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THE SUN. SUNDAY. AUGUST 27. ls.tf A ' " H
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I j ljue sli.ira 2d. r.114 HWtM.Ua. col. Hi U7
j.m.i BUM I" ew.iiBhor. ...... U.-X
Mol A 1. nil 48
1 oi, i. or rail wj lunula (par Talon. 1.01 4.m
- AJl.l.i.Ali AMI OTMK11 KIlAllK
C"w wV I"e- , -r7..i(n ,
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loOAm.Cot.Oll.... 2BV, 2PW 2UU a; ao
JioAm lol. Olipf. tr.il 673 8714 67V, 9
It'oAlcb.T. An.ro. HI 10 1IS 16U 10
2O0H4II-AOblo.... UB 8 llf. 4U (111
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lUOClB. PaOIIIO.... 7I 71A 71V 7lS -
10'ot. I'M Hi IK 11' 17V, IK
l.T. r. A limn. 14W I.M, l4, IT, l.',(
I 2ii0Cblc.AbMtllLr.l8 H14 M4 51
UMUBlcAfo um.. t2 52). ri 61M r.is,
1 7 1 .. C . i. A bt. L. :cl4 84VJ 33J 88 84
206 ChlC. A .V. W... VJjH & wjt MS wO
5-;SoC,K. A U 77l 7 77L, 774 77M
IojTX i Jtaat. p. .. MS r.i)4 ms r,4 5C
24101 . H 1. a ro.. BuH no eui n4t r.nQ
lOOCoirutl 1 IK 10 18'4 21
001 II. A Tol. IG IB 15 1441 IB
'im'. iibi.L Ha IIS 110 118 118 lll'W
M 14L,aUa440B.Ua 112K 112 J12 112iJ
riOoD.L.Att 134 185 184 HUM 185
.50LI.0. AR. G.pt 28J4 28M j8 270 2HU
18110 Hilt!' It A C.f 21 2lt 31 2I 21J
87 KJUOb 1'.. 1 80 80 80 78 KO
(OfAiO.n bl4C 4144 404 8044 111.14 8M
joOllouatoaATtl. 24 2lJ 2)4 14, ;L,
100Lo..8t L. AT.. nQ t,8 5(4 B B
:,.n ! lll.11.rn. 14 14 14 ISM 14
I110L. K. A . pr... BKM '.14 B4 BKH tfo
1225 Lata Kbor,. .. lll.i, 117VJ llMt In;', 117)4
1. hi I.,. 11 a la.and .. P4 I '4 V4 V; 08
200Larlail.uaa.... 10U lot4 !o4 10W 11114
11. Ol.oiOl A. saili . 6Stt 54tt BS8 548 B4ri
100Loula..A.atO. 10 :o 10 10 11
(J-o Mai. Con 118 118)4 118 11814 11814
:ooMinn. A8t.L... M wi 8M 84 W
8IOM0. PaclBc 21)4 2147 2114 2 Ha 21)4
100M0. Ian. AT... 104 10. low 10S 10H
10K.J. ContravL... M7 0. V7 on 1.8',
lJBON.Y. CintroA... vow 100 y UK 100
SicillMl. C.2U. A.l. 14 1514 14 14M 1441
ooONortb Amor... 4 4)4 4 4U 4)2
111,1. . r. A .V Knr. 1HM 2014 11.44 aoU 20S4
100N. V, O.ABt L. IIM 11W 11)4 11)4 IB
08&N.y..UK. aw. 12C i2 latj 128 12)4
;hN. T..8.aw.... ION u,a 104 10)4 1S
20 NT.. 8. A Wot 811 80 BO 88 81)
U70 Northern ric. DM 6U 8)4 5 6V4
5dONorth.rac.pt.. 20 2oVJ 20 IBM 2i
lOOntarloaMln.. 8 8 8 7 0
175 Ontario a Wck. 1SW I8U 13U IBM 1844
lMil-nclf.o Mail .. BO Via UU U 10
400 Too. Doc. a Kt. 7 7W 7 ett 7U
li.Ml I'hlla. A R.ail.. 1 r.L, IBM IB 1 1&8
KivirulLKaL Car. .1458 148 16M 14(04 148
420 RAW. P. 2d A. P. 1 iff 1 1 1)4
l11ORIcb.aWP.pt 1114 1A4 1114 11 10
ioBt.uaB.w.... 4V4 fl 48 SH
100 St. L. a 8.W. pt 7fl 78 78 78 4
eoo at. P. a Omaha. 2u8 28)4 20)) 20H 204
'.50 81.1'. A OB. pr. Ull W I'O till 101
nooroothim Pac. lou lut, 11.14 1014 j.,w
ll.io T.nn.C. A 1 ... 11K 13 11H IB lit,
lldO tnlon Paclrlo.. Ill 18)4 IKtt IBM lv8
50 C. 8. Rnhbor... 20 20 ao 20 22
140 I .8. Robber pt B4 B8 BS B5S 00
a.aiWal.aoh '( ( l 7
(..kiwaliaili pf 1444 14U 14(4 141, 14L,
191 Weil. On. Tel.. 78 784J 77 7774 78
100 Wh. A L. File... 12 12 13 108 12U
100 Wh. aUat.Pl.. 40)4 i 40X 40)4 B4 4H,
Total ealee of etocka were 74.864 iharea
Off ffigh- Lot Oot-
Jfipraa. '"IT. far. ''. (tio.
8718 Amir. BofarRef..... 7(fl4 78X 7u 77V4
6H8 Amer. Bujrar Ret pf. 70V 77 7 77
B15 National Lead 3544 25)4 258 2BM
loo National Lead pf 62 83 62 82
Bid. A-'.i Bid. A-'-l
AMnerlca. 20S I Irrlnr 17S
Am. HAch'fe.. 150 I Leather Mfre.. 240
broadwar 266 lUiinatian.... 17S
Bntrli, AIlroT. 1B0 MartotaFol. 240
Central 186 Mercantile..,. 33
Cbaie 400 Merchant!'.... 150
Chatham 860 Mer. BSth'fa. 138
Chemical 8700 4800 Metropolitan.. 4 7
City - 400 Metropolis.... 4B0 47B
Cltiaeni' 1BO Naaiau 150 170
Commerce.... 160 IhO New York 387
ContmintaL.. 186 N V Nat. Rx. 130
( urn Kxi'.h'ire. 240 375 Ninth 126
1 -aat River.... 140 180 Nmet'nth Wd. 140
fifth Avenne. 1600 North. Amer.. 170
Tint 3000 Phenlx 100
rintof 8.1... 110 Republls 180
Fourth 170 200 Seaboard ITS
Gallatin 815 HboeALeather 120
German-Am.. 100 Routb. Nat ... . 01
Girmanla 250 Btate of N. T.. lis
Greenwich.... 146 Tradeiroen'l.. 107
. (merer B2B United Statas. 220
lap. a Trad.,. BOO BOO Weiteni 107 luti I
rCloting . - -r.'oatn
Hi I. A'l-l. fit,! A-'-)
AameEx.....l86 14S M. A St. K pt. 30 as
Alb A K01......148 156 Mo.. K. A T. pt 16)4 16
AlouAr.1l... 16 20 Mob.aohlo... 11 14
Amer. Cable... 71 76 Natl. Starch... 7 84A
Amer. D. Tel. . . 36 46 Nalh.,C. ABt.I B6 80
Amer. T. pf. . . . 80 82 NatL L. oil.... J614 17
Amer. Km 103 108 New Cent. Coal 6 8
AtLAPao 1.4 2t4N1.rf.a80 47 -
ItiB,R.ap.pt 70 ,N.Y. c.a n. pr. e u
ar.C. R.BN. 80 Natl. Cord. ut. 80
Ironiwlck Co. 8)4 6 N. T. a N. if.. .178 188
Cilc.AE.I. DC. 86 BO N .V..I At..I..li.. 62)4 66
Chlo. A Alton.. 136 180 N.Y..(,'.aB.L.2p 10 28
CM. A btl'.pt 110)4 112 M'.l.l.Uii. Li 18
CIiti.A Pitta. .140 Norr.aw.pt. 2ou 21
CoUH.T.AT.pt 65 BO Ohio Southern. 28 86
Col. A II. C 644 10, el.i,. A )li 13 15
CodboL Coal... 28 60 ore. R. AN 84 40
In ill 1..... 0)4 10 OieironB L. ... U 10
Pes M. A rt. D. 48 7 Peun. Coal - 80(1
U. H. A Pt.D. pt 18 80 Penna. A Eait. .1 8
E.T.V. AG.... H H P.- 't-W.ac. .140
1 r.V Aii.litp 8 10 P..C, C.AHl.l.. 12 14
E.T.V.AH.2dp. 1 PC.C.asiX.p. 4114 411
E'.AT.H UT BO iPltta. A W. pt:. 238 28)4
FliutA I'.M ... 8 13 uutckillTer.... 18 28
GremB, AW.. 6M 6)4 Kena. a Sar....lBo lno
Gt North pt.. no 105 it., iv. ao 1111 104
Homeitaki.... 10U 8t. P. ADnlnth 22 23
Il.lnoliCent... OOU B) t-t P. A lliil. ,,r. 1. Hi
low. Central.. 68 7 Bt. P.. M. A M.. 1.8 lno
Iowa Colli, pf.. 18 20 Tol. A O. II 2
AaniwhaAM. 0 11 Tol. A O. 0. pf . 70
I.i.il...ii;.r. BO 65 TeiaaPacllfr.. 544 n
Manhattan Bh. S 6 IT. A. A. A N.M. 7U H
MarrlindC.pt 46 () I V. p., U A O. .. r.8 7
Mmn. Iron ... BO U, R. Expreai. . 42 41
Mei. central . 6M JWeUa K KX...125 1,16
Mich (antral. 81(4 85l!Wia. Central . 5 0)4
til'.'. AM. BH. j,',.l.
bljh Taller. 8114- II2U Penna. R. R... 4li 4044
t.A.Nar.i'o. - 46g Met. Traction.. 7BJ4 BO
AlrhlioB.. 1114.1 Norfolk a Weiternpt 21
CinUian Pacinc 7l;ta' Northern Paoldtpf... 20)4
EfJoOoomoB 12 Ontario A Ueiloro... it,
no -d eoBOOll m IPennijrlvanla tow
"'"on Central i2; Readme 78
KaiiBaaA leaaa Iu8,8t. Paul 554,
Ukonbore 118 Colon Paclflo II18
lou A NHbr'He 66(4 WatiMh pt I4S
Wle Gtalral io2), "
Raturdat. Auk. 2fl.
Tht wotkly statement of (ho Associated
Banks, published to-dny. shows a further Im
, provemont In their condition. The most Im
portant change Is an Increase of $775,000
In let-al ten.IerB; for It evidtnea
that the banks. owIiik to the Incroaso
In their clroulatio,, an, the reeo,,,tg of
arnsll amountn of ourrsnee from near-by
0lta.hav6 been able to add lo tholr supply
4M thtmoBt convenient f..rm of lawful money.
They haye also gained , 1578.000 In ipeolt,
makinir the total IneraaBB In lawful money
more than BI4- millions. Tins addition to
their reserva brlnts the rjofloil in th rc
aerve required down to $n,7:in mud Loans
bave been contract'd ,0 ,a' (.x. t
c-f nearly $.,.ikjo.oou The BlfAtfimant Is
Inconsistent so far as the iloposliH 10 con
eoraed. Il.ey being prftOtictlly unchanged,
or 1 to firot time in months u,. clrouUUon
shows an Important increase. 1 ha actual ad.
diuon to th. circulation is prohabl, mwb
greater than the statement Indlcatat. slnoa
fa Wik. MW n0,e, W"r" m"'10 ",,ie,lr "t8
ilieweea has been comparatively uncvent
U ful both in uud out of Wall Blie.i. ,.x,0t Ulut
viden.-e lias accumulated thin 1 ho oommar.
cialanJ llnancial situation is gradually Jm.
PPOTlQg, iJotntBtlo oxobangeo ate worklna
!',"" "'' t,,,s Inareasi, in circulation 0,
fully J ,0,000.000 during the la.t f,-w
WMks. due chiefly to imports of gold
i g'.na long ways toward ttstoring con
""'. ' ttn-of a surplus of money at ear
WO polnnar unmlsbikuble in ramlttaaoa
Ofaarrj n y to this city. prl.Oiplly in Do na-
Monai tan. notaa, Those oJroumstaDoas 1..
duatHar1!'' lb". "'"""'on of banki and In-
., ''"'""'red -m,ir8 bopalulaenti.
men, every rjuartor. liosldos. it ib a loflical
2J.'J whn the gold now in transit
" tu 1,an'J neit week and tha bank notes
In process 0f rnannfaetnra art dallrarad tha
pramlum on currency will disappear alto
gether. To-day's ttosk marktt wat dull, and In that
reaper! dlsappotntod no one. It was also
strong In anticipation of a favorable bank
statement Few of the net advances were Im
portant. At the same time the dealings con
tinue to demonstrate that very few stooks are
now (reeking a mnrket. The most Important
development In the security market this
week has been the nppearanco of a demand
for recognised Investment Issues. This de
mand has not cut much of a figure on the floor
of the Ht.wk Kxchange for the reason that
many of the orders have come from abroad,
and their execution is conditioned upon the
repeal or prospects of repeal of the Bherman
Kllver Inw.
Of course, no one expects a decided Improve
ment In business until that law Is repoaled.
That action Is counted upon by many to re
release sonres of millions of dollar that
have been hoarded by Institutions and individ
uals. Should this view prove correct the
amount of Clearing House certificates now out
standing would In nil probability speedily be
reduced. At the same time the premium on
currency would disappear, as It Is In a fair
way of doing In any event, The stock market,
which Is narrow and professional In character,
has been held in check thia week by the pos
sibility of a local disaster that was fortunately
averted. Prloes. however, have worked to
ward a higher level, yet without much assist
ance from operators who favor the long side.
As compared with tho final prices of last
Saturday tho list Is higher with the exoeptlon
of Wheeling and Lake Erie preferred, which is
1, V cent lower. The more Important net
advances are In American Sugar Refining. 5 V
cant: Manhattan. !'.; Lake Shore. 4X1 North
west and Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago and
St Louis. 3H each: St. 1'nul. 3; Burlington
and Uulncy. '".: Northern Paciflo preferred.
3Ki Chicago Uas. Hock Island, and Union Pa
olflo. 214 each; Omaha and New England. 2
eacb: Distilling and Cattle Feeding and Read
ing. 1'. each; Western Union. l'a; Chesn
peake and Ohio. 1 H : General Electric. Louis
ville and Nashville, and Northern Pacific com
mon. IH each; American Cotton Oil. Hocking
Valley. Erie. New York Central, and Wabasli
preferred, 1 each ; Atchison, H, and Missouri
raclflo ) V cent.
Final sales compere with those of yesterday
aa follows:
Aui 15. Aug. 2(1. 1 Aug. 15 Amq. 91
A..T.ABFe... 1 1514' North Am. Co. 314 4
Amer. C O. ... 2B14 201, Northw. com.. B-'.4 ni,
Canada South. 43U 44)4 North. P. com. '"' :"
C. H. A Q 774 7714, North Par. pt 1V 2(0
Cornel, oai ...117'.. HI' N. Y. Central.. BO I'.'
Chei. A Ohio.. 148 15)4 N Y.A.S. K ... lot, 20U
Chlearo Qaa,,. 62 51)4 omaha com... 20 2014
tia. , 1, ,t W.Bi.lltriH 1.1,8 Ontario AW... 1344 ':ul
inn A 11 11. pr. 26 28 1 full. Pal. car. 140 141114
Put. ac. r. co. 2044 31 iterk inand... .',104 ".i"i
Brie 12 1214 itejiitinir 16 16
Gen. Electric. 40 804, Bt, Pauieom... 6414 5444
llecklneTal... Ill, 16 rann. ' .. I A R. 11)4 13
Kan. ATexaa. 10I4 lov cnon Farliic 181, 10
I.eaUa A Naih. 6SM 6414 Wabaih com. . . 814 (IT,
Lake Shore ...1144, IH14 Wabaah pf t 11, 14'.,
L.K.AWe,t .. 181 14 w. 1'nlon Tel.. 78 7
L. E. A W. pf.. 688 80)4 Wb. ALE 1144 12
Ma.ihal.Cno.il'. 113 IV.ALK.Dt.. tl.'l. 40)4
Mluonrl Pac. 21)4 21)41
Government bonds steady at unchanged
quotations. Hallway bonds Arm. The fea
tures were Chesapeake and Ohio It. and A. let
consols. 2-4: Chicago Gas Light lsts. Chicago
and North Pacific lsts. Erie 2d consols. Union
Pacific Denver and Gulf lets, ltichmond and
Terminal, and Reading issues. The more Im
portant net advnnces were In Chesapeake and
Ohio It and A. 1st consols. 2-4. 2 cent, to
72: Chicago Gas Light lsts. 1. to 74: Erie 2d
oonsola. 1, to 07: Richmond and Terminal lis.
5. to 45. and Ss, li,. to 10; Rearing general 4s,
1. to 63: 2d preference incomes. H, to 17. and
deferred Incomes. ' cent, to 41,. The note
worthy declines were In Chicago and North
Pacific lsts. 1 cent, to 30: Northern Paolllo
consol 5s. 14. to 20). and Union Paciflo. Denver
and Gulf lsts. H V cent, to 40 'a.
In bank stocks 27 shares of Western Na
tional sold at 107. ,
Bar silver in London, rtld.
Honey on call (I 4 V cent Time money 15
9 cent for six months and higher rates for
longer perlodB on flrst-clnss dividend-paying
securities listed on the Stook Kxchange. but
there is little demand. The market for com
mercial paper Is at a standstill, and. aa rates
are entirely nominal It is useless to quote
Sterling exchange dull but firmer. Pusted
asking rates for sterling. aM.82HnTS4.B3 for long
bills and U.Hi IBtl.HH for demand. Actual
rate are: Long bills. $4.Hj.,."t4.n.' .: sight
drafts. $4.eW'B"4.Kli,.. and cnble transfers,
S4.M7 '. -l.i '. . Franca aro quoted at 5.23 ,
iii "..2'J '.. for long and .V-M , .. ii.'.mi . for sight;
relrhsmarks. niuni . for long and li". ,;..."..,
for short; guilders. 30S for long and n i . 4n .
for short
Domestio exchange on New Turk: Boston
75 cents premium for cash; checks. IS cents
discount to par. Charleston Buying, '.li) (
discount: selling, par. Savannah lltiving.
off: selling at par from 100 to 300. '. discount
from 500 to 1T0OO. and U for 1,000 nnd over.
New Orleans Bank. $2 premium ; commercial.
far. San l-'raoclsco Slghl par: telegraphic,
0. St Louis $3.50 discount Chicago 5
The weekly bank statement shows:
AtuJ. IB. Au' 26. flang.
Loans B40tl.540.2OO B403.607.40O Dee. $2.B8?.80O
Depoaltl.. 870.3O2.40O 870,407.000 lno. 177.050
Clroulat'n. 7,788,200 8,78(1.200 lno. 1.042.000
I.'k'i I'm! a 22.177.ooo 22.0 .1.4". i Inc. 774. 4i)
hprcle. 68,352.800 (l2.HUo.uun lno. 4.678.HSI
Reierra. B8062B.SOO H5.8S2.800 Inc. 5.852.5'i0
Rare red. B2.676.(JOO B2.6I0.ii73 Inc. 44.376
Deficit .. $12,043 HOO 6.737.675 Dec. SB, 808.128
The enrnlui a roar aro wae 19,887,876, and two year
SCO Bit 767.827.
The Imports of general merchandise. Includ
ing dry goods, at the port of New York for the
week ending last night were 3X,fi41,iS33.
against $7.1173.824 the previous weok and
$0,300,500 for the corresponding week of last
year. The imports of specie wero $H.()34, 750.
of which $7.023.45H was gold, making total
specie Imported since .Ian. 1, $4t).730.5!Ht,
Exports of specie were, gold $5.'K)0 and silve."
$754,124. a total of 7S0.124. against $204,000
the previous weok. Theexportsof spool since
Jan. 1 have boon, gold $i(s.77H,007. and silver
$J0.824.51I3. a total of $81 i.i 102.002.
The Financial Chronicle computes the gross
earnings of 183 railroads for the half yearend
lni; June 30 at $438,002,810. an increase of
l.i. IL'o. 14li n compared with the correspond
ing period of last year, ami not earnings $12(1,
821.707. an increase of $1,257,834.
The Missouri Pacific system reports gross
earnings for Juno of $''.01:.1;J. n decrease of
$73.7811 as compared with the same month uf
last your, and net 1287,438, it decrease of
$170,785. For tho bIx months ending June 30
the gross earnings were $?2,740,284. an In
crease of $321,022 ns compared with the corre
sponding period of la.it yenr. and net $2,370.
0(5, u decrease of $311,472.
National bank note circulation outstanding.
$105,210,830. an Increase for the week of
13,213,402: received during tho week for
redemption. $4i(ii,!H)4: amount rolssued,
$550,045. and destroyed. $16,507. Balance
of deposits In the Treasury to redeom nntional
bank notes. $20,100,182. a decrease for the
weok of $24,307.
The receipts from customs for the week
were $2,481,772. and from Internal revenue
$2.272.8!i8. a total of $4,754,070. against $4.
015.001 last week. Receipts for the month to
date. $20,740,000. nnd for the year to date. $61.
054.770: and disbursements $31,521,000 for
the month, and $71,100,888 for the year to
Treasury balances aomaaro with those of
last Saturday as follows:
Aio. IP. Aug. 21.
(ieldeotn and bullion S10o.07U.4S3 Bv7.Hl0.2it6
hllver coin and bullion 1.717.405 1,7U(1.076
Leanl lendera, includiof
Tnaiurr uotii 14.(102.1(11 15.080.424
Totali Blltl.4Mtf.04H 8114.74.1.(014
Deposits In national banks. $12,528,264,
against 2M2.404.Oint last Saturday. Bonds held
i .....in., th.. .iimi. i .1 '."''.. ooo in addition
to the foregoing the Treasury reports Hllver
bullo .11 purchased under the act of July 14,
I ':.i'. $l4li.048,io7. and Treasury notes issued
aguinstthe same. $Uo.447,2So. of which $1 45.
482,340 art outstanding.
Money In London. 3(3)34 V cent. Rateof dis
count in the open market, for botli sliort and
three months' billN. 4'.'4'. V cont. Paris
advices quote 3 Y cents at 00 francs 12 'a
centimes, and exohange on London at 25
francs 35 contimeik
New York, Murketo.
Satdm'it. Aos !fl Flour met with very little atten
tion, but wai iteady in lyuipathy Willi the rlie In
wheat. Kxporli. 13.103 libia.. Ac ; reeeipti, 43.271
hole Ac. sprinrf vrlieat brandilh lib:, were iiuoted ui
I. ,. !..' line. II .....lib., luperllne. l ..,- I".
Ne. 2 extra 2'.(V-'.-'6; No 1 eitra. $2.20..v2 50; '
clear ti 3U9B2.70. itrsiKhta 3.253 5(l. palrnli, I
aa. r.'4.l...
Oiiais waeat Hdvanre.l about 44''.. owlntf to a uioro
favorable bank naleinenl. a mere .'i, -mil limine.
ouaiioii nenerally. an. I ibe oorerlllir "f aliona. The
mil., were iinly ainrbtly lilirher. and tho Ainricni hou
Kur'.pran atocki are very larKe spot aalei. l.'si.ooo
bilall. Ill.'lllillllg II leadi for oiport. No. 2 re.l at
V- under September f. o b. afloat and unara.le.l at
Yil7i'. For milling. No I Northern at Sep
tember price ati'iat. and sample red at n.."
Fur local aereunt, latnpte Na 2 red at 6ic ;
No 2 red Toledo for export at nepieuiber pneo
ani.al. and Ne. I Northern 'at ',0 under Tbei.e were
the receipt!: il.ii.il". 47.080 uuali.. Milwaukee. 32.
7fSI. .Mlunnaiielll. 0I.1JO. Iluluth. 54.2S4; Hi Louie.
7," OOO; Inleiio. UK. 361; Detroit. 87.630; Kanaaa
ruy. 82 l15. New York. 3H4.460; Haltunore. 7rt.:l-'i,i
I'luiii.lelpliii., 0.O4S, lloiloll, 8.H42. lirali.l letal. otto.
M52 loooi . total fBlen!av tlir,.4S7. tolal l-l year,
l..ie5. 130. Future ealea 1.05o,oou bmli . aa folio iri:
ui.. . ii..e . lryaarA ' I ''aa
heplei.iber 7H '!7l)4 cs 7 Id l',:.!
Iii loiter 7o i.Oi-a -Ofl '."4
liiroiu-er 74t "41, 7V'( IBH
Via MIJ4 8I, lili s'-"4
Pan waj i"lit at a alight advanct Tdo eablei were
dull and tBe crop nioteuieat la tun ani ubeiaL
Spat sales 83.000 bnoti. for export; 0. 1 afloat at 45)4
46140. do . f o. h aBoat at 454(0. Fotsre lilll (,
000 niieh. ae follow,:
Otw.Onff. towear. lleeaat Cloaleo.
Biptember 45)4 U 45)4 45U
October. 4'.4 .... .... 4HM
Deoember a -a, 4(14 4...,
Oaia advanced illthtly, bnt reacted before the clnae.
The receipt! nre li.rge. Moot rain B5,ooo bulh.; V. 2
white at rotfasrie.; September do. at 33c; October
do. ai .v.',.- . No. ado at 32c; No. 3 mixed at 30 a
:""!,.: ungra.led at 32r8lic. for white and :i'i'.'i:'.'.
for mixed. Future aalei, 85.000 baih.. ai follows:
Opea.eo. I"rnt. jViffVeat, Cteafeo,
Angtiet no :io 2114
Beptomber 2BT4 20)4 now 80
Moremhor 31 31 3114 81
Arter Tnange: Wheat September, flsfaflsu,. ; De
cember. 75)41475140.. cletlng. ,5V4c. Corn September.
4614c; October. 40. oati Sepiember. 80)40. Theie
were the Olilcago prlcee:
lfAe.li. Ornina. Oiohtt. AVieeat. Cl1fig. iiqhl.
Augiilt BOU B0J4
( r i.M, Hi. r ('"' 6144 (in'1, Bit 6o4
October .... .... (13)4
December.. 67)4 08)4 6744 67SJ 674
f 11, n.
Auiriiit .... .... anu 8(iM
septeuiher. snu 87)4 '"H 36H Btw,
I'Olebor ... 87, 88 B7 37J, 874
December, o;', Rmi, :i7H 87t4 87t4
May 4014 40A, 40 40 41 ",
Aiivu.t .... .... 2314 23U
September. 2314 24)4 2344 23U 2;n,
oci.iber ... 2414 24 1, 24U 24L4 2414
Mar 20l4 2nd, -OH 20V, 21.44
Beptember. H05 8.1314 R.oB B12U BIO
oeiober... 7.85 8.02)4 7.88 His) 7.00
January .... .... 7.45 7.45
Biptember. Mr, 8.72)4 8.40 B.70 B.4314
October ... R03 8.05 7.115 HO'lt M1.2I4
January 6.87)4 B.75
SeptomberB18.50 (13.PB B13.50 Biaim 813 30
October 1866 14.10 18.50 14.(0 13 40
I'Boriiiosa Chicago wai higher, partly owing to
the more cheerful nnanclal feeling. Lard here wai
lower. Spot ealee 5o tci. city at Bras 25c.; West
ern iiuoted at K.H2(4r ; compound at 7',.. ."H - Tuture,
cltned steady, with Augiilt and September at R.600..
and ootober at 8.850. I'rened hogi ihmM ,i...,:.i'
and plga at 8(40 Men pork. 816riB156o. Tallow
teadv. with lalei ot 60 hbdi. at 4tac Beat batter, 23
025)40. Heat cheese. Ili.tiegc. Ruga, l.r.(JlHc.
Nai ai, 8to,,4 Showed 110 change, lloaln wat abont
nominal, but aplnti turpentine well emtained.
ParaoLKOM The aale, of National certificates were
31,000 to. 1- . at 674ic.; closing offered at that price.
Oil City. 57J4C
lii-n. 1111 - 1 offee tut lire, wore dnll and lower, though
the European atol Brasllian cables were higher. A
few lelllng orderi found the market without support.
The Rrazlllan reoelpts of fair volume. The aleae was
barely steady. The sales 16.51 Kl bags, as follows:
';.-.",. No. lhahuL. .eir-al. rhuing
January 8,000 15.05 16.00 14.95.415.00
Fehrntrr .... .... low. nun
March 250 14.80 14.80 14 70o)l4SO
April , .... 14,(I5(14.75
May 14... 14 ,11
August .... .... 150Oi161O
Srntember 6 000 15.15 15.10 I60514I.MO
October 8.260 16.25 1515 16.16til6.30
Nnvember .... IB.0ftSIB.1B
December B.000 16 15 16.05 1&0515.10
rtlo on the spot was qulot hut inn at 1'' - t 'i ' 4" for
No 7. Haw augar was quiet, eteatly. and unrhange.l.
Mile or 21.500 baga li 11 tinliii.'ii. n:i leal, at 8c re
cently. Retlueil aeid fairly at in in quotations.
Ciitton The bears rereired severe puniahment In to
day's mnrket. IJveri mil w-na higher, the bank at-.
11 . 111 wus tetter. Imilneii men s ere in a more hopeful
in. ii.l. no.l crop reptirts were unravornble, eipei'iallr
troui Texne. The t.nyiog waa en donieallc and Conti
nental orders, partiv on atop orders, ami the i-loss was
strong at an auvaneo uf 34 points on Sepieniber ami
25 tu 31! points on other months, Bitles ot
112,100 bales. Liverpool was 8(4 to 4 points
hlgier. with spot aalss of 5.00O bnlea New
Orleans 18 putntt higher. Spot prices here were Uc
higher, at 7V,e. ror mldilliug uplands, with soles of tod
l.a ... fur splunlnir. Southern apot mnrketa were quiet
There was on advance, however, of l-liiiaUc at four
of them The receipt! at the ports wore 1.H37, agnliint
2.137 this day laat week and 2.0S0 last year. The fol
lowing are to day's transactional
norfpff. .;'.-.'. LtnemL 5atefl.
August Nomlnul. ... ....
Beptember 7 427.43 7.37 7 87 1,400
October 7.687.60 76 7.35 311H0O
Niirember 7. tile 7 70 7 70 7 48 15.HOO
December 7.7lu 7 711 7.6 2il.70
January 7 8e,i7.8al 7 8 7.(17 3.itls)
February 7 t(H.r!7 7.UH 7.78 3.500
Maroti 8('8is09 BOO 7.B6 4.000
April M,ilii 8.12 BUI 200
Heal Eatate TrataaOrej.
70th st. Be. 810 and 812 West; Julius Hsas
and ano to ('has P steveneon $3(1.000
116th at. 313 West; (baa V Stevenaon to Julius
Haas 'and nno 1
Morris place, n w cor KUat st. 140x Irreg; ..en
II llan. ret. tu II PDreyer. 11.800
llMtiltoi.il .".in ....aa.
Brown. Jamea, and wife to niadley A Currier
co, um, s s 77th st 0 Amsterdam ae. 1 yr. . . $0,000
Hampton, Wm II. to L'nion Trust Co. as 12th
et.atllbar, 3 yra 10,000
Mclaughlin, Tho's J. and wire 10 Peier A II
Jackson. Park av, n w ror "'.Hi st. 3 yrs 100,000
It' an. J. ini P. ami wire to Mary E and James
Healey. s s 1:1th si. e 4th st. 1 yr 4,000
B'.eln. Henry II, tu c J Kracbt, a s 60th st, e
l.rxlugton av. and other prop ... 2.060
Trelly. Alice, to John Murray and ano.ss8eth
at. w Av B. 2 yra 6.000
Hans, Julius, at al to Clios P Stevenson, n a
llrith at. w Hth av, demand 1.717
Dolno. J F, and wife 10 heruurd Mnhen. SB
1. list at. w Park av. demand . . ...: 5.600
8auer. I'l.-.lk. ot al to .Mary K llennessy and
am . s a 87th st, w 1st av. :t yrs 16.000
ali'Laughlm. Thomas J to Peter A II Jackson,
n s (16th st. w Park av. 3 yrs PO 000
The Columbus and tfth Av KKCoto N Y Guar
and Inilt-.umlv Co, trustee, all rights, fran
chisee. A. bonds 3.O0O.OO0
The Lexington ami I'avnnla Ferrv R R Co to
Central Trurt Co. trnatet. all rights, privi
leges, franchises. Ac, bonds 5,000,OX
Roesaert. I1r.11 um) wife, to Henrietta Schnei
der, n s 04 lb st, r 3d a v. 4 yrs. 12.000
Murray. John J. to John S Forgotaon. lots 320.
266. 367. map Fast Mornsanla. and other
prop, note 678
B5th St. n s. 1O0 w nth ar. 20xa6. Laura A
Delano at al to Patrick 'iallaglier. 20 yrs ... $260
Bth av. Bill, cor 2stu st. Mary J Ulair to R J
Bell,5yrs 8,000
The I. lit or Keret-eee.
These referees were appointed In cases la the state
courts In this city last wseki ew
-1 1 1. aa cocar.
By Ju.lj Van BrunL
Osaea. mVreaa,
Lee aft. Lee Wm. L Flndley.
Kelly agt.sechel Wm. L. Flmlley.
Iselln agt. Krnst Rollln M. Mnrgaa,
Van Holder agt. Vogol it. mm Kling.
Mcllencii agt. Rotmiaon.. . L. W. bearle.
l.iiisiar Dai'oratlug Co. agt. Bris
tol Charles W. Dayton.
People, Ac, agt. Btate Trust Co.. Edward L. Patterson.
Birsaioa couer.
l' Juifga tytt.lm.tn,
Knehlrr A Co. agt Qulgley Ed Jaroba
Aalur agt. Meyer James R. Cuming.
( hapman agt. Mcllroy v) m. F. Stllnnga
Dr. Oarilnrr'e Cssrp Pond nnd Moved Bod
ily Down Into Fscrnnton'a Beaervolr,
Scranton. Aug. 25. This city's main supply
of water comes from the Roaring lirook. as
pure a mountain trout stream as there is in
northeastern Pennsylvania. Tho head of the
brook Is Lake Henry, a 100-aere natural
crystal pond, uwoy up In the Moosio high
lands, about twenty mllos southeast of Scran
ton. The luko. the brook, and the brook's
prlnolpal tributaries are owned by the Scran
ton Gas and Water Company, which has a mo
nopoly of the city's water supply. Just above
r.lmliurst. nine miles east of hore. the water
company has a mammoth storage resorvolr. a
little below where Oak Run empttos Into the
Roaring lirook. The distributing reservoir it
Uvo or six mllos further down the stream to
ward the city.
When the snow went off in the spring the
city's wator began to get muddy and foul. It
smelt like filthy swamp water, and it left a
nasty, muddy Bodlment In a vessel when it had
stood fiirun hiiuriii'i.ii. Kvorybody complained
of Its dirty condition. Some days the water
was so muddy that it wasn't fit to be used for
bathing or for washing clothes. Tho managers
of the wator oompany laid the mud to the
heavy rainfalls on the ploughed hillsides along
the creek. When the June drought camo the
city's water was even muddler than in tho
spring, and It wasn't any worse during July
when thin., wore several drenching thunder
etorms in the Roaring Rrook watershed.
Home one then discovered that the water In
the distributing reservoir waa muddy tt nil
times, when there was a drought nnd when It
rained pitchforks. It didn't make any dilTcronce
which, while up in the atoragu rosertulr the
wator was as clear as that of a mountain lake.
Men bogttn to g.issip about the va.-t difference
between the two reservoirs, and it wasn't a
grenf while before a long-headed resident
evolved a pluusible theory as to why the lower
reservoir contained nuthlng but muddy water
in all sort" of weather.
Ho recullod the (act that a carp pond belong
ing to 1 'i Gardner, a retired Scrantun phy
sician, had been swept away by a Iresbet two
urtbree years before. Dr. Gardner had been
breeding Gorman carp for a number ol years,
and his carp pond Was on a small stream that
mnptieil into tho Ritariug Rrook below tho
storage reservoir, and above the distribut
ing reservoir; nnd the long-heailei man's
theory wus thai the Dooior's carp had all I een
washed Into the Roaring Rrook. nnd had
eventually found their way down into tho deep
waiuroftbe lower reservoir, whore they boro
and wulloiv and root and splash in
the five feet of mud and tunbark tiiat lies
at the hntloin of (lie teseivolr. The euro
imitate 1 ;.. 1 ... 1 . : . in. "M dayiind night, the
wise man -(ays. keeping the water In a con
wtaiit state of nu '.linn -. in which condition
It passea through the pipes and fuocols down
In t lies city. Scranton people wish that llr.
Gardner had his routing earn I nek in their na
tive punl. above Llmhurst village, and tho
good old Doctor would he mlgblv glud to in....
them home, hut he won't ho able to do so until
the wator oompnny draws off the water and '
carts away tho many tun-, of mud and dncayoil !
1. m; .ui. 111 which iii.- llsli root and thrive.
wm el Together.
; .,,.! '.ll.l.O.ll 1.. 1.
liiusioi. .Vug. 22. -Having pulled tenth side
by side for sever.il yearn he at Iluiliiu.lou.
Hlie nt Bristol pretty Dr. l.lla Blilnn ant It.
T. '. lleiiilkun put up their forceps lat week
.hi I started for tho Weill's 1 air together.
Tho news has now "ome back that Mr. Slilnn
la 110 more and that thoi u are two Dra. lioiuikeu.
An rvn,t of frr. InUrMt to National Oaardimca ftf
Ka York will b tha annua, lifla romrt..iftna for tha
Slnta aad brtffaria trnpMea. Thtfa contana will ba
he M at Crtadmoor range on ThnritUy, st-tit. 3A, befin
n.nff nrompilv at IDA. M. Tha brlgada matohaa are
npi-n to taama of twelve from taanh ratrlmant of in
fantry or troop of cavalry uilnt tha .itata modal Um
in a" f.n rlfla. Tha dtalaneei to be shot over are 30, Btx),
600. and fJOO yard a, flva ahota at earh dlitanca. Tha
poaktlona are atanUlnit at 200 an-H n or alttingat
800, prona at fMK). and any at .00 yarda. A trophy
valaed at f 100 la offered for competition by the Slate
of New York In each of fa,. matchei for the Hret nnd
Recond brliradea, and the above are the comlltlona.
The state match, alio lo be ehot for on Kept. 2K. Iiopen
to taama of twelve from each regiment, battalion,
and ee par ate oompany af infantry, troop nf cav
alry, nr battery of artillery In the state, tha
weapon, ammanltlon, dlitanoee, and pnettlona
being the name aa In tba brigade contest a.
The prlae In thia match ta a trophy presented by the
Stale valaed at 9ROO. There will alao be a new com
petition thli year, known aa the "iiovernor'e match."
the prlie being a trophy preientad by Gov I-lower.
It la for annual competition, and will be held by the
oompany whoea repreeentatire aliaifwin it until the
next competition. Thia tnato i la open to any and all
membera of the Guard, and will be ahot for on Friday,
Sept. 20. Tha dlitanoaa ara flOO. foo. BOO, and 200
yardt hi order named, five ehota at each distance, and
a man can aboot In any noaltlon he fancfae provided
hla head la toward the target. Thia match will be con
ducted on the prlnciplea governing a aklrmlih run. A
halt will ba made at the dtitanraa named above,
and the buglo will Bound "Cummeuca r.rlng."
One mnmte and thirty aeconda will ba al
lowed at each dfitanca, during which time
the competitor mult Are the flva ehota At the ex
piration of the time limit the bugle will aotind " Ceaae
firing," and anr ahot fired before nr after algnala
named will be recorded ae a nwi A prixe of a value
not to exceed I BO will be awarded to tha company In
each brigade having tha hlglieit general figure of
merit for is.'... General Inepector of Rifle Practica
I). M. Wbltlork haa raqiieated the commanding officers
of regiment a, battalion, and aeuarnta compaulaa,
troopi of cavalry and battertee of artillery to be for
warded tobii office not later than Oct IN lB93,alletof
the membera of their eommande wtio have qualified aa
markemen prior to 1H&0 and are itlll In active ear
vice. Thia Information la required In order that tho
new ahnrpihooteri' and marktmen'a decoration may
ba leaned at tba conclusion of tha current season
promptly and accurately. The new decoratlona wtU
not ba Isaued nntll the above orders ara compiled with.
Of the members of tba Seventh Regiment practising
at Creedmoor last Baturdy (Aug. Hi) twenty-ona
qualified as sharp hoo tern, the highest seore being
made ty Corporal Perklna, who pot up 47 out of a pos
elbie fiO The following Is a list or tha men who quali
fied, with aggrerfite score of each arranged In order of
merit: Corporal K. W. Perkins. 47; Corporal J. M. Moe,
401 Private J. W. Ua1l.catf.4fll Lieut. K. McLean, 4fli
Corporal R. M. Kalloch. 45; Capt. W. II. Palmer. 4T;
Private W. D. Kdwarda, 46; Trlvate T. J. Conroy, 44;
Private J. Mllleman. 44; Private J. K. Taylor, 44;
Private W. H. Hantey. 48; Private H. H. Whltlock. 43;
Corporal P. J. While. 48; Private F P. Fowler. 43:
Corporal O. M. Carnocban, 4; Corporal T. B. Taylor,
43; Private T. I. Scobel, 42; Quartermaster Sergeant
H. B. Thomson, 42; Private F. B. Nytlnger. 42, and
Private II. Uease. Jr., 4a.
The Sixty-fifth Regiment of Rnffalo, CoL Famuel
Welch, has seen more active service the past year than
any other reitlment In the Rtate It has a most ex
cellent record, and the Colonel Is consequently proud
of It. CoL Welch sayat "In a period of thirteen months
viz.. from July 16. 1802. when we left our home sta
tion for the Btate camp of Instruction, to July 8, 1HU3,
when the Second Battalion returned from North
Tonawanda, the regiment has performed thirty-one
days of actnal field service. We should have Just prido
Incur record. The percentage prenn. at camp has
never been equalled by any regimental organleatlon In
tha State aave ours. The perccutage present at tba
Buffalo atrlke was the highest of any regimental or
ganization on duty, and our Attendance at North Tona
wanda waa but an additional proof that tba
sixty-fifth is a trustworthy rerlment. ' not
beautiful, bat ever and always dutlfoL'
The standing attained and the record made
must be maintained and kept. Such maintenance and
keeping la a Joint responsibility shared by every man
in the raglmeut. It will n-ver come from Idleness or
reliance on the work of former years, only from mora
and more of faithful, quiet, unselfish dlsoharga of tha
duty we all have sworn to perforin. Let us remember
that w are Ainerlcnn citizens and American aoldiers;
that the beat eoldier Is the heit citiaen. and ao remem
bering, strive to he the best soldiera In tbta, our
Empire Stat " The latter portion of tha Colonel's re
marks can well bo kept In mind by ovary guardsman
In the state.
The members of the Thirteenth Reulment who volun
teered to march to tho State camp and back In com
mind of Mnjor Geo. G. Cochran eoma time ago. are
happy from the fact that their pay rolls were sent to
Albany this weeK, and checks will ba received by
them in tima to be converted Into cash before Labor
bay. The work of thts pro isional company whs
highly commendable, and the experience It gained u
ttiat march was valuable. U.ijor Cochran has pre
pared a report on the march, in which tho alue of tho
new n .( equipments given the company for trial are
fully dealt with. Major Cochran haa established a
reputation for blmstir aa one of tba most energetio
and progrt-sitve held officers in tha guard, lie is a
general favorite with officera and men, and delights In
all things military.
The drum and fife corps of the Twelfth Regiment had
a good time on its annual outing at Coiletce Point Aug.
Mi. The ball match between a team of drummers ou
one side and titer- on the other was won by the former,
the official score as given by Drum Major McKay being
4ii to 0. There was an exciting boat race tetweea
Capta. Barnard and Setter, which wait won by the latter
by ten length... Capt. Barnard claim his boat leaked
badly and had a crooked keel, and that be can do better-
Another match will b arranged, and Secretary
.Leach of the regiment athletic club has secured a
couple of boata exactly alike. I'rummer Carr won
the flvemlle run and Drummer Hoops the slow race.
The swimming rata waa won by Drummer Develln. and
Flfer Keardou aaved the reputation of the lifers by
winning a 800-yard dash. Company C mourn the death
of Private V. Muller. who tiled Aug 30, He had been
four years In the company and was a good member.
Adjt. A. I Kline. Fourteenth Regiment, haa been
elected Major, and Lieut. George U Gillen of Company
1 has been elected Captain Lieut, H. C. Barthman of
the same company has passed the Kxaminiiig Board.
Company O. Twenty third Reirtraent, aik CoL Part
ridge not to accept tha resignation of Capt Bllkman.
It la announced definitely that tba Creedmoor range
will not be open on Labor Day.
Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas Citv UK.
TO THE lioNliiioi III .its i
Holder- of bonds to the amount of nearly
&MMfO,MH haw signed the boudholdera agree
ment of the underslgm-d committee, aud all who wish
to act with this committee should sign and return tba
agreement at once.
Copies mailed by CONTINENTAL l Itl fir
CO.. IS Wall at.
lOHft . II A I M 1 . I U.
II. O. A It MO I It
OTTO T. itvNMiui.
The inoit ciimiervntlve dealer In stocks must realize
that tUII opportunity for sale investment m hunted.
MireH-d operator are having in advance of the coming
general imiirovrmt-nt. Moi-seand i n i- have i r . ,
the extreme of low im - biving now at luivkut
ii To buy now ia to save money, and when the rWe
K.ii- - another proht is mad
our Stock and Bond Circulars. Just lssusd, will illus
trate to yon the uiieuuniled in. emiiiiit bargains.
V, rite i.t Hi. el. aa well ns for our Kxv-nage Manual,
giving hlgliest a. id lowest price for I year ALL IS
h' BUOKATIU AM MAlLKIi t-KKK Margin .1 to .'. per
cent ConmUflOD Jl BANK KGr'KKK.Nt K Ft It-
Bankcig and Brokers. fS Broadway. New York.
a A. A.
repeats Itself '' After every panic wa had a good
rise; then a decline to lower than panic, pric. ur
Tnetday'f inaikei latter, giving th changom in LAKK
. in ii;i. .- an ii ii-:ir.i i n ..!. , interest you. It is at
our service, free . n application; u our card of
original euggeitloui on peculation.
T. E. WARD & CO.,
2 Exchange Court, New York,
Aliow Intrrt st at the rt.tr of four per 0ftftf
jirr annum on depojilu subject to ....
Jluij antt St'U ltnitrond Stock aud hondm
on Margin or for Cash at 1-ltitU
per cent Comtnljiaton
stfamborsoa Um Cunsnll'lated Stock tuxl feUulcujai
W. B. Sancton,
Member New York .stock Kkehange.
Orders In atocka aud boudi executed for eaah or on
gttMIc ilfftlrec,
prmf OFplcE NOT1CK.
(Should be read D MLY by all tntereatad. as rnangei
in i . occur at any time .
Lot ten for foreign uotitnrien need not be npeclally
atldreseonror deipaicli by any partloular steamer. x
ccn when u la uentred iokcihI duplicates nt banking
attd couimeroial documenta, iet:ern not opeclally au-tiir-iMii
bring renl uy the ; ..f . -t vessels avaiinbio.
((..(,. i. luaiH (or ihb ue-k tnltng hept. j will close
(I'KOVirTLV in all --- nt in- us follows:
KteSDAY At M I. M. (or m.l Ikl-ILLDS. ner uteninshlp
Mortatt, from Now urlrunsjat H:;k P. M. (or m.
I'lKll-KiMiVLKLoX. per steamer rrcm North Syd
ney .
MOMi.V.-.t 12 M. for CAI'F.TOWN and NATAL direct.
rer stcnmhip Conttnncai nt ;i r. M. for i.i.l.ii.
'I bUTo 1'OKTK and iii Al KM ALA. per steam
nhin Hreak water, irom e,v or!, ant; at "t I. M. f"-r
TItf'XILLo, pereieiunship Rover, irotn New Orleamt;
atHitto P, M. for NhVUtHNDLAND, per steamer
from llalirax.
TLKhPaT. At rt A. M. for fcUROPK, per itnamnhip Hav
el, via Southampton and in. m- n lettera for Ireiaud
must he directed "per Ihivei"), at 12 M (supple
mentary l.t:JiOP. M ) for VI'NKslELA and CORA
' "A, per steamship .Maiacnlho, via Curncoa nnd
Maracalbo (lettera lor Colombia. vtaCurscoa must
he directed -per Maracaibo "); at -H P. M. Tor BH K
PlKLOn. per steamship Agnen, from New Orleans;
at ;. P. m (or THCXILLO, per ateamship Kranklin,
rrom New prloans.
WDNK8UAV.-At 8 30 A.M. for RUROPH. per steam
ship New York, via .Southampton (letters for Ireland
muni he directed -per New York ",; at 6 A M. for
IKK LAND, per steamship Teuton iu, via gucenstown
(leticri !r other parts of hurout, mutt he directeil
"per Teutonic"), at 6. JO A. II, for HLL4.ICM di
rect, per steamvtilp ", iiand. via Antwerp (letters
mut be direutod -per Noon. land"); at ti A M. for
oKKMA.M direct, per r,uamehip Irave. via Hreiuan
fie. tete iuiihi bo directed "ner lrave"i; atUtOA.
MLLA, Ac, per steauibbip llahana (letters must
be dircilid per ilaonna"). at 10 A. M.
(supplementary II A. M.) fOf Cl.NTKAL A.MRK
ICA (except Costa (lieai and ,-otTH lA
01 PIG PUftTK, pr aieauiHblp city or Tara.
via Colon (letters tor (.natmuia must he directed
'iiitCUj nf I'aia' ); At 11 a. M, for LA PLATA
CpUATjuKdalreot, iter steam hip l-:udeavotir; at
11 A M. for r't.lfrrNK ISLAND, 1IAYTI (except
Jereinie) and SA ANILL.A, Ac , per steamnhlp Allsa:
DKMKKAKA. per otcauuhip Creole Prince, at 1 P.
M for OUBA, T Rteaitixhip Heneca, via Havana; at
1 P. M. for RBTUBRLANDS direct, per steamship
Zaandam. via Amsterdam (letters mimt be directed
"per .namlaii. "i: at 1 P. M (-upnlenientary llBO
P, M.) t or CAPE liAYTl. BT DDBlHilO. and frRK'H
ISLAND, persteamshlp UOo V. i lyde; at 3 T. at
for TltrXlLLo. per Mteatnshlp s Pi.r.atl, from New
Orleans; nth P.M. for IlLl KPlhLD.s persteamnh p
Nicarairua. from New Orleane.
TIIl'KSDAY-At A-M for BUROPR, rer steamship
Columbia, via Southampton and liamburic t HtBO
A M. for Nl.TllLKLANDs direct per steam-dun
Hotterdam. via Itotterdaiudettern must be directed
"per Rotterdam ";; at I P. V. (.unpltii.entary I SO
P. M.i for I Bh.ML'DA. per rtteauiKhip Orinfiro, at I
1. M. (iipn.emeutary 1 :.i0 P M ) tor NABs-AU, N. T,
and SAN 1 lAOO, Cl'BA, per itteaiiiRhip Niatiiira.
FRIDAY.-At 10:90 A. H for BRAZIL nnd la PLATA
ui mi:i b, per ateamstitp Coieridite, via Pernntn
huco. Kahia, Rto Janeiro and huuios (Ir-ttero for
Para and Ceara mtist be directed ' : -t Cnloridffa"J;
at 11 A. m (supjilemntary 1 1 :,'ltj A MtforFOR
IC.NK ISLAND. 'JAMAICA, and ,11 R1-..MIK, per
stenmsbip Andea (letters lor Ooatl Kicu. via Llmon.
must be directed 'per Andes"); at 3 P. M for
BLUBPIXLDB. peraieamship J. WIlftutL from New
or.eani. at -a P. M for HoCAS DbL TOKO, per
faiusliip I m; iMirk .ui'.. from New Orleans.
p-r -. .in.-:.i; La Kourgofrne, via Havre; at 0:80
A. M. fin i.l.i'.MtNV direct, per st-aiiiiship Kibe, via
Itietileu (letters for other ports of Lurope, rla
Houtliainptoii and Mremsn, nuiit be directed " per
Llbe'i; at 0)80 A. M. for BUAOPB. per steaumtiip
Campania, via oueeustown (letters for Oermati),
Pranot, Bwituriaind, Italy. Spain. Portugal, and
Turkey mu-t be directed " per Cainpanla"; at 7t80
A M for NBTHBRLANDb direct, per steamship
Kpaarndam. via Rotterdam (latere must be di
rected "per Spaarudain"); at rt A. M. for S'()T
LAND direct, per steamship Aiichonn. via Clagow
(letters muet be directed -per Auchoria"): at 11
YTt'ATAN, per steamship umaua (letters for other
Mexican states uud Cuba must be directed " per
Mails for China and Japan, per steamship City of
Peking from San Pranuiaoo dose here daflv up to
Ann-. J7. at 6:80 P M. Mails for Aurttralla. New Zea
land. Ha - .iu mi. iij and -'.uiM-.'ir islands. . r
steaniNlup Aiametla (fiotn snu hrarCico), dose
here daily up to Sept ltlatHSd P. M. (or on ar
rival at New York of tteanihtiip I'trtirla with Brlt-;-h
malls for Austmiia). Mails for tho Hawaiian
Is.andM, i" r -i-,-"...'. ;: Australia (from San Fran
0100) clone bete dally up to sept -24 at 8l 0 P M.
Mails for the Si.cietv Ulandu, per vhlp Tropic Bird
(from S;in Fran-isco) Close here daily op to Kept,
24atb:30P M. Malta for Ci.ina. Japan, Hawaii.
an l Australia, ri Vancouver (specially addressed
only) close at ttilsotllceueilr at Qt80 P. M Mail for
Newfoun'Iland, by rail to Halifax, and thence by
aieauier, close at this oflic,- daily a rt;;iu P. M.
Mails for Miquelon. by rail to Boston and thence by
steamer, clone a: tine ofllce daily at BiBO P M.
Mails for i 'ii''. i bv rail to Tampa. I la . and thence
i. steamer (sailing Monday and Thursday.-), close
ut InUofflca daily at 2t80 A. M. Mulls for Mexico,
overland, unletta specie'lv addressed for despatch
by steamer, close at this oi.lce dally at .vim A. M.
Tranrt-Pat'itlc mails are forwurdud to Nan Francli-co
dally and the schedule of QloitUff is arranued on the
S resumption of tlieir uninterrupted ovarlnnd iran-.it to
an Francisco, Mails rnm the Bast arriving ON TIMi;
at sun I- rnnc vco on the day of imiiiug of steamers are
despatched thence the same day
fti-Kinictefi mail closes at tl P. M. previous day.
Extra Supplementary Transatlantic MbIIh are opened
on the piers of the American, English. French, and tier
tu mi steamers at the li .ur ot (; uj of SuppUmantarv
Mi.- at the Post office, which remain open until
w i thin leu M In ut ' of the hour i if sailing of hi earner
CHARLES W. DAYTON, Postmaster.
Pout Office, New York. N. Y.. Aug. 2o. ItU3.
Pttbtle notice Is hereby given that it la the intention
of tlm Counsel to the Corporation of the city of New
Y'ork to make application to the Supreme Court for tho
appointment of I'oiuiuiasioneis of Appraisal, under
chapter 4Vii of the Laws ot lHH.'t
Mich appl'cntion will be made at a 8peciai Term of
said court to b- b-ld in t lie Second Judical dieinct. at
tho Court House in Whit Plains, Westchester county,
on the 33d day of September, 18(13, at JO n cluck in Hi l
forenoon, or as soon thereafter as Counsel can be
heard, i he object of turn application li to obtain nil
order of the Court appointing throe disinterested and
competent freeholders, one of whom shall reside in
the county or He.. iork. and tho other two of WDOlu
ehail reside in ths county in which the real aetata here
inafter descrli'ed is situated, as Commissioners of
Appraisal to ascertain and appraise the compensation
to be made to the owners of and all persons interested
In the real estate heieinarter described, as proposed
to betaken or all ee tad Cur the purpose of ma-ntainiug.
preserving, and increasing the water supply ot the
city of New York.
The real estate songht to ho taken or affected Is situ
ated in the village ot Uatouah. town of Bedford.
county or VToilCDftltr, and Slate of New York, and is
laid out. indicated and shown on a certain map, ia'ed
May 2tt. !.:.. signed aud ccrtinYd as required by
said act and entitled " Property Map of Land reuulred
for the construction of Tha New . roton Reservoir in
the village of Katonali, tovvu of Bedford. H egtcheiter
county, tt, i.." which .altl map waf nied in Westchester
.county Register's otllce at hlte Plains, in said county,
on June J .. 18118, and is numbiire Map Number I. ".'..
The following is a ittntement of ibe boundaries of iho
real estate to bu acipilred, nil of which is to he acquired
in tee: ALL that certain tract ur liuid In t ,:.,,. of
Katouah. tu-li or Hodford, county uf Wetcbester.
and taie of Nt-w Vork, included wh bin the following
external boundary line, and designated as Parcels one
to i lit- .-u inclusive
Beginning at the northeast corner of land of Kbenesen
J. I'urtly on the south elde of Main street and running
thence south 'J degrosi 1 7 iniiiiitas east 820 40 feat,
thence north HT aerees 43 uiinuteheast 21 fee'., thence
south 2 degrees 17 minutes east ef08.8U f et. ihetici
north 44 detrrees !.' luiliiites west 4'J.t.H2 feel, theiictj
norm 4G degrees UU minutes west 143.8 feet, theticr
north fjl degrees 18 minutes west 104.06 feet, tbiiicn
liortb Hi degrees U2 minutesUO seconds east 26.60 teet.
thence north NO degn-ea 4 DlDUtfll east k.7h ftset,
thence north 7h degrees 41 minutes east 16M.U2 feet,
thence SOUtU Kfl degrees 4.'. minutes east 191,68 te,-t
Being the triangular piece, of land in the s.ud village
of Katouah, bounded oil the nortii by .Main street, on
the west and -;.'li bv (lit hlglmay runnitiu a.ong
Cross River, and ou the east by property claimed to ba
on iii-i by the New York and liarleiu Kailroad
Air..' all that certain other pises f laud in said vil
lage of Katouah, described as follows: runum-noing
at the most northerly point of laud of .ii.n - Carr on
the east bank of the Cross River and running thence
south ;i minutes v seconds west 137 40 leet, tbenea
south 24 degrees .il minutes ."" i-.'.ii wtft6H70
r. ', : I., ii. south BUdeirrees 2d minutes east 44.74
feet, thence north 2 degrees 17 miniltes west M2.20
feet, thelico north 87 degree! 4.1 minutes east 81.20
feet, thence north 8 degrees 37 minutes west 28.13
feet, thence north 82 degrees 63 minutes 80 seconds
west 86.40 feet,
Ri-foreiica is made to said map filed as aforesaid for .
more detailed description of said real estate,
Counsel to ths Corporation,
2 Try on row. New York.
Dated New York. Aug. 16. it),.;.
By order of the Hoard of Trustees of tho OHy of Au
burn, fiiate of California, sealed proposals villi ba re
ceived at the office of tha Treasurer of said city at tha
Placer County liauk. In said ell . until ths Bth day of
Sqpii mber. lK.i.t, tor ths purchase i f bonds of aid city
in r. :: twenty thousand dollars of the denom
inatioo of two hundred aud iifly dollars each. .ald
bonds were ii-sned hv said Hoard of Truetass under and
In n"'"t'i with the provisions ot an act of the
Leglsiat ire ot California entitle. 1" vn act autboriring
ths incurring ot indebtedness by cities, tow ns. and mu
nicipal corpora tlouaini orpotaie'l under the laws of in Is
htsta ror tus coustru tion of water works, sewers, and
all necessary public iiuiiiovejiietiis. or tor any juirposs
v hatevsr." approved March in, 1HHH, aud th act
amendalory thereof approved March 1. 1H ..,, and tu
confurmity with an order of said Hoard passed June ft,
iHlifi and to beur Interest at the rata of live per cent,
per aiiuuni ouiil paid, luterest payable on the 1st day
oi July of c i. i. year.
haul bonds ara entity In number, dated Julr 1. 1H08,
and me principal uf two o( said bond, is payable each
J ear with act ruei) interest The last of said bonds
ST forty j ears in run
All bids must be equal In amount to the par value of
said bonds .i'i jiavahla in gold coin of the United
All bids are to be addresnei to T. J. N'ichnli. Treas
urer of the city of Auburn, Auburn, Placer co, CaL,
and ei.d-.ii r-ed ' Proposal t r Houds "
Clerk nt the cuy of Auburn.
CitMMlsSli'N R h OPPIOK,
Rni 1 tt :il Cll AMHrCltS t f.. f
Kl.. YORK. July 32, 1 t-:i. J
PpiIR ATTENflON OP i on nt si: ft Hi- Is called to the
J advtrtiseiiieiu in the i'ny Hvcord inviting bitls for
I he construction of a r.dk' u, er Hie llarlcm Hirer ou
the line of 3dav. between lLV.-th and i:t.r.th sts.
MH 11 .1- I. T DALY.
Commissioner of Puhltu Worka
(Ocrnu jStramtra.
Hieaiiii-rs lor .Mi.il'ul.k. I'llHTHMUIfTH. (HIWnlVT I
Ciil.rnllT. ami a'l-.Wl'l r.r NKlV'S . null, i iiiv fir I 1 14
i.im i Bi.ti ii. I'KTI llHHl'IKI and in. ininsn. , ,
mi. I W l-lll ,1'UN. 1 1. (' -lues Wed., 'IIhii- . biiI eat.
I ur Kli'llMliSH. Ms JAMka ItlVJ-.H -U'r.l mill hat.
l or hbl' I'ulN r ... r i'liur. auil asl i'ruiu
I'lor J'l N. a, fii.it lieacli St., nl H I' M. Thrmiali
I.. . ii, i 1 1 .'.',' i .- 1 1, ... . .. i, , ., . i. an. I West.
a . I' . ul trji.ral ..nic.. t i on. i an) on titer, or at 6, 1 1,
BSlJ JMii. 2al, i'S7. alTA. Mi. Hen l'44. an.l I,.'JJ
III . I. ..j W. 1. ul II l.AUtt. Hall., llau.ia.r.
All trains sirive st, and depart from Orsnd
'Viitrsl Station, 42d Street ; tho only railroad
Ration if iliex t'ltv Trains lcavo as follows
I'm pun: btate hxpresm,
8.'4il A M. Except Ktinilavs. Fastest train tn
TV1 the worlil. No ealra fare.
AIllltll.MlAt KAMd.VTRl.ll.NPEIIAt.
IJ.aJO Aa M. l-'.xeept Sunrlava Fur the Haranaos,
Cj.OtM 1'anl Mniili . Luon Lade, and Montreal.
. im tun FAF4T MAIL
9. lO fV M. Hallr rorChlc.nr... P:,(-ept Rundar
J Vr fur Itlchrletit 'Sprinirs Wanner service.
9,OC - HI Kxrept Rnndnra Unnnecle for
.aarVr catsklll. (ireen Mountains, and Montreal.
l,()n A. M. Kxrept Randays. Satnrdar train
ll.OtFdoes not run wet of Cleveland and Detroit.
I.fMl ' M -I'allv. Due chlrairo 148 P. .
vrvr nett ilav. Wasrner service.
1.1 111 I. M.-Pallr. im. 1 in. 11,11 in lnl.'.lll.
v'vf M. I.ouis 7:30 r. II, No eslra fara
SAKATflOA I.I 41 1 Ti: II.
, A X P. M. Saturday onlr. ronnects at rala
. Kill for piiaOlpej points in the tin. nut sins.
ni'iiiiiiuv ri.TF.'t t nn 1 1 11,
.(li,1' M.-liallr. Hue Chlrairn in a. M. next
'.((tl.iai Complete W'airner vesllhulu lervice.
8,ia e. ai. 1. .;,' in : .... ronneets for
()(' Catikill Mountains Iirawinir-room cara.
4.Qi'l M.-Illy. Due Petrolt Hir.r, a. M. Chi.
OV aaffo 4:30 P, M. Wagner vestibule serrica
PAht WEMTBHN iM'iir.ss.
a.a,ln, IH. -Dully, line Clilraao 11 P. X.. St,
vlaVVr Louis 7:4.i A. M. Wagner service. Dining car.
6.,--, IV M.-llaliy. Dtt llurllngton 4r4KA. M.,
.. Plattshurgh 4:3r. A. M.. Montreal Ul4B A H.
7.fil I. M. -Dally for Saranao Lake. Lake da
Ov eld, Mnlone. and Montreal Wagner service.
Ill 1 I to. M . x r: r.u.i.s, A.MII.OOU
7.1( ' sat. Dally. Due nudum 730 a. m
OV Niagara Falls K:.,u A. M . Clayton S46 A. M.
9.rt P. M. Daily. Sleeping car passengers for
uv Rochester only carried nn tills tram.
9. I I". l. I'mlv for I'i'ir ui. Chicago, and
14JT Capo Vincent (1,0 10 IMandsl.
I'iri-i'ii.i.ii. LENOX, NORTII AIsAMH,
VIA Htltl I 11 Hi VI-KI.N.
Two through trains dallv. ;' Sutnlai. H:D1 A. M,
due I'tltstlel.l 1 .in. North Adams J 30 I' M ; 3:00 r. M..
due I'lttstleld H.lo. North Adams i l.. 1'. M.
FAST I'.i.uiiviiiiii: EXPRESS.
Frldava and Satitrdavs onlv at L':.s P M. arrlree
rittatteld (116 P. M. tVugiur in.,- i,.- l:. inn Csrs.
Fortlme or hi.'il trains, lickt-tsanil space tn sleeping
cars upplv at i.ii.iw . . n; i ,. sint on, or at 113. '.'01. 413,
7rid. IUJ llroailnai, 23.". ('nliimlnis av.. r.3 Meat lL'Mh
st , ami l:wtii st. station. New York; 333 W ashittgton
st.. HO Fultnn st. and 74 Broadway. H. D.. Hrookiyn.
Trains leaving al M:3'i. 8 33. li:ln. I 20 A. H., l-4r,
r. ;: ,i. i i. .:." i M do not stop at l.'lHilisl.
We..ii'ott'sP.xpresscall for ami OboOKI liagguge from
hotels and rest .:,.-. through to desttitntioii.
General Manager (Jeueral Pass. Agent.
PtSBtSCBKer Train Irnvr Foot or l,1ber(y H(.,
VtOO A. !M. daily for BAST MALCI1 CHINK and fn
teriueiliete htati- ns.
Mtia A. M. J Uly fiTCKNI.VA, R00HP.BTBB, Bl'F-
PALO, ana the Weill l'OTTVILLK and principal loral
points, cl atr cur tn Knohester. rinlinitii car to l.ufl&io.
tttilO A. .11. lially t-xcejit Siinda for CLINICS and
lul. r;m !,;i:. strvlions.
1 1 i to A. M. (Itily for OI.NKV.. KOCHRTF.R,
in i i ,i.". NlACtAttA PaLLH iul nil points Writ.
riiiitn.tu sleopar t ctMCAt.o via Kt ITalo, i'ulimnn
UutTet sleeper to Cbicasjo via Sue pension Brldfei con-
nectiotii tor I'.Futllntt aim Hun i-' .i u
l'J::to i. 1I. ilmiv. except Min-laiy fnr LLMIRA and
all mi. 'nn-'! lie StatloitSt ' mi"' ' "l- for I'nttsMlle
t4.1 I. M. dally, except miikIuv. tor Ti XKiiaN
i i:k nnd principal Intermediate stations; obalr car
td'HiM ui-'. connection! tor Pottsvllts,
IiIiOiiik i::u 1. V. dntiv. except Snnday, for
SOUTH I'LAlNKiin ii and Intermediate itatiom
.'. : i ." I. M. Uailv, except sunda. for -T
MATCH cm NK etui lntcriuediate etntlont. chitlr
car to heaton.
si:Oi i-. H, daily for BUFFALO. NIAQARA FALLS,
and all points est; r .:::.. sh-et.fi h to Chicago, via
IiuITalo and Suspension lindtee, cunnections tor ltead
lnir hi 'I Herrlshtirkr
TKK. B UP PALO, NIAGARA FALLaS, and all points West;
l'u'lmau BuRet strcper to i. -u. via Misjit-litton
Brtdne; Pullmen ilesnerto Bnffalo.
Additional Sunday train- 10 BO . M. for Rait Manch
Chunk and in iern.t tints smtH tie. ronti'otioiis for
1'ottsville; 4:40 1'. M for Kuston ant inttrriuedtate
t.tMieral Rastern office 236 Rna-lway. New York city.
The New iork Transfer Company will cu ior aud
check. Impgaxv from hotel or r- hi n-nce tlirouKh to i
uti.iti.-ii. A- W. NONNKMAUHKR,
It II. WILBI'R. Assistant tlcu'l Pass. AKeuL
(ien'l Sup t. eastern Div,
TbroDgh trains for Cblcatto and the West ieax Mew
York, foot Of Chain hers t , daily as follows, and tlve
inlnuii-s earlier from West 1:3 l at,
in W A. M. Solid -ii. ,ii lor 'hicaoro ri.Uman
Ivivv sleeper via rhuiiiitmiiin Lake Parlor car
New ', ork to I ' ii :i .,. i ant NiatfaraValla. Dliiinir car.
3,k, P. SI. Yeslihulo Lliniited. Holld tratn for
ilU t litcrtir-' Tia Cbautauqua Lake, leiperato
Uhioatro, Cleveland, and Cincinnati Dining cr.
- ii,'J(f. P. M( Solid trmii to Cbtoago via Niagara
: UeOu Pa l Sleepers to Bultalo and Obloagn,
WeJisl". II. Via :.. -nit i.i-,..,. Lako ami Ni-tirara
1 OiOU Falls, solid train to i hlcago. Slespen to
i Horns lis villa, Chicago, and Cincinnati
j 1 .Mil. Lis 1 4 il. h4' and l'&7 Hroadway. Jut, U est II .
i-.'i Bast lUf-th at.. liatnborRan'! West iSd st. lerriee.
New York 338 Pulton "t. Brooklyn; 200 Hudson t..
Iloboksn. and JertSf City Station Kris Trans. er Com
pany calls for and checks bagg-atfe (rum hotels aud
I residences to deatinJtioiL
New York and Boston All Rail.
V Y., V II. A II R. It and ronnectioua.
From tiTttiid Central station.
Leave. lly way of Due.
9-02 a. M. BDiipgdeid ana Worcester, 8:30 P M.
iu:(xa. M. New London and Providence, n.nop M.
jo.us a. v.. New London nnd Pro ri deuce, 4.SOP. M,
lltOOA. M., Sprlngneld and Worcester 6:80P.M.
12 M Ja'prlngHeld and Worcester. 5:40 P. L
UM... P. M., H..i i r i and N. V. .t. i N. K., i(:H0 P. M.
1 ah) i M., New London and Providence. 7t80P. M.
2t00P M., JNew London and Providence, 7:40 P.M.
;( t0 I'. M . Williuianlii' and N.Y. A N. B., H-4i P. M.
4:00 P M . ".-nn iik hem and v. ... .-..!. ; O:00 P. HI.
6:,(" P M-, New I niuinn ami 1'ri.videuce, 1 1 :Oo P. l.
1 I :ihi 1'. M 'Springfield and Worcester. (llf, A. M.
13:00 P, M.. -Nevi London and l';i idence. 7 :0O A, M.
Runs dully. .ii.'i.ilniK Stindaya
i"ive-hour liinited, all parlor can; fare $7. includ
ing parlor car seat.
fArrival "n Sundays twenty minutes later.
i A 11 parlor cars
Keturn er ice same boors and hy same mute
Throutfli parlor and sieepinK cure hv- icli train.
c. I IIEMPSfBAD. ti-n'l Pais. Agent.
Leave New York, lo-.l of Liberty St.:
Kiirl'llli'AliO. lliKO A. M., li.'IO. II I'. M.. 12:18 nlfhs.
Knr I'lTTSBDRUH, 1 :.'!( i M 12:18 nlsm.
For AMI I M.l. IN. II A l.T I Mi nil '.I 4. SI. ll:SO A. M,
I'li.tiiir Can, I i.ll). 14:00 I' M. Ii:i-.uig Cur). 8, 8 P- il .
12:18 nn hi All 1 1 mi. run dally.
For MOKKOt.K, Bay Line, 1 3n r. M . Ki. Sunday.
Tlcle: ollii'Li 172. 2lil. 418. Hill. 1.1411 Hroailwaf. 81
Fast 14th St.. (.. . 1.1.11..1 si . New York: 344 Kullon sL.
Brouklyn. Slatlnn fo..t nf Liberty st , C. It. K of N. J.
Ibe near York Transfer Co. will rail for anil clieck
baitaaire from hats! or residence to deotinallon.
ream tfiiiucw.
NKW inuii.siM rnMlTn,l.uMio.
New York. .Aug. .i". ; a l IKerlin Sept. IS. 10 A M.
Pari. Sspt. tt, 2 1' M.nw .'nrk .Sept. 20, I P. M.
From 1'ier 43, N. H . foot of 1 hrlstopher Ht.
Shorteet aud moil cotnriiietit rituie to London.
Passeiiiftra laud at I n-i-r lck. avoldins luoon
Vfi.ii in '.- And exposure of transfer hy tender.
i ii -i rahin ,-.t -'.' lo bout;iaiuptt)ii, London, or
Havre. ! and upa'ard. acroroiiiH' to steamer. Second
cabin, s.i.. to ". .'tc-fjirfc at low rates
0 i; - ii.l. .... ' i. New rk.
PAST LINK To Lo.ui.s hy the four magulticent
twitvsorew stsamsbips of lit i.,iooh. p
i .... ,... : Auta- ...: v M , a victoria Rept. 7. 8 P. U.
llAAlKUltii-AMLHH AN CO,. 7 Broadway. N. V.
i ..!., !, ii. i... Hept 2, 10 A. M. Ktrurla Pept. 2a. 4 A. si.
I int-rui bet U, 4 A. M. t'ampanla.Kept JU.HiatiAH
I.ticanla . .Sept. IS. 9 A. M. Hervia Oct. ,'1 11 A M
Aurunia hept. l.. noou I inhna Oct. 7, 4 A. M.
imi.a Mioi.i;
Qailla lent. 5, 1 P. M.
Pr in Pier 4d. North Biver. foot Clarkson st
1 ItNnN II. HKDVtN A rn i.enerai AflSOta,
rillON LINK,
Pr0U 1'ier B, fuot of iii .ml st.. Jcrttey lity
Al.l.-M . .. u; .1,. . ; l I'. Ill :U A M.
AiMtiNA ...Saturday, Sspt, 11 lo a, m.
Ai.AhK. ..Saturday, apt, :. u a. M,
t'ni in i'.'i "' . ". and uptuirti. second oaImii, .'!.,
Stecrak'e $'J A M L'NDKItlllLL A CO.. au Broadway.
leleptious 3.091. C -rtiau-lt
NnltTII iiLHMAN LUi. II S. '. i 'ii.
Miolir Kuril-, to i.osrioN ah roNTINEMT,
Ilael. Tui'a.Aitg. 2K.I A. M. Line. Fat . Sept 3. 10 A M.
Ii a.e. Wud .,.u, M" A M Ailer. I lies . Sept A . M.
OLLKICIIS A I.O., !l It-'Wlln,,' i.reen.
Tin ii., im: mlamsiih- COMPANY
lor i i.arirslon S . : . i. . ..'. i
and all points tu I lurid a, the oiitn. and .niii.r't,
from i'.ir yi, L it. Tuesdays and Pridags. 8 P M.
Passsuger hi aoininodatlous mi i i memo unsuri .nM
w .1 I' i . IH. ,v i o ijen Av:. . d 0o link.- llraeo, n v.
T. u. Lisi.it. i. en AgL U. b. Pr( Line. 370 llruudwai.Bi. V,
ubiiti: MTAII i-ivi:.
TEUTON!!' t'e. 111.-- I ii All.' ..-. '.' U.
iihHM.v.Mi W,.ln,..ta'. sept.tl lP,fi
utieiior se.iin.l rii'.in sii."intiio.la:..nB on louuiio
aad Majestlr, Meeraal" to "r from tti. olu i-inrtitry, S'-'r,
t'ltlre 2U Uruadway. or on th. wlisrf. foot of W,,(
mill. t. U. MaULanii SSSifiy. Afeab i
ihrttrtrsas. rl
Pennsylvania 1 1
stations foot ef Iieshrose.es and Qortlandt asn. i-l
Is. ClTect .fnly , ISOa. H
Q:o A. at. roLi'MRUN f PRF.ss.-rutiman !- jM -fe"
ins and Dlnins t'ars to rnicaito, t'lncinnatl. and ns
d.i.n.ij .!-. Arrivee In Cincinnati HtM A. M . Indlaa-
apoin ; 6 . a m . in. ago in a. m. nest day. r . iHsT.. .-
OtiMf A. M. PAST LINK. ror iMttehurBb.ParloOaa Put.
I)ra.vinir and Rtats (loom. Sleeping, Mlninjr, Rmoklag.
and observation Cas. Arrlree Chtcauo 1 3 ,X noem,
i ami Ernls. I oilman Hieepins and Dtninsr
t'ars to St. Louts. I'lnclnnail, nnd Chicago. Amfsl , 1
fin. innati lo:fcO A. M M Loula 7:80 1. M.. Ohiego
BOP. M aV'i - fl
AtilO l. M. w sip'ts-i xi-RKsB-rnllman SleofAskf
fan to t'.itsbursh. rhlcau-o, and OleTelar.d, OUjnJ If I fl
far to Chicago. Arrives fiereiand 11:4OA-M-0b ftlv
i - . i. l: tn 1. M next day. Hci
ttm I". M, sol : h u ) ri its' KXTRRRS week darsi,
7 .', V. ,M. fiundayi I'nllman rileeptng aod Olnlajf
f arn to rinointiati and St Louie. Arrlree 0 in elan AN
I' vi , St. li 'ills 7:00 A. m second morning.
ftlOO I. M. I'll 1-' I rm -s . riillman BlffH
H.t-epliiff tJar New York to Chicago. Arrives ChloaM
7:I.i' A M (Recond inorninsT). Toledo 11:20 P. BL. 'IWal
(oitimhus 7tl5 P. M. Cleveland 0:10 P. M. (wee! .'.n'
with Sleeper to New Orleans, aod 13:1& nisgt Wttm
Sleeper to Memphis. j
II I I initlKl . t ASIHMM t. ANDTMR
Mil IM.
lOtOO A. 11. "Wii-hiimnin Mmll--dM weeb . 1 W
das, I'ullinan Parlor fara and DlntngOar. s 1 IBa
:.: I. M. 'M onui'-liiimi limllrrl" dailf. A I MB
Pullman Parlor Cars and Dining Car, arriving Wash- IHal
a BJ fgVL 1 pfl
ADHI1IO.NAL IM'KISS TRAINS: S 00. 8:80. 0i80.Il 1 J Bel
A. M., 3:10,4 .:' :.. i r m , i l Mitartit. Sunday StSO, ; -.' I
UiQOeA, M .4 ao. ii i. v i : i.i ii ik it. i Amum
::io A. M.Atlnntlo foast Line K sprees, daltji J ,. i
hieetiers to Charleston, fniumbta, Jacksonville, asw 1 (Ls Hl
Port Tampa, i P, M. dallv. Sleeper to Jacksonville. I ' IPJ
4i0 I. .M.-ltichuiond and Danville fix press dally. I LH
bleepere to AnKt'eta. Jdomptiis, and New Orleans, I
HmingCar. 'Lit ssH
r.:iM I-. M.-Hailv for r hesaprake and Oblo Railway. asssH
Through Meopinu and Ulnilig Oars. tllfli" H
FOR oLl Point t o.MKoIIT and NORFOLK, rla Oaf '' -Sm
fhsrles R'ute, H:iKi a. m. week days, and, wttn iH
ThroiiRh ( i : mhi r M. Daily. H
For ATI ANTIC i iv itftO P M. week days, witb Rbi iH
iin. iu h Mullet I'anorfars ana Day 0 oaohes, H
FOR i l'i M i. I ki I' M. weeS days H
I "i Lons Uranrh. Ashnrr i'ark, ocean OroTS, aa tin i
Point I'n , i-mi. B au. ; .M. idu, lOtOO A. M-. JltlO ' i
(li-!0 Katurdav only), 2:.'UI. 11:10. 8:40, Ax'HX n-.ia ;.V . ssHe.
7 ."'ii P. M week daye. Mindays. H:ir. 9:45 A. M.. Altft liHifl .1
r M. (Do nu etop at Ashury Park and Ocean QroTs) :Wv H
on Sundays H ' j
FOR rim in iriiiA. H
Express: O:!'". 7:20. i Ki. Nt.10, 9:00. OiRO. 10KXX lltOO 'tv ' fl
A M (ianu noon IVuna Limited). 12:20, 1 :00. 3il0. ill iH
DlOQ, .1 ao, 4 Oil, i : ". BrOO, H:O0, fti;tO, 7:5il, S:00, safl
- V. L. latlfi nit(ht. Sundays, Kxpress, SilS, Mian, ak , SQ
Vi:0. l:,Ut. IO IK) A. M. (12:00 noon Limited., 3:00. -Jf. , llH
4 100, 4:ao. Ct(h. tlilU), 1 :. S:00, 0:00 P. SL, UiHJ m ; Is9
Ticket "oincest Nos. 431, 944. 1,19., 1.828. 118. and ! S.!, ij 'yfl
atlt Hroarlwav. 1 Astor EJiiUSO 134 Kast 125th St., Mi
vet lli'dh sl, 2M i oluinhtiH av., 737 sixth ar., and NBK
T lOt of Di-shrossesand orilandt sta : 4 Conrt at, HOO WigM
Ku (on at., 9H Hroadway, and Hrookiyn Annex Sta i( 11?
i;. .ii. fool ut Piiltnn st., Hrookiyn, 12J Hudson st, r3&9Je
flnbokani Station. Jersey City. IHbI
The New York Tiansler Company will call for and 9snal
check tiHKiratfe Irom hott-ls aud residences through SO HH
destiiifitlou HtJTJI
b M, PRKV08T, .1. R. WOOD. i IBK
tieneral Manager. Geni'rnl Pass'r Agent -trjl
MITKRN Jnt R. 4 i jflg
si:iiim4 in Nviv i .ii u. root nl' it it r cist r auael HBi
Mr-'ii route to Nnwark. Hloonitleld, Moutclalr, tba . Oi-fO fftfiH
ui." , summit, Hernardaville. Basslng it idea, ; vRR
Madison. .Mornstown. I'aeaic, I'alerson. Koonton, 9 ;- s.Hb1
I'firer. Stan Imp.-. Sudd's Lake. i.ak.i llopatoong. !.i
Hiicrst ttstnwn. ell-. oic . Mountain, YVnt-htnifion, JeSI
i .!, '.-. i;.-i.'!i Vater iap. rttroudahurs. Po sK A 5
bono Mountain. : fiiit.-ti. I'ni-ton. Wllkesbarra. J tSwat
Nanth oke. I-.m vi ,,.-. Northumberland. Montrose. j , 'toTOPJ
i'..'...'!..t:'.i.n, oxford, Norwich, Watarvllle, I'tica. it BsnH
Jtton eld spnnst. iortland. Syracuse. Oswego. f flsaasn
Jthaca, Owego, Blmlra, nun, Hath, Danevlller. ' 1 9flw
Hn'talo and nil points West, Northwest, and South i anS
west. ( & ffmm
ihiii) A. M. Bn ITalo, Richfield springs, and Oswsga okasl
hxpress PiiUmau parlor car. Connects at Buffalo) shHHR
with train for C blcago, arrlnng at U:45 next mom JBsbsi
inc. 3BR
-.' A. M. Rlngiiamton Malt. Stoos at principal EHon
stations smBMB
1 itio P. St. Rerauton, Itinehamton, and Blmlra M k tmum
I v rcn f illman parlor in sB.It PsSrSI
4ilo 1". ! . Scrantun, Uilkesbarre. and PlymonUA ,', rSgSHn
r.xiiresH I'ulloiati parlor cars, ngHESpl
7 ::tV t . M.-uIallv) -Duitulo. Limited Express. Pni ; Mr "aoi
man sleeper.. Arrive al 7:15 AM. fl
U:iio 1. O. i initial.., Ittrbfield Kp rings, and 4afl
riswt'ff.i Lxpro-ss. Pullman sleepers g wfl
Ttcketaatnl I'liiliiiati accommoilations at 73 Murray M; lflj
St. and 42!' Itroadway Tickets at ferry stations. 7S5 i 'mmmm
and 942 ii: :i I'.i.tv, HWest ur.thst.. 235 Coluuihua av Bfl
New York; a: a UiiKtumrtou st . 72(1 Pulton at., aud 74 tm IHI
Broadway. iiMiok'.yn. Timetable giving full lafursna ; flflfll
tion at a 1 stations. yju assflBB
IVesoott's Kx press Company will call for and ebaoM 'iY laSBsfl
baggags from hotel or residence to destination. sflBafll
Catsklll Mountains. ' Bfl
Connects with 9:20. 11:20, and ft:80 trains oa New f p tWflfl
York Ceutrai. nnd 11:35 and 3:45 trains on West Bbarst sflaflfll
Ka.lr'ad Also with Albany Day Hoals and Catsklll lisil
dsTB at 1 :4r I' M for Catsklll, without amp. connects ( MM
mill litis i:i K'r: lue at the Mountain Button IS 8 BWsBS
Um II.- AM) :.n Ml.M'TI-.s. if. 1 i BH
jgtramltosts. flfl
lui: BOSTON. WOltCEBTBR, PRdYlDBNCE, fflflfll
Ft.- .mem C0.NNBCT1CI T aud MASSACHUflBTTf IEfll
leave Tier 29 (old No.). N It, foot of Warren et atftiiO ;ffl MbBfla!
1'. i daily, except Sunday; connecting trains leavo sflsflsH
wliarr at ii A ,11 . due Boston 7:15 A. M ; and 0:10 A. a 1 ,' 1
due Worcester H A M. (Mind ay train to Worcester front- fpflflflfl 3
Pnliiii Station at H:o a. H only). Throucb Parlag cfl -
Cars to White Mountains leavewharf, except Huuday. Baflfll
7:lo A . M . due labjatis at 4:30 P. .M. I L fl
AN oK lii-.sriiA O.N KACH STEAMER. A
IKKlOB l.'.l ll.Tu IKl.M.iN. I'lKIVinKNCE. WOROBSs iffl
'll.lt. AND All. I A - I 1 i: S roi.S'Ta i inly (Ureal (MM
New steel sieainen MUM. and M.u IIAMPdHlaa
leare new Pier 8(1. N. K.. one l.luck abore Canal it, at ilfli
61.10 P. M. dally. Including gonjay.
nkw london, mluwicii, watch
hiljl. block, inland. HBk
T,esveplcr4U fold number). North River (next flaw ujB oflflflsl
above ii.-r.i.rii-see st. ferry), daily, except Bundafs. svf :3nP, -1
st I. if,, connecting with new express train, leaving ' . ffijffip"
New London at ;iiit. A. ML. reaching Boston U A. St S.N
"fall" river line BH
For BOSTON. NEWPORT, Provldenoa. Cottaga - flhsslaBi
Nantucket, and all Kastern points. flflflfll
Doi KLB M'MMKK BERvIOB. The PURITAN. PI1 flflflfll
GRIM, PLYMOUTH, and I'ltoviDENCE In oommtssiusl m flflflfl
tosether. Tmo boats each nay dally. A flue orchestra flflflflal
nn flflflfll
Leave Nw York rrom Pier 28, North IMver (old NaL uflflflfll
wi-elvdavaat 6l80 and 0:15 P. M Sundays, 0:80 P. It. Hflflfll
only. Puliinnn vestitniled trains leare Pall Kiver at flflflfll
6:80 and 7l0 a. M.due Hoston 0)50 and :00 A, K I; rM sflaflfll
. i.n. . i I..: Annex boat leaves Brooklyn week daja Hflflfll
and Sundays at t P. M, Jersey City, AiOOP. at J j snsflflfll
Hudson River by Daylight. 9
Day Llns Steamers. rgBaWJ
Dally except .Sundays. lannSflH
Leav Brooklyn, Pulton at. (byAunex) R:OOA,at sWeoflfll
- Near York, Heshrosses 8t. Pier ....M:o " liflHflfll
w est : J.l t. ".... 0:00
for Aiiiai. landins at Yuukers. West Point. aTeejg bflflfla
buriih. IVkeepsie. Hhlneheck. Catsklll, and Hndaask. eflflH.a!
i-r.fi'i.p'H i.iM flflflBal
Bteamers URKW aud UKAN KKUlslOND leave OVA eflflflfl
Pier 41. N. R . font Canal St., at 6 P. M. dally (Sunday L
excepied) Direct connection with express trains la flflfll
Harutofra, Lake tieorge. Adlroudacks, TbouaandUlaMa. HH
Rtchtleld Springs. Mat;ara Palis. .Sharon Springs, ansl aflflflai
Cooperstown. haturday ntuht steamer connooto wfcaJa 1
bunJay morning tram ror saratoua and Lake tieorga. flflflfl
cm UP TltuV or ...t ii i i.i, a l.aree Pier 4(1. . a, . H
font West loill sl . dally, enetit sstntday. d f M. K MW MWW
press trams for Saratutra, Laiie (ieorye, Aillrdiidaveka. WW WMM
Sunday steamer lotirhea al Albany, i-ahatoua Kile eB
CIKKIuN. 14 W. LAKE i.l.n.ii.i. Mfl'llsluM. tl.&X WU BB
: teiiinl..iiB SKA mini i.nd a l.ltl-.K 1 1 s a leer. Haw Sa aKSS
Ti I Frank, in R for luylilands. aiah.
len 1 llsti'li ii ..ur I .". Point. Brown'e Daek, rim EW bbbbbH
llav.n. and Kid Hank dally at ' II and P. at. Bat. saaaal M
null., . nt '.'iDUl'. 1. l.eaie Had Lauk dally at 7 A. as. KW IbbbbbB
mm 4 MKsXbB
leare New Tnrk at 0 A. M and 10 A. M.i retornlu. SBBKB
...... lied Hunk at 8 .Iu P. M and 4. HOP. Hi IBB BBBBBsl
lands. 4 ao P. M. Kit rural on tickets. 6O0. iVngH
1 lie only direct line to Cottsffe ( Ur. Masa, and rorfte BBIbbbbI
lam1. Me., cnnecliutr ai Portland wltu all railroad and
steaiiialiiti in.-- ror Mar Harbor. Old (ironard. Polasa BBBBBsl
Siriliic.. Vlilts Mouutali.B. aud all KaBt.ru auuituer re BBBBBI
sorts steamers sull every Monday. Wednesday, end BBBBBbb
Saturday at r P U. irom Pier :ih. East River, foot ejf BBBBBI
Mark. I L, New Yoik. I'or Inrnrmatlon apply to SaBBBsi
IIOKATIo 111. 1., Agent, at the pier. BBBB
CATXKII.I, Mm stains-.learner, KAATERSKlLb B SaBBl
au. I PATaKU.L leaie every week dar at P. aC BBBBBal
." fin. i I'.iuneciiiia wita SSIEiflQ
Cll. kill M'.unlnin an. I Cairo It. It ami the new (Ilia MM fl . aaM
I leiatinn Itiiti way tn die e.iiiimlt. Ilirectory of eons MM sSjBBBfl
uirr iiuleis anil l.tiaiillua lioi.saa niiilied frea at pier or rj I I
by W. J lU'iiiiKs. CatskllL W.T. BSJ JaSsBBS
IIV HAVEN, PARK I ''-I. lua.u.n. eut naw twlal ISbW
l,a . steel steamer llli HAllli I'l i h. tl.. rtyar, sSBSsS
!., tr-i steattiiT mi I..injr Isiand Sound, and palatl.1 SbSsSS
slrauiert ll. MiRTllAM leare Pier W. .. H.. dally ai II fliffiSaSK
s .Hi r M .ml 11:80 P. M.l Sundays. 10:80 A. M. ant : :Sl&aSs
I- in ..I uniiliertlutr with trams for ilen.l.n, HartfertC 5&85Szm
eprilijrtlel.l. I.i.lyi.ke, alnl N.,rth. CZmJoWcSH
1 II. .-'IS AMI I'lUMI llli. liriATJTT.EAVE FVRRf fyMfflSHB
I week lac at (l P. M I I'ler 4H. loot or West Ilia tH IbBSsbH
bt nil. -rmu Willi I tie lli.slon aud A.l.any R. H. VrJfyKM-S
AllT...tlil.lM aieam.r." I.ara Plar aV4 . tml t
I II irifMt.l and ' tin- .ii.' ii Uiv.r ijaudlnas dallr. -: zBkWR&B5
ivoept huinls) ai ft P. V. 'J-HSSB
RtMslH'll. I.1SK -Steamers leare Pier "14. N. .; 'S-.Bi
(. o( Kreiikltn st for i.'renston's. VTssl Point, Canal ' -ii&Si?
s;.r.n.' . .... . Platiklll l.andlaa. au, NewblrarBi '-"i';:
week Cays&P. M, Euudaiik A M. -'

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