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" ' I B MiK KSUT.lnll Hli.J.unn KXfKKT A
iStlgll f MMMWJ : oj. ik Aricir ik.
Sli I I V 'Will Cklcns to r.fii Mcsrca with
HI t'ei4iiPror, Kraal. Ivaa-He Ib Also
iflisi 8Bksly Co PUr for the Pool hr..iel'"l'lp
glsl;' 111- dBOrlnl BaBllah Tabls la on Ha War.
jij Anion the passengers landed by the storm-
5P?ftos f ! tossed American liner New York at the foot of
BB I Christopher street yesterday afternoon wera
two typical representatives of Knglieh Indoor
-' and outdoor sport, who attracted considerable
i V attentlon.
If; j They were John Roberts, the famous British
Br A ' billiard expert and J. W. Sohoflold. one of the
m .'.") ! speediest rldora who over crosaod a safely In
'-' P.'fg. i I England.
lloborta was accompanied by hla wife nnd
I -if daughter. The ladies were considerably nf
, f footed by the rough passage, but the champion
I'A himself weathered the Hturm liko an old halt.
Y'm aJd cultivated a complexion which Khould
,' ' render him Indifferent to the sunshine aahore
Ml for aomotime to come.
The great cueist chatted with a roportcr of
I'll Tub Hon whilo his bagirago was being ovor-
haolnd. ami he exhibited a livolv curiosity In
Mtrifigs;- HI ell things American, levin particular stress.
SBalHIfe of course, on Items connected with poo! and
(blllarda. He was somewhat taken alack
on learning that Alfredo de Oro. tlio cnntln
oous pool champion, had left for Cuba, al
though the primary object of his visit la to
ssefjjj Boat Frank Ives.
BH ' Robert says ho will remain In New York.
probebly at tho Waldorf, for a couple of weeks.
I and then goon lo Chicago to play the match
m " eJrendr arranged with the Amerloan chum-
HHR 1, ; Jl plon The conditions are the samo as in the
B I mateh at London which resulted so unoxpect-
HB ',( rdlr In the sensational victory of Ives, with
HjR tj the important exception that the pocket angles
B will bo marked off by a aeven-lcch linn. This
HH reservation was Insisted on by Roberts owing
H I to the extraordinary manner In which Ives
B . narsed the balls and scored within the spaces
bbbbbbbI iiii Bow forbidden.
hSe If Roberts entertained any of the harh feel-
Sjf5 lni;H attributed to him at tho time of his de-
H feat liber must have 'evaporated since, as his
9BHS references to the memorablo afTair were de-
E cldedlr good humored. Ho luugtilngly ud-
HRfK mltted that he and his expert advisers were
K ' completely taken by surprise when Ives do-
jHK ; teeted the loophole inthearticles. and set about
HB making his remarka: le score. No other play-
MjB i or. within Roberts's recollection, had ever at-
jiBK i tempted tho unique method adopted with such
HH . startling success, although the articles never
M provided against such a contingency.
lnH The forthcoming match a scheduled to tnke
HB place at the Music Hall. Chicago, Irm Sept.
I " IN to 'J. f. Inclusive. No maxitnum number of
H t points Is specified, and the player having the
H ; highest aggregate at the end of the allotted
-Hy time wins.
B Play will cease each day when the lender
LMB reaches 1.000, and the total winning score is
BB expeoted to he 1 1.000. although it oberts thinks
BK It Is not absolutely necessary that the leading
K player must reach that maximum to win.
H With reference to possible pool matches
HHB Roberts says he is open to meet the best play-
fl-B ers la sight, de Oro preferred. While not
HR averse to playlog on an American table and
BHH under local rules, be does not think such a
HHB match would lie a satisfactory settlement of
BE the players' respective claims to the world's
BJK championship. He snys the methods of play
HkssE and stylos of table airl onulpment prevailing
MfS- IK In America and llnglaml are so distini'tly dif-
BB ferent that a gross of matohes in any ono stylo
would nover tin nlsh n relialile line.
in support of this theory It iberts Is Importing
a fully equipped 1 nglisb table of the regula
tion sIkc. 0 by 11'. with halls and nil other ac
cesaories. in strict accordance with liritish
conditions. Ills Knglixh talile was shipped
from London on the I'ersian Monarch, which
sailed Aug. 10. and should reach here early In
I the week, liohertu's idea is to have one match
or series of games played on this table, u sec
ond oontest nn a standard American table,
after which the players' merits might bo ac
curately 111. ui. -.1 out.
Although Roberts never played n match In
this country, lie has boon here once before.
The date Is so remote that lie had some difll
eulty In recollecting it at llrst, but he llnally
plated the year as IHi'l This is home out bv
the records of the l'.ncllsh onami ioushlps,
which show that W. look won In that yeur by
default. Roberts explained that he justrushed
across to America on that occasion and went
to Austrulla via San r'ranctsco. He proposes
to uwvu more leisurely during bis prosent
Roberts's prntlciency with the cue is to some
extent hereditary. Ills father, John Roberts,
hr.. had been the recognized champion bil
liard playci of England up to ItrfU In that
year a gold-lined champion vase was ollereil.
The Hrst contest foi the new trophy was 1.200
points up. and V. Cook supplanted the senior
Roberts. Thereafter, until IHN.1. the contests
rare 1.000 up, when the ante was raised to
The present Roberts cut in a few months
after Cook's victory to avenge his father's
defeat, and since then, except when nP-ont
on one of his frequent ton. ... he has rurely
found any one to dispute Ills riubt to the
championship at the game until young Ives,
like another l.ochinvu catuo out of the West
last spring.
There has been no enntost for the blstroio
chimplonshlp trophy since HH.r, and Roberts
says it is now his aLsolute property. It has
been out of his hands frequently and for long
Intervals, but lie alwnys contrived to chip In
at tho critical moment and regain possession
of It. as wilt bo seen Irom the following sum
mary of the championship matches:
Felt. 11. k;o--W. Uook lieal .luba KoliTta Sr.
April 14. iH7o-jahn ttoberu. Jr., beat ff uoii
u 30. ln.'i ! 1: a,. - Jr. heat a 1. .v ....
o. 28. IMTo Ji uriili 11. in.. 1 b-ut Julni IPili.ru Jr
Jl. :.. Is, I I. in. K.i.. n r ,.i 1 p.hI,,,
May 26. 1871 W. Cook beat Jubrl Unborn, Ji
wv, 21. 1871 W Cook bral'J. Henui-tt.
.M.o.li -I. 1873 W C.M.k a.-..! I I111 K 1 . rl.. Jr
r-M 24. 1H74-H Co.ik brut joint Itoboria Jr
Mity 4. Is'.';, Paui Kobeili. Jr., teat W. 1 oak.
li.c. 20. i7R-Jobn Itoiirrti. Jr . boat w 1.. ok
Nay. '7ti. 10 Hay. '77 W rook c-liampion by ilefarm
iiy 2. 1877 Joliti IP. 1 1. Jr. bout . took
Is 1. 1 Houoett beat W. t'ook.
1M8I--J. I . .- 1 1 beat T Taylor.
188', tu.oi KabertK. Jr. heat W. Cook !
is8.. 1, ,,,n u,a,. 1 1.. Jr . beat J. 11. 1.1..' !
IB view of the general interest evinced In In
ternational billlnrds since tho achievements of
frank Ives attracted universal attention, the
following remarkable items from the history
Of miliar. N a i.- here given:
-Hast ., i.t In" run, 2,uai. by w J. ivti
Heat" allot bar' ruo. ..'17. to John Kobirti.
Oretel a iii.Pei .. a, Pin... a ,; t Uaardl. by W. J
Trail ill 11)88.
Hrtt run at Darting the. balli. IPS, by J. Ifoberta,
bbbbbbobbb iittl ruM f coullanoui loalog batard. 7a. by W J
BbbS HIV I faall 10
B M tirealirt nui..br of .1 ir lnht rlr.-iwi.ii.k ilia: tlaida.
IB L V I iBti. i.) .1 .. ,,u n. 1
K ; beat ma ou a .-Uauiuionablp tabla, ir... by W. Cook,
BBs US' Sevt run at three ball f-arrom rati iraDie. 2.r72 Harvey
BIbbbh H' MolCtuna. noetoti. Mat... 11. , 21, 18s7, .,:...
"W atllJ-S
HpW Uat at four-ball rarrotn vaiue,l,48d,J. XlLpet ill. Sea-
IIF York Jen Is..
B ,(t Heat at ohauiplall sauie, tbree-ball cnrronie, 14X2H
BH' lltire a..-. .,..,i..- .a .a:, uiat.li of .'l.tioo, 1,0.1 i,.r
BB w Blffbt. Parte, trHDca. 18S2. lleet in Aiaerlca, 'ir.l. J K
BHl Iflar a lleUer. BiMl point 111M. a N'aa l'ork 14, I 4
B I Beet at KuflleU epot Onrrea aeuie, J.4tti. Tiler. Wt.i
BbbdbB Bilostar Aquarliiro. 1. ..1,1 1. 18W1
BBBl H Baslleb epol etrokenatue J.'los. W J. Peall. l.'..noo
BBB SP.U'unou. November. Isihi
BjHB Balk line ISUle. 24h. Jacob Soliaefer, In 200-pr.lut
SSSE 4 I BBaieb ame erllb aL J'lot, I'arn. rraure, October, l.sb
Bg I I
MK I'orfcaH'a STrr lo Mpar a Itk ilatk OiBSOy,
Eii The following letter speaks for Itself:
WBSaS- "arl Vom, Ana '"
m Mr eaail lift Ae It lraa beeo itannB.'e4 :bat Robert
BBBaS niutuiai.ine will uut be able to appear ul Jak Pettip.
amhiHB Hi an peneQt. ..ep-.r. lo prior eagaKemen:a. Jaiaee .1
HaBBLal Curaalt .leeiree ma to elate thu i lie 'U , ... btutae'f ut
rcflSSjS tae aieooeal of irte 11 oi..vr . ,a 1 that ra. 'a a. J ,
Fflawggpji vol .. i. 1 t.p ..11 hrmp.ey or appear tti I'ttiiJ inellag '
"fea'-aen Kl wllkrof. 'obu Dooai.lion If they ee etireebl V inn. I
KpJijr m , reaaecttuij. ?.. a. Bnu. I
HB1 ' lr I
ttoaloa Taeklaaara eWrlll TktBk thai Hk Will
Ms Ska Moat to llren.i the t nn.
nneTow. Aug. 26. -Boston yachtsmen are
ready to pin their faith to the Jublloe as
the coining defender of the America's Cup.
That hope lies In the good showing already
made by the Taine cup defender Jubilee and
In tho possibilities which she has of further
improvement This Is thai opinion of mnny
Huston yaohtsmen who have watched the rac
ing and who are well posted on what has been
done. -
Gen. I'alne himself will not express so san
guine a vlow of matters, hut he docs not talk
like 11 discouraged or dlhcnrtened man. and
Is quietly going ahead with changes in the
sails of the Jubilee, which, though not great In
extent, are still vital when the utmost possible
speed is sought.
His friends are much more enthuslnstle
over the prospect ahead, and some of them do
not hesitate to express their feelings. Yachts
men who were firm believers In the I'ilgrlm
can nlso ho found who believe In tho Jubilee
as against the Vigilant, anil think that the
lattor has no walkover for cup defence selec
tion. They count the I'ilgrlm out for the
present, for while few doubt that she coultl be
Improved with more sail. It Is very much
doubted If there Is time to rig her in the wny
she evidently needs, even If the syndicate had
decide. I to put In more money nnd go ahead
with any ebnnges. No decision had been
1 co-he. 1 In the matter up to this noon, so the
boom is just now for tho Jubilee, and it Is
founded on a good baeis of observation and
comparison. In which th" bronze button of
the Vigllnnt as against the steel bottom of the
Jul.. I. .. plnys a large part.
en. 1 'a in., was asked to-day what he
thought of tlte Jubilee's chances of being the
chosen lost, but ho would only sny that In his
p mien the boat had iloue very well with the
Mgiiaut. and that the la ter's bottom was a
great atlvantago to her in light airs and in the
lattor part ol tier racing.
" What changes aro being made In the Ju
bilee f" was asked.
" 1 ntn doing not nine hut hnvlng a few of the
sails resit and the lib of the gaff made of
proper strength,'' he replied
"Hiall you have a new mainsail '"
"No. It is too late to get a now sail Into
shape. The present one can lie Improved a
little, untl the wrinkles which now appear In
portions of it can be broken out."
The General was very anxious to know as to
the truth of the report that tho Vigilant was H8
feet on the water line, aud seemed to feel bet
ter pleased with the outlook for his own boat
on receiving assurance as to the truth of tho
.'peaking of the merits of a hronzo over a
sleel bottom, (ien. I'alne said that it was not
so much the fouling that was to be dreaded as
the eating through of the rust Whenever tho
rust ate through the point the latter scaled
..II and loft a rough spot, which could only he
made smooth by sandpapering and painting
John IS. I'alne. designer of the Jubilee, fol
lows his father's example In being reticent
about her chances. He declined to sav to-day
what improvements were being inude. but is
." Meptly pi, 1 at nil dis.-ouraged over the out
look, '."i Ii-ui asked about the length of tho
Vigilant, he wanted to know whether or not
eighty-eight feet witter line was the official
measurement. When assured that it wus
pretty neai it. he said that although she wou'd I
have to take in ballast and probably cut
down her sail, still he did not know hut what
she could go all the faster. He has groat re
spect for the speed of the Vigilant, and will
not say much about it. When asl.etl about tho
Jubilee's bottom he did not have much to say,
but thought that It might have beeualittlo
rough after being In the water for a couple of
In talking about the cun defenders. Ocorga
I .a iv lev said: "1 think that tho Vigllant's
brass bottom had a great deal to do with her
making such a good showing. The steel boats
must have been very foul after being in the
witter for two weeks. Look at the Volunteer.
Site was hauled out at Fair Haven just before
the cruise of tho New York Yacht Club, and
when we pulled her out tho other day her
bottom was In very bad shape and will bavo to
be cleaned and painted.
"The Camilla is another example of how
quickly steel will foul. Who had not been In
the water two weeks, but when we haul. "I her
out the grass was several inches long on her
keel and bottom. I think that the Vigilant
more than made up her allowance to the
Jubilee by having tho Tobln bron.e bottom.
Ho -.ton will be in it yet. and I think that the
Jubilee will win out from the Vigilant. "
lahcumont's hvht tacuismbx.
A I. out T.lat of Baiia Which I h.-v Will Kim
nil llurlaic the Next Two Wcrka.
The members of tho Larchmont Yacht Club
are busy now preparing for some great yacht
racing. On Thursday, if all goes well and the
cup defenders respond as they ought to the
liberal offers of tho club, the Ho-fuuters will
race for the $1,000 cup offered by Commodoro
Caldwell II. Colt, the sportsmanlike ownor of
the Hauntless. The Vigilant. 1 olonia, and
Jubilee are all entered, an.l while the I'alne
boat will probably not start, the two Now York
syndicate boats will, and If tho Colonla has
been improved as much as she can be tho pair
should make a very pretty raeo of it in the
Mound. Two days later, or on Saturday. Sept.
'J. the Laichtnonts will bold their annual fall
regatta, when a special j-Juo cup la
offered for the K"-footers. In addition
to this, prizes are offered In no less than
twenty-two other classes, ranging from a
twenty-foot open boat up to Jon-foot schoon
ers. Entries will close on Thursday with the
Regatta Committee, "n Thursday. Aug. Hi.
while the trial races nre going on. the I.arch
11. "itts will hold a sjieclal race for schooners
for the l.arohmont 1 tip of lcU.'l. This race,
which was Inaugurated last year, was such a
eucesH that the club has ttoclded to make it
an annual feature, and has again offered a
S600 cup.
With these events, to say nothing of oyster
antl cat boat races galore, the l.archmont boya
expect to wind up the season in their usual
lively manner, ana when it conies to racing
there are fow clubs In It with tho Larchmonts.
Xm Mho la 'Mill-. 1 in it ic.-ii-r ivlth England's
I'ritek i ultera.
London. Aug. 20. -The Britannia. Satanita,
Calluna, and the American yacht Navnhoe
woro tho starters to-day in tho regatta of tho
Start Hay Yacht Club. The courso was a tri
angular one. starting from a mark boat off tho
entrance of Dartmouth Harbor, and was sailed
over three times, making tho entire distance
forty-two miles.
In a light wind blowing from tho southeast
tho yachts got away at 10::) o'clock. Tho
Satanita. In lier hurry to start, was over the
lino at the firing of the signal gun. and was
compelled to put tack. It waa eleven minute ,
before she was fairly under way again.
The Navnhoe was llrst to croa- the line. Sho
was followed by the Hrltanni.. and Callunn.
TliO Navnhoe drew ahead of tho Satanita and
Caluna to the first turn, but the Satanita. not
withstanding her unexpected handicap of
eleven minutes, did tho finest palling of the
four, and regained much of the distance sho
had ke-t through tier false start.
The race was won by tho itritannlo. Tho
Satanita was second, Navahoo third, and Cal
luna fourth.
iitehiintr Ni.t.s 01 'latereer,
Tbe ape, -let race for the cup offered hy rommmtore
Pavnl IP 11 1. b i.t tie A t Ian 1 1.' edit I I ub. amiolntetl for
Aug in. bai bern uoclsred "ft. and win ant be Bailed
SunniiT Atnf. 25 rlir Viirilatt'. ha. not ehippi.t her
hollow boom Be report.-. 1 an.l . ih ritnln lii-r o it one for
1, ...' y,-t It Ih eat. I Piai lata llm-eii met Mr lerlln
are not 1. .- fi.. I a itb It aria da not couelder it a. g.io.1
a the OoJoula'S.
I eputy lilted state Merahal .lemea lllitert feelr. 4
lie. eln.it yacht Vnla, na a. d to Wihl.wn srlinmininker
of t-t. Mark n avrnuo. Itrook l n. on Friday for talvatre.
The i laim wai broiu'bt by Male 'tin Uanieey. tlte owner
. f lilt tug. rami- A a-..', I.. I p .11 1 tbeVlda.ia
'I I iir-t ,v art erne. in utf I onti Maud I'. nut In a Kinking
t.mdlttoD the Ida ait. loued llrel to I lie South Cen
tra 1'ter and afierarard taken by the Marebal to tue
f. ol ot t'ourl street.
It I. Hilt,. Antr. 26 Lnder the eilepiasl of the
Stir- iMthury Vuoht flub, a lna-h race n m railed hero
today between Raysnl 'II'" hid and Hiram
Knapp'i. I'll., h, l.ntli catboula. alumt ta enty feet Innir
The match wu i , or. a l.le. and the di-tan e eelteil
w ae ten inllre I le kid oroterd lie I ne first but a ae
ip.i. kly oven an:-. 1 by het opponent The i inch won
to' til eec.ml., tntrerled time. The rre-ular Auirmt
revaita wlilon net to be bald to morrow, for ell
rlBftl.ee. under the aueptrea o! tho Hlin.a elitiry t'ltlb.
I e beau i i-t - i In.fel'.nitely on account of eo many
yaclite bet loir be. u llijiued In the late et.inu.
The tatn-icr -a- eteani yarht llirondelle. dralfned by
t'liarlee I., beahury A t n.. for Mr. t'. il. J.vani of title
city ir in .. in .: n. completion and will be rea.lv for
.ainuiliioii before sept C. Kollowlng are berdiineti
ftlolle: 1. 'ii.Ui over all. 76 feet: load aater hue, alt
lest; beam. 11 feet, draft. 4 feet d u. b--. tier keel
and frame er" of white a with netrr keel.ane of
yellow nine runuiUK fall leuatb. tueide The tuaiikliiir
In- ow the tester in- le of yrbow pin p. and above the
water line the plank lug le of oak. She le copper fa
tened and riveted ibrmiKhout. The deck are of while
filnr laid lu narrow atrip, she bae four watcrtttlbt
uilkbi-nda The dei k boi.aee are of mahogany, with a
brae rail rutinlne all round the deck.
etett Kk'.r lllrjcllst an 'IVuule Play Br In
jure a.
FlDC.re, , .Aug ?r, . Fred floe Smith an al
lien i ' i .: .1 member or the llolp.kua Valley
Titinia I i. ith a rather aerloaa accident laet
ma-til VI ll.i . ' mi, .1 ... n the r rankhu avroue lull
hi whee m u i iii.n or-ahle and he ran into Kre.1
H drr ntii'li.'r . ctlal III phyeli Ian aavatbefaol
th- - w a can. no.- and net whrellna. wae the i.nly
a a e.l Me life, lie is p rti well cu up
.a lliefe.-e be-a apralncd laft arm. and la brulaed.
saolli. althou't o iv il year old. 1 quite an expert
sltht'i" rue , ne- lie hie l.e--t a ou'e.tunt lo ut the
tnuril-ni-a to: il. it. and lie aad It ct ar I I'thner
ha. e J.e i tjeuif t a th .jiie.tatf iu toe dojb.es-
MBjMJJ B ieejaeaeaae-ejr ' 'eBBfBjBaer
ieTea ...eTfc
orn tmum conn Kit.
raaVRT.Mf WO. lt3R BT KMIL HorTatAtrif 0 pTBW
ai.Ar itrsn nacea
K nn Kt 4: It en K lit 7: Rt on Q Kt Ri n I ft 1;
re on K B 3, K Kt n. and K I'. 1.
' M m H i S;; i :
m m Pi l
:A ??M fei
fc mM,M &i
': fa ; fm k 6
Wth wA m M W?A
t..;i WM A Wk
' :. jl
k nn K II '. o on 5 It 4. II on K a. Kt on It H. Bl on Q
M .-. an-l K Kt ,.
wniT-n. rtrcaa.
White to play and mat" In three moroa.
I'ltolil.lM NO. loll BT JtlSKrtl SET BABSON OF
Mi.Mlini. CANADA.
Rttrlt ait rtere.
Kon Q R eo: Qotll) It 7, 11 on (Jan.; Te on Q R 2, K 3,
and K R 11
- WfA W JM, m.
i(S WtiVfo VW4& WW.
,.j B
! &': ypM . 'Mm y;:r
m mbm m
, mm, m im mm mfA
!un m m m
"' WM -." WZ mt;.
;"'-';' vi'im', 'W,i a i
.1 m m flij
m WA M P
1. i'n '. n h. g on Q 4. R nn Q 5 Kn on y It 4 And Q
Kt 6i B on K i; 11, J'i, ..?i , n ;. ., It T, K 0. and K It 2.
VIIITE TK? rircK".
ill'.'-1 ; livv fiii'l mikte lu two in "
1 in' follow, nir li tin' AUtlur'-t inlutlun to Nn. . ..i
1. Kt-K il. K-y 4f 2. Vi-11 3 en. K X Kt (U 4);
." (,' m B, mate
1 Kt K , K-g 4; 2. Q-B .1 ch. K X Kt (K fl); a Q B
7, mate
I, Kt-K 0, K-B 4; 2. Q-B 4 ch. K x Kt; 3. Q-B 7.
1 Kt-K. K-B 4; 2. Q-B 4 ch. K-Kt 3; 3 Q Kt ft,
"Mfi-t aotntlon roetvei1 fiom M. W. Franks. Nw
Yorkt Ufiiry B.umenthal. New fork) H .1. l-'rrhtir.
M i ; , ii Jnlin H Iim;.- lir cl.yn A. ft, Johliatntl,
Budl'tii. Mix-is , A. i -tbmi. New Vurn, K Tariratit, hewarll.
. J. .Walter K Kljfht. Brook, yn; Alexander Friend.
New fork A W. Kictituan. Pati-riim, -N. J : Cbarlm
Krruudlicl.. .New Vork. A BeKlnner. AUiany. IS". V.;
W N .V.isi -:. ii. Hiidalo, K. V; Otto eber. Brook
lyn, AUolph hrlillcr. New York. Herbert Yates.
Jerey City; Mtiiry W. hunt).. New York; K.
W. W Millet. Nw ork; Fraucm Bntltnitedt, New
York; Prtd W, Llmer, Newark. N. J ,i .1. Ley. New
York; NoblMM Ob.tic; New York. Max Kikenhrrir.
Brooklyn; Nemo. New .ork. luc-im rl;r. Boe-on.
Man., A Nevt- Hand. New Vork; A N. OOut, .New
York. Junior. New York; lttfiit You Are. Newborn;
William K I .nn Monticello. N. Y.; A II. Baldwin. M. 1 ,
Nurwftlk, Conn ; W. It hl.ery. New York. Wililum K.
Hurintt. Nrw llavn. Conn.; Mephen (J. Kuth. New
York: W.I. Kniifbt. Button. Mann.; Jnoeph l;ralhy.
Urooklvn; Arnold U. Verrlnder. Uarnniiton. N. J.;
Kdwin II. liniii..;.. era-y City. N .T, otto I.ehinann.
New York; K . Herrmann. Brooklyn. Adolph MotfeL
llttboken, V J ; Kred W Baker. New York.
The foliOwtiiK i the nutdoi oolutlon to No. 3 61i
1. II K kiK.Kl It; 2 Q-B 2. mate
1. B K KtH. K Q4. 2. Q KM. mate
1. B-K KtH. It Kt 4; 1. Kt Bft, mate.
1. B-k ktH, H-K.t. 2. Kl-H r.. mate.
1. B-K Kt M. B R 2; 2 Kt B .r,. nittte.
1. B-K Ki H. R B eq; 2 Kl B T mute.
i. B-K Kin, K-kfi; 2 Kt It:., nmto.
1. B-K Kt H. K KM; 2. Kt-ll 5. mule.
I. B -K KtH. It -It 7: 2. I.t I- . .. inalw.
1. B K Kt K It It 8; 2. Kt H .". mate.
I. Kt-K M. Kt-K 2: 3. Kt It 6 mate
J. Kt K i. Kt Kt ;; J Kt-H .r.. mate.
I Kt -K M. Kt-U 8; 2 Kt-B .". uinte.
1 Kl KM. Kt x It; 2. Q It H. mate
1. Kt-K M. Kt- Q rt; 2. Kt-B .". irate.
1. Kt K 0. Kt-B6j 2. Kt BA. mate,
J. Kt-K M. Kt-K 8. 3. Kt Bft mate.
1 Kt KB.D Q8; 2. Kt Bft, mute.
1 Kt KM. B-B4; 2. K: !i :. mate.
1. Kt KM, It , -.(. 2 Kt Bft, mate.
1 Kt-K M. B Hiqi 2. ht ll.'i.inuii-.
1. Kt-K ii. B B U; 2. Kt B ft mate
I. Kt KM. B Kt4; 2. Kt B 6, mate.
1. Kt K . B KG: 2. Ki It :. rn.it.-.
Correct aoiLittone recUved from W. E. Harnett New
Haven. Conn; W I. KnU'ht. Itofton, Nhk; M. W
Iranke. N.w York. Henri Bluuientnal. New York; ii
J. Keobtler, Brooklyn; .10)10 Blcbardi, Brooklyn; AH.
.' in.: mi. Kontoti, Matt.; A Cohen, New York. s.
ranrent, Newark. N. J.: Walter K Blirht. Brooklyn j
A It x. -in ler 1 ii'-n 1. New York. A. W Kicbuian. I'ater
on, N J. CoarlOl Krenndllctt, New York. A Iteiflnner.
Albany. N Y.; W. N. Mniteriioii. Bullalo, N. Y; UltO
Wt-lnr. Brooklyn; Adolpb Bob Iter, New York; Herbert
Yfttta, Jrr-ey city; Henry W. MB ith. New York; P. W.
Wrik'bt. NVw York; Kranctg Bodenttedt, New York;
Frrd W. LUter, Newark. N J.i J. Lory, New York;
NoblMM (Jblltro Kt or York j Mx Krkenberf, Brooklyn.
Nemo, New York: Kuifene Carter. Button. Mam A
New llantl. N w York. A N. Other. NvW York. Junior,
Now York. KiifhtY'oti Ath. nw York; William K. Lam,
Monticello. N Y ; Siepiieii B, Knth. Brooklyn; Jnneph
Brad ey. In ... .n. A. C, .'rrrlndfr. ! 1 .1 : r n,i;'"n, N. .1 ;
aoora .L Rockwell, no ut It Norwalk. lonu.; Bdwln II.
Baldwin, Jersey City, N. J.j w 11 Bllery, bow York;
A. H Baldwin, M. Ii., Norwalk. ('una; Uito l.ehmann.
New York, K W. Hermann. Brooklyn; Adolph SlegOlt
llobokeu, N J.; in-! Baker. Now York.
A II. B Why iboald Thk Aas hurt inn feelin ? lie
thought lie irai 11. and tlit-re wh no barm done. v Q,
B. New llavi 11. Conn., write- an followai "Can yon
tell ui" whether the opening P K Kt 't folio we 1 by h
Kt2. then r 'K: . and B u, Kt 2 ) a oi.nd and
stronit' ont-nlnif for either flrnt or eeoood player T Can
you refer n. to KIIU0 lllu-trative uniM with tbe
above opening elilii-r mhu attack or dofenOe "
Til e if oieiilnk'R jif.il UefeiKei. railed KUnhetto dl
Be, !'; tin if-'' dl Iionna. and double Fian-'hetto, ae
p irdlnir whether I' li played 10 K Kt or Q Kt 3or P K
Kt.'taiiil i v 1. ' B are lontldiTfd pretty afe. Yhether
to play them or not In finite 11 matter of tate In tho
thlrl kaine of the mat.b bet ween Alton and : i ;,- -m
tho latter replied in answer to 1 Kt K b t with the
double Kiam-hetto. '1 he itatne wme ptihlmbed in Im.
Hi R on Tliumday lam. W. K. I. . Motiltoe'l... N Y . ha
the following to av reRpeonnu- No. I681 Tlile. prohlrm
1 11 very pretty, I cannot but admire the inirenuity of
the iiiitfior. w ho can cover rn much ground with pieces
which necrn atnioal imiioxtible to perform the work."
N. o. New York .uke-tort. Btelnttl, Blackburne,
Tmhlironn. Rncileeb, Maekenile, Maaon, RoMntlui,
WInawer, Bird. Koa, Belltnan, Uoritmer, and Bkipwortb
were the competitor! of tbe f.m. 11- I.' ol. 11 tourna
loenr in 188B, The tlmt Beven named were priflake.
i.mi li' 1; did no play, but he -v n tlmt prueK at tlam
bnr in tBHC nn 1 nt Bradford In 1HHH. W. Y. M.. Buf
falo. N, Y. Arc urdiiiif to Ilerirer'-i tiitW&feA there are
1 11 club in the I nited sia't nor America. Great Britain
haft toi club'i wbile there Are 3UII ciubi ieiet-ied
in iiermani. M W. K., Brooklyn There if no perlOl Il
eal printed In '" country. Tlio I. Utah ffan Qimmim
t tho t7Af ' -".', 1. i-'ii published In 1 iUnl. n ill
uieet your n ante A N II.. New York (J. II. I). f;
. London. l:a- i'Ti 1 -lie-. I .1 iii.tir. caded "Modern Brit
llnnrir " If 1 ii - U the book vou rffer to. you miilit
tret it at Breiitatioa. li v , .lemey 'Ity Thk Hcn can
not poieibly oDtwer rouriiuerr Write to the secre
tary ol the c ub. Ilo nt the only one ol whom you can
expect an explanation, A. b, Albanr. N Y. Yea bnt
don t ne fleet to play Kt K It 4 at the niiht time. K. H.
It ,,lerey C.tv. Toudid ium .u the '' pon-lfii in
alioetlon, end It WM therefore dedtroved. I ' ft rest
uy W. Culirin. Sharon .sprinaa NY., forwarded the
K Q B move to iv. n 1 ..ri your query, you are
advlneo to look tbromfh Kurtrer'e ll'imfmnh, ae mob a
hut i i'ii eould not ii- answered in Tiik Ken.
Appended In an end tram-, the poaillon of which wae
arrfred at In a tfame between Ibo well-known expert.
Mill .at 1 of Manchester. I u.i.ui i and 1) Y. .MllU of KU
Inburif, Scotland:
si.AtK (MixuTD rniMniR nm;i.
I :.
& , WUffit !
Ill tifK iHi
; 1 r--,4 ; 1
1 m 'Mkm m
Ijjj if i m
A 19 31
:;A J; .',&'&
wntre (bii.i.i ritiRTi ft rtrcei.
The fame waa eoutlnuad a followa:
ll'ipr. Ill, '.. H-A,... Bart.
11'lF I'll' ,11 It X Q BxP
SqxPebll kio 7 it-km eh 1. .,,
l' Ktdiecli o -K H It-H a eh K-K 1
4 B 11 2 I'll I'-K B II It IM eq) R ell .n.l
.. it p , i, k -Kt iq wliite a Ina
The wetlkipittn lucal amateur. A. I iilnu.r rnn
te.te.1 a preu: iiiiitttier r game AKiiint the tietina
I :.n iu mi. ii til tlieae iraine the f.il.niriiiir le a prett y
aperltuen. It tint', however, lie a. Mel tim' All. in won
ly far the greater titiitilier of eaiue couteelcd between
l .... . ..,.:,
ntiY ItOPaMe
a. triLi-i.ea a. ALeta. ia. arriiMiaa. a. alum.
11'.. lr. Work. II''.-. Iliirt
J I'-K r-K l7HxKt 11 x Kt
'-Kl KIH Kt yUS It Kl It J I .-lie.
BH-Ktri Kt-U ri lUH-Kl. It-Kiea
Kt I Kl I- i.t .- P In
.'.PI I ..' ii hi l.i. I l: li Kin
IIJ'-K5 H-K3 1 U-k 3 H-K14
7 1' u 3 i u -' 2,'lA-KHaq it k .: , h
M l.l o! I'-KKS .'I Kt P... IJ Kl
IlKI-Kiq l'-tj4 I IT, K-B l'-HS
Jl. K' -Kt 3 I' til) !'IOK-KI.K tilt
lltatllea f-ltltt U7B-B7 Q R eq
ia B-K ail P-Klli 2MIJ-B3 K-KJ
lilt II,. B-K 3 .':. hi It fltl
U T K K .1 I' kH tl'J J X P P-QR
i.. p .. :i t I' I P 3IU-K4 h l.i. j
P. I. . p Ll lie) l,J y a t. k. ......
en in i. n . L'ayaBBjBeaeteeexBexeBXexexexjeexexeaeaeM
Ia Klaaaaena.B Oeilnei Btark I A alal
TonafC RacIIbI, Biarfr;
Th Barn Meet Committee of the I A. W.
hare benn eolns over the dotalla ot their re
pent tournament held nt Chloaso, and thnr ea
tlmate the loae at about $4.(KH). The blt-rcla
trade donated over $15,000 to the leksue aa
guarantee acalnat loaf, ao that tho wheelmen
will not auffer through their failure to make
the tournament a financial aucceaa. In order
to rolmhurse the trade a two-dar tournament
will be held at Chicago aome time In October
for their benefit.
Tho National Crcllafa' t'nlon of Kneland
hnvo mnlntalnel a strict silence In rotation to
tho rhariraa that ther have made airatnat A. A.
Zimmerman. The official replrof the L. A.
TV. has beon received In England, but a month
will elapse before tho next meeting of the
union. Zimmerman expresses no uneaslnesa
about the matter. He courts the fulloat In
Teatigatlon Into his amnteur standing.
H 102a
I I I x- 1
A rider who Is attaining groat riromlnonce
In England Is E. IL Osmond. He has start
ed in to break records, and up to date has
boen very successful. In an attempt at the
one-hour record ho rodo '-'.' miles, lesa 43
yards, in exactly 60 minutes, which la world's
record time. On Auk. 17 he rodo two miles in
4 minutes 1!4 '-!-r seconds. Tills is also a
world's record. The best previous I'.nirllsh
record was 4 inlnutos li ' 4-5 seconds, held by
M. It Fowler, while W. V. Wenele holds the
American rei-ord of 4 minutes 28 .'1-5 seconds.
t" -iiii.tpl has won the Atierley lllcycle Club
championship tin's season and num. tops
races of minor Irnportnnco.
The defeat of Zimmerman last Thursdny by
L !v Meliitjes in a hitlf-mlle race indicates
that this South African racerls rnpidlv becom
ing accil mated, and villi likely attain the speed
he has shown in somo of Ills record rides in
England. Zimmerman has been ridintr very
erratically tit is season, and there are somo who
behove that his racing days are drawing to a
closo. Throughout the Western Circuit he has
been beaten at the huntls of Sanger. Wendle.
Johnson, and Tyler. It is claimed that the
mishap to Sanger at Chicago preventod the
latter from proving .'..nclusively that ho is a
faster man than Zimmerman, nnd should
Mcintjos continue, to bent Zimmerman it Isnot
likely that Americans will have any proper
representative to inept tlio forelirnor at tho
fall mooilncs. Zimmerman has been raoing
constantly sln.'e his return from England, and
is in neet! of a good rest.
The failure ..I 1 r.derlck Osmond, the ex
champlon ol England, to raco at any of the
American tournament! bns resulted In some
very unfavorable comments being made.
Osmond refuse, i to mce against Zimmerman
while tho latt.rwns In l.ngland last year on
the plea thnt be was not in condition. Since
Osmond's arrival In this country he has had
ample time to tret In condition, but his con
tinued refusal to race is interpreted aa an
acknowledgment that he (ears defeat.
The act Ion of the llaclog Board of the L. A. W.
In refusing to declare nny of their men pro
fessionals previous to the Chicago tourna
ment was regarded as an Indication that, after
the big meeting ended, u number of noted
riders would be suspended. No such stops
have been taken, however, and from the pres
ent outlook nothing of that kind will be done.
The fact is the I A. W. Haelng Board are en
tirely too weak to bring the suspicious men to
the front for a thorough Investigation. Home
of tho members of the Bonrd ar In favor of
turning out all the men whoseactlons warrant
oxpulsion. but the Western mom hers are dis
posed to overlo.'k violations .r the rules, and
it must taken unanimous vote of tho Board
to tlui-lare n man to be a professional.
Mrtropnlltfin Cycllna; Aeeoclaxton.
A regular monthly tip rip, nf the Metropolitan
Cyellng AseocAtlon waa heltl on Frltlay evrnlnn nt the
Cohitnhla. in ronrte-nth atreet. There are thirty rtal.e
In the aisflelailon. and nearly all of them were repre
sents.!, t'li.'i. :.'- 4. stieehan ot the Manhattan Bl
cvele t'lnh presided, .,n l Kreiterlek llawley of the
K ii.-- County Wheelmen, who le Treaaurer of the
tlBRtnir i . .iiiiim i . : ...l hi annual report. The re
port ehowen that the iitluira of the a.auclatlou were
In a Iloiiriahinir condition.
ArraiiiteinentB w.-re tipple r.ir an ontlnir of the aao
rliitlnn n Sept. 1 at Ne w Dorp. 8. 1. Treaeurer llnw
ley oxpreea.-d a wih that tlie money for the annual
meet, which le to he held at Waverley, N. J., on Sept.
IH. would i- In farter. I'e raid SI 500 had heen
prom. ee.l. Put only SMKl hail been raid into tti. treas
ury Mr. Haw ley intimated that if the neeee.ary tun. la
were not forth.'. -min, there wa a poaatbltlty of the
meet falling- through.
Nrw. ot (lie ITheetlmen.
The Mnrrt.'lair Wheelmen will hold a run to Mount Ta
bor to day.
The Atalnnta Wheelmen will bold their annual clam
bake on Sept. p.
The Manhattan Bloyrle Club will hold arun to Far
Ki , a . .-., to-day.
A team rare, open to rlnh In 1'nlon county, will be
held on the Milhtirn course on Kept. 4.
The BXCeislor Hloycls t'lnh of Newark will hold a ten
Dtlle roitd rare on Labor i .... on the Mi. I, inn iiiiiria
i ... ; i. - for the flr.t utuiiptl rare meet of the Mercury
Wheel .n, of l ... -. i.l to he held on Sept. 2.1. will
close on Sept. liiwith.l nt Ib-rwerden. Fluahlug. l.l.
The l.afavette Wheelmen will hold a nlie-mile eraleh,
two-mile b tn.licap. tlve-n.ile .iuh i hampiunahtp. and
oiie-iiule i-otis.iliitiutl rai-e on Labor bay ou the li n..;-toti-Mlihurn
The .iimi.-.. Athletic ('ln)i cycler will hold a aerl'-e of
ra.'es on Kept. la. The eteni will ,'onslat of a half
mile in i n lull.- .iuh chumptotiahlp. aud one, two, ana
live utile handicap event
The l-'xcelrlor lllryelo flub ha been organized In
Newarr, with the f illowing olhcere: Preslil.nt. s K.
lergen, Vice-I'respli: t, II. Toung; Secretary, W. L'.
KlslUT. i ..p'.i.n. I mill. Ill i L.
The nit nun. P'ycle Club will hold a race meet on
Sept. 4 the llat of events aro ae lollowet line third
mile, handicap; one mile. Imitation; on.' third mile,
open, one inlle. 2iSUolafi: oueuille, huiidlcan.
Ttrday 'he Thirteen Cycle i lub will hold a iluh run to
Slieeprhei.-l llui . atarilng from the club liouae at I P M.
tin Ik r.lnea.piy evening next the club will hold a lantern
rt.ti to High Bridge, starling in. in the club houae at tf
Charley Murphy, the New Tork A. C. racer, who hae
been declared a professional by the 1. A. kV . Affirms
Unit lie will appeal hi. cae at the regular Natlonul Ae
eeiuhlv meeting in Kehruary. lite Kxectitlte Coiutmt
tee of the 1. A. W.. when appealed lo by Murpby re
cently in Chicago, refused lu revuke the decision of lb
luring: Board.
The Tarrytown Cycling Association have completed
all the iiecesrarv arrangements to have a grand bicycle
parade on Aug. .11. The affair promises to be a success,
as clubs Irom Nyaelt. White I'Ulne. Dobbe Kerry, Irv-111,-tnu,
llAhtlnga. Votikera. ami Sing Sing have heen In
vited to participate, and favorable answers have been
received trout all.
The t'tieene County Wheelmen will holn" a race meet
on the trtu-eii Athletic As. o. lallon track on Sept. :..
when tile lot ioWIDK race. H 111 he run; I'lu-nille. novice;
one-nuie. open to reeplcnta of Ijucen .ouutr. hatl
mile, handicap; two-mile, team relay race, one mile,
three-minute da: t-vo-tnlle. hnnuteap; ha f tnlte,
scratch Kntrlu m ill clone on Aug Jl w nn c. R Bert, n
P. ill. in, ii J lll.l. I- 1
.fact I'rlnee, the 'tticf can professional bicyclist.
wa H con.plcu.iua llgure on the deck of the Brltentlio
kkeilue. lay arternooti en route for Liverpool. The et
as she slippeil nut i.t Up' kt lute Mur "lock at 2 o'i lock
.i-n wa III rare nhnpe. and nsnured the many frt-iple
B ho a .v him oil that I is i mil throughout Kiiglana ami
l. .i. ". .t lie n . .. ; . "li shattered iecords He
bai tnet.-ti w nil Ii. ck Una ell. the I itgltali clialnplon.
booked r..r the a.-.-oti.l week after lua arrival, at Heme
lliil track. London llenlllgo onto 1'arla BLd have a
gout l.i.i ' ... the great I 1 1 i.. iiinhii
t I.t- ,11. it In.. I. Ill Sl..l l..
Conrlant Iteader-The loo-yard record accepted hy
the A A. 1 ia It 4-1 se.-onil made bv John tjw n. Jr,
Petri It A. C. at Wnlilngion. II c, Dct. 11, lMo 1
ToiioMTo. Aug 'ja -llen:an hae matched bla nephew,
luithaui. lo row i'nrt?ti. the Chicago sculler, a mile
race lu Chicago nex; mouth for ."" a side. The
i. n tie ....iii i. lu compliance wlta
Ci.rhett wishes.
I, McNeil, the crack four pound quoit pitcher of Long
p ui l ci:. and kk . hinimer of the same place, are
mat in d to play a tti p.. tit same, for ''.', a lde. at
kk lutes itioil grounds. 1.2ol Broadway, Astoria, on
Labor lt l.iiiiiiiHi rei-.'ii ra ten point, ua a bandlcap.
U I. Wndtuan - The r.i -ir.l vou refer to waa UU eec
onda I; waa recently dlac.ivered by tlte Kngllsii ath
i.-ltc autboritiee that the condliloite were loo favora
ble lo riewar.l to entitle (he performance to the piece
It in . nine. l in the it hi l tables and It has basn olbulal
ly wiped out.
An interesting edition of the People's Handbooa
series uasjust bseu issued by 1-'. M Luplon. Jl covers,
crisply almost the entire held of outdoor gstnee. and
mil,, ji.-- the olllcial rules for playing baseball, foot
hall, cricket, lacroa.e. tennis, croquet. c. , by the vet
eran authority. Henry Chad wick.
The Oaellc A. c have elected the following offleerst
J. Uou.dlng, I're.i.lrnt L p.mp.ey. ice l'reri.1. ut.
C O'Leary. fiscrrtarr; W. Kent. Treaaur.r. J. Crouiu,
A. SbarrlOs. aud P alccarthy. t'ommlttee on Gamea
The Oa.l. would Ilka to hear from aoy club playing
football under Oaellc or totcrcolleglale rules, with a
view to arrange game, the coming season Address C.
UL..IJ. s.tt.i.i i, CO bouth Second street, Brooklyn.
ABjtMker Hetwe-IBhlBic " M t
The newlf orcanlred Columbua Catholle
Club plunged Into the sporting whirl laat
Tuesdar with n vim which agreeahlr surprised
its fraternal rlvala. It had eleven representa
tives In tho different events at the 0. 11. Ia
games, and nil ran well enough to Insure fu
ture success on tho track.
TheXavlerA. A. had fourteen representa
tives running, but with the solitary exception
of on9 entry each from the 8t. Stephen's A. A.
and Holr Cross L. A. A. the athlotes or the
other Catholic clubawore conspicuous br their
nbsonce. One official asserfod thnt many of
the prominent Catholic cluba which prosent
such a bold front In A. 1). I". tournaments
almply borrow men for those occasions at the
eleventh hour. Mtnllnr charges bavo often
beon mado before, out never came to a head.
What gave color to tho subject on tho latest
Occasion was the presence of an unattachod
athlete, who said he belonged to no club. In
A. I. 17. contests tho same runner Is one of the
first put forward as a star member of one of
tho compel lug clubs.
Among the many Harlem organization
which have been attracting attention by their
sportive enthusiasm this season tho Hallo
ween Club plavs a prominent part, its recruit
ing ground Is the parish of All Saints, and Its
member roll embrace 140 of the most de
sirable nnmes In the vicinity. Tlio club house
Is situated dlroctly In the rear r the church
grounds, at BO K.ust lSOth street. It Is very
snugly flttotl up and has every facility for
comfort nnd fun to be had Indoors. In tho
billiard room there are two lino billiard tables
end a pool table of the newest pattern. Tho
parlore. enrd, anil reading rooms nre also fully
equipped, and nrrangetuonts for n gymnasium
are In contemplation.
All the enterprise of the management I at
present concentrated on the excursion to
C.rand View Grove, on the Sound, scheduled
for Thursdny. Aug. Ml. The Holy Nome and
other societies connected with All Snlnts
Church will share In the festivities of tho out
ing, and a high old time is anticipated, (lames
of all sorts nre being arranged as npPoti7.ors
for the goot! things provided.
The Xnvter club's I onrd meeting may soon
decide dotlnltely as to what athletes will bo
sent to represent the club at the World's I'nlr
tournnment. They have almost a dor.n am
bitious ami desirable candidates for tho houor.
hut the chosen ones will probably he SI. i.
Swoeney. A. J. Walsh. W. O'Keorre. anil J.J.
Slooney. These hnvo all won championships
in the club colors, antl can bo relied on to wear
them with credit in any company. Neither of
the o'sullivnns can get the netossary leave of
absence, ho that the club will hardly be repre
sented In tho weight events. One ortwo others
In tho middle distance class may establish a
claim by their form In tho Labor Unv games.
The only other Catholic club likely to be
represented In Chicago Is the Holy Cross Ly
ceum. Its prestige will be entrustod to
Tommy Conneff. who should prove n host In
himself. The ex-champion' club mntes and
admirers are rather pleuaed than otherwise to
hoar. f the possible opposition of r. ft Bacon,
the English champion. They any the British
flyer will serve to supply the only element
needod to chaao Conneff-among the records.
I .... lli.t nt tbe Cstnne lump.
Amkrican Canoe Association CaMT, Kings
ton. Ont.. Aug. 2ft, Yesterday saw the dissolu
tion of the fourteenth encampment of the
Amorlcan Canoe Association and the exodus of
tlte majority of tho canolsts The day wus a
busy one among the campers, who woro all at
work pulling up stakes and packini: thoir
outfits. All the New York nnd Now l.nglnnd
contingent loft on tho afternoon boat, nnd
Brophy's dock was piled high with a mas of
trunks nnd trappings of all descriptions,
ruuaw 1'oint, tho ladles' quarters, showed the
dopletion the least of all. Most of those re
maining nre Canadians, who will remain over
Sunday, nnd some will stay until the last of
the week, us tin. grounds have been leased
until the 1st of September.
The only raoo booked for the day was tho
I'nddling Club fours, one-half mile strnluht
away, and that was declared olT on account of
inhiiflleleut ontries. The pa. Idling war . unoo
race did not occur, as thore were no war
canoes at tho meot.
The last evening in camp wns celebrated ny
a camp lire, given by the canolsts to Commo
dore Cotton to show their appreciation of his
successful management of the meet. The
campers were universally pleased with the
beauty of the place, and it is probable that tho
meet, of '115 will t.e held on the same point.
Everybody mined In the rovelry of tho Inst
night, and at '. o'clock yesterday morning
the camp still slumbered Tlio dismantled Hag
poles and tent Moors wote contlscated to keep
the camp lire burning nnd It was not until
dawn that thu rev. Hers broke ranks and let
bilencu .settle, over the camp.
yen's vk tiik canoes.
H. I. Quick of the lonkera Canoe Club, has
bought the open paddling cunou Clytle from
Frank Woodon.
The elocili.n of Irving Dorland of tho Ar
lington Canoe Cluli as Commodore of tho
American t anoe Association is universally ap
proved by all who know him.
Seven members of the Hoboken Canoo Club
have hired a house near Stone Cnttroh on tho
Shrewsbury River, where they have been
cruising for tho past three weoks. and will live
there during the remainder of tho season.
The officers of the combined Labor Iayre
gnttas ol tho Orange. Arlington, and lantho
canoe clubs aro: Referee, Robert J. Wilkin,
Brooklyn Canoe Club: Announcer. Morton V.
Brokaw. Brooklyn 0. US Clerk of tho Courso.
ft B. Boggs. lunthe C. C,
Tho Labor Day regatta of the Arlington Ca
noe ( lub will take pin. -e on the I'aasuic lllver
in Iront of their boat house at Arlington. N. J
on tho morning of Sept. 4. at 0:30 o'clock.
Tho events will ho as follows: Paddling, club
fours; puddling tandem, decked cauoos. pad
dling, open canoes: paddling, decked canoes;
paddling taiitleni. open canoes; standing
paddling; hurry-scurry and upset; swimming.
Tho club four of the lantho Canon Club will
nn doubt win the trophies for the throe club
four races at the l'assaie lliver regattas next
Saturday nn.l Jlonday. Tho members of tbe
team aro Barron Fredrick. W. J. Stewart,
Murk I-'reomnn. and Win. lluguld They bear
n clean record of victory in the past, and aro
now in splendid condition. The lantho Club
will also outer a chippie crow, the members of
which ate ft li. Boggs, J. II.Bralne.il. 8.
l-armer. and ,1. B. Mowurt, All in training.
Barron l'redrlcks's yawl Wrallh. which has
been anchored near thu lantho club bouse
dragged its anchor during the storm W'ednis
niglit nnd was found capsized on the beach
about a. quarter of a mile below on Thursday
morning. Tho rigging wns badly damaged.
Jbe W raith was the fastest boat of Its sire in
thoso waters before the boatsofthe "Scare
crow" model were built. At that time she was
okvneil by C. li. Vuux ef the New Vork Canoe
(lub. but slnco r red ricks aciulreil posses
sion of bor she has lod a very peaceful llfo out
on the l'assaie lliver.
On the afternoon of Labor Dnythn lantho
Canoe Club will hold its regatta on the well
known course in front of its club houso at
Woodslde. N. .1. 1 hes,. nro the events to be
contested: Sailing, senior: sailing, juniors
sailing, upset and mnn overboard; ruddling
open .nnoeB: paddling, juniors, deckod ca
noes; paddling, seniors, .1,-eked canoes; pad
dling tundem. open canoes; paddling tun
dem. decked canoes: puddling, club fours;
nn. I. Mini-, any canoo; hurry-scurry and upset
tournament. Thore will be a jolllOcullon ut
tho club houso in tho evening.
Hell 4rit(- ...... (lull Hltoot.
Tba Hell (late (Inn club held Us rcguinr monthly
shoot at Dexter I'ark on W-dne.day. Fourteen ini-ue
her competed for the best handicap averngce lor the
annual prizes In their sereral clauses 1'ncli allot nt
twenty blue rocks, e.ectr.c pull trnp. twenty yards
rise. J. lltiniiefelser eras the lies', scorer, with 111 col
J. k'os. second, with 14: I. Logarty and' J. Troatef til ii
for third iila.-e with 13 oich The score J l.,i,i,.i,
aer. HI. t'.LJ Vo... 14; I. Fcgarty. IU; J Troilel lBl
J. Loerslcr. 1-': C Webber -; J. linder. 1 1 ; A He
(.raw, W; J. Relger. H; H. Politick. 8. a Pehln 7 II
knn.lel. 7; J. Brode. r. j. Muck. 1. ". II II.
Liral Swrepeleke Shoot. F fiern Blrds-J Vos lit
C kkel.ber. I): I, Polluck. It; J 1 oersler. 8; J. uTiger
6; J Brode, a.
secontl Kweepatake. same condition J Foerster
10. c. Webber, it; J. Vo. U; J.. Hollii.-k. H; J. Rleger
11. J. Brode f A. He Graw. r, '"" ""Slr.
Third Swerprlake. sntnn conditions J Voss 14 J
. linnet, i. i L j Foerster, Hi; J. I indrr li H Dot
3C'".k; M- J" ' o"y. 7; J. Brode. 7; J Trostel. il; c
VketJ.er. C
Fourth Sweepstnke. Six Live Birds. 28 Yarde-J Vosa
; J Troelel ft; K Hollltek. S; II. kkcblier. 4 .1 Foers
ter. 4: J. Brode. 3; II huodil. 3; J. Haunefelser. a: J
LiinP : , 1, J. Hieger. .
HI,,,.. Hop n tl.r A, ,u, .....prllll,,,,
yockcstows. N. V., Aug. 2fi -The prellmloary shoot
ing In the Briny competition at Fori Niagara closed
3 eaterday. Bud tbe scores made eclipsed thoae of the
twoprerellngdays. 1 he work done by the nn.it rim n
Is unusually egcsllent. and ll is not iiuprotiahlo that
new records will he eatahhshed for Ibe depanuoiil of
the Fast nest week, w lien the competition proper lakes
Tho three day's preliminary shooting consisted of
ono day at known dlstaure ami two at eklrmirinng
Sergeant J. I'. Fellen.. Company F. Ninth Infanirv
md tbe top srore of 44,1. Corporal Spurgln. Companr
ll, Tweuty-nrsl Infantry. Mound, with 412. an.l her
geaul Laver i otupaio II, Slilli Infantry, third with
401. Today tbe luarksmcu are atuuring tbeuisolvee
with pool snooting.
"Will k.k Long. I.l.uil Bird. Into Itmlth
rrrsaa.N a.nw.r, Aug ie-Danlel o. ilatfield, familiarly
known as "Old llat." who le not only a breeder but
an expert judge of gamecocks, brought horns from
New Brunswick this week some stook that he sais will
km. i. the Long Island bird into smithereens' Tbe
look Is a cross between some Jcrse, Cubans and
"Old Hal's' pyta niiida The inner says tbev are long
slajere. and In a trial recently Iber could not he
ko,"11 V.i7 1" "'.' 4,W Tl" M"1' "'" " on eihi
billon at the New Jersey state Fair ueal week and at
the poultry show in New Vork city. " "
1-e.fcenr n., M O.le-n.t.4 1 -y T.H&A.
Mrahrr. IB Beoel lyl.
Wnnamassa Y. M. C. A. camp at AbnnrTr
will bo the scene of unusual actlvlly on Labor
Pay. nnd visitors will be treated to a card full
of Pleasing attractions. A number of athletic,
cvonta will 1 e run olT on the track, and field
sports will also receive nttentlon. Deal I-ake.
on which the camp Is located, will be used for
a.ittatic contests, such ns double and single
scull races. "tub races, swimming, Ac. After
Ibor Day the camp will be closed.
September marks tho beginning of lively
times again In Y. M. C. A. circles. It Is dur ing
this month that tho games under the direction
of the city association are continued, nnd then
comes tho annual State meet. This year It will
be held at Ilochester on Hopt. 1!4. This event
IsconductodiK'corditigtotho Pentathlon sys
tem. It Is thought Unit some of the records
In existence are bound to be broken
If the work done at the district games is
any criticism Tho best records now on
fllo nre: W. H. Merrill. :i.r4 points: Wil
liam II- Hoberts. Inst yenr'a State champion.
3.17 : Walter Drum mend. 331 i Henry Kline. :il'2:
Klbert Totton. MP: Thomns Mnlon, H14; J. W.
Monroe. 310: Kdwnrd Williamson. 800l John
8. Klnley. ROB; Lawrence Bentlle, 301: David
Bollard, 3(il. Among somo or thoso who got
Into the "record clnss" this time are: l.d ward
J. kVnlsh of Albany, TTntoii I'odlow of Brook
lyn. 1'iiul Kttknnngh of Brooklyn. ( Inrence
Creech of Brooklyn. Will Druinmond ul New
York. Thomns Beed of Harlem. . I. s. Klnley of
New York. W. Bangs. W. D. McMonlBle. jK
Dnvust. and Kuebler of Yonkers.
There has been some speculation as to who
would represent tho Young Men's Institute at
the State meet. Last year Jtidson McUcllan
wns the sole representative, but he Is now the
Socretary of tho Lnglewood. N. J.. Associa
tion. The Institute has not had many crack
ajacks since Hweenov. I'ulvermlller. nnd their
friends went over to the athletic cluba. The
Institute Oarsmen tklll be on hnnd on I-ohor
Day. They are Louis Schmidt. Frenk Hogg.
(1. Lemons. Lulls Klein. E, ilollonder. J. Joye.
M. 1 nvv. and lilts Biaiiilt
Bnsebnll has received more attention rrom
the members of the Y. SI. C A. thla year than
ever before. Almost every branch has a team,
nnd games nr fro'iuontly arranged between
the rival branches. At the Institute the regu
lar team play every week. William Keopfer Is
the pitcher nnd hlng does tho work behind
the bat. Billy Kramer Is the llrst basomnn. If.
c. Kraomer covers secontl base. Charley im
port, third bnse; Mclntyre. short stop, with
Frank Hogg in lelt Held. .(.Connor In centre,
nn.l Billy Burnett In right.
When tho members of the boys' department
return from their vacations they will try to
resuscltnto thoir athletic league. Last year
their meet took place early in October and was
a great succoss. Tlio boys of tho Harlem nnd
Knst Eighty-sixth street branchea aro looking
forward to the fall nnd winter senson expect
antly. Tho boys of Brooklyn, notably at the
I'rospect I'ark branch, havo beon at work ath
letically all summer.
I'lli.in.er Tklll llnr.llv Accept O'llonrka's
Unfair I lutllcnce.
Tom O'Roorke's challenge In behalf of Festher
weight Champion tleorge In ton to fight Billy dimmer
to a finish for S10.000 a side and the largest j.urae
offered, the men to weigh 114 pounds at 1 o'clock on
the afternoon of the nght. w ta generally laughed at by
sporting men yesterlay. O'Kourke's conditions will
hardly suit tho little KnglUbmen and his friends.
in the first place, I'.lmmer, being a bantam weight,
would not consent to light a llnlsh contest except at
110 or 112 pounds Then the stipulation that the men
weigh In at 1 o'clock, or eight hours before entering
tile ring, cannot meet with tils approval In such an
event luxon might easily take on four or fire pounds
in the time hetwuen weighing in and the fight, which
would give the colored boy a decided ndvantaga. If
(t'ltourke thlnke Ibe Unlit may be secured by the coney
I-.'.n i Athletic Club, then hie suggestion that the men
tight for pi pun n side la ndlculoiie. as stake Bants
are not allowed In tho arena by the tea Hie deposit of
11.000 win hardly be covered by Pllmmer until
u'Kourke natnee illdereut terms
lo those who raw I'llmmsr fairly beat Dixon In the
Harden la.t Tuesday night this latest manlfeeta by
O'ltourke appeara In the nature of a frantic effort to
1 e in I- I'llmmer and re. tore Uixnn to the throne from
which he ti heen temporarily unseated. I'lnnmer'a
handler will undoubtedly las to It that their clever
prett gi- d es not pot his foot In it by accepting suck a
manifestly unfair challenge.
Goaalp or the Ring
Faddy Gorman says he will right any 140-ponnd mu
In the country. Jack Iltckey preferred.
Alexander Salvlnl. eon of the famous tragedian, has
dr. clop.- I luto an exct-lleut Judge of boxing.
II. t;.. New Vork: Solly Smith was bora at Los Angeles,
CsL, and l now 21. lis tiaa never been defeated.
Joe Wnlcott. the colored light weight. Is anxious to
arrange a tight with anybody at 1311 pounds.
J Wilson. Solly Smith and (leorge Millions fought a
.'... i ii iinl draw at the California A. C. one year ago.
Faigene llorubacher writes to Tux Sen that he will
fight Billy Murphy, or ony other 117pound man in the
world, to a llulab.
Jerry Barnett writes to the Vlutratl A'nra that ha
will n.rct .Pic Skel.v nt 1 IH pouuil. either lo a Ilulah
or In a .imiie i round conteat.
Hilly Vernon told a Bra reporter that be would like to
arrange a return battle null Hilly Krnst. Vernon says
he i an whip I.ruai if they meet again.
Al Murray wants to light Jim Burge, the "Iron Man.
or any other boxer, at PC. to las. ponnds. Murray says
the' he la in it pusltlon to make a elde wager.
Header. Newark Bob r'ltrstmmons met Billy Mo
i in tv for a puree of .l.rM)al halt Kranclsco, nn May
211, lHcO, lux wou In ktmlnulee aud 88 seconds.
Jimmy Jtowd. the light weight, has returned to the
fugiiirtlc rank after an absence of several years, lio
s out with a challenge lo nght anyboJy In his class.
Charley Kelly, tbe hnrd-hltting bantam, told a re
porter of Tux Bra thnt he would like to arrange a match
witii Jtolly Ljous at 112-114 pounds, for a purse and
side wager
Teddy kkilson. New Turk. George Plxon and Nuno
Wnlim-c fought in hngland on Dec, 2d, I8H), for tbe
leather weiglu ciiampluushlp of the world. Dixon won
In eighteen round..
Opaqat. New Vork. QsorgS Dlaon and Fred Jobnson
of hngland fought at the Coney Island A. ('. for a
.. . "i ' p'l" .nut iho feather-weight champlonsblp of
the world 111 Juue, 1HP2.
It appear thnt the proposed match between
"Young Mitchell an.l Buly MeCarty has fallen
through. Mi c.irt) is ttuw suffering from an aggra
vated attack of malaria
J:n i. Lyman, the old time feather weight, writes to
Tiik Sea that Ihe cnuse-of hie not postlog money to
clinch u match with Johnnie Grant was due to tbe taot
that ha injured his arm.
Joe Mct.ralh, the Irish bnntaro. say that Pllmmer Is
not a very linril hitler, but very clever. McGrath wants
to tight ii.inii) Mclirlde. nnd claims that he cau get
bucking for any amount.
Krank Chiles, a light heavy weight of the Faclfia
Const, telegraphed to I ,1 Naif, one of George Dlxon'e
backer, yesterday, to urrauge A match fur him with
anybody in the world at 166 pounds.
John Md'eil. New York. Pllmmer. after his victory
over Dixon, wa surrounded oy a crowd of admiring
Inenil. who litt.-J him above liietr heads and carried
liltn upon their shoulders out of the ring
Stanton Abbott Is thinking seriously of going hack to
I.ngaipl lie ha received an offer from the National
sporting Club of London to meet Martin Denny, the
Australian light weight, for a good-sled purse.
"Mysterious" Billy Smith and his trainer. Joe Hen-tn-r,
, arrived In this city yenlerday from Saginaw,
Mi. It They hate secure 1 trulnlnc uuartere at " Brook
It ii Jimmy " Carroll's road house on Couoy Island
Harry Neumeir bns written to the Loudon p-..'ii.i
'"' that lie wouhl use to arango u light will) Harry
Nlckeles. Tom Williams of Australia, or "Cock Robin "
al uupouivls, give or take two pounds, for J.200 aside.
Jerry Harnett aaks Thk Bus to aay for linn that be Is
anxiea. loarrange a light with Tiuiniiv Creed. Nichols
or l.i... i. lu regard to Pllmmer or Dixon. Harnett
.hook hi he.id and aald. "Icalt't llckeitheror them"
Con Coughliii now claim that he waa not In the host
of coii.litl.iB at Madlaon 6 piare Garden ou Tueeday
night, t .nighlin ty that i... woulu not be averse to
arranging a match to a iin.ii wilh Con Kturdan. the
man who pun. j,, -j tiiin out.
Znck Ahrnitt. Holly smith's hacker and manager left
for Cnicngo Uethieeilitv morning Alirame says Ibat he
w-ill call on Dointnlck tCMully and demand his $1 OOO.
which the latter hold as a lorteit. O'Mally says that
he will turn Die inuney over to aoute deserving charity.
Alec Greggaine told a Sus reporter yesterday that he
belle) ed lie would never he ah.o 10 light again at the
noddle weight limit. "My w.-lirht in the future," he
said, "will be between Dili ami ITO pounde. I will
meet Rteve t .' Iimiii. ll or Aiialralls or any other light
heavy weight for a purse "
Jolinny Van lleett, who e matched to meetllaghy
nspierof kustrsile before tbe Olympic a. c. on sept
- I- iiiriMj ..I n. iir.e,.,,. k.itllleest weighs 180
in. mil He v 111 do his Paining at thu Olympic club
In. iso Napier. . ini.u and Mauagcr Mike Haley
Wliletv I..r the South n-xt wees.
Itarrt kkei. of tin cttj write, lo Tnr Btrs as followai
I acsapt the chttlleitg. of George ilitrmmi of thB
Unwn Toivn t c. to light nnv l:t pound man. nn be
i... ... i. k iiiidcrll.-li. or I will take on Al Murry or
any Lia-iaf, pound man. winner to lajke all. belore the
club olToring un upproprlate puree."
According to n c tl.le ile.patch received at the Pirt
(,-urrroll.ce ve.terdav. laile-Tilley of Kligland and
Jack 1 itrpiilrlck. c.iainppin of Canada, have been
ninichrd to tigiit liefnr.. tlie Nai on.tl sporting Club of
L'.iilon d.irlng Ihu ia.l week In October lor a Bursa of
i-oouiniii.nl. wafer ot C10U, Tba men will light at
l.tl l-oiihd
'I IP in. n. Manning. New Vorl. -Gfnrgo Godfrey, better
known n "llld I hocolatc ." and " Deliver" si, ml, met
on Nbv. jr, mint, at lioimken Tweniy.tlirra rounds
were fought when thu po iro Interfered. Jerry Dunn
the retetee. Mien stiippe.l ibe light .mi declared Gu,l
frev in be winner. The lime ottuo contest was 1 hour
and ai uitniiti..
Martin Met lure, an east s'.le lioxer In a commtinlca
llou lo lux si a writes thai he would !il.e to arrange a
right with Jos Ui Gralli. Ills irl.u bantam, o I rankle
Mcllugli of t in.-lniiatl. either f. r a limned number of
roiinl.or for etnlurance at lu pound- for srsjo a
tide lie adds tht he sip i-,( euuer ol (he nhove
liBtiied ,.iKil.slalTus, Miillreaii) evening after 7
o clock loelliicb a ineeiing.
Kroin pi. r. n appratantr it look) aalr l.o'.i I n ,.i,.
piouewi I really light (Jan Creed. ... I ,w war In a tap,..
tlie mood ii.ler.lny ami. lit rnn vereat loll iiiih.fi," rr.
i'f'in'i . ,' "' '0"ng to uglll ,intbo.ylnmy , ..
proiidiiig, of couree. I am oRered n in inducement!
Btu Hie champion at my weight and I wouldn t get anv
more reputation tuan 1 posses now even tr I dffeate 1
re, don ..r any other uiid.u. weight I ., oui .., th.
lucre, and If ins clubs oiler me a b.g puree! i l r
rnngea inaub at ouce." fu.ee. win ar-
lillly Mill, known aa the " I'lcgaiuuny." hae parted
with his in.. i, uk-. i-teic (I'boiiurli. be laller .aid
ye. erd.y that he dropped the ' Pickaninny from hi
lliaaagemenl becatl.e nu.ne.e of a diSereal attirs
u n ,',' iftV'R" U""""''d " Edill. Lo.ber. Ill compr. ,7
with kid Hot-nii and in. backer, called at I," l
on co. accordu,.. to appointment, lo meet O Inn
nel aim maka a mat.n with the colored Ud kk en
Loeb.rwB. told of lb breach between th." Pib."
and bla manager ne manlfeete J connderabla l ...
ptantment J m ready lo nght h.m or a , i,ol)'t,ln
America at lis or l2o pound." he lulangt 'Hi
cour... I will give the ' I'lckanlnny the pr.f.r.ne. I
win meet htm at Th St oltlce on anv nt.ht .r. 1
Siuck that he UB de.iu.i. I . ,u.1u.m!"
Slaughter! Well !
We hnve bought ovor 1,600 hi.
cycles for spot cash in the last ;
three weeks, nnd ymi know what
values we can Ret now, so will
offer :
800 Tourl.is. brand newnnl male st IM Cell's As
mory factory, with lean be! Birlwtll pncumat.e tires
lilted at SK.o. at-Just think.
$75 EACH.
Complete with SO lamp and 2 bell. ac.
LOT 2.
800 Smalleys. Mght Rosd.ter snd Rac. lrgi
man" at the MsrblcOtrlr t'onipan)' Works, Ilitn I its,
Ind , and guaranteed nothing finer, lis 'e.l at $lfo St
$75 EACH.
Complste with tfl lamp and J bell, ac
Also look nt this list of prices : '
isn.1 Imprriai Pneninatle, $"r: Credenda hrnml n-w
Combination. $.M: rreden.ta rneittnstlc. 181: It lot
riyer. 1898, 110; Victor C. fit.".: Victor A. M". (' ty
bla Cushion. nr; Crescent n.lilon, 12." R0 I 1
Victoria, STr.l Lady Juno, SO. tl gmt Snlf- I': .
ii t;r. jil'i, elegant Tandem, c t sj"5. at Mt: K. in
Ington, 170; Kcllpse I'neunutt c. S5o; l.n.lies I'neis
matin Columbia. Sar. Phoenix Pneumatic. I.-.; ; ,,r .-i,
30 pound 8200 racer, new. f.r Jiou. Itnlelch Gtl.hl n,
new. 8T0: new Rambler Cushion. M ". I. t of lioyl
ssfetlesSlO. 812. and 818 each All urllnane at 88
each. 1.000 othere 810 up
No such assortment or pricrs to
be found elsewhere in America,
rtnll'r-rTc lamps. 7r.c: others Ctsrre 12 80. f 8 ampa
d'.etncliahiei. IJ.'-'R 82 bells st 76c,
Hamilton Bicycle Stores,
41 AND 43 WEST 125TH ST.
Cable passes the door.
18 9 3
Brooklyn's Favorite.
MOLD ON IXST.tl.l.liraTH.
$10 Down and $10 per Month.
1,190 FULTON ST.,
Near Redford At. II rook I vn. N. T.
Nowhere else can you obtain as
many advantages in buying
29 Broadway,
(E G. P. CO.)
Bicycles Slaughtered.
roo iniprr ain Vlctort. Rudnreii. i rinccnip. i!;k'hi
lun nam, mi: all vn, Httmblerv. Mum of t-nr ;i m,
Culuiubiai, ( r-iiciulAri. hwlfta. at $JG. f50, iitl t -
41 AX P 48 WEST lTH WT.
Rlcolei rapalred on ibort notice. 1'urtt au'l B-mdrlatf
kept in itock.
JTWF.T BOt'I.F.V VICIfc. .'. Y. nTT,
26 West 23d St.. N. Y.,
-I itniilits-t ur- llic
Illlilll'.l URIIIK MADE.
--Oil. OX IVSTll.l.lllVTS,
Ol'TI.NB lilllllis OF A I.I, KIXOS.
1.1IWI Fiillon m war HeU(ord A.
A MAO Dun will be lei Ion, at Hecks Hotel Hi.
I...-11 l.iib.ir Hay at 111. big Kbnile lalaml I au
la'.e ,.-.. I j :. .1- lln IL- il
HM'i.Al. Victor ...feli Mcrcle rir.il. lit ' e
lllll'Hi. -T. IITTO V. (1IKM.. 1 le.larr'
L.lt KAI.K VerV i'bra-,iiU,rsl ari.J.- l'lieiliil il"?
JT aalety Bleveli- never t.eell used, call iiuil e.an.lii-v
"HUB II. IlLilllll, Ko.ru I -..-,. Ke la
liiilldlon, 15 lo Wtoltrhiill Ml., X. . i-ilj.
HowllBs Men on he Movr.
I'riip.'ii nt lium are alroadir boinn mailo for th
iiiixiiliiir of tlie bowling rcasou. In aliout two
WOOlca a meeting of tho Amerii'tin Nnti nat
Tournamonts will be hold to orcinio fur 'I
third annual series. Althouch nothing ill ll.
nltc ban been done, tlionerioi will undoiil I t
bocln nt un earlli-r date than lust yeur. i ft
bly Mondar. Oct. J. Three clul. a. tlio Vonk ri,
I'lcavure. and West Shore, by not ii aa
tlio neccaaary niiml.er of eninoa In Inat . il '
tourney. huv forfeited thou membership un I
an tho Atiilunta In a doubtful eomrelllor,
clubH wlihintt to take .iirt in tho touruaiin t
ean Bend in their appllOAtinnt t. Joo Thnm.
-IH and 2wi llowory. HhouM more cluhemek)
application than thorn am vuiimeioa thev i.l
haroio roll off, The Albion f laior-.m imi
Adonis of this city aro aiilnii to join ilia
oicaniziitlon. and no doubt iiuipv moro club!
will apply for admission I e.i r.. tho ineetlUsI
takes place.
II.. lloiiokiiB Volley To mla (lull.
The reported rupturo ,inifn' the olBoan of
the Hohokua Valley Tennis ( lubof RidgW d.
N. J., looklns to the illsi.itn.lmont of th.' club,
has only this one atom of Until about I', the
resignation of Cleorgo I ' Monro, the fathor of
Miss liPB.ie Mooro, a the cluh's Socrtnry.
Ir. Mi...,, i,.,. n.'t rnslnned fimn tho . lui ,
neither lias Mihh r.oKhic I no ureiti-t har
mony proviijla. nnd ll Ii.ib boon the club's nn nt
HuccoBstiilri,, ;,,.,, n.Th ntiir I . . t. is. i n.i Iihi .;
some prises hnvo beoll a sl rolls' .liawinL' i'rd,
and tho curts am itnil. Visited bv strung ts
in . i.-ii numbers. Thu club's popularity is
woll deserveii. .-.nine nl tho best players in tho
Htato are aim. nc lis moiuliers, and it a i iovorn
Ing Committee .no gonilomen of tho hUheet
hiialOHBri standing in linxclty. Tho II. .1. - '
Valley (Tub li. not going to disbaud. but has
ccuie to stay.

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