WA I high
wall which extended Its entire length At an
equal distance from each end them was a el
gantio fortress built In the form of a
Sjimro and covering J apace of 32400
square metres Thu canal Is as straight
as nn row Its entire length except
at this point whore it forms three sides
of a square about tho fortress Here there was
a smaller canal on the outer aide which may
hari provided greater security
Ono of tho gateways of the fortress Is still
partially presorvod and through it passes n 1
dilapidated roail Thn canal was built by
Assande I of Bosporus In tho seventh century
B C and Is nine kllometros long Mention
Is made of this In the writings of Pliny and
ijtrabo but nothing Is tald about the great
amount or tlmo and money expended in Its
construction or for what special purpose It
was done 1 passes by the modern town of
Iorokoti and Is not far from the Greek olty of
Nonrolls whose name was changnd bv As
eando after the building of the canal to Taph
aras whloh la the Greek word for dich Its
width on tho bottom was nhaut lie metres
and Its depth ten metres Whether It served
formerly us n creat and towering fortification
or not it cera fret contained wator enough to
Ball ships of considerable burden
Undoubtedly I before tho time of Christ many
ships used It as a short cut across the penin
sula but ween the two eaB The bad Is now
dry oxcupt for 1 few standing pools but It U
said that the oldest Inhabitants can remera
bor whonfor several miles In the central part
there was sufficient water to form a roadway
for tho lighter craft of tho semibarbarous
people This Is I accounted for by the fact that
eome tlmo In the fifteenth century the canal
Tho ltiif < lan Government has t project un
der consideration of opening up graat water
way across the peninsula between tho two
s as and his connection with this achemn Is I
what led the engineer MelnlkofT to inquire
Into the history ot tho cnnal 1 and attempt to
explore Its wonders MelnlknIT writes In
Ironcli and conveys a vivid description of the
ancient ruins Ho hns nut written a pmphlat
which Is fresh from tho press and this con
tains In Itus lan a full account of all that Is
known and all that has boon said about tho
vitnal In the centuries slncj Its construction
It also contains diagrams and illustrations ot
the canal as It now appears
Hoclrly of the ClaclBnatl Meet
Tho N 8 w York Society of the Order of Cin
cinnati hold their annual meeting yesterday
at Uolraonlcoe It being tbo anniversary of tho
founding of the society The meeting was
called to order by President Hamilton Fish
After tho minutes were read tho Ireildtnt
who has bron conllnod to his room for tho past
year asked the members to low him to reo
tire as his health would not ptrmlt him to
remain longer Alter his departure Vice
President Cochrano presided The present
> presnt
ofllcera were rsfilected A resolution was of
fered asking the general socUtrto forbid n
State to admit to membership men who have
been rejected by another BUto The Sew Tor
Buy society was Ilted as having admitted throe
whom tho New York society had rejected
Tlie Harbin Trial Trip
IUTH lie May laTho gunboat Machlaa
will loavo for Iortsmouth on Monday to be
put In trim for her ofDclal trial which will
probably begin on liar A > Mm wi wi
llath crnwthrouRhout and I 14knot speed
is confldintly expected
Jonl Hntber Hboola Illmstir
Ix > uUMathoy aged 30 years of 302 Washlns
ton street Hoboken shot and Instantly killed
himself with a revolver last night He had
been sick und out of work for some time and
had becomo despondent Ha loaves a widow
and two young children
Our Friend the Karl T Know
fron IA Olrg Tiilnni
Through the death of the late Earl of Derby
n blue ribbon of tho Order ot thrUarteris at
the disposal of Mr Gladstone The honor of
wearing th s badgo Is roue h sought after It
will be gratifying to manr Chicagoans to lelrn
that It Is llkefy to be conferred on tho Earl of
Aberdeen who I now In this city I
llallUd tUemlaBly
Ittm L Fe raid Fleit Fna
The agents from Canada who are mender
IDa Abut the West trying to Induco people to
moveoverlnto the Dominion are so short
sighted that they never tackle any of the
lOOOUUO Canadians who hAlO come among
us t llvo with Inducomunt to return to their
native land and they seem equally powerless
to check the tide still flowing acrosi the bore
der from the Eastern provinces
ndtani Ilnlfbreed Fron < < rr tnrn and u
Noted Woman Vuquero Who Will Bide
from ifif Oi itt Wtnl ffnfo
CnAnnox Sob May tIt Is a settled fact
nol that tho great cowboy roco from hero to
he Worlds Fair will bo a go Although thoro
I s yet nine days loft before tho tlmo expires to
nler the great ruco thoro aro already 0 creat
umber of untried
Uoo MIddletonof Chad ron Nob who was at
ono tlmo the terror of northern Nebraska
Ind anyone acquainted with tho history of thN
ectton needs no Introduction to him will
ride Ho Is I 45 years ot ago and wolshs 1KO
> ounds Ills famous AIU along In tho OOs
rom Craw liuttes to Long 1lno Barracks WHS a
Ide for his life Ho was pursued by several
iundrxl bloodthirsty and hungry tiloux it
was a phenomenal rldo nnd Imfi novar rot boon
urpassod Ho will ride a beautiful black
lorse called Ueronlmo which is a descendant
01 f iho noble homo that saved his IIe by carry
Inl him through this mountainous cnrf
IvIIlKod l country
clll fhdeo noted character who has entered
tho race Is J Irk Flagg of Dig Horn Ilusln 1lacg
f tho man who by hU couraxo and bravery
Ild gallant riding favoil his life by eHcapitic
from the cattlemen In Wyoming nt the plauo
where Hay and Champion wnro murdered
1osslbiy the most Interesting rider will bo
lisa Emmn Hutchlnson of Denver Col Tv
ry ono In Colorado known of MUs Hutchlnson
Ilia Is 1 daring horsewoman of long experience
nce and can ftand any amount of exposure
iho is only II years of ago and Is a brunette
tho vary handsome Hlio weighs only elghty
two pounds nnd of course this will glv her
reat advantage ovor the other contestants In
ils particular for friends will soon arrive
lere and thoy say she will surolvwln
Along the noted riders aro Krnll Albrlcht
and Kant Holl of Deadwood Pt rHhaughriw
and Nick Jamas halfbreed 1lne Itldce Jim
Murray Eaglo 1ass Texas Kara Tylor of
Clngilsher O T Dynamlto Jack Crawford
Nob Hnake Creek Oo Hnake Croik y
Inttlesnako Ieto Croodc Col Conkored Itlll
lanvlllo W1 And He Dog and Hpotted Wolf
loux from llosebud agency
The pr jrlpal townsthrough whichthn route
runs nro Sioux City whero tin Missouri will
ho crossed Fort Dodge and then Duhuquo
vlioro tho Mls UBlniil will bo crossed from
thero to Syracuse nnd thcro to the
rrounds occuplod by Dullnlo Hills Mld Want
how on tho Worlds 1alr grounds Thl
auto howoviir Is subject to chnngo by
oinmltteo Mr Cody will prfsont thii iirloa
otho winner consisting ot slK0 offered hy
tho originators of tho race a omtly and os
leclally designed revolver oITorod by thn ColtH
Ircarms Company OU to bo dlyldod Into
relmA purfios oflersrt by Jiuffalo Hill a cile
irated cowboy saddle oITorod by olllns k
lurrlcon of Omaha From thf nitmbor of
otters received by Secretary Wlr dally It
liows that thnio Is much Interest blnl takon
In tho race The start will he mado on Juno J
la tram thn Hotel lilaino wi The Secretary has
nvltrd Gov Crounse to be present and ulvo
thl slqnol which will start tho crratest accrp
wi allrt
atlon of riders In onn of tho longast races
ever entered Into In the United States
Ttvn or Tlirro Tlmrn Ovrr And 1m Vorktns
the Geary faiir to Ila Own tonfnalon
From Mr Jttnntafmii Tfiiuif
DnNvrn May C Internal lleveniio Collector
reemnn has discovered n huge fraud in the
ctttratlon of thn Chlnosn In this district For
eve ml wrpks past numbers of Chlnamon liuvo
iifeiimled In regUterlnc 1 itecoiiil limp tho
only dlllerene In the description so fur ns dis
overeil bulng In tholr place of rthlilmico but
s of Iho sound
al many names sllnil protty nearly
like nothing certain was discovered until
today when a hrlcht young ihlnamnn ultl
formed Mr rroennin that they wure nondliii
their CBrtlflratou tn Chlnnllh tho vlow ot
smucsllne the heathen Into thu country Just
how mlny hO cottrn 1 snrnml rortltlcntn IH
not Known but it Is tlioiicht by IiiHpeitor
Iroeruan that about UOOhaio dOle JIHptor
thought by the United Mates authorltlos In
this iltr that there Is I ulcintlo cchomo cncl
cored by tha Chinese Hlx Comiianles In fim
Francisco and Is not condnoil tn IliU IM
trlct alone Thoorhemolsiisiaooih I and oisy
one and wholesale evasion of thi > Ooary law Is I
postlbla under I AHEOOU as tho plot as
ulhcoTored lolloetor rreomon mado
II CJoloclor mlo u ha ty
Inrettltrutlon of the records of thoolDoe Inlll
communicated tho result of his ilUcorery to
Washington Mr rreoman has Instructions
from Washtnctpn not to nrr st any of these
until further advice from hoadiuartor
For Che Collection Ilasket
fron d
Congreismsn I Intend to Introduce a bill
rovldlngforthe colnagti of half cents 1 It
lasses igy reelection Is assured
Friend How do you make that out 1
Congressman All the church people la mr
Istrict HillToto for mO peopo f
ornur lKOBLr
Tbe Career of Ak e nnnardi > Noted Ttrr + r
Jnet Pardoned f a d Tnraed XreB h r
I IAlaJIA rl
I I a rot Iqng step from tha mountain
cave of tho outlaw to the pulpit of the cvan
ccllstlo preacher but the farfamed Abe Buz
utd has taken It almost ntn single bound
AIf a career of erlmewhlch stirred tho whole
htatoof Ionnsylvanlaho has loft the prison
cell for the last time and started Into doing
missionary work tm Jim now ho Is I trying to
convert his old comrades up In the tphrata
Mountains In Inncsstur county but arrange
ment will bo mnilo later to take him In many
other fields nnd Iltcr I every prospect of his
proving ns earnest in his new calling a no
wiy iln tho old ono 10W
Tho olL one life which ho will tel
nttor this ns 1 horrible example to his hearers
is of the romnntlu sort Jrom the time ho was
Ilot l > In tho wild of the Welsh Mountains In
IboAuii to Aprils whonhn left prison par I
doned by Gov 1atllson h has alternately en I
JoY d llboity I and sulTercd Imprisonment
taking advantauo of tho former to run tho
cauntlet of nenrlynll thocrlmes known in out
lawry nnd of thelattor to worry his wardens
anil keepers with moro hairbreadth escapes
than over n convict planned before or since
Fo this remarkablo career I be says thn on
Jfoniurnt of his youth was largely r spnn
flbl > Ills father was n 1 Inrlel dissolute
habits who owned rocky and iinprotltabln
farm In tho furthest recosjrs of the Welsh
Mountain and his mother was a woman ha
to say tho least lacked forco of character
Tho elder Jiuzrird sparred with the authorities
8nrtcd wih
ties of IannMor county for snmo years over
minor shadr transactions and then went to
tho warand was Killed
The wlaKllelL nine children to euro
for led I Ilfo which set nvery poor example
for tho rest ol tho family and ultimately was
sent to jail for robbing n neighbor hrrj
sho rot out shn married another Inn anil
thereafter hor children wore allowed to crow
up wild nnd to chidren they pleased Mono of
thorn oxor want tn Kdhnnl ntnl hv iirooeht nnd
example nho rather oncnurasod thorn in I the
AInrniji Iur
smnll crimes of their early day c Abou spe
cialty than was the robbing of hen roost
and clotheslines
Of the nlno children seven woro boys and
two woro girls With Abe ai tholr loader the
Iniys with othnrsof about tho same grade from
tha neighborhood lelt their holts and sought
quarters In thu Mils Ono of tho girls dlud
young the other domestic
ounl sought employment ns n
mestic Hiule utorrthlng she could lay hor
hands on and was hent to jail for tha trans
gression Her vhcrvabouts afterward wore
never disco a rod and tho mother has also dis
appeared from view
A short tlmo oftor Aba was old enough to
Vfitp ho vai at tlio head of u robber band
whlih owned and terrorized tho wholo of tho
Wolsh Mountains As chieftain his position
a never questioned for he alone or the lot
possessed tho Intelllgencoand thocoolheadcil
iiudiclty to plan anil carry out tholr periodical
rains on the peaceful furmcts of the commu
nity and sometimes Ills genoralshlP stood the
caui In good tttorul
Tho amhorltlo of Lancaster county ndopte
horole measures to ou < t tho bold outlaws Iron
their mountnm stronghold nnd then besan H
tight which attractod public attention and
Interest from nil sources
Tho MiorilT sworo in special deputies and
organized io eB to go afturthe gang with an
10 afIthe Ilna
oipKcIal ambition to catch tho lender ana
thoro was moro than ono pltchuil battle on the
Rldo hilH nml In the motmtnlns After awhllo
thoiMrno tdo < iru ot the county to put Abo
behind the burs took thn form of 1 reward of
S5WW which nis olTured for hl body and
tho county didnt euro much whether hu wis
dead or alive
For various small crimes chiefly daylight
nmal hletr dnylht
robbery nnU midnight burglary Abo had nl
reiiily passed n cooil deal of tlmo In the jail J
of linciistor Sunbury KphratA and oven in
Allegheny to which nlaco ho win consigned
lortno thcit of u horro and wncon but iho
nuthorltlps wero ucver ntilo to fusion nny ono
crlmnof Isperliil magnltudo upon him Ho
fldis Abo hnd 1 way of bra lna out of tho
Jlttl county inlls boforo his Hontonros wero
finished to tie Arclt annoyance of his keep
orr nna mnnugvil thereby to upend about as
much tlmo In tho mountains as he did iu his
cill When ho was lockod up his brother Ike
who luiB slnco dloil In prl60nI11 tho e utf nnd
kopt up the steady lino ol depredation aUI
hen tho united rowanls cnAhos curly
head icauhed tho top notch a number of thu
alilobodled mon of tho little town of Victoria
chasm him nnd ono of hit ablest lleakUitit
iow Crawford Into one of tho swamp of r tho
> phrata Mountains Thoy were led by u Ink
er named John Uull und sworo not to return
until they Imil hanged the outlaw taking with
them for thnt apparently lauilnblo t > urpocu
pleeeof tho strongest rope In tho place Thn
posso mannited to hurround tho two mon who
wum iloilging behind bushes and Ircnsiinil I
exchnncitw thcits at fpniuont InturvnK Ano
wanted to go up on tho hllN and friwford
thought It best to cot down Into tho valler a
mile away In front Neither would changu his
mind and to Crawford broke for tlm vulloy
with Ah his h gun to L tils shoulder and after n hit
wuuou ua LUUCUI
Abe under cover of his flight moved from
treo to treo up tho mountain otter he had
cloard tho swamp with two 11101 after him
OaoottheKo was Hull who finally showed too
much o his porson loforo tho eaulo ore of tlio
escaping outlnw nnd wont Ujwn with two
loads ol bUek hot in him Abo cot away and
Hull was carrlud bnck to Alctono whero his
woundb wore < Irpd and Jin rocovnreda fact
which Ar Is excecillncly glad of now
Mnnlly In IcWi the darltiK nutlaw was cap
tlrlll utw WA
turiJ In tbo streets of it > liratu and loeked
tip In tho Lancaster juil with I sentence of
thirteen years htfnra him four on ono charsn
nnd nmo on nnotlicr 1 toro robbery of
which to this day ho insNts ho was not iruilty
His brother Ike rocelxod tho tamu nontentfo
hut niilthcr stayed in jntl very nnu Abo
trained a petcan ry bird ho was permitted to
have in Ills cell t carry notes to lUoscell
anil an escape was planned and executed
nne xocltI
Tho keeper was shoved In n cell nnd locked up
by concerted action und both convicts rogaln
od their liberty
Iko was recaptured but Abo mnnaced to
keep clear of tho hungry officers who fought
tor him His old Land howovnr was sat
terodovor tho face of tho earth mostly In
jnlls and them wero no mora opportunities
for him to cxurcien hlsprofosslon Intho moun
tiilne He OodRed about tbo countly forthroo
voarc and nt last In tho fall ol 1HH1 pot his
hiignrd face toivnid Lancaster nun In and
surrendered hlmtolr Hy that tlmo his brother
Ike had Had and something of tho animosity
to him In tho pi Idle mind wns dissipated
Ho served eltht years of his long term nnd
then Intorrstud I sufllclent number of Influ
ential people In his bhnl to secure his pardon
from tho Jovornor Ho his ben at liberty
just thirty days now nnd Is rapidly regaining
thoilgor which ho lost In his solitary coll Ha
Is deeply eamest In his efforts to load a now
life und will try to hl reform In others n
task In which ho will bo engaged In his old
wi onlalod
mountain haunts up to next autumn whon
his evangelistic tour will beirln
Abo is still a comparatively younir and
stl comllralelr rounj anr
healthy mnn with steady nervos and his talk
13 straightforward and Interesting
Chlso Drove Illai In MilcK
Fionttlit CMmji Tiii
cnl Mohnmmoil Assllla was cold and
IiomeMcK ho made a desperate but unsuccess
ful uttumpt to commit suleldo In tho Cairo
lllugu lust nlnlit At 0 jclook a levantlno
Interpreter Anhnndrlm Sera riixhod from the
Inil his faeo groon and yellow with terror
and shouted to a Ine Columbian cimidn
train Anhnndrlruo howls and lmpree tlon
It was leirned that Mohaiumod AsMlla had
been I found by a party of ills I cniintrynion
hanLInu from n beam In one ot tlio Micant
rooms nt tho lllace Ho
western end ol the llnlo 10
hod hancnd himself to beam eltfht feet from
I lllm
the floor with a lone skein of carpet yarn Ho
had binn haMy In his priipntatlons and tho
unwieldy nature of tho htlfl carpet yarn com
bined nith his hnfito Uf l his rlot
fcurroundod by a score of men and women
from the apartments near that to which Mo
hammed lav ho tunrfully hehoiuht their for
Ulvuiiess for what torhllr dons HD tho Inter
preters sny He said that hn wns always cold
nnd could noer wurm hlmsolf that he was
homesick nnd that If he could not BOO his peo
ple hu wanted rest In Allahs warm nrms that
ho hated Chicago and imrnod for heaven
Jtytho efforts of stnurnlnf the ollor mon of
tho vlllagH tho lads cuts and bru sea were
bindncod and warmth was put Into Ills shak
ing body by liberal doses of brandy He then
fell Into o deep sleep Thews iiiou woro evi
dently deeply grlnved hy tlm bnr s art and
tried to excuse him t Is I very lonolv and
i < ry slrk thasaid AllnhH ineriy bo with
hli I Ilo did Lit long for liMiome
Mohammed IH I but in years old and was to
havo clinrgo of one Ii tnediitu bonths In tlm
Hreet when the llinKu Is I opecoJ He will
probably bo sent back to Cairo
ricmulilc In I Rub
rui rut 1
rroprlotorIIow camn this new postage
stamp In the monoy drawer
i lork Thatll my inUtuku fir I took It In
fur a twodollar bill
A Hlory that Itrenll nnd Almost TzceM tbe
brcnueu CluHnle
rom thf n ttt lt Ffi r
From the town of Monlville somo six miles
Fouth of Xorwlch Conn comes a strange
snako storr ns far nboo tho nvcrsgoXow
Jereoy or Kentucky legend as tho enule of tho
empyrean Is nboxu the waddllne iluck of tho
birnyard According to tho latest account of
the lonlIA rnrel Mr Henry Dolbearo and
Jlr Irank linker of that place went to tho
extromo end of Honr > s hou o lot to clean an
old wull which is I described ns a deep dry
onu Humo rubbish had Ion thrown out nnd
tho workers romoxod niouploof brond boards
Viiiuii in tho laiiBUHUo of tho xormlous corro
ppondiMit the tinttom of tho well rOi n up
heilni nnd billowing beneath theIr feet
lurthormorn It is suited that us thoy
hoppml nbiiut with trjmblinc Ings on tholr
Berjientlne > orrh thov soon discovered that
they had struck a sort of t solid stratum of
ivnll snakes dcel > eonvolutet and tnbrnldeil
n creat round l hal aq big as n school globe of
hibernating reptiles Ken ns they gazed
tho sphere of nllm snnko ttrnnds which had
been wound Into a hard mass llkeibill of
wiopplnc twine In orlsncroHS InMilon during
tho winter had Instantly burst Into mutltudl
iiiius nnd nlnihlo cinseloune h ncr activity
iiiMlor tho tread of tho farmers cowhldo boots
than It began to unravel Itself nnd fcores of
serpent tails nnd rodforUod jaw detached
themselves Irom tho mass and shot upward
nrinln theiusvlves obout thu mon legs and
Mapping thorn vlcloUflr
Cluirlyln t < uclin casethohorolr Montvllllnns
had hit one course of action J tho snakes
hud been weak sickly things perhaps they
might lime been lelt undisturbed but as they
wero o well snakes and ns they uvorngod live
feet In length some lining Sevan Iot long and
as thick us a mans perhaps nn oxsllled mans
forearm both Mr Unlbearo nnd Mr linker
seem to have entered upon tho task of turning
the rascals out in good lnrk onlan fashion
In a bilef spneo of time olcht mlnutos by a
stopwatch the attacking column of serpents
tho first onset of which was like tho roar of a
mad rlvor ndvnncini from subterranean re
gion had dribbled away to a moro rivulet of
reptiles and thn men as speedily dlsjiosed of
the rivulet Ity arithmetical computation It
was discovered that 114 roptlles had boen
mndo to bite tho dust
The two men who are credited with tho
slaughter senm to have escaped without any
injury except n 1 slluht strain of the arms re
sulting from tho enemy displayed in the work
of extermination onorry
The thrillingoxperlenco of Mr Dolbeareand
Mr linker almost deserves to rank with thnt of
Mr1 Cornelius Vanderhook of becaucus r J
While we cannot vouch forth truth of Mr
Vandorhonks statements Ills only fair to noto
that the later claims to havo killed the more
snakes I Is claimed that the New Jersey
episode tool place just after nn election In
llergen county and it Is I possible that liquor
WHS used inthnt contest but on the day on
which Mr Vanderhook set out to mol the
ronrshesl near his domicile he was probably as
dry as tho MontvllU well Mr Vanderhook
began his task In a listless fashion but soon
became conscious that the bcrtho was meet
Ing with great resistance
Upon looking more closely around him ho
was ostoundodto ene that the wholo meadow
wa literally a loathsome nld of snakes
Mhloli wero so close together ns to hide tho
crass absolutely from view Their repulsive
heads nllvo with awful lury and malignant
nnger swayed and trembled In waves of Mo
dueallko motion as cross before tho wind A
thousand hisses chilled Mr Vandorhonk s
blood to colorless scrum for tho niomont but
with o frenzy born of desperation h began
striking mnilly on e ry eldo with tho mod
recklessness of a descendant of tho llersor
ors Ho ulso used a fcvthe After II1 sec
onds hnd olorsfd ho hart dlspnnod of 117 sor
pxnts making a record which will stand as
the bent In spite of tho excellent performance
of the Montvilllnnn
Inlli mlnutos li < hrl covered nearly half
nntnere nut wa compelled to pauso lorn brief
space because tho dying snnkes Ini tholr agony
had HO twisted themseltes around each other
and around his hoavy boots that he was pow
erless todrni the contorted mass which meas
ured some 111 feet across and nearly > feet
deep nny further Howeer ho solved the
difllculty hy stopping out of his hoots and eon
tlnulng thu light In slook ngod feat Boon af
terward the blaiin of his soythe broke off
nuivlnst a stone and ho was compelled to finish
his task with merely the hnndlo Afterthplset
snake hn < l I nen k lied he counted 1102H
snakes tho body of halt aanake having > vrln
glod away out of eight
Ttia nullnc IMllon
Iron fuft
Ilfist proudly And this la a ma terpleo of
YlsltornOrent Pf ott man I What Is that hole
In tho corner It spoils the whole picture
Host Well you sue my wlfo is an autograph
collector and aim wouldnt rest until she out
tlie elcnaluro out nnd pasted it In hor album
It ITlll De tho racll > bThe < neitlon Al
ready HetCIeil Kujn a Cf crninu AulborlCy
From Ife Ai7iMpVa rtAtlf Lfilytrund lailg Tiat rtpt
The Germans not only look upoh their Ian
CUnco as an Integral nnd essential part nf tho
Iiatlunal life but thu more eulthated classes
rovuro It with nn almost Idolatrous venera
tion Notwithstanding the dllllrultlca I ro
santed by Its Indistinct nnd crabbed ttpo Its
Intricate and half Illeclblo script its arbitral T
crnders Its highly nrtlflclnl Inlleetlonnl sys
turn ami Its Illn lcnl syntax Its study U < > x
tolled not only n a motns of mental
culture nnd discipline but as nn Im
pulse to onclnnltty of thought and
expression Thu a ftcts render all tini
moro notoivorthy tha leadln nrtlclo
Intho April nuintnr just Issued ofjrof Hans
DelbrHcts Iroussichi Jiihrbllclior perhaps
tho most prominent of German literary ru
vlews It in from tho pen of Dr A Hehrfjcr
profussor of philology nt the University of
Freiburg and Its subject Is tlio Importance of
IntroUucInu Into th fiehooUi HiBfcluUy ofu
universal Innguago I Weltaprnchol
Tlm writer bnini by coudenmlnc all at
tempts howover selontlfli to cunstruct nn
nrtiflcinl lansnaue like olapliU No bin
gunge which possesses noithor literature
Filstnrlcal dnvalopmont nor HnsuUtlo rela
tions can eur serve as n medium of gen
eral communication fur tho rcn nn that no
ono will take the trouble to acquire It morclr
ns a tool ot trade until It becomes uni
versal therefore It novor ran bccomo univer
sal buch attempts however nro not only Idle
and nlmlns Ixtcauso they ran nov r olitain
thn general consent of mankind but thoy nro
useless for fiys Im rchrder them exists
already n universal lunguni r o lancunco
wlilcli by Its srroid over tho whole earth and
by the ease wltii which it mny bo Icarnrd has
already cniued such a lone stop In advance
that nellliBr natural nor artificial means can
doprlvo It of its aniiirod jiosltlon ns tho futurn
medium ot International Intercourse And
this language Is thn Kncllsh
It Is Interesting to find this fnct acknowl
edged and promulgated inono of tho formnost
of German pnrlodirnl1 Durini tho present
century thn Ilngllshspcaklni populotlon of
the worlrtj hi Increased llvofuld from rofsl
tdv IKKiOOO at Us conimenceinent to at leant
11 > 0UMO at its close No othor ltncuneo
has over been sojrapidly derxlopud no fact in
chll history Is mnro slsnlllcant than thli
In all quarters ot tho world the nnglixh lan
guage Is the cnnquortni toncuu tlm wide
vprxnd of tho Kncllsli colonial syMorn tho mar
vellous gronth of th United Maten and tho
facility with which it absorbs every foreign
element bear witness to thls ircat fnut
Therefore Irof bchr > er ndvocntoH maklni
thu study of tho English nolliiitoiy not uectB
sarlly tothe xclulon of Latin ond Urenk but
at least In conjunction with thorn This
says hi > ls not u question of taste nrof rivalry
between thomodernsand thnancients It
Is simply n historical necessity
wlrof bchnler Is osrofiil to warn his rad
nr > not to set their nm too hluh lor to
I irn Io sponk and wrltn fluently and
correctly a language which holds so high a
place in tho scale of rulturo and refinement
os tho English IH monstrously dinicult
hut for the average mnn this Is not necessary
for oven tho nvnrauo Englishman has but a
limited command of his mother tonsue ami
the dally Intercourse of llfu rquires but a
amali nnd easily acquired vocabulary This
is true of every language but tlio obsenco of
puzzling genders nnd Inllectlnnn anil syntac
tical forms renders tha English CIMV In com
parison with others Tho Ennlish con
eludes Trot SchrOsr Is tho world1 speech
and will to all appearance bocomo inoio nnd
more so every yoar
or THIS jrorrrjrov
Ooverament Griilulllr furii War Hint Kndeil
a Iluiidml anil Im Yrnr AKO
frnn li ruilbl < i Httnt
Upon the death of Mrs Anno Mnrln Young
which occurred nt KaMon 1a on Vudncsday
tho last revolutionary widow who drew i IHMI
slon In this dibtrlrt was strlckon from tliulUl
Michael Frltr tho last survivor of tho arof
1H1 in this district died about n year ago at
his home near Heading Thcro ore still sev
eral widows of tho BUnluiin of ho Wur of
IHlJ drawing pcn Ion from tho Ilillndclidili
nfllco and qulto u number u surlvorsuf thu
Mexican war
The theory that pensions prolong llfn by tlm
removal of tho constant worry to hich ucud
persons nf tho ponror classes nro subject Is
borne out by th > i remnrnlln ltnllly nf tho
vast army nf pensioners TJurn iir still Ilfteon
widows of iltvolutlonnrysoldlnrs drt vvlni pen
sions throughout the eouritiy Mrs Vounir
who died on Wednesday was Ihu oldest
having boon but a low months Inss than 100
Hhe wns thn wldovv nf the Into Copt Jacob
Young whom sho married wlioii sho wai
Despite her fonder nrn Cart lining was her
third husband Tho gallnnt Cnptnln survlvnd
six montlm of marrlid life Mrs Young
leaves thirty great grandchildren nnd a lar u
number of griiatcreatirrnnduhlldrun nil by
hfir first anil ttocond husbunds
When ono consider thn creat disparity In
tho ages of tho survlung llnvoltitlonary
widows and tholr Into hu > biiniK It InokhMiry
much as though some of the marrlagus had
beon purely cummerebil transactions Thn
Hevnlutlonarr War was ovnr In 17MI Tako
the ca > e of ono nf thcxo dnines who is now 75
and who married hor liu band when sho was
25 years old Ho cnuld Binrcelv htivo linen
less than JO when tlm vrnr ias nur This
would mnkn tho nmrrlase tnkn placo lit 1H <
On the theory that hn ns Ji when tho war
was over und hho was Ji vhotishomarrlod
him he must havo Iwin ml nt that Intcrostlnc
period ol hi llfn Thin when hn died shortly
after she merely exchnncud u liusuiiuil fora
suuc pension
A Hlundnir
Brown Stone Im urmbluto doclil > hothcr
McKlnloy has done muro irood or oll
lUndiny Down Why > nur nuundary
Brow nhlono Well he hniamdMn tariff re
former of QIC end u bmu elcr of niy wife
Tlie DllTcrrnce
eysonDoTOO think morrlse Is n lottery
npeck No InderJ When you draw a
blank In a lottery that U th en < J of tbe nmttor j
Tbe InUiftlo Mlitake OceiMloaed by Col
Mills FaJtlne Ettmlfttt
Irttmtlt CMeago IlfrO < v
Col Itlll Orsborn nnd Judge Ho roco Brail
ley both prominent and wellknown citizen
ot Khnxvlllu Tunn Imvo been in Chicago for
n few dnys attending the oponlng of the Fair
At homo nnd abroad they are always counted
ainonu tho boys although each of them
pn snd his sixtieth milestone somo years ago
Col Orsborn declares ho tools just na yountr as
ho over did except ho cant see quite as well
ns h once could and that falling In his sight
Is ju t tho rcnpon his friends have for tolling a
tory < n him
Mr Hush Htronir Worlds Fair Commls
Mnncr also n Tonnesseenn invited th
Colnnol nnd tho Judgo tho other night tu go to
tho theatre On their return to tho Ialnior
Houso In walking up a wellknown nvrnuo
which owing to the lateness of tho hour was
nearly deserted tho Commissioner called tn
attention of his two friend ton pretty parlor
iiccotiiluiitfoul A soil dim light wns burn
ini nnd through n window whose curtains
went hllehtlyxlntsvn ono with coo < could
sen lalrly well the rich interior decorations
omen which thorn was n lullsized whits
morblo stotue of Venus do Medici which from
thn Nido of tho street whore they wore was
partly hidden by tho curtain and window
Irn mo
Tho trio stopped and after looking through
the window for n moment Judge Ilradley and
CommiSHtonor Strong started on and when
they woro gono nearly half u btockthor missed
their frloud Col Orsborn and on turning
around they saw him to tbolr great surprise
Intho middle ot the muddy street looking in
tently toward tho win Jow with thn dim light
Comnon Bill What er you doln out there
In tho mud shouted the Judge to the Colonel
Col irsbnrn did not speak but stood as still
ns death with his broadbrimmed soft whit
hat In hts hand Ills body loaning forward and
his oycfi rlvntod on somethingwlthln tho room
The Judge bythls time had become very Im
pntlent at his friends strange conduct and
Fhouted nttho top of hlslvolce Whats th
matter I Come on HUH
Col Orshnrn novor m rived When Judce
Hrodley crlod out acaln ho almost used a cuss
word In trying to got tho Colonels attention
and then Colonel Hill raisnd his hat from hla
slditnnd wit hit motioned for his friends to
como back yat without turning from the win
dow or In nny othor wnv diminishing his In
tonsu dcslrn to keop his oyo on the object
which suomod tn hold him spellbound
Tho Colonels friends hurriedly returned to
sec what could possibly ho tho matter with
him and as thoy reached tlm pavement oppn
fcltn tho Judgo said 1111 what In the I
it r Col Orsborn quickly raised himself from
his stooping poiltlnn nud quietly tiptoed
through thn mud In tho direction of his friend
on thoslduwalk and ns hn drew near them he
cnld In a low whisper Horace bn quiet ynu
fellers didnt sno hor Hee whom snld
ono of them Hush said Col 1111 dont
you soo thnt woman n Manilla In thar Oh I
that snld thn Worlds Fair man as the air
fairly rang with a hearty laugh thats the
btit uo nf Vnnus n llguro made of stone
Darn It I thought she was allvol ex
claimed CoL Hill turning uway In dUeust
Tbe Confederate White Home
Thn Confederate White House has beeu
doing duty ns u public school for many years
It would be pronounced queorlnnklng any
whuio s vn In Hlchmond Die front on tha
stioet Is Ilku that nf any ordinary square
mntiloii vlth tho hall In thu centre and with
n lint roof Hut passing directly through
tho hall to what should bo the rear ono comes
out upon a wld gallery having n lofty roof
level with thn lloor of the third story sup
Iortvl bynniHsho pillars From tho gallery
ynii look out upon ugi out yard shut nil from
tho sldn street by n high brick wall Tha
mansion faces In It Is Imposing when seen
fptu thn yard Theuround door Is H butter
nninLement than that nt thn other White
lloufiint Washington Hnceptlon rooms npen
Into each other nnd into tliacentrnl hall which
ahum i large enough for nny ordinary cntli
erlnc while the hall and the aurroumllo3
rooms attord o complete circuit for a moving
DIITorent apartments are still known as tli
Cabtnot room tho reception parlor the
Htttto dining mom nnd so on as In thn years
of Iriltl5 Hut nil of them to Intents and
J > urpn es nro still school rooms Ilia walls
nro blackboards nn which Is set tlm coi > y of
Daro to Iln Might nnd various problems In
fractions going to prove that the part cannot
be grantor than the whnl are exhibited ill
transformation of tho Whlto House Into a
museum has not yet commenced Them Is no
doubt howover that thn tnonKy will I ral i
and tlio musuitm will be addud to Hichmona
historical collection

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