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1 f
r bt UU I J I Fcr New York nd Its Vicinity 1
I X o s 0 Generally fair west winds
HK vonn or ins OITXEHSIIII
br Yamlr to lad Divide or Dlpo
of liy Will TUnn IteM l > tnte nnd Plant
John W Itnekay Not to Iterome a Hlock
holitrr nnil Mr Uennetl to Mnlnlaln 10
CmtrnlIIU ncallh I Not Very Good
H amt Gordon Bennett uroprlotor din
appealed from the head of the e < loral page
01 the Yew lorfc rtntil lint Saturday This
ehango was msdo by Mr Bennett In anticipation
of tho
tion ot a change In tlm proprietorship
HrraliL The WrraW has hitherto boon eololy
tho property of Mr IJonnolt I will soon ho
of whloh
owned by al corporation of the utook
Mr Bennett will hold almost nil Mr John
Townshond the lawyer of Mr Bennett and of
Mr lIuHiieUs fathor before him In I authority
Sot this statement Mr TownshenU said last
eight Mr Reunctt hno had In his head for two or
Ihrue years the Idol of rmlnc 1 corporntloi
to run tho JerIl Ho llrst contemplated It In
IBfHA He ha put It Oil from tlmo to time
until the present lilA recent trip tothrs coun
try wan made fcr a number of icasons 1 Ho
desired to Impact his in w building nt Thirty
lltth street anil Brosdniy ami to tUo personal
direction bUt IU completion Ho also
wanted hi t oo how the paper wan running
Lastly ho eime cicr to talk over Ills achurau
for tho formntlin 011 corporation
Xiw understand distinctly thatn yet noth
Inu definite hat been decided beyond tim fact
that the corporation will surely be formed No
teii have as yut been token savo tho nero
concussion of thoplun Mr llcnnott decided
to take 11113 step because tho newspaper Iron
ertr as 1 corporation could bo much castor
illsnoxedof at his death as personal property
than is realty I coutd nNo of course bo
enler deposed of In such shapo during Ills
life His this alone that leI Mr Bennett to
docfbo Oil hil probont iilan
What will bo tho capital stock of the cor
poration I was nsked
Kpouklng from my knowledge of tho mat
ter 1 should ta > It would be nbout SVKtOGOO
The lltrntil property Is worth ovorv CUlt of
tint mInd I think that will be tlio sum numod
think thoshares will be 3100 making iOOOO
hires In all Mr llennott will hold at least
tl800000 worth of tho Block or 18000
Willtheso2000 Bharaa be for late was
They will not said Mr Townshend This
f purely a personal transaction of Mr Ben
netts Thoro will bo as few stockholders as
pojslble We have not yet been ablo to go Into
the matter thoroughly As soon lie Mr Ben
ntt determined positively to have the corpora
tion ho took his name oft the editorial
pac I think he acted perhaps precipitately
Thoro was occasion for such mete But
from what we have thus far learned wo must
lnvo at least three stockholders I tho com
pany Is Incorporatod under tho amended gen
eral law of 1848 there must bout least thrlo
shareholders I tho company Is Incorporated
under ho special or limited statute there must
be at least nIne Mr Bennett wants only three
I the low will allow It I would bo perfectly
legal for us to have as few AS ton other stock
holder holding only one aharo each so that
Mr Bennett can still hold 1093000 worth of
t capital stock of 32000000 I It U nooes
tirr to have nine stockholders I cannot toll
jftjwhothey will be I throe stockholders
required I think that ono of tlioiu will be
UsVdardlner 0 tlowland
Will Mr John W Maokay be a stock
1 rrMackay his no InUrest In tho IKralil
atlb present tlmo nor will he have any In
tereil whatever direct or Indirect In tho nnw
corporation Mr Bennett Is I In no financial
difficulties He does not need money nor Is
this new plan proposed that he may procure i
more money without losing control of the Her
aJana without mortgaging It Mr Bennett Is
richer today than ho He Is
todl ever WIB Je worth
at least 4500000 clear of his debts Ho
owes not ovor 100000 Ho of courxo Is the
trdeleo of him sister estate xrhlch is l worth
about SlOOOOJd Homo people might MY
ho owes this amount but he hits her property
to hoW for It She I his largest crodltor
Tile lltrahl In not mortcoeud for ono dollar
There Is l no lion upon It nor Iloos Mr
11 kay or any ono clan I hold 1 Mr DennrttH
notes or any paperof his that will enable them
to touch the Herald or got any hold upon I
If Mr Dennett had wanted money he could
have cot plenty of I lon ho was hrre with
out onhlerlna limo mirf lIe hn lJ3 acres
of land In Wustchostor county for which ho
w olTerelT7r > H > iistTliurit < lft or 2700
ao acre Thou ho bias a oneauartor Interest
In 1000 adroit of land near by his IS acres
mind this Is I worth nl Irnxt 000000 Ho has
fortynlnoitre < at Fort Vashlnctnn that ho
rifusud Sl 030000 or 520000 an acre fur last
w eel I has boon inld that ho lost consider
able money recently at Monte Carlo or sumo
other place gambling This Is I untrue Mr
Jiarmnett never lot 5100 at cards or Barnes of
tbano In lilt life
ban X I truu that Mr Bonnctts health I
Mr Ilonnott has mnde his will said Mr
Townnhond Anil this fact reminds me that
lie could not divide the herald property nt his
dentli o easily If lie did not merge It Into a
eorporatlnn I
POI Mr Bennett contemplate dlvldlns up
reiiorler the llnatd property by hit will 7 asked tho
Ho doet pnld Mr Townshcnil I am not
at llbtrlvln fny who will cot I His clstor
Will not cot It all nor will her children James
GprJon Ilonnott hell and a daughter get all
tho remilnur However It Miould be die
tinctly un1er tnr < that 1 II llcnnelt were to
die now his tutor would to his only heir nt
law 1 Dy thut I mean that there are no other
heirs or persons entitled to t I shara of his
estate In Amorlca
In France
country Irlnre or In 11 other
Ha Mr Dennetts health anythIng to di
With the formation of tho corporation nsliel
tho r uitter
Ono of the artvantaccs of additional IMI
holders vlll bo that mun asldij Ironi Mr lien
Pt wwi in Interest In tin paper will hl len e a
hand In Its management anti will thereby
nno wil
hlglmttii thin burden now resting on Mr nn I
ncllit hhauldors Howovor Mr
oelK houllprs Iowoer Donnett does
not wish to set rid of tho labors attendIng 10es tho
eels proprietorship of a newspaper Ho do
neleller Io
llchlttn thorn
To sum up the whole thing helsMmply
golnfto organize 1 corporation to hold his
newspaper property of which corporation he
will hold the larco majority of oorporlton theltock IU
dots this In order that ho may have his prop
6ly In such shape that I he were to mlndtd
hi could very easily dispose of all or a part of
It during his life and can partition I plainly
and IIIly lt his loath
Thu Drlw Jlu IMlrJ i U > ek
on Monday laM a wolldremed men hired nt i
thII t Jimoii livery stables 121 West Forty
win treet a fine pair of troltlne horse and a
JUllter top Bido bar
He hasnt brought
them broulh
the Lack ret but Mr > Cardens who keeps
ar table that ntl1 hope ° f them > Ifs saul yeler t
htoir 01 other Ihe orikf and had had been missing In the
wtrd5VtSrWiln1lilld tuied
eeIerd turlo
I tiJ hlon r mourning IU recovered A horse thai
L1C1055d < i to miesieg Itr some day Mr fardini
Kive the name tho
L Kle man had given
JVmV ° I a time early mormni on Ihe Empire
HwuitiIcViSijii I lb loal clUhUI f EDPlrj II I
IColIIi rim ad Bllli I rhyming eomblattlaa j
prolpl brol Cu o Camisays L 11
If yon art going lo Europe or to the World Fair yea
want so scolded I policy Ott lh ttit M lrftituor I
w ard prowl to ir i isiUsU ti ty tUt InniSUli Casualty I
Company 13 MuiMU it MI
I RlD niTttnltii phsuant legally Blptui TsbdlMi I
1 itulud i rnSt74tp
Latest Marts In 111
ArriT ati M Cbampatn LAnr nl user 81 CH j
Oslo Walton Aniwtrpi I AtltU Value Esphesi > n
demo ttrsai Oltriltir
i t
jonif ir mounts vxnicn AltlSr
Tbe Aged nCommlnnloner Canelit Tree
passing on the Drive In Central Park
John T Morris formerly Alderman and <
the lathe 01 the docpound law and later an
Excise Oommlraloiipr Is getting pretty oli
now but not too old to run to fires He do
claret that he Is just In his prime and can
outwalk the young fellows of this effete
Ho doesnt think anything walking down
lo Police Headquarter from his apartments
In tho Doresford at Eightyfirst street west or
Contra Inrk Ho has olentr of money made
In time grocery business and plenty of time on
his hands He puts In much of this time In
goIng to fires and them Isnt a battalion
chief or I foreman of a company who doesnt
know him
There arc however A few young fellows
ono of whom II l a park policeman who do not
know the hardy old Rentlemnn even by sight
The Commissioner met time policeman In Oou
trnl Iark yrxtcrdny morning
The Comml doncr had left his home to walk
down to Dr 1ixxtons church In West Forty
second < 1 street I jaunt of about two miles
which ho makes every pleasant Sunday
mnrln g
lie rntrreJ the Tark atSnTentysooonrt street
and triidKcfl sturdily nnthwnnl Accorllnc
to tho Clmml loner tho 11el walk ha was
on was ntuddv ami he walked In thin stony
cutter nt the verge of tho road I
A urniioatoil cop nw him anti told him ho
would hno to travel on tit walk lIe sitlil h I
would when ho had ras ed tho mudily part i
Tlinn tho cop arrested the BXCoramlsslonor
and look him t1 lImo Arenmii
Time SorReant illnn t know Mr Morris antI
roprlmanMfd him for violating I PAk onll
lore Turn theSerueunt onlcMil thppoll
man to take tho prisoner to the Vorkvlllo
Court where Jiittlfo Mcmio once a follow
menitier with Mr Morrt of I tho Itepubllcan
County Cumtnlttoc nvnu sitting
lheIimttaerike1 with an expression that
Imllcatcd list he had letootodan element or
humor In I the situation
Hare you ever been arrested before r
Mr MorrIs who looked very serious on
swereI wlhlecllol Grou
Never In my life
You nro illufhnrced
Mr Monl thAnbvd the Judue and wont on
hits way to church
At tho arsenal last night the Sergeant at the
Ik saId I doont make any dlfTeronco
whether Mr Morris hits boon a public onir r
or not he had no hu lneso to walk In tlio road
way There IK A pith on either situ of thin
road from the Voct Seventvsccond street en
tianpooouth antI there Is no oxcuso for walk
bhoi lag In tAr the cut road oxcopt that It may be I lIttle
ifllror Duckly ordered Mr Morris to gt out
of tho road or cutter whore he was walking
That it l not allownl Mr Morris rotused and
the olllcer arrested him lnt
jjronv jiETirjiKv itnoinEits
Actor Monroe And MitniiRer Monroe flays a
Hemp In n ISrooklyn nnrroon
Joe MrIjiughllns odd opposite tho Colum
bia Theatre In Washlnston street Brooklyn
was open nt 4 oclock yesterday morning Joo
was behind tho bar beaming through his
classed at cu tomorH who chanced to call on
him at that unseasonable hour
There were several groups of those belated
gentlemen In front of tho bar One particu
larly Interesting group had apparently bo
come n fixture I wits stationed near tho
door I consisted of the Irish comedian
Ulrnrd of Donnelly t Olrard Oeorgo W
Monroe who has become famous through his
character creation Aunt Bridget Comedian
Itloe his former partner his brother Man
offer Monroe and two or three other appar
nler aptar
ently also members of tho theatrical profes
sion t
Mr Olrard had just closed his season The
Italnmakeri hitvlngbeen produced for tho
lstt time this season at the Grand Dora
llouse In Drooklrn ontinturday night Da re
mained In Brooklyn attend the Handicap
today The Monroek and 111cc wer dlcuM
Inc thn project of f again joining forces Mr
Glrard was devoting his part of the conversa
tion largely t < i the Handicap lip Intended to
back Ilanquet ho raid
The Monroe tolhrl did not ppar to be on
Rood trm with rarh other Manager Mon
roe who Is I tall stout man with auburn
whisker insisted that his brother had nt
some time or other dono him some Injury or
other lme mid many uncomplimentary
reference to hil brother and took up a grwit
deal of 1 Mr Itlfoa time In telling him how
much Aunt ho nrldeef did not care for tho delineator of
Actor Monroe was lone sufierlog and that
thorn should he no trouble ho wont for I wall
Ho walked snveral times nrounrt tho block and
returned to hear the criticisms of himself still
bHne uttrrrd nnd to find that they wero moro
loorf t possible than before
Actor Monroe Is short anti stout Ho Is also
not aggressive Blow to anger ho dots angry
nil over when he become angry Hn wu
pen to double up Ills lists when Manager
Monroe with a glass or whl < key In his hand I
nM something partleulnrly objectionable
W Iien the remark wn repeated Actor Montoe
rushml at lie manager cor
Tho actor elnl l time manager by tho collar
Anti hnforo his mumtcarlal mind could grasp
tho eltUfitlon had given him several hard
blown on the breast The whiskey tumbler
val wrecked Tho whisker was lost 1leces
nf class low about nnd added to the
e excite I
es h 80cg lr
meat Tim manager when he had 1 coma to
real7o that hits brother was striking him and
really mount I caught the actor about tho
shoulders and hogan to rstallito In kind
Dlows were exchanged for several
mn1 erl Ixchlnld minute
and each combatant had a hloody nose and n
discolored nun or two before they were
s pnrnte < l The combatants went homo when
tho scrap was over
2717 lVUHKIt nil I 7jfl STJIIKK
A Hclieme of the Union ta Iret rnl the Land I
nu orVrmrl ut ITpiicr Jis > Iorl
Rwrricia May 14Ap I result of the lumber
shorern strike which lisa been on for threo
weeks the docks At Buffalo and Tonnwnnda
are nOl crowded with hOlts which cannot bo
unloaded The force of nonunion men Is en
Irelr Inadequate Yesterday the union put
In operation a now schemo which promises to
further complicate the situation An agree
ment has been mado with tile unions
10en Ildu wih at the
lake ports to load no lumber vessels
upper lumhlr vlRRlls ex
cept nndor written contracts with the Cnptnln
hat lui will allow his craft tn his unlonmhed only
eta dock where nil union men arc oIPlo 001l
This nyctem was Ilrst iulonte < l by tlmLong
shoremens Union nt Ashland anti thclriX
ample wan Immediately followed by the other
unions Any Laptuln who refuses to hlgn this
ncintrait t must par each lan 75 cents an hour
ntead of fit U cents nn hour for loaning Tho
unions have slgnllled their wllllngnoss to sus
pend work I It will assist the Buffalo strikers
IViiller May They Hurt n Hlnocr pli r laI I
I ho lintel I0irlefon LonTrnllon i
A mass met of hotel and restaurant I
walters In which Lot tho Association and
Alllanco waiters were represented was hell
iitt otonlng In HleclnoH dancing academy
rwontytlilril street and Klxth avenue A few
cliambormaliUand pantry girls who had got
unmonlng off wore prbHnt
John Moo general organizer of tho Alllanco
waltcm aid that all the waiters In all tho
restaurant must bo organized Ho also said
luat orllnlzed lD
that limo Alliance find I stenographer ills
KUUed as a hotel proprietor at the recent Con
intlori 01 this Hotel liens Association in Cln
rlnniitl who had taken notes of the Plo
cIlnl so that the waiter could ho kept
i dtolao what tho hotel proprietors wee
going to dn
Joalph Tucker of the Ascoolatlon waiters
said that he had discovered that thor were
potter ntnonc the waltors In this hotels
who Iupt the proprietors posted on what thu
waiters Intended too
sties ride I ont the New lenry Knout I
IxiNu Ilinsci May 14Except In CM of
storm or high wind seldom has the tide boon
higher than It wan last night all along the Ir
const Tho low lands woro Inundated nearly
everywhere and at Highland Beach station
he old track of the New Jersey Southern
lallroad running from thero to Bandy Hook
and now only used for Government purposes
tree Inundated for twentyfive feet and an
tnntynvo reet
inlet fromtht ocean to the Ulirawsbury Itlvvr
Ihrowabury Hnr
formed Near IhuMirewsbury Hotel the track
was undermlnecl for600 feet and tlo hotel and
ielghborlng buildings surrounded by water
No groat damage was dona anywhere so far
as I known
Tin xonTitrrKSTnnx ouAitAXTT LOAN
Tarn I iTrrr Horn the lo Will Fall On the
Hloekhnld Amonc Whom lr Ito mnr
Vnihlitirn and the rilUbnir It lie
Guaranteed Lamintreliil Pnper for 3o
S18OOOOO Ilulldlnc In Mlnncnpoll
Tho following despatch received on Bator
day from correspondent of TIIR SUM In the
Xorlhwfiiit was read to Mr Thomas Lowry
last night at the Fifth Avenue Hotel
There Is n well founded rumor that the
Northwestern Guaranty Loan Company of
Minneapolis will not open IU doors on Mon
dar I F Menage largely Interested In Chi
ragn rent estate Is Its President and Thomas
Lowry President of tho Twin City Itapld Tran
bit Company Is I VlcoIrosldent
Mr Lowry said I want to lie ontlrelycan
did with you I ell not believe anything can bo
gained In the present situation except by a
frtnk statement nf tho companys condition
The company mar nol he compelled to clone
Its doors tomorrow but tho suspension onn
nor he put off for moro than two or thron days
have linen In constant communication by prl
Yne wire with Mr Monsgo for him last three
days I was up all last night talking with him
over this wire Some nf niT financial friends
In New York worn with me and wo came to
tho conclusion that tho suspension could not
be averted
The company Is about ten years old am
has I capital stock of 1200000 For several
years tho company has attempted to float
commercial paper It took collateral suffi
cient to cover the paper nail then guaranteed
thin payment of the paper All toil It now
holds about 3000006 of this commercial
Thn stringency the money market has
mad It Impossible for our customers to take
up or renew their notes and unfortunately
we cannot i eallro on tho collateral
have bean VicePresident of the company
for throo years and I attribute the trouble or
our company largely to the want of 1 financial
policy on tho pat of the Government
I would be wrong to say that our troubles
should bo attributed to the Governments
policy Timer are attributable to tho Govern
ments lack of n policy I cannot be too
specific on that point
I have been in hourly communication to
day wIlt President Menage and here N I 1 de
spatch from him saying that with time wo
could pull out I right I have also consulted
our friends In Providence and DOMton anti Now
York nnd all agree that In the and tho com
pany will pay ID full
The commercial pnper Is I the best nf Its
kind and comes largely rom Now England
The companys building In Minneapolis cOlt
f 1800000 Including thn tOOO for the land
paid to Senator Vniliburn ono of our directors
Tho Plllsburyu nro also directors In the
company I cannot give you tonlght 1
complete list of directors I do not be
lieve our companys trouble will Involve
any other institutIons In Minneapolis St
Paul Chicago The looses of our company
will fall upon thin stockholder I believe
thero la I I provision In the laws of Minnesota
making them liable
Mr Lowry said that ho hud teen In New
York several weeks and ni soon ax ho learned
of tho companys trouble had established
wick communication with President Mennge
Senator Washburn tho Plllsburys and other
Senator Wn h burn wus nt Hot Springs yes
torday Mr Lowry received several do
spatches from him all asking for news
of the companys affairs All toU Mr Lowry
said ho hat received I basketful of telegrams
He also had conferences with certain of tho
companys friends In Providence
Mr Lowry said In conclusion that It was no
time to crltlclHO anybody but for all that ho
had not favored tho companys business of
kuarantootng the payment of commercial I
The Krldcepnrt Orlrldce Factory Girls
Find ft VeiT Victim
BntJxiEroriT May 14Only I few weeks ago
tho girl employees of the cartridge factory In
n spirit of jealousy and fun rolled Mary
Luther In I barrel They disliked her
stuckup ways and olin was so frightened
that at one time It wan feared that she would
die The girls In tho factory were alarmed
but they soon got over I and hunted for anew
new victim They found ono In Mary Lynch
They purchased a toy snake made of paper
I was three feet long and looked like n live
snake Ella Jameson took It to tho factory
Tho snako was HO arranged that It appeared
to bo moving A long ploco of thread had boen
attached lathe snake which was then placed
buck nf tho machlno at which Mary Lynch was
working Tho thread was brought over nnd
attnchol to the shafting o anuthor mnchlnH
All this hail icon arranged at noontime
when lie machinery wns still When tho
wheels were gain In motion the girls who
were let Into thu secret gathered about to wit
ness the result nf their work The thread on
thu shafting wound nrounil ant around and
soon up through the machinery of tho pra s
nt which Mary Lynch was working came n
long snnkn with Its mouth cnlo
lonl green l1ko I open Iho
girl did not 0i it until tho head apt oared In
full view With n cry sho jutniud from bier
seat The Inmeson girl not content with tile
snntchid thu snnkn fiom the thrnml and with
It In her hand q ttirled after Mice Lynch From
room to room tInt chase was carried until thu
Lynch sir I dropped from exhaustion and
Flue joke was moro than the perpetrators
had bargained fur The frlclitniii I girl
arKulnld Thl frllllolllllrl wan
crazed mid was confined tn her bed I hVI
flan mire nndenvorlni to bring her back to
rKon lime will probably rnecivor but time
physicians say hur escape will enarrow l nml < 1
ublo that to it resume will bo her a lone work time I before she will bo
nllll TJp Gold Coin the then Ooea on
u Texas Iftlnnd
VEIAPCO Tex May 14 Nearly every Island
along the Texas coast has its tradition of
treasure burled by pirates Padre Island
Is no exception and for several weeks a party
hondo by Henry Bhannon a merchant of
Julntalannd Charles Newman a coast trader
have been making excavations on tho Island
guided by an old chart which they ear they
round recently Yobturdar they dug up sev
eral old gold coins nnd medals at I plnco Indi
cated on thu chart mint are now certain that
mmonbo treasure within their grasp The
coins are dated from liSt to 17rH > hut time
tinders keop tho extent and valuu of tho find a
secret Ind
ThU discovery recalls tho fact that nn old
shepherd on this Inland eighteen o twenty
years ago found several hundred dollars In
cold coins there and took them to iv 1 village on
the Illi Urande where ho was lnlo and
immortally wounded by bandltH When found < 1
he saul he hail left a wagon loud of sliver and
gold upon lie Island mini ho wan In search nf
it wagon to remove It when waylaid A Morch
found wan mado for the treibure then but none WW
No run an Conry Inland Yeilenlny
Large crowds wont to Cono Island yester
day afternoon but tuvvard evening felt very
sorry that they had not remained at homo A
leavy mint fell upon tho Island late In the at
ernoon nnd dampened olothrs and pleasure 4
Tho merryBorounds becnmo 1IKure
swings lout their Zest the air grew cool anti
oney Island became excoeilTngly diurnal
Toward oclock thu train to Now York were
crowded alike were but deserted In an hour trains and Island
Arthnr ft lair linker Kill lllroielfln the
Court ltntire Tnrd In VIIKr
WILKEsnAnnr4 May HAbout 1 a week ago a
welldronsed young man aged nbout 21 regis
tered at the Luzorno House as Lawrence Cole
man of Montreal lie appeared to havo a cood
dent of money nnd spent It freely
On Saturday I was discovered thnt ha had
passed several bogus checks He also pawned
I his jewelry Ho vcris about to bo arrested
In tho Court House yard this evening nnd
placed I revolver ncalnst his breast and fired
two shots Ho died In five minutes rrnm
Japer found In his clothing I was learned
thnt hn was Arthur Hr laIr Baker of 111
JeHerron avenue Uropklyn
A message was received from Bakers father
In Ilrooklyn this n nlnl asking the authori
ties hero to forward the body to Hrooklyn In
11 despatch Shim father snlJ ho think his son
was temporarily lnssno when ho left home on
The father of the dead boy I Charles Baker
ofJUJefTVrKon street Hrooklyn He has nn
ofllce nt 45 Hroadway this city He said last
night his son would have been only 15 yeam
And month old today Mr Haker snld his
mm left his homo on May r and did nut laY
where hi was going
Hn WAR nol heart from again until lust
night when Mr linker received u telegram
from time Chliit of Police at Wllkesliarre Buying
that his lon had committed sulolde Tho boy
for several months ban boen acting strangely
Dr rnnford the family physician snld that
tho hey wan large for his nire anil although
nnly lii years old was I I feet Jl I inches tiill
The boy was I member of tho Marcy AVouue
Baptist Church
Flfteenyenrold Lean IVrrnlche Killed le
I 1 Oarhollo Aeu
Lena Wernicke aged 1C of 31 Mooro street
Vllllninsburgh went Into Dr Carl Wuosts
drug store nt Fwon and Slgnt streets In that
town yesterday afternoon anti asked William
Wuost tho doctors son for five cents worth
of carbolic acid Wuost asked hor what sho
wanted It for and sho replied for her hair
Ho told her how to dilute I with water and
This Is awful bad stuff Do very careful
With I as It burns
The girl laughed outright and answered I
Look nt mO Do you think I would do any
thing to myself thnt would hurt me 1 have
not lovely hair 7
Lena left tho place and went directly to hor
home her mother scolded her when sho
came in for being away ii long The girl went
into a front room whore sho swallowed tho
ncld amid then lay down to tile Her moans at
tracted her parents and theY sent for u doc
tor Lena was load on hue arrival
Her lather who Is I a tailor said that on Trl
dav night the girl who did tailoring work was
discharged from Cohens shop at IK linerum
street and that was probably why she killed
Friends of the girl said that sho had < 1 linen
employed In mal places from nil of which
she had hen discharged because she dir not
tin her wok properly I Is added that the
girls father was Incensed nt her lust dls
cliurgo and took her severely to tusk
He Met HI ncxth IlMMna ut the JPlililnB
Joseph 1 Heeney who has been employed
ns a porter at thn Manhattan Storage Ware
house at Fortysecond street and Lexington
avenue and who lived nt 211 East Fortieth
street wont fishing yesterday morning with
the Charter Oak Fishing Party on tho steam
boat George Stnrln Thom were about two
hundred men aboard and the boat headed for
the Fishing Banks and anchored there
At 2 oclock In tho afternoon IIstneY took off
his clothes and jumped overboard for a swim
The cold viator xhuusted his atrvngth nd
us he wus sinking Jacob Kink of BOtt First ave
nue jumped OVT utter him
Fink hilt n hard struggle with tho drowning
man but filially I got him nboard the steamer
whim thu usHihtanie of tne deck hands Hueouy
died a few ml lulled after being taken from the
water His death was caused by exhaustion
aim mh tlio shuck exhauston
lime George Starln brought his body to the
cityand tinits taken totho Morgu last night
In Hocnet s Docket wero no cent In inonoy
and years HII old exempt firemans badge Ho was 42
ntiniiticK MKXxoffs Sl C DE
Found Hitting Dead o the Common Will
1I1H IIuck Acnlntt a ItocU
Frederick Menkoff aged 70 rears who lived
with his son In Weuhawken street West Ho
boken has boen subject to temporary fits ot
Insanity for moro than a year Four months
Ago ho Mood at the head of the Lossburg tops
lending down thn Heights to Hoboken flour
ishing a revolver with which he slid he meant
to kill himself melut
A lutBfihy knocked tho rotolvar from his
I hand and caused Ills arrest lie was Hunt to
thu county jail for uxaiulnatlon < us to his situ
Ity County Physician Converse Ulil bll
Ir CoultyYhlclln o not con
sider It ninemiry to keep him under restraint
and sent him back to his home
On Saturday tivonlnu Mr Monkoff who had
shown no stuns of mental disturbance re
cently told lube nun ho would go out font walk
He did not return and though I waiL
made for him ut midnight ho could not bo
found joMardiy morning n milkman who
WHS driving through 1nlisudu menue aw
I man sitting on the commune his
It I hil
back HUppuricd by u rock lie had u pistol in
Ills hiind rim o milkman l not tile U the police
who hound tho mini to be dead It was Men I
koff He had idiot himself through the brad I
A physician who was culled said time fatal shot
must have beau flroU u buloto midnight I
Mr OllrleuK Kxelllni Nlctll Adventure In
Jlndery Iark
Lllen Oeary a powerfully built woman of
middle age who timid she lived at 1 Morris
street was charged with attempted highway
robbery In tho Tombs Police Court yesterday
morning John OlSrlun a welldroised maim
living ut I1H Ilrninhall avenue Jersey City
slated that In mx AIII through IlutteryPark
late on haturduy nlulit hu saw the woman sit
ing nn I benfli r < hu itnpped him saying
hut Mm III and asked him pa111
thlt wan I 111 Iqke1 to pick up u
parcel th it wi It Inc at lair fret 1
rthin ho stooped tn do so the woman jumped
upon him I unit tim rear him I Iown hho iuttni fleit
In inks h IB vvutch but ho J prevented her Then
Fhe nmttrhnd nil lien sliou nail truck him
wllh I In the face A pollzaiimn who heard
Ollrlens emits arrested the woman
Juitlco Ityun Hintuncud the prisoner
Iulol ynl 1oloncod > loner to the
Island for all months
AX xxiitiisb siixtoaa siisaixa
George W Jeiikln I IorHmonlb N I
IlUuppenr M stermotisly l
PonTBVoiiTii N I May 14 George W Jen
ilns of tho oillco of tho
manager tl0 American
J Express Company In thlH city Is mleslng On
Saturday Superintendent Andrew Bunion nr
rived hero to audit tIme accounts of tho olUco
and found the ninniicer gone and the safe I con
tOiling the books and haters so lockod tlmt
I t coulrt not bo opened An expert from Boa
ton use itumnioiiid nnd time fain Wnsopen
The ofllcialsol thncompunyarevery reticent
ns to the result Jenkins came to lilt city
rom Hover und limit Soon l > in charge of the
offlco ever since It WAs npened DilIgent In
inlry falls to reveal that he heft the cll on any
ul the trains and nn I in pre slon prevails thut
h IB has commlttoil suicide HuporlntuiuUnt I
lunton hnM iintlfled managers ot ofllcDK
MrDiighnut Now Knuland to bit on the watch
for Jenkins
The Immigration Inveitlicnllon
AIIUNV May 14 Tho Immigration Com I
mitten of tho Inltod States Senate of which
Senator Hill IK Chairman begins Its Investlga
ton of Immigration matters at hotel Norman
die New ork on Tuesday of this week May
jul pursuant to the authority conferred upon
jto i t Lii extraordinary u lexolullon nf session tho boasts pasemxl at its
II I In Jaliu SIrjer IIo dr
The body of the man that was found
drowned at the Catharine lorry slip In Brook
lyn on Saturday night was Identified at the
Morgue yesterday A that ot John Myers of
Stlo Park avenue Brooklyn who jumped from
the ferryboat Maine at the foot of Broadway
his on March wile 2a Time JdentlUoatlon was mad by
The Men Were Coming Up for Dinner the
List Went ton Far tbr Unhle Disk and
the Tlctlm Fell Thrr nnlm or n Bllle
The Wire root linn Maw the flimsier
IouoUTI Mich Mar HTon men wore
dashed to pieces In the nod Jacket perpen
dlcular shaft ot tho Calumet and Ilecla mine
at noon today
Tho miners were coming up In the cage to
dinner and the engineer hoisted the cage
against tho timbers ot the halt Thocoupllne
pin broke and tho men and cage wero dashed
downward over 3000 feet to the bottom Tho
names of the killed are
Allen Cameron son of Capt Cameron In
mother Tame Cocking single supporting widowed
Joseph Pope lOAves a wife and one child
John Itodgem loaves a wife and several chil
John IIIckK single aged 24
Andrew Edno aged 40 married
Itobort Wouplo leaves wife and threarchll
Michael Leavltto widower
James Trovnl loaves n wife and throe chil
Con S Sullivan single aged 40
Tho men wore aboard a skip used In hoist
Ing rock anti when the load of human freight
reached Iho surface the engine did not atop
In time and the lilt wont to tho top of the der
rick whore It broko looso aud went back with
I crash to tho bottom of tho abaft
Thoro U no way ot reaching the bottom nor
of gutting the dead men out except by going
through another shaft half a mile away no i
that I was nearly threo hours bofore tho true i
State of affairs could be ascertained and It
will be toward morning before the bodies can
be brought to tho surface
I Is necessary to hoist tho bodies 350 feet
by ropes to reach tho level of the next shaft
then oirrr them nearly half 1 mile > through
tho drifts and then hoist them by tho man
Tho wife of Tope was standing nt tho mouth
of the hal with his dlnnerpall and witnessed
the terrible fall of himself and his comrades
Twelve men went down this morning but
one of Ihem was attacked by sickness and was
sent up accompanied by ono of his comrades
Tho Coroner nnd a jury Is now making a thor
ough Investigation
Hunday work In the mlno Is only dono In the
han of repairs tp machinery and timbering up
time wnl 01 tho shaft to admit miners to drill
nnd blast weok days
Time ten men killed today wont down In the
morning to timber nail worked all the fore
noon and stepped Into n bucket to be hoisted
UI CO feet to tho surface to get their dinners
The time In being hoisted Is
tmo only ono min
ute by tho powerful engines used
Ernest Tulln engineer says that his Indi
cator showed 750 tent moro to hoist
It must have failed to register The cago
wont crashing aaalnst tho roof of the shaft
The coupling pin to the wire cable broke and
the bucket fell with lightning velocity over
three thousand feet
The mouth of tho shaft Is closed up and a
searching party have gone down Calumet No
4 shaft over halt I mile away and will come
through a crosscut tunnol to starch for the
I will tie another day before Mine Inspector
evidence Hall nnd the Coroners jury can gather the
A Nnrnrrlnn Hhlp with I Yankee Charier
Comes Hnmv AlcrIo lnK Set en Men
The Norwegian steamship Antonio Zam
brana which loft Philadelphia Doc 2I lon
with coal and rosin for the Htate of Doll
var United States of Colombia steamed
Into this port yesterday morning hav
ing boon unable to discharge her cargo
Her sklppor Capt O Krogh told n United
Irers reporter at Quarantine that ho had a
statement make this morning at the offlco
of tho Xambrnnas agents W W Hurlbut at
135 1carl street
This much was gathered last night Tho
authorities at Snvnnllla which lent the mouth
of the MKcdaluna Diver ordered the Znm
brana to proceed to Darraniiullla to discharge
tier cargo
Cnpt Krozh refused to do this declaring
that tho harbor nt Ilarraniiullla fifteen miles
up tho river was not deep enough for lute ship
Tbt authorities per lstod In their refusal to
let him discharge nt Savnnllln
communicated with Hurlbut AT Co who
chartered the amhrana from hr owner P
1eteriwn of Chrlstlansand and with the Nor
weilan Government
Th Impression of THE RUNS Informant last
night was that the XnmbrnfiVs detention of
three months at Havnnllla was partly due to
n revolution of some kind going I there I anti
that tlii Xninhrnna was hold by a faction of
the revolutionists
Mr Hurlhut cot word that seven of the
shuts crew had been drowned wluTO or In
what roannnrlt wad nt stated
Lawyer looilrlch of Brooklyn was engaged
by Mr llurlbut to go to Washington and cute
Socrntary Oresliam about the ndv alilllty of
fending a war ship to Havanllla anti
It was understood that I Norwegian
cruiser hart been ordered to time sauna port to
uphold tho honor of tho Nor egnn hlsg
ulhold Xnmbrana left the Magdalene < Diver
nbout ten days turn jut its Inwrer Uoodrlch
I Is said got limit Government to consent to
send n war vessel
Sllr Hurlhut will mnke I claim for Indemnity
nity against tho Inlted Hiatus of Colombia
TJie Sheriff Ienrneil iif I Tlirnngb a FrI
our and Fruntrnted I
BUFTATO May 14A well organized plan to
empty the Clmutauqua county jail at May
vllle tonight was blocked by the Sheriff
who learned of It this morning through
one of the prisoners who believed that
ho was not to be a beneficiary of
tlio net George Hamilton n desperate char
acter who I to bo sentenced tomorrow for a
criminal assault on Mrs CharIot Carpenter of
Jamestown planned time escape whloh was to
him1 been attempted shortly alter nightfall
tonight when the guards might be
exhorted to bo less vigilant Twenty
three prisoners are confined In the Mil
awaiting trial and sentence for various
crime mostly of n violent nature Hamilton
communicated 1 with his fellov prisoners and
It was ngreeJ that when the turnkey appeared
in a certain cell he was to he attacked by two
of the prisoners and put where ha would cause
no trouble and he wits to he killed 1 neces
sary The two prisoners were then to release
tho others who would fight their way out wjlh
clubs hammers and chliols of whloh they had
an ample supply
Charles Hawthorne prisoner who
lhnrllM JItlorn prlloner peach
ed Informed the Sheriff that In I vacant cell
wie stored I lot nf weapons and on Investi
gating the bherjIT found about thirty ham
HUT chisels and Iron ban which have been
jilenlltl as tliono stolen from 1 Hack ralth
shop In the neighborhood of the jail Jackmlh
day night How they wore placed In this jail
without discovery Is I I deep mystery to Sheriff
Jenrer Hawthorne peached hecmio nf nn old
grudge against Hamilton who will probably
receive a severe teutvnce tomorrow
llycterloua HbooduK Cuir In Ilrnokljn
Joseph Vllarel was arrested for Intoxication
and taken to the Hamilton avenue police
station just before midnight last night
There It a found that ho had ben shot
thrte times but not dangerously He would
not say street who shot him lie laid ho llveO In Carroll
rol t t
Alnoit All the Onntry linn Itlntn Acalns
the Ooternmtnt
FAXAMA May 14 Advices from Nicaragua
show that time revolutionists aro gaining
ground and dally aro becoming more ag
grenslvc San Juan del Stir ami the country
towns up to Granada nroln their hands Co
rlnto Is being fortified by the Government to
resist tho expected attack from Pan Junn The
opposing forces mute masking nt Manayo Two
battles fought near Mnsnya have resulted In
favor of tho revolutionists whose puperlor
artillery caused Ilia I Government troops heavy
ExPresident Znvnlln of Nicaragua tele
graphs from Granada < today
H Almost all tho country has risen against
the Government Tho departments of Grana
da Masaya Jllras Chontates Matagalpa Now
Hecova and Lake Nicaragua have risen San
Juan and the Atlantic coast are In tho posses
sion of tho roxolutlnnlsts
President Sacasa has been reduced t tho
capital He Is drawing his resources of men
and money from the departments of Leon nnc
Chlnendego Tho revolutionist army Is en
camped at Maeaya Throe formidable attacks
by Government troops have been repulsed
with great loss to the assailants The Gov
ernment Is on the defensive Tho revolution
advances dally nnd Its triumph certain
The Countess Evelyn Minks Cnrrjlnc with
ller Twentrflve Haul
LOXDOV May 14The Captain of the steam
ship City of Hamburg which arrived at Swan
Ion today from Hamburg reports that nt 1
oclock yesterday afternoon his vessel collided
In a fog off Trevoso Head coast of Cornwall
with tho ship Countess Evelyn bound with
passengers and Iron ore from Bilbao Spain
to Newport Wales Tho Captain of the Coun
tess Evelyn jumped aboard tho City ot Ham
burg and Mate Richards crawled to her
through I hole In the Countess Evelyns quar
to Ninety seconds later the Countess Evelyn
wont under with tier orow of sixteen and with
Boats warn lowered at once from tho City of
Hamburg but tho search In the fog proved
almost useless Seaman Jnrbln was picked
up but ho died a few minutes after having
been brought aboard the steamship The
dead body ot a little girl also was found
Otherwise attempt at rescue was resultlosn
This lost passengers wore thin English wIfe
and the ton and daughter of a Spanish gen
tleman In Bilbao Mrs Williams horton and
Infant daughter two men named Barton and
a Londoner whoso namo line not been ascer
The steamship Atakn which reached Cardiff
today was damaged yesterday In a collision
with an unknown ship off Lundy Isle The
Atakan Captain thinks that time other vessel
wont down with all on board
An Italian Writer Plan for Preienlna the
Peace ot Europe
how May 14 The Oitrrratort Jtnmano
published yesterday a long leader under the
caption Disarmament Thin iurhlche Is espe
cially notable for Its avoidance of any denial
of the recent reports that the Pope will invite
tho European great powers to disarm
The writer says that the Pope alone Is com
petent tn Initiate o movement toward the gen
eral reduction ot the great modern armies
and then suggests a plan for rendering easy
the preservation of the peace without sol
tiers He recommends that broad neutral
zones separating antagonistic powers be es
The territory to be Included In these zones
would bo Switzerland Savoy Alsace Luxem
burg Schleswlg Belgium the Netherlands
Poland and the hialksn Staten The crown
lag Kafeguard of peace are time hast wontlu of
the leader would bo the neutrality of Papal
Home the natural common capital of all
Her Hn hnnd Hart l > i rrtnl Her and n
Young Man Killed himself for Hrr
BnlDSEPOUT May 14Ella D King of this
city the young wife of Herman D King has
secured an absolute dlrorco from bar hus
band Ayear ago King who was n trusted
clerk In the banking house ot Marsh Merwln
> l Lommon defaulted left tho city and do
sorted his young wife ITo went away whim it
notorious woman No effort was made tocap
lure him and bring him to punishment and
lie lIved with her In Torrlngton taking her
name The young wlfo was penniless anti ob
tained employment In a candy store There
she met Carl Dresmanwho became Infatuated
unit tier freeman wanted to marry hor but
as no divorce had been obtained she told him
they must part
Drrsman wrote her n note telling of his love
for her and saying that he had no desire to
live without tier He went to his room and nut
a toIlet In his brain dying Instantly Judo
lall heard the testimony m the case on Fri
day and has granted the decree
It Wn Recognized by III Blather and HU
Arrest Followed
Loa BniNcn May 14 Charles Thorns
of this place nn exia bird was arrested to
day for burglary at the home of Manager
Samuels of the Armour A Co Beef Company
who lives on Fifth avenue WhUo Samuels
was asleep Thorns entered his room and
emptied his pockets Samuels woko and gave
chase Thorno lost his hat In making his
escape The hat wa recognized by Thomes
mother and his arrest followed Thorns re
cently served a term In prison for n similar
Cbnllem > lI > neour Hurt nt n Dinner Pnrlr
lAIUS May 14DurIng mu dinnerthls evening
nttho house nf Finance Minister Peytral the
chandelier fell tn the table M Challemel
aonur President of time Senate wan cut on
thus head Ills phynlclan rays that the wounds
although severe are not dangerous
A Sliding Accident RlTerntilei Drive
Charles Collnm of 400 West Fortyeighth
street fell from his horse nt Dlverslde Drive
and Eightyeighth street yesterday afternoon
aunil fractured Ills skull He was sent to the
Manhattan Hospital
The Wenthrr
The wuithr rendition are tinif nloj m e r tlm while
aintry Th presser u lu < r tint tIne A eulit I In
linallon lo rU In thu rinntbtrn small Minverioi
carrel ycitrrd In the MM Ik AI nK an I Nex Jn
nnd blades the lake rrglnii nn I mime culrnl Mixliippi
itfclri liawbcre U wat KtimaUr fmr
The tciurtfftlure rem slightly icon l > nnroial amer
most of this country sept n irlmie elm nM South
Atlantic btntcs la Montana U nut up teiwtmi t 70
sad Ho Tba warufit was u at h4nunali
There we slight shOwer or tn in lint cut imd the
y was cloudy and tultryi MeftCe liumMIl Hrt per
centi trial cbtnied from nnnlieail I enutlim cit
svsrsr > Mloclly 6 mllti cii hour I UUMt uiiertlurr t
d2m lowcii A2
Tli IhiriuomtUr St Perry jhnnnicr la Tin Ste
uliainjrecoriltd the usmaperimurs > nttrdiy as behest n
MJ JAflti Ja2 1111
SA M M > rnnnio I1 m M M 7
HA M r > 3 > r II M at > itt
UA M rn > Iii i < iii P > M ra r
nIL 67 IIV u i BI fi
Attrtue < V9
Atril > an May 14 ltL I 4 °
For New England aiiit muni a JVt i irnl t Ii j
laHU uantron II iiulnl 4 rim Icstl ant
Kor Hit District of Columbia nilern IVnnijr vials
Ktw Jersey Delaware Mtrvluid amid VirtliiU air
lifbtly warmer will clad
For treat Virginia it ilrrn Itnnirliatila weilern
flew York Cmii OUlo ctneraily fair followed bjr llyai
showers In Ohio unit on bat Ontario variable wind
Its Scenes of Savagery Described
by an Eyewitness I
The Lash for Women in a Country
Where Mercy is Hold to
bo Weakness
A Wnr fhr Itumnnllnrlnnii to Think Abon
Amerlenn Pnrtlclpnntn and Apologlat
The Meaning oftlir Kernliillnn A Oner
rllln flenernl and III Suerthenrt In He4
Hllk TlieHloryoPnn Vnnclenliae nnttl
Urlnea Tlgtrn it ho Met a haul af Ram
a Dnynnd Kxtrn Pay lor Kiieh Mnn They
Kllllloiv Nine Irl onrr VTere Hlood Vs 4mJ
Aaiilnit the Wail or n Church nail Shot
A IVomnn Flnutced tn DeathA New
Yorker Amonc time < 2rlnen The Virtue
ofn Passport I rom Uncle Nnln Wbnt th
Lenders unit OlherM Stay of the Ceo
trnl American Tn hlon of Sfnklnp Wart
IA LinritTAP Salvador April la Hera It 4
the story of atypical Central American war aht
the BtArr of tho rovolutlon In honduras that for
moro than u year has kept the country to a
turmoil mind for two months has absolutely
paralyzed nearly every sort ot Industry In the l
nation It Is n war tint neods but one feature
tn put It nn a level with the wan In the wood
of New York 150 years ngolt lacks but the
burning ot prisoners itt thmo stake to have all
the savage ferocity time contests between
hue French and tho Iroquois for all prison
era nro shot without trial soroo are whipped
almost to death before they mire shot Innocent
women aro tortured on moro suspicion and
two hnvo It ls asserted perished under the
torture It Is a war In which whole village
have moon destroyed and thio aged the sick
and the helpless driven to the woods live at
best they may or starve It they must It Is ft
war without any other principle than the self
aggrnndlromontot leaders contest between
those who are out anti those who are In It Is I
n war that as will bo told may Involve all Con I 3
rat America
Moro singular still It la a war In which a y
dozen Intelligent Americans are taking part In
ono way nnd anothor and these Americans are
openly saying that the atrocities committed 1
aro nocossury and right
To begin at tho beginning causes of thtj
war here ann thin statements of representa f
tive men on each side When asked as to the
origin ot the war Gon Domingo YasQueB
CotnmandorlnChlof of thoGoverumontarmy
You can sum up the causes ot the war In
one word ambition the ambition of those i
who are out of power to get tn and ot those
who are In to stay In 1
A man who represented time opposition 4
outsbut whnso namo cannot bo men
honed because he remains In the territory t
controlled by GouVa9nuoz and would be that
were his name told here replied heatedly to
Gen Vasriuezs statement wbeo It was re
pcatod tohlm
No It wan the cruel time Intolerable tyranny
of tho Dogma Administration Vaeauer himself
was for revolution before he was made chief
of the Government forces You shall judge
for yourself by one fact or many more ot the
same kind If you please You have In America 4
Iuck ni JuJye and other papers that males
caricatures nt Your nolttlcfl lAAdnra lend
Tho leaders laugh at them We have none
such but Salvador was printed a carleaturt
otBoeran It was n picture ot a man In the
fine uniform of a General but It had the head
of n burro Many wore sent to Honduras and
Itogran felt very ban One day a citizen ot
Tegucigalpa who had ono of the pictures pat r
it In a loiter to send to a friend In his letter
lie said I enclose a picture for yournmase
mont Son If you can find any resemblanea
between It anti tho original That was all
hut time lottor wan opened In the Post Offlce by
lipsranfl ofllclal on suspicion and lie man
was arrested When askod It he wrote the
ot tor and sent tho picture ha said Yes what
mrm in thnt But you have violated the Con
stitution In opening my letter
Bogran called hits executioner and ordered Pi
this citizen to bo whipped r > 00 Iushos that
lay The next morning attar coffee Bograa
called thin oxocutlonur again and asked after
ho victim ot the latuhi Ho was beginning to
recover Good Give him 100 morn lashes t
alii I loir ran It was done Tim man fainted
many times but ho wits strong and healthy
and ho lived
Two days passed and then llocran sent for
ho executioner once moro lie learned that
the man had recovered from thin shock It was
only that tho wounds had to heal Goad
gIve him MOO more said Bosran and It was
done Time lush of tIle mans thighs was
worn away until your aria could be stink Into
he holes his bones wore exposed on Ills back
by l the lash Ho would have gut tOI moro
1400 In ailbut rv church society of lacks
went to llograi arid knelt down before him
and Implored him to forgive time unfortunate J
so he WAS pleased to grant their prayer Bhall
I give you other instances I Thoro are many
to give
srixisutMKrimx MUMAV XATUHE
That snundi well sooome to ba a sufQclont
reason for lighting but tho truth 1s that
llotran whlppol fowor peoplo than his prede
cessor in olllci nml was In iur > way not only
mlMu but inoro prouroislvo In his view
Indeed If ono may bellovo Major II A Burke
formerly of Now Orleans and Copt Frank
Imbodnn formorlyof Virginia time eider I of
thmt American MiIrlliiK time Government In I
his wur Iogrin was too lenient lacked the
n led Urnineii anti rigor to properly control
such u peoplo us Ue in Honduras Moreover
It t i rOiMinnhly cortaln that Hhoull hum pros
ont lvdor of limo revolution succeed ho would
Cimtlmii to torture his people In spIte of pres ttJfi
tmut iTtidKhlims juht nn all other revolutionary t
ouilcra havi < ilonu to for him I
To get nt tIme tuutK It appears from the roe
oras that when Bo ranH AdmlnUtrullon was
rawing to n close tic clmso for n candidate
tim represent kiln when his term expired ho jqe
ould not bu ronloctoa ummuhor lime Constitution
finn Tonclana Lelvu a gentleman who had
boon lroshdont of hue country along In the70s 1
elvi was old anti Inllrm and It was fully ua
ortood timid to elect him was practically to
continue In power Bouran as well as his party
who are onlle 1 Conservatives
Tlio lemlornt thu opposition called time Lib
crab party tiled at about this lira and this
IlhuralM clint as his Miccusuor Don Pollcarpo
loilll u yjuitf liwyo ol Tegucigalpa this
ct ntltal lit wit Ii Leivtnil lioa < l of tIme COD
orvntivtH nnd llJiillluas leador of the Llber
milstiuu euivnss clone on llu ltthit 1 I and niter a
wordy contort eloctlon Jay nnlvoJ
On election day mnthods provalUd differing 1
sonienhnt from those in America According IV
othu Liberals Government troops at well I
as the Government offlclitls of the Davenport
tort used every device to Intimidate voters
liberal leaders ol Influence were sent frost
their district to other parts ol the Uoa oX

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