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I T11 srnc xoND MAY15 13
Government errand eom elled to go by the
soldier At Yuicnran tho Liberal I voters woro
yearly all sent from home ostensibly to repair
U4 telegraph Inc anil although the lino won
found In good condition they III 1 not reach
horn In tlrao to vote
TMYuscaran Incldnnt Is worth mentlnnlng
lot more than one reason Not only were the
rdl4rs deprived of their right but when ono
protested lorallr only against tho outrage the
Chief ot Police ehot tho follow devl The In
Buenceof that murder will appear further on
t It Is but right to tar however that the Lib
1 tent mad no soldiers and marshals simply
becausethoy had nona 10 liRe In tome Lib
rat strongholds like LaVcnta for Inllanco
lVanta Mae a typical agricultural I com
rannltythehonost Llboril farmers found the
machete a very good argument so to Break In
keeping tho Conservative voter from Iho roll
Dot the Liberal voters porhnps for lack of
3 ppottunlty were not guilty of halt the out
taees of the Conservatives
z However when the votes had been cast and
i Counted and the returns sontto Concross It
i Appeared that Leiva had a larse majority and
the Liberal Congressmen united with tho
ftliers In declaring him President
t Pollcarpo Bonilla tho defeated candidate
declared the elnctlon wholly unfair but said
E d he would acquiesce and wait till the next elec
k tion to demonstrate the power ot his party
c He says he was encouraged In doing this by
L the attitude of the now Administration in Its
I arly days For Instance the officer who had
killed the outraged and protesting rotor at
utsran was arrested and put on trial
before the proper court charged with murder
and the Government allowed the trial to go on
In usual form Moreover Gen Domingo Vos
Quer a Liberal leader and exile of whom more
i will be laid further on was called to Teguci
galpa and placed at tho head of the army
i T But while Bonllla was for tho time satisfied
Dotblnl the Govornmenthad done or was likely
to do oould satisfy some hundreds of men of
Influence and wealth who bad been driven
r from the country by Uotrran whllo the char
acter of Lelvas Administration as dictated
by Bogran very quickly changed for
the wona The use of the whip on
i prisoners was continued and although the
officer who killed the protesting voter
y4 atGeticaran was found guilty and condemned
to serve eight yearn In the penitentiary a
s severe sentence according to Honduras Ideae
and the Supreme Court affirmed the action of
the lower courts President Leiva took the
officer from the court and not only restored
L him to his command but promoted him in
rink One linn to live in Central America for a
time perhaps to bollove such a thing possible
even here but let tho roader not doubt that
this Is a sober statement of fact The power
of every President In these republics la I abso
j I could not determine however just the
effect that this act hud on the mind of the
Liberals They were enraged of course hut I
think it was more because tho blood of one of
their party was unavenged than that an out
captured Null was shot to death but Man
uel Bonllla was released on parole
That onded the revolt on the north coast
But very soon thero came an Invading host
from Nicaragua a host of lionduranean ex
iles and the village of Danll was captured by
them whllo Gen Sierra took and held the vil
lage of Corpus Gen VasqutE was sent out to
meet these two armies I 10 called Ho quickly
captured both Danll and Corpus and drove the
opposition across the lino Nor did he stop at
the line for he Invaded Nicaragua and burned
a small village there some twelve or fifteen
miles from the border and it is aliened killed
some Nicaragua oltlzena and tore down a Nic
aragua flag
IB neither of these fights did Pollcarpo Bo
nllla appear but ho could not stay away from
the fight longer His I friends said they were
doing tho fighting while he rosed as a martyr
In Guatemala So he wont to Nicaragua and
Invited his friends to rally to his standard
The invitation was accepted by hundreds of
the citizens of Honduras as well as by all the
exiles from this country Tegucigalpa was
and Is a hot Liberal town and hundreds of
young men wont out from under the nuns of
the garrison thore to join the Liberal loader
By the end of last year Itonllla had an army
estimated at from 1000 to 1500 men nearly
all of whom had army Remington rifles and
the rest had shotguns and machetes
Then the Conservatives badly frightened
They knew that tho majority of the voters of
the country were against them and they
feared an uprising which would not only
sweep them wholly out of power but land
some of them In exile if not in front
of an armed squad of soldiers ready to
shoot They wanted to compromise and
President Lolva who was as Bald old and In
firm wanted to get out Moreover it was
fully understood that the foreigners who
have been doing much to develop the country
were for peace at almost any price and wore
F J1
j WsE2j
3S2 I
Sketched by a satire soldier on uoBntalne on which the Jomnment wa bested
p g rue had been committed on the sacred rights
it4 courts f of justice It Is I at luast certain that
this act the Invasion of a court by the troops
4i pf theAdmlnlstratlonwas notln Itself enough
w tA cause a revolution The revolution did not
r aetually begin until President Lela and his
T backer Bogran sot frightened und drove the
i Liberal leader Pollcarpo Uonllln from the
ii country an a conspirator
AM AIDE IN rtrncoATs
I r Meantime however thero had been some
Vouble In the region bordering on Halvador
t lathe I Central American sense of the wont a
War bad been raging there An Influential
bunt Hondurauean Gen Terencla Hlorra
1 had been driven Into exile and his ranch
r burned by Boerao KUrru Is I a born fluhtor
the Ideal knight ot the Central American la
dies for he fights well and carries a handsome
t yoUne woman dressed In rod Bilk as an nldo
He did not petition and he did not waste any
time intriguing at the other Control American
t r capitals to foment war He iiatheroa a per
sonal following and made war lie knew
very hill and valley and path between IVgu
Cleilpa and the Gulf of Fonssca and l with n
t troop tbat numbered sometime thirty and
sometimes flfty men he for two yenrs bofore
t lionllla exile mad the cllmiitu hot for tile I
i henchmen of jlugran lIe did not Imit tliu
t I peons the barefooted conservative laborers
I but when ho could strike a small body of Gov
ernment troops or loot a Government cimrtel
or lauKbt r the cattle of a rich adherent of
Searan he did It Sierra and Gen Domingo
Vasquez were fast friends until Vneiuez be
came Chief of the Government array and
Vasquez was actively engaged In endeavoring
to make a revolution out of Sierras guerrilla
warfare betoro that event
What Vaiquez failed to do as n revolutionist
he succeeded In doing when as the military
adviser of President Lolva he sanctioned the
exllo of Pollcarpo Don 111 A As a citizen of
Tegucigalpa where he was attorney for about
all the foreign capitalists doing business
the country Bonllla would only tight on con
stitutional line by oratory and the editorials
In the Mberal newspaper In exile he was
forced to lead In an armed attack on the Gov
rntLiMiNAnr nojrnNO
From Honduras Donllla went to Guatemala
although tho majority ot the exiles were In
Nicaragua He had not been there long when
one Null who had been removed by Dogran
from the Custom House at Truxlllo under
charges of smuggling headed an uprising
Ho was aSsisted In this by Gen Manuoll
lion 111 II a cousin ot Pollcarpo lionlllo but
their troops wero beaten and tho two leaders
about ready to leave the country In case of I
war Control Americans are not wholly des
titute of sense and patriotism although they
sometimes seem to be and these Conserva
tives determined to offer such terms as might
conciliate the opposition unless the opposi
tion demanded full and absolute control
First of all Lelva resigned Ins ho could do
under the Constitution favor of Don Rosin
da Aguorrau nice ladylike old gentleman
who had voted with the Liberals Then a let
ter to Donllla was prepared In which the fol
lowing terms were proposed
AN oFtEn TO THE nEnll
FIrstItonllla roust accept the Conitltu
tlonal Government
Hecond Universal amnesty was to be pro
claimed for revolutionary and political acts
ThlrdDonllla and his followers were to re
tain their sldo arras but all other arms and
ammunition to be taken and paid for by the
Fourth Losses and damages to be adjusted
by the cuurla
1lfth Tho Government should In no case
discriminate nualnat the participants this
revolution any future dealings
HUtlillonllln to be made Mlnlsterof For I
dun Affairs under Akiierri i
Seenh Hlern to bo mtdo it GrneraL to bo
put In command of tho Department uf Cholu I
toca where he was belt known and Ills prop
erty previously destroyed under liogran to bo I
paid for
EichthXht sum ot 10000 U 1 cub te be
glvonto Bonllla to be distributed among hU
oommon soldiers td oar their expenses en
route to their home
Ninth As soon as the country became quiet
a new election should be ordered < < l In the war
provided by the Oontlltutlon and the wholo
matter submitted to the people
This letter was taken to Donlllaby three of
his personal friends Messrs Gamero Cordo
va and Portia of Tegucigalpa the last named
gentleman having boen Uonlllas partner In
business up to the time of Donllla exile lie
nllla refused to accept the terms saying ho
could not believe they would be carried out
He believed the offer was only a trap to de
stroy him A second commissIon was then
sent to lion 111 a to sea what could bo dono to
patch up a peace They found him at Gulnope
near Nicaragua border well Intrenched
They failed to convince him of the sincerity
of the Government and on their leaving him
active hostilities began
Bonllla issued a proclamation In which he
aid he had brought money arms and am
munition to the country In the Interests of
right justice and humanity and ho was
ready to die if necessary fighting for those
good things but ho hoped his friends and
countrymen would flock to his standard in
such numbers that It would not be necessary
for hlmtodte That It I not exactly what he
said but it Is I what ho meant
Then he marched to Tatumbla nn ancient
mining camp some eight leagues from Tegu
cigalpa and l fortified the place and waited for
the Government to come out and fight At
tho sometime Manuel ISonlllo who was In the
Truxllla upclslng as said made another In
surrection In Olaucho captured tho Govern
ment arms and garrison at Jutlcalpa and with
200 men marched to Tatumbla
tal and within rifle shot ot the Government
palftCo were tho troops ot Pollcarpo Itonllla
Tegucigalpa was besieged by the Liberal
who but a few day before wr surrounded at
Gen Sierra IConllla doe not pretend to be a
soldier had evacuated the works Tatumbla
at night and by a brilliant march over the
mountain trails had arrived on the heights
overlooking tho capital while the capitals
garrison supposed him safely surrounded out
at Tatumbla
roon onvniuwnm
It U r n fact Illustrating Central American
warfare that Gen Yasquez did not know
where his enemy had gone when he awoke on
Tuesday March 28 and found the works be
fore hiram In Tatumbla abandoned lIe sup I
posed they had retreated toward Nicaragua
and so sent the best of his army under his
best Goneral In that direction while lie with
a tow hundred men destroyed the town of
T all but tho church and then start
ed leisurely toward tho capital lIe quickened
tho spied somewhat when he learned the
fact br courier and then sent after his
troops that woro marching toward Nicaragua
It Is another fact Illustrating Central Ameri
can warfare that when Goo Sierra with the
Bonllla troops reached the capital he
marched to tho crest ot Plcacho Mountain and
sat down to rust Instead of inarching Into tho
practically unprotected palace and taking pos
session of the supplies there It was on Tues
day March 28 at 2 J A II that the works at
on the mountain tide perhaps three aer s
In extent and 300 feet above the level of the
palacennd the principal plats which It com
mands absolutely Hero too the reservoir
that supplies the city with water Is located
end a couple of adobe houses mar be found
A good stand was made on the Leona And the
place should have been held against largo
odds for tho mountain below Is I steep and
there are good stone fences well placed for
fighting However and this II eharacterlitlo
ot tho region having started tho Liberals
on the retreat the Government troops fol
lowed bravely up the steep faco ot the moun
tain to the Leona They ware cheeked there
and had SIerra supported his men at that
moment ho could have driven the Government
troops once moro In wild disorder Into thecltr
Itcnlr needed a bravo leAdor with a hundred
fresh men to make a whooping charge and
carry the city even then
Instead of leading such a charge Sierra
recalled his men Away off across tho Taller
ho could see don Vnsquez coming and the
rich prlzo In tha palace the stores of rifles
cartridges and cannon remained In the pos
session of tho Government
The assault on Tegucigalpa In which 200
men came down tho mountain and charged
through the streets to the plaza and were re
pulsed by 400 others Is the only thing like a
battle that has occurred HO far In tho war In
tho flghtlncat Tatumbla the men on each side
fired pretty much at will whenever they saw
Ths prisoner were shot to dtatb la front of church marked 1 The maubl title I band l In lower righthand comer U I where the hardest Ofhtlnr wu done In the attack
by the Liberals
All this marching happened the last of Janu
ary this year
With a force little If any greater in num
bers Vasquei marched out on Feb 3 to meet
the Invaders On arriving ho found his forces
unequal to the task of carrying tho works by
assault In fact they were not the kind of
troops to carry anything at the point of tho
bayonet for they were about all Indians from
the mountains of tho province of Oracles So
ho set about taking the works In more delib
erate fashion
Among other resources at his command
ware the gringos squad of foreign rifle
men among whom were seven citizens of the
United States an Englishman and a German
This little squad ot nine was advised and
restrained Ito use his own words by Major
C E Burke of Now Orleans who was well
known In the States as the head or the New
Orleans Exposition and In other ways Tho
Major denies taking any other part in this war
than that of an advisor of lie boys The
Grinco Tigers woro without exception root
riflemen The town otTatumbls Is surrounded
by mountains and the gringos wore placed on
spurs of these mountains at from UOO to 1500
yards from tho works of Bonllla and sot to
shooting down every Liberal soldier that ap
peared In range They mado It very hot for
the Liberal hot nnd discouraging Then
Vasquoz had a 1 couple of mountain howltzou
built by Krupp and these weru put In play as
circumstances admitted but ono of the cir
cumstances Doing lack of ammunition they
served chiefly to frighten tho Indians that
had joined lIon 111 a
REBELS sunnouvriKn
What with tho gringos and tho little cannon
to hold the enemy In frontkeep their atten
tion Vasquez was able to detach a force largo
enough to get Into the rear Gen Manuel
Bonllla was In lommand of his force theroa
force engaged making fortifications to pro
tect the Liberal lour and In keeping open
communications with the base of supplies
Nicaragua supposed to bo the harbor of
Corlnto Throo mountain tops had been forti
fied there when Yasquez in person lod tho
attack on Bonlllas roar That Is to par
walls of broken stone had boon built
throe or four foot high to protect tho
troops Yasquez advanced on these one after
another and carried thorn lie then had his
enemy surrounded and supplies cut off It
had taken from Feb 2 till near tho end of
March to do what would have been done In
half a day during the American war but it was
pretty well done considering the character of
the troops and l the Government adherents
were everywhere full of rejoicing when they
heard ot it
As I straddled a mule at San Lorenzo at
about that time to goto the capital a friend
of the Government told me I was too late to
see the war but if I would keep the mule
jogging alone I would very likely arrive in
time to see the leaders shot as traitors So I
kept the mule jogging along and after ad
ventures that will be related at another time
I found myself looking Into the muzzle of n
gun which an Indian In the sorvlco of the
Government was pointing at ma from behind
a mud hut In the suburbs of Tegucigalpa
The Indian wanted mo to stop and
I Mopped Then he wanted a passport
and I showed him ono that permitted
me to go to a mining camp seven leagues bo
ond the city Thereat the Indian called six
others and they all gathered about me lu the
roost friendly manner They thought me con
nected with the mine and therefore a grinco
of Importance In Honduras I could co on
certainly but I had better not try to go to the
mining camp
Why not said I
It Is very dangerous
I How Sl 1 Will the General want to keep
mo from going there I
No no But bog There Is the trail up that
mountain and the enemy have It
I looked ks he told me > > to do and there on
I top > of Ihcbo Mountain overlooking the api >
Tatumbla wore evacuated but not until
Wednesday morning at 0 oclock was the city
attacked Even then only about 200 of his
men were sent down although It Is said he
had at least 1000 upon the mountain The
200 were brave and In their war good fight
ore They found a force of perhaps 400 to oppose
pos them a force composed of soldiers and
plain citizens who favored the Government
anybody to fire at and very often when they
saw nothing When one sldo opened fire the
other side would reply
Both sides kept well behind rude fortifica
tions of stone When Vasquez took the forti
fied mountains in the rear oi Tatumbla the
troops did not advance in bodies They do not
understand such a movement here They fight
solely as North American Indians used to do
Thoy spread out deploy as skirmishers sneak
forward from rock to rock and tree to tree
until they capture the enemys position
or get frightened and retreat In Tegucigalpa
however there was n little hotter fighting
than this Tho troop gathered In bunches nt
tho street corners And llred at onch other The
corners are still blackened with powder smoke
all over tho north side of tho city and bullet
holes are to be found everywhere Having
tired a few times ono party would fly and the
other go chasing after with howls and yells
that made the people who heard them and
who had seen real warfarn smile grlmlr It
wan not a battle but ad many as twcntyflvo
men TOrO soon in a single bunch charging
through tho street
I Yf tj
1il VJ W f I 1 c 1 1 4ID t1
ri I ro
4 tt
1 J 4
J g
rtWo 1 = 1
9 Q1J1
while among those In command was Capt
Frank Imboden of VircinU
The Government troops though greater In
numbers were Inferior as lighters for they
had learned of Sierras arrival and had taken
so much native rum to increase their cour
nce that more than half of them ware drunk
Thoy had the advantage howovor of the pro
teetlon of the adobewalleil houses and should
have kept > the little snultlng party on the
mountain but they fled In terror for a time
and Sierras moo reached the principal plaza
culled Moraznnl within block of the palace
Hero the Liberal went rhtckrd and l being
unsupported began to full back fearing that
they would bo surrounded Then tho Gov
ernment troops rallied a hit more and the
Liberals fell back still further and even
tually retreated to a bench called the Leooa
4s to the number of killed no one can give
moro thAn an eatlmato No count was mado
either at Tntumbla or Tegucigalpa The Gov
ernment ofllclalK gunsaed they lost twentyfive
killed And seventyfive wounded at Tntumbla
They guess the losses of the enemy were
greater They think about thirty of their men
ware killed In tuG light In the streets of
Tegucigalpa and as to the enemy who
knows In lie ho pltal at Tegucigalpa are
103 wounded They are all Government men
The wounded Liberals who fell in Tegucigalpa
were not taken to the hospital they were all
killed whore thor foil eomaot them begging
piteously for mercy
Soma Liberals died on the mountain top for
seventeen graves wero found there after
Sierra rotrcatod and twentyfive wounded
badly were loft In a mine camp called Ban
Juanclta They are now prisoners but may
be called dead for all prisoners are shot sooner
or later
The lighting at Tegucigalpa ended with the
assault ot tho Liberals on the morning of
Wednetdny March 20 though Donllla sat on
thu crest of the Plcocho Mountain until Hatur
day night Ills followers fired down the moun
tain now and then at the Government troops
who had taken possession of tho Ioonu They
ralcht havo cut off the citys water supply for
lie pipe to the reservoir ran through their
camp but thoy did not because the mothers
wives and l children ot half the troops In the
camp were living In the city
On Sunday morning April 2 the Govern
ment troops who were on guard nt the Leona
invoke to find no enemy above them The
enemy Imd fled Gon Vaiquez had sent
troops around to attack their rear and learn
ing thin the Liberals marched away und two
days Inter were located In camp five leagues
away to the northwest the road to Com a
lUll They remained there three days and
then when Vaiquez had again gotten readr to
attack them they marched off In the night as
before and when left Tegucigalpa four dam
ago no one knew where thor wore
Although this Is I a war devoid of battles and
likely to continue so It Is none the less full ot
horrors Thero have been studies < < In iavagery
In It well worth the consideration of the Amer
ican people who lire not only near neighbors
but through certain enterprising citizens
largely Interested In mines ranches and other
enterprises here Including an Interoceanlo
railroad that ought bo completed
Kor instance thero Is I the shooting of pris
oners This practice began with tho opening
ot hostilities
I saw tho first man captured said Johnny
hess a New York boy who la I one of the
gringos Ho was I a courier TheY brought
him In with letters Thon they gave him to
Col Garflas who called a squad of men Go
sit on that log said Comas Certainly
Icomo no 11 said tho poor devil smiling Thon
he took two or three pieces of Oliver from his
pocket and handed them to ono of tho squad
who wore to kill him Here take those ho
said I shall not need them any more
and he chuckled truly laughed aloud
Then he sat down as orJorod with
his back to the squad put his hand
kerchief to his eyes the squad began
tiring and over hn pitched with halt n dozen
bullets In him but still living Then a soldier
put a rifle to his breast and shot his lifo out
How many prisoners were shot at Tatum
bla 1 was asked
About half a hundred I guess 7o built
big pine log fires and burned the bodies
Thor burnod like candles
As a rule the prisoners worn killed as taken
without trial ceremony After tho Picacho
Mountain was evacuated a number couriers
camo thore unwittingly and wero killed but
about a hundred prisoners did havo their llvos
spared temporarily for some reason and theso
wero placed In the penitentiary at Tegucigal
pa This was not done as an act of mercy as
for the sake of giving them a trial by court
martial just why they were put there I could
not learn but I guess It was for tho sake of
getting Information from them Seventeen of
these wnro shot before I left tho capital Of
these eight wore taken out and shot without
ceremony on the stops of a church In the
south part of the town This was on Sunday
April 2 Next day Itwnsroportod that nine
moro were to be shot at the same plAco just
before sundown
To verify tho report I went to tho peniten
tiary Tho ofllce In charge of Col Jesus
Lanzo had already selected the nine Eight
wore of the peon barefooted or laboring
class hut one was a man of society tall dark
well dressed flno looking and intelligent
The eight sat on the tile flagging under a
veranda that skirted tho main building of the
prison They looked up carelessly as tho
stranger appeared and one made a remark to
a companion at which both laughed cheerily
Another smoked cigarette Tho welldressed
man sat on a stool beside a low table and
wrote his will with tho aid of a lawyer lie
bAd been crying doubtless at the thoughta of
wife and babies A single soldier with a load
ed rifle stood before them and not over ten
feet away
But more remarkable than cither the tears
of gentleman or cheerfulness of tho peons
was the fact that they sat theN Tho prison
yard was without any other guard than the
fp j
Zft f tl
l y
one mentioned and there was but one guard
on the wall while twenty jumps away stood a
ladder leading to an unguarded platform just
under the crest of the rear waiL Beyond this
wall wan a brushgrown field and beyond that
the open country To remain was certain
death and but two men woro in any wise ready
to stoP their flight Imagine nine live Ameri
cans sitting thero In such fashion I
However there these men remained nil day
and then came an order to defer the execution
till 0 the next morning While In the prison I
visited the other prisoners waiting for some
future order of tho kind that had overtaken
the nine One was a slender young fellow ac
cused of attempting to desert the Govern
ment army lie had been whipped COO
lashes two days before lie drew away his
wraps to show tho work of the lash ttil then
I was sorry I had asked to see It Is bettor to
Imagine the vftoct of COO blows of a heavy
whip than to look at It
The next morning at US oclock the buglers
at the different barracks thrilled tho town by
their shrill call of the troops to arms In tho
course of fifteen or twenty minutes perhaps
1500 soldiers had gathered In An < about the
plaza Marazan short swarthy UlncUhnlred
illfavored men all of them Their uniforms
were made of blue cotton their arms were tho
old Ilemlngton rifle When they had been
formed a squad of twentytwo soldiers was
body of about 300 men I and the band at the bead
of the brigade tile whole army started away
down the street and across the bridge leading
to the part of tho olty south ofthe river known
as Comeaguala Tho place of oxuoutlon was
to be the Comecguala plaza because the peo
ple of Comeaguala woro and are nil Liberals
The band played a cheortul march and the
line passed quickly over the route to tha
plaza Thero were faces at every door along
the route < < chiefly women and children and lit
tlo knots of people In tho aide streets but no
crowd gathered anywhere not oven about the
In the plaza n division of troops stationed
thero was found drawn up In line but those
I joined the procession and marched around
tho plaza until tho wholo body of troop
formed In a hollow square of which one side
was broken by tbo old white adobewalled
church Within tho squaro were the officers
and perhaps hundred citizens and foreign
spectators Tno latter gathered at tho foun
tain and saintly statue found there and then
the prisoners with the executioners ware
brought in and stopped near the spectators
while tho lines of troops were straightened
For n moment they stood Razing curiously
about and then the prisoner at the bond 1 of
their line a tall lank beardless peon shoutadt
Hurrah for tile Supreme Government
Hurrah hurrah I answered the troops
for that was their rallying cry Then ono of
the prisoners ronogulzod an acquaintance
among the spectator and waved his hand to
him with a mlle and a nod Everything being
now In readiness Gen Vlllela who command
ed tho troops mud n brief Kpooch telling that
the men were to illo as traitors As he ended
speaking the prisoner who had shouted for
the Government tried to reply but his word
wore drowned In cheers which tho General
called for
As the Inst cheer died out the order to place
the prisoners for shooting was given They
wore standing then about ten feet from three
long stone steps that led to a tiled platform or
landing that extended across the front of the
Ml piranha n erlooln Tioelialpa with the Uoua on the tin so I t 0 > rnnISen pita in thi Core
irounl 1 be builduiion the dEbt is a barracks II was ebot lull ci bnr IIIUMI I i t liftrevoluilou cc u yeare eye
seen coming In two flies through tho street
leading to the penitentiary and between
tho flies walked nine barefooted men
tho condemned I had seen at tho peni
tentiary the night before I save that tho soldier
accused of deaertlnc had taken tho Iliuo ot
the gentleman who had boon making his > > will
The Ioor follow who had boon whipped
limped from tho wounds on his hips but ho
kept up his pace and I could not coo that his
face showed any trace of pain or fear or baa
Ion Indeed not one of tho nine showed I any
peculiarity of countenance find they walked
along with an cany a step as did the troops
Having placed this squad In the rear of tho
brUrd that was to farm the right ot has A
church It was on theo steps that the eight
prisoner shI I nv I J days before hivl died nod
thoie woniiltflit great black blotches of blood
k thu wach man had OoCU
on tlun < > innk spot
pied wiilo th < > stones of thu htcus were haul
srillntirtid by tlm bullet that hal gono Astray
Over these liotchoa of bluoil his I prisoner
worn rdxrcl to til but ns Hi < y were taknz
lleir place the funoral or < licd that thy
staml up Initcad ntfalnst ito fr < ut wall ol i n u
chinch nt tho right of tiit door and die there
II shut on the fcteps a 1Ullot muht glance aJ
ami itilko ouu of the troops
A riiFHi lull uuzrTr
So tho prisoners got up and uulkod across
lta1alffxbau iloii or brnlo fotluo
fuwplr enl by JomoSnr j
The New fork central primate the but servIce 1
DtUoU Clnllul and CIucaiLg
Jfr JUari SAuto
CazenoTla N Y
Intense Fains in the Stomach
Distress Aftor EatingLife
Almost a Burden
Hood Sarsnpnrllla Restores Health
and Flesh
Cazenovla N Y February 10183
0 I Hood t Co Lowell Mass
I wish to tell of the benefit I have receive
from taking four bottles of Hoods Sarsaparllla
For years I have suffered intensely with pains
In my stomach and side and also on account
of gall stones After eating I would be In such
distress that life was a burden I became e
reduced in flesh that my friends thought
I Would Not Live LOUR
I grow worse and my removal to a hospital In
Syracuse was under advisement when tny
father had me glvo Hoods Barsaparllla a trial
There was an Improvement at once and I
have continued taking It and 1 am now well
I have gained In flesh and can < < eat heartily
w Sarsaparilla
without dlnresc Hy trtends say I dont look
like the same person the change hits been se
marked I now enjoy life and I owe It all to
Hoods SaraaparlllaMI < MAny SIIUTK
Hoods Pills are purely vegetable and de
not purge pain or crlpe All druggists 25 a
t ccnrrlitgtl5 r
will boll on
at their auction mart 130 133 East lath at a special
sale I ot 15 highly bred trotting and road boriei lh
property of the rarkvllla Block Farm 1arkvllle Lone
Island on the llrooklyn Boulevard to Coney Islnnd con
sUtlng the following Lady Piedmont Ida IUallaa
Starlet Ellen A ritbijroraa Whisper General Stan
ford Darling Coluia Rbeba Danny Billy Tope EU
and Marjr The above horses can be seen at the Park
vII stock Farm tip to the dar of sale I and catalogue
containing foil deicrlptluni and pedtffreti can ha ba4
at the InrLTille Farm ana at the office of tne Auction
sees 130 132 End iath at N V
Handy Wagon In paint and natural wood Banner
Burr with four styles of bodlea and the eatUal 1
riding iprlnir ever Inrentedi Surreya Extension Topa
and Ilugtiell Twowbe ler > that are abaolutaly frI
from hone motion Road Cat 11 are mal 10 cutS
A VERY IJAVD9OMK stylish pair bay bob harass
1s very cloiely matched liaiidiotueat In Brookly
ltaUaD 7 yean old perfectly 011d kind a fl
fearlena can tral l I miles an boar and good aaddla
tioraei price 170O Victoria and Hrongbam In anpirb
order both by Hrewiter 3W each doubla and single
barneta Aim atjllfh bay Kentucky bred ddl boric I
CloG Ladies and gluts aaildlei and brlllei IALAUa
STABLEs tjcbermerhorn and BOla hrookln

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