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. -IWli tt 9 I 8yklf 2? A. A E LEATHER PREDICTION
be VHP tm Ll ' y ll I irrnnrnitt mm1"1 7S W r" - " v,e,:
IT'S SO." BBmmBBmT eft ML Sfrdul LawtalA AUBBBbbbV b eaL ear- nab A robebiy showers lntheafV.rnron: south
I l -P Pr 3 yy asH""""?! bbbbv T wind: slightly warm-r
timFir baomvb rt.AT dbrmal or
galdlnw nid Nat ettaa ! Mia
Ik Tbrewew Tbe Mlllleealre, TJl.
r r.aealnallea br Lawyer Ibeete, Telle
SAhal Its CAM Rtataktr ef Ike ttallrnada
e II M Haa Ta Da WIH, Kealalaa
tbe iirltnl WerklBBj af the Mnlria of
Pate aad Cells Bteltee to Dleaalea Beaten.
Ruiiell "age made Mi flrit appearance
yesterday wltntM la tho trial of the
action fof f'.H.IKX) damagee brought against
bin br William H. laldlaw. tha aaa
harm.- been dltmlesad In tha formar trial
before Mr. Sara wa plaeed on tha atand In
kit own defence. Hit direct azamlnatlon.
which hi conducted by Mr. Taggert; junior
eoun i lor tha defence, was began at 2 o'clock
ajk IMttd only a little ottrt quarter of aa
koar Then Mr. Choate croaa-examlned Mr.
gaga fir two hourt. whan tha day'a adjourn
ment wt takaa. but at that tlma Mr. Choate
kid apparently made only a fair atart In hit
The mott importaat point In the testimony
Mr !-ng cave waa hta poaitlva atatameat that
at no time after ha mat the bomb thrower and
until the dynamite explosion did he put hit
han.l upon tb plaintiff. 1 alillaw. Mr. 8age
wait farr cool wltnete while he waa in the
htndtot hit own countal, and lie tlto nian
M.l to maintain a oonalderable degree of
eoopoaure during the hard two houra ha
patted under Mr. C'hoate'e cross-examination,
although at tlmea heOUplared euroeannoy
arrct an I a little nervousness, lilt atory of
tbadrnaraltrr'a visit to hla ofTlce differed In
n respect from that already told. The di
vergence began when Mr. Hage got to the
point in hit narrative where he related hit
Boyementt aa ha retreated toward the table In
hie office and the man with tha bomb rel rested
toward the entrant door. Ha aaid that from
the time be lifted hie eyea from th type
written demand for $1,200,000 he did not for a
Ingle inttant remove hla gaze from that of hla
Titltor. nor did be turn and put hit hand upon
Laldlaw and draw the brokar'a clerk toward
blm. lilt lo.iutel irade hla denial Terr ex
plicit. V, -At any tlma prior to the eaploa'uo bad you taken
held of balulawf A. No. air.
y.-nr .taken hands with blot t A. Ne, air.
o.-ai any lima prior to tha sxplnaloa waa Laldlaw
Iwiweeu you snd Norcroesr A. No, sir
q Mail you at any time any latant to shield your
aair alti Lsldlswi body I a.-Noi tba lllgbleet.
U -Did yua at ear time ta akleid yotrtatff A -Ha.
Mr, I did aot.
A diagram of bla offlcee waa banded tn Mr.
age. On thlt Laldlaw had preyloualy marked
the relative poaltlona ooeupied by hlmaelf and
Mr. Sage, and the defendant waa told by Mr.
laggert to mark their poaltlona at tha time of
the explotlon. at he remembered them. While
tha wltnete waa doing thla, all the oounael and
Jury. Judge Patterson, and the court officer
craned their neeka to tee how hla marka would
differ from thota made by the plaintiff. The
atentlal difference waa la tha poaltlon which,
according to Mr. Hage's marka. Laldlaw occu
pied at the time of the explotlon. Mr. Sage
kit Laldlaw by the aid of tba table partly
facing lteotor (treat, aad plaeed hlmaelf. In
agreement with Laldlaw'a teatimonr. at tha
eorner ol the aame table, with hla back turned
aaveavgaartera to laldlaw. Thla taatiaoay
. peaot i, apeyrtlwan la tha eroea ex
amination. Continuing hta dlreet teattmoay. Mr. Hage
aid that ha had reaelyed Injurtee by the ex
plotloa which resulted In many wounda on tha
front of hit body and on hla hands. " Tba
do: or teld ma that there were forty-aeveu,"
began the wltnete. when Mr. ( hoate made one
of hla vary rare interruption. "Nevermind
what tbe doctor t ld you. Let'a hear what
ion vnowalout It youraelf." aald Mr. Choate.
Tlkt wltneee began again. "I waa Injured
or, both tldca in front, rathermora on tbe right
Mr. The electrician told ma "
Vr. ( hoate again Interrupted: "Pleaee never
ai nd the electrician. ou ware hurt worae
ot the right aide. That'a what wewant to
.ati'liel waa produced, from which a tat
tered tult ot vlothea waa taken. The elothea
eie I entitled by tbe wltneaa aa thoae which
be wore at the time of the explotlon.
'Will you mind putting on that veet? I
want tha jury to uote the perforattoaa," aald
Hi. I lexer t
r.Yidentlr Mr. Page did mind, for be ahook
hi bend. nud. turning to Judge t'aiterton,
a-k 1 if he tnuet do ao. The Judge did not
Jtplr. and an awkward alienee waa broken by
tr t hoate, who ie marked oheerfully: "I hate
p or-iectlon. The wltaeea way atrip here if
be ain't to."
Hut the wltneaa waa not required to make a
deinonttratloa of that kind, for Mr. Taggert
Waa tatitfled with taking whether the wltnete
bad had woundt on hie cheat la locationa cor
reepondlag to the bolee In the walatcoa'. Mr.
bage -aid that he ahould prefer the doctor to
ar.twer that quettlon. but Mr. Taggert reluted
to emuie the wltneaa further, and he anawered
that ha had bean wounded In the varloua
plaeea corresponding with the rent In bla
eat walttooat. and iroueere.
Mr. hage made another contradlatlon of Mr.
I aidiaw'a atory In relating the occurrence
following Immediately atter be regained cou
actouaneaa. "1 then found." be aahl. "that I waa lying
n ray i aok and Laldlaw waa lying on hie face
croat my anklea. I apoke to him and atked
kirn If he waa redly hurt, but he did not reply
at una In a fuw teronde. perhapa. be atked
ew If I could get up. I aaid that 1 did not
taw. but would try. I got right up and
looped down and lifted him up. He wanted
to go out of the office by the door ba had en
ure I. out I told him tn come out with me
through my private office. In that office I
found a Mr. Jamet. who bad been waiting for
He, Handing by a window and about to lump
out Into ltaotor ttreei. I prevented bit do.ng
t and took him and Laldlaw out of tbe door
f niy private office down a private pair of
a au.i and aoroee tbe a treat to tbe drug a'ore."
1 aidlaw teatjtted that be aaaiated Br. Hage
' ii feet, and aleo aaeltted htm eoreee to the
drug ttore. Mr. hage teatlned that bla bearing
had i .aa afleeted by tha explotloa. and thai
le believed the druuie of bla eare were ruptured
"leaking af tba bomb thrower. Mr. Hage
II" waa tha laat man I ahould have aeleited
t ' tw a crank or Inaane perton. Hie manner of
eevh waa vary pleaaant. not tbreateulag,
and h did not ladlcate bte Inteutlou except
i aaibly by the manner lu which he eyed me
an I looked at the bag be held la bit hand.'
llit ended tbe direct examination. Mr.
h 'ate roe from hla chair aat on a table
i a a of the countel table, twung hta lege idly.
i. jai,i.-d tba wltaeea amlllagly. and then
Mkwl lu an uiiu.ua. Ir low voice
.. "t-tre do y.u reelde. Mr. beget"
At Sot Fifth avenue." aaaweied tbe wit
And what la your age bow 7" Still la a vary
low tone.
"hevtnty-aevea yeara." Mr. bage aald.
1 h.u Mr. ( koaie demanded, with a auddea
jaiaing of hit voice. Do you ordinarily hear
aau-n aa you have beard tba twoqueatluBa
you liave a'ltwered me r
II." wltneaa looked a bit turprlted and an
aweitd In an aim oat inaudible voice. "Why.
'.' -hid you Iota your viueo by Ibe eaploelea A No
v, - lnu apobe ivudar wUea rot ware la CeeeVeaa did
a. I may Lave.
Mr. t hoate. reeuinlog a conversational tone.
iiat-au an unexpected line of uueatloat bv atk -Itg
lu a amall-Ulk v-iee "What iewelry do
i ordiuarlly wear. Mr. hage r The witnea.
an. w.red that ha waa not la ibe habu of wear
lug ewalry
i ye waar a watch l A Yea
. aad ur.liaaniy carry it aaieuvarry ika eaa yea
..p ..at la your left veal oocaal r a laa-yaa
. .
''i'.i'" wul a" r ibe eaieeloa t a--I
l.''' ;'." aaievtatieaeedkr the eaploelea w kick
i .-raiad your reel wl!b ta.ai.l.a aaa ll I A 1 lam
. aaa t r.uaujUwr abuui tbal.
wltneaa did not quite enioy thla line of
"in; and twung tile eyeglaatea at if be
ear ii t . i, . "'ua. lr. Choate. after if
Jar l, ,,- Mm U ,11. ov , (, ,oulB ,jm, 4ij rl
- y"U wear gUaee." Tbe Wltneaa cloaed hit
aud put them in bla walttooat pocket.
eup..n Mi tboate reeuaied And when
it wear theui y.u carry H.em I eee. in
luijiaat pocket. Here your glaaaee kuxt by
ito..(i;uai oat iatonJ I'mict
ri.itn rnnm BnXDVHi.
" Aeaerteaa at. ..a ,,, un, K, Pndeaei
Vaaajaa. aag eg .jar fj, A. Bn. k .
Nw Orxgawt. March 2f.-Tha City of Oalltt
reaehed thlt elty laat avanlng from Ballr.a.
bringing a number of paatengera. among
them aaveral Mondureaat. Whan tha recant
revolution waa Incited Nicaragua aided Bos
nia by (applying htm with men from that
country, provltlone, arma. ammunition, aad
money. AI ont two weak ago Itonllla ordered
the Nlcaraguan aoMlereto go to their country.
a tha revelutlon waa at an and. bnt they did
not team anxloua to do ao Thlt mar taue
another revolution.
.1. W. Harvey, an Amerloan. who haa beta In
Honduraa for a few yeara. waa a paeaengar on
the veeaeL He aald he waa forced to leave th i
country hermuae he volunteered to tnntnort
Trealdent atnuer. and Major K A. Tttirke from
Tegucigalpa jntt after the termination of the
revolution. Mr. Harvey aald el'out fifteen
nave agn I'retlilent Vatuuex and Major Burke
ware anxloua to leave Tegucigalpa for fear
thay would be exeeuted. Their only hope waa
the train. When it waa time for them to atari.
Mr. Harvey, who wat tha ronduotor of the
train, learned that tha engineer, who waa
favorable to llnnllla, refuted to make the trip.
It waa Impoealble to get an engineer, and Mr.
Harvey, to aave the two men from almoet cer
tain death, decided to run tha train to It
oeatlnatlnn. He made tha trip and landed
Meaera. Hurka and Vatiuex tafe at Han Tedro.
from there I'retldent Vaariaer. and Major
Burke hurried to Puerto Cnrter, nd procured
millet and eventually reached San Salvador.
Mr. Hat vey took a aall boat and went to Qua
temala. thenee to P.n.-a. and cama to tha
1 nlted Rtatea Mr. Harvey tayt Itonllla hat
ordered the execution of a number ot anldlera
Of Vaaquex'a tinea the ond of the trouble. Al
readr more than a dnxen men had been thot
by the ordert of llonllla. Vatqnar. may return
In a few moatha aad try to ragala hla offloe.
lie Aeeawlleal Ilia Claard aad H.,. li. pn.
'ere ta BeewaaMa la th. Dark Cell.
Cntr-Acio. March 2R -After attaultlng the
jail gnard laat night Astattln Prendergaat
waa plaeed tn tha dungeon. Whan Jailer
Morrle aeked him if ha wanted to go back to
hla pell and behave hlmaelf ha began oneot
hla 1 1 red et agalntt th jail official! and
talked loudly about hla rlghta. Ha waa al
lowed to remain In tba dungeon all night.
Thla morning ba waa in tha aame mood and
waa told that unlttt ba premlaed to behave
hlmielf be would have to atay In tba dungeon.
Prendergaat anarlad and refuted to aneak. At
noon to-day when hla dinner waa taken to him
be refuted to eat.
' I don't eare how long I am kept here."
roared the aaaaaaln. There la one conten
tion In ttaylng here. I am not bothered by the
pretence of odloua guard t."
Prendergaat wat defiant, and will ba kept In
the dungeon until he beoomealeta turbulent.
Vrendergatt't friende aay plana have I aen
laid by 'the pmaecutlnn which havetorthelr
obieot the hanging of the attataln on April 't
tbe day to which Judge Chetlaln. In bla mid
night decltlon. granted a atay.
The plane. beauae of their very nature. It fa
eaid. have been privately made. Tha echeme
Includnt taking a change of venue from Judge
'hntlaln to Judge Hrentann. the trial Judge In
the rate, on April .". Judge Urentano, it would
be expected, would refute to go on with
nn inaanity trial, wonld rafuae to grant any
further etay. and would retentenee Prender-
8 aat to be hanged the following day. Tha
tate'e Attorney adrntta that one ofthe mattera
engaging hie attention In connection with the
muddle fa tha quettlon of taking a cnanga of
venue from Judge Chetlaln.
t-norrnvTina thk ukai.m.
F.ualaad VTlll Heartlla- o-oai'rata la blaaa.
ra la that E.e.
Lojroow. March 28 Tha Karl of Klmberloy'e
explanation to United Htatee Aatbattador
Bayard yetterday eoaearelag t eaxrrlnr; ont
ofthe fladlaga Of the llehrtng Baa Court or
Arbitration waa entirely rattafaetory. Lord
h lmberley la anderetoed to have aaaured Mr.
Bayard that the bill giving legal operation to
the provltloot of tba court'a flndlnga will ba
preeeated to Parliament to-morrow and every
effort will ba made to expedite It paaaage
Kir Charlee Tapper. Canadian High C-ommle-aionar.
vlaltad tha Colonial Offloe thla after.
noon and. In the abeenoe of Lord Hlpon. apoke
with Hobert Henry Meade. I'nder Secretary.
at to the legalisation of the BehrlngBea award,
lie expreeeed regret that aueh legalization
had been delayed, but he felt aura, be teld,
that tha couatrlea mott concerned Tn the
award would conform peaeeablr to Itt provla
ione immediately after they ahould ba legal,
Ottawa. March 2a-A member of the Cabi
net tald to-day that until effect waa given to
the regulation! by Congreaa and tba lirltlah
Parliament aeallng eould be punned In llebr
Ing Sea outtlde the three-mile limit without
fear of molettatlon. Tha Caaadlaa Govern
ment had reeelved no Intimation from tba
I nlted Statei that thla view waa not bald at
Vai.i.a.. .. Cal.. March J8 Thi. I'nited Btatee
ateamera Mohican and Yorktown have been
ordered to Port Towntend. The Mohican aalia
to-day and tbe Yerktown on Saturday.
ruitmniN la bo it piriri.v or-r.
'alVi a7aaaalerea1 Waal the alrat
tfcatta ta Wa'ark.
PAoaAio. Mareh 2H. - -The unemployed of thla
elty itartad a (mall riot to-day. aad drova oat
of town a gang of Italian and negro laborera
employed by Wright A Lindtley to lay tha
t ratkt of tba Paeaalc. Kuthcrford and Carlatadt
Elaetrlo Hallway.
The company pledged Itaalf when It obtained
Ita franoblae to employ oaly Paaaale labor.
Tbla morning Foreman W. H. Craig brought
aaveral wagon load of foreign laborera to thla
city from Orange and nut them at work build
ing the road. A crowd of unemployed Paaaale
workmen marched upon tbe foreigner! thii
afternoon. Approaching Foreman Craig the
pokaeman aaid:
" What'e the matter with putting us on to
earry raila tnttead of thoae foreign i-ra I They
don't live In Patealo. aad you mutt employ
Paaaale labor."
, ''Thoae are ak Iliad eplkare." replied Craig.
I ta brought them from Orange.'
Well, then, they go back to Orange." and
with a whoop the mob eharged tbe orange
They began the attack with (volley of etonea
and followed It up with elube. The tplkere
took to the woode. One of them waa knocked
down and trampled upon by the crowd. The
ekllled men were taken back to orange to
night, Tbe Paaaalo iaborart refuted to allow
them to work. Tba police did not interfere.
Ma le tha Laaaeat didder far Mtaaaead aVa
velaaee aa Newepeper Wrapptn.
WAtBrMOTOH. March I'M - I'ottmattor-Oen-aral
Blateli tbla altarnoon peraonally auper
viaed the opening of the aaaled propoaala for
furnishing attuned envelopee and newtpaper
wrappere to tbe Government for tha four yeara
beginning on Oct. 1 next.
Tbe preaeat contraut now bald by tba Mor
gan Kn veloi a Company, waa awarded at their
bid of tul .dini. There were all blddere for
the new contraot. aa follow..
F. F. Kellogg and W. O. Korea of bprfngfleld.
Meat.. H.-'J; Jamea Purcell ef Hudtoa. K
Y7mi2t)'-'i. Wolf lime.. Philadelphia, aM-il.-7.(7
: the Whlte-Corblu Company, l.ockvllla.
Conn.. SKi7.e.'D. Molyoke Envelope Company.
Hoiyoke. Mate. (CI55.U10. and tha Morgaa tn
veleie t oiupany, pcklcU.
Jamea iuitirll. Ibe Ijwett bidder, ta not
Liowu ut tho I oat office Pepartment, nor It
be known by tbe other btddere aa a uanufuie
turer of paper. Tbe epeclflcatlona reuulre
that aaeh bidder mutt (late tba locality where
he propoaee to do the work aad give a de
eerfpiion of bla faollltiaa
in the ease of Pureell thlt waa not done, and
it la believed that a proteat will le made to the
Poaioiaater-Oenerel ry tha other bid. lure
agaiatt the awarding of tbe contract to Pur
cell. becauee he failed to comply with the re-iiuiremeuta.
The Maa Wko BVui.a Jiaa ktradr.
Home oae wrote tha following note and put
It in a bottle, which drifted aabora on the Jar.
eey coaat near Long Braacb yea tarda y :
t eta (oiu tu tall abaal abat t daa and tbaa drawad
mjair 1 kill Jim Brady witfc a brick ou alatao UlaaJ
he ptaad a alua at loe lual l tuuA bit wacb it la lu my
lo kn I bait bad draauia aad caul gat aa paaa piaaa
tail Alice 1(6 t 11 1 WUU.I 1 aa fovd aau( lur baf
Yeart truly J.au u (vaa.
Tba btaten ltland police cannot reeell tba
kllllua of Jim Brady. There waa an Alloa at
1.15 taat ouueuih iliaat ewaue time ago. bat
eke haa ateved.
jrxoratrow atij ADTtcm aud no
WOBD or Kflim.iMi
Btr. Obettt tanai.li a Jwdlalowe Oeggllag
' 'be Btagaawaaw. Dattaiaai tha Cet-alae-erat
aag Prateoe tha Taaaaaaar Agaala
l.lralla. - Bt.aalalla.a raraaally Pre.
eiaiaiaa the hteaaeaeee ef the Thirty.
It waa a matter of (peculation with many
when Lawyer It ph ll. Choate told the dlnera
at a BL Ittrlok'a J$f banquet a year ago, that
tha Irtah ot America ought to go baek to Ira
land and try to govern that eountry. how far
he waa talking In a humoroue vain. Thoae
Irlehraen who felt Indignant at hla ramarka
then will ba aura that they were delivered In
all terloutnett after tha (peach whleh Mr.
Choate made laat night.
Mr. i hoate. datplte hie labort In tha Lald-law-Hago
caaa. waa one of the etar oratera at a
matt meeting held in Cooper Union under tba
auiplcea of tha Committee of Thirty for the
purpoan of getting out a.ull enrollment of
Bepabllcana for lta local organisation to-night.
In hla apoech. Mr. Choate aald:
"We, of thle elty, are tired of having a Gov
ernment given to ua by aay one man or a
quad of man. We have eubmttted too long to
tha eontrol of a handful of forelgnera who have
no etaka In the eoil, and who are udng the
eountlett trea.urei of thlt elty for political If
not for peraond advantage."
Thla declaration waa received with load
demonetratlona of approval throughout tha
ball, but there were slgna of uneaalnaaa In tha
faeea of mombera of tbe Committee ot Thirty.
Borne hlaaea were tlto heard. Theta perhapa
euagaated to Mr. Choate that he had gone a
trifle too far. aad he added :
"We ahould be jntt aa tired If the men were
not forelgnera, We ahould ba juat aa tired
aven were they Republlcana."
Thla atntiment did not teem to eall for ao
many cheert aa the flrat
Tha meeting waa quite aa big aa that of tha
Mllhoiland Bepublieana laat month, and tha
rowd waa bald longer, became tha Commit
tee ot Thirty had more and bigger attraetlona
to offer. It la doubtful If there were more vo
tara at laat nlght'a meeting than at Sir. Mll
holland'a, aa two or three hundred woman
were aoattered about through tbe audience.
The member! of the Committee ot Thirty,
from Chairman Corneliua N. Bllaa down to
Heoretary Erneat Hall, were prominent on tha
platform. Jaeob M. Pattereon. who, with hta
friends, will furnlah moat of tba man for the
enrollment to-night, kept In the background,
ttnndlng behind a pillar baek of the platform.
Johnny Blmpaon, lett modett, occupied a front
row near Qen. Wager Bwayne. who waa
Chairman of the meeting. Moat of the other
dittrict leaden ofthe old machine who have
nt joined the Mllhoiland organization were
dltpoaed about the hall.
There bad been evidently a prearranged plaa
not to apeak directly of the Mllhoiland organi
sation, and none of tbe apeakera mentioned
that gantleman'e name. They could not bow
aver, refrain from covert allualone to tha fac
tion fight In thlt fitr. and one eothutlattla
man In the audience, who did not know
that Mllbollaad'a name had been tabooed by
the Committee of Thirty, kept ahoutlng it
derlelvely until tlltnoed by tha deprecatory
glanoea ot the gentlemen on the platform.
Then ba c-eaaed and called for three ahaers tor
'heme rule," One feeble cheer waa given.
gBtttt- "ot-cofX V S-ffi'
Claflln af Maw Roolielle. Gen. George
11. Bharpe ot Klngeton. and Tbomaa L.
Jamea of New Jeney, who were vlce
I'realdentt of thla organization, whloh la aeek
Ing to reform the local Republican organisa
tion. Ex-Benator William M Erarla and
i haunoey M. Liepew headed the Hat of 1,000
Mce-1'reeldenta. but neither wat preaent
Mr. Lllhu Root who collaborated with Col.
George BIlea In the preparation of tbe plan of
reorganlaatton which the Committee of Thirty
Sropoeee to put In forre, wat the flrat tneaker.
a aald that tbe awakened coneclence of the
people waa evident In recent political
eventt: that It la working for tha ben
efit of the Republican party, and that
it behoovea that party to begin early to
prepare Ita organization to lead all good oltl
rent to thekeontlaught oa the citadel of bad
government Mr. Root (aid tha moatlmpor
tnt thing, to do la to get tbe volet: and ha
proceeded to tell how the Committee of Thirty
expected to do It by explaining their plan ot
organization. He dwelt particularly oa the
fact that it la to be the "regular'' Republican
Ex-secretary of the Treaenry Benjamin H.
Brittow followed with a carefully orepared
e.eech in which he treated the tariff particu
larly, and, without naming namea. aald that
tbepurpoeee of organization are not to nrn-
tuote peraonal emit and embltiont of tefrlth
lt waa here that Mr. Choate wat Introduced,
He waa received with generoue applauae and
announced at the ouUet that be had oemeto
the meeting "wholly unprepared." and that
there waa 'great danger that ba would apeak
right out" lie accordingly adviaed all ' uer
vque pereona to retlreb afore I begin."
Mr. Choate began hla tpeech by ttatlng thai
twenty-three yeara ago ba pretested from the
tame platform the plan ofthe Committee of
Seventy for the overthrow of Tammany HalL
end added that be truated that the plan of the
Committee of Thirty would be aa affective aa
waa that of tba other committee.
"Thla plan la bullion two cardinal maxima"
aald he. 'flrat. that la the Republican party
there ahall be no moreboiaee: tecond. that
under the cover of Republican organization
.?' lBwM " no ! renig with Tammany
Hall. We are going to have a great party, and
we propoae to prepare for It by general bouie-eleanlng-
We will olean out all the dead wood
and atora all tha broken-down furniture in tbe
Mr. Choate paid hla reepecta to tht Mug
wumpe after thlt fathlon :
" Tha independent voter la a great charaeter
of thete modern timet He fa now turning
hit face to the Republican party. The Mug
wuiiipe. are atrange people. All are the Lett
of men They ttand higher In their own ettl
uiatlon than any other man. They know a good
tnlog when they tee It though, and juat now
tha r eyee are fixed on ua Now, we muat
acknowledge their claim that thay holdthn
balance of power. We have had aad experience
aad know that they are powerful for evil when
led aatray They are equally powerful for good
when you get them on the right track "
Mr. Choate advlead hit hearere not lo dalnda
tbemeelvee with the belief that the recent ma
Jorltiee for Republican eaadldatea were the
reeult of Republican voUa.
"The modett little plurality of 2H2.000 re
eelved by Mr. Cleveland la Hut. were they Iietn
ocratio voteeT No they were caet by Inde
pendent votera. and bow they would all like to
recall their votet to-morrow P
Mr. Choate aaid that be did not mean to
enter Into any peraonal abaci ofthe Demo
cratic leadera In thla city. He eaid that ha
knew Mr. t.'roker very well and mutt give him
credit for tha nerve, courage and ability with
whloh ha hat managed the affaire of bie or
ganization 'He haa given ua aa good a government aa
it oOBtittent with the poll, y and purpmet ef
that organisation, aa go .d a government aa
the people deaerve, eo long aa iher tubinlt to
it. Wedonotnow find thneethefta and out
rage! which In M71 irvel to aroua tha
peiple to the overthrow of Tammany Hall."
Sooner or later In the Conatitutlonal Con
vention." aald be. " the burning iueet!oa muat
ba deci led. whether the public mooeyt of thla
me'e are to be diverted to aaotarian purpotea.
Aud wa era going to have the app dnteea of
Mr. Cioker to di liberate ou thle and other
aa weighty eut ecta.''
Mr. Choa'e then touched ou our foreign-bora
citizen end prooeodd to ute hie tongue lath
on Southern Rrlgadlert. whom be eharged
with attempting through legiaUtiun to reek
their revenge on tho .North, lie apoke of the
Wilton Tariff bill with Ita Income tax and
othur ridera at aatiikeof Southern retalia
tion for eventt that bave preceded It He.
too. urged all Republicaut to enroll under the
Committee of Thlriy. taymg
You won't have to produce affldevltt to
prove tbe eiiet.u.e of the placet where the
enrollment took place."
Meror SehKiea ot Brooklyn aald that ba waa
edvleoJ by a frleud not to cuitt over hare aad
participate In a Republican faction fight, but
that he hei heard tha cry of the people for
reform la political uiethoUe and had aaaweied
Jullua M Merer aleo apoke. after whleb the
following preamble and raaolutl.ua. preeeated
by Cbarlea A Flammer of the Baveaueeaih At
aembJy dlatrlet were read aad adopted:
We. tba aapabtiaaot of tbe city et Baa Iota, ua aaeat
Btaettag ateeeaklee. raaMratiax ear daveUua le (a
aebllaea prlal.aa. aad kaUeviag tbal Ika euadeUaa
af again ta Ika aatlaa. atale. aat oily aaaaveaWataa
tba aUaa laatpttnj eX ibe UeiaoaraUt parly u (evara
the eaaple, and appraelartna tha reeponatblMty veatlee
on the AapnMtean ptrty tl thla tlma le eatablteh ana
rnatatate an anlelaat ertenltatton tn thla elty, do
r.. h... Tbal Ibe elan or rrortaolaatlon aed
ennatltnttna ef tha RaBflhltcan party of tba elty
ef New York, reeoetntended by Iht "Cenmlttaa
or Thirty." end adapted by tbt Repm. Ilran
I'oenty Committee, lha duly rnaatitntad authority,
a.ciir.a atrua atpraaalon of tbe pepalar volea, free from
reraonal ntaalpalalion or aain.h eontrol. and aetnrat
o avary Rapobllcan an a.inal Intloanee la the eeaaalla
of the party.
;-..-. That we reroffttae.la thai plan and ennatt
lotlon an lnatrtim.nl wharahy a pnwarfnl orfanlaation
can he cr.at.d, whleh ahall bave ta Itt primary object
lha ati.inni.nl of (nod envarnm.nt for the people
r.eu..y. Thai we earoeitl orta all H.pnoli.ana lo
praa.nt ih.m.elrae for anrnllmanl In ibair reepectlva
el.etlen (i.tr let tn morrow (l hiu.'lay) a.anlar. Mareh
le. or on natt Uoaday avaalB(. April x. between tbe
reora af 7 aad lO o'clock, and thai take part la creat
ine an effective political bndy throueh wbteb may ha
achieved naal fall ftepabllcaa vletury In tba ally aad
MMA Duet HKK grr.V ((,
TJallha Any San Bee Ever Meea ay Ta aaa
Pitrllewlar aea fj tea M-r.ire.
A dark, drab aloud tailed along the wettern
horizon and blotted out the aun from tha view
of atrollera on tha Battery at 5:40 o'clock yet
terdey afternoon. Tha bay, whoea myriad
waveH had bean tumbling like terreatrlal atara
through the frotty air, became leaden under
tha cloud ahadow. and tbe ahlpe around Mlee
Liberty'! bright granite pedeetat looked
amoky and unreal. Preeently the eloud grew
lighter and the aun peered through the
dlaphanoue vapor Ilka a blurred dltk.
Shat did not eurprlee the Battery boatman
unglng near tha bat In. Rut when two other
lurred dlaka appeared on either eide of tha
original one, they compared Imoreaalont to
make cure that they were not In tbe condition
of folk who eee two moone.
Prof. Irving King ofthe Barge Office came
out and reaaaured tha boatmen by explaining
the phenomenon. Me eaid the dlaka were aun
doga. or mock aunt, and that thay were oaueed
by the refraction of the aun a rart through Icy
particlea tn tbe atmoephere back of tbeolouda.
While the I'rofeator waa dltcourtlng tbe mock
auat elongated themtelvee. perpendicular,
equldlttant from the real aim. and ateumod
the atpect of tegmenta ot ralnbowa (tending
on end.
The aun dipped deeper behind the cloud and
the vertical ralnbowa vanlahed. Then tbe aun
peeped out of the cloud, atnlled a broad, red
iiml purple t mile, filling the wettern horizon,
finl dropped behind the Jeraey hillt. Mlaa
.Iberty didn't even torn her head to aee the
how. which the oldeat and moat erudite Bat
tery boatman doee not remember having ob
aerved before. The meteorologlata aay the ap
pearance of the mook eune meana that wa are
going to bave froatr weather.
Mlace i.l i oiiar.ed ta the ftarprlee ef lu
Thirteen Oeeapaaala.
Aa (tage No. 13, which la on run No. 13 oa
the Fifth Avenue line, waa paaalng Thirteenth
atreet on Ita up-town trip early yesterday
afternoon the driver. LawU WaPln. who Uvea
in Eaat Thirteenth atreet. tare it waa about
thirteen mlnutea past the hour the nut on the
off bind wheel dropped oft. At any rale, just
after Fourteenth atreet had been paaaod the
wheel went off aleo, and tba rear and of tha
etage want down with a orach, atartllng tha
eleven grown people and two children who
were lnaide. None of them waa Injured, but
aevaral ware angry.
One woman blamed the company for not
having examined the stage carefully enough
before aendlng it out ; another blamed heraelf
for ever getting Into a etage with the number
13 on It and atlU another, who bad a lot ot
paekagea in her arma. found that there wore
Iutt thirteen of them, and eaid the might bave
mown that eomethlag would happen to her.
Upon I n vet ligation It wat found that one of
the children In the party waa 1 J yeara ot ai:n.
The ttage waa about thirteen yean old. aleo,
having been uaed by the former Fifth Avenue
stage Company, and It had thirteen wlndowt
In It. The driver aaid he thought one of the
bnrtee waa about 13 yeara old. but waa not
aura, aa that would ba pretty young for a Fifth
avenue stage horee. He did know, however,
that there bad bean only thirteen farce put
In kbe box ou tha up, town trie.
A new nut waa aoon obtained and tha ttage
flnlthed tbe day without aouldent
aVIIeged Tkr.au tat ll.rn Ibe Cealagjteaa
Dleraee lloeallal la riaiba.k.
The health authorltiea In Brooklyn con
tinued yetterday their efforts to uppreta the
alarming outbreak of email-pox. Tha special
vaccinating surgeon were busy all over tha
city. A ceneue ot the ehool children la In
progreaa. So far aa completed It Indleatea that
about one-fourth ot the pupllc will have to
aubmlt to revaoclaatlon.
Ten lnepoctora from tha Health Department
etarted In the morning to vaccinate tbe l.COO
emploreee In the Havemerer Elder sugar
refinery In Kent avenue.
The Contagiuue lHaeaee Hoepltal In the Pig
town district in Flatbuah. and the two hoe
pltal tentt adjoining are crowded with pa
tlenta. and additional tentt will have to ba
brought Into ute ahould the epidemic continue.
A rigid quarantine la being anforoed. Guarda
are atationed around tho building, owing to
thiaate to burn It down which are aald to have
been made by realdentt of Flatbuah.
Ibedleeaaa haa not yet made its appearance
In enrol the county buildings. As a precau
tionary measure, tente will be erected on the
grounde forthe temporary accommodation of
Dnlr four new easee war reported at the
Health Offloe yetterday.
Healr aag DUIee Iiikaiaa Hoane lauatle
DuBLiir, Maroh 2SL Another eventful meet
ing ot the th arah old era of the tYman't jour
nal waa held to-day Mr .John Dillon denounced
Timothy II. air's echeine of guaranteed dlrl
dende characterizing It aa unfair, unbualneaa
llka, aad not altogether honeat or honorable,
and declared that thla waa the laat day that be
would ever aerve aa a director.
Mr. Healy retaliated with equal warmth and
vehemence and vlgoroualy denounced Mr.
Dltlon'e " oalamltoua and barefaced meddling
In the Board" aa the cauteof all tbe dlfflcultlee
with which they were confronted.
Mr. Healy aald that Mr. Dlllon'a meddling
wat all the more offenalre. Inasmuch at he bail
not a peony Invetted In the paper Mr. Dillon
and Mr. Healy were frequently interrupted
and throughout the tptecbee there were many
exciting eeenea.
Mr. Tnomaa Sexton, who preelded. roundly
oored the director! for their lack of economy
In the face of the fact that the paper waa losing
The majority of tha director aided with Mr.
Healy la hi eoatroverey with Mr. Dllloa.
Atualral Htiktr rttatrle tar llaaalala.
WAaHiHOToM, March 28. -Hear Admiral Joh a
G Walker left Waahlogton thla afternoon to
take tbe eteamer at San Franoiaoo on April fl
for Honolulu, where he will relieve Admiral
Irwin and boltt bla flag on the cruiser Phil,
la addition to bla formal order aad a letter
of Introductloa to MiuUter Willi, he le
charged with tbe ejlaaioa of determin
ing the moat favorable locality of
frouBd lnaide of Pearl harbor for a
oiled btaiea natal coaling atatioa. adapt.
I ad for ducke and ueceaaarr ehope for
the general uaea ol the navy, and of entering
iuto negotlatlona for tbe purchase of tu. It
property. He haa bade conference with tha
1 ii. aidant aa well aa with Secretaries Greah
aiu and Herbert, and deeartt with uuuiual
di-oretionarr powers.
His actions are nf oourse. subject to tbe (p
W 'tal analratil. ailouol lha President but bis
1-conuized familiarity with the subject end
the full o nfldence reoo.ed in bis judgment
ereeuob that be i. i radically without limiU
tiou toeetabllab tho propoaed atatioa.
Tu laereeaye Ibe (vet or Ueeaa Travel.
laTsBwawat March 28. The pooling confer
ence of repreaeatativea of the transatlantic,
ateatnablp lines will begin In Bremen on
Friday. The rinuh ofthe conference reaaot
be predicted wilb any degree of certainty, but
local opinion is that yatea of paaaage will oe
uoublr increased, the Increase to take effect
early in May.
tallow Cv.r la atla.
Rio urn Jamubo. March 28. -Tba epidemic ot
yellow fever whlcb haa prevailed la thle elty le
gradually subsiding. Tbs average death rate
from the fever le now ai out 7. having fallen
off about tu par cent from the blgheet point
Haak la Thetr Wig I aaaaUaa aVaaaee.
MuartSatAX, March 28 The Cuatota House
returaaiew lEat .a00 lam II lea. or 43.000
people, retaraed fieia the Catted talea la
t siia.la laat year.
" sktea nteaaaall lerh fair Mlaeeeea Taara,
ad. Aeeoratlag ta ("raeldaat Oraaala, Maa
Made at rail Caalaeeloa He le stlelt
Abed New stag Walebed by Deteetlvee.
Frederick F. Edgar, for nineteen years a
trusted employee of tha Tradesmen's National
Bank ot 2li 1 Broadway, la accused of being a
defaulter to tba extant ot about (17.000. The
fast haa bean known far several months by tha
officiate of tha bank and the offlolala of tha
United fltatee Ouarantee Company, who ara
on hi bonds, but for soms reason It haa been
beat secret. It came out laat night through a
in is takes report that tha Precldsnl of tbe bank.
Jama V. Grannie: th Vice-Vresldsnt Logan
C Murray, and the ctshler. Oliver F. Barry, had
resigned. Mr. Murray haa resigned, but the
ather two have no Intention of doing so, and
Mr. Murray's resignation la In no way con
nected with tbe actions ot the clerk.
Mr. Grannie wn aeen last night at his home,
the Langham Hotel, fltil Fifth avenue.
" Mr. Edgar." ha aald, " had bean dlaeount
clerk of the Tradesmen's Bank for mora than
nineteen yeara. He waa a clear-headed, bright
man. and one In whom we bad the most im
plicit confidence. Nobody suspected thst
there was anything wrong In bis accounts
when, about tha middle of last January, ha
was tsken suddenly and seriously 111, aad ha
lias not been out of doors alnea than. Another
clerk, of court, wa assigned to do his
work, and In lett than a waek'a tlma thla young
man ran aoroe two or three Irregultritl.t
that, though unimportant In themtelvee. led
to a thorough examination of Edgar's ac
counts. Tha examination extended back over
a period of five or tlx yeart. Beginning about
four tear ago. It wa ditcovered that Edgar
bad beea falsifying the earnlnge of the bank
and from time to tlma had taken out moderate
amounts, aggregating In all between $10,000
and f 17.000.
" Hla dlahoneaty wa not ditcovered became
he had been oareful not to Interfere with any
of the ataeta of the benk. He had taken only
from tbe earnings, and not tha estate. You un
derstand, of course, that a bank make a good
part of Ita money by discounting commercial
paper. He had tha handling of tha dleoount
profits Now. for Instance, when a note
was discounted with a profit to the
bank of. aay. for example. SCOO, he
would take a portion or thla S500 and
would oredlt tho profit and loss account with
the remainder. Aa the profit! did not figure
in the ordinary amett of the bank, the examN
natlona made frequently by the ofOeera of tbe
bank and occasionally by tha Bank Ex
aminer did not disclose the discrepancy
The sums taken were ell small, and tha total
waa made up of a large number of accounts.
Understand, ot eouree. It did not affect
the assets of tha bank or the capital In any
way whatever. It waa merely tha proflta. Tba
auiouuts he took made tbe profits appear so
much less than they really were: that waa alL
He waa under flo.000 bonds given by the
I nlted States Guarantee Company, and as
soon aa the difficulty waa discovered bis
aurety waa called In and waa a party to tba ex
amination. ' When the examination waa about complete,
that wae sums six weeks ago. Mr. Berry, the
cashier, called on Mr. Edgar at hla home in
Greene avenue. Brooklyn, and aaw him la bed.
He Informed hdgar eomethtng of tbe diaeov
tries, and 1 dgnr broke down completely and
confessed bla fault Ha aald be had been steal
ing tor about four years, and. although ba
didn't knaw the exact amount he had taken. It
waa In tba neighborhood of S17.00U aa wa bad
discovered. No far lis I know he did not tell
what ha had done with tbe money. Mr. Ed
gar a long eervloe in the bank wae one thing
that of course led everybody to place the
greateat enofldance In him. He waa apparent
ly al era a faithful employee and very atten
tive io hla work. He received a aalary of SI, 700
a rear. I can't Imagine bow be anent the
money that he took. So far aa I know be
lived in moderate etile. Hla stealings
were about evenly divided over the four years,
that Is something like ft.ian) a year, and of
course. It Isn't difficult for a man to get rid ot
that amount ot money without anybody's no
ticing extravagance. The surety company
will, of eouree. pay to the bank the tlo.OOO
they ara bonded to pay. They have been bis
bondsmen since lHtm. Before that he fur
nlshed private bondamen. and ho made the
change when tha bank decided to take cor
porate surety Instead of private.
' Ills long service to the bank will not pro
tect him from the aonsequenoot of his acta.
He will ba prosecuted either by the bank or by
tbe surety company In caaa he reoovsrs from
hie illness, which is still, I understand, quite
serious. He Is suffering from eryslpelse. There
la no poaalbillty of his esceplng. for the sursty
company la looking out for aim. The total
amount that tha bank can poialbly lose by hie
atealloga la S7.UO0. and. aa I aay, tha amount
comee from the proflta, and doea not In any
way affect tbe bank'a securities kroner, tha
easels, or tbe capital."
Mr. Edgar la a1 out oo rears old. Helsa mem
ber of tbe Grand Army of tne Republic, and aa
a aoltller fought through tho laat war He ia
married and haa two children- According to
the bank officials his mode of living In Brook
lyn haa been modest and he alwaya baa ha.l
the respect of Ins neighbors. He ia a church
member. He la a man ot exemplary habits.
and neither drlnke nor ueee tobacco.
Mr. Edgar's neighbors lay that about three
years age he bought hie preaent reeldence at
0H4 Greene avenue, a three-story house, and
furnished ll rather handsomely.
He also got a horse and wagon. Mr. Edgar,
aoon after the cloee of the war, held office
under Couimlaeloaor Fowler In the old Water
The reported wholesale resignations from
the bank were due probably to the fact that
Vice-President I.ogan G. Murray tendered hie
resignation to the Board of Directors last Fri
day. Mr. Murray determined to reelgn hie
office early laat January when an opportunity
preaented Itaelf to hint of a more favorable
business nsturs. While It waa known before
the annual meeting that ha would aoon leave
tba bank, he waa reolected to the Board of
Direntore and to the Vice Presidency at the
annual meeting, which was ncld on Jan. tt
He baa bad little to do with the bank recently,
and on Friday ha requeeted tha directors to
accept hla rrafgnatlon. It waa accepted with
the regrsie of the Board.
be Mad Twaily llae.ee oa aseavet wheat
ek. atraca. e Mar delata ta Meet Bask.
Rao BAifg. March 28. The steamer Baa Bird
ofthe Merchants' Steamboat Company, while
on her trip from New York to Bed Bank roe
terday morning, ran aground on a bar near
Oceanic. She had a large load of freight and
about twentr head of horssa. She aleo carried
come paaiengere The paaasngera were taken
aehnre la a rowboat and brought bare. The
horses were eoneigned here from New Vork to
be aoid at auction tbis afternoon.
It waa thought that aim would float off at
high water, but at laat adviaaa ebe waa stiil
tllaaoaraglag tbe Divorce Bwalweee.
Ciuthuix, Oka.. March 28 Judge Dale ha
appointed aaommttlae lo llod out what law
yere are a tverllilng Oklahoma aa tha place to
asrure divorces, with Instructions to bring tha
fauis fully bsfore the coirt In order that all
la wyera Implicated may be disbarred.
Tbt People'! aviate Baak al Datelk baa decided be
wlud ep ibe tank a ad aire aad ao uul of Luslueea Hard
liiL-ele ttvatt aa tba caaae uf failure le laael ebUaae
Vt llllaui Crass. 37 years eld. from Breesk villa, B. i
aae . .aia.-'l . uiurauw found dead la bad at tba Be. 1
lluuee la UMdleloea. V Bafura f eUxiaa le bad laal
bisui crake btaw eut tbe eat.
Tba Uepubltoea city cea-us of Hartford kat Deal
aatad la'erell Sraliiar 1 for Barer by I. OCT rot., lo
bJl Car re.rtet . lievtra. Mr BcOovero le tba t'bair
uiao or Ike Tews t'emruillee Mr Bralsard U tdUaoluc
or tue Ouafiiuated Bailruad aad breaker la-lew el as
Uvl. Bblka..,.
Aauiuoevof Irani pa wbosopiiedal tba eietloa baaaas
ta bunale uu Tua.day night For a ulebl'f lodging ware
plai-ad asdst Orreet ae taerauta kaariy Iflr lu.o were
tr.ed oa tbal tbarg-e yeeter lay merubue aad aaal to tba
pea leutiary Tba city baa bean uverree wuu trautua
tut tba paal few weeks
T. V. Wcklaeoa. ens of tbe leading Jewellero of
ii tale, waa cloaed eul ky Ika .bang yeeter. ley Hia
t.laf eraditera ara Ike ujuraa city Baaa. dc-lee. tud
aig Co. d.aauad atsreb-ata Saw Tort BfLouO
aarab A Burt, a lugalo. a.Ouv. ' ba.... U KarsbaU.
2eao. ueruiaa Au.encaa Baak. 1 bid
Tba Baeeeiiea Qsoiatioa Ceatnaar of Kaw Terk
ellr. for tne le ooCeclaad diaUlbata mvi aad alock
aaa aiarxei oaotakiewa, was laaoraorsied tut tbe
aseralarj stale ytataraar Tba capital le Bouu.
aad lbs auaeten are Bait., p Vaiaauaaaa liaVaia
i- rfff , "" T ' 4 'eaaab V Wsbatw el
Tbe Tee .r the Tlewg lli.t.l ta Be aa Cell
taletlna la Mew Tart ttlaree.
"The Inieotloa of morphine into the arma ot
fore girl, to give them temporary strength;
Is a new and ranldly growing nvll with whleh
wa have to contend." said Mra tewwr. Vandsr
hoaf. the Prealdent of the Kings County
Women'a Christian Temperance Union, at the
annual convention of that organisation In
Brooklyn yesterday morning.
Tba convention waa held In theMarcy Avenue
Baptlet Church. The nnouaoetnent made by
atra. Tanderhoef of the spread of the morphine
habit among shop girls seemed to aurprlse the
delegate. They decided to begin an active
orneade In all tha Brooklyn atorea If tha evil
existed they would root It out they eaid.
Mrt. Vanderhoef wa (een laat night at her
home, 043 Monroe ttreet. by a reporter for
Tub Rc-h. When questioned coneernlng the
morphine matter. h as hi:
"Yea. It la an awful thing thlt morphine
habit Wa have known fer a long while that
many ladles drink Intoxicants at aoda water
fountalne. but thla terrible dlecloture has
soma ta ua only In th laat two month.
" A girl who work In a big New York etora
waa talking to otir superintendent of narcot
ic. Mra Toblaa. and (ha casually remarked
that ahe and the other girls ware In tha habit
ot Injecting morphine Into their arm to brace
themselves up when they ware fatigued. Hhe
aald they had only one Injector to a floor, and
that had to be passed around. Nearly all th
glrie used the vile stuff, and none ot them
knew of Its awful after effects.
" We directed our Inspectors to Investigate.
nd they proved beyond a doubt that tha
practice exists In several of the larger New
York stores. I can uae no namea whatever,
beoauee It might Interfere with our work.
"Of course wa would ba Infringing on tha
New York County Union If we worked tbera to
obliterate tho evIL But this year we shall
carry on a tireless crusade through all tha
Brooklyn storae to ernth out the evil it It ax
late here, aa I believe It doea.
" I don't know Juat how wa ahall accomplish
thlu. but we'll find a way I Trust a woman tor
thatl We mean to work quietly, but earnest
ly, and. mark my word, wa will achieve tha ex
termination ot this nswest and most horrible
of evils."
HsNtrett A. ..n at the Meet Crowded
Center la Chicago,
CmcAoo. March 2fi-Wlillam I. Clifford, a
letter carrier, waa ahot and mortally wounded
on the street here to-day by Guy T. olmstesd.
an ex-Hiibttltiite carrier. Clifford had left the
Poet Offloe at noon with a big bag of mall.
When he had reached the centre of tha road
way near the corner of Clark and Madlaon
treeta. Olmatead, who waa walking a taw feet
behind, drew a large revolver and fired at Clif
ford's head. The thot took effect behind the
left ear and Clifford dropped. Stepping up to
hie victim Olmatead fired two more thota at
him. one bullet entering the ahouldar and the
other the right side.
Spectator lxed Olmatead and tbouaanda
'' people came pouring out of the atores and
JJ Icea. Hundreds of crlee of "Lynch him I'1
I rope, a rope 1" ' Get a rope I" were raised,
ul instead waa dragged, half -carried, to tha
lamp post In front of a drug store. Into which
his victim had been borne. The arrival of a
doaen policemen saved Olmatead from death.
A patrol wagon waa called, and. while the
orowd surged around, yelling (or vengeance.
Olmatead waa thrown into the vehicle and tha
horaee driven at break-neck apeed to the cen
tral elation, tbe mob following until dletaoced.
Clifford waa takaa to a hoepltal. where hie In
juries ware pronounced fatal. At tba police
atatioa Olmatead made aa incoherent statement.
TV bit. Will Have a Viae Trie fa ab
Whether the bttery la Trwo or Net,
Lohdow. March 2ft The Dally Cttronleli
nrtnte to-day the following story:
A private soldier who wat engaged In Ilur
mab la 188.1. recently, when dying In Londen.
oonfeeaed that be and a comrade named
'White had committed burglary In King
Tbebaw'a palace In Mandalar. and bad looted
the crown regalia. Including many jewels of
Immense value. Fearing detection they burled
their plunder outside tbe palace grounda.
White waa a penaloner realdlng In South
ampton. The India Office guarauteed not to
punlth him tnd he confeeted that tha atory
waa true. White la now on hla way to India,
travelling at the Government'a expenaa.
"He hat great confidence in hla ability to dla
cover the treature. The Government bat
promleed White ten per cent of whatever he
dlteovera up to 1110,000 rupaee and five per
cent of anything beyond that amount"
Tba l.ady waa Cola le an JKatartalasseat
Wheat the Accident UapeeaeS.
Juat aa a coupe containing a lady was driven
up laat night to the Pouch Mansion In Brook
lyn, where a musical entertainment waa In
progresa, tha driver fell off hla teat lis wa
picked up uneonacloue.
Tbe lady aald that aha had hired the eoupd
t the Fifth Avenue Hotel In thla city. She re
turned to the hotel without waiting for tie en
tertainment and her Identity waa not die
cloaed. At tbe Cumberland etreet hospital the driver
wae Identified aa Frank Moore of IftsJ Weat
Thirty sixth street. Hie akull was fractured,
and the doctors thought he would not recover.
ear Wae Attacked I.aeC rld.w aag Ma
Ikied el tbe Ailaaeat Testergay.
HA-xiNSAt'B. Mareh 28. Joseph Beers. 40
year old, employed In Friedman' Hotel at
Cherry Hill, waa attacked with hiccoughs laat
Friday He called In 1'r Knapp of this place.
The attack wae very severe, the hiccoughing
being continuous aven when the patient was
under the influence of chloroform. Beere be
gan to alnk last vmng. and ha died this
Thrawa trass kala BSerea la tba Park.
Officer Trey of the mounted Park police
aught a runaway saddle burse on the bridle
road at Klxty-alxtb street at 6 o'clock yester
day afternoon. The horse had thrown Me
rider. I tank Smith ot 12 Fast Forty-eighth
etreet Mr. binith waa badly injured about
the head.
aeeera. Ooald ta Make Ltktnott alia kaesaa.
Mr. George J. Gould told a i'nited Press re
porter yesterday that he intended to make his
permanent home at Lakewood. N. J., and that
before long be would build a bouaa tbera
Jiilllv.l ABOUT IOWX.
Tbe yell alvar llss stsaoisra will rasttme kusday
tviptea Ajtrvl 1.
Tss aaliuaal euuventlon af tha fid geoee y.l fratar
nlty ta.l at Ibe Motel bBVwy eataiUay aul begeu a
three daye eeerlava.
Tbs Hesitb Board yaalardar reeelved notice of an
award greeted lo ll at lie w.irii r.r for emclebL
important, aud complete baaltu service
rredsriak c Bicklor. It. a defeultieg raahler of oee ef
Brovalbg. King lit'l t loth tig atoraa. waa a. ralga.d
yeeierday la ika tleoaral beta one He i .leaded sol
ffullly. sad was sutuuiltted to tbe Toml.a lor mat.
Tbe sactloa aala of boaes and aaaia fur Ibe Herein
Charily ball, ablcb win be held ua April 12 al Ibe
Barlatn Ofiere lioaee will leke piece Ibie evening al
Ibe uarlem opera Uoeae bait, begiealug al So crock.
A tlrlta waa reported taatarday oa Ibe aaw bandies
of tbe Mutual H.aarta Kuuu l.ue Aaeo. etiou. et Poena
street sad Broadway, over tba employment of a u.a
emou eleclrutaa. About iou maa of varloua tieUee
eal oet-
Tba seveelb auuuai dlaaar of ibe New Vork Aaaorla-
11. .u of I'berlln t ol.ege Alutcul will take put' e tbit
er.utug el i lark', rrof V .aiam B rbeairierialu will
repr.aeut tba fecoily aud college A buatuaaa ui.el.ug
w 1.1 precede tba dltbtr
Maggie Welch. .3 yeara odd. a tar vac t la tba family ef
I B Prumruou'l of It Wtd lftl.l p'r-et. died tl tbe
Mabbattaa Hueultal yeeteidey efterueo from buma
a'.. Le 1 re. ei ted to tbe o-otbiaa M.r cletbiog eauabt
Ir. hem tba kitcbta rauea
Tha aerealb laleruateaal Coavaaliaa of ire roll
road tiraucbrt of tbal uag Maa. t hrlatiao a... ,a
lloa will be bald lo tba he Iroai M.o b'Hld.og. Korty
Bftb .treat and Madia, u evabus Uegluuii.g Ida atab
It., and aedlsg ua eauday aveulsg. Addre.tta w.li be
mad. by ibe-ac.r M Lapaw, o.s Uora.a Porter, aad
Atale urar. tka womaa wtoee bouto la Wetl rtiir
aiatb ttr.ei le tbe beaut of tba (bargee upon whleh
re.lce Captala Heugbey ta now oa trial, waa arretted
ea Teeaaar aigtt by deteetlvee from Ibe Wear r.rta
aeraatk aareel atatioa. Capt, Haogbey'a comu.aa.1 ebe
waa bald la lha Verbal. la roi.ee lean te.ierley la i
tw?rtitr!rtSeU" " ' i
BABKIB B. BOBBlt.'B BTORT f)P ff f rie
a afaya that SI he tatraCaeee H.reetr ta H lea,
aad thai Ha Tlelteg Her at Wr.pyaa lab
age aad Iteeaaae Kagaged la Her eta
rake the Kaaageateat Biesait Nb Ma
la Hla Lag. aag Allowed Hiaa le Klew
aad ar.ee Her - Iti-aaaltlaae B-ad
Allarkleg Mlee Pallarere I'baraetar.
Wabhinhtiiv. March 2-t -It ia thought that
f 'ongraaimsn Hreckfnrl.lge will lake the wl.
neaa stand In th Criminal Court to-morrow
tha principal witness for the defence la Mlaa
Pollard'a suit against him for breach of prom
iae of marriage. Col. Ilrert mrilge I a lawyer
of good ability and an orator of national repu
tation, and hit counsel expect him to tall a
story that will prove tba claim mad for blm
by Mr. Hhelby that he I tha unfortunate vic
tim of an adventuress. Col. Ilrecklnridga
will make no denial af th rela
tione alleged to have existed between
him and Ml-e Pollard for the past tea
yeara, but he will claim that ahe conaeatad to
them without a thought of marriage until re
cent I y. when ahe compelled him. under threat s
of exposure and death, to promise to make her
hla wife. col. Breckinridge has bean In court
every moment during tha trial of the caaa. and
la thoroughly informed on every feature of Ik
He will attack Mlaa Pollard'a reputation be
fore he mother, and deny the principal points
of her testimony. His attorneys depend upon
their client as their strongest wltnett. and
will be disappointed if ho doe not tell a atory
that will Improve hi reputation In the mind
of the jury and the public .. .
To-day'e proceedings In court were mora
Interesting and Important than those ef raw
terday. Tha cross-examination of tha alleged
experta in handwriting ware continued br
Judge Wilson, who Is endeavoring to prove
that there ia much nonsense about tha claim
or so-called experts that they can tell whether
a place of writing Is a forgery or not. and th .
Judge thinks he haa succeeded to well aa to j
prevent the tottlmony of tha experta from
breaking down the ttatement of Mlat Pollard
that the letter from her to CoL Breoklnrtdg fk
la a forgery. Th Utter In itaelf la not fj
Important except aa ahowlng that ha
called at Wealeyan College to her at I
her own requeet. Two Important wltneaaea 9
were examined to-day. One waa Mr. Worth-
Inxtnn. Col. Breckinridge's olerk. wbo testified
that the Weeleyan College letter waa found In S
CoL llrecklnridge'a law office leit fall, where ef"l
it had evidently been neglected with ether fl
papers for seversl year. Tbe other waa Mr. I
Haekln Roxell. who ears that he la a superln- H
tendentol school In Kentucky, although hia Am V
bad grammar waa tha moat oonsplcuoua Dart
of his testimony. An Important end sense- Bj
tlonal dosument wa read aa the deposition ot E
Hiram Kaufman, a Lexington butcher, who ' W
testified that he haa known Miss Pollard for S
several year aa an Inmate of a house of 111. I
repute In Lexington. K
Mis Pollard waa lo court again to-day, attar K
a protracted abeenee. and became very rest. K
lea and excited at some of the statementa
made by Mr. Roxell. Once or twice aba was so
Indignant that she attempted to arise and In K
terrupt tbe wltneaa, but waa quieted by ber E;
attorney. Mr. Carlisle, and Induced to retain 1,
her seat
K. B. Hay. the lolly expert fa handwriting H
wbo was oa th atand at adjournment yeeter- li
day. waa the Oral witness this morning. Hia '
teetimony was not very Important. Judge j.
Wilson, who cross-sxamined Mr. Hay with
reference to bis rsasons for believing that tha '
letter dated July 20. lr4. waa written by Miss 1, j
Pollard, brought out that tbe wltneee. In Ei
judging of tba authorahlp of a written paper. H'
considered the eompariion of ipcelllc charac- Hj
terlitlci as tbs most Importaat In ar- ml
riving at a conclusion. Then Judge Wll- K
on aprung on Mr. Hay the printed re- M
port of a Congreailonal committee appointed B
to investigate among other thing! the author- W
sblnof an anonymous letter ssnt to 11 a pre- w
tentative Springer of Illinois, offering big
S5.000 to vote of fsvor of seating Mr. Weak. f
burn in the Washburn-Donnally contest, and S
quoted part of Mr. Hay'a expert teetimony ft
before the committee. Mr. Hay had told tbe B
committee that be relied more on general ap- B
pearance than on spuclflo comparison, and fi
later on aaid that be relied more on S!
specifle couiparltons. Mr. Hay anawered Sj
that If the record aall ao it muat E
be ao. Judge Wilson read mora of Mr. H
Hay'a teetimony before the eommltteo to ehow IN
that anawere given by Mr. Hay had been di- 0. '
rectly oppoeite to anawere aa to bla niethode jfi i
of determining forgerlee told on the wltneaa E
stand yesterday. Mr. Hay was also naked by V
Judge Wliaon If he bad not teatlHod coma
time ago In tbe Criminal Court ot the Dittrict -i ,
that a certain writing waa a forgery, and that I
the writing turned out afterward to be "
genuine, but Mr. Hay did not remember any
tuuli luatauce.
"I waa on the committee," eaid Major But
terworth of tbe defente when Judge Wilton
brought up the tubject-
' Ifea, I know you were." retorted Judge
Wliaon, "aud you wrote the report."
No. I didn't write it. nut it waa a good
one," anawered Major butterworth. I
tee. tald Judge Wilton. It waa a tplen- 4 ft
did report, and il you didn't write It you 1
slgnsd it" j f
Mr. Hay waa also examined by Major Bat- I
ter worth, aud he gave some technical explan- l
ations, with the eealstance of a blackboard. toj
aa to bow he discovered likenesses and differ 9
eneea In writing. This teetimony waa not In- MM
tereetlag. and there waa a general expression f 9
of relief among the spectators when Mr. w
Hay stepped down anu the defence called 9
Vtllllam Worthlngton to tbe atand. J
Mr. Worthlngton Is a young man from Lex- ' 9
lngton. Ky.. where be haa been employed a
alnoe leSeu to laat Iieeemberaa a ateaoaraplter G
In the law ofTlce of Breckinridge t Hheloy. 8
Laat llecember ha came to Waehlngton aa I
clerk to loL Breckinridge. 'IheallegeoTforged
note waa thown Mr. Worthlngton and be waa H
Baked if he had e or aeon it before. 3
'CoL Breckinridge." he aald. "wrote to
Major Ubelby laat September about title letter. . Bel
Major Shelby was absent ia Louisville aad I
opened the letter, thiaklag It was on firm
business, tin reading what wat In the letter I
Searched through tbe offloe for lettera from
Ilea I ollaid to Col Breckinridge. I found the
letter In tbe room where my deek waa "
" Where in that room did you find iff" aaked
Major Butterworth.
" I found it oo top af a deek which had been
uaed by Col Breckinridge, lu a tort of file
male of card board, and containing letters
from peraoii. whoea namet I egan with ' P.' "
;; lld t ol Breckinridge ute tbit deek?"
" So. be had uaed It la the old office from
which ae moved "
" Waa tbla deak uted exolualvely for CoL
Bra. kiurldge t pertoual oorretpondeace 1"
" No, there waa a great deal ot eorreepond.
ence there part of It the drm'a and part af It
Col. Breckinrtdge'a. -SB
"Hid the Uleleok like U had beea there a
long time .-'
"Tea, the flic, aa I aald. waa tied up. aad baa
the appearance of having been there a loaeT
time It woe it ry du.t y and dirt ''
" Waa that tbe only letter you found purport
lng to be irom Mitt 1'uUard lu CoL Bra kla
ridgef" " l et. tlr. that wat the only one I found."
' V ben did rou find Itt"
"In the first or second week In September. I
think "
where was CoL Breckinridge then t"
"t oL Breckioildga wae then In Waablngton.
He had come heie early la Auguat to attead . I
the eiKclal session of Congreaa
"Tu whom did you give the letter "
ToMsjor bhelby ,r
The sroea sxaminailun by Judge Wllaoa
failed to ehaoge tbe teetimony of tha wunaaa.
1 ne tile lo which tbe letter Wat fouu I. be tald
waa lied with a piece of red tape, or rather,
he added, ' tape that waa on. a red. ' and bla
luipreeilen wa. that the wrapper wat marked
I Mat." This was tbe euly letter from Mlaa
Pollard that ba found.
"(ail Mr. Hoeeell." eaid Ma r Butterworth.
rverybody kaew wbe Mr hutsell waa, aad
there waa a shuffling of feet aad a n. ivlng ol
bodiea aa a young inan artrae fr- in the uiTdat
of trie Boa's occupied br speotatorsand walked
toward the wltnete ttaud. l.ue. ell waa very
nervoue. He looked to I e what be aaid he Wat
a eountry acboel teachoi. lie waa dr eeaea
in bla beet clothes, a black cutaway coat el
diagonal cloth and treuaere of tbe aame TBtta
rial Toe laevilaWt black atring ti ' kaaaf i
leveveiy ttoa bauaatb the tdiaCWwa ewilaZ

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